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On behalf of our client, Hammer Residences Inc., KeyStone Search has been retained in the recruitment of a Chief Executive Officer.

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Since opening its doors in 1923, Hammer’s passion to provide quality services for adults and children with developmental disabilities has helped thousands experience life to its fullest. Founder Alvina Hammer believed that individuals with disabilities had the right to lead full lives in a loving atmosphere where they would feel secure and develop selfconfidence. More than 85 years later, our mission remains true to Miss Hammer’s vision: we are a community of people who respect an individual’s abilities, whose collective spirit makes dreams come true and whose innovations continue to lead the way.

Residential Hammer homes and apartment programs number 30+ and our staff members serve nearly 750 adults and children throughout the western suburbs of the Twin Cities. Hammer offers a “choice model” where clients and family members are given the opportunity to play a key role in their services including hiring and evaluation of staff members. Hammer also provides private rooms, nurses who are directly employed by the organization and homes that are adapted to meet a range of ages and abilities. In-Home Support Services Hammer offers In-Home Support Services uniquely designed to meet the needs and desires of people with disabilities in their family’s home. Our experienced staff members are committed to helping individuals to increase their independence and self-determination. Hammer works with the individual and their existing support team to develop a custom care plan including personalized annual outcomes and a health and safety plan. Case Management In February 2007, Hennepin County chose Hammer as one of a few private agencies authorized to provide case management services as a new alternative for families. Hammer’s experienced well-trained case managers strive to work with individuals and their families to develop strong, positive relationships and creative strategies to assist them in developing effective personal life plans An effective case manager is a vital link to help families navigate the maze of the social service system while promoting consumer choice and self-determination. Support Planning Hammer’s experienced Support Planners (formerly known as Flexible Case Managers) will provide person-centered, high quality services to meet the needs of families and support them in navigating the waiver system. Hammer’s Support Planning Management Services are available to families who use Consumer Directed Community Services (CDCS). Our Support Planners strive to work with individuals and their families to develop creative strategies to meet ongoing needs and desires.

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Hammer Travel Hammer Travel is a new and exciting service recently launched by Hammer Residence, Inc. Although Hammer Travel is based in Minnesota, it offers a variety of travel opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities across the nation. Hammer Travel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hammer Residences, Inc. founded in 2009.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for leading, directing and managing the organization in a manner consistent with the mission, vision and values of the organization, and doing so in a fiscally responsible and ethically sound manner. Working in concert with the Board of Directors, the CEO will oversee the implementation of the current strategic plan as well as envisioning the future of the organization; providing leadership and playing a key role in setting strategic direction and ensuring those directives are carried out. Growth of both core services and diversified services/businesses will be critical to the organization over the coming years and will be a key directive for the new CEO. Given these objectives, community presence, advocacy and facilitation of fundraising are key components of this role. The CEO is ultimately responsible for management of all employees of Hammer Residence, Inc., which includes approximately 420 employees. Current direct reports to the CEO include a Chief Financial Officer, a Director of Program Services, Director of Human Resources, Director of Development and Communication, Director of Environmental Services, Director of Volunteer Resources, Director of Health Services and Director of Information Services.

The CEO of Hammer Residences, Inc. is responsible for providing vision and strategic leadership with both internal and external stakeholders. It is important this leader is able to embrace and leverage the strong brand Hammer has built, but is also ready and able to drive the changes necessary to address the evolving landscape of today’s non-profit sector. Specific responsibilities include: Organizational Responsible for overall operation of the organization Strategic planning/Vision creation Work with Board to accomplish organization’s mission Support Board and their work Recruit and orientate new Board members Supervise Executive Staff Team and Administrative Coordinator Property Oversees all property issues and assures properties are maintained Assures proper funding is available for maintenance of properties Personnel Assures adequate staffing of organization Assures personnel policies are in place and followed Leads the staff of the organization and holds it accountable for results

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Financial Ensures organization remains financially sound Assures ethical and legal integrity is maintained related to finances Oversees Financial activities and financial strategic planning Ensures adequate financial resources are available for operation of the organization Oversees and participates in Development (fundraising) activities Assures that money is invested soundly Assures that accounting policies are in place and are followed Assures workable budgets are developed and followed Public Relations Develops and maintains relations with key individuals outside the organization Acts as primary liaison to the community Engages in activities and becomes involved with outside organizations that will enhance the organizations reputation/recognition Seeks out ways and works to enhance reputation and recognition of the organization Programs Assures that the quality of services is maintained and improved Strategic planning and growth planning Assures adequate resources are available to accomplish the mission Maintains relationship with clients and family members Technology Oversees organization’s use of technology Strategic Planning

The ideal candidate for this position is an experienced and visionary professional with a passion to provide adults and children with developmental disabilities the opportunity to experience life to its fullest. The successful candidate will be a person of integrity and stature with proven leadership experience, exemplary business and/or nonprofit management skills, and a strong commitment and dedication to the vision of Hammer Residences Inc. Ideal candidates will possess ten to fifteen years of progressive leadership experience in a complex, multi-faceted organization, including experience working with a human services non-profit, or relevant board/volunteer experience. A bachelor’s degree is required with a master’s degree preferred. Other essential skills and experience include: • A proven track record in leading, building and growing an organization through a caring, collaborative and team-oriented leadership style. • Big picture thinker with the ability to think strategically about achieving Hammer Residence, Inc. goals. • Ability and willingness to be Hammer’s primary advocate with government agencies/officials • Proven ability to drive and implement change

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Proven ability to drive effective fundraising efforts The willingness, presence and capacity to be Hammer’s face to the public, which includes being an effective communicator, a persuasive influencer, and a good listener. Outstanding leadership, planning, organizational, and management skills. Demonstrated financial management and budgeting abilities. Ability to establish and maintain excellent, productive relationships with the Board of Directors, Hammer clients/residents, the greater community, and key funders including city, county and state agencies. Ability to build trust, relationships and to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and a broad range of constituencies.

The salary for this position is commensurate with experience and competitive with similar nonprofits. A full benefits package is offered.

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Hammer Residences, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer

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