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Print and Apply Sensing Solutions

Components for upgrading performance

Print and Apply Sensing Solutions Improve production and label quality by adding sensors to your process n n n Anticipate roll change-outs to improve run time Verify label composition and placement, reducing product rejection Increase application reliability and detect jams automatically to reduce waste

Cylinder Position Detection Monitor the position of the pad assembly using BMF cylinder switches. If the cylinder fails to extend or retract correctly, an alarm is generated.

Triggering the Process Apply labels with precise timing and perform quality inspections by implementing a BOS 11K sensor from the GlobalEye family.

Conveyor Speed Feedback Determine conveyor speed and position with an inexpensive rotary BML magnetic encoder system.

Low Label Roll Detection Detect label roll running low and alert the operator to change it using a BOS 5K background suppression sensor.

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Label on Pad Detection Prevent label jams or missing labels with BMOA compact sensing heads and remote amplifiers.

Label Defects and Orientation Verify both label orientation and print quality by using a Sharpshooter vision sensor.

Recommended Sensors
Sensor BOS 5K-PS-RH12-02 BMF 235K-PS-C-2A-PU-02 BMOA 06TM-X63-1 BMO A01-J-PU-C-02 BVS OI-3-001-E BOS 11K-PA-ID10-02 BML S2E0-Q53H-M410-G0-KA05 BML M20-I-40-A0-M072/654-R1 Description Background suppression sensor Magneto-resistive cylinder switch Remote sensing head, diffuse Remote amplifier Vision sensor with 8 mm lens Diffuse sensor Encoder sensing head Magnetic ring Function Low label roll detection Applicator arm position feedback Label on pad detection Label on pad detection Label orientation and defect detection Trigger sensor/product counting Conveyor speed and position Conveyor speed and position



BMOA Sensing Head

BMO A01 Remote Amplifier



BML Sensing head

BML Magnet ring

Standard Connectivity Standard M8 and M12 cordsets, 3-wire & 4-wire, PVC, PUR & TPE Standard DIN connectors Multiple interface blocks BMS Mounting Accessories Exact positioning Accomodate a variety sensor applicatons Attach to base plates or all common extrusion rails Power Supplies Ultra reliable Protect again unforseen events Clean, accurate power for the most demanding equipment
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