Subject: Randy Leonard misconduct at public safety//#occupy music festival and cultural affairs From: humanrights <maryeng1@gmail

.com> Date: October 13, 2011 3:27:35 PM PDT To:,,, Robert King <>, Allison Madsen <> city commissioner for public safety randy leonard made very unprofessional comments about torture and waterboarding his staff and photographing it to me today when i stopped by commissioner of public safety to talk about the arrests and the condoleeza rice protest upcoming. i recommended his staff a discrimination attorney. i was shocked at his lack of professionalism and mentioned it to the receptionist, saying, i can't believe he'd say that on the job. his young male interns who he was joking about seemed to get my drift when i recommended a discrimination attorney. even as he may claim he is joking, i am a serious human rights activist enquiring about the human rights of the occupation and the human rights of the people tortured under condoleezza rice and the the rights of the oregon taxpayers to know how much money will be drained by the anti-torture protest 19 october at the oregon convention center. i want this in writing on his record and i want him to be educated against threatening workers in the presence of citizens. he was at least highly unprofessional, and at worst deeply disturbing about his sense of humor humiliating his staff in my presence about photographing them engaged in humiliating torture like abu ghraib. he should cease this kind of joking as it makes the city look complicit with torture in guantanamo and makes our government look imbecilic. sincerely, mary rose lenore eng needless to say his lack of helpfulness was compounded by this agressive violent joking and i want to get to the bottom of why the police did not use me as a resource to peacefully negotiate with the protest. the arrest came as the legal observers were asleep at 6am, and this seems a deliberate attack upon them in their weakest state without National Lawyers Guild assistance. i will proceed shortly to tom adams office and need appointments with all levels of city government to make sure we as a city do not have any more mistakes in PR and Tourism. the young people need a cultural center and counseling and arts opportunities and fulfilling challenging activities. treating them like criminals when they are so poor is a mistake.

the Occupy Los Angeles City council is approving permits for city festivals of music with celebrity involvement and donated solar panels from the City Transit. this is critical. we must follow the model of nonviolent intervention and communication and peaceful involvement in the youth and homeless veterans lives. the time is now for pro-active prevention of these police mistakes which will damage the corporate outlay of portland for investors. we can turn this into a win-win for the youth of #occupy and the city government. i look forward to speaking with you about how we can greet the future of your involvement in a peaceful cultural awakening as the #occupy movement sweeps the world. understand too that this breach of trust will need to be overcome with positive peaceful negotiation.

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