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Digital Libraries Group (DLG) Meeting Minutes Room

Attendees: Haliza Jailani Wong Fang Chin Magali Briquet Jacky Wong Anna Vratna Jay Nirmala d/o Narayanasamy Carol Sim Nurhazman Abdul Aziz Ruan Yang Chan Meng Choo Irina Bytchkova Du Juan Zahra Aljunied Glenn Hong Priscilla Ng Chor Mui Tint Hla Hla Htoo Dianne Ng Paolina Martin Wang Swee Leng Yeo Meng Choo Annabel Lim Poh Chin Wong Suei Nee Siti Hanifah Mustapha Chow Yaw Huah Leong-Lee Kim Lian Wilson Hong Sim Ju Wei Shameem Nilofar Vivien Tan Kong Leng Foong Dahlia Shamsuddin Tang Puay Eng Roberta Balagopal (minute taker)

1 July 2011

National Library, Possibility

Item 1 Introduction Haliza (NLB) welcomed members to the first general meeting of the DLG and introduced herself as DLG Chairperson as elected by the Core Team. She also introduced the Core Team which comprises members from NLB, SMU, NTU and NUS (Zahra, Tint, Fang Chin, Magali, Paolina and Roberta). Confirmation of TOR & Scope of Participation Haliza highlighted the mission and scope as outlined in the Terms of Reference. These were agreed with some minor amendments to scope. As follows: Mission: To create awareness and encourage collaboration on digital library developments among information professionals within Singapore. Scope: Special interest group covering digital library developments including technical and non-technical areas, service delivery, new innovations and services.

Action by

Terms of Reference: 1. Promote communication, cooperation and networking in the area of digital libraries 2. Share information and exchange ideas on digital library developments and related conferences, seminars etc. at regular forums. 3. Encourage resource sharing and collaboration in digital library work where feasible. 4. Organise digital library related events and programmes. 5. Participate in the Special Libraries Section in LAS and promote DLGs interests to a wider audience. Scope of Participation: 1. Librarians, IT and other interested parties who want to know more about digital libraries. 2. Librarians, IT and other information professionals engaged in the provision of digital library services. Hazman (NTU) representing LAS Council, gave a brief update on the activities of the council. Debby Wegener is the overall rep for Special Libraries Section (SLS) of the LAS. The DLG Rep has not been decided yet. Representatives for special interest groups are usually the chairperson. (Afternote: The Core Team agreed that the current Chair, Haliza will be the rep for DLG in SLS). Haliza mentioned the online community platform being developed by NLB for the existing special library groups. The rep for DLG is Roberta. 3 Sharing Session: Fang Chin shared an overview of the key features of Web 2.0 interactive & collaborative content. After the sharing session, Hazman updated the group on the sharing platforms currently available for LAS members:\\las_org_sg 4 Sharing Session (cont): Haliza shared her notes from the DC2010 conference, in particular, these 4 highlights : DC-Libraries Application Profile FRBR & linked data DCMI/NKOS Application Profile Metadata provenance (capture changes in AP, via metadata registry) 5 Discussion & Feedback:

Paolina (SMU) facilitated a brainstorming session for areas of interest within the group. The following interest areas were noted ( grouped under 3 broad categories):

Hazman to follow up on DLG interim platform on wordpress.

Systems Knowledge/Library management systems Cloud computing Digital library portals User interfaces/mobile apps for libraries Content management systems Institutional repositories/scholarly repositories Digital cataloguing platforms Search engines Social networking/web 2.0 Topic maps Standards RDA Linked data FRBR Metadata schemas, standards & cataloguing processes Dublin core Controlled vocabularies Social tagging Semantic web Information exchange Content Digitisation Digital preservation/archiving Ebooks Web archives Copyright issues for digital content Resource sharing Future directions in digital libraries Two ideas were highlighted for action: Suggested by Ruan Yung : Post reading materials prior to meeting & sharing session. Suggested by Hazman: To have DLG online platform/website. (Wordpress hosted by LAS) Suggested by Glenn: To have a glossary of terms on DLG online platform (due to prevalence of acronyms in digital library work)

Next meetings Next meetings will be hosted by: 1)SMU, Fri, 30 Sept 3-5pm (Afternote: this was moved to Fri, 14 Oct, 3-5pm) 2) NAFA, Fri, 2 Dec, 3-5pm Times and dates to be confirmed.

Paolina and Carol to confirm.

Recorded by: Roberta Balagopal. DLG Core Team