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Daniel 2 Troubling dreams? V.1 11 King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that troubled him and insisted that the wise men tell him the dream and interpret it for him. They could not tell him the dream and the King commanded that they all be executed. V.12-19 Daniel hears about the decree and asks the king for time to interpret it. He and his friends pray and it is revealed to him in a vision of the night. V.20-23 Daniel praises God for being all-knowing and for revealing secrets to his people. o This is key to Bible prophecy God knows everything from the beginning to the end & has revealed it through prophecy. Amos 3:7 God doesnt do anything without revealing His plan to the prophets Revelation 1:3 God calls people blessed if they read the words of prophecy, hear them, and take them to heart. V.24-30 Daniel is taken to King Nebuchadnezzar and tells him that knowing his dream and interpreting it is something that no man can do; however, he points the king to God who can reveal mysteries and show what will happen in the future The dream (v.31-35) & interpretation (36-45) o There was an image with: Head of gold Chest & arms of silver Belly & thighs of bronze Legs of iron Feet of iron & clay Rock that destroyed the image and became a mountain o Head of gold This represents King Nebuchadnezzar & his kingdom of Babylon. God have him dominion of the whole world at that time. His kingdom was great (605-538 B.C.) o Chest & arms of silver This will be another kingdom that will follow Babylon It will be inferior to Babylon History shows us that the kingdom that defeated Babylon was Medo- Persia (538-331 B.C.) o Belly & thighs of bronze This will be a third kingdom It would rule over the whole earth History shows us that the kingdom that defeated Medo-Persia was Greece (331-168 B.C.)

o Legs of iron This will be a fourth kingdom It will be strong as iron and will crush all others History shows us that the kingdom that defeated Greece was Rome (168 B.C.-476 A.D.) o Feet of iron & clay This will be a divided kingdom Partly strong & partly brittle It will not be united History shows that Rome was divided into 10 separate nations in Western Europe that would never unite again. (476 A.D.present) o Stone Will come after all the other kingdoms Cut without hands Kingdom of God. It would crush all other kingdoms and would endure forever. V.46-49 King Nebuchadnezzar worshipped the God of heaven and honored Daniel and his friends by appointing them as rules of Babylon. Application o If God can predict the future of nations and kingdoms, Hes able to guide our futures too. o What part of our future can we place in Gods hands today?