Viper: Driving Intelligent Marketing CRM

Viper delivers powerful, intuitive, fast and easy-to-use analysis, visualisation and data mining solutions. It is designed for marketers to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of customer needs and preferences by identifying the factors that influence and predict customer behaviour. Viper seamlessly builds, automates and executes, customer-driven, multi-stage, multi-channel marketing campaigns to acquire, retain and grow profitable customer relationships. The Viper Intelligent Marketing CRM solution harnesses customer and transactional data from any touchpoint or channel across your organisation. This single intelligent view of your customer can be deployed at the heart of your marketing analysis, campaign management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy.

Maximise your return on marketing investment With Viper you can plan, measure and report on the effectiveness of your relationship management strategies, tactics, individual marketing campaigns, channels and touch-points down to the individual customer. This enables you to maximise your marketing investment and realise key customer performance objectives through a single marketing solution. Viper enables you to build and maintain your customer insight and intelligence. It reacts dynamically to customer responses, interactions and events, enabling you to drive targeted campaigns that bring a real return on your marketing investment and improve your customer lifetime value. Implementing Viper at the heart of your marketing analysis, campaign management and CRM strategy will empower you to exploit the limitless opportunities created from understanding your customers. Viper enables you to personalise products, services and interactions based on their individual, changing needs.

Build and maintain your customer insight and intelligence to drive more accurate, timely and personalised marketing

Understand, identify and differentiate customers Personalise products, services and interactions based on your customers’ individual and changing needs

Seamlessly build, automate and execute, customer-driven, multi-stage, multi-channel marketing campaigns

• . manage and measure key customer performance objectives Continuously improve your return on marketing investment and customer lifetime value.• Plan.

category and product analysis and management CRM KPI measurement and analysis • • • • • • Loyalty programme and customer analysis Campaign performance. multi-channel campaign planning. Marketers can generate analysis. • • • • • • • Customer segmentation and profiling Cross-sell and up-sell analysis Customer profitability and lifetime value analysis Customer KPI (Key Performance Indicator) analysis Acquisition and prospect analysis Brand. Our software applications are implemented on scalable and affordable PC platforms. marketers can deploy the customer insight and intelligence gained from powerful analysis. Viper Analyse and Visualise Viper is a powerful. instantly. For the first time. visualisation and data mining software. management and marketing automation software. management and execution from the desktop or across the Internet.The Viper Solutions at a Glance smartFOCUS has seamlessly integrated the Viper analytical applications with Viper campaign planning. typically within 30 days. creating positive marketing impact and instant marketing returns. This information can then drive. build and maintain your customer insight and customer intelligence. the Viper Intelligent Marketing CRM solution reduces your reliance on IT and delivers rapid payback on your investment. reports and views. automate and refine multi-stage. Through Vipers intuitive interface you can follow your ‘train of thought’ to develop an indepth knowledge and understanding of your customer needs and preferences. fast and easy-to-use analysis and visualisation application designed for marketers. Viper harnesses customer and transactional data from any touch-point or channel across your organisation to create. Viper Data Mining . resolve queries and produce graphs. against multi-million row databases. response and profitability analysis External enrichment data integration and analysis Channel and touch-point analysis Web site and e-channel analysis Geo-demographic and spatial analysis (integrated MapInfo). Viper enables you to identify the factors that influence and predict behaviour right down to the individual prospect or customer. Developed by marketers for marketers.

Enabled through Viper’s intuitive. marketers can automatically score entire multi-million row databases from Viper Data Mining. then prioritise profitability and performance against specific marketing promotions or campaigns. automating the discovery of future trends. identifying significant relationships across multi-million row databases. automating the discovery of future trends Identify significant relationships across multi-million row databases Build and refine propensity to buy and churn models Manage your existing customer base through lifetime value models Build cross-sell models for new product and prospect targeting. Statistics for Marketers By using evidence models. easy-to-use decision tree and wizard interface. • Engage in statistical data mining. plan and model customer segments to identify and measure opportunities. Without the need for statistical expertise marketers can engage in statistical data mining. • • • • . in seconds.Viper Data Mining complements analysis and visualisation by further enriching your customer insight and customer intelligence. This module also enables you to test.

Viper CRM automates your customer interactions. Viper CRM enables marketers to plan and define key performance indicators. Scores can be tracked over time identifying trends and changes in customer behaviour patterns refining your models to re-profile and re-score customers. assesses the results then triggers defined alerts and actions. • Identify. Viper CRM tests the criteria. This enables decision making across your enterprise to be based on customer insight and intelligence rather than intuition.Viper CRM Viper CRM automates the integration of customer insight and customer intelligence gained from analysis. Automate customer insight Viper CRM utilises models and scores created in Viper Data Mining to build balanced scorecards. triggering new alerts and actions. Based on the changes in your customer and transactional data. You can then use and refine this information to manage the interaction with your prospects and customers through automated marketing promotions. scored models and queries that reflect their marketing and CRM objectives. campaigns and relationship management activity. dynamically and continuously updating your customer insight and customer intelligence. refine and clearly present the results from analysis and visualisation. . visualisation and data mining. marketing rules. measure and interact with individual customers on a one-to-one basis Automate marketing interactions across all your channels and touch-points Continuously refine your customer insight and customer intelligence Interact with customers based on individual customer performance Automate reporting and web publishing. email alerts and actions across your organisation Track and measure customer and campaign performance over their lifetime. • • • • • Viper Viewer Viper Viewer enables marketers to capture.

Viper Campaign Planner is fast to implement. campaigns and individual customer interactions. Viper Campaign Planner Viper Campaign Planner is designed to take you the first step towards Intelligent Marketing CRM. campaign. individual customer records or URN’s are exported to the optimum channel. individual customer interactions. customer touchpoint or delivery partners for execution. retain and grow more profitable customer relationships. email Viper presentations or integrate them within MS Powerpoint to deploy customer insight and intelligence across your enterprise. simple to use and affordable. You can then print or publish Viper Viewer presentations to your web site or intranet. Future marketing activity can be automated to create a continuous marketing process to maximise related marketing campaigns. building hierarchical selections based on the optimum target segments. segment and individual customer level through the Viper analysis applications. export codes. It enables marketers to integrate customer insight and customer intelligence with the automated delivery of marketing promotions. This drives continuous identification. Viper Campaign Planner seamlessly integrates with the Viper analysis applications. Viper Campaign Planner enables you to test and define your segments. This creates a net target group of customers to initiate each promotion or campaign. performance and permissions. . It enables marketers to simply create and test campaigns. Intelligent customer campaigns Marketers can de-dupe and suppress selections based on previous campaign history.With Viewer the marketer can build and annotate pictures. add promotion codes. interaction and learning with your customers to acquire. draw attention to conclusions and storyboard presentations in an easily digestible format. Performance can be measured at a promotion. You can then forecast and test the returns on investment for each selection. and the entire campaign. in advance of it being run. At run time. graphs and reports. It delivers instant marketing payback in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. variable and fixed costs with expected responses. as defined by the results of your analysis and data mining.

execution and marketing automation on the marketers’ desktop. • Campaign Definition selects the Campaign Universe through Viper. . smartCAMPAIGNER simplifies the definition of campaign strategies. scheduling. Communication methods can then be defined in combination with response management functions and take full account of ’permission marketing’. track and report on multi-stage. it meets the demands of business-to-business or business-to-consumer operations across multiple channels to market and customer touch-points. Integrated as part of the Viper Intelligent Marketing CRM solution. • Campaign Objectives lets you manage. execution and marketing automation. • Response Management assigns multiple pre-planned response steps and detailed costs to a campaign. defining the expected responses from each stage and automating the management of subsequent treatment. execution and marketing automation smartCAMPAIGNER has been designed to provide the maximum functionality through its wide range of options and features.smartCAMPAIGNER Enterprise-wide campaign planning. to co-ordinate the development of customer insight and customer intelligence with continuous campaign optimisation and customer and campaign performance. Progression is then managed based on ‘permission marketing’ across multiple channels to market and customer touch-points. With smartCAMPAIGNER you can integrate customer insight and intelligence with the automated continuous delivery of optimised marketing promotions and campaigns based on individual customer interactions and performance. • Strategy Management enables you to link execution requirements across campaigns. campaign planning. smartCAMPAIGNER seamlessly combines best of breed analysis and data mining functionality with enterprise-wide multi-stage. • Campaign Execution plans and executes multiple-step campaigns. Developed to enable the enterprise to implement and manage the complete customer communication and marketing treatment strategy. scheduling. multichannel. It will enable you to deliver enterprise-wide multi-stage campaign planning. automating and co-ordinating response follow-up with each campaign step. scheduling. prior to data quality and name and address validation. selections and output for marketing users. • Output Management accesses output processing from a campaign plan to create the output extracts for the campaign. multi-channel campaigns with ease and efficiency.

developers and partners can use the ‘Viper VBA for Developers’ module to modify and customise user interfaces. This enables smartFOCUS customers to easily deploy and connect Viper within multiple thirdparty applications. campaign management and CRM strategy. Viper Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Developers smartFOCUS has integrated Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as a module into the Viper software. . The Viper Intelligent Marketing CRM solution with ‘Viper VBA for Developers’ can be deployed at the heart of an enterprise-wide CRM business solution ensuring a profitable return on your investment in Viper and your customers. extend functionality and deploy Viper with other line-of-business applications. smartCAMPAIGNER empowers marketers to run campaigns with minimal involvement from IT resources and technology specialists.Developed to operate on an Open platform and for rapid implementation. to create completely integrated. smartCAMPAIGNER combines customer and transactional data from any touch-point or channel across your organisation. creating fully integrated business solutions. enterprise-wide CRM business solutions. Integrated as part of the Viper Intelligent Marketing CRM solution. You can harness this single intelligent view of your customer and deploy this intelligence at the heart of your marketing analysis. Customers.

simply and quickly. the primary goal of our people is to ensure our customers realise the maximum return from investment in smartFOCUS solutions. smartFOCUS is based in the UK. end-user support. retain and grow profitable customer relationships. selling and supporting a portfolio of leading marketing analysis. scheduled end-user and bespoke customer training. campaign planning. they continuously maximise customer insight and intelligence to acquire. marketing. our employees are experts in developing. we provide a complete range of professional services from consultancy and solution implementation to bespoke development. For more information about smartFOCUS visit www.smartFOCUS company profile Over 300 companies worldwide have integrated our software at the heart of their marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies.smartfocus. To complement our product portfolio. As with our or call +44 (0)117 943 5800 . campaign management and marketing automation solutions that integrate to deliver Intelligent Marketing CRM. As a result. data mining.