Dear IPSFers


transparent appointing system. However with the big transparency, we had suffered by the big slowness of the process. In the end, the result was, that Executive team was missing one person until the beginning of November. The big boost of consistent team work was establishing the regular online meetings, which his year, IPSF was characteristic with the helped us all to better understand certain issues, huge efforts to make the work of IPSF make our work more efficient as well as clarify more efficient and visible to all our any misunderstandings, which could harm members as well as external partners. As I have relations within the team. Also communication stated during my candidacy, IPSF needs more over the emailing group was very efficient and visibility and transparency pertaining to its work. with the help of Ms. Melissa Teo, IPSF ViceThis would bring better feedback and open President, the moderating of the discussion was platform, that student all around the world would kept on place. identify them with. Thus students will search and The main role of IPSF President, besides leading appreciate benefits that IPSF offers. Not only a team towards the vision, is to be the face and students will see IPSF in the right light, but also the voice of the federation. This means, that this all other partners, and with support of both of year was filled by representing IPSF on many them, IPSF would grow up significantly. With this Conferences and General Assemblies of our vision in my head, I have run for the presidency members and holding online meetings internally position. I persuaded to do the best I can to aim and also with external partners. As I have limited the road of federation this way. space here, I shall mention only the most important partners and events where IPSF was Of course, none of this could have been active this year. achieved without the right people in the right place. I can say, that this year this was the case The main partner of IPSF is the International and the people in the Executive as well as wider Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). IPSF always IPSF team was very much dedicated to their work tries to maintain the relationship on high level and and what´s more, for the team. The team in the this year this practise was followed as well. IPSF end was very consistent and we could rely on has taken active role during FIP main event of each other. This year the Executive team was not this term, which was 70th International Congress complete from the very beginning. According to of FIP held in September in Lisbon, Portugal. our vision and strategy to increase transparency IPSF run several sessions as well as held of the IPSF work, we have established very meetings with important partners from all different 3


Boards of FIP. The FIP Congress was very valuable experience, especially for the part of the new Executive team which was present, because all of us learned everything about FIP and gave us opportunity to develop IPSF/FIP relationships further on. IPSF President also has the privilege to be present on FIP Boards Business meetings and give the report as follow up on the IPSF activities, which helps us to keep awareness about IPSF throughout FIP people and could lead to some valuable join projects. This was the situation this year and I am happy to say, that we have developed or joined few new projects with FIP. I hope this practise will continue in the future as well and IPSF will prove itself as valuable partner and a future of FIP. One of the most important events, where the IPSF was represented by me, was UNESCO meeting in October in Paris, France. The main topic was “Culture and development: the role of culture for sustainable development and economic prosperity” and “UNESCO’s relationship with NGOs: from theory to practice, development of a strategy to enhance the practical cooperation“. IPSF took active role there and proved that UNESCO is an 4

important partner. However, there is bigger potential to bond with this important partner more and particularly this relationship has to be maintained better. Another significant event, where IPSF spread out awareness of Pharmaceutical students work and where got valuable contacts was World Health Summit held also in the October in Berlin, Germany. This is a platform where the leaders from Governments, Science, Industry, NGOs and all other health care fields meets and has the opportunity to discuss current issues about Healthcare and connected topics. Also, relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO) was improved by presence at their Executive Board Meeting in January as well as the WHO World Health Assembly (WHA) in May, both held in Geneva, Switzerland. This year, thanks to the hard work of IPSF Chairperson of Public Health, Ms Sharon Leung, IPSF has secured extra internship places for students at WHO Headquarters. Together with Sharon, we have also decided to open the attendance at WHA to member students and brought delegation of ten students to the UN Headquarters in Geneva. I hope this practise will

continue in the following years as we continue to receive positive feedback from our students. During my term, I also tried to represent IPSF in multiple Members Conferences, Annual Congresses and General Assemblies. This practise helped to spread out the name of IPSF among our member students and gave us the opportunity to receive individual feedback as well as receive valuable feedback what the student´s desire from IPSF. This is a potential area for the students to explore more and learn about international platform more which could attract them to be active internationally.

associations to host World Healthcare Students Symposium (WHSS) due to insufficient communication, but IPSF took appropriate initiatives and succeeded to find it´s member organisation to be WHSS host organisation. Everyone is now looking forward to the next, surely very successful WHSS in November 2011 in beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. I would like to thank the students from Czech Pharmaceutical Students Association and JWG for their initiative and effort.

The second task for my term this year, as I have stated before, was to stabilise IPSF finances in the terms of securing some extra funds in order Besides our members and professional partners, to be able to improve IPSF work and efficiency. IPSF was working to strengthen our relationship We have initiated a lot of discussions this year with all our strategic students´ partner about strategies and limitations for getting some organisations, especially with the most important funds. We have begun implementation of some one which is the European Pharmaceutical great ideas. Following this, IPSF Partnership Students´ Association (EPSA, the Association Prospectus was created. This document would representing pharmaceutical students on help our successors to reach sponsors and European level). IPSF and EPSA Executive hopefully attract some attention to values of teams were working hard on revision of the main partnership with IPSF. Besides creating these document, EPSA-IPSF Memorandum of strategies and tools, people from Executive with Understanding, which sums up basic rules and the help of Marketing coordinator, Mr Bálint Toth, criteria of our cooperation and provides precious have been visiting several Exhibition and follow-up document to ensure continuity in our Pharmaceutical Fairs in order to gain some mutual work for the future. contacts for partnership purposes. We have collected a lot of contacts, of whom some have Other big achievement this year in regards to already been contacted. But the response rate is cooperation with the Students organisation is not that we have been expecting. Coming from research project together with the European this, my opinion is that we should reconsider our Law Students´ Association (ELSA), supervised approaching strategy. Based on this, I believe, by FIP. This project leaded to signed document there is room for improvement. I believe in of cooperation, ELSA-IPSF Memorandum of brighter financial future of the Federation. Understanding and is the same significance as the previous mentioned one. Related to the finances, IPSF has suffered this year with not having stable Permanent Officer Besides these two significant documents (PO). Executive committee had investigated the underlining very close cooperation with our reasons of this situation and initiated fruitful partner student organisations, we have also discussion on how to prevent such a situation in been active member of IFISO this year. Please the future. The biggest improvement we have find details in the article of the IPSF Chairperson achieved this year for the people working in the of External Relations, Ms Jane Ho. A decision to future in IPSF secretariat was that ISPF has delegate representative status on IFISO platform changed it´s flat after almost ten years. The living to this new IPSF portfolio proved as the right one standard was raised up significantly, so one more and significantly raised IPSF activity there. The motivation for the PO to stay in the office and feel same practise was used to the representation to comfortable. Another motivation for this year Joint Working Group (JWG). JWG was suffering Executive Committee to move to the better flat with the lack of interest from member was negotiation with FIP about FIP internships 5

and logistics from IPSF’s side. Along all of these issues which I have tried to highlight here, there was a continuous process of IPSF World Congress preparations along with the Reception Committee (RC). The entire congress preparation was moving smoothly with minor hiccups and very soon, the RCs proved that they are very much reliable and hardworking. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all members of the RC for their huge dedication and effort that paved the way for a successful IPSF Congress 2011. Thank you! I trust that we have prepared the Federation for rolling further in effective way. I can say that we did our best to move the Federation forward. It was very difficult task but I´m sure, that we have moved forward at least with the baby steps and got some experience, so the Federation is prepared for the run now. There are a lot still to improve, but I hope we have made some preparations, so the improvement process could be sustained. 6

At last, but not least, I would like to share with all of you my personal appreciation and big thanks to all people with whom I was honored to work with this year. You made an unforgettable and the best year of my life. Special thanks come to all my beloved fellows from Executive. I have to thank all of you for your never-ending support and all great moments we have experienced together. You have truly become my lifelong friends!

Jan Röder 2010-11 IPSF President

Dear IPSFers and friends of federation,


y name is Tomáš Valena. I´m 25 years old and coming from a small country from central Europe called Slovakia - this year also known as Hockey republic. My involvement in IPSF started in year 2007, when I enjoyed IPSF Student Exchange Programme in Serbia. Amazed by this project, I became active member of SPSA where I was responsible for foreign affairs. And that was my start with federation! Few years passed and in year 201011 I was serving as IPSF treasurer.

our mutual prospects. Positive message for IPSF training was receiving UNESCO participation grant for IPSF Leaders in Training programme in year 2010-11. This project helps to train future pharmacy leaders and sustain stability in executive of our national/local members and international executive positions as well. More information about this project is in report of chairperson of professional development.

IPSF Development Fund project helps to give “Hard job in hard times, if we look at it globally” . equal opportunities to all pharmacy students all Divided in smaller parts it looks little bit different. over the world to participate in IPSF activities. For My biggest goal for this year was stabilizing IPSF this reason IPSF arranges auction night at all finances. Last few years condition of IPSF congresses and regional meetings, where finances is not so well. On the side of income we students bring auction items from their home are struggling with receiving all membership fees countries. Collected funds are distributed by and low sponsorship and grants income. On the Development Fund Coordinator and side of outcome we had a very expensive but Development Funds sub-committee to applicants successful humanitarian project in the year 2009- for this grant. If you wish to donate funds for 10. This year IPSF invested in a new SEP development fund, IPSF is really happy to database as well as a new IPSF website. Short receive it and help students in need. analysis shows us that our income is still lower than our operating expenses. IPSF needs to To increase IPSF awareness and IPSF identity increase budget or dramatically cut our we create new IPSF merchandise. This year we expenditures. Our aim was option A – increasing started with ties and scarfs. As addiction to this income. For that IPSF exec team created IPSF we are offering also IPSF polo shirts. I´m loving partnership prospects. In this booklet we are it. looking for IPSF partners. We are encouraging you to get familiar with this booklet and discuss Changes for year 2011-12. For upcoming year 7

we prepared few changes. One change is that IPSF after 10 years moved to another flat. For few months federation become homeless, but for better cause. Our new flat can serve not only IPSF but also FIP intern and by that we can decrease cost of our rent. Another change is to give bigger support to our regional offices. It means more funds from IPSF Office and on the other hand opportunity to gain funds from region to their own region. We believe that strengthening regional offices will eventually help in strengthening our international goals. I would like to thank all members of IPSF executive, coordinators, members of committees and sub-committees, pharmacy students, the Reception Committee and members of the FIP for their dedication to federation and for great help also on personal level. Doing this great job when I was full time working in pharmacy field was really hard and by the year I was struggling with lack of time and that lead into lack on energy 8

for federation. I believe my successor will have great start for year 2011-12 and will fulfill this position better. Viva la pharmacie and see you at IPSF congresses or somewhere else !!!
Tomáš Valena 2010-11 IPSF Treasurer

Dear IPSFers,


he end of the 57th IPSF Executive’s mandate is drawing close, and as Secretary General, I am happy to look back on what I think has been a very productive year for IPSF. In the Constitutional Working Party many issues have been discussed this year; ranging from language barriers to handover responsibilities. The result can be found at the CWP proposal of changes to the Official Documents. Among other things, the Constitutional Working Party have worked on the mandate from the 56th General Assembly to propose an advisory board for IPSF, which has resulted in a proposal for a new Article 4 in the Domestic Rules. It was proposed by the CWP members to have a personal meeting, much like the one conducted by the Student Exchange Committee, which resulted in a 2-day meeting in Lisbon on April 9th-10th. I found this to be a very good opportunity to have fruitful discussions and at the same time to have a nice time together. I will certainly repeat this meeting with the CWP of 2011-12, and I hope that in time it will become an enjoyable tradition. Unfortunately, due to work and school commitments of its members, the Executive had no Permanent Officer staying at the headquarters this term. I have been attending to the secretariat in The Hague whenever my academic 9

responsibilities allowed me to, visiting the office in October, December, March, May and July, each stay lasting between five days and three weeks. To better the conditions for Permanent Officer and interns we decided to look for a new flat with more modern facilities and a more convenient location. After some investigation of the rental market, the Executive decided to rent a bright and spacious 3-bedroom flat on Hondiusstraat, which is found to be suitable for both interns and Permanent Officer. In this connection, I would like to send a big thank you to the K.N.P.S.V. students that helped us in moving out of the old flat and into the new one. I am confident that this change is for the better and that this flat will serve as a good base for IPSF officers and interns in the years to come. During the year, two Executive meetings have been held in the headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands. The first Executive meeting was held in the first week of December 2010, and the decisions made at this meeting mapped our work for the following months. The meeting was also very enjoyable socially, despite reoccurring problems with the heating system in our flat in combination with lots of snow and freezing temperatures outside! The second meeting was held in March 2011, and was even more fruitful than the first meeting, since at this meeting, more Executive members were able to go to the

Netherlands. The third Executive meeting will be held in Hat Yai, Thailand, prior to the Congress. In between these meetings, the Executive have been utilizing teleconference software for online meetings in the Executive and meetings with different IPSF Reception Committees, having held approximately two online meetings per month. To this Executive it has been very important to be as transparent towards our members as possible. As a result we have tried our best to send out as much information on our work as possible and to involve our Contact Persons in making decisions whenever suitable. Many calls and documents have been sent out through our egroups. The minutes of the 56th General Assembly was sent out as per the new deadline, with this and other documents I have tried my best to keep the set deadlines and in general distributing information as soon as possible. A proper handover of information is vital for the internal strength of any organization, which is why our Executive is now focusing on ensuring the optimal handover. As I write this, every member of the Executive is writing their portfolio guidelines, as per the mandate of the 56th General Assembly, a guideline which will provide a detailed overview of the duties and responsibilities of each Executive position, as well as a general overview of the workings and procedures of IPSF. In addition to these guidelines the Executive is working on creating specific instruction files on different subjects related to internal and external communication. As Secretary General, I am responsible for keeping the IPSF archives up-to-date and his year I have been giving the electronic archive a thorough update, so that new Executive members will have easier access to important information. For the same purpose, all positions in IPSF now have official emails and a corresponding storage account in order to save information and to make sure that our correspondence is passed on to our successors.

These days, the members of the Executive are busy with our preparations the 57th IPSF World Congress, which we are all very excited about. During the year, we have been in regular contact with the Reception Committee via monthly teleconferences, and I believe that the Congress in Thailand will be an amazing experience and a great success. Approaching the end of this article, I would like to thank all IPSFers for making this a special year for me and the rest of the Executive, and a special thank you from me to the members of the Constitutional Working Party 2010-11, Ana Rita Tiago, Ilse Bollen and Milanka Marunic for their hard work, as well as to the older CWP members, Mary Poon, Pedro Lucas and Balint Tóth, for their insight and keen advice. Vive la Pharmacie! Yours in IPSF,
Lærke Arnfast 2010-12 IPSF Secretary


Dear IPSFers, aroud the world,

Hearty Greetings! My name is Dimple Modi and my tryst with IPSF began almost six years ago when I started Pharmacy School in India as a volunteer in student organizations. My involvement in IPSF truly began in 2007 as the Contact Person for India and the culmination of my experiences through various student organizations and the Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposia and the Leader’s-InTraining Programs along with other sub-committees in IPSF was an enthusiasm to and vision to contribute back to the profession. I have had the good fortune of serving as the Chairperson of Pharmacy Education for IPSF for the year 2010 - 2011 and thus getting a chance to give back a bit of what I have received. Like in any field, education is of prime importance in the evolution of Pharmacy as a profession. I truly believe that what and how we learn is what we will determine how we evolve as future pharmacists. With similar views, this year the IPSF Educational Section has conducted a variety of educational activities aimed at fostering learning through sharing. Educational Symposia: Along with the regional symposia, the IPSF World Congress in Thailand in August, 2011 will have an entire day dedicated for the educational symposium on the theme “Mapping A New Vision: Translating Ideas into

Practice”. Through the symposia we will not only hear stalwarts but for the first time, we will also have brief presentations from official delegates about the changing scenarios on pharmacy in their region or country. These series of presentations will provide an excellent glimpse of the current and the future global scenarios and the necessary steps to be better prepared for these. In addition, we will also be organizing the IPSF session on the same theme along with some other joint sessions on different themes at the 71st FIP World Congress in India in September, 2011. The speakers this year include stalwarts like Prof. Jennifer Marriot, Prof. Ian Bates, Dr. B. Suresh, Dr. Geoff Tucker, Dr. Henri Manasse, and Dr. Jacqueline Surugue. Original Research: IPSF conducts original research through collaborations with the faculty and students of the FIP Collaborating Center and the School of Pharmacy, University of London titled the Moving On (MO) projects. This year we continued the data collection for MO II project with a new wave of data collection through internet survey across all member countries. Along with cross-sectional analyses, this new data will also help us to compare the results longitudinally. This was executed along with Francisco (current MO II coordinator) and Andreia (Project Coordinator & Researcher, FIP PET). The MO II project focuses on find the


students’ perceptions on pharmacy curriculum. At the IPSF Annual Congress, we intend to release the preliminary results along with having expert comments from Dr. Jennifer Marriot (Chair of FIP Academic section) as to what these country wise comparisons mean and how we can move forward with this. We also plan to brainstorm the operationalization of some ideas for the future MO IV project. At the symposium, attendees will also be able to learn more about the FIP-PET projects along with IPSF’s own Moving On Projects and ways to get further involved in these.

Pharmacy profession. Along with having invited articles from students and stalwarts, the magazine will also publish some classic essay entries. Being a green magazine, it will be extensively circulated as an e-copy and available for free download from the IPSF website. Overall, this has been an exciting year for me both personally and professionally. The initiatives and their success have largely been due to the enthusiasm and hard work of the CPs, student leaders and all dear IPSFers. My whole hearted thanks to everyone for their efforts. And of course, a big thanks to my fellow exec-members, education team, my family and God Almighty for all the much-needed support and encouragement through this year.

Educational Monthly Update: We introduced a monthly update on the recent happenings in the field of pharmacy education. These updates are a compilation from WHO, UNESCO and GHWA news bulletins. We try to summarize the broad Viva La Pharmacie!!!!!!! Let’s keep the spirits range of news and present them to our members rolling. in a neat descriptive way which would stimulate thoughts and encourage professional system Regards, sharing amongst all the members. Peer Learning: This year we conducted the second IPSF Essay writing competition. The topics were (1) Pharmacy in My Generation's Perspective (2) How my education has prepared me/helped me to become a pharmacist? and (3) How does pharmacy save lives in my country? We received 30 entries from 17 countries. The winning entry will be published in the Pharmacy Education Journal (PEJ). In addition our annual publication, Phuture will be based on the theme “Mapping A New Vision: Translating Ideas into Practice”. It will be coordinated by Lena Kojukarov. This aims to cover the broad areas affecting our education and their impact on 12

-11 Dimple Modi Education 2010 on of Pharmacy Chairpers

Greetings to all IPSFers,


y name is Eric So, from Canada, and it has been a very humbling opportunity and a honour to be the Chairperson of Professional Development for 2010-2011. This year would be my 4th year that I have been involved with IPSF. Thinking back to my 1st congress in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 2008, I was enthralled with the IPSF spirit. Soon afterward, I became the Patient Counselling Event (PCE) Coordinator, then Clinical Skills Event (CSE) Coordinator, and now as the Chairperson. The journey so far has been a fun-filled ride. I write with great excitement with what has happened in the professional development section of IPSF. As you may know, professional development is composed of 4 sections: Leaders in Training (LIT), PCE, CSE, and Pharmacy Profession Awareness Campaign (PPAC).

IPSF in BEST Trainer’s Forum, Vienna, Austria 2011 LIT is a program devoted in empowering and training students with skills for their lives and career. This year, I had the great pleasure to be IPSF’s representative in BEST Trainer Forum, a sharing group for trainers of different student organizations of Europe. Through this networking and sharing event, there were many exchanges in idea and material that help to expand IPSF’s own training material. From this fresh injection of resources, IPSF was able to update and expand its material for our own LIT for this year. While speaking of LIT, this year, the number of applicants and participants for our LIT for world congress and our regional symposium has broken our past records. This is also the first year that LIT will be held in Africa, right before the African Pharmaceutical Symposium in Nairobi,

LIT in Africa


Kenya. As of press time, the LIT teams of each Lastly with PPAC, we are continuing to promote region are hard at work to make LIT a success. pharmacy practice through our different campaigns, and during this congress, we will be There are also a lot of ‘firsts’ with PCE and CSE hosting a workshop about PPAC. The PPAC for this year. The revision to joint FIP coordinator, Radoslaw Mitura, is working hard in (International Pharmaceutical Federation)-IPSF creating a PPAC kit to better aid association in patient counselling booklet is set to be released running their own pharmacy awareness by world congress. IPSF has also written an campaign. You will hear more during the PPAC actor guideline to help train actors for PCE and workshop. CSE event, which is also set to be official released by world congress. In terms of the In conclusion, there have been many new event itself, PCE has undergone a structural develops in Professional Development and I changed to reflect on past feedbacks; Cases will hope you are not only interested in the news but be given out 24 hour in advance instead of 15 to get involve as well. I will see you at LIT, PCE, minutes. For CSE, there will now be 2 and CSE event for both Asia-Pacific competitions: an individual competition, and a Pharmaceutical Symposium in Indonesia as well ‘Team Olympic’. In the individual event, each as IPSF World Congress in Thailand. participant will be required to analysis and solve several clinical cases. In the ‘Team Olympic’ Vive la Pharmacie! format, each group will be given a detailed case in advance, they will be required to solve and provide therapeutic alternatives for the patient in Eric H. L. So pment 2010-11 the case. We hope to see you there for these fun fessional Develo Pro Chairperson of events!


Dear IPSFers,

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of campaign kits included a composite of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a presentations, facts cards, posters, pamphlets, thing to be achieved.”- William Bryan step-by-step campaign booklet, sample campaign, video clips, etc. Thus far, 5 of 6 started this position with the mindset that campaign kits have been launched with the help change is a matter of choice and these of our amazing coordinators. The feedbacks on choices are what ultimately achieves positive the kits have been phenomenal. changes in our local, national and global village. In addition to these campaign kits, we also This year has definitely been a fruitful year full of worked to publish a pre and post campaign memorable experiences and wonderful company. newsletter for each of the public health topic. First and foremost, none of the public health Over the course of the year, we have published accomplishments this year could have been a total of 9 newsletters and it is only a matter of achieved without the help of the fellow execs and time before we end the fiscal year with our 3 public health coordinators. This wonderful team remaining newsletters. has made all the difference in the world. Continuing with an initiative that was started in We started off the IPSF public health year with a 2008, we have started on the initial framework of very robust set of goals and objectives. Our the public health database for each of the general goal for this year includes continuing to campaigns. The database would be a place encourage and help our member countries in where members can find all the health topics running and reporting public health activities. IPSF is promoting, materials to use for campaigns, regular updates on the acute/chronic In order to achieve this goal, we have a number disease state, ongoing initiatives/projects and all action plans in place for the year. the report send by contact persons (CPs) from previous years. The goal is to have an official To start off, one of the goals of this year is to launch for all the databases at the upcoming formulate a campaign kit for each of the IPSF congress. campaigns specified in the current portfolio. The Following up from the survey result distributed to



the CPs last year, our public health subcommittee has embarked upon a proposal of a new public campaign. Under the leadership of Amit Subedi, our new Medicine Awareness Campaign working group hopes to bring forth this new campaign proposal at the upcoming general assembly (GA). For the humanitarian portfolio, our plans have not only included the investigation into the potential of re-initiating the mobile pharmacy project, but we have also launched two new campaigns, both of which have been well received so far. The two mini-humanitarian projects are the Vampire Cup Competition and the Books for Africa project. We expect to see great things come out of these two new sustainability projects. Beyond the existing campaign plans, expansion upon the existing number of IPSF internships is also one of the goals for the year. We have successfully increased our internship call from 2 per year to 7 per year. There are also some pending internship proposals in the works, which will increase the number of international opportunities for our members. In terms of grants and funding, we have collaborated with FIP this year to provide funding for organization interested in starting and expanding on TB initiatives. Grant and funding for public health initiatives is a new arena that IPSF plans to expand on in the future years. Public health advocacy is also a new arena that is the in midst of ongoing investigation. The Vienna Declaration and the World Cancer Declaration are among the number of public health advocacy projects being expanded upon. For the upcoming congress, we will also be presenting a white paper on Rationale Drug Use, which will be presented to FIP for presentation to external stakeholders. Throughout this year, we tried to increase the transparency of our work to our members and external stakeholders. The idea is to provide regular updates to our members and be available for regular feedback. Besides our public health newsletters and our biannual coordinator updates, we have also provided weekly digest on our public health activity via our e-groups. Along with these new intiatives, we have also posted

number of interesting thread topics. It was great to see such enthusiastic discussion on the public health subcommittee. Last but not least is our much anticipated public health workshops and LIVE campaign at the upcoming congress. Preparations are well underway since the ladder end of last year. Our theme for the LIVE campaign this year is Tobacco Awareness. During the LIVE campaign this year, we hope to provide real public health campaigning experiences to our members by bring an interactive component through a tobacco awareness fair, smoking cessation pledge and a on the street march. This will surely be an event that you should not miss out on, so see you all in Thailand! So far, I’ve tried my best to balance my work life with IPSF work. I am sure that I have merely scratched the surface of IPSF’s public health potential. A huge thank you goes to my beloved executive committee and public health sub-committee, who have been such great support so far. Another huge thank you goes to my coordinators: Fedaa Malmoud, Dwi Ruth Kurniasih, Johanna Walz, Jasmit Singh, Christine Cooper, Hager Benmosbah and Roohil Yusuf. I am happy and honoured to work with each of you! I hope they will have time to continue their activity in the IPSF public health field. “Carpe Diem! Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary.” - Dead Poet’s Society

Sharon Leung -11 lic Health 2010 irperson of Pub Cha


Dear IPSFers,


y name is Jane Ai-Chen Ho from Taiwan and I am the Chairperson of External Relations 2010-2011. I have been involved in IPSF since 2007 where the IPSF World Congress was held in Taipei, Taiwan and I was heavily involved in the Reception Committee (RC). In 2008, I became involved and represented for my national association, Pharmaceutical Students’ Association of Taiwan (PSA-Taiwan) and ran for election and became the Regional Relations Officer (RRO) of the Regional Working Group (RWG) of the Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO) of IPSF. In 2009 IPSF congress in Bali, Indonesia, I was successfully elected as the last Chairperson of Public Relations 2009-2010 and in 2010 congress in Slovenia, I ran for re-election for the same position which was separated into 2 positions and I became the first Chairperson of External Relations.

to be more focused on supporting its own members, as well as making more contacts with external organizations and exploring new opportunities for the Federation. The External Relations Portfolio consist mainly of 3 parts: 1. Non Member Contacts & Promotion

a. Pharmacy Students Associations worldwide During my term, I have been in contact with pharmacy student associations from the below countries that are either non members, lost members or members that would like to apply for Full Membership (FM) in IPSF: Asia Pacific Region: New Zealand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. African Region: Zimbabwe, Sierra Leon, Nigeria, Cameroon and Uganda. The portfolio of the Chairperson of External European Region: Israel, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Relations is a brand new position that is the result Russia and Belgium. of a motion passed in the 2010 IPSF General Pan American Region: Colombia, Chile, Peru and Assembly (GA) in Slovenia which split the Brazil. position of the Chairperson of Public Relations Eastern Mediterranean Region: Iraq and into the Chairperson of External Relations and Pakistan. the Chairperson of Internal Relations. The intention of the separation of position is for IPSF 17

There are currently 2 associations applying for Full Member (FM) and 11 associations applying for Member in Association, should they all complete the procedure for member application and the General Assembly (GA) accept all of their application, we will be welcoming a total of 13 new members in IPSF on August 4th 2011 in the 57th IPSF World Congress in Hat Yai, Thailand. b. Individual Membership (IM) IMs are for pharmacy students in a country where there is no association that is a member of IPSF, as well as for graduates up to 4 years from their first degree in pharmacy. There has been an increasing amount of applicants for IMs compared to last year due to the opening of the IPSF fan page on the social media site: Facebook.

IFISO is an informal forum for international officers of pluralistic, "non-political" and not-forprofit international (worldwide, European, etc.) student-run organizations. Currently the IFISO network consists of a multi-disciplinary mix of 27 such NGOs, covering more than 2 million students all together. The great advantage of participating in IFISO is for experience sharing and networking. IPSF has sent representatives to participate in the past few IFISO meetings so as to contribute, as well as to retrieve useful information beneficial for the Federation. Information that would be of interest to IPSF members are forwarded from the IFISO egroups to the IPSF egroups when necessary. 3. Sponsorship Possibilities

This is the first year where IPSF is actively working towards in gathering information on 2. Contacts & Collaborations with potential sponsors, establishing a sponsorship External student organizations package and networking with potential sponsors. Active representations were done by several a. World Health Students’ Symposium members of the IPSF Executive and the (WHSS) Joint Working Group (JWG) sponsorship coordinator in trade exhibitions such as Dubai International Pharmaceuticals and WHSS JWG consists of 2 Representatives from Technologies Conference and Exhibition each of the 4 partner student organizations: (DUPHAT), CPhI Worldwide and EXPOPHARM, IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Europe's largest pharmaceutical trade fair. A Students’ Associations), IPSF, EPSA (European foundation has been set this year and we are Pharmaceutical Students’ Associations) and hopeful that the seeds sown will blossom in time. EMSA (European Medical Students’ Association). The idea is to bring medicine, It has been simply a roller coaster ride during my pharmacy and allied health students together in 4 years of involvement in IPSF and I have never an international forum to generate discussion stopped being amazed by all the interesting and understanding between the professions, to people I meet from different parts of the world develop skills and awareness of concepts in with the same objective: raising awareness for multidisciplinary working, and to be advocates for the pharmacy profession through activities and a cooperative multidisciplinary approach to the meaningful work that I know that are done by patient centred care to optimise health pharmacy students worldwide - these are the outcomes. The JWG have been working in things that has kept me motivated over the years. partnership not only to organise a WHSS every The passion that I have found through IPSF in 2 years but also to investigate ongoing joint advocating for pharmacy and public health shall initiatives that support the overall vision for the keep me going wherever I go. future. Myself and Mr. Murthy Chittoory are the 2 IPSF Representatives on the WHSS JWG Make a difference where you are! Vive la working together with other organizations’ Pharmacie! representatives to uphold the vision and to organize the 2011 WHSS in Prague, Czech Republic. o Jane Ai-Chen H ns 2010-11 f External Relatio irperson o Cha b. Informal Forum of International Student Organisations (IFISO) 18

Dear friends,


y name is Vladimir Obradović and I am from Serbia. I was actively involved in IPSF since 2008., when I started firstly in NAPSer (National Association of Pharmacy Students – Serbia).

evaluated by our members. It is my honour to be the first ever IPSF Chairperson of Internal Relations.

Making the first steps of new position was not too easy, but my fellow Executives were my best An invitation to join IPSF Constitutional Working support and I was feeling very confortable while Party (CWP) came from Mr. Pedro Lukas, IPSF working in great team started. Secretary General 2009. – 2010. I was very happy when the invitation arrived, and I accepted Officially, under the portfolio of Chairperson of it. CWP is giving opportunity to be familiar with Internal Relations, there is not any Working the most important rules of IPSF, to revise IPSF Committee, but practically, my working Official Documents and also to give your input committee was consisted of all CPs worldwide. regarding any improvement of IPSF. I tried to make friendly atmosphere on e-groups and to make every single mail on those groups Discussion of establishing new position in interesting and motivational for further Executive Committee was very fruitful, and conversation. splitting Public Relations portfolio to Internal and External Relations came up as the best solution. CP quiz was one of my initiations, where I wanted General Assembly held in Ljubljana, Slovenia to make funny thread, but with very important accepted new Executive position. It was great topics, relevant for current situation, projects, challenge to start working and shaping new news in IPSF. There were so many responses portfolio, extremely important for all IPSF and so many different opinions regarding the members. same topic. I had a lot of plans to make interesting threads, topics and to try to increase activity of each Contact Person and each member of Regional Working Group. Most of plans were very good Number of activity reports was increased this year. This is great step for each CP. Reporting is a very important part of every campaign, almost the same as preparation and organizing of the


campaign. All written documents are valuable and can be used for future work and for future generations. In collaboration with other Executive Members, plenty of newsletters, posters, promotional materials and different publications were published, released to the e-groups and delivered to the every single student and young pharmacist worldwide. Different associations elect their Executive Committees at different times of the year. One of the most important responsibilities of my portfolio is to update the IPSF Master List with the newest contact information of every association. A lot of many CP Update Forms were sent to my e-mail; all of them are incorporated into one document and shared with other Executive Members using the newest methods of sharing information and collecting details. Members of Regional Working Groups were of a huge support to my work. We worked together to maintain the great work, to communicate continuously, to solve different problems for each region and to support each other with the aim to find best solution on how to improve our work and find the most effective way of running the Regional Working Groups. The first ever CP Skype meeting gathered more than 30 CPs. Sharing opinions and ideas from various regions via an electronic format was a perfect platform to initiate regular IPSF CP meetings. Through this first online meeting, we made a lot of conclusions and decision. I am sure that all CPs are aware about the importance of IPSF through the presentation of the meeting outcomes. It was indeed a great pleasure to chair the online meeting with the attendance of all these lovely people. Throughout the year in the Executive Committee, I collected all important information for each CP and collated it in the CP Hand Book with clearly set out guidelines which will be beneficial for both experienced and new CPs alike. There you can find so many different instructions and steps on how to make your CP term as easiest as possible. It was a really busy year for me in the Executive

team, but I have to mention that I had a memorable First and Second Executive Meeting in Den Haag, The Netherlands. At these meetings, we had a lot of teleconferences with our member associations, a lot of Skype meetings with other Executives and Congress Reception Committees. Those live conferences and meetings are a great experience and a perfect opportunity for team building. I would like to use opportunity and to thank Pedro Lucas, IPSF Secretary General 2009-2010, as he encouraged me to get involved more in IPSF and to reach the top – to be Executive. I would like to express thanks to Marko Niketić, Nataša Nikolić and members of all NAPSer Executive Teams for their kind advices and huge support in my work. Also, it was a unique opportunity to work in the perfect team in IPSF Executive committee, consisted of very clever, kind, responsible leaders and friends. The friendship we have formed will be for life! IPSF – the best experience ever! Viva la Pharmacie
ović Vladimir Obrad lations 2010-11 n of Internal Re Chairperso


Dear friends,


hat a year! I will first introduce myself could not have achieved what I did during the and then explain to you what happened year. during this amazing year as Chairperson of Media and Publications for IPSF. The most important thing that I had to take care of was updating the old website and to create a I am a 25-year-old French Pharmacist. I am now new one. We hired a company to create the new living in Slovenia for one year. Last year, I was website’s structure and the designs. The result the Contact Person for the Association Nationale looks really professional with connections to des Etudiants en Pharmacie de France. social networks and few other really nice possibilities. I encourage you to go to the That is it from my side. Now, what happened address: to take a look. during the year? While creating the website, we asked the I started the year with one main objective: To company to investigate an e-voting procedure for refresh and update the entire Media and our Federation. It is now a reality! IPSF will be Publications portfolio. able to make decisions 365 days of the year. It This meant: looks like a checkpoint was passed this year in order for the Federation to move forward faster. -Creating a new website. Regarding the publications, we did quite few with -Implementing an e-voting process. my team. We actually published fourteen -Creating a layout for IPSF publications. Newsletters, a Phuture supplement and this -Updating the IPSF guidelines and documents. Annual Bulletin.  It was quite a lot, I assume and I believe that it I started the year with a really low knowledge was too much and may have been considered as about IT, websites and design. But I took some spamming you. But in the future, we will aim to online lectures to learn a few basic things. diminish the number of publications to avoid Throughout the year, I was working with two spamming our members. teams; an editorial board to review and proofread the articles and a designer. Without them I This year, I wanted to implement a proper layout 21

for all IPSF publications. That way, students are able to recognize immediately that this layout is associated with an IPSF publication. Ms. Ines Harzallah, the designer, created excellent and beautiful designs and these were utilized in all of this year’s published Newsletters. For both Annual Bulletin and Phuture supplement, we have used the same design. These two publications should be released at the same time so it is quite logical to use the same design. Another aim of this year was to update the guidelines of the Federation and the documentations that we are using. This was done for the Contact Person Handbook with the help of the Chairperson of Internal relations. New members will now have the most up-to-date information at hand to be effective at their duties. Information published on the IPSF website was also updated by the entire Executive Committee. So, that summarizes my main objectives and since almost each one of them has now been achieved, I have a good feeling. Besides that, I had to take care of more general issues or let say objectives. One objective that took up most of my time was the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA)

and IPSF Memorandum of Understanding. It was accepted by the EPSA General Assembly and hopefully, it will be accepted by the IPSF General Assembly in Thailand.

This year was for sure the most amazing experience of my life. I wish that all students can live through the same experience I had if they have the time and the motivation. I had the chance of working with a really motivated team and this was the thing that made me enjoy it all so much this year. I wish you all a really nice Congress for the ones who will be in Thailand and I wish to all the readers of this Publication a really nice upcoming IPSF year. Vive la pharmacie! And see you soon!
Bastien Venot lications edia and Pub irperson of M Cha 2010-11


Dear friends,


he Student Exchange Programme is a long-standing initiative of IPSF and one that is most popular among our membership base. The year 2010-11 has been a milestone for IPSF and will hopefully become the stepping stone to improving the quality of SEP for the upcoming years. This year, a lot of work was done in the background to move SEP forward.

Student Exchange Committee (SEC) members, all Student Exchange Officers (SEOs) and students from across the world, issues and problems were quickly identified and solved once the website was launched. It is hoped that the database will continue to serve its use for SEP for many years to come. In the past, quality of SEP placements has varied immensely from country to country, city to city. In a bid to standardise and improve on the quality of placements, members of SEC have discussed and decided to implement minimum number of working hours for all SEP placements and trial a reporting system where SEOs are given the opportunity to comment on both successful and unsuccessful exchanges. These changes will be implemented into the upcoming SEP year with the Domestic Rules and SEO Training Manual updated to reflect these changes. It would be a shock to the system at first for most countries and SEOs but I strongly believe that this will help improve SEP and take it to new heights. One of the main goals set for this year is to increase the number of SEP placements globally to 800 places. At the time of writing this article, we have only managed to reach 687 confirmed

This year, it was with great pleasure that IPSF present to the world the new SEP database. Webtown, the web-designing company from Hungary contracted to create our new database, did a fantastic job in encapsulating the workings of the database and has provided us with what we needed. Thanks to the diligence of the


places. This is including the re-allocated application forms from the AF Re-allocation Project. Although the target goal has not been reached, I am still rather pleased with the result due to several setbacks that we encountered at the start of the SEP year. The SEP database was launched a month later than expected, pushing back the regular deadlines of AF submissions to the website. SEOs had to make do with a Google Share document to share information about their associations and what they can offer until the SEP database was launched.

Another milestone this year is our partnership with the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Community Pharmacy Section (CPS). CPS has agreed to assist in promoting SEP to their membership base and has subsequently raised the profile of SEP to great effects. Thank you to Ms. Ema Paulino and Ms. Eeva Terasalmi of CPS for their ongoing support.

I am sincerely thankful for being given this opportunity to work alongside marvellous and diligent pharmacy students and pharmacists from around the world in bringing IPSF and SEP One of the greatest to all pharmacy students. A huge thank you achievements in the SEP MUST go to all the SEOs I have been working portfolio is the with, members of my Student Exchange collaboration between Committee and of course, my beloved members IPSF and the European of the Executive Committee for their neverLaw Students’ wavering and ongoing support, guidance and Association (ELSA). assistance. I must also express my thanks to my IPSF and ELSA are family and friends who have continually given me offering one pharmacy moral support in completing my role as student and one law Chairperson of Student Exchange. student the opportunity to work together on a joint Viva la pharmacie! Viva la SEP! research project, entitled Yours truly, ‘Competition Law and Pharmacy Law: How they integrate with each 0-11 Melissa Teo t Exchange 201 other and how they clash?’. These two students erson of Studen Chairp will be based in the Hague and housed at the IPSF flat for the duration of the project. It is hoped that the project will be concluded in early 2012 and will be ready for publication by mid 2012. This is the first time in the history of IPSF that such a collaboration has been conducted in the SEP portfolio. It is with immense gratitude that I thank Ms. A. Elif Yildrim, the Vice-President of ELSA and her team for their cooperation and initiative in making this project a reality. It is one of the main goals of the Executive Committee to ensure that our work is transparent to our members. For SEP, lack of transparency in the selection of the SEP grant recipients were criticised and pointed out by students and SEOs alike. Thus, members of SEC have been working on updating the selection criteria and making the application process more transparent for the upcoming SEP years. We hope that this will answer the criticism and comments of our members.

Figure 1: Members of SEC at the SEC meeting in March 2011 in Den Haag, the Netherlands. From L to R: Balint Toth, Slavisa Stojkovic, Elena Fasniuc, Melissa Teo, Kerstin Heyder, Ilse Bollen and Milanka Marunic



hen I first started working with IPSF three years ago, I had just begun pharmacy school. I had heard the term advocacy, but I did not understand really what it meant for a pharmacy student. What I did know was that I wanted to help people more than anything else, and I wanted to find a way to help more than those people in my own country.

new ideas for reaching patients, and words cannot express how happy I am to be a part of that.

This past year the ACDC team has worked on several different projects. We have updated the campaign website to include the most up-to-date resources we have available for running a campaign. We have published a semi-annual With this in mind, I looked for any organization newsletter with the first one having gone out in that would offer worldwide opportunities. A February and the second to go out mid-July. We couple months into my pharmacy school career, are working on the ACDC campaign kit, which I received an email about IPSF that had will be available 30 July 2011. The last task I somehow been routed through four different really want to complete this year is to create an colleges of pharmacy before finally ending up in online continuing education course from the my friend’s email and eventually being forwarded ACDC materials. I keep running into roadblocks to me. to getting it published, but I know with continued determination, it can be done. The email was the yearly call for campaign positions. I read through the available positions, Each year I am involved with IPSF, I learn and and I thought all of them sounded fascinating. I love more about the world we live in. Last year ended up deciding that the campaign I wanted in Slovenia, I was able to grow as a leader and to help out the most with was the Anti-Counterfeit network with my future colleagues. This year’s Drug Campaign, which needed a contents congress promises to continue those growth and coordinator that year. I was so nervous in networking opportunities, and I cannot wait for it sending in my application information. I was so to begin! unsure of what I’d written, even though I’d put a lot of heart and thought into it. I wasn’t sure what they were looking for. To my surprise, they were looking for me! I spent two years working with the ACDC team as their contents coordinator, which prepared me to step up into its coordinator position. In this past year as the ACDC coordinator, I have been able to better understand and value the work that is put into not only the ACDC campaign but all campaigns and what it truly means to be a patient advocate. I see almost on a daily basis 27

er Christine Coop or 2010-11 ACDC Coordinat


he IPSF year for me as the HIV coordinator started pretty quick after the annual congress in Slovenia, since the world Aids Day takes place every year the 1st of December – only a few months after the congress. So soon after the world congress, my subcommittee and I started to work hard on the materials that were prepared for this years’ campaign. Of course two weeks before the 1st of December we published the World Aids Day Newsletter to raise awareness and to get people more interested in this years’ campaign. So all in all a total of 16 contact persons asked for the total campaign kit, out of those 16, unfortunately only 10 sent in an activity report – presenting their results to the rest of the IPSF community. Thank you very much to those ten countries for their effort and their great work! The kit for this year contained the step by step booklet on how to run a successful campaign, a fact sheet on Aids, a handout with myths & truths about HIV and Aids, a powerpoint presentation on the transmission of HIV and on Aids as well as two different posters to raise awareness for the local activities and invitation cards for it. We also made a worldwide project, named – the human ribbon. This means in different cities around the globe people wore red T-shirts or red jackets and formed a human red ribbon to show their solidarity with people who are infected with HIV and to show that we as pharmacy students care. This year was not always easy for me. At the beginning there were so many things to be done all at the same time, that at some points I thought

that I would not be able to cope with the amount of work. But somehow you learn to cope with few time and many things to do and therefore to manage yourself better. Additionally it was not always easy to work together with people from all around the globe, with all the different kinds of working mentality and with different cultures. Doing so, I learned a lot from all those wonderful people. Working for IPSF means a lot of additional work apart from your studies or apart from your normal work. Still it is definitely worth the additional work, and I would recommend everyone who would like to learn from other cultures, from pharmacy students all around the globe, to take over a position in IPSF and enjoy the IPSF spirit! Finally I would like to thank everyone who has been organizing an HIV AIDS Campaign this year, and a special thanks goes to Sharon who has been a great support organizing the campaign kit. But my subcommittee and especially Lina shall not be forgotten. Without you I would not have been able to get everything done in time! Thank you and keep up campaigning! AIDS and HIV is not only among us on the 1st of December but around the whole year!

Johanna Walz r 2010-11 HIV Coordinato



PSF interest in care of Diabetes and healthy living has grown since the declaration of November 14th as the world international Day for Diabetes and Healthy living. This year together we put our efforts to raise the flag of awareness and to increase public information about the disease in order to BRING DIABETES TO LIGHT. People from all over the world held the flag and went through the challenge doing different kind of activities to reach our aim. Awareness campaigns , races , marches , caravans , celebrations , measuring blood sugar level and BMR , world diabetes event and more was done heading towards one goal and only one goal. What’s special about those campaigns that they gathered pharmacy students from the different countries and continents in the same day and having the same dream? Dressing in blue was the code and holding the blue ring was the theme. Along the other achievements done this year is the successful and very knowledgable KIT done to inform the young pharmacists with the necessary information needed in their journey for awareness. A step by step news letter was the true aid in holding the campaign and knowing the necessary steps needed to bring it in the best way ever. Sharing information through the public health Yahoo group within different associations around the world brought joy to everyone by knowing that other people care about and working in the same health issue. Members from Tunisia, Malta, Poland, Egypt, Indonesia, Serbia, Latvia and many other countries were the leading champions in our Global campaign. The campaign was multilingual and delivered in different ways and

aspects to different kind of segments starting from the poor villages and up to the universities and malls. Some associations even distributed medicines under the supervision of physicians and their creativity took them to a new place where you give people candy to avoid hypoglycemic comma. Analyzing different risk factors and informing the audiences with them was another part of the international effort. Eventually we have come to realize that Diabetes is a very dangerous disease with many complications and it may be even a silent killer , so people had to know that, work against it and make a declaration that we WILL KNOW OUR DISEASE prior to fighting it. Different info was brought to others by using several materials including newsletters, flier, posters, brochures, banners, blue rings, T-shirts, fact sheets and even book marks which can show the simplest data in an intentional way. The year of Diabetes and healthy living was full of successes due to the efforts of IPSFers each and every where. WE ARE THE STARS AND WE WILL REMAIN TO BE! Thanks for everyone who took the lead to make to world a better place fighting the Diabetes and with a better healthy life. Best of luck in IPSF upcoming campaigns.
Fedaa Moussa ealthy living Diabetes and H 10-11 Coordinator 20



eing the Tobacco Awareness Coordinator in IPSF is really challenging, especially when I knew that there will be Tobacco Campaign in the upcoming huge congress in Thailand. I have 6 amazing people in my team that helped me a lot doing my task. From the beginning of my term they have helped me a lot, although we are living in different countries and in different time zones, we still got chance to have online meetings one on one to discuss our plan for Tobacco Awareness’ activities. This year’s theme from World Health Organization (WHO) is not something that we should just do, but we have to sit down and think first, what can we do for our country in Tobacco Control, that is also a moment where people can realize why is 31st May called as World No Tobacco Day, how tobacco industry has influenced a lot of people in their environment and how bad it is for future health. The “Framework Convention of Tobacco Control” theme is the thing that is really happening in several countries. Some people realize the dangers associated with smoking, so they avoid it, although some are still pursuing it. This theme told us that the Role of Tobacco Industry is also the main reason why smokers increase a lot every year. This is why, the limitation and boundaries needed to be set, in order to make people realize that smoking is totally not a good thing to do. By the good regulation in one country, it will help to prevent their young generation from tobacco. The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) is the world's foremost tobacco control instrument. The first treaty ever negotiated under the auspices of WHO, it

represents a signal achievement in the advancement of public health. World No Tobacco Day 2011 designed to highlight the treaty's overall importance, to stress Parties' obligations under the treaty and to promote the essential role of the Conference of the Parties and WHO in supporting countries' efforts to meet those obligations. The Conference of the Parties is the treaty's central organ and governing body. Being a coordinator in one Public Health days was a great experience, started my first IPSF journey in Bali 2009, where I also knew about World No Tobacco Day and other Public Health days from IPSF. We learned not only how to make campaign in Public Health days, but also how to make an ordinary activity, small acts, which can impact a lot to our surroundings. IPSF is the right place for you to learn about it too, getting to know great people from other side of the world, discussing what to be prepared for Tobacco Kit, working with a team that consists from people in many different countries, promoting not only by materials, but just one media, internet and of course, learn something more to make a healthier world free from tobacco. Vive La Pharmacie!

-11 Dwi Ruth oordinator 2010 o Awareness C Tobacc



ello IPSFers, it is my honor to write this Last but not the Least, I would like to thank the message as being the TB Coordinator for Chairperson of Public Health “Miss Sharon the IPSF for year 2010 – 2011. Leung” who has always been there to support me and helped me to complete this work tenure As someone has said this very truly that-“time as TB coordinator more efficiently and with flies away very fast”, I too feel this now. Patience and Confidence. Working as the TB Coordinator has made me so actively involved with my duties, that writing this There is much more emotions than words to put I wonder how the time has come to an end to in here to share with you, how I felt being a part handover my duties back to the IPSF. of working committee member of IPSF, but I conclude this here with a new hope and new Working for IPSF has always being my passion passion that, IF I am given a further chance to and interest since my college days, when I first serve this organization, I shall do it with great heard about this organization. On given this interest and Zeal. golden chance to serve this noble post, I have tried to do justice with it. I have designed the TB Dhanyawaad (Thank you in Hindi) newsletters, created a TB video, maintained a database and also helped the member countries to conduct the TB campaigns and spread the awareness about TB in their respective countries so that lives of million people can be saved.

It was great to share emails, conduct online meetings and chats to share the experiences and ideas to increase the public health condition for every country in respect to TB. I tried my very best to be loyal and up to date with all the current news and measures in order to curb this deadly disease. I am extremely grateful to all the direct and indirect sources who have guided me at every step. Finally, I would like to extend my vote of thanks to all the Executive members of IPSF, Coordinators public health committees, regional working groups, all other Sub-committee members and the IPSFers, without whom, I would not have been able to discharge my duties to the best of my abilities. 31

Jasmit Singh 2010-11 TB Coordinator

Dear IPSFers,


wo years ago, IPSF was unknown to me. I discovered IPSF spirit during the 56th World Congress in Slovenia. My national association applied for full membership. I would never forget the feeling I’ve felt and the tears in my eyes when all the members at the GA gave the Tunisian delegation a standing ovation. It has signed the beginning of a new life for me. I was very interested in inforgraphy. I decided to send my nomination for the Design and Creativity Sub Committee. I have spent a long night in our hostel in Ljubljana writing my nomination form. I was upset when my name didn’t appear in the list of DCSC members. I decided to forget about this. At that same time, I was in touch with the Swedish cp. The first creation I had at an international level was SNAPS logo. It was fun and I was pleased to know that the association adopted the logo as their official one. It was an honor for me. This story made me change my mind. I’ve felt that I really deserve my place in DCSC. I needed this adventure with IPSF and applied for the second time. Now all I can say is a big thank you to all my friends that really insisted that I apply again. I’m really happy I haven’t miss my chance to be involved in IPSF. I didn’t imagine when applying that in less than a year, I would be the designer of the federation. I have been in a regular contact with Bastien, Chairperson of Media and Publications, creating a lot of publications (newsletters, promotional posters, banners, IPSF merchandise,

headletter…). The position fit me to perfection because I really loved every moment spent on designing. When integrating DCSC, my main aim was creating a solid visual identity to IPSF publications. This began with the creation of a new layout for the newsletters that was maintained for all the issues. I have done my best to create attractive public health kits. I hope that these kits motivated some associations to raise their own campaigns. I also wish that you will like the IPSF new official T-Shirts, ties, scarves and pins. I had to deal in parallel with my responsibilities in ATEP (Association Tunisienne des Etudiants en Pharmacie). I am the secretary general and responsible for the publications. I must say, that this year was one of the busiest years in my entire life but I loved every bit of it. I must be a hard worker. Actually, I must say that when I don’t find a new email when I check my inbox, I feel almost disappointed. I simply love being overwhelmed with things to do. I went beyond my limits and I am proud to say that I met the challenge. During this year, I met virtually a lot of wonderful people. I had a unique chance to talk with IPSFers from all the continents. Collaborating on different projects (Public Health, IPSF Merchandises, SEP, Professional Development, AfRO RWG…). I’m just waiting for the moment I am going to meet you all for real this time in Thailand.

I must admit I am lucky to be an IPSFer. Ines Harzallah mber 2010-11 IPSF DCSC me 32

Dear IPSF friends,


t is my great pleasure to bring you the latest able to attend our events will still have the news about EPSA’s projects, activities and possibility to feel they belong to the EPSA family. future events. Regarding future events, this summer’s most awaited event is, without a doubt, the 13th EPSA First of all, a piece of information worthy of being Summer University in Warsaw, Poland. The mentioned is that EPSA has signed a educational programme will be delivered by the Memorandum of Understanding with IPSF, thus EPSA Trainers and it will focus on leadership consolidating the bond between our and career skills. associations, during the 34th Annual Congress, in Lisbon, Portugal. This moment was witnessed In addition, this fall, we are inviting our members by a record number of 450 participants, as this to the 8th EPSA Autumn Assembly, in was the biggest EPSA event organised until Birmingham, United Kingdom. The theme of the now, for which we have AEFFUL Portugal to events is “Sexual Health” and on this occasion thank. the Educational Board of EPSA will launch an anti-AIDS campaign. The EPSA Individual Mobility Project (IMP) has continued to develop and strengthen, raising the Last but not least, I am proudly announcing that interest of our members, since it was EPSA will soon reach a milestone in its path, the implemented, in 2009.IMP offers students and 35th Anniversary, which will be celebrated with recent graduates the opportunity to do a paid much enthusiasm during the 35th Annual traineeship in a foreign country, enabling them Congress in 2012. On this occasion, an to gain valuable experience in various fields of anniversary booklet will be published, to review the pharmaceutical profession. Now, we are all the steps that have lead us, EPSA, to the able to provide our members with a number of bright place in which we find ourselves today! 30 placements. Yours in EPSA, Besides IMP, the Mobility department has also been focusing on a fresh, dynamic project. It is called the EPSA Voyage and it will promote the EPSA community as a living organism that connects students and pharmacy graduates from all the European countries, giving them the possibility to travel across the continent at minimum costs. This way, people who are not 33

a Raluca Negrice ns of Public Relatio Vice President EPSA 2011-12

What has QPhUS done since receiving the IPSF Otto Föcking Award 2010?
3rd annual potluck: (February 2011) QPhUS organized the 3rd annual potluck in 7th of February; 2011.This event gave an opportunity for the Qatari college of pharmacy faculty, staff, and students to share few hours of “get-together” by sharing the national anthem, flags, cultural dresses and food. Volunteers organized and


reast Cancer Awareness Campaign: Based on the desire of taking a leading role in Health Promotion and Public Education Qatar Pharmacy Undergraduate Society QPhUS organized a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign which was held from 25th – 27th October 2010 in Qatar university female campus’s food court under the title of “Think Pink” The aim of this campaign was to educate the university female faculty, staff and students about breast cancer and promote selfexaminations. QPhUS partnered with Qatar National Cancer Society QNCS and Al-Amal cancer hospital to provide brochures, lectures, and workshops. Throughout the event, Over 200 students attended workshops, discussion sessions, private counseling, and selfexamination training sessions.

decorated the room while participants had the opportunity to share any form of their home country food (ranging from main dish to deserts) with the other college members. 24 countries were represented on that day and Qatar University Newsletter reporter visited the event.


Open day: (April 2011) This event was opened for future female students and their parents who are interested in a career in Pharmacy, Biomedical Science and Human Nutrition. Health Science tour guides provided information in Arabic and English and directed the guests on pre-planned tours in each of the three disciplines.

Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium: July 2011: QPhUS is hosting and organizing the biggest Eastern Mediterranean regional event EMPS which will take place in Doha –Qatar 15th – 21st of July 2011 EMPS will provide pharmaceutical students and recent graduates from over 9 member countries with the opportunity of widening the range of their contacts, and learning and updating themselves with the pharmaceutical field’s most recent topics. EMPS has a very interesting scientific, social, and cultural 7 days program plus one day post symposium adventure.


Pharmacy students! Let’sHyderabad, India! meet at the 2011 FIP World Congress in
rom 3 to 8 September 2011, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), together with the Indian Pharmaceutical Association, is hosting the 71st World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, This congress is taking place in Hyderabad, in the heart of wonderful India. Through the numerous sessions and social events, this congress guarantees to be a global platform of professional learning and bringing together thousands of practitioners and scientists from all disciplines and from all over the world. Are you a First Time Congress Participant? FIP is offering once again the First Timers Mentor Programme. This will allow new participants to pair up with previous Congress participants to get seasoned advice on Congress activities and immediately start growing their global network and enjoying the congress together! rs

Social Events The FIP Congress Social Events provide invaluable opportunities to meet new friends and colleagues. After the kick-off Opening Ceremony and the Welcome Party, the YPG and Congress Programme ‘Compromising safety and quality: a risky path’ IPSF will host an International Evening for all the is this year’s main theme. It is carrying with it the students and young pharmacists. This is an message that safety and quality are at constant informal way to reunite with your colleagues and risk throughout the medicines supply chain, friends. In addition the YPG is organizing the despite the best efforts of all to ensure their YPG Dinner for their members, with the security and the specific efforts of pharmacists to continually uphold patient safety. In addition to general sessions that broadly incorporate the theme, each FIP pharmacy practice section offers their own separate streams with specific learning targets and engaging speakers. mme_persection 36

important goal of having a good together! Get together – Travel India! This is also the PERFECT opportunity to get a group together – either old friends you are meeting again or those new to you from your FIP Congress experience - and travel India! The country is a wealth of sites, sounds, tastes and cultures – why not share it with other students and young, future pharmacists just like you? And if you don’t want the task of arranging things on your own, FIP would be happy to help you make arrangements for tours and travel both before and after the Congress. For more information and registration (at SPECIAL STUDENT FEES) please visit the website We’re waiting to meet you in Hyderabad!
Myriah Lesko ations edia and Public FIP Manager M


CPSA's humanitarian heart
mong all of the different projects we organize over the year, we, at CPSA Croatia, love the humanitarian ones the most. That’s why, with only 55 members, it’s a real pleasure to say that we managed to organize 5 humanitarian events during this academic year. Some are traditional events of ours, and others were newly implemented, but both were successful and we’re extremely proud of them. of ours suffered from some severe injuries in a car accident and is now in rehabilitation with slim chances of ever walking again. That’s why we decided that the earnings will go to our friend’s family who is, who’s facing financial trouble because of the high costs of physical therapy in Croatia. Thanks to our members, who donated flour, sugar, eggs, baked cookies, cakes, pancakes and other delicacies, and all the students who didn’t mind putting on a few pounds and going crazy on sweets we managed to raise an amazing amount of 1000€ for our friend. Another great accomplishment of the day was the achievement of an agreement with the faculty to implement a ramp for the disabled, which our faculty lacked so far. Everybody had an awesome time and a great cause was achieved. Since we were in such a festive mood, two more events were held in December. The first one was collecting sweets, clothes, toys and money donations for an orphanage in Zagreb, the “Nazorova” children’s home. Our students

For the 7th time in our history, in December 2010, the traditional pPancakes and cookies day took place. An always joyful and fun event was perfected with the Christmas spirit at the faculty. Pancakes, cookies, muffins, cakes, mulled wine and hot chocolate filled the student’s houseroom, attracting lots of students and faculty staff. Every pPancakes and cookies day so far had a different humanitarian cause, either helping unfortunate families or humanitarian associations, but this one was a bit closer to our hearts. Two months prior this event, a colleague showed, once again, their big hearts and in collaboration with a couple of pharmacies we managed to make Christmas a little happier for more than 80 orphans. For the second event was a collaboration betweent CPSA , joined a few other student s’ associations and the “Ana Rukavina” foundation, which promotes voluntary bone marrow donations in order to improve the Croatian bone marrow registry and implement a stem cell bank. On the 21st of December, a huge concert took place on Zagreb’s main square, along with the collecting of blood samples to be 38

implemented in the donors’ registry. Our members volunteered to help this noble cause and also spread information about the foundation to our students.

After the long winter, we decided it was time for another pPancakes and cookies day – summer style!! The aim was the same, and on the 26th of May, our rooms were once again occupied with yummy sweets, sangria and cocktails. The atmosphere was amazing as always, with all of us having fun and hwhile helping our friend at the same time. This action was followed by a project called “Students for Gornja Bistra special hospital for children’s chronic diseases”. Students once again reached in their pockets and gave a few kunas, along with juice boxes, pajamas and food which the hospital desperately neededs.

This is an unique kind of a hospital in Croatia, where 110 unfortunate children and older patients too, live their whole lives, bound on their beds, having only nurses and doctors as family. The types of diseases that are being treated here don’t allow these patients to ever leave the walls of Gornja Bistra hospital, which is in a poor state and is being quite neglected by the government. With the help of the “Phoenix farmacija” company, we managed to collect a meaningful donation for the hospital, consisting of medical supplies, food, juices, cosmetics and clothes. What mattered even more was our visit to the hospital, which was very touching. It and made us humble and and grateful for the greatest gift every person can receive; health and family. It is these kinds of projects, which bring the smiles on the children’s faces that , which make us at CPSA, think of more humanitarian actions to organize. We hope that these traditions will be continued by generations that will follow us and they’ll have as much success as we had in carrying them out.

Ana Babić, roatia 2010/2011 CP for CPSA C


Bem Kemafar UNPAD-Indonesia
s a little bit of an introduction to Indonesia, Jamu is a traditional Indonesian indigenous medicine and it’s possible to be studied moreover to become a clinically approved medicine since Indonesia has sufficient and abundant amount of natural herbals. That’s why lecturers’ team of Pharmacy Padjadjaran University Indonesia needed to hold an event to explore scientifically about Jamu as our ancestor’s heritage and in turn make it into a clinically approved drug. This great idea bears an event, which resulted in the International and Seminar Expo on Jamu (ISEJ) that was held on 5th-6th November 2010 at Graha Sanusi of Padjadjaran University in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia in association with the Indonesian Medical Association in Herbal Medicines (PDHMI) and the Indonesian Herbs and Traditional Medicine Association (GP Jamu).

WORLD HIV/AIDS DAY – On Dec 1st, 2010, we put up some posters and articles on the communication wall, made leaflets, gave little red ribbons to people and alerted them that it was “World AIDS Day”. We gave some information to people about this illness. For example, what is HIV/AIDS? How does it spread? How can we prevent it? As a future pharmacist, this is a challenge that we have to face. We have to be able to give this kind of information to the public, so this is a chance for us to improve on our communication skill.

WORLD DIABETES DAY – On Nov 15th, 2010, we updated some information related to diabetes on the communication wall. We also made posters and articles. Since most of the students were having laboratory practices and full time classes, we made this as a small scale campaign. The important thing is that we can share more information about diabetes, improve our knowledge about this illness and remind people that we can prevent this kind of inherited illness through healthy living.

ONE DAY FUN WITH IPSF - This is a welcoming party for our new members, the 1st year students. We had fun together with the juniors. They were divided into 5 groups and the seniors introduced many thing about IPSF to them. We played games, shared information about the annual events of IPSF and how to become an official delegate. At the end of the event, each group presented their creativity by entertaining people. And yes, it was truly a One Day Fun with IPSF.


Afterwards, they went into four different pharmacies around the campus in order to get a first hand experience of the pharmacy installation.

WORLD TUBERCULOSIS (TB)DAY – This was our very first mini campaign project this year! It was held on March 24th. We successfully gave out 100 pamphlets, put on articles on the communication wall and also made an article to be published in “Medifar”, our campus magazine. We were divided into groups and then we spread some information about TB to the public. We began by meeting at the campus’s main gate to get more people’s attention. It was a communicative campaign where people responded to our explanation. Many people were curious about this illness. We told them about what’s this contagious illness, how to prevent it, and how to cure it. We enjoyed the campaign and was happy that we were able to give that kind of information to the people. It was also beneficial to us because we’re able to exercise and improve our communication skills.

WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY – May 29th, 2011 was a very exciting moment because it is the biggest campaign we held this year! Collaborating with other participants from other organisations, including ISMAFARSI-West Java Region and JMKI, we did a long march along Dago road to attract the public. During the march, we brought awareness about what we’re doing. We made posters and 600 pamphlets that explained more information about tobacco and its danger. Since many people still don’t care

about smoking in public area, we prepared 200 products to be switched with cigarettes. We came to people who smoke and let them know Pharmacists Road to Public (PHARODI) was that it was World No Tobacco Day. We need their held from April 30th toMay 1st , 2011. Materials participation to stop smoking, especially in public about communication skills and patient area. We promoted our free consultation by counseling were given by two professional pharmacists booth and also our newest practitioners from Kimia Farma and Boromeus innovation, the nicotine replacement tablet Hospital. Presentations, games and simulating .There’re many people who came and told us ideas about counseling skills were given and that they wanted to quit smoking but they’re evaluated by a professional counselor at the addicted, so hopefully, this product will help pharmacy installation,Boromeus Hospital. All of them. the participants were divided into groups. Yanuastri Putri Wulansari AD Indonesia KEMAFAR UNP CP for BEM 41

One year with NAPSA
o follow is a summary of all that NAPSA has accomplished over its 2010/11 term. As an association: • Attended major professional conferences: o Australian Pharmacy Professional, run by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Gold Coast Conference Centre, March 18th to 20th 2011. o Pharmacy Australia Conference, run by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. Melbourne Convention Centre, 28th to 31st October 2010. • Developed a Business Plan for 2011-13 NAPSA terms. • Established of a Company Secretariat for NAPSA. • Developed of a NAPSA Trust. • Hosted the annual NAPSA Congress: o Adelaide, 24th to 30th January 2011. o Wagga Wagga, January 2012 to be the first rural congress hosted. • Improved NAPSA’s media presence. • Hosted a NAPSA Summit with significant alumni and stakeholders. • Partaked in the lobbying groups, the Australian Pharmacy Liaison Forum and the Pharmacy Coalition for Health Reform. • Attended the Future of Pharmacy Stakeholder’s Forum. Rural and Indigenous Affairs Committee • Worked towards our major goal of raising awareness of the health inequities faced by rural are remote Australians, and ways pharmacists can make a difference. • Strengthened current and initiated new industry relationships for liaison, consultation and collaborative work towards the committee's goals. • Represented NAPSA at the annual conference of the National Rural Health Students Network in Alice Springs in July 2010. • Increased collaboration with rural special interests groups to raise awareness of rural health issues through NAPSA. • Collaborated with the NAPSA Publications Chair to produce the Rural Focus Edition of Placebo to promote rural pharmacy and programs that enabled more student to work in rural areas. • Created and launched the 2011 Rural and Indigenous Affairs Survey, receiving over 500 responses from pharmacy students across Australia. The data from this survey will be used to target universities and professional bodies within pharmacy to better support pharmacy students wanting to work in areas of need, and promote the issues of rural pharmacy and Indigenous health to all pharmacy students in Australia. Publications Committee • Produced the Placebo, our quarterly newsletter, which keeps members and the pharmaceutical industry up to date with what NAPSA is doing. • Maintained the NAPSA website ( so it is current and beneficial to members as well as others who happen to visit the site.

Education Committee • Delivered many education courses for our branches including Complementary Healthcare, Woundcare, First Aid as well as launched a new course on OTC knowledge. • Subsidised reference textbooks have been made available to all members Pharmacy Awareness Committee • Successfully facilitated a young growing charity into our NAPSA fundraising initiative, Charity Cup. 42

• Promoted and emphasised, on a national scale, the NAPSA blood donation drive, Vampire Cup. • Revolutionized Pharmacy Week to assert greater awareness in the Australian community. IPSF Committee

students to date and will place more. We are looking at placing about 15 students. This is a large improvement, as we haven’t placed any for a couple of years now. • Built networks of pharmacy owners and host families for future function of the SEP. • Prepared documents for pharmacists to inform them about the SEP. Industrial Affairs Committee • Produced a Congress Survey focusing on pharmacist based immunisation. A majority of the surveys participants agreed that pharmacists should include immunisation in their skill base. Production of a media release which resulted in significant industry feedback and welcome responses. • Written an article focusing on Immunisation for Australian Pharmacist Magazine, a publication of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. • Completed of a national pharmacy student survey (NPSS). Results are currently being analysed but themes of oversupply of pharmacy graduates appear to be a common theme. Stacey Gough hair 2010-11 NAPSA IPSF C

• Increased NAPSA’s presence within IPSF through attendance of online meetings and by sending both Official Delegates and a large number of members to IPSF World Congress. • Sent a number of students to Japan on the Japan Study Tour. • Forwarded applicants for various WHO internships. • Increased NAPSA’s Student Exchange Program. We have placed a number of