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Toward Human Rights (Humanitarianism) A Revolution of Values Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible will make a violent

revolution inevitable. . . Martin Luther King Jr. Our culture has been high jacked by manipulators bent on creating a nation of sleeping drones willing to give over their will power to anyone seen as culturally cool. Our minds have been indoctrinated with selfsuppressing ideas that render life meaningless and shallow, awakening psychosis so dramatizing that selfrejection becomes our prime motive and dependency on external authority becomes our saving grace. Our homes have been declared worthless by a banking system which sees them as chips on a large poker table in which they own the dealer and control the cards. Our communities have been devastated, rendered hollow by large corporations who have brought off our representatives, elevated a flawed electoral system and promoted fraud, greed and dehumanization within their ranks. These moral-less actions have resulted in the shattered family life we are all witnessing today. This modern version of The Brady Bunch sees both dad and mom working more hours for less money; it propels the myth that work is the chief accomplishment of their existence; it projects dominance, stress and apathy onto the children from whom much is expected except their objection, critique or suggestions as to how the family should operate and finally because of those moral-less actions the next generation looks to the future with a dreariness not expressed by the media they take in. These are the realities being faced by the overwhelming majority of this nations residents. It is to them that I dedicate this entire essay to. Consider this is a call to A.R.M.S (All Revolutionary Minded Sojours). We, the 99%, must see that our country is in the shape that it is because we have been unwilling to stand up and claim responsibility for its derection; we have been unwilling to roll up our sleeves and say ENOUGH! We have been unwilling to step back and ask the tough questions, questions such as is there a wealth problem in this nation or just an organizational problem? or how can my community development alternatives to our job needs? When you began to ask questions such as these your mind will wander outside of the prescribed parameters it has been trapped in since you left school. Questions like these provoke innocents, they provoke hope and dignity, innovation and companionship, kinship and heritage but most of all they create an atmosphere where spirituality and consciousness can thrive, where Community, Family and Humanity takes precedent over growth, economics and materialism. Through this way Government becomes a verb not a noun. Our time demands recognition that the concept of grass roots is a fable; in the forest that is our global environment we are the soil, the water and sunlight that promotes growth. We enable large institutions to grow, mature and survive; we promote cyclic processes the generate false wealth and monetary collectivism; we define the barriers of growth and expansion of the collective whole known as our economic structure; but ultimately when all those metaphors are stripped away, as a population in general, we encourage representatives to rule over us, we give them the power to facilitate cooperation between the institutions that now exist. We must now discourage behavior from those representatives that shows contempt for us and if in the process of demonstrating our disapproval they deceive us with propaganda or reject us through scathing criticism, then we must revoke the power of those individuals to speak for us, elevating someone from within our ranks to do the job that we demand from them. At this present time we stand at a cross roads that questions our commitment to changing our world for the better. For over 200 years we have tried piece meal changes, the result of which has been a delayed resetting of the machine known as our Socio-Economic system of Predatory Capitalism. We must now confront the reality that this system continues to create. High exploitation, a subverted class, a small materially wealthy elite, large corporations and diminished economic possibilities for all are just some of the symptoms of this system. In 1967 Martin Luther King called for a Revolution of Values; he realized that a system that creates poverty must be retooled to eliminate that process. I agree.

Many people are uneasy with the term Revolution because they believe a Revolution breeds violence; not necessarily. King pointed out that King Georges refusal to share power with his subjects lead to the American Revolutionary War. This current uprising does not have to lead to violence; the demands being made by all of these protest rallies are simple and easy to implement. In reality very few of these people want to do away with Capitalism, they just want to do away with the Predatory Philosophy that seems to accompany it. If our representatives truthfully work for us then theyll have no problem implementing the demands. If they want to avoid confrontation then they will allow police officers to march with us not work against us; they will meet with us and do as we want them to not as the soul-less corporations demand them to. If they want to avoid violence then they should mirror our actions, assemble with us, tell the military to lay their arms down and speak with us, recall your propaganda agents from their privileged television spots, give us the microphones, cameras and technical support to spread our message over our airwaves. This is a revolution for all people, if they cannot accept a peaceful reorientation of power then we shall take it upon ourselves to degrade their influence on us; human ingenuity will command us to address their inability to peaceably reconnect to the human family and move beyond materialism, byway of developing new structures, new philosophies and new social aims and directives vastly different then those they impose on us. And at the end of that development phase we will invite them to join us if they refuse, then they will watch as the world changes without them. This is a Revolution, make no mistake about that, but a peaceful one. Join us as we elevate our communities beyond Economics, beyond Politics and beyond Injustice! Occupy Wayne County Chief Organizer Vphiamer Adis About the Author For much of the past two years I have been a Socialist; but over the past few months Ive been rethinking that label. In truth I am a Humanitarian, I am a Conscious Sojour(ner) who wants to see his community thrive again. I am now rejecting the philosophies of Socialism, Capitalism and Totalitarianism! What we need are philosophies devoid of group segregation; rather that segregation is noticeable as in the case of Class and Ethnicity or none noticeable as in the case of access to life giving services and avenues for self-expression.