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Maria Valtorta's

Il Poema Dell'Uomo Dio (The Poem of The ManGod)

Translated from Italian by Nicandro Picozzi, M.A., D.D. Revised by Patrick McLau !lin, M.A.


Table of Contents
JESUS' SECOND YEAR OF THE PUBLIC LIFE..................................1 141. Instructi n t t!" Disci#$"s %!i$" & in' t %(r)s Ari*(t!"(....................................................................................... 1 142. Instructi n t t!" A# st$"s & in' t %(r)s S(*(ri(........+ 14,. P! tin(i- t!" S(*(rit(n . *(n...........................................1/ 144. .it! t!" P" #$" 0 S1c!(r......................................................12 143. E4(n'"$i5(ti n (t S1c!(r..........................................................2, 14+. & )61" t t!" P" #$" 0 S1c!(r........................................22 147. Instructi n t t!" A# st$"s (n) t!" 8ir(c$" 0 t!" . *(n 0 S1c!(r......................................................................,, 149. J"sus :isits t!" B(#tist n"(r Enn n......................................4/ 142. J"sus T"(c!"s t!" A# st$"s....................................................44 13/. J"sus (t N(5(r"t!. ; S n- I .i$$ C *" %it! Y u. <..........31 131. In Sus(nn('s H us" in C(n(. T!" R 1($ O00ic"r...............34 132. In ="6")""'s H us". S($ *" Is Acc"#t") (s ( Disci#$".........................................39 13,. J"sus S#"(>s t His Disci#$"s 0 . *"n's A# st $(t"...........................................................+1 134. J"sus (t C("s(r"( n S"( S#"(>s t t!" &($$"1?S$(4"s...................................................+3 133. Cur" 0 t!" Litt$" R *(n &ir$ (t C("s(r"(.........................7+ 13+. Ann($"(! D"4 t"s H"rs"$0 t & ) (s ( :ir'in..................9+ ,

137. Instructi n t t!" . *"n Disci#$"s (t N(5(r"t!............23 139. J"sus S#"(>s t J !(nn( 0 C!u5( n t!" L(>"............1/+ 132. J"sus (t &!"r'!"s(. J !n's Disci#$"s................................112 1+/. Fr * N(#!t($i t &isc($(. 8""tin' %it! R(66i &(*($i"$..............................................112 1+1. T!" &r(n)s n 0 E$i( P!(ris"" 0 C(#"rn(u*- is Cur")...................................129 1+2. J"sus in t!" H us" in C(#"rn(u* (0t"r t!" 8ir(c$" n E$is!(...................................................1,4 1+,. Dinn"r in t!" H us" 0 E$it!" P!(ris"" 0 C(#"rn(u*.................................................144 1+4. T %(r)s t!" R"tr"(t n t!" 8 unt(in 6"0 r" t!" E$"cti n 0 t!" A# st$"s................................................13/ 1+3. T!" E$"cti n 0 t!" T%"$4" A# st$"s.................................133 1++. T!" First S"r* n 0 Si* n ="($ t (n) J !n..................1+3 1+7. In t!" H us" 0 J !(nn( 0 C!u5(. J"sus (n) t!" R *(n L()i"s...............................................172 1+9. A'$(" in 8(r1's H us" (t N(5(r"t!...................................123 1+2. T!" S"r* n 0 t!" 8 unt@ ; Y u Ar" t!" S($t 0 t!" E(rt! <........................................211 17/. T!" S"r* n 0 t!" 8 unt. T!" B"(titu)"s AP(rt On"B....................................................22, 171. T!" S"r* n 0 t!" 8 unt. T!" B"(titu)"s AP(rt T% B....................................................2,2 4

172. T!" S"r* n 0 t!" 8 unt. T!" B"(titu)"s AP(rt T!r""B.................................................242 17,. T!" S"r* n 0 t!" 8 unt. T!" B"(titu)"s AP(rt F urB...................................................2+3 174. T!" S"r* n 0 t!" 8 unt. T!" B"(titu)"s AP(rt Fi4"B. Enc unt"r %it! t!" 8(')($"n"..........................................27+ 173. T!" L"#"r Cur") (t t!" F t 0 t!" 8 unt(in..............,/7 17+. T!" S(66(t! (0t"r t!" S"r* n. At t!" F t 0 t!" 8 unt(in...............................................,13 177. T!" S"r4(nt 0 t!" C"nturi n Is Cur").............................,22 179. J"sus 8""ts T!r"" 8"n .! .(nt t F $$ % Hi*......,2+ 172. T!" P(r(6$" 0 t!" S %"r......................................................,,/ 19/. L"ss n t t!" A# st$"s in P"t"r's Citc!"n (n) Ann unc"*"nt 0 t!" B(#tist's C(#tur".........................,4, 191. P(r(6$" 0 t!" D(rn"$.............................................................,37 192. On His .(1 t 8(')($( J"sus S#"(>s t S *" S!"#!"r)s.................................................................................. ,+2 19,. J"sus (t 8(')($(. H" 8""ts %it! 8(r1 8(')($"n" t!" S"c n) Ti*"...................................................................... ,7+ 194. At 8(')($( in t!" H us" 0 B"nD(*in's 8 t!"r..........,92 193. T!" C($*in' 0 t!" St r*....................................................,23 19+. T!" D"* ni(cs 0 &()(r(....................................................4// 197. T %(r)s J"rus($"* 0 r t!" S"c n) P(ss 4"r. Fr * T(ric!"( t 8 unt T(6 r..........................................41/ 3

199. Fr * T(6 r t En) r in t!" C(4" 0 t!" N"cr *(nc"r.Enc unt"r %it! F"$iE .! B"c *"s J !n................................................................419 192. T!" S n 0 t!" .i) % 0 N(in...........................................4,3 12/. Fr * N(in t Es)r("$ n. J"sus St(1s (t 8ic(!'s...........44/ 121. T!" S(66(t! (t Es)r("$ n. Litt$" J(6"5. T!" P(r(6$" 0 Ric! Di4"s.....................................................443 122. Fr * Es)r("$ n t En'(nni* St ##in' (t 8"'i)) .. 43+ 12,. Fr * En'(nni* t S!"c!"* in T% D(1s......................4+3 124. Fr * S!"c!"* t B""r t!...................................................471 123. Fr * B""r t! t J"rus($"*..................................................49/ 12+. T!" S(66(t! (t &"t!s"*(n"...............................................497 127. In t!" T"*#$" (t t!" H ur 0 t!" O00"rin'.....................3/1 129. J"sus 8""ts His 8 t!"r (t B"t!(n1..................................3/7 122. J"sus & "s t t!" L"#"rs 0 Si$ (* (n) B"n Hinn *. T!" P %"r 0 8(r1's . r)..................................................32/ 2//. A'$(" 8""ts t!" 8(st"r........................................................3,7 2/1. 8(rDi(*'s EE(*in(ti n...........................................................347 2/2. At t!" T"*#$" n t!" E4" 0 P(ss 4"r.............................33+ 2/,. T!" ; Our F(t!"r <...................................................................3+, 2/4. J"sus t t!" &"nti$"s@ F(it! Is Bui$t (s Y ur T"*#$"s...373 2/3. T!" P(r(6$" 0 t!" Pr )i'($ S n.........................................392

2/+. T!" P(r(6$" 0 t!" T"n :ir'ins (n) t!" P(r(6$" 0 t!" R 1($ ."))in'....................................+/1 2/7. Fr * B"t!(n1 t t!" &r tt 0 B"t!$"!"*.....................+2/ 2/9. & in' t E$i5('s (t B"t!5ur...................................................+,7 2/2. J"sus in E$i5('s H us" S#"(>s 0 S rr % t!(t B"(rs Fruit....................................................+34 21/. T %(r)s H"6r n. T!" . r$)'s R"(s ns (n) & )'s......++, 211. ."$c *" R"c"#ti n (t H"6r n..........................................+72 212. At Jutt(!- J"sus S#"(>s in Is((c's H us".........................+93 21,. At C"ri t!- J"sus S#"(>s in t!" S1n(' 'u"....................+2+ 214. In Ju)(s' H us" (t C"ri t!....................................................7/2 213. T!" Lun(tic &ir$ 0 B"t!'inn(..............................................712 21+. In t!" P$(in t %(r)s As!>"$ n.............................................72, 217. J"sus Is 8(st"r ($s 0 t!" S(66(t!..................................7,1 219. Arri4($ (t As!>"$ n..................................................................7,9 212. T"(c!in' (t As!>"$ n.............................................................73+ 22/. J"sus (t 8(')($'() Incin"r(t"s ( P('(n I) $................7+9 221. L"ss n t t!" A# st$"s & in' t J(6n""$........................772 222. T %(r)s 8 )in........................................................................ 72/ 22,. J"sus S#"(>s t Hi'!%(1*"n.............................................727 224. Arri4($ (t B"t!"r....................................................................... 9/+ 223. T!" P(r($1tic (t t!" P $ 0 B"t!5(t!(.............................917 7

22+. 8(r1 H(s S"nt 0 r 8(rt!( (t 8(')($(.............................9,, 227. 8(rDi(* Is Entrust") t P r#!ir"(.....................................9,9 229. J"sus S#"(>s (t B"t!s(i)(....................................................944 222. T!" . *(n %it! ( H"* rr!('" (n) J(irus' D(u'!t"r..............................................................947 2,/. J"sus (n) 8(rt!( (t C(#"rn(u*........................................933 2,1. T% B$in) 8"n (n) ( Du*6 D"* ni(c Cur")..............9+3 2,2. P(r(6$" 0 t!" L st S!""#.....................................................974 2,,. C **"nt n T!r"" E#is )"s C nn"ct") %it! t!" C n4"rsi n 0 8(r1 0 8(')($(........................................972 2,4. 8(rt!( H(s H"r :ict r1 %it!in H"r &r(s#.......................92/ 2,3. 8(r1 8(')($"n" in t!" H us" 0 Si* n- t!" P!(ris""..........................................................924 2,+. T!" H(r4"st Is Ric! 6ut t!" L(6 ur"rs Ar" F"%. T!" P(r(6$" 0 t!" Tr"(sur" Hi))"n in t!" Fi"$)..................2/+ 2,7. T!" 8(')($"n" Is Acc *#(ni") 61 8(r1 (* n' t!" Disci#$"s...............................................................219 2,9. T!" P(r(6$" 0 t!" Fis!"r*"n.............................................22+ 2,2. 8(rDi(* T"(c!"s 8(r1 8(')($"n" t!" ; Our F(t!"r <...................................................................2,7 24/. J"sus Is t!" P %"r0u$ L 4"r. T!" P(r(6$" 0 t!" L st Dr(c!*(......................................242 241. Cn %$")'" Is n t C rru#ti n i0 it Is R"$i'i n.................232 242. In t!" H us" (t C(n(..............................................................2++ 9

24,. J !n R"#"(ts t!" S#""c! 8()" 61 J"sus n 8 unt T(6 r...................................................................... 29/ 244. J"sus (t N(5(r"t!.....................................................................221 243. In t!" S1n(' 'u" (t N(5(r"t! n t!" S(66(t!..........1/// 24+. Our L()1 T"(c!"s t!" 8(')($"n"...................................1/1, 247. At B"t!$"!"* in &($i$""......................................................1/22 249. & in' t %(r)s Sic(*in n..................................................1/4/ 242. J"sus 8""ts t!" Disci#$"s (t Sic(*in n........................1/47 23/. At T1r"- J"sus S#"(>s 0 P"rs"4"r(nc"...........................1/+2 231. R"turn t Sic(*in n. J"sus S#"(>s 0 F(it!.................1/7/ 232. D"#(rtur" 0r * Sic(*in n. T!" B$"ss") :ir'in 8(r1 (n) S#iritu($is") 8(t"rnit1....................................1/9, 23,. S1nt1c!"- t!" &r""> S$(4"..................................................1/2, 234. & )61" t 8(r1 0 8(')($(t 8(rt!( (n) t S1nt1c!"................................................11/3 233. J"sus S#"(>s 0 H #"..........................................................1117 23+. J"sus & "s u# 8 unt C(r*"$ %it! His C usin J(*"s.........................................................1127 237. J"sus R"4"($s t J(*"s 0 A$#!("us His Futur" A# st $ic 8issi n............................................11,1 239. J"sus (n) His C usin J(*"s n T!"ir .(1 B(c> 0r * 8 unt C(r*"$........................................................................1143 232. P"t"r S#"(>s t D r(s' P"(s(nts (6 ut t!" L 4" .!ic! Is S($4(ti n.................................11+/ 2

2+/. J"sus t J !(n(n's P"(s(nts@ ; L 4" Is O6")i"nc" <.........................................................1172 2+1. In t!" H us" 0 D r( (n) P!i$i#......................................1177 2+2. T!" 8(n %it! t!" .it!"r") H(n)...................................1123 2+,. A D(1 0 Ju)(s Isc(ri t (t N(5(r"t!................................12// 2+4. Instructi ns t t!" A# st$"s (t t!" B"'innin' 0 T!"ir A# st $(t"............................121+ 2+3. J !n t!" B(#tist S"n)s His Disci#$"s t As> J"sus %!"t!"r H" Is t!" 8"ssi(!................................................12,2 2++. J"sus . r>s (s ( C(r#"nt"r (t C r(5i*.........................1247 2+7. J"sus S#"(>s 0 L 4"............................................................123, 2+9. T!" Dis#ut" %it! t!" P!(ris""s (n) t!" Arri4($ 0 J"sus' 8 t!"r (n) Br t!"rs....................12++ 2+2. T!" N"%s 0 t!" 8ur)"r 0 J !n t!" B(#tist..............129, 27/. D"#(rtur" in t!" Dir"cti n 0 T(ric!"(..........................1224 271. S#"(>in' t ( Scri6" n t!" B(n>s 0 t!" J r)(n......1,/2 272. First 8ir(c$" 0 t!" L (4"s.................................................1,/2 27,. J"sus .($>s n t!" .(t"r..................................................1,17 274. T!" D"")s 0 C r# r($ (n) S#iritu($ 8"rc1.................1,23


This is the Voice of the Teacher. It roars and caresses. It roars when it is addressed to those who do not want to be converted. It caresses when it speaks to those who, though imperfect, have the good will to find God and his ord and, having found Them, to sanctif! themselves. "or these it becomes the caress of a "riend and the blessing of #esus. $


JESUS' SECOND YEAR OF PUBLIC LIFE 141. Inst !"t#on to t$e D#s"#%les &$#le 'o#n( to&a )s A #*at$ea.
1+t$ A% #l 1+4,.

& ' My Lord, (!at s!all (e do (it! t!is man) * Peter asks +esus ,ointin at a man, (!ose name is +ose,!, and (!o !as been follo(in t!em since t!ey left #mmaus. +ose,! is no( listenin to t!e t(o sons of Al,!aeus and to -imon, (!o are ,ayin ,articular attention to !im. ' I !ave told you. .e is comin (it! us as far as /alilee. * ' And t!en)...* ' And t!en... !e (ill be stayin (it! us. 0ou (ill see t!at t!at is (!at is oin to !a,,en. * ' Is !e oin to be a disci,le, too) 1it! t!at foul story about !im) * ' Are you a P!arisee, too) * ' Not me2 3ut... I t!ink t!at t!e P!arisees are too keen on kee,in an eye on us...* ' And t!ey (ill cause us trouble if t!ey see !im (it! us. T!at is (!at you mean. -o, (e s!ould allo( a son of Abra!am to be ,lun ed into rief, because (e are afraid of bein annoyed. No, -imon Peter. It is a soul t!at can be lost or saved accordin to !o( its dee, (ound is !ealed. * ' 3ut, are (e not 0our disci,les)...* 1

+esus looks at Peter and smiles s(eetly. .e t!en says4 ' $ne day, many mont!s a o, I said to you4 5Many more (ill come.6 T!e field is vast, very vast. 3ecause of its vastness, t!e (orkers (ill never be sufficient... also because many, like +ona!, (ill die (orkin !ard. 3ut you (ill al(ays be My favoured ones * concludes +esus, dra(in loomy Peter close to .imself and .is ,romise c!eers t!e a,ostle. ' -o, !e is comin (it! us. * ' 0es, until !is !eart is refres!ed. .e is dee,ly disillusioned by all t!e bitter !atred !e !as !ad to endure. .e is indeed ,oisoned. * Also +ames, +o!n and Andre( !ave 7oined t!e Master and are listenin to .im. 8 ' 0ou cannot a,,raise t!e enormous !arm t!at a man can do anot!er man by means of !is !ostile intolerance. I ask you to remember t!at your Master (as al(ays very beni n to(ards t!ose (!o (ere sufferin from a s,iritual disease. 0ou t!ink t!at My reatest miracles and My main virtue consist in t!e curin of bodies. No, My friends... 0es, you too, (!o are a!ead of us and you, (!o are be!ind Me, come !ere. T!e road is (ide and (e can (alk in a rou,. * T!ey all at!er round +esus 1!o continues4 ' My main deeds, t!e ones t!at bear t!e clearest (itness to My nature and My mission, t!e ones u,on (!ic! t!e 9at!er looks (it! 7oy, are t!e !ealin of !earts, (!et!er t!ey are freed from one or more ca,ital vices, or relieved from rief. .earts are discoura ed by rief (!en t!ey are convinced t!at t!ey !ave been struck and abandoned by 2

/od. 1!at is a soul t!at !as lost t!e certainty of t!e !el, of /od) It is a t!in bearbine cra(lin in t!e dust, as it is no lon er able to clutc! at t!e idea t!at (as its stren t! and its 7oy. It is !orrible to live (it!out !o,e. Life is beautiful, in its !ards!i,, only because it receives suc! (armt! from t!e Divine -un. T!e aim of life is t!at -un. T!e days of man may be dismal, (et (it! tears and smeared (it! blood. 3ut t!e -un (ill rise a ain. T!en t!ere (ill be no more rief, no se,arations, no !ars!ness, no !atred, no misery or solitude in an envelo,in fo . Instead t!ere (ill be bri !tness and sin in , serenity and ,eace, t!ere (ill be /od. /od4 t!e eternal -un2 -ee !o( loomy t!e eart! is (!en t!ere is an ecli,se. If man (ere com,elled to say4 5T!e sun is defunct6 (ould !e not feel as if !e (ere to live forever in a dark !y,o eum, buried and dead before dyin ) 3ut man kno(s t!at be!ind t!e ,lanet t!at !ides t!e sun and makes t!e (orld look dismal t!ere is still /od:s bri !t sun. And t!e t!ou !t of bein united to /od durin life is like t!at. If men !urt, steal, calumniate, /od cures, rants, 7ustifies. And .e does so in full measure. Men may say4 5/od !as re7ected you.6 3ut a confident soul t!inks, must t!ink4 5/od is 7ust and ood. .e kno(s all reasons and is beni n. .e is more beni n t!an t!e most beni n of men. .e is infinitely so. T!erefore .e (ill not re7ect me if I lean my tear;stained face on .is bosom and I say to .im4 :9at!er, I !ave but 0ou. 0our son is in an uis! and de,ressed. /ive me 0our ,eace....: 6. I !ave been sent by /od to at!er t!ose (!om man !as u,set and -atan !as over(!elmed and I save t!em. T!at is really My (ork. A miracle on a body is a manifestation of divine ,o(er. T!e redem,tion of souls is t!e (ork of ,

+esus "!rist, t!e -aviour and Redeemer. I t!ink, and I am not mistaken, t!at t!ose (!o !ave been re!abilitated by Me in t!e eyes of /od and in t!eir o(n, (ill be My fait!ful disci,les, t!e ones (!o (it! reater stren t! (ill be able to lead cro(ds of ,eo,le to /od sayin 4 5Are you sinners) -o am I. Are you de,ressed) -o am I. Are you des,erate) -o (as I. And yet you can see t!at t!e Messia! !ad mercy on my s,iritual distress and .e (anted me to be .is ,riest. 3ecause .e is mercy and .e (ants t!e (orld to be convinced of t!at, and no man is more suitable to convince t!an !e (!o !as e<,erienced suc! mercy in !imself.6 No( I (ill ,ut t!em on a ,ar (it! My friends, and (it! t!ose (!o !ave (ors!i,,ed Me since I (as born, t!at is, I (ill associate t!em (it! you and (it! t!e s!e,!erds. Nay, I (ill set t!em alon side t!e s!e,!erds, (it! t!ose (!o !ave been cured, (it! t!ose (!o (it!out any s,ecial election, like you t(elve, !ave follo(ed My (ay and (ill follo( it as lon as t!ey live. Isaac is near Arimat!ea, as re=uested by our friend +ose,!. I (ill take Isaac (it! Me, so t!at !e may 7oin Timoneus (!en t!e latter arrives. 0ou may 7oin t!em, +ose,!, if you t!ink t!at t!ere is ,eace in Me and a ,ur,ose for a (!ole life. T!ey (ill be ood brot!ers to you. * > ' $ my "omfort2 It is e<actly as 0ou say. My dee, (ounds, bot! as a man and as a believer, are bein cured very =uickly. I !ave been (it! 0ou t!ree days. And I feel t!at (!at (as my torture only t!ree days a o, is a dream t!at is fadin a(ay. I !ad t!at dream, but t!e more time ela,ses, t!e more its !ars! details vanis! before reality. Durin t!e ,ast ni !ts I !ave ,ondered over t!in s. I 4

!ave a ood relative at +o,,a. .e (as... t!e involuntary cause of my trouble, because it (as t!rou ! !im t!at I met t!at (oman. And t!at (ill tell 0ou (!et!er (e (ere in a ,osition to kno( (!ose dau !ter s!e (as... True, s!e may !ave been t!e dau !ter of my fat!er:s first (ife. 3ut !e (as not t!e fat!er. .er name (as different and s!e came from far a(ay. -!e became ac=uainted (it! my relative t!rou ! business transactions. And t!at is !o( I met !er. My relative (as very fond of my business. I am oin to make !im an offer. T!e business (ould come to an end (it!out a master. I am sure !e (ill buy it, also because t!ereby !e (ill not feel remorse for t!e trouble !e caused me. I (ill t!en be self;sufficient and I (ill be able to follo( 0ou (it!out any (orry. I only ask 0ou to rant me t!at man Isaac 0ou mentioned. I am afraid of bein all alone (it! my t!ou !ts. T!ey are still too sad...* ' I (ill let you !ave Isaac. .e is a kind soul. -orro( !as ,erfected !im. .e !as carried !is cross for t!irty years. .e kno(s (!at it means to suffer... In t!e meantime (e (ill o a!ead. And you (ill 7oin us at Nazaret!. * ' Are (e not sto,,in at +ose,!:s) * ' +ose,! is ,robably in +erusalem... T!e -an!edrin is very busy... 1e (ill find out from Isaac. If !e is t!ere, (e (ill take !im our ,eace. If !e is not t!ere (e (ill sto, only one ni !t, to rest. I am an<ious to reac! /alilee. T!ere is a Mot!er 1!o is sufferin . 0ou must remember t!at t!ere are ,eo,le (!o are keen on distressin .er. I (ant to reassure .er. *

14-. Inst !"t#on to t$e A%ostles 'o#n( to&a )s Sa*a #a.

-1st A% #l 1+4,.

& +esus is (it! t!e t(elve a,ostles. T!e re ion is still mountainous, but since t!e road is =uite (ide, t!ey are all in a rou, and are s,eakin amon t!emselves. ' 3ut, no( t!at (e are all by ourselves, (e can talk about it4 (!y so muc! 7ealousy bet(een t!e t(o rou,s) * asks P!ili,. ' +ealousy) It is not!in but ,ride2 * re,lies +udas of Al,!aeus. ' No. I say t!at it is only a ,rete<t to 7ustify, some!o(, t!eir un7ust be!aviour to(ards t!e Master. ?nder t!e cover of zeal for t!e 3a,tist, t!ey succeed in drivin .im a(ay, (it!out alienatin t!e cro(ds too muc! * says -imon. ' I (ould unmask t!em. * ' Peter, (e (ould do many t!in s t!at .e does not do. * ' 1!y does .e not) * ' 3ecause .e kno(s it is better not to do so. All (e !ave to do is to imitate .im. It is not for us to uide .im. And (e must be !a,,y about it. It is a reat relief to !ave only to obey...* 8 ' 0ou are =uite ri !t, -imon * says +esus, 1!o (as (alkin a!ead of t!em a,,arently ,ensive. ' 0ou are =uite ri !t. It is easier to obey t!an to command. It does not seem so, but it is. It is certainly +

easy (!en t!e s,irit is ood. And like(ise it is difficult to command (!en t!e s,irit is u,ri !t. 3ecause a s,irit t!at is not ri !teous, ives irrational orders and (orse t!an irrational. T!en it is easy to command. 3ut... !o( more difficult it is to obey2 1!en a man is res,onsible for a ,lace or a rou, of ,eo,le, !e must al(ays be c!aritable and fair, (ise and !umble, moderate and ,atient, firm but not obstinate. $!2 It is difficult2... 9or t!e time bein you !ave but to obey. 0ou must obey /od and your Master. 0ou, and you are not t!e only one, (onder (!y I do or do not do certain t!in s. 0ou (onder (!y /od allo(s or does not allo( suc! t!in s. -ee, Peter, and all of you, My friends, one of t!e secrets of t!e ,erfect believer is not to set oneself as t!e interro ator of /od.
51!y do 0ou do t!at)6 a soul t!at is not com,letely formed asks /od. And t!at soul seems to be takin t!e attitude of a (ise adult before a little sc!oolboy and says4 5T!at is not to be done. It is silly. It is (ron .6 1!o is above /od) 0ou no( see t!at under t!e ,retence of zeal for +o!n I am bein driven a(ay. And you are scandalised. And you (ould like Me to ,ut matters ri !t by ,olemizin (it! t!ose (!o maintain suc! ,rinci,les. No, never. 0ou !ave !eard (!at t!e 3a,tist said t!rou ! t!e mout!s of !is disci,les4 5.e must ro( reater, I must ro( smaller.6 T!ere is no re ret in !im, no clin in to !is ,osition. A saint is not attac!ed to suc! t!in s. .e does not (ork to increase t!e number of !is 5o(n6 follo(ers. .e !as no follo(ers of !is o(n. .e (orks to increase t!e believers in /od. /od alone is entitled to !ave follo(ers. T!erefore, as I do not re ret t!at some ,eo,le, in ood or in bad fait!, remain disci,les of t!e 3a,tist, so !e is not 7

distressed, as you !ave !eard, if some of !is disci,les come to Me. .e disre ards suc! numerical ,ettiness. .e looks at .eaven. And I look at .eaven. Do not ar ue, t!erefore, amon yourselves, (!et!er it is fair or unfair t!at t!e +e(s s!ould accuse Me of snatc!in disci,les from t!e 3a,tist, (!et!er it is 7ust or un7ust to allo( ,eo,le to say t!at. T!ose are altercations of talkative (omen round t!e villa e fountain. -aints !el, one anot!er. T!ey ive and e<c!an e s,irits (it! unreserved ease, smilin at t!e idea of (orkin for t!e Lord. I !ave ba,tized, nay, I made you ba,tize, because t!e s,irit is so dull, no(adays, t!at it is necessary to ,resent ,iety, miracles and doctrine in a material form to it. 3ecause of suc! s,iritual dullness I (ill !ave to avail Myself of t!e !el, of material substances (!en I (ant to make you (ork miracles. 3ut believe Me, t!e evidence of !oliness is neit!er in t!e oil, nor in t!e (ater, nor in any ot!er ceremony. T!e time is about to come (!en an im,al,able, invisible t!in , (!ic! materialists cannot conceive, (ill be t!e =ueen, t!e 5returnin =ueen6, ,o(erful and !oly (it! every !oly t!in and in every !oly t!in . T!rou ! it man (ill become a ain t!e 5son of /od6 and (ill (ork (!at /od (orks, because !e (ill !ave /od (it! !im4 /race. T!at is t!e returnin =ueen. T!en ba,tism (ill be a sacrament. T!en man (ill s,eak and understand t!e lan ua e of /od and (ill ive life and Life, !e (ill ive ,o(er of science and of stren t!. T!en... o!2 t!en2 3ut you are not yet mature to learn (!at /race (ill rant you. Please !el, its comin by continuously trainin yourselves and for et useless and mean t!in s. > T!ere is t!e boundary of -amaria. Do you t!ink I ou !t to s,eak t!ere) * 9

' $!2 * T!ey are all more or less scandalised. ' I solemnly tell you t!at t!ere are -amaritans every(!ere, and if I s!ould not s,eak (!ere t!ere is a -amaritan, I s!ould not s,eak any(!ere. "ome t!erefore. I (ill not make any effort to s,eak. 3ut I (ill not disdain to s,eak of /od if I am asked. $ne year is over. T!e second is be innin . It is bet(een t!e be innin and t!e end. At t!e be innin t!e Master (as still ,redominant. No( t!e -aviour is bein revealed. T!e end (ill see t!e face of t!e Redeemer. Let us o. T!e more a river a,,roac!es its estuary, t!e more it ro(s. I also am increasin t!e (ork of mercy because t!e end is a,,roac!in . * ' Are (e oin to(ards some bi river after /alilee) Per!a,s to t!e Nile) $r t!e #u,!rates) * (!is,er some of t!e disci,les. ' Per!a,s (e are oin amon st t!e /entiles...* re,ly ot!ers. ' Do not s,eak amon yourselves. 1e are oin to(ards 5My6 end. T!at is, to(ards t!e fulfillment of My mission. Listen carefully to (!at I say to you, because after(ards I (ill leave you and you (ill !ave to continue in My name. *

14.. P$ot#na#/ t$e Sa*a #tan 0o*an.

--n) A% #l 1+4,.

& ' I (ill sto, !ere. 0ou o into to(n and buy (!at is necessary for our meal. 1e s!all eat !ere. * ' -!all (e all o) * ' 0es, +o!n. 0ou !ad better be all to et!er. * ' And (!at about 0ou) 0ou (ill be left alone... T!ey are -amaritans...* ' T!ey (ill not be t!e (orst enemies of "!rist. /o. I (ill ,ray, (!ile (aitin for you. I (ill ,ray for you and for t!em. * T!e disci,les reluctantly o a(ay, and t!ey turn round t!ree or four times to look at +esus, 1!o !as sat do(n on a little (all, e<,osed to t!e sun, near t!e lo( broad ed e of a (ell. It is a bi (ell, so (ide t!at it seems a cistern. In summer it is s!aded by tall trees, (!ic! are no( bare. It is not ,ossible to see t!e (ater, but t!e little ,uddles and rin marks of (et ,itc!ers on t!e round near t!e (ell, are clear si ns t!at (ater !as been dra(n. +esus sits do(n and meditates, in .is usual attitude, .is elbo(s restin on .is knees, .is !ands stretc!ed out and 7oined, .is body sli !tly bent for(ard and .is !ead lo(ered. 1!en .e feels t!e mild (armt! of t!e sun, .e lets .is mantle dro, from .is !ead and s!oulders and !olds it round .is (aist. .e raises .is !ead and smiles at a fli !t of (ran lin s,arro(s =uarrellin over a lar e crumb of bread, (!ic! someone !as dro,,ed near t!e (ell. 1/

3ut t!e s,arro(s fly a(ay (!en a (oman arrives near t!e (ell. 1it! !er left !and s!e is !oldin an em,ty am,!ora by one of its !andles, (!ilst !er ri !t !and (it! a esture of sur,rise ,us!es aside !er veil to see (!o t!e man is (!o is sittin t!ere. +esus smiles at t!e t!irty; five@ forty year old (oman. -!e is tall, (it! a beautiful stron ly marked fi ure. A -,anis! ty,e, (e (ould say4 a ,ale olive com,le<ion, rat!er t!ick bri !t;red li,s, dark eyes (!ic! are even e<ceedin ly lar e, very dark eyebro(s and !air, visible t!rou ! !er trans,arent veil. Also !er rat!er ,lum, features are ty,ically oriental and sli !tly soft, as is customary (it! Arab (omen. .er dress is a multicoloured stri,ed robe, (!ic! is !eld very ti !t round !er (aist and !er ,lum, sides and breast, and t!en falls to t!e round in a kind of (avy frin e. -!e is (earin several rin s on !er rat!er ,lum, dark fin ers and bracelets on !er (rists, (!ic! a,,ear under !er linen sleeves. Round !er neck s!e (ears a !eavy necklace from (!ic! some medals are !an in I s!ould call t!em amulets because t!ey are of all s!a,es. .eavy ear;rin s !an do(n as far as !er neck and s!ine under !er veil. 8 ' Peace be (it! you, (oman. 1ill you ive Me some (ater to drink) I !ave (alked a lon (ay and I am t!irsty. * ' Are 0ou not a +udaean) And 0ou ask me, a -amaritan (oman, to ive 0ou a drink) 1!at !as !a,,ened) .ave (e been re!abilitated, or !ave you been routed) A reat event must !ave taken ,lace, if a +udaean s,eaks kindly to a -amaritan (oman. 3ut I s!ould say to 0ou4 5I (ill not ive 0ou anyt!in , to ,unis! in 0ou all t!e insults t!e +e(s !ave been !ea,in on us for centuries.6 * 11

' 0ou are ri !t. A reat event !as taken ,lace. And because of it many t!in s !ave c!an ed and many more (ill c!an e. /od !as ranted a reat ift to t!e (orld and t!rou ! it many t!in s !ave c!an ed. If you kne( t!e ift of /od and 1!o is sayin to you4 5/ive Me a drink6, ,er!a,s you (ould !ave asked .im to ive you a drink and .e (ould !ave iven you livin (ater. * ' Livin (ater is in t!e veins of t!e eart!. It is in t!is (ell. 3ut it is ours. * T!e (oman:s tone is derisory and arro ant. ' 1ater comes from /od. As bounty comes from /od. As life comes from /od. #veryt!in belon s to t!e $ne $nly /od, (oman. And all men come from /od4 -amaritans and +udaeans. Is t!is not +acob:s (ell) And is not +acob t!e !ead of our race) If later on an error divided us, t!at does not c!an e our ori in. * ' $f course, it (as our error, (as it not) * t!e (oman asks a ressively. ' Neit!er ours nor yours. It (as t!e error of one (!o !ad lost si !t of "!arity and +ustice. I do not (is! to offend you or your race. 1!y do you (is! to strike an offensive attitude) * ' 0ou are t!e first +udaean (!om I !ear s,eak t!us. T!e ot!ers... 3ut revertin to t!e (ell, yes, it is +acob:s and its (ater is so ,lentiful and clear t!at (e in -yc!ar ,refer it to ot!er fountains. 3ut it is very dee,. 0ou !ave neit!er am,!ora nor bucket. .o( could 0ou, t!erefore, dra( livin (ater for me) Are 0ou reater t!an our !oly Patriarc! +acob, (!o found t!is abundant vein for !imself, !is sons and !is cattle and left it to us as !is 12

souvenir and ift) * ' 0ou are ri !t. 3ut (!oever drinks t!is (ater, (ill be t!irsty a ain. I instead !ave a (ater and (!oever drinks it (ill not be t!irsty a ain. 3ut it is only Mine. And I (ill ive it to (!oever asks Me for it. And I solemnly tell you t!at (!oever !as t!e (ater I ive !im, (ill al(ays be satisfied and (ill never be t!irsty a ain, because My (ater (ill be an unfailin eternal s,rin . * ' 1!at) I do not understand. Are 0ou a ma ician) .o( can a man become a (ell) A camel drinks and lays a su,,ly of (ater in !is bi stomac!. 3ut !e t!en consumes it and it does not last all !is life. And 0ou say t!at 0our (ater lasts a (!ole lifetime) * ' #ven lon er4 it (ill last until eternal life. In t!ose (!o drink it, it (ill us! until eternal life and (ill ive erms of eternal life, because it is a s,rin of !ealt!. * ' /ive me some of t!at (ater, if 0ou really !ave it. I et tired comin !ere. If I !ave it, I (ill not be t!irsty any more and I (ill never be ill or become old. * > ' Is t!at t!e only t!in of (!ic! you et tired) $f not!in else) And you feel only t!e need of dra(in (ater to drink and satisfy your ,oor body) T!ink about it. T!ere is somet!in more im,ortant t!an your body. 0our soul. +acob did not ,rocure only t!e (ater of t!e eart! for !imself and !is sons. .e (as an<ious to be !oly and to besto( !oliness, t!e (ater of /od. * ' 0ou call us !eat!ens... If (!at 0ou say is true, (e cannot be !oly...* T!e (oman:s tone is no lon er insolent and ironical and s!e is submissive and some(!at confused. 1,

' Also a !eat!en can be virtuous. And /od, 1!o is 7ust, (ill re(ard !im for t!e ood !e !as done. It (ill not be a com,lete re(ard, but I can tell you t!at bet(een a uilty believer and an innocent !eat!en, /od looks at t!e latter (it! less severity. And if you kno( you are suc!, (!y do you not come to t!e True /od) 1!at is your name) * ' P!otinai. * ' 1ell, tell me, P!otinai, are you sorry t!at you cannot as,ire to !oliness because you are a !eat!en, as you say, or because you are in t!e !aze of an old error, as I say) * ' 0es, I am sorry. * ' 1ell, t!en, (!y do you not live at least as a virtuous !eat!en) * ' Lord2...* ' 0es, can you deny it) /o and call your !usband and come back !ere (it! !im. * ' I !ave no !usband. * T!e embarrassment of t!e (oman increases. ' 0ou !ave s,oken t!e trut!. 0ou !ave no !usband. 3ut you !ave !ad five men and you !ave one (it! you no( (!o is not your !usband. 1as t!at necessary) Also your reli ion condemns le(dness. 0ou !ave t!e Decalo ue, too. 1!y, t!en, P!otinai, do you live t!us) Are you not tired of t!e e<ertion of bein fles! for everybody, instead of bein t!e !onest (ife of one man only) Are you not afraid of t!e evenin of your life, (!en you (ill be all alone (it! your memories and re rets) And (it! your fears) 0es, all t!ose. 9ear of /od and of !osts. 1!ere are your c!ildren) * 14

T!e (oman lo(ers !er !ead com,letely and does not re,ly. ' 0ou !ave none in t!is (orld. 3ut t!eir little souls, (!om you ,revented from seein t!e day of t!eir birt!, are re,roac!in you. And t!ey al(ays (ill. +e(els... beautiful dresses... a s,lendid !ouse... a bountiful table... 3ut em,tiness, and tears, and interior misery. 0ou are forlorn, P!otinai. And only t!rou ! sincere re,entance, t!rou ! /od:s for iveness and conse=uently t!rou ! your c!ildren:s for iveness, you can become ric! a ain. * A ' Lord, I see t!at 0ou are a ,ro,!et. And I am as!amed...* ' And (!en you (ere doin evil t!in s, (ere you not as!amed of yourself before t!e 9at!er 1!o is in .eaven) Do not (ee, out of de7ection before t!e Man... "ome !ere, P!otinai. "ome near Me. I (ill s,eak to you of /od. Per!a,s you did not kno( .im (ell. And t!at is (!y you !ave been so faulty. If you !ad kno(n t!e True /od (ell, you (ould not !ave de raded yourself so muc!. .e (ould !ave s,oken to you and su,,orted you...* ' Lord, our ancestors !ave (ors!i,,ed on t!is mountain. 0ou say t!at one must (ors!i, only in +erusalem. 3ut 0ou said t!at t!ere is only $ne /od. .el, me to see (!at I must do and (!ere...* ' 1oman, believe Me. 3efore lon t!e 9at!er (ill be (ors!i,,ed neit!er on t!e mountain in -amaria nor in +erusalem. 0ou (ors!i, .im 1!om you do not kno(. 1e (ors!i, .im 1!om (e kno(, because salvation comes from t!e +udaeans. I remind you of t!e Pro,!ets. 3ut t!e time (ill come, nay, it !as already arrived, (!en t!e true 13

(ors!i,,ers (ill (ors!i, t!e 9at!er in s,irit and trut!, no lon er accordin to t!e ancient rite, but to t!e ne( one, (!ere t!ere (ill be no sacrifice of animals consumed by fire. T!ere (ill be t!e eternal sacrifice of t!e Immaculate %ictim consumed by t!e 9ire of "!arity. It (ill be a s,iritual cult in a s,iritual Bin dom. And it (ill be understood by t!ose (!o are able to (ors!i, in s,irit and trut!. /od is -,irit. T!ose (!o (ors!i, .im must do so s,iritually. * ' 0ou s,eak !oly (ords. I kno(, because (e also kno( somet!in , t!at t!e Messia! is about to come4 t!e Messia!, .e 1!o is called also 5"!rist.6 1!en .e comes, .e (ill teac! us everyt!in . Not far from !ere t!ere is also one (!o is said to be .is Precursor. And many o and listen to !im. 3ut !e is so severe2... 0ou are kind... and t!e souls of ,oor ,eo,le are not afraid of 0ou. I t!ink t!at "!rist (ill be ood. T!ey say t!at .e is t!e Bin of Peace. 1ill it be lon before .e comes) * ' I !ave told you t!at .is !our !as already come. * ' .o( do 0ou kno() Are 0ou ,er!a,s one of .is disci,les) T!e Precursor !as many disci,les. Also "!rist (ill !ave t!em. * ' I, 1!o am s,eakin to you, am +esus "!rist. * ' 0ou2... $!2...* T!e (oman, (!o !ad sat do(n near +esus, stands u, and is about to run a(ay. ' 1oman, (!y are you runnin a(ay) * ' 3ecause I am struck (it! terror at bein near 0ou. 0ou are !oly. * ' I am t!e -aviour. I came !ere, alt!ou ! it (as not 1+

necessary, because I kne( t!at your soul (as tired of (anderin . 0ou are dis usted (it! your food... I !ave come to ive you a ne( food, (!ic! (ill remove your nausea and tiredness... .ere are My disci,les comin back (it! My food. 3ut I !ave already been fed by ivin you t!e first crumbs of your redem,tion. * C T!e disci,les lance at t!e (oman out of t!e corners of t!eir eyes, more or less ,rudently, but no one s,eaks. -!e oes a(ay for ettin about !er am,!ora and t!e (ater. ' .ere, Master * says Peter. ' T!e ,eo,le !ave treated us very (ell. .ere is some c!eese, fres! bread, olives and a,,les. Take (!at 0ou (ant. It:s a ood 7ob t!at (oman left !er am,!ora. 1e s!all dra( (ater (it! it =uicker t!an (it! our small flasks. 1e s!all !ave a drink and t!en (e s!all fill t!em. And (e s!all not !ave to ask t!e -amaritans for anyt!in else. Neit!er s!all (e !ave to o near t!eir fountains. Are 0ou not eatin ) I (anted to et some fis! for 0ou, but t!ere (as none. Per!a,s 0ou (ould !ave ,referred it. 0ou look tired and ,ale. * ' I !ave a food (!ic! is unkno(n to you. I (ill !ave some of it and it (ill restore Me considerably. * T!e disci,les look at one anot!er in=uisitively. +esus re,lies to t!eir silent =uestions4 ' My food is to do t!e (ill of .im 1!o sent Me and to accom,lis! t!e (ork (!ic! .e (ants Me to com,lete. 1!en a so(er so(s t!e seed, can !e say t!at !e !as done everyt!in and t!us state t!at !e can rea, t!e !arvest) Most certainly not. .o( muc! more t!ere is still to be done before !e may say4 5My (ork is accom,lis!ed.6 And !e cannot rest until t!at moment. Look at t!ese little fields in t!e bri !t 17

midday suns!ine. $nly a mont! a o, even less t!an a mont! a o, t!e soil (as bare and dark because it (as (et (it! rain. Look no(. It looks as if it (ere covered by a li !t (!itis! veil, because of t!e many very ,ale; reen corn stems, (!ic! !ave 7ust come u, and look even li !ter because of t!e bri !t suns!ine. T!at is t!e future cro, and seein it you say4 5It (ill be !arvest time in four mont!s. T!e so(ers (ill em,loy rea,ers, because if one man is =uite sufficient to so( !is field, many men are re=uired to rea, t!e !arvest. And t!ey are all !a,,y. 3ot! t!e man (!o so(ed a small sack of corn and no( must ,re,are !is ranaries to store t!e cro,, and t!ose (!o in a fe( days earn enou ! to live on for a fe( mont!s.6 Also in t!e s,iritual field t!ose (!o rea, (!at I !ave so(n (ill re7oice (it! Me and like Me, because I (ill ive t!em t!e (a es and cro,s due to t!em. I (ill ive t!em (!at to live on in My eternal Bin dom. 0ou !ave but to rea,. I !ave done t!e !ardest (ork. And yet I say to you4 5"ome. Rea, t!e !arvest in My field. I am lad t!at you burden yourselves (it! t!e s!eaves of My corn. 1!en you !ave !arvested all t!e corn t!at I, (it!out ever tirin , !ave so(n every(!ere, t!en t!e (ill of /od (ill be fulfilled and I (ill sit at t!e ban=uet in t!e "elestial +erusalem.6 .ere t!e -amaritans are comin (it! P!otinai. 3e kind to t!em. T!ey are souls comin to /od. *


144. 0#t$ t$e Peo%le of S1"$a .

-. ) A% #l 1+4,.

& A rou, of -amaritan di nitaries are comin to(ards +esus, led by P!otinai. ' /od be (it! 0ou, Rabbi. T!is (oman !as told us t!at 0ou are a ,ro,!et and t!at 0ou do not disdain s,eakin to us. 1e be 0ou to stay (it! us and not to refuse to s,eak to us, because if it is true t!at (e are cut off from +uda!, t!at does not mean t!at only +uda! is !oly and t!at all t!e error is in -amaria. Also amon st us t!ere are some 7ust ,eo,le. * ' I told !er e<actly t!e same. I (ill not im,ose Myself, neit!er (ill I re7ect t!ose (!o seek Me. * ' 0ou are 7ust. T!e (oman told us t!at 0ou are "!rist. Is t!at true) Re,ly to us in t!e name of /od. * ' I am. T!e Messianic e,oc! !as come. Israel is united by !er Bin . And not only Israel. * ' 3ut 0ou (ill be t!e Messia! for t!ose (!o... are not in error, as (e are * remarks an im,osin elderly man. ' Man, I see t!at you are t!eir leader and I also see t!at you are !onestly seekin t!e Trut!. No(, listen to Me since you are learned in t!e !oly scri,tures. I (as told (!at t!e -,irit said to #zekiel, entrustin !im (it! t!e ,ro,!etic mission4 5-on of man, I send you to t!e ,eo,le of Israel, to a nation of rebels, (!o !ave rebelled a ainst Me... T!ey are im,udent and stubborn c!ildren... T!ey may listen to you and t!en not kee, your (ords, (!ic! are My (ords, because t!ey are a rebellious !ouse, but at least t!ey (ill kno( t!at t!ere is a ,ro,!et amon t!em. T!erefore, be not afraid of t!em, nor be afraid of t!eir 12

(ords, because t!ey are unbelievin and rebellious... And you s!all s,eak My (ords to t!em, (!et!er t!ey !ear or refuse to !ear you. Do (!at I tell you, !ear (!at I say to you, be not rebellious like t!em. #at, t!erefore, (!atever food I ive you.6 And I came. I do not flatter Myself and I do not e<,ect to be received as a trium,!ant victor. 3ut since t!e (ill of /od is My !oney, !ere I am to fulfill it, and if you (is! I (ill tell you t!e (ords (!ic! t!e -,irit said to Me. * ' .o( can t!e #ternal 9at!er !ave t!ou !t of us) * ' 3ecause .e is love, My c!ildren. * ' Not all t!e Rabbis in +uda! say so. * ' 3ut t!at is (!at t!e Messia! of t!e Lord tells you. * ' It is (ritten t!at t!e Messia! is to be born of a vir in in +uda!. $f (!om and (!ere (ere 0ou born) * ' In 3et!le!em #,!rata, of Mary of t!e .ouse of David, by means of a s,iritual conce,tion. I ask you to believe Me. * +esus: beautiful voice is a declaration of trium,!ant 7oy in ,roclaimin .is Mot!er:s vir inity. ' 0our face is s!inin (it! a bri !t li !t. No, it is not ,ossible for 0ou to lie. T!e faces of t!e c!ildren of darkness are loomy and t!eir eyes are rim. 0ou are bri !tD 0our eyes are as bri !t as t!e mornin star and 0our (ords are true. Please come to -yc!ar and teac! t!e c!ildren of t!is ,eo,le. T!en 0ou (ill o a(ay... and (e (ill remember t!e -tar t!at a,,eared in our sky...* ' 1!y (ould you not follo( it) * ' .o( can (e) * T!ey are talkin (!ile (alkin to(ards 2/

t!e to(n. ' 1e are cut off. At least t!at is (!at t!ey say. 3ut (e (ere born in t!is fait! and (e do not kno( (!et!er it is ri !t to abandon it. 9urt!er... (ell, I feel I can tell 0ou. After all (e !ave eyes to see and minds to t!ink. 1!en (e ,ass t!rou ! your country, on 7ourneys or on business, not everyt!in (e see is so !oly as to ,ersuade us t!at /od is (it! you +udaeans or (it! you /alileans. * ' I solemnly tell you t!at t!e remainder of Israel (ill be c!ar ed (it! not ,ersuadin and leadin you back to /od by means of ood e<am,les and c!arity, instead of offendin and anat!ematisin you. * ' .o( muc! (isdom t!ere is in 0ou. .ave you all !eard .im) * T!ey all nod assent (!is,erin t!eir admiration. 8 T!ey !ave in t!e meantime reac!ed t!e to(n and many ,eo,le dra( near (!ile t!ey (alk to(ards a !ouse. ' Listen, Rabbi. -ince 0ou are (ise and ood, ,lease resolve a doubt of ours. A reat deal of our future de,ends on it. As 0ou are t!e Messia! and t!us t!e Restorer of David:s Bin dom, 0ou must be !a,,y to re7oin t!is severed limb to t!e body of t!e state. Are 0ou not) * ' I am takin care not so muc! to reunite t!e severed ,arts of (!at is ,eris!able and transient, as to lead back to /od all t!e souls, and I am !a,,y (!en I restore t!e Trut! to a !eart. 3ut e<,ress your doubt. * ' $ur fat!ers sinned. -ince t!en t!e souls of -amaritans !ave been disliked by /od. 1!at benefit (ill (e receive if 21

(e follo( /ood) 1e (ill al(ays be like le,ers in t!e eyes of /od. * ' 0our re ret is t!e eternal dissatisfaction of all sc!ismatics. $nce a ain I (ill re,ly to you (it! #zekiel4 5All souls are Mine6 says t!e Lord. 5T!e soul of t!e fat!er as (ell as t!e soul of t!e son. $nly t!e soul t!at sins s!all die. If a man is ri !teous, if !e is not an idolator, if !e does not fornicate, or steal or lend at an interest, if !e !as mercy bot! on t!e body and on t!e soul of !is nei !bour, !e is ri !teous in My eyes and s!all live a true life.6 And furt!er on. 5If a 7ust man !as a rebellious son, s!all t!at son live because !is fat!er (as a 7ust man) .e s!all not live.6 And also4 5If t!e son of a sinner is a ri !teous man, (ill !e die like !is fat!er, because !e is !is son) No, !e s!all live eternal life because !e (as 7ust.6 It (ould not be fair if one !ad to suffer for t!e ini=uity of anot!er. T!e soul t!at !as sinned s!all die. T!e soul t!at !as not sinned s!all not die. And if !e (!o !as sinned is re,entant and comes to t!e 7ustice, be!old, !e s!all !ave true life, too. T!e Lord /od, t!e $ne and $nly Lord, says4 5I do not (ant t!e deat! of t!e sinner, but I (ant !im to re,ent and live.6 T!at is (!y .e sent Me, o (anderin c!ildren4 t!at you may !ave true life. I am t!e Life. 1!o believes in Me and in .im 1!o sent Me (ill !ave eternal life, even if u, to t!e ,resent moment !e (as a sinner. * ' .ere (e are at my !ouse, Master. Do 0ou not detest enterin it) * ' I detest only sin. * ' "ome in, t!en, and stay. 1e s!all break our bread to et!er and t!en, if it is not a burden to 0ou, 0ou (ill 22

e<,lain t!e (ord of /od to us. T!at (ord !as a different flavour (!en it is e<,lained by 0ou... and (e are tortured by a doubt4 (e do not feel sure t!at (e are ri !t...* ' #veryt!in (ould be a,,eased if you dared to come o,enly to t!e Trut!. May /od s,eak to your !earts. It is ettin dark. Tomorro(, at t!e t!ird !our I (ill s,eak to you at some len t!, if you (is! so. /o no( (it! t!e Mercy (!ic! is close to you. *

14,. E2an(el#3at#on at S1"$a .

-4t$ A% #l 1+4,.

& +esus is s,eakin to a lar e cro(d in t!e centre of a s=uare. .e !as climbed on a stone benc! near t!e fountain. T!e cro(ds are around .im. Also t!e T(elve are around .im... t!eir faces are dismayed, or annoyed, or t!ey clearly s!o( dis ust at certain contacts. 3art!olome( and t!e Iscariot in ,articular clearly s!o( t!eir embarrassment and to be as far as ,ossible from t!e -amaritans, t!e Iscariot is sittin astride t!e branc! of a tree as if !e (anted to dominate t!e scene, (!ile 3art!olome( is leanin a ainst a door in a corner of t!e s=uare. T!e ,re7udice is evident and clearly visible in all of t!em. +esus, on t!e contrary, !as not c!an ed .is usual attitude in t!e least. Nay, I (ould say t!at .e is endeavourin to ,revent .is ma7esty from fri !tenin t!e ,eo,le and at t!e same time .e tries to let it s!ine to remove all doubts. .e caresses t(o or t!ree little ones 2,

and asks t!em t!eir names, .e takes an interest in an old man to (!om .e ives alms .imself, .e re,lies to t(o or t!ree =uestions, (!ic! are ,ut to .im on ,rivate matters, not on eneral ,roblems. 8 T!e first one is t!e re=uest of a fat!er (!ose dau !ter !ad elo,ed and is no( be in to be for iven. ' 9or ive !er at once. * ' 3ut I suffered because of !er, Master. And I still suffer. In less t!an a year I !ave ro(n ten years older. * ' 9or iveness (ill relieve you. * ' It is not ,ossible. T!e (ound is still t!ere. * ' T!at is true. 3ut in t!e (ound t!ere are t(o ,arts t!at !urt. $ne is t!e undeniable affront you received from your dau !ter. T!e ot!er is t!e effort to cease lovin !er. Remove at least t!e latter. 9or iveness, (!ic! is t!e !i !est form of love, (ill remove it. 0ou must consider, ,oor fat!er, t!at your dau !ter (as born of you and is al(ays entitled to your love. If you kne( t!at s!e (as sufferin from a ,!ysical disease and t!at s!e (ould die, unless you cured !er yourself, (ould you let !er die) Most certainly not. "onsider t!en t!at you, (it! your for iveness can ,ut an end to !er trouble and brin !er back to !er (!olesome instinct. 3ecause you must realise t!at s!e (as over(!elmed by t!e basest material instinct. * ' -o 0ou (ould advise me to for ive !er) * ' 0ou must. * ' .o( (ill I be able to see !er move about t!e !ouse, and 24

not curse !er for (!at s!e !as done) * ' In t!at case you (ould not for ive !er. 0our for iveness must not consist in o,enin once a ain t!e door of your !ouse to !er, but in reo,enin your !eart. 3e ood, man. 1!at) -!all (e not !ave for our o(n c!ild t!e ,atience (e !ave for a restless steer) * A (oman, instead, asks +esus (!et!er s!e ou !t to marry !er brot!er ;in;la( to ive a fat!er to !er little or,!ans. ' Do you t!ink !e (ill be a real fat!er to t!em) * ' 0es, Master, I do. T!ey are t!ree boys. It takes a man to uide t!em. * ' Marry !im, t!en, and be a fait!ful (ife to !im, as you (ere to your first !usband. * T!e t!ird man asks .im (!et!er !e (ill be doin t!e ri !t t!in or not by acce,tin an invitation to o to Antioc!. ' Man, (!y do you (ant to o t!ere) * ' 3ecause I !ave not enou ! means !ere for myself and my lar e family. I met a /entile (!o (ould em,loy me because !e sa( !o( skillful I am in my (ork and !e (ould take on also my sons. 3ut I (ould not like... t!e scru,le of a -amaritan may seem stran e to 0ou, but t!ere it is. I (ould not like to lose our fait!. T!at man, 0ou kno(, is a !eat!en2 * '-o) Not!in contaminates unless one (ants to be contaminated. /o to Antioc! and be of t!e True /od. .e (ill uide you and you (ill be t!e benefactor of your 23

master, (!o (ill ac=uire t!e kno(led e of /od t!rou ! your !onesty. *
> .e t!en be ins s,eakin to t!e cro(d. ' I !ave !eard many of you and I !ave ,erceived t!at eac! of your !earts is rent by a secret sorro(, a rief, of (!ic! you are not even a(are. 0our sorro( !as been accumulatin for centuries and neit!er t!e reasons e<,ressed by you nor t!e insults !urled at you can dissolve it. $n t!e contrary it becomes dee,er and dee,er and (ei !s like sno( t!at becomes ice. I am not one of you, neit!er am I one of t!ose (!o accuse you. I am +ustice and 1isdom. And once a ain I (ill =uote #zekiel to solve your case. .e s,eaks of -amaria and +erusalem in a ,ro,!etical style, and !e says t!at t!ey are dau !ters of one mot!er and calls t!em $!ola! and $!oliba!. T!e first to fall into idolatry (as t!e former, (!ose name is $!ola!, because s!e (as already de,rived of t!e s,iritual !el, from union (it! t!e 9at!er of .eaven. ?nion (it! /od is al(ays salvation. -!e c!an ed true (ealt!, true ,o(er, true (isdom (it! t!e ,oor (ealt!, ,o(er and (isdom of one (!o (as inferior to /od, (!o (as even lo(er t!an s!e (as, and s!e (as seduced to suc! an e<tent as to become t!e slave of t!e (ay of livin of !er seducer. -!e (anted to be stron , and instead became (eak. -!e (anted to be su,erior, and became inferior. -!e became insane because s!e (as im,rudent. It is not easy for one to et rid of an infection, (!en one !as im,rudently become infected by it. 0ou may say4 5Inferior) No. 1e (ere reat.6 0es, you (ere reat, but !o() At (!at cost) 0ou kno(. .o( many ,eo,le, also amon st (omen, become ric! at t!e dreadful 2+

cost of t!eir !onour2 T!ey ac!ieve somet!in t!at may come to an end. T!ey lose somet!in t!at never ends4 t!eir re,utation. 1!en $!oliba! sa( t!at $!ola!:s folly !ad brou !t !er (ealt!, s!e (anted to imitate !er and became more deran ed t!an !er sister, and (as t(ice as uilty, because s!e !ad t!e True /od (it! !er and s!e s!ould never !ave trodden on t!e stren t! t!at s!e received from t!at union. And a terrible severe ,unis!ment (as inflicted on t!e t(ice crazy fornicatri< $!oliba!, and a more severe ,unis!ment (ill be im,osed. /od (ill turn .is back on !er. .e is already doin so, in order to o to t!ose (!o do not belon to +uda!. Neit!er can /od be accused of bein unfair, because .e does not im,ose .imself. .e o,ens .is arms to everybody, .e invites everybody, but if one says to .im4 6/o a(ay6, .e oes a(ay. .e oes to seek love else(!ere, to invite ot!er ,eo,le, until .e finds someone (!o says to .im4 5I (ill come.6 I t!erefore say to you t!at you can find relief from your torture, you must find it, by meditatin on (!at I told you. $!ola!, recover your consciousness. /od is callin you.

T!e (isdom of man consists in ackno(led in !is faults. T!e (isdom of t!e s,irit lies in lovin t!e True /od and .is Trut!. Do not look at $!oliba!, or P!oenicia, or # y,t, or /reece. Look at /od. T!at is t!e 9at!erland of every ri !teous soul4 .eaven. T!ere are not many la(s, but one only4 /od:s. T!rou ! t!e la( one ac!ieves Life. Do not say4 51e sinned6, but say4 51e do not (ant to sin any more.6 0ou !ave t!e ,roof t!at /od still loves you and t!at .e !as sent .is 1ord to say to you4 6"ome.6 I say to you4 5"ome.6 .ave you been offended and

,roscribed) 3y (!om) 3y your o(n fello( creatures. 3ut /od is above t!em and .e says to you4 5"ome.6 T!e day (ill come (!en you (ill re7oice because you (ere not in t!e Tem,le... 0our !earts (ill re7oice at t!at. 3ut souls (ill re7oice even more because /od:s for iveness (ill already !ave descended u,on t!e ri !teous !earts scattered t!rou !out -amaria. Pre,are .is comin . "ome to t!e universal -aviour, o c!ildren of /od, (!o !ave lost your (ay. * A ' -ome of us at least (ould come. 3ut t!ose on t!e ot!er side do not (ant us.* ' And once a ain (it! t!e ,riest and ,ro,!et I say to you4 5I am about to take t!e stick of +ose,!, (!ic! is in t!e !and of #,!raim and t!e tribes of Israel associated (it! !im and I (ill 7oin it to t!e stick of +uda! and make t!em one stick...6 Do not o to t!e Tem,le. "ome to Me. I do not re7ect anyone. I am called t!e Bin dominatin over everybody. I am t!e Bin of kin s. I (ill ,urify all ,eo,les if t!ey (is! to be ,urified. I (ill at!er you to et!er, o !erds (it!out s!e,!erds or (it! idol; s!e,!erds, because I am t!e /ood -!e,!erd. I (ill ive you one tabernacle only and I (ill ,lace it in t!e midst of My believers. T!at tabernacle (ill be t!e source of life, t!e bread of life, it (ill be li !t, salvation, ,rotection, (isdom. It (ill be everyt!in , because it (ill be t!e Livin $ne iven as food to t!e dead to make t!em live, it (ill be /od 1!ose !oliness (ill overflo( to sanctify. T!at is (!at I am and (ill be. T!e days of !atred, of incom,re!ension, of fear !ave come to an end. "ome2 Peo,le of Israel2 Peo,le se,arated2 Peo,le afflicted2 Peo,le remote2 0ou are a dear ,eo,le, infinitely dear, because you are ill and (eak, because you !ave been 29

(ounded by an arro( t!at !as o,ened t!e veins of your souls and !as let t!e vital union (it! your /od esca,e. "ome2 "ome to t!e bosom (!ere you (ere born, come to t!e breast from (!ic! you received life. Bindness and (armt! are still !ere for you. "ome2 "ome to Life and to -alvation. *

144. 'oo)b1e to t$e Peo%le of S1"$a .

-,t$ A% #l 1+4,.

& +esus says to t!e -amaritans of -yc!ar4 ' 3efore leavin you, as I !ave ot!er c!ildren to evan elize, I (ant to s!o( you t!e s!inin ,at!s of !o,e, and set you on t!em sayin to you4 you may o safely as t!e oal is certain. Today I (ill not =uote t!e reat #zekielD I (ill =uote +eremia!:s favourite disci,le, a most reat Pro,!et. 3aruc! s,eaks for you. $!2 .e really takes your souls and s,eaks on be!alf of t!em all to t!e -ublime /od 1!o is in .eaven. 0our souls. I do not mean only t!e souls of t!e -amaritans, but all your souls, o families of t!e c!osen ,eo,le (!o !ave fallen into manifold sinsD and .e takes also your souls, o /entile ,eo,les, (!o feel t!ere is an unkno(n /od amon t!e many ods you (ors!i,, a /od 1!om your souls ,erceive to be t!e $nly True /od and 1!om your dullness ,revents you from seekin and kno(in , as your souls (ould (is!. At least a moral la( (as iven to you, o /entiles and idolaters, because you are men, and man !as in !imself an essence t!at comes 22

from /od, and its name is s,irit, (!ic! al(ays s,eaks of and su ests nobility and ur es to !oly t!in s in life. And you !ave com,elled it to become t!e slave of your vicious fles!, infrin in t!e !uman moral la( t!at you !ad, t!us becomin sinners, also from a !uman ,oint of vie( and you lo(ered t!e conce,t of your fait! and yourselves to a level of brutality t!at makes you inferior to animals. And yet listen. 0ou all listen. T!e dee,er your kno(led e of t!e moral su,ernatural La( iven to you by t!e True /od, t!e more you (ill understand and, conse=uently, act accordin ly. 8 .e ,rays E and t!is is t!e ,rayer t!at is to be said by your !earts !umiliated by a noble !umility, (!ic! is not de radation or ,usillanimity, but an e<act kno(led e of one:s miserable conditions, as (ell as a !oly desire to find means of im,rovin t!em s,iritually E 3aruc! t!us ,rays4 5Look do(n, Lord, from 0our !oly d(ellin ,lace, take !eed of us and listen. Look at us, Lord and considerD t!e dead do(n in -!eol, (!ose breat! !as been taken from t!eir bodies, are not t!e ones to ive lory and due observance to t!e LordD t!e ,erson overcome (it! affliction, (!o oes !is (ay bo(ed do(n and frail, (it! failin eyes and !un erin soul, !e is t!e one to ive 0ou lory, Lord, and due observance.6 And 3aruc! (ee,s !umbly and every 7ust soul s!ould (ee, (it! !im, seein and callin by t!eir true names t!e misfortunes t!at !ave turned a stron ,eo,le into a sad, divided and subdued one4 51e did not listen to 0our voice and so 0ou carried out (!at 0ou !ad ,romised t!rou ! 0our servants t!e ,ro,!ets... and be!old t!e bones of our kin s and of our ancestors !ave been dra ed from t!eir restin ,laces and !ave been tossed out to t!e !eat of t!e ,/

day and t!e frost of t!e ni !t and ,eo,le died in dreadful a ony, from famine, s(ord and ,la ue. And so because of t!e (ickedness of t!e .ouse of Israel and t!e .ouse of +uda!, 0ou !ave reduced t!is Tem,le, (!ere 0our Name (as invoked, to (!at it is today.6 $!2 "!ildren of t!e 9at!er, do not say4 53ot! our Tem,le and yours !ave been rebuilt and are beautiful.6 No. A tree s,lit by a t!underbolt from its to, do(n to t!e roots (ill not survive. It may 7ust ve etate in a miserable manner t!rou ! an effort to live by means of t!e s!oots comin from t!e roots, (!ic! are reluctant to die, but it (ill be barren brus!(ood, it (ill no lon er be a !ealt!y tree, laden (it! (!olesome s(eet fruit. T!e ruin t!at started (it! t!e se,aration, ro(s (orse and (orse, alt!ou ! t!e material structure does not a,,ear to be dama ed, on t!e contrary it looks beautiful and ne(. It crus!es do(n t!e consciences t!at live in it. And t!en t!e !our (ill come (!en every su,ernatural flame (ill be e<tin uis!ed and t!e Tem,le (ill be de,rived of its very life, t!e Tem,le, an altar of ,recious metal, (!ic! can subsist only if it is continuously smelted by t!e (armt! of its ministers: fait! and c!arityD and icy, dull, soiled, full of dead bodies, it (ill become ,utrefaction u,on (!ic! forei n cro(s and t!e avalanc!e of divine ,unis!ment (ill rus! to ruin it com,letely. Pray, c!ildren of Israel, (ee,in (it! Me, your -aviour. May My voice su,,ort yours and reac! u, to t!e t!rone of /od, as it is able to. 1!o ,rays (it! "!rist, t!e -on of t!e 9at!er, is !eard by /od, t!e 9at!er of t!e -on. Let us say t!e old 7ust ,rayer of 3aruc!4 5And no(, Almi !ty Lord, /od of Israel, every soul in an uis!, every troubled !eart cries to 0ou. Listen and !ave ,ity, o Lord. 0ou are ,1

a Merciful /od, !ave mercy on us for (e !ave sinned in 0our si !t. 0ou sit ent!roned forever, and s!all (e ,eris! continually) Almi !ty Lord, /od of Israel, !ear t!e ,rayer of t!e dead of Israel and of t!eir sons, (!o !ave sinned a ainst 0ou. T!ey did not listen to t!e voice of t!e Lord t!eir /od, !ence t!e disasters t!at !ave befallen us. Do not call to mind t!e misdeeds of our ancestors, but remember instead 0our ,o(er and 0our Name... 3ecause (e invoke 0our Name and (e turn from t!e (ickedness of our ancestors, !ave mercy on us.6 Pray t!us and be truly converted, by returnin to true (isdom, (!ic! is t!e (isdom of /od. It can be found in t!e 3ook of /od:s commandments and in t!e La( t!at lasts forever, and t!at I, t!e Messia! of /od, !ave no( come to brin to t!e ,oor of t!e (orld in its sim,le unc!an eable form, announcin t!em t!e /os,el of t!e time of Redem,tion, of 9or iveness, of Love, of Peace. 1!o believes in t!at 1ord (ill reac! eternal life. > I leave you, citizens of -yc!ar, (!o !ave been ood to t!e Messia! of /od. I leave you (it! My ,eace. * ' -tay a little lon er. * ' "ome back a ain. * ' No one (ill ever s,eak to us as 0ou did. * ' May 0ou be blessed, ood Master. * ' 3less my little one. * ' Pray for me, since 0ou are a -aint. * ' Allo( me to kee, one of 0our frin es, as a blessin . * ' Remember Abel. * ' And me, Timot!y. * ' And me, +orai. * ' I (ill remember you all. Peace be (it! you. * ,2

T!ey o (it! .im for a fe( !undred yards out of to(n, and t!en t!ey slo(ly o back...

145. Inst !"t#on to t$e A%ostles an) t$e 6# a"le of t$e 0o*an of S1"$a .
-4t$ A% #l 1+4,.

& +esus is (alkin a!ead of t!e a,ostles, alone, close to a !ed e of ,rickly cactus, t!e leaves of (!ic! are s!inin in t!e sun and seem to be deridin all t!e ot!er bare ,lants. $ne can see on t!em a fe( survivin fruits (!ic! a e !as coloured brick;red and an odd early flo(er ,leasantly bri !t in its yello(;cinnebar !ue. 3e!ind .im, t!e a,ostles are (!is,erin to one anot!er, and I et t!e im,ression t!at t!ey are not really s,eakin in ,raise of t!e Master. All of a sudden +esus turns round and says4 ' Bee, (atc!in t!e (ind and you (ill never so(, stare at t!e clouds and you (ill never rea,. It is an old ,roverb and I follo( it. And you can see t!at (!ere you (ere afraid of ill (inds and did not (ant to sto,, I found a fertile soil and t!e ,ossibility of so(in . And not(it!standin 5your6 clouds, (!ic!, may I tell you, you ou !t not to dis,lay (!ere Mercy (ants to s!o( .is suns!ine, I am sure I !ave already !arvested. * ' .o(ever, no one asked 0ou for a miracle. T!eir fait! in 0ou is very odd2 * ' And do you t!ink, T!omas, t!at fait! is evidenced only ,,

by re=uestin miracles) 0ou are (ron . It is t!e very o,,osite. If a man (ants a miracle to be able to believe, it means t!at (it!out t!e tan ible ,roof of t!e miracle, !e (ould not believe. 1!o instead says4 5I believe6 in somebody else:s (ord, s!o(s t!e reatest fait!. * ' -o t!e -amaritans are better t!an (e are2 * ' I am not sayin t!at. 3ut in t!eir state of s,iritual disability t!ey !ave s!o(n a muc! reater ca,acity for understandin /od t!an t!e believers in Palestine. 0ou (ill find t!at very often in your lifetime, and I (ould ask you to remember t!is instance, so t!at you (ill kno( !o( to be!ave (it! t!e souls (!o turn to t!e fait! in "!rist. * ' 3ut, +esus, for ive me for tellin 0ou, I t!ink t!at (it! all t!e !atred a ainst 0ou, it does 0ou no ood to ive rise to ne( accusations. If t!e members of t!e -an!edrin kne( t!at 0ou !ave...* ' 0ou may very (ell say4 5loved6, because t!at is (!at I !ave done and I do, +ames. And since you are My cousin, you can understand t!at I can but love. I !ave s!o(n to you t!at I al(ays love also t!ose (!o (ere a ainst Me amon st My kinsfolk and countrymen. And s!ould I not love t!ose ,eo,le (!o res,ected Me, alt!ou ! t!ey did not kno( Me) T!e members of t!e -an!edrin can do all t!e !arm t!ey like. 3ut it (ill not be t!e t!ou !t of suc! future evil t!at (ill sto, t!e effusion of My omni,resent and omnieffective love. In any case... even if I did... I (ould not ,revent t!e -an!edrin from findin accusations in t!eir !atred. * ' 3ut, Master, 0ou are (astin 0our time in an idolatrous country, (!ilst so many ,laces in Israel are ,4

e<,ectin 0ou. 0ou say t!at every !our is to be consecrated to t!e Lord. Are t!e !ours s,ent !ere not lost) * ' T!e day s,ent in at!erin t!e lost s!ee, is not lost. It is not lost, P!ili,. It is said4 5A man multi,lies offerin s by kee,in t!e La(... but by !avin mercy !e offers a sacrifice.6 It is said4 5/ive t!e Most .i ! as .e !as iven to you, enerously as your means can afford.6 I do t!at, My friend. And t!e time devoted to sacrifice is not (asted. I s!o( mercy and I make use of t!e means I received by offerin My (ork to /od. T!erefore be calm. 8 In any case... 1!o (anted a re=uest for a miracle to be convinced t!at t!e ,eo,le in -yc!ar believe in Me, is no( satisfied. T!at man is certainly follo(in us for some reason. Let us sto,. * A man in fact is comin to(ards t!em. .e seems to be bent under a lar e bundle t!at !e is carryin on !is s!oulders. 1!en !e sees t!e rou, sto,, !e sto,s, too. ' .e (ants to !arm us. .e sto,,ed because !e sa( t!at (e noticed !im. $!2 T!ey are -amaritans2 * ' Are you sure, Peter) * ' $f course I am2 * ' 1ell, t!en. 0ou all stay !ere. I (ill o and meet !im. * ' Never, my Lord. If 0ou o, I (ill come, too. * ' "ome, t!en. * +esus (alks to(ards t!e man. Peter 7o s alon beside .im, curious and !ostile at t!e same time. 1!en t!ey are a fe( yards from t!e man, +esus says4 ' 1!at do you ,3

(ant, man) 1!om are you lookin for) * ' 9or 0ou. * ' 1!y did you not look for Me (!en I (as in to(n) * ' I did not dare... If 0ou !ad re7ected me in t!e ,resence of everybody, I (ould !ave suffered too muc! and (ould !ave been as!amed. * ' 0ou could !ave called Me as soon as I (as alone (it! My disci,les. * ' I (as !o,in to reac! 0ou (!en 0ou (ere alone, as P!otinai did. I also !ave a rave reason for bein alone (it! 0ou...* ' 1!at do you (ant) 1!at are you carryin on your s!oulders so !eavily) * ' My (ife. A s,irit !as taken ,ossession of !er and !as turned !er into a dead body and a dull intelli ence. I !ave to feed !er, dress !er and carry !er like a baby. It !a,,ened all of a sudden, (it!out any disease... T!ey call !er t!e 5,ossessed (oman.6 It causes me muc! ,ain. And (ork. And e<,enses. Look. * T!e man lays on t!e round !is bundle containin an inert body envelo,ed in a mantle, as if it (ere a sack, and !e uncovers t!e face of a (oman, (!o is still youn . If s!e did not breat!e, one (ould say t!at s!e (as dead. .er eyes are closed, !er mout! is !alf o,en... !er face looks as if s!e !ad breat!ed !er last. +esus bends over t!e ,oor (oman lyin on t!e round, looks at !er, looks at t!e man4 ' Do you t!ink t!at I can) 1!y do you believe it) * ,+

' 3ecause 0ou are "!rist. * ' 3ut you !ave not seen anyt!in t!at ,roves it. * ' I !eard 0our (ord. T!at is enou !. * ' Peter, do you !ear !im) 1!at do you t!ink I s!ould do no(, in t!e ,resence of suc! ood fait!) * ' 1ell..... Master..... 0ou..... I..... As 0ou (is!, after all...* Peter is very embarrassed. ' 0es, I (ill do as I (is!. Man, look. * +esus takes t!e (oman by t!e !and and says4 ' /o out of !er. I (ant it. * T!e (oman, so far motionless, is s!aken by a dreadful convulsion4 at first s!e is silent, t!en s!e s!outs and roans and finally bursts into a loud cry, durin (!ic! s!e o,ens !er eyes (ide as if s!e (ere a(akin from a ni !tmare. -!e t!en calms do(n and some(!at be(ildered s!e looks around, starin first at +esus, t!e ?nkno(n Man smilin at !er.... s!e t!en looks at t!e dust on t!e road (!ere s!e is lyin , s!e azes at a tuft of rass t!at !as ro(n on t!e ed e of t!e road and on (!ic! t!e tiny (!ite;red !eads of daisies seem ,earls about to o,en out in a !alo of rays. -!e looks at t!e cactus !ed e, at t!e dee, blue sky, and lookin round s!e sees !er !usband..... (!o full of an<iety is (atc!in every movement of !ers. -!e smiles and no(, fully free, s!e 7um,s to !er feet and seeks refu e on t!e c!est of !er !usband, (!o caresses and embraces !er, (ee,in . ' 1!at is it) .o( am I !ere) 1!y) 1!o is t!at man) * ' .e is +esus, t!e Messia!. 0ou (ere ill and .e !as cured you. Tell .im t!at you love .im. * ,7

' $!2 0es. T!ank 0ou... 3ut (!at (as t!e matter (it! me) My c!ildren... -imon... I do not remember t!e ,ast, but I remember I !ave some c!ildren...* +esus says4 ' 0ou need not remember t!e ,ast. Al(ays remember t!e ,resent day. And be ood. /oodbye. 3e ood and /od (ill be (it! you. * And +esus (it!dra(s =uickly, follo(ed by t!e blessin s of bot! of t!em. 1!en .e reac!es t!e ot!ers (!o remained be!ind, close to t!e !ed e, .e does not s,eak to t!em. 3ut .e addresses Peter4 ' -o) 0ou (ere sure t!at t!at man (anted to !urt Me, (!at are you oin to say no() -imon, -imon2 .o( muc! you still lack to be ,erfect2 .o( muc! you all lack2 1it! t!e e<ce,tion of t!eir (ell kno(n idolatry, you !ave all t!e sins of t!ose ,eo,le and arro ance in 7ud in over and above. Let us !ave our meal no(. 1e cannot reac! before ni !t t!e ,lace I (anted to. 1e s!all slee, in some barn, if (e do not find anyt!in better. * T!e T(elve, (it! a sense of re,roac! in t!eir !earts, sit do(n (it!out s,eakin and take t!eir food. It is a ,eaceful day and t!e sun s!ines on t!e country (!ic! slo,es to(ards a ,lain in mild undulations. > After t!eir meal t!ey sto, for a little (!ile, until +esus stands u, and says4 ' -imon and Andre(, come (it! Me. I am oin to see (!et!er t!at !ouse is a friendly one or not. * And .e oes a(ay (!ile t!e ot!ers stay and are silent, until +ames of Al,!aeus says to +udas Iscariot4 ' Is t!at (oman comin !ere not t!e (oman of -yc!ar) * ' 0es, s!e is. I kno( !er by !er dress. I (onder (!at s!e (ants. * ,9

' -!e (ill be (antin to o !er (ay * re,lies Peter sulkily. ' No, s!e is lookin in our direction, s!ieldin !er eyes (it! !er !and. * T!ey (atc! !er until s!e is near t!em and asks in a lo( voice4 ' 1!ere is your Master) * ' .e !as one a(ay. 1!y do you (ant .im) * ' I need .im. * ' .e does not (aste .is time (it! (omen * re,lies Peter curtly. ' I kno(. .e doesn:t (it! (omen. 3ut I am t!e soul of a (oman (!o needs .im. * ' Leave !er alone * su ests +udas of Al,!aeus. And !e re,lies to P!otinai4 ' 1ait. .e (ill soon be back. * T!e (oman (it!dra(s to a little corner (!ere t!e road bends and s!e remains still and silent, (!ile no one ,ays attention to !er. +esus is soon back and Peter says4 ' .ere is t!e Master. Tell .im (!at you (ant and be =uick. * T!e (oman does not even re,ly to !im, but oes to(ards +esus and kneels do(n at .is feet. -!e is silent. ' P!otinai, (!at do you (ant from Me) * ' 0our !el,, my Lord. I am so (eak. And I do not (ant to sin any more. I !ave already told t!e man. 3ut no( t!at I am no lon er a sinner, I kno( not!in . I do not kno( (!at ood is. 1!at s!all I do) Please tell me. I am mud. 3ut 0our feet tread on t!e road to o to(ards souls. ,2

Tram,le on my mud, but come to my soul (it! 0our advice. * -!e is (ee,in . ' 0ou cannot follo( Me, a lonely (oman as you are. 3ut if you really do not (ant to sin any more and you (ant to learn !o( not to sin, t!en o back to your !ouse (it! a re,entant mind and (ait. T!e day (ill come, (!en amon st many more (omen (!o !ave also been redeemed, you (ill be able to be near your Redeemer and learn t!e science of /oodness. /o. 3e not afraid, Persevere in your ,resent (ill not to sin. /oodbye. * T!e (oman kisses t!e round, stands u,, retreats for a fe( yards, t!en oes a(ay, to(ards -yc!ar.....

147. Jes!s 8#s#ts t$e Ba%t#st nea Ennon.

-5t$ A% #l 1+4,.

& It is a clear moonli !t ni !t, so clear t!at t!e round a,,ears in all its details and t!e fields, covered (it! corn (!ic! !as 7ust come u,, look like reen;silver ,lus! car,ets, on (!ic! t!e country ,at!s seem dark stri,es, (atc!ed over by t!e tree trunks t!at are (!ite on t!e moonlit side and com,letely dark on t!e ot!er. +esus is (alkin steadfast and alone. .e ,roceeds very fast alon .is (ay until .e reac!es a stream t!at is flo(in do(n ur lin to(ards t!e ,lain in a nort!;east direction. .e oes u,stream as far as a lonely s,ot near a (oody slo,e. .e moves to one side, climbs u, a stee, ,at! 4/

and arrives at a natural cave on t!e side of t!e !ill. .e oes in and bends over a body t!at is lyin on t!e round and can be seen only indistinctly in t!e moonli !t, (!ic! s!ines on t!e ,at! outside, but does not illuminate t!e cave. .e calls !im4 ' +o!n. * T!e man a(akes and sits u,, still dro(sy. 3ut !e soon realises 1!o is callin !im and 7um,s to !is feet, t!en ,rostrates !imself sayin 4 ' .o( is it t!at my Lord came to me) * ' To make your !eart and Mine !a,,y. 0ou (anted Me, +o!n. .ere I am. /et u,. Let us o out into t!e moonli !t and sit and talk on t!e rock near t!e rotto. * +o!n obeys, ets u, and oes out. 3ut (!en +esus sits do(n, !e kneels do(n in front of "!rist. .e is (earin a s!ee,skin, (!ic! !ardly covers !is very lean body, and !e ,us!es back !is lon dis!evelled !air, (!ic! !ad fallen over !is eyes, to see t!e -on of /od better. T!e contrast bet(een t!em is very stron . +esus is ,ale and fair!aired, .is !air is soft and tidy and .is beard is trimmed round t!e lo(er ,art of .is face. +o!n is like a bus! of very dark !airs, in (!ic! t(o dee, set eyes can be seen4 t(o feveris! eyes, I (ould say, as t!ey s!ine so muc! in t!eir 7et black settin . 8 ' I !ave come to t!ank you. 0ou !ave fulfilled and are fulfillin , (it! t!e ,erfection of /race (it!in you, your mission as My Precursor. 1!en t!e !our comes, you (ill enter .eaven beside Me, because you (ill !ave deserved everyt!in from /od. And in t!e e<,ectation, you (ill already be in t!e ,eace of t!e Lord, My beloved friend. * 41

' I (ill enter ,eace very soon, my Master and /od, bless 0our servant to stren t!en !im for !is last trial. I am a(are it is no( near and t!at t!ere is still one (itness I !ave to bear4 t!e (itness of my blood. And 0ou are a(are more t!an I am, t!at my !our is about to arrive. T!e merciful bounty of 0our Divine !eart !as brou !t 0ou !ere, to fortify t!e last martyr of Israel and t!e first of t!e ne( era. Tell me only one t!in 4 (ill I !ave to (ait lon for 0our comin ) * ' No, +o!n. Not muc! lon er t!an t!e time t!at ela,sed bet(een your birt! and Mine. * ' May t!e Most .i ! be blessed for t!at. +esus... may I call 0ou so) * ' 0ou can, because of our blood and your !oliness. T!e Name, (!ic! also sinners ,ronounce, can be ,ronounced by t!e !oly one in Israel. It is salvation for t!em, let it be kindness to you. 1!at do you (ant from +esus, your Master and cousin) * ' I am about to die. As a fat!er is an<ious for !is c!ildren, so I am an<ious for my disci,les. My disci,les... 0ou are a Master and 0ou kno( !o( fondly (e love t!em. My only fear in dyin is t!at t!ey may et lost like s!ee, (it!out a s!e,!erd. 1ill 0ou ,lease at!er t!em. I ive 0ou back t!e t!ree (!o are 0ours and (!o !ave been ,erfect disci,les (!ile (aitin for 0ou. T!ey, and Matt!e( in ,articular, really ,ossess (isdom. I !ave some more and t!ey (ill come to 0ou. Allo( me to entrust t!ose t!ree to 0ou ,ersonally. T!ey are t!e dearest. * ' And t!ey are dear to Me. Do not (orry, +o!n. T!ey s!all not ,eris!. Neit!er t!ose t!ree, nor t!e ot!er true 42

disci,les of yours. I (ill collect your in!eritance and look after it as t!e dearest treasure received from t!e ,erfect friend and servant of t!e Lord. * > +o!n ,rostrates !imself to t!e round, and (!at seems im,ossible in suc! an austere ,ersona e, !e bursts into tears sobbin out of s,iritual 7oy. +esus lays a !and on !is !ead4 ' 0our 7oyful and !umble tears are in unison (it! a son of lon a o at t!e sound of (!ic! your little !eart lea,t out of 7oy. T!e son and your tears are t!e same !ymn of ,raise to t!e #ternal 9at!er, 1!o 5!as done reat t!in s, .e t!at is Mi !ty, to !umble souls.6 Also My Mot!er is about to intone once a ain t!e son t!at -!e san t!en. 3ut later, t!e reatest lory (ill come also to .er as to you after your martyrdom. I convey also .er reetin s to you. 0ou deserve all res,ect and comfort. .ere it is only t!e !and of t!e -on of man, (!ic! is laid on your !ead, but Li !t and Love are descendin from t!e o,en .eavens to bless you, +o!n. * ' I do not deserve so muc!. I am 0our servant. * ' 0ou are My +o!n. T!at day at t!e +ordan, I (as t!e Messia! 1!o (as bein revealedD !ere, no(, it is your cousin and /od 1!o (is!es to ive you t!e viaticum of .is love as /od and as a relative. /et u,, +o!n. Let us kiss eac! ot!er oodbye. * ' I do not deserve so muc!. I !ave lon ed so muc! for it, all my life. 3ut I dare not do t!at to 0ou. 0ou are my /od. * ' I am your +esus. /oodbye. My soul (ill be near yours 4,

until ,eace comes. Live and die in ,eace for t!e sake of your disci,les. T!at is all I can ive you for t!e time bein . 3ut in .eaven I (ill ive you one !undredfold, because you !ave found race in t!e eyes of /od. * +esus !as lifted !im and embraced !im, kissin !im on !is c!eeks and bein kissed by !im. T!en +o!n kneels once a ain and +esus lays bot! !ands on !is !ead and ,rays (it! .is eyes turned to .eaven. .e seems to be consecratin !im. .e is im,ressive. T!ey are silent for some time. T!en +esus takes .is leave (it! .is kind salutation4 ' May ,eace be al(ays (it! you * and .e resumes t!e same road as before.

14+. Jes!s Tea"$es t$e A%ostles.

-7t$ A% #l 1+4,.

& ' My Lord, (!y do 0ou not rest durin t!e ni !t) Last ni !t I ot u, and did not find 0ou. 0our ,lace (as em,ty. * ' 1!y (ere you lookin for Me, -imon) * ' I (anted to ive 0ou my mantle. I (as afraid 0ou mi !t feel cold in t!e lim,id but very cold ni !t. * ' And (ere you not cold) * ' In many years of misery I ot accustomed to bein badly dressed, badly fed and badly lod ed... T!at valley of t!e dead2... .o( !orrible2 +ust no( it (as not t!e case. 3ut 44

t!e ne<t time (e o to +erusalem, because (e (ill certainly o t!ere, come, my Lord, to t!at ,lace of deat!. T!ere are so many un!a,,y ,eo,le t!ere... and t!eir ,!ysical misery is not t!e (orst... 1!at most tortures and consumes t!em is t!eir des,eration.... Do 0ou not t!ink, my Lord, t!at le,ers are too !ars!ly treated) * T!e Iscariot re,lies to t!e Fealot, (!o is ,leadin t!e cause of !is old com,anions, before +esus does4 ' -o you (ould leave t!em amon st t!e ,eo,le) -o muc! t!e (orst for t!em if t!ey are le,ers2 * ' T!at:s all (e need to make t!e +e(s martyrs2 .o( lovely it (ould be to !ave le,ers (alkin in t!e streets (it! t!e soldiers and ot!er t!in s2...* e<claims Peter. ' I t!ink it is a fair and (ise ste, to kee, t!em confined * remarks +ames of Al,!aeus. ' 0es. 3ut it s!ould be done in a c!aritable manner. 0ou do not realise (!at it is to be a le,er. 0ou cannot s,eak about t!em. If it is fair to take due care of our bodies, (!y are (e not e=ually fair to t!e souls of le,ers) 1!o s,eaks to t!em of /od) And /od only kno(s !o( muc! t!ey need to t!ink of /od and of ,eace in t!eir utter desolation2 * ' -imon, you are ri !t. I (ill o to t!em. 3ecause it is 7ust and to teac! you all suc! mercy. -o far I !ave cured t!e le,ers t!at I met by c!ance. -o far, t!at is, until I (as driven out of +udaea. I addressed t!e reat ,eo,le in +udaea, as t!ey are t!e most remote and in t!e reatest need of redem,tion, in order to be of !el, to t!e Redeemer. As I am no( convinced t!at suc! an attem,t is =uite useless, I am abandonin it. I (ill no lon er 43

address t!e mi !ty ones, but t!e lo(er and miserable ,eo,le in Israel. And t!e le,ers in t!e valley of t!e dead (ill be amon st t!em. I (ill not disa,,oint t!e fait! t!at t!ose, (!o !ave been evan elized by t!e rateful le,er, !ave in Me. * ' .o( do 0ou kno(, my Lord, t!at I did t!at) * ' As I kno( (!at friends and enemies, (!ose !earts I searc!, t!ink of Me. * 8 ' /oodness racious2 0ou really kno( everyt!in about us, Master2 * s!outs Peter. ' 0es, I do. Also t!at you, and not only you, (anted to send P!otinai a(ay. Do you not kno( t!at you are not allo(ed to send a soul a(ay from ood) Do you not kno( t!at to et to t!e !eart of a to(n you must be most kind and merciful also to(ards t!ose (!om !uman society, (!ic! is not !oly because it is not identified (it! /od, calls and 7ud es un(ort!y of mercy) 3ut do not be u,set because I kno( all t!at. 3e sorry only t!at t!e sentiments of your !earts are not a,,roved of by /od and endeavour not to !ave t!em in future. I told you, t!e first year is over. In t!e ne( year I (ill ,roceed alon My (ay (it! ne( forms. In t!e second year you must make ,ro ress, too. $t!er(ise it (ould be useless for Me to et tired evan elizin , and su,er;evan elizin you, My future ,riests. * ' Did 0ou o and ,ray, Master) 0ou ,romised to teac! us 0our ,rayers. 1ill 0ou do t!at t!is year) * ' I (ill. 3ut I (ant to teac! you to be ood. /oodness is already a ,rayer. 3ut I (ill do it, +o!n. * 4+

' And (ill 0ou teac! us also to (ork miracles t!is year) * asks t!e Iscariot. ' Miracles are not tau !t. T!ey are not t!e ame of a 7u ler. A miracle comes from /od. 1!o !as race in t!e eyes of /od obtains it. If you learn to be ood, you (ill !ave race and obtain miracles. * > ' 3ut 0ou are not ans(erin our =uestion. -imon asked 0ou and +o!n asked 0ou, but 0ou !ave not told us (!ere 0ou (ent last ni !t. It could be dan erous to o out alone in a !eat!en country. * ' I (ent to make a ri !teous soul !a,,y and since !e is doomed to deat!, I (ent to collect !is in!eritance. * ' Did 0ou) 1as it a lar e one) * ' 0es, Peter, very lar e and of reat value. T!e fruit of t!e (ork of a true 7ust man. * ' 3ut I !ave not seen anyt!in in 0our ba . Are t!ey 7e(els (!ic! 0ou are carryin on 0ou) * ' 0es, 7e(els t!at are most dear to My !eart. * ' Let us see t!em, Lord. * ' I (ill !ave t!em (!en t!e man doomed to deat! dies. 9or t!e time bein !e needs t!em, and I need t!em, leavin t!em (!ere t!ey are. * ' .as !e invested t!em at an interest) * ' Do you t!ink t!at money is t!e only valuable t!in ) It is t!e most useless and filt!y t!in on eart!. It is only useful for material t!in s, for crimes and for !ell. $nly rarely man makes use of it for a ood ,ur,ose. * 47

' 1ell, if it is not money, (!at is it) * ' T!ree disci,les formed by a saint. * ' 0ou !ave been to t!e 3a,tist. $!2 1!y) * ' 1!y 0ou al(ays !ave Me (it! you. And you all to et!er are not (ort! a sin le fin er nail of t!e Pro,!et. 1as it not ri !t t!at I s!ould o to take /od:s blessin to t!e !oly one in Israel to fortify !im for !is martyrdom) * ' 3ut if !e is !oly... !e does not need to be fortified. .e can mana e by !imself2...* ' T!e day (ill come (!en 5My6 saints (ill be brou !t before 7ud es and condemned to deat!. T!ey (ill be saints, in t!e race of /od, comforted by fait!, !o,e and c!arity. And yet I can already !ear t!eir cries, t!e cries of t!eir souls4 5Lord, !el, us in t!is !our2.6 $nly (it! My !el, My saints (ill be stron in ,ersecutions. * A ' 1e are not t!e ones 0ou are referrin to, are (e) 3ecause I am utterly inca,able of sufferin . * ' T!at is true. 0ou are not ca,able of sufferin . 3ut, 3art!olome(, you !ave not been ba,tized yet. * ' 0es, I !ave. * ' 1it! (ater. 0ou still need anot!er ba,tism. T!en you (ill be able to suffer. * ' I am already old. * ' And (!en very old, you (ill be stron er t!an a youn man. * ' 3ut 0ou (ill !el, us 7ust t!e same, (ill 0ou not) * 49

' I s!all al(ays be (it! you. * ' I (ill endeavour to et accustomed to sufferin * says 3art!olome(. ' I (ill al(ays ,ray, from no( on, to obtain t!is race from 0ou * says +ames of Al,!aeus. ' I am old and all I ask for is to ,recede 0ou and enter ,eace (it! 0ou * says -imon Fealot. ' I... I do not kno( (!at I (ould like. 1!et!er to ,recede 0ou or to be near 0ou and die to et!er * says +udas of Al,!aeus. ' I (ill be un!a,,y if I survive 0ou. 3ut I (ill be comforted by ,reac!in 0ou to t!e ,eo,le * states t!e Iscariot. ' I am of t!e same o,inion as 0our cousin * says T!omas. ' I, instead, am (it! -imon t!e Fealot * says +ames of Febedee. ' And (!at about you, P!ili,) * ' 1ell... I say t!at I do not kno( (!at to t!ink about it. T!e #ternal 9at!er (ill ive me (!at is best. * ' $!2 Bee, =uiet. 0ou (ould t!ink t!at t!e Master is to die soon2 I do not (ant to t!ink of .is deat!2 * e<claims Andre(. ' 0ou are =uite ri !t, my dear brot!er. 0ou are youn and !ealt!y, +esus. 0ou (ill !ave to bury us all, I mean t!e ones (!o are older t!an 0ou. * ' 1!at if t!ey killed Me) * 42

' Let t!at never !a,,en to 0ou, but I (ill aven e you. * ' .o( 3y a blood ven eance) * ' 1ell... also by t!at means, if 0ou (ill allo( me. $t!er(ise, by my ,rofession of fait! amon st ,eo,les, I (ill confute t!e accusations moved a ainst 0ou. T!e (orld (ill love 0ou because I 1ill be indefati able in ,reac!in 0ou. * ' T!at is true and t!at is (!at (ill !a,,en. And (!at about you, +o!n, and you, Matt!e() * ' I must suffer and (ait until I !ave (as!ed my soul by sufferin a reat deal * says Matt!e(. ' And I... I do not kno(. I (ould like to die at once so t!at I (ould not see 0ou suffer. I (ould like to be near 0ou to comfort you in 0our a ony. I (ould like to live for a lon time to serve 0ou. I (ould like to die (it! 0ou to enter .eaven (it! 0ou. I (ould like everyt!in , because I love 0ou. And I t!ink t!at I, t!e least of my brot!ers, (ill be able to do all t!at, if I kno( !o( to love 0ou ,ro,erly. C +esus, increase 0our love2 * says +o!n. ' 0ou mean4 5Increase my love6 * remarks t!e Iscariot. ' No. I say4 5Increase 0our Love.6 3ecause t!e more .e (ill inflame us (it! .is love, t!e more (e s!all love. * +esus dra(s t!e ,ure ,assionate +o!n to .imself and kisses !is fore!ead sayin 4 ' 0ou !ave revealed a mystery of /od about t!e sanctification of !earts. /od effuses .imself to 7ust souls, and t!e more t!ey surrender to .is love, t!e more .e increases it and t!eir !oliness ro(s reater. T!at is t!e mysterious and ineffable (ork of /od and of souls. It is accom,lis!ed in mystical silence, and 3/

its ,o(er, (!ic! cannot be described by !uman (ords, creates indescribable master,ieces of !oliness. It is not a mistake, but a (ise ,rayer, to ask /od to increase .is love in one:s !eart. *

1,9. Jes!s at Na3a et$. : Son/ I 0#ll Co*e &#t$ Yo!. ;

.9t$ A% #l 1+4,.

& +esus is alone. .e is (alkin fast alon t!e main road near Nazaret!. .e enters t!e villa e and directs .is ste,s to(ards .is !ouse. 1!en .e is near it .e sees .is Mot!er. -!e is also oin to(ards t!e !ouse and .er ne,!e( -imon is (it! .er, carryin a bundle of fire(ood. +esus calls .er4 ' Mot!er2 * Mary turns round e<claimin 4 ' $!2 My 3lessed -on2 * and t!ey bot! run to meet eac! ot!er, (!ile -imon dro,s t!e bundle to t!e round and like Mary runs to(ards +esus and reets .im (!ole!eartedly. ' Mot!er, I !ave come. Are 0ou !a,,y no() * ' -o !a,,y, -on. 3ut... If 0ou came only because I be ed 0ou, I tell 0ou t!at it is not ri !t for Me or for 0ou to listen to t!e call of blood, rat!er t!an to 0our mission. * ' No, Mot!er. I !ave come for ot!er reasons as (ell. * ' Is it really true, -on) I t!ou !t, I (anted to believe t!at t!ey (ere false rumours and t!at 0ou (ere not !ated so 31

muc!...* T!ere are tears in Mary:s voice and in .er eyes. ' Do not (ee,, Mot!er. It rieves Me so muc!. I need 0our smiles. * ' 0es, -on. T!at is true. 0ou see so many !ars! faces of enemies, t!at 0ou need so muc! smilin love. 3ut !ere, see) .ere is -!e 1!o loves 0ou on be!alf of everybody...* Mary is leanin li !tly on .er -on, 1!o embraces .er s!oulders, and (!ile (alkin slo(ly to(ards t!e !ouse, -!e endeavours to smile, to e<,el all rief from +esus: !eart. 8 -imon !as ,icked u, !is bundle and is (alkin beside +esus. ' 0ou are ,ale, Mot!er. .ave t!ey rieved 0ou so muc!) .ave 0ou not been (ell) .ave 0ou tired 0ourself e<cessively) * ' No, -on, no one !as rieved Me. My only sorro( is t!at 0ou are far from Me and t!ey do not love 0ou. .ere everybody is ood to Me. I (ill not even mention Mary and Al,!aeusD 0ou kno( (!at t!ey are like. Also -imon, see !o( ood !e is. .e is al(ays like t!at. .e !as !el,ed Me all t!ese ,ast mont!s. .e is no( su,,lyin Me (it! (ood. .e is so ood. Also +ose,! is. T!ey are so t!ou !tful of t!eir Mary. * ' May /od bless you, -imon, and may .e bless also +ose,!. I for ive you for not lovin Me yet as t!e Messia!. $!2 0ou (ill eventually love Me as "!rist2 3ut !o( could I for ive you for not lovin .er) * ' It is fair and ,eaceful to love Mary, +esus. 0ou are loved, too..... only, see, (e are too muc! afraid for 0ou. * 32

' 0es, you love Me (it! a !uman love. 0ou (ill come to t!e ot!er love. * ' 0ou, too, -on, are ,ale lookin and t!in. * ' 0es, 0ou look older. I can see t!at, too * remarks -imon. > T!ey o into t!e !ouse, and -imon, after layin t!e fire(ood in its ,lace, (it!dra(s discreetly. ' -on, no( t!at (e are alone, tell Me t!e trut!. T!e (!ole trut!. 1!y did t!ey drive 0ou a(ay) * Mary s,eaks !oldin .er !ands on +esus: s!oulders and starin at .is t!in face. +esus smiles kindly but sadly4 ' 3ecause I tried to brin man back to !onesty, 7ustice and to t!e true reli ion. * ' 3ut (!o accuses 0ou) T!e ,eo,le) * ' No, Mot!er, t!e P!arisees and t!e scribes, (it! t!e e<ce,tion of a fe( 7ust ones amon st t!em. * ' 3ut (!at !ave 0ou done to incur t!eir accusations) * ' I told t!em t!e trut!. Do 0ou kno( t!at it is t!e bi mistake (it! men) * ' 1!at could t!ey say to 7ustify t!eir accusations) * ' T!ey told lies. T!e ones 0ou kno( and many more. * ' Tell 0our Mot!er. Place 0our sorro(, all 0our sorro( on My bosom. A mot!er:s bosom is accustomed to sorro( and is !a,,y to consume it, to remove it from t!e !eart of !er son. /ive Me 0our sorro(, +esus. "ome !ere, as 0ou (ere (ont to do (!en a c!ild, and leave all 0our bitterness. * +esus sits on a little stool at .is Mot!er:s feet and tells 3, est

.er all about t!e mont!s s,ent in +udaea, (it!out any rud e and (it!out concealin anyt!in . Mary caresses .is !air (it! a !eroic smile on .er li,s to fi !t back t!e tears s!inin in .er blue eyes. +esus mentions also t!e necessity of a,,roac!in (omen to redeem t!em and .is rief at not bein able to do so o(in to t!e (ickedness of men. Mary nods assent and t!en -!e decides4 ' -on, 0ou must not deny Me (!at I (ant. 9rom no( on I (ill come (it! 0ou (!en 0ou o a(ay. I (ill come at any time, in any season, to any ,lace. I (ill defend 0ou from false accusations. My sim,le ,resence (ill cause t!e mud to fall off. And Mary (ill come (it! Me. -!e is so an<ious to. T!at is (!at is needed near t!e .oly $ne, a ainst t!e demon and a ainst t!e (orld4 a mot!er:s !eart. *

1,1. In S!sanna's <o!se #n Cana. T$e Ro1al Off#"e .

1st 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus is ,ossibly oin to(ards t!e lake. .e certainly arrives at "ana and directs .is ste,s to(ards -usanna:s !ouse. .is cousins are (it! .im. 1!ile t!ey are in t!e !ouse and t!ey rest and take some food, +esus, to 1!om .is relatives and friends are listenin as t!ey s!ould al(ays do, teac!es t!ose ood ,eo,le in a very sim,le (ay. .e also comforts t!e !usband of -usanna, (!o 34

a,,ears to be ill. -!e is in fact absent and (!ile I !ear t!em talk continuously of !o( muc! s!e suffers, a (ell dressed man enters and ,rostrates !imself at +esus: feet. ' 1!o are you) 1!at do you (ant) * 1!ile t!e man is still si !in and (ee,in , t!e landlord ,ulls +esus by t!e !em of .is tunic and (!is,ers4 ' .e is an officer of t!e Tetrarc!. Don:t trust !im too muc!. * ' -,eak u,. 1!at do you (ant from Me) * ' Master, I !eard t!at 0ou are back. I !ave been (aitin for 0ou as one (aits for /od. "ome to "a,ernaum at once. My son is so ill t!at !is !ours are numbered. I sa( +o!n, 0our disci,le. .e told me t!at 0ou (ere comin !ere. "ome, ,lease come at once, before it is too late. * ' 1!at) "an 0ou, a servant of t!e ,ersecutor of t!e .oly $ne in Israel, believe in Me) 0ou do not believe in t!e Precursor of t!e Messia!. -o, !o( can you believe in t!e Messia!) * ' T!at is true. 1e are uilty of incredulity and of cruelty. 3ut !ave mercy on a fat!er2 I kno( "!uza. I !ave seen +o!anna. I !ave seen !er before and after t!e miracle. And I believed in 0ou. * ' Guite2 0ou are suc! an incredulous and (icked eneration t!at you (ill not believe (it!out si ns and miracles. 0ou lack t!e essential =uality t!at is necessary to obtain a miracle. * ' It is true. It is all very true. 3ut 0ou can see... I believe in 0ou no( and I be 0ou4 come to "a,ernaum at once2 I (ill !ave a boat ready for 0ou at Tiberias, so t!at 0ou may come =uicker. 3ut ,lease come before my c!ild dies2 33

* and !e (ee,s desolately. ' I am not comin 7ust no(. 3ut o to "a,ernaum. 0our son is cured as from t!is moment and !e (ill live. * ' May /od bless 0ou, my Lord. I believe 0ou. 3ut as I (ant all my !ouse!old to (elcome 0ou (!en 0ou come to "a,ernaum, come to my !ouse. * ' I (ill come. /oodbye. Peace be (it! you. * T!e man rus!es out and soon after t!e trot of a !orse can be !eard. 8 ' 3ut is t!e boy really cured) * asks -usanna:s !usband. ' Is it ,ossible for you to t!ink t!at I tell lies) * ' No, my Lord. 3ut 0ou are !ere and t!e boy is t!ere. * ' T!ere is no barrier, no distance for My s,irit. * ' 1ell, t!en, my Lord. 0ou c!an ed (ater into (ine at my (eddin , ,lease c!an e my tears into !a,,y smiles. "ure my -usanna. * ' 1!at (ill you ive Me in e<c!an e for t!at) * ' T!e amount of money 0ou (ant. * ' I (ill not stain (!at is !oly (it! Mammon:s blood. I am askin your s,irit (!at it (ill ive Me. * ' Myself, if 0ou (is! so. * ' And if I asked, (it!out any (ords, a reat sacrifice) * ' My Lord, I ask 0ou to rant ,!ysical !ealt! to my (ife and t!e sanctification of us all. I don:t t!ink I can say 3+

t!at anyt!in is too muc! to !ave t!at...* ' 0ou are sufferin a onies because of your (ife. 3ut if I restored !er to !ealt! and I ot !er to become My disci,le forever, (!at (ould you say) * ' T!at... 0ou are entitled to do it and t!at... I (ill imitate Abra!am in !is readiness to t!e sacrifice. * > ' 0ou are ri !t. Listen, everybody4 t!e time of My -acrifice is a,,roac!in . Like a course of (ater it is runnin fast and incessantly to t!e sea. I must accom; ,lis! (!at I !ave to do. And !uman !ardness ,recludes so muc! of t!e field of My mission. My Mot!er and Mary of Al,!aeus (ill come (it! Me (!en I o a(ay amon st ,eo,le t!at do not love Me yet or (ill never love Me. My (isdom kno(s t!at (omen (ill be able to !el, t!e Master in t!ose ,recluded fields. I !ave come to redeem also (omen and in t!e future century, in My time, (omen (ill be seen servin t!e Lord and t!e servants of t!e Lord as ,riestesses. I !ave c!osen My disci,les. 3ut to elect (omen (!o are not free, I must ask fat!ers and !usbands to do it. Do you a ree) * ' Lord, I love -usanna. And so far I !ave loved !er more as a body t!an as a soul. 3ut after 0our teac!in , somet!in is already c!an ed in me and I look at my (ife as a soul besides as a body. A soul belon s to /od and 0ou are t!e Messia!, t!e -on of /od. I cannot deny 0our ri !t on (!at belon s to /od. If -usanna (ants to follo( 0ou, I (ill not o,,ose !er. I only be 0ou to (ork t!e miracle t!at (ill cure !er body and my feelin s...* ' -usanna is cured. In a fe( !ours: time s!e (ill come !ere to tell you !o( !a,,y s!e is. Let !er soul follo( its 37

im,ulse (it!out any mention of (!at I !ave 7ust said. 0ou (ill see t!at !er soul (ill come to Me s,ontaneously as a flame tends u,(ards. 3ut because of t!at, !er love of a (ife (ill not be stifled. $n t!e contrary it (ill rise to t!e !i !est de ree, (!ic! is to love eac! ot!er (it! t!e better ,art4 (it! your souls. * ' -usanna belon s to 0ou, Lord. -!e (as to die a very ,ainful slo( deat!. And once s!e (as dead, I (ould !ave lost !er forever in t!is (orld. 3ut as 0ou say, I (ill still !ave !er beside me, to lead me on to 0our (ay. /od ave me !er, and /od is takin !er a(ay from me. 3lessed be t!e Most .i ! in ivin and in takin . *

1,-. In =ebe)ee's <o!se. Salo*e Is A""e%te) as a D#s"#%le.

-n) 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus is in a !ouse, (!ic!, from (!at t!e ,eo,le livin in it say, I understand to be t!e !ouse of +o!n and +ames. 1it! +esus, beside t!e t(o a,ostles, t!ere are Peter and Andre(, -imon Fealot, t!e Iscariot and Matt!e(. I do not see t!e ot!ers. +ames and +o!n are most !a,,y. T!ey come and o from t!eir mot!er to +esus and viceversa, like butterflies (!ic! do not kno( (!ic! of t(o e=ually loved flo(ers t!ey s!ould ,refer. Mary -alome, (!o is also most !a,,y, caresses eac! time !er bi boys, (!ile +esus smiles. 39

T!ey must already !ave !ad t!eir meal, because t!e table is still laid. 3ut t!e t(o disci,les at all costs (ant +esus to eat some bunc!es of (!ite ra,es, (!ic! t!eir mot!er !as ,reserved and (!ic! must be as s(eet as !oney. 1!at (ould t!ey not ive +esus) 3ut -alome (ants to ive and receive somet!in better t!an ra,es and caresses. And after bein lost in t!ou !t for a little (!ile, lookin at +esus, t!en at Febedee, s!e makes u, !er mind. -!e oes near +esus 1!o is sittin (it! .is back to t!e table, and kneels do(n before .im. ' 1!at do you (ant, (oman) * ' Master, 0ou !ave decided t!at 0our Mot!er, and t!e mot!er of +ames and +udas s!ould come (it! 0ou, and also -usanna is comin , and t!e reat +o!anna of "!uza (ill certainly come as (ell. If only one (oman comes, all t!e ot!ers (!o venerate 0ou, (ill come. I (ould like to be one of t!em. Take me, +esus. I (ill serve 0ou (it! all my love. * 8 ' 0ou !ave Febedee to look after. Do you not love !im any more) * ' $!2 $f course I love !im. 3ut I love 0ou more. $!2 I do not mean t!at I love 0ou as a man. I am si<ty years old, I !ave been married for almost forty, and I !ave never seen any ot!er man but my !usband. I am not oin to be crazy no( t!at I am old. Neit!er is my love for my Febedee oin to end because of my old a e. 3ut 0ou... I am not ood at s,eakin . I am a ,oor (oman. I (ill tell 0ou as best I can. T!us4 I love Febedee (it! my constant inborn femininity. I love 0ou (it! t!e s,irit 0ou !ave aroused in me (it! 0our (ords and (!at +ames and 32

+o!n !ave told me. It is somet!in com,letely different... but so beautiful. * ' It (ill never be so beautiful as t!e love of a very ood !usband. * ' $!2 No. It is muc! more beautiful. $!2 Don:t take it amiss, Febedee2 I still love you (it! all my !eart. 3ut I love .im (it! somet!in , (!ic! is still Mary, but it is no lon er Mary, your ,oor (ife, it is somet!in more... $!2 I do not kno( !o( to tell you2 * +esus smiles at t!e (oman (!o does not (is! to offend !er !usband, but cannot conceal !er ne( reat love. Also Febedee smiles ravely, and oes near !is (ife, (!o, still on !er knees, turns round to look at !er !usband and at +esus alternately. > ' Do you realise, Mary, t!at you (ill !ave to leave your !ome) And you are so ,roud of it2 0our doves, your flo(ers... t!is vine t!at bears suc! s(eet ra,es of (!ic! you are so ,roud... your bee!ives, (!ic! are t!e most famous ones in t!e villa e... and you (ill no lon er !ave your loom on (!ic! you !ave (oven so muc! linen and so muc! (oollen clot! for your dear ones... And (!at about your little ne,!e(s) 1!at (ill you do (it!out your little ne,!e(s) * ' $!2 My Lord2 1!at do all t!ese t!in s matter4 (alls, doves, flo(ers, vines, bee!ives, looms, t!ey are all ood and dear t!in s, but so insi nificant as com,ared to 0ou and to lovin 0ou)2 My little ne,!e(s... (ell2 0es2 I (ill feel sorry t!at I cannot ,ut t!em to slee, on my la, or !ear t!em call me... 3ut 0ou are (ort! more2 $!2 0ou are (ort! more t!an all t!e t!in s 0ou mentioned2 And if +/

t!ose t!in s (ere taken all to et!er and because of my (eakness t!ey (ere as dear or dearer t!an servin and follo(in 0ou, I (ould cast t!em aside, (it! t!e tears of a (oman, to follo( 0ou (it! t!e smile of my soul. Take me, Master. +o!n, +ames, (ill you tell .im... and you too, my !usband. 3e ood. .el, me. * ' All ri !t. 0ou (ill come (it! t!e ot!ers. I (anted you to meditate carefully on t!e ,ast and t!e ,resent, on (!at you leave and (!at you et. 3ut come, -alome. 0ou are mature to enter My family. * ' $!2 Mature2 I am less t!an a c!ild. 3ut 0ou (ill for ive my errors and !old me by t!e !and. 0ou... because, coarse as I am, I (ill be muc! as!amed before 0our Mot!er and before +o!anna. I (ill be as!amed before everybody. #<ce,t 0ou. 3ecause 0ou are t!e /ood $ne and 0ou understand, ,ity and for ive everyt!in . *

1,.. Jes!s S%ea>s to <#s D#s"#%les of 0o*en's A%ostolate.

. ) 6a1 1+4,.

& ' 1!at is t!e matter (it! you, Peter) 0ou look discontented * asks +esus, 1!o is (alkin alon a country ,at! under almond;trees in blossom, (!ic! announce to men t!at t!e (orst season is over. ' I am t!inkin , Master. * ' 0ou are t!inkin . I kno(. 3ut you do not seem to be +1

t!inkin of !a,,y t!in s2 * ' As 0ou kno( everyt!in about us, 0ou already kno( my t!ou !ts. * ' 0es, I do. Also /od t!e 9at!er kno(s t!e needs of men, but .e (ants in man t!e intimacy t!at discloses !is needs and asks for !el,. I can tell you t!at you are (ron in bein ve<ed. * ' -o my (ife is not less dear to 0ou) * ' $f course not, Peter. 1!y s!ould s!e) T!ere are many d(ellin ,laces of My 9at!er in .eaven. And many are t!e tasks of men on t!e eart!. And t!ey are all blessed, ,rovided t!ey are fulfilled in a !oly manner. "ould I ,ossibly say t!at all t!e (omen (!o do not imitate t!e Maries and -usanna are disliked by /od)* ' "ertainly not2 Also my (ife believes in t!e Master, but s!e does not follo( t!e e<am,le of t!e ot!er (omen * says 3art!olome(. ' Neit!er does my (ife nor my dau !ters. T!ey are stayin at !ome, but t!ey are al(ays ready to ive us !os,itality, as t!ey did yesterday * says P!ili,. ' I t!ink my mot!er (ill do t!e same. -!e cannot leave everyt!in ... s!e is all by !erself * says t!e Iscariot. ' It is true2 I (as sad because I t!ou !t mine (as so... so little... o!2 I cannot e<,lain2 * ' Do not criticise !er, Peter2 -!e is an !onest (oman * says +esus. ' -!e is very s!y. .er mot!er !ad t!em all under !er t!umb, bot! !er dau !ter and !er dau !ters;in;la( * +2

says Andre(. ' 3ut s!e s!ould !ave c!an ed in all t!e years s!e !as been (it! me2 * ' $!2 3rot!er2 0ou are not all t!at s(eet;tem,ered yourself, you kno(. If a ,erson is s!y you are like a s,oke in !is (!eel. My sister;in;la( is very ood and t!e best ,roof is t!at s!e !as al(ays tolerated (it! ,atience !er mot!er and !er bad tem,er, and you and your overbearance. * T!ey all lau ! at Andre(:s outs,oken conclusion and at Peter:s astonis!ed face (!en !e !ears of !is overbearance. 8 In addition +esus lau !s !eartily. .e t!en says4 ' T!e fait!ful (omen (!o do not feel like leavin t!eir !omes to follo( Me are e=ually useful to Me by stayin at !ome. If t!ey all (anted to come (it! Me, I (ould !ave to ask some of t!em to remain. No( t!at some (omen are oin to 7oin us, I (ill also !ave to see to t!em. It (ould be neit!er decent nor (ise for t!e (omen to be (it!out a d(ellin ,lace (!ile t!ey move about. 1e can rest any(!ere. A (oman !as different necessities from men, and needs a s!elter. 1e can all slee, in one ,lace. 3ut t!ey could not stay (it! us, bot! because of t!e res,ect due to t!em and because of t!eir more delicate constitution. 1e must never tem,t Providence and nature beyond t!eir limits. No(, of every friendly !ouse, (!ere t!ere is one of your (omen, I (ill make a s!elter for t!eir sisters. I (ill do t!at (it! your !ouse, Peter, (it! yours, P!ili,, (it! yours, 3art!olome(, and (it! yours, +udas. 1e cannot e<,ect our (omen to travel around incessantly, as (e do. Instead (e s!all !ave t!em +,

(aitin for us, at t!e meetin ,lace, from (!ic! (e s!all move in t!e mornin and o back in t!e evenin . 1e s!all ive t!em instructions for t!e !ours of rest and t!e (orld (ill no lon er be able to rumble, if ot!er un!a,,y (omen come to Me, neit!er s!all I be ,revented from listenin to t!em. T!e mot!ers and (ives t!at follo( us (ill defend t!eir sisters and Me a ainst t!e slander of t!e (orld. 0ou can see t!at I am makin a =uick tri, to reet My friends or (!ere I kno( t!at I (ill !ave friends. I am not doin t!at for Myself. I am doin t!at for t!e (eaker disci,les (!o by means of t!eir (eakness (ill su,,ort our stren t! and make it !el,ful to many more creatures. * ' 0ou said t!at (e are oin to "aesarea no(. 1!o is t!ere) * ' "reatures seekin t!e True /od are to be found every(!ere. -,rin time is already announced by t!e ,inkis!;(!ite almond blossoms. T!e cold days are over. In a fe( days: time I (ill decide u,on t!e ,laces (!ere (e s!all sto, and s!elter t!e (omen disci,les, and (e s!all start movin around a ain, to s,read t!e (ord of /od, (it!out (orryin about our sisters, (it!out any fear of slander and bot! t!eir ,atience and t!eir kindness (ill be a lesson to you. T!e !our of re!abilitation of (omen is almost !ere. T!ere (ill be a reat flo(erin of !oly vir ins, (ives and mot!ers in My "!urc!. *


1,4. Jes!s at Caesa ea on Sea S%ea>s to t$e 'alle1?Sla2es.

4t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus is in t!e centre of a beautiful (ide s=uare, from (!ic! a very (ide road leads off, one (!ic! is almost an e<tension of t!e s=uare as far as t!e seaside. A alley must !ave left t!e !arbour only recently and it is takin to t!e o,en sea driven by t!e (ind and by t!e oarsmen. Anot!er one is manoeuvrin to enter t!e !arbour, because its sails are bein furled and t!e oars are (orked on one side only to veer round into a suitable ,osition. T!e !arbour cannot be seen from t!e s=uare, but it must be nearby. $n t!e sides of t!e s=uare t!ere are ro(s of lar e !ouses, t!e ty,ical (alls of (!ic! !ave almost no o,enin s. T!ere are no s!o,s. ' 1!ere are (e oin no() 0ou (anted to come !ere, instead of oin to t!e eastern side and t!is is t!e !eat!en district. 1!o do 0ou t!ink (ill listen to 0ou !ere) * says Peter re,roac!fully. ' Let us o over t!ere, to t!at corner to(ards t!e seaside. I (ill s,eak t!ere. * ' 0ou (ill be s,eakin to t!e (aves. * ' Also t!e (aves (ere created by /od. * T!ey o. T!ey are no( 7ust at t!e corner and t!ey can see t!e !arbour into (!ic! t!e alley t!ey sa( before is no( slo(ly enterin and is moored at its ,lace. -ome sailors are idlin alon t!e =uays. -ome fruit;sellers c!ance oin to(ards t!e Roman boat to sell t!eir oods. Not!in else. +3

+esus, leanin (it! .is back a ainst t!e (all, really seems to be s,eakin to t!e (aves of t!e sea. T!e a,ostles, not very !a,,y (it! t!e situation, are all around .im, some standin , some sittin on stones scattered !ere and t!ere, to be used as benc!es. 8 ' 9oolis! is t!e man (!o, seein t!at !e is ,o(erful, !ealt!y and !a,,y, says4 51!at do I need) 1!om do I need) Nobody. I need not!in , I am self;sufficientD t!erefore /od:s decrees and moral la(s mean not!in to me. My only la( is to do (!at I can, (it!out considerin (!et!er it is ood or bad for ot!er ,eo,le.6 * A vendor turns round on !earin t!e sonorous voice and comes near +esus 1!o continues4 ' T!at is !o( a man and a (oman (it!out (isdom and fait! s,eak. 3ut if t!at ,roves a more or less reat ,o(er, it also evidences a relations!i, (it! #vil. * -ome men come off t!e alley and ot!er boats and come to(ards +esus. ' A man, not by (ords of mout!, but by deeds ,roves t!at !e is related to /od and to %irtue, (!en !e considers t!at life is more c!an eable t!an t!e (aves of t!e sea, (!ic! one moment are calm and soon after stormy. Like(ise t!e ,o(er and (ealt! of today may turn into misery and inca,acity tomorro(. T!en (!at (ill a man do if !e is bereft of union (it! /od) .o( many on t!e alley (ere one day !a,,y and mi !ty and are no( slaves and considered criminals2 "riminals4 t!erefore t(ice slaves, of t!e !uman la(, (!ic! is derided in vain because it e<ists and ,unis!es its trans ressors, and of -atan (!o forever takes ,ossession of criminals, (!o do not re,ent and !ate t!eir crimes. * ++

> ' .ail, Master2 0ou are !ere2) Do 0ou kno( me) * ' May /od come to you, Publius Guintilianus. -ee) I !ave come. * ' And 0ou are !ere, in t!e Roman district. I (as not !o,in to see 0ou a ain. 3ut I am very !a,,y to !ear 0ou. * ' And I am !a,,y, too. Are t!ere many men c!ained to t!e oars on t!at alley) * ' 0es, =uite a lar e number. Mostly (ar ,risoners. Are 0ou interested in t!em) * ' I (ould like to a,,roac! t!at boat. * ' "ome. /et a(ay from !ere * !e orders t!e fe( ,eo,le (!o !ad come near and (!o dra( back at once, mumblin rude remarks. ' 0ou may leave t!em. I am accustomed to bein ,ressed by cro(ds. * ' I can take 0ou so far, not any fart!er. It:s a military alley. * ' It is enou !. May /od re(ard you. * +esus resumes s,eakin (!ile t!e Roman, in !is s,lendid uniform, seems to be mountin uard beside .im. ' -laves by misfortune, t!at is, slaves only once. -laves for a lifetime. 3ut every tear t!at falls on t!eir c!ains, every blo( t!at strikes t!em (ritin ,ain on t!eir fles!, files t!eir !andcuffs, adorns (!at does not die, o,ens to t!em t!e ,eace of /od, 1!o is t!e friend of .is ,oor un!a,,y c!ildren, and 1!o (ill ive t!em as muc! 7oy +7

as t!e ,ain t!ey suffered !ere. *

-ome men of t!e cre( look out from t!e bul(arks of t!e alley and listen. None of t!e alley slaves are t!ere, of course. 3ut +esus: ,o(erful voice certainly reac!es t!em t!rou ! t!e ro(lock sockets and it s,reads t!rou ! t!e =uiet air at lo( tide. Publius Guintilianus is called by a soldier and oes a(ay. ' I (ant to tell t!ese un!a,,y men (!o are loved by /od, to be resi ned to t!eir misfortune, and to turn t!eir ,ains into flames t!at (ill soon unfasten t!e c!ains of t!e alley and of t!eir lives, endin in a desire for /od. .avin endured t!e ,oor day, (!ic! is our life, a dark, stormy, fearful, ,ainful day, t!ey t!us enter t!e day of /od, a bri !t, serene, fearless and 7oyful day. 0ou (ill enter t!e reat ,eace, t!e infinite freedom of Paradise, o martyrs of a ,ainful destiny, ,rovided you are ood in your sufferin and you as,ire to /od. * A Publius Guintilianus comes back (it! ot!er soldiers and !e is follo(ed by a litter carried by slaves, and t!e soldiers make room for it. ' 1!o is /od) I am s,eakin to /entiles (!o do not kno( (!o /od is. I am s,eakin to t!e c!ildren of t!e ,eo,les subdued (!o do not kno( (!o /od is. In your forests, o /auls, Iberians, T!racians, /ermans, "elts, you !ave a s!am od. A soul is naturally inclined to (ors!i,, because it remembers .eaven. 3ut you cannot find t!e True /od, 1!o ,ut a soul into your bodies, a soul e=ual to t!e soul (e ,eo,le of Israel !ave, e=ual to t!e soul of t!e mi !ty Romans (!o !ave subdued you, a soul t!at !as t!e same duties and t!e same ri !ts to /ood and to (!ic! t!e /ood $ne, t!at is t!e true /od (ill be fait!ful. +9

3e e=ually fait!ful to /ood. T!e od or ods t!at you !ave (ors!i,,ed so far, learnin !is or t!eir names on your mot!ers: kneesD t!e od of (!om you no lon er t!ink because you do not feel any comfort comin from !im to relieve your sufferin , t!e od t!at ,er!a,s you !ate and curse in your daily des,air, is not t!e True /od. T!e True /od is Love and Piety. 1ere ,er!a,s your ods like t!at) No, t!ey (ere not. T!ey (ere also !ard, cruel, false, !y,ocrites, vicious, t!ieves. And no( t!ey !ave abandoned you, (it!out t!e least comfort, (!ic! is t!e !o,e of bein loved and t!e assurance of a rest after so muc! sufferin . It is so because your ods do not e<ist. 3ut /od, t!e True /od, 1!o is Love and Piety, and 1!o I can assure you e<ists, is .e 1!o made t!e sky, t!e seas, t!e mountains, t!e forests, t!e ,lants, t!e flo(ers, t!e animals and man. .e is t!e $ne 1!o ins,ires con=uerors to treat t!e ,oor ,eo,le of t!e (orld (it! mercy and love, as .e is Mercy and Love. C $ mi !ty masters, consider t!at you all come from t!e same ori in. Do not act cruelly a ainst t!ose (!o by misfortune !ave come under your ,o(er, and be !uman also to t!ose (!om a crime !as tied to t!e benc! of a alley. Man sins many times. No man is (it!out sins (!ic! are more or less secret. If you considered t!at, you (ould be really ood to your brot!ers, (!o, not so lucky as you are, !ave been ,unis!ed for crimes (!ic! you also !ave committed, (it!out, !o(ever, bein ,unis!ed for t!em. .uman 7ustice is suc! a doubtful t!in in 7ud in , t!at it (ould be dreadful if divine 7ustice (ere like it. T!ere are uilty ,eo,le (!o do not a,,ear to be so, (!ereas innocent ,eo,le are considered uilty. Let us not ask +2

(!y. It (ould be too rave an accusation a ainst un7ust men (!o !ate t!eir fello( men2 T!ere are ,eo,le (!o are really uilty, but !ave been led to ,er,etrate a crime by overbearin circumstances t!at some(!at e<tenuate t!eir crime. 3e t!erefore !uman, you (!o are in c!ar e of alleys. Above !uman 7ustice t!ere is a muc! !i !er divine 7ustice. T!e 7ustice of t!e True /od, 1!o created kin s and slaves, rocks and rains of sand. .e (atc!es youD bot! you on t!e oars and you (!o are in c!ar e of t!e cre(D (oe betide you if you are cruel (it!out any reason. I, +esus "!rist, t!e Messia! of t!e True /od can assure you4 at your deat! .e (ill tie you to an eternal alley, and (ill entrust t!e demons (it! a blood;stained las! and you (ill be tortured and struck e<actly as you did. 3ecause, if accordin to !uman la( a criminal is to be ,unis!ed, you must not overste, all limits. Remember t!at. A man (!o is ,o(erful today may be miserable tomorro(. /od only is eternal. I (ould like to c!an e your !earts, and above all I (ould like to untie your fetters, ive you back your freedom and send you back to your fat!erlands. 3ut, My dear alley; slaves, you are My brot!ers, you cannot see My face, but your sorely (ounded !earts are (ell kno(n to MeD instead of t!e freedom and fat!erlands, (!ic! I cannot ive you no(, (!ile you are t!e ,oor slaves of mi !ty men, I (ill ive you a reater freedom and 9at!erland. 9or your sake I !ave become a ,risoner Myself, far from My fat!erland, I (ill redeem you by offerin Myself in ransom, because you are not t!e dis race of t!e (orld, as men call you, but t!e s!ame of man, (!o for ets t!e limits of t!e ri ours of (ar and 7ustice. I (ill make a ne( la( for you on t!e eart! and a ,leasant abode for you in 7/

.eaven. Remember My Name, o c!ildren of /od, (!o are (ee,in . It is t!e name of a 9riend. Re,eat it in your sufferin . 3e sure t!at, if you love Me, you (ill !ave Me, even if (e never see one anot!er on t!e eart!. I am +esus "!rist, t!e -aviour, your 9riend. I comfort you in t!e name of t!e True /od. May ,eace come to you soon. * H A cro(d of ,eo,le, mainly Romans, !ave at!ered round +esus, 1!ose ne( ideas !ave astonis!ed everybody. ' 3y +ove2 0ou !ave made me ,onder on ne( t!in s, of (!ic! I !ad never t!ou !t before. I feel t!ey are true...* Publius Guintilianus looks at +esus, ,ensive and moved at t!e same time. ' It is so, My friend. If man used !is brains, !e (ould never o so far as to commit a crime. * ' 3y +ove, by +ove2 1onderful (ords2 I must remember t!em2 0ou said4 5If man used !is brains....6 * ' ... !e (ould never o so far as to commit a crime. * ' It is true. 0ou are really a reat man, 0ou kno() * ' #very man (!o (anted, could be as reat as I am, if !e (ere all one (it! /od. * T!e Roman continues !is se=uence of ' by +oves * in increasin admiration. T!en +esus says to !im4 ' "an I ive some solace to t!ose alley;slaves) I !ave some money... some fruit, some comfort, t!at t!ey may kno( t!at I love t!em. * ' /ive me it. I can do t!at. $n t!e ot!er !and t!ere is a lady over t!ere (!o can do muc!. I (ill ask !er. * Publius 71

oes to t!e litter and s,eaks t!rou ! t!e curtains t!at !ave been sli !tly dra(n. .e comes back. ' I am aut!orised to do it. I (ill see to t!e distribution, so t!at t!e 7ailors may not take advanta e of it. And it (ill be t!e only time a soldier of t!e #m,ire deals mercifully (it! (ar slaves. * ' T!e first, but not t!e only time. T!e day (ill come (!en t!ere (ill be no slaves, and even before t!at My disci,les (ill o amon alley;men and slaves and call t!em brot!ers. * A furt!er se=uence of ' by +oves * can be !eard in t!e calm air (!ile Publius is (aitin to !ave enou ! (ine and fruit for t!e alley;slaves. 3efore oin on board t!e alley !e (!is,ers near +esus: ear4 ' "laudia Procula is in t!ere. -!e (ould like to !ear 0ou a ain. In t!e meantime s!e (ants to ask 0ou somet!in . /o and see !er. * I +esus oes to(ards t!e litter. ' .ail, Master. * T!e curtain is dra(n a little, s!o(in a beautiful (oman about t!irty years old. ' May t!e desire for (isdom come u,on you. * ' 0ou said t!at a soul remembers .eaven. T!erefore, t!at t!in (!ic! 0ou say (e !ave (it!in us, is it eternal) * ' 0es, it is eternal. T!at is (!y it remembers /od. It remembers t!e /od 1!o created it. * ' 1!at is t!e soul) * ' T!e soul is t!e true nobility of man. 0ou are famous because you belon to t!e "laudi family. A man is even 72

more so because !e belon s to /od. In your veins t!ere is t!e blood of t!e "laudi, t!e mi !ty family, (!ic!, !o(ever, !ad a be innin and (ill come to an end. In man, because of !is soul, t!ere is t!e blood of /od. 3ecause a soul is t!e s,iritual blood E as /od is a Most Pure -,irit E of t!e "reator of man4 of t!e #ternal, Almi !ty, .oly /od. 3ecause of t!e soul, (!ic! is in !im and (!ic! is alive as lon as it is united to /od, man is eternal, ,o(erful and !oly. * ' I am a ,a an. -o I !ave no soul...* ' 0ou do !ave it. 3ut it !as fallen into a state of let!ar y. 1ake it u, to t!e Trut! and to Life...* ' /oodbye, Master. * ' May +ustice con=uer you. /oodbye. * J ' As you !ave seen, !ere also I !ad ,eo,le listenin to Me * says +esus to t!e disci,les. ' 0es, but (it! t!e e<ce,tion of t!e Romans, (!o (ill !ave understood 0ou) T!ey are barbarians2 * ' 1!o) All of t!em. Peace is (it! t!em and t!ey (ill remember Me more t!an many ot!ers in Israel. Let us o to t!e !ouse (!ere t!ey are offerin us !os,itality for our meal. * ' Master, t!at (oman is t!e same one (!o s,oke to me on t!e day t!at 0ou cured t!e sick man. I sa( !er and I reco nised !er * says +o!n. ' 0ou can see, t!erefore, t!at even !ere t!ere (as someone (aitin for us. 3ut you do not seem to be very !a,,y about it. I (ill !ave accom,lis!ed a reat deal 7,

(!en I succeed in ,ersuadin you t!at I !ave come not only for t!e +e(s, but for all t!e ,eo,les, and I !ave ,re,ared you for t!em all. And I tell you4 remember everyt!in of your Master. T!ere is no event, !o(ever triflin it may seem, t!at may not be a lesson for you one day durin your a,ostolate. * No one re,lies and a sad smile of ,ity a,,ears on +esus: li,s. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; K T!is mornin .e !ad suc! a smile also for me... I (as in a state of suc! dee, de,ression t!at I be an to (ee, over so many t!in s, t!e tiredness of (ritin and (ritin (it! t!e firm belief t!at so muc! bounty of /od and (ork of little +o!n are utterly useless, not bein t!e least. And (ee,in I invoked my Master, and (!en out of kindness .e came e<clusively for me, I told .im (!at (orried me. .e s!ru ed .is s!oulders as if .e (is!ed to say4 ' 9or et about t!e (orld and its nonsense *, and t!en .e caressed me sayin 4 ' -o (!at) 1ould you not like to !el, Me any more) Does t!e (orld not (ant to kno( My (ords) 1ell, let us re,eat t!em to eac! ot!er, for My 7oy in mentionin t!em to a fait!ful !eart, for yours in !earin t!em. T!e (eariness of t!e a,ostolate2... More de,ressin t!an any ot!er (ork2 It de,rives t!e serenest day of its li !t and t!e s(eetest food of its s(eetness. #veryt!in becomes as!es and dirt, nausea and bitterness. 3ut, My dear soul, t!ese are t!e !ours in (!ic! (e take u,on ourselves t!e (eariness, t!e doubts, t!e misery of t!e (orldly ,eo,le (!o die because t!ey do 74

not ,ossess (!at (e !ave. And t!ey are t!e !ours in (!ic! (e do more. I told you also last year. 5To (!at advanta e)6 (onders t!e soul submer ed by (!at submer es t!e (orld, t!at is, by t!e (aves sent by -atan. And t!e (orld dro(ns. 3ut t!e soul nailed to t!e cross (it! its /od does not dro(n. It is in darkness for a moment and sinks under t!e nauseatin (ave of s,iritual tiredness, t!en it emer es fres!er and more beautiful. 0our e<,ression4 5I am no lon er ood for anyt!in 6 is t!e conse=uence of suc! tiredness. 0ou (ould never be ood for anyt!in . 3ut I am al(ays I, and t!us you (ill al(ays be ood for your task of mout!,iece. $f course, if I sa( t!at My ift (ere !idden avariciously like a !eavy most valuable em, or it (ere used im,rudently, or out of indolence it (ere not ,rotected by means of t!e safety ,recautions commanded by !uman (ickedness, in suc! cases, to uard t!e ift and t!e ,erson t!rou ! (!om t!e ift is ranted, I (ould say4 5#nou ! of t!at.6 And t!is time (it!out any ,ossible recurrence. #nou ! for everybody, (it! t!e e<ce,tion of My little soul, (!ic! today looks 7ust a little flo(er in a do(n,our. And (it! suc! caresses can you doubt My love for you2 "!eer u,2 0ou !el,ed Me in (artime. .el, Me a ain, no(... T!ere is so muc! to be done. *
And I calmed do(n under t!e caress of t!e lon !and and of t!e very kind smile of My +esus, so candid as (!en .e is all for me.


1,,. C! e of t$e L#ttle Ro*an '# l at Caesa ea.

,t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus says4 ' Little +o!n, come (it! Me, as I !ave to make you (rite a lesson for t!e consecrated ,eo,le of t!e ,resent time. 1atc! and (rite. * ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 8 +esus is still at "aesarea on -ea. .e is no lon er in t!e same s=uare as yesterday, but furt!er inland, from (!ere t!e !arbour and s!i,s can still be seen. T!ere are many (are!ouses and s!o,s and as on t!e round, in t!is o,en s,ace, t!ere are mats (it! various kinds of oods, I realise t!at it is near t!e market ,lace, (!ic! (as ,er!a,s located near t!e !arbour and (are!ouses, for t!e convenience of seamen and of t!e ,eo,le buyin oods brou !t by sea. T!ere is a lot of s!outin and bustlin amon t!e ,eo,le. +esus (it! -imon and .is cousins, is (aitin for t!e ot!ers (!o are buyin t!e food t!at is needed. -ome c!ildren look curiously at +esus, 1!o caresses t!em lovin ly (!ile s,eakin to .is a,ostles. +esus says4 ' I am sorry to see dissatisfaction because I a,,roac! t!e /entiles. 3ut I can but do (!at I must do and be ood to everybody. At least you t!ree and +o!n must endeavour to be oodD t!e ot!ers (ill follo( you and imitate you. * ' .o( can one be ood to everybody) After all t!ey des,ise and o,,ress us, t!ey do not understand us, t!ey are full of vices... * says +ames of Al,!aeus a,olo etically. ' .o( can one do t!at) Are you !a,,y t!at you (ere born of Al,!aeus and Mary) * 7+

' $f course I am. 1!y do 0ou ask me) * ' And if /od !ad asked you before you (ere conceived, (ould you !ave c!osen to be born of t!em) * ' "ertainly. 3ut I do not understand. * ' If instead, you (ere born of a /entile, and you !eard someone accuse you of (antin to be born of a !eat!en fat!er, (!at (ould you !ave said) * ' I (ould !ave said... I (ould !ave said4 5It is no fault of mine. I (as born of !im, but I mi !t !ave been born of someone else.6 I (ould !ave said4 50ou are unfair in accusin me. If I do no !arm, (!y do you !ate me).6 * ' #<actly, also t!ese ,eo,le, (!om you des,ise because t!ey are ,a ans, can say t!e same. It is no merit of yours, if you (ere born of Al,!aeus, a true Israelite. 0ou can only t!ank t!e #ternal 9at!er, 1!o ranted you a reat ift, and out of ratitude and !umility you can endeavour to take to t!e True /od t!ose (!o did not receive suc! a ift. $ne must be ood. * ' It is difficult to love t!ose (!om (e do not kno(. * ' No. It is not. Look. 0ou, little fello(, come !ere. * > A little boy, about ei !t years old, (!o is ,layin in a corner (it! t(o ot!er little lads, comes near +esus. .e is a stron boy, (it! very dark !air and a fair com,le<ion. ' 1!o are you) * ' I am Lucius, "aius Lucius, of "aius Marius, a Roman, t!e son of t!e Decurion of t!e uards, (!o remained !ere after !e (as (ounded. * 77

' And (!o are t!ose) * ' T!ey are Isaac and Toby. 3ut (e must not say, because t!ey are not allo(ed to ,lay (it! us. T!e +e(s (ould !it t!em. * ' 1!y) * ' 3ecause t!ey are +e(s and I am a Roman. T!ey are forbidden to associate (it! us. * ' 3ut you are ,layin (it! t!em. 1!y) * ' 3ecause (e are fond of one anot!er. 1e al(ays ,lay to et!er dice or 7um,in . 3ut (e !ave to !ide. * ' And (ould you love Me) I am a +e(, too, and I am not a boy. +ust ima ine4 I am a Master, somet!in like a ,riest. * ' 1!at do I care) If 0ou love me, I (ill love 0ou. And I love 0ou because 0ou love me. * ' .o( do you kno() * ' 3ecause 0ou are ood. 1!o is ood, loves. * ' T!ere you are, My friends. T!at is t!e secret to love4 to be ood. T!en you love (it!out considerin to (!ic! fait! ot!er ,eo,le belon . * Arid +esus, !oldin little "aius Lucius by t!e !and, oes and caresses t!e little +e(is! c!ildren, (!o are fri !tened and !ide in a ,assa e (ay and .e says to t!em4 ' /ood c!ildren are an els. An els !ave one fat!erland only4 Paradise. T!ey !ave only one reli ion4 t!e reli ion of t!e $ne /od. T!ey !ave only one Tem,le4 t!e .eart of /od. Like little an els, al(ays love one 79

anot!er. * ' 3ut if t!ey see us t!ey (ill !it us... * +esus s!akes .is !ead sadly but does not re,ly... A A tall s!a,ely (oman calls Lucius, (!o leaves +esus sayin 4 ' My mot!er2 * and s!outs to t!e (oman4 ' I !ave a bi friend. .e is a Master2... * T!e (oman does not o a(ay (it! !er son, on t!e contrary, s!e comes near +esus and asks .im4 ' .ail. Are 0ou t!e /alilean (!o s,oke at t!e !arbour yesterday) * ' 0es, I am. * ' 1ait for me, t!en. I:ll be back in a moment * and s!e oes a(ay (it! !er little son. In t!e meantime t!e ot!er a,ostles !ave also arrived, (it! t!e e<ce,tion of Matt!e( and +o!n, and t!ey ask4 ' 1!o (as s!e) * ' A Roman, I t!ink * re,ly Peter and t!e ot!ers. ' 1!at did s!e (ant) * ' -!e told us to (ait !ere. 1e s!all soon find out. * -ome ,eo,le !ave come near t!em in t!e meantime and are (aitin curiously. T!e (oman comes back (it! ot!er Romans. ' -o 0ou are t!e Master) * asks one (!o looks like a servant of a ric! family. After receivin an ans(er in t!e affirmative, !e asks4 ' 1ould it u,set 0ou if 0ou !ad to cure t!e little dau !ter of one of "laudia:s friends) T!e c!ild is c!okin to deat! and t!e doctor does not kno( t!e cause of it. -!e (as all ri !t last ni !t. T!is mornin s!e is in a ony. * 72

' Let us o. * T!ey take a fe( ste,s alon a street to(ards t!e ,lace (!ere t!ey (ere yesterday and t!ey arrive at a (ide o,en main entrance of a !ouse (!ere Romans a,,ear to be livin . ' +ust a moment. * T!e man rus!es in and almost immediately looks out a ain and says4 ' "ome in. * C 3ut before +esus can o in, a youn ladylike (oman comes out. .er e<tremely ,itiful state is very obvious. -!e is !oldin in !er arms a little c!ild, only a fe( mont!s old, com,letely inert, livid (it! suffocation. I (ould say t!at s!e is sufferin from a let!al di,!t!eritis and is about to breat!e !er last. T!e (oman clin s to +esus: c!est like a s!i,(recked ,erson to a rock. .er tears ,revent !er from s,eakin . +esus takes t!e baby, (!ose very ,ale tiny !ands (it! nails already blue are s!aken by fits, and lifts !er u,. .er little !ead !an s do(n motionless. T!e mot!er, no lon er a ,roud Roman in front of a +e(, !as fallen at +esus: feet, in t!e dust, sobbin , !er face raised, !er !air dis!evelled, ,ullin at +esus: tunic and mantle (it! !er outstretc!ed arms. 3e!ind and round !er t!ere are Romans of t!e !ouse!old and +e(is! (omen of t!e to(n, lookin at !er. +esus (ets .is ri !t !and forefin er (it! saliva, ,uts it into t!e little ,antin mout!, ,ressin it do(n t!e t!roat. T!e c!ild (rit!es and becomes darker in t!e face. T!e mot!er cries4 ' Don:t2 Don:t2 * and s!e (rit!es as if s!e (ere ,ierced by a blade. T!e ,eo,le are !oldin t!eir breat!. 9/

+esus ,ulls .is fin er out (it! a mass of ,utrid membranes. T!e c!ild (rit!es no lon er, cries for a fe( seconds, t!en calms do(n and smiles innocently, s!akin !er !ands and movin !er li,s like a little bird, t!at c!ir,s fla,,in its little (in s (!ile (aitin to be fed. ' Take !er, (oman. 9eed !er. -!e is cured. * T!e mot!er is so be(ildered t!at s!e takes t!e c!ild and still kneelin in t!e dust s!e kisses and caresses !er and breast;feeds !er. -!e seems to be out of !er (its, as if s!e !ad for otten everyt!in e<ce,t !er c!ild. A Roman asks +esus4 ' .o( did 0ou do t!at) I am t!e Proconsul:s doctor and I am clever. I tried to remove t!e obstruction, but it (as too far do(n2... 3ut 0ou... so... * ' 0ou are clever. 3ut t!e True /od is not (it! you. May .e be blessed. /oodbye. * And +esus is about to o a(ay. H 3ut a small rou, of Israelites feel t!ey s!ould interfere. ' 1!y did 0ou take t!e liberty of a,,roac!in forei ners) T!ey are corru,ted and unclean, and (!oever a,,roac!es t!em, becomes suc!. * T!ey are t!ree and +esus stares at t!em severely and t!en says4 ' Are you not .a ai, t!e man from Azotus, (!o came !ere last Tis!ri to ne otiate business (it! t!e merc!ant at t!e foundation of t!e old fountain) And are you not +ose,! of Rama!, (!o came !ere to consult t!e Roman doctor, and you kno(, as (ell as I do, (!y) -o) Do you not feel unclean) * ' A doctor is never a stran er. .e cures bodies and all bodies are alike. * ' And souls are even more so. After all, (!at did I cure) 91

T!e innocent body of a c!ild and by doin so I !o,e to cure t!e souls of stran ers, (!ic! are not innocent. T!erefore bot! as a doctor and as t!e Messia! I can a,,roac! anybody. * ' No, 0ou cannot. * ' No, .a ai) And (!y do you deal (it! t!e Roman merc!ant) * ' I only a,,roac! !im t!rou ! oods and money. * ' And as you do not touc! !is body, but only (!at (as touc!ed by !is !ands, you do not t!ink t!at you are contaminated. $!2 .o( blind and cruel you all are2 I Listen, everybody. In t!e very book of t!e Pro,!et, (!ose name t!is man bears, it is (ritten4 5Ask t!e ,riests t!is =uestion on t!e La(4 :If a man carries consecrated meat in t!e fold of !is o(n and (it! t!is fold touc!es bread, brot!, (ine or food of any kind, does suc! food become !oly): T!e ,riests ans(ered4 :No, it does not:. .a ai t!en said4 :If a man made unclean by contact (it! a cor,se touc!es any of t!is, does it become unclean): T!e ,riests ans(ered4 :0es, it does.: 6 3y means of suc! s!ifty, false, inconsistent be!aviour, you bar and condemn /ood and acce,t only (!at is ,rofitable to you. T!en t!ere is no more indi nation, no dis ust, no !orror. Provided no ,ersonal detriment is caused to you, you decide (!et!er a t!in is clean or unclean, (!et!er it makes one clean or not. And !o( can you, liars as you are, state t!at (!at !as been sanctified by contact (it! !oly fles! or some !oly t!in , does not make !oly (!at it touc!esD and (!at !as touc!ed an unclean t!in can make unclean (!at it touc!es) 92

Do you not realise t!at you are belyin yourselves, false ministers of a La( of Trut!, e<,loiters of t!at very same La(, (!ic! you t(ist as if it (ere a !em,en ro,e, (!en you are an<ious to ,rofit by it, you !y,ocritical P!arisees) ?nder reli ious ,rete<ts you ive vent to your !uman envious malice, entirely !uman, you desecrators of (!at belon s to /od, revilers and enemies of t!e Messen er of /od. I solemnly tell you t!at every action, every conclusion, every movement of yours is motivated by a com,le< s!re(d mec!anism, (!ere t!e (!eels, s,rin s, (ei !ts and rods are your selfis!ness, your ,assions, your insincerity, your !atred, your an<iety to over(!elm ,eo,le, your envy. -!ame2 /reedy, tremblin , s,iteful, you live in t!e su,ercilious fear of bein overcome by someone (!o may not belon to your o(n caste. 0ou t!us deserve to be like t!e one (!o fri !tens and irritates you2 As .a ai says, of a !ea, of t(enty measures you make one of ten, and of fifty barrels you make t(enty, and you ,ocket all t!e difference, (!ereas to set an e<am,le to men and for t!e love to be iven to /od, you s!ould add somet!in of your o(n to t!e !ea, of t!e measures and to t!e number of t!e barrels, for t!e benefit of t!ose (!o are !un ry, instead of takin it a(ay. 0ou t!us deserve to be made barren by a burnin (ind and by rust and !ail stones, in all t!e deeds of your !ands. 1!o are t!ose amon st you (!o come to Me) T!ose (!om you consider dun and filt!, (!o are so i norant t!at t!ey do not even kno( t!at t!ere is a true /od, t!ey come to t!e $ne 1!o brin s t!em t!at /od, 1!o is ,resent in .is deeds and in .is (ords. 0ou, instead, !ave built a nic!e for yourselves and you stay in t!ere, as arid 9,

and cold as idols a(aitin incense and (ors!i,. And since you consider yourselves ods, you deem it useless to t!ink of t!e True /od, as one s!ould t!ink of .im, and you consider dan erous t!at ot!er ,eo,le, (!o are not like you, s!ould dare (!at you do not dare. In fact you cannot dare, because you are idols and servants of t!e Idol. 3ut !e (!o dares, can do it, because not !e, but /od (orks in .im. J /o2 Tell t!ose (!o sent you to s,y on Me, t!at I disdain merc!ants (!o do not feel contaminated if t!ey sell oods or t!eir fat!erland or t!e Tem,le to t!ose from (!om t!ey receive money. Tell t!em t!at I feel dis usted at t!e brutes, (!o (ors!i, only t!eir o(n fles! and blood, for t!e recovery of (!ic! t!ey do not consider t!e contact (it! a forei n doctor to be contaminatin . Tell t!em t!at t!e measure is t!e same for everybody and t!at t!ere are not t(o measures. Tell t!em t!at I, t!e Messia!, t!e +ust Admirable "ounsellor, u,on 1!om t!e -,irit of t!e Lord s!all rest (it! .is seven ifts, 1!o (ill not 7ud e by (!at a,,ears to t!e eyes, but by t!e secrets of !earts, 1!o (ill not condemn accordin to (!at .is ears !ear, but by t!e s,iritual voices .e (ill !ear in every man, 1!o (ill side (it! t!e !umble and 7ud e t!e ,oor (it! ri !teousness, t!e $ne 1!o I am, because t!at is 1!o I am, is already 7ud in and smitin t!ose (!o on t!e eart! are not!in but eart!. And t!e breat! of My li, (ill slay t!e (icked and destroy t!eir dens, but (ill be Life and Li !t, 9reedom and Peace for t!ose (!o desirous of 7ustice and fait! (ill come to My .oly Mountain to be sated (it! t!e -cience of t!e Lord. T!at is Isaia!, is it not) My ,eo,le. #veryt!in comes from Adam and Adam 94

comes from My 9at!er. #veryt!in is t!erefore t!e (ork of t!e 9at!er and it is My duty to at!er all men to et!er for t!e 9at!er. And I brin t!em to 0ou, o .oly, #ternal, Almi !ty 9at!er. I s!all lead t!e stray c!ildren back to 0ou, after at!erin t!em to et!er by means of lovin (ords, under My ,astoral rod, (!ic! is like t!e one Moses raised a ainst t!e deadly snakes. T!at 0ou may !ave 0our Bin dom and 0our ,eo,le. And I make no difference because in t!e de,t!s of all men I see somet!in t!at s!ines bri !ter t!an fire4 a soul, a s,ark of 0our #ternal 3ri !tness. $ My eternal desire2 $ My untirin (ill2 T!is is (!at I (ant and (!at I crave for. T!at t!e (!ole eart! may sin 0our Name. T!at mankind may call 0ou 9at!er. A Redem,tion t!at (ill save everybody. A fortified (ill t!at (ill make every man obedient to 0our (ill. An eternal trium,! t!at (ill fill Paradise (it! an everlastin !osanna... $!2 Multitude of .eavens2 3e!old, I see t!e smile of /od... and t!at is t!e re(ard com,ensatin all !uman !ars!ness. * K T!e t!ree men !ave fled in t!e !ail of re,roac!es. All t!e ot!ers, bot! Romans and +e(s, are a,in . T!e Roman (oman, (it! !er c!ild, (!o !as sucked !er fill and is slee,in ,eacefully in !er la,, is still (!ere s!e (as, almost at +esus: feet, (ee,in , over(!elmed by maternal 7oy and s,iritual emotion. Many are moved to tears by t!e last (ords of +esus 1!o seems to be flas!in (it! lory in .is ecstasy. And +esus, lo(erin .is eyes and returnin (it! .is s,irit from .eaven back to t!e eart!, sees t!e cro(d and t!e mot!er... and ,assin by, after (avin oodbye to 93

everybody, .e caresses !er li !tly, blessin !er for !er fait!. And .e (alks a(ay (it! .is disci,les, (!ile t!e cro(ds, still amazed, remain (!ere t!ey (ere... &L MT!e youn Roman (oman, unless it is a casual resemblance, is one of t!e Roman (omen (!o (ere (it! +o!anna of "!uza on t!e (ay to "alvary. As no one !ere called !er by !er name, I am not sure.N

1,4. Annalea$ De2otes <e self to 'o) as a 8# (#n.

4t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus (it! Peter, Andre( and +o!n, knocks at t!e door of .is !ouse in Nazaret!. T!e door is o,ened at once by .is Mot!er, 1!ose face bri !tens (it! a beautiful smile on seein +esus. ' 1elcome !ome, My -on2 -ince yesterday I !ave !ad (it! Me a ,ure dove (aitin for 0ou. -!e came from far a(ay. T!e ,erson (!o brou !t !er !ere could not stay lon er. As s!e asked for My advice, I told !er (!at I could. 3ut only 0ou, My -on, are t!e 1isdom. 0ou are (elcome, too * -!e says to t!e disci,les. ' "ome in and refres! yourselves. * ' 0es, stay !ere. I am oin at once to see t!e irl (!o is (aitin for Me. * T!e t!ree disci,les are very curious, but s!o( t!eir curiosity in different (ays. Peter stares intently in all directions, almost !o,in to see t!rou ! t!e (alls. +o!n 9+

looks as if !e (anted to read on Mary:s face t!e name of t!e unkno(n irl. Andre(, (!o on t!e ot!er !and !as blus!ed, stares intently at +esus and bot! !is eyes and !is li,s seem to be tremblin (it! a silent entreaty. 8 +esus ,ays no attention to any of t!em. 1!ile t!e t!ree make u, t!eir minds and o into t!e kitc!en, (!ere Mary offers t!em some food in t!e (armt! of t!e fire,lace, +esus dra(s t!e curtain t!at conceals t!e door o,enin on to t!e kitc!en arden and oes out into it. T!e mild suns!ine makes more airy and dream;like all t!e bloomin branc!es of t!e tall almond;tree. T!e only tree in blossom, t!e tallest in t!e kitc!en arden, looks s,lendid in its silk (!ite;,ink dress, com,ared (it! t!e ,overty of all t!e ot!ers4 t!e ,ear;tree, t!e a,,le;tree, t!e fi ;tree, t!e ,ome ranate, t!e vines (!ic! are still all barren, stately in its soft bri !t veil, (!ic! contrasts (it! t!e drab !umility of t!e olive trees4 it seems to !ave cau !t (it! its lon branc!es a (is,y cloud, lost in t!e blue field of t!e sky, and to !ave adorned itself (it! it to say to everybody4 ' T!e (eddin of s,rin time is comin . Re7oice, ,lants and animals. It is t!e time for kisses (it! t!e (inds, t!e bees, t!e flo(ers. It is t!e time for kisses under t!e tiles, or in t!e t!ick of (oods, o little birds of /od and sno(;(!ite s!ee,. Bisses today, offs,rin tomorro(, to ,er,etuate t!e (ork of our "reator /od. * +esus (it! .is arms folded on .is c!est, standin in t!e sun, smiles at t!e serene racefulness of .is Mot!er:s kitc!en arden, (it! its bed of lilies reco nizable from t!eir first leaves, its still bare rose;bus!es and silvery olive leaves, and many ot!er families of flo(ers s,read amon t!e !umble beds of le umes and ve etables, (!ic! 97

are 7ust becomin reen. "lean, tidy and unassumin , it also seems to e<!ale t!e ,urity of ,erfect vir inity. > ' -on, come to My room. I (ill brin !er to 0ou, because s!e ran t!ere (!en s!e !eard so many voices. * +esus enters .is Mot!er:s room, t!e c!aste, t!e most c!aste little room, (!ic! !eard t!e (ords of t!e an elical conversation and (!ic! e<!ales, even more t!an t!e kitc!en arden, t!e vir inal, an elical, !oly essence of .er 1!o !as lived in it for years and of t!e Arc!an el (!o venerated !is Gueen in it. .ave t!irty years one by or did t!e meetin take ,lace only yesterday) Also today a distaff !olds its soft and almost silvery tuft of (ool and t!e t!read is on t!e s,indle, folded embroidery is on t!e s!elf near t!e door, bet(een a ,arc!ment roll and a co,,er am,!ora in (!ic! t!ere is a t!ick almond branc! in bloomD also today t!e stri,ed curtain, lo(ered on t!e mystery of t!e vir inal d(ellin , is moved by a entle breeze, and t!e bed, neat in its comer, still !as t!e enteel look of t!e bed of a irl (!o !as 7ust reac!ed t!e t!res!old of yout!. 1!at (ill one dream or !as dreamt of on t!e lo( ,illo()... T!e curtain is softly raised by Mary:s !andD +esus, 1!o (as contem,latin t!at abode of ,urity, standin (it! .is back to t!e door, turns round. ' .ere, My -on. I !ave brou !t !er to 0ou. -!e is a little lamb. 0ou are !er -!e,!erd * and Mary, 1!o !as come in !oldin by t!e !and a slender brunette youn irl, (!o blus!es ve!emently (!en s!e a,,ears in +esus: ,resence, =uietly (it!dra(s lettin t!e curtain do(n. A ' Peace to you, c!ild. * 99

' Peace... Lord...* T!e irl, dee,ly moved, is s,eec!less, but s!e kneels do(n and bo(s !er !ead. ' -tand u,. 1!at do you (ant from Me) Do not be afraid...* ' I am not afraid... but... no( t!at I am in front of 0ou... after lon in so muc!... (!at seemed easy and necessary to tell 0ou... I cannot remember... it does not seem (!at it (as... I am silly... for ive me, my Lord...* ' Do you (ant a race for t!is (orld) Do you need a miracle) .ave you souls to convert) No) 1!at, t!en) -,eak u,2 0ou !ad so muc! coura e and no( are losin !eart) Do you not kno( t!at I am t!e $ne 1!o increases stren t!) 0es) 0ou do) 1ell, t!en, s,eak as if I (ere a fat!er for you. 0ou are youn . .o( old are you) * ' -i<teen years, my Lord. * ' 1!ere !ave you come from) * ' 9rom +erusalem. * ' 1!at is your name) * ' Annalea! ...* ' T!e dear name of My randmot!er and of many more !oly (omen of Israel, and 7oined to it, to make one only, t!e name of t!e ood, fait!ful, lovin , meek (ife of +acob. It (ill be a ood omen to you. 0ou (ill be a model (ife and mot!er. No) 0ou are s!akin your !ead) 0ou are (ee,in ) .ave you been re7ected) No) 0our fiancO ,er!a,s died) .as no one ,ro,osed to you yet) * C T!e irl al(ays s!akes !er !ead. +esus takes a ste, for(ard, caresses !er and forces !er to raise !er !ead and 92

look at .im... +esus: smile overcomes t!e irl:s e<citement. -!e takes !eart4 ' My Lord, I could be a (ife and a !a,,y one, t!anks to 0ou. Do 0ou not reco nise me, my Lord) I am t!e irl (!o suffered from tuberculosis, t!e dyin fiancOe, (!om 0ou cured at 0our +o!n:s re=uest... After 0our race I... I !ave !ad anot!er body4 t!is !ealt!y one in t!e ,lace of t!e dyin one I !ad beforeD and I !ave !ad anot!er soul... I do not kno(. I did not feel t!e same... T!e 7oy of bein cured, and conse=uently t!e certainty I could et married E my re ret in dyin (as t!at I could not et married E t!ey only lasted for a fe( !ours. And t!en...* T!e irl becomes franker and franker, s!e finds t!e (ords and t!e ideas t!at s!e !ad lost in t!e e<citement of bein alone (it! t!e Master... ' ...And t!en I felt t!at I s!ould not be only selfis!, and say only4 5No( I (ill be !a,,y6, but t!at I s!ould t!ink of somet!in else, somet!in t!at came to 0ou and to /od, 0our 9at!er and mine. -omet!in t!at, alt!ou ! small, s!ould e<,ress my ratitude. I ave t!e matter a lot of t!ou !t and (!en t!e follo(in -abbat! I sa( my fiancO I said to !im4 5Listen, -amuel. 1it!out t!e miracle I (ould !ave died in a fe( mont!s: time and you (ould !ave lost me forever. No( I (ould like to offer a sacrifice to /od, (it! you, to say to /od t!at I ,raise .im and t!ank .im.6 And -amuel, because !e loves me, said at once4 5Let us o to t!e Tem,le to et!er and offer a sacrifice.6 3ut t!at (as not (!at I (anted. I am a ,oor and common irl, my Lord. I kno( very little and I can do muc! less. 3ut t!rou ! 0our !and, (!ic! 0ou laid on my diseased breast, somet!in !ad come not only into my corroded lun s, but also into my !eart. It (as !ealt! to my lun s, and (isdom to my !eart. And I realised t!at t!e sacrifice of a lamb (as not t!e sacrifice (anted by my 2/

soul t!at... t!at loved 0ou. * T!e irl becomes silent, blus!in after !er ,rofession of love. H ' /o on (it!out any fear. 1!at did your soul (ant) * ' To sacrifice somet!in (ort!y of 0ou, t!e -on of /od2 And so... so I t!ou !t it s!ould be somet!in s,iritual like (!at comes from /od, t!at is, t!e sacrifice of ,ost,onin my (eddin , for 0our sake, my -aviour. A (eddin , 0ou kno(, is a reat 7oy. 1!en one is in love it is a reat t!in 2 $ne lon s to... is an<ious to celebrate it2... 3ut I (as no lon er t!e same ,erson as a fe( days ,reviously. I no lon er (anted my (eddin as t!e dearest t!in ... I told -amuel... and !e understood me. .e also (anted to be a nazirite for one year, startin on t!e day (!ic! (as to be t!e day of our (eddin , t!at is t!e day after t!e calends of Adar. In t!e meantime !e !as been lookin for 0ou, because !e (anted to love and kno( .im 1!o !ad iven !im back !is fiancOe4 0ou. And !e found 0ou, after many mont!s, at t!e "lear 1ater. I came too... and 0our (ord com,leted t!e c!an e of my !eart. No( my ,revious vo( is no lon er sufficient for me... Like t!at almond;tree out t!ere, (!ic! in t!e (armer and (armer suns!ine !as revived after bein dead for mont!s and !as blossomed and (ill leaf and t!en bear fruit, so I !ave continuously ro(n in t!e kno(led e of (!at is better. T!e last time, (!en I (as already sure of myself and of (!at I (anted E I !ave ,ondered on t!e matter all t!ese ,ast mont!s E t!e last time I (ent to t!e "lear 1ater, 0ou (ere no lon er t!ere... T!ey !ad driven 0ou a(ay. I (e,t and ,rayed so muc! t!at t!e Most .i ! !eard me and ,ersuaded my mot!er to send me !ere (it! a relative (!o (as oin to Tiberias to s,eak to t!e courtiers of t!e Tetrarc!. T!e ste(ard told me t!at I (ould find 0ou 21

!ere. I found 0our Mot!er... and .er (ords, only listenin to .er and bein beside .er t!ese t(o days, !ave com,letely matured t!e fruit of 0our race. * T!e irl !as knelt do(n as if s!e (ere in front of an altar, !er arms folded on !er breast. ' All ri !t. 3ut (!at do you (ant e<actly) 1!at can I do for you) * ' Lord, I (ould like... I (ould like a reat t!in . And only 0ou, t!e Donor of life and !ealt!, can ive it to me, because I t!ink t!at (!at 0ou can ive, 0ou can also take a(ay... I (ould like 0ou to take t!e life 0ou ave me, durin t!e year of my vo(, before it ends...* ' 1!y) Are you not rateful to /od for t!e life you received) * ' -o rateful2 Infinitely2 3ut for one t!in only4 because by livin by .is race and by 0our miracle I !ave understood (!at is best. * ' 1!ic! is) * ' 1!ic! is to live like an els. As 0our Mot!er, my Lord... as 0ou live... as 0our +o!n lives... T!e t!ree lilies, t!e t!ree (!ite flames, t!e t!ree beatitudes of t!e eart!, my Lord. 0es. 3ecause I t!ink t!at it is a beatitude to ,ossess /od and /od is ,ossessed by t!e ,ure. I believe t!at (!o is ,ure is at .eaven (it! /od in its centre and t!e an els around... $!2 My Lord2 T!at is (!at I (ould like... Little !ave I !eard of (!at 0ou, 0our Mot!er, t!e disci,le and Isaac !ave said. Neit!er !ave I a,,roac!ed anyone else (!o could tell me 0our (ords. 3ut I feel as if my soul !eard 0ou all t!e time and 0ou (ere its Master... I !ave told 0ou everyt!in , my Lord...* 22

I ' Annalea!, you are askin for very muc! and are ivin very muc!... Dau !ter4 you !ave understood /od and t!e ,erfection to (!ic! a creature may rise to be like t!e Most Pure and to ,lease t!e Most Pure. * +esus !as laid .is !ands on t!e sides of t!e !ead of t!e dark;!aired irl, (!o is kneelin in front of .im and s,eaks bendin over !er4 ' .e 1!o (as born of a %ir in E because .e could but build .is nest on a ,ile of lilies E is nauseated, My dear dau !ter, by t!e tri,le lec!ery of t!e (orld and .e (ould be crus!ed by so muc! nausea if .is 9at!er, 1!o kno(s on (!at .is -on lives, did not intervene (it! lovin !el, to su,,ort My soul in an uis!. T!e ,ure are My 7oy. 0ou are ivin Me (!at t!e (orld takes from Me t!rou ! its une<!austed baseness. May t!e 9at!er and you, dear irl, be blessed for t!at. /o !a,,ily. -omet!in (ill intervene to make your vo( an eternal one. 3e one of t!e lilies scattered on t!e blood; stained (ays of "!rist. * ' $!2 my Lord... t!ere is still one t!in I (ould like...* ' 1!ic!) * ' Not to be ,resent at 0our deat!... I could not see .im die, 1!o is my Life. * +esus smiles kindly and (it! .is !and .e (i,es t!e tears streamin do(n !er little dark face. ' Do not (ee,. Lilies are never in mournin . 0ou s!all smile (it! all t!e ,earls of your an elical cro(n (!en you see t!e cro(ned Bin enter .is Bin dom. /o. May t!e -,irit of t!e Lord teac! you (!ile I am a(ay. I bless you (it! t!e fire of #ternal Love. * +esus looks out on to t!e kitc!en arden and calls4 ' 2,

Mot!er2 .ere is a little dau !ter, s!e is all 0ours. -!e is no( !a,,y. 3ut immerse !er in 0our ,urity every time (e o to t!e .oly "ity, t!at s!e may become sno( of celestial ,etals s,read on t!e t!rone of t!e Lamb. * And +esus oes back to .is disci,les, (!ile Mary caresses t!e irl and stays (it! !er. J Peter, Andre( and +o!n look at .im in=uisitively. And +esus: bri !t face tells t!em t!at .e is !a,,y. Peter cannot !el, askin 4 ' To (!om did 0ou s,eak so lon , my Master) And (!at !ave 0ou !eard to be so beamin (it! 7oy) * ' To a (oman at t!e da(n of life, to !er (!o (ill be t!e da(n of many more t!at (ill come. * ' 1!o) * ' T!e vir ins. * Andre( mumbles, in a lo( voice, to !imself4 ' It is not !er...* ' No. It is not s!e. 3ut do not tire of ,rayin , be ood and ,atient. #very (ord of your ,rayer is like a call, a li !t in t!e dark and it su,,orts and uides !er. * ' 3ut (!o is my brot!er (aitin for) * ' 9or a soul, Peter. A reat ,overty t!at !e (ants to c!an e into a reat (ealt!. * ' And (!ere did Andre( find it, since !e never oes about, !e never s,eaks, and !e is a !el,less sort of c!a,) * ' $n My (ay. "ome (it! Me, Andre(. Let us o and see Al,!aeus and bless .im amon st !is many 24

randc!ildren. 0ou (ait for Me at +ames and +udas:. My Mot!er (ants to be left alone all day. * And (!ile t!ey o a(ay, some !ere, some t!ere, secrecy envelo,s t!e 7oy of t!e first irl consecrated to vir inity for "!rist:s sake.

1,5. Inst !"t#on to t$e 0o*en D#s"#%les at Na3a et$.

5t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus is still at Nazaret!, at !ome. Rat!er, .e is in t!e old car,enter:s s!o,. T!e t(elve a,ostles are (it! .im as (ell as Mary, Mary mot!er of +ames and +udas, -alome, -usanna, and, somet!in ne(, Mart!a. A really sorro(ful Mart!a, (it! clear si ns of tears belo( !er eyes. A Mart!a (!o is lost and fri !tened at bein alone in t!e ,resence of ot!er ,eo,le and above all of t!e Lord:s Mot!er. Mary endeavours to familiarise !er (it! t!e ot!er (omen and to relieve !er of t!e feelin of uneasiness from (!ic! -!e sees s!e is sufferin . 3ut ,oor Mart!a:s !eart seems to be s(ellin more and more (it! .er caresses. -!e flus!es and (ee,s alternately under !er veil, (!ic! s!e !as ,ulled very lo( over !er sorro( and discomfort. +o!n comes in (it! +ames of Al,!aeus. ' -!e is not in, my Lord. -!e and !er !usband are t!e uests of a friend of !ers. -o t!e servants said * says +o!n. 23

' -!e (ill certainly be very sorry. 3ut s!e (ill al(ays be able to see 0ou and receive 0our instructions * concludes +ames of Al,!aeus. ' All ri !t. T!e rou, of (omen disci,les is not !ere as I e<,ected it. 3ut, you can see, Mart!a, T!eo,!ilus: dau !ter and Lazarus: sister, is ,resent in t!e ,lace of t!e absent +o!anna. T!e disci,les kno( (!o Mart!a is. -o does My Mot!er. 0ou, too, Mary, and ,er!a,s also you, -alome, !ave already !eard from your sons (!o Mart!a is, not so muc! as a (oman accordin to t!e (orld, but as a creature in t!e eyes of /od. And you, Mart!a, on t!e ot!er !and, kno( (!o t!ese (omen are, (!o consider you as t!eir sister and (ill love you so muc!. 0ou are t!eir sister and dau !ter. And you are in reat need of t!eir love, My dear Mart!a, t!at you may en7oy t!e comfort of t!eir kind fondness, (!ic! /od does not condemn, but !as iven to man to su,,ort !im in t!e (eariness of life. And /od !as brou !t you !ere 7ust (!en I !ad c!osen to lay t!e foundation, I could say, to ive you t!e canvas on (!ic! you (ill embroider your ,erfection of disci,les. 8 Disci,le means to follo( t!e disci,line of t!e Master, of .is doctrine. T!erefore, in a (ide meanin , all t!ose (!o no( and in future centuries (ill follo( My doctrine, (ill be called disci,les. And to avoid mentionin many names, sayin 4 disci,les of +esus accordin to t!e teac!in of Peter and Andre(, of +ames or +o!n, of -imon or P!ili,, of +udas or 3art!olome(, or of T!omas and Matt!e(, t!ey (ill be called c!ristians by one (ord only, (!ic! (ill unite t!em all under one si n. 3ut in t!e reat mass of t!e follo(ers of My disci,line I !ave already selected t!e first and t!e second ones and t!e same (ill be done 2+

t!rou !out centuries in My memory. As in t!e Tem,le, and even before, in Moses: days, t!ere (as a Pontiff, t!e ,riests, t!e Levites, t!ose res,onsible for various services, offices and duties, t!e sin ers and so on, so in My ne( Tem,le, as lar e as t!e eart!, (!ic! (ill last as lon as t!e eart!, t!ere (ill be su,eriors and inferiors, all of t!em useful and loved by Me, and besides, t!ere (ill be (omen, t!e ne( cate ory, (!om Israel !as al(ays des,ised, confinin t!em to t!e vir inal son s in t!e Tem,le or to t!e teac!in of t!e vir ins in t!e Tem,le. 3ut not!in more. Do not discuss (!et!er t!at (as fair or not. In t!e closed reli ion of Israel and in t!e days of 1rat! it (as fair. All t!e s!ame fell u,on (omen, t!e ori in of sin. In t!e universal reli ion of "!rist and in t!e days of 9or iveness all t!at is c!an ed. All t!e /race (as assembled in one 1oman and -!e delivered it to t!e (orld, t!at it mi !t be redeemed. 1oman is t!erefore no lon er t!e an er of /od, but t!e !el, of /od. And t!rou ! t!e 1oman, beloved by t!e Lord, all (omen can become disci,les of t!e Lord, not only as t!e mass of follo(ers, but as minor ,riestesses, assistants to t!e ,riests, to (!om t!ey can ive so muc! !el, beside t!em and amon t!e believers and non;believers, amon t!ose (!o (ill be brou !t to /od not so muc! by t!e call of !oly (ords as by t!e !oly smile of one of My (omen disci,les. > 0ou !ave asked to follo( Me, as men do. 3ut, as far as you are concerned, it is too little for Me, if you only come, only listen and only ,ractise. It (ould be your sanctification. A reat t!in . 3ut not yet enou ! for Me. I am t!e -on of t!e Absolute $ne and I (ant t!e absolute for My beloved ones. I (ant everyt!in , because I !ave 27

iven everyt!in . 9urt!er, not only I e<ist, t!ere is also t!e (orld. T!is terrible t!in , t!e (orld. It s!ould be tremendous in !oliness4 a boundless !oliness, in number and ,o(er, of t!e multitude of t!e c!ildren of /od. Instead it is tremendous in (ickedness. Its full ini=uity is really unlimited o(in to t!e number of its manifestations and t!e ,o(er of its vices. All sins are in t!e (orld, (!ic! is no lon er a multitude of t!e c!ildren of /od, but a multitude of t!e c!ildren of -atan, and above all, t!e sin bearin t!e clearest si n of its ,aternity is most alive4 !atred. T!e (orld !ates. 1!o !ates sees evil even in t!e most !oly t!in s, and (ants ot!er ,eo,le to see evil, even if t!ey do not see it. If you asked t!e (orld (!y I came, it (ould not say to you4 5To do ood and redeem.6 3ut it (ould say4 5To corru,t and usur,.6 If you asked t!e (orld (!at it t!inks of you (!o follo( Me, it (ould not say4 50ou follo( .im to become !oly and ive comfort to t!e Master, t!rou ! !oliness and ,urity.6 3ut it (ould say4 50ou follo( .im because you !ave been seduced by t!e man.6 -uc! is t!e (orld. And I am tellin you also t!at, so t!at you may consider everyt!in before s!o(in yourselves to t!e (orld as t!e c!osen (omen disci,les, t!e founders of a family of future (omen disci,les, t!e coo,erators of t!e servants of t!e Lord. Take your !earts in your !ands, and say to t!em, to t!ose sensitive !earts of (omen, t!at you, and your !earts (it! you, (ill be scorned at, calumniated, s,it at, tram,led on by t!e (orld, by contem,t, by false!ood, by t!e cruelty of t!e (orld. Ask your !earts (!et!er t!ey are ca,able of receivin all t!e (ounds (it!out s!outin out of indi nation, cursin 29

t!ose (!o (ound it. Ask t!em (!et!er t!ey feel t!ey can face t!e moral martyrdom of slander (it!out oin to t!e e<tent of !atin t!e slanderers and t!e "ause for (!ic! t!ey are calumniated. Ask t!em (!et!er, sated and covered (it! t!e envy of t!e (orld, t!ey (ill al(ays be able to e<!ale love, (!et!er ,oisoned (it! absint! t!ey (ill be able to s=ueeze out !oney, (!et!er (!en sufferin all tortures of incom,re!ension, of scorn, of malicious ossi,, t!ey (ill still be able to smile, ,ointin to .eaven, t!eir oal, to (!ic! you (is! to lead ot!er ,eo,le, out of (omanly c!arity, (!ic! is mot!erly c!arity also in youn irls, still mot!erly even if besto(ed u,on old ,eo,le (!o could be your ancestors, but are s,iritual babies 7ust born and inca,able of understandin and conductin t!emselves in t!e (ay, t!e life, t!e trut!, t!e (isdom t!at I !ave come to brin , by ivin Myself4 1ay, Life, Trut!, divine 1isdom. I (ill love you 7ust t!e same if you say to Me4 5I !ave not t!e stren t!, my Lord, to c!allen e t!e (!ole (orld for 0ou.6 A 0esterday a irl asked Me to immolate !er, before t!e !our of !er (eddin strikes, because s!e feels t!at s!e loves Me, as /od is to be lovedD t!at is (it! !er (!ole self, (it! t!e absolute ,erfection of ivin !erself. And I (ill do it. I !ave concealed t!e !our from !er, t!at !er soul may not tremble (it! fear, or !er body more t!an !er soul. .er deat! (ill be like t!e end of a flo(er, t!at closes its corolla in t!e evenin , t!inkin it (ill reo,en it t!e follo(in day, but never o,ens it a ain, because t!e kiss of t!e ni !t !as sucked its life. And I (ill do it, accordin to !er desire , by brin in for(ard !er re,ose of deat! to a fe( days before Mine. -o t!at t!is first vir in of Mine may not be ke,t (aitin in limbo, and I may find 22

!er immediately after My deat!... Do not (ee,2 I am t!e Redeemer... T!is !oly irl did not ask to follo( Me, but s!e did not limit !erself to !osannas immediately after t!e miracle, but s!e (orked t!e miracle as if it (ere money invested at an interest, and from !uman ratitude s!e ,assed to a su,ernatural one, from an eart!ly desire to a !eavenly one, s!o(in a maturity of s,irit, (!ic! is su,erior to almost everybody else:s. I say 5almost6 because amon st you (!o are listenin to Me, t!ere are ,erfections t!at are e=ual and even reater. -!e did not ask to follo( Me, nay s!e s!o(ed t!e desire to accom,lis! !er evolution from a irl to an an el in t!e secrecy of !er abode. And I love !er so muc! t!at in t!e !ours of dis ust at (!at t!e (orld is, I (ill recall t!is kind creature, blessin t!e 9at!er, 1!o (i,es a(ay My tears and ,ers,iration of a Master in a (orld t!at does not (ant Me, by means of suc! flo(ers of love and ,urity. C 3ut if you (ant, if you !ave t!e coura e to remain t!e c!osen (omen disci,les, be!old, I (ill ,oint out to you t!e (ork you !ave to do to 7ustify your ,resence and your election near Me and near t!e saints of t!e Lord. 0ou can do so muc! amon st your fello( creatures and for t!e ministers of t!e Lord. I !ave already mentioned it to Mary of Al,!aeus many mont!s a o. .o( reat is t!e necessity of a (oman near t!e altar of "!rist2 T!e infinite miseries of t!e (orld can be cured muc! more and muc! better by a (oman t!an by a man, and t!en taken to man to be com,letely cured. Many !earts, ,articularly of females, (ill o,en to you, o (omen disci,les. 0ou must receive t!em as if t!ey (ere 1//

dear c!ildren led astray, (!o are comin back to t!eir fat!er:s !ouse and dare not face t!eir ,arent. 0ou are t!e ones (!o (ill recomfort t!e cul,rit and ,lacate t!e 7ud e. Many (ill come to you seekin /od. 0ou (ill (elcome t!em as if t!ey (ere tired ,il rims, sayin 4 5T!is is t!e !ouse of t!e Lord, .e (ill be !ere at once6, and in t!e meantime you (ill envelo, t!em (it! your love. A ,riest of Mine (ill come, if I do not. A (oman kno(s !o( to love. -!e (as made to love. -!e de raded love into sensual lust, but true love, t!e em of !er soul, is still im,risoned in t!e de,t! of !er !eart4 love devoid of foul sensual mud, made of an elical (in s and ,erfumes, of ,ure flame and remembrances of /od, of its ori in from /od and its creation by /od. 1oman4 t!e master,iece of oodness near t!e master,iece of creation, (!ic! is man4 5And no( I (ill make Adam a !el,mate t!at !e may not feel alone,6 must not abandon t!e Adams. Take t!erefore t!at faculty of lovin and make use of it in t!e love of "!rist and for "!rist amon st your nei !bours. 3e most c!aritable to re,entant cul,rits. Tell t!em not to be afraid of /od. Is it ,ossible for you, mot!ers and sisters, not to be able to do t!at) .o( often your little ones, your youn brot!ers (ere ill and needed a doctor2 And t!ey (ere afraid. 3ut (it! caresses and lovin (ords you relieved t!em of t!eir fear and t!ey, no lon er terrified as before, (it! t!eir little !ands !eld by yours, let t!e doctor cure t!em. "ul,rits are your sick brot!ers and c!ildren, (!o are afraid of t!e doctor:s !and, and of !is sentence... No, it must not be so. -ince you kno( !o( ood /od is, tell t!em t!at /od is ood and no one must be afraid of .im. #ven if .e is frank and resolute in sayin 4 50ou s!all not do it a ain,6 .e (ill not 1/1

re7ect (!o !as already done it and !as fallen ill. 3ut .e (ill cure !im to restore !im to !ealt!. H 3e mot!ers and sisters to !oly livin ,eo,le. T!ey, too, need love. T!ey (ill become tired and (orn out in evan elizin . T!ey (ill not be able to do all t!at is to be done. .el, t!em, discreetly and dili ently. 1omen kno( !o( to (ork at !ome, near tables and beds, at looms and everyt!in t!at is needed for everyday life. T!e future of t!e "!urc! (ill be a continuous flo( of ,il rims to t!e ,laces of /od. 3e t!eir kind !otel;kee,ers, takin u,on yourselves all t!e most !umble (ork, so t!at t!e ministers of /od may be free to continue t!e (ork of t!e Master. T!en difficult, san uinary, cruel times (ill come. "!ristians, also t!e !oly ones, (ill under o !ours of terror and (eakness. Man is never very stron in sufferin . 1omen, instead, as com,ared to men, en7oy t!e true kin liness of bein able to suffer. Teac! men, su,,ortin t!em in t!e !ours of fear, discoura ement, tears, tiredness and bloods!ed. In our .istory (e !ave e<am,les of (onderful (omen, (!o ,erformed deeds of liberatin darin . 1e !ave +udit!, +ael. 3ut believe Me, no one is reater, so far, t!an t!e mot!er (!o (as ei !t times a martyr, seven times (it! eac! of !er sons, and once !erself, in t!e times of t!e Maccabees. T!en t!ere (ill be anot!er one... And after .er, t!ere (ill be countless numbers of !eroines of sorro( and in sorro(, (omen (!o (ill be t!e solace of martyrs and martyrs t!emselves, (!o (ill be an els for t!ose (!o are ,ersecuted, silent ,riestesses (!o (ill ,reac! /od by t!eir (ay of livin , and (!o, (it! no ot!er consecration but t!e one t!ey received from t!e /od;Love, (ill be 1/2

consecrated and (ort!y of it. I T!ose are t!e outlines of your main duties. I (ill not be able to devote muc! time to you in ,articular. 3ut you (ill be formed by listenin to Me. And you (ill be formed even more under t!e ,erfect uidance of My Mot!er. 0esterday t!is maternal !and Mand +esus takes Mary:s !and in .is o(nN brou !t Me t!e irl of (!om I !ave s,oken to you and (!o told Me t!at to listen to .er and be beside .er for a fe( !ours !ad matured t!e fruit of t!e race s!e !ad received and !ad carried it to ,erfection. It is not t!e first time t!at My Mot!er !as (orked for "!rist, .er -on. 0ou and you, (!o are My disci,les as (ell as cousins, kno( (!at Mary is for t!e formation of souls to /od and you (ill be able to tell bot! t!ose men and (omen (!o may be afraid t!at I !ave not ,re,ared t!em for t!eir mission or t!at t!ey are still insufficiently ,re,ared (!en I s!all no lon er be (it! you. My Mot!er (ill be (it! you no(, (!en I am not amon st you, and later (!en I s!all no lon er be (it! you. -!e (ill remain (it! you, and (it! .er (ill remain t!e (isdom of all .er virtues. As from no( you may follo( all .er advice. 0esterday evenin , (!en (e (ere alone, and I (as sittin near .er, as I used to (!en I (as a c!ild, My !ead restin on .er s!oulder, (!ic! is so soft and so stron , My Mot!er said to Me (e !ad been talkin of t!e irl (!o !ad left early in t!e afternoon, (it! enclosed in !er vir inal !eart a sun, bri !ter t!an t!e one in t!e sky4 !er !oly secret E -!e said to Me4 5.o( lovely it is to be t!e Redeemer:s Mot!er26 0es, !o( lovely it is (!en t!e creature comin to t!e Redeemer is already a creature of 1/,

/od, a creature in (!om t!ere is only t!e stain of ori in, t!at can only be (as!ed a(ay by Me. All t!e ot!er small stains of !uman im,erfection !ave been (as!ed a(ay by love. 3ut, My s(eet Mot!er, Most Pure /uide of souls to 0our -on, .oly -tar of orientation, Bind Teac!er of saints, Pious 9oster Mot!er of t!e most little ones, .ealt!y "ure of sick ,eo,le, not al(ays suc! creatures (!o are not re,u nant to !oliness (ill be comin to 0ou... 3ut le,ers, !orrors, stenc!, a tan le of snakes and foul t!in s, (ill cree, to 0our feet, o Gueen of mankind, and (ill s!out4 5.ave mercy2 -uccour us2 Take us to 0our -on2.6 And 0ou (ill !ave to ,ut t!is ,ure !and of 0ours on t!eir (ounds, and bend (it! 0our eyes of a !eavenly dove on !ellis! deformities, in!ale t!e stenc! of sin and not run a(ay. Nay, 0ou (ill !ave to ,ress to 0our !eart t!ose (!o !ave been mutilated by -atan, t!ose abortions, t!at filt!, and (as! t!em (it! 0our tears and brin t!em to Me... And t!en 0ou (ill say4 5.o( difficult it is to be t!e Redeemer:s Mot!er2.6 3ut 0ou (ill do it because 0ou are t!e Mot!er... I kiss and bless t!ese !ands of 0ours from (!ic! so many creatures (ill come to Me, and eac! of t!em (ill be a lory of Mine. 3ut before Mine, it (ill be a lory of 0ours, .oly Mot!er. J My dear (omen disci,les, follo( t!e e<am,le of My Teac!er, of t!e Teac!er of +ames and +udas, of everyone (!o (is!es to be formed in /race and 1isdom. 9ollo( .er (ord. It is t!e same as Mine, but made s(eeter. Not!in is to be added to it because it is t!e (ord of t!e Mot!er of 1isdom. And you, My friends, endeavour to ac=uire t!e 1/4

!umbleness and firmness of (omen, and demolis!in manly ,ride, do not des,ise t!e (omen disci,les, but miti ate your stren t!, and I could say also your !ardness and your intolerance, in contact (it! t!e kindness of (omen. And above all, learn from t!em !o( to love, to believe and to suffer for t!e Lord, because I solemnly tell you t!at t!ey, t!e (eak ones, (ill become t!e stron est in fait!, in love, in darin , in sacrificin t!emselves for t!eir Master, 1!om t!ey love (it! t!eir (!ole selves, (it!out askin for anyt!in , (it!out ,retendin anyt!in , satisfied only (it! lovin to ive Me solace and 7oy. /o no( to your !omes, or to t!e !ouses (!ere you are uests. I (ill stay (it! My Mot!er. /od be (it! you. * K T!ey all o a(ay e<ce,t Mart!a. ' Mart!a, you stay !ere. I !ave already s,oken to your servant. Today it is not 3et!any t!at is ivin !os,itality, but it is +esus: little !ouse. "ome. 0ou (ill eat beside Mary and slee, in t!e little room near .ers. T!e s,irit of +ose,!, our comfort, (ill comfort you (!ile you are restin , and tomorro( you (ill o back to 3et!any stron er and more sure of yourself, to ,re,are (omen disci,les also t!ere, (!ile (aitin for t!e one dearest to Me and to you. Do not doubt, Mart!a. I never ,romise in vain. 3ut it takes time to turn a desert full of vi,ers into a !eavenly t!icket. T!e first (ork is not noticed. Not!in seems to !ave taken ,lace. Instead t!e seed !as already been so(n. T!e seeds. All of t!em. And t!en tears (ill come, to act as rain t!at o,ens t!e seeds... And t!e ood trees (ill come... "ome2 1ee, no more2 * 1/3

1,7. Jes!s S%ea>s to Jo$anna of C$!3a on t$e La>e.

7t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus is on t!e lake, in Peter:s boat, be!ind t(o ot!er boatsD one is a common fis!in boat, like t!at of Peter, t!e ot!er is a slender e<,ensive ,leasure boat. It belon s to +o!anna of "!uza. 3ut t!e o(ner is not in !er boat. -!e is at +esus: feet, in Peter:s !umbler craft. I (ould say t!at t!ey met by c!ance some(!ere on t!e flo(ery s!ore of /ennesaret, most beautiful in t!is first a,,earance of Palestinian s,rin time, (!ic! stre(s its clouds of blossomin almond;trees and lays t!e ,earls of future flo(ers on ,ear and a,,le;trees, on ,ome ranates, =uince;trees, on all t!e trees (!ic! are most fruitful and bear t!e most beautiful blossoms and fruit. 1!en t!e boat kee,s close to t!e s!ore e<,osed to t!e sun, one can already see millions of buds s(ellin on t!e branc!es, a(aitin to blossom, (!ile t!e ,etals of t!e early almond; trees flutter in t!e =uiet air until t!ey ali !t in t!e clear (ater. T!e s!ores, covered (it! t!e ne( rass, (!ic! looks like bri !t reen silk, are studded (it! t!e olden eyes of buttercu,s, or radiate;star daisies, near (!ic! t!e beautiful, t!in bluis! for et;me;nots, stiff on t!eir stems like little cro(ned =ueens, smile ently, as ,lacid as c!ildren:s eyes, and t!ey seem to be sayin 5yes, of course6 to t!e sun, to t!e lake, to t!e ot!er !erbs, (!ic! are !a,,y to bloom, under t!e sky;blue eyes of t!eir Lord. At t!e be innin of s,rin t!e lake !as not yet t!e 1/+

o,ulence t!at (ill turn it into a trium,! t!e follo(in mont!s, it !as not t!e lu<urious ,om,, (!ic! I (ould call sensual, of t!e many t!ousand ri id or su,,le roseries, in t!e form of tufts in ardens or veils a ainst (alls, of t!e many t!ousand corymbs of cytisi and acacias, of t!e t!ousands and t!ousands of rou,s of tuberoses, of t!e t!ousands and t!ousands of (a<ed stars of citrus trees, of all t!e blendin of !ues, of stron , soft, inebriatin ,erfumes, (!ic! form t!e environment and s,ur of !uman reat desire for en7oyment t!at desecrates t!is corner of t!e eart!, (!ic! is so ,ure, and is t!e lake of Tiberias, t!e ,lace c!osen centuries a o to be t!e t!eatre of t!e reatest number of miracles (orked by our Lord +esus. +o!anna looks at +esus absorbed in t!e beauty of .is /alilean lake and !er face smiles reflectin , like a fait!ful mirror, .is smile. T!ey are s,eakin in t!e ot!er boat. T!ere is silence !ere. T!e only noise is t!e t!ud of t!e bare feet of Peter and Andre(, (!o are manoeuvrin t!e boat, and t!e si ! of t!e (ater o,ened by t!e ,ro( and (!is,erin its ,ain to t!e sides of t!e boat, and t!en c!an in into lau !ter at t!e stern, (!en t!e (ound !eals and becomes a silvery (ake t!at t!e sun causes to s,arkle as if it (ere diamond dust. At last +esus ends .is contem,lation and turns .is eyes to(ards +o!anna. .e smiles at !er and asks !er4 ' 1e are almost t!ere, are (e not) And you (ill be sayin t!at your Master is not a very ,leasant com,anion. I !ave not s,oken one (ord to you. * ' 3ut I !ave read t!em on 0our face, Master, and I !eard everyt!in 0ou said to t!ese t!in s (!ic! are around us. 1/7

* ' 1ell, t!en, (!at (as I sayin ) * ' Love, be ,ure, be ood. 3ecause you come from /od, and not!in bad or im,ure !as come out of .is !ands. * ' 0ou !ave read ri !t. * ' 3ut, my Lord, t!e !erbs (ill do t!at... Also t!e animals (ill do it. Man... 1!y (ill !e not, alt!ou ! !e is t!e most ,erfect) * ' 3ecause -atan:s toot! !as ,ierced man only. .e ,retended to demolis! t!e "reator t!rou ! .is reatest ,rodi y, most like .im. * 8 +o!anna lo(ers !er !ead in t!ou !t. -!e seems to be !esitatin and (ei !in t(o o,,osite desires. +esus is (atc!in !er. -!e t!en raises !er !ead and says4 ' 1ould 0ou mind a,,roac!in some friends of mine, (!o are ,a ans) 0ou kno(... "!uza is a courtier... And t!e Tetrarc! E and even more so t!e true mistress of t!e "ourt4 .erodias, to (!ose (ill every desire of .erod yields, as it is... fas!ionable, to s!o( t!at t!ey are more refined t!an any ot!er Palestinian, to be ,rotected by Rome by (ors!i,,in Rome and everyt!in t!at is Roman E flirts (it! t!e Romans of t!e ,roconsular !ouse!old... and almost im,oses t!em on to us. Really I must say t!at t!e (omen are not (orse t!an (e are. Also amon st us, on t!ese very s!ores, t!ere are some (omen (!o !ave fallen very lo(. And (!at can (e s,eak of, unless (e s,eak of .erodias)... 1!en I lost my c!ild and I (as ill, t!ey (ere very ood to me, alt!ou ! I did not seek t!em. And after, (e !ave remained friends. 3ut if 0ou tell me t!at it is (ron , I (ill ,ut an end to it... No) 1/9

T!ank 0ou, my Lord. T!e day before yesterday I (as (it! one of t!ese friends. It (as a friendly visit, as far as I (as concerned, a duty call (it! re ard to "!uza. It (as an order of t!e Tetrarc! (!o... (ould like to come back !ere but does not feel too safe and so... !e enters into more interested relations (it! Rome, in order to be ,rotected. Nay... ,lease... 0ou are a relative of t!e 3a,tist, are 0ou not) 1ell, tell !im not to be too trustful. .e s!ould never leave -amaria. $n t!e contrary, if !e does not mind, !e s!ould !ide t!ere for some time. T!e snake is oin near t!e lamb and t!e lamb !as a lot to be afraid of. $f everyt!in . Let !im be (atc!ful, Master. 3ut it must not be kno(n t!at I said it. It (ould be t!e end of "!uza. * ' Do not (orry, +o!anna. I (ill inform t!e 3a,tist in suc! a (ay t!at no !arm (ill be done. * ' T!ank 0ou, my Lord. I (ant to serve 0ou... but by doin so, I (ould not like to !arm my !usband. Nay... I... (ill not al(ays be able to come (it! 0ou. -ometimes, I (ill !ave to stay, because !e (ants me to, and it is 7ust...* ' 0ou (ill stay, +o!anna. I understand everyt!in . -ay no more, because it is not necessary. * ' 3ut (ill 0ou (ant me to be near 0ou in t!e most dan erous !ours for 0ou) * ' "ertainly, +o!anna. * ' $!2 1!at a burden it (as for me !avin to say t!at and actually ivin voice to t!e (ords2 3ut no( I am relieved...* ' If you !ave fait! in Me, you (ill al(ays be relieved. > 1/2

3ut you (ere talkin about a Roman lady friend...* ' 0es. -!e is a close friend of "laudia and I t!ink s!e must be a relative of !ers, too. And s!e (ould like to s,eak to 0ou, or at least, listen to 0ou. And s!e is not t!e only one. No( t!at 0ou !ave cured %aleria:s c!ild, and t!e ne(s travelled as =uick as li !tnin , t!ey are more an<ious t!an ever. At t!e ban=uet t!e ot!er evenin , t!ere (as a lot of talkin , in your favour and a ainst 0ou. 3ecause some .erodians (ere ,resent, as (ell as some -adducees... alt!ou !, if you asked t!em t!ey (ould deny it... and t!ere (ere also some (omen... ric!... but... but not !onest. T!ere (as... I re ret tellin 0ou because I kno( t!at 0ou are a friend of !er brot!er... but t!ere (as Mary of Ma dala (it! !er ne( friend and anot!er (oman, a /reek, I t!ink, as dissolute as s!e. 0ou kno(... amon !eat!ens, (omen are at table (it! men and t!at is very... very... 1!at a nuisance2 My friend (as so kind as to c!oose my !usband as my com,anion and t!at (as a reat relief. 3ut t!e ot!ers... o!2... 1ell... T!ey (ere talkin about 0ou, because 9austina:s miracle caused a stir and if t!e Romans admired 0ou as a reat doctor or ma ician E for ive me, my Lord E t!e .erodians and t!e -adducees vomited venom on 0our Name. And Mary2 $! Mary2 .o( !orrible2... -!e be an sneerin and t!en. No, I (ill not tell 0ou. I (e,t all ni !t over it...* ' Never mind. -!e (ill recover. * ' 3ut s!e is all ri !t, 0ou kno() * ' .er body is. All t!e rest is ,oisoned. -!e (ill recover. * ' 0ou say so... T!e Roman (omen, 0ou kno( (!at t!ey are like... said4 51e are not afraid of (itc!craft, neit!er 11/

do (e believe in lies. 1e (ant to 7ud e by ourselves6D and after t!ey said to me4 5"ould (e not !ear .im)6 * ' Tell t!em t!at at t!e end of t!e mont! of -!ebat I (ill be in your !ouse. * ' I (ill tell t!em, my Lord. Do 0ou t!ink t!ey (ill come to 0ou) * ' T!ere is a (orld to be rebuilt in t!em. 9irst it is necessary to destroy, t!en to build. 3ut it is not im,ossible. A +o!anna, t!ere is your !ouse and your arden. 1ork in it for your Master, as I told you. /oodbye, +o!anna. T!e Lord be (it! you. I bless you in .is name. * T!e boat dra(s near to t!e s!ore. +o!anna be s4 ' Are 0ou really not comin ) * ' Not no(. I must revive t!e flames. In t!e absence of a fe( mont!s, t!ey !ave almost one out. And time flies. * T!e boat sto,s in t!e little bay (!ic! ,enetrates into "!uza:s arden. -ome servants rus! to assist t!eir mistress in ettin off. .er boat arrives at t!e (!arf after Peter:s, and +o!n, Matt!e(, t!e Iscariot and P!ili, come off it and et on board Peter:s boat, (!ic! slo(ly de,arts and resumes its voya e to t!e o,,osite s!ore.


1,+. Jes!s at '$e ($esa. Jo$n's D#s"#%les.

+t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus is s,eakin in a to(n (!ic! I !ave never seen before. At least, t!at is (!at I t!ink, because all t!e to(ns are alike in style and it is difficult to tell one from t!e ot!er at first si !t. Also !ere a road coasts t!e lake and all t!e boats are on t!e s!ore. Lar e and small !ouses are set in a ro( on t!e ot!er side of t!e road, but t!e !ills are muc! more distant and so t!e little to(n is on a c!armin ,lain (!ic! stretc!es alon t!e eastern s!ores of t!e lake, ,rotected from t!e (inds by t!e ran e of !ills, and (armed by t!e sun (!ic! !ere, more t!an in t!e ot!er ,arts of t!e country, increases t!e blossomin of t!e trees. I t!ink t!at +esus: sermon !as already be un because .e says4 ' ... It is true, 0ou say4 51e (ill never abandon 0ou because to abandon 0ou is to abandon /od6, 3ut, o ,eo,le of /!er !esa, remember t!at not!in is more c!an eable t!an t!e !uman mind. I am convinced t!at at ,resent t!at is (!at you really t!ink. My (ord and t!e miracle t!at took ,lace !ave encoura ed you in t!at direction and at t!e ,resent moment you are sincere in (!at you say. 3ut I (is! to remind you of one event, I could =uote a t!ousand bot! remote and recent. I (ill mention only t!is one. 8 +os!ua, t!e servant of t!e Lord, on t!e eve of deat!, at!ered around !im all t!e tribes (it! t!eir elders, leaders, 7ud es and scribes and !e s,oke to t!em in t!e ,resence of t!e Lord, remindin t!em of all t!e benefits ained from and ,rodi ies (orked by t!e Lord t!rou ! 112

.is servant. And after enumeratin all t!ese t!in s, !e asked t!em to re,udiate any od (!ic! (as not t!e Lord or at least to be frank in t!eir fait!, c!oosin (it! sincerity eit!er t!e True /od or t!e ods of Meso,otamia and of t!e Amorites, so t!at t!ere s!ould be a clear se,aration bet(een t!e sons of Abra!am and t!e ,a anizin ,eo,le.

An o,enly declared error is al(ays better t!an a !y,ocritical ,rofession and mi<ture of fait!s, (!ic! is an insult to /od and deat! to souls. And not!in is easier to maintain and more commonly met t!an suc! mi<ture. T!e a,,earance is oodD t!e substance underneat! it is not ood. T!at state a,,lies also no(adays. T!ose believers (!o mi< t!e observance of t!e La( (it! (!at is forbidden by t!e La(, t!ose miserable fello(s (!o sta er like drunken ,eo,le bet(een loyalty to t!e La( and t!e ,rofit of business and com,romise (it! outla(s from (!om t!ey !o,e to receive some advanta e, t!ose ,riests or -cribes or P!arisees (!o no lon er make t!e service of /od t!e aim of t!eir lives, but indul e in s!re(d ,olitics to trium,! over ot!er ,eo,le and t!us be able to do anyt!in a ainst more !onest ,ersons, because t!ey are not t!e servants of /od, but t!ey serve a ,o(er (!ic! t!ey kno( is stron and useful for t!eir ,ur,oses, all t!ose ,eo,le are not!in but !y,ocrites (!o mi< our /od (it! false ods.
T!e ,eo,le re,lied to +os!ua4 5Never let it be t!at (e s!all abandon t!e True /od to serve false ods.6 +os!ua told t!em (!at I, !ave 7ust told you about t!e !oly 7ealousy of t!e 9at!er, about .is (ill to be loved e<clusively, (it! our (!ole selves, about .is 7ustice in ,unis!in t!ose (!o are untrut!ful. Punis!ment2 /od 11,

can ,unis! 7ust as .e can re(ard us. It is not necessary to be dead to receive our re(ard or ,unis!ment. "onsider, o ,eo,le of Israel, (!et!er /od, after ivin you so muc!, freein you from t!e P!arao!s, leadin you safely t!rou ! t!e desert and t!e snares of enemies, allo(in you to become a reat and res,ected nation, full of lory, !as not ,unis!ed you once, t(ice, ten times, for your sins2 "onsider (!at you !ave become no(2 And I, 1!o see you t!ro(in yourselves !eadlon into t!e most sacrile ious idolatry, I see also into (!ic! abyss you are about to fall because you al(ays ,ersevere in t!e same faults. And because of t!at I rebuke you, o ,eo,le (!o are t(ice Mine, because I am your Redeemer and because I (as born of you. My re,roac! is not !atred, it is not rud e, nor intolerance, it is love, even if it is severe. +os!ua t!en said4 50ou are (itnesses4 you !ave c!osen t!e Lord6 and t!ey all re,lied4 50es, (e are.6 And +os!ua, (!o (as (ise besides bein brave, kno(in !o( fleetin t!e (ill of man is, (rote in t!e book all t!e (ords of t!e La( and of t!e covenant and !e ,ut t!em in t!e tem,le, and also in t!e sanctuary of t!e Lord in -!ec!em, (!ic! contained t!e Tabernacle for t!e occasion, !e set a reat stone as (itness and said4 5T!is stone (!ic! !as !eard all your (ords to t!e Lord s!all remain !ere as a (itness so t!at you may not lie and deny t!e Lord your /od.6 > A stone, no matter !o( reat and !ard it may be, can al(ays be reduced to ,o(der by man, by t!underbolt or by t!e erosion of (ater and time. 3ut I am t!e #ternal "orner;-tone. And I cannot be destroyed. Do not lie to t!is Livin -tone. Do not love it only because it (orks miracles. Love it because t!rou ! it you (ill touc! .eaven. I (ould like you to be more s,iritual, more 114

fait!ful to t!e Lord. I am not sayin to Me. I am, only because I am t!e %oice of t!e 9at!er. 3y tram,lin on Me, you (ound .im 1!o sent Me. I am t!e mediator. .e is everyt!in . Take (!at I offer you and kee, (it!in yourselves (!at is !oly so t!at you may reac! /od. Do not love t!e Man, love t!e Messia! of t!e Lord not because of t!e miracles .e (orks, but because .e (ants to (ork in you t!e intimate and sublime miracle of your sanctification. *
A +esus blesses and directs .is ste,s to(ards a !ouse. .e is almost at t!e door (!en .e is sto,,ed by a rou, of elderly men (!o reet .im res,ectfully sayin 4 ' May (e ask 0ou a =uestion, Lord) 1e are disci,les of +o!n and as !e al(ays s,eaks of 0ou and also because t!e fame of 0our miracles reac!ed us, (e (is! to make 0our ac=uaintance. 1e !ave 7ust listened to 0ou and (e !ave a =uestion to ask 0ou. * ' Ask it. If you are disci,les of +o!n, you are already on t!e ,at! of 7ustice. * ' 0ou said, s,eakin of t!e idolatries (!ic! are common amon st believers, t!at t!ere are ,eo,le amon st us (!o come to com,romise bet(een t!e La( and t!ose (!o are out of t!e La(. 3ut 0ou also are a friend of t!eirs. 1e kno( t!at 0ou do not disdain t!e Romans. -o) * ' I do not deny it. 3ut can you say t!at I do it to make a ,rofit) "an you say t!at I caress t!em even to receive only t!eir ,rotection) * ' No, Master. And (e are more t!an certain. 3ut t!e (orld is not made only of us, (!o (ant to believe only in t!e evil t!at (e see and not in t!e evil (e are told about. 113

No( tell us t!e convincin reason for a,,roac!in /entiles, for our o(n uidance and to defend 0ou in t!e event of someone slanderin 0ou in our ,resence. * ' It is evil to !ave contact (!en one does it for !uman ,ur,oses. It is not evil (!en one a,,roac!es t!em to take t!em to t!e Lord our /od. T!at is (!at I do. If you (ere /entiles, I could s,end some time e<,lainin to you !o( every man comes from $ne /od only. 3ut you are +e(s and disci,les of +o!n. 0ou are t!erefore t!e cream of +e(s, and I need not e<,lain t!at to you. 0ou can t!erefore understand and believe t!at it is My duty, as t!e 1ord of /od, to take .is (ord to all men, t!e sons of t!e ?niversal fat!er. * ' 3ut t!ey are not .is sons, t!ey are ,a ans...* ' 1it! re ard to /race t!ey are not. 3ecause of t!eir erroneous fait!, t!ey are not. T!at is true. 3ut until I redeem you, man, also a +e(, (ill !ave lost /race, !e (ill be de,rived of it, because t!e -tain of $ri in ,revents t!e ineffable ray of /race from descendin into men:s !earts. 3ut (it! re ard to creation, man is al(ays a son. 9rom Adam, t!e founder of t!e !uman family, descend bot! t!e +e(s and t!e Romans and Adam is t!e son of t!e 9at!er 1!o ave !im .is s,iritual likeness. * ' T!at is true. C Anot!er =uestion, Master. 1!y do +o!n:s disci,les fast very sternly and 0ours do not) 1e do not mean t!at 0ou s!ould not eat. Also t!e Pro,!et Daniel (as !oly in t!e eyes of /od alt!ou ! !e (as a reat man at t!e court in 3abylon, and 0ou are reater t!an !e. 3ut t!ey...* ' 1!at very often is not ac!ieved by ri orism, is ac!ieved 11+

by cordiality. T!ere are ,eo,le (!o (ould never come to t!e Master, and t!e Master must o to t!em. T!ere are ot!ers (!o (ould o to t!e Master, but are as!amed of oin amon st t!e cro(d. T!e Master must o also to t!em. And since t!ey say to Me4 53e my uest t!at I may kno( 0ou6 I o, bearin in mind, not t!e ,leasure of a ric! table, and of a conversation t!at sometimes is very ,ainful for Me, but only and al(ays t!e interest of /od. T!at is as far as I am concerned. And as often at least one of t!e souls (!ic! I a,,roac! is converted to /od, and every conversion is a (eddin feast for My soul, a reat feast in (!ic! all t!e an els in .eaven take ,art and (!ic! is blessed by t!e #ternal /od. My disci,les, t!e friends of Me;t!e -,ouse, re7oice (it! t!e -,ouse and 9riend. 1ould you like to see My friends in ,ain (!ile I re7oice) 1!ile I am (it! t!em) 3ut t!e time (ill come (!en t!ey (ill no lon er !ave Me. And t!en t!ey (ill fast. Ne( met!ods for ne( times. ?, to yesterday, in t!e days of t!e 3a,tist, t!ere (as t!e as! of Penance. Today, in My days, t!ere is t!e s(eet manna of Redem,tion, of Mercy, of Love. T!e old met!ods could not be en rafted into Mine, as My met!od could not !ave been used t!en, not even yesterday. 3ecause Mercy (as not yet on t!e eart!. It is no(. No lon er t!e Pro,!et, but t!e Messia!, to 1!om everyt!in !as been entrusted by /od, is on t!e eart!. #ac! day !as (!at is useful to it. Nobody se(s a ne( clot! on to an old arment, lest t!e ne( ,iece of clot!, ,articularly (!en bein (as!ed, s!ould s!rink and t!us tear t!e old clot! and t!e !ole (ould become bi er. Like(ise no one ,uts ne( (ine into old (ineskins, ot!er(ise t!e ne( (ine (ould burst t!e (ineskins, (!ic! cannot stand t!e effervescence of t!e ne( (ine, and it (ould run out of t!e burst (ineskins. 3ut t!e old (ine, 117

(!ic! !as already been decanted several times, is ,ut into old (ineskins, and t!e ne( (ine into ne( ones. -o t!at one force may be com,ensated by anot!er e=ual one. T!e same !a,,ens no(. T!e force of t!e ne( doctrine su ests ne( met!ods to divul e it. And I, 1!o am a(are of it, make use of t!em. * H ' T!ank 0ou, Lord. 1e are no( !a,,y. Pray for us. 1e are old (ineskins. 1ill (e be able to restrain 0our force) * ' 0es, because t!e 3a,tist s!a,ed you and because !is ,rayers and Mine (ill make you ca,able of so muc!. /o (it! My ,eace and tell +o!n t!at I bless !im.* ' 3ut... accordin to 0ou, is it better for us to stay (it! t!e 3a,tist or (it! 0ou) * ' As lon as t!ere is old (ine, drink it, if its flavour is a reeable. Later... as t!e ,utrid (ater (!ic! is every(!ere (ill dis ust you, you (ill love t!e ne( (ine.* ' Do 0ou t!ink t!at t!e 3a,tist (ill be reca,tured) * ' 0es, most certainly. I !ave already sent !im a (arnin . /o no(. #n7oy your +o!n as lon as you can and make !im !a,,y. After(ards you (ill love Me. And you (ill find it !ard... also because no one (!o !as become used to old (ine (ill all of a sudden (is! to !ave ne( (ine. $ne says4 5T!e old one (as better.6 And in fact I (ill !ave a different flavour, (!ic! (ill seem sour to you. 3ut you (ill relis! its vital flavour day by day. /oodbye, friends. May /od be (it! you. *


149. F o* Na%$tal# to '#s"ala. 6eet#n( &#t$ Rabb# 'a*al#el.

19t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& ' Master2 Master2 Do 0ou kno( (!o is a!ead of us) T!ere is rabbi /amaliel2 .e is sittin (it! !is servants, in a caravan, in t!e s!ade in a (ood, s!eltered from t!e (inds2 T!ey are roastin a lamb. 1!at are (e oin to do no() * ' 1!at (e (ere oin to do, My friends. 1e (ill ,roceed alon our (ay...* ' 3ut /amaliel is of t!e Tem,le. * ' /amaliel is not (icked, Do not be afraid. I (ill o a!ead. * ' $!2 I am comin too * say .is cousins at t!e same time, as (ell as all t!e /alileans and -imon. $nly t!e Iscariot, and to a lesser de ree, T!omas, do not seem very an<ious to ,roceed. 3ut t!ey follo( t!e ot!ers. T!ey (alk for a fe( yards alon a mountainous road dee, set bet(een t!e (ooded slo,es of t!e mountain. T!e road t!en bends and o,ens on to a kind of tableland and crosses it, (idenin out, and soon after t!at it becomes once a ain narro( and (indin under a roof of inter(oven branc!es. In a sunny bare ,atc!, (!ic! is !o(ever s!aded by t!e first leaves of t!e (ood, t!ere are many ,eo,le under a ric! tent, (!ile ot!er ,eo,le are busy in a corner turnin t!e lamb on t!e fire. T!ere is no doubt about it2 /amaliel took very ood care of !imself. 9or one ,erson travellin !e set a cro(d of 112

servants in motion (it! I do not kno( !o( muc! lu a e. .e is no( sittin in t!e centre of !is tent4 a clot! su,,orted by four ilt ,oles, a kind of cano,y under (!ic! t!ere are lo( seats covered (it! cus!ions and a table t!e to, of (!ic! rests on carved (ooden le s. A very fine table;clot! is s,read on t!e table and t!e servants are layin valuable dis!es on it. /amaliel looks like an idol. 1it! !is !ands o,en on !is knees, stiff and !ieratic, !e looks like a statue to me. T!e servants move round !im like lar e butterflies. 3ut !e ,ays no attention to t!em. .e is ,onderin , !is eyelas!es rat!er lo(ered on !is severe eyes, and (!en !e raises t!em, !is dee, very dark ,ensive eyes are dis,layed in all t!eir severe beauty at t!e sides of a lon t!in nose and under t!e !i ! rat!er bald fore!ead of an elderly man. .is fore!ead is marked by t!ree ,arallel (rinkles and by a lar e bluis! vein (!ic! forms a % s!a,ed an le in t!e centre of !is ri !t tem,le. 8 T!e noise of t!e oncomin ,eo,le causes t!e servants to turn round. /amaliel also looks round. .e sees +esus a,,roac!in a!ead of everyone and !e makes a esture of sur,rise. .e stands u, and moves to t!e ed e of t!e tent, but no fart!er. 9rom t!ere !e bo(s lo( (it! !is arms crossed on !is c!est. +esus re,lies to !im in t!e same (ay. ' 0ou are !ere, Rabbi) * asks /amaliel. ' I am !ere, rabbi * re,lies +esus. ' May I ask 0ou (!ere 0ou are oin ) * ' It is a ,leasure for Me to tell you. I am comin from Na,!tali and I am oin to /iscala. * 12/

' $n foot) 3ut it is a !ard and lon road alon t!ese mountains. 0ou are tirin 0ourself too muc!. * ' 3elieve Me. If I am (elcomed and listened to, all tiredness disa,,ears. * ' 1ell, t!en... allo( me to be for once t!e one (!o (ill remove 0our fati ue. T!e lamb is ready. 1e (ould !ave left t!e leavin s to t!e birds because I never take t!em (it! me. 0ou can see t!at it is no trouble for me to offer food to 0ou and to 0our follo(ers. I am friendly to 0ou, +esus. I do not consider 0ou inferior to me, but reater t!an I am. * ' I believe you. And I acce,t your !os,itality. * /amaliel s,eaks to a servant (!o a,,ears to be t!e !i !est in aut!ority and (!o ,asses on t!e order. T!e tent is e<tended and more seats and dis!es for +esus: disci,les are taken off t!e many mules. T!ey brin bo(ls to ,urify t!eir fin ers. +esus ,erforms t!e rite (it! t!e reatest courtliness, (!ereas t!e a,ostles, on (!om /amaliel is castin s!ar, sidelon lances, do so as (ell as t!ey can, (it! t!e e<ce,tion of -imon, +udas of Beriot!, 3art!olome( and Matt!e(, (!o are more accustomed to +e(is! refinements. +esus is beside /amaliel (!o is alone on one side of t!e table. T!e Fealot is in front of +esus. After t!e ,rayer of t!anks ivin , (!ic! /amaliel says (it! calm solemnity, t!e servants carve t!e lamb and divide it amon t!e uests and t!ey fill t!e cu,s (it! (ine or (ater s(eetened (it! !oney, for t!ose (!o ,refer it. > ' 1e !ave met by c!ance, Rabbi. I (as never e<,ectin 121

to see 0ou and on t!e (ay to /iscala. * ' I am oin to(ards t!e (!ole (orld. * ' 0es, 0ou are t!e indefati able Pro,!et. +o!n is t!e stationary one, 0ou are t!e roamin $ne. * ' It is easier, t!erefore, for souls to find Me. * ' I (ould not say so. 0our continuous movin about, disorientates t!em. * ' I disorientate My enemies. 3ut t!ose (!o (ant Me, because t!ey love t!e 1ord of /od, find Me. Not everybody can come to t!e Master. And t!e Master, 1!o (ants everybody, oes to everybody, !el,in t!us t!e ood and (ardin off t!e cons,iracies of t!ose (!o !ate Me. * ' Are 0ou referrin to me) I do not !ate 0ou. * ' Not to you. 3ut since you are 7ust and frank, you can say t!at I am s,eakin t!e trut!. * ' 0es, it is so. 3ut... see... T!e fact is t!at (e old ,eo,le do not understand 0ou (ell. * ' 0es, old Israel does not understand Me (ell. T!at is !er misfortune... and because of !er (ill. * ' No, no. * ' 0es, rabbi. T!ey are not (illin to understand t!e Master. And (!o confines !imself to t!at, does evil, but a com,arative evil. Many instead deliberately misunderstand and distort My (ord to !arm /od. * ' /od) .e is above !uman snares. * 122

' 0es. 3ut every soul t!at oes astray or is led astray, E and it is misleadin to distort My (ord or My (ork, bot! (it! re ard to oneself and to ot!er ,eo,le, E !arms /od in t!e soul (!ic! is lost. #very soul t!at is lost is a (ound to /od. * A /amaliel lo(ers !is !ead, and closin !is eyes, !e meditates. .e t!en ,resses !is fore!ead bet(een !is lon t!in fin ers, in an involuntary esture of ,ain. +esus (atc!es !im. /amaliel raises !is !ead, o,ens !is eyes, looks at +esus and says4 ' 3ut 0ou kno( t!at I am not one of t!ose. * ' I kno(. 3ut you are one of t!e former. * ' $!2 It is true. 3ut it is not true t!at I am not (illin to understand 0ou. T!e trut! is t!at 0our (ord sto,s on my mind and does not ,enetrate fart!er. My mind admires it as t!e (ord of a learned man and t!e s,irit...* ' And t!e s,irit cannot receive it, /amaliel, because it is encumbered (it! too many t!in s. And ruined t!in s. A s!ort (!ile a o, comin !ere from Na,!tali, I ,assed near a mountain, (!ic! 7uts out from t!e mountain c!ain. I (as ,leased to ,ass t!ere to see t!e t(o beautiful lakes of /ennesaret and Merom, from !i ! above, as ea les and t!e an els of t!e Lord see t!em, to say once a ain4 5T!ank 0ou, "reator, for t!e beauty 0ou rant us.6 1ell, (!ilst t!e (!ole mountain is covered (it! flo(ers, reen meado(s, orc!ards, fields, (oods, and t!e laurels smell s(eet near t!e olive;trees, ,re,arin t!e (!ite !ost of t!ousands and t!ousands of flo(ers and also t!e stron oak;tree seems to become entler as it dresses itself (it! (reat!s of clematis and (oodbine4 over t!ere, t!ere is no flo(erin , no fertility, neit!er of man nor of 12,

nature. All t!e efforts of t!e (inds, all t!e toil of men are frustrated because t!e "yclo,ean ruins of ancient .atzor encumber everyt!in and bet(een one lar e stone and anot!er only nettles and bus!es can ro( and snakes can !ide. /amaliel...* ' I understand. 1e are ruins, too... I understand t!e ,arable, +esus. 3ut... I cannot... I cannot... do ot!er(ise. T!e stones are too !eavy. * ' $ne in 1!om you believed said to you4 5T!e stones s!all vibrate !earin My last (ords.6 3ut (!y (ait for t!e last (ords of t!e Messia!) 1ill you not re ret t!at you did not follo( Me before) T!e last2... -ad (ords, like t!ose of a friend (!o is dyin , and to (!om (e !ave to listen, but too late. 3ut My (ords are more im,ortant t!an t!e (ords of a friend. * ' 0ou are ri !t... 3ut I cannot. I am (aitin for t!at si n, t!at I may believe. * ' 1!en a ,iece of round is barren, a t!underbolt is not sufficient to till it. T!e soil (ill not receive it. 3ut t!e stones t!at cover t!e soil (ill receive it. #ndeavour at least to remove t!em, /amaliel. $t!er(ise, if t!ey are left (!ere t!ey are, in t!e de,t! of your !eart, t!e si n (ill not lead you to believe. * C /amaliel is silent, en rossed in t!ou !t. T!e meal is over. +esus stands u, and says4 ' I t!ank 0ou, My /od, bot! for t!e meal and for t!e o,,ortunity of s,eakin to a (ise man. And t!ank you, /amaliel. * ' Master, do not o a(ay like t!at. I am afraid 0ou are 124

an ry (it! me. * ' $!2 no2 0ou must believe Me. * ' T!en, do not o a(ay. I am oin to .illel:s tomb. 1ould 0ou disdain comin (it! me) It (ill not take us lon , because I !ave mules and donkeys for everybody. All (e !ave to do is to take off t!eir ,ack;saddles, (!ic! t!e servants (ill carry. And t!e !ardest ,art of t!e road (ill be s!ortened for 0ou. * ' I do not mind comin (it! you or oin to .illel:s tomb. It is an !onour. Let us o. * /amaliel ives t!e necessary instructions, and (!ile t!ey are all busy takin do(n t!e tem,orary dinin ;room, +esus and /amaliel mount t(o mules and t!ey o a!ead, one beside t!e ot!er, alon a =uiet stee, road, on (!ic! t!e irons!od !ooves resound loudly. /amaliel is silent. $nly t(ice !e asks +esus (!et!er .is saddle is comfortable. +esus re,lies and t!en becomes =uiet, en rossed in t!ou !t. -o muc! so t!at .e does not notice t!at /amaliel, !oldin !is mule back a little, lets .im o for(ard by a full neck, so t!at !e may study every esture of .is. T!e eyes of t!e old rabbi are so keen in ,enetration t!at t!ey look like t!e eyes of a !a(k azin at its ,rey 3ut +esus is not a(are of it. .e ,roceeds calmly, follo(in t!e undulant ,ace of .is mount, .e is ,ensive and yet .e observes all t!e features of (!at is around .im. .e stretc!es out a !and to ,ick a !an in bunc! of olden cytisus, .e smiles at t(o little birds (!ic! are buildin t!eir nest in a t!ick 7uni,er, .e sto,s t!e mule to listen to a blackca, and, as a blessin , .e nods assent to t!e an<ious cry by (!ic! a (ild dove 123

ur es !er mate to (ork. ' 0ou love !erbs and animals very muc!, do 0ou not) * ' 0es, very muc!. T!ey are My livin book. Man al(ays !as t!e foundations of fait! in front of !im. /enesis lives in nature. No(, one (!o kno(s !o( to see, kno(s also !o( to believe. T!is flo(er, so s(eet in its scent and in t!e substance of its ,endulous corollas, and in suc! a contrast (it! t!is t!orny 7uni,er and (it! t!at furze, !o( could it !ave made itself by itself) And look4 t!at robin redbreast, could it !ave made itself (it! t!at dried bloodstain on its soft t!roat) And t!ose t(o doves, (!ere and !o( !ave t!ey been able to ,aint t!ose ony< collars on t!e veil of t!eir rey feat!ers) And over t!ere, t!ose t(o butterflies4 a black one (it! lar e old and ruby rin s, (!ile t!e ot!er, (it! blue stri,es, (!ere !ave t!ey found t!e ems and ribbons for t!eir (in s) And t!is stream) It is (ater. A reed. 3ut (!ere did it come, from) 1!ic! is t!e first source of t!e (ater;element) $!2 To look means to believe, if one kno(s !o( to look. * ' To look means to believe. 1e look too little at t!e livin /enesis t!at is in front of us. * ' Too muc! science, /amaliel. And too little love, and too little !umility. * /amaliel si !s and s!akes !is !ead. H ' .ere. 1e !ave arrived, +esus. .illel is buried over t!ere. Let us dismount and leave our mules !ere. A servant (ill take t!em. * T!ey dismount tyin t!e t(o mules to a tree trunk and t!ey turn t!eir ste,s to(ards a burial round (!ic! 12+

,rotrudes from t!e mountain near a lar e !ouse com,letely closed u,. ' I come !ere to meditate and ,re,are myself for t!e feasts of Israel * says /amaliel ,ointin at t!e !ouse. ' May 1isdom rant you all its li !t. * ' And !ere Mand /amaliel ,oints at t!e se,ulc!reN to ,re,are myself to meet deat!. .e (as a 7ust man. * ' .e (as a 7ust man. I (ill be ,leased to ,ray near !is as!es. 3ut, /amaliel, .illel must not teac! you only to die. .e must teac! you to live. * ' .o(, Master) * ' 5A man is reat (!en !e !umbles !imself6 (as !is favourite sayin ...* ' .o( do 0ou kno( if 0ou !ave not met !im) * ' I did meet !im... in any case, even if I !ad never met .illel, t!e rabbi, ,ersonally, I kno( !is t!ou !t, because t!ere is not!in I i nore of !uman t!ou !ts. * /amaliel lo(ers !is !ead and (!is,ers4 ' /od only can say t!at. * ' /od and .is 1ord. 3ecause t!e 1ord kno(s t!e T!ou !t and t!e T!ou !t kno(s t!e 1ord, and loves .im, communicatin (it! .im and rantin .im all .is treasures, to make .im ,artici,ate in .imself. Love fastens t!e bonds and makes one Perfection of t!em. It is t!e Trinity t!at loves Itself, is divinely formed, enerates, ,roceeds and is com,leted. #very !oly t!ou !t (as born in t!e Perfect Mind, and is reflected in t!e mind of t!e 7ust man. "an t!e 1ord t!erefore i nore t!e t!ou !ts of 127

t!e 7ust, since t!ey are t!e t!ou !ts of t!e T!ou !t) * T!ey ,ray near t!e closed se,ulc!re. T!ey ,ray for a lon time. T!e disci,les and t!en t!e servants reac! t!em, t!e former on !orseback, t!e latter carryin t!e lu a e. 3ut t!ey sto, at t!e ed e of t!e meado(, beyond (!ic! is t!e se,ulc!re. T!e ,rayer is over. ' /oodbye, /amaliel. Ascend as .illel did. * ' 1!at do 0ou mean) * ' Ascend. .e is a!ead of you because !e kne( !o( to believe more !umbly t!an you. Peace be (it! you. *

141. T$e ' an)son of El#/ a P$a #see of Ca%e na!*/ #s C! e).
11t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus is about to arrive in "a,ernaum by boat. T!e sun is almost settin and t!e lake is s,arklin (it! red and yello( !ues. 1!ile t!e t(o boats are manoeuvrin to dra( near t!e coast, +o!n says4 ' I (ill o to t!e fountain and brin 0ou some (ater for 0our t!irst. * ' T!e (ater is ood !ere * e<claims Andre(. ' 0es, it is ood. And your love makes it even better for Me. * ' I (ill take t!e fis! !ome. T!e (omen (ill ,re,are t!em for su,,er. After, (ill 0ou s,eak to us and to t!em) * 129

' 0es, Peter, I (ill. * ' It is more ,leasant no( to come back !ome. .eretofore (e looked like so many nomads. 3ut no(, (it! t!e (omen, t!ere is more order, more love. And t!en2 1!en I see 0our Mot!er, I no lon er feel tired. I don:t kno(...* +esus smiles and is =uiet. T!e boat rounds on t!e s!in ly s!ore. +o!n and Andre(, (!o are (earin s!ort undertunics, 7um, into t!e (ater and (it! t!e !el, of some youn men t!ey beac! t!e boat and ,lace a board as a (!arf. +esus is t!e first to come off, and .e (aits until t!e second boat is beac!ed, in order to be to et!er (it! all .is disci,les. T!en, (alkin (it! slo( ste,s t!ey o to(ards t!e fountain. A natural fountain of s,rin (ater, t!at (ells u, 7ust outside t!e villa e, and ,lentiful, cold and silvery runs into a stone basin. T!e (ater is so lim,id t!at it induces ,eo,le to drink it. +o!n, (!o !as run a!ead (it! an am,!ora, is already back and !e !ands t!e dri,,in ,itc!er to +esus, 1!o !as a lon drink. ' .o( t!irsty 0ou (ere, my Master2 And I, foolis!ly, did not et any (ater. * ' It does not matter, +o!n. It is all over * and .e caresses !im. 8 T!ey are about to come back (!en t!ey see -imon Peter arrive, runnin as fast as !e can. .e !ad one !ome to take !is fis!. ' Master2 Master2 * !e s!outs ,antin . ' T!e villa e is in turmoil, because t!e only randc!ild of #li, t!e P!arisee, is about to die from a snakebite. .e !ad one (it! t!e old man, and a ainst !is mot!er:s (is!es, to t!eir olive; rove. #li (as overseein some (orks, (!ile t!e c!ild (as ,layin near t!e roots of 122

an old olive;tree. .e ,ut !is !and into a !ole, !o,in to find a lizard, and !e found a snake. T!e old man seems to !ave become distrau !t. T!e c!ild:s mot!er, (!o incidentally !ates !er fat!er;in;la(, =uite ri !tly as it !a,,ens, is accusin !im of bein a murderer. T!e boy is ettin colder and colder every moment. Alt!ou ! relatives, t!ey did not love one anot!er2 And t!ey could not !ave been more closely related2 * ' 9amily rud e is never a ood t!in 2 * ' 1ell, Master, I say t!at t!e snakes did not love t!e snake4 #li. And t!ey !ave killed t!e little snake. I am sorry t!at !e sa( me and !e s!outed after me4 5Is t!e Master t!ere)6 And I am sorry for t!e little one. .e (as a nice boy and it is not !is fault t!at !e (as t!e randson of a P!arisee. * ' $f course, it is not !is fault. * T!ey (alk to(ards t!e villa e and t!ey see a cro(d of ,eo,le, s!outin and (ee,in , comin to(ards t!em, (it! t!e elderly #li in front of t!em. ' .e !as found us2 Let us o back2 * ' 1!y) T!at old man is sufferin . * ' T!at old man !ates 0ou, remember t!at. .e is one of 0our first and fiercest accusers at t!e Tem,le. * ' I remember t!at I am Mercy. * $ld #li, unkem,t and u,set, (it! untidy arments, runs to(ards +esus, !is arms outstretc!ed, and dro,s at .is feet s!outin 4 ' Mercy2 Mercy2 9or ive me. Do not aven e 0ourself on an innocent boy for my !ars!ness. 0ou are 1,/

t!e only one (!o can save !im2 /od, 0our 9at!er, !as brou !t 0ou !ere. I believe in 0ou2 I venerate 0ou2 I love 0ou2 9or ive me2 I !ave been unfair2 A liar2 3ut I !ave been ,unis!ed. T!ese !ours alone serve as a ,unis!ment. .el, me2 It:s t!e boy2 T!e only son of my dead son. And s!e is accusin me of killin !im * and !e (ee,s strikin !is !ead on t!e round r!yt!mically. ' "ome on2 Do not cry like t!at. Do you (ant to die (it!out !avin to look after your randson any more) * ' .e is dyin 2 .e is dyin 2 Per!a,s !e is already dead. Let me die, too. Don:t let me live in t!at em,ty !ouse2 $!2 My sad last days2 * ' #li, et u, and let us o...* ' 0ou... are 0ou really comin ) 3ut do 0ou kno( (!o I am) * ' An un!a,,y man. Let us o. * T!e old man ets u, and says4 ' I (ill o a!ead, but run, run, be =uick2 * And !e oes a(ay, very =uickly, because of t!e des,eration ,iercin !is !eart. ' 3ut, Lord, do 0ou t!ink t!at 0ou (ill c!an e !im) $!2 (!at a (asted miracle2 Let t!at little snake die2 Also t!e old man (ill die broken;!earted... and t!ere (ill be one less on 0our (ay... /od !as seen to it...* ' -imon2 To tell you t!e trut!, you are no( t!e snake. * +esus severely re,els Peter, (!o lo(ers !is !ead, and .e oes on. > Near t!e lar est s=uare in "a,ernaum t!ere is a beautiful !ouse before (!ic! t!e cro(ds are makin a 1,1

dreadful noise... +esus turns .is ste,s to(ards it and is about to arrive (!en t!e old man comes out from t!e (ide o,en door, follo(ed by a ruffled (oman, (!o is !oldin in !er arms a little a onizin c!ild. T!e ,oison !as already ,aralyzed !is or ans and deat! is near. T!e little (ounded !and is !an in do(n (it! t!e mark of t!e bite at t!e root of !is t!umb. #li does not!in but s!out4 ' +esus2 +esus2 * And +esus, s=ueezed and over(!elmed by t!e cro(ds (!o !am,er .is movements, takes t!e little !and to .is mout!, sucks t!e (ound, t!en breat!es on t!e (a<en face and t!e lassy !alf closed eyes. .e t!en strai !tens .imself u,4 ' .ere * .e says, ' t!e c!ild (ill no( (ake u,. Do not fri !ten !im (it! your e<,ressions (!ic! are so u,set. .e (ill already be afraid (!en !e remembers t!e snake. * In fact t!e boy, (!ose face colours u,, o,ens !is mout! in a bi ya(n, rubs !is eyes, o,ens t!em and is sur,rised at bein amon so many ,eo,le. .e t!en remembers, and is about to run a(ay, (it! suc! a sudden lea,, t!at !e (ould !ave fallen !ad +esus not been ready to receive !im in .is arms. ' /ood, ood2 1!at are you afraid of) Look !o( beautiful t!e sun is2 $ver t!ere is t!e lake, your !ouse, and your mot!er and randfat!er are !ere. * ' And t!e snake) * ' It is no lon er !ere. 3ut I am. * ' 0ou. 0es...* T!e c!ild t!inks... and t!en, in t!e innocent voice of trut!, !e says4 ' My randfat!er used to tell me to say 5cursed6 to 0ou. 3ut I (ill not say it. I love 0ou, I 1,2

do. * ' I) I said t!at) T!e little one is ravin . Do not believe !im, Master. I !ave al(ays res,ected 0ou. * As fear ,asses a(ay, t!e old nature comes to surface a ain. ' 1ords are and are not of value. I take t!em for (!at t!ey are. /oodbye, little one, oodbye, (oman, oodbye, #li. Love one anot!er and love Me, if you can. * +esus turns round and oes to(ard t!e !ouse (!ere .e lives. A ' 1!y, Master, did 0ou not (ork a strikin miracle) 0ou s!ould !ave ordered t!e ,oison to o out of t!e little one. 0ou s!ould !ave s!o(n 0ourself as bein /od. Instead 0ou sucked t!e ,oison like any ,oor man. * +udas of Beriot! is not very !a,,y. .e (anted somet!in sensational. Also ot!ers are of t!e same o,inion. ' 0ou s!ould !ave crus!ed t!at enemy of 0ours, (it! 0our ,o(er. 0ou !eard !im, e!2 .e became ,oisonous a ain at once...* ' .is ,oison is of no im,ortance. 3ut you must consider t!at if I !ad done (!at you (anted Me to do, !e (ould !ave said t!at I (as !el,ed by 3eelzebub. .is ruined soul can still ackno(led e My ,o(er as a doctor. 3ut no more. A miracle leads to fait! only t!ose (!o are already on t!at (ay. 3ut in t!ose (it!out !umility E fait! al(ays ,roves t!at t!ere is !umility in a soul E it leads to blas,!emy. It is better t!erefore to avoid t!at dan er by !avin recourse to forms of !uman a,,earance. T!e incurable misery is t!e misery of t!e incredulous. No means (ill eliminate it because no miracle induces t!em to believe or to be ood. It does not matter. I fulfill My task. T!ey follo( t!eir ill fate. * 1,,

' 1!y did 0ou do it, t!en) * ' 3ecause I am /oodness and because no one may say t!at I (as vindictive (it! My enemies and ,rovocative (it! ,rovokers. I am !ea,in coal on t!eir !eads. And t!ey are !andin it to Me t!at I may !ea, it. 3e ood, +udas of -imon. #ndeavour not to be!ave as t!ey do2 And t!at is all. Let us o to My Mot!er. -!e (ill be !a,,y to !ear t!at I cured a c!ild. *

14-. Jes!s #n t$e <o!se #n Ca%e na!* afte t$e 6# a"le on El#s$a.
1.t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& 9rom a ve etable arden, (!ic! is be innin to flouris! in all its furro(s, +esus enters a very lar e kitc!en (!ere t!e t(o elder Maries MMary of "lo,as and Mary -alomeN are cookin t!e su,,er. ' Peace to you2 * ' $!2 +esus2 Master2 * T!e t(o (omen turn round and reet .im, one !oldin in !er !ands a lovely fis!, (!ic! s!e is uttin , t!e ot!er still !oldin a ,ot full of ve etables, (!ic! are boilin , and (!ic! s!e !as 7ust removed from t!e fire to see (!et!er t!ey (ere cooked. T!eir kind (it!ered faces, flus!ed by t!e fire and (ork, smile out of 7oy and seem to become youn er and lovelier in t!eir !a,,iness. ' It (ill be ready in a moment, +esus. Are 0ou tired) 0ou must be !un ry * says aunt Mary, (!o !as t!e 1,4

familiarity of a relative and loves +esus, I t!ink, more t!an !er o(n c!ildren. ' Not more t!an usual. 3ut I (ill certainly eat (it! relis! t!e ood food t!at you and Mary !ave ,re,ared for Me. And t!e ot!ers (ill do t!e same. .ere t!ey are comin . * ' 0our Mot!er is u,stairs. 0ou kno(2 -imon came... $!2 I am as !a,,y as a lark t!is evenin 2 No. Not really because... 0ou kno( (!en I (ould be as !a,,y as a kin . * ' 0es, I kno(. * +esus dra(s .is aunt close to .imself and kisses !er fore!ead and t!en says4 ' I kno( your desire and your sinless envy of -alome. 3ut t!e day (ill come (!en you (ill be able to say like !er4 5All my sons belon to +esus.6 I am oin to My Mot!er. * 8 .e oes out, climbs t!e little outside staircase and oes on to t!e terrace, (!ic! covers a full !alf of t!e !ouse, (!ereas t!e ot!er !alf is taken u, by a very lar e room, from (!ic! come out t!e stron voices of men, and at intervals, Mary:s entle voice, t!e lim,id vir inal voice of a irl, (!ic! years !ave not affected, t!e same voice t!at said4 ' I am t!e !andmaid of t!e Lord * and (!ic! san lullabies to .er 3aby. +esus oes near noiselessly, smilin because .e !ears .is Mot!er say4 ' My !ome is My -on. I do not suffer bein a(ay from Nazaret!, e<ce,t (!en .e is a(ay. 3ut if .e is near Me... o!2 I need not!in else. And I am not afraid for My !ouse... 0ou are t!ere...* ' $!2 Look, t!ere is +esus2 * s!outs Al,!aeus of -ara!, (!o facin t!e door, is t!e first to see +esus. 1,3

' 0es, !ere I am. Peace to you all. Mot!er2 * .e kisses .is Mot!er on .er fore!ead and is kissed by .er. .e t!en turns to t!e une<,ected uests, (!o are .is cousin -imon, Al,!aeus of -ara!, Isaac t!e s!e,!erd and one +ose,! (!o (as received by +esus at #mmaus after t!e verdict of t!e -an!edrin. ' 1e (ent to Nazaret! and Al,!aeus told us t!at (e !ad to come !ere. 1e came. And Al,!aeus (anted to come (it! us, and also -imon * e<,lains Isaac. ' I could not believe I (as comin * says Al,!aeus. ' I also (anted to see 0ou, stay a little time (it! 0ou and (it! Mary * concludes -imon. ' And I am very !a,,y to be (it! you. I did t!e ri !t t!in in not stayin any lon er as t!e ,eo,le of Bedes! desired, (!ere I arrived comin from /!er !esa to Merom and oin round t!e ot!er side of t!e lake. * ' Is t!at (!ere 0ou came from) * ' 0es, I visited t!e ,laces (!ere I !ad already been and even fart!er a(ay. I (ent as far as /iscala. * ' 1!at a lon road2 * ' 3ut (!at a reat !arvest2 Do you kno(, Isaac. 1e (ere t!e uests of rabbi /amaliel. .e (as very kind to us. And t!en I met t!e syna o ue leader of t!e "lear 1ater. .e is comin , too. I entrust !im to you. And t!en... and t!en I ained t!ree disci,les...* +esus smiles frankly, blissfully. ' 1!o are t!ey) * ' A little old man at Borazim. I !el,ed !im some time a o, and t!e ,oor man, (!o is a true Israelite (it!out 1,+

,re7udice, to s!o( Me !is love, !as (orked !is area, as a ,erfect ,lou !man (orks t!e soil. T!e ot!er is a boy, five years old, ,er!a,s a little more. Intelli ent and brave. I s,oke also to !im t!e first time I (as at 3et!saida and !e remembered better t!an adults. T!e t!ird is an old le,er. I cured !im near Borazim one evenin a lon time a o and t!en I left !im. I !ave no( found !im a ain, announcin Me on t!e mountains in Na,!tali. And to confirm !is (ords !e s!o(s (!at is left of !is !ands, cured but ,artly im,aired, and !is feet, (!ic! !ave also been cured but are deformed, and yet !e (alks a lon (ay. Peo,le realise !o( ill !e (as (!en t!ey see (!at is left of !im and t!ey believe !is (ords (!ic! are dressed (it! tears of ratitude. It (as easy for Me to s,eak t!ere, because t!ere (as one (!o !ad already made Me kno(n and !ad led ot!er ,eo,le to believe in Me. And I (as able to (ork many miracles. -o muc! can be done by one (!o really believes...* Al,!aeus nods assent (it!out s,eakin , continuously absent;minded, (!ile -imon lo(ers !is !ead under t!e im,licit re,roac!, and Isaac re7oices (!ole!eartedly because of t!e 7oy of !is Master, 1!o is about to tell of t!e miracle (orked s!ortly before on #li:s little randc!ild. > 3ut su,,er is ready, and t!e (omen, (it! Mary, ,re,are t!e table in t!e lar e room and take t!e dis!es t!ere and t!en (it!dra( do(nstairs. $nly t!e men remain and +esus offers, blesses and !ands out t!e ,ortions. 3ut only a fe( mout!fuls of food !ad been taken, (!en -usanna oes u,stairs sayin 4 ' #li !as come (it! 1,7

servants and many ifts. 3ut !e (ould like to s,eak to 0ou. * ' I (ill come at once, or better still, tell !im to come u,. * -usanna oes out and comes back s!ortly after(ards (it! old #li and t(o servants (!o are carryin a lar e basket. 3e!ind t!em t!e (omen, (it! t!e e<ce,tion of t!e Most .oly Mary, are castin curious lances. ' /od be (it! 0ou, my benefactor * reets t!e P!arisee. ' And (it! you, #li. "ome in. 1!at do you (ant) Is your randson not (ell a ain) * ' $!2 .e is very (ell. .e is 7um,in in t!e kitc!en arden like a little kid. 3efore I (as so dumbfounded and be(ildered t!at I failed to fulfill my duty. I (is! to s!o( 0ou my ratitude and I be 0ou not to refuse t!e little I am offerin 0ou. A little food for 0ou and 0our friends. It is t!e ,roduce of my fields. And... I (ould like... I (ould like to !ave 0ou at my table tomorro(. To t!ank 0ou once a ain and !onour 0ou, (it! my friends. Do not refuse, Master. I (ould understand t!at 0ou do not love me and t!at if 0ou cured #lis!a, it (as only for !is sake, not mine. * ' T!ank you. 3ut no ifts (ere needed. * ' #very reat and learned man acce,ts t!em. It:s t!e custom. * ' And I do. 3ut I acce,t very (illin ly one ift only, nay, I look for it. * ' 1!ic! is) If I can, I (ill ive it to 0ou. * ' 0our !earts. 0our t!ou !ts. /ive Me t!em. 9or your 1,9

o(n ood. * ' 3ut I consecrate mine to 0ou, blessed +esus2 "an 0ou doubt it) 0es, I... I did 0ou (ron . 3ut no( I !ave understood. I !ave also !eard of t!e deat! of Doras, (!o offended 0ou... 1!y are 0ou smilin , Master) * ' I (as rememberin somet!in . * ' I t!ou !t 0ou did not believe (!at I (as sayin . * ' $!2 no. I kno( t!at you (ere moved by Doras: deat!. #ven more t!an by t!is evenin :s miracle. 3ut do not be afraid of /od, if you !ave really understood, and if from no( on you (is! to be My friend. * ' I can see t!at 0ou really are a ,ro,!et. It is true, I (as more afraid... I (as comin to 0ou more out of fear of ,unis!ment like Doras:, t!an because of t!e accident. And t!is evenin I said4 5T!ere you are. T!e ,unis!ment !as come. And it is even more severe because it did not strike t!e old oak in its o(n life, but in its love, in its 7oy for life, by strikin t!e little oak, in (!ic! I re7oiced.6 I understood t!at it (ould !ave been 7ust as it (as for Doras...* ' 0ou understood t!at it (ould !ave been 7ust. 3ut you did not believe yet in .im 1!o is ood. * ' 0ou are ri !t. 3ut it is no lon er so. No( I !ave understood. -o, are 0ou comin to my !ouse tomorro() * ' #li, I !ad decided to leave at da(n. 3ut I (ill ,ost,one My de,arture by one day, t!at you may not t!ink t!at I des,ise you. I (ill be (it! you tomorro(. * ' $!2 0ou really are ood. I (ill al(ays remember it. * 1,2

' /oodbye, #li. T!ank you for everyt!in . T!is fruit is beautiful, and t!e c!eese must be as tasty as butter, and t!e (ine certainly very ood. 3ut you could !ave iven everyt!in to t!e ,oor in My name. * ' T!ere is somet!in for t!em, if 0ou (is! so, at t!e bottom, under t!e rest. It (as an offerin for 0ou. * ' 1ell, (e (ill distribute it tomorro( to et!er, before or after t!e meal, as you ,refer. May t!e ni !t be a ,eaceful one for you, #li. * ' And for 0ou. /oodbye * and !e oes a(ay (it! !is servants. A Peter, (!o (it! all t!e mimicry of (!ic! !e is ca,able, !as ,ulled out t!e contents of t!e basket, to !and it back to t!e servants, ,uts t!e ,urse on t!e table in front of +esus and says, as if !e (ere concludin an internal s,eec!4 ' And it (ill be t!e first time t!at t!e old o(l ives alms. * ' It is true * confirms Matt!e(. ' I (as reedy, but !e sur,assed me. .e doubled !is ca,ital by usury. * ' 1ell... if !e mends !is (ays... It:s a ood t!in , is it not) * says Isaac. ' It certainly is a ood t!in . And it a,,ears to be so * state P!ili, and 3art!olome(. ' $ld #li a convert2 A!2 A!2 * Peter lau !s !eartily. C -imon, t!e cousin, (!o !as been ,ensive all t!e time, says4 ' +esus, I (ould like... I (ould like to follo( 0ou. Not like t!ese. 3ut at least as t!e (omen do. Let me 7oin my mot!er and 0ours. T!ey are all comin ... I, I, a 14/

relative... I do not e<,ect to !ave a ,lace amon st t!e disci,les. 3ut at least... at least as a ood friend...* ' May /od bless you, my son2 .o( lon !ave I been (aitin to !ear you say t!at2 * s!outs Mary of Al,!aeus. ' "ome. I re7ect no one, neit!er do I force anyone. I do not even e<act everyt!in from everybody. I take (!at you can ive Me. It is a ood t!in t!at t!e (omen are not al(ays alone, (!en (e o to ,laces unkno(n to t!em. T!ank you, brot!er. * ' I am oin to tell Mary * says -imon:s mot!er and s!e adds4 ' -!e is do(n in .er little room, ,rayin . -!e (ill be !a,,y. * H ...It is ra,idly ro(in dark. T!ey li !t a lam, to o do(n t!e staircase (!ic! is already dark in t(ili !t, and some o to t!e ri !t, some to t!e left, to rest. +esus oes out, and (alks to t!e s!ore of t!e lake. T!e villa e is =uiet, t!e streets are deserted, t!ere is no one on t!e s!ore or on t!e lake in t!e moonless ni !t. T!ere are only stars to be seen in t!e sky and t!e murmur of t!e surf to be !eard on t!e s!in ly s!ore. +esus oes on board t!e beac!ed boat, sits do(n, lays one arm on t!e ed e and rests .is !ead on it. I do not kno( (!et!er .e is t!inkin or ,rayin . Matt!e( a,,roac!es .im very =uietly4 ' Master, are 0ou slee,in ) * !e asks in a lo( voice. ' No, I am t!inkin . "ome !ere beside Me, since you are not slee,in . * ' I t!ou !t 0ou (ere u,set and I follo(ed 0ou. Are 0ou not satisfied (it! 0our day:s (ork) 0ou touc!ed #li:s 141

!eart, 0ou ac=uired -imon of Al,!aeus as a disci,le...* ' Matt!e(, you are not a sim,le man like Peter and +o!n. 0ou are astute and learned. 3e also frank. 1ould you be !a,,y because of t!ose con=uests) * ' 3ut... Master... T!ey are al(ays better t!an I am and 0ou told me, on t!at day, t!at 0ou (ere very !a,,y because of my conversion...* ' 0es. 3ut you (ere really converted. And you (ere enuine in your evolution to(ards /ood. 0ou came to Me (it!out any elaboration of t!ou !t, you came t!rou ! t!e (ill of your s,irit. 3ut #li is not like t!at... neit!er is -imon. $nly t!e surface of t!e former !as been touc!ed4 t!e man;#li is s!ocked. Not t!e s,irit;#li. T!at is al(ays t!e same. 1!en t!e e<citement caused by t!e miracles on Doras and !is little randc!ild is over, !e (ill be t!e same #li as yesterday and as al(ays. -imon2... !e, too, is not!in but a man. If !e !ad seen Me insulted instead of !onoured, !e (ould !ave ,itied Me, and as al(ays, !e (ould !ave left Me. T!is evenin !e !eard t!at a little old man, a c!ild, a le,er can do (!at !e, alt!ou ! a relative, cannot doD !e sa( t!e ,ride of a P!arisee bend before Me and !e decided4 5Also I.6 3ut t!ose conversions brou !t about by t!e s,ur of !uman evaluations, are not t!e ones t!at make Me !a,,y. $n t!e contrary, t!ey dis!earten Me. -tay (it! Me, Matt!e(. It is not a moonli !t ni !t, but at least t!e stars are t(inklin . In My !eart t!is evenin t!ere is not!in but tears. Let your com,any be t!e star of your distressed Master...* ' Master, if I can... 0ou can ima ine2 T!e trouble is t!at I am al(ays a ,oor miserable man, a ood for;not!in . I !ave sinned too muc! to be able to ,lease 0ou. I am not 142

ood at s,eakin . I do not yet kno( !o( to say t!e ne(, ,ure, !oly (ords, no( t!at I !ave left my old lan ua e of fraud and lust. And I am afraid I (ill never be able to s,eak to 0ou and about 0ou. * ' No, Matt!e(. 0ou are a man, (it! all t!e ,ainful e<,erience of a man. 0ou are t!e one, (!o, !avin tasted mud and tastin no( t!e celestial !oney, can tell t!e t(o flavours, and ive t!eir true analysis, and understand and make your fello( creatures understand no( and later. And t!ey (ill believe you, because you are t!e man, t!e ,oor man, (!o by !is o(n (ill, becomes t!e 7ust man dreamt of by /od. Let Me, t!e Man;/od, lean on you, t!e mankind I !ave loved to t!e e<tent of leavin .eaven for you, and dyin for you. * ' No, not to die. Don:t tell me t!at 0ou are dyin for me2 * ' Not for you, Matt!e(, but for all t!e Matt!e(s of t!e (orld and centuries. #mbrace Me, Matt!e(, kiss your "!rist, for yourself and for everybody. Relieve My tiredness of an una,,reciated Redeemer. I relieved you of your tiredness of a sinner. 1i,e a(ay My tears, because My bitterness, Matt!e(, is t!at I !ave been so little understood. * ' $!2 Lord, Lord2 0es. $f course2...* and Matt!e(, sittin near t!e Master and clas,in .im (it! one arm, comforts .im (it! !is love...


14.. D#nne #n t$e <o!se of El#/ t$e P$a #see of Ca%e na!*.
14t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& #li:s !ouse is very busy today. -ervants and maidservants o and come and amon st t!em t!ere is little #lis!a, a lively little c!ild. T!en t!ere are t(o stately ,ersona es and t(o more. I kno( t!e former t(o, as t!ey are t!e ones (!o (ent (it! #li to Matt!e(:s !ouse. I do not kno( t!e latter t(o, but I !ear t!em bein called -amuel and +oac!im. +esus comes last (it! t!e Iscariot. After solemn reci,rocal salutations, t!ere is t!e =uestion4 ' $nly (it! t!is one) And t!e ot!ers) * ' T!e ot!ers are around t!e country. T!ey (ill come in t!e evenin . * ' $!2 I am sorry. I t!ou !t it (as... True, last ni !t I invited only 0ou, meanin all t!e rest (it! 0ou. No( I (as afraid t!ey mi !t be offended, or... t!ey mi !t disdain to come to my !ouse, o(in to ,ast li !t disa reements... e!2 e!2 * T!e old man lau !s... ' $!2 no2 My disci,les do not nouris! ,roud touc!iness or incurable rud e. * ' $f course2 of course2 %ery (ell. Let us o in t!en. * T!e usual ,urification ceremony and t!en t!ey o into t!e dinin room, (!ic! o,ens on to a lar e yard, (!ere t!e first roses brin a !a,,y note. 144

+esus caresses little #lis!a, (!o is ,layin in t!e yard and (!o !as only four little red marks on !is !and from t!e ,ast trouble. .e does not even remember !is ,ast fear, but !e remembers +esus and !e (ants to kiss .im and be kissed by .im, (it! t!e s,ontaneity of c!ildren. 1it! !is little arms round +esus: neck, !e s,eaks to .im t!rou ! .is !air, confidin t!at (!en !e is bi !e (ill o to .im and asks4 ' Do 0ou (ant me) * ' I (ant everybody. 3e ood and you (ill come (it! Me. * T!e little boy oes a(ay boundin about. T!ey sit at t!e table and #li (is!es to be so ,erfect t!at !e ,uts +esus beside !im and on t!e ot!er side +udas, (!o is t!us bet(een #li and -imon, as +esus is bet(een #li and ?ria!. 8 T!e meal be ins. T!eir conversation at first is inconse=uential. It t!en becomes interestin . And since (ounds are sore and c!ains are !eavy, t!e talk turns to t!e eternal to,ic of t!e enslavement of Palestine by Rome. I do not kno( (!et!er it (as done deliberately or (it!out any evil ,ur,ose. I kno( t!at t!e five P!arisees com,lain of t!e ne( Roman abuses, as of a sacrile e, and t!ey (ant to et +esus interested in t!e discussion. ' 0ou kno(2 T!ey (ant to ,ry into our income, do(n to t!e last coin. And as t!ey !ave realised t!at (e meet in t!e syna o ue to s,eak about t!at and about t!em, no( t!ey are t!reatenin to come in, (it!out any res,ect. I am afraid t!ey (ill enter also t!e !ouses of ,riests, one of t!ese days2 * s!outs +oac!im. ' 1!at do 0ou say about t!at) Do 0ou not feel dis usted) * asks #li. 143

+esus re,lies to t!e direct =uestion4 ' As an Israelite yes, as a man no. * ' 1!y t!at distinction) I do not understand. Are 0ou t(o in one) * ' No. 3ut t!ere is in Me fles! and blood4 t!at is, t!e animal. And t!ere is t!e s,irit. T!e s,irit of an Israelite, com,liant (it! t!e La(, suffers because of suc! violations. T!e fles! and blood do not suffer, because I lack t!e oad t!at !urts you. * ' 1!ic! one) * ' Interest. 0ou said t!at you meet in t!e syna o ues to s,eak also of business (it!out fear of intrusive ears. And you are afraid you (ill no lon er be able to do so and conse=uently you are afraid you may not be able to conceal even a small coin from t!e ta<;collectors and t!at you may be ta<ed e<actly accordin to your assets. I ,ossess not!in . I live on t!e c!arity of My nei !bours and on My love for t!em. I !ave neit!er old, nor fields, nor vineyards, nor !ouses, e<ce,t My Mot!er:s !ouse in Nazaret!, (!ic! is so small and ,oor as to be i nored by t!e ta<;assessors. "onse=uently I am not afraid t!at t!ey may find out t!at My statement of income is untrue and t!at I may be fined and ,unis!ed. All I ,ossess is t!e 1ord t!at /od ave Me and t!at I ive. 3ut it is suc! a sublime t!in t!at man !as no means (!atsoever to affect it. * ' 3ut if 0ou (ere in our ,osition (!at (ould 0ou do) * ' 1ell, do not take it amiss if I tell you =uite frankly My o,inion, (!ic! is in contrast to yours. I solemnly tell you t!at I (ould be!ave differently. * 14+

' .o() * ' Not offendin a ainst t!e !oly trut!. It is al(ays a sublime virtue, even (!en it is a,,lied to suc! !uman t!in s as ta<es. * ' 3ut... t!en... 2 .o( t!ey (ould fleece us2 3ut 0ou are not considerin t!at (e o(n a lot and (e (ould !ave to ,ay a lot2 * ' 0ou !ave said it. /od !as ranted you a lot. In ,ro,ortion you must ive a lot. 1!y be!ave so badly, as unfortunately many do, so t!at ,oor ,eo,le are ta<ed out of ,ro,ortion) 1e are a(are of t!e situation. .o( many ta<es t!ere are in Israel, our ta<es, (!ic! are un7ust2 T!e reat, (!o already !ave so muc!, benefit by t!em. 1!ereas t!ey are t!e des,air of ,oor ,eo,le (!o !ave to ,ay t!em and !ave to starve to find t!e money. Love for our nei !bour does not recommend t!at. 1e Israelites s!ould be so t!ou !tful as to take u,on us t!e burden of t!e ,oor. * ' 0ou are sayin t!at because 0ou are ,oor, too. * ' No, ?ria!. I am sayin t!at because it is 7ustice. 1!y !as Rome been able to o,,ress us t!us) 3ecause (e sinned and (e are divided by !atred. T!e ric! !ate t!e ,oor, t!e ,oor !ate t!e ric!. 3ecause t!ere is no 7ustice and t!e enemy takes advanta e of t!e situation and !as subdued us. * ' 0ou !ave mentioned various reasons... Are t!ere any more) * ' I (ould not like to o a ainst t!e trut! by t(istin t!e nature of a ,lace consecrated to reli ion and makin it a 147

sure s!elter for !uman t!in s. * ' Are 0ou re,roac!in us) * ' No. I am re,lyin to you. Listen to your o(n consciences. 0ou are masters and t!erefore... * > ' I (ould say t!at it is time to rise, to rebel, to ,unis! t!e invader and restore our kin dom. * ' True, true2 0ou are ri !t, -imon. 3ut t!e Messia! is !ere. .e must do it * re,lies #li. ' 3ut t!e Messia!, for t!e time bein , for ive me, +esus, is only /oodness. .e advises everyt!in , e<ce,t to rebel. 1e (ill... * ' Listen, -imon. Remember t!e book of Bin s. -aul (as at /il al, t!e P!ilistines (ere at Mic!mas!, t!e ,eo,le (ere afraid and dis,ersed, t!e ,ro,!et -amuel (as not comin . -aul decided to ,recede t!e servant of /od and offer t!e sacrifice !imself. Remember t!e ans(er t!at -amuel, on !is arrival, ave to t!e im,rudent -aul4 50ou !ave acted like a fool and you !ave not carried out t!e order t!at t!e Lord !ad commanded you. If you !ad not done t!at, no( t!e Lord (ould !ave confirmed your soverei nty over Israel forever. 3ut no( your soverei nty (ill not last.6 An untimely and ,roud action served neit!er t!e kin nor t!e ,eo,le. /od kno(s t!e !our. Man does not. /od kno(s t!e means, man does not. Leave t!in s to /od and deserve .is !el, by means of !oly be!aviour. My Bin dom is not a kin dom of rebellion and ferocity. 3ut it (ill be establis!ed. It is not a ,reserve for a fe( ,eo,le. It (ill be universal. 3lessed are t!ose (!o (ill come to it, (!o are not led into error by My ,oor a,,earance, accordin to t!e s,irit of t!e 149

(orld, and (!o (ill see t!e -aviour in Me. 3e not afraid. I s!all be Bin . T!e Bin (!o came from Israel. T!e Bin (!o (ill e<tend .is Bin dom all over Mankind. 3ut you, masters of Israel, must not misunderstand My (ords and t!ose of t!e Pro,!ets (!o announce Me. No !uman kin dom, no matter !o( ,o(erful it may be, is universal and eternal. T!e Pro,!ets say t!at Mine (ill be suc!. T!at s!ould enli !ten you on t!e trut! and s,irituality of My Bin dom. I leave you. A 3ut I !ave a re=uest to make to #li. T!is is your ,urse. In a s!elter of -imon of +onas t!ere are some ,oor ,eo,le (!o !ave come from every(!ere. "ome (it! Me to ive t!em t!e alms of love. Peace be (it! you all. * ' -tay a little lon er * be t!e P!arisees. ' I cannot. T!ere are ,eo,le, (!ose bodies and !earts are diseased, and t!ey are (aitin to be comforted. Tomorro( I (ill be oin a(ay. I (ant everyone to see Me leave (it!out bein disa,,ointed. * ' Master, I... am old and tired. Please o in my name. 0ou !ave +udas of -imon (it! 0ou, and (e kno( !im (ell. Do it 0ourself. /od be (it! 0ou. * +esus oes out (it! +udas (!o, as soon as t!ey are in t!e s=uare, says4 ' T!e old vi,er2 1!at did !e mean) * ' 9or et about it2 $r better still4 7ust t!ink t!at !e (anted to ,raise you. * ' Im,ossible, Master2 T!ose mout!s never ,raise (!o does ood. I mean, never sincerely. And (it! re ard to !is comin 2... It is because !e loat!es t!e ,oor and is afraid of t!eir curses. .e !as tortured t!e ,oor ,eo,le !ere so often. I can s(ear it (it!out any fear. And 142

t!erefore...* ' 3e ood, +udas. 3e ood. Let /od 7ud e. *

144. To&a )s t$e Ret eat on t$e 6o!nta#n befo e t$e Ele"t#on of t$e A%ostles.
1,t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& T!e boats of Peter and +o!n are sailin on t!e ,lacid lake, follo(ed by, I t!ink, all t!e boats t!at e<ist on t!e s!ores of Tiberias, because t!ey are so numerous, lar e and small, comin and oin , endeavourin to reac! and overtake t!e boat in (!ic! +esus is and t!en formin a lon line be!ind it. Prayers, entreaties, re=uests and outcries can be !eard over t!e blue (aves. +esus ,romises, re,lies and blesses. In .is boat t!ere is also Mary and t!e mot!er of +ames and +udas, (!ereas in t!e ot!er boat t!ere is Mary -alome (it! !er son +o!n and -usanna. ' 0es, I (ill come back. I ,romise you. 3e ood. Remember My (ords, so t!at you may connect t!em (it! t!e ones I (ill tell you later. I (ill not be a(ay lon . Do not be selfis!. I !ave come also for ot!er ,eo,le. 3e ood2 0ou (ill !urt yourselves. 0es, I (ill ,ray for you. 0ou (ill al(ays !ave Me (it! you. T!e Lord be (it! you. $f course, I (ill remember your tears and you (ill be comforted. 0ou must !o,e and !ave fait!. * And t!us, blessin and ,romisin (!ile t!e boat is movin , t!ey reac! t!e s!ore. It is not Tiberias, but a tiny 13/

little villa e, a !andful of ,oor, almost forlorn !ouses. +esus and t!e disci,les disembark and t!e boats !andled by t!e servants and Febedee o back. Also t!e ot!er boats imitate t!em, but many of t!e ,eo,le in t!em disembark and (ant to follo( +esus at all costs. Amon t!em I can see Isaac (it! !is t(o ,rote es4 +ose,! and Timoneus. I do not reco nise anybody else amon st t!e many ,eo,le of all a es, from youn sters to old ,eo,le. 8 +esus leaves t!e villa e, t!e fe( ,oorly dressed in!abitants of (!ic! remain =uite indifferent. +esus !as iven alms to t!em and t!en reac!es t!e main road. .e sto,s. ' And no(, let us ,art * .e says. ' Mot!er, 0ou (it! Mary and -alome (ill o to Nazaret!. -usanna can o to "ana. I (ill soon come back. 0ou kno( (!at is to be done. /od be (it! you2 * 3ut for .is Mot!er .e !as a s,ecial reetin , a salutation all smiles and also (!en Mary kneels do(n, settin an e<am,le to t!e ot!ers, in order to be blessed, +esus smiles most kindly. T!e (omen, (it! Al,!aeus of -ara! and -imon, o to(ards t!eir to(n. +esus addresses t!ose (!o !ave stayed4 ' I leave you, but I am not sendin you a(ay. I leave you for a s!ort time, as I am retirin (it! My disci,les to t!ose mountain or es, (!ic! you can see over t!ere. 1!o (is!es to (ait for Me, s!ould do so !ere on t!is ,lain. T!ose (!o do not (is! to (ait, can o !ome. I am retirin to ,ray because I am on t!e eve of reat events. T!ose (!o love t!e cause of t!e 9at!er s!ould ,ray, 7oinin Me in s,irit. Peace be (it! you, My c!ildren. Isaac, you kno( (!at you !ave to do. I bless you, My little s!e,!erd. * +esus smiles at emaciated Isaac, (!o is no( t!e s!e,!erd of men 131

at!erin round !im. > +esus is no( (alkin a(ay from t!e lake, turnin .is ste,s decidedly to(ards a or e bet(een t!e !ills, (!ic! stretc! in ,arallel lines, I (ould say, from t!e lake (est(ard. A little but very noisy foamy stream runs do(n bet(een one rocky ru ed !ill and t!e ne<t one, (!ic! is so stee, t!at it resembles a f7ord. Above t!e stream t!ere is t!e (ild mountain (it! u ly lookin ,lants, (!ic! !ave ro(n in all directions, (!erever t!ey could, in t!e crevices bet(een stones. A very narro( stee, ,at! climbs u, t!e more ru ed !ill. And +esus takes it. T!e disci,les follo( .im (it! difficulty, in sin le file, in dead silence. $nly (!en +esus sto,s to let t!em recover t!eir breat!, (!ere t!e ,at!, (!ic! looks like a scratc! on t!e im,ervious mountain side, (idens out, t!ey look at one anot!er (it!out utterin a (ord. T!eir lances say4 ' 3ut (!ere is .e takin us) *, but t!ey do not s,eak. T!ey only look at one anot!er more and more desolately as t!ey see +esus resume (alkin u, t!e (ild or e, (it! its many caves, crevices and rocks, (!ere it is very difficult to (alk, also because of t!e bramble and t!orny bus!es, (!ic! catc! t!eir clot!es on all sides, and scratc! t!em and cause t!em to stumble and !urt t!eir faces. Also t!e youn er ones, laden (it! !eavy sacks, !ave lost t!eir ood !umour. A At last +esus sto,s and says4 ' 1e s!all sto, !ere for a (eek in ,rayer, to ,re,are you for a reat event. T!at is (!y I (anted to be isolated in t!is desert ,lace, a(ay from all roads and villa es. T!e rottoes !ere !ave already been useful to men in t!e ,ast. T!ey (ill be 132

useful also to you. T!e (ater !ere is cool and ,lentiful, (!ereas t!e eart! is dry. 1e !ave enou ! bread and food for t!e time (e s!all be stayin . T!ose (!o last year (ere (it! Me in t!e desert, kno( !o( I lived t!ere. T!is is a royal ,alace com,ared (it! t!at ,lace, and t!e season, (!ic! is no( mild, is not affected by t!e icy bitterness of frost or t!e burnin !eat of t!e sun. 0ou may, t!erefore, stay !ere c!eerfully. Per!a,s (e s!all never a ain be all to et!er like t!is and all alone. T!is retreat must unite you, makin not t(elve men of you, but one only institution. Are you not sayin anyt!in ) Are you not askin any =uestions) Lay on t!at rock t!e loads t!at you are carryin and t!ro( do(n t!e valley t!e ot!er load t!at you !ave in your !earts4 your !umanity. I !ave brou !t you !ere to s,eak to your s,irits, to nouris! your s,irits, to make you s,iritual. I s!all not s,eak many (ords. I !ave told you so many in a,,ro<imately one year t!at I !ave been (it! you2 #nou ! of t!at. If I s!ould !ave to c!an e you by means of (ords, I (ould !ave to kee, you ten years... one !undred years, and you (ould still be im,erfect. It is no( time t!at I make use of you. And to make use of you, I must form you. I (ill !ave recourse to t!e reat medicine, to t!e reat (ea,on4 to ,rayer. I !ave al(ays ,rayed for you. 3ut no( I (ant you to ,ray by yourselves. I (ill not yet teac! you My ,rayer. 3ut I (ill tell you !o( to ,ray and (!at ,rayer is. It is t!e conversation of sons (it! t!e 9at!er, of s,irits (it! t!e -,irit, an o,en, (arm, trustful, =uiet and frank conversation. Prayer is everyt!in 4 it is confession, kno(led e of ourselves, re,entance, a ,romise to ourselves and to /od, a re=uest to /od, all done at t!e 13,

feet of t!e 9at!er. And it cannot be done in a turmoil, amon distractions, unless one is a iant in ,rayer. And even iants suffer from t!e clas! (it! t!e noise of t!e (orld in t!eir time of ,rayer. 0ou are not iants, but ,y mies. 0ou are but infants in your s,irits. 0ou are deficient in your s,irits. 0ou (ill reac! !ere t!e a e of s,iritual reason. T!e rest (ill come later. In t!e mornin , at midday and in t!e evenin , (e s!all at!er to et!er to ,ray (it! t!e old (ords of Israel and to break our bread, t!en eac! of you (ill o back to !is rotto, in front of /od and of !is soul, in front of (!at I told you in re ard to your mission and to your ca,abilities. 1ei ! yourselves, listen to yourselves, make u, your minds. I am tellin you for t!e last time. And after you (ill !ave to be ,erfect, as muc! as you can, (it!out tiredness and (it!out your !umanity. T!en you (ill no lon er be -imon of +ona! and +udas of -imon. No lon er Andre( or +o!n, Matt!e( or T!omas. 3ut you (ill be My ministers. /o. #ac! by !imself. I s!all be in t!at cave. I s!all al(ays be ,resent. 3ut do not come (it!out a ood reason. 0ou must learn to do t!in s by yourselves and be all by yourselves. 3ecause I solemnly tell you t!at a year a o (e (ere about to become ac=uainted (it! one anot!er, and in t(o years: time (e s!all be ,artin . 1oe betide you and Me if you !ave not learned to act by yourselves. /od be (it! you. +udas, +o!n, take t!e foodstuffs into My cave, t!at one. T!ey must last and I (ill !and t!em out. * 134

' T!ey are not enou !2... * ob7ects someone. ' T!ey are sufficient not to die. A too full stomac! makes t!e s,irit dull. I (ant to elevate you and not make you dead (ei !ts. *

14,. T$e Ele"t#on of t$e T&el2e A%ostles.

14t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& It is da(nin and t!e soft li !t (!itens t!e mountains and seems to soften t!e (ild mountain side. $nly t!e ur lin sound of t!e foamy stream at t!e bottom of t!e valley can be !eard, a sound (!ic! becomes a stran e noise, (!en ec!oed by t!e mountain and its many caves. 1!ere t!e disci,les !ave rested, t!ere is some entle rustlin amon t!e leaves and t!e !erbs4 t!e first birds to a(ake, or t!e last ni !t;birds returnin to t!eir !idin ,laces. A rou, of !ares or (ild rabbits, na(in at a lo( bus! of blackberries, run a(ay fri !tened by a fallin stone. T!en t!ey o back cautiously, movin t!eir ears in all directions to ,ick u, every sound and (!en t!ey see t!at everyt!in is ,eaceful, t!ey return to t!e bus!. All t!e leaves and stones are (et (it! de( and in t!e (ood t!ere is a stron smell of moss, mint and mar7oram. A redbreast flies do(n to t!e ed e of a cave, t!e roof of (!ic! is formed by a !u e ,rotrudin stone and standin u, strai !t on its very t!in le s, ready to fly a(ay, it moves its little !ead round, looks into t!e cave and at t!e round, c!ir,in in=uisitively and... luttonously, 133

because of some bread crumbs on t!e round. 3ut it does not make u, its mind to fly do(n until it sees t!at it !as been ,receded by a bi blackbird, (!ic! ,roceeds !o,,in side(ays and is e<tremely comical in its urc!in;like attitude (it! its ,rofile of an old notary, (!o (ants only a ,air of s,ectacles, to be t!e com,lete di nitary. T!e robin t!en flies do(n, !o,,in be!ind its darin fello( creature, (!ic! no( and a ain t!rusts its yello( beak into t!e moist round, in arc!aeolo ical researc!... for food and t!en ,roceeds furt!er, after (!istlin , 7ust like a real little rascal. T!e redbreast stuffs itself (it! t!e little bread crumbs and is amazed (!en it sees t!e blackbird, (!ic! !ad confidently one into t!e silent cave, come out of it (it! a c!eese;rind, (!ic! it knocks re,eatedly a ainst a stone to break it u, and make a sum,tuous meal of it. It oes back in a ain, !as a look round, and not findin anyt!in else, it (!istles scoffin ly and flies a(ay to com,lete its son on t!e to, of an oak;tree, in t!e blue mornin sky. Also t!e robin flies a(ay, because of a noise from t!e interior of t!e cave... and it ,erc!es on a t!in bou ! t!at dan les loosely. +esus oes to t!e entrance of .is cave and crumbles some bread, callin t!e little birds very ently, by means of a modulated (!istle, (!ic! is a very ood imitation of t!e t(itterin of many birds. .e t!en moves a(ay, climbin !i !er u, and restin a ainst a rock in order not to fri !ten .is little friends, (!ic! soon fly do(n4 t!e robin bein t!e first and t!en many more of various kinds. +esus: stillness and also .is look are suc! t!at after a s!ort time many birds are !o,,in only a fe( inc!es from .im. I like to believe, also because of my o(n e<,erience, t!at also t!e most distrustful animals o near ,eo,le 13+

(!en t!eir instinct tells t!em t!at t!ey are not enemies but friends. T!e redbreast, (!ic! is no( satisfied, flies to t!e to, of t!e rock a ainst (!ic! +esus is leanin , it rests on a very t!in branc! of clematis, s(in s above +esus: !ead and seems to be an<ious to descend u,on .is fair !air or .is s!oulder. T!e meal is no( over. T!e risin sun ilds t!e mountain to,s and t!en t!e !i !est branc!es of t!e trees, (!ereas do(n belo(, t!e valley is still in t!e dim da(n li !t. T!e little birds, satisfied and full, fly to(ards t!e sun and sin at t!e to, of t!eir voices. 8 ' And no( let us o and (ake u, t!ese ot!er c!ildren of Mine * says +esus, and .e (alks do(n, as .is cave is t!e !i !est one, and .e enters t!e various caves callin t!e slee,in a,ostles by t!eir names. -imon, 3art!olome(, P!ili,, +ames and Andre( re,ly at once. Matt!e(, Peter and T!omas take a little lon er to re,ly. And (!ile +udas T!addeus oes to meet +esus as soon as !e sees .im a,,ear at t!e entrance of !is rotto, as !e is already ready and (ide a(ake, t!e ot!er cousin, t!e Iscariot and +o!n are fast aslee,, so muc! so t!at +esus !as to s!ake t!em on t!eir beds, made (it! tree branc!es and leaves, in order to (ake t!em u,. +o!n, t!e last one to be called, is so sound aslee,, t!at !e does not realise 1!o is callin !im, and in t!e !aze of !is interru,ted slee,, !e (!is,ers4 ' 0es, mot!er, I am comin at once... * 3ut !e turns round on !is ot!er side. +esus smiles, sits on t!e rustic mattress made of folia e ,icked in t!e (ood, .e bends and kisses t!e c!eek of +o!n, (!o o,ens !is eyes and is dumbfounded at seein +esus. .e sits u, and says4 ' Do you need me) .ere I am. 137

* ' No. I (oke you u, as I did t!e ot!ers. 3ut you t!ou !t it (as your mot!er. -o I kissed you, as mot!ers do. * +o!n, !alf naked in !is undertunic, because !e used !is tunic and mantle as bed covers, clas,s +esus: neck and lays !is !ead bet(een +esus: s!oulder and c!eek sayin 4 ' $!2 0ou are muc! more t!an a mot!er2 I left !er for 0ou, but I (ould not leave 0ou for !er2 -!e bore me to t!e eart!. 0ou are bearin me to .eaven. $!2 I kno(2 * > ' 1!at do you kno( more t!an t!e ot!ers) * ' 1!at t!e Lord told me in t!is cave. -ee, I never came to 0ou and I t!ink my com,anions said it (as due to indifference and ,ride. 3ut I am not concerned (it! (!at t!ey t!ink. I kno( t!at 0ou kno( t!e trut!. I (as not comin to +esus "!rist, t!e Incarnate -on of /od, but to (!at 0ou are in t!e bosom of t!e 9ire t!at is t!e eternal Love of t!e Most .oly Trinity, its Nature, its #ssence, its Real #ssence E o!2 I cannot tell, !o(ever, (!at I !ave understood in t!is dark loomy cavern t!at !as become so full of li !t for me, in t!is cold rotto (!ere I !ave been burnt by a featureless fire t!at !as descended into t!e de,t! of my bein and !as inflamed me (it! a s(eet martyrdom, in t!is silent cave, (!ic! !as, !o(ever, sun celestial trut!s to me E but to (!at 0ou are, t!e -econd Person of t!e ineffable Mystery, (!ic! is /od and (!ic! I ,enetrated because /od !as dra(n me to .imself and I !ave al(ays !ad .im (it! me. And I !ave ,oured all my desires, all my tears, all my re=uests on 0our divine bosom, 1ord of /od. Amon st t!e many (ords I !ave !eard from 0ou, t!ere never (as one so com,re!ensive as t!e one 0ou told me !ere, 0ou, /od t!e -on, 0ou, /od 139

like t!e 9at!er, 0ou, /od like t!e .oly -,irit, 0ou, centre of t!e Trinity... o!2 ,er!a,s I am blas,!emin , but t!at is (!at I t!ink, because if 0ou (ere not t!e love of t!e 9at!er and t!e love for t!e 9at!er, t!en t!e Love, t!e Divine Love (ould be missin , and t!e Divinity (ould no lon er be Trine and it (ould lack t!e most becomin attribute of /od4 .is love2 $!2 I !ave so muc! in !ere, but it is like (ater ur lin a ainst a dam and cannot flo( out... and I seem to be dyin of it, so violent and sublime is t!e turmoil in my !eart, since I !ave understood 0ou... but I (ould not like to be freed of it for t!e (!ole (orld... Let me die of t!at love, my s(eet /od2 * +o!n smiles and (ee,s, ,antin , inflamed by !is love, rela<in on +esus: c!est, as if !e (ere e<!austed by !is ardour. And +esus caresses !im, burnin (it! love .imself. +o!n com,oses !imself and (it! dee, !umility !e be s4 ' Do not tell t!e ot!ers (!at I told 0ou. I am sure t!at t!ey too !ave lived (it! /od as I did durin t!ese ,ast days. 3ut leave t!e stone of silence on my secret. * ' Do not (orry, +o!n. No one (ill be a(are of your (eddin (it! t!e Love. /et dressed, come. 1e must leave. * A +esus oes out on to t!e ,at! (!ere t!e ot!ers are already at!ered. T!eir faces look more venerable and serene. T!e old ones look like ,atriarc!s, t!e youn er ones !ave a maturity and di nity, (!ic! (ere ,reviously concealed by t!eir yout!. T!e Iscariot looks at +esus (it! a s!y smile on !is face marked by tears. +esus caresses !im ,assin by. Peter... is silent. And !is silence is so stran e t!at it is more strikin t!an any ot!er c!an e. 132

.e looks at +esus attentively, but (it! a ne( di nity t!at makes !is bald fore!ead look more s,acious and !is eyes more severe, (!ereas before t!ey (ere full of entle intelli ence only. +esus calls !im near .imself and kee,s !im t!ere (!ile (aitin for +o!n, (!o at last comes out. I could not say (!et!er !is face looks more ,ale or more flus!ed, it is certainly burnin (it! a flame t!at does not c!an e its colour, and yet is most obvious. T!ey all look at !im. ' "ome !ere, +o!n, near Me. And you, too, Andre(, and you, +ames of Febedee. T!en you, -imon, and you, 3art!olome(, P!ili,, and you, My cousins, and Matt!e(. +udas of -imon !ere, in front of Me. T!omas, come !ere. -it do(n. I must s,eak to you. * T!ey all sit do(n =uietly, like ood c!ildren, all en rossed in t!eir internal (orld and yet ,ayin attention to +esus, as t!ey never did before. C ' Do you kno( (!at I !ave done to you) 0ou all kno(. 0our souls told your minds. 3ut your souls, (!ic! (ere t!e =ueens t!ese ,ast days, !ave tau !t your minds t(o reat virtues4 !umility and silence, t!e son of !umility and ,rudence, (!ic! are t!e dau !ters of c!arity. $nly ei !t days a o you (ould !ave come to ,roclaim your cleverness and your ne( kno(led e, like clever c!ildren (!o are ea er to astound ,eo,le and overcome t!eir rivals. No( you are silent. 0ou !ave ro(n from c!ildren into adolescents and you are already a(are t!at suc! a ,roclamation mi !t !umiliate a com,anion (!o (as ,er!a,s less !el,ed by /od, and t!erefore you do not s,eak. 0ou are also like ,ubescent irls. T!e !oly reserve, 1+/

concernin t!e c!an e t!at revealed t!e nu,tial mystery of souls (it! /od, (as born in you. T!ese caves seemed cold, !ostile and re,ulsive on t!e first day... no( you are lookin at t!em as if t!ey (ere bri !t scented nu,tial rooms. 0ou !ave met /od in t!em. 3efore you (ere a(are of .im. 3ut you did not kno( .im in t!e intimacy t!at blends t(o into one. Amon st you t!ere are some (!o !ave been married for years, some (!o !ave !ad but a disa,,ointin relations!i, (it! (omen, some (!o are c!aste o(in to various reasons. 3ut t!e c!aste ones no( kno( (!at ,erfect love is, as t!e married ones kno(. Nay, I can say t!at nobody kno(s (!at ,erfect love is, as !e (!o is una(are of carnal lusts. 3ecause /od reveals .imself in .is fullness to t!e ,ure, bot! because .e takes deli !t in ivin .imself to t!ose (!o are ,ure, as .e, t!e Most Pure $ne, finds ,art of .imself in t!e creature free from lust, and because .e (is!es to com,ensate t!e creature for (!at it denies itself for .is love. H I solemnly tell you t!at because of t!e love I !ave for you and of t!e (isdom I ,ossess, if I did not !ave to accom,lis! t!e (ork of t!e 9at!er, I (ould kee, you !ere and be (it! you, isolated, as I am sure t!at I (ould soon make reat saints of you, and you (ould no lon er be sub7ect to confusion, defections, failures, slackenin , recurrences. 3ut I cannot. I must o. And you must o. T!e (orld is (aitin for us. T!e desecrated and desecratin (orld, (!ic! needs teac!ers and redeemers, is (aitin for us. I (anted you to kno( /od, so t!at you may love .im more t!an you love t!e (orld, (!ic! (it! all its affections is not (ort! one sin le smile of /od. I (anted to make it ,ossible for you to meditate on (!at 1+1

t!e (orld is and (!at /od is, so t!at you may yearn for (!at is better. At ,resent you are yearnin only for /od. $!2 I (is! I could secure you in your yearnin of t!e ,resent moment2 3ut t!e (orld is (aitin for us. And (e s!all o to t!e (orld, (!ic! is (aitin for us, for t!e sake of t!e !oly "!arity t!at by My order is sendin you to t!e (orld as it sent Me. 3ut I im,lore you2 Lock in your !earts, like a ,earl in a coffer, t!e treasure of t!e ,ast days in (!ic! you !ave e<amined, cured, elevated, renovated and united yourselves to /od. And kee, and ,reserve t!ese ,recious memories in your !earts, like t!e (itness stones erected by t!e Patriarc!s in remembrance of t!e alliance (it! /od. I As from today you are no lon er My favourite disci,les, but t!e a,ostles, t!e c!iefs of My "!urc!. All t!e !ierarc!ies of t!e "!urc!, t!rou !out centuries, s!all descend from you, and (ill call you masters, !avin as t!eir Master your /od in .is treble ,o(er, (isdom and c!arity. I !ave not c!osen you because you are t!e most (ort!y, but for a number of reasons t!at you need not kno( no(. I !ave c!osen you in ,lace of t!e s!e,!erds (!o !ave been My disci,les since I (as born. 1!y did I do it) 3ecause it (as ri !t to do so. Amon st you t!ere are /alileans and +udaeans, learned and unlearned, ric! and ,oor ,eo,le. And t!at is because of t!e (orld, t!at it may not say t!at I !ave c!osen one cate ory only. 3ut you (ill not be sufficient for everyt!in t!ere is to be done. Neit!er no(, nor later. Not all of you (ill remember a ,assa e of t!e 3ook. I (ill remind you. 3ook 8 of "!ronicles, "!a,ter 8K, tells !o( .ezekia!, Bin of +uda!, !ad t!e Tem,le ,urified, and after it (as ,urified, !e !ad sacrifices offered in 1+2

atonement, for !is kin dom, for t!e Tem,le and for t!e (!ole of +uda!, and t!en t!e offerin s of t!e sin le individuals be an. 3ut as t!e ,riests (ere not sufficient for t!e sacrifices, t!e levites, (!o are consecrated (it! a s!orter rite t!an t!e ,riests, (ere summoned. T!at is (!at I (ill do. 0ou are t!e ,riests, (!o !ave been ,re,ared by Me, t!e #ternal Pontiff, dili ently and for a lon time. 3ut you (ill not suffice for t!e (ork, (!ic! is muc! more e<tensive t!an t!e sacrifice of t!e offerin s of individuals to t!e Lord t!eir /od. I (ill t!erefore associate (it! you t!e disci,les (!o (ill remain suc!, t!ose (!o are (aitin for us at t!e foot of t!e mountain, t!ose (!o are already !i !er u,, t!ose (!o are s,read all over Israel and t!at later (ill be s,read all over t!e (orld. T!ey (ill be entrusted (it! e=ual tasks, because t!e mission is only one, but t!eir ,osition (ill be different in t!e eyes of t!e (orld. 3ut not in t!e eyes of /od, (!ere t!ere is 7ustice, so t!at t!e obscure disci,le, i nored by t!e a,ostles and by !is bret!ren, (!o lives a !oly life takin souls to /od, (ill be reater t!an a kno(n a,ostle, (!o !as only t!e name of a,ostle and lo(ers !is a,ostolic di nity for !uman ,ur,oses. T!e task of t!e a,ostles and disci,les (ill still be t!e same as t!e task of t!e ,riests and levites of .ezekia!4 to ,erform t!e rites of t!e cult, to demolis! idolatries, to ,urify !earts and ,laces, to ,reac! /od and .is 1ord. T!ere is not a more !oly task on t!e eart!. Neit!er is t!ere a di nity !i !er t!an yours. T!at is (!y I said to you4 5Listen to yourselves and e<amine yourselves.6 J 1oe betide t!e a,ostle (!o falls2 .e dra s many disci,les (it! !im, and t!ey dra a reater number of 1+,

believers and t!e ruin ro(s lar er and lar er like a fallin avalanc!e or a rin t!at e<,ands on t!e lake (!en several stones are t!ro(n in t!e same s,ot. 1ill you all be ,erfect) No. 1ill t!e s,irit of t!e ,resent moment last) No. T!e (orld (ill t!ro( its tentacles to c!oke your souls. T!at (ill be t!e victory of t!e (orld4 to e<tin uis! t!e li !t in t!e !earts of saintsD t!e (orld, a son of -atan for five tent!s, a servant of -atan, for t!ree more tent!s, indifferent to /od for t!e remainin t(o tent!s. Defend yourselves from yourselves, a ainst yourselves, a ainst t!e (orld, fles! and t!e demon. Above all, defend yourselves from yourselves. -tand on your uard, My c!ildren, a ainst ,ride, sensuality, du,licity, te,idity, s,iritual dro(siness and a ainst avarice2 1!en your inferior e o s,eaks and moans over alle ed cruelty to it, !us! it u, by sayin 4 59or a moment of !ards!i,, (!ic! I ive you no(, I (ill ,rocure for you, and forever, t!e ban=uet of ecstasy t!at you en7oyed in t!e mountain cave at t!e end of t!e mont! of -!ebat.6 K Let us o. Let us o and meet t!e ot!ers (!o in lar e numbers are a(aitin My comin . And t!en I (ill o for a fe( !ours to Tiberias and you, ,reac!in Me, (ill o to (ait for Me at t!e foot of t!e mountain t!at is on t!e road leadin from Tiberias to t!e sea. I (ill come u, t!ere to ,reac!. Take your ba s and mantles. T!e retreat is over and t!e election !as been made. * ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
15t$ 6a1 1+4,.

&L +esus says4 1+4

' 0ou are not feelin (ell and I (ill leave you in ,eace. I only (is! to ,oint out to you !o( a sentence omitted or a (ord (ron ly co,ied can alter everyt!in . And you, My (riter, are alive and can make t!e correction at once. -o consider and try to understand !o( t(enty centuries !ave de,rived t!e /os,el, t!e a,ostolic /os,el, of ,arts t!at did no !arm to t!e doctrine, but ,revented it from bein easily understood. T!is E if (e o back to t!e ori in (e find t!at it is still t!e (ork of Disorder E e<,lains many t!in s and lends itself to t!e c!ildren of Disorder for so many more t!in s. And you can see !o( easy it is to make errors in co,yin ... Little +o!n, be ood today. 0ou are a broken flo(er. I (ill come later and mend your stalk. I need t!e tears of your (ound today. /od is (it! you. *

144. T$e F# st Se *on of S#*on =ealot an) Jo$n.

17t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus, !alf (ay do(n t!e mountain, finds many disci,les and many more ,eo,le, (!o by de rees !ave 7oined t!e disci,les. T!ey !ave come !ere ur ed by t!e need of a miracle, by t!e desire to !ear +esus: (ord, and !ave been uided !ere eit!er by information of ,eo,le or by t!e instinct of t!eir souls. I t!ink t!at t!e uardian an els of men !ave led t!em to t!e -on of /od, as t!ey (ere desirous of /od. And I do not t!ink I am tellin an idle story. If (e consider (it! (!at ,rom,t and s!re(d ,erseverance -atan led enemies to /od and to .is 1ord, 1+3

every time !is diabolical s,irit could e<!ibit to men t!e semblance of a fault in "!rist, it is admissable to t!ink, rat!er t!an admissable it is indeed 7ust to t!ink also t!at t!e an els (ere no (ay inferior to demons and t!ey led non;demoniacal s,irits to "!rist. And +esus does .is utmost for all t!ose (!o !ave been (aitin for .im ,atiently and fearlessly and rants t!em miracles and t!e comfort of .is (ord. .o( many miracles2 As many as t!e flo(ers decoratin t!e mountain cra s. -ome of t!e miracles are reat, like t!e one for a boy (!o (as rescued from a blazin stra(;barn and (as dreadfully burnt. T!e c!ild (as brou !t !ere on a stretc!er, cryin mournfully, a !ea, of scorc!ed fles! under a linen clot!, (it! (!ic! !e !ad been covered, so dreadful is t!e a,,earance of !is burnt body. .e is about to breat!e !is last. +esus breat!es over !im and !eals !is burns t!at disa,,ear com,letely, so muc! so t!at t!e boy ets u,, absolutely naked, and runs !a,,ily to(ards !is mot!er, (!o, (ee,in for 7oy, caresses !is body no( entirely cured, (it!out any trace of burns. -!e kisses !is eyes, (!ic! (ere e<,ected to be burnt, and instead are bri !t and s!inin (it! 7oy. .is !air is s!ort, but not destroyed, as if t!e flames !ad acted as a razor and not as an instrument of destruction. $t!er miracles are minor, like t!e one in favour of a little elderly man, sufferin from ast!matic s,asms, (!o says4 ' Not for my o(n sake, but because I !ave to act as a fat!er to my little or,!an randc!ildren and I cannot (ork t!e land (it! t!is disease !ere, in my t!roat, c!okin me...* T!ere is also an invisible but real miracle, brou !t about by +esus: (ords4 ' Amon st you, t!ere is one (!ose soul is (ee,in , but dare not say t!e (ords4 5.ave mercy on 1++

me26 My re,ly is4 5Let it be done as you (is!. 0ou !ave all My ,ity, t!at you may kno( t!at I am Mercy.6 In my turn, !o(ever, I say to you4 53e enerous6. 3e enerous (it! /od. 3reak all ties (it! t!e ,ast. 0ou ,erceive /od, so come to .im 1!om you ,erceive, (it! a free !eart and com,lete love. * I do not kno( to (!om, amon t!e cro(d, t!ese (ords are addressed. 8 +esus says also4 ' T!ese are My a,ostles. T!ey are as many "!rists, because I !ave elected t!em as suc!. A,,ly to t!em trustin ly. T!ey !ave learned from Me (!at is needed for your souls...* T!e a,ostles, t!orou !ly afraid, look at +esus. 3ut .e smiles and oes on4 ' ...and t!ey (ill ive your souls t!e li !t of stars and t!e refres!ment of de(, to ,revent you from lan uis!in in darkness. And t!en I (ill come and ive you ,erfect li !t and consolation and all (isdom to make you stron and !a,,y by means of a su,ernatural stren t! and 7oy. Peace be (it! you, My c!ildren. I am e<,ected by ot!er ,eo,le (!o are more un!a,,y and ,oorer t!an you are. 3ut I (ill not leave you alone. I am leavin My a,ostles (it! you, (!ic! is t!e same as if I left t!e c!ildren of My love entrusted to t!e most amiable and reliable foster; mot!ers. * +esus (aves .is !and, blesses t!em and de,arts, ,us!in t!rou ! t!e cro(d, (!o do not (ant to let .im o, and 7ust t!en .e (orks t!e last miracle. An elderly ,artly;,aralysed (oman, brou !t !ere by !er randson, 7oyfully s!akes !er ri !t arm, (!ic! before s!e could not move, and s!outs4 ' .e touc!ed me li !tly (it! .is mantle, (!en ,assin by, and I am cured2 I did not even ask for it, because I am old... 3ut .e felt ,ity also for my secret desire. And (it! .is mantle, t!e !em of (!ic! 1+7

!ardly touc!ed my useless arm, .e cured me2 $!2 1!at a reat -on our !oly David !as2 /lory be to !is Messia!2 3ut look2 Look2 Also my le is movin like my arm... $!2 I feel as if I (ere only t(enty years old2 * 1!ile many ,eo,le rus! to(ards t!e old (oman, (!o is s!outin !er !a,,iness at t!e to, of !er voice, +esus can sneak a(ay (it!out bein detained furt!er. And t!e a,ostles follo( .im. > 1!en t!ey are in a lonely ,lace, almost do(n on t!e ,lain, t!ey sto, for a moment in an area of !eat!land, (!ic! stretc!es to(ards t!e lake. +esus says4 ' I bless you2 /o back to your (ork and continue it until I come back, as I told you. * Peter, (!o !as been =uiet so far, bursts out4 ' 3ut, my Lord, (!at !ave 0ou done) 1!y did 0ou say t!at (e !ave everyt!in t!at souls need) It is true t!at 0ou !ave told us many t!in s. 3ut (e are block!eads, at least I am, and... and of all 0ou ave me, little is left, very little indeed. I am like one, (!o after a meal, still !as in !is stomac! t!e !eavy ,art of t!e food. T!e rest is no lon er t!ere. * +esus smiles frankly4 ' 1!ere is t!e rest of t!e food, t!en) * ' 1ell... I don:t kno(. I kno( t!at (!en I eat delicate food, after an !our I feel my stomac! em,ty. 3ut if I eat !orse;radis!, or lentils dressed (it! oil, e!2 it takes a lon time to et rid of t!em2 * ' It does. 3ut you can be sure t!at !orse;radis! and lentils, (!ic! seem to fill you more, are t!e less nouris!in 4 it is meal t!at oes t!rou ! (it! little 1+9

benefit. 1!ereas t!e delicate dis!es t!at you feel no lon er, (it!in an !our, are no lon er in your stomac!, but in your blood. 1!en food !as been di ested it is no lon er in one:s stomac!, but its 7uice is in t!e blood and is more useful. No( you and your com,anions t!ink t!at not!in , or only a little, is left in you of (!at I told you. Per!a,s you remember (!atever is more ,ertinent to one:s o(n nature4 t!e violent t!e violent ,arts, t!e contem,lative t!e contem,lative ,arts, t!e affectionate t!e lovin ,arts... 3ut believe Me4 everyt!in is (it!in you. #ven if it seems to !ave one. 0ou !ave absorbed it. 0our t!ou !ts (ill (ind off like a multicoloured t!read s!o(in you li !t or stron !ues accordin to (!at you re=uire. 3e not afraid. "onsider t!at I kno( and I (ould never send you if I kne( t!at you (ere unable to do it. /oodbye, Peter. "!eer u,2 -mile2 .ave fait!2 A ood act of fait! in t!e $mni,resent 1isdom. /oodbye, everybody. T!e Lord is (it! you. * And .e leaves t!em =uickly, (!ile t!ey are still amazed and (orried about (!at t!ey !ave !eard t!ey must do. A ' And yet (e must obey * says T!omas. ' 0es... of course... $!2 ,oor me2 I feel like runnin after .im...* rumbles Peter. ' No. Don:t. To obey is to love .im * says +ames of Al,!aeus. ' It is only reasonable and also accordin to !oly ,rudence t!at (e s!ould start (!ile .e is still near us and can advise us if (e make mistakes. 1e must !el, !im * su ests t!e Fealot. ' T!at:s true. +esus is rat!er tired. 1e must relieve .im 1+2

a little, as best (e can. It is not enou ! to carry t!e ba s, make t!e beds and ,re,are t!e food. Anyone can do t!at. 3ut (e must !el, .im in .is mission, as .e (ants us to * confirms 3art!olome(. ' It:s all ri !t for you, because you are a learned man. 3ut I... I am almost com,letely i norant...* moans +ames of Febedee. ' $ Lord2 T!ere are t!ose (!o (ere u, t!ere. T!ey are comin !ere2 1!at s!all (e do) * e<claims Andre(. And Matt!e( says4 ' #<cuse me, if I, t!e most miserable one, ive you my advice. 1ould it not be better to ,ray t!e Lord, instead of standin !ere com,lainin about t!in s com,laints cannot mend) "ome on, +udas, you kno( t!e -cri,tures so (ell, say for us all t!e ,rayer of -olomon to obtain 1isdom. Guick2 3efore t!ey arrive !ere. * And T!addeus in !is beautiful baritone voice be ins4 ' /od of my ancestors, Lord of mercy, 1!o by 0our (ord !ave made all t!in s... etc... etc. * do(n to4 ' ...all t!ose (ere saved by 1isdom, (!o ,leased 0ou, o Lord, from t!e be innin . * .e finis!es in time, 7ust before t!e ,eo,le arrive, and at!er round t!em askin t!ousands of =uestions as to (!ere t!e Master !as one, (!en .e (ill come back, and a more difficult one to be ans(ered, re=uestin 4 ' .o( can t!ey follo( t!e Master, not (it! t!eir le s, but (it! t!eir souls, alon t!e 1ay ,ointed out by .im) * T!e a,ostles are embarrassed by t!e =uestion. T!ey look at one anot!er and t!e Iscariot re,lies4 ' 3y follo(in ,erfection * as if !is re,ly e<,lained everyt!in 2... 17/

+ames of Al,!aeus, (!o is more !umble and =uiet, becomes ,ensive, t!en says4 ' T!e ,erfection to (!ic! my com,anion refers is ac!ieved by obeyin t!e La(. 3ecause t!e La( is 7ustice and 7ustice is ,erfection. * 3ut t!e cro(d are not yet satisfied and one, (!o a,,ears to be a leader, asks4 ' 3ut (e are like little c!ildren (it! re ard to doin ood. "!ildren do not kno( yet t!e meanin of /ood and #vil, t!ey cannot tell one from t!e ot!er. And on t!is (ay, (!ic! .e ,oints out to us, (e are so ine<,erienced t!at neit!er are (e able to distin uis! bet(een t!em. T!ere (as a (ay kno(n to us, t!e old one, (!ic! (e (ere tau !t at sc!ool. It is so difficult, lon and fri !tenin 2 No(, listenin to .is (ords, (e feel t!at it is like t!at a=ueduct (e can see from !ere. 3elo(, t!ere is t!e road for animals and men, above, on t!e li !t arc!es, !i ! u, in t!e sun and in t!e blue sky, near t!e tallest branc!es rustlin in t!e (ind and resoundin (it! t!e sin in of birds, t!ere is anot!er road, as smoot!, clean and clear, as t!e inferior one is rou !, dirty and dark, t!ere is a (ay for t!e ur lin lim,id (ater, (!ic! is a blessin , because of t!e (ater t!at comes from /od and is caressed by (!at is of /od4 rays of t!e sun and of t!e stars, ne( leaves, flo(ers and (in s of s(allo(s. 1e (ould like to climb u, to t!at !i !er (ay, (!ic! is .is (ay, but (e do not kno( !o( to do so, because (e are bound do(n !ere, under t!e (ei !t of t!e old construction. 1!at s!all (e do) * T!e ,erson (!o !as s,oken is a youn man about t(enty; five years old, dark, stron , (it! an intelli ent mien. .e does not seem to be a man of t!e ,eo,le like t!e ma7ority of t!e cro(d ,resent. .e is leanin on an older man. 171

T!e Iscariot, tall as !e is, sees !im and (!is,ers to !is com,anions4 ' Guick, e<,lain t!in s ,ro,erly. T!ere is .ermas (it! -te,!en, (!o is loved by /amaliel2 * And t!at is enou ! to embarrass t!e a,ostles com,letely. C At last t!e Fealot re,lies4 ' T!ere (ould be no arc!, if t!ere (as no foundation in t!e dark road. T!e latter is t!e matri< of t!e former, (!ic! rises from it and climbs to(ards t!e blue sky, of (!ic! you are desirous. T!e stones fi<ed in t!e round and !oldin t!e (ei !t (it!out en7oyin rays or fli !ts are a(are t!at t!ey are set t!ere, because no( and a ain a s(allo(, s=ueakin , flies do(n as far as t!e mud, and caresses t!e base of t!e arc!, and a ray of t!e sun or of a star filters t!rou ! to say !o( beautiful is t!e vault of !eaven. T!us, in ,ast centuries, a divine (ord of ,romise, a celestial ray of (isdom, descended no( and a ain to caress t!e stones o,,ressed by divine (rat!. 3ecause t!e stones (ere necessary. T!ey are not, (ere not and never (ill be useless. Time and t!e ,erfection of !uman kno(led e !ave risen slo(ly on t!em and !ave reac!ed t!e freedom of ,resent days and t!e (isdom of su,ernatural kno(led e. I already see your ob7ection, it is (ritten on your face. It is t!e one (e !ave all !ad, before (e (ere able to understand t!at t!is is t!e Ne( Doctrine, t!e /os,el ,reac!ed to t!ose (!o, because of a retardin ,rocess, !ave not become adults t!rou ! t!e elevation of t!e stones of kno(led e, but !ave ro(n darker and darker like a (all t!at sinks into a dark abyss. In order to et out of t!is affliction of a su,ernatural darkness, (e must bravely free t!e foundation stone from 172

all t!e ot!ers laid on to, of it. Do not be afraid to knock do(n t!e !i ! (all t!at does not carry t!e ,ure lym,! of t!e eternal s,rin . /o back to t!e foundation, (!ic! is not to be c!an ed. It comes from /od. It is immovable. 3ut before re7ectin t!e stones, because t!ey are not all bad and useless, e<amine t!em one by one, at t!e sound of t!e (ord of /od. If you !ear t!at t!ey are sound, kee, t!em and use t!em a ain to rebuild. 3ut if you !ear in t!em t!e dissonant sound of !uman voice or t!e rendin sound of a satanic voice E and you cannot be mistaken because if it is /od:s voice it is a sound of love, if it is a !uman voice it is a sensual sound, if it is a satanic voice it is a sound of !atred E t!en break t!e (icked stones into s!ivers. I say4 break t!em into s!ivers, because it is c!arity not to leave be!ind erms or evil t!in s, (!ic! may seduce t!e (ayfarer and induce !im to use t!em to !is o(n disadvanta e. "rus! literally to smit!ereens all your deeds, (ritin s, teac!in s and acts t!at (ere not ood. It is better to be left (it! little, to rise by !ardly one cubit (it! ood stones, rat!er t!an by yards (it! (icked stones. -unbeams and s(allo(s descend also to lo( (alls, (!ic! !ardly rise above t!e round and t!e !umble little flo(ers at t!e ed e of t!e road easily reac! t!e lo( stones to caress t!em. $n t!e contrary, t!e ,roud useless rou ! stones t!at (ant to rise !i !er receive not!in but t!orny caresses and ,oisonous embraces. Demolis! in order to rebuild and to ascend, testin t!e oodness of your old stones to t!e sound of t!e voice of /od. * H ' 0ou are a ood s,eaker, man. 1e must ascend2 3ut !o() 1e !ave told you t!at (e are less t!an babies. 1!o (ill enable us to climb t!e stee, column) 1e (ill test t!e 17,

stones to t!e sound of t!e voice of /od. 1e (ill break u, t!e ones t!at are not ood. 3ut !o( can (e ascend) 1e feel iddy only at t!e t!ou !t of it2 * says -te,!en. +o!n, (!o !as been listenin (it! !is !ead lo(ered, smilin to !imself, raises !is !ead. .is face is bri !t and !e be ins to s,eak4 ' 3rot!ers2 T!e t!ou !t of ascendin makes you feel iddy. It is true. 3ut (!o told you t!at it is necessary to attack t!e ascent direct) Not only babies, but even adults cannot do it. $nly an els can lide in t!e blue skies, because t!ey are free from all material (ei !t. And only !eroes in !oliness can do it amon st men. 1e !ave a livin bein , (!o in t!is de7ected (orld, is still a !oly !ero, like t!e ancient ,eo,le (!o adorned Israel, (!en t!e Patriarc!s (ere friends of /od and t!e (ord of t!e eternal "ode (as t!e only one and (as obeyed by every ri !teous creature. +o!n, t!e Precursor teac!es us !o( to attack t!e ascent direct. +o!n is a man. 3ut t!e /race, (!ic! t!e 9ire of /od communicated to !im, ,urifyin !im in !is mot!er:s (omb, as t!e li,s of t!e Pro,!et (ere cleansed by t!e -era,!, so t!at !e mi !t ,recede t!e Messia! (it!out leavin t!e stenc! of ori inal sin alon t!e royal (ay of "!rist, t!at /race !as iven +o!n t!e (in s of an an el and Penance !as made t!em ro(, su,,ressin at t!e same time t!e !uman (ei !t (!ic! !is nature of a man born of a (oman !ad retained. +o!n, t!erefore, from t!e cavern (!ere !e ,reac!ed ,enance, (it! !is s,irit married to /race burnin in !is body, can ascend to t!e to, of t!e arc! beyond (!ic! is /od, t!e Most .i ! Lord our /od, and dominatin t!e ,ast centuries, t!e ,resent day and t!e 174

future, (it! t!e voice of a ,ro,!et and t!e eye of an ea le t!at can stare at t!e eternal sun and reco nise it, !e can announce4 5T!ere is t!e Lamb of /od t!at takes a(ay t!e sin of t!e (orld.6 And !e can die after t!is sublime son , (!ic! (ill be sun not only in our limited time, but also in t!e endless Time in t!e eternal blessed +erusalem, to a,,laud t!e -econd Person, to invoke .im on !uman miseries, to sin !osannas in t!e eternal bri !tness. 3ut t!e Lamb of /od, t!e Most -(eet Lamb 1!o left .is bri !t abode in .eaven, (!ere .e is t!e 9ire of /od in an embrace of fire E o!2 t!e eternal eneration, of t!e 9at!er 1!o conceives .is 1ord t!rou ! .is unlimited and most !oly t!ou !t, and absorbs .im ,roducin an effusion of love, from (!ic! t!e -,irit of Love ,roceeds, t!e centre of Po(er and 1isdom E but t!e Lamb of /od, 1!o left .is most ,ure incor,oreal form, to enclose .is infinite ,urity, !oliness and divine nature in mortal fles!, kno(s t!at (e !ave not been cleansed by /race, not yet, and kno(s t!at (e could not ascend to t!e !i ! summit, (!ere /od, $ne and Trine is, like t!e ea le, (!ic! is +o!n. 1e are little s,arro(s livin on roofs and on roads, (e are s(allo(s t!at fly in t!e sky but feed on insects, (e are (oodlarks (!o (ant to sin imitatin t!e an els, but our sin in , (!en com,ared to t!eirs, is a dissonant !i !;,itc!ed drone of cicadas in summer. T!e -(eet Lamb of /od, 1!o came to take a(ay t!e sin of t!e (orld, kno(s t!at. 3ecause if .e is no lon er t!e Infinite -,irit of .eaven, !avin taken !uman fles!, .is infinity is not diminis!ed t!ereby and .e kno(s everyt!in because .is (isdom is al(ays infinite. And so .e teac!es us .is (ay. T!e (ay of love. .e is t!e Love, (!ic! out of mercy for us, became fles!. And t!at 173

Merciful Love created for us a (ay, (!ic! also little ones can ascend. And .e is t!e first to ascend it, not because of .is o(n need, but to teac! us. Neit!er (ould .e need to s,read .is (in s to return to t!e 9at!er. .is s,irit, I s(ear it to you, is closed do(n !ere, on t!e miserable eart!, but it is al(ays (it! t!e 9at!er, because /od can do everyt!in , and .e is /od. 3ut .e oes a!ead, leavin be!ind .im t!e ,erfume of .is !oliness, t!e old and fire of .is love. Look at .is (ay. $!2 It does reac! t!e summit of t!e arc!2 3ut !o( ,eaceful and safe it is2 It is not strai !t4 it is s,iral. It is lon er and t!e sacrifice of .is merciful love is revealed by suc! len t! (!ere .e delays for t!e sake of us, t!e (eak ones. It is lon er, but better suited to our misery. T!e ascent to love, to /od, is as sim,le as Love. 3ut it is vast, because /od is an abyss, (!ic! I (ould say is immeasurable if .e did not bend across to be reac!ed, to be kissed by t!e souls in love (it! .im M+o!n s,eaks and (ee,s, smilin (it! !is li,s, in t!e ecstasy of revealin /odN. T!e sim,le (ay of love is lon , because t!e Abyss, (!ic! is /od, is limitless, and one could climb as muc! as one (ould like. 3ut t!e Admirable Abyss calls our miserable abyss. It calls it by means of its li !t and says4 5"ome to Me26 $!2 T!e invitation of /od2 T!e invitation of t!e 9at!er2 I Listen2 Listen2 T!e kindest (ords are comin to(ards us from t!e .eavens left o,en, because "!rist o,ened t!e ates (ide and left t!e an els of Mercy and 9or iveness to kee, t!em o,en, so t!at (!ile men are (aitin for t!e /race, at least li !t, scents, son s and ,eace s!ould flo( do(n to attract t!e !earts of men in a !oly manner. It is t!e voice of /od 1!o is s,eakin . And t!e %oice says4 50our c!ild!ood) 3ut it is your most valuable money2 I 17+

(ould like you to become really little, so t!at you (ould !ave t!e !umility, t!e sincerity and t!e love of c!ildren, t!e confident love of c!ildren for t!eir fat!ers. 0our inability) 3ut t!at is My lory2 $!2 "ome. I do not even ask you to test t!e sound of t!e ood and bad stones by yourselves. /ive t!em to Me2 I (ill ,ick t!em and you (ill do t!e rebuildin . T!e ascent to ,erfection) $!2 no, My little c!ildren. +oin !ands (it! My -on, your 3rot!er no(, and t!us ascend beside .im....6 To ascend2 To come to 0ou, #ternal Love2 To ac!ieve 0our likeness, t!at is Love2 To love2 T!at is t!e secret2... To love2 To ive oneself... To love2 To su,,ress oneself... To love2 To melt... T!e fles!) It is not!in . -orro() It is not!in . Time) It is not!in . -in itself becomes not!in if I dissolve it in 0our fire, o /od2 $nly Love e<ists. Love4 T!e Love t!at ave us t!e Incarnate /od, (ill ive us all for iveness. And no one kno(s !o( to love better t!an c!ildren. And no one is loved more t!an a c!ild. $ you, (!om I do not kno(, (!o (ant to kno( (!at /ood is, to distin uis! it from #vil, to ,ossess t!e blue sky, t!e celestial -un, and everyt!in t!at is su,ernatural 7oy, love and you (ill ac!ieve it. Love "!rist. 0ou (ill die to t!e life of t!is (orld, but you (ill rise a ain in your s,irit. 1it! your ne( s,irit, (it!out any furt!er need of stones, you (ill be forever an ine<tin uis!able fire. A flame rises. It needs neit!er ste,s nor (in s to rise. 9ree your e o from every construction, ,ut love into yourself. 0ou (ill blaze u,. Let t!at !a,,en (it!out any restriction. Nay, kindle t!e fire, t!ro(in into it your ,ast ,assions and kno(led e. 1!at is not ood (ill be destroyed by t!e flames, (!at is already a noble metal (ill become ,ure. "ast yourself, 177

brot!er, into t!e active 7oyful love of t!e Trinity. 0ou (ill understand (!at no( seems incom,re!ensible to you, because you (ill understand /od, 1!o can be, understood only by t!ose (!o ive t!emselves, (it!out any limitation, to .is sacrificin fire. 0ou (ill be fi<ed, in t!e end, in /od in a lovin embrace, ,rayin for me, t!e c!ild of "!rist, (!o dared to s,eak to you of Love. * J T!ey are all dumbfounded4 t!e a,ostles, t!e disci,les, t!e believers... T!e man to (!om t!e (ords (ere addressed is ,ale, (!ile +o!n:s face is flus!ed, not so muc! because of t!e effort as because of !is love. -te,!en at last s!outs4 ' May you be blessed2 3ut tell me, (!o are you) * And +o!n E !is attitude reminds me so muc! of t!e %ir in at t!e Annunciation E re,lies in a lo( voice, bendin as if !e (ere adorin .im 1!om !e mentions4 ' I am +o!n. 0ou see in me t!e least of t!e servants of t!e Lord. * ' 3ut (!o (as your master before) * ' No one but /od. 3ecause I received my s,iritual milk from +o!n, t!e ,resanctified of /od, no( I eat t!e bread of "!rist, t!e 1ord of /od, and I drink /od:s fire t!at comes to me from .eaven. /lory be to t!e Lord2 * ' A!2 I am not oin to leave you2 Neit!er you nor !im, I (ill ,art from none of you. Take me (it! you2 * ' 1!en... $!2 3ut Peter is !ere, !e is our c!ief * and +o!n takes Peter, (!o is dumbfounded, and ,roclaims !im ' t!e first *. And Peter collects !imself and says4 ' -on, a considered 179

reflection is re=uired for a reat mission. T!is man is our an el and !e inflames us. 3ut it is necessary to kno( (!et!er t!e flame (ill last in us. Measure yourself and t!en come to t!e Lord. 1e (ill o,en our !earts to you as to a most dear brot!er. In t!e meantime, if you (is! to become better ac=uainted (it! our life, you may stay. T!e flocks of "!rist may ro( e<ceedin ly so t!at t!e true lambs may be se,arated from t!e false rams, c!oosin amon t!e ,erfect and im,erfect ones. * And t!e first a,ostolic revelation ends t!us.

145. In t$e <o!se of Jo$anna of C$!3a. Jes!s an) t$e Ro*an La)#es.
1+t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus comes off a boat at t!e (!arf at "!uza:s arden, !el,ed by a boatman (!o !ad taken .im t!ere. A ardener (!o !as seen .im runs to o,en t!e ate (!ic! closes t!e entrance to t!e ,ro,erty on t!e lake side. It is a stron tall ate, (!ic!, !o(ever, is concealed by a very t!ick !i ! !ed e of laurel and bo< on t!e outer side, to(ards t!e lake, and by roses of all colours on t!e inner side, to(ards t!e !ouse. T!e ma nificent rose;bus!es decorate t!e bronze laurel and bo< leaves, t!ey cree, t!rou ! t!e branc!es and ,ee, out on t!e ot!er side, or t!ey ,ass over t!e reen barrier and let t!eir flo(ery !eads fall on t!e ot!er side. $nly t!e central ,art of t!e ate, across t!e avenue, is barren and is o,ened t!ere to 172

let t!rou ! ,eo,le oin to or comin from t!e lake. ' Peace to t!is !ouse and to you, +oanna. 1!ere is your mistress * ' $ver t!ere, (it! !er friends. I (ill call !er at once. T!ey !ave been (aitin for 0ou t!ree days, because t!ey (ere afraid of bein late. * +esus smiles. T!e servant runs a(ay to call +o!anna. In t!e meantime +esus (alks slo(ly to(ards t!e ,lace mentioned by t!e servant, admirin t!e (onderful arden, one could say t!e (onderful rosery, (!ic! "!uza !ad built for !is (ife. Ma nificent early roses of all ty,es, sizes and s!a,es are a blaze of colours in t!is s!eltered inlet of t!e lake. T!ere are ot!er flo(er ,lants. 3ut t!ey are not yet in bloom and t!eir number is minimal as com,ared to t!e =uantity of rose;bus!es. +o!anna arrives. -!e !as not even laid do(n t!e basket !alf full of roses, nor t!e scissors s!e (as usin to cut t!em, and s!e runs t!us, !er arms stretc!ed out, a ile and beautiful in !er (ide dress of very t!in (oollen material, of a very li !t ,ink !ue, t!e folds of (!ic! are !eld in ,lace by silver fili ree studs and buckles, decorated (it! s,arklin ,ale arnets. $n !er dark (avy !air a mitre;s!a,ed diadem, also in silver and arnets, !old a very li !t ,ink byssus veil, (!ic! !an s over !er back, leavin uncovered !er ears, adorned (it! earrin s matc!in t!e diadem, !er smilin face and t!in neck, round (!ic! s!e (ears a s!inin necklace (!ic! is made like t!e rest of !er ,recious ornaments. -!e dro,s !er basket at +esus: feet and kneels do(n to kiss .is tunic, amon t!e roses s,read on t!e round. 19/

' Peace to you, +o!anna. I !ave come. * ' And I am !a,,y. T!ey !ave come, too. $!2 No( I seem to !ave done t!e (ron t!in by or anisin t!is meetin 2 .o( (ill you mana e to understand one anot!er) T!ey are !eat!ens2 * +o!anna is some(!at (orried. +esus smiles, and layin .is !and on !er !ead .e says4 ' 3e not afraid. 1e (ill understand one anot!er very (ell. 0ou !ave done t!e ri !t t!in 5by or anisin t!is meetin .6 $ur meetin (ill be full of blessin s as your arden is full of roses. No(, ,ick u, t!ose ,oor roses (!ic! you dro,,ed and let us o to your friends. * ' $!2 T!ere is any amount of roses. I (as ,ickin t!em to ,ass t!e time and t!en my friends are so... so volu,tuous. T!ey love flo(ers as if t!ey (ere... I do not kno(... * ' I love t!em, too2 -ee, (e !ave already found a sub7ect on (!ic! (e can understand one anot!er. "ome on2 Let us ,ick u, t!ese (onderful roses... * and +esus bends to set t!e e<am,le. ' Not 0ou2 Not 0ou, my Lord2 If 0ou really (ant to... (ell... it:s done. * 8 T!ey (alk as far as a bo(er made by multicoloured interlaced rose;bus!es. T!ree Roman ladies are castin lances at t!em from t!e t!res!old4 Plautina, %aleria and Lydia. T!e first and last ones are !esitant, but %aleria runs out and makes a curtsy sayin 4 ' .ail, -aviour of my little 9austa2 * ' Peace and li !t to you and to your friends. * T!e friends curtsy (it!out s,eakin . 191

1e already kno( Plautina. Tall, stately, (it! beautiful dark, rat!er aut!oritative eyes, under a smoot! very (!ite fore!ead, a ,erfect strai !t nose, a (ell s!a,ed rat!er tumid mout!, a roundis! (ell defined c!in, s!e reminds me of some beautiful statues of Roman em,resses. .eavy rin s s!ine on !er beautiful !ands and lar e olden bracelets round !er statues=ue arms, on !er (rists and above !er elbo(s (!ic! a,,ear ,inkis! (!ite, smoot! and ,erfect under !er s!ort dra,ed sleeves. Lydia, on t!e ot!er !and, is fair;!aired, t!inner and youn er. .er beauty is not t!e stately beauty of Plautina, but s!e ,ossesses all t!e race of feminine yout! (!ic! is still a little unri,e. And since (e are on a ,a an sub7ect, I could say t!at if Plautina looks like t!e statue of an em,ress, Lydia could (ell be Diana or a entle modest lookin nym,!. %aleria, (!o is not in t!e des,erate situation in (!ic! (e sa( !er at "aesarea, a,,ears in t!e beauty of a youn mot!er, rat!er ,lum,ly s!a,ed but still very youn , (it! t!e =uiet look of a mot!er (!o is !a,,y to breastfeed !er o(n c!ild and see it ro( !ealt!y. Rosy and bro(n, !er smile is a =uiet but very kind one. I am under t!e im,ression t!at t!e t(o ladies are of a lo(er rank t!an Plautina, (!om t!ey res,ect as a =ueen, as is obvious also from t!eir attitude. > ' 1ere you attendin to flo(ers) /o on, o on. 1e can talk also (!ile you ,ick t!is beautiful (ork of t!e "reator, (!ic! flo(ers are, and (!ile you arran e t!em in t!ese ,recious vases (it! t!e ability of (!ic! Rome is mistress, to len t!en t!eir lives, (!ic! unfortunately are too s!ort... If (e admire t!is bud, (!ic! is 7ust o,enin 192

its yello( ,ink ,etal in a lovely smile, !o( can (e not be sorry to see it dyin ) $!2 .o( amazed t!e +e(s (ould be if t!ey !eard Me s,eak t!us2 3ut also in a flo(er (e feel t!ere is somet!in (!ic! is alive. And (e re ret to see its end. 3ut ,lants are (iser t!an (e are. T!ey kno( t!at on every (ound caused by cuttin a stem a ne( s!oot (ill ro( and it (ill become a ne( rose. And so (e must learn t!e lesson and make of our some(!at sensual love for flo(ers a s,ur to a !i !er t!ou !t. * ' 1!ic! one, Master) * asks Plautina, (!o is listenin dili ently and is intri ued by t!e refined t!ou !t of t!e +e(is! Master. ' T!is one. T!at as a ,lant does not die as lon as its roots are nouris!ed by t!e soil, it does not die because its stems die, so mankind does not die because one bein ends !is eart!ly life. 3ut ne( flo(ers are al(ays born. And E a t!ou !t (!ic! is even !i !er and (ill make us bless t!e "reator E (!ile a flo(er, once it is dead, (ill not come to life a ain, (!ic! is sad, man, (!en !e is aslee, in !is last slee,, is not dead, but !e lives a bri !ter life, dra(in , t!rou ! !is better ,art, eternal life and s,lendour from t!e "reator 1!o formed !im. T!erefore, %aleria, if your little irl !ad died, you (ould not !ave lost !er caresses. T!e kisses of your creature (ould !ave al(ays come to your soul, because, alt!ou ! se,arated from you, s!e (ould not !ave for otten your love. -ee !o( ,leasant it is to !ave fait! in eternal life) 1!ere is your little one no() * ' In t!at covered cradle. I never ,arted from !er before, because t!e love for my !usband and for my dau !ter (ere t!e only interests of my life. 3ut no( t!at I kno( 19,

(!at it is to see !er dyin , I do not leave !er even for a moment. * A +esus oes to(ards a seat on (!ic! t!ere is a kind of (ooden cradle, covered by an e<,ensive cover. .e uncovers it and looks at t!e slee,in c!ild, (!om t!e fres!er air a(akes tenderly. .er little eyes seem sur,rised (!en t!ey o,en and !er li,s ,art in an an el:s smile, (!ile !er tiny !ands, (!ic! !eretofore (ere closed, are no( o,en and an<ious to et !old of +esus: (avy !air. T!e t(itterin of a s,arro( marks t!e ,ro ress of s,eec! in !er little mind. At last t!e reat universal (ord trills4 ' Mummy2 * ' Pick !er u,, ,ick !er u, * says +esus 1!o moves to one side to let %aleria bend over t!e cradle. ' -!e (ill ive 0ou trouble2 I (ill call a slave and !ave !er taken into t!e arden. * ' Trouble) $!2 No2 "!ildren are never any trouble. T!ey are al(ays My friends. * ' .ave 0ou any c!ildren or randc!ildren, Master) * asks Plautina, (!o (atc!es !o( +esus, smilin , teases t!e baby to make !er lau !. ' No, I !ave neit!er c!ildren nor randc!ildren. 3ut I love c!ildren as I love flo(ers. 3ecause t!ey are ,ure and (it!out malice. Nay, ive Me your little one, (oman. It is suc! a reat 7oy for Me to ,ress a little an el to My !eart. * And .e sits do(n !oldin t!e little baby, (!o (atc!es .im and ruffles .is beard and t!en finds somet!in more interestin to do ,layin (it! t!e frin es of .is mantle and (it! t!e cord of .is tunic, to (!ic! s!e devotes a lon mysterious s,eec!. 194

C Plautina says4 ' $ur ood and (ise friend, one of t!e fe( (!o does not disdain us and does not become corru,t associatin (it! us, (ill !ave told 0ou t!at (e (ere an<ious to see 0ou and !ear 0ou, to 7ud e 0ou for (!at 0ou are, because Rome does not believe in idle stories.. 1!y are 0ou smilin , Master) * ' I (ill tell you later. /o on. * ' 3ecause Rome does not believe in idle stories and (ants to 7ud e (it! true kno(led e and conscience before condemnin and e<tollin . 0our ,eo,le e<alt 0ou and calumniate 0ou to t!e same de ree. 0our deeds (ould convince one to e<alt 0ou. T!e (ords of many +e(s (ould induce ,eo,le to consider 0ou little less t!an a criminal. 0our (ords are solemn and (ise like a ,!iloso,!er:s. Rome is very fond of ,!iloso,!ic doctrines and... I must admit it, our ,resent ,!iloso,!ers do not !ave a satisfactory doctrine, also because t!eir (ays of livin do not corres,ond to t!eir doctrines. * ' T!ey cannot !ave a (ay of livin corres,ondin to t!eir doctrine. * ' 3ecause t!ey are ,a ans, is t!at ri !t) * ' No, because t!ey are at!eists. * ' At!eists) 3ut t!ey !ave t!eir ods. * ' T!ey do not even !ave t!ose any more, (oman. I remind you of t!e ancient ,!iloso,!ers, t!e reatest ones. T!ey (ere !eat!ens, too. .o(ever, consider !o( !i ! (as t!e moral tone of t!eir lives2 It (as min led (it! errors, because man is inclined to err. 3ut (!en t!ey (ere confronted (it! t!e reatest mysteries4 life and 193

deat!, (!en t!ey !ad to face t!e dilemma of .onesty or Dis!onesty, of %irtue or %ice, of .eroism or "o(ardice and t!ey considered t!at if t!ey turned to evil, a reat misfortune (ould befall t!eir fat!erland and t!eir fello( citizens, t!en (it! a su,er effort of (ill t!ey re7ected t!e tentacles of evil ,oly,s and, !oly and free, t!ey c!ose /ood, at all costs. T!at /ood (!ic! is no one else but /od. * H ' 0ou are /od, so t!ey say. Is t!at true) * ' I am t!e -on of t!e True /od, I became fles!, but I still remain /od. * ' 3ut (!at is /od) T!e reatest Master, if (e look at 0ou. * ' /od is muc! more t!an a Master. Do not minimise t!e sublime idea of Divinity to a limitation of (isdom. * ' 1isdom is a deity. 1e !ave Minerva. -!e is t!e oddess of kno(led e. * ' 0ou !ave also %enus, t!e oddess of ,leasure. "an you admit t!at a od, t!at is, a bein su,erior to men, ,ossesses, raised to t!e !i !est de ree, all t!e !orrible vices of mortals) "an you conceive t!at an eternal bein !as for all eternity t!e ,etty, mean, !umiliatin deli !ts of t!ose (!o !ave only one !our:s time) And t!at t!e su,erior bein makes t!em t!e sco,e of !is life) Do you not consider (!at a desecrated !eaven is t!e one you call $lym,us, (!ere t!e most acrid 7uices of mankind ferment) If you look at your !eaven, (!at can you see) Lust, crime, !atred, (ar, t!efts, cra,ulence, snares, reven e. If you (is! to celebrate t!e feast of your ods, (!at do you do) 0ou indul e in or ies. 1!at cult do you 19+

ive t!em) 1!ere is t!e true c!astity of t!e vir ins consecrated to %esta) $n (!at divine code of la( do your ,ontifices base t!eir 7ud ement) 1!at (ords can your au urs read in t!e fli !t of birds or in t!e ,eal of t!under) And (!at ans(ers can t!e bleedin entrails of sacrificed animals ive to your !arus,ices) 0ou said4 5Rome does not believe in idle stories.6 1!y does s!e believe, t!en, t!at t(elve ,oor men, by sendin a ,i , a s!ee, and a bull round t!e fields and sacrificin t!em, can ain "eres: favour, (!en you !ave an endless number of deities, one !atin t!e ot!er, and you believe in t!eir reven es) No. /od is somet!in =uite different. .e is #ternal, $ne and -,iritual. * ' 3ut 0ou say t!at 0ou are /od and yet 0ou are fles!. * ' T!ere is an altar (it! no od in t!e fat!erland of ods. Man:s (isdom !as devoted it to t!e unkno(n /od. 3ecause (ise men, t!e true ,!iloso,!ers, !ave realised t!at t!ere is somet!in beyond t!e illustrated scenario created for t!e eternal c!ildren, t!at is for men (!ose souls are envelo,ed in t!e s(addlin clot!es of error. If t!ose (ise men E (!o realised t!at t!ere is somet!in beyond t!e false scenario, somet!in really sublime and divine, (!ic! created everyt!in t!at e<ists and from (!ic! comes all t!e ood t!ere is in t!e (orld E if t!ose men (anted an altar to t!e unkno(n /od, 1!om t!ey ,erceived to be t!e True /od, !o( can you call od (!at is not od and !o( can you say t!at you kno( (!at you do not kno() Learn, t!erefore, (!at /od is, t!at you may kno( and !onour .im. /od is t!e 3ein 1!o by .is t!ou !t made everyt!in from not!in . "an t!e tale of stones c!an in into men convince you and satisfy you) I solemnly tell you t!at t!ere are men more !ard and 197

(icked t!an stones, and stones more useful t!an men. 3ut is it not more ,leasant for you, %aleria, to say, lookin at your little baby4 5-!e is t!e livin (ill of /od, created and formed by .im, ifted by .im (it! a second life (!ic! does not end, so t!at I (ill !ave my little 9austa forever and ever, if I believe in t!e True /od6, rat!er t!an say4 5T!is rosy fles!, t!is !air t!inner t!an a s,ider:s (eb, t!ese clear eyes ori inate from a stone6) $r to say4 5I am entirely like a s!e;(olf or a mare, and like an animal I mate, like an animal I ,rocreate, like an animal I rear, and my dau !ter is t!e fruit of my beastly instinct and s!e is an animal like me, and tomorro(, (!en s!e is dead and I am dead, (e s!all be t(o carrions (!ic! (ill dissolve (it! a foul odour and (ill never see eac! ot!er a ain6) Tell Me2 1!ic! of t!e t(o c!oices (ould your maternal !eart ,refer) * ' "ertainly not t!e latter, my Lord2 If I !ad kno(n t!at 9austa (as not a t!in t!at could be dissolved forever, my rief, (!en s!e (as in a ony, (ould not !ave been so violent. 3ecause I (ould !ave said4 5I !ave lost a ,earl. 3ut it still e<ists. And I (ill find it.6 * I ' 0ou are ri !t. 1!en I (as comin to(ards you, your friend told me t!at s!e (as amazed at your ,assion for flo(ers. And s!e (as afraid t!at it mi !t u,set Me. 3ut I reassured !er sayin to !er4 5I love flo(ers, too, so (e (ill understand eac! ot!er =uite (ell.6 3ut I (is! to brin you to love flo(ers, as I !ave brou !t %aleria to love !er baby, of (!om s!e (ill no( take reater care, as s!e kno(s t!at 9austa !as a soul, (!ic! is a ,article of /od enclosed in t!e body (!ic! !er mot!er made for !erD a ,article (!ic! (ill not die and (!ic! !er mot!er (ill find a ain in .eaven, if s!e believes in t!e True /od. 199

T!e same a,,lies to you. Look at t!is beautiful rose. T!e ,ur,le (!ic! adorns t!e im,erial robe is not so ma nificent as t!is ,etal, (!ic! is not only a ,leasure to t!e eye because of its !ue, but is also a 7oy to touc! because of its smoot!ness and to smell because of its scent. And look at t!is one, and t!is one, and t!is one. T!e first one is like blood us!in from a !eart, t!e second is like fres! fallen sno(, t!e t!ird one is ,ale old, t!e last one is like t!e s(eet face of t!is c!ild smilin in My la,. And furt!er4 t!e first one is stiff on an almost t!ornless stem, t!e leaves of (!ic! are reddis! as if t!ey !ad been s,rayed (it! blood, t!e second !as only a fe( t!orns, and its leaves are ,ale and dull on t!e stem, t!e t!ird one is as fle<ible as a reed and its small leaves are as s!iny as reen (a<, t!e stem of t!e last one is so t!ick (it! t!orns, t!at it seems an<ious to ,revent all ,ossible access to its rosy corolla. It looks like a file (it! very s!ar, teet!. No( consider t!is. 1!o made all t!at) .o() 1!en) 1!ere) 1!at (as t!is ,lace in t!e mists of time) It (as not!in . It (as an amor,!ous stirrin of elements. $ne4 /od, said4 5I (ant6 and t!e elements se,arated and at!ered in family rou,s. And anot!er 5I (ant6 t!undered and t!e elements arran ed t!emselves, one (it! t!e ot!er4 t!e (ater bet(een t!e landsD or one on t!e ot!er4 air and li !t on t!e formed ,lanet. $ne more 5I (ant6 and ,lants (ere made. And t!en t!e stars, t!en animals and at last man. And /od, to make man, .is favourite creature, !a,,y, ranted !im, as ma nificent toys, flo(ers, stars and finally t!e 7oy of ,rocreatin not (!at dies, but (!at survives deat!, by t!e ift of /od, and (!ic! is t!e soul. T!ese roses are as many 5(ills6 of 192

t!e 9at!er. .is infinite ,o(er makes it clear in an infinite number of beautiful t!in s. My e<,lanation is rat!er a difficult one because it clas!es (it! t!e brazen resistance of your beliefs. 3ut I !o,e, as it is our first meetin , t!at (e !ave understood one anot!er a little. Let your souls ,onder on (!at I !ave told you. .ave you any =uestions to ask) Ask t!em. I am !ere to clarify t!in s. I norance is not a dis race. It is dis raceful to ,ersist in i norance (!ere t!ere is someone (illin to clarify doubts. * And +esus, as if .e (ere t!e most e<,erienced fat!er, oes out !oldin t!e little c!ild, (!o is takin !er first ste,s and (ants to o to(ards a 7et of (ater s(ayin in t!e suns!ine. J T!e ladies remain (!ere t!ey (ere, s,eakin to one anot!er. And +o!anna, !esitatin bet(een t(o desires, is standin on t!e t!res!old of t!e bo(er. At last Lydia makes u, !er mind and follo(ed by t!e ot!ers oes to(ards +esus, 1!o is lau !in because t!e little one is tryin to catc! t!e solar s,ectrum (it! !er !and and ras,s not!in but li !t, and s!e insists over and over a ain, babblin (it! !er rosy li,s. ' Master... I !ave not understood (!y 0ou said t!at our masters cannot lead a ood life because t!ey are at!eists. T!ey believe in $lym,us. 3ut t!ey believe...* ' T!ey !ave but t!e out(ard a,,earance of belief. As lon as t!ey really believed, as t!e truly (ise men believed in t!e ?nkno(n /od I mentioned to you, in t!at /od 1!o satisfied t!eir souls, even if .e (as nameless, even if inadvertently t!ey did not (ant to, as lon as t!ey turned 12/

t!eir t!ou !ts to t!at 3ein , by far su,erior to t!e ,oor ods full of t!e faults of mankind, of t!e lo( faults of mankind, t!e ods t!at ,a anism created for itself, t!ey some!o( reflected /od, by necessity. A soul is a mirror t!at reflects and an ec!o t!at re,eats... * ' 1!at, Master) * ' /od. * ' It:s a reat (ord2 * ' It is a reat trut!. * K %aleria, (!o is fascinated by t!e t!ou !t of immortality, asks4 ' Master, tell me (!ere t!e soul of my c!ild is. I (ill kiss t!at s,ot like a s!rine and I (ill (ors!i, it, because it is ,art of /od. * ' T!e soul2 it is like t!is li !t t!at little 9austa (is!es to ras, and cannot, because it is incor,oreal. 3ut it is t!ere. 0ou, I, your friends can see it. Like(ise a soul can be seen in everyt!in t!at differentiates man from animals. 1!en your little one (ill tell you !er first t!ou !ts, you can say t!at suc! understandin is !er soul (!ic! is revealin itself. 1!en s!e (ill love you not by instinct, but (it! !er reason, consider t!at t!at love is !er soul. 1!en s!e (ill ro( beautiful beside you, not so muc! in !er body as in virtue, consider t!at t!at beauty is !er soul. And do not (ors!i, !er soul, but /od 1!o created it, /od 1!o (is!es every soul to be a t!rone for .im. * ' 3ut (!ere is t!is incor,oreal and sublime t!in 4 in one:s !eart) In one:s brains) * ' It is in t!e (!ole of man. It contains you and is 121

contained (it!in you. 1!en it leaves you, you become a cor,se. 1!en it is killed by a crime t!at man commits a ainst !imself, you are damned, se,arated from /od forever. * ' 0ou t!erefore a ree t!at t!e ,!iloso,!er (!o said t!at (e are 5immortal6 (as ri !t, alt!ou ! !e (as a !eat!en) * asks Plautina. ' I do not a ree. I (ill o furt!er. I say t!at it is an article of fait!. T!e immortality of t!e soul, t!at is t!e immortality of t!e su,erior ,art of man is t!e most certain and most comfortin mystery to believe. It is t!e one t!at assures us of (!ere (e come from, (!ere (e o, (!o (e are, and it removes all t!e bitterness of every se,aration. * &L Plautina is dee,ly absorbed in t!ou !t. +esus (atc!es !er and is silent. At last s!e asks4 ' And !ave 0ou a soul) * +esus re,lies4 ' "ertainly. * ' 3ut are 0ou or are 0ou not /od) * ' I am /od. I told you. 3ut no( I !ave taken t!e nature of Man. And do you kno( (!y) 3ecause only by t!is sacrifice of Mine I (as able to resolve t!e ,oints (!ic! (ere insu,erable for your reason, and after demolis!in errors and freein minds, I (as able also to free souls from a slavery (!ic! I cannot e<,lain to you 7ust no(. I t!erefore enclosed 1isdom and .oliness in a body. I s,read 1isdom like seed on t!e round and ,ollen to t!e (inds. .oliness (ill flo(, as from a ,recious broken am,!ora, on to t!e (orld in t!e !our of /race and (ill sanctify men. T!en t!e ?nkno(n /od (ill become 122

kno(n. * ' 3ut 0ou are already kno(n. 1!o doubts 0our ,o(er and 0our (isdom, is eit!er (icked or a liar. * ' I am kno(n. 3ut t!is is only daybreak. Midday (ill be full of t!e kno(led e of Me. * ' 1!at (ill 0our midday be like) A trium,!) -!all I see it) * ' Truly, it (ill be a trium,!. And you (ill be ,resent. 3ecause you loat!e (!at you kno( and you crave for (!at you i nore. 0our soul !un ers. * ' T!at is true. I !un er for trut!. * ' I am t!e Trut!. * ' T!en, ive 0ourself to me (!o am !un ry. * ' All you !ave to do is to come to My table. My (ord is t!e bread of trut!. * ' 3ut (!at (ill our ods say if (e abandon t!em) 1ill t!ey not aven e t!emselves on us) * asks fearful Lydia. ' 1oman4 !ave you ever seen a fo y mornin ) T!e meado(s are lost in t!e va,our t!at conceals t!em. T!en t!e sun s!ines and t!e va,our is dissolved and t!e listenin meado(s are more beautiful. T!e same a,,lies to your ods, t!e fo of a ,oor !uman t!ou !t, (!ic!, i norin /od and needin to believe, because fait! is a ,ermanent necessity for man, created $lym,us, a real non;e<istent idle story. And t!us your ods, (!en t!e sun, t!at is, t!e True /od, rises, (ill dissolve in your !earts (it!out bein able to do any !arm. 3ecause t!ey do not e<ist. * 12,

' 1e s!all !ave to listen to 0ou a ain... =uite a lot... 1e are most definitely before t!e unkno(n. #veryt!in 0ou say is ne( to us. * ' 3ut does it dis ust you) "an you acce,t it) * Plautina re,lies sure of !erself4 ' No. It does not. I feel more ,roud of t!e little I kno( no(, and (!ic! "aesar does not kno(, t!an I do of my name. * ' 1ell, t!en, ,ersevere. I leave you (it! My ,eace. * && ' 1!at) Are 0ou not stayin , my Lord) * +o!anna is desolate. ' No, I am not stayin . I !ave a lot to do... * ' $!2 I (anted to s,eak to 0ou about my trouble2 * +esus, 1!o !ad be un to (alk, after sayin oodbye to t!e Roman ladies, turns round and says4 ' "ome as far as t!e boat and 0ou (ill tell Me (!at your ,ain is. * And +o!anna oes. And s!e says4 ' "!uza (ants to send me to +erusalem for some time and I am not !a,,y about it. .e is doin it because !e does not (ant me to be confined any lon er no( t!at I am !ealt!y... * ' 0ou, too, are creatin useless fo s for yourself2 * says +esus 1!o is ste,,in on to t!e boat. ' If you considered t!at you can t!us ive Me !os,itality or follo( Me more easily, you (ould be !a,,y and (ould say4 53ounty !as seen to it.6 * ' $!2... t!at is true, my Lord. I !ad not t!ou !t about t!at. * ' -o, you can see2 3e a ood (ife and obey. $bedience (ill 124

ive you t!e re(ard of !avin Me as your uest at ne<t Passover and t!e !onour of !el,in Me to evan elize your friends. My ,eace be al(ays (it! you. * T!e boat sets out and it all ends.

147. A(lae #n 6a 1's <o!se at Na3a et$.

-9t$ 6a1 1+4,. Pente"ost.

& Mary is (orkin =uietly at a ,iece of clot!. It is evenin , all t!e doors are closed, a t!ree flame lam, li !ts u, t!e little room in Nazaret!, ,articularly t!e table at (!ic! t!e %ir in is sat. T!e clot!, ,er!a,s a bed s!eet, !an s from t!e c!est and from .er knees on to t!e floor, so t!at Mary, 1!o is (earin a dark blue dress, seems to emer e from a ,ile of sno(. -!e is alone. -!e is so(in fast, .er !ead bent on .er (ork, and t!e li !t of t!e lam, causes t!e to, ,art of .er !air to s!ine (it! ,ale old tints. T!e rest of .er face is in !alf;li !t. T!ere is dead silence in t!e tidy room. No noise can be !eard eit!er from t!e road, deserted at ni !t, or from t!e kitc!en arden. T!e !eavy door of t!e room (!ere Mary (orks, (!ere -!e takes .er meals and receives .er friends, and (!ic! o,ens on to t!e kitc!en arden, is closed, so t!at not even t!e noise of t!e fountain (ater runnin into t!e basin can be !eard. It is really t!e stillness of t!e ni !t. I (onder (!at Mary is t!inkin of (!ile .er !ands are (orkin s(iftly... 123

T!ere is a li !t ta,,in at t!e main door. Mary looks u, and listens... T!e ta,,in !as been so li !t t!at Mary must be t!inkin t!at it (as caused by some ni !t animal or by t!e (ind and -!e bends .er !ead once a ain to .er (ork. 3ut t!e knockin is re,eated and more loudly. Mary stands u, and oes to t!e door. 3efore o,enin -!e asks4 ' 1!o is knockin ) * A t!in voice re,lies4 ' A (oman. In t!e name of +esus, !ave mercy on me. * Mary o,ens t!e door at once !oldin t!e lam, u, to see t!e ,il rim. -!e sees a !ea, of clot!es, t!rou ! (!ic! no one a,,ears. A ,oor !ea, of clot!es, stoo,in very lo( and sayin 4 ' .ail2 My Lady2 * and t!en once a ain4 ' In t!e name of +esus, !ave mercy on me. * ' "ome in and tell Me (!at you (ant. I do not kno( you. * ' Nobody and many kno( me. %ice kno(s me. And .oliness kno(s me. 3ut no( I need Piety to o,en .er arms to me. And 0ou are Piety...* and s!e (ee,s. ' "ome in, t!en... And tell me... 0ou !ave said enou ! to make Me understand t!at you are un!a,,y... 3ut I do not yet kno( (!o you are. 0our name, sister... * ' $!2 no2 Not sister2 I cannot be 0our sister... 0ou are t!e Mot!er of /ood... I... I am #vil... * and s!e cries louder and louder under !er mantle, (!ic! covers !er com,letely. Mary lays t!e lam, on a c!airD s!e takes t!e !and of t!e unkno(n (oman kneelin on t!e t!res!old and com,els !er to stand u,. 12+

8 Mary does not kno( !er... but I do. -!e is t!e %eiled (oman of t!e "lear 1ater. -!e stands u,, de7ected, tremblin , s!aken by !er sobs, and is still reluctant to o in. -!e says4 ' I am a !eat!en, my Lady. I am filt!, for you +e(s, even if I (ere !oly. I am t(ice filt! because I am a ,rostitute. * ' If you come to Me, if you look for My -on t!rou ! Me, you can only be a re,entant !eart. T!is !ouse (elcomes t!ose (!ose name is -orro( * and -!e leads !er in, closin t!e door, lays t!e lam, on t!e table, and asks !er to sit do(n and says4 ' -,eak. * 3ut t!e %eiled (oman does not (ant to sit do(nD still stoo,in , s!e continues to (ee,. Mary is in front of !er, kind and =ueenly. -!e (aits, ,rayin , for !er to calm do(n. .er (!ole attitude tells me t!at -!e is ,rayin , alt!ou ! not!in about .er takes t!e form of ,rayer4 neit!er .er !ands (!ic! are !oldin all t!e time t!e little !and of t!e %eiled (oman, nor .er li,s (!ic! are closed. At last !er (ee,in calms do(n. T!e %eiled (oman dries !er face (it! !er veil and t!en says4 ' And yet I !ave not come from so far as to be unkno(n. It is t!e !our of my redem,tion and I must reveal myself... to s!o( (it! !o( many (ounds my !eart is covered. And 0ou are a mot!er... and .is Mot!er... 0ou (ill, t!erefore, !ave mercy on me. * ' 0es, My dau !ter. * ' $!2 yes2 "all me dau !ter2 I !ad a mot!er and I left !er... I (as later told t!at s!e died of a broken !eart I !ad a fat!er... !e cursed me and !e says to t!ose in to(n4 127

5I no lon er !ave a dau !ter6 * Ms!e resumes cryin more bitterly. Mary turns ,ale (it! an uis!, but lays .er !and on !er !ead to comfort !erN. T!e %eiled (oman oes on4 ' No one (ill call me dau !ter any more2... 0es, caress me t!us, as my mot!er used to do (!en I (as ,ure and ood... Let me kiss 0our !and and (i,e my tears (it! it. My tears alone (ill not cleanse me. .o( muc! !ave I (e,t (!en I realised2 E Also before I used to (ee,, because it is !orrible to be not!in but fles!, abused and insulted by man. 3ut t!ey (ere t!e tears of an ill;treated animal t!at !ates and rebels a ainst !im (!o tortures and fouls it more and more... because I c!an ed master, but I did not c!an e bestiality... I !ave been (ee,in for ei !t mont!s... because I !ave understood... I understood my misery and my de,ravity, I am covered and saturated (it! it and I feel dis usted... 3ut my tears, alt!ou ! more and more conscious, do not yet cleanse me. T!ey mi< (it! my de,ravity and do not (as! it a(ay. $!2 Mot!er2 1i,e my tears and I s!all be so cleansed as to be able to o near my -aviour2 * ' 0es, My dau !ter, yes, I (ill. -it do(n. .ere, near Me. And s,eak calmly. Leave your burden !ere, on My knees of a Mot!er * and Mary sits do(n. > 3ut t!e %eiled (oman sinks to t!e round at .er feet, as s!e (is!es to s,eak to .er t!us. -!e be ins slo(ly4 ' I come from -yracuse... I am t(enty;si< years old... I (as t!e dau !ter of a ste(ard, as you (ould call !im, (e say a ,rocurator, of a (ealt!y Roman entleman. I (as an only dau !ter. My life (as a !a,,y one. 1e lived near t!e seaside, in a beautiful villa, (!ere my fat!er (as t!e ste(ard. No( and a ain t!e o(ner of t!e villa, or !is (ife or c!ildren (ould come. T!ey treated us very (ell and 129

(ere very ood to me. T!e irls used to ,lay (it! me... My mot!er (as !a,,y and... ,roud of me. I (as beautiful... intelli ent and I succeeded in everyt!in ... 3ut I loved frivolous t!in s more t!an ood t!in s. T!ere is a reat t!eatre at -yracuse. A reat t!eatre... 3eautiful... !u e... It is used for ames and ,lays... Mimers are (idely em,loyed in t!e comedies and tra edies (!ic! are ,erformed t!ere. T!ey em,!asize t!e meanin of t!e c!orus by t!eir silent dances. 0ou do not kno(... but also by means of our !ands or t!rou ! t!e movements of our bodies (e can e<,ress t!e feelin s of a man a itated by a ,assion. 0oun boys and irls are trained as mimers in a s,ecial sc!ool. T!ey must be as beautiful as ods and as a ile as butterflies... I loved to o to a kind of !i ! s,ot overlookin t!at ,lace and see t!e mimers dance. I t!en imitated t!em on t!e flo(ery meado(s, on t!e olden sands of my land, in t!e arden of t!e villa. I seemed an artistic statue, or a li !t blo(in breeze, so clever I (as in assumin statues=ue ,ostures or flyin about almost (it!out touc!in t!e round. My (ealt!y friends admired me... my mot!er (as ,roud of me... * T!e %eiled (oman s,eaks, remembers, sees and dreams of !er ,ast and (ee,s. .er sobs are like commas in !er s,eec!. ' $ne day... it (as May... T!e (!ole of -yracuse (as bloomin (it! flo(ers. T!e celebrations (ere 7ust over and I !ad one into ra,tures over a dance ,erformed in t!e t!eatre... T!e o(ners !ad taken me t!ere (it! t!eir dau !ters. I (as fourteen years old... In t!at dance t!e mimers, (!o (ere to re,resent t!e s,rin time nym,!s runnin to (ors!i, "eres, danced cro(ned (it! roses and 122

clad (it! roses... $nly (it! roses because t!eir dresses (ere very li !t veils, a cob(eb s,read (it! roses... 1!ile dancin t!ey looked like (in ed .ebes, so li !t t!ey lided about, (!ile t!eir ma nificent bodies a,,eared t!rou ! t!e ruffled stri,s of t!eir flo(ery veils, flo(in like (in s be!ind t!em. I studied t!e dance... and one day... one day *... T!e %eiled (oman cries louder... -!e t!en com,oses !erself. ' I (as beautiful. I still am. Look. * -!e stands u, t!ro(in !er veil be!ind !er and lettin !er lar e mantle dro,. And I am dumbfounded, because I see A lae emer e from t!e discarded clot!es. -!e is beautiful, also in !er modest dress, in !er sim,le ,laited !air;style, (it!out any 7e(els, (it!out ,om,ous arments. .er body is like a real flo(er, slender and ,erfect, (it! a beautiful li !t bro(n face and velvet eyes full of ardour. -!e kneels do(n a ain in front of Mary. ' I (as beautiful, unfortunately. And I (as crazy. $n t!at day I ,ut on veils, t!e dau !ters of our landlord !el,ed me as t!ey loved to see me dance... I ot dressed on a stri, of t!e olden beac!, facin t!e blue sea. $n t!e deserted beac! t!ere (ere (!ite and yello( (ild flo(ers, (it! t!e s!ar, scent of almonds, of vanilla, of clean !uman bodies. 1aves of stron ,erfumes came also from t!e citrus ardens and t!e rose ardens in -yracuse ave off a scent, as (ell as t!e sea and t!e sand on t!e beac!D t!e sun dre( a smell from all t!in s... somet!in ,anicky t!at (ent to my !ead. I felt as if I (ere a nym,!, too, and I (as (ors!i,,in ... (!om) T!e fertile #art!) T!e fecundatin -un) I do not kno(. A !eat!en amon st 2//

!eat!ens, I t!ink I (as (ors!i,,in -ense, my des,otic kin , (!om I did not kno( I !ad, but (!o (as more ,o(erful t!an a od... I ,ut on a (reat! of roses ,icked in t!e arden... and I danced. I (as enra,tured by t!e li !t, t!e scents, by t!e ,leasure of bein youn , a ile and beautiful. I danced... and I (as noticed. I sa( I (as bein looked at. 3ut I (as not as!amed of a,,earin nude in t!e ,resence of t(o reedy eyes of a man. $n t!e contrary, I took ,leasure in dancin more lively. T!e satisfaction of bein admired lent (in s to my feet. And it (as my ruin. T!ree days later I (as left all by myself because t!e landlords left to o back to t!eir ,atrician d(ellin in Rome. 3ut I did not stay at !ome... T!e t(o admirin eyes !ad revealed somet!in else to me, beyond dancin ... T!ey !ad revealed sensuality and se<. * Mary makes an involuntary esture of dis ust, (!ic! is noted by A lae. ' $!2 but 0ou are ,ure2 Per!a,s I dis ust 0ou... * ' -,eak, My dau !ter. It is better if you s,eak to Mary t!an to .im. Mary is a sea t!at (as!es... * ' 0es, it is better if I tell 0ou. I t!ou !t t!at myself (!en I !eard t!at .e !ad a mot!er... 3ecause before, seein .im so different from every ot!er man, t!e only t!orou !ly s,iritual man E no( I kno( t!ere is t!e s,irit and (!at it is E before I could not !ave said of (!at 0our -on (as made, as .e (as (it!out sensuality alt!ou ! a man, and (it!in myself I t!ou !t .e !ad no mot!er, but .e !ad descended u,on t!e eart! to save t!e !orrible (retc!es of (!om I am t!e (orst. #very day I (ent back to t!at ,lace !o,in to see t!e youn !andsome s(art!y man... And after some time I 2/1

sa( !im a ain... .e s,oke to me. .e said to me4 5"ome to Rome (it! me. I (ill take you to t!e im,erial court, you (ill be t!e ,earl of Rome.6 I re,lied4 50es. I (ill be your fait!ful (ife. "ome and see my fat!er.6 .e lau !ed mockin ly and kissed me. .e said4 5Not my (ife. 3ut you s!all be t!e oddess and I your ,riest and I (ill reveal t!e secrets of life and ,leasure to you.6 I (as t!orou !ly infatuated, I (as a youn irl. 3ut alt!ou ! a youn irl, I kne( (!at life is... I (as s!re(d, I (as infatuated, but not yet de,raved... and I (as dis usted by !is ,ro,osal. I tore myself a(ay from !is embrace and I ran !ome... 3ut I did not s,eak to my mot!er about it... and I did not resist t!e desire to see !im a ain... .is kisses !ad made me more ent!ralled t!an ever... And I (ent back... I !ad !ardly reac!ed t!e deserted beac! (!en !e embraced me kissin me frenziedly, (it! a storm of kisses, (it! lovin (ords, (it! =uestions4 5Is t!ere not everyt!in in t!is love) Is t!is not s(eeter t!an a bond) 1!at else do you (ant) "an you live (it!out t!is)6 $!2 Mot!er... I elo,ed t!e same evenin (it! t!e filt!y ,atrician... and I became a ra tram,led on by !is beastliness... I (as not a oddess4 but mud. Not a ,earl4 but tras!. Life (as not revealed to me, but t!e filt! of life, t!e infamy, t!e dis ust, t!e ,ain, t!e s!ame, t!e infinite misery of not even belon in to myself... And t!en... utter ruin. After si< mont!s of or ies, !e became tired of me and ,assed on to fres! love affairs and I lived on t!e streets. I made t!e most of my dancin talent... I already kne( t!at my mot!er !ad died of a broken !eart and t!at I no lon er !ad a !ome or a fat!er... A dancin master acce,ted me in !is academy. .e ,erfected me... !e 2/2

en7oyed me... and !e launc!ed me into t!e corru,t Roman ,atriciate as a flo(er fully skilled in every sensual art. T!e already dirty flo(er fell into a cloaca. 9or ten years I fell lo(er and lo(er into t!e abyss. I (as t!en brou !t !ere to deli !t .erod:s leisure time and I (as en a ed !ere by a ne( master. $!2 No c!ained do is more c!ained t!an one of us2 And t!ere is no do trainer more brutal t!an t!e man (!o ,ossesses a (oman2 Mot!er... 0ou are tremblin 2 I am fillin 0ou (it! !orror2 * Mary !as taken .er !and to .er !eart, as if it !ad been (ounded. 3ut -!e re,lies4 ' No, not you. T!e #vil, (!ic! is suc! a ,o(erful master on t!e eart!, is !orrifyin Me. /o on, My ,oor creature. * ' .e took me to .ebron... 1as I free) 1as I ric!) 0es, I (as, because I (as not in 7ail and I (as covered (it! 7e(els. No, I (as not, because I could see only t!ose (!om !e (anted and I !ad no ri !t to myself. A $ne day a man, t!e 5Man6, 0our -on, came to .ebron. T!e !ouse (as dear to .im. I realised it and I invited .im to enter. -!ammai (as not t!ere... and from t!e (indo( I !ad already !eard (ords and seen a si !t (!ic! !ad u,set my !eart. 3ut I s(ear to 0ou, Mot!er, t!at it (as not t!e fles! t!at drove me to(ards 0our +esus. It (as somet!in t!at .e revealed to me t!at drove me to t!e door, defyin t!e =ui,s of t!e ,o,ulace, to say to .im4 5"ome in.6 It (as t!e soul t!at I t!en learned I !ad. .e said to me4 5My Name means4 -aviour. I save t!ose (!o are an<ious to be saved. I save by teac!in to be ,ure, to desire and acce,t sorro(s (it! !onour, to desire /ood at all costs. I am t!e $ne 1!o seeks t!ose (!o are lost and ives Life. I am Purity and Trut!26 .e 2/,

told me t!at I also !ad a soul and t!at I !ad killed it by my (ay of livin . 3ut .e did not curse me, neit!er did .e mock me. And .e never looked at me2 T!e first man (!o did not stri, me (it! !is reedy eyes, because I lie under t!e terrible curse of attractin men... .e told me t!at (!o looks for .im (ill find .im because .e is (!ere a doctor and a medicine are needed. And .e (ent a(ay. 3ut .is (ords (ere in !ere. And t!ey !ave never come out. I used to say to myself4 Name means -aviour6, as if I (ere be innin to (is! to be cured. I (as left (it! .is (ords and (it! .is friends, t!e s!e,!erds. And I took t!e first ste, by ivin t!em alms and askin for t!eir ,rayers... And t!en... I ran a(ay... $!2 It (as a !oly fli !t2 I ran a(ay from sin seekin t!e -aviour. I (ent about lookin for .im. I (as sure I (ould find .im because .e !ad ,romised me. T!ey sent me to a man (!ose name is +o!n, t!inkin it (as .e. 3ut it (as not. A +e( sent me to t!e "lear 1ater. I lived sellin t!e lar e =uantity of old I !ad. Durin t!e mont!s (!en I (andered about I !ad to kee, my face covered to avoid bein ca,tured and also because, really, A lae (as buried under t!at veil. T!e old A lae (as dead. ?nder t!e veil t!ere (as !er (ounded bloodless soul seekin its doctor. Many a time I (as com,elled to flee t!e sensuality of men (!o ,ersecuted me, alt!ou ! I (as so dis uised in my attire. Also one of t!e friends of 0our -on... At t!e "lear 1ater I lived like an animal4 ,oor but !a,,y. And t!e de( and t!e river did not clean me as muc! as .is (ords. $!2 Not one (as lost2 $nce .e for ave a murderer. I !eard... and I (as about to say4 59or ive me, too.6 Anot!er time .e s,oke of lost innocence... $!2 .o( many tears of re ret2 Anot!er time 2/4

.e cured a le,er... and I (as about to s!out4 5"leanse me too, of my sin... E Anot!er time .e cured a madman, a Roman... and I (e,t... and .e ot someone to tell me t!at fat!erlands ,ass a(ay, but .eaven remains. $ne stormy ni !t .e s!eltered me in .is !ouse... and later .e asked t!e ste(ard to ive me !os,itality and .e told a c!ild to say to me4 5Do not (ee,6... $!2 .is kindness2 My misery2 3ot! so reat t!at I did not dare to take my misery to .is feet... not(it!standin t!at one of .is disci,les durin t!e ni !t instructed me in t!e infinite mercy of 0our -on. And t!en, (!en t!ose (!o considered sinful t!e desire of a soul to be reborn, laid snares for .im, my -aviour (ent a(ay... and I (aited for .im... 3ut .e (as a(aited also by t!e ven eance of t!ose (!o are by far less (ort!y of lookin at .im t!an I am. 3ecause I, as a !eat!en, sinned a ainst myself, (!ereas t!ey, (!o already kno( /od, sin a ainst t!e -on of /od... and t!ey !it me and t!ey !ave !urt me more (it! t!eir accusations t!an (it! stones and t!ey !ave (ounded my soul more t!an my body, as t!ey led me to des,air. $!2 1!at a dreadful stru le a ainst myself2 1orn out, bleedin , (ounded, feveris!, (it!out my Doctor, !omeless, (it!out food, I looked be!ind me and in front of me... My ,ast (ould say to me4 5"ome back6, my ,resent said4 5Bill yourself6, my future used to say4 5.o,e.6 I did !o,e... I did not commit suicide. I (ould, if .e re7ected me, because I do not (ant to be (!at I (as2... I dra ed myself to a villa e askin for s!elter... 3ut t!ey reco nised me. Like an animal I !ad to run a(ay, !ere, t!ere, al(ays c!ased, al(ays scorned at, al(ays cursed, because I (anted to be !onest and because I !ad disa,,ointed 2/3

t!ose (!o, t!rou ! me, (anted to strike 0our -on. 9ollo(in t!e river I came u, to /alilee and I came !ere... 0ou (ere not !ere... I (ent to "a,ernaum. 0ou !ad 7ust left. 3ut an old man sa( me. $ne of .is enemies, (!o (anted me to bear (itness a ainst 0our -on, and as I (as (ee,in (it!out reactin , !e said to me4 5#veryt!in could c!an e in your favour if you (ould become my lover and my accom,lice in accusin t!e Rabbi of Nazaret!. It is enou ! for you to say in t!e ,resence of my friends, t!at .e (as your lover...6 I ran a(ay like a ,erson (!o sees a snake cree, out of a flo(ery bus!. I t!us understood t!at I can no lon er o to .im... and I came to 0ou. .ere I am4 tread on me, for I am mud. .ere I am4 re7ect me, for I am a sinner. .ere I am4 call me by my name4 ,rostitute. I (ill acce,t anyt!in from 0ou. 3ut, Mot!er, !ave mercy on me. Take my ,oor soiled soul and take it to .im. It is a crime to ,ut my lust into 0our !ands. 3ut only t!ere it (ill be ,rotected from t!e (orld t!at (ants it and it (ill become ,enance. Tell me !o( I must be!ave. Tell me (!at I !ave to do. Tell me (!ic! means I must use to be no lon er A lae. 1!at must I mutilate in myself) 1!at must I tear a(ay from myself t!at I may no lon er be sin, or an allurement, t!at I may no lon er !ave to be afraid of myself and of men) -!all I ,ut out my eyes) $r burn my li,s) $r cut my ton ue) My eyes, li,s and ton ue !ave served me in evil deeds. I no lon er (ant evil and I am (illin to ,unis! myself and t!em by sacrificin t!em. $r s!all I tear off t!ese reedy loins (!ic! !ave driven me to ,erverted love) $r t!ese una,,easable viscera (!ic! I am afraid may be aroused afres!) Tell me, ,lease tell me !o( can a (oman for et 2/+

s!e is a female and !o( can s!e make ot!er ,eo,le for et2 * C Mary is u,set. -!e (ee,s and suffers, but t!e only si n of .er rief are t!e tears t!at fall on t!e re,entant (oman. ' I (ant to die only after I !ave been for iven. I (ant to die rememberin not!in but my -aviour. I (ant to die kno(in t!at .is (isdom is friendly to me... and I cannot o near .im because t!e (orld looks at .im and at me sus,iciously to accuse us... * A lae cries, ,rostrate (it! rief. Mary stands u, (!is,erin 4 ' .o( difficult it is to be redeemers2 * -!e is almost breat!less. A lae, (!o !ears t!e (!is,er and understands .er esture, moans4 ' -ee) 0ou can see t!at 0ou are dis usted, too. I (ill no( o a(ay. I am done for2 * ' No, My dau !ter. 0ou are not done for. No, you are be innin no(. Listen, ,oor soul. I am not moanin because of you, but because of t!e cruel (orld. I (ill not let you o, but I (ill ,ick you u,, a ,oor s(allo( tossed by t!e storm a ainst t!e (alls of My !ouse. I (ill take you to +esus and .e (ill s!o( you your (ay to redem,tion... * ' I no lon er !o,e... T!e (orld is ri !t. I cannot be for iven. * ' 0ou cannot by t!e (orld. 0ou can by /od. Let me s,eak to you in t!e name of t!e -u,reme Love, 1!o ave Me a -on t!at I may ive .im to t!e (orld. .e took Me out of t!e blessed sim,licity of my consecrated vir inity so t!at t!e (orld mi !t receive 9or iveness. .e dre( My blood 2/7

not from My c!ildbirt! but from My !eart by revealin to Me t!at My "reature is t!e /reat %ictim. Look at Me, dau !ter. T!ere is a lar e (ound in t!is !eart. It !as been roanin for over t!irty years and it is becomin dee,er and dee,er and it consumes Me. Do you kno( its name) * ' -orro(. * ' No. Love. It is love t!at bleeds Me so t!at My -on may not be t!e only one to save. It is love t!at sets Me on fire t!at I may ,urify t!ose (!o dare not o to My -on. It is love t!at causes Me to (ee, t!at I may (as! sinners. 0ou (anted My caresses. I am ivin you My tears t!at (ill already cleanse you and enable you to look at My Lord. Do not (ee, t!us2 0ou are not t!e only sinner (!o !as come to t!e Lord and !as left redeemed. $t!er (omen came, many more (ill come. 0ou are not sure t!at .e can for ive you) 3ut can you not see in everyt!in t!at !a,,ened to you t!e mysterious (ill of Divine /oodness) 1!o brou !t you to +udaea) 1!o took you to +o!n:s !ouse) 1!o ,laced you at t!e (indo( t!at mornin ) 1!o lit a li !t to illuminate .is (ords for you) 1!o made you understand t!at c!arity, (!en 7oined to t!e ,rayers of t!ose (!o !ave been !el,ed, obtains !el, from /od) 1!o ave you t!e stren t! to run a(ay from -!ammai:s !ouse and to ,ersevere durin t!e first days until .is arrival) 1!o led you on to .is (ay) 1!o enabled you to live as a re,entant sinner to cleanse your soul more and more) 1!o ave you a martyr:s soul, a believer:s soul, a ,erseverin and ,ure soul) Do not s!ake your !ead. Do you t!ink t!at only !e is 2/9

,ure (!o !as never kno(n sensuality) Do you t!ink t!at a soul can never a ain become vir in and beautiful) $!2 My dau !ter2 3et(een t!e ,urity (!ic! is entirely a race of t!e Lord and your !eroic ascent to climb back to t!e summit of your lost ,urity, you must believe t!at yours is t!e reater. 0ou are buildin it a ainst sensuality, a ainst need and !abit. 9or Me it is a natural endo(ment, like breat!in . 0ou !ave to break off your t!ou !ts, your feelin s, your fles!, in order not to remember, not to desire, not to yield... I... $!2 "an a little c!ild, a fe( !ours old, !ave carnal desires) And does !e !ave any merit t!ereby) T!e same a,,lies to Me. I do not kno( (!at t!at tra ic !un er is t!at made mankind a victim. I kno( but t!e most !oly !un er for /od. 3ut you did not kno( it and you learned it by yourself. 3ut you subdued t!e ot!er !un er, t!e tra ic and !orrible one, for t!e sake of /od, your only love at ,resent. -mile, dau !ter of divine mercy2 My -on is (orkin in you (!at .e told you at .ebron. .e !as already done t!at. 0ou are already saved, because of your ood (ill to be saved, because you !ave come to kno( of ,urity, of sorro(, of /ood. 0our soul !as revived. 0es, you need .is (ord sayin to you in t!e name of /od4 50ou are for iven.6 I cannot say t!at. 3ut I ive you My kiss as a ,romise, as a be innin of for iveness... $ #ternal -,irit, a little of 0ou is al(ays in 0our Mary2 Allo( .er to ,our fort! 0our -anctifyin -,irit on t!is creature (!o is (ee,in and !o,in . 9or t!e sake of $ur -on, o /od of Love, save t!is (oman (!o is e<,ectin salvation from /od. May t!e /race, (it! (!ic! t!e An el said t!at /od !as filled Me, may t!at /race by a miracle rest u,on !er and su,,ort !er until +esus, t!e 3lessed 2/2

-aviour, t!e -u,reme Priest, absolves !er in t!e name of t!e 9at!er, and of t!e -on and of t!e -,irit... H It is late, My dau !ter. 0ou are tired and (orn out. "ome, Rest. 0ou (ill o a(ay tomorro(... I (ill send you to an !onest family, because too many ,eo,le come !ere no(. And I (ill ive you a dress like Mine and you (ill look like a +e(ess. And as I (ill see My -on only in +udaea, because Passover is near and at t!e ne( moon of A,ril (e s!all be in 3et!any, I (ill s,eak to .im of you. "ome to t!e !ouse of -imon t!e Fealot. 0ou (ill find Me t!ere and I (ill take you to .im. * A lae is (ee,in a ain. 3ut no( s!e is at ,eace. -!e is sittin on t!e floor. Also Mary !as sat do(n a ain. And A lae rests !er !ead on .er knees and kisses .er !and... -!e t!en moans4 ' T!ey (ill reco nise me... * ' $!2 T!ey (ill not. Do not be afraid. 0our dress (as too (ell kno(n. 3ut I (ill ,re,are you for your 7ourney to(ards 9or iveness and you (ill be like a vir in oin to !er (eddin 4 you (ill be different and unkno(n to t!e ,eo,le una(are of t!e rite. "ome. T!ere is a little room near Mine. -aints and ,il rims (is!in to o to /od !ave rested in it. It (ill s!elter you, too. * A lae is about to ,ick u, !er lar e mantle and !er veil. ' Leave t!em. T!ey are t!e clot!es of ,oor lost A lae. 3ut s!e no lon er e<ists... and not even !er dress is to remain. It e<,erienced too muc! !atred... and !atred !urts as muc! as sin. * T!ey o out into t!e dark kitc!en arden and t!en into +ose,!:s little room. Mary li !ts t!e little lam, on t!e 21/

s!elf, caresses t!e re,entant (oman once a ain, closes t!e door and (it! !er treble li !t s!e looks to see (!ere -!e can take A lae:s torn mantle so t!at nobody may see it t!e follo(in day.

14+. T$e Se *on of t$e 6o!nt@ : Yo! A e t$e Salt of t$e Ea t$ ;.

--n) 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus is (alkin fast alon a main road. .e is alone. .e is oin to(ards a mountain, (!ic! rises near a main road runnin east(ards from t!e lake, and it be ins to rise (it! a lo( mild elevation, (!ic! e<tends for a ood distance, formin a tableland from (!ic! one can see all t!e lake and t!e to(n of Tiberias to(ards t!e sout!, as (ell as ot!er to(ns, not =uite so beautiful, stretc!in to(ards t!e nort!. T!ere is t!en a cra and t!e mountain rises rat!er stee,ly u, to a ,eak, and t!en slo,es do(n and rises once a ain u, to anot!er ,eak, similar to t!e ,revious one, t!us formin a kind of stran e saddle. +esus be ins climbin to(ards t!e tableland alon a mule;track, (!ic! is still =uite comfortable, and reac!es a small villa e, t!e in!abitants of (!ic! (ork t!e tableland, (!ere t!e corn is be innin to come to ear. .e oes t!rou ! t!e villa e and ,roceeds t!rou ! t!e fields and meado(s all stre(n (it! flo(ers and rustlin (it! cro,s. T!e clear day dis,lays all t!e beauty of t!e surroundin 211

nature. 3esides t!e lonely little mountain, to(ards (!ic! +esus is oin , to t!e nort! lies t!e im,osin ,eak of Mount .ermon, t!e to, of (!ic! looks like a !u e ,earl laid on a base of emeralds, so (!ite is t!e ,eak covered (it! sno(, (!ereas t!e (oody slo,e is reen. 3eyond t!e lake, (!ic! is bet(een t!e lake and Mount .ermon, t!e ,lain is reen. Lake Merom is t!ere, but cannot be seen from !ere. T!ere are more mountains to(ards t!e lake of Tiberias on t!e nort!;(est side and beyond t!e lake t!ere is a lovely flat country and ot!er mountains, t!e contours of (!ic! are softened by t!e distance. To t!e sout!, on t!e ot!er side of t!e main road, I can see t!e !ills, (!ic! I t!ink conceal Nazaret!. T!e more one climbs, t!e (ider t!e vie(. I cannot see (!at lies to t!e (est, because t!e mountain acts as a (all. 8 +esus meets first t!e a,ostle P!ili,, (!o seems to !ave been ,osted t!ere as sentinel. ' 1!at, Master) 0ou are !ere) 1e (ere e<,ectin to meet 0ou on t!e main road. I am (aitin !ere for my com,anions (!o !ave one to et some milk from t!e s!e,!erds (!o ,asture t!eir flocks on t!ese mountains. Do(n, on t!e road, t!ere is -imon (it! +udas of -imon and Isaac, and... $!2 !ere... "ome2 "ome2 T!e Master is !ere2 * T!e a,ostles, (!o are comin do(n (it! flasks and containers, be in to run and t!e youn er ones, of course, arrive first. T!e (elcome t!ey ive t!e Master is really touc!in . At last t!ey are all to et!er and (!ile +esus smiles, t!ey all (ant to s,eak and tell .im... ' 3ut (e (ere (aitin for 0ou on t!e road2 * ' 1e (ere 7ust t!inkin t!at 0ou (ere not comin even today. * 212

' 0ou kno(, t!ere are many ,eo,le. * ' $!2 1e (ere embarrassed, t!ere are some scribes and even some of /amalielPs disci,les. * ' T!atPs ri !t, my Lord2 0ou left us 7ust at t!e ri !t moment2 I !ave never been so afraid as I (as 7ust t!en. DonPt ,lay suc! a trick on me a ain2 * Peter com,lains and +esus smiles and asks4 ' Did anyt!in (ron !a,,en to you) * ' $!2 no2 $n t!e contrary... $!2 Master2 DonPt 0ou kno( t!at +o!n ave a sermon)... It sounded as if 0ou (ere s,eakin t!rou ! !im. I... (e (ere all dumbfounded... T!at boy (!o only a year a o (as able only to cast a net.., o!2 * Peter is still amazed and !e s!akes +o!n (!o smiles but is silent. ' Do you believe t!at it is ,ossible t!at t!is boy s,oke t!ose (ords (it! t!ese smilin li,s) .e sounded like -olomon. * ' Also -imon s,oke very (ell, my Lord. .e (as really 5t!e c!ief6 * says +o!n. ' No (onder2 .e took me and ,us!ed me t!ere2 1!o kno(s2... T!ey say t!at I ave a ood sermon. Per!a,s I did. I donPt kno(... because (!at (it! t!e sur,rise at +o!nPs (ords, (!at (it! t!e fear of s,eakin to so many ,eo,le and causin 0ou to cut a ,oor fi ure, I (as be(ildered...* ' "ausin Me to cut a ,oor fi ure) 3ut you (ere s,eakin and you (ould !ave cut a ,oor fi ure, -imon * teases +esus. ' $!2 As far as I am concerned... I (as not (orried about myself. I did not (ant t!em to sneer at 0ou and consider 21,

0ou a fool for c!oosin a block!ead as your a,ostle. * +esus s,arkles (it! 7oy because of PeterPs !umility and love. 3ut .e only asks4 ' And (!at about t!e ot!ers) * ' Also t!e Fealot s,oke very (ell. 3ut !e... (e all kno(. 3ut t!is boy (as t!e reat sur,rise2 $f course, since (e retired to ,ray, t!e boyPs soul seems to be in .eaven all t!e time. * ' T!at is true, very true. * T!ey all confirm PeterPs (ords. And t!ey continue tellin +esus... ' 0ou kno() Amon t!e disci,les no( t!ere are t(o, (!o accordin to +udas of -imon, are very im,ortant. +udas is very active. $f course2 .e kno(s many of t!ose... !i ! u, and kno(s !o( to deal (it! t!em. And !e likes to s,eak... .e s,eaks very (ell. 3ut t!e ,eo,le ,refer to !ear -imon, 0our cousins and above all t!is boy. 0esterday a man said to me4 5T!at youn man s,eaks very (ell6 E !e (as referrin to +udas E 5but I ,refer you.6 $!2 ,oor fello(2 .e ,refers me and I can !ardly ,ut a fe( (ords to et!er2... 3ut (!y did 0ou come !ere) T!e meetin ,lace (as t!e road, and (e !ave been t!ere. * ' 3ecause I kne( I (as oin to find you !ere. No( listen. /o do(n and tell t!e ot!ers to come u,, also t!e kno(n disci,les. T!e ,eo,le are not to come today. I (ant to s,eak to you only. * ' In t!at case it is better to (ait until evenin . 1!en t!e sun is about to set, t!e ,eo,le s,read amon t!e nearby villa es and t!ey come back t!e follo(in mornin (aitin for 0ou. $t!er(ise... (!o (ill !old t!em back) * ' All ri !t. Do t!at. I (ill (ait for you u, t!ere, at t!e 214

to,. T!e ni !ts are mild no( and (e can slee, in t!e o,en. * ' 1!erever 0ou (is!, Master. Providin 0ou are (it! us. * > T!e disci,les o a(ay and +esus resumes climbin u, to t!e to,, (!ic! is t!e same one as I already sa( last year in t!e vision for t!e end of t!e sermon of t!e Mount and t!e first meetin (it! Mary Ma dalene. T!e vie( is no( (ider and is becomin bri !ter in t!e sunset. +esus sits on a rock and is recollected in meditation. And .e remains t!us until t!e s!ufflin of feet on t!e ,at! (arns .im t!at t!e a,ostles are back. It is ettin dark, but t!e sun still s!ines on t!e mountain to,, dra(in scents from every !erb and flo(er... T!ere is a stron smell of (ild lilies of t!e valley (!ile t!e tall stems of narcissi s!ake t!eir stars and buds as if t!ey (ere askin for de(. +esus ets u, and reets t!em4 ' Peace be (it! you. * T!ere are many disci,les (!o come u, (it! t!e a,ostles. Isaac leads t!em smilin . .is smilin face is t!e t!in face of an ascetic. T!ey all at!er round +esus 1!o is reetin +udas Iscariot and -imon Fealot ,articularly. ' I (anted you all !ere (it! Me, to be for a fe( !ours (it! you alone and s,eak only to you. I !ave somet!in to tell you to ,re,are you for your mission. Let us take our food and t!en (e s!all s,eak, and (!ile you are slee,in your souls (ill continue to relis! t!e doctrine. * T!ey !ave t!eir fru al meal and t!en form a circle round +esus 1!o is sittin on a lar e stone. T!ey are about one !undred, ,er!a,s more, bet(een disci,les and a,ostles4 a 213

circle of attentive faces, (!ic! t!e flames of t(o fires li !t u, oddly. +esus s,eaks slo(ly, esticulatin =uietly. .is face looks ,aler, as it emer es from .is dark blue tunic and also because it is lit u, by t!e rays of t!e ne( moon, (!ic! illuminates t!e s,ot (!ere .e is, a small comma of a moon in t!e sky, a ray of li !t t!at caresses t!e Master of .eaven and eart!. A ' I (anted you !ere, aside, because you are My friends. I called you to et!er after t!e first test of t!e T(elve, to (iden t!e circle of My active disci,les, and to !ear from you your first reactions to bein uided by t!ose (!om I am ivin to you to continue My (ork. I kno( t!at everyt!in (ent (ell. I su,,orted (it! My ,rayer t!e souls of t!e a,ostles, (!o !ad came out of a ,rayin retreat (it! a ne( stren t! in t!eir minds and in t!eir !earts. A stren t! t!at does not come from !uman effort, but from a com,lete reliance in /od. T!ose (!o are most unmindful of t!emselves, !ave iven most. It is difficult to be unmindful of oneself. Man is made of recollections and t!e ones t!at raise t!eir voice most are t!e memories of onePs e o. 0ou must distin uis! bet(een e o and e o. T!ere is t!e s,iritual e o of t!e soul t!at remembers /od and its ori ins from /od, and t!ere is an inferior e o of t!e fles! t!at remembers its ,assions and its numberless e<i encies concernin its (!ole bein . T!ey are so many voices to form a c!oir, and unless t!e s,irit is =uite stron , t!ey overcome t!e solitary voice of t!e s,irit t!at remembers its nobility as c!ild of /od. It is t!erefore necessary E (it! t!e e<ce,tion of t!is !oly memory t!at s!ould al(ays be stimulated and ke,t reen and bri !t E it is 21+

necessary to learn !o( to for et yourselves, in all t!e memories, t!e needs, t!e timid reflections of t!e !uman e o, in order to be ,erfect. In t!e first test of My T(elve, t!ose (!o !ave iven most are t!e ones (!o for ot t!emselves most. T!ey for ot not only t!eir ,ast, but also t!eir limited ,ersonality. T!ey are t!e ones (!o no lon er remembered (!at t!ey (ere, and (ere so united to /od as to be afraid of not!in . 1!y (ere some standoffis!) 3ecause t!ey remembered t!eir !abitual scru,les, t!eir usual considerations and ,re7udice. 1!y (ere ot!ers laconic) 3ecause t!ey remembered t!eir doctrinal inability and t!ey (ere afraid of cuttin a bad fi ure or causin Me to cut one. 1!y t!e s!o(y ostentation of ot!ers) 3ecause t!ey remembered t!eir usual ,ride, t!eir desire to s!o( off, to be a,,lauded, to rise above t!e ot!ers, to be 5someone.6 9inally, (!y t!e sudden revelation of a trium,!al, rabbinic, ,ersuasive, firm elo=uence in ot!ers) 3ecause t!ey, and t!ey alone did remember /od. Like t!ose (!o so far !ave been !umble and !ave endeavoured to ,ass unnoticed and at t!e ri !t moment (ere able, all of a sudden, to assume t!e ,re;eminent di nity conferred on t!em, and (!ic! t!ey never (anted to e<ert before, lest t!ey s!ould ,resume too muc!. T!e first t!ree rou,s remembered t!eir inferior e o. T!e ot!er rou,, t!e fourt!, remembered t!eir su,erior e o and (ere not afraid. T!ey felt /od (it! t!emselves and in t!emselves and (ere not afraid. $!2 !oly boldness (!ic! comes from bein (it! /od2 C T!erefore no( listen, bot! you a,ostles and you disci,les. 0ou a,ostles !ave already !eard t!ese conce,ts. 3ut no( you (ill understand t!em in reater 217

de,t!. 0ou disci,les !ave never !eard of t!em or you !ave only !eard fra ments of t!em. And you must en rave t!em on your !earts. 3ecause I (ill make a (ider and (ider use of you, as "!ristPs flock is becomin more and more numerous. 3ecause t!e (orld (ill attack you more and more violently, and its (olves (ill increase in number a ainst Me, t!e -!e,!erd and a ainst t!e flock and I (ant to ,ut in your !ands t!e (ea,ons to defend bot! t!e Doctrine and My flock. 1!at is sufficient for t!e !erd is not sufficient for you, little s!e,!erds. If t!e s!ee, are allo(ed to make mistakes, bro(sin in !erbs (!ic! make t!e blood bitter or desires crazy, you are not allo(ed to make t!e same mistakes, leadin a lar e !erd to ruin. 3ecause you must realise t!at (!ere t!ere is an idolatrous s!e,!erd t!e s!ee, eit!er die of ,oison or are devoured by (olves.

0ou are t!e salt of t!e eart! and t!e li !t of t!e (orld. 3ut s!ould you fail in your mission you (ould become a tasteless and useless salt. Not!in could ive you flavour a ain, since /od could not ive you it, considerin t!at it (as iven to you as a ift, and you !ave desalted it, by (as!in it in t!e insi,id dirty (ater of mankind, by s(eetenin it by means of t!e corru,t s(eetness of sensuality, t!us mi<in (it! t!e ,ure salt of /od t!e corru,tion of ,ride, avarice, luttony, lust, (rat!, slot!, so t!at t!ere is a rain of salt to seven times seven rains of eac! vice. 0our salt, t!erefore, is but a mi<ture of stones in (!ic! t!e ,oor rain of lost salt cannot be found, a mi<ture of stones screec!in under your teet! and leavin in your mout!s t!e flavour of eart!, t!at makes food disa reeable and dis ustin . It is not even useful for inferior use, as t!e flavour of t!e seven vices

(ould !arm also every !uman em,loyment. T!e salt t!en can only be s,read arid trodden on by t!e careless feet of t!e ,eo,le. .o( many ,eo,le (ill t!us be able to tread !eavily on t!e men of /od2 3ecause t!ose c!osen men (ill allo( t!e careless ,eo,le to tram,le on t!em, as t!ey no lon er are a substance em,loyed to ive t!e flavour of noble !eavenly t!in s, as t!ey are not!in but corru,tion.

0ou are t!e li !t of t!e (orld. 0ou are like t!is mountain to, (!ic! (as t!e last to be kissed by t!e sun and t!e first to be silvered by t!e moon. 1!o is in a !i ! ,lace s!ines and can be seen because even t!e most dreamy eye looks no( and a ain at !i ! s,ots. I (ould say t!at t!e ,!ysical eye, (!ic! is said to be t!e mirror of t!e soul, reflects t!e yearnin of t!e soul, a yearnin often unnoticed but al(ays alive as lon as a man is not a demon, a yearnin after !ei !ts (!ere reason by instinct ,laces t!e Most .i !. And searc!in for .eaven, at least some times in life t!e eye looks at !ei !ts.
I be you to remember (!at (e all !ave done, since our c!ild!ood, enterin +erusalem. 1!ere do our eyes turn) To Mount Moria!, trium,!antly cro(ned (it! t!e marbles and old of t!e Tem,le. And (!ere do (e turn our eyes (!en (e are in t!e enclosure of t!e Tem,le) 1e look at t!e ,recious domes s!inin in t!e sun. .o( muc! beauty t!ere is in t!e sacred enclosure, s,read in its !alls, ,orc!es and yards2 3ut (!at is u, t!ere strikes our eyes. I also be you to remember (!at !a,,ens (!en (e are on t!e (ay to some ,lace. 1!ere do (e turn our eyes, almost to for et t!e len t! of t!e 7ourney, t!e tedium, t!e 212

tiredness, t!e !eat, t!e dust of t!e road) T!ey turn to t!e mountain to,s, even if t!ey are not very !i !, even if t!ey are far a(ay. And (!at a relief it is to see t!em a,,ear if (e are (alkin in a flat unvaryin ,lain2 Is t!ere mud on t!e road) T!ere is neatness u, t!ere. Is it sultry on t!e ,lain) It is cool u, t!ere. Is t!e vie( limited do(n !ere) It is (ide u, t!ere. And only by lookin at t!e mountain to,s, (e feel less t!e !eat of t!e day, t!e mud is not so sli,,ery, and (alkin is not so ,ainful. If t!ere is a to(n s!inin on t!e mountain to,, no eye (ill refrain from admirin it. 1e could say t!at even a modest ,lace becomes beautiful if ,laced, almost like an airy ,lace, on a mountain to,. T!at is (!y in t!e true and false reli ions, t!e tem,les (ere ,laced, (!en ,ossible, on !i ! s,ots, and if t!ere (as no !ill or mountain, t!ey built a stone ,edestal, t!us buildin (it! !uman labour t!e elevation on (!ic! to lay t!e tem,le. 1!y is t!at done) 3ecause men (ant t!e tem,le to be seen so t!at its si !t (ill remind mankind of /od. Like(ise I said t!at you are li !ts. 1!en in t!e evenin you li !t a lam, in t!e !ouse, (!ere do you ,ut it) In a !ole under t!e oven) In t!e cave used as a cellar) $r do you close it in a c!est) $r do you !ide it under a bus!el) No, you do not. $t!er(ise it (ould be useless li !tin it. T!e li !t instead is ,laced on to, of a s!elf, or it is ,ut on a lam,;stand, so t!at bein !i ! u,, it may bri !ten u, t!e (!ole room and illuminate t!e ,eo,le livin in it. And ,recisely because (!at is ,laced on a !i ! ,lace is to remind men of /od and illuminate, it must be able to fulfill its task. H 0ou must remember t!e True /od. T!us you must ensure t!at you do !ave (it!in yourselves t!e sevenfold ,a anism. $t!er(ise you (ould become ,rofane !i ! 22/

,laces (it! t!ickets sacred to t!is or to t!at od, and you (ould dra into your ,a anism t!ose (!o look at you as t!e tem,les of /od. 0ou must bear t!e li !t of /od. A dirty (ick, a (ick not nouris!ed (it! oil, smokes and ives no li !t, it !as a bad smell and does not illuminate. A lam, !idden be!ind a dirty =uartz;crystal does not create t!e s,lendid racefulness or t!e dazzlin effects of li !t on t!e bri !t mineral. 3ut it fades be!ind t!e veil of black smoke t!at makes t!e crystal cover dull. T!e li !t of /od s!ines (!ere (ills are zealous in removin daily t!e scum ,roduced by (ork itself, (it! its contacts, reactions and (!ere t!e (ick is immersed into ,lenty of ,rayer and c!arity. T!e li !t of /od multi,lies into infinite s,lendid reflections, as many as t!e ,erfections of /od, eac! of (!ic! e<cites in t!e saint a virtue ,ractised !eroically, if t!e servant of /od kee,s t!e unattackable =uartz of !is soul from t!e smoke of every soilin ,assion. T!e unattackable =uartz. ?nattackable2 M+esus t!unders out in t!is conclusion and .is voice resounds in t!e natural am,!it!eatreN. $nly /od !as t!e ri !t and t!e ,o(er to scratc! t!at crystal, to (rite .is Most .oly Name on it (it! t!e diamond of .is (ill. T!at Name t!en becomes t!e ornament t!at em,!asizes t!e bri !ter facets of su,ernatural beauty on t!e most ,ure =uartz. 3ut if t!e foolis! servant of t!e Lord, losin control of !imself and t!e si !t of !is mission, a com,letely and solely su,ernatural one, allo(s false ornaments and scratc!es, instead of en ravin s to be cut on !is =uartz, t!at is, mysterious and satanic fi ures made by t!e !ot cla( of -atan, t!en t!e (onderful lam, no lon er retains its intact beauty, but it cracks and breaks and t!e fra ments 221

of t!e s,lintered crystal suffocate t!e flame, and even if it does not break, a tan le of marks of unmistakable nature forms on its surface and soot ,enetrates into t!em s,oilin it. 1oe, t!ree times (oe, to t!e s!e,!erds (!o lose c!arity, (!o refuse to climb day by day to take u,(ards t!eir flocks t!at e<,ect t!eir ascent in order to ascend t!emselves. I (ill strike t!em do(n and remove t!em from t!eir ,ositions and I (ill ,ut out t!eir smoke alto et!er. 1oe, t!ree times (oe, to t!e masters, (!o re7ect 1isdom to become saturated (it! a science, (!ic! is often o,,osed and al(ays ,roud, sometimes satanic, because it makes t!em men, (!ereas E listen and remember E if every man is destined to become like /od, t!rou ! t!e sanctification t!at makes man a son of /od, a master, a ,riest s!ould already !ave in t!is (orld t!e as,ect of a son of /od, and only suc! as,ect. .e s!ould !ave t!e as,ect of a creature entirely devoted to souls and to ,erfection. .e s!ould !ave suc! as,ect to lead !is disci,les to /od. Anat!ema to t!e masters of a su,ernatural doctrine, (!o become idols of !uman kno(led e. 1oe, seven times (oe, to t!ose amon My ,riests (!o are dead to t!e s,irit, (!o (it! t!eir lack of savour and ill; livin fles! live as miserable slu is! !uman bein s. T!eir slee, is full of !allucinated a,,aritions of everyt!in , e<ce,t /od $ne and Trine, and is full as (ell of all sorts of calculations, e<ce,t t!e su,er!uman desire to increase t!e (ealt! of !earts and of /odD t!ey live a material, miserable dull life, dra in into t!eir dead 222

(ater t!ose (!o follo( t!em, believin t!at t!ey are 5Life.6 T!e curse of /od on t!ose (!o corru,t My little beloved flock. I s!all not ask an account and I (ill not ,unis! t!ose (!o ,eris! t!rou ! your laziness, o ne li ent servants of t!e Lord, but I (ill ask you to account for every !our and all t!e time lost and all evil conse=uences and I (ill ,unis! you. I Remember t!ose (ords. And no( o. I am climbin to t!e to,. 0ou may slee,. Tomorro( t!e -!e,!erd (ill o,en t!e ,astures of Trut! to .is flock. *

159. T$e Se *on of t$e 6o!nt. T$e Beat#t!)es APa t OneB.

-4t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& +esus s,eaks to t!e a,ostles allottin a ,lace to eac! one, so t!at t!ey may direct and (atc! over t!e cro(d (!o are climbin u, t!e mountain since t!e early !ours in t!e mornin , (it! sick ,eo,le (!om t!ey carry in t!eir arms or in stretc!ers or (!o !ave dra ed t!emselves alon on crutc!es. Amon t!e ,eo,le t!ere are -te,!en and .ermas. T!e air is clear and rat!er c!illy, but t!e sun soon softens t!e fres! mountain air, (!ic! on its turn, moderates t!e !eat of t!e sun, dra(in benefit from it, as it becomes ,ure and cool but not s!ar,. T!e ,eo,le sit on t!e stones scattered in t!e little valley 22,

bet(een t!e t(o crests, but some (ait for t!e sun to dry t!e rass, (et (it! de(, so t!at t!ey may sit do(n on t!e eart!. T!ere is a !u e cro(d from all t!e districts in Palestine and t!e ,eo,le are of all conditions. T!e a,ostles disa,,ear in t!e multitude, but like bees t!at come and o from t!e meado(s to t!e bee!ives, no( and a ain t!ey o back to t!e Master to inform .im, to ask for advice, and for t!e ,leasure of bein seen near .im. +esus climbs a little !i !er u, t!an t!e meado(, (!ic! is at t!e bottom of t!e little valley, .e leans a ainst t!e rock and be ins s,eakin . 8 ' Many !ave asked Me, durin a year of ,reac!in 4 50ou say t!at 0ou are t!e -on of /od, tell us (!at is .eaven, (!at is t!e Bin dom, (!at is /od. 3ecause our notions are !azy. 1e kno( t!at t!ere is .eaven (it! /od and t!e an els. 3ut no one !as ever come to tell us (!at it is like, because it is closed to ri !teous ,eo,le.6 T!ey !ave also asked Me (!at t!e Bin dom is and (!at /od is. And I !ave endeavoured to e<,lain to you (!at t!e Bin dom is and (!at /od is. I !ave striven not because it (as difficult for Me to ive an e<,lanation, but because it is difficult for many reasons to et you to acce,t t!e trut! t!at clas!es, as far as t!e Bin dom is concerned, (it! a multitude of ideas, (!ic! !ave risen over t!e centuries and, as far as /od is concerned, (it! t!e sublimity of .is Nature. $t!ers !ave also asked Me4 5All ri !t. T!at is t!e Bin dom and t!at is /od. 3ut !o( do (e ac!ieve t!em)6 .ere a ain I !ave tried to e<,lain to you ,atiently t!e true s,irit of t!e La( of -inai. 1!o abides by t!at s,irit con=uers .eaven. 3ut to e<,lain t!e La( of -inai to you 224

it is necessary to make you !ear t!e loud t!under of t!e La( iver and of .is Pro,!et, (!o, (!ile ,romisin blessin s to obedient believers, t!reaten terrible ,unis!ments and maledictions to t!ose (!o disobey. T!e #,i,!any of -inai (as fri !tful and its dreadfulness is reflected in t!e entire La(, and !as been reflected t!rou !out centuries and in all souls. 3ut /od is not only a Le islator... /od is a 9at!er. And a 9at!er of immense oodness. Probably, nay, certainly, your souls are not in a ,osition to rise and contem,late t!e infinite ,erfections of /od, and .is oodness least of all, because oodness and love are t!e rarest virtues amon st men. T!e reason is t!at your souls are (eakened by ori inal sin, by ,assions, by your o(n sins, by your o(n selfis!ness and t!e selfis!ness of ot!er ,eo,le4 t!e former closes your souls, t!e latter irritates t!em. /oodness2 .o( s(eet it is to be ood, (it! no !atred, no envy, no ,ride2 .o( s(eet it is to !ave eyes t!at look only for love and !ands t!at stretc! out only in estures of love, and li,s t!at utter only (ords of love and a !eart, above all a !eart, t!at full only of love, ur es eyes, !ands and li,s to acts of love2 > T!e most learned amon st you kno( (it! (!ic! ifts /od !ad enric!ed Adam, bot! for !imself and for !is descendants. Also t!e most i norant amon st t!e c!ildren of Israel kno( t!at t!ere is a soul in us. $nly t!e ,oor !eat!ens are una(are of t!is royal uest, of t!is vital breat! and celestial li !t t!at sanctifies and ives life to our body. 3ut t!e most learned kno( (!ic! ifts (ere iven to man and to t!e soul of man. /od (as not less munificent to t!e soul t!an to t!e fles! 223

and blood of t!e creature made by .im (it! a little mud and .is breat!. As .e ave t!e natural ifts of beauty and inte rity, of intelli ence and (ill ,o(er, and t!e ca,ability of lovin oneself and ot!er ,eo,le, .e also ave moral ifts and t!e sub7ection of senses to reason. T!erefore t!e (icked ca,tivity of senses and ,assions did not ,ermeate t!e freedom and control of Adam and of !is (ill, (it! (!ic! /od !ad ifted !im. T!us !e (as free to love, free to (is!, free to en7oy in 7ustice, (it!out (!at makes you slaves, causin you to feel t!e bite of t!e ,oison t!at -atan s,read and (!ic! no( overflo(s, carryin you out of t!e lim,id river;bed on to t!e slimy fields and ,utrescent ,onds, (!ere t!e fever of carnal and moral senses fermentates. 3ecause you must realise t!at also t!e concu,iscence of t!ou !t is sensual. And t!ey received su,ernatural ifts, t!at is, sanctifyin /race, a !eavenly destiny, t!e vision of /od. A -anctifyin /race4 t!e life of t!e soul. T!e most s,iritual t!in de,osited in our s,iritual soul. T!e /race t!at makes us c!ildren of /od, because it ,reserves us from t!e deat! of sin, and (!o is not dead 5lives6 in t!e !ouse of t!e 9at!er4 ParadiseD in My Bin dom4 .eaven. 1!at is t!is /race t!at sanctifies and ives Life and Bin dom) $!2 Not many (ords are re=uired2 /race is love. /race is t!erefore /od. It is /od 1!o admirin .imself in t!e creature (!om .e created ,erfect, loves .imself, contem,lates .imself, desires .imself, ives .imself (!at is .is o(n to multi,ly it, to deli !t in t!e multi,lication, to love .imself in t!e many ot!ers (!o are ot!ers .imself. $!2 My c!ildren2 Do not defraud /od of t!is ri !t of .is2 Do not de,rive /od of (!at belon s to .im2 Do not 22+

disa,,oint /od in .is desire2 "onsider t!at .e acts out of love. #ven if you did not e<ist, .e (ould still be Infinite, and .is ,o(er (ould not diminis!. 3ut .e, alt!ou ! .e is com,lete in .is infinite immeasurable measure, does not (ant anyt!in for .imself and in .imself (!ic! .e could not, because .e is already Infinite E but for "reation, .is creature. .e (ants to increase .is love for all rational creatures contained in "reation, and t!erefore ives you .is /race4 Love, t!at you may carry it in yourselves to t!e ,erfection of saints, and you may ,our t!is treasure, taken from t!e treasure t!at /od !as iven you (it! .is /race and increased by all t!e !oly deeds in all your !eroic lives of saints, into t!e infinite $cean (!ere /od is4 into .eaven.

0ou are divine reservoirs of Love2 T!at is (!at you are, and no deat! is iven to your bein , because you are eternal, as /od is, bein like /od. 0ou s!all be, and t!ere (ill be no end to your bein , because you are immortal like t!e !oly s,irits t!at su,ernouris!ed you, returnin to you enric!ed by t!eir o(n merits. 0ou live and nouris!, you live and enric!, you live and form t!e most !oly t!in (!ic! is t!e "ommunion of t!e s,irits, from /od, t!e Most Perfect -,irit, do(n to t!e last born baby, (!o sucks !is mot!er:s breast for t!e first time.
Do not criticise Me in your !earts, o learned men2 Do not say4 5.e is crazy, .e is a liar2 3ecause .e s,eaks foolis!ly sayin t!at t!ere is /race in us, (!en -in !as de,rived us of it. .e lies statin t!at (e are already one t!in (it! /od.6 0es, t!ere is sin and t!ere is se,aration. 3ut before t!e ,o(er of t!e Redeemer, -in, t!e cruel 227

se,aration bet(een t!e 9at!er and t!e c!ildren, (ill colla,se like a (all s!aken by a ne( -amson. I !ave already ot !old of it and I am s!akin it and it is about to fall and -atan is tremblin (it! (rat! and im,otence, as !e can avail not!in a ainst My ,o(er and !e realises t!at so muc! ,rey is bein snatc!ed from !im and t!at it is becomin more difficult to dra man to sin. 3ecause (!en I (ill !ave taken you to My 9at!er, t!rou ! Me, and you !ave been cleansed and stren t!ened by My 3lood and sorro(, /race (ill come back to you, lively and ,o(erful and you (ill be trium,!ant, if you so (is!. /od does no violence to your t!ou !ts or your sanctification. 0ou are free. 3ut .e ives you back your stren t!. .e ives you back your freedom from -atan:s em,ire. It is u, to you to take u,on yourselves t!e infernal yoke or to ,ut an elical (in s on your souls. It de,ends on you, (it! Me as your brot!er to uide you and nouris! you (it! an immortal food. C 0ou may ask4 5.o( can one con=uer /od and .is Bin dom t!rou ! a milder road t!an t!e !ars! -inai one)6 T!ere is no ot!er road but t!at one. 3ut let us look at it not from t!e ,oint of vie( of a t!reat, but from t!e ,oint of vie( of love. Let us not say4 51oe to me, if I do not do t!at26 tremblin (it! fear of sinnin , of not bein able not to sin. 3ut let us say4 5.o( lad I (ill be if I do t!at26 and (it! t!e im,ulse of a su,ernatural 7oy, full of !a,,iness, let us rus! to(ards t!ese beatitudes, brou !t about by com,liance (it! t!e La(, as roses s,rout from a t!orny bus!. 5.o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am ,oor in s,irit, because mine s!all be t!e Bin dom of .eaven2 229

.o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am entle because I s!all !ave t!e eart! for my !erita e2 .o( !a,,y I (ill be if I mourn (it!out rebellin , because I (ill be comforted2 .o( !a,,y I (ill be if I !un er and t!irst for 7ustice more t!an I do for bread and (ine to satisfy t!e fles!, because +ustice (ill satisfy me2 .o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am merciful, because I (ill !ave divine mercy s!o(n me2 .o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am ,ure in !eart, because /od (ill bend over my ,ure !eart and I (ill see .im2 .o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am ,eaceful in s,irit, because /od (ill call me .is son, because love is in ,eace and /od is Love 1!o loves (!oever is like .im2 .o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am ,ersecuted in t!e cause of ri !t, because /od, my 9at!er, to re(ard me for my eart!ly ,ersecutions, (ill ive me t!e Bin dom of .eaven2 .o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am abused and accused falsely for bein 0our son, o /od2 It must not cause me desolation but 7oy, as it (ill make me e=ual to 0our best servants, to t!e Pro,!ets, (!o (ere ,ersecuted for t!e same reason and (it! (!om I firmly believe I s!all s!are t!e same reat eternal re(ard in .eaven, (!ic! is mine2.6 Let us look t!us at t!e (ay of salvation4 t!rou ! t!e 7oy of saints. H 5.o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am ,oor in s,irit.6 222

$!2 -atanic t!irst for (ealt!, to (!at frenzy you lead bot! ric! and ,oor2 T!e ric! (!o live for t!eir old4 t!e ill;famed idol of t!eir ruined s,irits. T!e ,oor (!o live !atin t!e ric! because of t!eir old, and even if t!ey do not murder t!em ,!ysically, t!ey curse t!e ric! (is!in t!em all sorts of evil. It is not enou ! not to do evil, one must not even (is! to do it. .e (!o curses (is!in calamities and deat! is very like !im (!o kills ,!ysically, because !e (is!es t!e deat! of t!e ,erson !e !ates. I solemnly tell you t!at suc! a (is! is like an action !eld back, it is like a foetus conceived in a (omb and formed, but not yet e7ected. A (icked desire corru,ts and ruins man, because it lasts lon er t!an a violent action and is dee,er t!an t!e action itself. If a ric! man is ,oor in s,irit !e does not sin for t!e sake of !is old but !e turns !is old into sanctification, because !e turns it into love. Loved and blessed, !e is like s,rin (ater t!at saves travellers in a desert, as !e ives enerously, (it!out avarice, !a,,y to be able to relieve des,erate situations. If !e is ,oor, !e is !a,,y in !is ,overty and eats !is bread (!ic! is s(eetened by t!e 7oy of bein free from t!e t!irst of old, !e slee,s free from ni !tmares and ets u, (ell rested for !is tran=uil (ork, (!ic! is al(ays li !t (!en done (it!out reed or envy. 1!at makes man materially ric! is old, (!at makes !im morally ric! are !is affections. /old com,rises not only money but also !ouses, fields, 7e(els, furniture, !erds, everyt!in , in ot!er (ords, t!at (!ic! makes life (ealt!y materially. Affections include4 blood or marria e ties, friends!i,, intellectual soundness, ,ublic offices. As you can see, if for t!e first rou, a ,oor man can say4 5$!2 as far as I am concerned, ,rovidin I do not envy 2,/

t!ose (!o are ric!, I am all ri !t because I am ,oor, and t!us I am settled by force of circumstances6, (it! re ard to t!e second rou, also a ,oor man must be careful, because also t!e ,oorest man can become sinfully ric! in s,irit. 1!o is immoderately attac!ed to a t!in , commits a sin. 0ou may say4 5Are (e t!en to !ate t!e (ealt! t!at /od ranted us) 1!y t!en does .e command us to love our fat!ers, mot!ers, (ives, c!ildren and say4 :0ou s!all love your nei !bour as yourself): 6 0ou must distin uis!. 1e must love our fat!ers, mot!ers, (ives and our nei !bour, but in t!e de ree indicated by /od4 5As ourselves6. 1!ereas /od is to be loved above everyt!in and (it! our (!ole selves. 1e must not love /od as (e love t!e dearest ,eo,le amon our nei !bours4 because a (oman suckled us or because s!e slee,s on our c!est and ,rocreates c!ildren for us, but (e must love .im (it! our (!ole selves, t!at is, (it! all t!e ability to love t!at is in man4 t!e love of a son, of a !usband, of a friend and E do not be scandalised E t!e love of a fat!er. 0es, (e must !ave for t!e interests of /od t!e same care t!at a fat!er !as for !is c!ildren, for (!om !e lovin ly ,rotects !is (ealt! and increases it, and !e takes care of and is an<ious for t!eir ,!ysical ro(t! and intellectual education and for t!eir success in t!e (orld. Love is not an evil and must not become an evil. T!e races, (!ic! /od rants us, are not evil and must not become so. T!ey are love, ranted out of love. 1e must make a lovin use of suc! (ealt! ranted to us by /od in ,ersonal affections and in (orldly oods. And only !e (!o does not make an idol of suc! (ealt! but uses it to serve /od in !oliness, s!o(s t!at !e !as no sinful attac!ment 2,1

to it. $ne t!en ,ractises t!at !oly ,overty in s,irit t!at de,rives itself of everyt!in in order to be more free to con=uer /od, t!e .oly -u,reme 1ealt!. To con=uer /od4 t!at is to !ave t!e Bin dom of .eaven. I 5.o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am entle.6 T!is may seem to be in contrast (it! t!e facts of daily life. T!ose (!o are not lo(ly seem to be ,rominent and successful in t!eir families, to(ns and countries. 3ut is t!eirs a real trium,!) No, it is not. It is fear t!at kee,s a,,arently subdued t!ose (!o are over(!elmed by t!e des,ot, but in actual fact it is not!in but a veil dra(n over t!e rebellion seet!in a ainst t!e tyrant. Irascible and overbearin ,eo,le do not (in t!e love of t!eir relatives, of t!eir o(n citizens or of t!eir sub7ects. Neit!er are intellects or souls convinced to follo( t!e doctrines of masters (!o im,ose t!emselves by statin 4 5I said so, t!us it is.6 -uc! masters only create selftau !t men seekin t!e key t!at can o,en t!e closed doors of a (isdom or of a science (!ic! t!ey feel to be, and actually is t!e o,,osite of (!at is im,osed on t!em. T!ose ,riests (!o do not endeavour to con=uer souls by means of a ,atient, !umble and lovin kindness, do not (in any souls to /od, but t!ey look like armed (arriors (!o start a fierce attack, suc! is t!eir intolerant ras!ness in dealin (it! souls... $!2 ,oor souls2 If t!ey (ere !oly t!ey (ould not need you, o ,riests, to reac! t!e Li !t. T!ey (ould already !ave it (it!in t!emselves. If t!ey (ere 7ust, t!ey (ould not need you, o 7ud es, to be ,ut under t!e restraint of 7ustice, as t!ey (ould already !ave 7ustice (it!in t!emselves. If t!ey (ere !ealt!y, t!ey (ould not need a doctor. 3e t!erefore entle. Do not ,ut 2,2

souls to fli !t. Attract t!em t!rou ! love. 3ecause lo(liness is love, as ,overty in s,irit is love. If you are suc! you (ill !ave t!e #art! for your !erita e and you (ill take t!is ,lace to /od, (!ereas before it belon ed to -atan, because your lo(liness, (!ic! besides love is also !umility, (ill !ave overcome .atred and Pride, e<,ellin from souls t!e vile kin of !atred and ,ride, and t!e (orld (ill belon to you, t!at is, to /od, because you (ill be t!e 7ust souls t!at (ill ackno(led e /od as t!e Absolute Master of creation, to 1!om ,raise and blessin are due and everyt!in else (!ic! belon s to .im. J 5.o( !a,,y I (ill be if I mourn (it!out rebellin .6 -orro( is on t!e eart! and sorro( (rin s tears from men. -orro( did not e<ist but man brou !t it on to t!e eart! and because of !is corru,t intellect !e continuously strives to increase it in every ,ossible (ay. 3esides diseases and calamities ensuin from t!underbolts, storms, avalanc!es, eart!=uakes, man, in order to suffer and above all to make ot!er ,eo,le suffer E because (e (ould like only ot!er ,eo,le to suffer, and not ourselves, t!e effects of means studied to make ,eo,le suffer E man invents deadly (ea,ons, (!ic! are more and more dreadful and moral !ards!i,s, (!ic! are more and more cunnin . .o( many tears man (rin s from !is fello( man t!rou ! t!e insti ation of !is secret kin 4 -atan2 And I solemnly tell you t!at t!ose tears are not an im,airment but a ,erfection of man. Man is an absent;minded c!ild, a t!ou !tless su,erficial c!ild, a back(ard born c!ild, until tears make !im an adult, t!ou !tful, intelli ent ,erson. $nly t!ose (!o 2,,

(ee, or !ave (e,t, kno( !o( to love and can understand. T!ey kno( !o( to love t!eir (ee,in brot!ers, !o( to understand t!em in t!eir rief, !o( to !el, t!em (it! t!eir oodness, (!ic! is fully a(are !o( bitter it is to (ee, alone. And t!ey kno( !o( to love /od, because t!ey !ave realised t!at everyt!in is rief e<ce,t /od, because t!ey !ave understood t!at sorro( can be soot!ed if tears are s!ed on /od:s !eart and t!ey !ave also realised t!at resi ned tears, (!ic! do not cause fait! to be lost or ,rayer to become barren and (!ic! loat!e rebellion, suc! resi ned tears c!an e nature and instead of sorro( t!ey become comfort.
0es. T!ose (!o (ee, lovin t!e Lord (ill be comforted. K 5.o( !a,,y I (ill be if I !un er and t!irst for 7ustice.6 9rom t!e moment !e is born to t!e moment !e dies, man craves ea erly for food. .e o,ens !is mout! at !is birt! to et !old of !is mot!er:s ni,,le, !e o,ens !is li,s to s(allo( some refres!ment in t!e t!roes of deat!. .e (orks to feed !imself. .e makes a !u e ni,,le of t!e (orld from (!ic! !e sucks insatiably for t!at (!ic! is ,eris!able. 3ut (!at is man) An animal) No, !e is a son of /od. .e is in e<ile for a fe( or many years. 3ut !is life does not come to an end (!en !e c!an es !is d(ellin . T!ere is a life in life as t!ere is a kernel in a nut. T!e s!ell is not t!e nut, but it is t!e kernel inside t!e s!ell t!at is t!e nut. If you so( a s!ell not!in (ill come u,, but if you so( t!e s!ell (it! t!e kernel inside it, a bi tree (ill ro(. T!e same a,,lies to man. It is not !is fles! t!at becomes immortal, but !is soul. And it is to be 2,4

nouris!ed to take it to immortality, to (!ic! t!e soul, out of love, (ill take t!e body in t!e blessed resurrection. 1isdom and +ustice are t!e nouris!ment of t!e soul. T!ey are taken as food and as drink and t!ey stren t!en and t!e more one takes of t!em, t!e more ro(s t!e !oly ea erness to ,ossess 1isdom and kno( +ustice. 3ut t!e day (ill come (!en t!e !oly insatiable !un er of t!e soul (ill be satisfied. It (ill come. /od (ill ive .imself to .is c!ild, and (ill suckle !im and t!e c!ild destined for Paradise (ill be satisfied (it! t!e admirable Mot!er 1!o is /od .imself, and man (ill never be !un ry a ain but (ill rest !a,,ily on /od:s divine bosom. No !uman science is e=ual to t!is divine science. T!e curiosity of t!e mind can be ratified, but t!e necessities of t!e s,irit cannot. Nay, t!e s,irit is dis usted by t!e difference in taste and makes a (ry mout! at t!e bitter ni,,le, ,referrin to suffer t!e ,an s of !un er, rat!er t!an be filled (it! a food t!at does not come from /od. 3e not afraid, o men t!irstin or starvin for /od2 3e fait!ful and you (ill be satisfied by .im 1!o loves you. &L 5.o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am merciful.6 1!o amon st men can say4 5I do not need mercy6) No one. No(, if in t!e $ld La( it is (ritten4 5#ye for eye, toot! for toot!6, (!y s!ould (e not say in t!e Ne( La(4 51!o !as been merciful s!all find mercy6) #verybody needs for iveness. 1ell, t!en4 for iveness is not ac!ieved by formulae or by t!e form of a rite, (!ic! are e<ternal symbols ranted to man:s dull mentality, it is instead obtained t!rou ! t!e internal rite of love, (!ic! is still mercy. If t!e sacrifice of 2,3

a oat or a lamb and t!e offer of a fe( coins (ere ,rescribed, t!e reason is t!at every evil is founded on t(o roots4 reed and ,ride. /reed is ,unis!ed t!rou ! t!e e<,ense for t!e ,urc!ase of t!e offerin , ,ride by t!e o,en confession of t!e rite4 5I am makin t!is sacrifice because I !ave sinned.6 It is also done to antici,ate t!e times and t!e si ns of t!e times, and in t!e blood (!ic! is s!ed is symbolised t!e 3lood (!ic! (ill be s!ed to cancel t!e sins of men. 3lessed t!erefore are t!ose (!o are merciful to t!ose (!o are !un ry, nude, !omeless, to t!ose (!o suffer from t!e reatest misery, (!ic! is to !ave a bad dis,osition, as it causes rief bot! to t!ose (!o !ave it and to t!ose (!o live (it! t!em. 3e merciful. 9or ive, bear (it! ,eo,le, !el, t!em, teac! t!em, su,,ort t!em. Do not conceal yourselves in a crystal to(er sayin 4 5I am ,ure and I (ill not descend amon st sinners.6 Do not say E 5I am ric! and !a,,y and I (ill not !ear of ot!er ,eo,le:s miseries.6 Remember t!at your ric!ness, your !ealt!, your family (ealt! may vanis! =uicker t!an smoke blo(n a(ay by a stron (ind. And remember t!at crystal acts as a lense and conse=uently (!at may be unnoticed if you (ere mi<ed amon t!e cro(ds, cannot be concealed if you ,lace yourselves in a crystal to(er (!ere you are alone, isolated and illumined on all sides. Mercy is necessary to offer a continuous, secret, !oly sacrifice of e<,iation and to obtain mercy. && 5.o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am ,ure in !eart.6 /od is ,urity. Paradise is t!e Bin dom of Purity. Not!in im,ure can enter Paradise (!ere /od is. T!erefore, if 2,+

you are im,ure, you (ill not be able to enter t!e Bin dom of /od. $!2 3ut (!at a 7oy t!e 9at!er rants to .is c!ildren in advance2 1!o is ,ure !as in t!is (orld an advance of .eaven because /od bends over a ,ure soul and man from t!e eart! can see !is /od. .e is not familiar (it! t!e taste of !uman love, but relis!es t!e flavour of divine love, to t!e ,oint of bein enra,tured, and can say4 5I am (it! 0ou and 0ou are in me, I t!erefore ,ossess 0ou and I reco nise 0ou as t!e most lovin s,ouse of my soul.6 And believe Me, (!o !as /od en7oys substantial c!an es, of (!ic! !e !imself is una(are, and t!us becomes !oly, (ise, stron D (ords embellis! !is li,s and !is actions ac=uire a stren t! t!at is not of t!e creature, but comes from /od 1!o lives in it. 1!at is t!e life of t!ose (!o see /od) A beatitude. And do you (is! to de,rive yourselves of suc! a ift for t!e sake of fetid im,urities) &8 5.o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am ,eaceful in s,irit.6 Peace is one of /od:s c!aracteristics. /od is to be found only in ,eace. 3ecause ,eace is love, (!ereas (ar is !atred. -atan is !atred. /od is ,eace. No man can say t!at !e is t!e son of /od, neit!er can /od call son a man (!o !as an irascible soul al(ays ready to stir u, a storm. Not only. Neit!er can !e be called t!e son of /od (!o, alt!ou ! not a trouble;maker !imself, by means of !is o(n reat ,eace does not !el, to calm t!e storms stirred u, by ot!er ,eo,le. 1!o is ,eaceful ,ro,a ates ,eace also (it!out utterin any (ords. Master of !imself and, I dare say, master of /od, !e divul es .im as a lam, s,reads its li !t, as a t!urible e<!ales its ,erfume, as a (ineskin !olds (ine, and t!is s(eet oil, (!ic! is t!e s,irit of ,eace 2,7

issuin from t!e c!ildren of /od, ives li !t in t!e fo y loominess of ill;feelin s, and ,urifies t!e air from t!e miasmas of malice and calms t!e ra in (aves of =uarrels. Let /od and men say t!at you are so. &> 5.o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am ,ersecuted in t!e cause of ri !t.6 Man !as become so devilis! t!at !e !ates ood (!erever it is, and !e !ates (!o is ood, as if (!o is ood, even (!en silent, accuses and re,roac!es !im. In fact t!e oodness of one ,erson makes t!e (ickedness of a (icked ,erson a,,ear even more (icked... In fact t!e fait! of a true believer makes t!e !y,ocrisy of a false believer a,,ear more clearly. In fact, !e (!o by !is (ay of livin continuously bears (itness to 7ustice can but be !ated by t!e un7ust. And t!en t!e un7ust are ,itiless to(ards t!e lovers of 7ustice. T!e same a,,lies !ere as in (ars. Man makes more ,ro ress in t!e satanic art of ,ersecution t!an in t!e !oly art of love. 3ut !e can ,ersecute only (!at !as a s!ort life. 1!at is eternal in man eludes t!e snare, nay, it ac!ieves a more ener etic vitality t!an ,ersecution itself. Life esca,es t!rou ! t!e bleedin (ounds or because of t!e ,rivations t!at consume t!ose (!o are ,ersecuted. 3ut t!e blood makes t!e ,ur,le of t!e future kin and t!e ,rivations are as many ste,s to ascend t!e t!rones t!at t!e 9at!er !as ,re,ared for .is martyrs, for (!om are reserved t!e royal seats in t!e Bin dom of .eaven. &A 5.o( !a,,y I (ill be if I am accused and abused falsely.6 -trive to !ave your names (ritten in t!e celestial books, 2,9

(!ere names are not (ritten accordin to !uman false!ood, (!ic! is accustomed to ,raise t!ose (!o less deserve ,raise, (!ere, instead, (it! 7ustice and love are (ritten t!e deeds of ood ,eo,le in order to ive t!em t!e re(ard ,romised to t!e blessed ones by /od. In t!e ,ast, t!e Pro,!ets (ere calumniated and abused. 3ut (!en t!e ates of .eaven are o,ened, t!ey (ill enter t!e "ity of /od, like im,osin kin s, and t!e an els (ill bo( sin in out of 7oy. 0ou, too, (!o !ave been abused and accused falsely for bein t!e c!ildren of /od, (ill !ave a !eavenly trium,! and (!en t!e time comes to an end and Paradise is full, t!en every tear (ill be dear to you, because t!rou ! it you (ill !ave con=uered t!e eternal lory, (!ic! I ,romise you in t!e name of t!e 9at!er. /o. I (ill s,eak to you a ain tomorro(. $nly t!e sick ,eo,le s!ould remain t!at I may relieve t!em from t!eir ,ains. Peace be (it! you and may t!e meditation on salvation lead you, t!rou ! love, on to t!e road t!e end of (!ic! is .eaven. *

151. T$e Se *ons on t$e 6o!nt. Pa t T&o. Lo2e an) Fo (#2e.

-,t$ 6a1 1+4,. T$e Se *on of t$e 6o!nt "ont#n!es.

& It is t!e same ,lace and t!e same time. T!e cro(d is lar er. In a corner, near a ,at!, t!ere is a Roman, (!o seems an<ious to !ear but does not (ant to u,set t!e 2,2

cro(d. I reco nise !im from !is s!ort tunic and t!e different style of !is mantle. -te,!en and .ermas are still t!ere. +esus (alks slo(ly to .is ,lace and resumes s,eakin . ' 1!at I told you yesterday must not cause you to t!ink t!at I !ave come to abolis! t!e La(. No. 3ut since I am t!e Man, and I understand t!e (eakness of man, I (anted to encoura e you to com,ly (it! it, turnin your s,iritual eyes not to t!e dark abyss, but to t!e bri !t -ublimity. 3ecause if t!e fear of ,unis!ment can !old you back t!ree times out of ten, t!e certainty of a re(ard (ill ur e you seven times out of ten. Trust is t!erefore more efficacious t!an fear. And I (ant you to be fully and firmly confident, so t!at you accom,lis! not seven ,arts of ood out of ten, but ten out of ten and t!us ain t!e most !oly ,rize of .eaven.

I (ill not c!an e one iota of t!e La(. And 1!o ave it amon st t!e ,eals of t!under on -inai) T!e Most .i !. 1!o is t!e Most .i !) /od $ne and Triune. 1!ere did .e take it from) 9rom .is T!ou !t. .o( did .e ive it) 3y .is 1ord. 1!y did .e ive it) $ut of .is Love. 0ou can t!us see t!at t!e Trinity (as ,resent. And t!e 1ord, obedient as ever to t!e T!ou !t and Love, s,oke on be!alf of t!e T!ou !t and Love. "ould I ive Myself t!e lie) No, I could not.
3ut since I can do everyt!in , I can com,lete t!e La(, make it divinely com,lete, not (!at men did t!rou !out centuries, as t!ey did not make it com,lete, but incom,re!ensible and im,ossible to be fulfilled. In fact t!ey su,erim,osed ,rece,ts and la(s taken from t!eir o(n t!ou !ts, accordin to t!eir o(n ain, and t!ey t!us 24/

la,idated and suffocated, sterilised and buried t!e most !oly La( iven by /od. "an a tree survive if it is continuously struck by avalanc!es, rubble and floods) No, it (ill die. T!e La( dies in many !earts, suffocated by t!e avalanc!es of too many su,erstructures. I !ave come to remove t!em all, and after uneart!in and revivin t!e La(, I (ill make it no lon er a la(, but a =ueen. 8 Gueens ,romul ate la(s. T!e la(s are t!e (ork of =ueens, but t!ey are not above =ueens. I instead make t!e La( a =ueen4 I com,lete it, I cro(n it, ,uttin on its to, t!e (reat! of t!e evan elic counsels. 3efore it (as order. No( it is more t!an order. 3efore it (as t!e necessary t!in . No( it is more t!an t!e necessary t!in 4 no( it is ,erfection. 1!o (eds it, as I ,resent you (it! it, becomes immediately a kin , because !e !as reac!ed 5,erfection6, because !e !as been not only obedient, but also !eroic, t!at is, !oly, as !oliness is t!e sum of virtues carried to t!e reatest !ei !t attainable by a creature, !eroically loved and ,ractised t!rou ! a com,lete detac!ment from every !uman desire and consideration. I could say t!at !e is a saint, (!om love and desire ,revent from seein everyt!in but /od. As !is attention is not distracted by inferior si !ts, !is eyes and !eart are fi<ed on t!e Most .oly 3ri !tness, (!ic! is /od and in (!ic!, since everyt!in is in /od, !e can see !is distressed brot!ers stretc!in out t!eir !ands su,,liantly. And (it!out takin !is eyes a(ay from /od, t!e saint devotes !imself to !is su,,liant brot!ers. A ainst t!e fles!, a ainst (ealt!, a ainst comforts, !e ,ursues !is ideal4 to serve. Is a saint ,oor or disabled) No, !e is not. .e !as succeeded in ac!ievin true (isdom and (ealt!. .e t!erefore ,ossesses everyt!in . And !e 241

never tires because (!ile it is true t!at !e is al(ays active, it is also true t!at !e is continuously nouris!ed. And (!ile !e understands t!e sorro(s of t!e (orld, !e feeds on t!e deli !ts of .eaven. .e is nouris!ed by /od and deli !ts in /od. .e is a creature (!o !as understood t!e meanin of life. As you can see I neit!er c!an e nor mutilate t!e La(, neit!er do I corru,t it by su,erim,osin !uman fomentin t!eories. I com,lete it. T!e La( is (!at it is and s!all be suc! until t!e last dayD not one (ord (ill be c!an ed, not one ,rece,t (ill be abolis!ed. It is cro(ned (it! ,erfection. To reac! salvation it is sufficient to acce,t it as it (as iven. To obtain immediate union (it! /od it is necessary to live it accordin to My advice. 3ut since !eroes are an e<ce,tion, I (ill s,eak to common souls, to t!e mass of souls, so t!at no one may say t!at I !ave made (!at is necessary unkno(n, in order to reac! ,erfection., 3ut of everyt!in I tell you, remember t!is4 !e (!o takes t!e liberty of infrin in one of t!e least of t!ese commandments, (ill be considered one of t!e least in t!e Bin dom of .eaven. And !e (!o (ill induce ot!ers to infrin e t!em, (ill be considered one of t!e least bot! (it! re ard to !imself and to t!ose (!om !e led to t!e infrin ement. .e, instead, (!o t!rou ! !is life and deeds, rat!er t!an by (ords, !as convinced ot!ers to abide by t!e La(, (ill be reat in t!e Bin dom of .eaven and !is reatness (ill be increased by eac! of t!ose (!om !e !as led to obey and t!us sanctify t!emselves. > I kno( t!at (!at I am about to say (ill taste bitter to many ton ues. 3ut I cannot tell lies, even if t!e trut! I 242

am about to s,eak (ill ,rocure Me many enemies. I solemnly tell you t!at unless you create ane( your 7ustice, detac!in it com,letely from t!e ,oor and unfairly defined 7ustice (!ic! t!e P!arisees and -cribes !ave tau !t youD unless you are really more 7ust t!an t!e P!arisees and -cribes, (!o t!ink t!ey are 7ust because t!ey increase t!e number of formulae (it!out any substantial c!an e of t!eir s,irits, you s!all not enter t!e Bin dom of .eaven. 3e(are of false ,ro,!ets and errin doctors. T!ey come to you clad as lambs, and t!ey are ra,acious (olvesD t!ey come clad (it! !oliness and t!ey deride /odD t!ey say t!ey love t!e trut! and t!ey feed on false!ood. -tudy t!em before follo(in t!em. Man !as a ton ue and s,eaks (it! it, !e !as eyes and sees (it! t!em, !e !as !ands and makes si ns (it! t!em. 3ut !e !as somet!in else (!ic! is a more trut!ful (itness of !is real bein 4 !is deeds2 And (!at are t(o !ands 7oined in ,rayer, if a man is a t!ief and fornicator) And (!at are t(o eyes, (!ic! ,retendin to be ins,ired, roll in all directions, if after t!e farce, t!ey reedily stare at a (oman or an enemy, out of lust or for murder) And (!at is a ton ue e<,ert in (!istlin a false son of ,raise and in seducin by means of !oneyed (ords, if be!ind your back it calumniates you and is ca,able of s(earin falsely if only it could ,ass you off as a mean fello() 1!at is a ton ue t!at says lon !y,ocritical ,rayers and is t!en =uick in killin t!e re,utation of a nei !bour or seducin !is ood fait!) It is dis ustin 2 And dis ustin are untrut!ful !ands and eyes. 3ut t!e deeds of men, t!e true deeds, t!at is, !is be!aviour at !ome, in business, to(ards !is nei !bour and servants, are t!e t!in s t!at testify4 5T!is 24,

man is a servant of t!e Lord.6 3ecause !oly deeds are t!e fruit of true reli ion.
A ood tree does not bear bad fruit and a bad tree does not bear ood fruit. 1ill t!ese t!orny bus!es ever be able to ive you tasty ra,es) And t!ose even more stin in t!istles, (ill t!ey ever be able to mature s(eet fi s for you) No, t!ey (ill not. In actual fact you (ill be able to ,ick only a fe( sour blackberries from t!e former and uneatable fruits (ill come from t!e latter, (!ic! alt!ou ! flo(ers, are still t!orny. T!e man (!o is not 7ust (ill be able to command res,ect by !is a,,earance, and only by it. Also t!e do(ny t!istle looks like a tuft of t!in silvery t!reads adorned (it! diamonds by t!e de(. 3ut if inadvertently you touc! it, you find out t!at it is not a tuft, but a bundle of t!orns, ,ainful to man, !armful to s!ee,, so t!at s!e,!erds u,root t!em from t!eir ,astures and burn t!em on t!e fire t!ey li !t at ni !t so t!at not even t!e seed may be s,read. A 7ust and ,rovident ste,. I do not say to you4 5Bill t!e false ,ro,!ets and !y,ocritical believers.6 Nay, I say to you4 5Leave t!e task to /od.6 3ut I say to you4 53e careful, kee, a(ay from t!em t!at you may not be ,oisoned by t!eir 7uices.6 A I told you yesterday !o( /od is to be loved. I (ill insist on !o( our nei !bour is to be loved. $nce it (as said4 50ou s!all love your friend and !ate your enemy.6 No, not so. T!at (as all ri !t for t!e times (!en man did not !ave t!e comfort of /od:s smile. 3ut no( ne( t!in s !ave come, (!en /od !as loved man so muc! as to send .is 1ord to redeem !im. No( t!e 1ord is s,eakin . And it is already an effusion of /race. Later 244

t!e 1ord (ill consummate t!e sacrifice of ,eace and redem,tion and t!ere (ill be not only an effusion of /race, but /race (ill be iven to every soul believin in "!rist. It is t!erefore necessary to elevate t!e love for our nei !bour to a ,erfection t!at unifies friend and enemy. .ave you been slandered) Love and for ive. .ave you been struck) Love and offer t!e ot!er c!eek to !im (!o smacked you, considerin t!at it is better t!at !e ives vent to !is (rat! on you (!o can ,ut u, (it! it, rat!er t!an on somebody else (!o (ould take ven eance for t!e insult. .ave you been robbed) Do not t!ink4 5T!is nei !bour of mine is reedy6, but c!aritable say4 5T!is ,oor brot!er of mine is needy6 and ive !im also your tunic if !e !as stolen your mantle. 0ou (ill make it im,ossible for !im to steal t(ice, because !e (ill !ave no need to rob anot!er ,erson of !is tunic. 0ou may say4 5It may be a vice and not a need.6 1ell, ive 7ust t!e same. /od (ill re(ard you for it and t!e (icked man (ill ,ay for it. 3ut many times, and t!is s!ould remind you of (!at I told you yesterday on lo(liness, (!en !e sees !o( !e !as been dealt (it!, !is vice (ill dro, from !is !eart and t!e sinner (ill redeem !imself makin amends for t!e t!eft by !andin back (!at !e !ad stolen.

3e enerous to(ards t!ose, (!o, bein more !onest, ask you for (!at t!ey need, instead of robbin you. If t!e ric! (ere really ,oor in s,irit, as I e<,lained yesterday, t!ere (ould be no ,ainful social ine=ualities, t!e cause of so many !uman and su,er!uman calamities. Al(ays consider4 5If I (ere in need, !o( (ould I feel if I (ere denied !el,)6 and act accordin to t!e re,ly of your e o. Do to ot!ers (!at you (ould like done to yourself and do not do to ot!ers (!at you (ould not like done to yourself.

T!e old sayin 4 5#ye for eye, toot! for toot!6, (!ic! is not one of t!e ten commandments, but (as added because man, devoid of /race, is suc! a beast t!at !e only understands ven eance, t!e old sayin !as been cancelled. It !as indeed been cancelled by t!e ne( (ord4 5Love !im (!o !ates you, ,ray for !im (!o ,ersecutes you, 7ustify !im (!o slanders you, bless !im (!o curses you, !el, t!e one (!o !arms you, be ,acific (it! =uarrelsome ,eo,le, be com,liant (it! bot!ersome ,ersons, (illin ly !el, t!ose (!o !ave recourse to you (it!out ,ractisin usury, do not criticise, do not 7ud e.6 0ou do not kno( t!e ,articular reason for men:s actions. 3e enerous and merciful in all kinds of assistance. T!e more you ive t!e more you (ill be iven and a full ,ressed do(n measure (ill be ,oured by /od on to t!e la, of !im (!o !as been enerous. /od (ill not ive you only accordin to (!at you !ave iven, but .e (ill ive you muc! more. #ndeavour to love and be loved. Guarrels are more costly t!an friendly settlements and a ood race is like !oney, t!e flavour of (!ic! lasts for a lon time on one:s ton ue. C Love, love. Love friends and enemies, to be like your 9at!er, 1!o allo(s t!e rain to fall on t!e ood and t!e (icked and lets t!e sun s!ine on t!e 7ust and un7ust and (ill rant eternal suns!ine and de(, and !ellis! fire and !ail, (!en t!e ood (ill be c!osen, like selected ears of corn, amon st t!e s!eaves of t!e !arvest. It is not enou ! to love t!ose (!o love you and from (!om you e<,ect reci,rocation. T!at is no merit4 it is a 7oy and also naturally !onest men can do it. Also t!e ,ublicans and t!e entiles do it. 3ut you must love accordin to /od and out of res,ect for /od, 1!o is t!e "reator also of t!ose 24+

(!o are your enemies or are not very fond of you. I (ant t!e ,erfection of love in you and I t!erefore say4 53e ,erfect as your 9at!er, 1!o is in .eaven, is ,erfect.6 -o reat is t!e ,rece,t of love for your nei !bour, t!e ,erfectin of t!e ,rece,t of love for your nei !bour, t!at I no lon er say, as it (as said4 5Do not kill6 because !e (!o kills (ill be condemned by men. 3ut I say to you4 5Do not et an ry6 because a !i !er 7ud ement is above you and takes into account immaterial actions. 1!o insults !is brot!er (ill be condemned by t!e -an!edrin. 3ut (!o treats !im as a madman, and conse=uently !as !armed !im, (ill be condemned by /od. It is useless to make offers at t!e altar, unless you, for t!e sake of /od, first sacrifice your ill;feelin s in your !earts and you fulfill t!e most !oly rite of for iveness. T!erefore, (!en you are about to make an offerin to /od and you remember t!at you !ave (ron ed your brot!er and you bear !im a rud e because of a fault of !is, leave your offer before t!e altar, make first t!e sacrifice of your self;esteem, by becomin reconciled to your brot!er, t!en come to t!e altar and only t!en your sacrifice (ill be !oly. 9ull a reement is al(ays t!e best business. T!e 7ud ement of man is ,recarious and (!o stubbornly c!allen es it, may lose t!e cause and !ave to ,ay t!e o,,onent do(n to t!e last coin or lan uis! in 7ail. In everyt!in turn your eyes to /od. Ask yourselves4 5Am I entitled to do (!at /od does not do to me)6 3ecause /od is not so stubborn and im,lacable as you are. 1oe to you if .e (ere2 No one (ould be saved. Let t!at consideration induce you to mild, !umble, ,itiful feelin . And t!en you (ill certainly receive a re(ard from /od, bot! !ere and in t!e ne<t (orld. 247

H .ere in front of Me, t!ere is also one (!o !ates Me and dare not say to Me4 5"ure me6 because !e kno(s t!at I am a(are of !is t!ou !ts. 3ut I say4 5Let it be done as you (is!. And as t!e scales fall from your eyes, so may ill;feelin s and darkness fall from your !eart.6 0ou may all o (it! My ,eace. I (ill s,eak to you a ain tomorro(. * T!e cro(ds dis,erse slo(ly, (aitin ,er!a,s for t!e cry of a miracle, (!ic!, !o(ever, is not !eard. Also t!e a,ostles and t!e first disci,les, (!o remain on t!e mountain, ask4 ' 1!o (as it) .as !e not been cured) * and t!ey insist (it! t!e Master, 1!o is standin , (it! folded arms, (atc!in t!e cro(d descendin t!e mountain. +esus at first does not re,lyD .e t!en says4 ' .is eyes are cured, but !is soul is not. It cannot be cured because it is full of !atred. * ' 3ut (!o is it) T!at Roman, ,er!a,s) * ' No. A ,oor (retc!. * ' 1!y did 0ou cure !im, t!en) * asks Peter. ' -!ould I strike by li !tenin all t!e ,eo,le like !im) * ' Lord...I kno( t!at 0ou do not (ant to me to say4 5yes6, and so I (ill not say it... but t!at is (!at I t!ink... and it is t!e same...* ' It is t!e same, -imon of +ona!. 0ou s!ould kno( t!en... $!2 .o( many !earts covered (it! scales of !atred t!ere are around Me2 "ome. Let us o u, t!ere, to t!e to,, to look from t!e !ei !t at our beautiful sea of /alilee. $nly you and I. * 249

15-. T$e Se *ons on t$e 6o!nt. Pa t T$ ee. Ne2e S&ea . As> an) It 0#ll Be '#2en.
-4t$ 6a1 1+4,. T$e Se *on of t$e 6o!nt "ont#n!es.

& T!e same ,lace and t!e same time. T!e ,eo,le, (it! t!e e<ce,tion of t!e Roman, are t!e same. Per!a,s t!e cro(d is lar er because many ,eo,le are standin at t!e be innin of t!e ,at!s leadin to t!e little valley. +esus is s,eakin 4 ' $ne of t!e errors easily made by man is to !ave lack of !onesty to(ards !imself. And since man is rarely sincere and !onest, !e !as made some ,rovision for !imself in order to be com,elled to o alon t!e (ay !e (ants. T!is curb, (!ic!, after all, as !e is a fiery !orse, !e soon slackens or ives a ,ull, as !e (is!es, and t!us c!an es !is aitD or !e removes it com,letely and does as !e likes, (it!out considerin (!at re,roac! !e may receive from /od, from men and from !is o(n conscience. T!at bit is t!e oat!. 3ut no oat! is necessary amon st !onest ,eo,le and /od never tau !t you it. $n t!e contrary .e commanded you4 50ou s!all not bear false (itness6, (it!out any furt!er addition. 3ecause man ou !t to be frank (it!out t!e need of anyt!in e<ce,t t!e loyalty of !is (ord. 1!en in Deuteronomy mention is made of vo(s, also of t!e vo(s t!at are somet!in (!ic! ori inated from a !eart considered to be united to /od, eit!er t!rou ! a feelin of need or a sentiment of ratitude, it is (ritten4 51!atever ,asses your li,s, you must kee, to, and t!e 242

vo( t!at you !ave freely made (it! your o(n mout! to t!e Lord your /od must be fulfilled.6 Mention is al(ays made of t!e (ord iven, (it!out anyt!in else but t!e (ord. 1!o feels t!e need of takin an oat! is neit!er sure of !imself nor of t!e o,inion !is nei !bour !as of !im. And (!o makes ot!er ,eo,le take an oat! testifies t!ereby t!at !e distrusts t!e frankness and !onesty of t!e s(earer. As you can see, t!e !abit of takin an oat! is one of t!e conse=uences of man:s moral dis!onesty. And it is a s!ame for man. It is a double s!ame because man is not even fait!ful to t!e s!ameful t!in (!ic! an oat! is and by deridin /od as easily as !e derides !is nei !bour, !e s(ears falsely (it! t!e reatest ease and calmness.

"an t!ere be a more contem,tible man t!an a ,er7urer) A ,er7urer in fact convinces !is nei !bour to believe !im, often by usin a sacred formula, t!us callin /od to be !is accom,lice and to stand surety for !im, or by invokin !is dearest affections4 !is fat!er, mot!er, (ife, c!ildren, !is dead relatives, !is very life and most essential or ans, to su,,ort !is false statements. .e t!us deceives !is nei !bour. .e is an im,ious ,erson, a t!ief, a traitor, a murderer. $f (!om) $f /od, of course, because !e contaminates t!e Trut! (it! !is dis raceful lies and 7eers at .im, darin .im4 5-trike me, ive me t!e lie, if 0ou can. 0ou are t!ere, I am !ere and I lau ! at it.6 $f course, you may lau !, liars and ibers2 3ut t!e moment (ill come (!en you (ill not lau ! and t!at (ill !a,,en (!en .e, to 1!om all ,o(er is entrusted, (ill a,,ear to you, dreadful in .is ma7esty, and sim,ly by .is as,ect (ill make you stand to attention and (ill strike you (it! t!e li !tenin of .is eyes, before .is voice !urls you to

your eternal destiny brandin you (it! .is curse. .e is a t!ief because !e takes ,ossession of a re,utation (!ic! !e does not deserve. .is nei !bour, im,ressed by !is oat!, rants it to !im, and t!e ser,ent adorns !imself (it! it, ,retendin to be (!at !e is not. .e is a traitor because by !is oat! !e ,romises somet!in (!ic! !e does not (ant to kee,. .e is a murderer4 !e kills eit!er t!e !onour of !is fello( man de,rivin !im of !is re,utation t!rou ! false (itness or !e kills !is o(n soul because a ,er7urer is a vile sinner in t!e eyes of /od, 1!o sees t!e trut!, also (!en no one else sees it. /od cannot be deceived, neit!er by means of false (ords, nor by means of !y,ocritical deeds. .e sees. .e does not lose si !t of eac! man for a moment. And t!ere is no fortified stron !old or dee, cellar (!ic! .is eyes cannot ,enetrate. Also (it!in you, /od ,enetrates t!e stron !old (!ic! every man !as round !is !eart. And .e 7ud es you not accordin to (!at you s(ear, but to (!at you do. 8 I (ill t!erefore substitute anot!er order for t!e one iven to you, (!en t!e oat! en7oyed reat favour to ,ut a restraint on lies and on t!e easiness of failure to kee, a ,romise. I do not say as t!e ancients said4 5Do not s(ear falsely, but kee, your oat!6, but I say to you4 5Never s(ear.6 Neit!er by .eaven (!ic! is t!e t!rone of /od, nor by t!e eart! (!ic! is t!e stool of .is feet, nor for +erusalem and !er Tem,le (!ic! are t!e "ity of t!e /reat Bin and t!e .ouse of t!e Lord our /od. Do not s(ear eit!er by t!e raves of t!e deceased or by t!eir souls. /raves are full of t!e dross of t!e inferior ,art of man, (!ic! is common also to animals, and (it! re ard to t!eir souls, leave t!em in t!eir d(ellin s. Do 231

not cause t!em to suffer or to be struck (it! !orror, if t!ey are t!e souls of 7ust ,eo,le already in t!e forekno(led e of /od. And alt!ou ! t!ey are in suc! forekno(led e, (!ic! is ,artial kno(led e, because t!ey (ill not ,ossess /od in t!e fullness of .is bri !tness until t!e moment of Redem,tion, t!ey can but suffer seein you sinners. And if t!ey are not 7ust, do not increase t!eir torture by remindin t!em of t!eir sin t!rou ! yours. Leave t!e !oly deceased in t!eir ,eace and t!e un!oly ones in t!eir ,ains. Do not de,rive t!e former of anyt!in , do not add anyt!in to t!e latter. 1!y a,,eal to t!e dead) T!ey cannot s,eak. T!e saints because c!arity ,revents t!em from s,eakin 4 t!ey (ould !ave to ive you t!e lie too many times. T!e damned because !ell does not o,en its ates and t!e damned only o,en t!eir mout!s to curse, and t!eir voices are suffocated by t!e !atred of -atan and of t!e demons, because t!e damned are like demons. Do not s(ear by t!e !ead of your fat!er or of your mot!er, or by t!e !ead of your (ife or of your innocent c!ildren. 0ou !ave no ri !t to do so. Are t!ey ,er!a,s money or merc!andise) Are t!ey a si nature on a document) T!ey are more and t!ey are less t!an suc! t!in s. T!ey are blood and fles! of your o(n blood, man, but t!ey are also free creatures and you cannot use t!em as slaves to uarantee your false statements. And t!ey are less t!an your o(n si nature, because you are intelli ent, free and ro(n u,, you are not interdicted, neit!er are you a c!ild (!o does not kno( (!at !e is doin and must be re,resented by !is ,arents. 0ou are a man ifted (it! reason and conse=uently res,onsible for your actions and you must act by yourself, em,loyin , as 232

a uarantee for your o(n deeds and (ords, your o(n !onesty and your o(n frankness, t!e re,utation t!at you en7oy (it! your nei !bour, not t!e !onesty, t!e frankness of your relatives and t!e re,utation t!ey en7oy. Are fat!ers res,onsible for t!eir c!ildren) 0es, t!ey are, but only as lon as t!ey are under a e. After, everybody is res,onsible for !imself. Not al(ays 7ust c!ildren are born of 7ust ,arents, nor is it so t!at a !oly (oman is married to a !oly man. 1!y t!en use t!e 7ustice of a relative as a uarantee) Like(ise, !oly c!ildren may be born of a sinner, and as lon as t!ey are innocent, t!ey are !oly. 1!y t!en a,,eal to a ,ure soul for an im,ure act of yours, suc! as an oat! (!ic! you (is! to s(ear falsely) Do not s(ear by your o(n !ead, your eyes, your ton ue, your !ands. 0ou !ave no ri !t to. #veryt!in you !ave belon s to /od. 0ou are only t!e tem,orary uardians, t!e bankers of t!e moral or material treasures (!ic! /od ranted you. 1!y t!en make use of (!at does not belon to you) "an you add one !air to your !ead or c!an e its colour) And if you cannot do t!at, (!y do you use your si !t, your (ord, t!e freedom of your limbs to corroborate your oat!) Do not c!allen e /od. .e could take you at your (ord and dry your eyes as .e can dry u, your orc!ards, or take your c!ildren a(ay from you, or crus! your !ouses to remind you t!at .e is t!e Lord and you .is sub7ects, and t!at (!o idolizes !imself and t!inks !e is above /od, c!allen in .im (it! !is false!ood, is cursed. > Let your s,eec! be sim,ly4 yes, it isD no, it is not. Not!in else. Any addition is su ested by t!e #vil one, (!o later (ill lau ! at you, because you cannot 23,

remember anyt!in and you (ill contradict yourself and you (ill be 7eered at and reco nised as a liar.

3e sincere, My c!ildren, bot! in your (ords and in your ,rayers. Do not be!ave like t!e !y,ocrites, (!o, (!en ,rayin , love to stand in syna o ues or in t!e corners of s=uares (!ere t!ey may be seen by ,eo,le and ,raised as 7ust and ,ious men, (!ereas, (it!in t!eir families, t!ey are uilty to(ards /od and to(ards t!eir nei !bour. Do you not consider t!at t!at is like a form of ,er7ury) 1!y do you (ant to maintain as true (!at is not true in order to (in a re,utation (!ic! you do not deserve) An !y,ocritical ,rayer aims at sayin 4 5I am truly a saint. I s(ear it in t!e ,resence of t!ose (!o see me and cannot deny t!ey sa( me ,rayin .6 Like a veil laid on e<istin (ickedness, a ,rayer said for suc! ,ur,oses becomes blas,!emy. Let /od ,roclaim you saints and live in suc! a (ay t!at your (!ole life may s!out on your be!alf4 5.ere is a servant of /od.6 3ut you must be silent for your o(n sake. Do not allo( your ton ue to be ur ed by ,ride and t!us become an ob7ect of scandal in t!e an els: eyes. It (ould be better for you to become mute at once if you do not !ave t!e ,o(er to control ,ride and ton ue, and you ,roclaim yourselves 7ust and ,leasin to /od. leave t!at ,oor lory to ,roud and false ,eo,le. Leave t!at fleetin re(ard to !au !ty and deceitful ,eo,le2 A ,oor re(ard2 3ut t!at is (!at t!ey (ant and t!ey (ill not !ave any ot!er, because you cannot !ave more t!an one. #it!er t!e true re(ard, t!e .eavenly one, (!ic! is eternal and 7ust, or t!e s!am one, t!e eart!ly one, (!ic! lasts as lon as t!e life of man, and even less, and (!ic! is ,aid for, after t!is life, (it! a truly mortifyin ,unis!ment, because it

is an un7ust re(ard. A Listen !o( you must ,ray (it! your li,s and (it! your (ork and (it! your (!ole selves, ur ed by your !earts (!ic! do love /od and feel .e is your 9at!er, but t!ey al(ays remember (!o t!e "reator is and (!at t!e creature is, and in t!e ,resence of /od t!ey are al(ays full of reverential love, (!et!er you are ,rayin or are busy, (!et!er you are (alkin or restin , earnin or !el,in . I said ur ed by your !earts. It is t!e first and essential feature. 3ecause everyt!in comes from your !earts and your minds4 your (ords, your eyes, your deeds are like your !earts. A 7ust man dra(s ood from !is 7ust !eart and t!e more !e dra(s t!e more !e finds, because t!e ood done creates more ood, like blood t!at is rene(ed circulatin in t!e veins and flo(s back to t!e !eart enric!ed (it! ne( elements taken from t!e o<y en, (!ic! it !ad absorbed or from t!e food 7uices, (!ic! it !ad assimilated. 1!ereas a (icked man can dra( but fraud and ,oison from !is loomy !eart full of fraud and ,oison, (!ic! ro( more and more because t!ey are corroborated by accumulatin sins, (!ile t!e blessin s of /od accumulate in a ood man. 0ou may be sure t!at it is t!e e<uberance of t!e !eart t!at overflo(s from li,s and reveals itself in deeds. Make your !earts !umble, ,ure, lovin , trustful and sincere and love /od (it! t!e c!aste love of a vir in for !er bride room. I solemnly tell you t!at eac! soul is a vir in married to t!e #ternal Lover, to /od $ur LordD t!is (orld is t!e time of en a ement durin (!ic! t!e uardian an el of every man is t!e s,iritual ,aranym,!, 233

and all t!e !ours and contin encies of life are as many maids ,re,arin t!e nu,tial trousseau. T!e !our of deat! is t!e !our for t!e accom,lis!ed (eddin (!en t!e introduction, embrace and union take ,lace and t!e soul can raise t!e veil of t!e bridal dress and t!ro( itself into t!e arms of /od and t!e -,ouse (ill not cause scandal by lovin so. 3ut for t!e time bein , o souls still victimised in t!e bonds of t!e en a ement to /od, (!en you (is! to s,eak to t!e -,ouse, (it!dra( to t!e ,eace of your abode, above all to t!e ,eace of your inner abodes and, an els of fles! !el,ed by your uardian an els, s,eak to t!e Bin of an els. -,eak to your 9at!er in t!e secrecy of your !earts and of your inner rooms. Leave outside everyt!in t!at belon s to t!e (orld4 ea erness to be noted and to edify, and t!e scru,les of lon ,rayers full of (ords, of monotonous, te,id (ords lackin love. 9or /od:s sake, et rid of standards in your ,rayers. T!ere are really some ,eo,le (!o (aste many !ours recitin a monolo ue only (it! t!eir li,s and (!ic! is a real solilo=uy because not even t!e uardian an els listen to itD it is suc! a vain noise t!at t!ey become absorbed in fervent ,rayer for t!e silly men uarded by t!em, in an effort to find a remedy. T!ere are in fact some men (!o (ould not s,end t!ose !ours in a different (ay, not even if /od a,,eared to t!em sayin 4 5T!e salvation of t!e (orld de,ends on your leavin suc! soulless manner of s,eec! and oin , s!all (e say, 7ust to dra( (ater from a (ell and ,our it on to t!e round for My sake and t!e sake of your fello( men.6 T!ere are indeed many (!o believe t!at t!eir monolo ue is more im,ortant t!at t!e kindness in receivin a visitor or t!e c!arity in !el,in a 23+

,erson in need. T!ey are souls (!ic! !ave fallen into t!e idolatry of ,rayer. Prayer is an act of love. And one can love ,rayin or bakin bread, meditatin or assistin a sick ,erson, makin a ,il rima e to t!e Tem,le or lookin after t!e family, sacrificin a lamb or sacrificin one:s desires, even t!e !onest desire to concentrate on t!e Lord. It is sufficient for you to !ave your (!ole selves and all your actions im,re nated (it! love. 3e not afraid2 T!e 9at!er sees, understands, listens, rants. .o( many races are ranted for one sin le, true ,erfect si ! of love2 .o( muc! (ealt! for an intimate sacrifice made (it! love. Do not be like t!e /entiles. /od does not need to be told (!at .e !as to do for your needs. T!e ,a ans may tell t!eir idols, (!ic! cannot understand. 3ut you cannot tell /od, t!e True -,iritual /od, 1!o is not only /od and Bin , but also your 9at!er and kno(s (!at you need, even before you ask .im. C Ask and it (ill be iven to you, look and you (ill find, knock and it (ill be o,ened to you. 3ecause (!oever asks, (ill receive, (!oever looks, (ill find and it (ill be o,ened to (!omsoever knocks. 1!en your c!ild stretc!es !is little !and to(ards you sayin 4 59at!er, I am !un ry6 do you ,er!a,s ive !im a stone) 1ill you ive !im a snake if !e asks for a fis!) No, you (ill ive !im bread and fis!, and caresses and blessin s over and above, because it is ,leasant for a fat!er to nouris! !is son and see !is !a,,y smiles. If t!erefore you, (!ose !earts are im,erfect, are ca,able of ivin ifts to your c!ildren, out of a natural love t!at is common also to animals for t!eir offs,rin , !o( muc! more (ill your 9at!er, 1!o is in .eaven, rant to t!ose (!o ask .im for t!e ood and 237

necessary t!in s for t!eir (elfare. Do not be afraid to ask and do not be afraid not to receive2 .o(ever, I (is! to (arn you a ainst an easy error4 do not be!ave like t!ose (!o are (eak in t!eir fait! and in t!eir love. Also amon st believers t!ere are ,a ans (!ose ,oor reli ion is a mi<ture of su,erstition and fait!, a buildin tam,ered (it!, into (!ic! all kinds of ,arasitic !erbs !ave ,enetrated, so muc! so t!at it falls to ,ieces, and t!ey, (eak and ,a ans as t!ey are, feel t!eir fait! is dyin if t!ey are not !eard. 0ou ask. And you t!ink it is fair to ask. And for t!at ,articular moment a certain race may be ri !t. 3ut life does not end at t!at moment. And (!at is ood today may not be ood tomorro(. 0ou do not kno( t!at, because you kno( only t!e ,resent, and t!at is a race of /od, too. 3ut /od kno(s also t!e future. And /od to save you a reater ,ain does not !ear your ,rayers. Durin My year of ,ublic life more t!an once I !eard !earts moanin 4 5.o( muc! I suffered t!en, (!en /od did not !ear me. 3ut no( I say4 :It (as better t!us, because t!at race (ould !ave ,revented me from reac!in t!is !our of /od:.6 I !eard ot!ers say to Me4 51!y, Lord, do 0ou not !ear me) 0ou rant it to everybody but not to me)6 And yet, alt!ou ! I (as sorry to see t!em suffer, I !ad to say4 5I cannot6, because to !ear t!em (ould !ave meant !inderin t!eir fli !t to a ,erfect life. Also t!e 9at!er sometimes says4 5I cannot.6 Not because .e cannot satisfy t!e re=uest immediately, but because .e does not (ant to satisfy it in vie( of future conse=uences. Listen. A c!ild is sufferin from intestinal 239

trouble. .is mot!er calls a doctor and t!e doctor says4 5.e must fast to be cured.6 T!e mot!er, al(ays ,itiful, 7oins !er moanin to !er son:s. -!e t!inks t!at t!e doctor:s order is severe and !ard. -!e feels t!at suc! fastin and cryin may be detrimental to !er son. 3ut t!e doctor is infle<ible. At last !e says4 51oman, I kno(, you don:t. Do you (ant to lose your son or do you (ant me to save !im)6 T!e mot!er s!outs4 5I (ant !im to live.6 5In t!at case6 says t!e doctor 5I cannot let !im !ave any food. It (ould kill !im.6 Also t!e 9at!er sometimes says so. 0ou, ,itiful mot!ers of your o(n e o, do not (ant to !ear it (ee, because some race !as been denied. 3ut /od says4 5I cannot. It (ould do you !arm.6 T!e day (ill come, or eternity (ill come, (!en you (ill say4 5T!ank 0ou, my /od, for not listenin to my foolis!ness26 H 1!at I said (it! re ard to ,rayers, I say (it! re ard to fastin . 1!en you fast, do not look sad, as !y,ocrites do, (!o on ,ur,ose disfi ure t!eir faces t!at t!e (orld may kno( and believe t!at t!ey are fastin , even if it is not true. T!ey also !ave received t!eir re(ard (it! t!e ,raise of t!e (orld, and (ill not receive anot!er one. Instead, (!en you fast, look !a,,y, (as! your faces t!orou !ly so t!at t!ey may look fres! and smoot!, ,ut oil on your !eads and scents on your !air and smile like one (!o !as been (ell fed. $!2 Truly t!ere is no food t!at nouris!es as muc! as love does2 And (!o fasts (it! a lovin s,irit, feeds on love2 I solemnly tell you t!at even if t!e (orld calls you 5vain6 and 5,ublicans6, t!e 9at!er (ill see your !eroic secret and (ill ive you a double re(ard. $ne for your fastin and t!e ot!er for t!e sacrifice of not bein ,raised for it. And no( o and feed your bodies, since your souls !ave 232

been nouris!ed. T!ose t(o ,oor ,eo,le may stay !ere (it! us. T!ey (ill be blessed uests (!o (ill ive flavour to our bread. Peace be (it! you. * I And t!e t(o ,oor ,eo,le stay. $ne is a very lean (oman, t!e ot!er a very old man. T!ey are not to et!er. "!ance !ad 7oined t!em, as t!ey (ere standin de7ected in a corner, stretc!in out in vain t!eir !ands to(ards t!ose (!o ,assed in front of t!em. +esus oes strai !t to(ards t!em since t!ey dare not come for(ard and takes t!em by t!e !and leadin t!em to t!e middle of t!e rou, of t!e a,ostles, under a kind of tent t!at Peter !as ,ut u, in a corner and under (!ic! t!ey ,er!a,s take s!elter at ni !t and t!ey at!er durin t!e !ot !ours of t!e day. It is a s!ed formed by branc!es and... mantles. 3ut it serves its ,ur,ose, alt!ou ! it is so lo( t!at +esus and t!e Iscariot, t!e tallest of t!e lot, !ave to bend to enter. ' .ere a fat!er and a sister. 3rin (!at (e !ave. 1!ile takin our food (e (ill !ear t!eir story. * And +esus ,ersonally serves t!e t(o s!y old souls and listens to t!eir sorro(ful stories. T!e old man is alone, after !is dau !ter (ent far a(ay (it! !er !usband and for ot !er fat!er. T!e (oman is also alone, after a fever killed !er !usband and, in addition, s!e is ill. ' T!e (orld des,ises us because (e are ,oor * says t!e old man. ' I (ander about be in for alms to scra,e to et!er some money to celebrate Passover. I am ei !ty years old. I !ave al(ays ke,t Passover and t!is may be t!e last time. 3ut I do not (ant to o to Abra!am:s bosom (it! any re ret. As I for ive my dau !ter, so I !o,e to be for iven. And I (ant to kee, my Passover. * 2+/

' It is a lon (ay, fat!er. * ' T!e (ay to .eaven is even lon er, if one is not ,resent at t!e rite. * ' Are you oin by yourself) And if you feel ill on t!e (ay) * ' T!e an el of /od (ill close my eyes. * +esus caresses !is (!ite tremblin !ead and asks t!e (oman4 ' And (!at about you) * ' I am lookin for (ork. If I (ere better fed I (ould et rid of my fever. And if I (ere cured I could (ork at t!e corn. * ' Do you t!ink t!at food alone could cure you) * ' No, 0ou could, too. 3ut I am a ,oor t!in , too ,oor to ask 0ou for mercy. * ' And if I cured you, (!at (ould you like after(ards) * ' Not!in else. I (ould already !ave !ad more t!an I could !o,e for. * +esus smiles and !ands !er a ,iece of bread di,,ed into some (ater and vine ar, (!ic! I t!ink is t!eir drink. T!e (oman eats it (it!out s,eakin and +esus continues smilin . J T!e meal is over. It (as so fru al2 T!e a,ostles and disci,les look for a s!ady ,lace alon t!e slo,es and amon t!e t!ickets. +esus remains under t!e tent. T!e old man is lyin on t!e rass and tired as !e (as, !as fallen aslee,. After a s!ort time t!e (oman, (!o !ad one a(ay 2+1

lookin for some s!ade (!ere to rest, comes to(ards +esus 1!o smiles at !er to c!eer !er u,. -!e comes for(ard lookin s!y, but !a,,y, almost as far as t!e tent. -!e is t!en overcome by 7oy, s!e (alks (it! a vi orous stride and fallin flat on !er face (it! a c!oked cry e<claims4 ' 0ou !ave cured me2 May 0ou be blessed2 At t!is time I used to s!iver (it! fever, but I am not no(... $!2 * and s!e kisses +esus: feet. ' Are you sure t!at you !ave been cured) I did not tell you. It mi !t be by c!ance...* ' $!2 no2 No( I understand 0our smile (!en 0ou !anded me t!e bread. 0our virtue entered me (it! t!at morsel. I !ave not!in to ive 0ou in e<c!an e, e<ce,t my !eart. $rder 0our maid, Lord, and s!e (ill obey 0ou until s!e dies. * ' 0es. -ee t!at old man) .e is all alone and !e is 7ust. 0ou !ad a !usband and deat! took !im a(ay. .e !ad a dau !ter and selfis!ness took !er a(ay. And t!at is (orse. And yet !e does not curse. 3ut it is not fair t!at !e s!ould o about alone in !is last !ours. 3e a dau !ter to !im. * ' 0es, my Lord. * ' Mind you, it means (orkin for t(o. * ' I am stron no(, and I (ill do it. * ' /o u, t!ere, t!en, to t!at cliff and tell t!e man (!o is restin t!ere, t!e one (earin a rey tunic, to come to Me. * T!e (oman oes a(ay =uickly and comes back (it! -imon Fealot. 2+2

' "ome, -imon, I (ant to s,eak to you. 1oman, (ait !ere. * +esus (alks a(ay for a fe( yards. ' Do you t!ink t!at Lazarus (ould find it difficult to take on anot!er (orker) * ' Lazarus) I do not t!ink t!at !e even kno(s !o( many servants !e !as2 $ne more, one less2... 3ut (!o is it) * ' T!at (oman. I cured !er and...* ' T!at is enou !, Master. If 0ou cured !er it means t!at 0ou love !er. 1!at 0ou love is sacred to Lazarus. I commit myself for !im. * ' T!at is true. 1!at I love is sacred to Lazarus. 0ou are ri !t. And t!at is (!y Lazarus (ill become a saint, because by lovin (!at I love !e (ill love ,erfection. I (ant to 7oin t!at old man to t!at (oman and let t!at ,atriarc! kee, !is last Passover in reat 7oy. I am very fond of old !oly ,eo,le and I am !a,,y if I can iven t!em a serene sunset. * ' 0ou love also c!ildren...* ' 0es, and sick ,eo,le...* ' And t!ose (!o (ee,...* ' And t!ose (!o are alone...* ' $!2 My Master2 Don:t 0ou realise t!at you are fond of everybody) Also of 0our enemies) * ' I do not realise it, -imon. To love is My nature. T!ere... t!e ,atriarc! is (akin u,. Let us o and tell !im t!at !e (ill be kee,in Passover (it! a dau !ter beside !im, and 2+,

(it!out any more need for bread. * T!ey do back to t!e tent (!ere t!e old (oman is (aitin for t!em and t!e t!ree of t!em o to(ards t!e old man (!o !as sat u, and is tyin !is sandals. ' 1!at are you oin to do, fat!er) * ' I am oin do(n to t!e valley. I !o,e to find some s!elter for t!e ni !t and tomorro( I (ill be on t!e road and t!en do(n, do(n, in a mont!:s time, if I am not dead, I (ill be in t!e Tem,le. * ' No. * ' Must I not)... 1!y2 * ' 3ecause /od does not (ant it. 0ou (ill not o alone. T!is (oman (ill come (it! you. -!e (ill take you (!ere I tell !er and you (ill be made (elcome for My sake. 0ou (ill kee, your Passover, but (it!out any trouble. 0ou !ave already carried your cross, fat!er. Put it do(n no(. All you !ave to do is to concentrate in ,rayer t!ankin t!e ood Lord. * ' 3ut (!y... (!y... I... I do not deserve so muc!... 0ou... a dau !ter... It is more t!an if 0ou ave me t(enty years... And (!ere, (!ere are 0ou sendin me)...* T!e old man is (ee,in into !is lon beard. ' I am sendin you to Lazarus of T!eo,!ilus. I do not kno( (!et!er you kno( !im. * ' $!2... I come from t!e border of -yria and I remember T!eo,!ilus. 3ut... $!2 3lessed -on of /od, allo( me to bless 0ou2 * And +esus, sittin on t!e rass, in front of t!e old man, 2+4

does bend .is !ead to let !im im,ose solemnly !is !ands on it, t!underin out in a very dee, voice t!e old blessin 4 ' May t!e Lord bless 0ou and kee, 0ou. May t!e Lord let .is face s!ine on 0ou and be racious to 0ou. May t!e Lord uncover .is face to 0ou and brin 0ou to ,eace. * +esus, -imon and t!e (oman re,ly to et!er4 ' Amen. *

15.. T$e Se *ons on t$e 6o!nt. Pa t Fo! . '#2#n( Al*s. 0o 1#n( Abo!t T$e F!t! e.
-5t$ 6a1 1+4,. T$e Se *on of t$e 6o!nt "ont#n!es.

& T!e cro(d is ro(in lar er and lar er as t!e days o by. T!ere are men, (omen, old ,eo,le, c!ildren, ric! and ,oor alike. T!e cou,le, -te,!en and .ermas, is al(ays ,resent, alt!ou ! not yet associated (it! t!e old disci,les led by Isaac. And t!ere is also t!e ne( cou,le formed yesterday4 t!e old man and t!e (oman. T!ey are in t!e very front, near t!eir "omforter and t!ey look muc! more c!eerful t!an yesterday. T!e old man, to make u, for t!e many mont!s or years durin (!ic! !e (as ne lected by !is dau !ter, !as laid !is (rinkled !and on t!e knees of t!e (oman and s!e is caressin it out of t!e inborn instinct of a morally sound (oman to be maternal. +esus ,asses near t!em to climb u, too .is rustic ,ul,itD and (!ile ,assin .e caresses t!e !ead of t!e old man (!o looks at .im as if !e already sa( .im as /od. Peter says somet!in to +esus 1!o makes a esture as if .e (anted to say4 ' It does not matter *. 3ut I do not understand 2+3

(!at t!e a,ostle says. Peter remains near +esus, and +udas T!addeus and Matt!e( 7oin !im. T!e ot!er a,ostles are scattered amon t!e cro(d. 8 ' Peace be (it! you all2 0esterday I s,oke of ,rayer, of s(earin , of fastin . Today I (ant to instruct you in ot!er ,erfections. T!ey are also ,rayer, trust, sincerity, love, reli ion. T!e first t!in I (ill s,eak to you of is t!e ri !t use of ric!es, c!an ed into as many treasures in .eaven by t!e ood (ill of t!e fait!ful servant. T!e treasures of t!e eart! do not last. 3ut t!e treasures of .eaven are eternal. Are you fond of (!at is yours) Are you sorry to die because you (ill no lon er be able to look after your ,ro,erty and you (ill !ave to leave it) In t!at case transfer t!em to .eaven. 0ou may say4 51!at is of t!e eart! (ill not enter .eaven and 0ou !ave tau !t us t!at money is t!e filt!iest t!in on eart!. .o( can (e trans,ose t!em to .eaven)6 No. 0ou cannot take money, material as it is, into t!e Bin dom (!ere everyt!in is s,iritual. 3ut you can take t!e fruit of money. 1!en you ive a banker your money, (!y do you do it) T!at !e may make it bear interest. 0ou do not de,rive yourselves of it, not even tem,orarily, t!at !e may ive you back ten ,lus one or even more. T!en you are !a,,y and you ,raise t!e banker. $t!er(ise you say4 5.e is !onest, but !e is a fool.6 And, if instead of ten ,lus one, !e s!ould ive you nine sayin 4 5I lost t!e rest6, you (ould denounce !im and send !im to ,rison. 1!at is t!e fruit of money) Does t!e banker so( your money and (ater it to make it ro() No. T!e fruit is iven by a skillful !andlin of business, so t!at by means of 2++

mort a e deeds and loans at interest, t!e money is increased by t!e ,remium ri !tly re=uested for t!e loan of t!e old. Is it not so) No( listen. /od ives you eart!ly ric!es. To some ,eo,le !e rants a reat deal, to some only as muc! as t!ey need to live, and .e says to you4 5No( it is u, to you. I !ave iven t!em to you. /ain by t!ese means an end as My love (is!es for your o(n ood. I !ave entrusted you (it! t!em, but not t!at you may turn t!em into evil. Make your (ealt! bear interest, for t!is real 9at!erland, bot! because of t!e re,utation I !old you in, and out of ratitude for My ifts.6 > And !ere is t!e met!od to ain t!is end. Do not accumulate your treasures on t!e eart!, livin for t!em, bein cruel for t!em, cursed by your nei !bour and by /od on account of t!em. It is not (ort! it. T!ey are never safe in t!is (orld. T!ieves can al(ays rob you. 9ire can al(ays destroy your !ouses. Diseases of ,lants and animals can e<terminate !erds and orc!ards. .o( many t!in s undermine your ,ro,erty2 1!et!er it is real estate and unassailable, suc! as !ouses and oldD (!et!er its nature is liable to be dama ed, suc! as all livin t!in s, ve etables and animals, or ,recious clot!s, t!ey can be ruined. T!underbolts, fire and floods can destroy !ousesD t!ieves, bli !t, dry (eat!er, rodents and insects can dama e fieldsD catc!in diseases, fever, cri,,lin , murrain can destroy cattleD mot!s and mice can ruin valuable ,ieces of clot! and ,recious ,ieces of furnitureD o<idization can corrode vases, c!andeliers and artistic atesD everyt!in is sub7ect to destruction. 3ut if you turn eart!ly (elfare into su,ernatural ood, 2+7

t!en it becomes free from all dama e by time, men and calamities. -tore u, your treasure in .eaven, (!ere t!ieves cannot break in, and (!ere no calamities occur. 1ork (it! merciful love for all t!e miseries of t!e eart!. 0ou may caress your money and kiss it if you (is! so, you may re7oice at t!e ,lentiful cro,s, at t!e vineyards laden (it! ra,es, at t!e countless number of olives (!ic! bend t!e branc!es of t!e olive;trees, and at your ,rofile s!ee, (it! tur id udders. 0ou may re7oice at all t!at, but not in a sterile or !uman (ay. Re7oice (it! love and admiration, (it! su,ernatural deli !t and foresi !t. 5T!ank 0ou, my /od, for t!is money, for t!ese cro,s, ,lants, s!ee, and for t!is business2 T!ank you, s!ee,, ,lants, meado(s, business, (!ic! serve me so (ell. May you all be blessed, because t!rou ! 0our oodness, o #ternal 9at!er, and t!rou ! yours, o t!in s of mine, I can do so muc! ood to t!ose (!o are !un ry, or are naked, !omeless, sick, alone... Last year I did it for ten. T!is year E as I !ave more money, alt!ou ! I ave a(ay muc! as alms, and t!e cro,s are more ,lentiful and t!e flocks lar er E I (ill ive t(ice, t!ree times as muc! as last year. -o t!at everybody, also t!ose (!o !ave no (ealt! of t!eir o(n, may ,artake of my 7oy and bless (it! me t!e #ternal Lord.6 T!at is t!e ,rayer of a 7ust man. A ,rayer (!ic! 7oined to your deeds, transfers your (ealt! to .eaven, and not only kee,s it eternally for you, but you (ill find it increased by t!e !oly fruit of love. -tore your treasure in .eaven so t!at your !eart may also be t!ere, above and beyond t!e risk t!at not only your old, your !ouses, fields and !erds may suffer dama e, but t!at your very !eart may be attacked and robbed, corroded, burnt and killed by t!e s,irit of t!e 2+9

(orld. If you do t!at, you (ill !ave your treasure in your !eart because you (ill !ave /od (it!in you until t!e blessed day (!en you (ill be in .im. A 3ut in order not to diminis! t!e fruit of c!arity, take care to be c!aritable in a su,ernatural s,irit. 1!at I said in re ard to ,rayer and to fastin a,,lies also to c!arity and to any ot!er ood action you may do. Bee, t!e ood you may do free from t!e violatin sensation of t!e (orld, kee, it immune from !uman ,raise. Do not ,rofane t!e scented rose of your c!arity and of your ood deeds, as it is a true censer of ,erfumes a reeable to t!e Lord. /ood is ,rofaned by a ,roud s,irit, by t!e desire to be noted (!en doin ood and by t!e =uest for ,raise. T!e rose of c!arity is t!en dribbled and eaten a(ay by t!e bi slimy snails of satisfied ,ride and t!e censer is filled (it! t!e fetid stra( of t!e litter on (!ic! t!e ,roud man basks like a (ell fed animal. $!2 T!ose deeds of c!arity accom,lis!ed to be ,ointed out by ,eo,le2 It (ould be better, muc! better, if t!ey !ad not been ,erformed at all. 1!o does not do t!em, commits a sin of !ars!ness. 1!o does t!em lettin ,eo,le kno( bot! t!e amount iven and t!e name of t!e ,erson to (!om it (as iven, and be in for ,raise, commits a sin of ,ride by makin t!e offer kno(n, as !e says4 5-ee !o( muc! I can afford)6, sins a ainst c!arity because !e !umbles t!e beneficiary by makin !is name kno(n, and commits a sin of s,iritual avarice as !e (ants to store u, !uman ,raises... It is stra(, not!in but stra(. Let /od and .is an els ,raise you. 1!en you ive alms, do not !ave it trum,eted before you, to dra( t!e attention of ,assers;by and (in t!eir ,raise, 2+2

as t!e !y,ocrites do, (!o (ant to be ,raised by men and t!us ive alms only (!ere t!ey can be seen by many ,eo,le. T!ey, too, !ave received t!eir re(ard and (ill not !ave anot!er one from /od. Do not commit t!e same sin and do not be so ,resum,tuous. 3ut (!en you ive alms, your left !and must not kno( (!at your ri !t is doin , so secret and modest is your alms ivin and t!en for et about it. Do not lin er admirin your deed, s(ellin (it! it like t!e toad t!at contem,lates itself (it! its veiled eyes in t!e ,ond and sees also t!e clouds, trees and a c!art near t!e bank reflected in t!e still (ater and (!en it sees t!at it is so small as com,ared to t!em, (!ic! are so lar e, it s(ells u, (it! air until it bursts. Also your c!arity is not!in as com,ared to t!e Infinite, (!ic! is t!e "!arity of /od, and if you (anted to become like .im and make your small c!arity so bi as to be e=ual to .is, you (ould fill yourselves (it! t!e (ind of ,ride and (ould end u, by ,eris!in . 9or et about it. 9or et about t!e action itself. A li !t, a s(eet voice (ill al(ays be ,resent (it! you and (ill make your day bri !t, s(eet and !a,,y. 3ecause t!at li !t (ill be t!e smile of /od, t!e !oney (ill be t!e s,iritual ,eace, (!ic! still comes from /od, and t!e voice (ill be t!e voice of /od, t!e 9at!er 1!o (ill say to you4 5T!ank you.6 .e sees t!e !idden evil and t!e concealed ood and (ill ive you a re(ard for t!em. I can...* C ' Master, 0ou ive t!e lie to 0our o(n (ords2 * T!e sudden resentful remarks comes from t!e centre of t!e cro(d. T!ey all turn round in t!e direction of t!e voice. T!ere is some confusion. Peter says4 ' I told 0ou2 #!2 1!en t!ere is one of t!ose over t!ere... everyt!in oes (ron 2 * Many ,eo,le in t!e cro(d !iss and rumble 27/

a ainst t!e reviler. +esus is t!e only one (!o remains calm. .e !as folded .is arms and is standin , tall as .e is, on .is rock, (it! t!e sun in front of .im, in .is dark blue tunic. T!e reviler, !eedless of t!e reaction of t!e cro(d, oes on4 ' 0ou are a bad Master because 0ou teac! (!at 0ou do not do and...* ' 3e =uiet2 /o a(ay2 -!ame2 * s!out t!e cro(d. And a ain4 ' /o back to your -cribes2 T!e Master is =uite enou ! for us2 Let t!e !y,ocrites o (it! t!e !y,ocrites2 0ou false masters2 ?surers2...* and t!ey continue but +esus t!unders out4 ' -ilence2 Let !im s,eak * and t!e cro(ds no lon er s!out but t!ey (!is,er t!eir insults larin at !im at t!e same time. ' 0es. 0ou teac! (!at 0ou do not do. 0ou told us t!at (e s!ould ive alms (it!out bein seen, and yesterday in t!e ,resence of a (!ole cro(d 0ou said to t(o ,oor ,eo,le4 5-tay and I (ill a,,ease your !un er.6 * ' I said4 5Let t!e t(o ,oor ,eo,le stay !ere. T!ey (ill be t!e blessed uests (!o (ill ive flavour to our bread.6 Not!in else. I did not say I (anted to satisfy t!eir !un er. 1!ic! ,oor man !as not at least some bread) It (as My 7oy to e<tend to t!em our ood friends!i,. * ' $f course2 0ou are cunnin and 0ou can ,lay t!e lamb2...* T!e old man stands u,, turns round and raisin !is (alkin stick !e s!outs4 ' Infernal ton ue (!o are accusin t!e .oly $ne, do you t!ink t!at you kno( everyt!in and t!at you can accuse .im of (!at you kno() As you do not kno( (!o /od is and (!o .e is 271

1!om you are insultin , so you do not kno( .is deeds. $nly t!e an els and my over7oyed !eart kno(. Listen,men, listen everybody and see (!et!er +esus is t!e liar and t!e ,roud man t!at t!is traitor to t!e Tem,le is sayin . .e...* ' 3e =uiet, Is!mael2 3e =uiet for My sake2 If I made you !a,,y, ,lease make Me !a,,y by bein silent * +esus be s !im. ' I obey 0ou, .oly -on. 3ut let me say only t!is4 t!e blessin of an old fait!ful Israelite is on .im 1!o assisted me in t!e name of /od and /od ,ut t!at blessin on my li,s for me and for -ara!, my ne( dau !ter. 3ut t!ere (ill be no blessin on your !ead. I (ill not curse you. I (ill not foul, (it! a curse, my mout! (!ic! must say to /od4 5Receive me.6 I did not do it to !er (!o diso(ned me, and I !ave already received a divine re(ard for it. 3ut t!ere is $ne (!o (ill take t!e ,lace of t!e Innocent you are accusin and of Is!mael, t!e friend of /od, 1!o assists .im. * A c!orus of s!outs closes t!e s,eec! of t!e old man (!o sits do(n a ain, (!ile a man sneaks a(ay, follo(ed by insults. T!e cro(ds t!en s!out to +esus4 ' /o on, o on, .oly Master2 1e (ill listen only to 0ou. Listen to us, not to t!ose cursed birds of evil omen2 T!ey are 7ealous, because (e love 0ou more t!an (e love t!em2 3ut 0ou are !oly, t!ey are (icked. /o on, s,eak to us. 0ou can see t!at (e !ave no ot!er (is! but to !ear 0ou. $ur !omes, our business) T!ey are not!in , (e left t!em to !ear 0ou. * H ' 0es, I (ill s,eak to you. 3ut do not be u,set by (!at !a,,ened. Pray for t!ose ,oor ,eo,le. 9or ive t!em as I 272

do. 3ecause if you for ive men t!eir faults, also your 9at!er 1!o is in .eaven (ill for ive you your sins. 3ut if you bear men a rud e and do not for ive t!em, neit!er (ill your 9at!er for ive you your s!ortcomin s. And everybody needs to be for iven. I (as sayin to you t!at /od (ill ive you a re(ard, even if you do not ask to be re(arded for t!e ood you !ave done. 3ut do not do ood to be re(arded, to !ave a security for tomorro(. Do not do ood restricted (it!in narro( limits by fear4 5And after, (ill I !ave enou ! for myself) And s!ould I !ave not!in , (!o (ill !el, me) 1ill I find anyone (!o (ill do (!at I did) And (!en I (ill no lon er be able to ive, (ill I still be loved)6 Look4 I !ave mi !ty friends amon ric! ,eo,le and I !ave friends amon st t!e ,oor ,eo,le of t!e eart!. And I solemnly tell you t!at t!e mi !ty ones are not t!e most loved. I o to t!em not for My o(n sake or ,rofit. 3ut because t!ey can ive Me muc! for t!ose (!o !ave not!in . I am ,oor. I !ave not!in . I (ould like to !ave all t!e treasures in t!e (orld and c!an e t!em into bread for t!ose (!o are !un ry, into !omes for t!e !omeless, into clot!es for t!e naked and into medicines for t!e sick. 0ou may say4 50ou can cure ,eo,le.6 0es, I can do t!at and ot!er t!in s. 3ut I do not al(ays find fait! in men, and I cannot do (!at I (ould do and (ould like to do, if t!e !earts of men !ad fait! in Me. I (ould like to !el, also t!ose (!o !ave no fait!. And as t!ey do not ask t!e -on of man for miracles, I (ould like, as a man to man, to !el, t!em. 3ut I !ave not!in . T!at is (!y I stretc! out My !and to t!ose (!o are ric! and I ask t!em4 5/ive me some alms, in t!e name of /od.6 T!at is (!y I !ave !i !; ,laced friends!i,s. Tomorro(, (!en I am no lon er on 27,

t!e eart!, t!ere (ill still be ,oor ,eo,le, but I s!all not be t!ere to (ork miracles for t!ose (!o !ave fait!, nor to ive alms to lead to fait!. 3ut t!en My ric! friends, (!o are in touc! (it! Me, (ill !ave learned !o( to !el, and My a,ostles, after t!eir e<,erience (it! Me, (ill !ave learned !o( to ive alms out of love for t!eir brot!ers. And t!e ,oor (ill al(ays receive assistance. 0esterday, I received from one (!o !as not!in , more t!an all t!ose (!o are ric! !ave iven Me. .e is a friend, and as ,oor as I am. 3ut !e ave Me somet!in (!ic! no money can buy, and (!ic! made Me !a,,y, brin in back to Me so many serene !ours of My c!ild!ood and yout!, (!en every evenin t!e !ands of a +ust $ne (ere laid on My !ead and I (ent to rest (it! t!e blessin as t!e uardian of My slee,. 0esterday t!is ,oor friend of Mine made Me kin (it! !is blessin . 0ou t!us see t!at none of My ric! friends !as iven Me (!at !e ave Me. T!erefore, be not afraid. #ven if you no lon er !ave t!e ,o(er of money, ,rovidin you !ave love and !oliness, you can still assist (!o is ,oor, tired and distressed. I And I t!erefore say to you4 do not (orry too muc! because you are afraid of !avin too little. 0ou (ill al(ays !ave (!at is necessary. Do not (orry too muc! about your future. Nobody kno(s !o( muc! future t!ere is a!ead of !im. Do not (orry about (!at you (ill eat to su,,ort yourselves in life or (!at clot!es you (ill ,ut on to kee, your bodies (arm. T!e life of your souls is by far more ,recious t!an its clot!es. And your 9at!er kno(s. 0ou ou !t to kno(, too. Look at t!e birds in t!e sky. T!ey do not so( or rea, or at!er into barns, and yet t!ey do not starve to deat! because t!e !eavenly 9at!er feeds t!em. And you men, t!e favourite creatures of t!e 274

9at!er, are (ort! muc! more t!an t!ey are. 1!ic! of you, (it! all !is talent, can add one sin le cubit to !is !ei !t) If you cannot raise your !ei !t even by a s,an, !o( can you ,ossibly c!an e your future conditions, increasin your (ealt!, to ensure t!at you (ill live to a lon and !a,,y old a e) "an you say to deat!4 50ou s!all come for me (!en I (ant6) 0ou cannot. 1!y, t!en, (orry about your future) And (!y o to so muc! trouble lest you s!ould be left (it!out clot!es) T!ink of t!e lilies ro(in in t!e fields4 t!ey do not (ork or s,in, t!ey do not buy any clot! from vendors, yet I assure you t!at not even -olomon in all !is re alia (as robed like one of t!em. No( if t!at is !o( /od clot!es t!e rass in t!e field, (!ic! is t!ere today and (ill be t!ro(n into t!e furnace tomorro( or used to feed t!e cattle and (ill t!us end u, in as! or dun , !o( muc! more .e (ill see to you, .is c!ildren) Do not be of little fait!. Do not (orry about an uncertain future sayin 4 51!at s!all I eat (!en I am old) 1!at s!all I drink) .o( (ill I clot!e myself)6 Leave suc! (orries to t!e /entiles, (!o do not !ave t!e lofty cer; tainty of t!e divine ,aternity. 0ou !ave it and you kno( t!at t!e 9at!er is a(are of your needs and loves you. T!erefore trust .im. -eek first (!at is really necessary4 fait!, oodness, c!arity, !umility, mercy, ,urity, 7ustice, meekness, t!e t!ree and four main virtues, and all t!e ot!ers as (ell, in order to be t!e friends of /od, and !ave a ri !t to .is Bin dom. And I can assure you t!at all t!e rest (ill be iven to you as (ell, (it!out !avin to ask for it. T!ere is no ric! man ric!er t!an a saint or any man safer t!an !e is. /od is (it! t!e saint and t!e saint is (it! /od. .e does not ask anyt!in for !is body, and /od 273

su,,lies (!at is necessary. 3ut !e (orks for !is soul, and /od ives .imself to !im in t!is (orld, and Paradise in t!e ne<t one. -o do not o to any trouble for (!at is not (ort! your trouble. Let your im,erfections rieve you, not your scanty eart!ly Means. Do not (orry about tomorro(. Tomorro( (ill take care of itself, and you (ill take care of it (!en you live it. 1!y 1orry today) Is life not already =uite full of yesterday:s sad memories and of today:s troubles, t!at (e s!ould feel t!e need to add t!e ni !tmares of tomorro(:s uncertainties) Leave to eac! day its o(n trouble2 T!ere (ill al(ays be in life more ,ains t!an (e (ould (is!, (it!out addin t!e ,resent ,ains to future ones2 Al(ays say t!e reat (ord of od4 5today.6 0ou are .is c!ildren, created to !is likeness. -o say (it! !im4 5today.6 And today I ive you My blessin . May it accom,any you until t!e be innin of a ne( today4 of tomorro(, t!at is (!en I (ill ive you once a ain My ,eace in t!e name of /od. *

154. T$e Se *ons on t$e 6o!nt. Pa t F#2e. No One Can Se 2e T&o 6aste s. En"o!nte &#t$ t$e 6a()alene.
-+t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& It is a lorious mornin and t!e air is clearer t!an 27+

usual. Distances seem to be s!ortened and remote t!in s seem to be seen t!rou ! a ma nifyin lens so clear and neat are t!e least details. T!e cro(ds are ettin ready to listen to t!e Master. Day by day t!e country is becomin more beautiful in its lu<urious dress at t!e !ei !t of t!e s,rin time season, (!ic! in Palestine I t!ink is at end of Marc! and be innin of A,ril, because later it !as t!e look ty,ical of summertime, (it! ri,e cro,s and t!ick fully develo,ed folia e. T!e (!ole country is no( in bloom. 9rom t!e !ei !t of t!e mountain, (!ic! is adorned (it! its o(n flo(ers even in s,ots (!ic! (ould a,,ear least suitable for blossom ro(t!, one can see t!e fle<uous corn undulatin do(n in t!e ,lain, blo(n by t!e breeze makin it look like sea; reen (aves, (it! a ,ale olden !ue at t!e to, of t!e ears no( seedin in t!eir bristly a(ns. T!e fruit trees, com,letely covered (it! ,etals stand strai !t above t!e cro,s undulatin in t!e li !t breeze, and look like as many !u e Po(der;,uffs or balls of (!ite, ,ale ,ink, dark ,ink, bri !t red auze. T!e olive;trees by contrast, in t!eir dress of ,enitent ascetics seem to be ,rayin and t!eir ,rayers are already c!an in into a tentative sno(fall of tiny (!ite flo(ers. T!e to, of Mount .ermon is like ,ink alabaster and is kissed by t!e sun. T(o diamond t!reads E t!ey look like t!reads from !ere E run do(n from t!e alabaster to, t(inklin in an unbelievable fas!ion in t!e sun, and disa,,ear into t!e reen (oodsD t!ey a,,ear once a ain do(n in t!e valley (!ere t!ey form (ater;courses (!ic! flo( to(ards Lake Merom, (!ic! cannot be seen from !ere. T!ey t!en flo( out (it! t!e beautiful (aters of t!e +ordan and later dro, into t!e li !t sa,,!ire sea of 277

/alilee, (!ic! t(inkles like c!i,s of ,recious stones set in and lit u, by t!e sun. T!e sails movin on t!e lake, calm and s,lendid in its frame of ardens and (onderful countryside, seem driven by small li !t clouds sailin in t!e sea of t!e sky. Nature really seems to be smilin in t!is early !our of a s,rin day. And t!e cro(ds t!ron incessantly. T!ey come u, from all directions4 old, !ealt!y, sick, c!ildren and youn cou,les (!o (is! to start t!eir married life (it! t!e blessin of /od:s (ord. T!ere are be ars and (ealt!y ,eo,le (!o call t!e a,ostles and ive t!em offerin s for t!ose (!o are ,oor and t!ey are so an<ious to find a concealed ,lace in (!ic! to do it t!at t!ey seem to be oin to confession. T!omas !as taken one of t!e travellin ba s and calmly ,ours all t!e money into it as if it (ere c!icken;feed, and t!en takes it to t!e rock (!ere +esus is s,eakin , and !e lau !s !a,,ily sayin 4 ' Re7oice, Master2 0ou !ave enou ! for everybody today2 * +esus smiles and says4 ' And (e s!all start at once, so t!at t!ose (!o are sad may be !a,,y immediately. 0ou and your com,anions (ill select t!e ,oor and sick ,eo,le and brin t!em !ere. * T!at takes a com,aratively s!ort time, alt!ou ! t!ey !ave to listen to t!e cases of many ,eo,le and it (ould !ave taken muc! lon er (it!out t!e ,ractical !el, of T!omas, (!o, standin on a stone to be seen by everybody, s!outs in !is ,o(erful voice4 ' All t!ose sufferin from ,!ysical trouble o to my ri !t !and side, over t!ere, in t!e s!ade. * T!e Iscariot follo(s !is e<am,le as !e, too, is ifted (it! an e<ce,tionally 279

,o(erful and beautiful voice, and !e s!outs4 ' And all t!ose (!o t!ink t!ey are entitled to alms s!ould come !ere near me. And make sure you are not tellin lies because t!e eyes of t!e Master can read your !earts. * T!e cro(ds start movin about to form t!ree rou,s4 t!ose (!o are sick, t!ose (!o are ,oor, and t!ose (!o are an<ious only to !ear +esus teac!in . 8 3ut t(o ,eo,le, and t!en t!ree of t!e last rou, seem to be in need of somet!in (!ic! is neit!er !ealt! nor money, but is more necessary t!an bot!4 a (oman and t(o men. T!ey look at t!e a,ostles but dare not s,eak. T!e severe lookin -imon Fealot ,asses byD also Peter ,asses byD !e is busy s,eakin to a dozen little c!ildren to (!om !e ,romises some olives if t!ey kee, =uiet until t!e end of t!e sermon, and a t!ras!in if t!ey disturb (!ile t!e Master is s,eakin D t!e elderly rave 3art!olome( ,asses byD Matt!e( and P!ili, ,ass carryin a cri,,le (!o (ould !ave to stru le too muc! to o,en !is (ay t!rou ! t!e cro(dD also t!e cousins of t!e Lord ,ass by !el,in an almost blind be ar and a very old ,oor (oman E I (onder !o( old s!e is E (!o (ee,s tellin +ames all !er troublesD +ames of Febedee ,asses by !oldin in !is arms a ,oor irl, (!o is certainly ill, and (!om !e !as taken from !er mot!er to ensure t!at s!e does not et !urt by t!e cro(ds, (!ile t!e ,antin mot!er follo(s !imD t!e last to ,ass by are Andre( and +o!n, (!om I (ould call t!e indivisible ones, because (!ile +o!n, in !is serene sim,licity of a !oly c!ild, is (illin to o (it! !is com,anions, Andre(, on account of !is reservedness, ,refers oin (it! !is old fis!in com,anion and fello( disci,le of t!e 3a,tist. T!ey !ad stayed at t!e 7unction of t!e t(o main ,at!s, to s!o( 272

,eo,le to t!eir ,laces, but t!ere bein no more ,il rims on t!e stony ,at! of t!e mountain, t!e t(o !ave come to et!er to o to t!e Master (it! t!e last offerin s received. +esus is already bendin over sick ,eo,le and t!e !osannas of t!e cro(ds ,unctuate eac! miracle. T!e (oman, (!o a,,ears to be com,letely distressed, dares to ,ull +o!n:s tunic, (!ile !e is s,eakin to Andre( and s!e smiles. .e bends and asks !er4 ' 1!at do you (ant, (oman) * ' I (ould like to s,eak to t!e Master... * ' Are you not (ell) 0ou are not ,oor... * ' I am (ell and I am not ,oor. 3ut I need .im... because t!ere are evils (it!out any fever and t!ere is misery (it!out ,overty and mine... mine... * and s!e (ee,s. ' Listen, Andre(. T!is (oman is sick in !eart and (ould like to s,eak to t!e Master. 1!at s!all (e do) * Andre( looks at t!e (oman and says4 ' It is certainly somet!in (!ic! is ,ainful to tell... * T!e (oman nods assent. Andre( oes on4 ' Do not (ee,... +o!n, try and take !er be!ind our s!ed. I (ill take t!e Master t!ere. * And +o!n, smilin , be s ,eo,le to let !im ,ass, (!ile Andre( oes in t!e o,,osite direction to(ards +esus. 3ut t!ey are noticed by t(o distressed men, and one of t!em sto,s +o!n, and t!e ot!er Andre(, and s!ortly after(ards t!ey are bot! (it! +o!n and t!e (oman be!ind t!e s!ed of branc!es (!ic! is ,art of t!e tent. 29/

Andre( reac!es +esus (!en t!e Latter is curin t!e cri,,le (!o raises !is crutc!es like t(o tro,!ies, as brisk as a skilled dancer, s!outin !is blessin . Andre( (!is,ers4 ' Master, be!ind our s!ed t!ere are t!ree ,eo,le (ee,in . 3ut it is t!eir !earts t!at ac!e and t!eir rief cannot be made kno(n... * ' All ri !t. I still !ave t!is irl and t!is (oman. T!en I (ill come. /o and tell t!em to !ave fait!. * Andre( oes a(ay (!ile +esus is bendin over t!e little irl (!o is bein !eld once a ain by !er mot!er. ' 1!at is your name) * +esus asks !er. ' Mary. * ' And (!at is My name) * ' +esus * re,lies t!e c!ild. ' And 1!o am I) * ' T!e Messia! of t!e Lord 1!o !as come to brin bodies and souls. * ' 1!o told you) * ' My mot!er and fat!er (!o !o,e in you for my life. * ' Live and be ood. * T!e c!ild, (!ose s,ine I t!ink (as affected by a disease, because alt!ou ! s!e is about seven years old, and ,er!a,s older, s!e only moved !er !ands and (as all envelo,ed in t!ick stiff banda es from !er arm,its do(n to !er !i,s E t!ey can be seen because !er mot!er !as lifted !er dress to s!o( t!em E remains as s!e (as for a 291 ood to

fe( minutes, t!en be ins to slide do(n from !er mot!er:s la, on to t!e round and runs to(ards +esus 1!o is curin t!e (oman, (!ose case I do not understand. All t!e sick ,eo,le !ave been satisfied and t!ey are t!e ones (!o s!out most in t!e cro(d a,,laudin ' t!e -on of David, lory of /od and ours. * > +esus oes to(ards t!e s!ed. +udas of Beriot! s!outs4 ' Master2 1!at about t!ese) * +esus turns round and says4 ' Let t!em (ait (!ere t!ey are. T!ey (ill be comforted, too * and .e (alks fast to t!e back of t!e s!ed (!ere t!e t!ree ,eo,le in an uis! are (it! Andre( and +o!n. ' T!e (oman first. "ome (it! Me into t!ese !ed es. -,eak (it!out any fear. * ' My Lord, my !usband (ants to leave me for a ,rostitute. I !ave five c!ildren and t!e last one is t(o years old... /reat is my rief... and I am (orried about my c!ildren... I do not kno( (!et!er !e (ill take t!em or leave t!em to me. .e (ill certainly (ant t!e boys, at least t!e oldest one... And I (!o bore !im (ill no lon er !ave t!e 7oy of seein !im) And (!at (ill t!ey t!ink of t!eir fat!er and of me) T!ey must t!ink evil of one of us. And I (ould not like t!em to 7ud e t!eir fat!er... * ' Do not (ee,. I am t!e Master of Life and of Deat!. 0our !usband (ill not marry t!at (oman. /o in ,eace and continue to be ood. * ' 3ut... 0ou (ill not kill !im) $!2 Lord, I love !im. * +esus smiles4 ' I (ill not kill anyone. 3ut t!ere is 292

someone (!o (ill do !is (ork. 0ou must kno( t!at t!e demon is not reater t!an /od. 1!en you o back to your to(n you (ill find out t!at someone killed t!at evil creature and in suc! a (ay t!at your !usband (ill realise (!at !e (as doin and (ill love you a ain (it! revived love. * T!e (oman kisses t!e !and t!at +esus !ad laid on !er !ead and oes a(ay. A $ne of t!e men comes4 ' I !ave a dau !ter, Lord. ?nfortunately s!e (ent to Tiberias (it! some irl friends and it (as as if s!e !ad taken some ,oison. 1!en s!e came back to me s!e (as like a mad (oman. -!e (ants to o a(ay (it! a /reek man... and t!en... 1!y (as s!e born) .er mot!er is !eartbroken and ,er!a,s (ill die of rief... I... only 0our (ords, (!ic! I !eard last (inter, kee, me from killin !er. 3ut, I tell 0ou, my !eart !as already cursed !er. * ' No. /od, 1!o is a 9at!er, only curses an accom,lis!ed and obstinate sin. 1!at do you (ant from Me) * ' T!at 0ou et !er to mend !er (ays. * ' I do not kno( !er and s!e (ill certainly not come to Me. * ' 3ut 0ou can c!an e !er !eart also from far a(ay2 Do 0ou kno( (!o sent me to 0ou) +o!anna of "!uza. -!e (as leavin for +erusalem (!en I (ent to !er mansion to ask !er (!et!er s!e kne( t!at (retc!ed /reek. I (as afraid s!e mi !t not kno( !im, because s!e is ood, alt!ou ! s!e lives at Tiberias, but since "!uza !as contacts (it! t!e /entiles... -!e does not kno( !im. 3ut s!e said to me4 5/o to +esus. .e called my soul back from 29,

very far a(ay and .e cured me, by t!at call, of my ,!t!isis. .e (ill cure also your dau !ter:s !eart. I (ill ,ray and you must !ave fait!.6 I !ave fait!. 0ou can see it. .ave mercy on me, Master. * ' 0our dau !ter t!is evenin (ill (ee, on !er mot!er:s knees askin to be for iven. 0ou must be as ood as !er mot!er and for ive !er. T!e ,ast is dead. * ' 0es, Master. As 0ou (is! and may 0ou be blessed. * .e turns round to o a(ay... but retraces !is ste,s4 ' 9or ive me, Master... 3ut I am so afraid. Lust is suc! a demon2 /ive me a t!read of 0our tunic. I (ill ,ut it in my dau !ter:s ,illo(. T!e demon (ill not tem,t !er (!ile s!e is aslee,. * +esus smiles and s!akes .is !ead... but satisfies t!e man sayin 4 ' T!at your mind may be =uieter. 3ut you must believe t!at (!en /od says4 5I (ant it6 t!e demon oes a(ay (it!out any furt!er need. -o kee, t!is as a souvenir of Mine *, and .e ives !im a small tuft from .is frin e. C T!e t!ird man comes4 ' Master, my fat!er died. 1e t!ou !t !e !ad some money. 3ut (e did not find any. T!at (ould not matter as my brot!ers and I are not s!ort of bread. 3ut I lived (it! my fat!er as I am t!e eldest. T!e ot!er t(o brot!ers are no( accusin me of stealin t!e money and t!ey (ant to sue me for t!eft. 0ou can see my !eart. I did not see one sin le coin. My fat!er ke,t !is Money in a coffer in a metal case. 1!en !e died (e o,ened t!e coffer but t!e case (as no lon er t!ere. T!ey say4 5Last ni !t, (!ile (e (ere slee,in , you took it.6 It is not true. .el, me to restore ,eace and esteem amon 294

us. * +esus stares at !im and smiles. ' 1!y are you smilin , Master) * ' 3ecause your fat!er is t!e uilty one, t!e uilt of a c!ild (!o !ides !is toy lest someone s!ould take it. * ' 3ut !e (as not a miser. 3elieve me. .e (as c!aritable. * ' I kno(. 3ut !e (as very old... It is t!e disease of old ,eo,le... .e (anted to ,reserve t!in s for you, and out of too muc! love, !e caused you to fall out (it! one anot!er. 3ut t!e case is buried at t!e foot of t!e cellar ste,s. I am tellin you so t!at you may be a(are t!at I kno(. 1!ile I am s,eakin to you, by ,ure c!ance, your youn er brot!er, by strikin t!e round an rily, caused it to vibrate and so t!ey discovered it and t!ey are no( embarrassed and sorry for blamin you. /o back !ome (it! a =uiet mind and be ood to t!em. Do not re,roac! t!em for t!eir lack of esteem. * ' No, my Lord. I (ill not. 3ut I am not oin !ome, I am stayin !ere to !ear 0ou. I (ill o tomorro(. * ' And if t!ey take t!at money) * ' 0ou say t!at (e must not be reedy. I do not (ant to be so. It is enou ! for me if t!ere is ,eace amon st us. $n t!e ot!er !and... I did not kno( !o( muc! money t!ere (as in t!e case and t!us I (ill not suffer for any information contrary to t!e trut!. And I consider t!at t!at money mi !t !ave been lost... I (ill live no(, as I lived before, s!ould t!ey deny me it. It is enou ! if t!ey do not call me a t!ief. * 293

' 0ou are (ell advanced on t!e (ay of /od. Proceed and ,eace be (it! you. * And also t!at man oes a(ay !a,,ily. H +esus oes back to t!e cro(ds, to(ards t!e ,oor ,eo,le and ives t!em alms accordin to .is o(n 7ud ement. #verybody is no( !a,,y and +esus can s,eak. ' Peace be (it! you. I e<,lain t!e (ays of t!e Lord to you, t!at you may follo( t!em. "ould you follo( t!e ,at! t!at oes do(n on t!e ri !t !and side, and at t!e same time follo( t!e one on t!e left !and side) 0ou could not. 3ecause if you take one you must leave t!e ot!er. #ven if t!e t(o ,at!s (ere close to et!er you could not (alk any len t! (it! one foot in one and one in t!e ot!er. 0ou (ould end u, by bein tired and makin a mistake, even if t!ere (as a (a er. 3ut bet(een t!e ,at! of /od and -atan:s t!ere is a reat distance, (!ic! becomes reater and reater, 7ust like t!e t(o ,at!s t!at come out u, !ere, but as t!ey run do(n t!e valley t!ey become fart!er and fart!er from eac! ot!er, as one oes to(ards "a,ernaum and t!e ot!er to(ards Ptolomais. -uc! is life, it bestrides ,ast and future, ood and evil. Man is in t!e centre (it! !is (ill ,o(er and free (illD at t!e ends, on one side t!ere is /od and .is .eaven, on t!e ot!er side -atan and !is .ell. Man can c!oose. Nobody forces !im. Do not say to Me4 5-atan tem,ts us6 as an e<cuse for descendin to(ards t!e lo( ,at!. Also /od tem,ts (it! .is love, (!ic! is very stron , (it! .is (ords, (!ic! are most !oly, (it! .is ,romises, (!ic! are most allurin 2 1!y t!en s!ould you allo( yourselves to 29+

be tem,ted by one only of t!e t(o, by t!e most undeservin one to be listened to) Are /od:s (ords, ,romises, love not sufficient to counteract -atan:s ,oison) "onsider t!at t!at is not to your favor. 1!en a man is ,!ysically very !ealt!y, !e is not immune from conta ion, but overcomes it =uite easily. 1!ereas if a man is already ill and conse=uently (eak, !e (ill almost certainly die in t!e event of catc!in a ne( infection, and if !e survives, !e is more seriously ill t!an ,reviously because !is blood lacks t!e stren t! to kill t!e conta ious erms com,letely. T!e same a,,lies to t!e su,erior ,art. If a man is morally and s,iritually !ealt!y and stron , you may be sure t!at !e is not free from tem,tations, but evil does not strike roots in !im. 1!en I !ear anyone say to Me4 5I a,,roac!ed t!is man and t!at one, I read t!is book and t!at one, I endeavoured to ,ersuade t!is ,erson and t!at one to do ood, but in actual fact t!e evil (!ic! (as in t!eir minds and in t!eir !earts, t!e evil (!ic! (as in t!e book, entered my !eart6, I conclude4 51!ic! ,roves t!at you !ad already created (it!in yourself a suitable round for ,enetration. 1!ic! ,roves t!at you are a (eaklin lackin in moral and s,iritual stren t!. 3ecause (e must derive some ood also from our enemies. 3y (atc!in t!eir errors (e must learn not to fall into t!e same. An intelli ent man does not become t!e lau !in stock of t!e first doctrine !e !ears. A man saturated (it! a doctrine cannot make room in !is mind for any ot!er. T!is e<,lains t!e difficulties met (!en one endeavours to convince t!ose, (!o are ,ersuaded of ot!er doctrines, to follo( t!e true Doctrine. 3ut if you admit t!at you c!an e your mind like a (eat!ercock, I can see t!at you are t!orou !ly em,ty, t!at your s,iritual 297

stron !old is full of breac!es, t!at t!e dam of your mind is leakin in !undreds of ,laces, t!rou ! (!ic! ood (ater runs out and foul (ater runs in and you are so stu,id and listless t!at you are not even a(are of it and you do not see it. 0ou are a (retc!.6 $f t!e t(o ,at!s, t!erefore, c!oose t!e ood one and ,roceed on it resistin to t!e allurements of senses, of t!e (orld, of science, of t!e demon. Leave !alf fait!s, com,romises, ,acts (it! t(o ,eo,le, one o,,osed to t!e ot!er, to t!e men of t!e (orld. T!ey, too, s!ould avoid t!em, if t!ey are !onest. At least you, men of /od, must s!un t!em. 0ou cannot !ave t!em eit!er (it! /od or (it! Mammon. 0ou must not !ave t!em (it! yourselves eit!er, because t!ey (ould be of no value. If your actions are a mi<ture of ood and evil, t!ey are of no value (!atsoever. T!e entirely ood ones (ould be cancelled by t!e bad ones. T!e evil ones (ould lead you strai !t into t!e #nemy:s arms. T!erefore do not indul e in t!em. 3e loyal in your service. No one can serve t(o masters (it! t(o different minds. .e (ill eit!er love one and !ate t!e ot!er or viceversa. 0ou cannot be bot! of /od and of Mammon. T!e s,irit of /od cannot be conciliated (it! t!e s,irit of t!e (orld. T!e former ascends, t!e latter descends. T!e former sanctifies, t!e latter corru,ts. And if you are corru,t, !o( can you act (it! ,urity) -enses li !t u, in corru,t ,eo,le and ot!er lusts follo( senses. I 0ou already kno( !o( #ve (as corru,ted and !o( Adam became corru,t t!rou ! !er. -atan kissed t!e (oman:s eyes and be(itc!ed t!em, so t!at every as,ect, so far ,ure, became im,ure for !er and roused stran e curiosities. T!en -atan kissed !er ears and o,ened t!em to t!e (ords of a ne( science4 !is o(n. Also #ve:s mind 299

(anted to kno( (!at (as not necessary. T!en -atan s!o(ed !er eyes and mind, no( a(ake to #vil, (!at ,reviously t!ey !ad not seen or understood, and everyt!in in #ve became s!ar, and corru,t. And t!e 1oman (ent to t!e Man, revealed !er secret and ,ersuaded Adam to taste of t!e ne( fruit, so beautiful to t!e eye and so strictly forbidden so far. And s!e kissed !im and looked at !im (it! mout! and eyes already fouled by -atan:s loomy disorder. And corru,tion ,enetrated Adam (!o sa(, and t!rou ! !is eyes !e craved for (!at (as forbidden and !e bit it (it! !is !el,mate and fell from suc! !ei !t into mud. A corru,t ,erson (ill dra( anot!er ,erson to corru,tion, unless t!e latter is a saint in t!e true sense of t!e (ord. 1atc! your eyes, men. 3ot! t!e eyes of your bodies and t!e eyes of your minds. If t!ey are corru,t, t!ey can but corru,t all t!e rest. T!e eye is t!e li !t of t!e body. 0our t!ou !t is t!e li !t of your !eart. 3ut if your eye is not ,ure E because since t!e or ans are sub7ect to t!ou !t, a corru,t t!ou !t (ill corru,t also senses everyt!in in you (ill become obscure, and a seducin !aze (ill create im,ure ,!antasms in you. #veryt!in is ,ure in !im (!o !as a ,ure t!ou !t (!ic! causes a ,ure look, and t!e li !t of /od descends as a master (!ere t!ere is no obstruction of senses. 3ut if out of ill (ill you !ave accustomed your eyes to disorderly visions, everyt!in (ill become darkness in you. In vain you (ill look at t!e most !oly t!in s. In t!e darkness t!ey (ill be not!in but blackness and blackness (ill be t!e deeds accom,lis!ed by you. J T!erefore, o c!ildren of /od, defend yourselves a ainst 292

yourselves. Look after yourselves dili ently a ainst all tem,tations. T!ere is no evil in bein tem,ted. An at!lete ,re,ares !imself for victory fi !tin . 3ut it is evil to be overcome because you are not ,re,ared and you are ne li ent. I kno( t!at everyt!in serves as a tem,tation. I kno( t!at defence is e<!austin . I kno( t!at it is tirin to !ave to stru le. 3ut t!ink of (!at you (ill ain t!rou ! t!ese t!in s. And for one !our of ,leasure, (!atever kind it may be, (ould you like to lose an eternity of ,eace) 1!at does t!e ,leasure of t!e fles!, of old, of t!ou !ts leave you) Not!in . 1!at do you ain by re7ectin t!em) #veryt!in . I am s,eakin to sinners, because man is a sinner. 1ell, tell me t!e trut!4 after satisfyin your senses, your ,ride, your reed, !ave you felt fres!er, !a,,ier, safer) In t!e !our follo(in your satisfaction, (!ic! is al(ays t!e time of meditation, !ave you sincerely felt t!at you (ere !a,,y) I !ave never tasted t!e bread of sensuality. 3ut I (ill re,ly in your stead4 5No. Lan uor, un!a,,iness, uncertainty, nausea, fear, restlessness4 t!at (as t!e 7uice s=ueezed out of t!e !our s,ent in ,leasure.6 3ut I be you4 (!ile I say to you4 5Never do t!at6, I also say to you4 5Do not be infle<ible (it! t!ose (!o make mistakes.6 Remember t!at you are all brot!ers, made of one fles! and one soul. "onsider t!at t!ere are many reasons (!y one is led to sin. 3e merciful to(ards sinners and kindly !el, t!em and take t!em back to /od, s!o(in t!em t!at t!e ,at! t!ey !ave follo(ed is full of dan ers for t!e fles!, t!e mind and t!e s,irit. Do t!at and you (ill receive a reat re(ard... 3ecause t!e 9at!er 1!o is in .eaven is merciful to ood ,eo,le and .e kno(s !o( to ive you one !undredfold to one. No( I say 22/

to you... * And !ere +esus tells me t!at you must co,y t!e vision dated &8t! Au ust &KAA, from line >C to t!e end, t!at is to t!e de,arture of Mary Ma dalene. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
1-t$ A!(!st 1+44.

K +esus says4 ' Look and (rite. It is t!e /os,el of Mercy t!at I ive to everybody and in ,articular to t!ose (omen (!o (ill reco nise t!emselves in t!e sinner and (!om I invite to follo( !er in !er redem,tion. * &L +esus is standin on a rock and is s,eakin to a lar e cro(d. It is a mountainous ,lace. A lonely !ill, bet(een t(o valleys. T!e to, of t!e !ill is s!a,ed like a yoke, or rat!er, like a camel:s !um,, so t!at a fe( yards from t!e to, t!ere is a natural am,!it!eatre (!ere voices resound clearly as in a (ell;built concert !all. T!e !ill is all in flo(er. It must be summer. T!e cro,s do(n in t!e ,lain are be innin to ri,en and are ettin ready to be cut. T!e lacier of a !i ! mountain in t!e nort! is s!inin in t!e sun. Directly belo(, to t!e east, t!e -ea of /alilee looks like a mirror broken into numberless fra ments, eac! of (!ic! is a sa,,!ire lit u, by t!e sun. Its blue; old t(inklin is dazzlin and it reflects a fe( fluffy clouds in a very clear sky and t!e s!ado( of some s(ift sails. 3eyond t!e lake of /ennesaret t!ere is a vast e<tent of ,lain round, (!ic! because of a li !t mist near t!e eart!, caused ,er!a,s by eva,oration of de( E in fact it must be early mornin as t!e rass on t!e mountain still !as a fe( de(y diamonds 221

litterin on its stems E looks like a continuation of t!e lake (it! an o,al;like !ue veined (it! reen. 9urt!er back t!ere is a c!ain of mountains, t!e side of (!ic! is so bizarre as to ive t!e im,ression of clouds sketc!ed on t!e clear sky. -ome of t!e ,eo,le are sittin on t!e rass, some on lar e stones, some are standin . T!e a,ostolic colle e is not com,lete. I can see Peter and Andre(, +o!n and +ames, and I can !ear t!e ot!er t(o bein called Nat!anael and P!ili,. T!en t!ere is one (!o is and is not one of t!e rou,. Per!a,s !e is t!e last one (!o arrived4 t!ey call !im -imon. T!e ot!ers are not t!ere, unless t!ey are amon t!e cro(ds and I cannot see t!em. T!e sermon !as already started. I understand t!at it is t!e -ermon of t!e Mount. 3ut t!e 3eatitudes !ave already been ,roclaimed. I (ould say t!at t!e sermon is dra(in to(ards t!e close because +esus says4 ' Do t!at and you (ill receive a reat re(ard. 3ecause t!e 9at!er 1!o is in .eaven is merciful to ood ,eo,le and .e kno(s !o( to ive you one !undredfold to one. -o I say to you... * && T!ere is muc! e<citement amon st t!e ,eo,le (!o cro(d round t!e ,at! leadin to t!e tableau. T!e ,eo,le closest to +esus turn t!eir !eads round. #verybody:s attention is distracted. +esus sto,s s,eakin and turns .is eyes in t!e same direction as t!e ot!ers. .e is serious and !andsome in .is dark blue tunic, .is arms folded on .is c!est (!ile t!e first rays of t!e sun risin above t!e eastern ,eak of t!e !ill s!ine on .is !ead. ' Make room, you ,lebeians * s!outs t!e an ry voice of a man. ' Make room for t!e beauty (!o is ,assin ... * and 222

four dandies, smartly dressed, come for(ard, one of (!om is certainly Roman, because !e is (earin a Roman to aD t!ey are carryin Mary of Ma dala, still a reat sinner, trium,!antly on t!eir !ands, crossed to form a seat. And s!e smiles (it! !er beautiful mout!, t!ro(in back !er !ead and !er olden !air, (!ic! is all ,laits and curls !eld by ,recious !air;,ins and a ,ale old leaf stre(n (it! ,earls, (!ic! encircles t!e u,,er ,art of !er fore!ead like a diadem, from (!ic! small li !t curls !an do(n to veil !er s,lendid eyes, made lar er and more seductive by a refined make;u,. T!e diadem disa,,ears be!ind !er ears, under t!e mass of ,laits at t!e back of !er sno((!ite com,letely bare neck. And !er nakedness e<tends muc! fart!er t!an !er neck. .er s!oulders are bare do(n to !er s!oulderblades and !er breast is even more so. .er dress is !eld on !er s!oulders by t(o little old c!ains. It is com,letely sleeveless. .er body is covered, so to say, by a veil t!e only ,ur,ose of (!ic! is to ,rotect !er skin from sunburn. T!e dress is of a very li !t fabric and (!en s!e t!ro(s !erself back, out of affection, a ainst one or t!e ot!er of !er lovers, s!e seems to be doin so com,letely nude. I am under t!e im,ression t!at t!e Roman is t!e one s!e ,refers because s!e lances and smiles at !im more fre=uently and rests !er !ead on !is s!oulder. ' T!e desire of t!e oddess !as been satisfied * says t!e Roman. ' Rome !as acted as a mount for t!e ne( %enus. $ver t!ere, t!ere is t!e A,ollo you (anted to see. -educe .im, t!erefore... 3ut leave some crumbs of your c!arm also to us. * 22,

Mary lau !s and (it! an a ile ,rovokin movement s!e 7um,s to t!e round, s!o(in !er small feet s!od in (!ite sandals (it! olden buckles, as (ell as a ood len t! of !er le . T!en !er dress covers !er (!ole body. It is in fact a very (ide one of sno(;(!ite (ool as t!in as a veil, !eld ti !t at t!e (aist, very lo(, near !er sides, by a lar e belt made of su,,le old bosses. And s!e stands on t!e reen tableland, (!ere t!ere is a vast amount of lilies of t!e valley and (ild narcissi, like a flo(er of fles!, an im,ure flo(er, (!ic! !as o,ened t!ere by (itc!craft. -!e is more beautiful t!an ever. .er tiny ,ur,le li,s seem a carnation o,enin on t!e (!iteness of !er ,erfect set of teet!. .er face and body (ould satisfy t!e most e<actin ,ainter or scul,tor bot! because of !er com,le<ion and !er fi ure. 1it! !er broad breast, !er ,erfectly sized sides, !er naturally su,,le slender (aist, as com,ared (it! !er sides and breast, s!e does look like a oddess, as t!e Roman said, a oddess scul,tured in a li !t ,inkis! marble on t!e sides of (!ic! a fabric is dra,ed and t!en !an s in t!e front in a mass of folds. #veryt!in !as been devised to ,lease. +esus stares at !er. And s!e defiantly resists .is look (!ile s!e smiles and t(ists li !tly as t!e Roman tickles !er, runnin on !er bare s!oulders and breast a lily ,icked amon t!e rass. Mary (it! affected indi nation, lifts !er veil sayin 4 ' .ave res,ect for my innocence * (!ic! causes t!e four to burst into a uffa(. +esus continues starin at !er. As soon as t!e noise of t!e lau !ter fades a(ay, +esus resumes s,eakin , as if t!e a,,arition of t!e (oman !ad kindled t!e flame of t!e sermon, (!ic! (as losin intensity in its conclusion, and 224

no lon er looks at !er. .e looks instead at .is audience (!o seem embarrassed and scandalised at t!e event. &8 +esus says4 ' I told you to be fait!ful to t!e La(, to be !umble and merciful, to love not only your brot!ers by t!e fles! but also t!ose (!o are brot!ers because t!ey (ere born, like you, of man. I told you t!at for iveness is better t!an !ostility, t!at com,assion is better t!an stubbornness. 3ut no( I tell you t!at you must not condemn unless you are free from t!e fault you (is! to condemn. Do not be!ave like t!e -cribes and P!arisees (!o are severe (it! everybody e<ce,t t!emselves, (!o call im,ure (!at is e<terior and can only contaminate (!at is e<terior and t!en t!ey receive im,urity in t!e very de,t!s of t!eir !earts. /od does not stay (it! t!e im,ure. 3ecause im,urity corru,ts (!at is t!e ,ro,erty of /od4 souls, and in ,articular t!e souls of c!ildren (!o are an els s,read over t!e eart!. 1oe to t!ose (!o tear off t!eir (in s (it! t!e cruelty of devilis! beasts and t!ro( t!ose flo(ers of .eaven into t!e mire, by lettin t!em taste t!e flavour of material t!in s2 1oe... It (ould be better if t!ey died struck by t!underbolts rat!er t!an commit suc! sin2 1oe to you, ric! and fast livin ,eo,le2 3ecause it is amon st you t!at t!e reatest im,urity t!rives and idleness and money are its bed and ,illo(2 0ou are no( sated. T!e food of concu,iscence reac!es your t!roats and c!okes you. 3ut you (ill be !un ry. And your !un er (ill be terrible, insatiable and una,,easable forever and ever. 0ou are no( ric!. .o( muc! ood you could do (it! your (ealt!2 Instead you do so muc! !arm bot! to yourselves and to ot!er ,eo,le. 3ut you (ill e<,erience a dreadful 223

,overty on a day t!at (ill !ave no end. 0ou no( lau !. 0ou t!ink you are trium,!in . 3ut your tears (ill fill t!e ,onds of /e!enna. And t!ey (ill never cease. 1!ere does adultery nestle) 1!ere does t!e corru,tion of youn irls !ide) 1!o !as t(o or t!ree licentious beds, in addition to !is o(n matrimonial one, on (!ic! !e s=uanders !is money and (astes t!e stren t! of a !ealt!y body iven to !im by /od t!at !e may (ork for !is family and not to (ear !imself out t!rou ! filt!y unions (!ic! ,lace !im belo( unclean beasts) 0ou !eard t!at it (as said4 50ou s!all not commit adultery.6 3ut I tell you t!at !e (!o looks at a (oman lustfully, t!at s!e (!o (is!ed to o (it! a man, !as already committed adultery in !is or !er !eart, sim,ly by t!at. T!ere is no reason (!ic! can 7ustify fornication. None. Neit!er t!e abandonment nor t!e re,udiation of a !usband. Nor ,ity for t!e re,udiated (oman. 0ou !ave one soul only. 1!en it is 7oined to anot!er soul by a ,act of fait!fulness, it must not lie. $t!er(ise t!e beautiful body for (!ic! you sin (ill o (it! you, o im,ure souls, into t!e ine<!austed fire. Mutilate your body, rat!er t!an kill it forever by damnin it. "ome to your moral senses, o ric! men, verminous sinks of vice, so t!at you may not dis ust .eaven... * &> Mary, (!o at t!e be innin listened (it! a face (!ic! (as a dream of allurement and irony, sneerin no( and a ain, at t!e end of t!e sermon becomes livid (it! ra e. -!e realises t!at alt!ou ! +esus does not look at !er, .e is s,eakin to !er. -!e becomes more and more livid and rebellious and at last can resist no lon er. -!e s,itefully envelo,s !erself in !er veil and follo(ed by 22+

t!e lances of t!e cro(ds 7eerin at !er and by +esus: voice (!ic! ,ursues !er, s!e runs do(n t!e slo,e of t!e mountain, leavin stri,s of !er dress on t!e t!istles and do rose bus!es ro(in on t!e ed es of t!e ,at!, lau !in out of an er and mockery. I see not!in else. 3ut +esus says4 ' 0ou (ill see more. * ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
-+t$ 6a1 1+4,.

&A +esus resumes4 ' 0ou are indi nant at (!at !a,,ened. 9or t(o days our s!elter, (!ic! is (ell above t!e mud, !as been u,set by -atan:s !iss. It is t!erefore no lon er a s!elter and (e (ill leave it. 3ut I (is! to conclude t!is code of t!e 5most ,erfect6 in t!is (ide and bri !t !orizon. /od really a,,ears !ere in t!e ma7esty of t!e "reator and (atc!in .is marvels (e can firmly believe t!at .e and not -atan is t!e Master. T!e #vil $ne could not create even a blade of rass. 3ut /od can do everyt!in . T!is s!ould comfort us. 3ut you are all already in t!e sun. And t!at is !armful. -,read out on t!e slo,es (!ere t!ere is s!ade and it is cool. .ave your meals, if you (is! so. I (ill s,eak to you a ain on t!e same sub7ect. Many t!in s !ave delayed us. 3ut do not be sorry about it. 0ou are (it! /od !ere. * T!e cro(ds s!out4 ' 0es, (e are. 1it! 0ou * and t!ey move under t!e t!ickets s,read on t!e eastern side so t!at t!e slo,e of t!e !ill and t!e tree branc!es s!elter t!em from t!e sun, (!ic! is already too (arm. In t!e meantime +esus tells Peter to take t!e tent do(n. ' Are (e really oin a(ay) * 227

' 0es, (e are. * ' 3ecause s!e came)... * ' 0es, but do not tell anybody, es,ecially t!e Fealot. .e (ould be u,set because of Lazarus. I cannot allo( t!e (ord of /od to be mocked at by !eat!ens... * ' I see, I see... * ' 1ell, t!ere is anot!er t!in you must understand. * ' 1!ic!, Master) * ' T!at it is necessary to be silent in certain cases. Please do not for et. 0ou are so dear, but you are also so im,ulsive as to burst out into bitin criticism. * ' I understand... 0ou do not (ant for Lazarus and -imon... * ' And for ot!ers as (ell. * ' Do 0ou t!ink t!ere (ill be any today) * ' Today, tomorro(, t!e day after tomorro(, al(ays. It (ill al(ays be necessary to (atc! t!e ras!ness of My -imon of +ona!. /o no( and do (!at I told you. * Peter oes a(ay callin !is com,anions to !el, !im. &C T!e Iscariot is ,ensive in a comer. +esus calls !im t!ree times, but !e does not !ear. At last !e turns round4 ' Do 0ou (ant me, Master) * !e asks. ' 0es, o and take your food and !el, your com,anions. * ' I am not !un ry. Neit!er are 0ou. * ' Neit!er am I, but for different reasons. Are you u,set, 229

+udas) * ' No, Master. I:m tired... * ' 1e are no( oin to t!e lake and t!en to +udaea, +udas. To your mot!er:s, as I ,romised you... * +udas c!eers u,. ' Are 0ou really comin only (it! me) * ' $f course. Love Me, +udas. I (ould like My love to be suc! in you as to ,reserve you from all evil. * ' Master... I am a man. I am not an an el. At times I feel tired. Is it a sin to feel t!e need of slee,) * ' No, ,rovidin you slee, on My c!est. Look over t!ere !o( !a,,y t!e ,eo,le are and !o( beautiful t!e scenery is from !ere. Also +udaea must be lovely in s,rin time. * ' Most beautiful, Master. 3ut s,rin , t!ere, on t!e mountains, (!ic! are !i !er t!an !ere, is later. 3ut t!ere are beautiful flo(ers. T!e a,,le;orc!ards are ma nificent. Mine, (!ic! is looked after by my mot!er, is one of t!e most beautiful ones. And (!en s!e moves about in it, (it! t!e doves follo(in !er to et some corn, believe me, it is a si !t t!at soot!es your !eart. * ' I believe you. If My Mot!er is not too tired, I (ould like to take .er to see yours. T!ey (ould love eac! ot!er, because t!ey are bot! ood. * +udas, dra(n by t!is idea, c!eers u, and for ettin t!at ' !e (as not !un ry and !e (as tired * runs !a,,ily to !is com,anions and tall as !e is, !e undoes t!e to,most knots (it!out any trouble and eats !is bread and olives, as !a,,y as a c!ild. &H +esus looks at !im ,itifully and t!en oes to(ards t!e 222

a,ostles. ' .ere is some bread, Master. And an e . I ot t!at ric! man over t!ere, t!e one (earin t!e red tunic, to ive me it. I said to !im4 50ou listen and you are !un ry. .e s,eaks and is e<!austed. /ive me one of your e s. It (ill do .im muc! more ood t!an it (ould do you.6 * ' Peter2 * ' No, Lord. 0ou are as ,ale as a baby suckin from an em,ty breast, and 0ou are becomin as t!in as a fis! after t!e matin season. Let me see to it. I do not (ant to !ave to re,roac! myself. I (ill ,ut it under t!ese (arm as!es of t!e fa ots I burnt, and 0ou (ill eat it. Don:t 0ou kno( it is... !o( many) most certainly (eeks t!at (e !ave been feedin on bread and olives and a little milk. .:m2... $ne could say t!at (e are ,ur in ourselves. And 0ou eat less t!an everybody and s,eak for everybody. .ere is t!e e . Take it (!ile it:s (arm, it (ill do 0ou ood. * +esus obeys and seein t!at Peter is eatin bread only, .e asks4 ' And (!at about you) 1!ere are your olives) * ' -ss2 I need t!em for after. I ,romised t!em. * ' To (!om) * ' To some c!ildren. 3ut if t!ey are not =uiet until t!e end, I (ill eat t!e olives and ive t!em t!e stones, t!at is blo(s. * ' %ery ood indeed2 * ' #!i2 I (ill never do t!at. 3ut if (e don:t say so... I ot so ,//

many blo(s myself, and if t!ey !ad iven me all t!e ones I deserved for all my ,ranks, I s!ould !ave !ad ten times as many2 3ut t!ey do you ood. I am like t!is because I ot t!em. * T!ey all lau ! at t!e a,ostle:s sincerity. ' Master, I (ould like to remind 0ou t!at today is 9riday and t!at t!ese ,eo,le... I do not kno( (!et!er t!ey (ill be able to et food in time for tomorro( or reac! t!eir !omes * says 3art!olome(. ' T!at:s true. It is 9riday2 * several of t!em say. ' It does not matter. /od (ill ,rovide. 3ut (e (ill tell t!em. * +esus stands u, and oes to .is ne( ,lace, in t!e middle of t!e cro(ds s,read in t!e t!ickets. ' 9irst of all I (is! to remind you t!at t!is is 9riday. I say t!at t!ose (!o are afraid t!ey cannot reac! t!eir !omes in time and are not in a ,osition to believe t!at /od (ill ,rovide food for .is c!ildren tomorro(, s!ould o a(ay at once, so t!at t!ey (ill not be still on t!e road at sunset. * $f all t!e cro(d t!ere, about fifty ,eo,le et u,. All t!e ot!ers stay (!ere t!ey are. &I +esus smiles and be ins to s,eak. ' 0ou !eard t!at in t!e old days it (as said4 50ou s!all not commit adultery.6 T!ose (!o amon you !ave !eard Me in ot!er ,laces kno( t!at I !ave s,oken about t!at sin several times. 3ecause, look, as far as I am concerned, it is a sin not for one ,erson only, but for t(o or for t!ree. I (ill make Myself clear. An adulterer sins (it! re ard to !imself, !e sins (it! re ard to !is accom,lice, and sins ,/1

causin t!e betrayed (ife or !usband to sin, t!ey may in fact be led to des,air or to commit a crime. T!at (it! re ard to t!e accom,lis!ed sin. 3ut I (ill say more. I say4 5Not only t!e accom,lis!ed sin, but t!e desire to accom,lis! it is already a sin.6 1!at is adultery) It is to crave for !im, (!o is not ours, or for !er, (!o is not ours. $ne be ins to sin by (is!in , continues by seduction, com,letes it by ,ersuasion, cro(ns it by t!e deed. .o( does one be in) /enerally (it! an im,ure lance. And t!at is connected (it! (!at I said before. An im,ure eye sees (!at is concealed from a ,ure eye and t!rou ! t!e eye t!irst enters t!e t!roat, !un er enters t!e body and fever t!e blood. A carnal t!irst, !un er, fever. Delirium be ins. If t!e ,erson looked at is !onest, t!e delirious looker;on is left alone on tenter!ooks, or (ill deni rate in reven e. If also t!e ,erson looked at is dis!onest, !e :(ill re,ly to t!e look and t!e descent into sin be ins. I t!erefore say to you4 5If a man looks at a (oman lustfully, !e !as already committed adultery (it! !er because !is t!ou !t !as accom,lis!ed t!e deed of !is desire.6 If your ri !t eye s!ould cause you to sin, tear it out and t!ro( it a(ay. It is better for you to be (it!out one eye t!an to be t!ro(n into t!e infernal darkness forever. And if your ri !t !and s!ould cause you to sin, cut it off and t!ro( it a(ay, for it (ill do you less !arm to lose one ,art of you t!an to !ave your (!ole body o to !ell. It is true t!at it is (ritten t!at deformed ,eo,le cannot serve /od in t!e Tem,le. 3ut after t!is life, t!e deformed by birt! (!o are !oly and t!ose (!o are deformed out of virtue, (ill become more beautiful t!an an els and (ill serve /od, lovin .im in t!e !a,,iness of ,/2

.eaven. &J It !as also been said to you4 5Anyone (!o divorces !is (ife, must ive !er a (rit of dismissal.6 3ut t!at is to be condemned, for it does not come from /od. /od said to Adam4 5T!is is t!e !el,mate I made for you. 3e fruitful, multi,ly, fill t!e eart! and con=uer it.6 And Adam, full of su,erior intelli ence, because sin !ad not yet dimmed !is reason made ,erfect by /od, e<claimed4 5T!is at last is bone from my bones, and fles! from my fles!. T!is is to be called (oman, t!at is4 anot!er I, because t!is (as taken from man. T!is is (!y a man leaves !is fat!er and mot!er and 7oins !imself to !is (ife and t!e t(o become one body.6 And in an increased s,lendour of li !t t!e #ternal Li !t a,,roved smilin Adam:s (ord, (!ic! became t!e first indelible la(. No(, if o(in to t!e ever increasin !ardness of man, t!e !uman la( iver !ad to ive a ne( la(D if o(in to t!e ever increasin inconstancy of man, t!e la( iver !ad to ,ut a restraint and say4 5If you !ave dismissed !er you cannot take !er back6, t!at does not cancel t!e first enuine la(, ,assed in t!e #art!ly Paradise and a,,roved by /od. I say to you4 51!oever divorces !is (ife, e<ce,t for t!e case of fornication, e<,oses !er to adultery.6 3ecause (!at (ill t!e divorced (oman do in ninety ,er cent of t!e cases) -!e (ill et married a ain. 1it! (!at conse=uences) $!2 .o( muc! t!ere is to be said about t!at2 Do you not kno( t!at you can cause involuntary incests by suc! system) .o( many tears are s!ed because of lust. 0es4 lust. T!ere is no ot!er name for it. 3e frank. #veryt!in can be overcome (!en t!e s,irit is ri !teous. 3ut everyt!in is an e<cuse to satisfy sensuality (!en t!e s,irit is lustful. 1oman:s fri idity, ,/,

dullness, ine,titude for !ouse(ork, s!re(is! ton ue, love for lu<ury, everyt!in can be overcome, also diseases and irascibility, if one loves !olily. 3ut as after some time one does not love as on t!e first day, (!at is more t!an ,ossible is considered im,ossible and a ,oor (oman is t!ro(n on to t!e road and to ,erdition. .e (!o re7ects !er commits adultery. .e (!o marries !er after t!e divorce, commits adultery. Deat! only dissolves a marria e. Remember t!at. And if your c!oice is an un!a,,y one bear t!e conse=uences as a cross, bein bot! of you un!a,,y but !oly, (it!out makin also t!e c!ildren un!a,,y, as t!ey are innocent and suffer more because of suc! unfortunate situations. T!e love for your c!ildren s!ould cause you to ,onder one !undred times, also in t!e case of deat! of your ,artner. $!2 I (is! you could be satisfied (it! (!at you already !ave !ad and to (!ic! /od said4 5#nou !26 I (is! you, (ido(s and (ido(ers, realised t!at deat! is not an attenuation but an elevation to t!e ,erfections of ,arents2 To be a mot!er in t!e ,lace of a dead mot!er. To be a fat!er in t!e ,lace of a deceased fat!er. To be t(o souls in one and receive t!e love for t!e c!ildren from t!e cold li,s of t!e dyin ,artner and say4 5/o in ,eace, (it!out (orryin for t!ose (!o (ere born of you. I (ill continue to love t!em, on my o(n and on your be!alf, I (ill love t!em t(ice and (ill be t!eir fat!er and mot!er and t!ey (ill not suffer t!e un!a,,iness of or,!ans, neit!er (ill t!ey feel t!e inborn 7ealousy t!at t!e c!ildren of a remarried consort e<,erience (it! re ard to !im or !er (!o takes t!e sacred ,lace of mot!er or fat!er called by /od to a ne( abode.6 &K My c!ildren, My sermon is dra(in to its end, as t!e ,/4

day is nearin its end (!ile t!e sun is settin in t!e (est. I (ant you to remember t!e (ords of t!is meetin on t!e mountain. #n rave t!em in your !earts. Read t!em over and over a ain and very often. Let t!em be your everlastin uidance. And above all be ood to t!ose (!o are (eak. Do not 7ud e t!at you may not be 7ud ed. Remember t!at t!e moment mi !t come (!en /od could remind you4 5T!at is !o( you 7ud ed. -o you kne( t!at t!at (as bad. 0ou t!erefore committed a sin, kno(in (!at you (ere doin . 0ou must no( ,ay for it.6 "!arity is an absolution. 3e c!aritable to everybody and in everyt!in . If /od ives you muc! assistance to kee, you ood, do not be ,roud of it. 3ut endeavour to climb t!e full len t! of t!e ladder of ,erfection and ive a !and to t!ose (!o are tired or una(are and to t!ose (!o are easily disa,,ointed. 1!y do you observe so dili ently t!e s,linter in your brot!er:s eye if first you do not o to t!e trouble of takin t!e ,lank out of your o(n eye) .o( dare you say to your brot!er4 5Let me take t!e s,linter out of your eye6 (!ile t!e ,lank in your eye is blindin you) -on, do not be a !y,ocrite. Take t!e ,lank out of your o(n eye first and t!en you (ill be able to take t!e s,linter out of your brot!er:s eye, (it!out ruinin !im. As you avoid bein unc!aritable, avoid also bein im,rudent. I said to you4 5/ive a !and to t!ose (!o are tired or una(are and to t!ose (!o are easily disa,,ointed.6 3ut if it is c!arity to teac! t!e i norant, to encoura e t!e tired, to ive ne( (in s to t!ose (!ose old ones are broken, it is im,rudence to reveal t!e eternal trut!s to t!ose affected by satanism, (!o take ,ossession of t!em to ,retend t!ey are ,ro,!ets, to insinuate t!emselves amon sim,le ,eo,le, to corru,t, lead astray ,/3

and sacrile iously foul t!e t!in s of /od. Absolute res,ect, to be able to s,eak, to be silent, to ,onder, to act, are t!e virtues of t!e true disci,le in order to make ,roselytes and serve /od. 0ou are ifted (it! t!e faculty of reason and, if you are 7ust, /od (ill rant you all t!e li !t to make a better use of your reason. 0ou must consider t!at t!e eternal trut!s are like ,earls, and no one !as ever seen ,earls t!ro(n in front of ,i s, (!ic! ,refer acorns and rank brot! to ,recious ,earls, (!ic! t!ey could crus! under t!eir feet and t!en, furious at bein mocked at, t!ey (ould turn a ainst you to tear you to ,ieces.Do not ive do s (!at is !oly. T!at is for t!e ,resent and t!e future. I !ave told you muc!, My c!ildren. Listen to My (ordsD !e (!o listens to t!em and ,uts t!em into ,ractice, can be com,ared to a t!ou !tful man, (!o (is!in to build a !ouse, c!ose a rocky ,lace. .e certainly (orked !ard to lay t!e foundations. .e !ad to (ork (it! ,ick and stone c!isel, !e ot callous !ands and broke !is back. 3ut !e (as able to ,ut lime in t!e fissures of t!e rock and lay bricks one close to t!e ot!er, like t!e (all of a fortress, and t!e !ouse (as as solid as a mountain. T!e !ouse (as e<,osed to t!e inclemency of t!e (eat!er and to do(n,ours, t!e rain caused t!e rivers to overflo( t!eir banks, t!e (inds (!istled, t!e (aves beat it, but t!e !ouse resisted everyt!in . -uc! is !e (!o !as a sound fait!. Instead (!o listens su,erficially and does not strive to en rave My (ords in !is !eart, because !e is a(are t!at to do so !e (ould !ave to (ork !ard, suffer and e<tir,ate too many t!in s, is like a man (!o out of indolence and foolis!ness builds !is !ouse on sand. As soon as t!e inclement (eat!er comes, t!e !ouse =uickly ,/+

built, =uickly colla,ses and t!e forlorn fool contem,lates t!e rubble of t!e !ouse and t!e ruin of !is ca,ital. And in t!at case t!e ruin can be re,aired (it! e<,enses and (ork. 3ut if t!e edifice of t!e s,irit cras!es, because it (as badly built, t!ere is no (ay to rebuild it. $ne cannot build in future life. 1oe to t!ose (!o ,resent t!emselves t!ere (it! rubble2 8L I !ave finis!ed. I am no( oin do(n to(ards t!e lake and I bless you in t!e name of t!e $ne and Trine /od. May ,eace be (it! you. * 3ut t!e cro(ds s!out4 ' 1e are comin (it! 0ou. Let us come. No one !as (ords like 0ours2 * And t!ey be in to follo( +esus 1!o oes do(n on t!e o,,osite side from (!ic! .e came u, and (!ic! is in t!e direction of "a,ernaum. T!e descent is stee,er but faster and t!ey soon reac! t!e foot of t!e mountain on a reen flo(ery ,lain. M+esus says4 ' #nou ! for today. Tomorro(... *N

15,. T$e Le%e C! e) at t$e Foot of t$e 6o!nta#n.

.9t$ 6a1 1+4,.

& Amon st t!e many flo(ers (!ic! ,erfume t!e eart! and deli !t our eyes, I see t!e !orrible s,ectre of a revoltin , corroded le,er, com,letely covered (it! sores. T!e cro(ds s!out (it! fear and rus! back to t!e lo(er ,/7

slo,es of t!e mountain. -ome of t!em at!er stones to t!ro( at t!e ras! man. 3ut +esus turns round (it! .is arms fully stretc!ed out and s!outs4 ' Peace2 -tay (!ere you are4 be not afraid. Put t!e stones do(n. .ave mercy on a ,oor brot!er. .e is a son of /od, too. * T!e cro(ds obey, over(!elmed by t!e ,o(er of t!e Master, 1!o moves for(ard t!rou ! t!e tall rass in bloom to a fe( ste,s from t!e le,er, (!o, on !is ,art, !as understood t!at +esus is ,rotectin !im, and !as come nearer. 1!en !e reac!es +esus, !e ,rostrates !imself, and t!e bloomin rass envelo,s !im like cool scented (ater. T!e flo(ers undulate and at!er to et!er, formin a veil over t!e miserable man concealed amon st t!em. $nly t!e mournful voice t!at can be !eard reminds ,eo,le of t!e (retc!ed creature lyin t!ere. It says4 ' Lord, if 0ou (ant, 0ou can cure me. .ave mercy also on me2 * +esus re,lies4 ' Raise your !ead and look at Me. A man (!o believes in .eaven must be able to look at it. And you do believe, because you are askin for a race. * T!e rass is s!aken and o,ens out once a ain. Like t!e !ead of a s!i,(recked ,erson emer in from t!e sea, t!e !ead of t!e le,er a,,ears, stri,,ed of !air and beard. .is !ead is a skull not yet entirely de,rived of all fles!. And yet +esus does not disdain touc!in t!at fore!ead (it! t!e ti,s of .is fin ers, (!ere t!ere are no sores on t!e skin. 3ut t!e skin on t!at s,ot is as!en; rey, scaly, and lies bet(een t(o ,utrid erosions, one of (!ic! !as destroyed !is scal,, and t!e ot!er !as o,ened a !ole ,/9

(!ere !is ri !t eye (as, so t!at I could not say (!et!er t!e ball of !is eye is still in t!e !u e socket, (!ic!, bet(een !is tem,le and !is nose, lays bare !is c!eek; bone and !is nasal cartila e, full of corru,tion. And +esus, !oldin t!e fin erti,s of .is lovely !and t!ere, says4 ' I (ant it. 3e cleansed. * And as if t!e man (ere not eaten a(ay and covered (it! sores, but only covered (it! dirt on (!ic! cleansin (aters (ere ,oured, t!e le,rosy disa,,ears at once. 9irst t!e (ounds !ealD t!en !is skin becomes clear, !is ri !t eye a,,ears bet(een fres! eyelids, !is li,s close round !is yello(is! teet!. $nly !is !air and beard are missin , t!at is, t!ere are only scanty tufts of !air (!ere ,reviously t!ere (as only a tiny ,iece of (!olesome skin. T!e cro(ds s!out in amazement. And t!eir 7oyful s!outs tell t!e man t!at !e is cured. .e lifts !is !ands, so far concealed by t!e rass, !e touc!es !is eye, (!ere t!e !u e !ole (asD !e touc!es !is !ead, (!ere t!e lar e sore s!o(ed t!e skull and feels !is fres! skin. .e stands u,, looks at !is c!est, !is !i,s... .e is all (!olesome and clean... .e colla,ses once a ain on t!e flo(ery meado( (ee,in out of 7oy. ' Do not (ee,. -tand u, and listen to Me. /o back to life accordin to t!e rite and do not tell anybody until you !ave accom,lis!ed it. -!o( yourself to t!e ,riest as soon as ,ossible, make t!e offerin ,rescribed by Moses as evidence of your miraculous cure. * ' It:s for 0ou t!at I s!ould (itness, my Lord2 * ' 0ou (ill (itness for Me by lovin My doctrine2 /o. * ,/2

T!e cro(d !as come close once a ain and t!ey con ratulate t!e man miraculously !ealed, alt!ou ! from due distance. T!ere are some ,eo,le (!o feel t!ey ou !t to ive !im some ,rovisions for !is 7ourney and t!ro( some coins to !im. $t!ers t!ro( bread and foodstuffs, and a man, seein t!at t!e le,er:s clot!es are not!in but torn ra s, t!rou ! (!ic! !is entire body is visible, takes !is mantle off, ties it in a knot, as if it (ere a lar e !andkerc!ief, and t!ro(s it to t!e le,er (!o can t!us cover !imself decently. Anot!er man, as c!arity is conta ious (!en it is in common, cannot resist !is desire to su,,ly !im (it! sandals, takes off !is o(n and t!ro(s t!em to t!e le,er. ' And (!at about you) * asks +esus 1!o sa( t!e esture. ' $!2 I live nearby. I can (alk barefooted. .e !as to o a lon (ay. * ' May /od bless you and all t!ose (!o !ave !el,ed our brot!er. Man4 you (ill ,ray for t!em. * ' 0es, I (ill, I (ill ,ray for t!em and for 0ou4 t!at t!e (orld may !ave fait! in 0ou. * ' /oodbye. /o in ,eace. * T!e man (alks a(ay a fe( yards, t!en turns round and s!outs4 ' "an I tell t!e ,riest t!at 0ou !ave cured me) * ' It is not necessary. +ust say4 5T!e Lord !ad mercy on me.6 It is t!e (!ole trut! and not!in else is re=uired. * 8 T!e ,eo,le t!ron round t!e Master, formin a circle (!ic! does not (ant to o,en at any cost. 3ut t!e sun !as set and t!e -abbat! rest be ins. T!e villa es are far a(ay. 3ut t!e ,eo,le do not ,ine for t!eir villa es, t!eir ,1/

food or anyt!in else. 3ut t!e a,ostles are (orried about it and t!ey tell +esus. Also t!e elder disci,les are (orried. T!ere are (omen and c!ildren, and (!ile t!e ni !t is mild and t!e rass of t!e meado( is soft, t!e stars are not bread, neit!er do stones become food. +esus is t!e only one (!o does not trouble. T!e ,eo,le in t!e meantime eat t!e remnants of t!eir food (it!out any (orry and +esus ,oints it out to .is a,ostles4 ' I solemnly tell you t!at t!ese ,eo,le are (ort! more t!an you are2 Look !o( t!ou !tlessly t!ey are finis!in everyt!in . I said to t!em4 51!o cannot believe t!at /od (ill ,rovide food for .is c!ildren tomorro(, may o a(ay6, and t!ey stayed. /od (ill not belie .is Messia! and (ill not disa,,oint t!ose (!o !o,e in .im. * T!e a,ostles s!ru t!eir s!oulders and do not s!o( concern for anyt!in else. It is ni !tfall after a ,lacid, beautiful red sunset and t!e silence of t!e country s,reads over everyt!in , after t!e last c!oir of birds. T!ere is a li !t (!is,erin of t!e (ind and t!en t!e first mute fli !t of a ni !t bird, t!e first star a,,ears and a fro croaks. T!e c!ildren are already aslee,. T!e adults are talkin amon t!emselves and no( and a ain someone oes to t!e Master askin for clarification of some ,oint or ot!er. -o no one is sur,rised (!en a ,erson, im,osin by look, arments and a e, is seen comin alon a ,at! bet(een t(o corn fields. -ome men are follo(in !im. #verybody turns round to look at !im and t!ey ,oint !im out to one anot!er (!is,erin . T!e (!is,erin s,reads from one rou, to anot!er, it revives and fades a(ay. T!e rou,s t!at are fart!er a(ay come near dra(n by curiosity. ,11

> T!e noble lookin man reac!es +esus, 1!o is sat at t!e foot of a tree listenin to some men, and bo(s do(n before .im. +esus stands u, at once and res,onds (it! e=ual res,ect to t!e salutation. T!e ,eo,le ,resent are (atc!in attentively. ' I (as u, on t!e mountain and ,er!a,s 0ou t!ou !t t!at I did not !ave fait! as I (ent a(ay for fear of !avin to fast. 3ut I (ent a(ay for anot!er reason. I (anted to be a brot!er amon brot!ers, t!e eldest brot!er. I (ould like to s,eak to 0ou aside. "an 0ou listen to me) Alt!ou ! a scribe, I am not 0our enemy. * ' Let us move a(ay a little... * and t!ey o into t!e corn field. ' I (anted to ,rovide some food for t!e ,il rims and I came do(n to tell t!e baker to bake bread for a lar e cro(d. 0ou can see t!at I am at a le al distance, because t!ese fields belon to me, and it is la(ful to (alk from !ere to t!e to, on a -abbat!. It (as my intention to come u, tomorro( (it! my servants. 3ut I found out t!at 0ou are !ere (it! t!e cro(d. I be 0ou to allo( me to ,rovide for t!e -abbat!. $t!er(ise I (ould be very sorry t!at I !ad to fore o 0our (ords for not!in . * ' 9or not!in , no, never, because t!e 9at!er (ould !ave com,ensated you (it! .is li !t. 3ut I t!ank you and (ill not disa,,oint you. I only (is! to ,oint out t!at t!e cro(d is very lar e. * ' I asked t!em to !eat all t!e ovens, also t!e ones used to dry foodstuffs and I (ill succeed in !avin bread for everybody. * ' I did not mean t!at. I (as referrin to t!e =uantity of ,12

bread... * ' T!at does not trouble me. Last year I !ad a ood cro, of corn. 0ou !ave seen (!at t!e ears of corn are like t!is year. Let me do it. It (ill be t!e reatest ,rotection for my fields. After all, Master... 0ou ave me suc! bread today... 0ou really are t!e 3read of t!e s,irit2... * ' Let it be done as you (is!. Let us o and tell t!e ,il rims. * ' No. 0ou said so. * ' Are you a scribe) * ' 0es, I am. * ' May t!e Lord take you (!ere your !eart deserves. * ' I understand (!at 0ou mean but do not say. 0ou mean4 to t!e Trut!. 3ecause reat are our errors... and our ill; (ill. * ' 1!o are you) * ' A son of /od. Pray t!e 9at!er for me. /oodbye. * ' Peace be (it! you. * A +esus oes slo(ly back to .is a,ostles (!ile t!e man oes a(ay (it! !is servants. ' 1!o (as !e) 1!at did !e (ant) Did !e say somet!in un,leasant to 0ou) .as !e sick ,eo,le) * +esus is assailed (it! =uestions. ' I do not kno( (!o !e is. $r rat!er, I kno( t!at !e is ood!earted and t!at... * ,1,

' .e is +o!n, t!e scribe * says one of t!e cro(d. ' 1ell, I kno( no(, because you said so. .e only (anted to be t!e servant of /od (it! .is c!ildren. Pray for !im because tomorro( (e s!all all !ave food, t!anks to !is oodness. * ' .e is really a 7ust man * says one. ' 0es, indeed. I do not kno( !o( !e can be t!e friend of ot!ers * remarks anot!er one. ' .e is s(at!ed in scru,les and rules like a baby, but !e is not a bad man * concludes a t!ird one. ' Do t!ese fields belon to !im) * ask many (!o are not from t!is ,art of t!e country. ' 0es, t!ey do. I t!ink t!at t!e le,er (as one of !is servants or ,easants. 3ut !e allo(ed !im to stay around !ere and I t!ink t!at !e also fed !im. * C T!e comments continue but +esus does not ,ay attention to t!em. .e calls t!e T(elve near .im and asks t!em4 ' And (!at s!ould I say no( in re ard to your incredulity) Did t!e 9at!er not ,ut bread for all of us into t!e !ands of one (!o, by caste, is an enemy of Mine) $!2 men of little fait!2... /o into t!e soft !ay and slee,. I am oin to ,ray t!e 9at!er t!at .e may o,en your !earts and to t!ank .im for .is kindness. Peace be (it! you. * And .e oes to t!e lo(er slo,es of t!e mountain. .e sits do(n and collects .is t!ou !ts in ,rayer. 1!en .e raises .is eyes .e sees t!e myriad of stars cro(din t!e sky, (!en .e lo(ers t!em, .e sees t!e cro(d of ,eo,le slee,in on t!e meado(s. Not!in else. 3ut suc! is t!e ,14

7oy in .is !eart t!at .is face seems to become transfi ured by a bri !t li !t...

154. T$e Sabbat$ afte t$e Se *on. At t$e Foot of t$e 6o!nta#n.
1st J!ne 1+4,.

& +esus !as delayed some(!at u, on t!e mountain durin t!e ni !t, so t!at at da(n .e can be seen standin on t!e ed e of an escar,ment. Peter, (!o sees .im, ,oints .im out to !is com,anions and t!ey o u, to(ards .im. ' Master, (!y did 0ou not come (it! us) * many of t!em ask. ' I needed to ,ray. * ' 3ut 0ou also need to rest very badly. * ' My friends, durin t!e ni !t a voice came from .eaven askin for ,rayers for t!e ood and t!e (icked and also for Myself. * ' 1!y) Do 0ou need it) * ' As muc! as anybody. My stren t! is nouris!ed (it! ,rayer and My 7oy (it! doin (!at My 9at!er (ants. My 9at!er told Me t!e names of t(o ,eo,le and a sorro( for Myself. T!e t!ree t!in s .e mentioned need ,rayer so muc!. * +esus is very sad and .e looks at .is a,ostles (it! eyes (!ic! seem to be be in or askin for somet!in . .is eyes rest on one, t!en on anot!er and at ,13

last on +udas Iscariot and +esus stares at !im. T!e a,ostle notices it and asks4 ' 1!y do 0ou look at me like t!at) * ' I (as not lookin at you. My eyes (ere contem,latin somet!in else...* ' T!at is) * ' T!e nature of a disci,le. All t!e ood and all t!e evil t!at a disci,le can do and ive to !is Master. I (as t!inkin of t!e disci,les of t!e Pro,!ets and of +o!n. And I (as t!inkin of My o(n. And I (as ,rayin for +o!n, for t!e disci,les and for Myself...* ' 0ou are sad and tired t!is mornin , Master. Tell t!ose (!o love 0ou (!at 0our trouble is be s +ames of Febedee. ' 0es, tell us, and if t!ere is anyt!in (e can do to relieve 0our rief, (e (ill do it says .is cousin +udas. Peter s,eaks to 3art!olome( and P!ili,, but I do not understand (!at t!ey say. +esus re,lies4 ' 3e ood, endeavour to be ood and fait!ful. T!at is t!e only relief. T!ere is no ot!er one, Peter. .ave you understood) 9or et your sus,icion. Love Me and love one anot!er, do not allo( t!ose (!o !ate Me to seduce you, above all love t!e (ill of /od. * ' #!2 If everyt!in is (it!in its control, also our errors are (it!in it2 * e<claims T!omas in a ,!iloso,!ical tone. ' Do you t!ink so) 3ut it is not so. 3ut many ,eo,le !ave (oken u, and are lookin !ere. Let us o do(n and sanctify t!is !oly day (it! t!e (ord of /od. * ,1+

8 T!ey o do(n (!ile t!e ,eo,le (!o (ake u, are more and more numerous. T!e c!ildren, as merry as little s,arro(s, are already ,rattlin , runnin and 7um,in in t!e meado(s, ettin (et (it! de(, so t!at a fe( blo(s be in to fly (it! conse=uent tears. T!en t!e c!ildren run to(ards +esus 1!o caresses t!em and be ins to smile once a ain as if .e reflected t!eir innocent c!eerfulness. A little irl (ants to ,ut a little bunc! of flo(ers on .is belt, flo(ers s!e ,icked in t!e meado( ' because .is tunic is more beautiful like t!at * s!e says and +esus lets !er do it, alt!ou ! t!e a,ostles rumble. 3ut +esus says4 ' 0ou ou !t to be !a,,y t!at t!ey love Me2 T!e de( removes t!e dust from flo(ers. T!e love of c!ildren removes all sadness from My !eart. * +esus comin from t!e mountain arrives in t!e midst of t!e ,il rims at t!e same time as +o!n, t!e scribe, (!o is comin from !is !ouse (it! many servants carryin baskets of bread, olives, c!eese and a little lamb or little kid, (!atever it may be, roasted for t!e Master. #veryt!in is laid at .is feet and .e sees to t!e distribution ivin everybody some bread, a slice of c!eese and a !andful of olives. 3ut .e ives a ,iece of t!e roasted lamb (it! bread to a mot!er (!o is still !oldin at !er breast a ,lum, baby (!o lau !s s!o(in !is milk teet!, and .e does like(ise (it! t(o or t!ree more ,eo,le (!om .e t!inks need s,ecial attention. ' 3ut it:s for 0ou, Master * says t!e scribe. ' I (ill !ave some, do not (orry. 3ut see... if I kno( t!at many ,artake of your oodness, it (ill taste better to Me. * T!e distribution is over and t!e ,eo,le nibble at t!eir ,17

bread, leavin some for later. +esus also drinks some milk (!ic! t!e scribe (is!es to ,our for .im into a ,recious cu, from a little flask !eld by a servant and (!ic! looks like a little ,itc!er. ' 3ut 0ou must satisfy me and ive me t!e 7oy of !earin 0ou * says +o!n, t!e scribe, (!o is reeted by .ermas (it! e=ual res,ect and (it! reater res,ect by -te,!en. ' I (ill not deny you t!at satisfaction. "ome over !ere * and +esus leans a ainst t!e mountain and be ins to s,eak. > ' /od:s (ill !as !eld us in t!is ,lace because !ad (e one any furt!er, after t!e distance (e !ad (alked, (e (ould !ave infrin ed t!e ,rece,ts and caused scandal. And may t!at never !a,,en until t!e Ne( Pact is (ritten. It is ri !t to sanctify feast days and ,raise t!e Lord in ,laces of ,rayer. 3ut t!e (!ole creation can be a ,lace of ,rayer if man can make it t!us t!rou ! !is elevation to t!e 9at!er. Noa!:s Ark adrift on t!e (ater (as a ,lace of ,rayer and like(ise t!e belly of +ona!:s (!ale. Places of ,rayer (ere t!e !ouse of t!e P!arao! (!en +ose,! lived in it, and t!e tent of .olofernes for t!e c!aste +udit!. And (as not t!e corru,t ,lace (!ere t!e ,ro,!et Daniel lived as a slave, so sacred to t!e Lord, because of t!e !oliness of .is servant (!o so sanctified t!e ,lace as to deserve t!e !i ! ,ro,!ecies of "!rist and of t!e Antic!rist, (!ic! are a key to ,resent and future times) All t!e more reason t!is ,lace is !oly as (it! its !ues and scents, (it! its ,ure air and ric! cro,s, (it! its de(y ,earls it s,eaks to us of /od, t!e 9at!er and "reator and says4 5I believe. And you ou !t to believe because (e bear (itness to /od.6 Let it t!erefore be our ,19

syna o ue for t!is -abbat! and let us read t!e eternal ,a es on corollas and ears, (it! t!e sun as our lam,. I mentioned Daniel. I said to you4 5Let t!is ,lace be our syna o ue.6 T!at reminds us of t!e 7oyful 5bless t!e Lord6 of t!e t!ree !oly youn men in t!e flames of t!e furnace4 .eavens and (aters, de( and frost, ice and sno(, fire and colours, li !t and darkness, li !tnin and clouds, mountains and !ills, all erminated t!in s, birds, fis! and animals, ,raise and bless t!e Lord (it! !umble !oly;!earted men. 1e can ,ray and deserve .eaven every(!ere. 1e deserve it (!en (e do t!e 9at!er:s (ill. A At daybreak t!ey ,ointed out to Me t!at if everyt!in is controlled by t!e (ill of /od, also t!e errors of men are (anted by t!at (ill. T!at is an error and a (ides,read one. "an a fat!er ever (is! !is son to be blame(ort!y) No, !e cannot. And yet (e see t!at in some families some sons become blame(ort!y, alt!ou ! t!ey !ave a 7ust fat!er (!o ,oints out to t!em t!e ood to be done and t!e evil to be avoided. And no ri !teous ,erson (ill accuse a fat!er of ur in !is sons to do evil t!in s. /od is t!e 9at!er, men are t!e sons. /od ,oints out t!e ood and says4 53e!old, I ,ut you in t!is situation for your o(n ood.6 Also (!en t!e #vil $ne and t!e men (!o serve !im brin misfortunes to men, /od says4 53e!old, t!is is !o( you must be!ave in t!is ,ainful !ourD by doin so, t!is misfortune (ill serve for an eternal ood.6 .e advises you, but does not force you. -o if a man, kno(in (!at t!e (ill of /od is, ,refers to do t!e very o,,osite, can (e say t!at t!is very o,,osite is t!e (ill of /od) 1e cannot.

Love /od:s (ill. Love it more t!an your o(n and follo( it ,12

a ainst t!e enticements and ,o(er of t!e (orld, of t!e fles!, of t!e demon. Also t!ose t!in s !ave a (ill. 3ut I solemnly tell you t!at !e (!o submits to suc! (ills is most un!a,,y.
0ou call Me Messia! and Lord. 0ou say you love Me and you ,raise Me. 0ou follo( Me and t!at seems love. 3ut I solemnly tell you t!at not everyone amon st you (ill enter t!e Bin dom of .eaven (it! Me. Also amon st My earliest and latest disci,les t!ere are some (!o (ill not enter t!e Bin dom, because many (ill do t!eir o(n (ill or t!e (ill of t!e fles!, of t!e (orld, of t!e demon, but not My 9at!er:s. Not t!ose (!o say to Me4 5Lord2 Lord26 (ill enter t!e Bin dom of .eaven, but t!ose (!o do t!e (ill of My 9at!er. T!ey (ill be t!e only ones to enter t!e Bin dom of /od. C T!e day (ill come (!en I, 1!o am no( s,eakin to you, after bein t!e -!e,!erd, (ill be t!e +ud e. Do not let t!e ,resent a,,earance deceive you. No( My s!e,!erd:s staff at!ers to et!er all t!e scattered souls and kindly invites you to come to t!e ,astures of Trut!. Later t!e staff (ill be re,laced by t!e sce,tre of t!e +ud e Bin and My ,o(er (ill be =uite different. It (ill not be (it! kindness but (it! im,lacable 7ustice t!at I (ill se,arate t!e s!ee, fed (it! Trut! from t!ose (!ic! mi<ed Trut! and #rror or fed only on error. I (ill do t!at a first time and t!en once a ain. And (oe betide t!ose (!o bet(een t!e first and t!e second a,,earance before t!e +ud e (ill not !ave ,ur ed t!emselves because t!ey (ill not be able to ,ur e t!emselves of t!eir ,oisons. T!e t!ird cate ory (ill not ,ur e itself. No ,ain could ,ur e it. T!ey (anted not!in but #rror, so let t!em be in #rror. ,2/

And yet amon t!em t!ere (ill be someone moanin 4 51!at, Lord2 Did (e not ,ro,!esy in 0our name, and in 0our name did (e not cast out demons and (ork many miracles).6 And t!en I (ill say very clearly to t!em4 50es, you dared to clot!e yourselves (it! My name t!at you mi !t a,,ear (!at you are not. 0ou (anted your satanism to be considered as livin (it! +esus. 3ut you are accused by t!e fruit of your deeds. 1!ere are t!e souls you saved) 1!en (ere your ,ro,!ecies fulfilled) 1!at (as t!e result of your e<orcisms) 1!o (as t!e accom,lice of your deviations) $!2 My #nemy is really ,o(erful2 3ut not more t!an I am. .e !el,ed you only to ,lunder more souls, and t!anks to you, t!e circle of t!ose s(e,t a(ay by !eresy, !as (idened. 0es, you !ave (orked (onders, (!ic! a,,arently looked even reater t!an t!ose of t!e true servants of /od, (!o are not !istrionics (!o astonis! cro(ds, but are so !umble and obedient as to amaze an els. My true servants, t!rou ! t!eir sacrifices do not create ,!antasms, but (i,e t!em out of !eartsD t!ey do not im,ose t!emselves on men, but s!o( /od to souls of men. T!ey do not!in but t!e (ill of t!e 9at!er and lead ot!ers to do it, like a (ave t!at ,us!es t!e (ave ,recedin it and dra(s t!e one follo(in it, (it!out ,uttin t!emselves on a t!rone and sayin 4 :Look:. My true servants do (!at I tell t!em, (it!out t!inkin of anyt!in else, and t!eir deeds bear t!e si n of My unmistakable ,eace, kindness and order. I can t!erefore say to you4 t!ey are My servants, but I do not kno( you. /o a(ay from me all of you, (orkers of ini=uity.6 T!at is (!at I (ill say. And it (ill be a dreadful (ord. Take care you do not deserve it and ,roceed alon t!e ,21

safe, alt!ou ! ,ainful (ay of obedience, to(ards t!e lory of t!e Bin dom of .eaven. #n7oy your -abbat! rest ,raisin /od (it! your (!ole selves. Peace be (it! you. * And +esus blesses t!e cro(ds before t!ey scatter seekin s!ade, one rou, s,eakin to anot!er, commentin on t!e (ords t!ey !ave 7ust !eard. +esus is left (it! .is a,ostles and +o!n, t!e scribe, (!o does not s,eak but is absorbed in dee, meditation, (atc!in every esture of +esus. And t!e cycle of t!e Mount is over.

155. T$e Se 2ant of t$e Cent! #on Is C! e).

-n) J!ne 1+4,.

& +esus enters "a,ernaum comin from t!e country. $nly t!e T(elve are (it! .im, nay, only eleven a,ostles, as +o!n is not t!ere. T!e usual reetin s of t!e cro(d form a vast ran e of e<,ressions, from t!e entirely sim,le ones of c!ildren, to t!e rat!er s!y ones of (omen, to t!e enra,tured ones of ,eo,le cured miraculously, and t!ose (!ic! are eit!er curious or ironical. T!ere are enou ! to satisfy all tastes. And +esus re,lies to everybody accordin to !o( .e is reeted4 caressin t!e little ones, blessin t!e (omen, smilin at t!ose cured miraculously, and (it! dee, res,ect for t!e ot!ers. ,22

3ut t!is time t!e series is com,leted by t!e reetin of a centurion of t!e to(n, I t!ink. .e reets .im4 ' .ail, Master2 * to (!ic! +esus re,lies4 ' May /od come to you. * 1!ile t!e cro(d dra(s close to see t!e outcome of t!e meetin , t!e centurion continues4 ' I !ave been (aitin for 0ou for several days. 0ou do not reco nise me as one of t!ose (!o (ere listenin to 0ou on t!e Mount. I (as (earin civilian clot!es. Are 0ou not askin me (!y I (ent t!ere) * ' No, I am not, but (!at do you (ant from Me) * ' I !ave instructions to follo( t!ose (!o !old meetin s, because too often Rome !as !ad to re ret !avin ranted ,ermission for a,,arently !onest meetin s. 3ut seein and listenin to 0ou, I t!ou !t of 0ou as a... as a... I !ave a servant (!o is ill, Lord. .e is lyin in my !ouse, in !is bed, ,aralyzed by a disease of t!e bones and !e suffers dreadfully. $ur doctors cannot cure !im. 0our doctors refuse to come. I invited t!em to come because it is a disease caused by t!e corru,t air of t!is area and you kno( !o( to cure it (it! t!e !erbs of t!e feversome soil of t!e s!ore (!ere t!e (ater sta nates before bein absorbed by t!e sand of t!e sea. I am very sorry because !e is a fait!ful servant. * ' I (ill come and cure !im. * ' No, my Lord. I am not askin 0ou to o to all t!at trouble. I am a !eat!en, filt!, as far as you are concerned. If t!e +e(is! doctors are afraid of becomin contaminated by comin to my !ouse, all t!e more reason it (ould contaminate 0ou, 1!o are divine. I am not ,2,

(ort!y t!at 0ou s!ould enter under my roof, but if 0ou say only one (ord !ere, my servant (ill be cured because 0ou rule over everyt!in . No( if I, (!o am sub7ect to my aut!orities, t!e first bein "aesar, for (!om I must act, t!ink and be!ave as I am told, can in turn order soldiers under me, and if I say to one4 5/o6, to anot!er4 5"ome6 and to a servant4 5Do t!at6, t!e first one (ill o (!ere I send !im, t!e ot!er (ill come because I call !im, and t!e t!ird (ill do (!at I tell !im, 0ou, as 0ou are 1!o 0ou are, (ill be immediately obeyed by t!e disease, (!ic! (ill vanis!. * ' 3ut t!e disease is not a man... * ob7ects +esus. ' Neit!er are 0ou a man, 0ou are t!e Man. 0ou can t!erefore ive orders to elements and fevers, because everyt!in is sub7ect to 0our ,o(er. * 8 -ome elders of "a,ernaum take +esus aside and say to .im4 ' .e is a Roman, but listen to !im because !e is an !onest man (!o res,ects and !el,s us. It (as !e (!o built our syna o ue and !e !as iven strict instructions to !is soldiers not to ibe at us on -abbat!s. /rant !im, t!erefore, t!e race, for t!e sake of 0our to(n, so t!at !e may not be disa,,ointed and irritated, and !is fondness for us may not turn into !atred. * And +esus, after listenin to t!em, turns round smilin at t!e centurion and says4 ' /o a!ead and I (ill come after you. * 3ut t!e centurion says once a ain4 ' No, my Lord, I !ave told 0ou4 it (ould be a reat !onour if 0ou entered under my roof, but I do not deserve so muc!D say only one (ord and my servant (ill be cured. * ,24

' Let it be so. /o and !ave fait!. T!is very moment t!e fever is leavin !im and life is flo(in back into !is limbs. #ndeavour to et Life to come also to your soul. /o. * T!e centurion salutes, t!en bo(s and oes a(ay. > +esus (atc!es !im o a(ay, t!en turns to t!e ,eo,le ,resent and says4 ' I solemnly tell you t!at I did not find so muc! fait! in Israel. $!2 It is =uite true2 5T!e ,eo,le t!at (alked in darkness sa( a reat li !tD on t!ose (!o live in a land of dee, s!ado( a li !t !as s!one6, and also 5T!e Messia! (ill !oist .is fla over t!e nations and at!er t!em to et!er.6 $!2 My Bin dom2 T!ey (ill really flo( to you in immense numbers2 More numerous t!an all t!e camels and dromedaries of Madian and #,!a!, t!an t!ose (!o brin t!e old and incense of -!eba, more numerous t!an all t!e flocks of Bedar and t!e rams of Nebaiot!, (ill be t!ose (!o come to you and My !eart (ill e<ult (it! 7oy seein all t!e ,eo,les of t!e sea and t!e (ealt! of t!e nations comin to Me. T!e islands are (aitin for Me to adore Me, and t!e c!ildren of forei ners (ill build t!e (alls of My "!urc!, t!e ates of (!ic! (ill lie o,en continually to receive t!e kin s and t!e (ealt! of t!e nations and sanctify t!em in Me. 1!at Isaia! sa(, (ill be accom,lis!ed2 I tell you t!at many (ill come from t!e east and t!e (est and (ill sit (it! Abra!am, Isaac and +acob in t!e Bin dom of .eaven, (!ereas t!e c!ildren of t!e Bin dom (ill be t!ro(n out into t!e dark, (!ere t!ere (ill be (ee,in and rindin of teet!. * ' 0ou t!erefore foretell t!at t!e entiles (ill be e=ual to t!e c!ildren of Abra!am) * ' Not e=ual, but reater. 0ou can only re ret t!at it is ,23

due to your fault. Not I, but t!e Pro,!ets say so, and t!e si ns already confirm it. No( some of you s!ould o to t!e !ouse of t!e centurion and ascertain t!at !is servant is cured as t!e fait! of t!e Roman deserved. "ome. Per!a,s in t!e !ouse t!ere are some sick ,eo,le (aitin for Me. * +esus (it! t!e a,ostles and a fe( more ,eo,le turns .is ste,s to(ards t!e usual !ouse (!ere .e stays (!en in "a,ernaum, (!ile most of t!e ,eo,le, driven by curiosity, rus! to(ards t!e centurion:s !ouse makin a reat noise.

157. Jes!s 6eets T$ ee 6en 0$o 0ant to Follo& <#*.

. ) J!ne 1+4,.

& I see +esus turnin .is ste,s to(ards t!e lake (it! eleven a,ostles, as +o!n is still absent. Many ,eo,le ,ress round .im4 amon t!em t!ere are many (!o (ere on t!e Mount, mainly men, (!o !ave reac!ed .im at "a,ernaum to !ear .is (ord once a ain. T!ey (ould like to detain .im. 3ut .e says4 ' I belon to everybody. And t!ere are many (!o are entitled to !ave Me. I (ill come back. 0ou (ill 7oin Me. 3ut let Me o no(. * .e !as difficulty in (alkin t!rou ! t!e cro(d (!o t!ron t!e little narro( street. T!e a,ostles ,us! (it! t!eir s!oulders to make room for .im. 3ut it is like ,us!in a s,on y substance (!ic! immediately s,rin s back a ain. T!ey et an ry, too, but to no avail. ,2+

T!ey are already in si !t of t!e lake, after a fierce stru le, (!en a middle;a ed refined lookin man oes near t!e Master and touc!es .is s!oulder to attract .is attention. +esus turns round and sto,s, askin 4 ' 1!at do you (ant) * ' I am a scribe. 3ut our ,rece,ts can in no (ay be com,ared to 0our (ord and I am fascinated by it. Master, I do not (ant to leave 0ou. I (ill follo( 0ou (!erever 0ou o. 1!ic! (ay are 0ou oin ) * ' T!e (ay to .eaven. * ' I do not mean t!at. I am askin 0ou (!ere are 0ou oin no(. In (!ic! !ouses (ill 0ou sto, after t!e ,resent one, so t!at I may al(ays find 0ou) * ' 9o<es !ave !oles and t!e birds of t!e air !ave nests, but t!e -on of Man !as no(!ere to lay .is !ead. T!e (orld is My !ome, (!erever t!ere are s,irits to be tau !t, distress to be relieved, sinners to be redeemed. * ' #very(!ere, t!en. * ' 0ou are ri !t. "an you, a doctor in Israel, do (!at t!ese sim,le men do for My sake) 1!at are re=uired !ere are4 sacrifice, obedience, c!arity for everybody, a mind ada,tive for everyt!in and (it! everybody. 3ecause com,liance is allurin . 3ecause !e (!o (is!es to cure must bend over all sores. After(ards t!ere (ill be t!e ,urity of .eaven. 3ut !ere (e are in mud and (e !ave to ,ull out of t!e mud, on (!ic! (e (alk, t!e victims already submer ed in it. 1e cannot lift our clot!es and move to one side because t!e mud is dee,er t!ere. Purity ,27

must be (it!in us. 1e must be sated (it! it so t!at not!in else can enter. "an you do all t!at) *
' At least let me try. * ' Try. I (ill ,ray t!at you may succeed. * 8 +esus be ins to (alk a ain and .is attention is dra(n by t(o eyes starin at .im, t!e eyes of a tall stron youn man (!o !as sto,,ed to let t!e train of follo(ers ,ass, as !e seems to be oin in a different direction. +esus says to !im4 ' 9ollo( Me. * T!e youn man starts, c!an es colour, blinks as if !e (ere dazzled by li !t, t!en o,ens !is mout! to s,eak but cannot find an immediate re,ly. At last !e says4 ' I (ill follo( 0ou. 3ut my fat!er died at Borazim and I must bury !im. Let me do t!at and t!en I (ill come. * ' 9ollo( Me. Leave t!e dead to bury t!eir dead. 0ou !ave already been attracted by Life. $n t!e ot!er !and, you as,ired to t!at. Do not (ee, over t!e a, (!ic! Life o,ened around you to make you a disci,le. T!e maimin of affection is t!e root of t!e (in s (!ic! are born of a man (!o !as become a servant of t!e Trut!. Leave corru,tion to its o(n fate. Rise to(ards t!e Bin dom of t!e incorru,t. 0ou (ill find t!ere also t!e incorru,tible ,earl of your fat!er. /od calls and ,asses by. Tomorro( you (ould no lon er find your !eart of today or /od:s invitation. "ome. /o and announce t!e Bin dom of /od. * T!e man is leanin a ainst a lo( (all and (it! !is arms !an in by !is sides4 !e is !oldin t(o ba s, full of ,erfumes and banda esD !is !ead is lo(ered in t!ou !t, (averin bet(een t(o loves4 for /od and for !is fat!er. ,29

+esus (aits and looks at !im, !e t!en ets !old of a little c!ild, clas,s !im to .is !eart sayin 4 ' -ay (it! Me4 5I bless 0ou, o 9at!er, and I invoke 0our li !t for t!ose (!o (ee, in t!e !aze of life. I bless 0ou, o 9at!er, and I invoke 0our stren t! for t!ose (!o are like a c!ild in need of su,,ort. I bless 0ou, o 9at!er, and I invoke 0our love t!at it may cause men to for et everyt!in (!ic! is not 0ourself, as t!ey can find all ood in 0ou, bot! !ere and in .eaven, alt!ou ! t!ey cannot believe it.6 * And t!e c!ild, an innocent boy about four years old, re,eats in !is t!in voice t!e !oly (ords (it! !is !ands !eld in ,rayer by t!e ri !t !and of +esus, 1!o !olds t!em by t!eir ,lum, (rists as if t!ey (ere t(o flo(er stems. T!e man makes u, !is mind. .e !ands t!e t(o bundles to a com,anion and comes to(ards +esus, 1!o ,uts do(n t!e c!ild after blessin !im, and embraces t!e youn man, ,roceedin t!us (it! !im, to comfort !im and su,,ort !im in !is effort. > Anot!er man =uestions .im4 ' I (ould like to come (it! 0ou, too. 3ut before follo(in 0ou I (ould like to take leave of my relatives. 1ill 0ou allo( me) * +esus stares at !im and re,lies4 ' T!ere are too many roots in your !uman bein . ?,root t!em and if you cannot, cut t!em off. $ne must come to /od:s service (it! s,iritual freedom. .e (!o ives !imself, must !ave no ties. * ' 9les! and blood are al(ays fles! and blood. I (ill slo(ly reac! t!e freedom 0ou refer to... * ' No, you (ould never reac! it. /od is as e<actin as .e is infinitely enerous in re(ardin . If you (is! to be a ,22

disci,le you must embrace your cross and follo( Me. $t!er(ise one remains a sim,le believer. T!e (ay of t!e servant of /od is not stre(n (it! ,etals of roses. And it is absolute in its demands. No one (!o !as ,ut !is !and to t!e ,lou ! to furro( t!e fields of !earts and s,read t!ere t!e seed of /od:s doctrine, can look back to see (!at !e left, (!at !e lost and (!at !e could !ave !ad if !e !ad follo(ed anot!er common (ay. 1!o does t!at is not fit for t!e Bin dom of /od. 1ork u,on yourself. Make a man of yourself and t!en come. Not no(. *
T!ey reac! t!e s!ore. +esus oes on board Peter:s boat and (!is,ers a fe( (ords to !im. I see +esus smile (!ile Peter makes a esture e<,ressin amazement. 3ut .e does not say anyt!in . Also t!e man (!o did not o to bury !is fat!er in order to follo( +esus, ets into t!e boat.

15+. T$e Pa able of t$e So&e .

4t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& +esus says to me s!o(in me t!e course of t!e +ordan, or rat!er, t!e mout! of t!e +ordan (!ere it flo(s into Lake Tiberias, t!at is (!ere t!e to(n of 3et!saida lies on t!e ri !t bank of t!e river, (it! res,ect to t!ose facin nort!4 ' T!e to(n no(adays no lon er a,,ears to be on t!e s!ore of t!e lake, but a little inland. And t!at ,uzzles sc!olars. T!e e<,lanation is to be found in t!e eart! (!ic! filled t!is ,art of t!e lake, as it (as de,osited ,,/

t!ere t!rou !out t(enty centuries by t!e river, by alluvia and landslides from t!e !ills of 3et!saida. T!e to(n (as t!en 7ust at t!e mout! of t!e river, and in fact t!e smaller boats, ,articularly in seasons ric! in (ater, used to sail u,stream, almost as far as BorazimD t!e river, !o(ever, (as al(ays used as a !arbour and s!elter for t!e boats of 3et!saida (!en t!e lake (as very rou !. I am not sayin t!is for you, to (!om it is of no interest, but for difficult doctors. And no( o on. * ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 8 T!e boats of t!e a,ostles, after crossin t!e s!ort stretc! of t!e lake bet(een "a,ernaum and 3et!saida, land in t!e latter to(n. $t!er boats !ave follo(ed t!em and many ,eo,le come off t!em to 7oin t!e ,eo,le of 3et!saida (!o !ave come to reet t!e Master. +esus enters Peter:s !ouse (!ere !is (ife is stayin once a ain. I su,,ose s!e !as ,referred to be alone rat!er t!an live (it! !er mot!er (!o continuously rumbles about !er !usband. $utside t!e cro(ds claim +esus at t!e to, of t!eir voices, (!ic! disturbs Peter very muc!, so muc! so t!at !e oes u, to t!e roof terrace and !aran ues t!e citizens tellin t!em t!at t!ey ou !t to !ave res,ect and manners. .e (ould like to en7oy t!e com,any of !is Master for a little (!ile, in ,eace, no( t!at !e !as .im in !is !ouse, (!ereas !e !as neit!er t!e time nor t!e ,leasure to offer .im some (ater and !oney amon t!e many t!in s !e asked !is (ife to offer. And !e rumbles... +esus looks at !im smilin and s!akes .is !ead sayin 4 ' 0ou (ould t!ink t!at you never see Me and t!at (e !ave 7ust met by c!ance2 * ,,1

' 3ut it is so2 1!en (e are in t!e (orld are 0ou and I ever to et!er) Never in your life2 3et(een 0ou and me t!ere is t!e (orld (it! its sick ,eo,le, its distressed ,eo,le, its listeners, its curious ,eo,le, its slanderers, its enemies, and 0ou and I are never to et!er. .ere instead 0ou are (it! me, in my !ouse, and t!ey ou !t to understand t!at2 * .e is really u,set. ' 3ut I do not see t!e difference, -imon. My love is t!e same and My (ord is t!e same. 1!et!er I tell you ,rivately, or I tell everybody, (!at difference does it make) * Peter t!en confesses !is reat rief4 ' T!e trouble is t!at I am a block!ead and my mind (anders easily. 1!en 0ou s,eak in a s=uare, on a mountain, amon st a lar e cro(d, I understand everyt!in , but I do not kno( (!y, I remember not!in . I told also my com,anions and t!ey say t!at I am ri !t. $t!er ,eo,le, I mean t!e ,eo,le (!o listen to 0ou, understand 0ou and remember (!at 0ou say. .o( often !ave (e !eard someone say4 5I !ave no lon er done t!at because 0ou told us6, or4 5I came because once I !eard 0ou say so and so and I (as im,ressed by it.6 1e instead... !um2 it:s like a (ater course (!ic! ,asses by and does not sto,. T!e river bank no lon er !as t!e (ater (!ic! !as ,assed by. It is true t!at ot!er (ater comes, a reat deal of it, but it ,asses by, it ,asses by... And I am terrified at t!e t!ou !t t!at, if (!at 0ou say (ill come true, t!e moment (ill come (!en 0ou (ill no lon er be t!ere to ,lay t!e ,art of t!e river and... and I... 1!at (ill I ive to t!ose (!o are t!irsty if I cannot save even one dro, of t!e reat lot 0ou ive me) * ,,2

Also t!e ot!ers su,,ort Peter:s moanin , com,lainin t!at t!ey are left (it! not!in of (!at t!ey !ear, (!ilst t!ey (ould like to remember everyt!in to re,ly to t!ose (!o ask t!em =uestions. +esus smiles and re,lies4 ' I do not t!ink so. Peo,le are very satisfied also (it! you... * ' "ertainly... of course2 9or all (e do2 Make room for 0ou, by elbo(in our (ay t!rou ! t!e cro(ds, carry sick ,eo,le, collect alms and say4 50es, t!at is t!e Master2.6 1onderful, isn:t it) * ' Do not defame yourself too muc!, -imon. * ' I am not defamin myself. I kno( myself. * ' T!at is t!e most difficult (isdom. 3ut I (is! to relieve you of your reat fear. 1!en I s,eak and you cannot understand and remember everyt!in , ask Me (it!out any fear of borin or discoura in Me. 1e al(ays !ave some !ours of ,rivacy, (!en you can o,en your !earts to Me. I ive so muc! to so many. And (!at (ould I not ive you (!om I love so muc! t!at /od could not love you more) 0ou s,oke of (aves t!at ,ass by and not!in is left on t!e bank. T!e day (ill come (!en you (ill realise t!at every (ave !as de,osited a seed and t!at a ,lant !as ro(n from every seed. 0ou (ill find in front of you flo(ers and ,lants for all occasions and you (ill be amazed at yourself sayin 4 51!at !as t!e Lord done to me)6 because you (ill t!en be redeemed from t!e slavery of sin and your ,resent virtues (ill !ave reac!ed a reat !ei !t of ,erfection. * ' 0ou say so, my Lord, and I rest u,on 0our (ord. * ,,,

' No( let us o to t!ose (!o are (aitin for us. "ome. Peace to you, (oman. I (ill be your uest t!is evenin . * > T!ey o out and +esus directs .is ste,s to(ards t!e lake to avoid bein o,,ressed by t!e cro(ds. Peter is =uick in movin t!e boat a fe( yards from t!e s!ore, so t!at +esus: voice may be !eard by everybody, but (it! a s,ace bet(een .im and t!ose listenin . ' "ornin !ere from "a,ernaum I (as t!inkin (!at I s!ould tell you and I found an indication in t!e events of t!is mornin . 0ou sa( t!ree men come to Me. $ne came s,ontaneously, t!e second because I ur ed !im, t!e t!ird came because of a sudden ent!usiasm. And you also sa( t!at I took only t(o of t!em. 1!y) Did I ,er!a,s see a traitor in t!e t!ird, one) No, in trut!. 3ut I sa( t!at !e (as un,re,ared. To all a,,earance, t!is one !ere beside Me, t!e one (!o (as oin to bury !is fat!er, seemed more un,re,ared. Instead t!e most un,re,ared (as t!e t!ird one. T!is one (as so ,re,ared, (it!out bein a(are of it, t!at !e (as able to make a really !eroic sacrifice. .eroism in follo(in /od is al(ays evidence of stron s,iritual ,re,aration. And t!at is t!e e<,lanation of certain sur,risin events t!at take ,lace around Me. T!ose (!o are most ,re,ared to receive "!rist, (!ic!ever t!eir caste and education mi !t be, come to Me (it! absolute ,rom,titude and fait!. T!ose (!o are less ,re,ared e<amine Me as an e<ce,tional man or t!ey study Me (it! sus,icion or curiosity, or t!ey attack and defame Me accusin Me in various (ays. T!e different (ays of be!aviour are ,ro,ortional to t!e un,re,aredness of s,irits. ,,4

Amon t!e c!osen ,eo,le it s!ould be ,ossible to find every(!ere s,irits ready to receive t!e Messia! in 1!ose e<,ectation Patriarc!s and Pro,!ets (ere consumed by an<iety. T!e Messia! 1!o at last !as come, ,receded and accom,anied by all t!e ,ro,!esied si ns. T!e Messia!, 1!ose s,iritual ,ersonality becomes clearer and clearer t!rou ! t!e visible miracles (orked on bodies and elements, and t!rou ! t!e invisible ones (orked on consciences (!ic! are converted and on /entiles (!o turn to t!e True /od. 3ut it is not so. T!e ,rom,titude in follo(in t!e Messia! is stron ly !indered by t!e c!ildren of t!at ,eo,le and, (!at is sad to be said, it is more !indered t!e more one climbs to its !i !er classes. I am not sayin t!is to scandalise you, but to induce you to ,ray and meditate. 1!y does t!at !a,,en) 1!y do /entiles and sinners ,roceed fart!er on My (ay) 1!y do t!ey acce,t (!at I say and t!e ot!ers do not) 3ecause t!e c!ildren of Israel are anc!ored, nay, t!ey are stuck like ,earl;oysters to t!e bank (!ere t!ey (ere born. 3ecause t!ey are sated, over(!elmed and obese (it! t!eir (isdom and t!ey cannot make room for Mine by t!ro(in a(ay (!at is su,erfluous to make room for (!at is necessary. T!e ot!ers do not suffer from suc! slavery. T!ey are ,oor !eat!ens or ,oor sinners, unim,eded like a boat (!ic! is adrift. T!ey are ,oor ,eo,le, (!o !ave no treasures of t!eir o(n, but only !ea,s of errors or sins, of (!ic! t!ey ladly stri, t!emselves as soon as t!ey understand (!at t!e /os,el is and t!ey taste its fortifyin !oney, (!ic! is =uite different from t!e nauseatin mi<ture of t!eir sins. A Listen, and ,er!a,s you (ill understand better !o( t!e same action can bear different fruits. ,,3

A so(er (ent out to so(. .e o(ned many fields of various kinds. .e !ad in!erited some from !is fat!er, on (!ic! !is carelessness !ad allo(ed t!orny ,lants to ,roliferate. $t!er fields !ad been ,urc!ased by !im4 !e !ad bou !t t!em from a ne lectful man and !e !ad left t!em as t!ey (ere. In ot!er fields t!ere (ere many intersectin roads, as t!e man loved comfort and did not like to travel a lon (ay (!en oin from one ,lace to anot!er. 9inally, t!ere (ere some fields, t!e closest to !is !ouse, (!ic! !e !ad looked after to !ave a ,leasant si !t in front of !is !ouse. T!ey (ere free from stones, t!orns, couc!; rass and so on. -o t!e man took !is sack of seed;corn of t!e best =uality, and be an to so(. T!e seed fell on t!e ood soft soil, (!ic! !ad been ,lou !ed, (eeded, fertilized, in t!e fields near t!e !ouse. It (as s,read in t!e fields (it! many roads and ,at!s, (!ic! divided t!em into small ,ortions, and caused also t!e fertile soil to be covered by u ly arid dust. -ome of t!e seed fell on t!e fields (!ere t!e foolis!ness of t!e man !ad allo(ed t!e t!orny ,lants to ,roliferate. T!e ,lou ! !ad turned t!em u,side do(n, it looked as if t!ey (ere not t!ere, but t!ey (ere, because only fire, t!e radical destructor of (eeds, ,revents t!em from ro(in a ain. T!e last seed fell on t!e fields (!ic! !e !ad recently bou !t and !ad left as t!ey (ere, (it!out ,lou !in t!em and (it!out removin all t!e stones, (!ic! !ad sunk into t!e round formin a !ard ,avement on (!ic! no ,lant could take root. After scatterin all t!e seed, !e (ent back !ome and said4 5%ery (ell2 All I !ave to do is to (ait for t!e !arvest.6 And !e (as deli !ted because, as mont!s (ent by, !e sa( t!e corn come u, t!ick in t!e fields near t!e !ouse ,,+

and ro(... o!2 (!at a beautiful sea2 and it turned old and it san !osannas to t!e sun, as one ear rubbed a ainst anot!er. T!e man said to !imself4 5All t!e fields are like t!ese ones2 Let us ,re,are sickles and ranaries. .o( muc! bread2 .o( muc! old26 And !e (as deli !ted... .e cut t!e corn in t!e nearest fields and after t!at !e (ent to t!e ones (!ic! !e !ad in!erited from !is fat!er and (!ic! !e !ad left in a (ild state. And !e (as taken aback. T!e corn !ad come u,, because t!e fields (ere ood and t!e soil cultivated by t!e fat!er (as ric! and fertile. 3ut its fertility !ad affected also t!e t!orny ,lants (!ic! !ad been overturned but not destroyed. T!ey !ad ro(n a ain and !ad formed a really t!ick ceilin of bramble, t!rou ! (!ic! t!e corn !ad not been able to emer e, (it! t!e e<ce,tion of a fe( ears, and it (as com,letely suffocated. T!e man said4 5I ne lected t!is ,lace. 3ut t!ere (as no bramble in t!e ot!er fields, so it s!ould be all ri !t.6 And !e (ent to t!e fields (!ic! !e !ad ,urc!ased s!ortly before. .is sur,rise and rief (ere reater. T!e t!in (it!ered corn leaves (ere stre(n all over like dry !ay. Not!in but dry !ay. 5.o( come)6 moaned t!e man. 5And yet t!ere are no t!orns !ere2 And it (as t!e same seed2 And it !ad come u, t!ick and beautiful. It can be seen by t!e (ell formed and numerous leaves. 1!y t!en did it all (it!er before comin into ear)6 And (it! real re ret !e be an to di t!e round to see (!et!er t!ere (ere any mole burro(s or ot!er ,ests. T!ere (ere no insects or rodents. 3ut !o( many stones2 A stone;,it2 T!e fields (ere literally ,aved (it! c!i,s of stone and t!e scanty eart! coverin t!em (as deceivin . $!2 if !e !ad ,,7

,lou !ed dee, at t!e ri !t time2 $!2 if !e !ad du t!e round before acce,tin t!e fields and buyin t!em as ood ones2 $!2 if, after t!e mistake !e !ad made in buyin (!at !e !ad been offered (it!out makin sure of its oodness, if at least !e !ad im,roved t!em by (orkin !ard2 It (as no( too late and all re ret (as useless. T!e man stood u,, and, do(n!earted as !e (as, !e (ent to t!e fields (!ere !e !ad built many roads for !is comfort... and mad (it! rief !e tore off !is clot!es. T!ere (as absolutely not!in t!ere... T!e dark soil of t!e field (as covered (it! a t!in layer of (!ite dust... T!e man colla,sed to t!e round moanin 4 53ut (!y !ere) T!ere are no stones, no bramble !ere, because t!ese are our fields. My randfat!er, my fat!er and I !ave al(ays o(ned t!em and in many many years (e made t!em fertile. I built t!e roads, I !ave taken some of t!e eart! a(ay, but t!at could not make t!em so sterile... 5 .e (as still (ee,in (!en !e received t!e ans(er to !is rief from a s(arm of birds (!ic! fle( ea erly from t!e ,at!s to t!e field and back to t!e ,at!s in searc! of seeds... T!e field, (!ic! !ad been turned into a net(ork of ,at!s, on t!e ed es of (!ic! t!e corn !ad fallen, !ad attracted many birds, (!ic! first !ad eaten t!e corn on t!e ,at!s and t!en t!e seeds in t!e field, do(n to t!e last rain. -o t!e same seed, so(n in all t!e fields, !ad yielded one !undred to one in some, si<ty, t!irty, not!in in ot!ers. Listen, anyone (!o !as ears. T!e seed is t!e 1ord4 t!e same for everybody. T!e ,laces (!ere t!e seed fell4 your !earts. Meditate t!e ,arable and understand it. Peace be (it! you. * C .e t!en turns to(ards Peter and says4 ' /o u, t!e river ,,9

as far as you can and sto, on t!e ot!er side. * And (!ile t!e t(o boats sail a s!ort distance u, t!e river and t!en sto, near t!e bank, +esus sits do(n and asks t!e ne( disci,le4 ' 1!o is left no( at !ome) * ' My mot!er and t!e eldest brot!er, (!o !as been married for five years. My sisters are in various ,arts of t!e re ion. My fat!er (as very ood and my mot!er mourns !is deat! broken;!eartedly. * T!e youn man sto,s all of a sudden, stiflin !eartfelt sobs. +esus rabs !is !and and says4 ' I e<,erienced t!at sorro( Myself and I sa( My Mot!er (ee,. -o I can understand... * T!e rubbin of t!e boat on t!e ,ebbly river;bed causes t!e conversation to be interru,ted to allo( t!em to o as!ore. T!e lo( !ills of 3et!saida (!ic! almost reac! do(n to t!e lake, !ave come to an end !ere, instead a ,lain ric! in cro,s e<tends from t!is s!ore, on t!e ot!er side of 3et!saida, nort!(ards. ' Are (e oin to Merom) * asks Peter. ' No, let us take t!is ,at! amon t!e fields. * T!e lovely and (ell ke,t fields s!o( ears of corn still tender but (ell formed, all of t!e same !ei !tD and (!ile li !tly undulatin in t!e cool nort!ern breeze t!ey look like anot!er small lake, t!e sails of (!ic! are t!e trees ro(in !ere and t!ere full of (!istlin birds. ' T!ese fields are not like t!e ones of t!e ,arable * remarks +esus: cousin +ames. ' Not really2 T!e birds !ave not devastated t!em, t!ere are no stones, no bramble. T!e corn is beautiful2 In a ,,2

mont!:s time it (ill be olden... and in t(o it (ill be ready for t!e sickle and t!e ranary * says +udas of Beriot!. ' Master... I remind 0ou of (!at 0ou said in my !ouse. 0ou s,oke so (ell. 3ut I am be innin to !ave ideas in my !ead (!ic! are as confused as t!ose ruffled clouds u, t!ere... * says Peter. ' T!is evenin I (ill e<,lain it to you. No( (e are in si !t of Borazim. * And +esus stares at t!e ne( disci,le sayin 4 ' Muc! is iven to t!ose (!o ive. And ,ossessions do not de,rive t!e ift of its merits. Take Me to t!e se,ulc!re of your family and to your mot!er:s !ouse. * T!e youn man kneels do(n, kissin +esus: !and and (ee,in . ' /et u,. Let us o. My s,irit !as ,erceived your (ee,in . I (ant to fortify you in your !eroism t!rou ! My love. * ' Isaac t!e #lder !ad told me !o( ood 0ou (ere. Isaac, 0ou kno() 0ou cured !is dau !ter. .e (as my a,ostle. 3ut I see t!at 0our kindness is muc! reater t!an I (as told. * ' 1e s!all call also on t!e #lder to t!ank !im for ivin Me a disci,le. * H T!ey reac! Borazim and Isaac:s !ouse is t!e first one t!ey find. T!e old man, (!o is on !is (ay back !ome, (!en !e sees +esus (it! .is a,ostles and t!e youn man from Borazim amon t!em, raises !is arms, !oldin !is (alkin stick in !is !and, and is s,eec!less and dumbfounded. +esus smiles and .is smile ives s,eec! ,4/

back to t!e old man. ' May /od bless 0ou, Master2 1!y so muc! !onour to me) * ' To say to you4 5T!anks.6 * ' 3ut (!at for, my /od) I !ave to say t!at (ord to 0ou. "ome in. $!2 I am sorry t!at my dau !ter is absent, assistin !er mot!er;inla(. 3ecause s!e ot married, 0ou kno() I !ave received not!in but blessin s after I met 0ou2 After s!e (as cured t!at ric! relative of ours came from far a(ay, a (ido(er, (it! t!e little ones needin a mot!er... $!2 3ut I !ave already told 0ou all t!at2 My !ead is old2 9or ive me2 * ' 0our !ead is (ise and for ets to be ,roud of t!e ood it does for its Master. To for et t!e ood done is (isdom. It s!o(s !umility and trust in /od. * ' 3ut I... I (ould not kno(... * ' And t!is disci,le... !ave I not !ad !im t!rou ! you) * ' $!2... 3ut I !ave done not!in , 0ou kno() I only told !im t!e trut!... and I am !a,,y t!at #lias is (it! 0ou. * .e turns to(ards #lias and says4 ' 0our mot!er, after t!e first moment of astonis!ment, (as relieved (!en s!e !eard t!at you (ere (it! t!e Master. T!e last !onours rendered to your fat!er (ere really solemn. .e !as not been lon buried. * ' And (!at about my brot!er) * ' .e is =uiet... you kno(... !e (as rat!er u,set by your absence... because of t!e villa e ,eo,le... .e still !as t!at mentality... * ,41

T!e youn man turns to +esus4 ' 0ou said so. 3ut I (ould not like !im to be dead... Let !im become alive as I am, and at 0our service. * T!e ot!ers do not understand and t!ey look at one anot!er in=uisitively, but +esus re,lies4 ' Do not des,air, but ,ersevere. * .e blesses Isaac and oes a(ay, not(it!standin t!ey entreat .im to stay. I T!ey sto, first near t!e se,ulc!re and ,ray. After, t!rou ! a still semibare vineyard, t!ey o to #lias: !ouse. T!e meetin of t!e t(o brot!ers is rat!er a cold one. T!e elder feels offended and (ants ,eo,le to notice it. T!e youn er feels uilty from a !uman ,oint of vie( and does not react. 3ut t!e arrival of t!eir mot!er, (!o (it!out sayin anyt!in ,rostrates !erself and kisses t!e !em of +esus: tunic bri !tens t!e atmos,!ere and t!eir s,irits. And t!ey (ant to !onour t!e Master. 3ut +esus does not acce,t anyt!in , .e only says4 ' Let your !earts be 7ust, one to(ards t!e ot!er, as 7ust (as !e (!om you are mournin . Do not ive a !uman sense to (!at is su,er; !uman4 deat! and t!e election to a mission. T!e soul of your 7ust fat!er (as not u,set seein t!at t!is son (as not ,resent at t!e burial of !is body, but it rested =uietly on t!e certainty of #lias: future. Do not let (orldly t!ou !ts disturb t!e race of t!e election. If t!e (orld (as sur,rised at not seein !im near !is fat!er:s coffin, t!e an els e<ulted seein !im beside t!e Messia!. 3e 7ust. And may t!at comfort you, mot!er. 0ou brou !t !im u, (isely and !e !as been called by 1isdom. I bless you all. Peace be (it! you no( and al(ays. * T!ey o on t!e road (!ic! takes t!em back to t!e river, and from t!ere to 3et!saida. #lias did not delay even for ,42

one moment on t!e t!res!old of !is fat!er:s !ouse. After kissin !is mot!er oodbye, !e follo(ed t!e Master (it! t!e sim,licity of a c!ild (!o follo(s !is real fat!er.

179. Lesson to t$e A%ostles #n Pete 's C#t"$en an) Anno!n"e*ent of t$e Ba%t#st's Ca%t! e.
5t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& 1e are in Peter:s kitc!en once a ain. T!e meal must !ave been a !earty one because dis!es (it! leavin s of meat, fis!, c!eese, dried fruit and !oney cakes are bein ,iled u, on a kind of cu,board, (!ic! reminds me of our Tuscan kneadin trou !s. Pitc!ers and c!alices are still on t!e table. Peter:s (ife must !ave (orked miracles to satisfy !er !usband,and s!e must !ave (orked all day. No(, tired but !a,,y, s!e is in !er little corner listenin to (!at !er !usband and t!e ot!ers are sayin . -!e (atc!es !er -imon, (!o, as far as s!e is concerned, must be a reat man, even if !e is some(!at e<actin , and (!en s!e !ears !im s,eak ne( (ords, (!ere before !e could only talk of boats, nets, fis! and money, s!e be ins to blink as if s!e (ere dazzled by a bri !t li !t. Peter, bot! because of !is 7oy in !avin +esus at !is table and because of t!e !earty meal !e !as !ad, is in t!e best of s,irits t!is evenin , and t!e future Peter, ,reac!in to t!e cro(ds, is disclosed. I do not kno( (!ic! remark of a com,anion ori inated ,4,

t!e clear;cut re,ly of Peter (!o says4 ' It (ill !a,,en to t!em (!at !a,,ened to t!e founders of t!e To(er of 3abel. T!eir o(n ,ride (ill ,rovoke t!e colla,se of t!eir t!eories and t!ey (ill be crus!ed. * Andre( ob7ects to !is brot!er4 ' 3ut /od is Mercy. .e (ill ,revent t!e colla,se to ive t!em time to mend t!eir (ays. * ' Do not believe t!at. T!ey (ill cro(n t!eir ,ride (it! false accusations and ,ersecutions. $!2 I can already see it. T!ey (ill ,ersecute us to dis,erse us as un,leasant (itnesses. And since t!ey attack t!e Trut! by layin snares for it, /od (ill take reven e and t!ey (ill ,eris!. * ' 1ill (e !ave t!e stren t! to resist) * asks T!omas. ' 1ell... as for me, I (ould not !ave it. 3ut I ,ut my trust in .im * and Peter nods to t!e Master 1!o is listenin and is silent, .is !ead sli !tly inclined, as if .e (is!ed to !ide .is understandin countenance. ' I t!ink t!at /od (ill not ,ut us to tests beyond our stren t! * says Matt!e(. $r .e (ill at least increase our stren t! in ,ro,ortion to t!e tests * concludes +ames of Al,!aeus. 8 ' .e is already doin t!at. I (as ric! and ,o(erful. If /od !ad not decided to ,reserve me for a ,ur,ose of .is, I (ould !ave surrendered myself to des,air and ,eris!ed (!en I (as ,ersecuted and an outcast. I (ould !ave acted !ars!ly a ainst myself... Instead a ne( (ealt!, (!ic! I !ad never ,ossessed before, descended u,on my desolation4 t!e (ealt! of a conviction4 5/od e<ists.6 9irst... /od... 0es, I believed, I (as a fait!ful Israelite. ,44

3ut mine (as a fait! of formalism. And I t!ou !t t!at t!e re(ard of my fait! (as al(ays inferior to my virtue. I took t!e liberty of debatin (it! /od because I felt t!at I (as still somet!in on t!e eart!. -imon Peter is ri !t. I, too, (as buildin a to(er of 3abel by ,raisin myself and satisfyin my e o. 1!en everyt!in colla,sed around me and I (as like a (orm crus!ed by t!e (ei !t of all t!is !uman futility, t!en I no lon er debated (it! /od, but (it! myself, (it! my stu,id self and I ended u, by demolis!in it. And as I did so, makin room for (!at I t!ink is t!e /od immanent in our eart!ly bein s, I ained a ne( stren t! and (ealt!4 t!e certainty t!at I (as not alone and t!at /od (as (atc!in over man defeated by men and by evil. * ' Accordin to you, (!at is /od, 5t!e /od immanent in our eart!ly bein s6 as you said) 1!at do you mean) I do not understand you and I t!ink it is a !eresy. /od is t!e $ne (e kno( t!rou ! t!e La( and t!e Pro,!ets. T!ere is no ot!er /od * says rat!er sternly +udas of Beriot!. ' If +o!n (as !ere !e (ould tell you better t!an I can. 3ut I (ill tell you as best I can. /od is t!e $ne (e kno( t!rou ! t!e La( and t!e Pro,!ets. T!at is true. 3ut in (!at do (e kno( .im) And !o() * +udas of Al,!aeus e<claims4 ' Little and badly. T!e Pro,!ets, (!o described .im for us, kne( .im. T!e idea (e !ave is a muddled one, as (e can 7ust see t!rou ! a mound of e<,lanations ,iled u, by sects...* ' -ects) 1!at do you mean) 1e !ave no sects. 1e are t!e c!ildren of t!e La(. 1e all are * t!e an ry a ressive ,43

Iscariot says. ' T!e c!ildren of t!e la(s. Not of t!e La(. T!ere is a sli !t difference. Plural, not sin ular. In actual fact, (e are t!e c!ildren of (!at (e created, no lon er of (!at /od ave us * retorts T!addeus. ' T!e la(s derive from t!e La( * says t!e Iscariot. Also diseases ori inate in our bodies, but t!at does not mean t!at t!ey are ood * re,lies T!addeus. ' 3ut let me !ear (!at t!is immanent /od of -imon Fealot is. * T!e Iscariot, (!o cannot ar ue a ainst t!e remark of +udas of Al,!aeus, endeavours to take t!e discussion back to (!ere it started. -imon Fealot says4 ' $ur senses need a term to catc! an idea. #ac! of us, I am referrin to us believers, believes, by t!e virtue of fait!, in t!e Most .i ! Lord and "reator, #ternal /od, 1!o is in .eaven. 3ut every bein needs more t!an suc! bare, ,ure, incor,oreal fait!, (!ic! is fit and sufficient for t!e an els (!o see and love /od s,iritually, as t!ey s!are (it! .im a s,iritual nature and can see /od. 1e !ave to create a 5,icture6 of /od for ourselves, (!ic! ,icture is made (it! t!e essential features t!at (e ascribe to /od, to ive a name to .is infinite absolute ,erfection. T!e more a soul concentrates, t!e more it succeeds in ac!ievin an e<act kno(led e of /od. T!at is (!at I say4 t!e immanent /od. I am not a ,!iloso,!er. Per!a,s I !ave a,,lied t!e (ord (ron ly. In s!ort, I t!ink t!at t!e immanent /od is to feel, to ,erceive /od in our s,irits, to feel and ,erceive .im no lon er as an abstract idea, but as a real ,resence, besto(in stren t! and a ne( ,eace u,on us. * ,4+

' All ri !t. 3ut, to sum u,, !o( did you feel .im) 1!at is t!e difference bet(een feelin by fait! and feelin by immanence) * asks t!e Iscariot some(!at ironically. ' /od is safety, boy. 1!en you ,erceive .im, as -imon says, by means of t!at (ord, (!ic! I do not understand literally, but I understand its s,irit E and believe me, t!e trouble is t!at (e understand only literally and (e do not understand t!e s,irit of /od:s (ords E it means t!at you are able to ras, t!e idea of t!e terrible ma7esty, but also of t!e most s(eet ,aternity of /od. It means t!at, s!ould all t!e (orld 7ud e and condemn you un7ustly, you (ould feel t!at $ne only, .e, t!e #ternal $ne, 1!o is your 9at!er, does not 7ud e you, but absolves and comforts you. It means t!at if all t!e (orld s!ould !ate you, you (ould feel over you a love reater t!an any t!is (orld can offer. It means t!at if you (ere isolated in 7ail or in a desert you (ould al(ays !ear $ne s,eak to you and say4 53e !oly, t!at you may be like your 9at!er.6 It means t!at for t!e true love for t!is 9at!er and /od, 1!om at last you ,erceive as suc!, you acce,t, (ork, take and leave (it!out any !uman consideration, as you are concerned only to return love for love and to co,y /od as muc! as ,ossible in your actions * says Peter. ' 0ou are ,roud2 To co,y /od2 0ou are not entitled to * declares t!e Iscariot. ' It is not ,ride. Love leads to obedience. To co,y /od seems to me a form of obedience because /od said t!at .e made us in .is o(n ima e and likeness * re,lies Peter. ' .e made us. 1e must not o !i !er u,. * ,47

' 0ou are a ,oor (retc!, my boy, if t!at is (!at you t!ink2 0ou are for ettin t!at (e fell and t!at /od (ants to take us back to (!at (e (ere. * > +esus be ins to s,eak4 ' #ven more, Peter, +udas and you all. #ven more t!an t!at. Adam:s ,erfection (as still susce,tible of im,rovement t!rou ! love, (!ic! (ould !ave made !im a more ,recise ima e of !is "reator. Adam (it!out t!e stain of sin (ould !ave been a most s!inin mirror of /od. T!at is (!y I say4 53e ,erfect as your 9at!er 1!o is in .eaven is ,erfect.6 Like your 9at!er. T!erefore like /od. Peter is =uite ri !t. And so is -imon. I ask you to remember t!eir (ords and a,,ly t!em to your souls. * Peter:s (ife almost faints from 7oy on !earin !er !usband bein ,raised t!us. -!e (ee,s be!ind !er veil4 s!e is =uiet but !a,,y. A Peter blus!es so muc! t!at !e seems to be !avin a stroke of a,o,le<y. .e remains dumb for a fe( moments, t!en says4 ' 1ell, t!en, ive me my re(ard. T!e ,arable of t!is mornin ...* Also t!e ot!ers 7oin Peter sayin 4 ' 0es, 0ou ,romised. Parables serve very (ell to make ,eo,le understand t!e com,arison. 3ut (e kno( t!at t!ey !ave a !i !er meanin t!an t!e com,arison. 1!y do 0ou s,eak to t!em in ,arables) * ' 3ecause t!ey are not to understand more t!an I e<,lain. 0ou are ranted muc! more, because as My disci,les, you must be ac=uainted (it! t!e mysteryD and you are t!erefore iven to understand t!e mysteries of t!e Bin dom of .eaven. T!at is (!y I say to you4 5Ask ,49

Me if you do not understand t!e s,irit of t!e ,arable.6 0ou ive everyt!in and everyt!in is iven to you, so t!at you, in your turn, may ive everyt!in . 0ou are ivin everyt!in to /od4 love, time, interests, freedom, lives. And /od ives you everyt!in to re(ard you and to enable you to ive everyt!in in t!e name of /od to t!ose (!o come after you. T!us, to !im (!o !as iven (ill be iven abundantly. 3ut !e (!o ave only ,artly or did not ive at all, (ill be de,rived also of (!at !e !as. I s,eak to t!em in ,arables, so t!at, (!ile seein , t!ey may see only (!at is illuminated by t!eir (ill to ad!ere to /od, and (!ile listenin , al(ays t!rou ! t!e same (ill of ad!erence, t!ey may !ear and understand. -ee2 Many !ear My (ord, fe( ad!ere to /od. T!eir s,irits lack ood (ill. Isaia!:s ,ro,!ecy is fulfilled in t!em4 50ou (ill !ear (it! your ears and (ill not understand, you (ill look (it! your eyes and (ill not see.6 3ecause t!is ,eo,le is !ard!eartedD t!eir ears are !ard and t!eir eyes are closed, so t!at t!ey may not see and !ear, t!at t!ey may not understand (it! t!eir !earts and convert, t!at I may cure t!em. 3ut you are blessed because your eyes see and your ears !ear, and because of your ood (ill2 I solemnly tell you t!at many Pro,!ets and many 7ust ,eo,le (ere an<ious to see (!at you see and t!ey did not see it, and to !ear (!at you !ear and t!ey did not !ear it. T!ey ,ined a(ay (it! t!e desire to understand t!e mystery of t!e (ords, but as soon as t!e li !t of t!e ,ro,!ecy (ent out, t!e (ords remained like burnt out coals, also for t!e !oly man (!o !ad received t!em. $nly /od reveals .imself. 1!en .is li !t fades out, as soon as t!e ,ur,ose of illuminatin t!e mystery comes to its end, t!e inability to understand envelo,s t!e re al ,42

trut! of t!e (ord received, like t!e banda es of a mummy. T!at is (!y I said to you t!is mornin 4 5T!e day (ill come (!en you (ill find everyt!in I !ave iven you.6 No( you cannot remember. 3ut later li !t (ill come u,on you, not 7ust for a moment, but for an inse,arable union of t!e #ternal -,irit (it! yours, (!ereby your teac!in concernin (!at ,ertains to t!e Bin dom of /od (ill be infallible. And (!at a,,lies to you, (ill a,,ly also to your successors, if t!ey live of /od as of one bread only. C No( listen to t!e s,irit of t!e ,arable. 1e !ave four kinds of fields4 t!e fertile ones, t!e t!orny ones, t!e stony ones and t!e ones full of ,at!s. 1e also !ave four ty,es of s,irits. T!ere are t!e !onest s,irits, t!e s,irits of ood (ill, ,re,ared by t!eir o(n (ill and by t!e (ork of an a,ostle, of a 5true6 a,ostleD because t!ere are a,ostles (!o !ave t!e name but not t!e s,irit of an a,ostle and t!ey are more let!al for t!e (ill in formation, t!an birds, t!orns and stones. T!ey u,set in suc! a (ay, t!rou ! t!eir intolerance, t!eir !aste, t!eir re,roac!es and t!eir t!reats, as to drive ,eo,le a(ay from /od forever. T!ere are ot!ers (!o, on t!e contrary, t!rou ! an e<cess of beni nity, utterly out of ,lace, cause t!e seed to rot in too soft a soil. 3ecause of t!eir lack of vi our, t!ey kill t!e vi our of t!e souls t!ey cure. 3ut let us consider t!e true a,ostles, t!at is, t!e s!inin mirrors of /od. T!ey are ,aternal, merciful, ,atient, and at t!e same time t!ey are stron , as t!eir Lord is stron . No(4 t!e souls ,re,ared by t!em and by t!eir o(n (ill can be com,ared to t!e fertile fields, free from stones and brambles, from couc!; ,3/

rass and darnel, in (!ic! t!e (ord of /od t!rives and every (ord, t!at is every seed, bears a bundle of ears, yieldin in some ,laces one !undred, in ot!ers si<ty, t!irty ,er cent. Are t!ere any like t!at amon t!ose (!o follo( Me) T!ere certainly are. And t!ey (ill be !oly. T!ey come from all castes and countries. And t!ere are /entiles amon t!em and t!ey (ill yield one !undred ,er cent because of t!eir ood (ill, only because of t!at, or because of t!eir ood (ill and t!at of an a,ostle or disci,le (!o ,re,ares t!em for Me. T!e t!orny fields are t!ose in (!ic! t!orny tan les of ,ersonal interests, (!ic! suffocate t!e ood seed, !ave been allo(ed to ro( by carelessness. 0ou must (atc! yourselves all t!e time. Never say4 5$!2 I am (ell formed, I !ave been so(n, I can rest assured t!at I (ill bear seeds of eternal life.6 1atc! yourselvesD t!e stru le bet(een /ood and #vil is still on. .ave you ever (atc!ed a colony of ants t!at install t!emselves in a !ouse) T!ere t!ey are, near t!e fire,lace. T!e !ouse(ife takes all foodstuff a(ay from t!ere and ,uts it on t!e table. T!ey sniff t!e air and attack t!e table. T!e !ouse(ife ,uts t!e food in a cu,board and t!ey et into t!e cu,board t!rou ! t!e key!ole. T!e (oman !an s !er food su,,ly from t!e ceilin , and t!ey o a lon (ay alon (alls and beams, do(n t!e ro,e and reac! t!e food. T!e (oman burns t!em, scalds t!em, ,oisons t!em. And t!inkin t!at s!e !as destroyed t!em s!e is !a,,y. 3ut if s!e does not (atc!, (!at a sur,rise s!e ets2 T!e ne( !atc!ed ones come out and s!e !as to start all over a ain. And t!at is (!at !a,,ens (!ile you liveD you must be careful and u,root t!e evil (eeds as soon as t!ey come u,. $t!er(ise t!ey (ill form a ceilin of brambles (!ic! ,31

suffocate t!e corn. 1orldly cares, deceivin (ealt! form t!e tan le, suffocate t!e seed of /od and ,revent it from comin into ears. And !ere are t!e fields full of stones. .o( many t!ere are in Israel2 T!ey are t!e ones t!at belon to t!e 5c!ildren of t!e la(s6 as My cousin +udas =uite ri !tly said. In t!em t!ere is not t!e one -tone of 1itness, nor t!e -tone of t!e La(. T!ere is t!e =uarry of ,oor ,etty !uman la(s made by men. T!ey are so many t!at (it! t!eir (ei !t t!ey !ave broken also t!e -tone of t!e La( into c!i,s. A disaster (!ic! does not allo( t!e seed to take root. T!e root is no lon er nouris!ed because t!ere is neit!er soil nor sa,. T!e (ater sta natin on t!e stone ,avement causes t!e seed to rot, t!e sun makes t!e stones !ot and ,arc!es t!e little ,lants. -uc! are t!e s,irits of t!ose (!o ,ut com,licated !uman doctrines in ,lace of t!e sim,le doctrine of /od. T!ey even receive My (ord (it! 7oy. At first it s!akes and allures t!em. 3ut later... T!ey (ould need to be !eroes and (ork !ard to clean t!e field, t!eir souls and minds of all r!etorical stones. T!e seed (ould t!en take root and bear lon s,ikes. As it is... it bears not!in . T!e fear of !uman retaliation is enou !. It is enou ! to say4 5And after) 1!at (ill t!e mi !ty ones do to me)6 and t!e ,oor seed lan uis!es (it!out nouris!ment. It is enou ! for t!e (!ole =uarry to stir (it! t!e vain sound of t!e !undreds of ,rece,ts, (!ic! !ave been ,ut in ,lace of t!e Prece,t, t!at man ,eris!es (it! t!e seed received... Israel is full of t!em. T!at e<,lains (!y t!e comin to /od is in inverse ratio to !uman ,o(er. T!e last are t!e dusty barren fields full of roads. T!ose of (orldly selfis! ,eo,le. T!eir comfort is t!eir la(, ,32

en7oyment t!eir aim. T!eir ambitions4 to do no (ork, to slumber, to en7oy t!emselves, to feast... T!e s,irit of t!e (orld is t!eir kin . T!e dust of (orldliness covers t!e soil (!ic! becomes mouldy. 3irds, t!at is dissi,ation, rus! on to t!e t!ousand ,at!s (!ic! !ave been built to make life easier. T!e s,irit of t!e (orld, t!at is, of t!e #vil one, ,icks u, and destroys all t!e seed t!at falls on t!is soil o,en to all sensuality and la<ity... .ave you understood) .ave you any =uestions to ask) No) In t!at case (e can o and rest and tomorro( (e (ill leave for "a,ernaum. T!ere is one ,lace to (!ic! I must o before startin on My 7ourney to +erusalem for Passover. * H ' -!all (e o t!rou ! Arimat!ea a ain) * asks t!e Iscariot. ' I am not sure. It de,ends on...* T!ere is a loud knockin at t!e door. ' 1!o can it be at t!is time) * asks Peter ettin u, to o,en t!e door. +o!n comes in. .e is most u,set, covered in dust, and !e !as obviously been (ee,in . ' 0ou are !ere2 * t!ey all s!out. ' 1!at:s t!e matter) * +esus, 1!o !as stood u,, says only4 ' 1!ere is My Mot!er) * And +o!n, comin for(ard and kneelin at t!e feet of t!e Master, !oldin !is arms as if !e (ere askin for !el,, says4 ' 0our Mot!er is (ell, but -!e is (ee,in as I am, as many ot!ers are, and -!e be s 0ou not to come ,3,

follo(in t!e +ordan on our side. T!at is (!y -!e sent me back, because 0our cousin +o!n !as been ca,tured...* And +o!n (ee,s (!ile everybody is be(ildered. +esus turns very ,ale but does not become e<cited. .e says only4 ' -tand u, and tell us. * ' I (as oin do(n (it! 0our Mot!er and t!e ot!er (omen. Isaac and Timoneus (ere also (it! us. 1e (ere t!ree (omen and t!ree men. I (as carryin out 0our instruction to take Mary to +o!n... A!2 0ou kne( it (as t!eir last fare(ell2... It (as to be t!eir last fare(ell... 3ecause of t!e storm of a fe( days a o, (e !ad to sto, for a little (!ile. 3ut it (as enou ! to make it im,ossible for +o!n to see Mary... 1e arrived at noon and !e (as ca,tured at daybreak...* ' 1!ere) .o() 3y (!om) In !is cave) * t!ey all ask, t!ey all (ant to kno(. ' .e (as betrayed2... T!ey used 0our name to betray !im2 * ' .o( !orrible2 1!o did t!at) * t!ey all s!out. And +o!n s!udderin , (!is,erin in a lo( voice (!at not even t!e air s!ould !ear, states4 ' It (as one of !is disci,les...* T!e confusion is at its !i !est ,itc!. -ome curse, some (ee,, some are ,etrified (it! astonis!ment. +o!n t!ro(s !is arms round +esus: neck and s!outs4 ' I am afraid for 0ou2... for 0ou2 T!e saints !ave t!eir traitors (!o sell t!emselves for old and for fear of t!e mi !ty ones, yearnin for re(ard, obeyin -atan. 9or t!ousands of t!in s2 $!2 +esus2 +esus2 .o( dreadful2 My ,34

first master2 My +o!n (!o ave me to 0ou2 * ' It is all ri !t2 Do not (orry2 Not!in (ill !a,,en to Me for t!e time bein . * ' 3ut later) 1!at (ill !a,,en later) I look at myself, at t!ese... I am afraid of everybody, also of myself. 1ill one of us be 0our traitor).... ' Are you mad) And do you t!ink t!at (e (ould not tear !im to ,ieces) * s!outs Peter. And t!e Iscariot4 ' $!2 0ou really are mad2 It (ill never be I2 3ut if I s!ould feel so (eak as to eventually become so, I (ould kill myself. 3etter t!an be t!e murderer of /od. * +esus frees .imself from +o!n:s ri,, s!akes +udas violently sayin 4 ' Do not s(ear2 Not!in can make you (eak, unless you (ant2 And if t!at s!ould !a,,en, make sure you (ee, for it, and do not commit anot!er crime in addition to deicide. .e becomes (eak, (!o cuts off !is vital link (it! /od. * .e t!en returns to +o!n, (!o is (ee,in (it! !is !ead on t!e table and !e says4 ' -,eak calmly. It rieves Me, too. .e (as of My blood and (as My Precursor. * ' I only sa( some of t!e disci,les, (!o (ere dismayed and furious (it! t!e traitor. T!e ot!ers accom,anied +o!n to(ards !is ,rison to be near !im at !is deat!. * ' 3ut !e is not dead yet... t!e last time !e mana ed to esca,e. * says t!e Fealot endeavourin to comfort +o!n of (!om !e is very fond. ' .e is not dead yet. 3ut !e (ill die * re,lies +o!n. ,33

' 0es, !e (ill die. .e kno(s as (ell as I do. Not!in and no one (ill save !im t!is time. 1!en) I do not kno(. I kno( t!at !e (ill not come out of .erod:s !and alive. * ' 0es, .erod. Listen. +o!n (ent to t!e mountain or e, bet(een Mount #bal and /erizim, (!ere (e also ,assed comin back to /alilee, because t!e traitor said to !im4 5T!e Messia! is dyin after bein attacked by .is enemies. .e (ants to see you to entrust a secret to you.6 And !e (ent (it! t!e traitor and some ot!er ,eo,le. .erod:s armed men (ere in t!e s!ade of t!e valley and t!ey ca,tured !im. T!e ot!ers ran a(ay and ave t!e ne(s to t!e disci,les (!o !ad remained near .ennon. T!ey !ad 7ust come (!en I arrived (it! 0our Mot!er. And t!e dreadful t!in is t!at !e (as one from our to(ns... and t!at t!e P!arisees of "a,ernaum are t!e leaders of t!e ,lot to catc! !im. T!ey (ent to +o!n sayin t!at 0ou !ad been t!eir uest and t!at 0ou (ere leavin from t!ere to o to +udaea... !e (ould not !ave left !is refu e but for 0ou...* I Dead silence follo(s +o!n:s re,ort. +esus looks bloodless, .is dee, blue eyes are dimmed. .e is standin (it! !is !ead bo(ed, .is !and still on +o!n:s s!oulder, and .is !and is tremblin li !tly. No one dare s,eak. +esus breaks t!e silence4 1e s!all o to +udaea follo(in a different route. 3ut I must o to "a,ernaum tomorro(. As early as ,ossible. Rest no(. I am oin u, to t!e olive; rove. I need to be alone. * And .e oes out (it!out sayin anyt!in else. ' .e is certainly oin to (ee, * (!is,ers +ames of Al,!aeus. ' Let us follo( .im, brot!er * says +udas T!addeus. ,3+

' No. Let .im (ee,. 3ut let us o out =uietly and kee, (atc!. I fear tricks every(!ere * re,lies t!e Fealot. ' 0es, let us o. 1e fis!ermen to t!e s!ore. If anybody comes from t!e lake (e (ill see !im. 0ou o to t!e olive; rove. .e is certainly in t!e usual ,lace, near t!e (alnut; tree. At da(n (e (ill !ave t!e boats ready to o a(ay early. T!ose snakes2 #!i2 I did tell you2 Tell me, boy) 3ut... is .is Mot!er really safe) * ' $!2 0es2 Also t!e s!e,!erd disci,les of +o!n !ave one (it! .er. Andre(... (e (ill never see our +o!n a ain2 * ' 3e =uiet2 It sounds like t!e son of t!e cuckoo... $ne ,recedes t!e ot!er and... and...* ' 3y t!e .oly Ark2 3e =uiet2 If you o on talkin about misfortunes to t!e Master, I (ill start from you, lettin your backs feel t!e (ei !t of my oar2 * s!outs an enra ed Peter. ' 0ou...* !e t!en says to t!ose (!o are to o to t!e olive; rove4 ' /et some clubs, some bi branc!es, you (ill find some in t!e (ood;s!ed... and s,read out, armed (it! t!em. T!e first one to come near +esus to !arm .im, kill !im. * ' T!e disci,les2 1e must be careful (it! t!e ne( ones2 * e<claims P!ili,. T!e ne( disci,le feels !urt and asks4 ' Are you in doubt about me) .e c!ose me and (anted me. * ' Not about you. I mean t!e scribes and P!arisees and t!eir (ors!i,,ers. T!at is (!ere t!e trouble (ill come from, believe me. * T!ey o out, some to(ards t!e boats, some to(ards t!e olive;trees on t!e !ills, and it all ends. ,37

171. Pa able of t$e Da nel.

7t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& A clear da(n causes t!e lake to s,arkle like ,earls and envelo,s t!e !ills in a mist as li !t as a muslin veil, t!rou ! (!ic! olive and (alnut;trees, !ouses and t!e back round of villa es look ,rettier t!an usual. 3oats are sailin smoot!ly and =uietly to(ards "a,ernaum. All of a sudden Peter turns t!e tiller of t!e rudder, so abru,tly t!at t!e boat !eels to one side. ' 1!at are you doin ) * asks Andre(. ' T!ere is t!e boat of an o(l M&N. It is leavin "a,ernaum no(. My eyes are ood and since yesterday evenin I !ave t!e scent of a !ound. I do not (ant t!em to see us. I am oin back to t!e river. 1e (ill o on foot. * Also t!e ot!er boat !as follo(ed t!e manouevre, but +ames, (!o is !oldin t!e rudder, asks Peter4 ' 1!y are you doin t!at) * ' I (ill tell you later. 9ollo( me. * +esus, 1!o is sittin astern, rouses (!en t!ey are almost off t!e +ordan. ' 1!at are you doin , -imon) * .e asks. ' 1e are ettin off !ere. T!ere is a 7ackal about. It is not ,ossible to o to "a,ernaum today. I (ant to o and find out (!at is !a,,enin first. I (ill o (it! -imon and Nat!anael. T!ree (ort!y ,eo,le a ainst t!ree un(ort!y ,39

ones... if t!e un(ort!y ones are not more. * ' 0ou must not see tra,s every(!ere, no(2 Is t!at not t!e boat of -imon t!e P!arisee) * ' It is 7ust t!at one. * ' .e (as not ,resent at +o!n:s arrest. * ' I don:t kno(. * ' .e !as al(ays s!o(n res,ect to Me. * ' I don:t kno(. * ' 0ou make Me a,,ear a co(ard. * ' I don:t kno(. * Alt!ou ! +esus does not feel like lau !in , .e cannot !el, smilin at Peter:s !oly obstinacy. ' 3ut, after all, (e must o to "a,ernaum. If not today, later...* ' I told 0ou t!at I am oin first, to see... and if necessary... I (ill also o... it (ill be a bitter ,ill to s(allo(... but I (ill do it for 0our sake... I (ill o... to t!e centurion and ask !is ,rotection...* ' No2 It is not necessary2 * T!e boat rounds on t!e little desert s!ore o,,osite 3et!saida. T!ey all o as!ore. ' 0ou t(o come (it! me. 0ou too, P!ili,. 0ou youn er ones, stay !ere. 1e (ill not be lon . * #lias, t!e ne( disci,le, be s +esus4 ' "ome to my !ouse, Master. I (ill be so !a,,y to ive 0ou !os,itality...* ' 0es, I (ill come. -imon4 you (ill meet Me at #lias: ,32

!ouse. /oodbye, -imon. /o. 3ut be ood, (ise and merciful. "ome !ere t!at I may kiss you and bless you. * Peter does not uarantee t!at !e (ill be ood, ,atient and merciful. .e is silent and kisses +esus (!ile bein kissed by .im. Also t!e Fealot, 3art!olome( and P!ili, kiss +esus oodbye and t!e t(o ,arties o in o,,osite directions. 8 T!ey enter Borazim (!en it is broad dayli !t. All t!e stems t(inkle (it! de(y ems. 3irds are sin in every(!ere. T!e air is ,ure and cool, it seems to savour of milk, of a ve etable milk rat!er t!an animal milk. T!e scent of t!e corn comin into ears, of t!e almond; roves laden (it! fruit... is t!e scent I could smell in cool mornin s in t!e ric! fields in t!e Po %alley. T!ey soon reac! #lias: !ouse. Many ,eo,le in Borazim already kno( t!at t!e Master !as arrived, and (!ile +esus is about to enter t!e !ouse, a mot!er rus!es to(ards .im s!outin 4 ' +esus, -on of David, !ave mercy on my dau !ter2 * -!e is carryin in !er arms a little irl, about ten years old, (!o is very t!in and (a<en, or yello(is! rat!er t!an (a<en. ' 1!at is t!e matter (it! your dau !ter) * ' -!e is feveris!. -!e cau !t a disease at t!e ,astures alon t!e +ordan. 3ecause (e are t!e s!e,!erds of a ric! man. .er fat!er sent for me (!en s!e (as taken ill. .e !as one back to t!e mountains. 3ut 0ou kno( t!at (it! t!is kind of disease one cannot stay u, in !i ! ,laces. 3ut !o( can I stay !ere) $ur master !as allo(ed me so far. 3ut I look after t!e (ool and t!e litters. T!is is t!e busy season for s!e,!erds. If I stay !ere (e (ill be ,+/

dismissed or se,arated. And if I o back to t!e .ermon I (ill see my dau !ter die. * ' Do you believe t!at I can cure !er) * ' I !ave s,oken to Daniel, #lis!a:s s!e,!erd. .e said to me4 5$ur "!ild cures all diseases. /o to t!e Messia!.6 I !ave come from beyond Merom carryin !er in my arms and lookin for 0ou. I (as oin to (alk until I found 0ou...* ' 0ou need (alk no fart!er, but o !ome, to your ,eaceful (ork. 0our dau !ter is cured because t!at is (!at I (ant. /o in ,eace. * T!e (oman looks at !er dau !ter and at +esus. -!e is ,er!a,s !o,in to see !er dau !ter become fat and rosy all at once. Also t!e irl stares at +esus (it! !er tired eyes (ide o,en and smiles. ' Do not be afraid, (oman. I am not deceivin you. .er fever !as one forever. Day by day s!e (ill become a !ealt!y irl. Let !er o. -!e (ill no lon er sta er neit!er (ill s!e feel tired. * T!e mot!er ,uts t!e c!ild do(n and s!e stands u,ri !t. -!e becomes more and more c!eerful and at last s!e trills in !er silvery voice4 ' 3less t!e Lord, mot!er2 I am cured2 I can feel it * and (it! t!e naivety of a little s!e,!erd irl, s!e t!ro(s !er arms round +esus: neck and kisses .im. .er mot!er, reserved as !er a e demands, ,rostrates !erself and kisses .is tunic blessin t!e Lord. ' /o. Remember t!e ift of /od and be ood. Peace be (it! you. * > T!e cro(ds at!er in #lias: little kitc!en arden ,+1

re=uestin +esus to s,eak to t!em. And alt!ou ! .e is not inclined to do so, sad as .e is because of t!e 3a,tist:s ca,ture and t!e (ay it !a,,ened, .e yields and be ins to s,eak in t!e s!ade of t!e trees. ' As (e are still in t!e lovely season (!en t!e corn bursts into ears, I (is! to tell you a ,arable taken from t!e corn. Listen. T!e Bin dom of .eaven may be com,ared to a man (!o so(ed ood seed in !is field. 3ut (!ile t!e man and !is servants (ere aslee,, !is enemy came and so(ed darnel seeds amon t!e (!eat and (ent a(ay. At first no one noticed anyt!in . 1inter came (it! rain and frost, t!e end of t!e mont! of Tebet! came and t!e corn s,routed. T!e tiny little reen leaves (!ic! !ad 7ust come u,, looked all alike in t!eir innocent early days. T!e mont!s of -!ebat and Adar came and t!e ,lants re( and t!e s,ikes seeded. T!ey t!en sa( t!at it (as not all (!eat, and t!at t!ere (as also darnel, t(isted (it! its t!in stron bearbines round t!e corn stalks. T!e servants of t!e master (ent to !is !ouse and said4 5Lord, (!at seed did you so() 1as it not selected seed, free from every ot!er seed)6 5It (as certainly so. I ,icked all t!e rains and t!ey (ere all of t!e same =uality. I (ould !ave noticed any ot!er seed.6 5If so, (!y !as so muc! darnel ro(n amon your corn)6 T!e landlord became ,ensive and said4 5-ome enemy !as done t!at to !arm me.6 T!e servants t!en asked4 5Do you (ant us to o into t!e ,+2

field and free t!e corn from t!e darnel, (eedin it out ,atiently) Tell us and (e (ill do it.6 3ut t!e master said4 5No. 3ecause you mi !t (eed out also t!e corn and almost certainly you (ould dama e t!e ears (!ic! are still tender. Let t!em bot! ro( till t!e !arvest. T!en I (ill say to t!e rea,ers4 :"ut everyt!in to et!er, but before tyin t!e s!eaves, since t!e bearbines of t!e darnel are (it!ered and friable, (!ereas t!e closed ears are stron er and !arder, ,ick t!e darnel from t!e (!eat and tie it into se,arate bundles. 0ou (ill burn t!em and t!ey (ill fertilize t!e soil. Take instead t!e ood corn into t!e ranaries and it (ill be used to bake ood bread, to t!e reat s!ame of my enemy (!o (ill !ave ained only to become des,icable to /od because of !is envious malice:.6 "onsider no( !o( often and !o( ,lentifully t!e #nemy so(s in your !earts. And you must understand t!at it is necessary to (atc! ,atiently and constantly to ensure t!at little darnel is mi<ed (it! t!e c!osen (!eat. T!e fate of t!e darnel is to be burnt. Do you (is! to be burnt or to become citizens of t!e Bin dom) 0ou say t!at you (ant to become citizens of t!e Bin dom. 1ell, endeavour to be so. T!e ood /od ives you t!e 1ord. T!e enemy is vi ilant to make it !armful, because t!e flour of (!eat if mi<ed (it! t!e flour of darnel makes a bitter bread, (!ic! is !armful to t!e stomac!. If t!ere is darnel in your souls, ,ick it (it! ood (ill and t!ro( it a(ay, so t!at you may not be un(ort!y of /od. /o, My c!ildren. Peace be (it! you. * A T!e cro(ds slo(ly dis,erse. T!e ei !t a,ostles, #lias, !is brot!er and mot!er, old Isaac, (!ose soul re7oices ,+,

seein !is -aviour, stay in t!e kitc!en arden. ' /at!er round Me and listen. I (ill e<,lain t!e full meanin of t!e ,arable to you, as it !as t(o more meanin s, besides (!at I told t!e cro(d. In t!e universal sense t!e ,ur,ort of t!e ,arable is as follo(s4 t!e field is t!e (orld. T!e ood seed is t!e c!ildren of t!e Bin dom of /od so(n by /od in t!e (orld, (!ile t!ey (ait to reac! t!eir end and be cut by t!e Mo(er and be taken to t!e Master of t!e (orld 1!o (ill store t!em in .is ranaries. T!e sub7ects of t!e #vil one are t!e darnel, (!ic! !as also been s,read in t!e field of /od for t!e ,ur,ose of causin rief to t!e Master of t!e (orld and dama e to t!e corn of /od. T!e enemy of /od !as so(n t!em deliberately, t!rou ! (itc!craft, because t!e demon really ,erverts t!e nature of man makin !im a creature of !is o(n and t!en so(s it to lead astray ot!er ,eo,le (!om !e !as not been able to enslave ot!er(ise. T!e !arvest, t!at is t!e tyin of t!e s!eaves and carryin t!em to t!e ranaries, is t!e end of t!e (orld and t!at is accom,lis!ed by t!e an els. T!ey are iven instructions to at!er to et!er t!e creatures (!ic! !ave been cut, to se,arate t!e corn from t!e darnel, and as in t!e ,arable t!e darnel is burnt, so t!e damned (ill be burnt in t!e eternal fire, at t!e Last +ud ement. T!e -on of man (ill !ave all scandalmon ers and ,erformers of ini=uity removed from .is Bin dom. 3ecause t!e Bin dom t!en (ill be on t!e eart! and in .eaven and many sons of t!e #nemy (ill be mi<ed amon t!e citizens of t!e Bin dom. And, as ,ro,!esied also by Pro,!ets, t!ey (ill reac! t!e ,erfection of scandal and abomination in every ministry on t!e eart! and (ill ,+4

be of reat annoyance to t!e c!ildren of t!e s,irit. T!e corru,t (ill !ave already been driven out of t!e Bin dom of /od in .eaven, because no corru,tion (ill enter .eaven. And no( t!e an els of t!e Lord, brandis!in t!eir sickles amon t!e rou, of t!e last !arvest, (ill mo( do(n and se,arate t!e corn from t!e darnel and (ill t!ro( t!e latter into t!e burnin furnace, (!ere t!ere (ill be (ee,in and rindin of teet!. T!e 7ust, instead, t!e c!osen seed, (ill be taken to t!e eternal +erusalem, (!ere t!ey (ill s!ine like t!e sun in t!e Bin dom of My 9at!er and yours. C T!at is t!e universal sense. 3ut t!ere is anot!er sense, (!ic! is t!e ans(er to t!e =uestion (!ic! you !ave been askin yourselves many times and ,articularly since yesterday evenin . 0our =uestion is4 5"an t!ere be traitors in t!e mass of disci,les)6 and your !earts tremble (it! !orror and fear. 0es, t!ere may be some. T!ere are certainly some. T!e -o(er so(s t!e ood seed. In t!is case, instead of so(in , (e could say t!at .e 5,icks.6 3ecause t!e master, (!et!er it is I or t!e 3a,tist, c!ose !is disci,les. .o( (ere t!ey, t!erefore, led astray) No, I did not use t!e ri !t (ord sayin t!at t!e disci,les are t!e 5seed.6 0ou may misunderstand. I (ill call t!em 5field.6 As many disci,les as fields, c!osen by t!e master to form t!e area of t!e Bin dom of /od, t!e (ealt! of /od. T!e master tires !imself cultivatin t!em so t!at t!ey may yield one !undred ,er cent. .e takes care of everyt!in (it! ,atience, love, (isdom, (orkin !ard and ,erseverin ly. .e also sees t!eir (icked inclinations, t!eir barrenness and avidity, t!eir stubbornness and (eakness. 3ut !e !o,es all t!e time, corroboratin !is !o,e t!rou ! ,rayer ,+3

and ,enance, because !e (is!es to lead t!em to ,erfection. 3ut t!e fields are o,en. T!ey are not ardens enclosed in (alls of ,rotection, of (!ic! t!e only o(ner is t!e master, (!o is t!e only one (!o can o in. T!ey are o,en. Placed as t!ey are in t!e centre of t!e (orld, amon t!e (orld, anyone can o near t!em and into t!em. #verybody and everyt!in . $!2 darnel is not t!e only bad seed so(n2 Darnel could be t!e symbol of t!e bitter frivolity of t!e (orldly s,irit. 3ut all t!e ot!er seeds, scattered by t!e #nemy, come u, in t!em. T!ere are nettles, couc!; rass, dodder, bearbines, and finally !emlock and ,oisonous !erbs. 1!y) 1!at are t!ey) Nettles4 stin in untameable s,irits (!ic! !urt t!rou ! t!eir e<cess of ,oison and cause so muc! trouble. "ouc!; rass4 ,arasites (!o (ear out t!e master as t!ey can only cree, and suck, takin advanta e of !is (ork and in7urin t!e (illin ones, (!o (ould make muc! more ,rofit if t!e master (ere not u,set and distracted by t!e cares re=uired by t!e couc!; rass. T!e slu is! bearbines rise from t!e round only by makin use of t!e efforts of ot!er ,eo,le. Dodders4 t!ey are a torture on t!e already ,ainful road of t!e master and a torment to t!e fait!ful disci,les (!o follo( !im. T!ey t(ist, ,ierce, tear to ,ieces, scratc!, cause mistrust and ,ain. T!e ,oisonous ones4 t!e criminal disci,les, (!o o as far as betrayin and killin as !emlock and ot!er ,oisonous ,lants do. .ave you noticed !o( beautiful t!ey are (it! t!eir little flo(ers (!ic! later become (!ite, red, blue;violet berries) 1!o (ould say t!at t!e (!ite or ,inkis! star; s!a,ed corolla, (it! its little olden !eart, or t!e many; coloured corals, so muc! like ot!er little fruits (!ic! are ,++

t!e deli !t of birds and c!ildren, can cause deat!, once t!ey are ri,e) No one. And t!e innocent ones fall into t!e tra,. T!ey believe t!at everybody is as ood as t!ey are... t!ey ,ick and die. T!ey believe t!at everybody is as ood as t!ey are2 $!2 T!e trut! t!at makes t!e master sublime and condemns !is traitor2 .o() Does oodness not disarm (ickedness) Does it not make !armless) No. It does not, because t!e man (!o !as fallen a ,rey to t!e #nemy is indifferent to (!at is su,erior. And (!at is su,erior c!an es as,ect, as far as !e is concerned. Bindness becomes (eakness on (!ic! is la(ful to tread and it stimulates !is as t!e scent of blood stimulates a beast to slau !ter. Also t!e master is al(ays innocent... and !e lets !is traitor ,oison !im, because !e cannot ,ossibly believe t!at a !uman bein can murder an innocent ,erson. T!e enemies come into t!e fields of t!e Master, t!at is to .is disci,les. T!ey are many and -atan is t!e first one. T!e ot!ers are !is servants, t!at is, men, ,assions, t!e (orld and t!e fles!. T!e disci,le (!o is more easily struck by t!em is t!e one (!o is not entirely close to t!e Master, but is bet(een t!e Master and t!e (orld. .e is not ca,able and does not (ant to ,art com,letely (it! t!e (orld, t!e fles!, ,assions and demons, to belon entirely to .im 1!o (ants to take !im to /od. And t!e (orld, fles!, ,assions and t!e demon scatter t!eir seed in !im4 old, ,o(er, (omen, ,ride, t!e fear of an unfavourable o,inion of t!e (orld, t!e s,irit of utilitarianism. 5T!e reat ones are t!e stron est. I (ill serve t!em so t!at t!ey (ill be friendly to me.6 And t!ey become criminals and damned for suc! miserable ,+7

t!in s2... 1!y does t!e Master, 1!o sees t!e im,erfection of a disci,le, not cast !im a(ay at once, even if .e is not ,re,ared to submit to t!e t!ou !t4 5.e (ill be My murderer6) T!at is (!at you are askin yourselves. 3ecause it is useless to do so. If .e did so !e (ould not avoid !avin !im as an enemy, a double and more dan erous enemy, because of !is an er and !is sorro( at bein found out or at bein driven a(ay. 0es, because of !is sorro(. 3ecause sometimes a bad disci,le does not realise t!at !e is suc!. T!e demon:s action is so subtle t!at !e is not a(are of it. .e becomes (icked (it!out even sus,ectin t!at !e is sub7ect to suc! action. And because of !is an er. .e is enra ed at bein kno(n for (!at !e is, (!en !e is a(are of -atan:s (ork and of !is follo(ers4 t!e men (!o tem,t (eak ,eo,le in t!eir (eak ,oints, to remove from t!e (orld a saint (!o offends t!em, (icked as t!ey are, (!en com,ared (it! !is oodness. T!e saint t!en ,rays and trusts in /od. 5Let (!at 0ou allo(, be done6 !e says. .e adds only t!e clause4 5,rovidin it serves 0our ,ur,ose.6 T!e saint kno(s t!at t!e time (ill come (!en t!e (icked darnel (ill be re7ected from t!e !arvest. 3y (!om) 3y /od .imself 1!o does not allo( more t!an (!at is useful to t!e trium,! of .is lovin (ill. * H ' If 0ou maintain t!at -atan and !is follo(ers are al(ays to be blamed... it seems to me t!at t!e res,onsibility of t!e disci,le diminis!es * says Matt!e(. ' Do not believe t!at. If t!ere is /ood t!ere is also #vil and man is ifted (it! discernment and freedom. * ' 0ou say t!at /od does not allo( more t!an (!at is ,+9

useful to t!e trium,! of .is lovin (ill. T!erefore also suc! error is useful, if .e allo(s it, and it serves t!e trium,! of t!e divine (ill * says t!e Iscariot. And you infer, as Matt!e( does, t!at t!at 7ustifies t!e disci,le:s crime. /od created t!e lion (it!out ferocity and t!e snake (it!out ,oison, no( one is ferocious and t!e ot!er ,oisonous. T!at is (!y /od se,arated t!em from man. Ponder over t!at and dra( conclusions. Let us o to t!e !ouse. T!e sun is already too (arm. It looks as if t!ere is oin to be a storm. And you are tired because of t!e slee,less ni !t. * ' T!e rooms in t!e !ouse are !i !, lar e and cool. 0ou (ill be able to rest. * says #lias. T!ey o u, t!e outside staircase. 3ut only t!e a,ostles lie do(n on t!e mats to rest. +esus oes out on to t!e terrace, a corner of (!ic! is s!aded by a very tall oak; tree, and becomes en rossed in t!ou !t. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; M&N T!e o(l is considered t!e bird of evil;omen.

17-. On <#s 0a1 to 6a()ala Jes!s S%ea>s to So*e S$e%$e )s.

+t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& Peter comes back only t!e follo(in mornin . And !e is more calm t!an (!en !e left, because !e (as made ,+2

(elcome at "a,ernaum and t!e to(n !ad been cleared of #li and +oac!im. ' T!ey must !ave taken ,art in t!e ,lot. 3ecause I asked some friends (!en t!ey !ad left, and I understood t!at t!ey !ad not come back after oin to t!e 3a,tist as ,enitents. And I do not t!ink t!at t!ey (ill come back so soon, no( t!at I mentioned t!at t!ey (ere ,resent at t!e arrest... T!ere is muc! turmoil because of t!e 3a,tist:s ca,ture... I (ill ensure t!at t!e (!ole (orld kno(s about it... It is t!e best (ea,on (e !ave. I met also -imon, t!e P!arisee... 3ut if !e really is (!at !e a,,eared to me, I t!ink !e is favourably dis,osed to(ards us. .e said to Me4 5Tell t!e Master not to follo( t!e +ordan alon t!e (estern valley. T!e ot!er side is safer6 !e said stressin t!e (ords. And !e ended4 5I !ave not seen you. I !ave not s,oken to you. Don:t for et. And mind (!at you do in mine, yours and everybody:s interest. Tell t!e Master t!at I am a friend6 and !e ke,t lookin u,, as if !e (ere s,eakin to t!e (ind. T!ey are al(ays false, also (!en doin ood t!in s and... and I (ill say 5stran e6, so t!at 0ou (ill not re,roac! me. 3ut... e!i2... but I (ent and I !ad a little c!at (it! t!e centurion. +ust... to ask4 5Is your servant (ell)6, and (!en I (as told t!at !e (as, I said4 5T!at is ood2 Make sure you kee, !im !ealt!y because t!ey are layin snares for t!e Master. T!e 3a,tist !as already been ca,tured...6 and t!e Roman ras,ed t!e idea immediately. A cunnin fello( !e is2 .e re,lied4 51!ere t!ere is a ve<illum, t!ere (ill be a uard for .im, and t!ere (ill be someone remindin t!e +e(s t!at no ,lot is allo(ed under t!e si n of Rome, deat! or t!e alley bein t!e ,unis!ment.6 T!ey are !eat!ens, but I could !ave kissed !im. I like ,eo,le (!o understand ,7/

and take action2 -o (e can o. * ' Let us o. 3ut all t!at (as not necessary * says +esus. ' It (as... it (as necessary indeed2 * +esus says oodbye to t!e !os,itable family and also to t!e ne( disci,le, to (!om .e must !ave iven some instructions. 8 T!ey are alone once a ain4 t!e Master (it! .is a,ostles and t!ey (alk alon t!e cool country, alon a road (!ic! +esus !as taken muc! to Peter:s sur,rise, as !e (anted to take a different one. ' 1e are oin a(ay from t!e lake...* ' 1e (ill still arrive in time for (!at I !ave to do. * T!e a,ostles become silent and o to(ards a little villa e, a !andful of !ouses, s,read out in t!e country. A loud din ;don of s!ee,;bells can be !eard as t!e flocks are driven to(ards t!e ,astures on t!e mountains. 1!en +esus sto,s to let a lar e !erd ,ass, t!e s!e,!erds ,oint .im out and at!er to et!er. T!ey consult (it! one anot!er but dare no more. +esus ,uts an end to t!eir doubts by (alkin t!rou ! t!e !erd, (!ic! !as sto,,ed to raze t!e t!ick rass. .e oes strai !t to caress a little s!e,!erd, (!o is standin to(ards t!e centre of t!e (oolly bleatin mass of s!ee,. .e asks t!e boy4 ' Are t!ey yours) * +esus kno(s very (ell t!at t!ey are not t!e boy:s, but .e (ants !im to s,eak. ' No, Lord. I am (it! t!ose men. And t!e !erds belon to many o(ners. 1e are all to et!er for fear of t!e bandits. * ,71

' 1!at is your name) * ' Fac!arias, t!e son of Isaac. 3ut my fat!er died and I (ork as a servant because (e are ,oor and my mot!er !as t!ree more sons youn er t!an I am. * ' .as your fat!er been lon dead) * ' T!ree years, Lord... and since t!en I !ave never smiled because my mot!er al(ays (ee,s and I !ave no one (!o caresses me any more... I am t!e first born and my fat!er:s deat! !as made a man of me, (!ile I (as still a c!ild... 3ut I must not (ee, but earn some money... 3ut it is so difficult2 * Tears stream do(n !is face (!ic! is too serious for !is a e. T!e s!e,!erds !ave dra(n near and so !ave t!e a,ostles. A rou, of men in t!e midst of movin s!ee,. ' 0ou are not fat!erless, Fac!arias. 0ou !ave a !oly 9at!er in .eaven, 1!o al(ays loves you, if you are ood, and your fat!er !as not ceased lovin you because !e is in Abra!am:s bosom. 0ou must believe t!at. And because of suc! fait! you must endeavour to become better and better. * +esus s,eaks, kindly and caresses t!e boy. A s!e,!erd dares to ask4 ' 0ou are t!e Messia!, are 0ou not) * ' 0es, I am. .o( do you kno() * ' I kno( t!at 0ou are about in Palestine and I kno( t!at 0ou s,eak !oly (ords. T!at is (!y I reco nised 0ou. * ' Are you oin far) * ' ?, to t!e !i ! mountains. T!e !ot (eat!er is comin ... 1ill 0ou not s,eak to us) ?, t!ere, (!ere (e are, only ,72

t!e (inds s,eak, and sometimes t!e (olf s,eaks and it slau !ters... as it !a,,ened to Fac!arias: fat!er. Durin t!e (!ole (inter (e (ere !o,in to see 0ou, but (e never found 0ou. * ' Let us o under t!e s!ade of t!at t!icket and I (ill s,eak to you. * And +esus oes a!ead of t!em, !oldin t!e little s!e,!erd by t!e !and and caressin (it! t!e ot!er !and t!e little lambs (!ic! raise t!eir !eads, bleatin . > T!e s!e,!erds at!er t!e flock under a co,,ice and (!ile t!e s!ee, lie do(n ruminatin or raze or rub t!emselves a ainst tree trunks, +esus s,eaks. ' 0ou said4 5?, t!ere, (!ere (e are, only t!e (inds s,eak, and sometimes t!e (olf s,eaks and slau !ters.6 1!at !a,,ens u, t!ere, !a,,ens in men:s !earts t!rou ! t!e (ork of /od, of men and of -atan. 0ou may, t!erefore, !ave u, t!ere (!at you (ould !ave in any ot!er ,lace. Do you kno( t!e La( (ell enou ! and its ten commandments) And you, too, boy) In t!at case you kno( enou !. If you fait!fully ,ractise (!at /od commanded, you (ill be !oly. Do not com,lain of bein far from t!e (orld. T!at (ill ,reserve you from muc! corru,tion. And /od is not far from you, but closer in t!at solitude, (!ere you can !ear .is voice in t!e (inds, (!ic! .e created, in t!e !erbs and in t!e (ater, (!ereas you (ould not !ear it amon men. 0our flock teac!es you a reat virtue, nay many reat virtues. It is meek and obedient. It is satisfied (it! little and is rateful for (!at it !as. It loves and kno(s t!ose (!o take care of it and love it. Do like(ise sayin 4 5/od is our -!e,!erd and (e are .is s!ee,. .e (atc!es us. .e ,rotects us and rants ,7,

us not (!at is t!e source of vice, but (!at is necessary to live.6 And kee, (olves a(ay from your !earts. 1icked men are (olves4 t!ey seduce you and incite you to evil actions by -atan:s order and it is -atan !imself (!o induces you to sin so t!at !e may tear you to ,ieces. 3e (atc!ful. 0ou s!e,!erds kno( t!e !abits of (olves. T!ey are as s!re(d, as s!ee, are sim,le and innocent. T!ey steal close to you, after (atc!in from above t!e !abits of t!e !erd, t!ey sneak closer t!rou ! bus!es and lie as still as stones to avoid dra(in your attention. Do t!ey not look like !u e stones (!ic! !ave rolled do(n on to t!e meado(s) T!en, (!en t!ey are sure t!at no one is (atc!in , t!ey s,rin and bite. T!at is !o( -atan be!aves. .e (atc!es you to find out your (eak ,oints, !e roams about you, !e seems !armless and absent, concerned (it! somet!in else, (!ereas !e is (atc!in you, and t!en !e suddenly lea,s to induce you to sin, and sometimes !e is successful. 3ut close to you t!ere are a doctor and a com,assionate s,irit. /od and your an el. If you are (ounded, if you !ave been taken ill, do not o a(ay from t!em, as a do (!ic! !as become rabid does. $n t!e contrary, (!ile (ee,in s!out to t!em4 5.el,2.6 /od for ives t!ose (!o re,ent and your an el is ready to im,lore /od (it! you and for you. A Love one anot!er and love t!is boy. #ac! of you must feel as if !e (ere some!o( t!e fat!er of t!e or,!an. T!e ,resence of a c!ild amon st you s!ould influence every action of yours t!rou ! t!e !oly restraint of res,ect for a c!ild. And let your com,any make u, for (!at deat! de,rived !im of. 1e must love our nei !bour. T!is boy is ,74

t!e nei !bour entrusted to you by /od in a s,ecial manner. Teac! !im to be ood, a fait!ful believer, !onest and free from vices. .e is (ort! muc! more t!an one of t!ese s!ee,. No(, if you take care of t!e s!ee, because t!ey belon to t!eir o(ner, (!o (ould ,unis! you if you s!ould let t!em ,eris!, !o( muc! more care you must take of t!is soul (!ic! /od entrusts to you for .imself and for !is dead fat!er. .is situation as an or,!an is a sad one indeed. Do not make it more ,ainful by takin advanta e of !im and ve<in !im because !e is only a youn ster. Remember t!at /od sees t!e deeds and tears of every man and takes everyt!in into account, in order to re(ard or ,unis!. And you, My boy, remember t!at you are never alone. /od sees you and so does t!e s,irit of your fat!er. 1!en somet!in u,sets you and induces you to do (ron , say4 5No, I do not (ant to be an or,!an forever and ever.6 0ou (ould be, if you damned your soul by sinnin . 3e ood. I bless you so t!at all oodness may be (it! you. If (e (ere oin t!e same (ay, I (ould continue to s,eak to you for a lon time. 3ut t!e sun is risin and you must o, and so do I. 0our task is to ,rotect t!e s!ee, from t!e !eat, Mine to relieve men of anot!er ardour, a more dreadful one, t!e ,assions of t!eir !earts. Pray t!at t!ey may consider Me as t!eir -!e,!erd. /oodbye, Fac!arias. 3e ood. Peace be (it! you. * +esus kisses t!e little s!e,!erd and blesses !im and (!ile t!e flock moves slo(ly a(ay, .is eyes follo( !im. .e t!en resumes .is (ay. ' 0ou said t!at (e are oin to relieve !earts of anot!er ardour... 1!ere are (e oin ) * asks t!e Iscariot. ,73

9or t!e time bein as far as t!at s!ady s,ot, (!ere t!e stream is. 1e (ill !ave somet!in to eat t!ere and t!en you (ill be told (!ere (e are oin . * ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; C +esus says4 ' Insert !ere t!e vision of t!e second moment of Mary Ma dalene:s conversion, (!ic! you !ad last year, on t!e &8t! of Au ust &KAA. *

17.. Jes!s at 6a()ala. <e 6eets &#t$ 6a 1 6a()alene t$e Se"on) T#*e.
1-t$ A!(!st 1+44.

& T!e entire a,ostolic colle e is round +esus. -ittin on t!e rass, in t!e cool s!ade of a t!icket, near a stream, t!ey are all eatin bread and c!eese and drinkin t!e cool clear (ater of t!e stream. T!eir dusty sandals ive to understand t!at t!ey !ave (alked a lon (ay and ,er!a,s t!e disci,les (is! but to rest on t!e lon fres! rass. 3ut t!e Tireless 1alker is not of t!e same mind. As soon as !e deems t!at t!e !ottest !our is over, .e ets u,, oes on to t!e road and looks... .e t!en turns round and says4 ' Let us o. * Not!in else. 1!en t!ey reac! a crossroads, (!ere four dusty roads meet, +esus resolutely takes t!e one in a nort!;east direction. ' Are (e oin back to "a,ernaum) * asks Peter. ,7+

+esus re,lies4 ' No. * +ust4 no. ' 1e are oin to Tiberias, t!en * insists Peter, (!o is an<ious to kno(. ' Not t!ere eit!er. * ' 3ut t!is road takes one to t!e -ea of /alilee... and Tiberias and "a,ernaum are t!ere... * ' And t!ere is also Ma dala * says +esus (it! a !alf; serious e<,ression to satisfy Peter:s curiosity. ' Ma dala) $!2... * Peter is some(!at scandalised, (!ic! makes me t!ink t!at t!e to(n is ill;famed. ' 0es, to Ma dala. Do you consider yourself too !onest to enter t!at to(n) Peter, Peter2... 9or My sake you (ill !ave to enter not to(ns of ,leasure but real brot!els... "!rist did not come to save t!ose (!o are already saved, but t!ose (!o are lost... and you s!all be 5Peter6, or Rock, not -imon, for t!at ,ur,ose. Are you afraid of becomin contaminated) No2 Not even t!is one, see Mand .e ,oints at t!e very youn +o!nN (ill suffer any !arm. 3ecause !e does not (ant, as you do not (ant, as your brot!er and +o!n:s brot!er do not (ant, as none of you, for t!e time bein , (ants. As lon as one does not (ant, no !arm is done. 3ut one must not (ant resolutely and ,erseverin ly. 0ou (ill obtain (ill;,o(er and ,erseverance from t!e 9at!er, by ,rayin (it! sincere intentions. Not all of you (ill be able to ,ray t!us, in future... 1!at are you sayin , +udas) Do not be too self; confident. I, 1!o am t!e "!rist, constantly ,ray to !ave stren t! a ainst -atan. Are you better t!an I am) Pride is t!e o,enin t!rou ! (!ic! -atan ,enetrates. 3e vi ilant and !umble, +udas. Matt!e(, since you are ,77

familiar (it! t!is ,lace, tell Me4 is it better to o to t!e to(n t!is (ay, or is t!ere anot!er road) * ' It de,ends, Master. If 0ou (ant to o to t!e area of Ma dala (!ere fis!ermen and ,oor ,eo,le live, t!is is t!e road. 3ut E I do not t!ink t!is is t!e case but I am tellin 0ou to ive 0ou a com,lete ans(er E if 0ou (ant to o (!ere t!e ric! ,eo,le are, t!en in about one !undred yards, 0ou !ave to leave t!is road and take anot!er one, because t!eir !ouses are a,,ro<imately in t!is direction and it is necessary to o back... * ' 1e (ill o back because I (ant to o to t!e residential area of t!e (ealt!y ,eo,le. 1!at did you say, +udas) * ' Not!in , Master. It is t!e second time t!at 0ou ask me in a very s!ort time. 3ut I !ave never s,oken. * ' Not (it! your li,s, no. 3ut you !ave s,oken, rumblin in your !eart. 0ou !ave rumbled (it! your uest4 your !eart. It is not necessary to !ave an interlocutor, in order to s,eak. 1e say many (ords to ourselves... 3ut (e must not moan or calumniate, not even (it! our o(n e o. * 8 T!e rou, ,roceeds in silence. T!e main road becomes a to(n street, ,aved (it! one !andbreat! (ide s=uare stones. T!e !ouses are more and more s,lendid and ma nificent, surrounded by lu<uriant flouris!in ardens and orc!ards. I am under t!e im,ression t!at t!e ele ant Ma dala (as for t!e Palestinians a kind of ,lace of ,leasure like some to(ns around our lakes in Lombardy4 -tresa, /ardone, Pallanza, 3ella io and so on. Amon t!e ric! Palestinians t!ere are many Romans, (!o must !ave come from ot!er ,laces, suc! as Tiberias or "aesarea, ,ossibly officials of t!e /overnor or merc!ants ,79

(!o e<,ort to Rome t!e most beautiful ,roducts of t!e Palestinian colony. +esus ,roceeds, sure of .imself, as if .e kne( (!ere to o. .e follo(s t!e contour of t!e lake, (!ic! reflects t!e !ouses and ardens built on its limits. A loud noise of cryin ,eo,le can be !eard from a sum,tuous !ouse. It is t!e voices of (omen and c!ildren. T!e s!rill voice of a (oman s!outs4 ' My son2 My son2 * +esus turns round and looks at .is a,ostles. +udas ste,s for(ard. ' No, not you * orders +esus. ' 0ou, Matt!e(. /o and find out. * Matt!e( oes and comes back4 ' A bra(l, Master. A man is dyin . A +e(. T!e man (!o (ounded !im, a Roman, !as run a(ay. .is (ife, mot!er and c!ildren !ave rus!ed to !el, !im... 3ut !e is dyin . * ' Let us o. * ' Master... Master... It !a,,ened in t!e !ouse of a (oman... (!o is not !is (ife. * ' Let us o. * T!rou ! t!e (ide o,en door t!ey enter a lar e !all (!ic! o,ens on to a lovely arden. T!e !ouse seems to be divided by t!is kind of covered ,eristyle, (!ic! is full of ,ots (it! reen ,lants, statues and inlaid articles. It is a mi<ture of a !all and reen!ouse. In a room, t!e door of (!ic! o,ens on to t!e !all, t!ere are some (omen (ee,in . +esus oes in confidently. 3ut .e does not ,ronounce .is usual reetin . Amon t!e men ,resent t!ere is a merc!ant (!o ,72

obviously kno(s +esus, because as soon as !e sees .im, !e says4 ' T!e Rabbi of Nazaret!2 * and reets .im res,ectfully. ' +ose,!, (!at is t!e matter) * ' Master, a stab (ound in !is !eart... .e is dyin . * ' 1!y) * > A ray;!aired unkem,t (oman stands u, E s!e (as kneelin near t!e dyin man !oldin !is lim, !and E and (it! distracted face and voice s!e s!outs4 ' 3ecause of !er, because of !er... -!e !as turned !im into a devil... Mot!er, (ife, c!ildren no lon er e<isted for !im2 .ell (ill !ave you, -atan2 * +esus looks u, and .is eyes follo( t!e tremblin accusin !and and in a corner, a ainst t!e dark red (all, .e sees Mary of Ma dala, more immodest t!an ever, (earin , I (ould say, not!in on !alf of !er body, because s!e is !alf naked from t!e (aist u,(ards, dra,ed in a kind of !e<a onal net decorated (it! little round ob7ects (!ic! look like tiny ,earls. 3ut as s!e is in a !alf li !t, I cannot see !er (ell. +esus lo(ers .is eyes once a ain. Mary, las!ed by .is indifference, stands u,, (!ereas before s!e seemed some(!at de,ressed, and strikes a defiant ,ose. ' 1oman * says +esus to t!e mot!er. ' Do not curse. Tell Me. 1!y (as your son in t!is !ouse) * ' I told 0ou. 3ecause s!e infatuated !im. -!e did. * ' -ilence. -o, !e (as in sin, too, because !e is an adulterer and an un(ort!y fat!er of t!ese innocent ,9/

c!ildren. .e t!erefore deserves !is ,unis!ment. In t!is life and in t!e ne<t one t!ere is no mercy for t!ose (!o do not re,ent. 3ut I feel sorry for your rief and for t!ese innocent c!ildren. Is your !ouse far) * ' About one !undred yards. * ' Lift t!e man and take !im t!ere. * ' It is not ,ossible, Master * says +ose,!, t!e merc!ant. ' .e is breat!in !is last. * ' Do as I tell you. * A T!ey ,lace a board under t!e body of t!e dyin man and t!e ,rocession slo(ly moves out. T!ey cross t!e street and o into a s!ady arden. T!e (omen o on cryin loudly. As soon as t!ey enter t!e arden, +esus addresses t!e mot!er. ' "an you for ive) If you for ive, /od (ill for ive. 1e must be kind;!earted, to obtain race. .e !as sinned and (ill sin a ain. It (ould be better for !im to die, because, if !e lives, !e (ill fall into sin a ain and !e (ill !ave to ans(er also for !is in ratitude to /od 1!o !as saved !im. 3ut you and t!ese innocent ones Mand .e ,oints at t!e (ife and c!ildrenN (ould ive yourselves u, to des,air. I !ave come to save, not to lose. Man, I tell you4 stand u, and be cured. * T!e man be ins to recover. .e o,ens !is eyes, sees !is mot!er, (ife and c!ildren and lo(ers !is !ead s!amefully. ' -on, son * says t!e mot!er. ' 0ou (ere dead, if .e !ad not saved you. "ome to your senses. Don:t be infatuated for a...* ,91

+esus interru,ts t!e old (oman. ' 3e =uiet, (oman. .ave mercy, as mercy (as ranted to you. 0our !ouse !as been sanctified by a miracle, (!ic! is al(ays t!e evidence of /od:s ,resence. T!at is (!y I could not (ork it (!ere t!ere (as sin. 0ou, at least, must endeavour to kee, it suc!, even if !e (ill not. Take care of !im no(. It is fair t!at !e s!ould suffer a little. 3e ood, (oman. And you. And you little ones. /oodbye. * +esus !as laid .is !and on t!e !eads of t!e t(o (omen and of t!e c!ildren. .e t!en oes out ,assin in front of t!e Ma dalene (!o follo(ed t!e ,rocession as far as t!e entrance of t!e !ouse (!ere s!e remained leanin a ainst a tree. +esus slackens .is ,ace as if .e (ere (aitin for .is disci,les, but I t!ink .e does so to ive Mary a c!ance of makin a esture. 3ut s!e does not. T!e disci,les reac! +esus and Peter cannot !el, mutterin bet(een !is teet! an e,it!et a,,ro,riate to Mary, (!o, (is!in to strike an attitude, bursts into a lau ! of a (eak trium,!. 3ut +esus !eard Peter:s (ord and addresses !im severely4 ' Peter. I do not insult. Do not insult. Pray for sinners. Not!in else. * Mary sto,s !er trillin lau !ter, lo(ers !er !ead and runs a(ay, like a azelle, to(ards !er !ouse.


174. At 6a()ala #n t$e <o!se of BenDa*#n's 6ot$e .

19t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& T!e miracle must !ave taken ,lace only a s!ort (!ile a o, because t!e a,ostles are talkin about it, and also some citizens are makin comments, ,ointin at t!e Master, 1!o (it! a rave countenance oes strai !t to t!e outskirts of t!e to(n, (!ere t!e ,oor ,eo,le live. .e sto,s at a little !ouse, from (!ic! a little boy comes boundin out follo(ed by !is mot!er. ' 1oman, (ill you let Me o into your kitc!en arden and rest t!ere until it cools do(n a little) * ' /o in, my Lord. Also into t!e kitc!en, if 0ou so (is!. I (ill brin 0ou some refres!ments. * ' Do not trouble. It is =uite enou ! for Me to stay in t!is ,eaceful arden. * 3ut t!e (oman offers .im some (ater mi<ed (it! I do not kno( (!at and t!en s!e (anders round t!e kitc!en arden, as if s!e (ere an<ious to but dare not s,eak. -!e busies !erself (it! !er ve etables, but it is only a ,retence. In actual fact s!e is ,ayin attention to t!e Master, but t!e little boy annoys !er because every time !e catc!es a butterfly or an insect, !e s!outs and t!us ,revents !er from !earin (!at +esus says. -!e ets an ry and ives !im a little sla, and... !e s!outs louder. +esus E 1!o (as re,lyin to t!e Fealot (!o !ad asked .im4 ' Do 0ou t!ink Mary is u,set because of it) * sayin 4 ' Muc! more t!an you (ould t!ink...* E turns round and calls t!e c!ild, (!o runs to(ards .im and ,9,

sto,s cryin on .is knees. T!e (oman s!outs4 ' 3en7amin "ome !ere. Do not disturb t!e Master. * 3ut +esus says4 ' No, leave !im. .e (ill be ood and (ill leave you in ,eace. * .e t!en says to t!e boy4 ' Do not cry. 0our mummy did not !urt you. -!e only made you obey, or, s!e (anted to make you obey. 1!y did you s!out (!en s!e (anted you to be =uiet) Per!a,s s!e is not feelin (ell, and your s!outin (as annoyin !er. * T!e boy, (it! t!e incontrovertable frankness of c!ildren, (!ic! is t!e des,eration of adults, immediately e<claims4 ' No, s!e is feelin all ri !t. -!e (anted to !ear (!at 0ou (ere sayin ... -!e told me. 3ut I (anted to come to 0ou, so I (as deliberately makin a lot of noise, so t!at 0ou (ould look at me. * #verybody lau !s and t!e (oman blus!es. 8 ' Do not blus!, (oman. "ome !ere. 0ou (anted to !ear Me s,eak) 1!y) * ' 3ecause 0ou are t!e Messia!. No one but 0ou can be t!e Messia!, considerin t!e miracle 0ou !ave (orked... And I (as an<ious to !ear 0ou. I never o out of Ma dala because I !ave... a difficult !usband and five c!ildren. T!e youn est is four mont!s old... and 0ou never come !ere. * ' I !ave come, and to your !ouse, as you can see. * ' T!at is (!y I (anted to !ear 0ou. * ' 1!ere is your !usband) * ' At sea, my Lord. If !e catc!es no fis!, t!ere is no food ,94

for us. I !ave but t!is little kitc!en arden. "an it suffice for seven ,eo,le) And yet t!at is (!at Facc!aeus (ould like... * ' 3e ,atient, (oman. #verybody !as a cross. * ' $!2 No2 -!ameless (omen !ave but ,leasure. 0ou !ave seen t!e deeds of t!e s!ameless ones2 T!ey en7oy t!emselves and make ot!er ,eo,le suffer. T!ey do not suffer t!e labour of c!ildbirt! neit!er do t!ey break t!eir backs (orkin . T!eir !ands do not blister di in , neit!er do t!ey et s,oiled (as!in clot!es. T!ey are beautiful and fres! lookin . #ve:s ,unis!ment does not affect t!em. Nay, t!ey are our ,unis!ment, because... men... 0ou kno( (!at I mean. * ' I understand. 3ut, believe Me, t!ey !ave a terrible cross, too. T!e most dreadful one, (!ic! is not visible4 t!eir conscience (!ic! re,roac!es t!em, t!e (orld t!at sneers at t!em, t!eir blood t!at diso(ns t!em, /od t!at curses t!em. T!ey are not !a,,y, believe Me. T!ey do not suffer t!e labour of c!ildbirt!, t!ey do not break t!eir backs (orkin , t!ey do not ulcerate t!eir !ands toilin . 3ut t!ey feel broken 7ust t!e same, and as!amed. T!eir !earts are one bi sore. Do not envy t!eir fres! look, t!eir a,,arent serenity. It is a veil laid over a ruin t!at bites and ives no ,eace. Do not envy t!eir slee,, you, a mot!er (!o dreams of !er innocent c!ildren... T!eir ,illo(s are covered (it! ni !tmares. And in future, in t!eir old a e, in t!eir a ony, t!ey (ill !ave not!in but remorse and terror. * ' It is true... 9or ive me... May I stay !ere) * > ' 0es, stay. I (ill tell 3en7amin a nice ,arable and t!ose ,93

(!o are no lon er c!ildren (ill a,,ly it to t!emselves and to Mary of Ma dala. Listen. 0ou doubt Mary:s conversion to /ood. T!ere is no si n in !er in t!at direction. 3razen and im,udent, conscious of !er rank and ,o(er, s!e dared to defy t!e ,eo,le and come to t!e very t!res!old of t!e !ouse (!ere t!ey are (ee,in because of !er. -!e lau !ed at Peter:s re,roac!. -!e re,lied to My invitin look, by strikin a ,roud attitude. Per!a,s some of you, eit!er for Lazarus: sake or for Mine, (ould !ave liked Me to s,eak to !er directly, at some len t!, subduin !er (it! My ,o(er, s!o(in My stren t! as Messia! and -aviour. No. All t!at is not needed. I already said so many mont!s a o in re ard to anot!er sinner. -ouls must react by t!emselves. I ,ass and so( t!e seed. T!e seed (orks in secret. A soul is to be res,ected in t!is (ork. If t!e first seed does not take root, anot!er must be so(n, and a t!ird one... and one must ive u, only (!en t!ere is definite ,roof t!at it is useless to so(. And one ,rays. Prayer is like de( on t!e clods of eart!4 it kee,s t!em soft and nouris!es t!em, so t!at t!e seed can s,rout. Is t!at not (!at you do, (oman, (it! your ve etables) No( listen to t!e ,arable of !o( /od (orks in t!e !earts of men to establis! .is Bin dom t!ere. 3ecause every !eart is a small kin dom of /od on t!e eart!. Later, after deat!, all t!ese small kin doms (ill a lomerate into one, immeasurable, !oly eternal Bin dom of .eaven. T!e Bin dom of /od is created in men:s !earts by t!e Divine -o(er. .e comes to !is field E man belon s to /od, because every man is initially .is E and so(s .is seed. .e t!en oes to ot!er fields, to ot!er !earts. Days ,9+

follo( t!e ni !ts and ni !ts t!e days. T!e days brin suns!ine and rain, in our case rays of divine love and effusion of divine 1isdom s,eakin to t!e s,irit. T!e ni !ts brin stars and restful silence4 in our case enli !tenin calls of /od and silence for t!e soul so t!at it may collect its t!ou !ts and meditate. T!e seed, in t!is course of im,erce,tible but ,o(erful influence, s(ells, s,lits, takes root, s,routs, ro(s. And all t!at !a,,ens (it!out any !el, from man. T!e soil s,ontaneously ,roduces rass from seeds, t!e !erb becomes stron and su,,orts t!e risin ear, t!e ear ro(s, s(ells, !ardens, becomes olden and ,erfect (!en seedin . 1!en it is ri,e, t!e so(er comes back and cuts it because t!e time of ,erfection !as arrived for t!at seed. It cannot develo, any furt!er and so it is !arvested. My (ord does t!e same (ork in !earts. I am referrin to t!e !earts (!ic! receive t!e seed. 3ut it is a slo( ,rocess. $ne must not s,oil everyt!in by bein !asty. .o( troublesome it is for t!e little seed to s,lit and take root2 -uc! (ork is ,ainful also for a !ard (ild !eart. It must o,en itself, allo( ,eo,le to searc! it, acce,t ne( t!in s and nouris! t!em laboriously, a,,ear different bein covered (it! !umble useful t!in s, instead of t!e fascinatin , ,om,ous, useless, e<uberant flouris!in t!at covered it ,reviously. It must be satisfied (it! (orkin !umbly for t!e benefit of t!e divine T!ou !t, (it!out dra(in ot!er ,eo,le:s admirin attention. It must e<ert all its talent to ro( and burst into ear. It must burn (it! love to become corn. And after overcomin all fears of !uman o,inion, (!ic! are so rievous, after toilin , sufferin and becomin attac!ed to its ne( dress, it must be de,rived of it by a cruel cut. It must ive everyt!in to ,97

receive everyt!in . It must be divested to be clad a ain in .eaven (it! t!e stole of saint!ood. T!e life of a sinner (!o becomes a saint is t!e lon est, most !eroic and lorious fi !t. I tell you. 0ou (ill realise from (!at I told you t!at it is fair t!at I s!ould deal (it! Mary as I am doin . Did I be!ave differently (it! you, Matt!e() * ' No, my Lord, 0ou did not. * ' And tell Me t!e trut!4 (!at convinced you more, My ,atience or t!e bitter re,roac!es of t!e P!arisees) * ' 0our ,atience, so muc! so t!at I am !ere. T!e P!arisees, by des,isin and anat!ematizin me, made me scornful, and out of contem,t I did more !arm t!an I !ad done so far. T!at is (!at !a,,ens. -inners become more obstinate (!en t!ey realise t!at t!ey are treated as sinners. 3ut (!en (e are caressed instead of bein insulted, (e are dumbfounded and (e (ee,... and (!en one (ee,s, t!e (!ole frame(ork of sin colla,ses... $ne is left nude before /oodness and one im,lores it (!ole!eartedly to be reclot!ed by It. * ' 0ou are ri !t. A 3en7amin, did you like My story) 0es) /ood. 1!ere is your mot!er) * +ames of Al,!aeus re,lies4 ' -!e (ent out at t!e end of t!e ,arable and ran alon t!at road. * ' -!e may !ave one to t!e seaside to see (!et!er !er !usband is comin * says T!omas. ' No. -!e !as one to !er old mot!er:s, to et t!e c!ildren. Mummy takes t!em t!ere so t!at s!e can (ork * says t!e little boy, (!o is leanin familiarly on +esus: ,99

knees. ' And s!e kee,s you !ere, my little man) 0ou must be a !andsome evil;doer if s!e kee,s you !ere all by yourself2 * remarks 3art!olome(. ' I am t!e eldest, and I !el, !er... * ' 0ou !el, !er to ain Paradise, ,oor (oman2 .o( old are you) * asks Peter. ' In t!ree years: time I (ill be a son of t!e La( * re,lies t!e urc!in ,roudly. ' "an you read) * asks T!addeus. ' 0es... but very slo(ly... because t!e teac!er t!ro(s me out almost every day... * ' 1!at did I say2 * e<claims 3art!olome(. ' 3ut I be!ave like t!at because t!e teac!er is old and u ly and says t!e same t!in s all t!e time and makes you fall aslee,2 If !e (ere like .im Mand !e ,oints to +esusN I (ould ,ay attention. Do 0ou !it t!ose (!o slee, or ,lay) * ' I do not !it anybody. 3ut I say to My ,u,ils4 5Pay attention for your o(n ood and for My sake6 * re,lies +esus. ' 0es, t!at:s all ri !t2 $ut of love, not out of fear. * ' 3ut if you are ood, t!e teac!er (ill love you. * ' Do 0ou love only t!ose (!o are ood) 0ou 7ust said t!at 0ou (ere ,atient (it! t!is man !ere, (!o (as not ood... * T!e c!ild:s lo ic is co ent. ,92

' I am ood (it! everybody. 3ut (!en one becomes ood, I love t!at one very muc! and I am very ood, too. * T!e boy is ,ensive... !e t!en looks u, and asks Matt!e(4 ' And (!at did you do to become ood) * ' I loved .im. * C T!e boy becomes ,ensive a ain and t!en lookin at t!e T(elve asks +esus4 ' Are t!ese ones all ood) * ' $f course t!ey are. * ' Are you sure) I sometimes be!ave as a ood boy, but t!at is (!en... I am t!inkin of some bi misc!ief. * T!ey all burst into lau !ter. Also t!e little fello(, (!o is in a confessin !umour, lau !s. Also +esus lau !s ,ressin !im to .is !eart and kissin !im. T!e boy, (!o is no( friendly (it! everybody, (ants to ,lay and says4 ' I (ill no( tell 0ou (!o is ood * and !e be ins !is selection. .e looks at t!em all and oes strai !t to +o!n and Andre( (!o are nearby and says4 ' 0ou and you. "ome !ere. * .e t!en c!ooses t!e t(o +ameses and ,laces t!em (it! t!e ot!er t(o. .e t!en takes T!addeus. .e is =uite ,ensive in front of t!e Fealot and 3art!olome( and says4 ' 0ou are old, but ood * and !e 7oins t!em to t!e ot!ers. .e e<amines Peter, (!o under oes t!e e<amination, 7okin ly fro(nin at !im, and finds !im to be ood. Also Matt!e( and P!ili, ,ass t!e e<amination. .e says to T!omas4 ' 0ou lau ! too muc!. I am in earnest. Don:t you kno( t!at my teac!er says t!at !e (!o al(ays lau !s, fails in t!e test) * After all, also T!omas ,asses !is e<amination, but (it! lo( marks. T!e boy t!en oes back to +esus. ,2/

' .ey, you urc!in2 I am !ere, too2 I am not a tree. I am youn and !andsome. 1!y don:t you e<amine me) * says t!e Iscariot. ' 3ecause I don:t like you. My mot!er says t!at (!en you don:t like somet!in , you must not touc! it. 0ou 7ust leave it on t!e table, so t!at ot!er ,eo,le, (!o may like it, can take it. And s!e also says t!at if you are offered somet!in (!ic! you do not like, 0ou must not say4 5I do not like it.6 3ut you say4 5T!ank you, but I am not !un ry.6 And I do not !un er for you. * ' 1!y not) Look, if you say t!at I am ood, I (ill ive you t!is coin. * ' 1!at am I oin to do (it! it) 1!at can I buy (it! a lie) Mummy says t!at t!e money (!ic! is t!e fruit of deceit, becomes stra(. $nce at my randmot!er:s, I ot t!em to ive me a didrac!ma by tellin a lie because I (anted to buy some !oney;cakes, and durin t!e ni !t it turned into stra(. I ,ut it in t!at !ole over t!ere, under t!e door, to take it t!e follo(in mornin , but I found a !andful of stra( in its ,lace. * ' 3ut !o( can you see t!at I am not ood) 1!at is (ron (it! me) Am I lame) Am I u ly lookin ) * ' No. 3ut you fri !ten me. * ' 1!y) * asks t!e Iscariot oin near !im. ' I don:t kno(. Leave me alone. Don:t touc! me or I (ill scratc! you. * ' 1!at a !ed e!o 2 0ou are silly. * +udas ives a forced lau !. ,21

' I am not silly. 0ou are bad * and t!e boy takes s!elter in t!e la, of +esus, 1!o caresses !im (it!out s,eakin . T!e a,ostles make fun of t!e situation (!ic! is not very ,leasant to t!e Iscariot. H In t!e meantime t!e (oman comes back (it! !alf a dozen ,eo,le, and be!ind t!em, many more. T!ey must be about fifty. All ,oor ,eo,le. ' 1ould 0ou s,eak to t!em) At least a fe( (ords. T!is is my !usband:s mot!er, t!ese are my c!ildren. And t!at man over t!ere is my !usband. A (ord, Lord * im,lores t!e (oman. ' 0es, I (ill s,eak. To t!ank you for your !os,itality. * T!e (oman oes back into t!e !ouse, (!ere !er sucklin claims !er and s!e sits on t!e t!res!old breastfeedin !er baby. ' Listen. .ere on My knees I !ave a little boy (!o !as s,oken very (isely. .e said4 5#veryt!in t!at is obtained by deceit, becomes stra(.6 .is mot!er tau !t !im t!at trut!. It is not a tale. It is an eternal trut!. 1!at is done dis!onestly, is never successful. 3ecause false!ood in (ords, deeds, and in reli ion is al(ays a si n of alliance (it! -atan, t!e master of false!ood. Do not believe t!at t!e deeds (ort!y of ac!ievin t!e Bin dom of .eaven are very noisy or s!o(y. T!ey are common, continuous deeds, but ,erformed (it! a su,ernatural ,ur,ose of love. Love is t!e seed of t!e ,lant t!at s,routs in you and ro(s u, as far as .eaven, and in its s!ade all t!e ot!er virtues s,rout. I (ill com,are it to t!e tiny mustard seed. .o( ,22

small it is2 It is one of t!e smallest seeds t!at man so(s. 3ut look !o( bi and leafy it becomes (!en it !as ro(n u, and !o( muc! fruit it bears. Not one !undred ,ercent, but one !undred to one. T!e smallest. 3ut t!e most dili ent in (orkin . .o( muc! ,rofit it ives you. Love is t!e same. If you enclose in your !earts a tiny seed of love for your Most .oly /od and for your nei !bour, and if you accom,lis! your deeds uided by love, you (ill not fail in any of t!e ,rece,ts of t!e Decalo ue. 0ou (ill not lie to /od by means of a false reli ion of ,ractices but not of t!e s,irit. 0ou (ill not lie to your nei !bour, be!avin as un rateful c!ildren, as adulterers, as too e<actin !usbands and (ives, as t!ieves in business, as liars in life, as violent aven ers to(ards your enemies. Look !o( many birds !ave taken s!elter, in t!is (arm !our of t!e day, amon t!e branc!es of t!e trees in t!e arden. 3efore lon , t!at mustard ,lant, (!ic! no( is still very small, (ill be a real ,erc! for birds. All t!e birds (ill come to t!e safe s!ade of t!ose t!ick and comfortable trees and t!eir little ones (ill learn to fly safely amon t!ose branc!es (!ic! are like ste,s and a net, (!ic! t!ey can climb (it!out fallin . -uc! is love, t!e foundation of t!e Bin dom of /od. Love and you (ill be loved. Love and you (ill bear (it! one anot!er. Love and you (ill not be cruel by (antin more t!an (!at is la(ful from t!ose (!o are under you. Love and sincerity to obtain t!e ,eace and lory of .eaven. $t!er(ise, as 3en7amin said, every action of yours accom,lis!ed lyin to love and to trut! (ill turn into stra( for your beds in !ell. I (ill not say anyt!in else to you. I (ill only say4 al(ays bear in mind t!e reat ,rece,t of love and be fait!ful to /od t!e Trut!, to t!e ,2,

trut! in every (ord, deed and sentiment, because t!e trut! is t!e dau !ter of /od. Let t!e (ork of brin in yourselves to ,erfection be continuous, as t!e seed continuously ro(s until it is ,erfect. A silent, !umble, ,atient (ork. 0ou may rest assured t!at /od sees your stru les and .e (ill rant you a reater re(ard for overcomin your selfis!ness, for !oldin back a rude (ord, for satisfyin a necessity (it!out bein ordered to do so, t!an if, fi !tin in a battle, you killed t!e enemy. T!e Bin dom of .eaven, (!ic! you (ill ,ossess if 0ou live as 7ust ,eo,le, is built (it! t!e little t!in s of every day. 1it! oodness, moderation, ,atience, (it! bein satisfied (it! (!at one !as, bearin (it! one anot!er, and (it! love, love, love. 3e ood. Live in ,eace, one (it! t!e ot!er. Do not rumble. Do not 7ud e. /od (ill t!en be (it! you. I ive you My ,eace as a blessin and t!anks ivin for t!e fait! you !ave in Me. * I T!en +esus turns to t!e (oman sayin 4 ' May /od bless you es,ecially, because you are a !oly (ife and a !oly mot!er. Persevere in virtue. /oodbye, 3en7amin. Love t!e trut! and obey 0our mot!er. My blessin to you, to your little brot!ers and to you, mot!er. * A man comes for(ard. .e is embarrassed and stammers4 ' 3ut, but... I am moved by (!at 0ou say of my (ife... I did not kno(...* ' .ave you no eyes or intelli ence) * ' 0es, I !ave. * ' 1!y do you not make use of t!em) -!all I clear t!em) * ,24

' 0ou !ave already done t!at, my Lord. 3ut I love !er, 0ou kno(... T!e trouble is... t!at, t!at... one ets used... and... and...* ' And one t!inks t!at it is =uite all ri !t to e<act too muc!, because t!e ot!er one is more entle t!an (e are... Do not do t!at any more. 0ou are al(ays in dan er (it! your (ork. 3e not afraid of storms if /od is (it! you. 3ut if t!ere is In7ustice in you, be muc! afraid. .ave you understood) * ' More t!an 0ou !ave said. I (ill do my best to obey 0ou... I did not kno(... * and !e looks at !is (ife as if !e sa( !er for t!e first time. +esus blesses and oes out on to t!e little road. .e resumes (alkin to(ards t!e country.

17,. T$e Cal*#n( of t$e Sto *.

.9t$ Jan!a 1 1+44.

& ... No( t!at everybody is aslee, I am tellin you my 7oy. I :sa(: today:s /os,el. Mind you, t!is mornin (!en I read it, I said to myself4 5T!is is an e,isode of t!e /os,el (!ic! I (ill never see, because it is not very suitable for a vision.6 Instead, (!en I (as not t!inkin about it, it came to fill me (it! 7oy. T!is is (!at I sa(. A sailin boat, not e<cessively lar e, nor very small, a fis!in boat, on (!ic! five or si< ,eo,le can move comfortably, is ,lou !in t!e (ater of t!e beautiful dee, blue lake of /ennesaret. +esus is slee,in in t!e stern. .e is dressed in (!ite as ,23

usual. .e is restin .is !ead on .is left arm and under .is arm and !ead .e !as ,laced .is blue; rey mantle, (!ic! !as been folded many times. .e is sittin , not lyin , on t!e bottom of t!e boat and .is !ead is restin on t!e board t!at is at t!e very end of t!e stern. I do not kno( (!at sailors call it. .e is slee,in ,eacefully. .e is tired and calm. Peter is at t!e rudder. Andre( is busy (it! t!e sails, +o!n and t(o more ,eo,le E I do not kno( (!o t!ey are E are sortin out t!e ro,es and nets in t!e bottom of t!e boat, as if t!ey (ere ,re,arin to catc! durin t!e ni !t. I (ould say t!at t!e day is dra(in to its end because t!e sun is already settin in t!e (est. All t!e disci,les !ave ,ulled t!eir tunics u,, at!erin t!em round t!eir (aists by means of belts, in order to be free in t!eir movements, ,assin from one ,art of t!e boat to anot!er, ste,,in over oars, seats, baskets and nets, (it!out bein !indered by t!eir clot!es. None of t!em is (earin a mantle. 8 I see t!at t!e sky is cloudin over and t!e sun is !idin be!ind !u e storm clouds, (!ic! !ave suddenly a,,eared from be!ind t!e to, of a !ill. T!e (ind blo(s t!em fast to(ards t!e lake. T!e (ind, for t!e time bein , is !i ! u,, and t!e lake is still =uiet, it is only becomin darker and its surface is no lon er ,erfectly smoot!. T!ere are no (aves yet, but t!e (ater is be innin to ruffle. Peter and Andre( (atc! t!e sky and t!e lake are are ,re,arin to dra( close to t!e s!ore. 3ut t!e (ind suddenly ra es over t!e lake t!at in a fe( minutes sur es foamin . T!e s(ellin (aves clas! one a ainst t!e ot!er, t!ey strike t!e little boat, liftin it u,, lo(erin it do(n, ,2+

tossin it in all directions, t!us ,reventin all maneuverin t!e sail, (!ic! !as to be lo(ered. +esus is slee,in . Neit!er t!e ste,s and e<cited voices of t!e disci,les, nor t!e !o(lin (ind, nor t!e (aves ,oundin on t!e sides of t!e boat and its ,ro(, a(ake .im. .is !air is blo(in in t!e (ind and dro,s of (ater reac! .im. 3ut .e is slee,in . +o!n runs from stem to stern and covers .im (it! !is mantle, (!ic! !e !as taken from under a board. .e covers .im (it! delicate love. T!e storm ra es more and more furiously. T!e lake is as black as if ink !ad been ,oured into it and is streaked by t!e foam of t!e (aves. T!e boat lets in (ater and is driven fart!er and fart!er to t!e o,en sea by t!e (ind. T!e disci,les are ,ers,irin in t!eir efforts to maneuver t!e boat and balin out t!e (ater (!ic! t!e (aves ,our in. 3ut to no avail. T!ey are ,addlin in t!e (ater (!ic! t!at reac!es u, to t!eir knees and t!e boat is becomin !eavier and !eavier. > Peter loses !is calm and ,atience. .e !ands t!e rudder over to !is brot!er, sta ers to(ards +esus and s!akes .im vi orously. +esus (akes u, and raises .is !ead. ' -ave us, Master, (e are oin to dro(n2 * Peter s!outs to .im M!e must s!out to make !imself !eardN. +esus stares at .is disci,le, looks at t!e ot!ers and t!en at t!e lake. ' Do you believe t!at I can save you) * ' Guick, Master * s!outs Peter, (!ile a real mountain of (ater moves fast from t!e center of t!e lake to(ards t!e ,27

,oor little boat. It is so !i ! and dreadful t!at it looks like a (ater s,out. T!e disci,les (!o see it comin kneel do(n and !an on to (!atever t!ey can, certain t!at it is t!e end. +esus ets u,. .e stands on t!e stern board4 a (!ite fi ure a ainst t!e livid storm. .e stretc!es .is arms out to(ards t!e billo( and says to t!e (ind4 ' -to, and be =uiet * and to t!e (ater4 ' "alm do(n. I (ant it. * And t!e billo( dissolves into foam, (!ic! falls !armlessly (it! a last roar, (!ic! fades into a (!is,er, (!ile t!e (ind dies do(n c!an in into a (!istle and t!en a si !. And t!e sky becomes clear once a ain over t!e a,,eased lake, (!ile !o,e and fait! fill t!e !earts of t!e disci,les. I cannot describe +esus:s ma7esty. $ne must see it to understand it. And I en7oy it in(ardly because it is still ,resent in my mind and I t!ink of !o( ,lacid (as +esus: slee, and !o( im,erious (as .is command to t!e (inds and t!e (aves. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; A +esus t!en says4 ' I (ill not e<,ound t!e /os,el in t!e same sense as everybody else does. I (ill elucidate t!e circumstances ,recedin t!e /os,el ,assa e. 1!y (as I slee,in ) Did I ,er!a,s not kno( t!at t!ere (as oin to be a storm) 0es, I kne(. $nly I kne(. 1!y (as I slee,in , t!en) T!e a,ostles (ere men, Maria. T!ey (ere full of ood (ill, but still very muc! 5men.6 Man t!inks !e is al(ays ca,able of everyt!in . 1!en !e is really ca,able of doin somet!in !e is full of !au !tiness and attac!ment to !is ,29

5ability.6 Peter, Andre(, +ames and +o!n (ere ood fis!ermen and conse=uently t!ey t!ou !t t!ey (ere une<celled in !andlin a boat. As far as t!ey (ere concerned I (as a reat 5Rabbi6, but a mere not!in as a sailor. T!us t!ey t!ou !t I (as unable to !el, t!em, and (!en on t!e boat to cross t!e -ea of /alilee, t!ey be ed Me to sit do(n because I (as not ca,able of doin anyt!in else. Also t!eir love for Me (as be!ind t!eir attitude, as t!ey did not (ant Me to do any material (ork. 3ut t!eir attac!ment to t!eir o(n ability (as reater t!an t!eir love. I do not im,ose Myself, Maria, e<ce,t in e<ce,tional cases. I enerally leave you free and (ait. $n t!at day, tired as I (as and bein re=uested to rest, t!at is to let t!em act, clever as t!ey (ere, I (ent to slee,. In My slee, t!ere (as min led also t!e ascertainment of !o( man is 5man6 and (ants to do t!in s by !imself (it!out feelin t!at /od asks but to !el, !im. I sa( in t!ose 5s,iritually deaf men6, in t!ose 5s,iritually blind men6, all t!e s,iritually deaf and blind ,eo,le, (!o t!rou !out centuries (ould ruin t!emselves, because 5t!ey (anted to do by t!emselves6, alt!ou ! I (as bent over t!eir needs a(aitin to be asked to !el, t!em. C 1!en Peter s!outed4 5-ave us26, My bitterness dro,,ed like a stone. I am not 5man6, I am t!e /od;Man. I do not be!ave as you do. 1!en someone re7ects your advice or your !el,, and you see !im in trouble, even if you are not so bad as to re7oice at it, you are unc!aritable enou ! to look at !im disdainfully and indifferently, (it!out bein moved by !is s!outs for !el,. 0our attitude means4 51!en I (anted to !el, you, you did not (ant me) 1ell, !el, yourself no(.6 3ut I am +esus, I am t!e -avior. And ,22

I save, Maria. I al(ays save as soon as I am asked to. T!e ,oor men mi !t ob7ect4 5In t!at case, (!y do 0ou allo( sin le or collective storms to break out)6 If by My ,o(er I s!ould destroy #vil, you (ould consider yourselves t!e aut!ors of /ood, (!ic! in actual fact is a ift of Mine, and you (ould not remember Me any lon er. 0ou (ould never remember Me. My ,oor c!ildren, you are in need of sorro( to remember t!at you !ave a 9at!er. As t!e ,rodi al son remembered !e !ad a fat!er (!en !e (as !un ry. Misfortunes ,ersuade you of your not!in ness4 of your i norance, (!ic! is t!e cause of so many errorsD or your (ickedness, t!e cause of so muc! mournin and riefD of your faults, t!e cause of t!e ,unis!ments (!ic! you inflict u,on yourselvesD as (ell as of My e<istence, of My ,o(er and of My oodness. T!at is (!at today:s /os,el teac!es you. 50our6 /os,el of t!e ,resent time, my ,oor c!ildren. "all Me. +esus does not need slee, e<ce,t (!en .e is in an uis! because .e sees t!at .e is not loved by you. "all Me and I (ill come. *


174. T$e De*on#a"s of 'a)a a.

11t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& T!e vision ' T!e calmin of t!e storm * (!ic! you sa( on >Lt! +anuary &KAA, is to be ,ut !ere. T!en t!e follo(in vision. +esus, after crossin t!e lake from nort!(est to sout!east, asks Peter to land near .i,,os. Peter obeys (it!out discussin and takes t!e boat do(n to t!e mout! of a little river, (!ic! is in flood because of t!e s,rin time rains and of t!e recent storm and flo(s into t!e lake t!rou ! one of t!e (ild rocky or es common to t!is coastal area. T!e assistants E t!ere is one in eac! boat E fasten t!e boats and are ordered to (ait until evenin to o back to "a,ernaum. ' And be as dumb as an o< * su ests Peter. ' If t!ey ask you (!ere t!e Master is, re,ly (it!out !esitation4 5I don:t kno(.6 And if anyone (ants to kno( (!ere .e is oin to, ive t!e same re,ly. In any case it is t!e trut!, for you don:t kno(. * T!ey ,art and +esus be ins to ascend a stee, ,at! (!ic! climbs t!e almost u,ri !t cliff. T!e a,ostles follo( .im alon a very !ard ,at! u, to t!e summit of t!e cliff (!ic! levels over to a tableland stre(n (it! oak;trees under (!ic! t!ere are many ,i s ,asturin . ' -tinkin animals2 * e<claims 3art!olome(. ' T!ey ,revent us from ,assin ... * ' No, t!ey do not. T!ere is room for everybody * re,lies +esus calmly. 4/1

In any case t!e s(ine!erds, (!en t!ey see t!e Israelites, endeavour to at!er t!e ,i s under t!e oak;trees, leavin t!e ,at! free. And t!e a,ostles ,ass by, makin endless rimaces, amon t!e filt! left by t!e routin animals, (!ic! fat as t!ey are, seem an<ious to become even fatter. +esus ,asses (it!out any fuss, sayin to t!e s(ine!erds4 ' May /od re(ard you for your kindness. * T!e s(ine!erds, ,oor ,eo,le not muc! cleaner t!an t!eir ,i s but infinitely t!inner, look at .im amazed and t!en (!is,er to one anot!er. $ne of t!em says4 ' Is .e ,er!a,s not an Israelite) * And t!e ot!ers re,ly to !im4 ' Don:t you see t!at .is tunic is frin ed) * T!e rou, of t!e a,ostles at!er to et!er, no( t!at t!ey can ,roceed in one rou, alon a fairly (ide ,at!. 8 T!e vie( is beautiful. $nly a fe( score of feet above t!e lake, it commands a vie( over t!e (!ole lake (it! t!e to(ns s,read alon its s!ores. Tiberias is s,lendid (it! its beautiful buildin s on t!e o,,osite s!ore facin t!e a,ostles. 3elo( t!is s,ot, at t!e foot of t!e basaltic cliff, t!e s!ort beac! looks like a reen ,illo(, (!ereas on t!e o,,osite s!ore, from Tiberias to t!e mout! of t!e +ordan, t!ere is a rat!er (ides,read mars!y ,lain due to t!e river !avin difficulty in resumin its course after delayin in t!e ,lacid lake. 3ut t!e ,lain looks like a arden, because it is so t!ick (it! mars! flora, and is densely ,o,ulated (it! colourful varie ated (ater fo(l, (!ic! seem bedecked (it! 7e(els. T!e birds rise from t!e t!ick rass and from t!e reed;t!ickets, t!ey fly over t!e lake, t!ey dive into it to steal a fis! from its (ater, and t!ey rise even more brilliant, because t!e (ater !as 4/2

bri !tened u, t!eir ,luma e, and t!en t!ey fly back to t!e ,lain (!ere t!e (ind ,lays s(ayin its many; coloured flo(ers. ?, !ere, instead, t!ere are (oods of very tall oak;trees, under (!ic! t!e rass is soft and emerald; reen, and beyond t!is stri, of (oods, on t!e ot!er side of a lar e valley, t!e mountain climbs a ain, formin a very stee, rocky summit, on (!ic! !ouses rise, built on terraces. I t!ink t!at t!e mountain side and t!e (alls of t!e !ouses are all one, for its caves are used as d(ellin s, in a mi<ture of a tro lodyte and ordinary villa e. It is a villa e c!aracteristic of structures on lar e risin terraces, so t!at t!e roof of t!e !ouse on t!e terrace belo( is at t!e !ei !t of t!e round entrance of t!e terrace above it. $n t!e sides (!ere t!e mountain is very stee,, so stee, t!at no !ouse can be built t!ere, t!ere are caves, dee, crevices and descents dro,,in do(n to t!e valley. In t!e season of do(n,ours t!e descents must become as many (!imsical little torrents. All kinds of blocks, (!ic! t!e floods !ave rolled do(n to t!e valley, form a c!aotic ,edestal for t!e little mountain (!ic! is so (ild and stee,, !unc!backed and overbearin t!at it looks like a s=uire (!o (ants to be res,ected at all costs. ' Is t!at not /amala) * asks t!e Fealot. ' 0es, it is /amala. Do you kno( t!e to(n) * says +esus. ' I (as a fu itive t!ere, one ni !t, a lon time a o. T!en I (as affected by le,rosy and I did not come out of t!e se,ulc!res any more. * ' Did t!ey ,ursue you so far) * ' I (as comin from -yria, (!ere I !ad one seekin 4/,

,rotection. 3ut t!ey discovered me and only my fli !t to t!is ,lace saved me from bein ca,tured. After(ards slo(ly and continuously t!reatened I (ent do(n as far as t!e desert of Tekoa and from t!ere, sufferin already from le,rosy, to t!e %alley of t!e Dead. Le,rosy saved me from my enemies... * ' T!ese ,eo,le are !eat!ens, are t!ey not) * asks t!e Iscariot. ' Almost everybody. $nly a fe( +e(s are !ere on business, and t!en t!ere is a mi<ture of beliefs, or no beliefs at all. 3ut t!ey did not treat t!e fu itive badly. * ' T!ese are ,laces for bandits. 1!at or es2 * e<claim many. ' 0es, but believe me, t!ere are more bandits on t!e ot!er side * says +o!n (!o is still im,ressed by t!e ca,ture of t!e 3a,tist. ' $n t!e ot!er side t!ere are bandits also amon t!ose (!o en7oy t!e re,utation of bein 7ust * concludes !is brot!er. > +esus be ins to s,eak4 ' And yet (e o near t!em (it!out feelin dis usted. 1!ereas !ere you (ere makin rimaces because you !ad to ,ass near some animals. * ' T!ey are unclean... * ' A sinner is muc! more so. T!ese animals are made like t!at, and it is not t!eir fault if t!ey are like t!at. Man instead is res,onsible for bein unclean because of !is sins. * 4/4

' 1!y, t!en, are t!ey classified as unclean for us) * asks P!ili,. ' I !ave mentioned t!at once. In t!is commandment t!ere is a su,ernatural reason and a natural one. T!e former reason is to teac! t!e c!osen ,eo,le to live bearin in mind its election and t!e di nity of man, also in a common action like eatin . A sava e feeds on everyt!in . It is enou ! for !im to fill !is stomac!. A ,a an, even if !e is not a sava e, also eats everyt!in , (it!out considerin t!at overeatin foments vices and inclinations (!ic! de rade man. Nay, ,a ans endeavor to arrive at t!is frenzy for ,leasure, (!ic! is almost a reli ion for t!em. T!e more learned amon st you are a(are of obscene celebrations in !onor of t!eir ods, (!ic! de enerate into lec!erous or ies. A son of t!e ,eo,le of /od must be able to control !imself, ,erfectin !imself t!rou ! obedience and ,rudence, bearin in mind !is ori in and !is end4 /od and .eaven. T!e natural reason is not to stimulate t!e blood by means of food t!at causes a !eat unbecomin of man, (!o is not forbidden also carnal love, but must al(ays moderate it (it! t!e fres!ness of !is soul tendin to .eaven. Man must t!erefore make sure t!at t!e sentiment t!at 7oins !im to !is (ife, in (!om !e must see a fello( creature like !imself, not a female, is love, not sensuality. 3ut t!e ,oor animals are neit!er uilty of bein ,i s nor of t!e effects t!at t!e fles! of ,i s may cause in man:s blood in t!e lon run. And t!e s(ine!erds are muc! less uilty. If t!ey are !onest, (!at difference (ill t!ere be, in t!e ne<t life, bet(een t!em and t!e scribe (!o is bent over !is books but does not learn to be ood) I solemnly tell you t!at (e s!all see s(ine!erds amon t!e 7ust and scribes amon 4/3

t!e un7ust. 3ut (!at is ruinin ) * A T!ey all move a(ay from t!e side of t!e mountain because stones and eart! are rollin do(n and bouncin on t!e slo,e and t!ey all look around amazed. ' T!ere, t!ere2 $ver t!ere2 T(o men com,letely naked... are comin to(ards us esticulatin . Mad... * ' $r demoniacs * re,lies +esus to t!e Iscariot, (!o (as t!e first to see t!e t(o demoniacs come to(ards +esus. T!ey must !ave come out of some cave on t!e mountain side. T!ey are !o(lin . And one, (!o is runnin faster, rus!es to(ards +esus. .e is runnin so fast and movin !is arms u, and do(n so muc! as if t!ey (ere (in s, t!at !e looks like a stran e u ly bi bird stri,,ed of its feat!ers. .e colla,ses at +esus: feet s!outin 4 ' 0ou are !ere, Master of t!e (orld) 1!at !ave I ot to do (it! 0ou, +esus, -on of t!e Most .i ! /od) .as t!e !our of our ,unis!ment already come) 1!y !ave 0ou come to torture us before t!e time) * T!e ot!er demoniac, bot! because !is ton ue is tied and because !e is ,ossessed by a demon (!o causes !im to be dull(itted, does not!in but t!ro( !imself on t!e round, face do(n, and (ee,. .e t!en sits u,, remains inert, ,layin (it! little stones and !is bare feet. T!e demon continues to s,eak t!rou ! t!e li,s of t!e ot!er man (!o (rit!es on t!e round in a ,aro<ysm of terror. I (ould say t!at !e (ants to react, (!ereas !e can but (ors!i,, attracted and re7ected at t!e same time by +esus: ,o(er. .e !o(ls4 ' I entreat 0ou in t!e name of /od, sto, tormentin me. Let me o. * ' 0es. 3ut out of t!is man. ?nclean s,irit, o out of t!em and tell Me your name. * 4/+

' Le ion is my name because (e are many. 1e !ave ,ossessed t!ese men for years and t!rou ! t!em (e break bonds and c!ains, and t!ere is no stren t! of man ca,able of !oldin t!em. T!ey are a terror, because of us, and (e make use of t!em to !ave 0ou cursed. 1e reven e ourselves on t!em for 0our anat!ema. 1e de rade man belo( a beast to mock at 0ou and t!ere is no (olf, 7ackal, !yaena, vulture or vam,ire like t!ese (!ic! (e ,ossess. 3ut don:t cast us out. .ell is too !orrid2... * ' /o out2 In t!e name of +esus, o out2 * +esus: voice t!unders and .is eyes fire s,lendour. ' At least let us o into t!e !erd of ,i s 0ou met. * ' /o. * 1it! a beastly !o(l t!e demons ,art from t!e t(o (retc!ed men and in a sudden (!irl(ind, (!ic! causes t!e oak;trees to s(ay like reeds, t!ey run into t!e lar e !erd of ,i s t!at (it! real demoniac cries be in to run, as ,ossessed bein s, t!rou ! t!e oak;trees, ,us!in , (oundin , bitin one anot!er and !url t!emselves into t!e lake, (!en, after reac!in t!e ed e of t!e cliff, t!ey !ave but t!e (ater belo( as a s!elter. T!e s(ine!erds are over(!elmed and dumbfounded and (!ile t!ey s!out seized by fear, !undreds of animals fall !eadlon into t!e calm (ater in a succession of s,las!es, causin t!e (ater to sur e and foamD t!ey sink, refloat, s!o(in in turn t!eir round bellies or t!eir ,ointed snouts (it! terrified eyes, and in t!e end et dro(ned. T!e s(ine!erds run to(ards t!e to(n !o(lin . C T!e a,ostles o to(ards t!e ,lace of t!e disaster and come back sayin 4 ' Not one of t!em is saved2 .e !as 4/7

done t!em a bad turn. * +esus re,lies calmly4 ' It is better if t(o t!ousand ,i s ,eris! t!an one man. /ive t!em some clot!es. T!ey cannot stay like t!at. * T!e Fealot o,ens !is ba and ives one of !is tunics. T!omas ives anot!er one. T!e t(o men are still some(!at stunned as if t!ey (ere 7ust a(akin from a sound slee, full of ni !tmares. ' /ive t!em some food. Let t!em o back to t!e normal life of men. * +esus (atc!es t!em, (!ile t!ey eat t!e bread and olives iven to t!em and t!ey drink out of Peter:s flask. At last t!ey s,eak4 ' 1!o are 0ou) * asks one. ' +esus of Nazaret!. * ' 1e don:t kno( 0ou * says t!e ot!er. ' 0our souls kno( Me. /et u, no( and o !ome. * ' 1e !ave suffered very muc!, I t!ink, but I cannot remember very (ell. 1!o is t!is man) * asks t!e one (!o s,oke on be!alf of t!e demon, and !e ,oints at !is com,anion. ' I do not kno(. .e (as (it! you. * ' 1!o are you) 1!y are you !ere) * !e asks !is com,anion. T!e one (!o (as dumb, and is still more inert, says4 ' I am Demetrius. Is t!is -idon) * ' -idon is on t!e sea, man. .ere you are beyond t!e lake 4/9

of /alilee. * ' 1!y am I !ere) * Nobody can re,ly. -ome ,eo,le are arrivin follo(ed by t!e s(ine!erds. T!ey look fri !tened and curious. 1!en t!ey see t!e t(o men dressed and tidy, t!eir astonis!ment increases. ' T!at is Mark of +osia!2... And t!at is t!e son of t!e !eat!en merc!ant2... * ' And .e is t!e one (!o cured t!em and caused our ,i s to ,eris!, because t!ey became mad (!en t!e demons entered t!em * say t!e s(ine!erds. ' Lord, 0ou are ,o(erful, (e admit it. 3ut 0ou !ave already caused us too muc! !arm2 A dama e of many talents. /o a(ay, ,lease, lest 0our ,o(er s!ould brin t!e mountain do(n and !url it into t!e lake. /o a(ay... * ' I (ill o. I do not im,ose Myself on anybody * and +esus, (it!out furt!er discussion oes back t!e (ay .e came. H T!e demoniac (!o s,oke follo(s .im, be!ind t!e a,ostles. 9art!er back, at some distance, t!ere are many citizens (atc!in (!et!er .e is really leavin . T!ey o do(n t!e stee, ,at! back to t!e mout! of t!e little torrent, near t!e boats. T!e citizens remain on t!e terrace (atc!in . T!e demoniac (!o !as been cured oes do(n be!ind +esus. In t!e boats t!e assistants are terrified. T!ey sa( t!e ,i s rainin into t!e lake and are still contem,latin t!eir bodies (!ic! surface more and more numerous, 4/2

more and more s(ollen, (it! t!eir round bellies in t!e air and t!eir stiff s!ort le s like four ,e s stuck into a !u e fat bladder. ' 1!at !a,,ened) * t!ey ask. ' 1e (ill tell you later. Loosen t!e boats and let us o... 1!ere, my Lord) * ' To t!e ulf of Taric!ea. * T!e man (!o !as follo(ed t!em, no( t!at !e sees t!em ettin into t!e boats, im,lores4 ' Take me (it! 0ou, Lord. * ' No. /o !ome4 your relatives are entitled to !ave you. -,eak to t!em of t!e reat t!in s t!e Lord !as done to you and tell t!em !o( .e !ad mercy on you. T!is area is in need of fait!. Li !t t!e flames of fait! out of ratitude to t!e Lord. /o. /oodbye. * ' "omfort me at least (it! 0our blessin , t!at t!e demon may not ,ossess me a ain. * ' 3e not afraid. If you do not (ant, !e (ill not come. 3ut I bless you. /o in ,eace. * T!e boats de,art from t!e s!ore (est(ards. $nly t!en, (!en t!e boats are ,lou !in t!rou ! t!e (aters stre(n (it! t!e s(ine victims, t!e in!abitants of t!e to(n, (!ic! did not (ant t!e Lord, (it!dra( from t!e terrace and o a(ay.


175. To&a )s Je !sale* fo t$e Se"on) Passo2e . F o* Ta #"$ea to 6o!nt Tabo .

1-t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& +esus dismisses t!e boats sayin 4 ' I am not comin back * and follo(ed by .is a,ostles, and across t!e area, (!ic! a,,eared to be very fertile also from t!e o,,osite s!ore, .e turns .is ste,s to(ards a mountain, (!ic! a,,ears to(ards t!e sout!;(est. T!e a,ostles are (alkin in silence, communicatin (it! one anot!er only by castin lances. In fact t!ey are not ent!usiastic for t!e 7ourney across t!is beautiful but (ild area, (!ic! is full of bo rass t!at ets entan led (it! t!eir feetD of reeds t!at cause a drizzle of de( to fall on t!eir !eads from t!e ed es of t!e leavesD of !azels t!at strike t!eir faces (it! t!e !ard canes of t!eir dry fruitD of (illo( trees t!e fra ile branc!es of (!ic! !an do(n every(!ere ticklin t!emD of treac!erous ,atc!es of rass t!at seems to be ro(in on solid round, (!ereas it conceals ,uddles of (ater into (!ic! t!eir feet sink, t!ey are in fact ,atc!es of fo<tails and tares, ro(in in tiny ,ools and so t!ick as to conceal t!e element in (!ic! t!ey !ave come u,. +esus, instead, seems to be e<tremely !a,,y in t!e midst of all t!at reen and t!e t!ousand !ues of all t!e flo(ers, (!ic! cree, on t!e round, or stand u,ri !t, or clin to ot!er ,lants to climb u,, formin t!in festoons stre(n (it! li !t convolvuli of a very delicate mallo( ,ink, or formin delicate blue car,ets for t!e t!ousand corollas of (ater myosotises, (!ic! o,en t!e ,erfect cu,s of (!ite, ,ink, blue corollas amon t!e lar e flat leaves of t!e 411

(ater lilies. +esus admires t!e tufts of t!e (ater reeds, as soft as silk and ,earled (it! de(, and .e bends 7oyfully to (atc! t!e delicate features of fo<tails, (!ic! lay an emerald veil on t!e (ater. .e sto,s ecstatically in front of t!e nests (!ic! t!e birds are buildin , flyin !a,,ily to and fro, trillin , dartin from branc! to branc!, (orkin !a,,ily, (it! t!eir beaks full of (is,s of !ay, of do(n of reeds, of flocks of (ool ,icked on !ed es, (!ic! !ad torn it from mi ratin s!ee,... .e seems t!e !a,,iest ,erson in t!e (orld. 1!ere is t!e (orld (it! its (ickedness, false!ood, sorro(s, snares) T!e (orld is beyond t!is reen flo(ery oasis, (!ere everyt!in scents, s!ines, smiles, sin s. T!is is t!e eart! created by t!e 9at!er and not desecrated by man and man can be for otten !ere. .e (ants to s!are .is !a,,iness (it! t!e ot!ers. 3ut .e does not find a favourable round. T!e !earts of t!e a,ostles are tired and embittered by so muc! and t!ey react a ainst t!in s and also a ainst t!e Master by means of a stubborn silence, (!ic! is like t!e stillness of t!e air before a storm. $nly .is cousin +ames, t!e Fealot and +o!n take an interest in (!at interests +esus. All t!e ot!ers are... absent, if not !ostile. Per!a,s t!ey are kee,in =uiet, not to rumble. 3ut in(ardly t!ey must be s,eakin , and s,eakin too muc!. It is a more lively e<clamation of admiration before t!e livin 7e(el of a kin fis!er (!ic! flies do(n, takin a little silver fis! to its mate, t!at makes t!em o,en t!eir mout!s. +esus says4 ' "an t!ere be anyt!in more entle) * Peter re,lies4 ' Per!a,s not more entle... but I can assure 0ou t!at a boat is more comfortable. .ere it is 412

dam, 7ust t!e same, but (e are not comfortable...* ' I (ould ,refer t!e track for caravans to t!is... arden, if 0ou (is! to call it so, and I am in full a reement (it! -imon * says t!e Iscariot. ' It (as you (!o did not (ant t!e caravan route * re,lies +esus. ' #!i2 certainly... 3ut I (ould not !ave iven in to t!e /!er !esenes. I (ould !ave one a(ay from t!ere, but I (ould !ave continued beyond t!e river to /adara, Pella and do(n to t!e sout! * rumbles 3art!olome(. And !is reat friend P!ili, concludes4 ' T!e roads belon to everybody, after all, and (e could !ave ,assed t!rou ! t!em as (ell. * 8 ' My friends2 I am so an uis!ed and dis usted... Do not increase My rief (it! your ,ettiness2 Let Me seek some comfort in t!in s (!ic! do not kno( !o( to !ate...* T!e re,roac!, kind in its sadness, moves t!e a,ostles. ' 0ou are ri !t, Master. 1e are not (ort!y of 0ou. 9or ive our foolis!ness. 0ou can see t!e beautiful, because 0ou are !oly and 0ou look (it! t!e eyes of 0our !eart. 1e are coarse fles! and can only ,erceive coarse fles!... 3ut never mind. 3elieve me, even if (e (ere in ,aradise, (e (ould be sad (it!out 0ou. 3ut (it! 0ou... o!2 it is al(ays beautiful for our !earts. It is only our limbs t!at refuse * many of t!em (!is,er. ' 1e (ill soon be oin out of !ere and (ill find a more comfortable round, even if not so cool * ,romises +esus. ' 1!ere are (e oin e<actly) * asks Peter. 41,

' To ive Passover to t!ose (!o suffer. I !ave been (antin to do it for a lon time. 3ut I could not. I (ould !ave done it oin back to /alilee. No( t!at t!ey com,el us to o alon roads t!at (e !ave not c!osen, I am oin to bless +ona!:s ,oor friends. * ' 1e (ill be (astin a lot of time2 Passover is near2 T!ere are al(ays delays for various reasons. * Anot!er c!orus of com,laints rises to t!e sky. I do not kno( !o( +esus can be so ,atient... 1it!out re,roac!in anyone, .e says4 ' Please, do not !inder Me2 #ndeavour to understand My need to love and to be loved. I !ave but t!is solace on t!e eart!4 to love and do t!e (ill of /od. * ' And are (e oin from !ere) 1as it not better to o from Nazaret!) * ' If I !ad su ested t!at, you (ould !ave rebelled. No one (ill sus,ect t!at I am !ere... and I am doin it for you... because you are afraid. * ' Afraid) A!2 No2 1e are ready to fi !t for 0ou. * ' Pray t!e Lord not to ,ut you to t!e test. I kno( t!at you are =uarrelsome, resentful, an<ious to offend t!ose (!o offend Me and to !umble your nei !bour. I kno( all t!at. 3ut I do not kno( you to be brave. As far as I am concerned, I (ould !ave one also by Myself and alon t!e main road and not!in (ould !ave !a,,ened because it is not yet t!e time. 3ut I feel sorry for you. 3ut I !ave to obey My Mot!er, yes, also t!at and I do not (ant to u,set -imon t!e P!arisee. I (ill not dis ust t!em. 3ut t!ey (ill dis ust Me. * 414

' And (!ere do (e o from !ere) I am not familiar (it! t!is area * says T!omas. ' 1e (ill reac! Tabor, (e (ill coast ,art of it and (ill o to Nain via #ndorD from t!ere to t!e ,lain of #sdraelon. 3e not afraid2... Doras, t!e son of Doras, and +o!anan are already in +erusalem. * > ' $!2 It (ill be beautiful2 T!ey say t!at from t!e summit, from a certain s,ot, one can see t!e /reat -ea, t!e -ea of Rome. I like it so muc!2 1ill 0ou take us to see it) * +o!n be s (it! !is kind c!ildis! face raised to(ards +esus. ' 1!y do you like to see it so muc!) * asks +esus caressin !im. ' I do not kno(... 3ecause it is !u e and you cannot see its end... It makes me t!ink of /od... 1!en (e (ere u, on Lebanon I sa( t!e sea for t!e first time, because I !ad never been any(!ere else, e<ce,t alon t!e +ordan or on our little sea... and I (as moved so muc! t!at I (e,t. -o muc! blue2 -o muc! (ater2 And it never overflo(s2... 1!at a (onderful t!in 2 And t!e stars make ,at!s of li !t on t!e sea... $!2 do not lau ! at me2 I looked at t!e olden (ay of t!e sun until I (as dazzled, at t!e silvery (ay of t!e moon, until I could see not!in but (!iteness and I sa( t!em ettin lost far far a(ay. T!ose (ays s,oke to me. T!ey said4 5/od is in t!at infinite distance and t!ese are t!e (ays of fire and ,urity, (!ic! a soul must follo( to o to /od. "ome. Dive into t!e infinite, travellin on t!ese t(o (ays, and you (ill find t!e Infinite $ne.6 * ' 0ou are a ,oet, +o!n * says T!addeus admirin ly. 413

' I do not kno( (!et!er t!is is ,oetry. I kno( t!at it inflames my !eart. * ' 3ut you !ave seen t!e sea also at "aesarea and at Ptolomais, and =uite close, too. 1e (ere on t!e beac!2 I do not see t!e need to o all t!at (ay to see some more sea (ater. After all... (e (ere born on t!e (ater...* remarks +ames of Febedee. ' And (e are in it also no(, unfortunately2 * e<claims Peter, (!o divertin !is mind for a moment to listen to +o!n, !as not noticed a treac!erous ,uddle and !as ot soaked... T!ey all lau !, and !e lau !s too. 3ut +o!n re,lies4 ' T!at is true. 3ut from !i ! above it is more beautiful. 0ou see more and fart!er. 0ou t!ink t!at it is dee,er and vaster... 0ou (is!... you dream...* and +o!n is already dreamin ... .e looks in front of !imself and smiles at !is dream... .e looks like a fles!;coloured rose s,read (it! minute de( dro,s, so do(ny becomes !is smoot! clear skin of a youn fair;!aired man and as it ets s,rinkled (it! a li !t ,ers,iration it looks more like t!e ,etal of a rose. ' 1!at do you (is!) 1!at are you dreamin ) * +esus asks .is favourite disci,le in a lo( voice and .e looks like a fat!er (!o =uestions a dear son s,eakin in !is slee,. +esus s,eaks to +o!n:s soul, =uestionin !im so ently as not to s,oil t!e dream of .is lovin disci,le. ' I (is! to o on to t!e infinite sea... to(ards ot!er lands beyond it. I (is! to o and s,eak of 0ou. I am dreamin ... of oin to(ards Rome, to(ards /reece, to(ards dark ,laces to take t!e Li !t t!ere... so t!at t!ose livin in darkness may et in touc! (it! 0ou and may live in 41+

communion (it! 0ou, Li !t of t!e (orld... I am dreamin of a better (orld... to be bettered t!rou ! t!e kno(led e of 0ou, t!at is, t!rou ! t!e kno(led e of t!e Love t!at makes ,eo,le ood, ,ure, !eroic, of t!e Love t!at makes t!e (orld love and raise 0our Name, 0our 9ait!, 0our Doctrine above !atred, sin, fles!, above t!e vices of t!e mind, above old, above everyt!in ... and I dream of oin (it! my brot!ers on t!e sea of /od, on t!e road of li !t to take 0ou... as 0our Mot!er once brou !t 0ou do(n to us from .eaven... I dream t!at I am a c!ild, (!o kno(in not!in but love, is !a,,y also (!en facin trouble... and sin s to comfort t!e adults (!o ,onder too muc!, and moves for(ard... facin deat! smilin ... to(ards lory (it! t!e !umility of one (!o does not kno( (!at !e is doin , but kno(s only t!at !e is comin to 0ou, Love...* T!e a,ostles !ave not breat!ed durin +o!n:s ecstatic confession... T!ey remained still (!ere t!ey (ere, lookin at t!e youn est one s,eakin (it! !is eyes covered by !is eyelids, like a veil t!ro(n over t!e ardour risin from !is !eart, and lookin at +esus 1!o is enra,tured findin .imself so com,letely in .is disci,le... 1!en +o!n sto,s s,eakin , sli !tly bent for(ard E !e reminds me of t!e racefulness of t!e %ir in Mary at t!e Annunciation in Nazaret! E +esus kisses !is fore!ead sayin 4 ' 1e s!all o and contem,late t!e sea, to let you dream once a ain My future Bin dom in t!e (orld. * A ' Lord... 0ou said t!at after(ards (e s!all be oin to #ndor. Make me !a,,y too... t!at I may et over t!e bitterness of t!at boy:s 7ud ement...* says t!e Iscariot. ' $!2 are you still t!inkin about t!at) * asks +esus. 417

' 0es, al(ays. I feel de raded in 0our eyes and in t!e eyes of my com,anions. I t!ink of (!at 0our t!ou !ts...* ' 1!y do you fret over trifles) I (as not t!inkin of t!at trifle any lon er, neit!er (ere t!e ot!ers. 0ou are remindin us... 0ou are a c!ild accustomed only to bein caressed and t!e (ord of a little boy seems t!e sentence of a 7ud e to you. 3ut you must not be afraid of t!at (ord, but of your actions and of /od:s 7ud ement. 3ut to convince you t!at you are as dear to Me as ,reviously, as al(ays, I tell you t!at I (ill satisfy you. 1!at do you (is! to see at #ndor) It is a ,oor villa e amon t!e rocks...* ' Take me t!ere... and I (ill tell 0ou. * ' All ri !t. 3ut mind it does not cause you to suffer after(ards...* ' If it cannot be ,ainful for !im to contem,late t!e sea, it cannot be !armful to me to see #ndor. * ' To see)... 3ut it is t!e desire of (!at one seeks to see in lookin t!at can be !armful. 3ut (e s!all o...* And t!ey resume t!e road to(ards Mount Tabor, t!e !u e mass of (!ic! a,,ears to be nearer and nearer, (!ile t!e mars!y as,ect of t!e round c!an es, as t!e soil becomes solid and dry and t!e ve etation t!inner, makin room for taller ,lants and bus!es of clematis and blackberries, t!e ne( leaves and early flo(ers of (!ic! are a ,leasant si !t.


177. F o* Tabo to En)o #n t$e Ca2e of t$e Ne" o*an"e . En"o!nte &#t$ Fel#E 0$o Be"o*es Jo$n.
1.t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& +esus and t!e a,ostles !ave ,assed Mount Tabor and left it be!ind t!em. T!ey are no( (alkin on a ,lain lyin bet(een t!at mountain and anot!er one facin it, talkin of t!e climb made by t!em all, alt!ou ! at t!e be innin t!e elder ones !ad not been too keen. 3ut no( t!ey are !a,,y t!ey !ad one u, to t!e to,. T!e 7ourney is no( easy because t!ey are on a main road (!ic! is =uite comfortable for (alkin . It is early in t!e mornin because I am under t!e im,ression t!at t!ey !ave s,ent t!e ni !t on t!e slo,es of t!e Tabor. ' T!at is #ndor * says +esus ,ointin to a ,oor villa e built on t!e first !ei !ts of t!e ot!er mountain. ' Do you really (ant to o t!ere) * ' If 0ou (is! to make me !a,,y...* res,onds t!e Iscariot. ' Let us o, t!en. * ' 3ut is it a lon (ay) * asks 3art!olome(, (!o, because of !is a e, is not very keen on (alkin tours. ' $!2 no2 3ut if you (is! to stay...* says +esus. ' 0es2 0ou may stay. I (ill o (it! t!e Master * says +udas of Beriot! immediately. ' Listen, before makin u, my mind, I (ould like to kno( (!at t!ere is to be seen... 9rom t!e to, of Mount Tabor (e sa( t!e sea and after t!e boy:s s,eec! I must admit t!at I sa( it ,ro,erly for t!e first time and I sa( it as 412

0ou see4 (it! my !eart. .ere... I (ould like to kno( (!et!er t!ere is anyt!in to learn, because in t!at case I (ill come even if it is tiresome...* says Peter. ' Do you !ear t!at) 0ou !ave not yet said (!at you intend doin . 3e kind to your com,anions and tell us no( * says +esus invitin ly. ' Did -aul not o to #ndor to consult t!e necromancer) * ' 0es, !e did. -o) * ' 1ell, Master, I (ould like to o t!ere and !ear 0ou s,eak of -aul. * ' In t!at case I (ill come, too2 * e<claims Peter full of ent!usiasm. ' Let us o t!en. * T!ey (alk fast alon t!e last stretc! of t!e main road, (!ic! t!ey leave to follo( a secondary road, (!ic! takes strai !t to #ndor. 8 It is a ,oor villa e, as +esus said. T!e !ouses clin to t!e slo,es (!ic!, beyond t!e villa e become stee,er. Poor ,eo,le live in t!em. Most of t!em must be s!e,!erds (!o ,asture t!eir flocks on t!e sides of t!e mountain and in t!e (oods of old oak;trees. T!ere are a fe( small fields of barley, or similar fodder rains, in favourable sites and some a,,le and fi ;trees. T!ere are only a fe( vines around t!e !ouses, decoratin t!e (alls, (!ic! are dark because t!e ,lace is obviously a dam, one. ' 1e (ill no( ask (!ere t!e ,lace of t!e necromancer (as * says +esus. And .e sto,s a (oman (!o is comin back from t!e fountain (it! ,itc!ers. -!e looks at .im curiously, t!en re,lies im,olitely4 ' I 42/

don:t kno(. I !ave muc! more im,ortant t!in s to (orry about t!an suc! nonsense2 * and s!e oes a(ay. +esus turns to an old man (!o is carvin a bit of (ood. ' T!e necromancer)... -aul)... 1!o bot!ers about t!em no() 3ut, (ait... T!ere is one !ere (!o !as studied and ,er!a,s !e kno(s... "ome (it! me. * And t!e old man climbs laboriously u, a stony lane to a very ,oor and s!abby lookin !ouse. ' .e lives !ere. I (ill o in and call !im. * Peter, ,ointin at some ,oultry scratc!in about in a dirty yard, says4 ' T!is fello( is not an Israelite. * 3ut !e says no more because t!e old man comes back follo(ed by a man blind in one eye (!o is as dirty and untidy as everyt!in round !is !ouse. T!e old man says4 ' -ee) T!is man says t!at it is over t!ere beyond t!at dila,idated !ouse. T!ere is a ,at!, a stream, a (ood and some caves, t!e one at t!e to,, (!ere t!ere are still traces of ruined (alls on one side, is t!e one you are lookin for. Is t!at ri !t) * ' No. 0ou !ave muddled everyt!in . I (ill o (it! t!ese stran ers. * T!e man:s voice is !ars! and uttural, (!ic! increases everybody:s feelin of uneasiness. > .e starts (alkin . Peter, P!ili, and T!omas make re,eated si ns to +esus to advise .im not to o. 3ut +esus does not ,ay attention. .e (alks (it! +udas be!ind t!e man, and t!e ot!ers follo( .im... un(illin ly. ' Are 0ou an Israelite) * asks t!e man. ' 0es, I am. * 421

' I, too, or almost, alt!ou ! I do not look like one. 3ut I lived a lon time abroad and I ot into many !abits, of (!ic! t!ese fools !ere disa,,rove. I am better t!an t!e ot!ers. 3ut t!ey say t!at I am a demon, because I read a reat deal, I breed ,oultry (!ic! I sell to t!e Romans and I can cure ,eo,le by means of !erbs. 1!en youn , because of a (oman, I =uarrelled (it! a Roman E I (as at "intium t!en E and I stabbed !im. .e died, I lost one eye and all my (ealt! and I (as sentenced to life im,risonment. 3ut I kne( !o( to cure ,eo,le, and I cured t!e dau !ter of one of t!e uards. I t!us (on !is friends!i, and some freedom... I used it to esca,e. I acted badly, because t!e man certainly ,aid for my fli !t (it! !is life. 3ut freedom seems so beautiful (!en one is a ,risoner...* ' Is it not really beautiful after(ards) * ' No. +ail, (!ere one is alone, is better t!an bein in contact (it! men (!o do not allo( you to be alone and come around us to !ate us...* ' Did you study ,!iloso,!y) * ' I (as a teac!er at "intium... I (as a ,roselyte...* ' And no() * ' No( I am not!in . I live accordin to t!e reality of facts. And I !ate, as I (as and am still !ated. * ' 1!o !ates you) * ' #verybody. And /od is t!e first. -!e (as my (ife... and /od allo(ed !er to be unfait!ful to me and ruin me. I (as free and res,ected, and /od allo(ed me to become a convict servin a life sentence. /od abandoned me, men 422

(ere unfair. 3ot! .e and t!ey destroyed me. T!ere is not!in left !ere...* and !e strikes !is fore!ead and !is c!est. ' Rat!er, !ere, in my !ead, t!ere are my t!ou !ts, my kno(led e. It is in !ere t!at t!ere is not!in * and !e s,its contem,tuously. ' 0ou are (ron . 0ou !ave still t(o t!in s t!ere. * ' 1!ic!) * ' Remembrance and !atred. Remove t!em. 3ecome really em,ty... and I (ill ive you somet!in ne( to ,ut in t!ere. * ' 1!at) * ' Love. * ' A!2 A!2 0ou make me lau !. I !ave not lau !ed for t!irty;five years, man. -ince I !ad t!e ,roof t!at t!e (oman (as unfait!ful to me (it! t!e Roman (ine merc!ant. Love2 Love to me2 It is like me t!ro(in 7e(els to my c!ickens2 T!ey (ould die of indi estion, unless t!ey ,assed t!em out (it! t!eir e<crement. T!e same (ould !a,,en to me. 0our love (ould be a burden to me, if I could not di est it...* A ' No, man2 Do not say t!at2 * +esus lays .is !and on t!e man:s s!oulder, .e is dee,ly and o,enly distressed. T!e man looks at .im (it! !is only eye and (!at !e sees on t!at most s(eet and beautiful face causes !im to be struck dumb and to c!an e !is e<,ression. 9rom bein sarcastic !e becomes very serious and t!en really sad. .e lo(ers !is !ead and (it! a c!an ed voice !e asks4 ' 1!o are 0ou) * 42,

' +esus of Nazaret!. T!e Messia!. * ' 0ou222 * ' I. Did you not kno( about Me, since you read so muc!) * ' I kne(... 3ut I did not kno( t!at 0ou (ere alive and... above all, I did not kno( t!is. I did not kno( t!at 0ou are ood to everybody... t!us... also to murderers... 9or ive me for (!at I said... about /od and love... No( I understand (!y 0ou (ant to ive me love... 3ecause (it!out love t!e (orld is !ell, and 0ou, t!e Messia! (ant to make a ,aradise of it. * ' A ,aradise in every !eart. /ive Me t!e remembrance and t!e !atred t!at make you ill and let Me ,ut love into your !eart2 * ' $!2 I (is! I !ad kno(n 0ou before2... t!en... 3ut (!en I killed, 0ou (ere certainly not born yet... 3ut later... (!en I (as free, as free as a snake in a forest, I lived to ,oison ,eo,le (it! my !atred. * ' 3ut you did also some ood. Did you not say t!at you cured ,eo,le by means of !erbs) * ' 0es. To be tolerated. 3ut !o( many times I !ad to stru le a ainst my desire to ,oison ,eo,le by means of ,otions2... -ee) I took refu e !ere because... it is a ,lace (!ere t!e (orld is i nored and (!ic! t!e (orld i nores. A cursed ,lace. In ot!er ,laces I !ated and (as !ated and I (as afraid of bein reco nised... 3ut I am (icked. * ' 0ou re ret !avin !armed t!e ,rison uard. Do you not see t!at t!ere is still some oodness in you) 0ou are not (icked... 0our only trouble is t!at you !ave a lar e o,en 424

(ound, (!ic! nobody is curin ... 0our oodness runs out of it as blood from a (ound. 3ut if someone (ould cure your (ound and !eal it, My dear brot!er, oodness (ould increase in you, because it (ould no lon er vanis! as it forms...* T!e man (ee,s (it! bent !ead tryin to conceal !is tears. $nly +esus 1!o is (alkin beside !im notices t!em. .e notices but does not say anyt!in furt!er. C T!ey arrive at a cavern made of rubble and mountain caves. T!e man endeavours to steady !is voice and says4 ' .ere it is. 0ou may o in. * ' T!ank you, My friend. 3e ood. * T!e man does not say anyt!in and remains (!ere !e (as, (!ile +esus (it! .is a,ostles, ,assin over lar e stones (!ic! must !ave been ,art of very stron (alls, u,settin reen lizards and ot!er u ly lookin insects, enters a lar e smoky rotto, on t!e (alls of (!ic! t!ere are still raffiti si ns of t!e zodiac and similar t!in s. In a corner blackened by smoke t!ere is a nic!e and under it a !ole (!ic! looks like a ully;!ole for (ater. 3ats !an in in dis ustin bunc!es decorate t!e ceilin and an o(l, u,set by t!e li !t of a branc! (!ic! +ames !as lit to ensure t!ey do not tread on scor,ions or as,s, com,lains fla,,in its (added (in s and closin its u ly eyes (!ic! cannot bear t!e li !t. It is ,erc!ed in t!e nic!e, and t!e foul smell of dead mice, of (easels and birds in decom,osition at its feet is mi<ed (it! t!e stenc! of dun and of t!e dam, soil. ' It is really a lovely ,lace2 * says Peter. ' 0our Tabor and your sea (ere muc! better, my boy2 * And t!en 423

addressin +esus4 ' Master, satisfy +udas at once because t!is is not... Anti,a:s royal !all2 * ' "ertainly. 1!at is it t!at you (ant to kno() * .e asks +udas of Beriot!. ' 1ell... I (ould like to kno( (!et!er and (!y -aul sinned comin !ere... I (ould like to kno( (!et!er it is ,ossible for a (oman to evoke t!e dead. I (ould like to kno( (!et!er... $!2 It is better if 0ou s,eak. I (ill ask 0ou =uestions. * ' It:s a lon story. At least let us o out t!ere, in t!e suns!ine, on t!e stones... 1e (ill et a(ay from t!e dam,ness and t!e stenc! * be s Peter. And +esus a rees. T!ey sit as best t!ey can on t!e ruins of t!e (alls. ' -aul:s sin (as only one of !is sins. It (as ,receded and follo(ed by many more. All of t!em rave. Double in ratitude to(ards -amuel (!o !ad annointed !im kin and (!o subse=uently disa,,eared so as not to s!are (it! t!e kin t!e admiration of t!e ,eo,le. .e (as several times un rateful to David (!o saved !im from /oliat! and s,ared !im in t!e caves at #n edi and .ac!ila!. .e (as uilty of many acts of disobedience and of scandalisin !is ,eo,le. .e (as uilty of rievin !is benefactor -amuel by lackin in c!arity. .e (as uilty of 7ealousy, of makin attem,t on David:s life, David bein anot!er benefactor of !is, and finally, of t!e crime !e committed !ere. * ' A ainst (!om) .e did not kill anyone !ere. * ' .e killed !is soul in !ere, !e finis!ed killin it. 1!y are 42+

you lo(erin your !ead) * ' I am t!inkin , Master. * H ' 0ou are t!inkin . I can see t!at. 1!at are you t!inkin of) 1!y did you (ant to come) 0ou must admit it (as not out of mere curiosity of a sc!olar. * ' 1e al(ays !ear someone talk of ma icians, necromancers, evoked s,irits... I (anted to see (!et!er I could discover anyt!in ... I (ould like to kno( !o( it is done... I t!ink t!at since (e are destined to amaze ,eo,le in order to attract t!em, (e s!ould be, some!o(, necromancers, too. 0ou are 0ou and 0ou do t!in s by means of 0our ,o(er. 3ut (e must ask for ,o(er, for !el, in order to ,erform e<ce,tional deeds, (!ic! are necessary...* ' Are you mad) 1!at are you sayin ) * s!out many. ' 3e =uiet. Let !im s,eak. .e is not mad. * ' 0es, I t!ou !t t!at by comin !ere a little of t!e ma ic of one by days (ould assume ,ossession of me and make me reater. In 0our interest, believe me. * ' I kno( t!at your ,resent desire is a sincere one. 3ut I (ill re,ly to you (it! eternal (ords, because t!ey are (ords of t!e 3ible and t!e 3ible (ill e<ist as lon as man e<ists. 3elieved or mocked at, em,loyed to defend t!e trut! or scorned at, it (ill al(ays e<ist. It is (ritten4 5And #ve, seein t!at t!e fruit of t!e tree (as ood to eat and ,leasin to t!e eye, took it and ate it and ave some to !er !usband... T!en t!eir eyes (ere o,ened and t!ey realised t!at t!ey (ere naked and t!ey made t!emselves loin;clot!s... And /od said4 :.o( did you realise t!at you 427

(ere naked) $nly because you ate of t!e forbidden fruit:. And .e e<,elled t!em from t!e arden of deli !ts.6 And in t!e book of -aul, it is (ritten4 5-amuel a,,earin said4 :1!y !ave you disturbed me, con7urin me u,) 1!y do you consult me (!en t!e Lord !as abandoned you) T!e Lord (ill deal (it! you as I told you... because you did not obey t!e voice of t!e Lord.:6 -on, do not stretc! your !and to(ards t!e forbidden fruit. It is im,rudent even to o near it. Do not be curious to kno( ultramundane t!in s, lest its satanic ,oison s!ould con=uer you. Avoid t!e occult and (!at cannot be e<,lained. $ne t!in only is to be acce,ted (it! !oly fait!4 /od. 3ut avoid (!at is not /od and (!at cannot be e<,lained by man:s reason or cannot be done by man:s ,o(er, so t!at t!e sources of (ickedness may not be o,ened for you and you may realise t!at you are 5naked6. Naked4 re,ellent in your !umanity mi<ed (it! satanism. 1!y do you (is! to amaze ,eo,le by means of obscure ,rodi ies) Amaze t!em t!rou ! your !oliness, (!ic! s!ould be as bri !t as t!in s comin from /od. Do not be an<ious to rend t!e veils (!ic! se,arate t!e livin from t!e dead. Do not disturb t!e deceased. Listen to t!em, if t!ey are (ise, (!ile t!ey are on t!e eart!, venerate t!em by obeyin t!em also after t!eir deat!. 3ut do not u,set t!eir second life. 1!o does not obey t!e voice of t!e Lord, loses t!e Lord. And t!e Lord !as forbidden occultism, necromancy, satanism in all its forms. 1!at more do you (is! to kno( t!an t!e 1ord already tells you) 1!at more do you (is! to ,erform t!an your oodness and My ,o(er enable you to ,erform) Do not crave for sin, but for !oliness, son. Do not feel mortified. I am lad t!at you disclose your !umanity. Many ,eo,le, too many, like (!at you like. 3ut t!e ,ur,ose of your desire4 5to be ,o(erful to attract 429

,eo,le to Me6 removes a !eavy (ei !t from t!at !umanity and ,uts (in s on it. 3ut t!ey are t!e (in s of a ni !t bird. No, My dear +udas. Put (in s as bri !t as t!e sun, (in s of an an el on your s,irit. 3y t!e sim,le breeze caused by fla,,in t!em you (ill attract !earts and (ill lead t!em in your (ake to /od. "an (e o) * ' 0es, Master2 I (as (ron ...* ' No. 0ou !ave been an in=uirer... T!e (orld (ill al(ays be full of t!em. "ome. Let us et a(ay from t!e stenc! of t!is ,lace. Let us o to(ards t!e sun2 In a fe( days it (ill be Passover, and after(ards (e (ill o to your mot!er:s. I con7ure !er u, for you4 your !onest !ome, your !oly mot!er. .o( ,eaceful it is2 * As usual, t!e recollection of !is mot!er and t!e Master:s ,raise for !er, c!eer +udas. I T!ey come out of t!e ruins and t!ey be in to descend t!e ,at! t!ey !ad (alked u, ,reviously. T!e man blind in one eye is still t!ere. ' Are you still !ere) * asks +esus ,retendin t!at .e does not notice t!at !is face is flus!ed because of t!e many tears !e !as s!ed. ' 0es, I am still !ere. I (ill follo( 0ou if 0ou allo( me. I !ave somet!in to tell you...* ' "ome (it! Me, t!en. 1!at do you (ant to tell Me) * ' +esus... I find t!at to !ave t!e stren t! to s,eak and to (ork t!e !oly ma ic of c!an in myself, of con7urin u, my dead soul as t!e necromancer evoked -amuel for -aul, I must ,ronounce 0our Name, (!ic! is as s(eet as 0our eyes, and as !oly as 0our voice. 0ou !ave iven me 422

a ne( life, but it lacks form and ener y, like t!e life of a ne(;born baby after a difficult birt!. It still stru les in t!e ri, of (icked old !abits. .el, me to come out of my deat!. * ' 0es, My friend. * ' I... I !ave realised t!at t!ere is still a little !umanity in my !eart. I am not entirely a beast, and I can still love and be loved, for ive and be for iven. 0our love, (!ic! is for iveness, !as tau !t me. Is it not so) * ' 0es, My friend. * ' T!en... take me (it! 0ou. I (as 9eli<2 1!at an irony2 3ut ive me a ne( name. T!at my ,ast may be really dead. I (ill follo( 0ou like a stray do , (!ic! finally finds a master. I (ill be 0our slave, if 0ou (is! so. 3ut do not leave me alone...* ' 0es, My friend. * ' 1!at name (ill 0ou ive me) * ' A name dear to Me4 +o!n. 3ecause you are race ranted by /od. * ' 1ill 0ou take me (it! 0ou) * ' 0es, for t!e time bein . Later you (ill follo( Me (it! My disci,les. 3ut (!at about your !ouse) * ' I !ave no !ouse any lon er. I (ill leave (!at I !ave to t!e ,oor. +ust ive me love and bread. * ' "ome. * +esus turns round and calls .is a,ostles. ' I t!ank you, My friends, and you in ,articular, +udas. T!rou ! you, +udas, t!rou ! you all, a soul is comin to 4,/

/od. .ere is a ne( disci,le. .e is comin (it! us until (e can entrust !im to our brot!er disci,les. 3e !a,,y because you !ave found a !eart and bless /od (it! Me. * 3ut t!e T(elve do not really look very !a,,y. 3ut out of obedience and kindness t!ey (elcome !im. ' If 0ou do not mind I (ill o a!ead. 0ou (ill find me at t!e door of my !ouse. * ' 0es, o. * T!e man runs a(ay. .e seems anot!er man. ' And no( t!at (e are by ourselves I order you, and t!is is an order, to be kind to !im and not to mention !is ,ast to anybody. I (ill immediately re7ect anyone (!o s!ould s,eak or be unc!aritable to our redeemed brot!er. Is t!at clear) And see !o( ood t!e Lord is2 1e came !ere for a !uman ,ur,ose and .e allo(s us to o a(ay after ac!ievin a su,ernatural deed. $!2 I re7oice because of t!e 7oy no( in .eaven for t!e ne( convert. * J T!ey reac! t!e !ouse. T!e man is t!ere, on t!e t!res!old, (earin a clean dark tunic and a mantle to matc! it, a ,air of ne( sandals and carryin a lar e !aversack over !is s!oulder. .e closes t!e door and t!en, (!at is stran e in a man (!o mi !t be considered !ard; !earted, !e takes a (!ite !en, ,er!a,s !is ,et, (!ic! s=uats tamely in !is !ands, !e kisses it (ee,in and lays it do(n. ' Let us o... and for ive me. 3ut my c!icken al(ays loved me... I used to s,eak to t!em and... t!ey understood me...* ' I understand you, too... and I love you. -o muc!. I (ill 4,1

ive you all t!e love t!at t!e (orld denied you in t!irty; five years...* ' $!2 I kno(2 I can feel it2 T!at is (!y I am comin . 3ut be indul ent to a man (!o... loves an animal (!ic! !as been more fait!ful to !im t!an men...* ' 0es... 9or et your ,ast. 0ou (ill !ave so muc! to do2 And, e<,erienced as you are, you (ill do it very (ell. -imon, come !ere and you, too, Matt!e(. -ee) T!is man (as more t!an a ,risoner, !e (as a le,er. And t!is one... a sinner. And t!ey are very dear to Me, because t!ey kno( !o( to understand ,oor !earts... Is t!at ri !t) * ' T!anks to 0our oodness, my Lord. 3ut you may rest assured, my friend, t!at everyt!in is cancelled by servin .im. $nly ,eace remains * says t!e Fealot. ' 0es. Peace and a ne( yout! take over from old vices and !atred. I (as a ta< collector. No( I am an a,ostle. T!e (orld is in front of us. And (e kno( all about it. 1e are not absent;minded c!ildren (!o ,ass near t!e !armful fruit and t!e bendin ,lant and do not see facts. 1e kno(. 1e can avoid evil and teac! ot!er ,eo,le !o( to avoid it. And (e can strai !ten u, t!ose (!o bend. 3ecause (e kno( (!at a relief it is to be su,,orted. And (e kno( 1!o su,,orts4 .im * says Matt!e(. ' T!at:s true2 Guite true2 0ou (ill !el, me. T!ank you. I feel as if I (ere ,assin from a dark foul smellin ,lace to t!e o,en in a flo(ery meado(... I felt somet!in similar (!en I came out, at lon last free, after t(enty years of im,risonment and brutal (ork in t!e mines in Anatolia and I found myself E I esca,ed one stormy evenin E on t!e to, of a (ild mountain, but in t!e o,en, in a ,lace full 4,2

of suns!ine at da(n, and covered (it! scented (oods... 9reedom2 3ut no( it is better2 #veryt!in is more sublime2 I !ad not been in c!ains for fifteen years. 3ut !atred, fear and solitude (ere still like c!ains to me... 3ut no( t!ey !ave been s!aken off2... .ere (e are at t!e !ouse of t!e old man (!o brou !t 0ou to me. #!i2 Man2 * K T!e old man rus!es to(ards t!em and is dumbfounded seein t!e fello( blind in one eye clean, (earin ne( clot!es and smilin . ' .ere, take t!is. It:s t!e key of my !ouse. I am oin a(ay, for ood. I am rateful to you because you are my benefactor. 0ou !ave iven me a family. Do (!at you like (it! my ,ro,erty... and look after my c!icken. Treat t!em (ell. A Roman comes every -abbat! and buys e s... 0ou (ill make a ,rofit... Take care of my little !ens... and may /od re(ard you for it. * T!e old man is astonis!ed... .e takes t!e key and stands o,en;mout!ed. +esus says4 ' 0es, do as !e told you and I (ill be rateful to you, too. I bless you in t!e name of +esus. * ' T!e Nazarene2 0ou2 Mercy2 I !ave s,oken to t!e Lord2 1omen2 Men2 T!e Messia! is !ere2 * .e screams like an ea le and ,eo,le rus! from every(!ere. ' 3less us2 3less us2 * t!ey s!out. -ome s!out4 ' -tay !ere2 * and ot!ers4 ' 1!ere are 0ou oin ) At least tell us (!ere 0ou are oin . * ' To Nain. I cannot stay. * 4,,

' 1e (ill follo( 0ou. Do 0ou mind) * ' "ome. Peace and blessin to t!ose (!o remain !ere. * T!ey o to(ards t!e main road and take it. &L T!e man, (!o is (alkin near +esus and can !ardly carry !is !aversack, dra(s Peter:s curiosity. ' 1!at !ave you ot in t!ere t!at is so !eavy) * !e asks. ' My clot!es... and some books... My friends after and at t!e same time as t!e c!icken. I could not ,art (it! t!em. 3ut t!ey are !eavy. * ' #!2 -cience is !eavy2 $f course2 And (!o likes it, e!) * ' T!ey ,revented me from becomin mad. * ' #!2 0ou must be fond of t!em2 1!at books are t!ey) * ' P!iloso,!y, !istory, /reek and Roman ,oetry...* ' Lovely, certainly lovely. 3ut... do you t!ink you (ill be able to carry t!em (it! you) * ' Per!a,s I (ill be able to ,art (it! t!em. 3ut you cannot do everyt!in at once, can you, Messia!) * ' "all Me Master. No, you cannot. 3ut I (ill let you !ave a ,lace (!ere you (ill be able to kee, your friends, your books. T!ey may !el, you to discuss of /od (it! t!e !eat!ens. * ' $!2 .o( free 0our t!ou !t is from all restrictions2 * +esus smiles and Peter e<claims4 ' No (onder2 .e is 1isdom2 * ' And /oodness, believe me. And are you learned) * 4,4

' Me) $!2 Most learned. I can tell an allice from a car, and my erudition ends t!ere. I am a fis!erman, my friend2 * and Peter smiles !umbly and frankly. ' 0ou are an !onest man. It is a science you learn by yourself. And a very difficult one to learn. I like you. * ' And I like you, too. 3ecause you are sincere. Also (!en you accuse yourself. I for ive everyt!in , I !el, everybody. 3ut I am a rut!less enemy of false ,eo,le. T!ey make me sick. * ' 0ou are ri !t. A false man is a delin=uent. * ' A delin=uent. 0ou are ri !t. -ay, (ould you mind ivin me your sack for a little (!ile) In any case, you may be sure t!at I (ill not run a(ay (it! books... I t!ink you are findin it difficult...* ' T(enty years in a mine breaks your back... 3ut (!y do you (ant to toil) * ' 3ecause t!e Master !as tau !t us to love one anot!er like brot!ers. /ive t!em to me. And take my ra s. My ba is not !eavy... T!ere is no !istory, no ,oetry in it. My !istory, my ,oetry and t!e ot!er t!in you mentioned, is .e, my +esus, our +esus. *

17+. T$e Son of t$e 0#)o& of Na#n.

14t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& Nain must !ave been a to(n of some im,ortance in t!e 4,3

days of +esus. It is not a lar e to(n, but is (ell built, surrounded by its (alls, lyin on a lo( ,leasant !ill, an offs!oot of t!e Little .ermon, commandin a very fertile ,lain (!ic! stretc!es to(ards t!e nort!;east. $ne arrives !ere comin from #ndor, after crossin a little river, (!ic! flo(s into t!e +ordan. 3ut neit!er t!e +ordan nor its valley can be seen any lon er, because t!ey are concealed by !ills (!ic! form an arc! s!a,ed like a =uestion mark in t!e east. +esus follo(s a main road (!ic! links t!e lake re ion to t!e .ermon and its villa es. Many in!abitants of #ndor (alk be!ind .im talkin to one anot!er animatedly. $nly a s!ort distance se,arates t!e rou, of t!e a,ostles from t!e (alls4 about t(o !undred yards, at most. And as t!e main road runs strai !t to one of t!e to(n ates, (!ic! is (ide o,en because it is broad dayli !t, it is ,ossible to see (!at is !a,,enin in t!e inner side of t!e (alls. T!us +esus, 1!o is s,eakin to t!e a,ostles and t!e ne( convert, sees a funeral comin to(ards t!em, (it! a reat noise of (ee,ers and similar eastern dis,lays. ' -!all (e o and see, Master) * ask many. And many of t!e in!abitants of #ndor are already rus!in to see. ' 0es, let us o * says +esus condescendin ly. ' $!2 It must be a boy. -ee !o( many flo(ers and ribbons t!ere are on t!e bier * says +udas of Beriot! to +o!n. ' $r it is ,robably a vir in * re,lies +o!n. ' No, it is certainly a youn man, because of t!e s!ades t!ey !ave used. And t!ere is no myrtle eit!er...* says 4,+

3art!olome(. T!e funeral comes out to t!e ot!er side of t!e (alls. It is not ,ossible to see (!at t!ere is on t!e bier, (!ic! is carried s!oulder !i ! by t!e bearers. $ne understands t!at t!ere is a cor,se, envelo,ed in banda es and covered by a s!eet, only because of its outline and t!at it is t!e body of a fully ro(n ,erson, because it is as lon as t!e bier. A veiled (oman is (alkin beside it, (ee,in , su,,orted by relatives or friends. T!e only sincere tears in all t!at farce of mourners. And (!en a bearer tri,s on a stone or rise in t!e round or stumbles and causes t!e bier to s!ake, t!e mot!er moans4 ' $!2 no2 3e careful2 My boy !as suffered so muc!2 * and s!e raises !er tremblin !and to caress t!e ed e of t!e bier. And as s!e is unable to do anyt!in else, s!e kisses t!e veils and t!e ribbons, (!ic! blo(n by a entle breeze li !tly touc! t!e immobile cor,se. Peter, sym,at!etic, !is ood keen eyes (ellin u, (it! tears (!is,ers4 ' -!e is t!e mot!er. * 3ut !e is not t!e only one (!ose eyes are s!inin (it! tears at t!e si !t. Also t!e Fealot, Andre(, +o!n, and even t!e ever merry T!omas !ave tears in t!eir eyes. T!ey are all dee,ly moved. +udas Iscariot (!is,ers4 ' If it (ere I2 $!2 Poor mot!er of mine...* 8 +esus, t!e kindness of 1!ose eyes is so dee, as to be unbearable, directs .is ste,s to(ards t!e bier. T!e mot!er, (!o is no( sobbin louder because t!e funeral is about to turn to(ards t!e o,en se,ulc!re, ,us!es .im aside resolutely, (!en s!e sees t!at +esus 4,7

(ants to touc! t!e bier. I (onder (!at s!e is afraid of in !er rief. -!e s!outs4 ' .e is mine2 * and looks at +esus (it! starin eyes. ' I kno(, mot!er. .e is yours. * ' .e is my only son2 1!y s!ould !e die, !e (as so ood and dear, !e (as my 7oy, and I am a (ido(. 1!y) * T!e cro(d of t!e !ired mourners mourn more loudly, formin a c!orus (it! t!e mot!er (!o continues4 ' 1!y !e, and not I) It is not 7ust t!at s!e (!o !as borne a c!ild, s!ould see !er offs,rin ,eris!. T!e offs,rin must live, ot!er(ise (!y (as my (omb torn to ive birt! to a man) * and s!e strikes !er abdomen (ildly and des,erately. ' Do not do t!at2 Do not (ee,, mot!er. * +esus takes !er !ands clenc!in t!em firmly in .is left !and, (!ile (it! .is ri !t one .e touc!es t!e bier sayin to t!e bearers4 ' -to, and ,ut t!e bier do(n. * T!e bearers obey and lo(er t!e little bed (!ic! rests on its four le s. +esus takes t!e s!eet coverin t!e dead boy and ,ulls it back uncoverin t!e cor,se. T!e mot!er s!outs !er rief and t!e name of !er son, I t!ink4 ' Daniel2 * +esus, still clenc!in t!e mot!er:s !ands in .is, stands u,, .is eyes im,osin ly bri !t, t!e ,o(er of miracle s!inin ma7estically on .is face, lo(erin .is ri !t !and, orders in t!e full stren t! of .is voice4 ' 0oun man2 I tell you4 et u,2 * > T!e dead boy, envelo,ed in banda es as !e is, sits u, on t!e little bed and calls4 ' Mot!er2 * .e calls !er (it! t!e 4,9

stammerin fri !tened voice of a terrified c!ild. ' .e is yours, (oman. I ive !im to you in t!e name of /od. .el, !im to et rid of t!e sudarium. And be !a,,y. * And +esus makes t!e esture of (it!dra(in . Im,ossible2 T!e cro(ds rivet .im to t!e bier, on (!ic! t!e mot!er !as t!ro(n !erself ro,in for t!e banda es, endeavourin to be =uick, (!ile t!e im,lorin c!ildis! moanin re,eats4 ' Mot!er2 Mot!er2 * T!e sudarium and banda es are undone and mot!er and son can embrace eac! ot!er, and t!ey do so (it!out bot!erin about t!e sticky balms, (!ic! t!e mot!er removes from !is dear face and !ands, makin use of t!e same banda es. As s!e !as not clot!es to ,ut on !im, s!e takes off !er mantle and envelo,s !im in it, caressin !im all t!e time... +esus looks at !er... !e looks at t!e lovin rou,, close to et!er on t!e ed e of t!e little bed, no lon er a bier, and .e (ee,s. +udas Iscariot sees .is tears and asks4 ' 1!y are 0ou (ee,in , my Lord) * +esus turns .is face to(ards !im and says4 ' I am t!inkin of My Mot!er...* T!e brief conversation dra(s t!e (oman:s attention to !er 3enefactor. -!e takes !er son by t!e !and, s!e su,,orts !im because !is limbs are still some(!at numb, and kneelin do(n s!e says4 ' 0ou, too, my son. 3less t!is .oly man 1!o !as restored you to life and to your mot!er * and s!e bends to kiss +esus: tunic (!ile t!e cro(d sin !osannas to /od and to .is Messia!, 1!o by 4,2

no( is (ell kno(n for (!at .e is, because t!e a,ostles and t!e ,eo,le of #ndor !ave taken u,on t!emselves to tell 1!o .e is 1!o (orked t!e miracle. And t!e cro(ds e<claim4 ' 3lessed be t!e /od of Israel. 3lessed be t!e Messia!, .is Messen er2 3lessed be +esus, -on of David2 A reat Pro,!et is risen amon us2 /od !as really visited .is ,eo,le2 .allelu7a!2 .allelu7a!2 * At last +esus can steal a(ay and enter t!e to(n. T!e cro(d follo( and ,ursue .im, e<ultin in t!eir love. A A man rus!es to(ards +esus and bo(s dee,ly to .im. ' Please come and stay under my roof. * ' I cannot. Passover ,revents Me from makin any sto, e<ce,t t!ose ,ro rammed. * ' In a fe( !ours it (ill be sunset and t!is is 9riday...* ' #<actly, t!at is (!y I must reac! My !altin ,lace before sunset. I t!ank you 7ust t!e same. 3ut do not kee, Me back. * ' I am t!e !ead of t!e syna o ue. * ' -o you mean t!at you are entitled to !ave Me. Man, if I !ad arrived !ere only one !our later, t!at (oman (ould not !ave !ad !er son restored to !er. I am oin (!ere ot!er un!a,,y ,eo,le are (aitin for Me. Do not be so selfis! as to delay t!eir 7oy. I (ill certainly come a ain and I (ill be (it! you in Nain for several days. No( let Me o. * T!e man does not insist any more. .e only says4 ' As 0ou said. I (ill (ait for 0ou. * 44/

' 0es. Peace to you and to t!e citizens of Nain. Also to you, ,eo,le of #ndor, ,eace and blessin s. /o back to your !omes. /od !as s,oken to you t!rou ! t!e miracle. #ndeavour, t!rou ! t!e ,o(er of love, to !ave all your !earts restored to /oodness. * A last c!orus of !osannas. T!en t!e cro(ds let +esus o and .e crosses t!e to(n dia onally and oes out into t!e country, to(ards #sdraelon.

1+9. F o* Na#n to Es) aelon. Jes!s Sta1s at 6#"a$'s.

1,t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& T!e sun is settin in a red sky (!en +esus comes in vie( of +o!anan:s fields. ' Let us =uicken our ,ace, My friends, before t!e sun sets. And you, Peter, o (it! your brot!er to inform our friends, Doras: men. * ' I (ill o indeed, also to see (!et!er t!e son !as really one a(ay. * Peter stresses t!e (ord ' son *. And !e oes a(ay. In t!e meantime +esus ,roceeds at a slo(er ,ace, lookin around to see (!et!er any of +o!anan:s men are about. 3ut .e can only see t!e fertile fields, in (!ic! t!e ears of rain are already (ell formed. At last, a face, (et (it! ,ers,iration, a,,ears amon t!e 441

vine;leaves and an e<clamation is !eard4 ' $!2 3lessed Lord2 * and t!e ,easant runs out of t!e vineyard and ,rostrates !imself at +esus: feet. ' Peace to you, Isaia!2 * ' $!2 0ou remember also my name) * ' It is (ritten in My !eart. -tand u,. 1!ere are your com,anions) * ' $ver t!ere. In t!e a,,le;orc!ards. 3ut I (ill tell t!em at once. 0ou (ill be our uest, (ill 0ou not) T!e master is not !ere and (e can (elcome 0ou. In any case... (!at (it! t!e fear, (!at (it! t!e 7oy... it is better. +ust ima ine, !e ave us a lamb t!is year and (ill allo( us to o to t!e Tem,le2 .e !as iven us only si< days... but (e (ill run all t!e (ay... 1e (ill be in +erusalem, too... Ima ine2... And t!anks to 0ou. * T!e man is in !is sevent! !eaven of deli !t because !e !as been treated as a man and as an Israelite. ' I !ave done not!in , as far as I kno(...* says +esus smilin . ' #!2 no2 0ou !ave done a reat deal. Doras, and t!e fields of Doras, and t!ese ones !ere, (!ic! are instead so beautiful t!is year... +o!anan (as informed of your visit, and !e is not a fool. .e is afraid and... and !e is afraid. * ' $f (!at) * ' .e is afraid t!at (!at !a,,ened to Doras may !a,,en to !im. 3ot! (it! re ard to !is life and to !is ,ro,erty. .ave 0ou seen Doras: fields) * ' I !ave come from Nain...* ' In t!at case 0ou !ave not seen t!em. T!ey are a 442

com,lete ruin. MT!e man (!is,ers t!at in a lo( but clear voice, like someone im,artin a secret concernin somet!in dreadful.N T!ey are all ruined2 T!ere is no !ay, no fodder, no fruit. %ines and orc!ards (it!ered... Dead... everyt!in is dead... like -odom and /omorra!... "ome, I (ill s!o( 0ou. * ' It is not necessary. I am oin to see t!ose ,easants...* ' 3ut t!ey are no lon er !ere2 Did 0ou not kno() Doras, t!e son of Doras, !as scattered t!em or dismissed t!em, and t!e ones !e sent to t!e ot!er country ,laces (!ic! belon to !im, must not s,eak of 0ou, or t!ey (ill be las!ed... Not to s,eak of 0ou2 T!at (ill be difficult2 Also +o!anan said so to us. * ' 1!at did !e say) * ' .e said4 5I am not so foolis! as Doras and I (ill not say to you4 QI do not (ant you to s,eak of t!e Nazarene.: It (ould be useless, because you (ould do it 7ust t!e same and I do not (ant to lose you by las!in you to deat! like untameable animals. $n t!e contrary I say to you4 :3e ood as t!e Nazarene certainly teac!es you and tell .im t!at I treat you (ell.: I do not (ant to be cursed, too.6 $f course, !e can see (!at t!ese fields are like after 0ou blessed t!em, and (!at t!e ones 0ou cursed are like. $!2 .ere are t!e ones (!o ,lou !ed t!e field for me...* and t!e man runs to meet Peter and Andre(. 8 3ut Peter reets !im briefly and ,roceeds on !is (ay and be ins to s!out4 ' $!2 Master2 T!ere is no one left2 T!ey are all ne( faces. And everyt!in is laid (aste2 .e could very (ell do (it!out any ,easants !ere. It is (orse t!an t!e -alt -eal...* 44,

' I kno(. Isaia! told Me. * ' 3ut come and see2 1!at a si !t...* +esus ,leases !im after sayin to Isaia!4 ' I (ill stay (it! you. Tell your com,anions. 3ut do not o to any trouble. I !ave enou ! food. All (e need is a barn to slee, in and your love. I (ill come back soon. * T!e si !t of Doras: fields is really distressin . 9ields and meado(s are dry and barren, vineyards are (it!ered, t!e folia e and fruit of trees are com,letely destroyed by millions of insects of all kinds. Also t!e arden;orc!ard near t!e !ouse looks like a desolate dyin (ood. T!e ,easants (ander to and fro u,rootin (eeds, crus!in cater,illars, snails, eart!;(orms and t!e like, s!akin branc!es under (!ic! t!ey ,lace basins full of (ater to dro(n little butterflies, a,!ides and ot!er ,arasites (!ic! cover t!e leaves and eat a(ay t!e ,lant until it dies. T!ey endeavour to find a si n of life in t!e vine; s!oots, (!ic! break like dry (ood as soon as t!ey are touc!ed and some times fall off t!e main branc!, as if t!e roots !ad been cut by a sa(. T!e contrast (it! +o!anan:s fields, vineyards and orc!ards is most strikin and t!e ruin of t!e cursed fields seems more im,ressive (!en com,ared to t!e fruitfulness of t!e ot!ers. ' T!e !and of t!e /od of -inai is a !eavy one * (!is,ers -imon t!e Fealot. +esus makes a esture as if to say4 ' .o( ri !t you are2 * but .e does not say anyt!in . .e only asks4 ' .o( did it !a,,en) * A ,easant re,lies bet(een !is teet!4 ' Moles, locusts, (orms... but o a(ay2 T!e ste(ard is fait!ful to Doras... 444

Don:t cause us trouble...* +esus si !s and oes a(ay. Anot!er ,easant, (!o is bent under an a,,le;tree eart!in it u,, in t!e !o,e !e may save it, says4 ' 1e (ill reac! 0ou tomorro(... (!en t!e ste(ard oes to +ezreel for t!e ,rayer... (e (ill come to Mica!:s !ouse. * +esus makes t!e esture of blessin and oes a(ay. > 1!en .e oes back to t!e cross;road, all t!e ,easants of +o!anan are t!ere and 7oyful and !a,,y t!ey surround t!eir Messia! and take .im to t!eir ,oor d(ellin s. ' Did 0ou see, over t!ere) * ' 0es, I did. Doras: ,easants are comin tomorro(. * ' $f course, (!en t!e !yenas o to ,ray... 1e do t!at every -abbat!... and (e s,eak of 0ou, (e tell (!at (e !eard from +ona!, from Isaac, (!o often comes to see us, and (!at (e learned from 0ou in Tis!ri. 1e s,eak as best (e can. 3ecause it is im,ossible not to s,eak of 0ou. And t!e more (e suffer, t!e more (e are forbidden, t!e more (e s,eak of 0ou. T!ose ,oor ,eo,le... t!ey drink t!e essence of life every -abbat!... 3ut !o( many t!ere are in t!is ,lain (!o are in need of kno(in , of kno(in 0ou at least, and yet t!ey cannot come !ere...* ' I (ill see to t!em as (ell. And may you be blessed for (!at you do. * T!e sun is settin (!ile +esus enters a kitc!en blackened by smoke. T!e -abbat! rest be ins.


1+1. T$e Sabbat$ at Es) aelon. L#ttle Jabe3. T$e Pa able of R#"$ D#2es.
14t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& ' /ive Mica! enou ! money so t!at tomorro( !e may ,ay for (!at !e borro(ed today from t!e ,easants of t!is area * says +esus to t!e Iscariot, (!o usually !andles t!e... common ,ossessions. T!en +esus calls Andre( and +o!n and sends t!em to t(o s,ots from (!ic! it is ,ossible to see t!e road or t!e roads comin from +ezreel. .e calls also Peter and -imon and sends t!em to meet t!e men of Doras (it! instructions to sto, t!em at t!e boundary bet(een t!e t(o estates. .e t!en says to +ames and +udas4 ' Take t!e foodstuffs and come (it! Me. * T!e ,easants of +o!anan, (omen, men and c!ildren follo( t!em. T!e men are carryin t(o small am,!oras, (!ic!, !o(ever, are not very small, and (!ic! must be full of (ine. T!ey are 7ars rat!er t!an am,!oras and contain about ten litres eac!. MPlease do not take my estimate as an article of fait!N. T!ey o to(ards a t!ick vineyard, (!ic! is already all covered (it! ne( leaves, at t!e end of +o!anan:s ,ro,erty. 3eyond it t!ere is a lar e ditc! (!ic! is ke,t full of (ater (it!, I (onder, !o( muc! (ork. ' -ee) +o!anan =uarrelled (it! Doras over t!is ditc!. +o!anan said4 5It is your fat!er:s fault if everyt!in is ruined. If !e did not (ant to adore .im, !e s!ould !ave been afraid of .im instead of ,rovokin .im.6 And Doras s!outed like a demon4 5It (as t!is ditc! t!at saved you. 44+

T!e insects did not cross it... And +o!anan re,lied4 51!y is all your ,ro,erty ruined, t!en, (!en ,reviously your fields (ere t!e nicest ones in #sdraelon) It:s /od:s ,unis!ment, believe me. 0ou (ent beyond t!e limit. T!is (ater)... It !as been !ere all t!e time and t!at is not (!at saved me.6 And Doras s!outed a ain4 51!ic! ,roves t!at +esus is a demon.6 5.e is a 7ust man6 +o!anan s!outed back. And t!ey continued for some time, (!ile t!ey !ad breat!. Later +o!anan s,ent a lot of money to divert t!e torrent, to find ot!er under round (ater sources, and to di more ditc!es on t!e boundary line bet(een !im and !is relative, and !e made t!em dee,er and told us (!at (e told 0ou yesterday... After all, !e is !a,,y t!at it !a,,ened. .e (as so envious of Doras... .e no( !o,es t!at !e (ill be able to buy everyt!in , because Doras (ill end u, by sellin everyt!in at a very lo( ,rice. * +esus beni nly listens to all t!e confidential information, (!ile (aitin for Doras: ,oor ,easants, (!o arrive (it!out any delay and ,rostrate t!emselves on t!e round as soon as t!ey see +esus in t!e s!ade of a tree. ' Peace to you, My friends. "ome !ere. T!e syna o ue is !ere today and I am your !ead of it. 3ut first I (is! to be t!e fat!er of your family. -it around Me, t!at I may ive you some food. T!e /room is (it! you today, and (e (ill !ave a (eddin ban=uet. * And +esus uncovers a basket, from (!ic! .e takes some loaves of bread !andin t!em to t!e amazed ,easants of Doras. 9rom anot!er basket .e takes t!e foodstuffs .e !as been able to find4 c!eese, cooked ve etables, and a little kid or lamb, cooked (!ole, (!ic! .e divides amon 447

t!e un!a,,y men. .e t!en ,ours out some (ine and !ands round a coarse c!alice so t!at everybody may drink. ' 1!y all t!is) And (!at about t!em) * ask Doras: men ,ointin to +o!anan:s men. ' T!ey !ave already !ad t!eir s!are. * ' All t!is e<,ense2 .o( could 0ou do t!at) * ' T!ere are still some ood ,eo,le in Israel * re,lies +esus smilin . ' 3ut t!is is -abbat!...* ' T!ank t!is man * says +esus ,ointin at t!e man from #ndor. ' .e ot t!e lamb. It (as easy to et t!e rest. * T!e ,oor men devoured E it is t!e ri !t (ord E t!e food, t!e like of (!ic! t!ey !ad not tasted for a lon time. 8 $ne of t!em, a rat!er elderly man, is ,ressin to !is side a boy about ten years oldD !e eats and (ee,s. ' 1!at is t!e matter, fat!er)...* asks +esus. ' It:s because 0our oodness is too reat...* T!e man from #ndor says in !is uttural voice4 ' T!at is true... and it makes you (ee,. 3ut t!e tears are not bitter ones...* ' T!ey are not bitter. T!at:s true. And t!en... T!ere is somet!in I (ould like. My tears e<,ress also a desire. * ' 1!at do you (ant, fat!er) * ' -ee t!is c!ild. .e is my randson. .e (as left to me 449

after t!e landslide of last (inter. Doras does not even kno( t!at !e !as come to me, because I !ave to let !im live like a (ild animal in t!e (ood and I see !im only on t!e -abbat!. If !e finds out !e (ill eit!er drive !im a(ay or com,el !im to (ork... and t!is tender offs,rin of mine (ill be treated (orse t!an a ,ack;animal. At Passover I am sendin !im to +erusalem (it! Mica!, to become a son of t!e La(... and after)... .e is my dau !ter:s son...* ' 1ould you ive !im to Me, instead) Do not (ee,. I !ave many friends (!o are !onest, !oly and (it!out any c!ildren. T!ey (ill brin !im u, in a !oly manner, in My 1ay...* ' $!2 Lord2 T!at is (!at I !ave been (is!in for since I !eard of 0ou. And I ,rayed t!at !oly man +ona! to save my randc!ild from t!is deat!, because !e kno(s (!at it means to belon to t!is master...* ' "!ild, (ould you come (it! Me) * ' 0es, my Lord. And I (ill cause 0ou no rief. * ' T!at is settled. * ' 3ut... to (!om do 0ou (is! to ive !im) * asks Peter ,ullin +esus by t!e sleeve. ' Also t!is one to Lazarus) * ' No, -imon. 3ut t!ere are so many (it!out any c!ildren...* ' And I am one of t!em... * Peter:s desire seems to make !is face ro( t!inner. ' -imon. I !ave already told you. 0ou are to be t!e 5fat!er6 of all t!e c!ildren I (ill be=ueat! to you. 3ut you are not to be bound by any c!ild of your o(n. Do not be 442

u,set. 0ou are too indis,ensable to your Master, 1!o cannot detac! you from .imself because of an affection. I am e<actin , -imon. I am more e<actin t!an a very 7ealous !usband. I love you most ,artially and I (ant you to be entirely Mine. * ' All ri !t, my Lord... all ri !t... Let it be done as 0ou (is!. * Poor Peter is really !eroic in ad!erin to +esus: (ill. ' .e (ill be t!e son of My da(nin "!urc!. All ri !t) .e (ill belon to everybody and to nobody. .e (ill be 5our6 c!ild. .e (ill follo( us (!en distances (ill allo( !im to, or !e (ill come to us and t!e s!e,!erds (ill be !is uardians, as in every c!ild t!ey love 5t!eir6 "!ild +esus. "ome !ere, My c!ild, (!at is your name) * ' +abez of +o!n and I am from +uda! * says t!e boy (it!out !esitatin . ' 0es. 1e are +udaeans * confirms t!e old man. ' I used to (ork in Doras: lands in +udaea, and my dau !ter ot married to a man from t!at area. .e (orked in t!e (oods near Arimat!ea and last (inter... * ' I sa( t!e disaster. * ' T!e boy (as s,ared because t!at ni !t !e (as far a(ay (it! a relative... In actual fact t!e boy (as a,,ro,riately named +abez. I said to my dau !ter at once4 51!y) Do you not remember t!e ancient tradition).6 3ut !er !usband insisted in ivin !im t!at name, so !e is +abezM&N. > ' 5T!e c!ild (ill call on t!e Lord and t!e Lord (ill bless !im and (ill e<tend !is lands, and t!e !and of t!e Lord 43/

(ill be (it! !im and (ill kee, !arm a(ay from !im.6 T!at is (!at t!e Lord (ill rant !im to comfort you, fat!er, and t!e souls of t!e dead, and to console t!e or,!an. And no( t!at (e !ave se,arated t!e needs of t!e body from t!ose of t!e soul, by an act of love for t!e boy, listen to t!e ,arable t!at I !ave t!ou !t out for you. T!ere (as once a very ric! man. .e (ore t!e most beautiful arments, and in !is ,ur,le and byssus clot!es !e used to strut about in s=uares and at !ome, res,ected by !is citizens as t!e most ,o(erful man in t!e country, and by !is friends, (!o ratified !is ,ride to ain benefits t!ereby. T!ey feasted every day in !is !alls, (!ere t!e multitude of !is uests, all ric! and none t!erefore needy, cro(ded flatterin Dives. .is ban=uets (ere famous for t!e co,iousness of food and of c!oice (ines. In t!e same to(n t!ere lived a be ar, a reat be ar. .e (as reat in !is misery as t!e ot!er (as reat in !is (ealt!. 3ut under t!e crust of t!e !uman misery of Lazarus, t!e be ar, t!ere (as !idden a treasure, (!ic! (as even reater t!an Lazarus: misery and Dives: (ealt!. And it (as Lazarus: true !oliness. .e !ad never infrin ed t!e La(, not even (!en ur ed by need, and above all !e !ad com,lied (it! t!e ,rece,t of love for /od and for !is nei !bour. .e, as is (ont (it! ,oor ,eo,le, used to o near t!e doors of ric! ,eo,le to ask for alms, so t!at !e (ould not starve to deat!. And every evenin !e (ould o to Dives: !ouse, !o,in to receive at least t!e crumbs of t!e ,om,ous ban=uets (!ic! took ,lace in t!e ma nificent !alls. .e (ould lie in t!e street, near t!e door, and (ait ,atiently. 431

3ut if Dives noticed !im, !e (ould !ave !im driven a(ay because t!at underfed body, covered (it! sores and ra ed clot!es, (as too sad a si !t for !is uests. T!at is (!at Dives used to say. In actual fact, it (as because t!e si !t of so muc! misery and oodness (as a continuous re,roac! to !im. .is (ell fed do s, adorned (it! ,recious collars, (ere more ,itiful t!an !e (as and t!ey used to o near ,oor Lazarus and lick !is sores, s!o(in t!eir reat 7oy at bein caressed by !im. T!ey even took t!e remnants of t!e bountiful tables to !im, so t!at Lazarus survived malnutrition t!anks to animals. If !e !ad relied on man !e (ould !ave died, because man did not even allo( !im to enter t!e !alls, after t!e ban=uet, to ,ick u, t!e crumbs (!ic! !ad fallen from t!e tables. $ne day Lazarus died. No one on eart! noticed it, no one mourned !im. Nay, Dives re7oiced not seein on t!at day or after(ards t!at misery (!ic! !e called a 5dis race6 near !is door. 3ut t!e an els noticed it in .eaven. And (!en !e (as about to breat!e !is last in !is cold barren cave, t!e celestial co!orts (ere ,resent and in a bri !t dazzlin li !t t!ey ,icked u, !is soul and sin in !osannas t!ey took it to t!e bosom of Abra!am. -ome time (ent by and Dives died. $!2 1!at a rand funeral2 T!e (!ole to(n, already a(are of !is a ony, cro(ded in t!e s=uare, (!ere !is abode (as, some to be noticed as friends of t!e reat man, some out of curiosity, some to ain favour (it! t!e !eirs, and t!ey all 7oined in t!e mournin , and t!eir cries rose to t!e sky and (it! t!eir cries also t!e false ,raises of t!e 5 reat, 7ust benefactor6 (!o !ad died. "an t!e (ord of man c!an e /od:s 7ud ement) "an 432

!uman a,olo y cancel (!at is (ritten in t!e book of Life) No, it cannot. 1!at !as been 7ud ed is 7ud ed and (!at !as been (ritten is (ritten. And not(it!standin t!e rand funeral, t!e soul of Dives (as buried in !ell. T!en, in t!at !orrible 7ail, eatin and drinkin fire and darkness, findin !atred and torture every(!ere and in every moment of eternity, !e raised !is eyes to !eaven. .e raised !is eyes to !eaven (!ic! !e sa( in t!e bri !tness of li !tnin , in t!e fraction of a second, and t!e indescribable beauty of !eaven remained ,resent in !is mind and tormented !im in t!e midst of atrocious tortures. And !e sa( Abra!am u, t!ere. 9ar, but bri !t, !a,,y... and in !is la,, bri !t and !a,,y t!ere (as also Lazarus, ,oor Lazarus, once miserable, des,ised, revoltin ... and no() .e (as !andsome in t!e li !t of /od and of !is !oliness, full of /od:s love, admired not by men but by t!e an els of /od. Dives (ee,in cried4 59at!er Abra!am, !ave mercy on me2 -end Lazarus, as I cannot ,ossibly !o,e t!at you (ill do it yourself, send Lazarus to di, t!e ti, of !is fin er in (ater and touc! my ton ue (it! it, to cool it, for I am in a ony in t!ese flames (!ic! ,ierce me continuously and burn me2.6 Abra!am re,lied4 5Remember, son, t!at you !ad all ood t!in s durin your life, (!ereas Lazarus !ad all bad t!in s. 3ut !e turned evil into ood, (!ereas you did not!in but evil of all t!e ood t!in s. It is t!erefore 7ust t!at no( !e s!ould be comforted !ere and t!at you s!ould suffer. In any case it is not ,ossible to do it. .oly ,eo,le are s,read over t!e eart! so t!at men may take advanta e of t!em. 3ut if not(it!standin all t!e 43,

o,,ortunities, a man remains (!at !e (as E in your case4 a demon E it is useless to make recourse to saints. 1e are no( se,arated. .erbs are mi<ed (!en t!ey are in t!e field. 3ut (!en t!ey are cut, t!e ood ones are se,arated from t!e evil ones. T!at is (!at !a,,ens to you and to us. 1e (ere to et!er on t!e eart! and you re7ected and tortured us in every ,ossible (ay, you for ot us, actin a ainst t!e la( of c!arity. 1e are no( divided. T!ere is an abyss bet(een you and us, and t!ose (!o (is! to cross it and come to you, cannot do it, neit!er can you, (!ere you are, cross t!e dreadful abyss and come to us.6 Dives, cryin more loudly s!outed4 5.oly fat!er, at least ,lease send Lazarus to my fat!er:s !ouse. I !ave five brot!ers. I !ave never understood (!at love is, not even amon relatives. 3ut no( I understand (!at a terrible t!in it is not to be loved. And since (!ere I am t!ere is !atred, in t!e fraction of a second, (!en my soul sa( /od, I understood (!at Love is. I do not (ant my brot!ers to suffer t!e ,ains (!ic! I am sufferin . I am terrified because t!ey are leadin t!e same life as I did. $!2 send Lazarus to tell t!em (!ere I am, and (!y I am !ere, and let t!em kno( t!at !ell does e<ist, and it is dreadful, and t!at t!ose (!o do not love /od and t!eir nei !bour come to !ell. -end !im2 -o t!at t!ey may ,rovide in ood time, and may not come !ere, to t!is ,lace of eternal torture.6 3ut Abra!am re,lied4 50our brot!ers !ave Moses and t!e Pro,!ets. T!ey s!ould listen to t!em.6 And (it! a dee, roan of a tormented soul Dives re,lied4 5$!2 9at!er Abra!am2 T!ey (ill be more im,ressed by a dead ,erson... Listen to me2 .ave mercy2.6 434

3ut Abra!am said4 5If t!ey !ave not listened to Moses and t!e Pro,!ets, t!ey (ill not believe eit!er one (!o !as risen from t!e dead for one !our to s,eak (ords of Trut! to t!em. In any case it is not fair t!at a blessed soul s!ould leave my bosom to o and be insulted by t!e sons of t!e #nemy. T!e time of insults is over for suc! souls. T!ey are no( in ,eace by t!e order of /od 1!o sees t!at it is useless to endeavour to convert t!ose (!o do not even believe in t!e (ord of /od and do not ,ractice it.6 T!at is t!e ,arable and its meanin is so clear t!at no clarification is re=uired. A My +ona! lived !ere and really ac!ieved t!e !oliness of Lazarus, (!ose lorious ,osition near /od is made clear by t!e ,rotection .e rants to t!ose (!o !o,e in .im. +ona! can come to you, as a friend and ,rotector, and !e (ill come if you are al(ays ood. I (ould like, and I tell you no( (!at I told !im last s,rin , I (ould like to be able to !el, you all, also materially, but I cannot, and I am sorry for t!at. I can but ,oint .eaven to you. I can only teac! you t!e reat (isdom of resi nation and ,romise t!e future Bin dom to you. Do not !ate, never, for any reason (!atsoever. .atred is stron in t!e (orld. 3ut it al(ays !as a limit. Love !as no limit of ,o(er or time. Love t!erefore, to ,ossess love, as a defense and comfort on t!e eart!, and as a re(ard in .eaven. It is better to be Lazarus t!an Dives, believe Me. 3elieve it and you (ill be blessed. In t!e desolation of t!ese fields you cannot !ear one (ord of !atred, even if facts could !ave 7ustified it. Do not misunderstand t!e miracle. I am Love and I (ould not 433

!ave struck. 3ut seein t!at Love could not bend cruel Dives, I abandoned !im to +ustice (!ic! aven ed t!e martyr +ona! and !is brot!ers. T!is is (!at t!e miracle teac!es you. T!at +ustice is al(ays vi ilant, also (!en It seems to be absent and t!at since /od is t!e Master of creation, in ,ursuance of +ustice, .e can make use also of t!e least bein s, suc! as cater,illars and ants, to ,unis! t!e !earts of cruel and reedy ,eo,le lettin t!em die c!oked by a re ur itation of t!eir o(n ,oison. C I bless you, no(. And I (ill ,ray for you at every da(n. And you, fat!er, do not (orry about t!e little lamb you are entrustin to Me. I (ill brin !im back no( and a ain, t!at you may re7oice seein !im ro( in (isdom and oodness in t!e (ay of t!e Lord. .e (ill be your lamb of t!is ,oor Passover of yours, t!e most ,leasin of all t!e lambs offered at t!e altar of +e!ova!. +abez, say oodbye to t!e old fat!er and t!en come to your -aviour, to your /ood -!e,!erd. Peace be (it! you2 * ' $!2 Master2 /ood Master2 .o( ,ainful it is to leave you2 * ' 0es, it is ,ainful. 3ut it is better if t!e ste(ard does not find you !ere. I came !ere deliberately, to avoid ,unis!ments for you. Please obey for t!e sake of t!e Love 1!o advises you. * T!e un!a,,y men rise (it! tears in t!eir eyes, and o back to t!eir cross. +esus blesses t!em once a ain and t!en, !oldin t!e boy by t!e !and and (it! t!e man from #ndor on t!e ot!er side, .e oes back to Mica!:s !ouse alon t!e same (ay .e came. Andre( and +o!n 7oin .im and t!e disci,les after t!eir (atc!. 43+

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; M&N +abez (as not considered a lucky name. -ee "!ronicles I, A, K;&L.

1+-. F o* Es) aelon to En(ann#* Sto%%#n( at 6e(#))o.

15t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& ' Is t!at t!e to, of Mount "armel, my Lord) * asks .is cousin +ames. ' 0es, it is, brot!er. T!at is t!e c!ain of t!e "armel and t!e !i !est ,eak is t!e one t!at ives t!e name to t!e c!ain. * ' T!e (orld must be beautiful also from t!ere. .ave 0ou ever been u, t!ere) * ' 0es, once, by Myself, at t!e be innin of My mission. And at t!e foot of it I cured t!e first le,er. 3ut (e (ill o t!ere to et!er, to commemorate #li7a!...* ' T!ank 0ou, +esus. 0ou !ave understood me as usual. * ' And as usual I ,erfect you, +ames. * ' 1!y) * ' T!e reason is (ritten in .eaven. * ' 1ould 0ou not tell me, brot!er, since 0ou can read (!at is (ritten in .eaven) * 437

+esus and +ames are (alkin one beside t!e ot!er and only little +abez, (!o is !eld by t!e !and by +esus, can !ear t!e confidential conversation of t!e t(o cousins (!o smile lookin at eac! ot!er:s eyes. +esus embraces +ames: s!oulders (it! .is arm to dra( !im closer to .imself and asks4 ' Do you really (ant to kno() 1ell, I (ill tell you by means of a riddle, and (!en you find t!e ans(er you (ill be (ise. Listen4 5After assemblin t!e false ,ro,!ets on Mount "armel, #li7a! ste,,ed out in front of all t!e ,eo,le4 :.o( lon : !e said :do you mean to !obble first on one le t!en on t!e ot!er) If t!e Lord is /od, follo( .imD if 3aal, follo( !im.: T!e ,eo,le did not re,ly. #li7a! t!en said to t!e ,eo,le4 :I, I alone, am left as a ,ro,!et of t!e Lord: and t!e only stren t! of t!e lonely ,ro,!et (as !is cry4 :Ans(er me, Lord, ans(er me, so t!at t!is ,eo,le may kno( t!at 0ou are t!e Lord /od, and are (innin back t!eir !earts.: T!en t!e fire of t!e Lord fell and consumed t!e !olocaust.6 /uess, My brot!er. * +ames is ,ensive (it! !is !ead lo(ered and +esus looks at !im smilin . T!ey (alk for a fe( yards t!us, t!en +ames asks4 ' Is it in connection (it! #li7a! or (it! my future) * ' 1it! your future, of course...* +ames becomes t!ou !tful a ain and t!en (!is,ers4 ' Am I ,er!a,s destined to invite Israel to follo( a (ay (it! sincerity) Am I destined to be t!e only one left in Israel) If so, do 0ou mean t!at all t!e ot!ers (ill be ,ersecuted and scattered and t!at... I (ill ,ray 0ou for t!e conversion of t!is ,eo,le... as if I (ere a ,riest... as if I (ere... a victim... 3ut if it is so, +esus, inflame me as 439

from no(...* ' 0ou already are inflamed. 3ut you (ill be carried a(ay by 9ire, like #li7a!. T!at is (!y you and I (ill o, all alone on Mount "armel to s,eak...* ' 1!en) After Passover) * ' 0es, after a Passover. And t!en I (ill tell you many t!in s...* 8 A lovely little river (!ic! flo(s to(ards t!e sea and is in flood because of t!e s,rin time rains and t!e t!a(in sno(, ,revents t!em from ,roceedin . Peter runs to(ards t!em and says4 ' T!e brid e is furt!er u,, (!ere t!e road from Ptolomais to #n annim ,asses. * +esus oes back submissively and crosses t!e little river by a stron stone brid e. Immediately after(ards t!ey meet some little mountains and !ills, but t!ey are of little im,ortance. ' 1ill (e be at #n annim by evenin ) * asks P!ili,. ' "ertainly... 3ut... (e !ave t!e boy no(. Are you tired, +abez) * +esus asks fondly. ' 3e as frank as an an el. * ' A little, Lord. 3ut I (ill do my best to (alk. * ' T!is boy is very (eak * says t!e man from #ndor in !is uttural voice. ' No (onder2 * e<claims Peter. ' "onsiderin t!e life !e !as been leadin for mont!s2 "ome !ere, I (ill carry you in my arms. * ' $!2 No, sir. Don:t tire yourself. I am still able to (alk. * 432

' "ome, come !ere. 0ou are certainly not !eavy. 0ou look like an underfed little bird * and Peter ,uts !im astride !is s=uare s!oulder:s, !oldin !im by t!e le s. T!ey (alk fast because t!e sun is no( stron and ur es t!em to reac! t!e s!ady !ills. > T!ey sto, in a villa e, t!e name of (!ic! I !ear is Ma eddo, to take some food and rest near a very cool fountain, (!ic! is also noisy because of t!e abundance of (ater t!at us!es out into a dark stone basin. 3ut no one in t!e villa e takes an interest in t!e travellers, anonymous amon many ot!er more or less ric! ,il rims, (!o on foot or ridin donkeys or mules are oin to(ards +erusalem for Passover. T!ere is already a !oliday atmos,!ere and t!ere are many boys amon t!e travellers, e<!ilarated at t!e idea of t!e ceremony for t!eir comin of a e. T(o boys, of (ell;to;do families, (!o !ave come to ,lay near t!e fountain (!ile +abez is t!ere (it! Peter E (!o takes t!e boy (it! !im every(!ere attractin !im (it! a t!ousand little t!in s E ask t!e boy4 ' Are you oin , also, to become a son of t!e La() * +abez re,lies s!yly4 ' 0es * almost !idin !imself be!ind Peter. ' Is t!is man your fat!er) Are you ,oor) * ' 0es, I am ,oor. * T!e t(o boys, ,robably t!e sons of P!arisees, look !im over ironically and curiously and t!en say4 ' $ne can see it. * It can be seen, indeed... .is tunic is really s!abby2 4+/

Per!a,s t!e boy !as ro(n, and alt!ou ! t!e !em of t!e tunic !as been let do(n, t!e arment, a bro(n faded by inclement (eat!er, !ardly reac!es !alf (ay do(n !is t!in le s. .is little feet are badly s!od in t(o s!a,eless sandals !eld to et!er by strin s (!ic! must torture !is feet. T!e boys, (it! t!e rut!less selfis!ness ty,ical of many c!ildren and (it! t!e cruelty of ill;mannered urc!ins, say4 ' $!2 In t!at case you (ill not !ave a ne( suit of clot!es for your feast2 1e instead2... Is t!at ri !t +oac!im) Mine is all red (it! mantle to matc!. .is, instead, is sky blue and (e (ill !ave sandals (it! silver buckles, a ,recious belt and a talet !eld by a ,ale old leaf and...* ' ...and a !eart of stone, I (ould say2 * bursts out Peter, (!o !as finis!ed coolin !is feet and dra(in (ater to fill all t!e flasks. ' 0ou are bad boys. T!e ceremony and your clot!es are not (ort! a fi if your !earts are not ood. I ,refer my boy. /o a(ay, you ,roud urc!ins2 /o amon st t!e ric! but res,ect t!e ,oor and t!e !onest. "ome, +abez2 T!is (ater is ood for your tired feet. "ome !ere t!at I may (as! t!em. 0ou (ill (alk better after(ards. Look !o( t!ese strin s !ave !urt you2 0ou must not (alk any more. I (ill carry you in my arms until (e reac! #n annim. I (ill find a s!oemaker t!ere and I (ill buy you a ne( ,air of sandals. * And Peter (as!es and dries t!e little feet (!ic! !ad not received so many caresses for a lon time. T!e boy looks at !im, !esitates, t!en bends over t!e man (!o is tyin !is sandals and embraces !im (it! !is emaciated arms sayin 4 ' .o( ood you are2 * and kisses 4+1

!is rey !air. Peter is moved. .e sits on t!e dam, round, as !e is, takes t!e boy in !is la, and says to !im4 ' "all me 5fat!er6 t!en. * T!ey form a tender rou,. +esus and t!e ot!ers a,,roac! t!em. 3ut before t!e t(o ,arties meet, t!e t(o ,roud little fello(s already mentioned (!o !ad remained t!ere in=uisitively, ask4 ' 3ut is !e not your fat!er) * ' .e is fat!er and mot!er to me * re,lies +abez (it!out !esitation. ' 0es, dear2 0ou are ri !t4 fat!er and mot!er. And, my dear little entlemen, I can assure t!at !e (ill be ,ro,erly dressed for t!e ceremony. .e, too, (ill !ave a dress fit for a kin , as red as fire and a belt as reen as rass, and !is talet (ill be as (!ite as sno(. * And alt!ou ! t!e matc! is not a very !armonisin one, it s!ocks t!e t(o conceited boys and drives t!em a(ay. ' 1!at are you doin , -imon, sittin on t!e (et round) * asks +esus smilin . ' 1et) A!2 yes. I am 7ust noticin it. 1!at am I doin ) I am becomin a lamb a ain !avin innocence on my !eart. A!2 Master. 1ell, let us o. 3ut you must leave t!is boy in my !ands. After(ards I (ill surrender !im. 3ut !e is mine until !e becomes a true Israelite. ' All ri !t2 And you (ill be !is uardian, like an old fat!er. Is t!at all ri !t) Let us o, so t!at (e s!all be at #n annim before evenin , (it!out makin t!e boy run 4+2

too muc!. * ' I (ill carry !im.. My fis!in net is !eavier. .e cannot (alk (it! t!ese broken soles. "ome !ere. * And (it! !is odson astride !is s!oulders Peter takes !a,,ily to t!e road a ain. T!e road is no( more s!ady, t!rou ! (oods of various kinds of trees, ently ascendin !ills, from (!ic! one:s eyes rove over t!e fertile ,lain of #sdraelon. A T!ey are already near #n annim E (!ic! must be a beautiful little to(n su,,lied (it! (ater brou !t from t!e !ills by means of an elevated a=ueduct, ,robably a Roman (ork E (!en t!e noise of an oncomin military s=uad makes t!em take refu e on t!e ed e of t!e road. T!e !ooves of t!e !orses resound on t!e road, (!ic! !ere, near t!e to(n, s!o(s si ns of a ,avin t!at a,,ears t!rou ! t!e dust at!ered on it (it! rubble. T!e road !as obviously never been s(e,t (it! a besom. ' .ail, Master2 .o( do 0ou !a,,en to be !ere) * s!outs Publius Guintilianus dismountin from !is !orse, and oin to(ards +esus (it! a broad smile, !oldin t!e !orse by t!e reins. .is soldiers slo( do(n to kee, ,ace (it! t!eir su,erior. ' I am oin to +erusalem for Passover. * ' I am oin , too. 1e are reinforcin t!e uard for t!e festivity, also because Pontius Pilate is comin to to(n, too, and "laudia is t!ere. 1e are !er runners. T!e roads are so insecure2 T!e ea les drive 7ackals a(ay * says t!e soldier lau !in and looks at +esus. .e t!en continues in a lo( voice4 ' Double (atc! t!is year, to ,rotect t!e back of filt!y Anti,as. T!ere is a lot of ill;feelin because of t!e ca,ture of t!e Pro,!et. Ill;feelin in Israel... and 4+,

conse=uently dissatisfaction amon us. 3ut... (e !ave already ensured t!at t!e .i ! Priest and !is stoo es !ave been... beni nly lectured...* and !e ends in a lo( voice4 ' /o (it!out any fear. All t!e cla(s !ave been retracted into t!e ,a(s. $!2 T!ey are afraid of us. If (e only clear our t!roats, t!ey take it for a roar. 1ill you s,eak at +erusalem) "ome near t!e Praetorium. "laudia s,eaks of 0ou as of a reat ,!iloso,!er. T!at is a ood t!in because "laudia is t!e ,roconsul. * .e looks around and sees Peter flus!ed, ,ers,irin (it! !is load. ' And t!at boy) * ' An or,!an I brou !t (it! Me. * ' 3ut t!at man of 0ours is (orkin too !ard2 3oy, are you afraid to come on t!e !orse (it! me for a fe( yards) I (ill kee, you under my c!lamys and I (ill o slo(. I (ill !and you back to !im (!en (e are at t!e ate. * T!e boy does not ob7ect, !e is as mild as a lamb, and Publius lifts !im u, on to t!e saddle. And (!ile !e is orderin !is soldiers to o slo( !e sees also t!e man from #ndor. .e stares at !im and says4 ' 1!at2 0ou !ere) * ' I am !ere. I !ave sto,,ed sellin e s to t!e Romans. 3ut t!e c!icken are still t!ere. I am no( (it! t!e Master...* ' /ood for you2 0ou (ill !ave reater comfort. /oodbye. .ail, Master. I (ill (ait for 0ou at t!at rou, of trees. * And !e s,urs !is !orse. ' Do you kno( !im) And does !e kno( you) * many ask +o!n of #ndor. 4+4

' 0es, as !is su,,lier of c!icken. .e did not kno( me before, but once I (as summoned to t!e !ead=uarters at Nain to fi< t!e ,rices, and !e (as t!ere. -ince t!en !e al(ays s,oke to me (!en I (ent to "aesarea to buy books or tools. .e calls me "yclo,s or Dio enes. .e is not a bad fello(, and alt!ou ! I cannot bear Romans I !ave never offended !im because !e mi !t be useful to me. * ' Did you !ear t!at, Master) My s,eec! to t!e centurion at "a,ernaum (as a ood t!in . I feel more rela<ed no( * says Peter. C T!ey reac! t!e t!icket in t!e s!ade of (!ic! t!e ,atrol !as dismounted. ' I am !andin t!e boy back to 0ou. .ave 0ou orders, Master) * ' No, Publius. May /od s!o( .imself to you. * ' .ail *, !e mounts !is !orse and s,urs it, follo(ed by !is men (it! a loud rattle of !ooves and body;armour. T!ey enter t!e to(n and Peter (it! !is little friend oes to buy sandals. ' T!at man is dyin for a son * says t!e Fealot, and !e concludes4 ' .e is ri !t. * ' I (ill ive you t!ousands. No( let us o and look for a ,lace to rest, so t!at tomorro( (e can start at da(n. *


1+.. F o* En(ann#* to S$e"$e* #n T&o Da1s.

17t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& +esus oes on .is (ay to(ards +erusalem alon roads (!ic! are more and more cro(ded (it! ,il rims. A !eavy s!o(er durin t!e ni !t !as made t!e road some(!at muddy, but, on t!e ot!er !and, it !as removed dust and made t!e air clearer. T!e fields look like ardens dili ently tended by skilled men. T!ey all (alk fast because t!ey are (ell rested after a ni !t:s slee,, and because t!e boy, (it! !is ne( sandals, no lon er suffers (!en (alkin 4 on t!e contrary, as !e becomes more and more familiar, !e c!atters (it! t!is one and t!at one, and confidentially informs +o!n t!at !is fat!er:s name (as also +o!n and !is mot!er:s Mary, and t!at !e t!erefore is very fond of +o!n also. ' 3ut * !e concludes, ' I love you all, and in t!e Tem,le I (ill ,ray so muc! for you and for t!e Lord +esus. * It is movin to see !o( t!is rou, of men, most of (!om !ave no c!ildren, are so ,aternal and full of attention for t!e youn est of +esus: disci,les. #ven t!e countenance of t!e man from #ndor softens (!en !e forces t!e little one to s(allo( a beaten e , or (!en !e climbs u, amon t!e (oods, (!ic! make t!e !ills as (ell as t!e !i !er mountains reen, to ,ick acidulous branc!es of s!rubs or scented stems of (ild fennel, (!ic! !e takes to t!e boy to =uenc! !is t!irst, (it!out overburdenin !is stomac! (it! (ater. .e also dra(s !is attention to t!e different as,ects and si !ts of t!e country, (!ic! is s,lit !ere by lar e valleys, at t!e bottom of (!ic! run main roads, to take !is mind off t!e len t! of t!e 7ourney. 4++

T!e old teac!er of "intium, ruined by !uman (ickedness, revives because of t!is boy, a (retc! like !imself, and t!e (rinkles of misfortune and bitterness smoot! into a entle smile. +abez is already less s!abby lookin , because of !is ne( sandals, and !is face is not so sad, because I do not kno( (!ic! !and of an a,ostle !as erased every trace of t!e (ild life t!e boy led for so many mont!s, sortin !is !air so far ruffled and dusty and no( made soft and tidy by a ood (as!. T!e man from #ndor also is =uite different. .e is still some(!at ,uzzled (!en !e !ears anyone call !im +o!n, but t!en !e s!akes !is !ead and smiles ,ityin !is bad memory. Day by day !is countenance loses its !abitual !ardness and ains a ravity, (!ic! is =uite serene. $f course t!ese t(o (retc!ed ,eo,le (!o are revivin t!rou ! +esus: kindness, ravitate to(ards t!e Master in t!eir love. T!eir com,anions are dear, but +esus... 1!en .e looks at t!em or s,eaks 7ust to t!em, t!e e<,ression on t!eir faces is a most !a,,y one. After crossin t!e lar e valley and t!en a beautiful reen !ill, one can still dimly see t!e ,lain of #sdraelon. T!is causes t!e c!ild to si !4 ' 1!at (ill my old fat!er be doin ) * and (it! a very sad si ! and tears in !is bro(n eyes !e e<claims4 ' $!2 !e is not so !a,,y as I am... and !e is so ood2 * and t!e lament of t!e c!ild casts a sad veil over everybody. T!ey be in to descend a very fertile valley, com,letely covered (it! cultivated fields and olive; roves. A li !t breeze causes t!e tiny flo(ers of vines and of t!e earlier olive;trees to fall like sno(. T!e ,lain of #sdraelon is out of si !t for ood. 8 T!ey sto, for a meal and t!en resume t!e 7ourney to(ards +erusalem. 3ut it must !ave rained !eavily or 4+7

t!e area is ric! in under round (ater, because t!e meado(s look like a mars! o(in to t!e (ater t!at litters amon t!e t!ick rass and rises la,,in on t!e banked road, (!ic!, !o(ever, is still very muddy. T!e adults ,ull t!eir tunics u, to ,revent t!em from becomin soiled (it! mud, and +udas T!addeus ,uts t!e boy on !is s!oulders to let !im rest and to cross more =uickly t!e flooded and ,er!a,s un!ealt!y area. Dayli !t is be innin to fade (!en, after (alkin alon t!e ed e of ot!er !ills and crossin a dry rocky valley, t!ey enter a villa e situated on a raised rocky embankment. T!ey ,us! t!eir (ay t!rou ! t!e cro(d of ,il rims and look for accommodation in a very rural ty,e !otel4 a lar e s!ed under (!ic! is s,read muc! stra( and not!in else. -mall lam,s lit !ere and t!ere s!ed a lo( on t!e su,,er of t!e ,il rim families, ,oor families, like t!e a,ostolic one, because most of t!e ric! ,eo,le !ave ,ut u, tents outside t!e villa e, disdainin contact (it! eit!er t!e local ,eo,le or t!e ,oor ,il rims. Ni !t and silence fall... T!e first to fall aslee, is t!e boy, (!o, tired as !e is, reclines !is !ead on t!e la, of Peter, (!o lays !im on t!e stra( and covers !im carefully. +esus at!ers t!e adults in ,rayer and t!en eac! t!ro(s !imself on t!e stra( to rest after t!e lon 7ourney. > T!e day after4 t!e a,ostolic rou, t!at left in t!e mornin is about to enter -!ec!em in t!e evenin , !avin ,assed t!rou ! -amaria, a beautiful to(n, surrounded by (alls, adorned (it! s,lendid im,osin buildin s, around (!ic! are rou,ed some lovely tidy !ouses. I am under t!e im,ression t!at t!e to(n, like Tiberias, !as been recently rebuilt (it! systems 4+9

borro(ed from Rome. $utside t!e (alls, around t!e to(n, t!e land is very fruitful and (ell cultivated. T!e road from -amaria to -!ec!em (inds do(n from terrace to terrace, in a series of (alls su,,ortin t!e eart!, (!ic! reminds me of t!e 9iesoli !ills. T!ere is a s,lendid vie( of reen mountains to t!e sout! and of a most beautiful ,lain (est(ards. T!e road tends to descend to t!e valley, but it climbs no( and a ain to cross ot!er !ills from t!e to, of (!ic! one commands t!e land of -amaria (it! its lovely olive; roves, corn fields, vineyards, (atc!ed over from t!e !ill crests by (oods of oak and ot!er forest trees, (!ic! must be ,rotective a ainst t!e (inds t!at blo(in t!rou ! t!e or es are inclined to create (!irl(inds dama in to cultivations. T!is area reminds me very muc! of certain s,ots in our A,ennines, around Mount Amiata, (!ere one can contem,late at t!e same time t!e flat cultivations of cereals in t!e Maremma and t!e bri !t !ills and ma7estic mountains t!at rise !i !er inland. I do not kno( (!at -amaria is like no(. It (as very beautiful in t!ose days. No(, bet(een t(o !i ! mountains, t!e !i !est in t!e area, one can see strai !t t!rou ! a valley, in t!e middle of (!ic! t!ere is t!e very fertile (ell;(atered land of -!ec!em. It is !ere t!at +esus and .is disci,les are cau !t u, (it! by t!e 7oyful caravan of t!e "onsul:s court, on its (ay to +erusalem for t!e festivity. T!ere are slaves on foot and slaves on t!e (a ons uardin t!e lu a e... My /od, !o( many items t!ey carried (it! t!em in t!ose days222 And (it! t!e slaves t!ere are (a ons t!at are ,acked (it! all sorts of oods, even com,lete litters and travellin coac!es4 t!e four (!eel 4+2

(a ons are very (ide, (ell s,run , (it! tilt, under (!ic! t!e ladies are s!eltered. And t!en many ot!er carts and slaves... A curtain is dra(n, by t!e be7e(elled !and of a lady and t!e severe ,rofile of Plautina a,,ears4 s!e nods smilin but does not say anyt!in . %aleria, (!ose little irl on !er knees trills and smiles, reets ,eo,le in t!e same fas!ion. T!e ot!er (a on, (!ic! is even more stately, ,asses by but no curtain is dra(n. 3ut (!en it !as one by, t!e ,inkis! face of Lydia looks out from t!e rear, t!rou ! t!e closed curtains and s!e nods, too. T!e caravan oes a(ay... A ' T!ey travel in comfort2 * says Peter (!o is tired and (et (it! ,ers,iration. ' 3ut, if /od !el,s us, t!e day after tomorro( evenin (e (ill be in +erusalem. * ' No, -imon. I must make a detour and o to(ards t!e +ordan. * ' 3ut (!y, my Lord) * ' 3ecause of t!e boy. .e is very sad, and it (ould be too sad for !im to see t!e mountain of t!e disaster. * ' 3ut (e (ill not see it2 $r rat!er, (e (ill see t!e ot!er side... and I take it u,on myself to divert !is attention. +o!n and I... .is attention is easily distracted, ,oor little dove (it!out a nest. To o to(ards t!e +ordan2 1ell2 It is better t!is (ay. A strai !t road. -!orter. -afer. No. No. T!is one, t!is one. -ee) Also t!e Roman ladies are takin it. Alon t!e sea and t!e river t!ere is t!e risk of fever durin t!e first summer rains. It is !ealt!y !ere. In any case... 1!en are (e oin to arrive if (e len t!en t!e (ay) "onsider !o( a itated 0our Mot!er must be after 47/

t!at un,leasant business of t!e 3a,tist2...* Peter (ins and +esus a rees. ' In t!at case (e (ill sto, early and !ave a ood rest and tomorro( (e (ill leave at da(n to be at /et!semane in t!e evenin of t!e day after tomorro(. T!e day after 9riday (e (ill o to 3et!any to see My Mot!er and (e (ill leave +o!n:s books t!ere, as t!ey !ave been =uite a burden for you, and (e (ill find Isaac t!ere and (ill entrust !im (it! t!is ,oor brot!er of ours...* ' And t!e boy) Are 0ou !andin !im over at once) * +esus smiles. ' No. I am ivin !im to My Mot!er, 1!o (ill ,re,are !im for 5!is6 feast. And t!en (e (ill kee, !im (it! us for Passover. 3ut after (e (ill !ave to leave !im... Do not become too attac!ed to !im2 $r rat!er4 love !im as if !e (ere your o(n son, but (it! a su,ernatural s,irit. As you can see !e is (eak and ets tired. I, too, (ould !ave liked to teac! !im Myself and brin !im u, nouris!ed in 1isdom by Me. 3ut I am t!e ?ntirin $ne and +abez is too youn and too (eak to do t!e (ork (e do. 1e (ill o t!rou ! +udaea and (ill come back to +erusalem for Pentecost, and t!en (e (ill o... evan elizin ... 1e s!all find !im a ain in our fat!erland in summer. .ere (e are at t!e ate of -!ec!em. /o a!ead (it! your brot!er and (it! +udas of -imon and look for accommodation. I (ill o to t!e market s=uare and (ait for you t!ere. * T!ey ,art and Peter oes a(ay lookin for a s!elter, (!ile t!e ot!ers (alk (it! difficulty in t!e streets cro(ded (it! ,eo,le s!outin and esticulatin , (it! donkeys, (a ons, all oin to +erusalem for t!e oncomin Passover. T!e s!outin , callin and cursin of ,eo,le, 471

added to t!e brayin of donkeys cause a noise t!at resounds very loudly under t!e vaults, (!ic! link one !ouse to anot!er, a noise t!at resembles t!e rumble of certain s!ells (!en ,laced near one:s ear. T!e ec!o travels from vault to vault (!ere t!e s!ades become darker and t!e cro(ds, like an im,etuous torrent, rus! into t!e streets, insinuatin t!emselves every(!ere, lookin for a roof, a s=uare, a meado( (!erein to ,ass t!e ni !t... +esus, !oldin t!e c!ild by t!e !and, leanin a ainst a tree, is (aitin for Peter in t!e s=uare, (!ic!, for t!e occasion, is al(ays full of vendors. ' Let us !o,e t!at no one sees us and reco nises us2 * says t!e Iscariot. ' .o( can you reco nise a rain of sand amon t!e sands) * re,lies T!omas. ' Don:t you see t!e cro(ds) * Peter comes back4 ' $utside t!e to(n t!ere is a s!ed (it! some !ay. I could not find anyt!in else. * ' Neit!er s!all (e look for anyt!in else. It is even too muc! for t!e -on of man. *

1+4. F o* S$e"$e* to Bee ot$.

1+t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& As a river ro(s lar er (!en ne( tributary streams flo( into it, so t!e road from -!ec!em to +erusalem is 472

becomin radually more and more cro(ded, as believers !eadin for t!e .oly "ity ,our on to it alon secondary roads from villa es. A situation (!ic! is of reat !el, to Peter in distractin t!e attention of t!e boy (!o is no( ,assin near t!e !ills (!ere !e (as born and (!ere !is ,arents are buried under a landslide. T!e c!ild is not a(are of it. After a lon marc! interru,ted E after -!ilo!, on its stee, !ill, !ad been left be!ind to t!e left E by a ,ause to rest and take some food in a reen valley resoundin (it! ,ure crystal;clear (aters, t!e ,il rims set fort! a ain and cross a little calcareous mountain, (!ic! is rat!er barren, and on (!ic! t!e sun is blazin do(n mercilessly. T!ey t!en be in to descend t!rou ! a ran e of most beautiful vineyards, (!ic! (it! t!eir festoons adorn t!e cra s of t!e calcareous mountains. T!e area is most sunny. Peter smiles si nificantly and makes a si n to +esus, 1!o in turn smiles. T!e boy does not notice anyt!in , en rossed as !e is in listenin to +o!n of #ndor (!o is s,eakin to !im of ot!er lands !e !as visited (!ere t!e most s(eet ra,es ro( t!at, !o(ever, are not so muc! used to make (ine, as to make cakes, (!ic! are more delicious t!an !oney cakes. 8 T!ey are no( climbin a very stee, !ill, because t!ey !ave left t!e dusty cro(ded main road and !ave taken t!is s!ort cut t!rou ! (oods. And (!en t!ey reac! t!e summit, t!ey can distinctly see in t!e distance a !u e bri !t li !t s!inin above an a lomeration, ,er!a,s (!ite(as!ed !ouses. ' +abez * calls +esus ' come !ere. "an you see t!at olden 47,

s,ot) It is t!e .ouse of t!e Lord. T!ere you (ill s(ear to obey t!e La(. 3ut do you kno( it (ell) * ' My mot!er used to s,eak to me about it and my fat!er tau !t me t!e ,rece,ts. I can read... and... and I t!ink I kno( (!at 5t!ey6 told me before t!ey died...* T!e boy, (!o !ad come smilin (!en +esus called !im, is no( (ee,in (it! !is !ead lo(ered and !is tremblin !and in +esus: !and. ' Do not (ee,. Listen. Do you kno( (!ere (e are) T!is is 3et!el. .oly +acob dreamt of t!e an els !ere. Do you kno() Do you remember) * ' 0es, Lord. .e sa( a ladder t!at from t!e eart! reac!ed u, to .eaven and t!e an els (ent u, and do(n, and my mot!er used to say t!at (!en one dies, if one !as al(ays been ood, one sees t!e same t!in and oes u, t!at ladder to t!e .ouse of /od. My mot!er used to tell me many t!in s... 3ut no( s!e does not tell me any more... I !ave t!em all in !ere and t!at is all I !ave of !ers...* Tears stream do(n !is little sad face. ' Do not (ee, like t!at2 Listen, +abez. I also !ave a Mot!er and .er name is Mary and -!e is !oly and ood and can tell many t!in s. -!e is (iser t!an a teac!er and more entle and beautiful t!an an an el. 1e are oin to see .er no(. -!e (ill love you so muc!. And -!e (ill tell you many t!in s. And t!en +o!n:s mot!er is (it! !er and s!e is very ood, too, and !er name is Mary. And t!ere is t!e mot!er of my brot!er +udas, and s!e is as s(eet as a !oney cake and !er name is Mary, too. T!ey (ill love you so muc!. 3ecause you are a clever boy and for My sake, because I love you so muc!. And you (ill ro( u, (it! t!em and (!en you are bi , you (ill be a !oly man of 474

/od, like a doctor you (ill ,reac! +esus 1!o !as iven you a ne( mot!er !ere and 1!o (ill o,en t!e ates of .eaven to your dead mot!er and to your fat!er, and (ill o,en t!em also to you (!en your !our comes. 0ou (ill not even need to climb t!e lon ladder of .eaven (!en you die. 0ou (ill !ave climbed it durin your lifetime, bein a ood disci,le, and you (ill find yourself u, t!ere, at t!e ate of Paradise, and I (ill be t!ere and I (ill say to you4 5"ome, My friend and son of Mary6 and (e s!all be to et!er. * +esus: bri !t smile, (!ile (alkin sli !tly bent to be closer to t!e raised face of t!e c!ild (!o is (alkin beside .im (it! !is !and !eld by +esus, and t!e (onderful story (i,e !is tears and make !im smile. > T!e boy, (!o is far from bein dim of (it but is only stunned by rief and t!e !ards!i,s !e !as suffered, is interested in t!e story and asks4 ' 0ou said t!at 0ou (ill o,en t!e ates of .eaven. Are t!ey not closed because of t!e reat -in) My mot!er used to say t!at no one could enter until for iveness !ad come and t!e 7ust (ere (aitin for it in Limbo. * ' It is so. 3ut ,reac!in t!e (ord of /od I (ill o to t!e 9at!er and... !avin obtained for iveness for you, I (ill say to .im4 59at!er, I !ave fulfilled 0our (ill. No( I (ant My re(ard for My sacrifice. Let t!e 7ust, (!o are (aitin , come to 0our Bin dom.6 And t!e 9at!er (ill say to Me4 5Let it be done as 0ou (is!.6 I (ill t!en come do(n and I (ill call all t!e 7ust, and at t!e sound of My voice Limbo (ill o,en its ates and t!e !oly Patriarc!s, t!e bri !t Pro,!ets, t!e blessed (omen of Israel (ill come out re7oicin . And do you kno( !o( many c!ildren) T!ere (ill be c!ildren of all a es, as many as t!e flo(ers in a flo(ery meado(2 And t!ey (ill follo( Me sin in and 473

(ill ascend to t!e beautiful Paradise. * ' And (ill my mot!er be t!ere) * ' Most certainly. * ' 0ou did not say to me t!at s!e (ill be (it! 0ou at t!e ate of .eaven (!en I am dead, too...* ' T!ere is no need for !er and for your fat!er to be at t!at ate. Like bri !t an els t!ey (ill fly continuously from .eaven do(n to t!e eart!, from +esus to t!eir little +abez, and (!en you are about to die, t!ey (ill do (!at t!ose t(o little birds over t!ere, in t!at !ed e, are doin . "an you see t!em) * And +esus takes t!e boy in .is arms to let !im see better. ' -ee !o( t!ey are sittin on t!eir little e s. T!ey are (aitin for t!em to !atc!, t!en t!ey (ill s,read t!eir (in s over t!e brood to ,rotect t!em from all evils, and t!en, (!en t!ey are ro(n and ready to fly, t!ey (ill su,,ort t!em (it! t!eir stron (in s and (ill take t!em u,, u,, u,... to(ards t!e sun. 0our ,arents (ill do t!e same (it! you. * ' 1ill it be 7ust like t!at) * ' #<actly like t!at. * ' 3ut (ill 0ou tell t!em to remember to come) * ' T!at is not necessary, because t!ey love you, but I (ill tell t!em. * ' $!2 .o( I love 0ou2 * T!e c!ild, (!o is still in +esus: arms, ,resses a ainst .is neck and kisses .im (it! suc! 7oyful effusion t!at is really movin . +esus kisses !im, too, and ,uts !im do(n. 47+

A ' 1ell2 Let us o on. To(ards t!e .oly "ity. 1e must arrive t!ere tomorro(, to(ards evenin . 1!y suc! a !urry) "an you tell me) Is it not t!e same if (e arrive t!e day after tomorro() * ' No. It (ould not be t!e same. 3ecause tomorro( is Parasceve and after sunset one can (alk only for si< stadia. 0ou are not allo(ed to o fart!er because t!e -abbat! and its rest !ave be un. * ' -o one idles about on t!e -abbat!. * ' No. 0ou ,ray t!e Most .i ! Lord. * ' 1!at is .is name) * ' Adonai. 3ut saints can ,ronounce .is name. * ' Also ood c!ildren. Tell Me if you kno(. * ' +aavR * Mt!e boy ,ronounces it t!us4 a very soft /, (!ic! is almost a +, and a very lon :a:N. ' And (!y does one ,ray t!e Most .i ! Lord on t!e -abbat!) * ' 3ecause .e told Moses, (!en .e ave !im t!e tables of t!e La(. * ' $!2 Did .e) And (!at did .e say) * ' .e said t!at (e must kee, it !oly. 59or si< days you s!all labour, but on t!e sevent! day you s!all rest and make ot!ers rest, because t!at is (!at I did, too, after t!e creation.6 * ' 1!at) Did t!e Lord rest) Did .e become tired creatin ) And (as it .e 1!o created. .o( do you kno() I kno( t!at /od never tires. * 477

' .e (as not tired, because /od does not (alk and does not move .is arms. 3ut .e did it, to teac! Adam and us, and to !ave a day on (!ic! (e t!ink of .im. And .e created everyt!in , most certainly. T!e 3ook of t!e Lord tells us. * ' 3ut (as t!e 3ook (ritten by .im) * ' No. 3ut it is t!e Trut!. And one must believe it unless one (ants to o to Lucifer. * ' 0ou said t!at /od does not (alk and does not move .is arms. .o( did .e create t!en) 1!at is .e like) A statue) * ' .e is not an idol4 .e is /od. And /od is... /od is... let me t!ink and remember (!at my mot!er said, and even better t!an s!e did, t!at man t!at in 0our name oes to visit t!e ,oor ,eo,le at #sdraelon... My mot!er used to say, to make me understand /od4 5/od is like my love for you. It !as no body, but it e<ists.6 And t!at little man, but (it! suc! a entle smile, (ould say4 5/od is an #ternal -,irit, $ne and Trine, and t!e -econd Person became fles! for t!e sake of us, ,oor ,eo,le, and .is name is...6 $!2 My Lord2 No( t!at I t!ink of it... it:s 0ou2 * T!e c!ild, dumbfounded, ,rostrates !imself on t!e round adorin . T!ey all run t!inkin t!at !e !as fallen, but +esus (it! .is fin er on .is li,s beckons t!em to be silent and t!en says4 ' -tand u,, +abez. "!ildren must not be afraid of Me2 * T!e boy looks u, reverently and looks at +esus (it! a c!an ed e<,ression, almost of fear. 479

C 3ut +esus smiles and stretc!es out .is !and sayin 4 ' 0ou are a (ise little Israelite. Let us continue t!e e<amination. No( t!at you !ave reco nised Me, do you kno( (!et!er t!e 3ook mentions Me) * ' $!2 0es, Lord. 9rom t!e be innin to no(. #veryt!in s,eaks of 0ou. 0ou are t!e ,romised -aviour. No( I understand (!y 0ou (ill o,en t!e ates of Limbo. $!2 Lord2 Lord2 And do 0ou love me so muc!) * ' 0es, +abez. * ' No, no lon er +abez. /ive me a ne( name t!at means t!at 0ou loved me and saved me...* ' I (ill c!oose a name to et!er (it! My Mot!er. All ri !t) * ' 3ut a name t!at means 7ust t!at. And I (ill !ave it as from t!e day I become a son of t!e La(. * ' 0ou (ill !ave it as from t!at day. * T!ey ,ass 3et!el and rest in a little cool valley, ric! in (ater, to take some food. +abez is !alf stunned by t!e revelation and eats in silence, acce,tin (it! veneration every mout!ful t!at +esus !ands to !im. 3ut !e slo(ly takes !eart a ain, and after ,layin !a,,ily on t!e reen rass (it! +o!n (!ile t!e ot!ers are restin , !e oes back to +esus to et!er (it! !is smilin friend +o!n, and t!e t!ree c!at to et!er. ' 0ou did not tell Me (!o s,eaks of Me in t!e 3ook. * ' T!e Pro,!ets, Lord. And even before, t!e 3ook s,eaks of 0ou (!en Adam (as e<,elled, and... t!en to +acob, Abra!am and Moses... $!2... My fat!er told me t!at !e 472

(ent to +o!n E not t!is one, t!e ot!er +o!n, t!e one of t!e +ordan E and !e, t!e reat Pro,!et, called 0ou t!e Lamb... $!2 No( I understand t!e lamb of Moses... 0ou are Passover2 * +o!n teases !im4 ' 3ut (!ic! Pro,!et s,oke best of .im) * ' Isaia! and Daniel. 3ut I... I like Daniel more, no( t!at I love 0ou as my fat!er. "an I say t!at) T!at I love 0ou as I loved my fat!er) 0es) 1ell, no( I ,refer Daniel. * ' 1!y) 1!o s,eaks most of t!e "!rist is Isaia!. * ' 0es, but !e s,eaks of t!e sorro(s of t!e "!rist. Daniel instead s,eaks of t!e beautiful an el and of 0our comin . It is true... !e also says t!at "!rist (ill be sacrificed. 3ut I t!ink t!at t!e Lamb (ill be sacrificed (it! one sin le blo(. Not as Isaia! and David say. I al(ays (e,t (!en my mot!er read t!em and s!e did not read t!em any more. * .e is almost (ee,in even no( (!ile caressin +esus: !and. ' 9or et about it for t!e time bein . Listen. Do you kno( t!e ,rece,ts) * ' 0es, my Lord. I t!ink I kno( t!em. I used to re,eat t!em (!en I (as in t!e (ood, so t!at I (ould not for et t!em, also because I (anted to !ear t!e (ords of my mot!er and my fat!er. 3ut no( I (ill not (ee, any more Mtears, !o(ever, are s!inin in !is eyesN because I !ave 0ou. * +o!n smiles and embraces +esus sayin 4 ' T!e same (ords as mine2 All t!ose (!o are c!ildren in t!eir !earts s,eak t!e same lan ua e. * 49/

' 0es. 3ecause t!eir (ords come from one (isdom only. 3ut no( (e ou !t to o, so t!at (e can be in 3eerot! very early. T!e number of t!e ,eo,le is increasin and t!e (eat!er looks t!reatenin . T!ere (ill be a rus! for s!elters. And I do not (ant you to be taken ill. * +o!n calls !is com,anions and t!ey set fort! a ain to(ards 3eerot!, across a ,lain (!ic! is not very (ell cultivated, but is not so barren as t!e little mountain t!ey climbed after -!ilo!.

1+,. F o* Bee ot$ to Je !sale*.

-9t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& It is rainin and Peter seems to me t!e o,,osite of Aeneas, because instead of carryin !is fat!er, !e !as little +abez on !is s!oulders, com,letely covered by Peter:s lar e mantle. T!e boy:s little !ead emer es above t!e rey;!aired !ead of Peter, (!o, (it! t!e boy:s arms round !is neck, dabbles in t!e ,uddles, lau !in (!ole!eartedly. ' 1e mi !t !ave been s,ared all t!is * rumbles t!e Iscariot, (!o is irritable because of t!e (ater ,ourin from t!e sky and s,las!in !is clot!es (it! mud. ' #!2 Many t!in s could be s,ared2 * re,lies +o!n of #ndor, starin at !andsome +udas (it! !is one ood eye, (!ic! I t!ink can see as (ell as t(o. ' 1!at do you mean) * 491

' I mean t!at it is useless to e<,ect t!e elements to !ave consideration for us, (!en (e !ave none for our nei !bour, and concernin matters t!at are by far more im,ortant t!an a fe( dro,s of (ater or a s,las! of mud. * ' T!at is true. 3ut I like to be tidy and clean (!en I o to to(n. I !ave many friends t!ere, and !i ! u,. * ' T!en (atc! t!at you do not fall. * ' Are you teasin me) * ' Noooo!2 3ut I am an old teac!er and... an old ,u,il. I !ave been learnin since I (as born. 9irst I learned to ve etate, t!en I observed life, t!en I became ac=uainted (it! t!e bitterness of life, I ,ractised a useless 7ustice, t!e 7ustice of 5man alone6 a ainst /od and society. /od ,unis!ed me (it! remorse, society (it! fetters, so, after all, I (as t!e victim of 7ustice. At last, no(, I !ave learned, I am learnin !o( 5to live.6 No(, since I am a teac!er and a ,u,il, you (ill realise t!at it is natural for me to re,eat t!e lessons. * ' 3ut I am an a,ostle...* ' And I am a ,oor (retc!, I kno(, and I s!ould never take t!e liberty of teac!in you. 3ut, see, you never kno( (!at one may become. I t!ou !t I (as oin to die an !onest and res,ected teac!er in "y,rus and I became a murderer and a convict servin a life sentence. 3ut (!en I raised a knife to take ven eance, and (!en I (as dra in t!e fetters !atin t!e universe, if anyone told me t!at I (as to become a disci,le of t!e .oly $ne, I (ould !ave doubted (!et!er !is mind (as sound. And yet... .ere I am2 -o, I may be able to ive a ood lesson also to you, an a,ostle. 3ecause of my e<,erience. Not 492

because of my !oliness, I (ould not dream of it. * ' T!at Roman (as ri !t in callin you Dio enes. * ' $f course. 3ut Dio enes (as lookin for a man and could not find one. I, luckier t!an !e, found a snake (!ere I t!ou !t t!ere (as a (oman, and an adulterer (!ere I t!ou !t I sa( a friendly man, but after (anderin about for many years, as I became insane t!rou ! suc! e<,erience, I !ave found t!e Man, t!e .oly $ne. * ' I kno( no ot!er (isdom but Israel:s. * ' If t!at is so, you already !ave t!e means for salvation. 3ut no( you !ave also t!e science, nay t!e (isdom of /od. * ' It is t!e same t!in . * ' $!2 no2 It is like a fo y day com,ared to a sunny day. * ' 1ell2 Are you an<ious to teac! me) I don:t feel like it. * ' Let me s,eak2 $nce, I used to s,eak to c!ildren4 t!ey (ere absent;minded. T!en I s,oke to s!ado(s, t!ey cursed me. T!en to c!icken4 t!ey (ere better, far better t!an t!e first t(o rou,s. No( I s,eak to myself as I am not yet able to s,eak to /od. 1!y do you (ant to sto, me) I !ave but one eye, t!e mines ruined my life, I !ave suffered from !eart trouble for years. At least let my mind be fruitful. * ' +esus is /od. * ' I kno(, and I believe it. More t!an you do. 3ecause I !ave revived t!rou ! .is (ork, you !ave not. No matter !o( ood .e is, .e is still /od, and I, a ,oor (retc! dare 49,

not treat .im (it! familiarity as you do. My soul s,eaks to .im... my li,s dare not. My soul does, and I t!ink t!at .e ,erceives it (ee,in out of ratitude and re,entant love. * 8 ' T!at is true, +o!n. I do ,erceive your soul. * +esus comes into t!e conversation of t!e t(o. +udas blus!es (it! s!ame, t!e man of #ndor (it! 7oy. ' I ,erceive your soul, t!at is true. And I ,erceive also t!e (ork of your mind. 1!at you said is correct. 1!en you !ave been formed in Me, your e<,erience as a teac!er and a dili ent ,u,il (ill be of reat !el, to you. -,eak, do s,eak, also to yourself. * ' $nce, Master, not lon a o, you told me t!at it is (ron to s,eak to one:s e o * remarks +udas insolently. ' T!at is true, I did. 3ut t!at (as because you (ere rumblin (it! your e o. T!is man is not rumblin , !e is meditatin , and for a ood ,ur,ose. .e is not doin anyt!in (ron . * ' In brief, I am (ron 2 * +udas is a ressive. ' No, your !eart is im,atient. 3ut t!e (eat!er cannot be al(ays ood. 9armers (ant rain. It is c!arity to ,ray t!at it may rain. And also t!is is c!arity. 3ut look, t!ere is a beautiful rainbo( formin an arc! from Atarot! to Rama!. 1e are already beyond Atarot!, (e !ave ,assed t!e lar e sad valley, and !ere t!e country is cultivated and ,leasant under t!e sun, (!ic! is breakin t!rou ! t!e clouds. 1!en (e are in Rama! (e s!all be t!irty;si< stadia from +erusalem. 1e s!all see t!e .oly "ity a ain after t!at !ill, by t!e men of /ibea!. 1!at a terrible t!in is t!e concu,iscence of t!e fles!, +udas...* 494

+udas does not re,ly, instead !e delays s,las!in an rily in t!e ,uddles. ' 1!at:s t!e matter (it! !im, today) * asks 3art!olome(. ' 3e =uiet, lest -imon of +ona! s!ould !ear you. Let us avoid all ar uments... and do not let us u,set -imon. .e is so !a,,y (it! !is boy2 * ' 0es, Master. 3ut it is not ri !t. I (ill tell !im. * ' .e is youn , Nat!anael. 0ou (ere youn , too...* ' 0es... but... .e s!ould not be lackin in res,ect to(ards 0ou2 * .e raises !is voice (it!out (is!in to do so. Peter rus!es to(ards t!em4 ' 1!at:s t!e matter) 1!o is lackin in res,ect) T!e ne( disci,le) * and !e looks at +o!n of #ndor, (!o !as discreetly (it!dra(n (!en !e understood t!at +esus (as correctin t!e a,ostle and is no( s,eakin to +ames of Al,!aeus and -imon Fealot. ' Not in t!e least. .e is as res,ectful as a youn irl. * ' $!2 /ood2 $t!er(ise... !is only eye (as in dan er. 1ell... it must be +udas2...* ' Listen, -imon, could you not busy yourself (it! your little friend) 0ou took !im a(ay from Me, and no( you (ant to become en a ed in a friendly conversation I am !avin (it! Nat!anael. Do you not t!ink t!at you (ant to do too many t!in s) * +esus smiles so ently t!at Peter becomes uncertain about !is o(n t!ou !ts. .e looks at 3art!olome(... (!o, !o(ever, !as raised !is a=uiline face and is scannin t!e sky... Peter:s sus,icion fades a(ay. 493

> Peter:s attention is com,letely diverted by t!e a,,arition of t!e .oly "ity, (!ic! is no( near, and is visible in all t!e beauty of its !ills, olive; roves, !ouses, and above all of t!e Tem,le, a si !t (!ic! must al(ays !ave been a source of emotion and ,ride for Israelites. T!e (arm A,ril sun of +udaea !as soon dried u, t!e slabstones of t!e consular road. Puddles of (ater !ave disa,,eared com,letely. T!e a,ostles are tidyin t!emselves on t!e side of t!e road, t!ey let do(n t!e tunics (!ic! t!ey !ad ,ulled u,, t!ey (as! t!eir muddy feet in a clear stream, t!ey tidy t!eir !air and dra,e t!eir mantles. Also +esus does t!at. I see t!em all doin it. T!e entrance into +erusalem must !ave been an im,ortant matter. To ,resent oneself at t!e (alls on t!ese feast;days (as like ,resentin oneself to a soverei n. T!e .oly "ity (as t!e ' real * =ueen of Israelites. I realise t!at t!is year, because I can notice t!e cro(ds and t!eir be!aviour on t!e consular road. T!e ,rocessions of t!e various families form !ere, t!e (omen in one rou,, t!e men in anot!er, t!e c!ildren in eit!er, but all very serious and serene at t!e same time. -ome fold u, t!eir old mantles and ,ull out a ne( one from t!eir travellin ba s, or c!an e sandals. T!eir ait t!en becomes solemn, it is already !ieratic. In eac! rou, t!ere is a soloist (!o ives t!e tone, and t!e !ymns, t!e lorious old !ymns of David, are intoned. And ,eo,le look at one anot!er more lovin ly, as if t!ey !ad been ,acified by t!e si !t of t!e .ouse of t!e Lord and t!ey look at t!e .oly .ouse, a !u e cube of marble surmounted by olden domes, ,laced like a ,earl in t!e centre of t!e im,osin enclosure of t!e Tem,le. T!e a,ostolic ,rocession is formed as follo(s4 +esus and 49+

Peter in front, (it! t!e boy bet(een t!emD be!ind t!em -imon, t!e Iscariot and +o!nD t!en Andre(, (!o !as forced +o!n of #ndor to stay bet(een !im and +ames of FebedeeD in t!e fourt! ro( t!e t(o cousins of t!e Lord and Matt!e(D last T!omas, P!ili, and 3art!olome(. It is +esus 1!o intones in .is beautiful ,o(erful voice of a li !t baritone, a mello( voice (it! refined tenor vibrations, and +udas Iscariot, a ,ure tenor, ans(ers to et!er (it! +o!n, (it! !is lim,id voice ty,ical of youn ,eo,le, t!e t(o baritone voices of +esus: cousins and t!e almost bass voice of T!omas, (!ose baritone voice is so dee, t!at it can !ardly be classifed as suc!. T!e ot!ers, (!o are not ifted (it! suc! beautiful voices, follo( t!e c!orus of t!e virtuosi sin in in lo( voices. MT!e ,salms are t!e kno(n ones, called radual ,salmsN. Little +abez, t!e voice of an an el amon t!e stron voices of men, sin s very (ell, ,robably because !e kno(s Psalm "SSI better t!an t!e ot!ers4 ' .o( I re7oiced (!en t!ey said to me4 51e s!all o to t!e !ouse of t!e Lord.6 * .is little face, (!ic! only a fe( days a o (as so sad, is no( bri !t (it! 7oy. T!e (alls are no( close at !and. .ere is t!e /ate of t!e 9is!. And t!e overcro(ded streets. T!ey o strai !t to t!e Tem,le to say t!e first ,rayer. And t!en ,eace in t!e ,eace of /et!semane, t!en su,,er and rest. T!e 7ourney to(ards +erusalem is over.


1+4. T$e Sabbat$ at 'et$se*ane.

-1St J!ne 1+4,.

& T!e rou, !as s,ent most of t!e -abbat! mornin restin t!eir tired bodies and cleanin t!eir clot!es (!ic! !ad become dusty and creased durin t!e 7ourney. T!ere is so muc! invitin (ater in t!e s,acious cisterns of /et!semane, full of rain (ater, and in t!e foamy Bidron, no( in flood, because of t!e recent do(n,ours, (!ere t!e (ater resounds a ainst t!e stones like a sym,!ony. And t!e a,ostles, one after t!e ot!er, defyin t!e lo( tem,erature of t!e (ater, ,lun e into it and t!en, clad from !ead to foot in fres! clot!es, t!eir !air rat!er sleeked by t!e s,ray of t!e torrent, t!ey dra( (ater from t!e cisterns ,ourin it into lar e vats in (!ic! t!ey !ave sorted out t!eir clot!es accordin to t!e colours. ' 1ell2 $nce t!ey are soaked in t!ere, it (ill be less troublesome for Mary to (as! t!em. * MI su,,ose t!at Mary is t!e (oman (!o stays at /et!semaneN. ' $nly you, my dear little friend, cannot c!an e. 3ut tomorro(...* In fact t!e boy is (earin a clean robe, (!ic! !as been taken from !is little sack4 so small t!at it (ould be =uite sufficient for t!e arments of a doll2 3ut t!e boy:s little tunic is even more discoloured and torn t!an t!e ot!er one and Peter looks at it (it! a,,re!ension, (!is,erin 4 ' .o( can I ,ossibly take !im to to(n) I t!ink I (ill cut one of my mantles in t(o, because a mantle... (ould cover !im com,letely. * +esus, 1!o !as !eard t!is ,aternal solilo=uy says4 ' It is better to let !im rest no(. T!is evenin (e are oin to 3et!any...* 499

' 3ut I (ant to buy !im a robe. I ,romised it. * ' 0ou certainly (ill. 3ut it is better to seek My Mot!er:s advice. 0ou kno(... (omen... !ave more e<,erience in suc! ,urc!ases... and -!e (ill be !a,,y to take care of t!e c!ild... 0ou (ill o to et!er. * Peter is enra,tured to t!e sevent! !eaven of deli !t at t!e idea of oin s!o,,in (it! Mary. I do not kno( (!et!er +esus !as e<,ressed all .is t!ou !ts or (!et!er .e !as !eld back some, t!ose im,lyin t!at .is Mot!er:s taste is more refined t!an Peter:s and (ould t!us avoid t!e clas!in of atrocious !ues. T!e fact is t!at .e ac!ieves .is aim (it!out mortifyin Peter. 8 T!ey scatter in t!e olive; rove, (!ic! is so beautiful on t!is serene A,ril day. T!e rain of t!e ,ast days seems to !ave silvered t!e olive;trees and so(n flo(ers, so bri !t are t!e leaves in t!e sun and so numerous t!e little flo(ers at t!e foot of eac! tree. 3irds are sin in and flyin every(!ere. T!e to(n is lyin over t!ere, (est of an onlooker. It is not ,ossible to see t!e cro(ds t!ron in inside, but one can see t!e caravans oin to(ards t!e /ate of t!e 9is! and to ot!ers, (it! names unkno(n to me, on t!is eastern side, and t!e travellers are s(allo(ed by t!e to(n as it if (ere a !un ry mout!. +esus is (alkin u, and do(n (atc!in +abez (!o is ,layin (it! +o!n and t!e youn er ones. Also t!e Iscariot, (!o !as ot out of yesterday:s !uff is c!eerful and ,lays. T!e elder ones (atc! and smile. ' 1!at (ill 0our Mot!er say of t!is c!ild) * asks 3art!olome(. 492

' I t!ink -!e (ill say4 5.e is very t!in6 * says T!omas. ' $!2 no2 -!e (ill say4 5Poor c!ild26 * re,lies Peter. ' Instead -!e (ill say to 0ou4 5I am lad t!at 0ou love !im6 * ob7ects P!ili,. ' .is Mot!er (ould never !ave doubted it. 3ut I don:t t!ink -!e (ill say anyt!in . -!e (ill ,ress !im to .er !eart * says t!e Fealot. ' And 0ou, Master, (!at do 0ou t!ink -!e (ill say) * ' -!e (ill do (!at you said. -!e (ill t!ink many t!in s, nay, all of t!em, and (ill say t!em in .er !eart, and (!en kissin !im -!e (ill only say4 5May you be blessed6 and -!e (ill take care of !im as if !e (ere a little bird fallen from its nest. $ne day, listen, -!e told Me of (!en -!e (as a little irl. -!e (as not yet t!ree years old because -!e (as not yet in t!e Tem,le, and .er !eart (as full of love, emanatin , like flo(ers and olives ,ressed and crus!ed in a mill, all .er oils and ,erfumes. And in a ra,ture of love -!e said to .er mot!er t!at -!e (anted to be a vir in to ,lease t!e -aviour more, but t!at -!e (ould !ave liked to be a sinner in order to be saved, and -!e almost (e,t, because .er mot!er could not understand .er and could not tell .er !o( it is ,ossible to be 5,ure6 and a 5sinner6 at t!e same time. .er fat!er satisfied .er by brin in !er a little s,arro(, (!ic! !e !ad saved (!en it (as about to be dro(ned on t!e ed e of a fountain. .e e<,lained t!e ,arable of t!e little bird, sayin t!at /od !ad saved !er in advance and t!erefore -!e (as to bless .im t(ice. And t!e little %ir in of /od, t!e Most /reat %ir in Mary, ,ractised .er first s,iritual maternity on be!alf of t!e little bird, (!ic! -!e let free 42/

(!en it (as stron enou !. 3ut t!e bird never left t!e kitc!en arden in Nazaret!, (!ere flyin and t(itterin , it comforted t!e sad !ouse and t!e broken !earts of Anne and +oac!im, (!en Mary (as in t!e Tem,le. It died s!ortly before Anne breat!ed !er last... It !ad fulfilled its duty... My Mot!er !ad dedicated .erself to vir inity for love. 3ut, since -!e (as a ,erfect creature, maternity (as in .er blood and s,irit. 3ecause (oman is created to be a mot!er and it is an aberration, if s!e is deaf to suc! sentiment, (!ic! is love of second ,o(er...* > Also t!e ot!ers !ave come near slo(ly. ' 1!at do 0ou mean, Master, by love of second ,o(er) * asks +udas T!addeus. ' My brot!er, t!ere are many loves and various ,o(ers. T!ere is t!e love of first ,o(er4 t!e one iven to /od. T!en t!ere is t!e love of second ,o(er4 t!e love of a mot!er or of a fat!er, because if t!e ,revious one is entirely s,iritual, t!is one is s,iritual by t(o ,arts and carnal by one. It is true t!at !uman affection is mi<ed in it, but t!e su,erior sentiment ,revails, because a fat!er and mot!er, (!o are suc! in a (!olesome and !oly (ay, do not only feed and caress t!e body of t!eir c!ild, but t!ey ive also nouris!ment and love to t!e mind and t!e s,irit of t!eir creature. And (!at I am sayin is so true, t!at t!ose (!o devote t!emselves to c!ildren, even if only to educate t!em, end u, by lovin t!eir ,u,ils, as if t!ey (ere of t!eir o(n fles!. * ' In fact I (as very fond of my ,u,ils * says +o!n of #ndor. ' I understood t!at you must !ave been a ood teac!er by 421

t!e (ay you deal (it! +abez. * T!e man of #ndor bo(s and kisses +esus: !and (it!out s,eakin . ' Please o on (it! 0our classification of loves * be s t!e Fealot. ' T!ere is t!e love for one:s (ife4 love of t!ird ,o(er because it is made E I am al(ays talkin of (!olesome and !oly loves E !alf of s,irit and !alf of fles!. A man, besides bein t!e !usband of !is (ife, is a teac!er and a fat!er to !erD and a (oman is an an el and a mot!er to !er !usband, besides bein !is (ife. T!ese are t!e t!ree !i !est loves. * A ' And t!e love for our nei !bour) Are 0ou not (ron ) $r !ave 0ou for otten it) * asks t!e Iscariot. T!e ot!ers look at !im dumbfounded and... furious because of !is remarks. 3ut +esus re,lies ,lacidly4 ' No, +udas. 1atc!. /od is to be loved because .e is /od, so no e<,lanation is re=uired to convince one to !ave suc! love. .e is .e 1!o is, t!at is #veryt!in D and man4 Not!in , (!o ,artici,ates of #veryt!in , because of t!e soul infused in !im by #ternal /od E (it!out (!ic! soul man (ould be one of t!e many animals t!at live on t!e eart!, or in (ater or in t!e air E !e must adore .im from a sense of duty and to deserve to survive in #veryt!in , t!at is to deserve to be ,art of t!e !oly Peo,le of /od in .eaven, a citizen of t!e +erusalem (!ic! (ill kno( neit!er ,rofanation nor destruction forever. T!e love of man, and ,articularly of (oman, for t!eir offs,rin , is indicated as an order in t!e (ords of /od to 422

Adam and #ve, after .e !ad blessed t!em, seein t!at .e !ad made a 5 ood t!in 6, on a remote si<t! day, t!e first si<t! day of creation. /od said to t!em4 53e fruitful and multi,ly and fill t!e eart!...6 I can see your tacit ob7ection, and t!is is My re,ly to you4 -ince before sin everyt!in in creation (as re ulated by and based on love, t!at multi,lication of c!ildren (ould !ave been a !oly, ,ure, ,o(erful, ,erfect love. And /od ave it as .is first commandment to man4 53e fruitful and multi,ly.6 T!erefore, love your c!ildren after Me. Love, as it is no(, t!e ,resent ,rocreator of c!ildren, did not e<ist t!en. T!ere (as no malice nor t!e detestable t!irst for sensuality. Man loved (oman and (oman loved man, naturally, not naturally accordin to nature as (e understand it, or rat!er, as you men understand it, but accordin to t!e nature of c!ildren of /od4 su,ernaturally. -(eet (ere t!e days of love of t!e T(o (!o (ere brot!ers, because born of one 9at!er, and yet (ere !usband and (ife, (!o loved and looked at eac! ot!er (it! t!e innocent eyes of t(ins in a cradleD and man felt t!e love of a fat!er for !is (ife 5bone from !is bones and fles! from !is fles!6, (!at a son is for !is fat!erD and t!e (oman e<,erienced t!e 7oy of bein a dau !ter, ,rotected by a very !i ! love, because s!e felt t!at s!e !ad in !erself somet!in of t!e (onderful man (!o loved !er, (it! innocence and an elical ardour, in t!e beautiful meado(s in #den2 Later, in t!e se=uence of commands t!at /od, smilin , ave to .is beloved c!ildren, t!ere comes (!at Adam !imself, ifted by /race (it! an intelli ence inferior only to /od:s, decreed s,eakin of !is (ife and of every (oman t!rou ! #ve, a decree of t!e t!ou !t of /od, (!ic! (as 42,

clearly reflected by t!e s,otless mirror of Adam:s s,irit, a flo(er in t!ou !t and in (ord4 5Man (ill leave !is fat!er and !is mot!er and (ill 7oin !imself to !is (ife and t!ey (ill become one body.6 If t!ere !ad not been t!e t!ree ,illars of t!e t!ree above mentioned loves, could t!ere !ave been love for one:s nei !bour) No. It could not !ave e<isted. T!e love of /od makes /od a friend and teac!es love. 1!o does not love /od, 1!o is ood, cannot certainly love !is nei !bour (!o in most cases is faulty. If t!ere !ad been no con7u al love and ,aternity in t!e (orld, t!ere could !ave been no nei !bours, because a nei !bour is t!e son of man. Are you convinced) * ' 0es, Master. I !ad not t!ou !t of t!at. * ' It is difficult indeed to o back to t!e sources. Man !as been stuck in mud for t!ousands of years, and t!ose sources are so !i ! u, on t!e summits2 T!e first one, above all, is a source t!at comes from an immense !ei !t4 /od... 3ut I (ill take you by t!e !and and lead you to t!e sources. I kno( (!ere t!ey are...* ' And t!e ot!er loves) * ask to et!er -imon Fealot and t!e man from #ndor. ' T!e first one of t!e second series is t!e love for our nei !bour. In actual fact it is t!e fourt! in ,o(er. T!en comes t!e love for science. 9inally t!e love for (ork. * ' Is t!at all) * ' T!at is all. * ' 3ut t!ere are many more loves2 * e<claims +udas of Beriot!. 424

' T!ere are ot!er !un ers. 3ut t!ey are not loves. T!ey are t!e ne ation of love. T!ey deny /od, t!ey deny man. T!ey cannot be love because t!ey are ne ations and Ne ation is .atred. * C ' If I deny consent to evil, is t!at .atred) * asks +udas Iscariot once a ain. ' Poor me2 0ou are more ca,tious t!an a scribe2 "an you tell me (!at is t!e matter (it! you) Is t!e rarified air of +udaea affectin your nerves like a cram,) * e<claims Peter. ' No. I like to learn and to !ave many clear ideas. It is =uite ,ossible (e may !ave to s,eak to scribes and I do not (ant to be s!ort of ar uments...* ' And do you t!ink t!at in t!e moment of need you (ill be able to ,ull out t!e colour re=uired from t!e sack (!ere you stock all t!e ra s) * asks Peter. ' Ra s4 t!e (ords of t!e Master) 0ou are s(earin ) * ' Don:t ,retend you are scandalized. T!ey are not ra s in .is mout!D but once t!ey !ave been mis!andled by us t!ey become ra s. Try and ive a ,iece of ,recious byssus to a boy... It (ill soon become a dirty torn ra . And t!at is (!at !a,,ens to us. No( if you e<,ect to fis! at t!e ri !t moment t!e little ra you need, (!at (it! t!e ra , and (!at (it! its dirt... u!m2 I do not kno( (!at you (ill be u, to. * ' Don:t (orry. T!at is my business. * ' $!2 0ou may be sure t!at I (ill not (orry2 I !ave enou ! ,roblems of my o(n. And t!en...2 I am !a,,y ,rovidin you cause no !arm to t!e Master. 3ecause, in 423

t!at case, I (ould mind also your business...* ' 0ou can do t!at (!en I do anyt!in (ron . 3ut t!at (ill never !a,,en, because I kno( !o( to be!ave... I am not i norant...* ' Instead I am, I kno(. And because I am I do not stock any ballast, to flaunt it later, at t!e ri !t moment. 3ut I im,lore /od and /od (ill !el, me for t!e sake of .is Messia!, of 1!om I am t!e least and most fait!ful servant. * ' 1e are all fait!ful * re,lies +udas !au !tily. ' $!2 0ou are bad2 1!y do you offend my fat!er) .e is old and !e is ood. 0ou must not do t!at. 0ou are bad and you fri !ten me * says +abez (it! stern countenance, after bein silent and listenin carefully. ' And t!at makes t(o2 * (!is,ers +ames of Febedee in a lo( voice, touc!in Andre( (it! !is elbo(. Alt!ou ! !e !as s,oken in a lo( voice, t!e Iscariot !ears !im. ' 0ou can see, Master, (!et!er t!e (ords of t!e silly boy of Ma dala !ave left a trace * says +udas ra in (it! an er. ' 1ould it not be more ,leasant to continue listenin to t!e lesson of t!e Master, instead of be!avin like an ry kids) * asks ,eaceful T!omas. H ' $f course, Master. Tell us more about 0our Mot!er. .er c!ild!ood is so bri !t2 T!e very reflection of t!at brilliance makes our souls ,ure, and I, a ,oor sinner, need t!at li !t so badly2 * e<claims Matt!e(. 42+

' 1!at s!all I tell you) T!ere are so many e,isodes, one more touc!in t!an t!e ot!er...* ' Did -!e tell 0ou about t!em) * ' 0es, some. 3ut +ose,! told Me many more, as t!e most beautiful stories !e could tell a c!ild, and also Al,!aeus of -ara!, (!o (as a fe( years older t!an My Mot!er, and (as .er friend durin t!e s!ort ,eriod -!e (as at Nazaret!...* ' $!2 Please, tell us...* be s +o!n. T!ey are all sittin in a circle in t!e s!ade of t!e olive; trees, (it! +abez in t!e centre starin at +esus as if !e (ere listenin to a !eavenly tale. ' I (ill tell you about t!e lesson on c!astity t!at My Mot!er ave .er little friend and many more ,eo,le a fe( days before enterin t!e Tem,le. A irl in Nazaret!, a relative of -ara!:s, ot married on t!at day and also +oac!im and Anne !ad been invited to t!e (eddin . Little Mary (ent (it! t!em, and (it! ot!er c!ildren -!e (as to s,read loose flo(er ,etals on t!e bride:s (ay. T!ey say t!at -!e (as most beautiful, as a c!ild, and everybody contented for .er after t!e 7oyful arrival of t!e bride. It (as not easy to see Mary every day, as -!e lived mostly at !ome, (!ere -!e loved a little rotto more t!an any ot!er ,lace, and even no(adays -!e calls it 5t!e rotto of .er nu,tials.6 -o (!en -!e a,,eared outside, fair;!aired, rosy and kind, -!e (as over(!elmed by caresses. T!ey used to call .er 5t!e 9lo(er of Nazaret!6 or 5t!e Pearl of /alilee6 or also 5t!e Peace of /od6 in remembrance of a !u e rainbo(, (!ic! suddenly a,,eared as soon as -!e (as born. -!e (as in fact all 427

t!at, and muc! more. -!e is t!e 9lo(er of .eaven and of creation, t!e Pearl of Paradise and t!e Peace of /od... 0es, t!e Peace of /od. I am t!e Peaceful $ne because I am t!e -on of t!e 9at!er and t!e -on of Mary4 t!e Infinite Peace and t!e -(eet Peace. $n t!at day everybody (anted to kiss .er and take .er on t!eir la,s. And as -!e (as averse to bein kissed and touc!ed, -!e said (it! kind ravity4 5Please, do not rum,le Me.6 T!ey t!ou !t -!e (as talkin of .er linen dress, !eld ti !t to .er (aist, to .er (rists and neck by a blue band, or of .er little (reat! of blue flo(ers, (it! (!ic! Anne !ad adorned .er !ead to kee, .er li !t curls in ,lace, and t!ey assured .er t!at t!ey (ould not crease .er dress or t!e (reat!. 3ut, sure of .erself, a little t!ree year old (oman standin in t!e middle of a circle of adults, -!e said seriously4 5I am not t!inkin of (!at can be mended. I am s,eakin of My soul. It belon s to /od. And it does not (is! to be touc!ed but by /od.6 T!ey ob7ected4 53ut (e are kissin 0ou, not 0our soul.6 -!e re,lied4 5My body is t!e tem,le of My soul and t!e -,irit is its ,riest. Peo,le are not allo(ed to enter t!e enclosure of ,riests. Please, do not enter t!e enclosure of /od.6 Al,!aeus, (!o (as t!en about ei !t years old and (as very fond of .er, (as reatly im,ressed by t!at re,ly and t!e follo(in day, seein .er near .er little rotto, !e asked .er4 5Mary, (!en 0ou are ro(n u,, (ould 0ou marry me)6 .e (as still under t!e e<citement of t!e nu,tial feast at (!ic! !e !ad been ,resent. And -!e ans(ered4 5I am very fond of you. 3ut I do not see you as a man. I (ill tell you a secret. I see only t!e soul of a livin bein . And I love it so muc!, (it! all My !eart. 3ut I see only /od as t!e :True Livin 3ein : to 1!om I (ill be able to ive Myself.6 T!at is one of t!e e,isodes. * 429

I ' 5T!e True Livin 3ein 6222 T!at is a very dee, (ord2 * e<claims 3art!olome(. And +esus, !umbly and smilin re,lies4 ' -!e (as t!e Mot!er of 1isdom. * ' 1as -!e)... 3ut (as -!e not t!ree years old) * ' -!e (as. I already lived in .er, as /od (as in .er, in .is most ,erfect ?nity and Trinity, since -!e (as conceived. * ' #<cuse me if I, a sinner, dare s,eak, but did +oac!im and Anne kno( t!at -!e (as t!e c!osen %ir in) * asks +udas Iscariot. ' No, t!ey did not kno(. * In t!at case, !o( could +oac!im say t!at /od !ad saved .er in advance) Does t!at not refer to .er ,rivile e over sin) * ' 0es, it does. 3ut +oac!im s,oke ins,ired by /od, like all t!e ,ro,!ets. .e !imself did not understand t!e sublime su,ernatural trut! t!at t!e -,irit s,oke t!rou ! !is li,s. 3ecause +oac!im (as 7ust. -o 7ust as to deserve t!at ,aternity. And !e (as !umble. T!ere is no 7ustice (!ere t!ere is ,ride. .e (as 7ust and !umble. .e comforted !is Dau !ter out of fat!erly love. .e tau !t .er t!rou ! !is (isdom of a ,riest, as !e (as suc! as a uardian of t!e Ark of /od. As a Pontiff !e consecrated .er (it! t!e s(eetest title4 5T!e Immaculate $ne.6 And t!e day (ill come (!en anot!er rey !aired Pontiff (ill say to t!e (orld4 5-!e is t!e Immaculate "once,tion6 and (ill ive t!is trut! to t!e (orld of believers, as a do ma (!ic! cannot be refuted, so t!at t!e Most 3eautiful %ir in of 422

/od, cro(ned (it! stars, clad (it! t!e rays of t!e moon, (!ic! are not so ,ure as -!e is, bri !ter t!an all stars, t!e Gueen of "reation and of /od, may s!ine, fully revealed, in t!e (orld (!ic! in t!ose days (ill be sinkin dee,er and dee,er in t!e rey fo of !eresies and vices. 3ecause /od;Bin !as as .is Gueen, in .is Bin dom, Mary. * ' -o +oac!im (as a ,ro,!et) * ' .e (as a 7ust man. .is soul re,eated like an ec!o (!at /od said to !is soul (!ic! (as loved by /od. * J ' 1!en are (e oin to t!is Mot!er, my Lord) * asks +abez (it! ea er eyes. ' T!is evenin . 1!at (ill you say to .er (!en you see .er) * ' 5I reet 0ou, Mot!er of t!e -aviour.6 Is t!at all ri !t) * ' %ery ood * confirms +esus caressin !im. ' 3ut are (e oin to t!e Tem,le today) * asks P!ili,. ' 1e s!all o t!ere before leavin for 3et!any. And you (ill stay !ere and be a ood boy. 1ill you not) * ' 0es, my Lord. * T!e (ife of +ona!, t!e caretaker of t!e olive; rove, (!o !as come near very =uietly says4 ' 1!y don:t you take !im. T!e boy is an<ious to come...* +esus stares at !er (it!out sayin anyt!in . T!e (oman understands and says4 ' I see2 I s!ould still !ave a little mantle of Mark. I (ill look for it * and s!e runs a(ay. 3//

+abez ,ulls +o!n:s sleeve4 ' 1ill t!e teac!ers be severe) * ' $!2 no. Don:t be afraid. In any case it is not today. In a fe( days: time, (it! .is Mot!er, you (ill be more learned t!an a doctor * +o!n comforts !im. T!e ot!ers !ear and smile at +abez: concern. ' 3ut (!o (ill ,resent !im as if !e (ere !is fat!er) * asks Matt!e(. ' $f course I (ill2 ?nless... t!e Master (is!es to ,resent !im * says Peter. ' No, -imon. I (ill not ,resent !im. I leave t!at !onour to you. * ' T!ank 0ou, Master. 3ut... 0ou (ill be t!ere, too) * ' "ertainly. 1e s!all all be t!ere. .e is 5our6 boy...* Mary of +ona! comes back (it! a dark violet mantle, (!ic! is still ood. 3ut (!at a s!ade2 -!e says so !erself4 ' Mark never (anted to (ear it because !e did not like t!e s!ade. * No (onder2 It is vile2 And ,oor +abez (it! !is olive com,le<ion looks !astly in t!e violent violet s!ade. 3ut !e cannot see !imself... and !e is t!erefore !a,,y to !ave t!e mantle in (!ic! !e can dra,e !imself like an adult. ' T!e meal is ready, Master. T!e (oman !as taken t!e lamb off t!e s,it 7ust no(. * ' Let us o, t!en. * And oin do(n from t!e ,lace (!ere t!ey (ere, t!ey o into t!e lar e kitc!en for t!eir meal. 3/1

1+5. In t$e Te*%le at t$e <o! of t$e Offe #n(.

--n) J!ne 1+4,.

& Peter is really stately (!ile enterin t!e enclosure of t!e Tem,le, actin as t!e fat!er of +abez, (!om !e is !oldin by t!e !and. .e is (alkin so erect, t!at !e looks even taller t!an !e really is. All t!e ot!ers are be!ind !im, in a rou,. +esus is last and is en a ed in close conversation (it! +o!n of #ndor, (!o seems to be as!amed to enter t!e Tem,le. Peter asks !is ,rotO O4 ' .ave you ever been !ere before) * and t!e boy re,lies4 ' 1!en I (as born, fat!er. 3ut I do not remember * (!ic! makes Peter lau ! !eartily. Also t!e ot!ers, (!en t!ey are told by Peter, lau ! and say ently and (ittily4 ' Per!a,s you (ere slee,in and so...* or ' 1e are all like you. 1e do not remember (!en (e came !ere (!en (e (ere born. * Also +esus asks +o!n of #ndor t!e same =uestion and ets a similar re,ly. In fact +o!n says to .im4 ' 1e (ere ,roselytes and my mot!er carried me !ere in !er arms, 7ust at Passover, because I (as born early in Adar and my mot!er, (!o came from +udaea, set out as soon as s!e (as able to, to offer !er son to t!e Lord in ood time. Per!a,s too early, because s!e (as taken ill and never recovered. I (as under t(o years of a e (!en I lost my mot!er. T!e first misfortune in my life. I (as !er first; born, I became !er only c!ild because of !er disease, and 3/2

s!e (as very ,roud to die !avin com,lied (it! t!e La(. My fat!er used to say to me4 5-!e died a !a,,y deat! because s!e !ad offered you to t!e Tem,le.6.. Poor mot!er2 1!at did you offer) A future murderer...* ' +o!n, do not say t!at. 0ou (ere 9eli< t!en, no( you are +o!n. 3ear in mind t!e reat race t!at /od ranted you, al(ays remember t!at. 9or et your ,ast debasement... Did you not come back to t!e Tem,le a ain) * ' $!2 0es. 1!en I (as t(elve years old and al(ays after t!at, as lon as... I (as able to... Later, (!en I could !ave come, I did not, because I told 0ou t!at I (ors!i,,ed only one t!in 4 .atred... And t!at is (!y I dare not ,roceed furt!er !ere. I feel a stran er in t!e .ouse of t!e 9at!er... I !ave abandoned it for too lon ...* ' 0ou are comin back to it led by t!e !and by Me 1!o am t!e -on of t!e 9at!er. If I am takin you u, to t!e altar, it means t!at I kno( t!at everyt!in !as been for iven. * +o!n of #ndor sobs dee,ly and says4 ' T!ank 0ou, my /od. * ' 0es, t!ank t!e Most .i !. "an you not see t!at your mot!er, a true Israelite, !ad a ,ro,!etic s,irit) 0ou are t!e son sacred to t!e Lord and never ransomed. 0ou are Mine, you belon to /od, you are a disci,le and t!us a future ,riest of your Lord in t!e ne( era and in t!e ne( reli ion, (!ic! (ill be called after Me. I absolve you of everyt!in , +o!n. Proceed confidently to(ards t!e .oly. I solemny tell you t!at amon t!ose (!o live in t!is enclosure t!ere are many more uilty and less (ort!y t!an you to o near t!e altar...* 3/,

Peter in t!e meantime is busy s!o(in t!e boy t!e most note(ort!y t!in s in t!e Tem,le, but !e asks t!e more learned ones, ,articularly 3art!olome( and -imon, to !el, !im, because in t!e fulfillment of !is duty as a fat!er !e feels more at ease (it! t!e elder ones. 8 T!ey are near t!e treasury to make t!eir offerin (!en +ose,! of Arimat!ea calls t!em. ' 0ou are !ere) 1!en did you arrive) * !e asks after reetin t!em. ' 0esterday evenin . * ' And t!e Master) * ' .e is over t!ere, (it! a ne( disci,le. .e is comin . * +ose,! looks at t!e boy and asks Peter4 ' $ne of your randsons) * ' No... yes... (ell4 not!in by blood, a reat deal by fait!, everyt!in by love. * ' I do not understand...* ' .e is a little or,!an... so not!in by blood. A disci,le, t!erefore a reat deal by fait!. A son.., so everyt!in by love. T!e Master took !im... and I caress !im. .e is becomin of a e in t!e ne<t fe( days...* ' Already t(elve years old) And so small) * ' #!2... T!e Master (ill tell you... +ose,!, you are ood... one of t!e fe( ood ,eo,le in !ere... Tell me... (ould you !el, me in t!is matter) 0ou kno(... I am ,resentin !im as if !e (ere my son. 3ut I am a /alilean and I am a nasty le,er...* ' A le,er)2 * e<claims +ose,! in=uisitively movin a(ay 3/4

in fri !t. ' Don:t be afraid2 I am a le,er because I belon to +esus2 T!e most loat!esome form of le,rosy for t!ose of t!e Tem,le, (it! a fe( e<ce,tions. * ' No2 Don:t say t!at2 * ' It:s t!e trut! and (e must admit it... -o I am afraid t!ey (ill be cruel to t!e boy because of me and because of +esus. In any case I do not kno( !o( muc! !e kno(s of t!e La(, of t!e .alascia, t!e .a ad!a and of t!e Midrasciots. +esus says t!at !e kno(s =uite a lot...* ' 1ell, if +esus says so2 Don:t be afraid2 * ' $nly to cause me trouble t!ey (ould...* ' 0ou are very fond of t!is little fello(2 Do you kee, !im (it! you all t!e time) * ' I cannot2... I am al(ays about... T!e boy is too youn and delicate...* ' 3ut I (ould (illin ly come (it! you...* says +abez (!o !as been reassured by +ose,!:s caresses. Peter is bri !t (it! 7oy... 3ut !e says4 ' T!e Master says t!at (e must not do t!at and (e (ill not do it... 3ut (e s!all meet no( and a ain 7ust t!e same... +ose,!... (ill you !el, me) * ' $f course, I (ill2 I (ill come (it! you. T!ey (ill not do !im an in7ustice in front of me. 1!en) $!2 Master2 /ive me 0our blessin 2 * ' Peace to you, +ose,!. I am !a,,y to see you and I am lad t!at you are in ood !ealt!. * 3/3

' I am !a,,y, too, Master, and also 0our friends (ill be ,leased t o see 0ou. Are 0ou stayin at /et!semane) * ' I (as t!ere, but after t!e ,rayer I am oin to 3et!any. * ' To Lazarus:) * ' No, to -imon:s. My Mot!er, t!e mot!er of My brot!ers and t!e mot!er of +o!n and +ames are also t!ere. 1ill you come and see Me) * ' Are 0ou askin me) I (ill come (it! reat 7oy and it is a reat !onour, for (!ic! I t!ank 0ou. I (ill come (it! some friends...* ' 3e careful, +ose,!, (it! friends2...* su Fealot. ests -imon

' $!2 0ou already kno( t!em. Prudence teac!es4 5Do not let t!e air kno(.6 3ut (!en you see t!em you (ill understand t!at t!ey are friends. * ' 1ell...* ' Master, -imon of +ona! (as tellin me about t!e ceremony for t!e little one. 0ou arrived (!en I (as askin (!en you intend !avin it. I (ant to be t!ere, too. * ' $n t!e 1ednesday before Passover. I (ant !im to kee, Passover as a son of t!e La(. * ' %ery ood. T!at is settled. I (ill come and 7oin you at 3et!any. 3ut I (ill come (it! my friends on Monday. * ' A reed. * ' Master, I must leave 0ou. Peace be (it! 0ou. It is t!e 3/+

!our of incense. * ' /oodbye, +ose,!. Peace be (it! you. > "ome, +abez. T!is is t!e most solemn !our of t!e day. T!ere is anot!er one in t!e mornin . It is ri !t t!at man s!ould bless t!e Lord to be blessed durin t!e day, in all !is deeds. 3ut in t!e evenin it is more solemn. Li !t fades, (ork ends, ni !t falls. T!e fadin li !t reminds us of t!e fall into sin and in fact sinful deeds are enerally accom,lis!ed durin t!e ni !t. 1!y) 3ecause man, no lon er en rossed in !is (ork, can be more easily entra,,ed by t!e #vil $ne (!o avails !imself of !is allurements and ni !tmares. It is t!erefore ri !t, after t!ankin /od for ,rotectin us durin t!e day, t!at (e s!ould im,lore .im to deliver us from ni !t ,!antasms and tem,tations. Ni !t, slee,... t!e symbols of deat!. 3lessed be t!ose (!o after livin (it! t!e blessin of t!e Lord o to slee, in a bri !t da(n and not in darkness. T!e ,riest (!o offers incense, does so on be!alf of us all. .e ,rays for all t!e ,eo,le, in communion (it! /od, and /od entrusts !im (it! t!e blessin for t!e (!ole ,eo,le of .is c!ildren. -ee !o( reat t!e ministry of a ,riest is) * I (ould like... I (ould feel as if I (ere closer to my mummy...* If you are al(ays a ood disci,le and a ood son to Peter, you (ill become one. "ome no(. T!e trum,ets are announcin t!at t!e time !as come. Let us o and ,raise 0a!(e! (it! veneration. *


1+7. Jes!s 6eets <#s 6ot$e at Bet$an1.

-. ) J!ne 1+4,.

& +esus is (alkin fast (it! .is disci,les to(ards Lazarus: to(n, alon a s!ady road (!ic! links t!e Mount of $lives to 3et!any. $ne could say t!at t!e reen ramifications of t!e mountain stretc! as far as t!e countryside of 3et!any. +esus is reco nised even before enterin t!e to(n and voluntary messen ers run in all directions to inform ,eo,le of .is arrival. T!us Lazarus and Ma<iminus arrive runnin from one side, Isaac (it! Timoneus and +ose,! from anot!er, and t!e t!ird rou, to arrive is Mart!a (it! Marcella, (!o lifts !er veil to bend do(n and kiss +esus: tunic. Immediately after Mary of Al,!aeus and Mary -alome reac! t!e s,ot, t!ey reet t!e Master and t!en embrace t!eir sons. Little +abez, still !eld by t!e !and by +esus, is tossed about by so muc! rus!in and (atc!es everyt!in dumbfounded. +o!n of #ndor, feelin like a stran er, (it!dra(s to t!e end of t!e rou, and stands aside. -uddenly, in t!e lane leadin to -imon:s !ouse, +esus: Mot!er comes for(ard. +esus dro,s +abez: !and and ently ,us!es .is friends to one side, to !asten to(ards .er. T!e (ell kno(n (ords resound in t!e air, like a solo of love above t!e (!is,erin of t!e cro(d4 ' -on2 *D ' Mot!er2 * T!ey kiss eac! ot!er and in Mary:s kiss t!ere is t!e an uis! of a mot!er (!o !as been afraid for a lon time and no( t!at t!e terror, (!ic! !ad seized !er, is dissolvin , s!e feels t!e tiredness of t!e effort s!e made, and evaluates t!e risks .e !as run. +esus, 1!o understands, caresses .er sayin 4 ' 3eside 3/9

My an el I !ad 0ours, Mot!er, (atc!in over Me. No !arm could !ave befallen Me. * ' May t!e Lord be ,raised for t!at. 3ut I suffered so muc!2 * ' I (anted to come sooner, but in order to obey 0ou, I !ad to come a different (ay. 3ut it (as a ood t!in , because 0our order, Mot!er, bore ood fruit, as usual. * ' It (as 0our obedience, -on2 * ' It (as 0our (ise order, Mot!er...* T!ey smile at eac! ot!er like t(o lovers. Is it ,ossible t!at t!is 1oman is t!e Mot!er of t!is Man) 1!ere are t!e si<teen years of difference in a e) T!e fres!ness and race of Mary:s face and of .er vir inal body make .er a sister of .er -on 1!o is in t!e fullness of a !andsome manliness. ' Are 0ou not askin Me (!y it bore ood fruit) * asks +esus smilin all t!e time. ' I kno( t!at My +esus conceals not!in from Me. * ' My dear Mot!er2 * .e kisses .er a ain... Peo,le !ave ke,t a(ay a fe( yards ,retendin not to be (atc!in t!e scene. 3ut I (a er t!at t!ere is not one of all t!e eyes t!at seem to be lookin else(!ere t!at does not cast sidelon lances at t!e lovin scene. 8 T!e one (!o is most keen in (atc!in is +abez, (!om +esus left (!en .e ran to embrace .is Mot!er, and (!o !as been left all alone, because o(in to t!e =uick succession of =uestions and ans(ers, everybody:s attention (as diverted from t!e ,oor boy... .e looks, t!en 3/2

bends !is !ead, endeavours to restrain !is tears... but !e cannot and bursts out (ee,in , moanin 4 ' Mummy2 Mummy2 * #verybody turns round, +esus and Mary are t!e first, and everybody endeavours to !el, or find out (!o t!e boy is. Mary of Al,!aeus rus!es to(ards !im (it! Peter E t!ey (ere to et!er E and t!ey bot! ask4 ' 1!y are you cryin ) * 3ut before +abez can catc! !is breat! and s,eak (!ile s!eddin so many tears, Mary !as run to(ards !im and taken !im in .er arms sayin 4 ' 0es, my little c!ild, your Mot!er2 Do not cry any more... and e<cuse Me if I did not see you before. My friends, !ere is My little son...* It is obvious t!at +esus, in t!e fe( seconds (!ile a,,roac!in t!e boy, must !ave said to .er4 ' .e is a little or,!an I brou !t (it! Me. * Mary realised t!e rest. T!e boy is still (ee,in , but not so disconsolately, and as Mary is !oldin !im in .er arms and kissin !im, !e ends u, by smilin (!ile !is face is still (et (it! tears. ' Let me dry t!ose tears of yours. 0ou must not cry any more2 /ive Me a kiss...* +abez (as e<,ectin not!in but t!at and after bein caressed by bearded men, !e is over7oyed in kissin Mary:s smoot! c!eek. > +esus !as been lookin for +o!n of #ndor and (!en .e sees !im, .e oes to et !im in !is remote corner. And (!ile all t!e a,ostles are reetin Mary, +esus comes to(ards .er, !oldin +o!n of #ndor by t!e !and and .e says4 ' T!is is t!e ot!er disci,le, Mot!er. 0our command ained t!ese t(o sons for 0ou. * 31/

It (as 0our obedience, -on * re,eats Mary and -!e reets t!e man sayin 4 ' Peace to you. * T!e man, t!e coarse restless man of #ndor, (!o !as c!an ed so muc! since t!at mornin (!en +udas: (!im took +esus to #ndor, com,letely divests !imself of !is ,ast (!ile bo(in to Mary. I t!ink it is so, because !is face, after bo(in , looks really serene and truly ' at ,eace *. A T!ey all set out to(ards -imon:s !ouse4 Mary (it! +abez in .er arms, +esus !oldin +o!n of #ndor by t!e !and, and t!en, around t!em and be!ind t!em, Lazarus and Mart!a, t!e a,ostles (it! Ma<iminus, Isaac, +ose,!, and Timoneus. T!ey enter t!e !ouse on t!e t!res!old of (!ic! -imon:s old servant reets +esus and !is master (it! dee, res,ect. ' Peace to you, +ose,!, and to t!is !ouse * says +esus, liftin .is !and to bless after layin it on t!e old servant:s (!ite !ead. Lazarus and Mart!a, after t!eir first e<,ression of 7oy, are some(!at sad and +esus asks t!em4 ' 1!y, My friends) * ' 3ecause 0ou are not stayin (it! us and because everybody comes to 0ou e<ce,t t!e soul t!at (e (ould like to be 0ours. * ' 9ortify your ,atience, your !o,e and your ,rayers. After all, I am (it! you. T!is !ouse2... T!is !ouse is but t!e nest from (!ic! t!e -on of man (ill fly every day to .is dear friends, so close in s,ace, but if (e consider t!e 311

situation in a su,ernatural (ay, infinitely closer in love. 0ou are in My !eart and I am in yours. "an (e be closer t!an t!at) 3ut (e (ill be to et!er t!is evenin . Please sit at My table. * ' $!2 Poor me2 And I am idlin about2 "ome, -alome, t!ere is a lot to be done2 * T!e e<clamation of Mary of Al,!aeus makes everybody lau ! (!ile +esus: ood relative ets u, immediately to !er (ork. Mart!a 7oins !er4 ' Don:t (orry about t!e food, Mary. I (ill o and ive t!e necessary instructions. +ust lay t!e table. I (ill send you enou ! c!airs and (!at is necessary. "ome, Marcella. I (ill be back at once, Master. * C ' I sa( +ose,! of Arimat!ea, Lazarus. .e is comin !ere on Monday (it! some friends. * ' $!2 1ell, 0ou are my uest on t!at day2 * ' 0es. .e is comin to s,end t!e day (it! us, but also to arran e a ceremony concernin +abez. +o!n4 take t!e boy u, to t!e terrace. .e (ill en7oy !imself t!ere. * +o!n of Febedee, (!o is al(ays obedient, ets u, at once and s!ortly after(ards t!e boy can be !eard c!atterin and runnin about on t!e terrace t!at surrounds t!e !ouse. ' T!e c!ild * +esus e<,lains to .is Mot!er, .is friends, t!e (omen amon (!om t!ere is also Mart!a, (!o !as rus!ed back so t!at s!e (ould not miss one moment of 7oy near t!e Master, ' is t!e randson of one of Doras: ,easants. I ,assed t!rou ! #sdraelon...* ' Is it true t!at t!e fields are a com,lete ruin and t!at !e 312

(ants to sell t!em) * ' T!ey are a ruin. 1!et!er !e (ants to sell t!em, I do not kno(. $ne of +o!anan:s men mentioned it to me. 3ut I do not kno( (!et!er it is certain. * ' If !e s!ould sell t!em... I (ould (illin ly buy t!em to !ave a refu e for 0ou also in t!e middle of t!at nest of snakes. * ' I do not t!ink t!at you (ill be successful. +o!anan is ready to buy t!em. * ' 1e s!all see... 3ut o on. 1!o are t!e ,easants) .e scattered all t!e former servants. * ' 0es, !e did. T!e ,resent ones come from !is land in +udaea, at least t!e old man, t!e boy:s relative, does. T!e boy (as ke,t in a (ood, like a (ild animal, so t!at Doras could not see !im... and !e !ad been t!ere since last (inter...* ' $!2 ,oor boy2 3ut (!y) * T!e (omen are all moved. ' 3ecause !is fat!er and mot!er (ere buried under t!e landslide near #mmaus. T!e (!ole family4 fat!er, mot!er and !is little brot!ers. .e survived because !e (as not at !ome. T!ey took !im to t!e old fat!er. 3ut (!at could a ,easant of Doras do) Isaac, also in t!is case, you s,oke of Me as a saviour. * ' 1as t!at (ron ) * asks Isaac !umbly. ' 0ou did t!e ri !t t!in . /od (anted it. T!e old man ave me t!e boy, (!o is to become of a e in t!e ne<t fe( days. * ' $!2 ,oor little t!in 2 -o tiny at t(elve years of a e)2 My 31,

+udas (as t(ice !is size at t!at a e... And +esus) 1!at a beautiful flo(er2 * says Mary of Al,!aeus. And -alome4 ' Also my c!ildren (ere muc! stron er2 * Mart!a (!is,ers4 ' .e is really tiny2 I t!ou !t !e (as not ten yet. * ' #!2 .un er is a nasty t!in . And !e must !ave suffered from starvation since !e (as born. And no(... 1!at could t!e old man ive !im, if t!ey are all dyin of starvation t!ere) * says Peter. ' 0es, !e suffered a reat deal. 3ut !e is ood and intelli ent. I took !im to comfort bot! t!e old man and t!e boy. * H ' Are you oin to ado,t !im) * asks Lazarus. ' No. I cannot. * ' 1ell, I (ill take !im. * Peter sees !is !o,es vanis! and !e utters a really dee, roan4 ' Lord2 #veryt!in to !im) * +esus smiles4 ' Lazarus, you !ave already done so muc! and I am rateful to you. 3ut I cannot entrust t!is c!ild to you. .e is 5our6 boy. .e belon s to all of us. .e is t!e 7oy of t!e a,ostles and of t!e Master. 3esides, !e (ould be brou !t u, in lu<ury !ere. I (ant to make !im a ,resent of My royal mantle4 5!onest ,overty.6 T!e ,overty t!at t!e -on of man (anted for .imself, to be able to o near t!e reatest miseries (it!out mortifyin anybody. 0ou !ave !ad a ift from Me also recently...* ' A!2 0es2 T!e old ,atriarc! and !is dau !ter. T!e (oman is very active, t!e old man very ood. * 314

' 1!ere are t!ey no() I mean4 in (!ic! ,lace) * ' T!ey are !ere, in 3et!any. Do 0ou t!ink I (as oin to send a(ay t!e blessin 0ou !ad sent me) T!e (oman (eaves linen. Li !t skillful !ands are re=uired for t!at 7ob. -ince t!e old man insists in (orkin , I ,ut !im at t!e bee!ives. 0esterday !e !ad a lon olden beard, didn:t !e, sister) T!e bees s(armed and clun to !is lon beard and !e (as s,eakin to t!em as if t!ey (ere !is dau !ters. .e is !a,,y. * ' I am sure !e is2 May you be blessed2 * says +esus. ' T!ank 0ou, Master. 3ut t!at boy (ill cost 0ou a lot. 0ou (ill allo( me at least to...* ' I (ill see to !is clot!es for t!e ceremony * s!outs Peter. T!ey all lau ! at !is im,ulsive reaction. ' All ri !t. 3ut !e (ill need ot!er clot!es. -imon, be ood. I !ave no c!ildren eit!er. Allo( Mart!a and me to find some solace seein to some little arments to be made for !im. * Peter, (!o !as been t!us besou !t, is moved at once and !e says4 ' .is clot!es... yes... 3ut !is dress for 1ednesday... I am oin to et it. T!e Master ,romised me and .e told me t!at I (ould be oin (it! .is Mot!er to buy it tomorro(. * Peter e<,lains everyt!in in detail lest t!ere s!ould be some une<,ected c!an e to !is disadvanta e. +esus smiles and says4 ' 0es, Mot!er. Please o (it! -imon tomorro(. $t!er(ise !e (ill die of !eart;failure. 0ou (ill ive !im some advice as to (!at !e s!ould c!oose. * 313

' I said4 a red dress and a reen sas!. .e (ill look lovely. Muc! better t!an t!e s!ade !e !as on no(. * ' Red (ill be all ri !t. Also +esus (as dressed in red. 3ut I (ould say t!at a red sas! (ould be better on a red dress, or at least it s!ould be embroidered in red. * says Mary ently. ' I (as sayin reen because I see t!at +udas, (!o is s(art!y, looks very smart (it! t!ose reen stri,es on !is red tunic. * ' 3ut t!ese are not reen, my friend2 * lau !s +udas. ' No) 1!at s!ade are t!ey t!en) * ' T!is !ue is called 5a ate vein.6 * ' .o( do you e<,ect me to kno( t!at)2 T!ey look reen to me. I sa( t!at !ue also on leaves...* T!e Most .oly %ir in interru,ts beni nly4 ' -imon is ri !t. It is t!e e<act s!ade of leaves at t!e first rain in t!e mont! of Tisri...* ' T!at:s it2 And since leaves are reen I (as sayin t!at it (as reen * concludes Peter !a,,ily. T!e -(eet Mot!er !as settled also t!is small matter ,eacefully. I ' 1ill you call t!e boy, ,lease) * be s Mary. And t!e c!ild arrives at once (it! +o!n. ' 1!at is your name) * asks Mary caressin !im. ' It is... it (as +abez. 3ut I am e<,ectin a ne( one...* ' Are you) * ' 0es, +abez (ants a name meanin t!at I !ave saved 31+

!im. 0ou (ill find one for !im, Mot!er. A name of love and of salvation. * Mary is ,ensive... -!e t!en says4 ' Mar7iam MMaar! ziamN. 0ou are t!e little star in t!e sea of t!ose saved by +esus. Do you like it) T!us it (ill remind you also of Me besides of -alvation. * ' It is beautiful * says t!e boy 7oyfully. ' 3ut isn:t it a (oman:s name) * asks 3art!olome(. ' 1it! 5l6 at t!e end instead of 5m6, (!en t!is tiny dro, of Mankind is ro(n u,, you can c!an e !is name into t!e name of a man. 9or t!e time bein !e !as t!e name (!ic! !is Mot!er !as iven !im. Is t!at ri !t) * T!e boy says ' yes * and Mary caresses !im. .er sister;in;la( says to .er4 ' T!is (ool is ood * and s!e feels +abez: mantle. ' 3ut its s!ade2 1!at do 0ou t!ink) I (ould dye it very dark red. It (ill come out lovely. * ' 1e (ill do it tomorro( evenin . 3ecause !e (ill !ave !is ne( mantle. 1e cannot take it off !im no(. * Mart!a says4 ' 1ould you come (it! me, my little boy) I (ill take you to a ,lace near !ere, to see many t!in s, t!en (e (ill come back !ere...* +abez does not ob7ect. .e never refuses... but !e seems some(!at afraid to o (it! t!e (oman (!o is almost unkno(n to !im. .e says s!yly and ently4 ' "ould +o!n come (it! me) * ' $f course...* 317

J T!ey o a(ay. And durin t!eir absence t!e various rou,s continue t!eir conversations. T!ey narrate, comment and si ! on !uman !ars!ness. Isaac tells (!at !e !as been able to find out about t!e 3a,tist. -ome say !e is at Mac!aerus, some at Tiberias. .is disci,les !ave not yet come back... ' 3ut did t!ey not follo( !im) * ' 0es. 3ut near Doco t!ose (!o !ad ca,tured !im crossed t!e river (it! t!eir ,risoner and no one kno(s (!et!er t!ey (ent u, to t!e lake or do(n to Mac!aerus. +o!n, Matt!ias and -imeon are movin around to find out and t!ey (ill certainly not abandon !im. * ' And you, Isaac, (ill certainly not abandon t!is ne( disci,le. .e (ill stay (it! Me for t!e time bein . I (ant !im to celebrate Passover (it! Me. * ' I (ill celebrate it in +erusalem, in +o!anna:s !ouse. -!e sa( me and offered a room for me and my com,anions. T!ey are all comin t!is year. And (e s!all be t!ere (it! +onat!an. * ' Also t!ose from Lebanon) * ' 0es. Per!a,s +o!n:s disci,les (ill not be able to come. * ' +o!anan:s men are comin , did you kno() * ' Are t!ey) I (ill be at t!e door, near t!e ,riests offerin sacrifices. I (ill see t!em and take t!em (it! me. * ' T!ey (ill be arrivin at t!e last moment. T!eir time is very limited. 3ut t!ey !ave a lamb. * ' I !ave one, too. A marvellous one. Lazarus ave me it. 1e (ill sacrifice t!is one and t!ey can kee, t!eirs for 319

t!eir 7ourney back !ome. * Mart!a comes back (it! +o!n and t!e boy (!o is (earin a little (!ite linen dress and a red overall. $n !is arm !e is carryin a mantle (!ic! is also red. ' Do you remember t!em, Lazarus) -ee, t!in s are al(ays useful. * T!ey smile at eac! ot!er. +esus says4 ' T!ank you, Mart!a. * ' $!2 My Lord2 I !ave a mania for kee,in t!in s. I in!erited it from my mot!er. I still !ave many of my brot!er:s robes. T!ey are dear to me because t!ey (ere !andled by my mot!er. No( and a ain I take one to ive it to a c!ild. I (ill no( ive t!em to Mar7iam. T!ey are a little lon for !im, but t!ey can be s!ortened. 1!en Lazarus became of a e, !e did not (ant t!em any more... T!e ty,ical ,assin fancy of a c!ild... and !e ot !is o(n (ay because my mot!er adored !er Lazarus. * -!e caresses !er brot!er fondly and Lazarus takes !er beautiful !and, kisses it and says4 ' And do you not) * T!ey smile at eac! ot!er. ' T!at is a ift of Providence * remark many. ' 0es, my (!im !as done a ood turn. Per!a,s I s!all be for iven because of t!at. * Dinner is ready and everyone sits at !is ,lace... K T It is late in t!e ni !t (!en +esus can s,eak to .is Mot!er in ,eace. T!ey !ave one u, to t!e terrace, and sittin one beside t!e ot!er, !and in !and, t!ey s,eak and listen to eac! ot!er. +esus is t!e first to ive an 312

account of t!e t!in s t!at !a,,ened. T!en Mary says4 ' -on, after 0our de,arture, immediately after, a (oman came to Me... -!e (as lookin for 0ou. A reat misery. And a reat redem,tion. 3ut t!e ,oor creature needs to be for iven by 0ou so t!at s!e may ,ersevere in !er decision. I entrusted !er to -usanna sayin t!at s!e !ad been cured by 0ou. T!at is true. I could !ave ke,t !er (it! Me if our !ouse (ere not like a sea;,ort, (!ere all t!e boats come in... and many (it! evil intentions. And t!e (oman is dis usted (it! t!e (orld by no(. Do 0ou (ant to kno( (!o s!e is) * ' -!e is a soul. 3ut tell Me !er name t!at I may receive !er (it!out any mistake. * ' -!e is A lae. T!e Roman mime and sinner (!om 0ou be an to save at .ebron, (!o looked for 0ou and found 0ou at t!e "lear 1ater and s!e !as already suffered because of !er revived !onesty. .o( muc! s!e !as suffered2... -!e told Me everyt!in ... .o( !orrible2...* ' .er sin) * ' T!at... and I (ould say !o( muc! more4 !o( !orrible t!e (orld is. $!2 My -on2 Do not trust t!e P!arisees in "a,ernaum2 T!ey (anted to use t!e un!a,,y creature to !arm 0ou. T!ey (ould !ave used even !er...* ' I kno(, Mot!er... 1!ere is A lae) * ' -!e (ill be comin (it! -usanna before Passover. * ' %ery (ell. I (ill s,eak to !er. I (ill be !ere every evenin and (it! t!e e<ce,tion of Passover evenin , (!ic! I am reservin for t!e family, I (ill (ait for !er. All 0ou need do is tell !er to (ait, if s!e comes. It is a 32/

reat redem,tion, as 0ou said. And suc! a s,ontaneous one2 I solemnly tell 0ou t!at in fe( !earts My seed took root (it! t!e same stren t! as it did in t!is un!a,,y soil. And later Andre( !el,ed it to ro( until it (as fully formed. * ' -!e told Me. * ' Mot!er, (!at did 0ou feel (!en t!at ruin a,,roac!ed 0ou) * ' Dis ust and 7oy. I seemed to be on t!e brink of a !ellis! abyss, and at t!e same time I felt as if I (ere bein carried into t!e blue sky. 0ou are /od indeed, My -on, (!en 0ou (ork suc! miracles2 * T!ey remain silent, under t!e very bri !t stars and t!e ,ale li !t of t!e first =uarter of t!e moon, (!ic! is tendin to become full. -ilent, lovin eac! ot!er and restin in eac! ot!er:s love.

1++. Jes!s 'oes to t$e Le%e s of S#loa* an) Ben <#nno*. T$e Po&e of 6a 1's 0o ).
-4t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& T!e beautiful mornin invites ,eo,le to leave t!eir !omes and beds and o for a (alk and t!e ,eo,le livin in t!e Fealot:s !ouse et u, very early and like bees at sunrise, t!ey o out to breat!e t!e ,ure air in Lazarus: orc!ard round t!e !os,itable !ouse. T!ey are soon 7oined by Lazarus: uests, t!at is, P!ili,, 3art!olome(, 321

Matt!e(, T!omas, Andre( and +ames of Febedee. T!e sun s!ines in 7oyfully t!rou ! all t!e (indo(s and (ide o,en doors and illuminates t!e sim,le tidy rooms (it! a olden !ue, (!ic! bri !tens t!e s!ades of clot!es and enlivens t!e !ues of !air and eyes. Mary of Al,!aeus and -alome are busy servin t!e men (!o en7oy a !earty a,,etite. Mary instead is (atc!in one of Lazarus: servants (!o is sortin Mar7iam:s !air, cuttin it (it! reater skill t!an !is first barber ever did. ' T!at (ill do for t!e time bein * says t!e servant. ' Later, (!en you !ave offered /od t!e curls of your c!ild!ood, I (ill cut it s!orter. T!e (arm season is comin and you (ill feel better (it!out any !air on your neck. And your !air (ill ro( stron er. It is dry, (eak and !as been ne lected. -ee, Mary) It needs some attention. I (ill no( ,ut some oil on it to kee, it in ,lace. "an you smell t!e lovely scent, my boy) It is oil (!ic! Mart!a uses. It is very ood. Almond, ,alm and medulla of t!e finest =uality (it! a rare essence. My mistress told me to kee, t!is little 7ar for t!e boy. $!2 .ere you are2 0ou no( look like t!e son of a kin * and t!e servant, (!o is ,robably t!e barber of Lazarus: !ouse, ,ats Mar7iam on t!e c!eek, reets Mary and oes a(ay lookin =uite satisfied. ' "ome and let Me dress you * says Mary to t!e boy (!o !as on only a s!ort tunic (it! s!ort sleevesD I t!ink it is a s!irt or (!at (as used in t!ose days as a s!irt. 3y its fine linen I at!er t!at it must !ave belon ed to Lazarus (!en a boy. Mary takes off t!e to(el in (!ic! Mar7iam (as envelo,ed and ,uts on !im a linen vest ,uckered round t!e neck and cuffs, and a red (oollen robe (it! (ide neck and sleeves. T!e s!inin sno(;(!ite linen 322

,rotrudes from t!e neck;o,enin and t!e sleeves of t!e red dull clot!. Mary:s skillful !ands must !ave ad7usted t!e len t! of t!e robe and of t!e sleeves durin t!e ni !t, and it no( fits t!e boy, ,articularly (!en Mary irds !is (aist (it! a soft sas! adorned (it! a (oollen (!ite and red tassel. T!e c!ild no lon er looks like t!e ,oor little creature of a fe( days earlier. ' No( o and ,lay, but do not et dirty, (!ile I et ready * says Mary, caressin !im. And t!e boy bounds out !a,,ily, lookin for !is bi friends. 8 T!omas is t!e first one to see !im4 ' .o( lovely you are2 9it for a (eddin 2 0ou make me cut a ,oor fi ure * says ,lum, T!omas (!o is al(ays merry and enial. And !e takes !im by t!e !and sayin 4 ' Let us o and see t!e (omen. T!ey (ere lookin for you to feed you. * T!ey o into t!e kitc!en and T!omas causes t!e t(o Maries, (!o are bent over t!e kitc!en;stove, to start, (!en !e s!outs in !is loud voice4 ' T!ere is a youn man !ere lookin for you * and lau !in !e introduces t!e boy (!o (as !idin be!ind !is robust back. ' $!2 dear2 "ome !ere t!at I may ive you a kiss2 Look, -alome, !o( lovely !e is2 * e<claims Mary of Al,!aeus. ' .e is, indeed2 All !e needs no( is to become more robust. 3ut I:ll see to t!at. "ome !ere, t!at I may kiss you, too * re,lies -alome. ' 3ut +esus is oin to entrust !im to t!e s!e,!erds...* ob7ects T!omas. ' Not on your life2 My +esus is mistaken !ere. 1!at can you men do or ,retend you can do) 0ou are only ood at 32,

=uarrellin E because, incidentally, you are rat!er =uarrelsome... like little oats (!ic! are fond of one anot!er and ore one anot!er (it! t!eir !orns E at eatin , s,eakin and you !ave a t!ousand needs and you claim t!e Master to ,ay all .is attention to you... ot!er(ise you become sulky... "!ildren need mot!ers. Is t!at ri !t) 1!at is your name) * ' Mar7iam. * ' $f course2 3ut blessed be my Mary2 -!e could !ave iven you an easier name2 * ' It:s almost like .ers2 * e<claims -alome. ' 0es, but .ers is more sim,le. T!ere aren:t t!ose letters in t!e centre of it... T!ey are too many...* T!e Iscariot, (!o !as 7ust come in, says4 ' -!e ave a name (!ic! is ,recise in its meanin , accordin to t!e enuine old lan ua e. * ' All ri !t. 3ut it is difficult, and I (ill take one letter a(ay and say Marziam. It is easier and t!e (orld (ill not colla,se because of t!at. Is t!at ri !t, -imon) * Peter, (!o is ,assin by t!e (indo( s,eakin to +o!n of #ndor, looks in and asks4 ' 1!at do you (ant) * ' I (as sayin t!at I s!all call t!e boy Marziam. It is easier. * ' 0ou are ri !t, (oman. If t!e Mot!er allo(s me, I (ill call !im t!us, too. 3ut !o( (onderful you look2 -o do I, e!) Look2 * In fact !e is ,erfectly tidy, !is c!eeks !ave been s!aved, !is !air cut, !is beard trimmed and scented (it! oil, !is 324

clot!es s!o( no creases and !is sandals are so clean t!at t!ey look like ne( ones. I do not kno( (!at !e !as ,olis!ed t!em (it!. T!e (omen admire !im and !e lau !s !a,,ily. T!e boy !as finis!ed eatin and oes out to meet !is reat friend, (!om !e al(ays calls4 ' 9at!er *. > And t!ere is +esus comin from Lazarus: !ouse to et!er (it! t!e latter. T!e boy runs to(ards .im and +esus says4 ' Peace be (it! us, Mar7iam. Let us e<c!an e t!e kiss of ,eace. * Lazarus, reeted by t!e boy, caresses !im and ives !im a s(eet. T!ey all at!er round +esus. Also Mary, (earin a tur=uoise (oollen dress on to, of (!ic! a darker mantle is dra,ed, comes to(ards .er -on smilin . ' 1e can o, t!en * says +esus. ' 0ou, -imon, (it! My Mot!er and t!e boy, if you still (is! to buy !is robe, no( t!at Lazarus !as seen to it. * ' $f course I do2 And t!en... I (ill be able to say t!at once I (alked beside 0our Mot!er. A reat !onour. * ' /o, t!en. -imon, you (ill take Me to your le,er friends...* ' Really, Master) T!en, if 0ou do not mind, I (ill run a!ead, to at!er t!em... 0ou (ill reac! me. 0ou kno( (!ere t!ey are...* ' All ri !t, o. T!e ot!ers can do (!at t!ey like. 0ou are all free until 1ednesday mornin . At t!e t!ird !our everybody is to be at t!e /olden /ate. * 323

' I am comin (it! 0ou, Master * says +o!n. ' Also I * says !is brot!er +ames. ' And (e, too * say t!e t(o cousins. ' I (ill come, too * says Matt!e(, and Andre( after !im. ' And I) I (ould like to come, too... but if I o to do t!e s!o,,in , I cannot come...* says Peter, ,ressed by t(o desires. ' It can be done. 1e s!all o to t!e le,ers first, (!ile My Mot!er (it! t!e boy oes to t!e !ouse of a friend in $,!el. 1e (ill reac! .er later and you (ill o (it! .er, (!ile t!e ot!ers and I o to +o!anna:s. 1e (ill meet at /et!semane for our meal and to(ards sunset (e (ill come back !ere. * ' If 0ou allo( me, I (ill o to see some friends...* says +udas Iscariot. ' I !ave already told you. Do (!at you like. * ' In t!at case, I (ill o to my relatives. Per!a,s my fat!er !as already come. If !e is t!ere, I (ill brin !im to see 0ou * says T!omas. ' 1!at about us t(o) 1!at do you say, P!ili,) 1e could o and see -amuel. * ' %ery ood * P!ili, re,lies to 3art!olome(. ' And (!at about you, +o!n) * +esus asks t!e man of #ndor. ' Do you ,refer to remain !ere and sort out your books, or do you (is! to come (it! Me) * ' Really, I (ould ,refer to come (it! 0ou... My books... I am already less fond of t!em. I ,refer to read 0ou, t!e 32+

Livin 3ook. * ' "ome, t!en. /oodbye, Lazarus...* ' I (ill come, too. My le s are a little better, and after (e !ave seen t!e le,ers, I (ill leave 0ou and o to /et!semane and (ait for 0ou t!ere. * ' Let us o. Peace to you, (omen. * T!ey remain all to et!er until t!ey are near +erusalem. T!en t!ey ,art, t!e Iscariot oes on !is o(n and enters t!e to(n ,robably t!rou ! t!e /ate near t!e Antonia To(erD T!omas, P!ili, and Nat!anael (alk for about ten more yards (it! +esus and t!eir com,anions and t!en enter t!e to(n t!rou ! t!e suburb of $,!el, to et!er (it! Mary and t!e boy. A ' And no(, let us o and see t!ose un!a,,y ,eo,le2 * says +esus, and turnin .is back to t!e to(n .e oes to(ards a desolate ,lace on t!e slo,e of a rocky !ill (!ic! lies bet(een t!e t(o roads from +eric!o to +erusalem. A stran e ,lace, similar to a fli !t of ste,s after t!e first slo,e, u, (!ic! climbs a ,at!, so t!at t!ere is a dro, of at least t!ree yards from t!e first terrace to t!e ,at!, and t!e same from t!e second one. It is an arid, dead... e<tremely sad ,lace. ' Master * s!outs -imon t!e Fealot I am !ere. -to, (!ere 0ou are, t!at I may s!o( 0ou t!e (ay...* and t!e Fealot, (!o (as leanin a ainst a rock to be in t!e s!ade, comes for(ard and leads +esus u, t!e ste,s of a ,at! leadin to(ards /et!semane, but se,arated from it by t!e road t!at from t!e Mount of $lives oes to 3et!any. ' .ere (e are. I lived amon t!e tombs of -iloam and my 327

friends are !ere. -ome of t!em. T!e ot!ers are at 3en .innom, but cannot come... T!ey (ould !ave to cross t!e road and (ould be seen. * ' 1e s!all o also to t!em. * ' T!ank 0ou2 $n t!eir ,art and mine. * ' Are t!ey many) * ' 1inter !as killed most of t!em. 3ut !ere t!ere are still five of t!ose to (!om I !ad s,oken. T!ey are (aitin for 0ou. T!ere t!ey are, on t!e ed e of t!eir ,rison...* T!ere are ,robably ten monsters. I say ' ,robably *, because if five, (!o are standin u,, are clearly visible, t!e ot!ers, because of t!e reyis! !ue of t!eir skin, t!e deformity of t!eir faces and t!e fact t!at t!ey !ardly ,rotrude from t!e stone barrier, cannot be counted accurately and t!ey may be more t!an five or less. Amon t!ose standin u, t!ere is only one (oman. $ne can tell only by !er (!ite dis!evelled !air !an in coarse and dirty over !er s!oulders do(n to !er (aist. T!ere is no ot!er si n by (!ic! one could tell !er se<, because t!e disease, (!ic! is in an advanced sta e, !as reduced !er to a skeleton, destroyin all feminine forms. Like(ise amon t!e men, only one still !as traces of moustac!es and beard. All t!e ot!ers !ave been de,ilated by t!e destructive disease. T!ey s!out4 ' +esus, our -aviour, !ave mercy on us2 * and t!ey stretc! out t!eir deformed or ulcerated !ands. ' +esus, -on of David, !ave mercy on us2 * ' 1!at do you (ant Me to do for you) * asks +esus lookin to(ards t!eir misery. 329

' 1e (ant 0ou to save us from sin and from t!is disease. * ' 0our (ill and re,entance (ill save you from sin...* ' 3ut if 0ou (is!, 0ou can cancel our sins. At least t!ose, if 0ou do not (ant to cure our bodies. * ' If I say to 0ou4 5"!oose eit!er one or t!e ot!er6, (!ic! one (ould you ,refer) * ' /od:s for iveness, Lord. To be less desolate. * +esus !as a esture of a,,roval. .e smiles bri !tly, raises .is arms and s!outs4 ' Let it be ranted. I (ant it. * /ranted2 T!e race mi !t be ranted for t!eir sins, or for t!eir disease, or for bot!, and t!e five un!a,,y ,eo,le remain uncertain. 3ut t!e a,ostles !ave no uncertainty and t!ey can but s!out t!eir !osannas (!en t!ey see t!e le,rosy disa,,ear as fast as a flake of sno( t!at falls on a fire. T!e five t!en understand t!at t!e full race !as been ranted to t!em. T!eir s!outin resounds like a cry of victory. T!ey embrace one anot!er and t!ro( kisses at +esus, as t!ey cannot ,rostrate t!emselves at .is feet. T!ey t!en turn to t!eir com,anions sayin 4 ' And you still refuse to believe) 1!at miserable (retc!es are you) * ' /ood2 3e ood2 0our ,oor brot!ers need time to t!ink. -ay not!in to t!em. 9ait! is not im,osed, it is ,reac!ed (it! ,eace, kindness, ,atience and ,erseverance. T!at is (!at you (ill do after your ,urification, e<actly as -imon did (it! you. After all, t!e miracle ,reac!es by itself. 0ou (!o !ave been cured, (ill o to t!e ,riest as soon as 322

,ossible. 0ou, (!o are still ill, (ait for us t!is evenin . 1e (ill brin you some food. Peace be (it! you. * C +esus descends a ain on to t!e road follo(ed by t!e blessin s of everybody. ' And no( let us o to 3en .innom * says +esus. ' Master... I (ould like to come. 3ut I realise t!at I cannot. I (ill o to /et!semane * says Lazarus. ' /o, Lazarus. Peace be (it! you. * 1!ile Lazarus is slo(ly (alkin a(ay, t!e a,ostle +o!n says4 ' Master, I (ill o (it! !im. .e (alks (it! difficulty and t!e road is not very ood. I (ill 7oin 0ou later at 3en .innom. * ' 0es, you may o. Let us o. * T!ey cross t!e Bidron, (alk alon t!e sout!ern side of Mount To,!et and enter t!e little valley com,letely stre(n (it! tombs and filt!. T!ere is not one tree or any s!ade from t!e sun, (!ic! blazes do(n on t!is sout!ern side !eatin t!e stones of t!ese ne( !ellis! terraces (!ere t!e stinkin smell of burnin rubbis! increases t!e !eat. And inside t!e se,ulc!res, similar to crematoria, t!ere are ,oor bodies, (!ic! are (astin a(ay... -iloam may be un,leasant in (inter, dam, as it is and facin nort!, but t!is ,lace must be dreadful in summer... -imon Fealot lets out a s!out callin t!em, and first t!ree le,ers, t!en t(o, t!en one, and anot!er one come, as best t!ey can, to t!e ,rescribed limit. T!ere are t(o (omen !ere, and one of t!em is !oldin by t!e !and a !orrible lookin boy (!ose face is ,articularly affected by le,rosy. .e is already blind... And t!ere is a noble lookin 3,/

man, not(it!standin !is miserable state. .e s,eaks on be!alf of everybody4 ' 3lessed be t!e Messia! of t!e Lord, 1!o !as come do(n to our /e!enna, to free from it t!ose (!o !o,e in .im. -ave us, o Lord, because (e are ,eris!in 2 -ave us, -aviour2 Bin of t!e .ouse of David, Bin of Israel, !ave mercy on 0our sub7ects. $!2 -!oot of t!e stock of +esse, of 1!om it is said t!at in 0our time t!ere (ill be no evil, stretc! out 0our !and and ,ick u, t!e remains of 0our ,eo,le. "ast a(ay t!is deat! from us, (i,e our tears, because t!at is (!at is said of 0ou. "all us, Lord, to 0our delicious ,astures, to 0our fres! (aters, for (e are t!irsty. Lead us to t!e eternal !ills (!ere t!ere is no sin or sorro(. .ave mercy, Lord...* ' 1!o are you) * ' +o!n, one of t!e Tem,le. I (as ,robably infected by a le,er. As 0ou can see, I cau !t t!e disease only recently. 3ut t!ese2... -ome of t!em !ave been a(aitin deat! for years, and t!is little irl came !ere even before s!e could (alk. -!e does not kno( (!at is t!e creation of /od. 1!at s!e kno(s or (!at s!e remembers of t!e (onders of /od are t!ese tombs, t!is merciless sun and t!e stars at ni !t. .ave mercy on t!e uilty and t!e innocent ones, o Lord, our -aviour. * T!ey !ave all knelt do(n stretc!in out t!eir !ands. +esus (ee,s at so muc! misery. .e t!en o,ens .is arms s!outin 4 ' 9at!er, I (ant it4 !ealt!, life, si !t and salvation for t!em. * .e remains (it! .is arms stretc!ed out ,rayin intensely (it! all .is s,irit. .e seems to become t!inner and to rise in ,rayer, a flame of love, (!ite and ,o(erful in t!e ,o(erful old of t!e sun. ' Mummy, I can see2 * is t!e first cry, (!ic! is ans(ered 3,1

by t!e s!out of t!e mot!er (!o clas,s !er cured little irl to !er !eartD t!en t!e s!outs of t!e ot!ers and of t!e a,ostles... T!e miracle !as been (orked. ' +o!n, as you are a ,riest, you (ill lead your com,anions in t!e rite. Peace be (it! you. To(ards evenin (e s!all brin some food also to you. * .e blesses and is about to o a(ay. 3ut +o!n, t!e le,er, s!outs4 ' I (ant to follo( 0our ste,s. Tell me (!at I must do, (!ere I must o to ,reac! 0ou2 * ' In t!is desolate barren land, (!ic! must turn to t!e Lord. Let t!e to(n of +erusalem be your field. /oodbye. * H ' And no( let us o to My Mot!er * .e says to t!e a,ostles. ' 3ut (!ere is -!e) * ask many of t!em. ' In a !ouse kno(n to +o!n. In t!e !ouse of t!e irl (!o (as cured last year. * T!ey enter t!e to(n, coverin a ood deal of t!e t!ickly ,o,ulated suburb of $,!el until t!ey reac! a little (!ite !ouse. 1it! .is usual kind salutation .e enters t!e !ouse, t!e door of (!ic! is !alf o,en and one can !ear t!e s(eet voice of Mary, t!e silvery voice of Annalea! and t!e t!ick voice of !er mot!er. T!e irl ,rostrates !erself adorin and !er mot!er kneels do(n. Mary stands u,. T!ey (ould like to kee, t!e Master (it! .is Mot!er. 3ut +esus ,romises to o back some ot!er day, .e blesses t!em and says oodbye. Peter oes a(ay (it! Mary and is very !a,,y. T!ey are bot! !oldin t!e boy by !is !ands and t!ey look like a !a,,y family. Many ,eo,le turn round to look at t!em. +esus (atc!es t!em o a(ay 3,2

smilin . ' -imon is !a,,y2 * e<claims t!e Fealot. ' 1!y are 0ou smilin , Master) * asks +ames of Febedee. ' 3ecause I see a reat ,romise in t!at rou,. * ' 1!ic! ,romise, 3rot!er) 1!at do 0ou see) * asks T!addeus. ' T!is is (!at I see4 t!at I s!all be able to o a(ay (it! a ,eaceful mind, (!en t!e time comes. I need not be afraid for My "!urc!. T!en it (ill be small and slender like Mar7iam. 3ut My Mot!er (ill be t!ere to !old it by t!e !and and to be its Mot!erD and t!ere (ill be Peter as its fat!er. In !is !onest rou ! !ands I can ,lace t!e !and of My da(nin "!urc! (it!out any (orry. .e (ill ive it t!e stren t! of !is ,rotection. My Mot!er t!e stren t! of .er love. And t!e "!urc! (ill ro(... like Mar7iam... .e is really t!e symbol;c!ild2 May /od bless My Mot!er, My Peter and t!eir c!ild and ours2 No( let us o to +o!anna:s. * I... And once a ain, in t!e evenin , (e are in t!e little !ouse in 3et!any. Many !ave already (it!dra(n, because t!ey (ere tired. Peter is (alkin u, and do(n t!e ,at!, often lookin u, to t!e terrace (!ere +esus and Mary are sittin talkin . +o!n of #ndor, instead, is s,eakin to t!e Fealot sittin under a ,ome ranate;tree in full blossom. Mary !as already s,oken a reat deal because I can !ear +esus say4 ' #veryt!in 0ou told Me is 7ust and I (ill bear in mind its 7ustice. And I say t!at also 0our advice concernin Annalea! is ri !t. It is a ood si n t!at t!e man !as acce,ted it so readily. It is true t!at t!e ,eo,le 3,,

!i ! u, in +erusalem are dull;minded and envious, I could also say t!at t!ey are filt!y. 3ut in t!e !umble ,eo,le t!ere are ,earls of unkno(n value. I am lad t!at Annalea! is !a,,y. -!e belon s more to .eaven t!an to t!e eart!, and ,er!a,s t!e man, (!o !as no( understood t!e conce,t of t!e s,irit, realises t!at and !e res,ects !er almost reli iously. .is intention to o else(!ere, so t!at no !uman sentiment may u,set t!e ,ure vo( of !is irl, ,roves it. * ' 0es, My -on. Man ,erceives t!e ,erfume of vir ins... I remember +ose,!. I did not kno( (!ic! (ords to use. .e (as not a(are of My secret... And yet !e !el,ed Me to disclose it (it! t!e intuition of a saint. .e !ad ,erceived t!e scent of My soul... Also +o!n, see)... .o( ,eaceful !e is2 And everybody seeks !im. #ven +udas of Beriot!, alt!ou !... No, -on. +udas !as not c!an ed. I kno( and 0ou kno(. 1e do not s,eak because (e do not (ant to start (ar. 3ut even if (e do not s,eak, (e kno(... and even if (e do not s,eak, t!e ot!ers realise... $!2 My +esus2 T!e youn er a,ostles told Me today, at /et!semane, t!e e,isode at Ma dala and t!e ot!er one of -abbat! mornin ... Innocent c!ildren s,eak... because t!ey see t!rou ! t!e eyes of t!eir an els. 3ut also old ,eo,le !ave an idea... T!ey are not (ron . .e is an elusive bein ... #veryt!in is elusive in !im... and I am afraid of !im and I !ave on My li,s t!e same (ords of 3en7amin at Ma dala and of Mar7iam at /et!semane, because I feel t!e same dis ust for +udas as c!ildren do. * ' Not everybody can be +o!n2...* ' I do not ,retend t!at2 In t!at case, it (ould be ,aradise on t!e eart!. 3ut, see, 0ou told Me about t!e ot!er 3,4

+o!n... A man (!o killed... but I feel only sorry for !im. +udas fri !tens Me. * ' Love !im, Mot!er2 Love !im, for My sake2 * ' 0es, -on, I (ill. 3ut not even My love (ill serve. It (ill only make Me suffer and make !im uilty. $!2 1!y did !e come to 0ou) .e u,sets everybody, !e offends Peter (!o deserves all res,ect. * J ' 0es. Peter is very ood. I (ould do anyt!in for !im, because !e deserves it. * ' If !e !eard 0ou, !e (ould say (it! !is ood frank smile4 5A!2 My Lord, t!at is not true26 And !e (ould be ri !t. * ' 1!y, Mot!er) * 3ut +esus smiles, because .e !as already understood. ' 3ecause 0ou are not satisfyin !im by ivin !im a son. .e told Me all !is !o,es, !is desires... and 0our refusals. * ' And did !e not tell 0ou t!e reasons 7ustifyin t!em) * ' 0es, !e did and !e added4 5It is true... but I am a man, a ,oor man. +esus ,ersists in seein a reat man in me. 3ut I kno( t!at I am a ,oor fello(, and so... !e could ive me a c!ild. I ot married to !ave t!em... and I (ill die (it!out any.6 And !e said E ,ointin at t!e boy (!o, deli !ted because of t!e lovely dress bou !t by Peter, !ad kissed !im, sayin 4 53eloved fat!er6 E !e said4 5-ee, (!en t!is little creature, (!om only ten days a o I did not kno(, says t!at to me, I feel t!at I become softer t!an butter and s(eeter t!an !oney and I (ee,, because... every day t!at oes by, takes t!is c!ild a(ay from me.6 * 3,3

Mary becomes silent, (atc!in +esus, studyin .is face, (aitin for a (ord... 3ut +esus !as ,laced .is elbo( on .is knee, restin .is !ead in .is !and and is silent, lookin at t!e reen e<,anse of t!e orc!ard. Mary takes .is !and and caressin it -!e says4 ' -imon !as t!is reat desire... 1!en I (ent (it! !im, !e did not!in but s,eak to Me about it, and !is reasons are so ood t!at... I could say not!in to kee, !im =uiet. T!ey are t!e same reasons t!at all (omen and mot!ers t!ink of. T!e boy is not stron . If !e (ere as stron as 0ou (ere... o!2 !e could !ave faced t!e life of a disci,le (it!out any fear. 3ut !e is so t!in2... .e is very intelli ent, very ood... but not!in more. 1!en a little dove is so delicate, you cannot t!ro( it in t!e air to let it fly very early, as you do (it! stron ones. T!e s!e,!erds are ood... but t!ey are still men. "!ildren need (omen. 1!y do 0ou not leave !im (it! -imon) 1!ile 0ou refuse !im a son of !is o(n, born of !im, I understand t!e reason. A son is like an anc!or. And -imon, (!o is destined to suc! a reat task, cannot be !indered by anc!ors. 3ut 0ou must a ree t!at !e is to be t!e 5fat!er6 of all t!e sons 0ou (ill be leavin !im. .o( can !e be a fat!er if !e !as !ad no trainin (it! a c!ild) A fat!er must be s(eet. -imon is ood, but not s(eet. .e is im,ulsive and intolerant. $nly a little creature can teac! !im t!e fine art of bein indul ent to (!oever is (eak... "onsider -imon:s destiny... .e is 0our successor after all2 $!2 I must say t!at cruel (ord2 3ut for all t!e sorro( it causes Me sayin it, listen to Me. I (ould never advise 0ou anyt!in unless it (ere ood. Mar7iam... 0ou (ant to make a ,erfect disci,le of !im... 3ut !e is only a boy. 0ou... 0ou (ill be oin before !e is a man. To (!om t!en 3,+

can 0ou ive !im, to com,lete !is formation, better t!an -imon) 9inally, ,oor -imon, 0ou kno( !o( muc! trouble !e !as !ad, (it! !is mot!er;in;la(, also because of 0ou. And yet !e !as not ,icked u, a tiny ,art of !is ,ast, of !is freedom of a year a o, to be left in ,eace by !is mot!er;in; la(, (!om not even 0ou !ave been able to c!an e. And !is ,oor (ife) -!e is lon in so muc! to love and be loved. .er mot!er... o!2 .er !usband) A dear domineerin man... No affection is ever iven to !er (it!out e<actin too muc!... Poor (oman2... Leave !er t!e boy. Listen, -on. 9or t!e time bein (e (ill take !im (it! us. I (ill come to +udaea, too. 0ou (ill take Me to one of My com,anions of t!e Tem,le, (!o is almost a relative, because s!e is of t!e .ouse of David. -!e lives at 3et!zur. I (ill be ,leased to see !er, if s!e is still alive. T!en, (!en (e o back to /alilee, (e (ill ive !im to Por,!irea. 1!en (e are near 3et!saida, Peter (ill take !im. 1!en (e come !ere, so far, t!e boy (ill stay (it! !er. A!2 0ou are smilin no(2 -o 0ou are oin to ,lease 0our Mot!er. T!ank 0ou, My +esus. * ' 0es, let it be done, as 0ou (is!. * K +esus stands u, and calls out loud4 ' -imon of +onas4 come !ere. * Peter starts and rus!es do(n t!e ste,s. ' 1!at do 0ou (ant, Master) * ' "ome !ere, you usur,er and corru,ter2 * ' Me) 1!y) 1!at !ave I done, Lord) * ' 0ou !ave corru,ted My Mot!er. T!at is (!y you (anted to be alone. 1!at s!all I do (it! you) * 3ut +esus smiles and Peter recovers confidence. ' $!2 * !e says. ' 0ou really fri !tened me2 3ut no( 0ou are 3,7

lau !in ... 1!at do 0ou (ant from me, Master) My life) I !ave but t!at, because 0ou !ave taken everyt!in ... 3ut if 0ou (ant, I (ill ive it to 0ou. * I do not (ant to take anyt!in from you. I (ant to ive you somet!in . 3ut do not take advanta e of your victory and do not disclose t!e secret to t!e ot!ers, you most artful fello( (!o defeats t!e Master by means of t!e (ea,on of .is Mot!er:s (ord. 0ou (ill !ave t!e boy, but...* +esus can say no more, because Peter, (!o !ad knelt do(n, bounces to !is feet and kisses t!e Master (it! suc! deli !t t!at !e makes t!e (ords die on .is li,s. ' T!ank .er, not Me. 3ut remember t!at t!is must be of assistance to you, and not an im,ediment...* ' My Lord, 0ou (ill not !ave to re,ent of t!e ift... $!2 Mary2 May 0ou be al(ays blessed, 0ou !oly and ood...* And Peter, (!o !as fallen on !is knees a ain, (ee,s, kissin Mary:s !and...

-99. A(lae 6eets t$e 6aste .

-,t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& +esus oes back to t!e Fealot:s !ouse alone. It is ettin dark and t!e evenin is =uiet and serene after so muc! suns!ine. +esus looks in at t!e kitc!en door, says !allo and t!en oes u,stairs, to meditate in t!e u,,er room, (!ic! !as already been ,re,ared for su,,er. .e does not look very !a,,y. .e often si !s and (alks to and fro in 3,9

t!e lar e room, lookin no( and a ain at t!e surroundin country, (!ic! can be seen t!rou ! t!e many doors of t!is lar e room, s!a,ed like a cube above t!e round floor. .e oes out also and (alks on t!e terrace makin a tour of t!e !ouse and .e sto,s at t!e rear side lookin at +o!n of #ndor (!o is kindly dra(in (ater from a (ell and !andin it to busy -alome. .e looks, s!akes .is !ead and si !s. T!e ,o(er of .is lance dra(s t!e attention of +o!n, (!o looks u, and asks4 ' Master, do 0ou (ant me) * ' No, I (as only lookin at you. * ' +o!n is ood. .e !el,s me * says -alome. ' And /od (ill re(ard !im also for t!at !el,. * After t!ese (ords +esus oes back into t!e room and sits do(n. .e is so en rossed in t!ou !t t!at .e does not notice t!e noisy c!atterin of many voices and t!e s!ufflin of many feet in t!e entrance corridor and t!en t(o li !t footste,s climbin t!e outside staircase and a,,roac!in t!e lar e room. $nly (!en Mary calls .im .e looks u,. ' -on, -usanna !as arrived in +erusalem (it! !er family and s!e brou !t A lae !ere at once. Do 0ou (is! to listen to !er (!ile (e are alone) * ' 0es, Mot!er. At once. And do not let anyone come u, until it is all over. I !o,e to deal (it! !er before t!e ot!ers come back. 3ut ,lease (atc! t!at t!ere is no indiscreet curiosity... in no one... and ,articularly (it! re ard to +udas of -imon. * ' I (ill (atc! carefully...* 3,2

Mary oes out and s!ortly after(ards comes back !oldin by t!e !and A lae, (!o is no lon er envelo,ed in !er lar e rey mantle (it! !er veil ,ulled over !er face and is not (earin !i ! !eeled sandals (it! com,licated buckles and stri,s, (!ic! s!e (ore before. -!e is no( dressed like a +e(ess, (it! lo( flat very ,lain sandals, like Mary:s, a dark blue dress on (!ic! !er mantle is dra,ed, and a (!ite veil (!ic! s!e is (earin in t!e style of common +e(is! (omen, t!at is, sim,ly coverin !er !ead (it! one ed e fallin on !er s!oulders so t!at !er face is only ,artially veiled. .er ,lain dress, identical (it! t!e one (orn by most (omen and t!e fact t!at s!e (as (it! ot!er /alileans ,revented !er from bein reco nised. -!e enters (it! !er !ead lo(ered, blus!in at every ste,, and I t!ink t!at s!e (ould !ave knelt do(n on t!e t!res!old, if Mary !ad not kindly ,ulled !er to(ards +esus. ' .ere, -on, is t!e (oman (!o !as been lookin for 0ou for suc! a lon time. Listen to !er * says Mary (!en -!e is near +esus and t!en (it!dra(s, ,ullin t!e curtains over t!e (ide o,en doors and closin t!e one (!ic! is near t!e staircase. 8 A lae ,uts do(n t!e little ba s!e (as carryin on !er s!oulder, t!en s!e kneels do(n at +esus: feet and bursts into tears. -!e ,rostrates !erself on t!e floor, !er !ead restin on !er arms crossed on t!e floor. ' Do not (ee, t!us. T!is is not t!e time for tears. 0ou s!ould !ave (e,t (!en you (ere !ateful to /od. Not no( t!at you love .im and are loved by .im. * 34/

3ut A lae continues to (ee,... ' Do you not believe t!at it is so) * -!e mana es to s,eak t!rou ! !er sobs4 ' I love .im, it is true, as best I can... 3ut alt!ou ! I kno( and believe t!at /od is 3ounty I cannot ,ossibly !o,e to be loved by .im. I !ave sinned too muc!... Per!a,s one day I (ill be loved... 3ut I still !ave to (ee, so muc!... 9or t!e time bein I am alone in my love. All alone... It is not t!e des,erate solitude of ,ast years. It is a solitude full of lon in for /od, so it is no lon er !o,eless... but it is so sad...* ' A lae, !o( little you still kno( t!e Lord2 T!is lon in for .im is t!e ,roof t!at /od is re,lyin to your love, t!at .e is your friend, 1!o calls you, invites you and (ants you. /od is inca,able of remainin insensible to t!e desire of a creature, because .e, t!e Lord and "reator of all creatures, e<cited t!at desire in t!at !eart. .e e<cited it because .e loved (it! ,rivile ed love t!e soul t!at is no( lon in for .im. T!e desire of /od al(ays ,recedes t!e desire of t!e creature, because .e is Most Perfect and t!erefore .is love is by far more ea er and ardent t!an t!e love of t!e creature. * ' 3ut !o( can /od love my filt!) * ' Do not endeavour to understand (it! your intelli ence. .e is an abyss of mercy, (!ic! !uman intelli ence cannot understand. 3ut (!at t!e intelli ence of man cannot understand, t!e intelli ence of love, t!e love of t!e s,irit does. It understands and confidently ,enetrates t!e mystery, (!ic! is /od, and t!e mystery of t!e relations!i, of t!e soul (it! /od. #nter, I tell you. #nter, 341

because /od (ants it. * ' $!2 My -aviour2 -o I am really for iven) I am really loved) Must I believe it) * ' Did I ever lie to you) * ' $!2 no, Lord2 #veryt!in 0ou told me at .ebron came true. 0ou saved me because 0our Name is salvation. 0ou looked for me, a ,oor lost soul. 0ou ave me t!e life of t!is soul, (!ic! I (as carryin dead (it!in me. 0ou told me t!at if I !ad looked for 0ou I (ould find 0ou. And it (as true. 0ou told me t!at 0ou are (!erever man needs a doctor and medicine. And it is true. #veryt!in , everyt!in 0ou told ,oor A lae, from t!e (ords on t!at mornin in +une, to t!e ot!er (ords at t!e "lear 1ater...* ' -o you must believe also t!ese. * ' 0es, I believe, I do believe2 3ut say to me4 5I for ive you26 * ' I for ive you in t!e name of /od and of +esus. * > ' T!ank 0ou... 3ut no(... 1!at must I do) Tell me, My -aviour, (!at I must do to !ave #ternal Life. Man becomes corru,t only by lookin at me... I cannot live in ,er,etual fear of bein discovered and entra,,ed... Durin t!is 7ourney I trembled every time a man looked at me... I do not (ant to sin any more neit!er do I (ant to cause ot!ers to sin. Tell me t!e road I must follo(. I (ill follo( it (!atever it may be. 0ou can see t!at I am stron also in ,rivations... And even if I s!ould die because of too many ,rivations, I am not afraid. I (ill call deat! 5my friend6, because deat! (ill rid me of t!e dan ers of t!e 342

eart!, and forever. -,eak, my -aviour. * ' /o to a desert ,lace. * ' 1!ere, my Lord) * ' 1!erever you (is!. 1!ere your s,irit (ill lead you. * ' 1ill my s,irit, (!ic! is 7ust formed, be ca,able of so muc!) * ' 0es, because /od is leadin you. * ' And (!o (ill s,eak to me of /od a ain) * ' 0our risen soul, for t!e time bein ...* ' 1ill I see 0ou a ain) * ' Never a ain in t!is (orld. 3ut before lon I (ill !ave redeemed you com,letely and t!en I (ill come to your s,irit to ,re,are you to ascend to /od. * ' .o( (ill my com,lete redem,tion take ,lace if I do not see 0ou a ain) .o( (ill 0ou ive it to me) * ' 3y dyin for all sinners. * ' $!2 no2 0ou must not die2 * ' To ive men t!e Life I must ive Myself to deat!. T!at is (!y I came as a !uman bein . Do not (ee,... 0ou (ill soon 7oin Me (!ere I s!all be after My sacrifice and yours. * ' My Lord2 1ill I die for 0ou, too) * ' 0es, but in a different (ay. 0our fles! (ill die !our by !our and because your (ill (ants t!at. It !as been dyin for almost one year. 1!en it is com,letely dead, I (ill call 34,

you. * ' 1ill I !ave t!e stren t! to destroy my uilty fles!) * ' In your solitude (!ere -atan (ill attack you (it! livid violence t!e more you become (ort!y of .eaven, you (ill find an a,ostle of Mine, once a sinner and later redeemed. * ' Not t!e blessed a,ostle (!o s,oke to me of 0ou) .e could not !ave been a sinner because !e is too !onest. * ' Not t!at one. Anot!er one. .e (ill reac! you at t!e ri !t moment. .e (ill tell you (!at you cannot kno( 7ust no(. /o in ,eace. T!e blessin of /od be (it! you. * A A lae, (!o !as been kneelin all t!e time, bends to kiss t!e feet of t!e Lord. -!e dares no more. -!e t!en ,icks u, !er sack and turns it u,side do(n. -ome ,lain dresses, a little tinklin ,urse and an am,!ora of fine ,ink alabaster fall out of it. A lae ,uts t!e dresses into t!e sack, ,icks u, t!e ,urse and says4 ' T!is is for t!e ,oor. It is (!at is left of my 7e(els. I ke,t only some coins for my 7ourney... because, even if 0ou !ad not told me, I intended oin to a remote ,lace. And t!is is for 0ou. It is not so s(eet as t!e ,erfume of 0our !oliness. 3ut it is t!e best t!e eart! can ive. And I used it for t!e (orst... .ere. May /od rant me to smell at least like t!is, in 0our ,resence, in .eaven * and s!e removes t!e ,recious ca, of t!e am,!ora and ,ours its contents on to t!e floor. 1aves of a stron scent of roses rise from t!e floor bricks, (!ic! become im,re nated (it! t!e ,recious essence. A lae ,uts a(ay t!e em,ty am,!ora sayin 4 ' In 344

remembrance of t!is !our * and s!e bends a ain to kiss +esus: feet. -!e t!en stands u,, (it!dra(s back(ards, oes out, closes t!e door... I !ear !er ste,s recedin to(ards t!e staircase, !er voice e<c!an in a fe( (ords (it! Mary, t!en t!e noise of !er sandals oin do(n t!e ste,s and t!en not!in else. T!ere is not!in left of A lae e<ce,t t!e little ,urse at +esus: feet and t!e very stron scent in all t!e room. +esus ets u,... !e ,icks u, t!e ,urse, ,uts it in .is bosom, oes to(ards an o,enin lookin on to t!e road and smiles seein t!e (oman oin a(ay, all alone, in !er +e(is! mantle, to(ards 3et!le!em. .e makes a esture of blessin and oes to(ards t!e terrace and calls4 ' Mot!er. * Mary oes u,stairs =uickly4 ' 0ou made !er !a,,y, My -on. -!e !as one, (it! stren t! and ,eace. * ' 0es, Mot!er. 1!en Andre( comes in, send !im to Me before anybody else. * C -ome time oes by, t!en I !ear t!e voices of t!e a,ostles, (!o !ave come back... Andre( oes u,stairs4 ' Master, do 0ou (ant me) * ' 0es, come !ere. No one (ill kno(, but it is only fair t!at I s!ould tell you. Andre(, t!ank you in t!e name of /od and of a soul. * ' T!anks) 9or (!at) * ' "an you not smell t!is ,erfume) It is a souvenir of t!e %eiled (oman. -!e came. -!e is saved. * Andre( turns as red as a c!erry, !e falls on !is knees, 343

and cannot find (ords... At last !e says4 ' No( I am !a,,y. 3lessed be t!e Lord2 * ' 0es, et u,. Do not tell t!e ot!ers t!at s!e came. * ' I (ill be =uiet, my Lord. * ' 0ou may o. Listen4 !as +udas of -imon come yet) * ' 0es, !e (anted to come (it! us, tellin us... a lot of lies. 1!y does !e do t!at, Lord) * ' 3ecause !e is a s,oiled boy. Tell Me t!e trut!4 !ave you =uarrelled) * ' No. My brot!er is too !a,,y (it! !is boy to be an<ious to =uarrel, and t!e ot!ers, 0ou kno(... are more ,rudent. It is true, (e are all dis usted, in our !earts. 3ut after su,,er !e is oin a(ay... $t!er friends... !e says. $!2 and !e des,ises ,rostitutes2...* ' 3e ood, Andre(. 0ou must be !a,,y, too, t!is evenin ...* ' 0es, Master. I also !ave a s(eet, alt!ou ! invisible, ,aternity. I am oin . * H After some time t!e a,ostles come u,stairs in a rou, (it! t!e boy and +o!n of #ndor. T!e (omen follo( t!em (it! dis!es and lam,s. T!e last to come are Lazarus and -imon. As soon as t!ey enter t!e room, t!ey e<claim4 ' A!2 it (as comin from !ere222 * and t!ey smell t!e air saturated (it! t!e scent of roses, alt!ou ! t!e doors are (ide o,en. ' 3ut (!o scented t!is room t!us) Per!a,s Mart!a) * many of t!em ask. 34+

' My sister !as not left t!e !ouse, today, after our meal * re,lies Lazarus. ' 1!o t!en) An Assyrian -atra,) * asks Peter facetiously. ' T!e love of a redeemed (oman * +esus says ravely. ' -!e mi !t !ave s,ared t!is useless e<!ibition of redem,tion and iven t!e ,oor (!at s!e s,ent. T!ere are so many of t!em, and t!ey kno( t!at (e al(ays ive. I !ave not even a small coin left * says t!e Iscariot an rily. ' And (e !ave to buy a lamb, rent a room for t!e -u,,er and...* ' 3ut I offered you everyt!in ...* says Lazarus. ' T!at is not fair. T!e rite loses its beauty. T!e La( says4 50ou s!all take a lamb for you and your !ouse!old.6 It does not say4 50ou s!all acce,t a lamb.6 * 3art!olome( turns round all of a sudden, !e o,ens !is mout!, but closes it at once. Peter turns crimson in t!e effort to kee, =uiet. 3ut t!e Fealot, (!o is in !is o(n !ouse, feels !e can s,eak and says4 ' T!ose are rabbinical =uibbles... May I ask you to for et about t!em and !ave, instead, res,ect for my friend Lazarus. * ' 1ell done, -imon. * Peter (ill burst if !e does not s,eak. ' %ery ood2 I t!ink also t!at (e are for ettin too muc! t!at only t!e Master is entitled to teac!...* Peter !as to make an !eroic effort to say4 ' (e are for ettin * instead of sayin 4 ' +udas is for ettin . * ' It is true... but... I am nervous... I am sorry, Master. * ' 0es. And I also (ill re,ly to you. /ratitude is a reat 347

virtue. I am rateful to Lazarus. As t!at redeemed (oman (as rateful to Me. I ,our on Lazarus t!e ,erfume of My blessin , also on be!alf of t!ose, amon My a,ostles, (!o are not ca,able of doin so, I, t!e !ead of you all. T!e (oman ,oured at My feet t!e ,erfume of !er 7oy for bein saved. -!e ackno(led ed t!e Bin , s!e came to t!e Bin , before many ot!ers u,on (!om t!e Bin besto(ed muc! more love t!an u,on !er. Let !er do as s!e (is!es (it!out criticisin !er. -!e (ill not be able to be ,resent at My acclamation, or at My unction. .er cross is already u,on !er s!oulders. Peter, you asked (!et!er an Assyrian -atra, !ad come !ere. I solemnly tell you t!at not even t!e incense of t!e Ma i, so ,ure and ,recious, (as s(eeter or more ,recious t!an t!is. Its essence (as mi<ed (it! tears and t!at is (!y it is so intense4 !umility su,,orts love and makes it ,erfect. Let us sit do(n to our meal, My friends...* And (it! t!e offerin of t!e food, t!e vision ends.

-91. 6a D#a*'s EEa*#nat#on.

-4t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& It must be 1ednesday mornin because t!e rou, of a,ostles and (omen, ,receded by +esus and Mary (it! t!e boy bet(een t!em, is a,,roac!in t!e /ate of t!e 9is!. +ose,! of Arimat!ea, (!o (ent to meet t!em as !e !ad ,romised, is also t!ere. +esus looks for Ale<ander, t!e soldier, but does not see !im. 349

' .e is not !ere today eit!er... I (onder (!y...* T!e cro(d is so lar e t!at it is =uite im,ossible to in=uire of t!e soldiers, and in any case it mi !t not be (ise to do so, as t!e +e(s are more intolerant t!an ever before festivitiesD t!ey are also u,set because of t!e ca,ture of t!e 3a,tist and t!ey accuse Pilate and !is satellites of bein accom,lices. I realise t!at t!e situation is suc! because of t!e e,it!ets (!ic! are e<c!an ed durin s=uabbles bet(een soldiers and citizens at t!e /ate, (!ere ,ictures=ue... rude insults crack every moment like fire(orks. T!e (omen from /alilee are scandalised and t!ey envelo, t!emselves closer in t!eir mantles and veils. Mary blus!es, but ,roceeds (it!out !esitation, as strai !t as a ,alm tree, lookin at .er -on, 1!o does not even attem,t to make t!e overe<cited +e(s see reason or induce t!e soldiers to be merciful to(ards t!e Israelites. And as some rat!er un,leasant e,it!et is addressed to t!e /alilean rou,, +ose,! of Arimat!ea moves for(ard to(ards +esus and is reco nised by t!e cro(d (!o become silent out of res,ect for !im. At last t!e /ate of t!e 9is! is be!ind t!em, and t!e reat cro(d of ,eo,le, ,ourin into t!e to(n in (aves, rus!es alon t!e streets, alon (it! donkeys and !erds... 8 ' Master, (e are !ere2 * s!outs T!omas, (!o is on t!e ot!er side of t!e /ate (it! P!ili, and 3art!olome(. ' Is +udas not !ere) *, ' 1!y are you !ere) * ask many. ' No. 1e came !ere at daybreak, because (e (ere afraid t!at 0ou mi !t come earlier. 3ut (e !ave not seen !im. I met !im yesterday, !e (as (it! -adoc, t!e scribe, you 342

kno(, +ose,!) T!e old, very lean man, (it! a (art under !is eye. And t!ere (ere ot!er ,eo,le (it! !im... youn ,eo,le. I s!outed to !im4 5.allo, +udas.6 3ut !e did not re,ly, ,retendin !e did not kno( me. I said4 53ut (!at:s t!e matter (it! !im)6 and I follo(ed !im for a fe( yards. .e left -adoc, in (!ose com,any !e looked like a Levite, and (ent (it! t!e ot!er men of !is o(n a e... (!o (ere certainly not Levites... And no( !e is not !ere... And !e kne( t!at (e !ad decided to come !ere2 * P!ili, does not say anyt!in . 3art!olome( ti !tens !is li,s so muc! t!at t!ey can no lon er be seen, in an effort to stifle !is o,inion, (!ic! is risin from !is !eart. ' %ery (ell2 Let us o 7ust t!e same2 I (ill certainly not (ee, because of !is absence * says Peter. ' Let us (ait for a little (!ile. .e may !ave been !eld u, * says +esus ravely. T!ey lean a ainst t!e (all, on its s!ady side, t!e (omen in one rou,, t!e men in anot!er. T!ey are all (earin t!eir best clot!es. Peter, es,ecially, is really ma nificent. .e is s!o(in off brand ne( sno(; (!ite !ead ear, adorned (it! a alloon embroidered in red and old. .e is (earin !is best tunic, a very dark arnet;red, adorned (it! a ne( belt identical in style (it! t!e decoration of !is !ead ear. A knife, like a da er, (it! an en raved !ilt and an o,en;(ork brass s!eat!, t!rou ! (!ic! t!e blade s!ines, !an s from !is belt. T!e ot!ers are also armed more or less in t!e same fas!ion. $nly +esus is (it!out a (ea,on. .e is (earin a ,ure (!ite linen tunic and a fleur;de;lis blue mantle, (!ic! Mary !as certainly (oven for .im durin t!e 33/

(inter mont!s. Mar7iam:s dress is ,ale red (it! a festoon in a darker !ue round t!e neck, cuffs and !em. A similar alloon is embroidered round t!e (aist and t!e !em of t!e mantle, (!ic! t!e boy is carryin on !is arm and caresses !a,,ily. No( and a ain !e raises !is !ead and !is little face looks !alf smilin and !alf (orried... Also Peter !as a little ,arcel in !is !and and !e !olds it very carefully. > -ome time oes by... but t!ere is no si n of +udas. ' .e did not dei n...* rumbles Peter, and ,er!a,s !e (ould say somet!in else, but +o!n, t!e a,ostle, says4 ' Per!a,s !e is (aitin for us at t!e /olden /ate...* T!ey o to t!e Tem,le. 3ut +udas is not t!ere. +ose,! of Arimat!ea loses ,atience. .e says4 ' Let us o. * ' Mar7iam turns rat!er ,ale and kisses Mary sayin 4 ' Pray... ,ray for me2 * ' 0es, My dear. Do not be afraid. 0ou are so clever...* Mar7iam t!en clin s to Peter. .e ,resses Peter:s !and nervously and as !e still does not feel safe, !e (ould like to take +esus: !and. ' I am not comin , Mar7iam. I am oin to ,ray for you. I (ill see you later. * ' 0ou are not comin ) 1!y, Master) * asks Peter (!o is reatly sur,rised. ' 3ecause it is better t!us...* +esus is very serious, I (ould say t!at .e looks sad. And .e concludes4 ' +ose,!, (!o is a 7ust man, can but a,,rove of My decision. * 331

In fact +ose,! does not utter one (ord and !is silence, (it! an elo=uent si !, confirms !is a reement. ' 1ell, t!en... let us o...* Peter is some(!at distressed. Mar7iam t!en clin s to +o!n. And t!ey set out, ,receded by +ose,! to (!om ,eo,le bo( dee,ly s!o(in t!eir res,ect. Also -imon and T!omas o (it! t!em. T!e ot!ers remain (it! +esus. A T!ey enter t!e !all (!ic! +esus also entered once. A youn man, (!o is (ritin in a corner, s,rin s to !is feet on seein +ose,! and !e bo(s so ,rofoundly as almost to touc! t!e floor. ' /od be (it! you, Fac!arias. Please call Asrael and +acob at once. * T!e youn man oes out and comes back almost at once (it! t(o men (!o are rabbis, or members of t!e syna o ue, or scribes, I do not kno(. T(o sullen ,ersona es (!ose !au !tiness subsides only in +ose,!:s ,resence. #i !t ot!er less im,osin men follo( t!em. T!ey sit do(n leavin t!e ,ostulants, +ose,! of Arimat!ea included, standin . ' 1!at do you (ant, +ose,!) * asks t!e senior e<aminer. I (is! to ,resent to your (isdom t!is son of Abra!am (!o !as reac!ed t!e a e ,rescribed to come under t!e La( and com,ly (it! it by !imself. * ' Is !e a relative of yours) * and t!ey look at one anot!er amazed. ' 1e are all relatives in /od. 3ut t!e boy is an or,!an, and t!is man, (!ose !onesty I uarantee, !as ado,ted 332

!im as !e does not (is! to be (it!out descendants. * ' 1!o is t!e man) Let !im re,ly !imself. * ' -imon of +onas, from 3et!saida in /alilee, married (it! no c!ildren, a fis!erman for t!e (orld, a son of t!e La( for t!e Most .i !. * ' And you, a /alilean, are takin t!is ,aternity u,on yourself) 1!y) * ' It is (ritten in t!e La( t!at (e must take care of or,!ans and (ido(s. T!at is (!at I am doin . * ' "an !e ,ossibly kno( t!e La( so (ell as to deserve to... 3ut, boy, tell me. 1!o are you) * ' +abez Mar7iam of +o!n, from t!e country near #mmaus, I (as born t(elve years a o. * ' -o you are a +udaean. Is it la(ful for a /alilean to take care of !im) Let us look u, t!e la(s. * ' 3ut (!at am I) A le,er or am I cursed) * Peter be ins to boil (it! an er. ' 3e =uiet, -imon, I (ill s,eak for !im. I told you t!at I am standin surety for t!is man. I kno( !im as if !e (ere of my o(n !ouse!old. +ose,! t!e #lder (ould never ,ro,ose anyt!in a ainst t!e La( or t!e la(s. Please e<amine t!is c!ild (it! 7ustice and dis,atc!. T!e yard is full of c!ildren (aitin to be e<amined. Please make !aste, for everybody:s sake. * ' 3ut (!o can ,rove t!at t!e c!ild is t(elve years old and (as redeemed from t!e Tem,le) * ' 0ou can ,rove it lookin u, t!e documents. It is a ,iece 33,

of borin researc!, but can be done. 3oy, did you tell me t!at you (ere t!e first;born) * ' 0es, sir. 0ou (ill be able to see t!at, because I (as consecrated to t!e Lord and redeemed (it! t!e ,rescribed offerin s. * ' Let us look for t!ese details t!en...* says +ose,!. ' It is not necessary * re,ly coldly t!e t(o ca,tious e<aminers. C ' "ome !ere, c!ild. -ay t!e Decalo ue * and t!e boy re,lies (it!out any !esitation. ' /ive me t!at roll, +acob. Read, if you can. * ' 1!ere, rabbi) * ' 1!erever you (is!. 1!at comes first under your eyes * says Asrael. ' No. .ere. /ive it to me * says +acob. .e t!en unfolds t!e roll and says4 ' .ere. * ' 5.e t!en said to t!em secretly4 :3less t!e Lord of .eaven, utter .is ,raise before all t!e livin , because .e !as been merciful (it! you. It is ri !t to kee, t!e secret of a kin , but it is also ri !t to reveal...:6* ' T!at is enou !, =uite enou !2 1!at are t!ese) * asks +acob, s!o(in t!e frin es of !is mantle. ' T!e sacred frin es, sir4 (e (ear t!em to remember t!e ,rece,ts of t!e Most .i ! Lord. * ' Is it la(ful for an Israelite to eat any meat)...* asks Asrael. ' No, sir. $nly t!e ones (!ic! are declared clean. * ' Tell me t!e ,rece,ts...* 334

And t!e docile c!ild be ins t!e strin of4 ' 0ou s!all not...* ' T!at is enou !2 As a /alilean, !e kno(s even too muc!. Man, it is for you no( to s(ear t!at t!e boy is of a e. * Peter, (it! t!e best race of (!ic! !e is still ca,able after so muc! rudeness, delivers !is ,aternal s,eec!4 ' As you !ave ascertained, my son, at t!e ,rescribed a e, kno(s !o( to conduct !imself, as !e kno(s t!e La(, t!e ,rece,ts, !abits, traditions, ceremonies, blessin s, ,rayers. T!erefore, as you !ave verified, bot! !e and I can ask you to declare !im of a e. In actual fact, I s!ould !ave stated t!at beforeD but t!e custom !as been infrin ed !ere, and not by us /alileans, and t!e c!ild (as =uestioned before t!e fat!er. 3ut I say t!is to you4 since you !ave 7ud ed !im com,etent, from t!is moment I am no lon er res,onsible for !is actions, neit!er in t!e eyes of /od nor of men. * ' Pass into t!e syna o ue. * T!e little ,rocession ,asses into t!e syna o ue, follo(ed by t!e sullen looks of t!e rabbis, (!om Peter !as ,ut in t!eir ,lace. 1!ile Mar7iam is standin in front of t!e lecterns and lam,s, t!ey cut !is !air, s!ortenin it so t!at it covers !is ears, (!ereas before it reac!ed do(n to !is s!oulders. Peter t!en o,ens !is little ,arcel and takes out of it a beautiful red (oollen belt embroidered in old; yello( and ties it round t!e boy:s (aist, and (!ile t!e ,riests are tyin little leat!er stri,s on !is fore!ead and arm, Peter is busy fi<in t!e sacred frin es on to t!e mantle (!ic! Mar7iam !as !anded over to !im. And Peter is dee,ly moved (!en !e intones t!e !ymn ,raisin t!e Lord2... 333

H T!e ceremony is over. T!ey sli, out =uickly and Peter says4 ' T!ank oodness2 I could not stand it any lon er2 1!at do you t!ink, +ose,!) T!ey did not even fulfill t!e rite. It does not matter. 0ou, my son, !ave 1!o (ill consecrate you... Let us o and et t!e lamb for t!e sacrifice of ,raise to t!e Lord. A little lamb, as dear as you are. And I t!ank you, +ose,!2 -ay 5t!anks6 to t!is reat friend. If you !ad not been t!ere, t!ey (ould !ave t!orou !ly abused us. * ' -imon, I am lad I !ave been useful to a 7ust man like you, and I be you to come to my !ouse in 3ezet!a for dinner. $f course, you (ill brin all t!e ot!ers. * ' Let us o and tell t!e Master. 9or me... it is too reat an !onour2 * says Peter !umbly, but !e is beamin (it! 7oy. T!ey o t!rou ! t!e yards and t!e !alls once a ain to t!e yard of t!e (omen, (!ere Mar7iam:s friends con ratulate !im. T!e men t!en o into t!e !all of t!e Israelites (!ere +esus is ,resent (it! .is disci,les. T!ey all 7oin to et!er in a di nified !a,,y union, and (!ile Peter oes to sacrifice t!e lamb, t!ey all ,roceed t!rou ! ,orc!es and yards to t!e first enclosure. I .o( !a,,y is Peter (it! !is boy, (!o is no( a ,erfect Israelite2 .e is so !a,,y t!at !e does not notice t!e (rinkle t!at furro(s +esus: fore!ead. -o !a,,y t!at !e does not notice t!e rat!er o,,ressive silence of !is com,anions. It is only in t!e !all of +ose,!:s !ouse E (!en t!e boy, (!o is asked t!e ritual =uestion as to (!at !e (ants to do in future, re,lies4 ' I (ill be a fis!erman like my fat!er * E t!at Peter, (ee,in , remembers and understands... 33+

' 3ut... +udas !as s,oiled our feast (it! a dro, of ,oison... And 0ou are u,set, Master... and t!at is (!y t!e ot!ers are sad. 9or ive me if I did not notice it before... A!2 +udas2...* I t!ink t!at everybody:s !eart is si !in like Peter:s. 3ut +esus, to remove t!e ,oison, strives to smile and says4 ' Do not (orry, -imon. 1e miss only your (ife... I (as t!inkin also of !erD s!e is so ood and is al(ays sacrificed. 3ut s!e (ill soon !ave !er 7oy, une<,ected but so (elcome. Let us t!ink of t!e ood t!at is in t!e (orld. "ome. -o Mar7iam ans(ered all t!e =uestions correctly) I kne( !e (ould...* +ose,! comes back into t!e !all after ivin instructions to !is servants. ' I t!ank you all * !e says ' for makin me feel youn a ain (it! t!is ceremony and for t!e !onour of !avin in my !ouse t!e Master, .is Mot!er, .is relatives and you all, my dear fello( disci,les. "ome into t!e arden. It is cool and t!e flo(ers...* and it all ends.

-9-. At t$e Te*%le on t$e E2e of Passo2e .

-5t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& It is t!e eve of Passover. +esus is alone (it! .is a,ostles, because t!e (omen !ave not 7oined t!e rou,, and .e is (aitin for Peter, (!o !as taken t!e lamb of Passover to be sacrificed. 1!ile t!ey are (aitin and +esus is s,eakin to Mar7iam of -olomon, +udas crosses 337

t!e lar e yard. .e is (it! a rou, of youn men s,eakin esticulatin ostentatiously and assumin an ins,ired attitude. .e s!akes !is mantle continuously, t!en dra,es it round !imself ,osin skillfully. I do not t!ink t!at "icero looked so stately (!en deliverin !is orations... ' Look, +udas is over t!ere2 * says T!addeus. ' .e is (it! a rou, of saforim * remarks P!ili,. And T!omas says4 I am oin to !ear (!at !e is sayin * and !e runs a(ay before +esus may e<,ress a foreseeable ' don:t *. $!2 +esus: countenance2 A countenance of sufferin and of severe 7ud ement. Mar7iam (!o (as lookin at .im (!ile .e (as s,eakin kindly and some(!at sadly of t!e reat kin of Israel, notices t!e sudden c!an e, is almost fri !tened by it and s!akes +esus: !and to call .im back to .is senses e<claimin 4 ' Don:t look2 Don:t look2 Look at me, for I love 0ou. *... T!omas is successful in reac!in +udas (it!out bein seen by !im and follo(s !im for a fe( ste,s. I do not kno( (!at !e !ears, but I kno( t!at !e bursts into a sudden t!underin e<clamation (!ic! causes many ,eo,le to turn round, and in ,articular +udas, (!o becomes livid (it! ra e4 ' .o( many rabbis t!ere are in Israel2 I con ratulate you, ne( li !t of (isdom2 * ' I am not a flint;stone. I am a s,on e. And I absorb. And (!en t!e desire of t!ose starvin for (isdom demands it, I s=ueeze out all my 7uices of life to ive t!em...* +udas is ,om,ous and contem,tuous. ' 0ou sound like a ,erfect ec!o. 3ut an ec!o can only 339

e<ist, if it is near t!e %oice. $t!er(ise it fades a(ay, my friend. 0ou seem to be oin a(ay from it. .e is over t!ere. Are you not comin ) * +udas c!an es colour, (it! t!e rancorous dis ustin countenance of !is (orst moments. 3ut !e controls !imself. .e says4 ' /oodbye, my friends. .ere I am (it! you, T!omas, my dear friend. Let us o to t!e Master at once. I did not kno( t!at .e (as !ere in t!e Tem,le. If I !ad kno(n, I (ould !ave looked for .im * and !e clas,s T!omas: s!oulders (it! !is arm, as if !e (ere very fond of !im. 3ut T!omas, (!o is ,lacid but not foolis!, is not deceived by suc! ,rotestations... and asks rat!er astutely4 ' 1!at) Don:t you kno( t!at it is Passover) And do you t!ink t!at t!e Master is not fait!ful to t!e La() * ' $!2 Never on your life2 3ut last year .e (ent about, and s,oke... I remember t!is very day. .e attracted me by means of .is royal aut!oritativeness... No(... .e looks to me like one (!o !as lost vi our. Don:t you t!ink so) * ' No, I don:t. I t!ink .e looks like one (!o !as lost esteem. * ' 0es, in .is mission, you are =uite ri !t. * ' No. 0ou !ave misunderstood. .e !as lost men:s esteem. And you are one of t!ose res,onsible for t!at. -!ame on you2 * T!omas no lon er smiles. .e is rave and !is (ords las! +udas like a (!i,. ' 1atc! !o( you s,eak2 * t!reatens t!e Iscariot. ' 1atc! !o( you be!ave. 1e are t(o +e(s !ere, (it! no (itnesses. And t!at is (!y I am s,eakin to you. And I 332

say once a ain4 5-!ame on you2.6 And no( be =uiet. Don:t fei n tra edy and don:t start lamentin , ot!er(ise I (ill s,eak in front of everybody. T!ere is t!e Master and your com,anions. "ontrol yourself. * 8 ' Peace to 0ou, Master...* ' Peace to you, +udas of -imon. * ' It is a reat ,leasure for me to find 0ou !ere... I (ould like to s,eak to 0ou...* ' Do so. * ' 0ou kno(... I (anted to tell 0ou... "an 0ou not listen to me aside) * ' 0ou are amon your com,anions. * ' 3ut I (anted 0ou only. * ' At 3et!any I am alone (it! t!ose (!o (ant Me and look for Me, but you do not look for Me. 0ou avoid Me...* ' No, Master. 0ou cannot say t!at. * ' 1!y did you offend -imon and Me yesterday, and +ose,! of Arimat!ea, your com,anions and My Mot!er and t!e ot!er (omen as (ell) * ' I did) 3ut I did not see you2 * ' 0ou did not (ant to see us. 1!y did you not come, as (e !ad arran ed, to bless t!e Lord because of an innocent c!ild (!o (as bein acce,ted by t!e La() Tell Me2 0ou did not even feel t!e need to inform us t!at you (ere not comin . * ' T!ere is my fat!er2 * s!outs Mar7iam (!o sees Peter 3+/

comin back (it! !is lamb, (!ic! !as been slau !tered, eviscerated and envelo,ed once a ain in its skin. ' $!2 Mica! and t!e ot!ers are (it! !im2 I am oin , can I o and meet t!em and !ear of my old fat!er) * ' 0es, son, o * says +esus caressin !im. And touc!in +o!n of #ndor on !is s!oulder, !e says to !im4 ' Please, o (it! !im and... kee, t!em t!ere for a little (!ile. * And .e addresses +udas once a ain4 ' Tell Me2 I am (aitin for your re,ly. * ' Master... a sudden obli ation... an unbreakable one... I (as very sorry... 3ut...* ' 3ut (as t!ere not one ,erson in +erusalem (!o could brin your 7ustification, su,,osin you !ad one) And even t!at (ould !ave been a fault. I remind you t!at recently a man did not bury !is fat!er to follo( Me, and t!at t!ese brot!ers of Mine left t!eir fat!er:s !ouse, amon st im,recations, to follo( Me, and t!at -imon and T!omas, and Andre(, +ames, +o!n, P!ili, and Nat!anael (it! t!em, left t!eir families and -imon "ananean left !is (ealt! to ive it to Me and Matt!e( !is sins to follo( Me. And I could o on mentionin one !undred more names. T!ere are ,eo,le (!o leave t!eir lives, t!eir very lives, to follo( Me to t!e Bin dom of .eaven. 3ut since you are so selfis!, at least be ,olite. 0ou !ave no c!arity, at least be courtly. -ince you like t!em, imitate t!e false P!arisees (!o betray Me, (!o betray us be!avin like (ell;bred ,eo,le. It (as your duty to be free to be (it! us yesterday, so as not to offend Peter, for (!om I demand res,ect from everybody. 3ut if you !ad at least sent notice...* ' I made a mistake. 3ut no( I (as comin to 0ou on 3+1

,ur,ose, to tell 0ou t!at for t!e same reason I cannot come tomorro(. 0ou kno(... I !ave friends of my fat!er and...* ' T!at is enou !. /o (it! t!em. /oodbye. * ' Master... are 0ou an ry (it! me) 0ou told me t!at 0ou (ould act as my fat!er... I am a reckless son, but a fat!er for ives...* ' I for ive you. 3ut o a(ay. Do not kee, your fat!er:s friends (aitin , as I do not kee, (aitin t!e friends of !oly +ona!. * ' 1!en are 0ou leavin 3et!any) * ' At t!e end of t!e 9east of ?nleavened 3read. /oodbye. * > +esus turns round and oes to(ards t!e ,easants (!o are in an ecstasy over Mar7iam (!o is so c!an ed. .e takes a fe( ste,s and t!en sto,s because of T!omas: remark4 ' 3y +e!ova!2 .e (anted to see in 0ou t!e aut!oritativeness of a Bin 2 .e ot (!at !e (anted2...* ' I be you all to for et t!e incident, as I am strivin to for et it. I order you to make no mention of it to -imon of +ona!, +o!n of #ndor and t!e little one. 9or reasons (!ic! you can easily understand, it is better not to rieve or scandalise t!ose t!ree. And no (ord about it at 3et!any, (it! t!e (omen. My Mot!er is t!ere, do not for et it. * ' Do not be concerned, Master. * ' 1e (ill do all (e can to make amends. * ' And to comfort 0ou * t!ey all say. 3+2

' T!ank you... $!2 Peace to you all. Isaac found you. I am lad. #n7oy your Passover in ,eace. My s!e,!erds (ill be as many ood brot!ers to you. Isaac, before t!ey o a(ay, brin t!em to see Me. I (ant to bless t!em once a ain. .ave you seen t!e boy) * ' $!2 Master2 .o( (ell !e is2 .e is already muc! !ealt!ier2 1e (ill tell t!e old man. .e (ill be so !a,,y. T!is 7ust man !as told us t!at +abez is no( !is son... It is a ift of Providence2 1e (ill tell !im everyt!in . * ' Also t!at I am a son of t!e La(. And t!at I am !a,,y. And I al(ays remember !im. And !e must not (ee, for me or for my mot!er. -!e is near me and s!e is near !im like an an el and !e (ill al(ays !ave !er, also in t!e !our of deat!, and if +esus !as already o,ened t!e ates of .eaven, (ell, t!en mummy (ill come to meet t!e old fat!er and s!e (ill be more beautiful t!an an an el and (ill take !im to +esus. +esus told me. 1ill you tell !im) 1ill you be able to tell !im ,ro,erly) * ' "ertainly, +abez. * ' No. No( I am Mar7iam. T!e Lord:s Mot!er ave me t!at name. It is as if you said .er name. -!e loves me so muc!. -!e ,uts me to bed in t!e evenin and -!e makes me say t!e ,rayers (!ic! -!e made .er "!ild say. And s!e (akes me u, (it! a kiss, -!e dresses me and teac!es me many t!in s. Also +esus does. 3ut t!ey teac! me so ently t!at I learn (it!out any difficulty. My Master222 * T!e c!ild ,resses a ainst +esus (it! an attitude of adoration and love t!at is really movin . ' 0es, tell !im everyt!in , also not to ive u, !o,e. T!is an el ,rays for !im and I bless !im. I bless you, too. /o. 3+,

Peace be (it! you. * T!e t(o rou,s ,art, eac! oin its o(n (ay.

-9.. T$e : O! Fat$e ;.

-7t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& +esus comes out (it! .is a,ostles from a !ouse near t!e (alls and I t!ink t!at t!ey are still in t!e 3ezet!a district, because to o outside t!e (alls, one must ,ass a ain by +ose,!:s !ouse, near t!e /ate, (!ic! I !ear ,eo,le call .erod:s /ate. T!e to(n is semideserted in t!e ,lacid moonlit evenin . I understand t!at t!ey !ave celebrated Passover in one of Lazarus: !ouses, (!ic!, !o(ever, is not t!e one of t!e Last -u,,er. T!ey are, in fact, ,oles a,art. $ne in t!e nort!, t!e ot!er in t!e sout! of +erusalem. $n t!e doorste, +esus takes leave, (it! .is usual kindness, of +o!n of #ndor, (!o is to take care of t!e (omen and (!om .e t!anks for acce,tin t!at task. .e kisses Mar7iam, (!o !as also come to t!e door and t!en sets out for .erod:s /ate. ' 1!ere are (e oin , Lord) * ' "ome (it! Me. I am takin you to cro(n Passover (it! a rare lon ed for ,earl. T!at is (!y I (anted to be alone (it! you. My a,ostles2 T!ank you, My friends, for your reat love for Me. If you could see !o( it comforts Me, you (ould be amazed. -ee4 I ,roceed amon continuous 3+4

frictions and disa,,ointments. Disa,,ointments for you. 0ou must convince yourselves t!at I am never disa,,ointed, because I !ave not been ranted t!e ift of i norin ... T!at is anot!er reason (!y I advise you to a ree to be uided by Me. If I allo( t!is or t!at t!in , do not !inder it. If I do not interfere to ,ut an end to somet!in , do not endeavour to do it yourselves. #ac! t!in is to be done at t!e ri !t moment. Trust Me, in everyt!in . * T!ey are at t!e nort!;east comer of t!e circuit of t!e (allsD t!ey turn round it and ,roceed alon t!e !ill of Moria! to a ,oint (!ere t!ey can cross t!e Bidron by a little brid e. ' Are (e oin to /et!semane) * asks +ames of Al,!aeus. ' No. 9art!er u,. To t!e Mount of $lives. * ' $!2 It (ill be lovely2 * says +o!n. ' Also t!e boy (ould !ave liked it * (!is,ers Peter. ' $!2 T!ere (ill be many more o,,ortunities for !im to come !ere2 .e (as tired. .e is only a boy. I (ant to ive you a reat t!in because t!e ri !t moment !as no( come for you to !ave it. * T!ey climb u, amon t!e olive;trees, leavin /et!semane on t!e ri !t, until t!ey reac! t!e to, of t!e mountain, (!ere t!e leaves of t!e olive;trees are rustlin in t!e (ind. 8 +esus sto,s and says4 ' Let us sto,... My dear disci,les (!o are to continue My (ork in future, come near Me. Many a time you !ave said to Me4 5Teac! us to ,ray as 0ou ,ray. Teac! us, as +o!n tau !t !is disci,les, so t!at 3+3

(e may ,ray (it! t!e same (ords as our Master.6 And I al(ays re,lied to you4 5I (ill do t!at (!en I see in you t!e minimum sufficient ,re,aration so t!at t!e ,rayer may not be a vain formula of !uman (ords, but a real conversation (it! t!e 9at!er.6 T!at moment !as no( come. 0ou no( ,ossess (!at is necessary to kno( t!e (ords (ort! bein said to /od. And I (ant to teac! you t!em t!is evenin , in ,eace and in our mutual love, in t!e ,eace and love of /od and (it! /od, because as true Israelites (e !ave fulfilled t!e Passover ,rece,t and (e !ave com,lied (it! /od:s commandment concernin love for /od and our nei !bour. $ne of you !as suffered very muc! durin t!e ,ast days. .e suffered undeservedly, also because of !is effort to re,ress !is indi nation roused by t!e undeserved deed. 0es, -imon of +ona!, come !ere. Not one t!rob of your !onest !eart !as been concealed from Me, neit!er !as t!ere been any rief t!at I !ave not s!ared (it! you. 3ot! I and your com,anions... * ' 3ut 0ou, my Lord, !ave been offended more t!an I (as2 And t!at (as for me a reater ,ain,... no... a more sensitive... no, not t!at... a more... more. 1ell4 t!at +udas s!ould !ave loat!ed to be ,resent at my feast, !as !urt me as a man. 3ut to see 0ou rieved and offended !as !urt me in a different (ay and I suffered t(ice as muc!... I... I do not (ant to boast and s!o( off by usin 0our (ords... 3ut I must say, and if it is due to ,ride in me, tell me, I must say t!at I suffered (it! my soul... and it !urts more. * ' It is not ,ride, -imon. 0ou suffered s,iritually, because -imon of +ona!, a fis!erman in /alilee, is c!an in into Peter of +esus, t!e Master of t!e s,irit, so t!at also .is 3++

disci,les are becomin active and (ise in t!e s,irit. It is for t!is ,ro ress of 0ours in t!e life of t!e s,irit, it is because of suc! ,ro ress of you all, t!at I (ant to teac! you t!e ,rayer t!is evenin . > .o( muc! you !ave c!an ed after t!e solitary retreat2 * ' #verybody, Lord) * asks 3art!olome( (!o sounds rat!er incredulous. ' I understand (!at you mean... 3ut I am s,eakin to you eleven. Not to anyone else... * ' 3ut (!at is t!e matter (it! +udas of -imon, Master) 1e do not understand !im any more... .e seemed so c!an ed, but no(, since (e left t!e lake... * says Andre( desolately. ' 3e =uiet, brot!er. I !ave t!e key to t!e mystery2 A little bit of 3eelzebub !as stuck to !im. .e (ent to look for it in t!e cave at #ndor to astonis! us... and !e (as served as !e deserved2 T!e Master said it on t!at day... At /amala t!e demons rus!ed into t!e ,i s. At #ndor t!e demons came out of t!at ,oor (retc! of +o!n and (ent into !im... 1e kno( t!at... (e kno(... Let me tell t!em, Master2 I !ave it !ere, in my t!roat, and if I do not say it, it (ill not come out and it (ill ,oison me... * ' 3e ood, -imon2 * ' 0es, Master... and I (ould assure 0ou t!at I (ill not be rude to !im. 3ut I say and t!ink t!at since +udas is a vicious fello( E and (e all kno( t!at E !e is some(!at similar to a ,i ... and obviously demons (illin ly c!oose ,i s (!en... c!an in t!eir d(ellin ,laces. T!ere it is4 I !ave said it. * 3+7

' Do you t!ink it is t!us) * asks +ames of Febedee. ' 1!at else can it be2 T!ere is no ot!er reason (!y !e s!ould be so intractable. .e is (orse no( t!an !e (as at t!e "lear 1ater2 And t!ere one mi !t !ave t!ou !t t!at t!e ,lace and t!e season made !im so nervous. 3ut no(... * ' T!ere is anot!er reason, -imon... * ' Tell us, Master. I (ill be !a,,y to c!an e my mind about my com,anion. * ' +udas is 7ealous. .e is a itated because !e is 7ealous. * ' +ealous) $f (!om) .e is not married, and even if !e (ere, and (ent (it! (omen, I t!ink t!at none of us (ould be rude to a fello( disci,le... * ' .e is 7ealous of Me. +ust t!ink4 +udas c!an ed after #ndor and after #sdraelon. T!at is, (!en !e sa( t!at I (as takin care of +o!n and of +abez. 3ut no( t!at +o!n, above all, +o!n, (ill be oin a(ay, as !e (ill be leavin Me and stayin (it! Isaac, you (ill see t!at +udas (ill become merry and ood once a ain... * ' 1ell2... 3ut 0ou are not oin to tell me t!at !e is not ,ossessed by a little demon. And above all... No, I (ill say it2 And above all 0ou (ill not tell me t!at !e !as im,roved durin t!ese last mont!s. I (as 7ealous as (ell, last year... I (ould not !ave liked anybody e<ce,t t!e si< of us, t!e first si<, do 0ou remember) No(, no(... Let me invoke /od 7ust t!is once as (itness to (!at I am oin to say. No( I say t!at t!e more t!e disci,les increase in numbers around 0ou, t!e !a,,ier I am. $!2 I (ould like to brin all men to 0ou and I (ould also like to !ave all 3+9

t!e necessary means to !el, t!ose (!o are in need, so t!at misery may not !inder anyone from comin to 0ou. /od sees (!et!er I am tellin t!e trut!. 3ut (!y am I t!us no() 3ecause I let 0ou c!an e me. .e... !as not c!an ed. $n t!e contrary... 0es, Master... A little demon !as ,ossessed !im... * ' Do not say t!at. Do not t!ink t!at. Pray t!at !e may be cured. +ealousy is a disease... * ' $f (!ic! one can be cured, beside 0ou, if one (ants to. A!2 I (ill ,ut u, (it! !im, for 0our sake... 3ut, !o( difficult it is2... * ' I ave you a ,rize for t!at4 t!e boy. And no( I (ill teac! you !o( to ,ray... * ' $!2 yes, 3rot!er. Let us s,eak of t!at... and let us remember my namesake only as one (!o is in need of ,rayer. I t!ink !e !as already !ad !is ,unis!ment. .e is not (it! us 7ust no(2 * says +udas T!addeus. A ' Listen. 1!en you ,ray, ,ray t!us4 5$ur 9at!er, 1!o are in .eaven, may 0our name be !eld !oly, 0our Bin dom come on eart! as it is in .eaven, and may 0our (ill be done on eart! as it is in .eaven. /ive us today our daily bread, for ive us our debts as (e for ive t!ose (!o are in debt to us, and do not ,ut us to t!e test, but save us from t!e #vil $ne.6 * +esus !as stood u, to say t!e ,rayer and everybody !as imitated .im, attentively and moved. ' Not!in else is re=uired, My friends. #veryt!in man needs for !is s,irit and !is fles! and blood is contained in t!ese (ords as in a olden rin . 1it! t!is ,rayer you ask 3+2

for (!at is useful to t!e former and t!e latter t(o. And if you do (!at you ask for, you (ill ain eternal life. It is so ,erfect a ,rayer t!at neit!er t!e storms of !eresies nor t!e course of a es (ill undermine it. "!ristianity (ill be s,lit by -atan:s bite and many ,arts of My mystic body (ill be torn off and se,arated, formin inde,endent cells in t!e vain desire to form a body as ,erfect as t!e mystical 3ody of "!rist (ill be, (!ic! is t!e one formed by all t!e fait!ful believers united in t!e a,ostolic "!urc!, t!e only true "!urc!, as lon as t!e eart! e<ists. 3ut t!ose se,arated little cells, devoid of t!e ifts, (!ic! I (ill leave to t!e Mot!er "!urc! to nouris! My c!ildren, (ill al(ays be denominated "!ristian, because of t!eir (ors!i, of t!e "!rist, and in t!eir error t!ey (ill al(ays remember t!at t!ey derive from t!e "!rist. 1ell, t!ey (ill ,ray (it! t!is universal ,rayer as (ell. Remember it carefully. Meditate on it continuously. Practise it in your actions. 0ou need not!in else to sanctify yourselves. If one (ere alone, in a !eat!en ,lace, (it!out c!urc!es, (it!out books, one (ould already !ave all t!e kno(led e to meditate on in t!is ,rayer and a c!urc! in !is !eart for t!is ,rayer. $ne (ould !ave a safe rule of sanctification. C 5$ur 9at!er.6 I call .im4 59at!er.6 9at!er of t!e 1ord, 9at!er of t!e Incarnate. T!at is !o( I (ant you to call .im because you are all one (it! Me, if you remain in Me. $nce man !ad to ,rostrate !imself (it! !is face on t!e round to (!is,er, tremblin (it! fear4 5/od26 .e (!o does not believe in Me and in My (ord is still in suc! ,aralyzin fear... 1atc! t!e interior of t!e Tem,le. Not /od, but t!e very remembrance of /od is concealed from t!e eyes of t!e fait!ful by a treble veil. .e (!o ,rays is se,arated by 37/

remoteness and veils, everyt!in !as been devised to say to !im4 50ou are mud. .e is Li !t. 0ou are contem,tible. .e is .oly. 0ou are a slave. .e is Bin .6 3ut no(2... -tand u,2 "ome near Me2 I am t!e #ternal Priest. I can take you by t!e !and and say4 5"ome.6 I can ras, t!e veils and dra( t!em, and t!us t!ro( o,en t!e inaccessible ,lace closed so far. "losed) 1!y) "losed by -in, yes. 3ut even more closed by t!e dis,irited t!ou !t of man. 1!y closed if /od is Love, if /od is fat!er) I can, I must, I (ant to take you not into t!e dust, but into t!e azureD not far, but nearD not as slaves, but as c!ildren on to t!e !eart of /od. -ay4 59at!er2 9at!er2.6 And never tire re,eatin t!is (ord. Do you not kno( t!at every time you say it, .eaven s!ines because of /od:s 7oy) If you said (it! true love no ot!er (ord but t!at one, you (ould be sayin a ,rayer ,leasin to t!e Lord. 59at!er2 9at!er26 t!e little ones say to t!eir fat!ers. It is t!e first (ord t!ey say4 5Mot!er, fat!er.6 0ou are t!e little c!ildren of /od. I be ot you from t!e old man you (ere and (!om I destroyed by means of My love to ive birt! to t!e ne( man, t!e "!ristian. "all, t!erefore, t!e Most .oly 9at!er 1!o is in .eaven, (it! t!e first (ord t!at little c!ildren learn. H 5May 0our Name be !eld !oly.6 $!2 Name, (!ic! is !olier and s(eeter t!an any ot!er name and (!ic! t!e fear of t!e uilty tau !t you to conceal under a different one. No, no lon er Adonai. .e is /od. .e is t!e /od 1!o in an e<cess of love created Mankind. And Mankind, from no( on(ards, (it! li,s cleansed by t!e ,urification t!at I am ,re,arin , s!ould 371

call .im by .is Name, a(aitin to fully com,re!end t!e true meanin of t!e Incom,re!ensible $ne, (!en t!e best c!ildren of Mankind, united to .im, (ill rise to t!e Bin dom t!at I !ave come to establis!. I 50our Bin dom come on eart! as it is in .eaven.6 Desire its comin (it! all your stren t!. If it came, it (ould be t!e 7oy of t!e eart!. T!e Bin dom of /od in !earts, in families, amon citizens and nations. -uffer, (ork, sacrifice yourselves for t!is Bin dom. Let t!e eart! be a mirror reflectin t!e life of .eaven in eac! individual. It (ill !a,,en. All t!is (ill !a,,en one day. "enturies of tears and blood, of errors, ,ersecutions, of darkness relieved by flas!es of li !t radiatin from t!e mystical Li !t of My "!urc! (ill ,recede t!e moment in (!ic! t!e eart! (ill ,ossess t!e Bin dom of /od. $!2 My "!urc!4 alt!ou ! a boat, it (ill never be sunk, as it is also a cliff uns!akeable by breakers and (ill !old !i ! t!e Li !t, My Li !t, t!e Li !t of /od. And it (ill t!en be like t!e intense blazin of a star (!ic!, !avin reac!ed t!e ,erfection of its e<istence, disinte rates, an immeasurable flo(er of t!e et!ereal ardens, to breat!e its e<istence and love at t!e feet of its "reator, in a rutilant t!rob. 3ut it (ill most certainly come. And t!en t!ere (ill be t!e ,erfect, blessed eternal Bin dom of .eaven. J 5And may 0our (ill be done on eart! as it is in .eaven.6 T!e submission of one:s (ill to t!e (ill of anot!er ,erson can be accom,lis!ed only (!en one reac!es ,erfect love for t!at creature. T!e submission of one:s (ill to /od:s can be ac!ieved only (!en one ac!ieves ,ossession of t!e 372

t!eolo ical virtues in a !eroic de ree. In .eaven, (!ere everyt!in is faultless, /od:s (ill is done. 0ou, c!ildren of .eaven, must learn to do (!at is done in .eaven. K 5/ive us today our daily bread.6 1!en you are in .eaven, /od alone (ill be your nouris!ment. 3eatitude (ill be your food. 3ut !ere, you still need bread and since you are t!e c!ildren of /od, it is only fair to say4 59at!er, ive us some bread.6 Are you afraid .e (ill not !ear you) $!2 no2 +ust t!ink4 If one of you !as a friend and, if !e finds out t!at !e !as no bread to offer anot!er friend or relative, (!o !as arrived in t!e middle of t!e ni !t, oes to !is friend sayin 4 5Lend me t!ree loaves, because a uest !as arrived and I !ave not!in to ive !im to eat6, can !e ,ossibly !ear !is friend ans(er !im from inside t!e !ouse4 5Do not bot!er me, I !ave already bolted t!e door and my c!ildren are already slee,in beside me. I cannot et u, and ive you (!at you (ant6) No. If !e !as a,,lied to a true friend and if !e insists, !e (ill receive (!at !e asks for. .e (ould receive it also if !e a,,lied to someone (!o (as not a very ood friend. .e (ould be satisfied because of !is insistence, as !is friend, of (!om !e asked t!e favour, (ill !asten to ive !im (!at !e (ants, so t!at !e may no lon er be bot!ered. 3ut (!en you ,ray t!e 9at!er, you do not turn to a friend of t!e eart!, but you a,,ly to t!e Perfect 9riend 1!o is t!e 9at!er of .eaven. T!at is (!y I say to you4 5Ask, and it (ill be iven to you, searc!, and you (ill find, knock and t!e door (ill be o,ened to 0ou.6 9or t!e one (!o asks (ill receive, t!e one (!o searc!es al(ays finds, t!e one (!o knocks (ill !ave t!e door o,ened to !im. 1!at 37,

fat!er amon you (ould !and !is son a stone (!en !e asked for bread) $r !and !im a snake instead of a roasted fis!) A fat!er (!o did t!at to !is o(n c!ildren (ould be a criminal. I !ave already told you and I (ill re,eat it to convince you to be ood and trustful. As a sound;minded ,erson (ould not ive a scor,ion instead of an e , (it! (!at reater bounty (ill /od ive you (!at you ask for2 3ecause .e is ood, (!ereas you are more or less (icked. Ask, t!erefore, t!e 9at!er for your bread (it! !umble filial love. &L 59or ive us our debts as (e for ive t!ose (!o are in debt to us.6 T!ere are material debts and s,iritual ones. T!ere are also moral debts. T!e money or t!e oods t!at one !as received as a loan and must ive back, are a material debt. #steem e<torted and not iven back and love (anted and not returned are a moral debt. To obey /od, from 1!om one (ould e<act muc! ivin .im very little, and to love .im are a s,iritual debt. .e loves us and is to be loved, as a mot!er, a (ife, a son, from (!om so muc! is e<acted, are to be loved. A selfis! man (ants to receive, but does not ive. 3ut an e oist is ,oles a,art from .eaven. 1e are in debt to everybody. 9rom /od to a relative, from a relative to a friend, from a friend to our nei !bour, to a servant, to a slave, because t!ey are all bein s like ourselves. 1oe to !im (!o does not for ive2 .e (ill not be for iven. /od, out of 7ustice, cannot remit t!e debt of a man (!o is in debt to .im, t!e Most .oly $ne, if man does not for ive !is fello( man. && 5Do not ,ut us to t!e test, but save us from t!e #vil $ne.6 374

T!e man (!o did not feel t!e need to s!are t!e Passover su,,er (it! us, asked Me, less t!an a year a o4 51!at) 0ou asked not to be tem,ted and to be !el,ed a ainst tem,tation)6 T!ere (ere only t!e t(o of us... and I re,lied. Later (e (ere four, in a lonely area, and I re,lied once a ain. 3ut still to no avail, because (!en dealin (it! an unyieldin s,irit it is necessary to o,en a breac! by demolis!in t!e evil fortress of !is stubbornness. And I (ill, t!erefore, re,eat it once, ten times, one !undred times until everyt!in is accom,lis!ed. 3ut since you are not !ardened by stran e doctrines or by even stran er ,assions, I be you to ,ray t!us. Pray (it! !umility t!at /od may avert tem,tations from you. $!2 !umility2 To kno( oneself for (!at one is2 1it!out losin !eart, but to kno( oneself2 -ay4 5I may ive in, even if I do not t!ink I could do it, because I am but an im,erfect 7ud e of myself. T!erefore, 9at!er, if ,ossible, deliver me from tem,tations by kee,in me so close to 0ou as not to allo( t!e #vil $ne to !arm me.6 3ecause, remember, it is not /od 1!o tem,ts you to evil t!in s, but it is t!e #vil $ne (!o tem,ts you. Pray t!e 9at!er t!at .e may su,,ort your (eakness so t!at it may not be led into tem,tation by t!e #vil $ne. &8 I !ave told you everyt!in , My beloved ones. T!is is My second Passover amon 0ou. Last year (e s!ared only our bread and t!e lamb. T!is year I ive you My ,rayer. I (ill !ave ot!er ifts for My future Passovers amon st you, so t!at, (!en I s!all !ave one (!ere t!e 9at!er (ants Me, you may !ave a remembrance of Me, t!e Lamb, at every feast of t!e Mosaic lamb. /et u, and let us o. 1e s!all o back to to(n at da(n. 373

Nay4 tomorro(, you, -imon, and you, My brot!er Mand .e ,oints at +udasN, (ill o to fetc! t!e (omen and t!e boy. 0ou, -imon of +ona!, and you all, (ill stay (it! Me until t!ey come back. T!en (e s!all all o to 3et!any to et!er. * And t!ey o do(n to /et!semane, (!ere t!ey enter t!e !ouse to rest.

-94. Jes!s to t$e 'ent#les@ Fa#t$ Is B!#lt as Yo! Te*%les.

-+t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& In t!e ,eace of t!e -abbat! +esus rests near a fla< field in bloom belon in to Lazarus. Rat!er t!an ' near * I s!ould say t!at .e is immersed in t!e tall fla<, and sittin on t!e ed e of a furro( .e is en rossed in t!ou !t. $nly an odd silent butterfly flutters near .im or a lizard rustles nearby, lookin at .im (it! its 7et;black eyes, raisin its little trian ular !ead (it! its li !t t!robbin t!roat. T!ere is not!in else. In t!e late afternoon also t!e least si ! of (ind !as become silent amon t!e tall stalks. 9rom far a(ay, ,er!a,s from Lazarus: arden, t!e son of a (oman can be !eard and t!e 7oyful s!outin of t!e boy (!o is ,layin (it! someone. T!en one, t(o, t!ree voices call4 ' Master2 +esus2 * +esus rouses .imself and stands u,. Alt!ou ! t!e fully 37+

ro(n fla< is very tall, +esus emer es a ood !ei !t above t!e blue; reen sea. ' T!ere .e is, +o!n2 * s!outs t!e Fealot. And +o!n in turn calls4 ' Mot!er2 T!e Master is !ere, in t!e fla< field. * And (!ile +esus a,,roac!es t!e ,at! leadin to t!e !ouses, Mary arrives. ' 1!at do 0ou (ant, Mot!er) * ' My -on, some /entiles !ave come (it! some ladies. T!ey say t!at t!ey !eard from +o!anna t!at 0ou (ere !ere. T!ey also said t!at t!ey !ave been (aitin for 0ou all t!ese ,ast days near t!e Antonia... * ' A!2 I kno(2 I (ill come at once. 1!ere are t!ey) * ' At Lazarus: !ouse, in !is arden. .e is loved by t!e Romans and does not feel t!e re,u nance to(ards t!em t!at (e do. .e let t!em o into t!e lar e arden (it! t!eir carts, so t!at no one (ould be scandalised... * ' All ri !t, Mot!er. T!ey are Roman soldiers and ladies. I kno(. * ' And (!at do t!ey (ant from 0ou) * ' 1!at many in Israel do not (ant4 li !t. * ' 3ut !o( and (!at do t!ey believe 0ou are) /od ,er!a,s) * ' 0es, in t!eir (ay of t!inkin . It is easier for t!em to acce,t t!e idea of t!e incarnation of a od in mortal fles!, t!an it is for us. * 377

' -o t!ey believe in 0our fait!... * ' Not yet, Mot!er. I must destroy t!eirs, first. 9or t!e time bein t!ey consider Me a (ise man, a ,!iloso,!er, as t!ey say. 3ut bot! t!eir desire to become ac=uainted (it! ,!iloso,!ical doctrines and t!eir inclination to believe t!e incarnation of a od as ,ossible, are of reat !el, to Me in leadin t!em to t!e true 9ait!. 3elieve Me, t!ey are more in enuous in t!eir (ay of t!inkin , t!an many Israelites. * ' 3ut are t!ey sincere) It is rumoured t!at t!e 3a,tist... * ' No. .ad it been for t!em, +o!n (ould be free and safe. Nonrebellious ,eo,le are left in ,eace. $n t!e contrary I can assure 0ou t!at for t!em to be a ,ro,!et E t!ey say a ,!iloso,!er because t!e loftiness of su,ernatural (isdom is still ,!iloso,!y to t!em E is a uarantee of res,ect. Do not (orry, Mot!er. No !arm (ill come to Me from t!at end... * ' 3ut t!e P!arisees... if t!ey find out, (!at (ill t!ey say about Lazarus also) 0ou are 0ou... and 0ou are to brin t!e 1ord to t!e (orld. 3ut Lazarus2... T!ey already offend !im so muc!... * ' 3ut t!ey cannot touc! !im. T!ey kno( t!at !e is ,rotected by Rome. * ' I leave 0ou, -on. .ere is Ma<iminus, !e (ill take 0ou to t!e /entiles * and Mary, 1!o !ad (alked beside +esus all t!e time, (it!dra(s =uickly, and oes to(ards t!e Fealot:s !ouse. +esus on t!e ot!er !and oes t!rou ! a little iron door in t!e arden (all, into a distant ,art of t!e arden, (!ere it actually becomes an orc!ard and ,recisely near t!e ,lace (!ere Lazarus (ill be buried 379

later. 8 Lazarus also is t!ere, but no one else. ' Master, I took t!e liberty of ivin t!em !os,itality... * ' 0ou did t!e ri !t t!in . 1!ere are t!ey) * ' $ver t!ere, in t!e s!ade of t!e bo<es and laurels. As 0ou can see t!ey are at least five !undred ste,s from t!e !ouse. * ' T!at is all ri !t... May Li !t come to you all. * ' .ail, Master2 * reets Guintilian, (!o is (earin civilian clot!es. T!e ladies stand u, to reet +esus. T!ey are Plautina, %aleria and LydiaD t!ere is also anot!er elderly (oman, but I do not kno( (!o s!e is or (!et!er s!e is of t!e same rank as t!e ot!ers. T!ey are all (earin very ,lain clot!es (it!out any si n of distinction. ' 1e (ere an<ious to !ear 0ou, but 0ou never came. I (as on duty (!en 0ou arrived. 3ut I never sa( 0ou. * ' Neit!er !ave I seen at t!e /ate of t!e 9is! a soldier, (!o (as a friend of Mine. .is name (as Ale<ander... * ' Ale<ander) I am not sure (!et!er !e is t!e one I am t!inkin of. I kno( t!at some time a o, in order to calm t!e +e(s, (e !ad to remove a soldier (!o (as uilty of... s,eakin to 0ou. .e is no( at Antioc!. 3ut ,er!a,s !e (ill come !ere a ain. .o( borin t!ey are... t!ey (ant to rule even no( t!at t!ey are sub7ect2 $ne !as to be clever to avoid reater trouble... T!ey make life difficult for us, believe me... 3ut 0ou are ood and (ise. 1ill 0ou s,eak to us) I may be leavin Palestine soon, and I (ould like to 372

!ave somet!in to remind me of 0ou. * ' 0es, I (ill s,eak to you. I never disa,,oint anyone. 1!at do you (is! to kno() * Guintilian looks at t!e ladies in=uisitively. ' 1!atever 0ou (is!, Master * says %aleria. Plautina stands u, a ain and says4 ' I !ave been t!inkin a lot... t!ere is so muc! I (ould like to kno(... everyt!in , to be able to 7ud e. 3ut if I may ask, I (ould like to kno( !o( can a fait!, 0ours, for instance, be built on a round (!ic! 0ou said is devoid of true fait!. 0ou said t!at our beliefs are vain. -o (e !ave not!in . .o( can (e ac!ieve somet!in ) * > ' I (ill take as an e<am,le somet!in t!at you !ave. 0our tem,les. 0our really beautiful sacred buildin s, t!e only im,erfection of (!ic! is t!at t!ey are dedicated to Not!in , can teac! you !o( one can ac!ieve fait! and (!ere to ,lace it. 1atc!. 1!ere are t!ey built) 1!ic! ,lace, if at all ,ossible, is c!osen for t!em) .o( are t!ey built) T!e ,lace is enerally s,acious, o,en and elevated. And (!en it is not s,acious and o,en, it is made so by demolis!in (!at encumbers and obstructs it. If it is not elevated, t!ey increase its !ei !t by means of a stereobate more elevated t!an t!e normal t!ree ste,s em,loyed for tem,les ,laced on a natural elevation. T!ey are enerally surrounded by a sacred enclosure, formed by colonnades and ,orc!es inside (!ic! are enclosed t!e trees sacred to t!e ods, fountains and altars, statues and stelae and are usually ,receded by a ,ro,ylaeum beyond (!ic! is t!e altar (!ere ,rayers to t!e deity are said. In front of it t!ere is t!e ,lace for t!e sacrifice, because t!e 39/

sacrifice ,recedes t!e ,rayer. %ery often, and ,articularly in t!e more ma nificent ones, a ,eristyle encircles t!em (it! a arland of ,recious marbles. Inside t!ere is t!e front vestibule, outside or inside t!e ,eristyle, t!e cell of t!e deity and t!e rear vestibule. Marbles, statues, ,ediments, acroteria and ables, all ,olis!ed, ,recious and decorated, make t!e tem,le a most noble buildin also for t!e coarsest si !t. Is it not so) * ' 0es, it is, Master. 0ou !ave seen and studied t!em very (ell * confirms Plautina ,raisin +esus. ' 3ut (e kno( t!at .e never left Palestine2) * e<claims Guintilian. ' I never left Palestine to o to Rome or At!ens. 3ut I am ac=uainted (it! /reek and Roman arc!itecture and I (as ,resent (!en t!e enius of man decorated t!e Part!enon because I am (!erever t!ere is life or a manifestation of life. 1!erever a (ise man meditates, a scul,tor scul,tures, a ,oet (rites, a mot!er sin s over a cradle, a man toils in fields, a doctor fi !ts diseases, a livin bein breat!es, an animal lives, a tree ve etates, I am t!ere to et!er (it! .im from 1!om I come. In t!e rumble of t!e eart!=uake or in t!e ,eal of t!under, in t!e li !t of stars or in flood;tide and ebb;tide, in t!e fli !t of ea les or in t!e buzzin of mos=uitoes, I am t!ere (it! t!e Most .i ! "reator. * ' -o... 0ou... 0ou kno( everyt!in . 3ot! t!ou !ts and deeds of men) * asks Guintilian a ain. ' 0es, I do. * A T!e Romans look at one anot!er amazed. T!ere is a lon silence t!en %aleria timidly be s4 ' #<,and on 0our 391

idea, Master, so t!at (e may kno( (!at to do. * ' 0es. 9ait! is built as t!ey build t!e tem,les of (!ic! you are so ,roud. T!ey make s,ace for t!e tem,le, t!ey free it from obstructions, t!ey elevate it. * ' 3ut (!ere is t!e tem,le in (!ic! one s!ould ,ut fait!, t!e true deity) * asks Plautina. ' 9ait!, Plautina, is not a deity. It is a virtue. T!ere are no deities in true fait!. T!ere is only $ne and True /od. * ' -o... .e is u, t!ere, in .is $lym,us, all by .imself) And (!at does .e do if .e is alone) * ' .e is -elf;sufficient and takes care of everyt!in in creation. I !ave 7ust told you t!at /od is ,resent also in t!e buzzin of a mos=uito. .e does not et bored, do not (orry. .e is not a ,oor man, t!e master of an immense em,ire in (!ic! !e feels !e is !ated and lives tremblin (it! fear. .e is Love and lives lovin . .is Life is continuous Love. .e is -elf;sufficient because .e is infinite and most ,o(erful, .e is Perfection. -o numerous are t!e t!in s created t!at live because of .is continuous (ill, t!at .e !as no time to ro( (eary. Tedium is t!e fruit of idleness and vice. In t!e .eaven of t!e True /od t!ere is neit!er idleness nor vice. -oon, in addition to an els (!ic! no( serve .im, .e (ill !ave a reat cro(d of 7ust ,eo,le re7oicin in .im and t!e cro(d (ill ro( reater and reater (it! t!e future believers in t!e True /od. * C ' Are t!e an els enii) * asks Lydia. ' No, t!ey are s,iritual bein s like /od 1!o created t!em. * 392

' 1!at are enii, t!en) * ' As you ima ine t!em, t!ey are false!ood. T!ey do not e<ist, as you ima ine t!em. 3ut o(in to t!e instinctive need of men to searc! for t!e trut!, you also !ave realised t!at man is not only fles! and t!at t!ere is somet!in immortal in !is ,eris!able body. And t!at is t!e conse=uence of t!e incentive of t!e soul, (!ic! is alive and ,resent also in !eat!ens, and suffers in t!em, as it is disa,,ointed in its desires, because it is famis!ed lon in for t!e True /od 1!om it remembers, in t!e body in (!ic! it d(ells and (!ic! is uided by a ,a an mind. And t!e same a,,lies to to(ns and nations. And t!us you believe, you feel t!e need to believe in 5 enii.6 And t!us you ive yourselves an individual enius, a family, a to(n, a national enius. 0ou !ave t!e 5 enius of Rome6, t!e 5 enius of t!e em,eror.6 And you (ors!i, t!em as lesser deities. "ome to t!e true fait!. 0ou (ill become ac=uainted and friendly (it! your an el, (!om you (ill venerate, but not (ors!i,. $nly /od is (ors!i,,ed. * ' 0ou said4 5Incentive of t!e soul (!ic! is alive and ,resent also in !eat!ens, and suffers in t!em because it is disa,,ointed.6 3ut from (!om does t!e soul come) * asks Publius Guintilian. ' 9rom /od. .e is t!e "reator. * ' 3ut are (e not born of (oman t!rou ! union (it! man) Also our ods are born t!us. * ' 0our ods do not e<ist. T!ey are ,!antoms of your mind (!ic! needs to believe. 3ecause suc! need is more ,erem,tory t!an t!e need to breat!e. Also !e, (!o says 39,

!e does not believe, does believe. .e believes in somet!in . T!e sim,le statement4 5I do not believe in /od6 ,resu,,oses anot!er fait!. In oneself, ,er!a,s, or in one:s ,roud mind. 3ut one al(ays believes. It is like t!inkin . If you say4 5I do not (ant to t!ink6, or4 5I do not believe in /od6, by t!ose t(o sim,le sentences you ,rove t!at you are t!inkin 4 t!at you do not (ant to believe in .im 1!om you kno( to e<ist and t!at you do not (ant to t!ink. 1it! re ard to man, to e<,ress t!e conce,t correctly you must say4 5Man, like all animals, is born t!rou ! t!e union of male and female. 3ut t!e soul, t!at is t!e t!in (!ic! distin uis!es t!e animal;man from t!e animal;brute, comes from /od. .e creates it as and (!en a man is ,rocreated, or rat!er4 (!en !e is conceived in a (omb and .e infuses it in t!e body (!ic! ot!er(ise (ould be only animal.6 *
' And !ave (e ot it) 1e ,a ans) Accordin to 0our fello(;countrymen it (ould not a,,ear to be so... * says Guintilian ironically. ' #very man born of (oman !as it. * H ' 3ut 0ou said t!at sin kills it. If so, !o( can it be alive in us sinners) * asks Plautina. ' 0ou do not sin a ainst fait!, because you believe t!at you are in t!e Trut!. 1!en you become ac=uainted (it! t!e Trut! and you ,ersist in your error, t!en you (ill commit sin. Like(ise, many t!in s (!ic! are sinful for Israelites, are not so for you. 3ecause no divine la( forbids you. $ne sins (!en one consciously rebels a ainst t!e order iven by /od and says4 5I kno( t!at (!at I am doin is (ron . 3ut I (ant to do it 7ust t!e same.6 /od is 7ust. .e cannot ,unis! one (!o does t!e (ron t!in 394

t!inkin t!at !e is doin t!e ri !t one. .e ,unis!es t!ose, (!o bein able to tell /ood from #vil, c!oose t!e latter and ,ersist in it. * ' -o (e !ave a soul and it is alive and ,resent in us) * ' 0es, it is so. * ' And it suffers) Do 0ou really t!ink t!at it remembers /od) 1e do not remember t!e (omb t!at bore us. 1e could not tell (!at its inside (as like. If I !ave understood 0ou correctly, t!e soul is s,iritually born of /od. "an it ,ossibly remember .im if our body does not remember t!e lon time it (as in a (omb) * ' T!e soul is not material, Plautina. An embryo is. In fact t!e soul is infused (!en t!e foetus is already formed M&N. T!e soul is, like /od, eternal and s,iritual. It is eternal from t!e moment it is created, (!ereas /od is t!e Most Perfect #ternal 3ein and t!us !as no be innin in time and (ill !ave no end. T!e soul, t!e lucid, intelli ent, s,iritual (ork of /od, does remember. And it suffers, because it lon s for /od, t!e True /od, from 1!om it comes, and it !un ers for /od. T!at is (!y it s,urs t!e tor,id body to endeavour to a,,roac! /od. * I ' -o (e !ave a soul as t!ose (!om you call 5t!e 7ust ,eo,le6 of your nation !ave) #<actly t!e same) * ' No, Plautina. It de,ends on (!at you mean. If you mean accordin to its ori in and nature, it is e<actly t!e same as t!e souls of our saints. 3ut if you refer to its formation, t!en I say t!at it is different. And if you mean accordin to t!e ,erfection reac!ed before deat!, t!en it may be com,letely different. 3ut t!at does not a,,ly only to you !eat!ens. Also a son of our ,eo,le can be 393

com,letely different from a saint, in future life. A soul is sub7ected to t!ree ,!ases. T!e first is creation. T!e second a ne( creation. T!e t!ird is ,erfection. T!e first is common to all men. T!e second is ,eculiar to 7ust ,eo,le (!o t!rou ! t!eir (ill elevate t!eir souls to a more com,lete revival, 7oinin t!eir ood deeds to t!e ,erfection of /od:s (ork, (!ereby t!eir souls are s,iritually more ,erfect and form a connection link bet(een t!e first and t!ird ones. T!e t!ird is ,eculiar to t!e blessed souls, or saints, if you ,refer so, (!o !ave e<ceeded by a t!ousand de rees t!e initial sta e of t!eir souls, a sta e suitable to man, and !ave transformed t!em into somet!in suitable to rest in /od. * J ' .o( can (e make room, clearance and elevation for our souls) * ' 3y demolis!in t!e useless t!in s you !ave in your 5e o.6 "lear it of all (ron kno(led e, and (it! t!e debris make t!e elevation for t!e soverei n tem,le. A soul is to be carried !i !er and !i !er, on t!e t!ree ste,s. $!2 you Romans love symbols. Look at t!e t!ree ste,s in a symbolic li !t. T!ey can tell you t!eir names4 ,enance, ,atience, ,erseverance. $r4 !umility, ,urity, 7ustice. $r4 (isdom, enerosity, mercy. $r, finally, t!e s,lendid trinomial4 fait!, !o,e, c!arity. Look also at t!e symbol of t!e ornate stron enclosure (!ic! encircles t!e area of t!e tem,le. 0ou must surround your soul, t!e =ueen of t!e body, t!e tem,le of t!e #ternal -,irit, (it! a barrier (!ic! may ,rotect it (it!out obstructin li !t or o,,ressin it (it! u ly si !ts. An enclosure (!ic! must be safe and free from t!e love and desire of (!at is inferior4 fles! and blood, and must aim at (!at is su,erior4 t!e s,irit. T!e c!isel of freedom is your (ill 39+

,o(er, (!ic! (ill smoot! comers, and remove clefts, stains and fla(s in t!e marble of your e o, so t!at it may be ,erfect round your souls. And at t!e same time, t!e enclosure ,rotectin t!e tem,le is to be used by you as a merciful s!elter for t!e more un!a,,y ,eo,le (!o do not kno( (!at "!arity is. T!e ,orc!es4 t!ey are t!e effusion of love, of ,iety, of your desire t!at more ,eo,le may come to /od, and are like t!e lovin arms stretc!ed like a veil over t!e cradle of an or,!an. And beyond t!e enclosure4 t!e most beautiful and most scented trees are a !oma e to t!e "reator. T!e trees, ,lanted on a soil ,reviously barren and subse=uently cultivated symbolise all kinds of virtues and form t!e second livin flo(ery enclosure around t!e sanctuaryD and amon t!e trees, t!at is amon t!e virtues, t!ere are t!e fountains, a furt!er effusion of love and anot!er ,urification before a,,roac!in t!e ,ro,ylaeum near (!ic! one must sacrifice one:s carnality and re,udiate all forms of lust before ascendin t!e altar. And t!en you may ,roceed furt!er, to t!e altar and lay your offer on it and finally, crossin t!e vestibule, you may a,,roac! t!e cell, (!ere /od is. And (!at (ill t!e cell be like) Abundance of s,iritual (ealt!, because you can never adorn /od too muc!. .ave you understood) 0ou asked Me !o( 9ait! is built. I said to 0ou4 59ollo(in t!e met!od em,loyed to build tem,les.6 0ou can see t!at it is true.
K Is t!ere anyt!in else you (is! to ask Me) * ' No, Master. I t!ink t!at 9lavia !as (ritten (!at 0ou said. "laudia (ants to kno(. .ave you (ritten everyt!in ) * ' I !ave (ritten everyt!in most accurately * re,lies t!e 397

(oman !andin over t!e (a<ed tablets. ' T!e (a< (ill last and it (ill be ,ossible to read t!em. * ' It is (a<. It is easily cancelled. 1rite everyt!in in your !earts. It (ill never cancel. * ' Master, t!ey are encumbered (it! vain tem,les. 1e are t!ro(in 0our (ords a ainst t!em to demolis! t!em. 3ut it is a lon task * says Plautina si !in . And s!e concludes4 ' Remember us in 0our .eaven... * ' 0ou may rest assured t!at I (ill. I leave you. I (ant you to kno( t!at your visit !as been very dear to Me. /oodbye, Publius Guintilian. Remember +esus of Nazaret!. * T!e ladies say oodbye and are t!e first to o a(ay. T!en Guintilian, (!o is some(!at ,ensive, leaves. +esus (atc!es t!em o a(ay (it! Ma<iminus (!o leads t!em back to t!eir (a ons. ' 1!at are 0ou t!inkin of, Master) * asks Lazarus. ' T!at t!ere are many un!a,,y ,eo,le in t!e (orld. * ' And I am one of t!em. * ' 1!y, My dear friend) * ' 3ecause everybody comes to 0ou, e<ce,t Mary. Is s!e t!e reatest ruin) * +esus looks at !im and smiles. ' 0ou are smilin ) Are 0ou not sorry t!at Mary cannot be converted) Are 0ou not sorry t!at I am sufferin ) Mart!a !as done not!in but (ee, since Monday evenin . 1!o (as t!at (oman) Don:t 0ou kno( t!at for t!e (!ole day 399

(e !o,ed it (as s!e) * ' I am smilin because you are an im,atient c!ild... And I am smilin because I t!ink t!at you are (astin ener y and tears. .ad it been s!e, I (ould !ave rus!ed to tell you. * ' -o it (as not s!e) * ' $!2 Lazarus2... * ' 0ou are ri !t. Patience2 -till ,atience2... Master, !ere are t!e 7e(els t!at 0ou ave me to sell. T!ey !ave become money for t!e ,oor. T!ey (ere beautiful. Ladies: 7e(els. * ' T!ey belon ed to 5t!at6 (oman. * ' I t!ou !t so. A!2 .ad t!ey been Mary:s... 3ut s!e2... I am losin !o,e, my Lord2... * +esus embraces !im (it!out s,eakin for a little (!ile. .e t!en says4 ' Please do not mention t!ose 7e(els to anybody. -!e must disa,,ear, (it!out bein admired or desired any lon er, like a cloud driven else(!ere by t!e (ind, (it!out leavin any trace in t!e blue sky. * ' 0ou may be sure, Master... and, in e<c!an e, brin me Mary, our un!a,,y Mary... * ' Peace be (it! you, Lazarus. I (ill kee, My ,romise. * ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; M&N +esus: intent in s,eakin to t!e Roman ladies is not to s,ecify t!e moment of t!e infusion of t!e soul into a body, but to ,rove t!e e<istence of t!e soul, its s,iritual nature and divine ori in, as o,,osed to t!e material nature and 392

!uman ori in of t!e body, and to clarify t!at .e states t!at t!e soul is infused into t!e embryo (!en t!e latter is sufficiently formed to receive t!e soul, t!at lucid an intelli ent as it is, !as flas!es of remembrance of its ori in from /od before bein infused into a body.

-9,. T$e Pa able of t$e P o)#(al Son.

.9t$ J!ne 1+4,.

& ' +o!n of #ndor, come !ere (it! Me. I must s,eak to you * says +esus lookin out of t!e door. T!e man !astens to(ards +esus leavin t!e boy to (!om !e (as e<,lainin somet!in . ' 1!at do 0ou (ant to tell me, Master) * !e asks. ' "ome u,stairs (it! Me. * T!ey o u, to t!e terrace and t!ey sit do(n in t!e most s!eltered ,art, because t!e sun is already stron , alt!ou ! it is still mornin . +esus runs .is eyes over t!e cultivated country, (!ere day by day t!e corn is becomin olden and fruit is ri,enin on trees. .e seems to be (is!in to derive some t!ou !t from t!at ve etable metamor,!osis. ' Listen, +o!n. I t!ink t!at Isaac is comin today to brin Me +o!anan:s ,easants before t!ey leave. I told Lazarus to lend Isaac a (a on to =uicken t!eir return and t!us avoid a delay (!ic! (ould cause t!em to be ,unis!ed. And Lazarus !as a reed, because !e does everyt!in I 32/

tell !im. 3ut I (ant somet!in else from you. I !ave !ere a sum of money iven to Me by a ,erson for t!e ,oor of t!e Lord. ?sually one of My a,ostles is res,onsible for kee,in t!e money and ivin alms. /enerally it is +udas of Beriot!D sometimes one of t!e ot!ers. 3ut +udas is not !ere. And I do not (ant t!e ot!ers to kno( (!at I (ant to do. I (ould not !ave told +udas eit!er. 0ou (ill do it, in My name... * ' I, my Lord)... I)... $!2 I am not (ort!y2... * ' 0ou must accustom yourself to (orkin in My name. Is t!at not (!y you came) * ' 0es, but I t!ou !t I !ad to (ork to rebuild my ,oor soul. * ' And I (ill ive you t!e means. A ainst (!at did you sin) A ainst Mercy and Love. 0ou demolis!ed your soul by means of !atred. 0ou (ill rebuild it t!rou ! love and mercy. I (ill ive you t!e material. I (ill make use of you es,ecially for deeds of mercy and love. 0ou are ca,able also of curin , and of s,eakin . -o you are =ualified to take care of ,!ysical and moral miseries and you are ca,able of doin it. 0ou (ill start (it! t!is action. .ere is t!e ,urse. 0ou (ill ive it to Mica! and !is friends. Divide it into e=ual ,arts. 3ut divide it as I (ill tell you. Make ten ,arts and ive four to Mica!, one for !imself and one eac! to -aul, +oel and Isaia!. /ive t!e ot!er si< to Mica! (it! instructions to ive t!em to +abez: old fat!er, for !imself and !is com,anions. T!ey (ill t!us be able to !ave some comfort. * ' All ri !t. 3ut (!at s!all I tell t!em to 7ustify it) * ' -ay4 5T!is is to remind you to ,ray for a soul t!at is 321

redeemin itself.6 * ' 3ut t!ey may t!ink t!at it is I2 It is not fair2 * ' 1!y) Do you not (ant to redeem yourself) * ' It is not fair t!at t!ey s!ould t!ink t!at I am t!e donor. * ' Never mind, do as I tell you. * ' I (ill obey... but at least let me ive somet!in as (ell. In any case... no( I do not need anyt!in any more. I do not buy books and I !ave no ,oultry to feed. I am satisfied (it! very little. Take t!is, Master. I am kee,in a minimum for my sandal e<,enses... * and from a ,urse attac!ed to !is belt !e takes out some coins (!ic! !e adds to +esus: money. ' May /od bless you for your mercy... 8 +o!n, before lon (e s!all be ,artin , because you (ill be oin (it! Isaac. * ' I am sorry about t!at, Master. 3ut I (ill obey. * ' I am sorry as (ell to send you a(ay. 3ut I need itinerant disci,les so badly. I am no lon er sufficient. I (ill soon be sendin t!e a,ostles and t!en t!e disci,les. And you (ill do a lot of ood. I (ill kee, you for s,ecial missions. In t!e meantime you (ill become formed (it! Isaac. .e is so ood and t!e -,irit of /od !as really instructed !im durin !is lon disease. And !e is t!e man (!o !as al(ays for iven everyt!in ... $n t!e ot!er !and, t!e fact t!at (e !ave to ,art does not mean t!at (e s!all never meet a ain. 1e s!all often meet, and every time (e are to et!er, I (ill s,eak 7ust for you, remember t!at... * 322

+o!n bends very lo(, !e !ides !is face in !is !ands, bursts into bitter tears and moans4 ' $!2 T!en tell me at once somet!in to ,ersuade me t!at I !ave been for iven... t!at I can serve /od... If 0ou kne( !o( I see my soul, no( t!at t!e smoke of !atred !as vanis!ed... and !o( I t!ink of /od... * ' I kno(, do not (ee,. 3e !umble, but do not be dis!eartened. Dis!eartenment is still ,ride. 3e !umble, t!at is all. "!eer u,, do not (ee,... * +o!n of #ndor slo(ly calms do(n... 1!en +esus sees t!at !e !as become calm, .e says4 ' "ome, let us o under t!at t!icket of a,,le;trees and at!er our com,anions and t!e (omen. I (ill s,eak to everybody, but I (ill tell you !o( /od loves you. * > T!ey o do(n, assemblin t!e ot!ers as t!ey ,roceed, and t!ey all sit do(n in a circle in t!e s!ade of t!e a,,le orc!ard. Also Lazarus, (!o (as s,eakin to t!e Fealot, 7oins t!e com,any. T!ey are about t(enty ,eo,le in all. ' Listen. It is a beautiful ,arable t!at (ill uide you (it! its li !t in many cases. A man !ad t(o sons. T!e elder (as a serious, affectionate, obedient (orker. T!e youn er (as more intelli ent t!an !is brot!er (!o (as actually some(!at dull and ,referred to be uided rat!er t!an tire !imself takin decisions by !imself, but !e (as also rebellious, absent;minded, fond of lu<ury, ,leasure lovin , a s=uanderer and idle. Intelli ence is a reat ift of /od. 3ut it is a ift to be used (isely. $t!er(ise it is like certain medicines t!at, (!en taken in t!e (ron (ay, kill instead of curin . .is fat!er, as it (as !is ri !t and duty, 32,

used to recall !im to a more sensible life. 3ut it (as all in vain, t!e only result (as t!at !e ans(ered back and became more obstinate in !is (icked ideas. 9inally one day, after a fiercer =uarrel, t!e youn er son said4 5/ive me my ,art of t!e estate. -o I (ill no lon er !ear your re,roac!es and my brot!er:s com,laints. Let eac! !ave !is o(n and no more about it.6 53e careful6 re,lied t!e fat!er, 5because you (ill soon be ruined. 1!at (ill you do t!en) "onsider t!at I (ill not be unfair to favour you and I (ill not take a fart!in off your brot!er to ive it to you.6 5I (ill not ask you for anyt!in . 0ou may be sure. /ive me my ,art.6 T!e fat!er !ad t!e estate and valuables assessed, and since money and 7e(els (ere (ort! as muc! as t!e real estate, !e ave t!e elder brot!er t!e fields and vineyards, t!e !erds and olivetrees, and t!e youn er one t!e money and 7e(els, (!ic! t!e youn man c!an ed immediately into money. And after doin t!at in a fe( days, !e (ent to a distant country (!ere !e lived like a lord, s=uanderin all !is money on a life of debauc!ery, makin ,eo,le believe t!at !e (as t!e son of a kin , because !e (as as!amed to admit t!at !e (as a countryman and t!us !e diso(ned !is fat!er. 3an=uets, friends, (omen, robes, (ines, ames... !e led a loose life. .e soon sa( t!at !is money (as comin to an end and t!at ,overty (as in si !t. And to make matters (orse, t!e country e<,erienced a severe famine, (!ic! com,elled !im to s,end !is last ,enny. .e (ould !ave liked to o back to !is fat!er. 3ut !e (as ,roud and decided not to. -o !e (ent to a (ealt!y man of t!e 324

country, a friend of !is in !is !a,,y days, and !e be ed !im sayin 4 5Take me amon your servants, rememberin t!e days (!en you en7oyed my (ealt!.6 -ee !o( foolis! man is2 .e ,refers t!e las! of a master rat!er t!an say to !is fat!er4 59or ive me. I made a mistake2.6 T!e youn man !ad learned many useless t!in s (it! !is bri !t intelli ence, but !e did not (ant to learn t!e sayin of #cclesiasticus4 5.o( ill;famed is !e (!o deserts !is fat!er and !o( accursed of t!e Lord is (!oever an ers !is mot!er.6 .e (as intelli ent, but not (ise. T!e man to (!om !e !ad a,,lied, in e<c!an e for t!e rand time !e !ad en7oyed (it! t!e foolis! youn man, sent !im to look after !is ,i s, because it (as a ,a an country and t!ere (ere many ,i s. -o !e (as sent to ,asture t!e !erds of ,i s in t!e farm. 9ilt!y, in ra s, stinkin and starvin E food in fact (as scarce for all t!e servants and ,articularly for t!e lo(est ones and !e, a forei n ridiculed !erdsman of ,i s (as considered suc! !e sa( t!e ,i s lut t!emselves (it! acorns and si !ed4 5I (is! I could fill my stomac! (it! t!is fruit2 3ut t!ey are too bitter2 Not even starvation can make t!em ,alatable.6 And !e (e,t rememberin t!e sum,tuous ban=uets (!en !e acted t!e 5 rand sei neur6 only a s!ort (!ile before, lau !in , sin in , dancin ... and t!en !e (ould t!ink of t!e !onest substantial meals at !is far a(ay !ome, of t!e ,ortions !is fat!er used to make im,artially for everybody, kee,in for !imself t!e smallest one, !a,,y to see t!e !ealt!y a,,etite of !is sons... and !e remembered t!e !el,in s !is 7ust fat!er ave t!e servants and !e si !ed4 5My fat!er:s servants, even t!e lo(est, !ave ,lenty bread... and I am dyin !ere of starvation... A lon meditation, a lon stru le to 323

subdue !is ,ride... At last t!e day came, (!en !is !umility and (isdom revived and !e ot u, and said4 5I (ill o back to my fat!er2 T!is ,ride of mine is silly, as it de,rives me of my freedom. And (!y) 1!y s!ould I suffer in my body and even more in my !eart (!en I can be for iven and receive comfort) I (ill o back to my fat!er. T!at is settled. And (!at s!all I say to !im) 1!at !as matured in my !eart !ere, in t!is ab7ection, in t!is filt!, sufferin t!e ,an s of !un er2 I (ill say to !im4 :9at!er, I !ave sinned a ainst .eaven and a ainst you, I am no lon er (ort!y of bein called your sonD treat me t!erefore as t!e least of your servants, but bear me to stay under your roof. T!at I may see you movin about... : I cannot say to !im4 :... because I love you:. .e (ould not believe me. 3ut my be!aviour (ill tell !im and !e (ill understand and before dyin !e (ill bless me once a ain... $!2 I !o,e so. 3ecause my fat!er loves me.6 And (!en !e (ent back to to(n in t!e evenin !e ave u, !is 7ob and be in alon t!e (ay !e (ent back !ome. And !e sa( !is fat!er:s fields... and t!e !ouse... and !is fat!er su,erintendin t!e (ork... !e (as old, emaciated by rief but al(ays kind and ood... T!e uilty son seein t!at ruin caused by !im sto,,ed fri !tened... but t!e fat!er, lookin round, sa( !im and ran to meet !im, because !e (as still far a(ay. And (!en !e reac!ed !im, !e t!re( !is arms round !is neck and kissed !im. $nly t!e fat!er !ad reco nised !is son in t!e de7ected be ar and !e (as t!e only one to be moved (it! love. T!e son, clas,ed in !is fat!er:s arms, (it! !is !ead restin on !is fat!er:s s!oulder, (!is,ered sobbin 4 59at!er, let me t!ro( myself at your feet.6 32+

5No, son2 Not at my feet. Rest on my !eart, (!ic! !as suffered so muc! because of your absence, and no( needs to revive feelin your (armt! on my c!est.6 And t!e son, cryin louder, said4 5$!2 fat!er2 I !ave sinned a ainst .eaven and a ainst you, I am no lon er (ort!y to be called son by you. 3ut allo( me to live amon your servants, under your roof, seein you, eatin your bread, servin you, and you (ill be t!e breat! of my life. #very time I take a morsel of bread, every time you breat!e, my !eart, (!ic! is so corru,t, (ill c!an e and I (ill become !onest...6 3ut t!e fat!er, embracin !im all t!e time, led !im to(ards t!e servants, (!o !ad at!ered to et!er (atc!in in t!e distance and !e said to t!em4 5Guick, brin !ere t!e best robe, and basins of scented (ater, and (as! !im, s,ray !im (it! scents, clot!e !im, ,ut ne( sandals on !is feet and a rin on !is fin er. 3rin a fattened calf and kill it. And ,re,are a ban=uet. 3ecause t!is son of mine (as dead and !as come back to life, !e (as lost and !as been found. No( I (ant !im to find once a ain t!e innocent love of a c!ild, and my love and t!e celebration of t!e !ouse!old for !is return must ive it to !im. .e must realise t!at !e is al(ays my dear last;born c!ild, as !e (as in !is c!ild!ood a lon time a o, (!en !e used to toddle beside me makin me !a,,y (it! !is smile and !is ,rattlin .6 And t!e servants did so. T!e elder son (as out in t!e country and !e did not kno( anyt!in until !is return. "omin to(ards t!e !ouse in t!e evenin , !e sa( t!at it (as bri !tly li !ted and !e !eard t!e sound of instruments and dancin comin from it. .e called a servant (!o (as bustlin about and asked 327

!im4 51!at is !a,,enin )6 And t!e servant re,lied4 50our brot!er !as come back2 0our fat!er !ad t!e fattened calf killed because !is son !as come back to !im safe and cured of !is (ickedness and !e ordered a celebration. T!ey are only (aitin for you to start.6 3ut t!e first;born (as an ry because !e t!ou !t t!at suc! a feast for !is youn er brot!er (as unfair, as !e (as not only youn er, but !ad been also (icked. And !e did not (ant to o in, on t!e contrary !e (as about to (alk a(ay from t!e !ouse. 3ut t!e fat!er, informed of t!e situation, ran out and reac!ed !im and endeavoured to convince !im, be in !im not to s,oil !is 7oy. T!e elder brot!er re,lied to !is fat!er4 5And you e<,ect me not to be u,set) 0ou are unfair to your first;born and you !old !im in contem,t. I !ave served you since I (as able to (ork, and I !ave done t!at for many years. I !ave never disobeyed an order of yours, not even a sim,le desire. I !ave al(ays been near you, and I !ave loved you for t(o, to make you recover from t!e (ound inflicted on you by my brot!er. And you !ave not iven me even a lamb to !ave a feast (it! my friends. 0ou are no( !onourin my brot!er and you !ave killed t!e best calf for !im, (!o offended and abandoned you, and !as been a lazy s,endt!rift, and !as no( come back because !e (as driven by starvation. It is really (ort! (!ile bein a !ard !onest (orker2 0ou s!ould not !ave done t!at to me.6 T!e fat!er t!en, clas,in !im to !is !eart, said4 5-on2 "an you believe t!at I do not love you, because I do not celebrate your be!aviour) 0our deeds are !oly by 329

t!emselves, and t!e (orld ,raises you because of t!em. 0our brot!er, instead, needs to be re!abilitated bot! in t!e eyes of t!e (orld and in !is o(n. And do you t!ink t!at I do not love you because I ive you no visible ,rize) 3ut day and ni !t, in every moment of my life, you are ,resent to my !eart, and I bless you every moment. 0ou !ave t!e continuous re(ard of bein al(ays (it! me, and (!at is mine is yours. 3ut it (as fair to !ave a feast, a celebration for your brot!er (!o (as dead and !as come back to ood life, (as lost and !as come back to our love.6 And t!e first;born yielded to !is fat!er:s desire. A And t!at, My friends, is (!at !a,,ens in t!e .ouse of t!e 9at!er. And (!oever feels t!at !e is like t!e youn er son of t!e ,arable, must believe t!at if !e imitates !im in oin to t!e 9at!er, t!e 9at!er (ill say to !im4 5Not at My feet. 3ut rest on My !eart, (!ic! !as suffered because of your absence and is no( !a,,y because you !ave come back.6 1!o is in t!e situation of t!e first;born and (it!out any fault a ainst t!e 9at!er, must not be 7ealous of t!e 9at!er:s 7oy, but must take ,art in it and love t!e redeemed brot!er. T!at is all. 0ou, +o!n of #ndor and you, Lazarus, ,lease remain !ere. T!e ot!ers can o and set t!e tables. 1e s!all not be lon . * T!ey all (it!dra(. 1!en +esus, Lazarus and +o!n are alone, +esus says to t!em4 ' T!at is (!at (ill !a,,en to t!e dear soul you are a(aitin , Lazarus, and t!at is (!at is !a,,enin to yours, +o!n. /od:s bounty !as no limit... * C ... T!e a,ostles, to et!er (it! Mary and t!e (omen, o to(ards t!e !ouse, ,receded by Mar7iam (!o runs a!ead friskin . 3ut !e soon comes back and takes Mary by t!e 322

!and sayin to .er4 ' "ome (it! me. I !ave somet!in to tell you, (!en (e are alone. * And Mary follo(s !im. T!ey turn to(ards a (ell, situated in a corner of t!e little yard, and com,letely covered by a t!ick bo(er t!at from t!e round climbs u, to(ards t!e terrace formin an arc!. 3e!ind it, t!ere is t!e Iscariot. ' +udas, (!at do you (ant) /o, Mar7iam... -,eak. 1!at do you (ant) * ' I am uilty... I dare not o to t!e Master or face my com,anions... .el, me... * ' I (ill !el, you. 3ut do you not consider !o( muc! rief you cause) My -on (e,t because of you. And your com,anions suffered. 3ut come. No one (ill say anyt!in to you. And, if you can, do not commit t!e same sins a ain. It is s!ameful for a man and a sacrile e a ainst t!e 1ord of /od. * ' And (ill 0ou for ive me, Mot!er) * ' I) I count for not!in as far as you are concerned, since you t!ink you are so reat. I am t!e least of t!e servants of t!e Lord. .o( can you (orry about Me, if you feel no ,ity for My -on) * ' 3ecause I !ave a mot!er as (ell, and if 0ou for ive me, I (ill feel as if s!e did, too. * ' -!e does not kno( about t!is fault of yours. * ' 3ut s!e made me s(ear I (ould be ood to t!e Master. I am a ,er7urer. I can feel t!e soul of my mot!er re,roac!in me. * ' 0ou feel t!at, do you) 3ut do you not feel t!e lament +//

and t!e re,roac! of t!e 9at!er and of .is 1ord) 0ou are dis raceful, +udas2 0ou cause rief to yourself and to t!ose (!o love you. * Mary is very rave and sad. -!e s,eaks (it!out bitterness but (it! muc! ravity. +udas (ee,s. ' Do not (ee,. Im,rove yourself. "ome * and -!e takes !im by t!e !and and enters t!e kitc!en. #verybody is filled (it! astonis!ment. 3ut Mary (ards off any ,ossible unc!aritable remark. -!e says4 ' +udas !as come back. 3e!ave as t!e first;born did after !is fat!er:s s,eec!. +o!n, o and tell +esus. * +o!n of Febedee runs a(ay. -ilence !an s !eavy on t!e kitc!en... T!en +udas says4 ' 9or ive me, all of you, and you, -imon, first of all. 0our !eart is so ,aternal. And I am an or,!an, too. * ' 0es, I for ive you. Please, say no more about it. 1e are brot!ers... and I do not like t!ese u,s and do(ns of for iveness and rela,ses. T!ey !umiliate bot! t!e offender and t!e for iver. .ere is +esus. /o to .im. T!at:s all. * +udas oes a(ay and Peter, not bein able to do anyt!in else, starts c!o,,in (ood (it! keen im,etuosity...


-94. T$e Pa able of t$e Ten 8# (#ns an) t$e Pa able of t$e Ro1al 0e))#n(.
1st J!l1 1+4,.

& +esus is s,eakin in t!e ,resence of +o!anan:s ,easants, of Isaac and many disci,les, of t!e (omen amon st (!om t!ere is t!e 3lessed %ir in Mary and Mart!a, and of many ,eo,le from 3et!any. All t!e a,ostles are ,resent. T!e boy, sittin in front of +esus, does not miss one (ord. I t!ink +esus !as 7ust be un to s,eak because ,eo,le are still arrivin ... +esus says4 ' ... it is because of t!is sensation of fear t!at I realise is so s!ar, in you, t!at today I (is! to tell you a s(eet ,arable. -(eet for t!e men of ood (ill, bitter for t!e ot!ers. 3ut t!e latter can remove t!e bitterness. Let t!em become men of ood (ill, and t!e re,roac!, ,rovoked in t!eir consciences by t!e ,arable, (ill no lon er e<ist. T!e Bin dom of .eaven is t!e !ouse of t!e nu,tials of /od (it! souls. T!e moment a soul enters it, is t!e day of t!e nu,tials. No( listen. It is a custom (it! us t!at vir ins escort t!e bride room (!en !e arrives, to take !im (it! li !ts and son s to t!e nu,tial !ouse to et!er (it! !is s(eet bride. 1!en t!e ,rocession leaves t!e !ouse of t!e bride, (!o (earin a veil and dee,ly moved turns !er ste,s to t!e ,lace (!ere s!e (ill be =ueen, t!at is, to a !ouse (!ic! is not !ers, but (ill become !ers t!e moment s!e becomes one body (it! !er !usband, t!e ,rocession of t!e vir ins, (!o are enerally friends of t!e bride, runs to meet t!e !a,,y cou,le, formin a circle of li !ts around t!em. +/2

No( it !a,,ened t!at in a to(n t!ere (as a (eddin . 1!ile t!e bride and bride room (ere makin merry (it! relatives and friends in t!e !ouse of t!e bride, ten vir ins (ent to t!eir ,lace, t!at is, to t!e !all in t!e room:s !ouse, to be ready to o out and meet !im (!en t!e sound of cymbals and son s (arned t!em t!at t!e youn cou,le !ad left t!e bride:s !ouse to come to t!e room:s. 3ut t!e feast in t!e !ouse of t!e nu,tials (as ,rotracted and ni !t fell. As you kno(, t!e vir ins al(ays kee, t!eir lam,s lit, so t!at t!ey do not (aste time at t!e ri !t moment. No(, of t!ese ten vir ins, five (ere (ise and five (ere foolis!, and all t!eir lam,s (ere lit and s!inin . T!e (ise ones, full of (isdom, !ad ,rovided t!emselves (it! small flasks full of oil, to fill u, t!eir lam,s in t!e event t!ey s!ould !ave to (ait lon er t!an e<,ected, (!ereas t!e foolis! ones !ad only filled t!eir little lam,s. $ne !our (ent by after t!e ot!er. "!eerful conversation, tales and 7okes made t!eir (aitin ,leasant. 3ut later t!ey did not kno( (!at to say or (!at to do, and (eary and tired, t!e ten irls sat do(n more comfortably and slo(ly fell aslee, (it! t!eir lam,s lit and close to t!em. At midni !t a cry (as !eard4 5T!e bride room is comin , o and meet !im26 T!e ten irls ot u, on !earin t!e order, took t!eir veils and arlands, adorned t!emselves and ran to t!e s!elf (!ere t!e lam,s (ere. T!e li !t of five of t!em (as already fadin ... T!e (icks, no lon er sustained (it! oil, (!ic! (as finis!ed, (ere smoky, t!eir li !t (as becomin fainter and fainter and t!ey (ould o out at t!e least (!iff of air, (!ereas t!e flames of t!e ot!er five lam,s, (!ic! !ad been refilled by t!e (ise vir ins before t!ey fell aslee,, (ere still bri !t and became even bri !ter (!en more oil (as added to t!e +/,

lam,s. 5$!26 be ed t!e foolis! irls 5 ive us some of your oil, ot!er(ise our lam,s (ill o out as soon as (e move t!em. 0ours are already so beautiful2... 3ut t!e (ise vir ins re,lied4 5T!e (ind is blo(in in t!e ni !t outside and !eavy dro,s of de( are fallin . T!ere is never enou ! oil to ive a flame stron enou ! to (it!stand t!e (ind and dam,ness. If (e ive you some, also our li !ts (ill be in to fade a(ay. And t!e ,rocession of t!e vir ins (ould be really a sad one (it!out t!e flickerin flames of lam,s2 /o, run to t!e nearest vendor, be , knock, make !im et u, to ive you some oil.6 And t!e foolis! irls, ,antin , creasin t!eir veils, stainin t!eir dresses, losin t!eir arlands (!ile ,us!in one ano