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Workshop Technology 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. Classify engineering materials? Write down their applications? Classify manufacturing processes in detail? Explain modes of deformation in metals? Explain recrystallisation and grain growth of a metal and its significance? What are the basic microstructures of steel and what is its significance? How do they affect the properties of steel? Explain at least 10 mechanical properties of a metal? Find how it affects the mechanical working of metals? Draw a stress-strain diagram for a) brittle material (glass) b)mild steel? Point out different ranges and points too? Classify ferrous metals and alloys? What is pig iron? Write down its composition, classification and state its application in industry? Discuss the effect of alloying elements on cast iron? Write down the differences between a)cast iron and wrought iron b)cast iron and steel? What is steel? Classify it on the basis of its carbon percentage, and state its practical application? What is the effect of alloying elements on steel? What are the types of alloy steel? What is stainless steel? Write down the types and uses of stainless steel? Name the steel used to make springs? Write its composition? What is the composition of tool steel? Explain the different types of tool steel? Mention different types of materials used for making cutting steel? Name the ferrous metals and alloys used to make the following tools crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, piston rod, lathe spindle, base of lathe, lathe tools, drills, hacksaw blades, chisels, files, springs and gears? Name the ferrous metals and alloys and also the processes used for making crankshaft, seamless pipes and utensils? What is heat treatment and state its practical utility? What is the objective of heat treatment process? Explain at least 3 major mechanical properties and 2 technological properties of steel. Discuss in brief about least three major alloy steel and their uses in manufacturing industry. Mention at least 3 major alloying elements for steel and discuss their effect on properties of steel. What are the impurities present in iron and mention the effect of each impurity in iron. Mention the merits and demerits of heat treatments. Classify the heat treatment process in details and discuss any three major heat treatment processes in details. Draw a graph between carbon content and temperature and mention the temperature range of different heat treatment process. Discuss in brief about TTT diagram for steel. What are the basic microstructures of steel? What is the effect of microstructure on properties of steel? What is the surface hardening process and discuss all surface hardening process in detail. Mention the difference between surface hardening process and annealing process with right example? Differentiate between annealing and normalizing after explaining them individually? Write down the different types of heat treatment processes? Explain any 4? What is surface hardening? Explain the various types of processes? Differentiate between induction hardening and cyaniding? What is precipitation hardening? Explain in detail? Mention different types of furnaces used in heat treatment processes? Which type of heat treatment process is used to make the surface of a component hard? Explain in detail? Which type of heat treatment process is used to make teeth of a gear hard? For agricultural equipment? Explain them in detail? Name the heat treatment processes used for making components manufactured through cold working process? Explain in detail? What is recrystallisation temperature? Explain its significance in manufacturing processes and mechanical working? Explain in detail? What is hot working of metals? Give its advantages and disadvantages? What is the principle of mechanical working of metals? Classify mechanical working? What is rolling process? Write down the types of mills used in hot rolling processes? Explain hot forging and its principle? Write down the different types of hot forging processes? Explain hot spinning and its principle? Give detailed sketch? Explain hot extrusion and its processes? Use sketches.

49. Explain hot drawing/cupping with proper diagram? 50. Explain hot piercing with neat sketch? 51. Discuss the merits and demerits of hot working process. 52. Discuss the hot working process in brief with example of output products from each process. 53. Discuss in details about hot extrusion process with sketch and examples. 54. Write down the difference between piercing and rolling process. 55. What are the major cold working processes? Discuss each process with figures and examples. 56. What is the difference between smithy and mechanical working of metal? 57. Mention different smithy tools with figures. 58. Discuss all smithy process with example and sketch. 59. What is the difference between smithy drawing process and drawing process in mechanical working of metal? 60. Write down the short notes on anvil and swage block. 61. What is the use of set hammers and fullers in smithy shop. 62. What is the forge welding process and explain different types of forge welding process. 63. What is the similarity & difference between smithy and mechanical working of metal? 64. What is the significance of a pattern in casting process and discuss about the materials of the pattern with examples. 65. Describe significance of pattern in a sand casting process and explain different types of pattern with sketch. 66. Classify the foundry tools and equipments. Explain the hand tools used in mould making. 67. What is the significance of mould in sand casting process? Explain the composition of a moulding sand. 68. Explain different properties of moulding sand with respect to sand casting. 69. Explain the sand casting process with flow chart. 70. Significance of pattern in casting process. Explain the material used to make a pattern. 71. What are parameters, which decides the material of patterns, explain. 72. Write down pattern making tools. Explain any five of it. 73. What is the significance of pattern allowances. Discuss all of them. 74. What is the difference between gated pattern & sweep pattern.? 75. Write the advantages of gated pattern . 76. Classify the foundry tools. Discuss any five foundry hand tools. 77. What do u mean by moulding flask. Explain different types of moulding flask 78. What r the melting equipments used in foundry of casting. 79. Discuss different types of pouring equipments used in foundry shop. 80. Write the significance of moulds in casting .Explain different types of moulds. 81. Discuss the property of moulding sand. What are their significance in casting process. 82. Explain different types of moulding method. 83. What is turn over method. Explain in detail. 84. What is the significance of gate system in casting process . Explian different component of gate system with sketch . 85. What is significance of core in casting . Discuss different types of cores used in sand casting process. 86. Differentiate b/w core & mould. 87. What is significance of cohesiveness& adhesiveness in moulding process 88. Differentiate b/w sand casting & permanent mould casting process. 89. Types of permanent mould casting process. Explain them with neat sketch. 90. Differentiate b/w different types of casting process. 91. Significance of continuous casting process. 92. What is continuous casting process?. What types of material we can make out of it 93. Describe the continuous casting & explain them with neat sketch. 94. What are the methods available to check the quality of casted components? Explain any five of them. 95. Classify the moulding sand and explain different types of sand used in moulding process. 96. Classify mould based on types of material used. Explain each mould in detail. 97. Explain moulding methods in detail. 98. What is the significance of gates in casting process? Explain each component of a gating system in neat sketch. 99. What is the significance of cores in a casting process? Explain the types of cores used in casting process. 100. What is permanent mould casting process? Explain die casting with neat sketch. 101. Discuss in detail about centrifugal casting process. 102. What is investment casting? How it differ from shell moulding casting process?

103. How continuous castings differ from roll forging? Explain with example. 104. Discuss detail about casting defects with respect to different component of a casting process. 105. What is cold shuts and miss runs? Mention the reason for this defect. 106. Explain the reason for honey combing and sand blows. 107. Explain the different techniques to find out the defects in sand casted components. 108. Classify and describe the types of joining process with examples and their applications. 109. What is the principle of welding process? Classify the welding process based on end source of energy during welding. 110. Classify welding based on types of electrode use during welding. Explain at least 4 types of welding where non consumable electrodes are used during welding process. 111. Explain the working of resistance welding. Classify and explain different types of resistance welding. 112. Describe the difference between percussion welding and flash welding based on their working and applications? 113. What is the need of edge preparation in welding? Explain different types of edge preparations. 114. Explain a welding joint. Mention the types of welding joints used in manufacturing process. 115. Explain the difference between resistance welding and arc welding. 116. Explain the principle of arc welding. Classify and explain any four types of arc welding used in industry. 117. What are the methods to prevent oxidation of metal during welding process? Write down the benefit of coated electrode in welding process. 118. Mention the types of electric source used in welding process. Explain the merits and demerits of each electric source. 119. What is polarity in welding process and explain their application in brief. 120. What is the difference between AC and DC welding? 121. Explain the tools and equipments used in arc welding with sketch. 122. What is the difference between MIG and TIG with respect to their principle, use and benefits? 123. Classify and explain the types of shielded arc weldings. 124. Explain different types of solid state weldings. 125. What is the source of energy for gas welding? What are gases used in gas welding. Mention the gas welding in detail. 126. Describe the tools and equipments used in gas welding. 127. Describe with neat sketch the types of flames in gas welding and mention their applications in industry. 128. Describe the welding techniques in gas welding with neat diagrams. 129. What is the difference between welding and metal cutting? 130. Explain the defects occur in welding process and how to rectify these welding defects occur during welding process. 131. What is the difference between brazing and soldering? 132. Describe the difference between MIG and brazing. 133. Write short notes on Carbon arc welding and atomic hydrogen welding. 134. What are the difference between TIG and gas welding? 135. Differentiate between hot and cold working of metals? 136. What is sand casting process? Describe using a flowchart? 137. Classify different types of casting processes? Explain any one with sketches? 138. What is the role of a pattern in casting? Mention the materials used to manufacture a pattern?