The Script Version 1


EXT.COLORADO MOUNTAIN-DAY Camera scrolls into the countryside. DISSOLVE TO: EXT.COLORADO MOUNTAINS AND ROAD-DAY High angle car moving along the road-camera tracks it. CUT TO: INT.CAR VIEW FROM THE SIDE Boy: Are we there yet daddy? Mother: Be patient sweetie. We are nearly there. Dad: It is the best place for the weekend son. There is nothing better than being in the countryside. CUT TO: EXT.ROAD, BRIDGE AND HOUSE NEXT TO THE SWAMP-DAY Camera tracking the car all the way from the muddy road to the bridge and then leading to the house. The swamp is visible in the background. CUT TO: EXT.HOUSE-DAY The family gets out of the car. Dad: What a great place. Don’t you just love the clean air? CUT TO: EXT.SWAMP WITH THE HOUSE AND THE PEER IN THE BACKGROUND-DAY Camera pans from the right (where the house is) to the left in the vegetation of the swamp. A leaking pipe shows up with factory waste dripping in the water. There is a dead fish floating in the water. DISSOLVE TO: EXT.BOAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SWAMP –NIGHT Two fishermen facing each other’s backs sitting calmly in the boat.

CUT TO: EXT.BOAT-NIGHT Fisherman Joe: You know what Bob I think it’s been a while since I caught a big fish. And have you noticed the swamp is really quiet? Where have all the birds gone? Fisherman Bob: I don’t know Joe. Something is definitely going wrong around here. CUT TO: EXT.BOAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SWAMP-NIGHT Camera zooms out from the top (sky view). Black silhouettes appear in the water. They are surrounding the boat. DEEP TO BLACK: EXT.HOUSE PATTIO-NIGHT The mother calls in the kids. Mother: OK guys it’s late now, come inside! She notices the boy is missing. Mother: Sophie, where is Toby? CUT TO: EXT.SWAMP BANK –NIGHT Toby is playing with his paper boats. One of them is suddenly being eaten by some creature. Toby’s jaw dropped. DEEP TO BLACK: (Sound of Toby screaming and splashing) CUT TO: INT. HOUSE-NIGHT Father talking on the phone. Father: Our child is missing, officer! This place is cursed. We have to find him. DISSOLVE TO: EXT.HOUSE-NIGHT (QUICK SCENES) The swing on the tree creaking. Wind blowing through the hanged up laundry.

Bushes rustling. DEEP TO BLACK: EXT.HOUSE AND SWAMP BANK-NIGHT The mother screams. She is being dragged into the water by an unseen creature. CUT TO: EXT.BOAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SWAMP-NIGHT Fishermen Bob is being caught by a giant leech. He is suffocating and tries to call Fisherman Joe for help. Joe doesn’t notice him being in trouble as he is turned on the other side. Fisherman Joe: I wonder where all those huge fish gone missing. DEEP TO BLACK: (Joe’s voice: Oh my God! What is that?) EXT.HOUSE-NIGHT Joe is being chased by a herd of carnivorous tadpoles. (Only the silhouettes are visible) DEEP TO BLACK: EXT.HOUSE-NIGHT Sophie is being attacked by a leech. It is stuck on her face. She screams. DEEP TO BLACK: EXT.HOUSE-NIGHT The father calls for Sophie. He uses a torch and flashes towards the swamp. FATHER: Sophie, where are you? Some creature breathes heavily behind him. He turns swiftly and lights up its face. A giant axolotl stares at the father and drools. The father gasps. DEEP TO BLACK: (Sound of the axolotl attacking)


Fisherman Joe is appearing mutated. Fisherman Joe: I don’t feel so well... His spine cracks and he starts transforming. DEEP TO BLACK


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