The month of OCTOBER is dedicated to the praying of the Holy Rosary. During this month we commemorate the feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. This time is really a festival of thanksgiving for the gifts we all receive from Jesus through the Rosary of our blessed Queen. The rosary is a popular way of praying or devotion. It is both mental and vocal prayer in which we remember the story of Jesus and Mary. While we say prayers in a repetitive fashion, we relive the mysteries of the important events in the life of Jesus and his mother, Mary. By praying the rosary, we remember the life of Christ and we honor the Blessed Mother for her special role in our lives as Christians. The events in the life of Jesus and Mary that we meditate upon are called MYSTERIES. Since October 2002, there are already twenty (20) mysteries that are divided into four groups and are said in specific days.
HOW TO PRAY THE ROSARY?? We begin to pray the rosary by reciting the Apostle’s Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, three (3) Hail Mary’s and Glory Be. Then, we meditate on the mysteries by reciting a DECADE that consists of: one Lord’s Prayer, ten (10) Hail Mary’s, one Glory Be, and the Fatima Prayer. We end the praying of the rosary by reciting the Hail Holy Queen and the Rosary Prayer.

The word ROSARY means a crown of roses, a spiritual bouquet given to the Blessed Mother.

JOYFUL MYSTERIES (Monday & Saturday) 1. 2. 3. 4. The Annunciation The Visitation The Birth of Jesus The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple 5. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple SORROWFUL MYSTERIES (Tuesday & Friday) 1. The Agony in the Garden 2. The Scourging at the Pillar 3. The Crowning with Thorns 4. The Carrying of the Cross 5. The Crucifixion LUMINOUS MYSTERIES (Thursday) 1. Christ’s Baptism in the Jordan 2. Christ’s Self-Revelation at the Marriage of Cana 3. Christ’s Proclamation of the Kingdom of God 4. Christ’s Transfiguration 5. Christ’s Institution of the Eucharist GLORIOUS MYSTERIES (Wednesday & Sunday) 1. The Resurrection 2. The Ascension 3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit 4. The Assumption 5. The Coronation

✤ The Holy Rosary helps us to put Christ at the center of our lives the way Mary did. ✤ It is a way for God’s people to make the day holy. ✤ The rosary is a way to remember and meditate on the life of Jesus and His mother, Mary. ✤ It is a way to thank Jesus and Mary for the love and sacrifice they showed us. ✤ It is a powerful prayer that can help us become good Christians. ✤ Through Mary and with Mary, the rosary helps us pray to Jesus for help with our problems and for the needs of our family, friends and others.

The Rosary is one of the most eloquent signs of love that the young generation nourish for Jesus and Mary. It can help us to put Christ at the center, as Mary did. With Mary, we put Christ at the center of our life, of our time, of our city through the contemplation and meditation of his holy mysteries of joy, light, sorrow and glory. The Rosary when prayed in an authentic way, brings peace and reconciliation. It contains within itself the healing power of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, invoked with faith and love at the center of each “Hail Mary”. (Pope Benedict XVI, 2008)
Information taken from: 1. The Holy Rosary by Fr. Lovasik, SVD 2. How to Pray the Rosary (pamphlet given during the First Holy Communion) 3. www.catholicculture.org 4. “This Prayer Helps to Put Christ at the Center” Benedict XVI on the Rosary, 2008

The Holy Rosary is a storehouse of countless blessings.

Bl. Alan de la Roche

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