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Version May 2010

History of European PSI Re-Use Policy
What is this fact sheet about? The PSI Directive will be reviewed during the course of 2012. Where does the European policy on PSI re-use come from? When did it start and why, and what steps were taken leading up to the point we are at now?
PSI re-use support Projects
ePSINet & ePSINet CEE (2003-06) ePSIPlus (2006-2009) ePSI Pla orm (2008 - …) Digital Agenda (2010 - …)

Overarching Programmes
INFO 2000 (1996-2000)

eContent (2001-04) eContentplus (2004-08) eEurope (2002-2005)

ICT-PSP (2008-…)

I2010 (2005 - …)

PSI Direc ve Review (2009)

Policy Documents

Legisla on
PIRA (2000)

MEPSIR (2005)

Inspire Direc ve (2007)

PSI Direc ve (2003)


PSI, a rough diamond being polished More than two decades have gone by since the issuance of the 1989 PSI Guidelines and the upcoming review of the PSI Directive. In between, the importance and political appreciation of PSI re-use, both at the national and international levels, have increased significantly. The table highlights the main policy developments.

Rhythm and rhyme of EU policy measures Obviously, the main trigger for the interest in PSI has been the developments in information technology that have enabled the digitisation of information and, accordingly, created an unprecedented potential to share this information and (allow others to) add value to it. Also, the ‘Europeanization’ (and High hopes for the future in fact globalisation) of economies has catalysed the Interestingly, the 2012 PSI Directive Review has been sharing of PSI, where companies are in search of addressed in recent major European policy relevant information that helps them to understand documents, like the Visby and Malmö Ministerial the business context of the environment they wish Declarations as well as the Digital Agenda for to operate in. Europe, which of course creates high hopes for The continuous and European policy investments in the future! PSI are clearly mirrored by the sequence of European programmes and the increasing role that ePSI Platform Fact Sheets provide short introductions to key concepts and developments, allowing ‘new comers’ to the PSI re-use arena to get up to speed swiftly. Find ePSI Platform Fact Sheets at epsiplatform.eu.

PSI plays therein, and by the overarching and supportive PSI projects (featuring an acronym with ‘PSI’ in it) that have been rolled out successively over the last 10 years. Also, there is a fine rhythm of important studies that appear to correlate with main momentums for policy measures: PIRA underlined the need for a European directive, and the MEPSIR and subsequent MICUS study underlined the importance of better monitoring the application of existing legislation (evidenced by the exclusive arrangements studies) rather than the need to initiate new legislation. In the Fall of this year publication of the POPSIS study (looking at the effects of charging) is expected.

POPSIS (2011)

MICUS (2008)

PSI Direc ve Rev. 2 (2012)

Public Consulta on (2010)

Communica on (2001)

OECD Recomm. (2008)

Green Paper PSI 1998)

Guidelines (1989)

Fact Sheet
Version May 2010

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