Christmas Institute 2011 Northwest Metro Manila District Philippines Annual Conference United Methodist Youth Fellowship Objective

: “Help the UMYF discover various expressions of being intimate with God.” The Title: “DESIROUS” DISCOVER.. EXPRESS.. BE INTIMATE.. Theme verse: John 14:21 (AMPLIFIED VERSION) 21The person who has My commands and keeps them is the one who [really] loves Me; and whoever [really] loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I [too] will love him and will show (reveal, manifest) Myself to him. [I will let Myself be clearly seen by him and make Myself real to him.] Strategy 1. KNOW HOW GOD IS BEING INTIMATE TO US. 2. THE SPIRITUAL (CHRISTIAN) DISCIPLINES. (IN METHODIST PRINCIPLE) 3. GIVE THEM OPPORTUNITY TO DISCOVER THEIR OWN EXPRESSION OF BEING INTIMATE WITH GOD. 4. CHALLENGE THEM TO LIVE LIFE MORE INTIMATELY WITH GOD.
(Strategy 1)

KNOW HOW GOD IS BEING INTIMATE TO US.  -GOD DESIRES TO BE INTIMATE WITH US.  -PRESENT THE VERY REASON WHY GOD CREATED MAN  -EXPLORE SOME STORIES IN SCRIPTURE TELLING HOW GOD IS BEING INTIMATE WITH HUMAN AND MAN BEING INTIMATE WITH GOD.  *Ginusto ng Diyos na maging intimate sa mga tao gaya nina (hal. david, moses, Jacob) upang ipakita Niya ang pagmamahal sa mga tao na kasama nila (hal. David, moses, Jacob).
(Strategy 2)

PRESENT THE SPIRITUAL (CHRISTIAN) DISCIPLINES. (IN METHODIST PRINCIPLE)  God has given us standards on how we could be connected/intimate with Him, ex. Scripture, Prayer, Fellowship with other believers. In our objective, we will be like giving/presenting those basic standards and let the UMYF personally discover their own expressions.
(Strategy 3)

GIVE THEM OPPORTUNITY TO DISCOVER THEIR OWN EXPRESSION OF BEING INTIMATE WITH GOD.  Discovering the importance of their uniqueness  Presenting diversity as a topic (self in our community)  Erasing our standards in expressions  Emphasize that discovery is eternal process, CI is just a kick off
(Strategy 4)

CHALLENGE THEM TO LIVE LIFE MORE INTIMATELY WITH GOD. -Part of this is challenging them also to discover their expression more as they mature in their faith journey. -Challenge them to express their own self as a Christian

Dexter Ceballos
Current National UMYFP Youth Adviser Pastor in Pacita UMC, Laguna City
On Strategy #3:
GIVE THEM OPPORTUNITY TO DISCOVER THEIR OWN EXPRESSION OF BEING INTIMATE WITH GOD.     Discovering the importance of their uniqueness Presenting diversity as a topic (self in our community)

Erasing our standards in expressions Emphasize that discovery is eternal process, CI is just a kick off

-Standards should be Biblical and Doctrinal.

-Danger: Sticking on their own/discovered expressions. Like yung nangyari sa Europea Christianity… They tried that strategy before and some lead to Mysticism.. So very important dito ung identifying ‘What is the limit?’

-Wag gumamit ng term na erasing… Maaaring enhance, widen, improve pero not erasing the standards. Baka ibang kahulugan pa ang mabigay dun.. Sabihin, napakaradical naman natin. mga Praise and Worship na. Marami rin persecutions na tinamo yan but through time, we can Actually, we are not erasing it. Change is really constant, kung nuon hymns lang.. Ngayon may never tell. Ngayon nga ang parang ang tanong na, bakit walang Praise and Worship tong church na to? Pero hindi pa rin natin inaalis ang mga hymns. Kung titignan natin, they are the keep on moving with that change. same. Praising God through singing. Nagiinnovate na talaga lahat ng bagay. We just have to -Linawin lang natin kung ano yung expressions na sinasabi natin dito. Is it the gift or talent na meron ka? Kasi if you are good with this, you will be used more in this.. Pero it depends. -Parang specialization lang yan.. Sa mga doctor, they all know the anatomy and physiology pero meron silang certain specialization na pagaaralan. Parang ganun din sa expressions. -Parang buffet (smorga’s board), dapat maglatag din tayo ng certain expressions na nanggagaling sa mismong mga youth niyo. This will provide an avenue for them to know and relate to each other.

-Maganda naset na ung foundation sa expressions sa mga naunang strategy (1&2), yun ung parang gauge ng ididiscover nila. Basta hindi lalayo dun. Base pa rin sa Doctrine which is our foundation. -Since this is a KICK OFF… Our aim is to enhance what they have discovered!

Suggested Activities: -Interest groups.

-Options.. Set practical examples. -Database. Makakatulong to ng malaki sa pagfa-follow up sa kanila after ng CI. Para pag nagset kayo ng mga follow up activities after CI, makikita niyo agad kung sino sino ung mga kokontakin. Then, magkakaroon pa sila ng venue para maenhance ung mga expressions na un.

Zepp Canlas
Associate Pastor at UP Church of the Risen Lord

Victor Jonathan Bote
Target Persons: -Delegates are about 150-250, not all are Methodists…

Chaplain/ Senior Pastor at UP Church of the Risen Lord

On Strategy #2: PRESENT THE SPIRITUAL (CHRISTIAN) DISCIPLINES. (IN METHODIST PRINCIPLE) -‘Methodist Principle’ is not a friendly idea… If you want to go outside the box, u got to rid of the brands (like ‘UMYF’ in the objective, instead, use ‘generation’, or do not use the Book of Discipline per se as your basis of the spiritual disciplines but the Bible…) -Let the Bible be your foundation. -If you want to really go outside the box, eliminate your brands -There are only 3 disciplines of every Christians… a. CALLING – that is to be with Jesus (intimate relationship) b. MINISTRY – to win the lost bringing them to God respond to your call *For example, tatanungin mo ungg mga tao ngayon, ano ministry mo?Ang sagot nila, ‘nagpoprojector’, or ‘praise and worship leader/instrumentalist’…Ang babaw.Ang tanong, ‘Do you win souls for God?’ Pagg tatanungin nga e.. Kahit pastor, ano ministry mo? ‘Pastor ako. I preach. Make people cry, jump, inspired, blessed, etc.’ Balik sa tanong, ‘Do you win souls?’… c. EXCELLENCE –The Supremacy of Christ [Colossians 1:15] *For me there is no spiritual nor secular thing… It is either sacred or not. Eg: Basketball player doing excellent because he is doing it for God. On Strategy #3: GIVE THEM OPPORTUNITY TO DISCOVER THEIR OWN EXPRESSION OF BEING INTIMATE WITH GOD. -Expressions: a. Recognizing authority/ Honoring God (eg. Story of the Elisha and the axe) b. Lifestyle c. Obedience (eg. Peter’s net thrown into the deep)

How can we hear His voice?

Ptr. Bote: You need to desire Him.

On the Title: “DESIROUS” DISCOVER.. EXPRESS.. BE INTIMATE.. -Discovery is a very important part of the whole process. That’s what your CI can do. -Illustration: Discover God. Express it. Be intimate (drawing other people). People will desire your God…

Suggested Activities: -Hearing from the Lord Seminar -Healing Night (last night) Program Tips: -Not just another CI? Start and end in time! -1st day: Dinner the power worship (exhortations) -Wag natin gisingin ng maaga ang mga kabataan. Yung normal na gisng lang… Mga 7AM. -4lectures in 1day is enough. -Small groups: By age and gender – para iisa ang line of thinking, iwas ung tradisyon na nagliligawan lang pag CI. (hehe) -Facilitators, I suggest kayo mismo mga leaders. Or Assist kayo sa mga workers/facis na mglilead ng small groups… INCREASE YOUR BURDEN ON PASSION FOR THE 200!

O t he Them Verse: n e -Mark ang unang Gospel di ba, kaya puro aksyon agad wla na ung genealogy genealogy…Ung t heme verse.. Sa John kasi, t heological na yan e. Parang you serve each ot her alone. O verall: -Religiosit y vs. Sp u y ang pinakauna kong nakit a nung binasa ko t ong mat erial niyo. irit alit -Iba ang essence sa expression. Essence is diw N akahalaga n essen a. ap g ce… You may express your fait h wit hout being spirit ual.. -C hrist ianit y as a movement . Yun ang very reason why Jesu cam here. To t each u how t o s e s follow God as hu an b gs. m ein -May t hesis ako ngayon, it ’s about C : C RAC rying out , Resisit ing, Assert ing, C elebrat ing. Maybe it could help. -C rying O : your cry, ot her’s cry, & God’s cry. ut JP: I j ust realized, som hin is m g… Personal level lahat . Transformat ion of lives is et g issin necessary, parang ung sa Baseco. Parang normal na lang sa kanila na inaabut an ng t ulong but aft er t hat , walang pagbabago, balik pa rin s dat i. -Transformat ion is not j ust personal. Yung sa Escap of Egyp . W should realize t hat God is e t e t he God of slaves. O St rat egy #1 n : Kn how God is b g in im e t o u ow ein t at s. -W should know about t he n u of God. St art wit h knowing H nat ure. Then you will see e at re is how H deals wit h people. Example un reading kanina, un sa banquet na pinrepare ng king para sa e mga t ao. God can’t do somet hing like t hat cruelt y but it shows t hat God opens H banquet is for all. For t he slaves. Love vs. Possession. O St rat egy #2: n TH SPIRITUAL (C RISTIAN) DISCIPLIN (IN METH DIST PRINC E H ES. O IPLE) -Prayer, Bible… Alam na nila yan eh. Maybe what you should do is t o deep w t hey kn en hat ow. It will only be a repet it ion kung present lang ng present . For example sa prayer, imbes na ippresent mo ung paulit ulit nang t hought s about prayer, you can deepen it ’s significance like prayer is work. Pwede niyong ipresent ung mga bat ang nagugut om, mga babaeng sinasakt an, mga nangyayari sa paligid nat in and what prayer can do! Let t hem appreciat e it . Pero syempre, prayer wit hout work ay wala rin. -Discip e is p of religiosit y. lin art

O St rat egy #3: n GIVE TH O EM PPO RTUN ITY TO DISCO VER TH EIR O N EX W PRESSIO O BEIN IN N F G TIMATE W GO ITH D. -Validat e t he cry of t he you h. Maybe you have t o see what made him/her t hat way bakit yun t ang expression niya. Siguro sa ma nararanasan nila or sa past nila or baka naman may mga pinagdaanan sila kaya hindi gaano nailalabas ung sarili nila. In discovery, you need t o validat e t heir cries. O St rat egy #4: n CH ALLENGE TH TO LIVE LIFE MO IN EM RE TIMATELY W GO ITH D. -W we make C hen hrist ianit y t oo easy, it is cheap. -If you’re going t o t each t hem int imacy wit h God, you show t hem t he cry of ot her people… -A t rue church exist s not for it self …It is for t hose who needs God. -Kung t unay kang Krist iyano, dapat wala kang peace hangga’t may mga t aong hindi nakakakilala sa Diyos.

CRYING-OUT, RESISTING, ASSERTING AND CELEBRATING A BIBLICO-THEOLOGICAL CONSTRUCTION IN JOURNEYING WITH PEOPLE From Victimization to Celebration Crying Out Perspective I, You, They Weak, Oppressed, Dominated Principle Biblical/Theological Exodus /Naaman's slave-girl 1. A cry is a the first prophetic utterance 2. Crying out for the those who need God the most (silenced, nameless) Luke 2– Mary's Magnificat Exodus – 5 women Matthew 25: 31-46 Sharing our stories, our struggles, our celebrations Crying-out, resisting, asserting and celebrating Purpose 1. Listening to voices in the context or a particular life setting 2. Recognizing the powerless and the powerful

Resisting - resistance, escape Asserting Celebrating

We, They

3. Upholding life and dignity 4. Taking sides 5. Journeying together.

We, They We

Learning Objective To provide a model for biblico-theological reflection grounded on resistance that will promote theologies, advocacies and actions that take the side of those who need God the most.