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Life a Continues Journey

Prepared by: Teresa Ruth P. Balajadia

“As long as man lives, life is a never ending story.” This quotation

is true. We could observe it on our surrounding most specially in our

own private life.

In this short story of my life I would like to share or even inspire to

other people through my story. I hope that through reading this, may

you find strength and encouragement in your own life.

My whole name was Teresa Ruth Palmaria Balajadia, born at

Blumentritt, Manila. The youngest sibling of Ramon Se Balajadia and

Teresita Palmaria Balajadia.

Both of my parents were government employees. I have one brother

namely; Brian Palmaria Balajadia, he was a licensed physical therapist of

Potenciano Medical Center.

Well enough of my family background, I would like to introduce

myself. I was nineteen years old studying at Pamantasan ng Lunsgsod ng

MAynila and currently taking up a Social Work degree. My primary and

secondary education was taken up in a private school. I really loved to

cook and prepare food, usually in my high school years; I usually

prepare and cook the food of my family because my parents were at work

while my brother was in school. Whenever I got home early from school, I

used to clean the house, do my assignments and then prepare and

cooked our food dinner.

I didn’t have any peer group before, that I usually hang out. I

usually tried things even explored them on my own because I wanted to

prove to myself that I could do things without the help of other people

around me. This feeling started when I was in elementary.

I remembered it so well when I met Julian Tecson. She was an

average type of girl in the campus but her beauty was a winner to all the

beauty contest in our school. We met each other because we were

seatmates. I never talked to her before because whenever I asked her she

never replied. She just sat beside me; listen to our teacher then left

immediately because her mother was always waiting for her outside the

classroom. I didn’t have the chance to talk to her because I have a

service bus waiting for me.

It was only fate that made us closer to each other. I remembered

the day that started our friendship. It was August twenty five exactly

three o’clock in the afternoon when I heard a voice of a girl crying for

help inside the comfort room. I opened the door because someone locked

her up inside there. The moment I opened the door, she was crying out

loud and her whole uniform was soaking wet. I helped her and looked for

her mother. Good thing I found Mrs. Tecson immediately. After that

scenario the next day of school, the talked to me first then through out

the day we were together.

Through those years, I admit that my whole world was only

revolving around her. She was only my friend until first half of the fifth

grade until that relationship for three years finally put into an end.

Until now, I could not explain why our friendship turned into a sad

ending. I could only remember the day when she avoided talking and

seeing me. Before that day happened, a week before that I was confined

at the hospital due to influenza. I missed my lessons for the whole week.

She never phoned and visited me at the hospital though she knew that I

was confined because my mother informed her. The day I got back to

school I saw her with a large group of girls. I tried to talk to her the

moment I saw her but she ran away. I even tried to call her, visit her and

even talk to her mother about the situation of our friendship.

I wanted to know what happened to her while I was in the hospital

and wanted also to know why she was avoiding all the time.

Until, I finally gave up. She transferred to other school leaving me

all alone with a lot of questions in my head.

I was so hurt that time, I treasured her so much but she left me


After that relationship, I never looked for another one. I was

shocked by that moment.

So during those times without her, I usually spent my time in the

library. I finally found a lot of friends there where they would take me to

different places and gave a lot of new information.