UNIT # 1


This electrical diagram contains two separate circuits. One circuit involves the thermocouple connected in series with the pilot valve, which is use for operation and safety. The other circuit involves a thermostat for heating, a main gas valve coil, and the transformer. In this electrical diagram when there is a call for heating initiated by the thermostat the live and the neutral lines are connected to a transformer which happens to be connected in series with the thermostat, and with the main gas valve coil. The voltage the higher voltage will be stepped down by the transformer. When the room calls for heating the thermostat contacts will close, and the current now flows through the step down transformer stepping down the voltage from 120 volts to 24 volts, and then travels to the main gas valve coil and energizes it in order to open the main gas valve from its normally closed position to an opened position in order for the gas to flow. At the same time, the thermocouple senses heat from the main flame at the standing pilot, which provides the proof of ignition. The heat generated by the flame will heat the thermocouple sending a 20 to 30 mv current to the pilot valve in order to be kept open. In the event that the standing pilot is no longer lit the thermocouple will serve its purpose and will de-energize the pilot valve. If no proof of ignition is detected by the thermocouple device the valve will not be opened thus stopping the flow of gas to the combination gas valve.

MECHANICAL SEQUENCE OF OPERATION 1- In this boiler unit the standing pilot must be ignitedmanually. Gas to the boiler must be ON. 2- Set the thermostat setting to the lowest setting possible. 3- Then turn of the electrical; power to the boiler 4- The gas valve has a control knob that must be pushed in inwardly and then turned clockwise to the OFF setting. 5- Wait for about 5 minutes for the gas to be cleared. Smell for the flow of gas in the pilot burner. 6- Look for the pilot burner follow the tubing from the gas valve. The pilot is on the far left side of the burner tray. 7- Depress the gas control knob and then turn counterclockwise to the PILOT position. 8- While the control knob is being held down immediately light the pilot with a matchstick. Continue to hold down for about 1 minuteafter the pilot flame becomes lit. Release the gas control knob and it will know return to its original position. Pilot should remain lit, if it so happens to go after several attepts repeats the steps from 6 to 10. A) If the gas control valve gets stuck and does not return to its original position when released turn it to the OFF position immediate. B) If the pilot flame fails to remain ignited after several attempts then turn the gas control knob clockwise to the OFF position. 9- Turn the gas control valve clockwise to the ON setting. 10-Replace the gas control access panel if necessary. 11- Turn on the electrical power supply to the boiler. 12- Set the room thermostat to the desired setting.

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