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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2011 B-1

Shotgun practice
pays dividends
Columbus Day weekend
has come and gone and
along with the glorious
weather for the holiday
weekend comes the realization that autumn is upon us.
Many of us look forward to
autumn and the various
sporting opportunities that
we have. But we have to
realize that our days afield
can be as fleeting as the colorful autumn leaves that are
already starting to fall.
planned to get in lots of
shotgun practice but now
you take the field with the
realization that you need a
lot of work on your shotgun
There is still time to
improve, even by practicing
at home in the evening. A
lot of shooting skill comes
from mounting the gun
properly and consistently.
Make sure the gun is
unloaded and assume the
ready position with your
feet almost shoulder length
apart and the gun butt
tucked lightly under your
Keep your head still and
Dispatch Staff Photo by JOHN HAEGER focus on a point on the
Oneida's Botros Toro (8) and Whitesboro's Kyle Kupiec (3) play the ball in the air in the first half of their TVL match wall. Push the muzzle
on Thursday in Oneida. The hosts scored in the first minute and held on for the win and sole possession of first towards it while raising the
place with two matches to play.
gun to your face.
Learn to bring the gun to
the place on your cheek
that leaves you looking
right down the rib or barrel
at the target. If you are not,
you will be shooting high
over your target. Do 50

Look whos in first!

OHS tops
Wboro 1-0
Dispatch Sports Staff

incorrectly stated the
Charleston brothers played
football for VVS in the
1970s. They played for

SU Football

SU 36, Wake Forest 29 OT

SU 21, Rhode Island 14
USC 38, SU 17
SU 33, Toledo 30 OT
Rutgers 19, SU 16 2OT
SU 37, Tulane 34
West Virginia at SU 8:00

Local Schedule
Thursday, October 13
Girls Soccer
Whitesboro 4, Oneida 0
Camden 6, HP 1
Cincinnatus 8, Stockbridge Valley 1
Boys Soccer
Oneida 1, Whitesboro 0
Friday, October 14
VVS at Oneida 6:30
South Jefferson at Camden 7:00
Canastota at S-E 7:00
M-E at Sauquoit Valley 7:00
Cazenovia at Chittenango 7:00
Field Hockey
HP vs. Oneida at Oneida Tournament
Camden at RFA tourney 4:00
Clinton at M-E 5:30
Hamilton at Mohawk 4:30
Boys Soccer
M-E at Adirondack 4:30
Brookfield at Madison 4:30
Stockbridge Valley at McGraw 4:30
Clinton at Hamilton 7:00
Girls Soccer
Hamilton at Canastota 4:30

mounts a night.
Proper shooting form is a
key to accuracy. Keep both
eyes open with feet in a
slightly open stance and
about 60% of your weight
on the front foot. Your head
and neck should be comfortably erect as you bring
the gun up smoothly to the
cheek and align the master
Your support hand should
be forward near the front of
the stock. Your index finger
should be pointed towards
the target and two-thirds of
the weight of the gun supported by your front hand.
Of course you also need
to practice shooting to get
your motion and timing
Just because a shotgun
delivers a lot of pellets, hitting anything, especially a
moving target is far from a
sure thing. The brain has to
record the speed, distance,
and angle of a flying target
and instantaneously deliver
a command that enables
our body and gun to send a
swarm of pellets to some
point out there in space
where they intercept the target.

Rivalry Results

ONEIDA After a 6-1
loss to Whitesboro in their
first meeting, Oneida wanted redemption and with
first place in the Tri-Valley
League on the line there
was no better time to earn
it than Thursdays rematch.
Leading scorer Cary Reifschneider scored 55 seconds into the TVL match
defense held off a determined Whitesboro attack
the next 79 minutes for a 10 win.
Now the dream of the
schools first league title in
coach Dewayne Cronks 18
years is still alive. And
mainly because of Oneidas
(7-1, 12-1-1) dream start.
Botros Toro earned a
throw-in deep in Whitesboro territory and Evan
Cooley found striker Reifschneider in the corner of
the penalty box with the
throw. Reifschneiders first
touch got him past a
defender and his second


Dispatch Staff Photo by JOHN HAEGER

Whitesboro's keeper Brent Sloma makes the save as Oneida's Nick Brophy (12) backs
up the shot and Whitesboro's Tim Bishop (18) defends in the first half.
was a blast into the upper
right corner of the net for
the lead.
The visitors immediately
set out for the equalizer, but

a counterattack in the ninth

minute almost made it 2-0.
Oneidas Nick Brophy beat
the defense to a through
ball, but his touch towards

goal was saved by Whitesboro goalkeeper Brent Sloma.

Scores for Oneida-VVS

football games
2010: OHS 28, VVS 27
(OT) in semi
2010: VVS 33, OHS 6
2009: VVS 21, OHS 16
2008: OHS 43, VVS 14
2007: OHS 29, VVS 27
2006: did not play
2005: OHS 22, VVS 0
2004: OHS 28, VVS 7
2003: OHS 33, VVS 32
2002: OHS 12, VVS 6
2001: VVS 14, OHS 6
2000: VVS 21, OHS 7
1999: OHS 34, VVS 8
1998: OHS 10, VVS 9
1997: OHS 33, VVS 0
1996: OHS 28, VVS 6
1995: OHS 24, VVS 14
1994: VVS 15, OHS 7
1993: VVS 15, OHS 15
1992: VVS 32, OHS 14
1991: VVS 14, OHS 12
1990: VVS 26, OHS 14
1989: VVS 20, OHS 14
1988: OHS 13, VVS 12
1987: OHS 27, VVS 0
1986: VVS 23, OHS 0
1985: VVS 26, OHS 0
1985: VVS 16, OHS 7
(in Dome semi)
1984: VVS 16, OHS 13
1983: VVS 3, OHS 0

1982: OHS 26, VVS 16

1981: OHS 25, VVS 0
1980: OHS 14, VVS 0
1979: OHS 19, VVS 0
1978: OHS 41, VVS 0
1977: VVS 18, OHS 13
1976: OHS 20, VVS 19
1975: VVS 14, OHS 0
1974: OHS 27, VVS 15
1973: OHS 7, VVS 6
1972: VVS 12, OHS 7
1971: VVS 20, OHS 6
1970: VVS 8, OHS 8
1969: VVS 26, OHS 0
1968: VVS 52, OHS 0
1967: VVS 21, OHS 0
1966: VVS 35, OHS 19
1965: VVS 20, OHS 7
1964: VVS 20, OHS 12
1963: VVS 7, OHS 0
1962: VVS 26, OHS 0
1961: VVS 20, OHS 6
1960: VVS 31, OHS 21
1959: OHS 18, VVS 0
1958: OHS 6, VVS 0
1957: VVS 12, OHS 12
1956: VVS 34, OHS 34
1955: OHS 24, VVS 7
1954: OHS 42, VVS 13
1953: VVS 13, OHS 12
1952: OHS 26, VVS 2
1951: OHS 14, VVS 0
-------------30-27-4 VVS leads series

See SOCCER, Page B2

Playoff spot on line in VVS-Oneida game

Dispatch Sports Staff

The annual VernonVerona-Sher r ill-Oneida

football game is usually a
competition for pride, playoff positioning and area
bragging rights. This years
edition of rivalry will be no
Boasting identical league
records of 3-2, the winner
of tonights 6:30 game will
clinch an automatic playoff
berth. The loser could be in
or out of the Class B playoffs depending on the outcome of South Jeffersons
game at Camden.
This is what Oneida
thrives on is playing VVS,
Oneida coach Bill Carinci
said. Usually its for a
league title or its to go into
the playoffs. It always has
some definite meaning for
this game.
Oneida began the year
with losses to Camden and
Cazenovia, but ran off three
consecutive league wins
since. Quarterback Tyler
Mallinder has had success

both running and throwing

for touchdowns to a variety
of receivers recently and
sophomore tailback Dylan
Cafalone has stepped up to
lead the team in rushing.
At first I didnt come in
thinking I was going to play
a lot, Cafalone said. I ended up getting more carries
and just gotten more confident as the seasons gone
Senior receiver Jimmy
Moyer will miss the game
due to illness, but Oneidas
Kyle Peck, Brandon Worley
and Chris Morehouse have
been favorite targets of
Mallinder in the spread
offense. Oneidas defense is
led by senior linebacker
Evan Stoffle.
Its a lot (of) our senior
years and theyre coming
here to our home field,
Stoffle said. If we win its
an opportunity for us to get
in the playoffs and its also
an opportunity that they
might get knocked out. That
Dispatch Staff Photo by JOHN HAEGER
just makes it bigger of a Oneida's Chris Morehouse (10) makes a catch against Cazenovia in a league game in
game for us.
Cazenovia on September 10. Cazenovia won the game 21-6 to put Oneida at 0-2. But
Oneida has bounced back to post a 3-2 record in the league and will clinch a playoff
See VVS-OHS, Page B2 berth with a victory at home tonight against VVS..