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At a glance
Maritime Mile K2
Discover Bremen’s maritime heritage in Vegesack.
The waterfront, exactly one nautical mile or 1,852m in
length, offers a host of attractions: the tall ship Deutschland
and other historical vessels at the museum harbour, old cap-
tains’ houses, the interactive Spicarium exhibition and rare
plants at the municipal gardens. Vegesack also boasts great
shops, art exhibitions, concerts, hotels and restaurants.
Train: RS1
Bus: 90,92,93,94 Stop: Vegesack station
Schlachte Embankment A3-C5
There is a fantastic choice of restaurants, bars and cafés
along the river Weser in the city centre. Festivals, boat
trips, plays and concerts appeal to visitors of all ages. In
summer, the beer gardens overlooking the water are a
popular spot. People also enjoy getting together here in
the run-up to Christmas when the promenade is
transformed by dazzling blue lights and pretty wooden
stalls for the Schlachte-Zauber Christmas market.
Tram: 1,2,3 Bus: 25,26,27,63 Stop: Am Brill
Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25 Stop: Domsheide

… to the fairytale city of Bremen!
There are so many different sides
to the city: you can enjoy a coffee
against the historical backdrop of
the market square, stroll through the
narrow lanes of the Schnoor quarter,
discovering something new around
every corner, or acquaint yourself
with curious local customs such as
the ice wager.
For those who prefer something a
little more cutting-edge, Bremen
puts science at your fingertips: during
a visit to the Science Center at Univer-
sum Bremen, for example, or on a
guided tour themed on space travel.
Modern architecture, meanwhile, is
an ever-present feature of our mini-
bus tour of the Überseestadt district.
The river Weser plays an important
role in Bremen. Relax and unwind on
a boat trip on its waters or delve into
the fascinating history of Bremen’s
docks. You might like to visit
Germany’s oldest man-made harbour
in Vegesack or explore the new dock-
lands in Bremen’s ever-evolving
Überseestadt district.
What would Bremen be without its
festivals and funfairs? The summer
weekends are jam-packed with all
kinds of open-air festivals and au-
tumn brings plenty of fairground fun
at the Freimarkt. Get into the festive
mood at the enchanting Christmas
market or broaden your horizons at
Bremen’s museums. There is always
something going on in Bremen.
Come and see for yourself!
We look forward to your visit!
Welcome …
Market square C4
The market square is the focal point of Bremen. In spite of
– or perhaps because of – its 1,200 years of history, it is a
particularly vibrant place. The town hall and Roland statue
together form a UNESCO World Heritage site.
St. Peter’s Cathedral, the State Parliament and the
Schütting guildhall complete the ensemble.
Tram: 2,3
Stop: Obernstrasse
Böttcherstrasse C4
This architectural ensemble, 110 metres in length, dates
back to the 1920s and is the most famous street in Bremen.
Formerly the lane in which the coopers (Böttcher in Ger-
man) lived and worked, Böttcherstrasse is today renowned
for its museums, its shops and its brick-built art deco
facades that link the market square and the Weser river.
Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
Stop: Domsheide
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The Best of Bremen
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To make it even easier for you to find
your particular destination, our city
map has a reference grid. You can
find the grid reference for any
attraction to the right of its name:
for example C4
for the Bremen Town Musicians.
Where applicable, the reference
applies to meeting or departure
Getting your bearings
Schnoor quarter C5
Bremen’s oldest district, the Schnoor quarter, is a maze of
lanes lined with narrow, timber-framed houses from the
15th and 16th century set close together like pearls on a
string (German: Schnur). The area is renowned for its cafés,
restaurants, goldsmiths and pretty little arts and crafts
shops, all of which are open on Sundays.
Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
Stop: Domsheide
Überseestadt C2-3
Bremen’s former docklands are being transformed into a
vibrant quarter for the 21st century, with a great selection
of cafés, bars and restaurants. Lots to see and do, new
events all the time, modern architecture and the charm of
historical warehouse buildings: this port district in the midst
of change combines its maritime past with a pioneering
Tram: 3 Stop: Europahafen
Bus: 20 Stop: Konsul-Smidt-Strasse
The Viertel (‘quarter’) E3
The Viertel is just a short walk from the city centre and
is the most colourful and bohemian area of Bremen.
Popular for kitsch entertainment and the arts, theatres
and museums, it offers a cosmopolitan flair and diverse,
offbeat nightlife. There are lots of bars, restaurants and
pubs and no closing time, so you can easily party till dawn.
Tram: 2,3
Stop: Theater am Goetheplatz
Blockland D1-F1
Farmhouses in a city the size of Bremen? Absolutely, but
only along the Blockland dykes. Whether you choose to
cycle, walk, go inline skating or even hire a canoe, this area
offers outstanding natural beauty and peace and quiet in
abundance. Traditional inns and friendly farm shops
beckon from the wayside to round off the perfect day out
for families and active holidaymakers.
Bus: 28
Stop: Kuhgrabenweg
The Best of Bremen
Tall ship Deutschland Überseestadt
Schlachte Embankment
The first rays of morning sun fall upon the Town Musicians
statue and bathe the ornate facades of the buildings in a
warm glow as a new day begins on Bremen’s market square –
the focal point of the city. At the flower market, stallholders
creatively display their colourful pots and floral works of art,
while opposite the restaurant owners set tables for their first
visitors. This is where the heart of Bremen beats. The magnifi-
cent town hall attests to the city’s Hanseatic heritage and has
been a proud bearer of UNESCO World Heritage status since
2004. In front of it, the statue of Roland with sword and
shield has stood watch over the people of Bremen for more
than six hundred years.
Just a stone’s throw from here, the art deco treasures of Bött-
cherstrasse hark back to the days of ocean voyagers, the coo-
pers (Böttcher in German) who gave the street its name, the
life of artist Paula Modersohn-Becker and many other fascina-
ting chapters in Bremen’s history. Right next to Böttcherstras-
se, in the picturesque Schnoor quarter, there is even more to
discover. Pretty little houses from the 15th and 16th century
are lined up one after the other like pearls on a string (Schnur
in German), offering a journey back to long-forgotten times.
Ahoy there! It’s lunchtime and the boats along the Schlachte
Embankment offer a hearty welcome. You can enjoy life to
the full here, looking out over the glistening waters of the
river from under the shade of the trees. And along this popu-
lar promenade at the old Hanseatic docks, chefs at the many
restaurants delight their guests with fresh fish, exotic dishes
and local specialities.
The boats on the Weser set out on journeys near and far.
They head downriver, towards Überseestadt. Formerly a
district of shipyards filled with vessels of all sizes, it is now
becoming a hub for art and culture. Jazz rhythms can be
heard emanating from old warehouses during the music
festival and stylish bars serve cocktails with exotic names
like Singapore Sling and Sea Breeze. In the north of the city,
sailors can still be seen today. If you stroll along the Maritime
Mile in Vegesack, you’ll discover legacies of past times as well
as modern shipbuilding. You will hear stories of seafaring and
restless spirits, of new beginnings and hope, and of what life
was like at sea.
Roland statue and town hall
Böttcherstrasse Bürgerpark
Kunsthalle art gallery EADS Astrium
Universum Bremen GOP Variety Theatre Bremen
Sixdays All the fun of the fair in Bremen
Orbiting the Earth in a space shuttle, flying to the moon,
walk ing through a whirling tornado or going on an expedition
to the tropical jungle of Borneo – a trip to Bremen can be all
this and more. Sit and tremble on the earthquake sofa at Uni-
versum Bremen or journey around the world in 80 minutes at
the Ethnological Museum. Bremen’s ‘worlds of discovery’ are
places to inspire you. They will awaken your spirit of discovery
and your thirst for adventure and they educate and entertain
in equal measure: find out about the world we live in and how
it works, how it used to work, how it could work and what we
should change. Learning can be so much fun!
At the EADS Astrium, you’ll reach new heights! Find out what
life is like in space – how do astronauts live, eat and sleep?
Here at the laboratories in Bremen, engineers are working on
cutting-edge technology for space travel. Take a space-
themed guided tour for an authentic insight into space
station construction as well as the chance to look around
the ISS Columbus module, which was built in Bremen.
Head-first into the night and party until the early hours!
Barely has the sun disappeared below the horizon and a new
life emerges – full of excitement, glittering lights, music and
pulsating rhythms. At Germany’s biggest six-day race, dare-
devil cyclists fly round the velodrome at lightning speed – and
whoever is crowned champion is considered a winner in more
ways than one.
Or perhaps you’d rather go to the theatre or the concert just
around the corner ... great emotions move the audience to
tears, the tunes of the grand orchestra pull at the heartstrings.
Bremen certainly lives up to its musical reputation. Drums
beating out samba rhythms in February. Shakespeare in the
Park making the summer all the more magical. At the Christ-
mas market, the aroma of incense wafts over from the spice
stalls, while golden angels sing carols just a few steps away
and boats at the harbour twinkle with festive illuminations.
Every day brings a new experience. Another adventure.
More amazement.
The town hall and the Roland statue on the market square are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The importance of the
town hall is demonstrated by the distinctive style of its architecture, known as Weser Renaissance, which was prominent in north
Germany in the late Renaissance period. Bremen’s Roland is one of the oldest and most impressive of the Roland statues, which were
erected in Germany during the Middle Ages as symbols of liberty and trading rights. Together, the town hall and the Roland statue
bear testimony to the history of the Free City Republic of Bremen, from the 9th century through to the present day.
Roland statue Ratskeller Golden Chamber
Bremen Town Hall and the Roland statue – UNESCO World Heritage
Schütting guildhouse C4
* Am Markt 13, 28195 Bremen
Bremen former merchants’ guildhouse,
now the chamber of commerce. Built in
1537/38 in the Flanders Renaissance style.
Himmelssaal C4
* Böttcherstrasse 2, 28195 Bremen
The Himmelssaal or ‘sky room’ in Haus
Atlantis is an art deco hall from around
1930 with a domed ceiling of blue and
white glass tiles.
¿ Please enquire at the reception of the
Radisson Blu Hotel to access the
2.00 per person/10.00 per group,
free on Mondays
Stadtwaage arts centre C4
* Langenstrasse 13, 28195 Bremen
Splendid Renaissance exterior. Built in
1586/88 by Lüder von Bentheim,
rebuilt after the war. Home to the
Günter Grass foundation and German
Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra.
Market square, west side C4
L. to r.: Sparkasse with facade from
1755, Rathsapotheke (council apothe-
cary) and Akzise (customs house) from
1595 (replaced in 1830), and the more
recent Deutsches Haus.
St. Martin’s Church B4
* Martinikirchhof 3, 28195 Bremen
Founded in 1229, Gothic brick building,
baroque organ front, carved pulpit,
colourful window with biblical scenes.
Carillon: Praise to the Lord.
¿ May-Oct: Mon-Sat 10.30am-12.30pm
and 3-5pm, Dec: Mon-Sat 3-5pm
St. Peter’s Cathedral C4
* Sandstrasse 10-12, 28195 Bremen
Protestant/Lutheran church with a
history spanning more than 1,200
years. Early-Gothic style from the first
half of the 13th century. Oldest
sections are the crypts.
¿ Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm,
Sun, public hols. 2-5pm (closed: 1 May,
3 Oct, 24/25 Dec, 31 Dec, Good Friday
and for official church duties and
concerts) Easter Saturday to 1 Nov.
Tower open: Mon-Fri 10am-4.45pm,
Sat 10am-1.45pm, Sun 2-4.45pm
Tower: adults 1.00/children 0.70
Church of Our Lady C4
* Unser Lieben Frauen Kirchhof 27,
28195 Bremen
The oldest parish church in Bremen,
dating from the 11th century, council
church until the 19th century, crypt
with mural. Colourful stained glass
windows by the painter Manessier.
¿ Mon-Sat 11am-4pm, Sun 11.45am-1pm
Further afield
St. Stephen’s Cultural Church A3
* Stephanikirchhof, 28195 Bremen
Church that doubles as a cultural exhi-
bition. Built in 1139, destroyed in 1944
and rebuilt in 1950 with Beckerath
organ and Mitzlaff windows.
¿ Tue-Sun 11am-6pm

Tram: 2,3 Bus: 25
h Radio Bremen/VHS
Mühle am Wall C3
* Am Wall 212, 28195 Bremen
A century-old mill in the Wallanlagen
Park that is open to visitors and also
houses a restaurant.
¿ Restaurant: May-Sep daily from 9.30am,
Oct-Apr Mon-Fri from noon,
Sat+Sun from 9.30am

Tram: 4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Herdentor
St. John’s Provost Church C5
* Hohe Strasse 2, 28195 Bremen
Gothic hall church, built around 1350,
formerly part of the Franciscan abbey,
now Bremen’s main Catholic church.
¿ Mon-Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 10am-7pm,
services: Sat 6pm, Sun 11am+6pm,
weekdays 9.15am and 6pm

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Around the market square

Tram: 2,3 h

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Bremen town hall C4
* Am Markt 21, 28195 Bremen
Built between 1405 and 1410 with a
Weser Renaissance facade added in the
17th century. One of Germany’s most
beautiful town halls. UNESCO World
Heritage site.
¿ Tour times: see page 8
Ratskeller C4
* Am Markt, 28195 Bremen
Historical restaurant beneath the town
hall: 600 years of tradition, 650 German
wines, grand hall with ornate wine
barrels & columns, vaulted cellar,
speciality Bremen fare.
¿ Restaurant: 11am-midnight daily,
tour times: see page 8
Roland statue C4
Bremen’s ‘statue of liberty’ – a symbol
of trading rights and freedom since
1404. Germany’s largest Roland statue.
UNESCO World Heritage site.
Bremen Town Musicians C4
To the west of the town hall stands
the most famous representation of the
Bremen Town Musicians, the bronze
sculpture created in 1951 by Gerhard
Carillon C4
* Böttcherstrasse 4, 28195 Bremen
The carillon consists of 30 Meissen
porcelain bells. The revolving tower
features ten carved wooden panels
depicting various Atlantic crossings.
¿ Hourly noon-6pm, 1 Jan-30 Apr at
noon, 3pm, 6pm (unless temperature
below zero)
Haus der Bürgerschaft C4
* Am Markt 20, 28195 Bremen
Parliament building, designed by inter-
nationally acclaimed architect Wassili
Luckhardt in 1966. Bremen’s regional
¿ Mon-Thu 9am-5.30pm, Fri 9am-4.30pm
EU info point: Mon-Fri noon-5pm
Places of interest
Schnoor quarter
West side of the market square
Mercedes-Benz factory tour
Town hall
Guided tours
Bremen Cotton Exchange tour C4
* Main entrance to the
Bremen Cotton Exchange,
Wachtstrasse 17-24, 28195 Bremen
On a tour, your guide will provide you
with fascinating information about the
building itself and the work of the asso-
¿ Apr-Oct: 1st and 3rd Sat of the month,
10.30am, lasts approx. 1 hour,
in German only
Adults 6.90/groups 59.50
(by arrangement)

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
‘I spy!’
* Meet at the Neptune fountain/Domshof
This lively and fun guided tour for
children brings to life the sights on
and around Bremen’s market square.
¿ May-Sep Sun 12.30pm (after the Town
Musicians Play), private tours
by arrangement
4.00 per child up to 11 yrs/adults 2.00

Tram: 4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Schüsselkorb
Mercedes-Benz factory tour C4
* Meet at Wachtstrasse
Take a look behind the scenes at one
of Germany’s most modern car factories
and witness at close hand the
production of the SL, SLK, C-Class,
E-Class Coupé and the GLK.
¿ Thu-Fri 2.30pm, Thu in German only,
Fri in German and English
Adults 15.00/children 10.00

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Minibus tour C4
* Meet at Tourist Information
Discover the city centre or Überseestadt
district on this eco-friendly sightseeing
tour in ‘Emma’, our electric minibus.
City centre:
¿ Late Mar-early Oct usually several times
a day: hourly from 10.30am to 5.30pm,
lasts approx. 45 mins., in German only
Adults 6.90/children 6-17 yrs 3.90, family
ticket (up to 2 adults+3 children) 19.90

Audioguide tour C4
* Audio player available to hire from
Tourist Information
Enjoy a guided tour of Bremen, walking
at your own pace. You alone decide
how long you want to stay at the 13
Pre-recorded audio player available to
hire from Tourist Information: adults
7.50 (incl. deposit); alternatively, both
the adults’ and kids’ version of the tour
can be downloaded for free at
www.bremen-tourism.de; available in
German, English, Italian and Spanish

Tram: 2,3 h
Beck’s Brewery A3
* Am Deich 18/19, 28199 Bremen
Learn all sorts of fascinating facts about
beer brewing and the Beck’s and
Haake-Beck brands. See the museum,
ingredients store and brewing room,
then sample some of the goods.
¿ Thu-Sat 10am, 11.30am, 1pm, 3pm,
4.30pm, 6pm on request. Advance
booking essential. Lasts: approx.
2 hours, in German or English
10.50/groups (20+ people) 9.50
(min. age 16)

Tram: 1,2,3
Bus: 25,26,27,63 h
Am Brill
Cycling safari D2
* Meet at the Tourist Information
office at the main train station
This exciting treasure hunt takes you
right through the centre of the historical
Hanseatic city. As you follow the trail,
you’ll discover the many different sides
to Bremen.
¿ Tue-Sun by arrangement,
lasts approx. 3-4 hours
Adults 11.50
(with own bicycle, hire available)

Tram: 1,4,5,6,8,10
Bus: 24,25,26,27,63 h Hauptbahnhof
Minibus tour
Beck’s Brewery
Cycling safari
¿ Late Mar-early Oct: 2pm, usually every
day in summer, lasts approx. 70 mins.,
in German only
  Adults 9.90/children 6-17 yrs 4.90/family
ticket (up to 2 adults+3 children) 19.90
Tram: 2,3 h
Town hall tour C4
* Meet at town hall,
Am Markt (cathedral side)
Visit a real gem on Bremen’s market
square – the town hall, which is more
than 600 years old and has been a
UNESCO World Heritage site since
¿ Mon-Sat 11am, noon, 3pm, 4pm, Sun
11am, noon (subject to change without
notice, no tours during regional govern-
ment receptions or events), lasts approx.
1 hour, in German and English
Adults 5.00/children ages 12
and under free

Tram: 2,3 h
Ratskeller tour C4
* Meet at Tourist Information
The famous Bremen Ratskeller houses
Germany’s most extensive wine
General note:
Tickets are available in the Tourist
Information offices, via our service
hotline and online at
See Bremen on a private guided
tour for groups, choosing
from themes such as Bremen’s
Shadowy Side and Legendary
Bremen or seeing the famous
sights on the market square.
By arrangement, lasts approx.
2 hours €75.00 (group of up
to 25), €29.00 for each
additional hour
guided tours
Piekfeine Brände distillery
Sightseeing tour
Lloyd Caffee roasting house
Guided tours
collection. Its oldest cask wine dates
from 1653 and is stored in the ancient
rose cellar.
¿ Jan-late Oct Fri 4pm,
Mar-Oct additionally Fri 3pm
Lasts approx. 1 hr, in German only
Adults 9.90 incl. glass of wine
Children 12 and under 3.00 incl.
glass of grape juice
Children 13-16 yrs 6.00 incl.
glass of grape juice

Tram: 2,3 h
Space tour C4
* Meet at Domsheide/Glocke
Walk around a replica of the Columbus
module, which is orbiting the Earth as
a part of the ISS, and see inside the
production area at EADS Astrium.
¿ Sat 2pm+4pm, in German only
Adults 16.50/children (ages 10+)
13.50, ID required, tours may be
cancelled for operational reasons

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Sightseeing tour D2/3, C4
* Meet at main bus station (ZOB) stop L,
city centre: Domsheide/Glocke
Learn all about Bremen on our maxibus
tour: 1,200 years of history and Hanse-
atic heritage in a city where the traditio-
nal and the modern go hand in hand.
¿ Daily 11am from Bremen bus station,
stop L, 12.30pm from Domsheide/
Glocke, lasts approx. 90 mins., in
German and English
Adults 13.90/children 6-17 yrs 8.00/
family ticket (2 adults + up to 3 children)

Tram: 1,4,5,6,8,10
Bus: 24,25,26,27,63 h Hauptbahnhof

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Tour of the Viertel E3
* Meet on Ulrichsplatz square
On a guided walk through the colourful
streets of the ‘Viertel’ district, you can
soak up the relaxed atmosphere and
chilled-out vibe.
¿ Apr-Oct Sat 7pm, lasts approx.
1 hour, in German only
Adults 5.00

Tram: 2,3
h Wulwesstrasse/Ulrichsplatz
Daily city tours C4
* Meet at Tourist Information
See the best of Bremen and hear all
about its buildings, its history and its
¿ 2pm daily (Jan-Dec), also 11am Sat
(Apr-Oct, Dec), lasts approx. 2 hours,
in German & English
Adults 6.90/free for children up to
12 accompanied by an adult

Tram: 2,3 h
ART.Tours-Bremen –
guided tours and more
* Meeting place by arrangement
Bremen guided tours with a difference
– entertaining and informative for indi-
viduals and groups. Daily guided tours,
open to all.
Daily tours 6.00
Astro Walk Bremen D5
* Meet outside the Kunsthalle art gallery
A tour that combines astronomy with
science, focusing on the astronomers
Olbers, Gauss and Bessel as well as on
art in public spaces.
¿ Public guided tours on the
first Saturday of the month (Mar-Oct).
Adults 7.50/conc. 6.00, free for
children accompanied by an adult

Tram: 2,3
h Theater am Goetheplatz
Birgitta Rust Piekfeine Brände C2
* Hoerneckestrasse 3, 28217 Bremen
Glimpse behind the scenes at a distill-
ery. Exquisite fruit schnapps and spirits.
Seminars on distilling and schnapps
appreciation. Tastings and tours.
¿ Dates on request
Adults 10.00 incl. tasting

Tram: 3 h Europahafen

Bus: 20 h Konsul-Smidt-Strasse
Bremen Limousine Service
* Zum Panrepel 3, 28307 Bremen
Discover Bremen in style and comfort
in our Hummer H2. Space for up to
eight people in the vehicle.
¿ By arrangement
From 160.00 per hour incl. driver
Bremen Treasure Hunt C1
* Meeting place by arrangement
An electronic treasure hunt using GPS
devices – exciting and educational. Go
in search of the treasure and discover
Bremen from a completely different
¿ Dates on request
Adults 27.50
German Maritime Search and C5
Rescue Service (GMSRS)
* Werderstrasse 2, 28199 Bremen
Free tours of the GMSRS premises by
prior arrangement.
¿ Mon-Fri 10am+2pm,
by prior arrangement
Free, donations welcome

Tram: 4,5,6,8 Bus: 24
h Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke
Space tour
Bremen Treasure Hunt
Tour of the Viertel
Quizzes, sightseeing and guided
tours for school groups – order
our activity folder containing
special programmes and
price information. Our group
specialists can advise you over
the phone on
+49 (0)421 30 800 10
Information about all
activities also available at
Activities for
school groups
Scheduled guided tours:
Dates are subject to change
without notice. Due to the limited
number of places available on
guided tours, we cannot guarantee
availability for bookings made at
short notice.
Weser Stadium
House of History
Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum
Guided tours
Ethnological Museum
Hole of Bremen
Underground collection box.
When a coin is added, you hear
one of the Bremen Town
Musicians thanking you. The
money goes to the Wilhelm
Kaisen charity.
Our tip
eat the world –
culinary guided tours
* Various meeting points
This three-hour tour gives a fascinating
insight into local culture and includes
seven tasting sessions in specially
selected restaurants and delicatessens.
¿ Thu+Sun old town tour,
Fri+Sat Viertel district tour
Adults 30.00
First Class Services –
chauffeur and limousine service
* Am Mohrenshof 6, 28277 Bremen
Book a chauffeur-driven limousine for
an airport transfer, a guided tour of
Bremen or a day trip to Bremerhaven,
Hamburg, etc.
¿ Round the clock
Guided tour with
the Bremen Town Musicians
* Meeting place by arrangement
Run by Theater Interaktiwo
Enjoy a guided sightseeing walk with
a difference accompanied by the four
famous animals better known as the
Bremen Town Musicians.
¿ By arrangement, lasts approx. 1 hour
129.00 (max. group size 25)
Tour of the Maritime Mile K2
* Vegesack Marketing e.V., Gerhard-
Rohlfs-Strasse 62, 28757 Bremen
Discover 1,852 metres worth of mari-
time-themed attractions, interactive
museums and authentic seafaring charm.
¿ Mon 11am-1pm, every first Friday of
the month 3pm and every first Sunday
of the month 3.30pm
(except public holidays)
Adults 10.00

Tram: 3 h Jadestrasse
Guided tour C4
with the nightwatchman
* Meet at Bremen Town Musicians statue,
town hall. Run by StattReisen
Every Friday and Saturday, no booking
required. Departs from Town Musicians
statue/town hall. Other tours and itine-
raries for school groups also available.
¿ Jan-Apr/Nov-Dec Fri+Sat 8.30pm,
May-Oct Fri+Sat 9.30pm plus
Wed+Thu 9pm, lasts approx. 90 mins.,
(can also be booked for individual groups)
10.00 per person, groups from 100.00

Tram: 2,3 h
Stadium tour E4
* Wuseum – Werder Bremen,
Franz-Böhmert-Strasse 1c, 28205 Bremen
See behind the scenes at the Weser
stadium, home of Werder Bremen foot-
ball club, accompanied by expert
guides. Includes admission to the
¿ By arrangement
Adults 6.00/conc. 3.00

Tram: 2,3,10
h St.-Jürgen-Strasse/Weserstadion
Bremen murder mystery
* Various meeting points
Crack a murder case as part of a live
role play. Gather the evidence, question
witnesses and put the culprit in hand-
cuffs at the end.
¿ Dates on request
Bremen Tour Guide Team
Our staff will show you all
facets of Bremen and the
surrounding region: on foot –
by bike – on a coach – in vari-
ous languages. From the histo-
rical city centre to the modern
Überseestadt district and the
latest in aerospace. We will
keep you informed with
charm, wit and know-how.
¿ Dates on request
68.00 (max. group size 25)

Bus: 87,98,99,677
Train: Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 1
h Vegesack station
Witches, ghosts and dark alleys C4
* Meet at Roland statue, market square,
run by ‘Rosige Zeiten – Guided tours in
and around Bremen’
A walking tour of Bremen’s murky
past – no booking required. One of
many tours organised in Bremen and
Bremerhaven by Rosige Zeiten.
¿ Sep-Mar Fri+Sat 8.30pm, Apr-Aug
Fri+Sat 9.30pm, lasts approx. 90 mins.
(private bookings also available)
Adults 7.00/children 5.00

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Kultur vor Ort A1
* Meeting place by arrangement
Theatrical guided tours with the night-
watchman and serial murderess Gesche
Gottfried, as well as maritime-themed
guided walks around Überseestadt.
¿ Mon-Wed 10am-2pm, Fri 10am-1pm
Adults 9.00/conc. 8.00
Limousine Service Bremen
* Baumhauserweg 48b, 28279 Bremen
A company with a proud tradition,
providing first-rate chauffeur services
for more than 20 years including sight-
seeing tours in various languages.
¿ Round the clock
65.00 per hour
* Berliner Freiheit 9, 28327 Bremen
A tour for two people in a state-of-the-
art rickshaw with a driver who stops at
significant points to read out poems
and prose.
¿ Dates on request
From 50.00 per tour
Lloyd Caffee C2
* Fabrikenufer 115, 28217 Bremen
The journey made by coffee, from plan-
tation to cup. Learn all about Café HAG
founder Ludwig Roselius and visit the
marble hall.
Bremen is on top
Only the landscape in Bremen and Bremerhaven is flat.
The University of Bremen is a university of excellence.
The world of knowledge found in 19 science centers and
museums is entertaining and inspires you to go on a
journey of research and discovery.
botanika Bremen
Zoo am Meer
Maritime Meile
Universum® Bremen
Bremerhaven 8° Ost
Museums and worlds of discovery
exhibits in the Science Center and Ent-
deckerPark plus temporary exhibitions
in the SchauBox.
¿ Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat+Sun 10am-6pm
Adults 16.00/conc. 11.00

Tram: 6 h Naturwissenschaften 1
Bus: 28 h Wiener Strasse
Art museums
Kunsthalle Bremen D5
* Am Wall 207, 28195 Bremen
Paintings, sculptures, prints and
media art from the past 600 years.
German and French impressionists,
major touring exhibitions.
¿ Tue 10am-9pm, Wed-Sun 10am-5pm
Adults 8.00 (excluding special

Tram: 2,3
h Theater am Goetheplatz
Böttcherstrasse Museums
* Böttcherstrasse 6-10, 28195 Bremen
¿ Tue-Sun 11am-6pm
Adults 6.00/conc. 4.00
(excluding special exhibitions)

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide

Paula Modersohn-Becker C4
The first museum in the world dedi-
cated to a female painter. It contains
numerous examples of her work as well
as major temporary exhibitions.
Ludwig Roselius Museum C4
On show are examples of late medieval
art, objects from historical middle-class
households and the silver treasure
belonging to the Brotherhood of the
Blackheads Guild from Riga.
Gerhard Marcks House D5
* Am Wall 208, 28195 Bremen
Northern Germany’s number one
sculpture museum. Special exhibitions
featuring contemporary sculpture. The
museum also looks after the estate of
Gerhard Marcks.
¿ Tue-Sun 10am-6pm, Thu until 9pm
Adults 5.00/conc. 3.50, free admission
on first Thursday of the month

Tram: 2,3
h Theater am Goetheplatz
Interactive museums and
worlds of discovery
botanika – F2
the green science centre
* Deliusweg 40, 28359 Bremen
Explore the fascinating world of plants
and discover the most exotic parts of
Asia, learning more about Far East cultures.
¿ Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat+Sun 10am-6pm
Adults 8.00/children 3.00

Tram: 4,5 Bus: 20,21,30,34
h Bürgermeister-Spitta-Allee
Bremen’s ‘House of History’ C5
* Wüstestätte 10, 28195 Bremen
Accompany some of Bremen’s famous
names on an entertaining journey
through the city’s past at the always
exciting House of History.
¿ Tue-Sun 11am-6pm, Mon from noon
Adults 6.90/children 2.50/conc. 3.50
entry incl. guided tour

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Spicarium K2
* Zum Alten Speicher 5a, 28759 Bremen
Interactive exhibition in the Alter
Speicher warehouse in Vegesack
exploring themes such as seafaring
and shipbuilding, trade and changing
times, yacht design and marine bionics.
¿ Tue-Sun 10am-5pm
Adults 3.80/conc. 2.70

Bus: 87,98,99,677
Train: Regio-S-Bahn RS1
h Vegesack station
Bremen Ethnological Museum C2
* Bahnhofsplatz 13, 28195 Bremen
Far continents have always fascinated
travellers and non-travellers alike.
Bremen Ethnological Museum has
been bringing the world together
under one roof for more than 100 years.
¿ Tue-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat+Sun 10am-6pm,
school holidays Tue-Sun 10am-6pm
Adults 6.50/conc. 4.50/children 2.50

Tram: 1,4,5,6,8,10
Bus: 24,25,26,27,63 h Hauptbahnhof
Universum Bremen E2
* Wiener Strasse 1a, 28359 Bremen
Universum Bremen presents science
as an adventure, with more than 250
Weserburg Museum
Wilhelm Wagenfeld House
Focke Museum
Speicher XI
Schloss Schönebeck Museum
Overbeck Museum
Schnoor quarter Museum C5
of Antiquity
* Marterburg 55-58, 28195 Bremen
Superb collection of ancient Greek
vases. The diversity of the subjects on
these painted earthenware vessels
offers an illustrative insight into Greek
¿ Sat noon-5pm
Adults 5.00/children and students 2.00

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Bremen Broadcasting Museum C1
* Findorffstrasse 22-24, 28215 Bremen
Artefacts from 80 years of radio and
television history. From the ‘detector’ to
surround sound, from the wax cylinder
to the LaserDisc.
¿ Tue-Fri+Sun 10am-3pm
Adults 3.00/children 6-14 yrs 1.50

Bus: 25 h Theodor-Heuss-Allee
Speicher XI Dockland Museum C2
* Am Speicher XI 1, 28217 Bremen
From international port to urban
regeneration – the 120-year history of
Bremen’s port presented interactively
in an old cotton warehouse.
¿ Tue-Sun 11am-6pm
Adults 4.50/conc. 3.50

Tram: 3 h
Waller Ring
Bus: 20 h
Speicher XI
Bremen School Museum E4
* Auf der Hohwisch 61-63, 28207 Bremen
Exhibition on the history of schools in
Bremen since 1900; activities for groups:
life and learning around the turn of the
last century; childhood in the Nazi period.
¿ Mon+Tue+Fri 9am-2pm, Wed+Thu
9am-4pm, other times by arrangement
Adults 3.00/conc. 1.50

Tram: 2,10 h Ludwig-Quidde-Strasse

Tram: 3 h Auf der Hohwisch
Cathedral Museum C4
* St. Peter’s Cathedral,
Sandstrasse 10-12, 28195 Bremen
The museum at St. Peter’s Cathedral
has six historical rooms containing exca-
vated finds from medieval bishops’
graves and religious works by artists
such as Lucas Cranach.
¿ Mon-Fri 10am-4.45pm, Sat 10am-1.30pm,
Sun 2-4.45pm, last admission 30 mins.
before closing. Times may differ during
official church events; regular guided tours
Admission free, donations requested
Guided tours adults 3.00/
conc. 2.00/children 1.00

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Focke Museum F3
* Schwachhauser Heerstrasse 240,
28213 Bremen
Go on a journey back in time through
1,200 years of Bremen history. A park
surrounds the main building, the four
historical houses and the display room.
¿ Tue 10am-9pm, Wed-Sun 10am-5pm
Adults 6.00/conc. 3.50

Tram: 4,5 h
Schloss Schönebeck Museum L1
* Im Dorfe 3-5, 28757 Bremen
The local history and museum society
for the Vegesack region displays its
extensive collection in the only survi-
ving aristocratic residence in Bremen.
¿ Tue+Wed+Sat 3-5pm,
Sun 10.30am-1pm and 3-5pm
Adults 3.00/children aged 6 and under 1.00

Train: Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 1
h Schönebeck station
Themed museums
Old Pumping Station D2
* Salzburger Strasse 12, 28219 Bremen
An architectural monument that
documents the history of waste water
disposal. An exhibition of sewage and
disease, of hygiene and engineering.
¿ 1st Mon in month 4-7pm,
guided tours by arrangement Mon-Fri
Adults 2.00 incl. guided tour

Bus: 26 h
Fürther Strasse
Overbeck Museum K2
* Alte Hafenstrasse 30, 28757 Bremen
The museum has a permanent exhibition
of works by the Worpswede artists Fritz
and Hermine Overbeck, as well as
special temporary exhibitions.
¿ Tue-Sun 11am-6pm
Adults 4.00/conc. 3.00

Bus: 87,98,99,677
Train: Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 1
h Vegesack station
Weserburg B4
Museum of Modern Art
* Teerhof 20, 28199 Bremen
International contemporary art from
important private holdings, Europe’s
largest collection of art publications,
special exhibitions and events.
¿ Tue-Sun 11am-6pm, Thu 11am-8pm,
guided tours: Thu 6pm, Sat 3pm
Adults 8.00/conc. 5.00, public
guided tours 3.00 excl. admission

Tram: 1,2,3
Bus: 25,26,27,63 h
Am Brill
Wilhelm Wagenfeld House D5
* Am Wall 209, 28195 Bremen
The Wilhelm Wagenfeld House illus-
trates changing aspects of everyday
culture and current design trends.
¿ Tue 3-9pm, Wed-Sun 10am-6pm
Adults 3.50/conc. 1.50

Tram: 2,3
h Theater am Goetheplatz
Cultural history museums
The ‘lead basement’ of Bremen C4
* Sandstrasse 10-12, 28195 Bremen
The lead used in the vaults beneath
Bremen Cathedral made them ideal for
preserving bodies. Which is why today’s
visitors can see mummies from past
centuries and learn about their stories.
¿ Apr-May+Oct Mon-Fri 10am-4.45pm,
Sat 10am-1.45pm, Sun noon-4.45pm
Jun-Sep Mon-Thu 10am-4.45pm,
Fri 10am-5.45pm, Sat 10am-5.45pm,
Sun noon-5.45pm
1.40/conc. 1.00,
children (12 and under) 0.70

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Museums and worlds of discovery
Bremen’s museums never fail to
astonish visitors with incredible
temporary exhibitions focused
on acclaimed artists or new
themes. Find out what’s on by
visiting us online.
Our tip
Bremen Theatre
Bremen Shakespeare Company
Carpentry Museum D5
* Köpkenstrasse 18-20, 28203 Bremen
Exhibits at the museum include a vari-
ety of historical hand tools and machi-
nery as well as a fascinating collection
of pre-1900 woodworking machines.
¿ By arrangement
Groups of up to 15 people incl.
guided tour 68.00

Tram: 2,3
h Theater am Goetheplatz
Wuseum E4
* Franz-Böhmert-Strasse 1c, 28205 Bremen
You don’t have to be a fan of Werder
Bremen or the Bundesliga to enjoy the
Wuseum in the Weser Stadium. Embark
on a green-and-white journey through
the club’s history.
¿ Mon-Sun 10am-5.45pm, Wuseum closes
1 hour before the start of home matches.
Adults 4.00/conc. 2.00,
other prices on request

Tram: 2,3,10
h St.-Jürgen-Strasse/Weserstadion
Bremen Theatre D5
* Goetheplatz 1-3, 28203 Bremen
Every season Bremen Theatre’s pro-
gramme boasts more than 30 premieres
of musicals, plays, dance and children’s/
youth theatre performances.
¿ Box office Mon-Fri 11am-6pm,
Sat 11am-2pm
Adults from 15.00/conc. from 9.00

Tram: 2,3
h Theater am Goetheplatz
Bremen Crime Theatre E3
* Friesenstrasse 16-19, 28203 Bremen
Blood will flow in Bremen. Bremen
Criminal Theatre evokes the murky
worlds of Sherlock Holmes, Kurt
Wallander and their ilk.
¿ As per the programme
Adults 22.80-27.20/conc. 14.00

Tram: 2,3,10 h Brunnenstrasse
Bremen Shakespeare Company B5
* Schulstrasse 26, 28199 Bremen
Shakespeare’s dramas along with newly
written plays: with the audience at close
quarters and no shortage of surprises,
the BSC breathes new life into the
playwright’s classics.
¿ As per the programme

Tram: 4,5,6 h Theater am Leibnizplatz
HafenRevue Theatre C2
* Cuxhavener Strasse 7, 28217 Bremen
Theatre with chansons and revues from
the 1920s and 1930s. Talented artists
provide exceptional vocals, wit and
impressive performances.
¿ As per the programme
Adults from 18.50/conc. from 16.50

Tram: 3 h Waller Ring
Bus: 20 h Speicher XI
Literaturkeller E3
* Schildstrasse 21, 28203 Bremen
This 140-year-old wine cellar provides
an incomparable setting for works by
literary greats such as Heine, Hoffmann,
Busch, Poe, Tucholsky, Schiller, Goethe,
Ringelnatz and Pushkin.
¿ Mon-Wed 8pm
At your own discretion,
free drink on arrival

Tram: 2,3,10 h Sielwall
Mensch, Puppe! E3
* Schildstrasse 21, 28203 Bremen
Mensch, Puppe! brings together
puppetry and drama in all their many
forms, exploring the contrast of reality
and fiction.
¿ As per the programme
Adults 16.50/conc. 12.50 (evenings)
Adults 8.00/conc. 6.00 (matinees)

Tram: 2,3,10 h Sielwall
Packhaustheater C5
in the Schnoor quarter
* Wüste Stätte 11, 28195 Bremen
Featuring comedies, musicals and
revues, the Packhaustheater never fails
in its mission to make Bremen laugh.
¿ As per the programme
Adults 26.00

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Schnürschuh Theatre D4
* Buntentorsteinweg 145, 28201 Bremen
Productions at the Schnürschuh take
place on a small stage in close proximity
to the audience, giving the theatre a
distinctive intimate charm.
¿ As per the programme
Adults 18.00/conc. 12.00

Tram: 4,5 h Gneisenaustrasse
Theater 62 Bremen E3
* Theatre at Lessingstrasse 12 and
Theatersaal St.-Jürgen-Strasse 56,
28203 Bremen
Comedy, drama, children’s/youth
theatre, fairytales, Punch and Judy
shows/puppet theatre, national and
international touring shows, drama
school, children/youth work.
Adults 4.00-18.00/conc. 4.00-14.00

Tram: 2,3,10 Bus: 25
h St.-Jürgen-Strasse
Theater Phönix Bremen E3
* Venue: Bremen Crime Theatre,
Friesenstrasse 6-9, 28203 Bremen
Amateur dramatics company with
one clear goal: entertainment!
Adults 17.00/children 12.00

Tram: 2,3,10 h Brunnenstrasse
Musical Theatre
Die Glocke
Theatre and entertainment
Mensch, Puppe!
Discover the musical side to
Bremen at concerts featuring
the internationally acclaimed
German Philharmonic Chamber
Orchestra of Bremen or the
Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra.
Other options include the Bremen
Coffeehouse Orchestra, the
symphonic brass band orchestra
artemosso and the European choir
academy. Bremen is a fantastic
place to enjoy music.
More information at:
Musical Bremen
A new breathtaking programme
every other month!
Suitable for non-German speakers.
Am Weser-Terminal 4 • 28217 Bremen
Hotline: +49 (0) 421 89 89 89 89
29 euros,
incl. dinner
39 euros.
GOP Variety Theatre Bremen D3
* Am Weser-Terminal 4, 28217 Bremen
Spectacular shows, varied cuisine,
delightful atmosphere and friendly
hosts – the new GOP in Bremen ticks
all the boxes.
¿ Wed+Thu 8pm, Fri+Sat 6pm and 9pm,
Sun 2.30pm and 5.30pm
Adults from 29.00/
children and students 15.00

Tram: 3 h Eduard-Schopf-Allee
Teatro Magico C5
* Kolpingstrasse 9, 28195 Bremen
Bremen’s Teatro Magico invites you to
enjoy an evening to remember at one
of its drag shows, with live singing,
parodies and comedy.
¿ Wed+Thu doors/show 7pm/8pm
Fri+Sat 7.30pm/8.30pm
Adults from 23.00

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Cinespace Multiplex Cinema C2
* AG-Weser-Strasse 1, 28327 Bremen
Bremen’s most modern multiplex
cinema, with eleven screens and 4,000
free parking spaces. A variety of events
can be held in all auditoriums.
¿ Daily from 11am
Adults from 7.50/conc. from 5.50

Tram: 3 h Use Akschen
Theatre and entertainment
Bremen Theatre Ship C5
* Tiefer 104/Landing stage 4,
28195 Bremen
Comedy, revues, cabaret and mediter-
ranean cuisine on board a converted
riverboat. An unforgettable experience!
¿ Mon-Sat 8pm, Sun 6pm
Adults 24.00-26.00/conc. 22.00-24.00

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
ÖVB Arena D1
* Findorffstrasse 101, 28215 Bremen
The ÖVB Arena is a multi-function
venue for concerts, trade fairs and
sporting events. It seats 14,000
people and is located right next
to the main train station.

Tram: 6,8 Bus: 24 h Blumenthalstrasse
Bus: 26,27 h Messe-Zentrum
Die Glocke C4
* Domsheide 6-8, 28195 Bremen
Die Glocke concert hall has been a
prestigious part of Bremen’s music
scene for more than 75 years and is
renowned for its excellent acoustics and
amazing atmosphere.
¿ Box office Mon-Fri 10am-6pm,
Sat 10am-3pm

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Energieleitzentrale (ELZ) C2
BLG-Forum, generator hall
* Am Speicher XI 11, 28217 Bremen
Dockland events venue steeped in
industrial history. Concerts, plays,
trade fairs and receptions, conferences,
product launches and parties.

Tram: 3 h
Waller Ring
Bus: 20 h
Speicher XI
Halle 7 C1
* Findorffstrasse 101, 28215 Bremen
Halle 7 is a multi-purpose venue for
concerts, sporting events and exhibi-
tions and has capacity for up to 7,000

Bus: 26,27 h Findorffallee
Bus: 25 h Theodor-Heuss-Allee
* Alte Hafenstrasse 30, 28757 Bremen
KITO is an events centre in the Vege-
sack district of Bremen. It is situated on
the top floor of an old warehouse
dating back some 350 years.

Bus: 87,98,99,677
Train: Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 1
h Vegesack station
Kulturbahnhof Vegesack K2
* Hermann-Fortmann-Strasse 32,
28759 Bremen
The Kulturbahnhof (‘culture station’) is
a venue for theatre, exhibitions and
concerts that showcases experimental
and contemporary art.
Bus: 87,98,99,677
Train: Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 1
h Vegesack station
St. Peter’s Cathedral C4
* Sandstrasse 10-12, 28195 Bremen
Cathedral music highlights – choral and
orchestral recitals of well-known passi-
ons, oratorios, symphonic and chamber
¿ Thu 7pm vocal soloists, motets, organ
recitals (free admission)
Festival concerts: adults 10.00-30.00

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Musicals & variety
Bremen Musical Theatre D3/4
* Richtweg 7-13, 28195 Bremen
Bremen Musical Theatre has 1,450
seats on three levels. Theatre-goers can
relax in the spacious foyer, Henry’s Bar
and the Mayfair Restaurant.

Tram: 4,5,6,8,10
Bus: 24,25,26,27,63 h Hauptbahnhof
FRITZ theatre & bar C3
* Herdentorsteinweg 39, 28195 Bremen
Plays, musicals, revue and more in a
beautiful theatre restaurant close to the
train station, with a basement comedy

Tram: 1,4,5,6,8,10
Bus: 24,25,26,27,63 h Hauptbahnhof
You’ll find beer gardens and
restaurants to suit every taste
along the Schlachte Embank-
ment. Alternatively, you can
head to the ‘Viertel’ with its
many pubs and bars. If you’d
prefer to dance the night away,
then look no further than
the clubs and discos around
the main station.
Nights out in Bremen
Knurrhahn fish restaurant C4
* Schüsselkorb 32-33, 28195 Bremen
If you are looking for freshly prepared
dishes at reasonable prices, this is the
place for you. Specialities from the
region, modern creations, salads and
¿ Mon-Wed 11am-7pm,
Thu-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 11.30am-4pm

Tram: 4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Schüsselkorb
Friesenhof C4
* Hinter dem Schütting 12-13,
28195 Bremen
Maritime atmosphere at the heart of
the city. North German hospitality and
modern German cuisine with a diffe-
rence. Serving both traditional Bremen
dishes and bold culinary creations.
¿ Mon-Fri from 11.30am,
Sat+Sun from 11am

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Haake-Beck Ausspann C5
* Schnoor 1-2, 28195 Bremen
Housed in a converted warehouse in
Bremen’s old quarter, the restaurant
serves traditional German cuisine on
several floors with many cosy corners
and rooms.
¿ 11am-midnight daily, Jul-Aug closed Sun

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Haus am Walde E1
* Kuhgrabenweg 2, 28359 Bremen
Getting everything to your table as
fresh as possible is the motto here –
hearty fare with mediterranean influ-
ences and homemade cake. Beautiful
summer terrace.
¿ Restaurant & café: from 9am daily
Beer garden: Mon-Sat from noon
Sun & public hols. from 10am

Tram: 6 Bus: 630,670
h Universität /NW1
Bus: 22,28 h Wiener Strasse
Henry’s Bar D3
and Mayfair Restaurant
* Richtweg 5-7, 28195 Bremen
Elegant cocktail bar and exclusive
restaurant overlooking the foyer of
alto C4
* Bredenstrasse 2, 28195 Bremen
Enjoy classic cuisine with a twist or
travel the world à la carte. At alto you
can expect excellent food with a view
over the historical Böttcherstrasse.
¿ Daily noon-3pm and 6-10pm
Breakfast: Mon-Fri 6.30-11am,
Sat 7-11am, Sun 7am-2pm

Bus: 25 h Martinistrasse
Beck’s in’n Snoor C5
* Schnoor 34/36, 28195 Bremen
A cosy restaurant in Bremen’s pretty
old quarter serving an extensive range
of food and drink on three floors.
¿ Daily 11am-midnight

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Bremer Ratskeller Restaurant C4
* Am Markt, 28195 Bremen
600 years of tradition: dine at rustic
wooden tables in Bremen’s Ratskeller
and enjoy traditional north German
dishes, modern cuisine and German
¿ Restaurant: 11am-midnight daily except
Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Café Sand D4
* Strandweg 106, 28201 Bremen
Wicker beach chairs, beach volleyball,
indoor and outdoor dining and plenty
of sand – enjoy that holiday feeling at
the heart of the city!
¿ Daily from 10am (varies in winter)

Tram: 4,5,6,8
h Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke or on foot
along the Weser to Sielwall ferry
Comturei C5
* Ostertorstrasse 30-32, 28195 Bremen
Franco-German cuisine, historical
vaulted cellar, storybook medieval
banquets, meat from the spit.
¿ 11am-3pm and 6pm-midnight daily
(closed on certain days in July and August)

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Restaurants, cafés and nightlife
Bremen Musical Theatre, serving
exquisite dishes and fabulous drinks.
¿ By arrangement and during events

Tram: 4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Herdentor
Intermezzo – café & bistro C4
* Domsheide 3, 28195 Bremen
Restaurant next to the cathedral and
Die Glocke concert hall with one of the
city’s most beautiful summer gardens.
Fresh Italian cuisine.
¿ Daily noon-10pm

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Kaffeehaus Classico C4
* Am Markt 17, 28195 Bremen
Traditional café opposite the town hall,
serving breakfast, lunch and dinner as
well as homemade speciality cakes and
ice cream.
¿ 8am-10pm daily

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Konditorei Knigge C4
* Sögestrasse 42-44, 28195 Bremen
Beautiful, traditional coffee house with
seating for 300 inside and 100 outside.
Serving coffee from their own roaster
and speciality cakes & pastries made
¿ Mon-Sat 9am-6.30pm,
Sun+public holidays 11am-6pm

Tram: 4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Schüsselkorb
Lemon Lounge C4
* Am Wall 164, 28195 Bremen
Bremen’s top address for cocktails.
Popular with all ages, located in a
beautiful, traditional Bremen building.
¿ Daily from 5pm

Tram: 4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Schüsselkorb
Leo’s Restaurant / Bar E3
* Parkallee 1, 28209 Bremen
A visit to Leo’s will stay long in the
memory thanks to the great cuisine and
friendly service. Hot food is served until
¿ Daily from 5pm

Tram: 1,4,5,10 Bus: 25
h Rembertistrasse
Knurrhahn fish restaurant
Café Sand
Lemon Lounge
Pochana Thai C4
* Langenstrasse 14, 28195 Bremen
Food from the kingdom of Siam, the
land of smiles; just 200 metres from the
Roland statue, open since 1989, original
Thai cuisine, authentically prepared.
¿ Mon-Sat noon-3pm and 6-11.30pm

Bus: 25 h
Presse Bar Cuisine B4
* Langenstrasse 31, 28195 Bremen
Opposite the Pressehaus: modern cuisine
served from an open kitchen, leisurely
breakfasts, lunches, à la carte dining in
the evening and cooking experiences.
¿ Mon-Fri 10am-10pm, Sat 10am-4pm,
à la carte and cooking experiences
from 6pm

Bus: 25 h
Rauchs CaféBar B4
* Langenstrasse 74, 28195 Bremen
Small and friendly owner-run café with
a mediterranean atmosphere, serving
breakfast and delicious Bremen coffee
¿ Mon-Fri 7am-6pm

Tram: 1,2,3 Bus: 25,26,27,63
h Am Brill
Red Rock B4
* Schlachte 22, 28195 Bremen
The bar with an international feel
serving 55 different beers from 28
countries. All major sporting events
are shown on big screens. Separate
smoking area.
¿ Tue-Fri from 4pm, Sat from 2pm,
Sun from 3pm

Tram: 1,2,3 Bus: 25,26,27,63
h Am Brill
Restaurant Jon-Luk C3
* Am Wall 135, 28195 Bremen
Jonas Martin and Luka Lübke cook
regional classics with a modern twist
using only the finest locally sourced
ingredients. A modern take on
traditional Bremen cuisine. Fresh,
simple, north German fare.
¿ Tue-Sat noon-3pm and 6pm-10pm

Tram: 4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Herdentor
Sinatra’s Dancing D3
* Rembertiring 18, 28195 Bremen
The ever-popular Sinatra’s is where the
locals go to dance, flirt and have fun –
a stylish club in the heart of the city for
over 25s.
¿ Fri, Sat and before public
holidays from 10pm

Tram: 1,4,5,6,8,10
Bus: 24,25,26,27,63 h Hauptbahnhof
Teestübchen im Schnoor C5
* Wüste Stätte 1, 28195 Bremen
A quaint little café serving tea, coffee
and homemade cakes. Evening meals
served in the Worpsweder Stube
¿ Tue-Sat 10am-11pm,
Sun+Mon 10am-6pm

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Bremen Theatre Ship – bistro C5
* Tiefer 104/Anleger 4, 28195 Bremen
Bühne 3 is a combination of bistro,
restaurant and bar. An exceptional
location, also ideal for parties,
conferences and presentations.
¿ Mon from 8pm, Wed-Fri from 6pm,
Sat+Sun from 2pm

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Theatro – café, tapas y más D5
* Goetheplatz 1-3, 28195 Bremen
Restaurant and café at the Goethe
Theatre, on the cultural mile near the
Kunsthalle art gallery. Fresh mediterra-
nean cuisine from tapas to pizza.
¿ Mon-Sat from 9am,
Sun from 10am – open until late

Tram: 2,3
h Theater am Goetheplatz
Luv Restaurant B4
* Schlachte 15-18, 28195 Bremen
Restaurant blending the traditional with
the modern: hearty maritime fare and
exotic specialities from currywurst to
¿ Mon-Fri from 11am, Sat+Sun from 10am

Tram: 1,2,3 Bus: 25,26,27,63
h Am Brill
Maredo Restaurant C3/C4
* Bahnhofstrasse 8, 28195 Bremen and
Domshof 21, 28195 Bremen
Maredo offers juicy steaks, crisp salads
from the salad bar and a variety of
South American specialities, including
delicious fajitas.
¿ Sun-Thu 11.30am-11pm,
Fri+Sat 11.30am-11.30pm

Tram: 4,5,6,8, Bus: 24,25
Bahnhofstrasse branch h
Domshof branch h
Meierei im Bürgerpark E2
* Im Bürgerpark 1, 28209 Bremen
Beautiful restaurant with terrace and
garden in the heart of the Bürgerpark.
Exquisite delicacies and fine wines ser-
ved in a romantic setting.
¿ Wed-Sun noon-midnight
(food served until 10pm)

Bus: 22 h
Paulaner’s B4
* Schlachte 30, 28195 Bremen
Bavaria-style tavern serving Bavarian
delicacies and north German speciali-
ties. Large beer garden with views of
the river.
¿ Daily from 11am

Tram: 1,2,3 Bus: 25,26,27,63

Am Brill
Paulaner’s im Wehrschloss F4
* Hastedter Osterdeich 230,
28207 Bremen
Since 1920, people have been coming
here to enjoy food and drink together.
Today, this traditional tavern serves
Bavarian delicacies and north German
¿ Daily from 11.30am

Tram: 3
Teestübchen im Schnoor
Bremen Theatre Ship
Restaurants, cafés and nightlife
Looking for a restaurant, café
or beer garden? Check our
website for other great places
to eat and drink.
Our tip
Date Event/short description Venue
Selected events
You can find all events online at:
until 30 Jun 2014 Particle zoo. Special exhibition. Universum Science Center
6 Jan 2014 Ice wager. Traditional Bremen custom. Osterdeich/Weser river
9-14 Jan 2014 Sixdays Bremen. Cycling action and entertainment. ÖVB Arena/Messe Bremen
24-26 Jan 2014 Music Show of the Nations. Orchestras from around the world. ÖVB Arena
31 Jan-2 Feb 2014 Bremen Classic Motorshow. Classic cars and more. ÖVB Arena
21-22 Feb 2014 Bremen Carnival. Germany’s biggest samba carnival. City centre
22 Feb-22 Jun 2014 Sylvette, Sylvette, Sylvette. Picasso and the Model. Special exhibition. Kunsthalle Bremen
8-9 Mar 2014 Rad+Outdoor and Passion. Extreme and outdoor sports fair. Messe Bremen
23 Mar-27 Jul 2014 Charged up / Future drive. Special exhibition. Focke-Museum
25-30 Mar 2014 Grease – The Musical. A rock ‘n’ roll love story. Bremen Musical Theatre
23 Apr 2014 450 Years of William Shakespeare. Theatre spectacular. Bremen Shakespeare Company
11-27 Apr 2014 Osterwiese. Spring funfair – the ‘little Freimarkt’. Bürgerweide
24-27 Apr 2014 jazzahead! Rendezvous for the European jazz scene. Messe Bremen
May-Sep 2014 Quayside market. Every Saturday 10am-4pm. Schlachte Embankment
Mid to late May Floral displays at Rhododendron Park. Spring blooms. Rhododendron Park
May-Sep 2014 Bremen Town Musicians fairytale play. Sundays at noon. Domshof
15-25 May 2014 Bremen Art Spring. Showcase for young artists. Güterbahnhof
15 May-15 Aug 2014 Leonardo da Vinci. Special exhibition. Bürgerweide
30 May-1 Jun 2014 Vegesack Harbour Festival. Rendezvous for boats of all sizes. Vegesack harbour
End of May Museums Night. Late-night cultural programme. Various venues
4-6 Jul 2014 La Strada. Germany’s biggest street circus spectacular. City centre
4-6 Jul 2014 Summer in Lesmona. Open-air classical music festival. Knoops Park
20 Jul-6 Oct 2014 Marianne Werefkin. From the Blue Rider to the Great Bear. Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum
23-27 Jul 2014 Breminale. Open-air festival on the banks of the Weser. Osterdeich/Weser river
23-27 Jul 2014 Shakespeare in the Park. Bremen Summer Theatre Festival. Bürgerpark
Late July Haake-Beck Rubber Ring Regatta. Music, dancing, fun. Schlachte Embankment
1-3 Aug 2014 Maritime Festival. Maritime world at Vegesack harbour. Bremen Vegesack
28-31 Aug 2014 Bremen Wine Festival. Festival of fine wine, good food and entertainment. Hillmannplatz
30 Aug-27 Sep 2014 Bremen Music Festival. Featuring leading international musicians. Various venues
6-7 Sep 2014 Bremen Challenge. Cycle races for amateurs and top athletes. Überseestadt
13-21 Sep 2014 Maritime Week. Water-themed fun incl. a ship parade. Schlachte Embankment
5 Oct 2014 swb Marathon. Running event. Throughout the city
10 Oct 14-5 Apr 15 China under Mao. Special exhibition. Bremen Ethnological Museum
17 Oct-2 Nov 2014 979th Freimarkt. Largest funfair in northern Germany. Bürgerweide
29 Oct 14-18 Jan 15 Wundertüte. Surprise-filled variety show. GOP Variety Theatre Bremen
5-9 Nov 2014 Karate world championships. Elite sport. ÖVB Arena
27 Nov-23 Dec 2014 Bremen Christmas market. Traditional Christmas market. Market square
27 Nov-23 Dec 2014 Schlachte-Zauber Christmas market. Medieval market. Schlachte Embankment
25-31 Dec 2014 Roncalli Circus meets Classic. Magical winter programme. Bremen Musical Theatre
Christmas market
Bremen Classic Motorshow
Maritime Festival
Karate world championships
Samba Carnival
Bremer Bonbonmanufaktur
Tall ship Deutschland
Hal över
Fun Factory Store
Around the market square
Schnoortreppe Bremen shop C5
* Balgebrückstrasse 20, 28195 Bremen
Coffee, tea, confectionery, food,
alcoholic drinks and many more Bremen
specialities, incl. wonderful souvenirs.
¿ 11am-6pm daily

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Bremen Bonbonmanufaktur C4
* Böttcherstrasse 8, 28195 Bremen
The Handwerkerhof craft centre is a
hive of activity: you can look through
the large windows right into the
bonbon manufactory and see the
mixture for the sweets being boiled
in a copper cauldron.
¿ Mon-Sat 11am-6pm, Sun noon-5pm

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Bremen Ratskeller C4
wine shop
* Schoppensteel 1, 28195 Bremen
Wine shop offering some 1,200
varieties of fine German wine.
Knowledgeable advice, gift service
and shipping available.
¿ Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9.30am-3pm

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Kontorhaus am Markt C4
* Langenstrasse 2-4, 29195 Bremen
Elegant shops, cafés and restaurants.
Food & drink, fashion, hair & beauty,
home & lifestyle, jewellery, tourist

Tram: 2,3 h Obernstrasse

Karstadt sports C4
* Sögestrasse 22, 28195 Bremen
Over six floors Karstadt sports
on Sögestrasse stocks the largest
selection of sports goods in Bremen.
Karstadt department store
* Obernstrasse 5-33, 28195 Bremen
Over 32,000 square metres of retail
space with an exceptional range of
products across various departments.
Shopping at its best.
¿ Mon-Sat 9.30am-7.30pm

Tram: 2,3 h Obernstrasse
Ristedt – passion for fashion C4
* Ansgaritorstrasse 22, 28195 Bremen
Creative, individual and sophisticated –
fashion house Ristedt stocks beautiful
knitwear, smart-casual clothing and the
perfect accessories.
¿ Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-6pm

Tram: 1,2,3 Bus: 25,26,27,63
h Am Brill
Bremen LeseLust’s B3
Town Musician House
* Lloydhof, Hanseatenhof 9,
28195 Bremen
A fantastic shop for serious Bremen
fans. Best of all, the profits go to
schools and nurseries so you can treat
yourself and help a good cause at the
same time.
¿ Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Tram: 2,3 h Obernstrasse
Tabac & Pfeife C4
* Lloydpassage 4, 28195 Bremen
Premium cigar & whisky stockist for
quality tobacco, cigars from all over
the world, smoking accessories, rum
& whisky and much more besides …
¿ Mon-Fri 7.30am-7.30pm/Sat 8am-6pm

Tram: 2,3 h Obernstrasse
eMobility nord C3
* Am Kaffeequartier 3, 28217 Bremen
eMobility nord is a centre for electric
transport, selling and hiring e-bikes
to businesses, individuals, tourists
and local government.
¿ Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-2pm

Tram: 3 Bus: 20

h Eduard-Schopf-Allee
Schuppen Eins – Centre for C2
Automotive Heritage and Motoring
* Konsul-Smidt-Strasse 20-26,
28217 Bremen
This classic car centre, housed in a for-
mer warehouse, brings automotive and
port history back to life with its glass-
fronted workshops, dealerships, restau-
rants and cafés.

Tram: 3 Bus: 20
Select mode & kunst C2
* Konsul-Smidt-Strasse 8t, 28217 Bremen
Light-flooded, modern ladies’ fashion
store stocking individual pieces by well-
known innovative designers.
¿ Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 11am-6pm

Tram: 3 h Konsul-Smidt-Strasse
Bus: 20 h Schuppen 1
Further afield
Applied Art Bremen C3
* Buchwerkstatt Birgit Drücker
Am Wall 75/76, 28195 Bremen
An association of around 50 crafts-
people that holds occasional exhibitions
showcasing the work of its members.
¿ Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (by arrangement)

Bus: 26,27,63 h
Am Wall
arte factum C3
* Kirchbachstrasse 53, 28211 Bremen
Arts and crafts market. Exquisite quality
and design. Takes place in the exclusive
setting of Die Glocke concert hall on
9 March 2014.
¿ 10am-5pm
Adults 3.00/children ages
12 and under free

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Erzgebirgische Volkskunst C5
* Stavendamm 14, 28195 Bremen
Arts and crafts from the Erzgebirge
mountains. Gifts and decorations for
any time of year and any occasion.
¿ Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Fun Factory Store E3
* Ostertorsteinweg 12, 28203 Bremen
Erotic shop with a unique ambience,
selling colourful sex toys, exquisite
lingerie, erotic literature and massage
oils, etc.
¿ Mon-Sat 11am-7pm

Tram: 2,3,10 h Sielwall
Klein Florists G4
* Steinmetzenweg 6, 28309 Bremen
Flowers for every occasion, incl. birth-
days and weddings. Unique table de-
corations for your special celebration.
¿ Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-5pm,
Sun 9.30am-12.30pm

Bus: 33,34,37,40,41
h Osterholzer Friedhof
Kaffeerösterei A3
August Münchhausen
* Geeren 24, 28195 Bremen
Find out about Bremen’s history as
a city of coffee, watch beans being
roasted and sample coffees from
around the world.
¿ Mon-Fri 10am-12.30pm coffee on sale
Tours by arrangement, 7.50 per person,
plus 56.00 per coffee roasting demo

Tram: 2,3 Bus: 25
h Radio Bremen/VHS
Koch & Bergfeld D4
silverware manufactory
* Kirchweg 200, 28199 Bremen
The Bremen silversmiths at Koch &
Bergfeld have been masterly hand-
crafting their exquisite cutlery ever
since 1829.
¿ Mon-Fri 10am-4pm

Bus: 26,27 h August-Hinrichs-Strasse
SteinReich im Atrium E3
* Vor dem Steintor 34, 28203 Bremen
Healing stones, select jewellery, essen-
tial oils, singing bowls, incense, medita-
tion equipment and spiritual gifts.
¿ Tue-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat 11am-5pm

Tram: 2,3,10 h Sielwall
Weserpark G4
* Hans-Bredow-Strasse 19, 28307 Bremen
Bremen’s biggest shopping centre,
located on the ‘Bremer Kreuz’ autobahn
intersection. More than 120 stores, plus
a furniture emporium, wellness spa,
cinema and bowling. Free parking for
more than 4,000 cars.
¿ Mon-Sat until 8pm/real closes at 10pm

Tram: 1 Bus: 40,740
h Weserpark
Weser sailing barge Franzius
* Vegesacker Hafen / Europahafen
Replica of a historical Weser trading
ship. Can be chartered for private
functions and corporate events
(max. 30 people).
¿ Dates on request

Bus: 87,98,99,677
Train: Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 1
h Vegesack station
Weser and docks tour B4/5
* Hal över, Schlachte 2, 28195 Bremen
Departs: St. Martin’s quay
Enjoy a cruise along the Schlachte
Embankment to Bremen’s docks, and
find out lots of interesting facts about
Bremen, the docks, ships and trade
along the way.
¿ As advertised
Incl. hot drink and pastry
when the Christmas market is on
Adults 9.90/children (ages 4 to 17) 5.60

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Maritime Tradition K2
Vegesack Nautilus
Association managing historical ships, a
land-based tug and a signal station in
Vegesack; also runs numerous activities.
¿ Vegesack signal station:
May-Oct Sat+Sun 2pm-6pm

Bus: 87,98,99,677
Train: Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 1
h Vegesack station
The tall ship Deutschland K2
* Zum Alten Speicher 15,
28759 Bremen
Today, the only fully-rigged sailing ship
under a German flag provides accomm-
odation and can be hired for events.
Moored on the river Lesum in Bremen-
¿ Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat+Sun 10am-6pm
Admission adults 3.00/children 2.00

Bus: 87,98,99,677
Train: Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 1
h Vegesack station
The Weser is the lifeblood of Bremen. City life plays out right by
the river. Take a stroll along the Schlachte Embankment and explore
Überseestadt, where old docklands are being regenerated by modern
architecture. If you want to get out on the water, you can charter
boats for private tours at St. Martin’s quay and the museum
harbour in Vegesack.
More information at: www.bremen-tourism.de
Life on the river
Activities, wellness and leisure
¿ Times: flexible, by arrangement
weekdays 5.00,
Sat+Sun+public hols. 6.00

Bus: 24 h Rablinghausen
Paradice indoor ice rink C2
* Waller Heerstrasse 293a, 28219 Bremen
Schools, clubs, curling teams,
families, … – fun for all on the ice.
For something a bit different there
are regular parties and ice discos, too.
¿ See website for current opening times
Adults 5.60/conc. 4.50

Tram: 2,10 h Waller Friedhof
Bremen racecourse F3
* Ludwig-Roselius-Allee 4, 28329 Bremen
Fun for the whole family. Top sporting
action and high tension as you watch
the horses at close quarters. There are
always organised children’s activities.
No extra charge for the grandstand.
¿ See the website for upcoming race days
Adults 8.00

Bus: 25 h Rennplatz
Golf courses in and around Bremen
Oases of green in the city and top-class
golf courses on the outskirts: try some-
thing new and challenge your golfing
skills by playing a different course.
¿ Different for each club

Different for each club
Jumicar Bremen B2
* Senator-Apelt-Strasse, entrance on
Warturmer Heerstrasse, 28197 Bremen
Driving awareness circuit for children
aged 6 and above, Formula 1 for ages
9 and above, family mini golf, party
hall, shop/café and sun terraces.
¿ May-Sep: Fri 4-7pm, Sat+Sun+public
holidays noon-7pm, school holidays
noon-7pm daily, Mar+Apr+Oct:
Sat+Sun+public holidays 2pm-5pm,
school holidays 2-5pm daily
Free admission

Bus: 24,63 h Dötlinger Strasse
Lufthansa flight simulator D4
* Flughafendamm 40, 28199 Bremen
At the commercial pilots school, you
can take to the skies in a simulator
cockpit. You fly to various airports and
then land the plane safely on the runway.
¿ Time by arrangement, Saturdays,
lasts 3 hours
Adults 159.00

Tram: 6 h Flughafen
Mini golf in the Bürgerpark E2
* Im Bürgerpark am Emmasee,
28209 Bremen
Mini golf course by Lake Emmasee
in the Bürgerpark, open from April
to October, weather permitting.
¿ Apr-Oct
Adults 3.50/children
aged 14 and under 2.00

Bus: 26,27 h Bürgerpark
Radstation – ADFC cycle centre C2
* Bahnhofsplatz 14, 28195 Bremen
Cycle hire, parking, repairs, maps and
cycle touring guides, plus tips on cycling.
¿ 24-hour bike parking, workshop:
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat+Sun 9am-8pm,
ADFC cycle centre Bremen:
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-2pm
Bike parking 0.70/24 hrs.

Tram: 1,4,5,6,8,10
Bus: 24,25,26,27,63 h Hauptbahnhof
SchwarzLichtHof – C2
indoor mini golf
* Cuxhavener Strasse 7, 28217 Bremen
18-hole mini golf course in a 1930s-50s
dockland setting. You can retrace the
steps of the dock workers in the old
store house.
¿ Mon-Thu 2-10pm, Fri 2pm-midnight,
Sat 10am-midnight, Sun 10am-10pm
Adults 6.50/conc. 5.50

Tram: 3 h
Waller Ring
Bus: 20 h
Speicher XI
Bremen Casino C4
* Schlachte 26, 28195 Bremen
Casino on the Schlachte Embankment.
Classic gambling, American roulette,
blackjack, poker, slot machines and
casino bar.
¿ Slot machines: noon-3am daily
Table games: 3pm-3am daily
Adults 3.00

Tram: 1,2,3 Bus: 25,26,27,63
Am Brill
BB go-kart track C2
* Cuxhavener Strasse 31, 28217 Bremen
With a track covering a distance of 600
metres on two levels, the BB go-kart
track is great fun for racing enthusiasts
of all ages.
¿ Mon-Thu 3-11pm, Fri 3pm-midnight,
Sat 10am-midnight, Sun 10am-10pm,
public holidays 10am-11pm

Tram: 3 h Jadestrasse

Bus: 26,27,28 h Emder Strasse
bootsausbildung.com | B3
Power boat and sailing school
* Hutfilterstrasse 16-18, 28195 Bremen
Theoretical and practical training
towards radio operator certificates
and standard licences for seas,
inland waters and coastal areas.

Tram: 1,2,3 Bus: 25,26,27,63
Am Brill
Bremer Bäder pools
Bremer Bäder operate a total of 14
indoor and outdoor swimming pools,
as well as the Paradice ice rink and the
Vital Training health & fitness centre.
Besides swimming, guests can also
enjoy massages, saunas and a wide
range of classes.
Südbad D4
* Neustadtswall 81, 28199 Bremen
¿ Mon-Fri 8am-10pm, Sat+Sun 8am-9pm

Tram: 4,5,6 h Theater am Leibnizplatz
Vegesack leisure pool K2
* Fährgrund 16-18, 28755 Bremen
¿ Mon 3-8pm, Tue 8am-9pm,
Wed 8am-10pm, Thu+Fri 8am-8pm,
Sat+Sun 9am-6pm

Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 1 Nordwestbahn
h Vegesack
Stadionbad E4
* Franz-Böhmert-Strasse 13,
28205 Bremen
¿ Mon-Fri 6.30am-9am and 2pm-8pm,
Sat+Sun 1pm-6pm, public holidays

Tram: 3 h Weserstadion
Disc Golf Station B2
* Rablinghauser Deich 25, 28197 Bremen
18-hole frisbee golf course, open 365
days a year. Located next to the Weser
Disc Golf Station
Flight simulator
Überseestadt in Bremen‘s
former docklands is emer-
ging as a vibrant quarter
in the heart of a maritime
setting. The district offers
a colourful mix of retail
outlets, leisure facilities,
restaurants, cafés and
See our website for more
information and event
Investition in die Zukunft
Europäischer Fonds für
regionale Entwicklung
Activities, wellness and leisure
Badehaus C3
* Bahnhofstrasse 12, 28195 Bremen
The Badehaus is a spa with a sauna
and Turkish bath in the heart of
Bremen, where you can relax with
massages and wellness therapies
from all over the world.
¿ Mon+Wed 10am-10.30pm women only
Tue+Thu+Fri 10am-10.30pm mixed
Sat+Sun noon-7.30pm mixed
Adults 16.00

Tram: 1,4,5,6,8,10
Bus: 24,25,26,27,63 h Hauptbahnhof
WellX Relax Lounge C4
* Obernstrasse 20, 28195 Bremen
Recharge your batteries in the heart of
the city: back massage from 10 mins.,
foot, hot stone, Thai and relaxation
massages. Beauty treatments and
personal fitness training.
¿ Mon-Fri noon-7pm, Sat by arrangement
From 9.50

Tram: 2,3 h Obernstrasse
belladonna centre for women’s E3
culture, education and business
* Sonnenstrasse 8, 28203 Bremen
belladonna arranges exhibitions, art
discussions, readings, screenings and
guided walks, as well as a wide range
of talks and courses for women.
¿ Mon+Tue 10am-6pm, Tue+Thu 10am-7pm

Tram: 1,4,5,10 Bus: 25
h Am Dobben
Genuss-Event C2
* Konsul-Smidt-Strasse 8b, 28217 Bremen
Organised cookery courses for individu-
als and companies (e.g. team building),
conferences, presentations etc. in a
370m² loft in the Speicher 1 building
in Überseestadt.
¿ Dates on request

Tram: 3 h
Bus: 20 h
Goethe Institute Bremen E2
* Bibliothekstrasse 3, 28359 Bremen
German courses and exams for begin-
ners and advanced students of levels
A1-C1 and German as a foreign
language test.
¿ Mon-Fri 9am-1.30pm,
Mon+Tue 3-4.30pm, Thu 4-6pm

Tram: 6 Bus: 21,22,28
h Universität/Zentralbereich
Gustav-Heinemann- K2
* Kirchheide 49, 28757 Bremen
Interactive forum, arts and cultural
centre; a conference venue that also
has specific functions in local leisure,
education and culture. Non-smoking
¿ Mon-Fri 9am-9.30pm, Sat 9am-1.30pm

Bus: 87,90,91,92,94,98,99,677
h Gustav-Heinemann-Bürgerhaus
House of Science C4
* Sandstrasse 4-5, 28195 Bremen
Visit the House of Science for exhibi-
tions, lectures and discussions on topical
issues relating to science and research.
¿ Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-2pm
Free admission/free guided
tours by arrangement

Tram: 2,3,4,5,6,8 Bus: 24,25
h Domsheide
Instituto Cervantes E3
* Schwachhauser Ring 124, 28209 Bremen
Instituto Cervantes is the foremost
institution for the promotion of
Hispanic culture and the largest centre
in the world for the Spanish language.
¿ Consultation: Mon-Thu 10am-6pm,
Fri 9am-2pm
Pre-assessment: Mon-Thu 3-6pm,
Fri 10am-1pm, and during

Tram: 6,8 Bus: 22
h Crüsemannallee/H.-H.-Meier-Allee
Parks and gardens
Bürgerpark and municipal forest E2
* Bürgerpark/Schweizerhaus,
28209 Bremen
The Bürgerpark is one of Germany’s
best-maintained country parks.
Together with the adjacent woodland,
it covers an area of 202 hectares.
¿ Round the clock

Tram: 6,8 Bus: 24 h
Am Stern
Bus: 26,27
Osterholz cemetery G4
* Osterholzer Heerstrasse 32-34,
28327 Bremen
Opened in 1920 and the largest ceme-
tery in Bremen. The way in which the
raised grave plots are arranged and the
number of tree-lined avenues create the
impression of a park.

Bus: 25,29 h Hermann-Koenen-Strasse
Riensberg cemetery E2
* Friedhofstrasse 51, 28213 Bremen
A number of notable local figures have
been laid to rest here. Extensive water-
ways and many beautiful trees create
a dignified setting for the graves.

Tram: 4,5 h Friedhofstrasse
Tram: 6 h Riensberg
Knoops Park L2
* Admiral-Brommy-Weg, 28717 Bremen
Knoops Park is one of Bremen’s love-
liest parks with lots of non-indigenous
trees, open green spaces, an extensive
network of paths, beautiful landscaping
and a sensory garden.

Train: Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 1
h St. Magnus station
Rhododendron Park F2/3
* Deliusweg 40, 28359 Bremen
46 hectare park with approx. 550
species and 2,500 varieties of rhodo-
dendron as well as Bremen’s treasure
trove of green: the botanical garden.
¿ 7am until sunset
Free, tours for up to 25 people 50.00

Tram: 4,5 Bus: 21,31,33,34
h Horner Kirche
Vegesack municipal gardens K2
* Weserpromenade Bremen Vegesack
Explore a wealth of exotic trees and
botanical rarities on the steep banks of
the Weser in Vegesack. Idyllic spot with
trees, herbaceous gardens and rose hill.
¿ Round the clock

Bus: 87,98,99,677
Train: Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 1
h Vegesack station
Walsrode Bird Park
Nordwolle factory museum
Otto Modersohn Museum
Serengeti Park
Rhododendron Park
Activities, wellness and leisure
Stadtwerder and B5-C5
Lake Werdersee
* Weser island (between the ‘Viertel’
area and Bremen-Neustadt)
A popular place to enjoy the fresh air
in the city centre with cycle paths and
beaches. Numerous boat companies
offer water sports activities.
¿ Round the clock

Tram: 4,5,6,8 Bus: 24
h Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke
Wallanlagen Park A2-D5
* Old quarter (between
Ostertor and St. Stephen’s)
The city’s ramparts were transformed
into a green belt after the fortifications
were dismantled. The perfect place for
a relaxing stroll.
¿ Round the clock

Tram: 1 Bus: 26,27,63
h Am Wall
Wätjens Park J2
* Landrat-Christians-Strasse 6,
28779 Bremen
Wätjens Park is a cultural and historical
monument that holds up a mirror to the
gardens of the 19th century.
¿ Round the clock

Bus: 91,92,94
h Am Forst
FRS Helgoline
Wallanlagen Park snakes across the city centre retracing the old ramparts. Bürgerpark stretches from
just behind the exhibition centre over to the university. And if you take the ferry across from Osterdeich
to Café Sand, you’ll land right by the beaches of Stadtwerder peninsula.
In north Bremen you’ll be captivated by the magnificent beauty of Knoops Park and Wätjens Park.
In short, when you’re in Bremen, you’re never far from a quiet bench beneath the trees. Another great
way to explore Bremen’s leafy parks and gardens is by bike.
We are always happy to suggest routes and advise on cycle hire. For more information, please visit:
Bremen’s green spaces
Theme parks
Magic Park Verden A1
* Heideweg 5-7, 27283 Verden
Spend an unforgettable action-packed
day with your family at this unique
magical fairytale theme park.
¿ Late Mar-early Oct 9.30am-6pm
Adults 15.00/children 13.00

Train from Bremen station to Verden,
then by bus: 712,713 h Heideweg
Serengeti Park Hodenhagen A1
* Am Safaripark 1, 29693 Hodenhagen
Northern Germany’s largest safari
and leisure park with 1,500 animals
including 200 monkeys in open-air
enclosures, leisure/water world with
more than 40 rides.
¿ Mid-Mar to end of Oct 10am-6pm,
season may vary depending on weather,
check online for daily opening times.
Adults 28.00/children (3-12 years) 23.00

RegionalExpress (RE) train from Bremen
h Hodenhagen station, then Taxi
Walsrode Bird Park
* Am Vogelpark, 29664 Walsrode
World’s largest bird park, 4,200 birds
of 675 different species, sensational
flying show, educational indoor show,
bird-feeding demonstrations, beautiful
¿ 29 Mar-2 Nov 2014: daily from 10am
Adults 19.00/children (4-12 years)
14.00/seniors 17.00/conc. 15.00

RegionalExpress (RE) train from Bremen
h Walsrode station, then by bus: 511
h Vogelpark
Art and culture
* Brückstrasse 4-6, 27283 Verden
Pictures, sculptures, framing, posters
of Bremen and Verden, accessories for
the home, gift ideas for horse riders,
hunters, golfers and more.
¿ Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-2pm

Train from Bremen station to Verden
Nordwolle Delmenhorst B2
* Am Turbinenhaus 10-12,
27749 Delmenhorst
Wide-ranging insights into work and
living conditions in the former ‘city
within a city’ – a journey of discovery
characterised by industrial heritage.
¿ Tue-Fri and Sun 10am-5pm
Adults 3.00/conc. 2.00

RegionalExpress (RE) to Delmenhorst,
then by bus: 201 h
Otto Modersohn Museum C/D1
* In der Bredenau 95, 28870 Fischerhude
The museum presents alternating displays
of paintings, drawings and documents by
or relating to the co-founder of the
Worpswede artists’ colony (b. 1865), who
lived in Fischerhude from 1908-1943.
¿ 10am-6pm daily
Adults 5.00/conc. 3.00

RegionalExpress (RE) train from Bremen
h Sagehorn station (then taxi or bus)
Pferdestall Bremerhaven B2
* Gartenstrasse 5-7, 27568 Bremerhaven
Converted stables, world music from
all corners of the globe, ‘Full Moon
Lounge’, literature and theatre.
¿ As advertised
Adults: prices vary depending on
event/conc. for children, students
and disabled visitors

Bus: 505, 506 h
Further afield
FRS Helgoline A1
* Postfach 26 26, 24916 Flensburg
Trips to Heligoland. There are two options
from Cuxhaven: a traditional crossing on
the cruise ship MS Atlantis or a quick and
convenient trip on a catamaran.
¿ 4 Apr-2 Nov 2014: 10.30am
from the ferry terminal (Atlantis),
11.30am from Alte Liebe (catamaran)
39.50 (Atlantis), from 53.70 (catamaran)
Kanutouren Hunte
* Departing from Wildeshauser
Geest nature reserve
Short trips on the Hunte river in the
Wildeshauser Geest nature reserve.
Excursions for beginners and experienced
canoeists, families, groups and corporate
outings. Camping/canoeing adventures
also available.
¿ Dates on request
Adults 23.90/children (ages 3-12) 12.50
Train: Regio-S-Bahn (RS) 3
h Sandkrug or Huntlosen
Days out and the surrounding region
ÖVB Arena
Nightwatchman tour
Guided tour
Fantastic discounts!
1 off Sightseeing tour, Focke Museum, Speicher XI Dockland Museum, Kultur vor Ort, mini golf in the
Bürgerpark, Otto Modersohn Museum, Overbeck Museum, SchwarzLichtHof (indoor mini golf),
Spiel Coolisse at Weserpark, StattReisen Bremen tours, Wuseum (Werder Bremen Museum)
2 off botanika – the green science centre, Bremen Crime Theatre, Bremen Shakespeare Company,
FRS Helgoline (day return to Heligoland on the MS Atlantis), Böttcherstrasse Museums, OASE at
Weserpark, Olbers Planetarium (excluding concerts), Packhaustheater in Schnoor, Sixdays Bremen,
Theater Interaktiwo, Theater Phönix, Bremen Theatre Ship, Teatro Magico
3 off Kulturbüro Bremen Nord (KITO, Kulturbahnhof, Gustav Heinemann Bürgerhaus),
Weserburg Museum of Modern Art
5% off Souvenirs (except books) from Tourist Information at Langenstrasse/Marktplatz
and at the main station
10% off BB go-kart track, Beck’s and Haake-Beck visitor centre, Jumicar Bremen, boat trip from Bremen Nord
to Worpswede and from Bremen to Bremerhaven, flight simulator experience (booking required),
Bremen Theatre (except premieres, touring shows and special events), Universum Bremen, Weser and
docks tour, ÖVB Arena (Music Show of the Nations, Holiday on Ice)
20% off Daily guided tour, town hall tour, Magic Park Verden, Schnürschuh Theatre, tall ship Deutschland,
Schwankhalle arts centre, Theater 62 Bremen, Bremen peat barge
50% off House of History in the Schnoor quarter, Gerhard Marcks House, ‘Köksch un Qualm’ Housekeeping
Museum, Kunsthalle Bremen art gallery (except special exhibitions), Lloyd Caffee roasting house (coffee
seminars), School Museum Bremen, Wilhelm Wagenfeld House, Bremen Ethnological Museum
Please note: Normally, discounts are: only available on full-price tickets · not available for group rates · only available at the
ticket office of the relevant service provider · not available for special exhibitions in museums. The discovery card is only valid
if dated and signed.
The Bremen discovery
card (ErlebnisCARD)
is great value for
Your card includes:
Use of local public transport, from 6pm on the day before the starting date of the card (buses, trams
and regional trains in Bremen and Bremen-Nord, any night supplements)
Ferry crossing from Osterdeich to Café Sand
Admission to Bremen casino (ages 18+)
Discounts of up to 50 per cent on admission prices, guided tours, trips on the Weser, theatre and so on
Available from 1 Apr 2014 to 31 Mar 2015, valid from 6pm on the day preceding the first date entered on the card.
One-day card
(valid from 6pm on previous evening)
1 adult* 8.90
2 adults* 10.90
5 people (any age) 18.50
* plus 2 children aged 14 and under
Two-day card
(valid from 6pm on previous evening)
1 adult* 11.50
2 adults* 13.90
5 people (any age) 22.90
* plus 2 children aged 14 and under
Olbers Planetarium
tram & train
Three-day card
(valid from 6pm on previous evening)
1 adult* 16.90
2 adults* 20.90
5 people (any age) 29.90
* plus 2 children aged 14 and under
Production credits
Published by BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale on behalf of Verkehrsverein der Freien Hansestadt Bremen e. V.
Prices and information correct as at November 2013; may be subject to alteration. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.
The prices given are inclusive of value-added tax at the current rate.
Photos from the BTZ archive or from partners named with the picture. Cover images: Jonas Ginter (Überseestadt), Silke Krause (Bremen Town Musicians). Photos
from the 2009/2010 photo competition: page 3: Otto Hitzegraf (Blockland), page 4: Erna Heinrich (Böttcherstrasse carillon), Peter Dittmer (tall ship Deutschland),
page 6: Alena Zeman (Roland statue), page 17: Volker Hahlbeck (Breminale).
Design: plan B, Bremen; lithography: Kolorit, Bremen; printing: ASCO STURM DRUCK, Bremen © BTZ 2013
Teatro Magico Teatro Magico
Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost
Zoo am Meer
Teufelsmoor peat barge

Gran Canaria

Subject to changes and additions
Valid as at autumn 2013
There is also lots to discover in the region
surrounding Bremen. Set in the idyllic
Teufelsmoor, the artists’ village of
Worpswede has numerous exhibitions
and galleries to visit. Topping the bill in
Bremerhaven is the new Harbour Worlds
complex with the Klimahaus, German
Emigration Centre, German Maritime
Museum and the Zoo am Meer.
In the coastal resort of Cuxhaven on the
North Sea there is a fine swimming beach,
mudflat walks to Neuwerk island and boat
trips to Heligoland for tax-free shopping.
Places to visit near Bremen Easy access to the city’s attractions
By car/coach
The Bremer Kreuz intersection is a major
transport hub linking the A27 Cuxhaven-
Bremerhaven-Hannover autobahn and
the A1 Hamburg-Osnabrück-Rhineland
By train
InterCityExpress (ICE) and InterCity/
EuroCity (IC/EC) services to the city
centre station, one of the most modern
in Germany.
By plane
Frequent direct connections from a
number of German and international
airports. The airport is just a few
minutes by tram from the city centre.
How to get to Bremen
Long before you reach the city centre the tourist information
system and the parking information system will direct you to
attractions, hotels and available car parks. Alternatively, you
can use the park+ride scheme, which connects with the tram
and bus (BSAG) services and is free if you’re using a Brepark
car park. You’ll also find information panels at prominent
locations throughout the city centre.
Low-emission zone (LEZ)
Since July 2011, only cars with a green disc have been permit-
ted in this area. If you are staying in accommodation within the
LEZ you do not require a disc, as long as you carry your hotel
voucher or booking confirmation.
Map of Bremen
2 km
5 km 2 km
Surrounding region
Bremen city
You’ll find the
Bremen Town
Musicians here
Map of Bremen city centre
Places and
areas of
Tram stop
Pedestrian area
Car park
car park
info points
Public toilet
200 m
The Nette
Toilette symbol
indicates shops
and restaurants
with public
All scales are approximate.
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Mon-Sat 10am-6.30pm, Sun 10am-4pm
November to March: Sat 10am-4pm
Main train station
Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat+Sun 9.30am-5pm
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It’s great that you have decided to come to Bremen. Visit our
Tourist Information offices on Langenstrasse/Marktplatz or at
the main train station for tips on what to see and do.
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information you require.
For any questions
about your visit to Bremen
Just give us a call – we’re here to help.
Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pm
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