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Question 1

Forensic odontology involves Answer teeth bones skin hair

Question 2
After death, rigor mortis Answer rapidly applies to the whole body Is apparent only in the arms spreads over different parts of the body gradually appears haphazardly

Question 3
The age of skeletal remains can be estimated by Answer bone nitrogen content bone fluorescence C-14 dating all of the above

Question 4
A neurotransmitter is a small molecule that Answer travels along nerve cells travels along axons travels between nerve cells travels between brain cells

Question 5
The body of Otzi, the 5000 year old corpse from the Alps, was preserved by Answer the dry conditions local antibacterial plants the absence of insects at that altitude

the extreme cold

Question 6
Food compounds such as proteins and saccharides are mostly broken down in Answer the liver the stomach and small intestine throughout the gut only in the stomach

Question 7
Sarin has been used by Answer Adolf Hitler's army The Soviet Army Saddam Hussein's forces The CIA

Question 8
Flame tests can be used to determine Answer The presence of a particular metal The presence of atoms The presence of toxin molecules The presence of sodium

Question 9
SEM-EDX combines Answer microscopy and absorbance spectroscopy microscopy and analysis measurement and X-ray analysis

measurement and diffraction

Question 10

Arsenic in Napoleon's wallpaper was detected by Answer SEM-EDX Atomic Absorption spectroscopy

HPLC The Marsh test

Question 11

Look at the file "signatures" in course documents. You are a forensic document examiner working for a major American movie studio, which is in dispute with one of its stars. You must compare the genuine signature supplied with the questioned signatures, (1), (2) and (3) Which of the questioned signatures is simulated? Answer (1) (2) (3) none of them
Question 12

Which of the signatures has been traced? Answer (1) (2) (3) none of them
Question 13

Which of the signatures has been produced by electronic means? Answer (1) (2) (3) none of them
Question 14

the DNA molecule is contained within Answer genes chromosomes cell nuclei

all of these
Question 15

Blood spatter analysis can give information about Answer the position of the victim during the attack the type of weapon used the ferocity of the violence all of these
Question 16

Which of the following is not an abbreviation for a DNA nucleotide Answer G C T K

Question 17

A trilobal fibre, as in the Wayne Williams case, has a characteristic Answer chemical composition monomer molecule cross section shape length
Question 18

Microscopic analysis of the hair cuticle Answer can help identify the species can help identify the individual is not forensically useful can help identify both species and individual

Question 19

An advantage of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy is Answer the equipment is simple to operate the equipment is very cheap the analysis is fast the technique is nondestructive
Question 21

Internal ballistics concerns Answer firing guns inside a building the behavior of the bullet or missile inside a body changes to the inside of a bullet the behavior of a bullet or missile inside the gun barrel
Question 22

Your mitochondrial DNA will be identical to Answer your mother's

Question 23

In the case of Roberto Calvi, body temperature would not be a reliable way to estimate time of death because Answer He was wearing too many clothes The weather in London is too unpredictable His body was partly in the river He was overweight

Question 24

The Marquis test is a presumptive test for Answer cocaine blood GSR drugs
Question 25

Nerve gases, such as sarin, tend to be fast acting because Answer they rapidly pass from the air in the lungs into the blood they have small molecules which travel fast they are not affected by the liver antibodies are ineffective against them
Question 26

According to Paracelsus, the only difference between a poison and a dose is Answer the effect the doctor the absorption the dose
Question 27

Atropine is the antidote for Sarin poisoning, because Answer it has the opposite effect on nerve impulse transmission it can destroy sarin molecules it increases the electrical charge in the axon it acts as an antibody for sarin

Question 28

Recently there has been concern about chromium and neodymium in SK-II products. A

good way to measure the levels of these elements would be Answer HPLC SEMEDX AAS TLC
Question 37

Robert Calvi was found hanging from scaffolding on Blackfriars Bridge, London. Strong evidence that he had not hanged himself was Answer he had a false passport and money in his pocket there were no paint flakes from the scaffolding on his shoes his watch had stopped there was no water in his lungs Edmund Locard is regarded as one of the founders of Forensic Science. However, Sherlock Holmes was Answer his student his teacher the real founder of forensic science an inspiration
Question 39

A short statement of Locard's exchange principle could be Answer every criminal leaves a trace every crime scene has a contact every contact leaves a trace

every trace leaves a contact

Question 40

The presence of insects on a body can be used to estimate the time since death, but the estimate must make allowance for (i) the local temperature, (ii) whether the body was covered, (iii) the species of insect and/or (iv) the age of the person Answer

all of these factors ii and iii i, ii and iii

Question 41

One reason that peat bogs can preserve bodies for centuries is Answer

acidity the low temperature that they are very dry the bodies are treated with chemicals before being put in the bog
question 42

GC-MS combines the following features Answer

separation of components and analysis by mass spectrometry separation of components and analysis of elements microscopic examination and analysis purification and mass spectrometry