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Indonesia University of Education (UPI) Field of Study: Chemistry Education Jl. Setiabudhi No. 229 Bandung

the world will push you softly. on the 23 of November 1957. and other places. Mr Hayat’s philosophy I love the most is “What’s the meaning of success if you’re not happy? Success is not to reach your dream. Mr. Hayat went to Bandung to continue his study on Pharmacy Vacational School. so he got the scholarship from University of New South Wales in Sidney. After finishing his junior high school in 1972. Failure is experience. Organic industry was the field of study. Hayat Sholihin Mr. Hayat didn’t get enough to get master. He was born in Sumedang. Hayat had opportunity to continue his study to ITB. 1995. taught here and didn’t work back fot the company. And in 1984 Mr. But he wanted to go abroad.Biography of Mr. Success is how to accept. If you can do it now.” . if you push your body softly. He came back in 1989. This is his philosophy. Before entering the university. he believed that busy people would have plenty of time. In 1979 he entered IKIP Bandung and graduated in 1983. Mr. In contrary.” And. Hayat ever worked at pharmacy. Hayat still didn’t get a job. Hayat Sholihin is my english lecturer in UPI. Hayat’s research was synthetic of catalys for oxidation reaction and finished in 1999.” In 1986 Mr. Australia. Here is another philosophy that he holds on “ Don’t be afraid to be failed. He spent his childhood in Sumedang. the world will push you hardly. Everybody wants to be success. Mr.do it now. Mr. Hayat learned english for 6 months before going to university in 1989 and became master. Mr. rd Altough Mr. Hayat was appointed to be a lecturer in IKIP Bandung. “if you push your body hardly.

chemistry education.” Her ideal is to become a teacher or lecturer. and 2008-2011 Evi went to SMAN 2 Kebumen. Her parents name is Muchrodin and Sumilah. I’ve got lots of new friends here. Scouting was her favourite activity when she was in junior high school and senior high school. Then. . So. same field of study. she’s 18 years old now. Both of them work as civil servant (PNS). Evi has two siblings. We usually call her Evi. One year after that she became student of Ranterejo Elementary School untill 2005. She’s from Kebumen. In 1998 she went to Setyarini Kindergarten. Evi has a motto: “failure is experience and the most experienced teacher. She was born in Kebumen on 25th of January 1993. and again. Evi Khabibah Lestari is one of them.Friend’s Biography: Evi Khabibah Lestari As I am a new student of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. In 2011 She goes to the same university. SMPN 1 Klirong was her school from 2005 to 2008. we go to the same class. I haven’t known her much but I kind of like her because she is a good friend both to hang out with and study with.

Family gathering time. We met so many relatives that I had never met before. Relatives were already there. Oh thank God there were so many empty spaces. and see you next Lebaran Day! .. as the day was getting dark.. Eid Mubarak everyone. 7 o’clock. and we decided to follow the Government. My eid activities started at 5 o’clock. we went to my grand parents’ home. honestly. pride of our housing. To me. It tasted so delicious that we were full and ready to do Eid prayer. finally the Goverment decided that the 31st of August is the exact day of “lebaran”. Eventually. Unfortunately. Haha. my family and I didn’t forget to have breakfast which were opor ayam and ketupat.My Eid Activities After being confused by the government and rumours about when we would have the Eidul Fitr day. After getting home we did Lebaran’s most important ritual. Subhanallah. meeting up relatives is the best part of Lebaran Day because we will recognize our family. Some people chose August 30th. Apparently she was already there but couldn’t go to me because eid prayer was already started. But I brought her prayer rug just in case she would’ve finished her job before Eid prayer started. My mother was still not coming until there was no spaces left. we went home. and some people followed the Government. we went home. August 31st by waking up to do Subuh prayer. Of course. Then. It took about 5 minutes to get there. asking our parents for forgiveness. my mother couldn’t join us because she had to do her job as a midwife. Eid prayer ended up with halal bi halal. Eid day activities with relatives were ended in brother of my grand father’s home. I took a bath as soon as I could that I wouldn’t be late to get to At-Taqwa Mosque. our most favorite “ritual”. Aunts and grand mother gave me and cousins “salam tempel”. Then. We went to the Mosque at 6 o’clock . still in Tasikmalaya.

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