Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2011, let me begin with my sincere gratitude for allowing me to speak on your

behalf. It is both a privilege and an honor to be standing here on this podium, and as a representative of the senior class, I will do my best to put our accomplishments into words. It is also a privilege and an honor to be counted among this group of exemplary individuals, sharing the experiences and memories that have brought us to this day. After observing 13 previous senior classes, all of whom have claimed supremacy on their graduation day, I feel it is now safe to say that collegiate has never graduated a senior class that compares to ours. It truly is my honor to represent and define the greatest class to ever walk the halls of Louisville Collegiate School: the class of 2011. There are very few ways to describe the class of 2011 without references to the pantheon atop Mount Olympus, the Romans in their prime, or the 300 Spartans (before they died), but in an attempt to avoid any claims of narcissism, I will simply state the facts. We are a class of brilliant, motivated students, who, when faced with a problem, embark on an unyielding quest for logical resolution. We are a class of athletes, with a record 13 commits venturing into the world of competitive collegiate athletics. We are a class of artists, actors, composers, ping-pong champions, fichus-enthusiasts, and more. And, if you haven’t heard, we are anything but quiet. In every aspect of the Collegiate community, the class of 2011 implicitly commands a silent sense of respect. Every one of our actions, answers, and questions affects everyone and everything around us like the first ripple in a pond, moving swiftly and elegantly as it leads the way for ripples to come. So, why us? Why this senior class? Because these are the student athletes that toppled giants such as St. X and Trinity, these are the masterminds of the greatest senior

and his accomplishments came from his will to act. however. and those who accomplish are those who make history. undefeated.” During his eight years as President. leaped over the confounding political obstacles. Teddy would be the first to say that waters never part until our feet get wet. in fact. Teddy helped redefine what it means to be a leader. none of those options . This is the class that will make history. I don’t think he would have been thought of shy and reserved. “Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering. Roosevelt actively led the charge against private monopolization of domestic industry. history remembers him as one of the most passionate and single-minded individuals of his time. and these are the four-time. he saw the solution. President Theodore Roosevelt once said.” He proved that those who question are those who accomplish. To quote one of my favorite hotheads. in doing so. and now we stand at the shores of the red sea. parents and teachers behind us. Ladies and Gentlemen. There are those who will swim. In establishing his legacy. and what it takes to “leave a name worth remembering. and there are those turn around and go home. and pushed for a shift towards a more progressive America. However. and its up to each one of us to figure out how we are going to cross it. and a sea of…colleges ahead of us. there are those who will sail. When faced with a problem. and invested the entirety of his being into action until a solution was found. Well seniors we understand Teddy. His success came from his will to question. A world of new challenges and freedoms sits on the other side of that sea. dodge ball champions of the world.prank in the history of Collegiate’s animal ethics policy. this is class of 2011.

and you who taught us the power of a question. It was you who taught us to never accept mediocrity. I would label this as a form of collective intellectual unrest. or sail. a thirst for connections in a world where issues are no longer black and white. prepped for revolution. and split that ocean right down the middle. raise our staffs. I can feel it. we would like to thank you. or turn around and go home. Now I’m sure some people might call this rebellious. but we also have the will to act and the drive to use it. and I’m sure many of the faculty can attest to this rebellious. Upper School faculty. but instead of rebellion. Look behind me—look into their eyes. we’d be ready for that too.seem fitting for a class like ours. we fight it for ourselves and we fight it for the sake of others. We are that class that is ready for change. and if tomorrow the world decided to spin another direction. One day we are going to change the face of history. We not only have the overwhelming diversity of individual intelligence. We’re going to walk right in. When faced with adversity. . unlawful behavior. and in doing so. unlawful behavior. We are going to get our feet wet. And we are the class that questions. And for this. we don’t sit back and take it. cant you? When crossing that sea we aren’t going to swim. We are the class that says why? and how? in place is of is and was. you who shaped our minds to think and embrace curiosity. we are going to make history.

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