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The chronicle will take you from the Neolithic period, where according to the archeological findings it is estimated that the first organizing attempts of the city were made, at Pelasgous, by the first habitants which on 1400 b.c. began fortifying Acropolis mountain with walls, to the age of Copper and 800b.c, when the final union of Athens into an integrated country took place, and there, for the first time, we find the Panathinaia, the leading fest of Athens in honor of god Athina. The "journey" continues with reference to the last king of Athens, Kodro (1068 b.c), according to the valuable information of one of the most significant philosophers of all times, Aristotle, moves on to the four tribes the Athenian population was divided into in the 8th -7th century and to 636 b.c, when Cylon, taking advantage of the farmers disappointment, unsuccessfully tried to take over the tyranny with a coop, the well-known "Cylonian Agos".

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In 1896 we detect the revival of the Olympic Games in Athens.c. whose project. A year later. in 594 b.c you will precisely understand what the legislation of Draconta consists of. Makrigiannis. by an order from the Regency and a year after the first public elections took place which resulted in Anargyro Petrakis being elected as mayor.c. because of the Second Peloponnesian War (431-421b. as the light that surrounds us and are included in the specifics of the modern period. In 1882 and for 15 following years we observe the domination of the leading personality of Harilaos Trikoupis. which lead to the grant of a Constitution. The Athenian courage in the battles of Marathon in 490 b.c. while the Catalanic Company up until 1387. An era in which. in 500 b. we see his succession by George the First. when Athens sent help to the rebelling cities of Ionia. outstanding accomplishments in our national completion and internal achievements as a country. for whom you crowd together at the cashier office of the Athens Festival every summer. Then the Acropolis monuments were built. during which upon Adriano (117-138b.c) took charge of the Democratic Party and the First Peloponnesian War came to an end.Destination: ATHENS | Last update: 26/01/2010 In 624 b. the currently preserved aquarium was constructed and the Library was built.c. the Russian domination. violently took away parts of the interior decoration of the temples on the Acropolis Mountain. are visible.c was a terrible period as Athens fell into the hands of Gothic intruders. An important halt is the year 53b. The uprising of Ioustiniano (482-565) to the empire throne played an important role in the avoidance of the ancient Greek world. the well-known victory of Eurimedonda that contributed to the liberation of all the greek cities from the Persian domination. The Chronicle describes the memory of the Persian king. The Frank occupation was maintained up until 1308.c. In 1843 we discover the secrete councils in the house of a significant Greek. In the period of 1899-1908 we see the developments made in Athens by the Athenian Mayor Spyros Merkouris.c which build the grounds for The Athenian Democracy. the significant alterations made by Klisthenis in 508 b. Following Constantinople's fortune. invoking on the disasters of the ancient Athenian monuments. the prosperous period of the Macedonian Dynasty. In 1862 we observe the abolishment of Othons kingdom. The "gold century" of the Athenian Democracy unfolds before you in the 5th century b. the tyranny of Pisistratos in the mid 6th century b. In 1928 the first political airport was created in the Delta Falirou area and the airport in the Hellinikon area was founded in 1934. the great civil and Athenian guard revolution. before Stoic and Epicurean philosophers. the assassination of Hipparxos in 514 b. In 1834 we see how Athens is declared to be the capital of Greece. the Sophists. 396b. Athens was occupied in 1456. as well as the Ancient theatre in Epidauros in order to enjoy one of their plays. Information on the activities of the greatest political personality of the 20th century Eleutherios Venizelos. the Second World War.c and in Artemisio in 480b.c). and the three great men. You can also see the dictatorship imposition in 1936 by Ioannis Metaxas.c. where an English Company resumed the activity of producing electric energy in the entire capital area. The Chronicle continues with the conclusion of the unique spiritual and artistic flourish of Athens. a while after Periklis (490-429 b. commonly chose Solon to govern. when Apostle Paul educated Christan norms to the Areio Pago. the period of . the humiliating Athenian defeat in Sicily by the Lakedemonians. if you lived you would get the chance to meet Socrates. The era of the Turkish occupation is described in 14 journeys. In the beginning of the 19th century the Chronicle reminds us that in 1800 when Lord Elgin situated himself as an ambassador in Constantinople.c. the appearance of the leading role of Athens in 478 b.c how the opposing parties of the inhabitants and the wealthy of the time.c) the temple of Olympian Zeus was completed. The telephones that operated through a phone centre were replaced by automatic telephones. In 1204 the Crusades entered the Acropolis fort.c and 416404b. but also from the era of the Emperor Hrakleio (574-640) a long period of obscurity and predatory attacks began for Athens. We move on to the period of the internal war.

000 exhibits. and Rizari 2.19 Byzantine museum The museum houses a great collection of the byzantine art. 09:00 . is definitely worth a visit. documentations of war-history and presentations of freedom-struggle.culture. the dictatorship of April 21st 1967. civilization Address: 28th October Street Web Site: http://odysseus.14: 00 War Museum The War Museum of Athens is situated at Vassilissis Sophias Av. Dedicated to antiquity. the Parthenon. and some precious sculptures.30 . It remains closed on Mondays and on other days. wonderful frescoes. There are several places to be explored in the Attica plains surrounding the city. The Monastery at Kaisariani and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion warrant a Opening Hours: Tue . includes more than 20. Another important attraction is Greece's most famous temple. Mezzanine has a room dedicated to the 1st Greek airmen.19. 4/6 Athens (Kerameikos) Opening Hours: monday friday. the meta-political era up until September 6th 1997.22 Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 08:30 . it still manages to impress its visitors.15: 00 Terrecotta Museum Attractions and more Acropolis. it operates from 8:30AM to 2:30PM. The museum also houses a wellmaintained library. Room 2 represents the Greek history by means by drawings and photographs. Similarly. The Temple of Athena Nike and the Tomb of Erechtheus are other attractions. its spotlights the stone-age and early bronze-age. it aims to preserve and display a fascinating collection of war mementoes. the student and civil riot in 1973. The permanent exhibition of the museum is in room 1. although it is not completely restored. emphasizing the era of Mysenea. the examples of architecture from the classical era can be found.15: 00 Sunday. but is well worth the view of the entire city spread below. when the International Olympic Games Committee entrusted the Olympic Games of 2004 to Athens. Inaugurated in 1975. which was the original location of the walled city. The climb to the top of the Acropolis is steep. Address: Vas Sophias Ave. The museum is dedicated to clay artworks of the last three centuries Address: Mediloni St.culture. and the Benaki Museum displays an extensive collection of Greek art. Mosaics. Museums National Archaeological Museum The National Archaeological Museum is the largest museum in Greece and definetly one of the best in the The Acropolis Museum houses the sculptures from the Pantheon amongst other things. Byzantine period is depicted in room 3 while room 4 is reserved for the Frankish rule. The National Archaeological Museum has a very rich display of findings in the last few centuries. 10:00 .jsp?obj_id=3249 E-mail: protocol@eam. providing a panorama of the great Greek . other rooms are devoted to war-history of a particular civilization and freedom-struggle.30 Mon 12. Even today.Destination: ATHENS | Last update: 26/01/2010 occupation and the political journey that lead to the "Decembriana" and the Varkiza agreemen. The large collections.Sun 8 .

gr Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 a. Address: Diadohou Paulou.varoulko.30 pm General Tips About the city Athens is an ancient city. It consists of a personal bed and sword carried by a Greek Independence hero. with six rembetika singers and cozy atmosphere Address: Lisikratous 19. Opening Hours: 8:30am . Admission to the museum is absolutely free on each Sunday. closed Sunday and Monday Soul Stereo Located in the ancient Athens this new modern structure offers a good place for party and music Address: Eyripidoy 65. Paralia Glyfadas (ex Cataralla) Phone: : 210 8944048 Nightlife Varoulko A legendary restaurant that won a Michelin race.2:30pm Tue . It is closed on Mondays and remains open from 9:00 to 14:00 on remaining days of the week. Psiri Web Site: http://www. . The museum property is a former parliament building which represents a striking example of neo-classical architecture. Athens.html E-mail: info@varoulko. Room I is for E-mail: Opening Hours: Daily from 8. Web Site: Opening Hours: Daily Mao Club Café Pool Mao Club Cafè Pool is an ideal place to have leisure time.soulstereo. It is most commonly known for its origin of the world famous Olympic games. Address: 13 Stadiou Street Athens E-mail: info@nhmuseum.m.Destination: ATHENS | Last update: 26/01/2010 Address: Vassilissis Sophias Phone: : +30 210-7252974-6. near the Acropoli. Plaka Phone: : 3235517 Opening Hours: Daily. to 2:00 Lord Byron. The city offers a fine blend of historical architecture and modern structures. A grand assembly hall and intricately carved ceilings can be seen even today.m.Sun Vizantino Tavern Located in the centre of Athens. Room IV is for paintings while Room VI is for portraits and so on. The museum showcases Modern Greek history from 1453 to 1940 AD. Vizantino offers a good choice of greek salad and seafoo Address: Kydathineon 18. Plaka Opening Hours: Daily National History Museum The National History Museum is situated at 13 Stadiou Street. Perivoli T' Oyranou One of the best "rembetika" music club in the city. Guest can enjoy an array of drinks and food relaxing besides the pool. offers the best quality in Athens for seafood and greek food Address: 80 Piraeus Str. A memorabilia from Greek War of Independence is displayed among the exhibits of the museum. The museum exhibits are segmented into several rooms with each carrying a particular themed collection.

The symbol of the "Technopolis" is the original sculpture titled "The Millennium Globe". It was a time when the Industrial Revolution was beginning to make its appearance within the newly established Greek State which had been in existence for only three decades. potteries. Takis Papatsonis (D6). clearly to be seen in the form of the funnels. baths. one of the most interesting of its kind in Europe. etc. The History of Gazi The Athens Gasworks.Yiorgos Papoutsides. A new chimney stack.Neolithic construction is more popular than other acropolis in Greece. warehouses and the manager's house. Check out for this heritage site. A new production unit and Attractions City of Athens Technopolis The City of Athens Technopolis. becoming established as one of the capital city's main industrial areas. It has been operating since 1999 and it is dedicated to the memory of the great Greek composer Manos Chatzidakis. Tourists can climb up the hill at night and they can get a mesmerizing view of Athens. The charm of a bygone era. a series of retort furnaces. At the same time. The National Archeological Museum holds ancient Greek artifacts. The construction and operation of the gasworks took place in four phases: A (1862-1887): The first buildings are constructed and machinery installed such as the retort furnaces (known as the 'producers'). of incomparable architecture. chimneys. is a vigorous industrial museum. This fourth century BC marble stadium served for the original historical Olympics games. B (1887-1920): The need for town gas expands and in addition to lighting the streets. the chimney stacks and retort furnaces. barbers' shop. the purification hall. The Lycabettus Hill offers an astonishing view of the city. the gasholders. spreads in an area of about 30. French Company was established in 1857 following a Royal Decree issued by King Otto under a unanimous decision of the Athens Municipal Council. Visitors can see bronzes. a work by Nikos . "conspires" in a way that establishes the "Technopolis" as a 'factory' for protecting and generating art. In honor of Greek poetry. Visiting Athens and not seeing the Panathenaic Stadium is something which is not done. and buildings for the employees (changing rooms. The site chosen was on the main road to Piraeus at the third corner of the commercial centre of Athens which formed a rough triangular shape. Angelos Sikelianos (D4). sculptures and arts dating back to ancient times. since even in etymological terms the word 'gas' comes from the old German word 'galst' and later 'geist' which means intellect or spirit. In identifying a site to house this industrial complex much importance was attached to its central location. hosting various events. Yannis Ritsos (Amphitheater "Athina 9 . Constantine Cavafis (D7) and Kostas . C (1920-1952): German technology is introduced to improve the quality of the gas.Destination: ATHENS | Last update: 26/01/2010 There are lots of things to see and enjoy in this Greek city. water tanks. knowledge and emotions. which illustrates the globe surrounded by olive branches and symbolizing the wish and the hope that peace and humanity prevail on the whole world.84" radio station). bear the names of great Greek poets: Andreas Embirikos (Room D1). the eight buildings operating within the "Technopolis" premises. Following this Decree. next to Keramikos and very close to the Acropolis. Its gradual transformation into a multi-purpose cultural center. This mid. It is lodged in the old Athens Gasworks.) are built at which time the site took on its present day. two gasholders. gives the opportunity to the visitors to tour in a site full of images. gasholders for storing gas. Another way to known more about Athens is to visit the museums and galleries. the gasworks expands under new ownership (Serpieris and der Vol) in light of the 1896 Olympic Games. Francois Feraldi was granted the right to establish and run a "gasworks" to bring light to the city. Kostis Palamas (D10). widely known as Gazi. In the plans drawn up by Kleanthes and Schaubert in 1833 (the original city plan) this site was to have been the location of Kekrops Square while in the 1834 plan prepared by von Klentze it was to have been the site of the Royal Palaces. homes and industries are added to the list of gas consumers. The hill is also well-known for its historical significance.000 m2. The most popular attraction in the city is Athens Acropolis. Later development in the wider area around the gasworks led to Pireos St. Varnalis (?8).

shtm Parthenon and Acropolis The Parthenon is situated at the centre of the Acropolis of Athens. Three local bus services operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from here. In 1984 reactions from residents of the city peaked and its operation was suspended. The Parthenon. was built in a span of 15 years and is truly an architectural masterpiece. Greece. Beijing. This civilian airport serves the Athens city since March 2001. Taxis don't have fixed rate and they charge extra during the night hours. In 1938 ownership of the gasworks is transferred to the City as the Athens Town Gas Municipal Corporation. Continuing the operation of the . Address: Spata Phone: : +30 1 210 353 0000 Web Site: http://www. not only due to the pollution caused. D (1952-1984): Despite the major expansion of the city in the 1960s the gasworks did not function at full capacity since the form of energy it produced was considered 'outdated'. eventually becoming a storage house for gunpowder under the Ottoman Empire. The airport is well known all around the world as the gateway to the East and to South-East Asia. restoration and re-use of the old buildings and landscaping of the open spaces at the gasworks were a complex process based around two principles: authenticity and utility. is situated near the Acropolis and still hosts a number of concerts. Some part of Attica is also served by this airport. The social and economic importance of the gasworks and its important architecture has made it one of the main elements comprising the image of the city of Athens Airport Athens International Airport Athens International Airport is also called as Eleftherios Venizelos. was considered anachronistic. The Acropolis (which literally means upper city) offers a spectacular view of the city of Athens.sacred-destinations. which was built by the Romans. The Herod Atticus Theatre. Getting to and from the airport is extremely easy. Web Site: http://www. the Acropolis houses several archaeological remains and wonders from the yesteryears. and then a mosque. the Parthenon being the most significant. performances and ballets. Since its construction. near the Acropolis.Destination: ATHENS | Last update: 26/01/2010 a third chimney stack are added while innovative liquid gas production technology is also installed. Attiki Odos highway connects the airport with suburban areas like Markopoulo Mesogaias and Koropi. built on a flat-top rock in Singapore.aia. Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines use the airport as a base and major hub. after the Greek politician. when the contract with the French Company expires. Nearly sixteen million travelers land and depart from this airport. Essentially. its identity has undergone a number of changes from being a temple to a church. In 1983 the process of producing gas from coal ceased and the network was linked to that of Hellenic Refineries at Aspropyrgos and production now took place using naphtha technology. Taxis connect important spots of Athens with the airport. Doha and Bangkok are the vital destinations covered by the airlines serving at this airport. but primarily because of its location in the heart of Athens. The repair. The railway station situated next to the airport serves Proastiakos train and Athens Metro's line 3 services. or the Temple of Athena Parthenos.

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