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Ralph George Hollingsworth

Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Muskingum College
New Concord, Ohio, USA 43762
Telephone: (614) 826-8307



1975 University of Michigan, Postdoctoral Fellow, Computational Science

1971-74 University of Michigan, Ph.D. in Bioengineering
1970-71 University of Michigan, M.S. in Bioengineering
1965-70 University of Cincinnati, B.S. in Chemical Engineering


2004-05 Visiting Professor, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio

2000 Visiting Instructor, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
1994- Professor of Computer Science, Mathematics and Computer Science Department,
Muskingum College
1988-89 Visiting Associate Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
1983-88 Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Muskingum College
1987 Coordinator, Science Division, Muskingum College
1987 Visiting Associate Professor, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
1986 Visiting Researcher, IMAG, University of Grenoble, Grenoble, France
1984-94 Associate Professor of Computer Science, Mathematics and Computer Science
Department, Muskingum College
1984 Research Consultant, Computer Science Group, SDRC, Cincinnati, Ohio
1981-84 Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Muskingum
1978-81 Senior Systems Analyst, Advanced Development Department, NCR Corporation
1977-78 Assistant Computer Center Director, Medical University of South Carolina
1976-78 Assistant Professor, Physiology Department, Medical University of South Carolina
1975-76 Associate in Physiology, Medical University of South Carolina
1974-75 National Kidney Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan
1970-74 NIH Pre-doctoral Fellow and Teaching Assistant, University of Michigan
1966-69 Co-op Engineer, Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio


DNA Computing
Networking applications of agents and artificial life
Evolutionary computation and artificial intelligence
Design and application of neural networks and genetic algorithms
Applications of virtual reality to software design methodologies


1988-89 University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

Applied connectionist neural networks to user-interface design and meta-
Graphical language design via Prolog

1986 University of Grenoble, Grenoble, France

AI-based user-interface design

1984 SDRC, Cincinnati, Ohio

Portable user-interfaces for use in integrated computer-aided manufacturing
(Air Force ICAM project)

1980-86 Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio

Design and implementation of syntax-directed programming environments
Graphical interfaces to procedural languages
Implementation of a LISP interpreter in VMS Pascal
Design and implementation of a high level robotics environment in Modula-

1978-80 NCR, Cambridge, Ohio

Feasibility and implementation studies of the COBOL, NCRL, and extended
Pascal languages on terminal systems
Feasibility studies of the usage of next generation microprocessors on new
terminal systems
Design and programming of advanced terminal operating systems and
compilers for extended Pascal

1975-78 Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina

Computer-based modeling and simulation of transcellular water movement
Optimization techniques for selecting candidate neuro-transmitter transport
mechanisms in the synaptosome
Design and implementation of software languages for laboratory instruction
Microcomputer-based computer-aided instruction
Design and programming of interactive graphics/plotter packages for OS/8

1970-75 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Modeling and simulation of the human cardiovascular system during
Computer-based optimal control techniques for analyzing and controlling
neural hypotension during hemodialysis
Effects of roller pump trauma on red cell degredation
Statistical database analysis of risk factors in coronary heart disease using
computer systems
Graphical electrocardiogram analysis via computer-based pattern
Forecasting methods for hospital scheduling and cost reduction using
parameter optimization
Design and programming of analog and digital computer simulations of
human respiratory and circulatory systems

1965-70 Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio

Artificial red cell synthesis via microencapsulation
Fluidized-bed applications to microencapsulation
Characterization of exothermic capsule systems
Microcapsular slow-release modelling
Polymer characterization1969-1970 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati,
Computer simulation of thermal effluent dissipation downstream from
power plants

1970 Proctor and Gamble, Cincinnati, Ohio

Model systems for studying diffusion of bacteriostatic agents through
human skin


Assembly Language (several)
C, C++, C#
Common LISP
Visual Studio & VisualStudio.NET


Ada Programming undergraduate

Advanced Languages undergraduate
Algorithms undergraduate and graduate
Alternative Computing undergraduate and graduate
Animation undergraduate
Applied Mathematics undergraduate
Artificial Intelligence undergraduate
Artificial Life undergraduate
Assembly Language undergraduate
Calculus undergraduate
C, C++, C# Programming undergraduate
Cardiovascular Physiology undergraduate and graduate
COBOL programming undergraduate
Computer Architecture undergraduate
Compiler Construction undergraduate
Computer Graphics undergraduate and graduate
Computer Networking undergraduate
Computer Science I undergraduate
Computer Science II undergraduate
Computer Science Seminar undergraduate
Data Structures undergraduate
Database Systems undergraduate
Differential Equations undergraduate
FORTRAN programming undergraduate
Graphical Animation undergraduate
Human Physiology undergraduate and graduate
Introductory Comp. Sci. undergraduate and graduate
Java Programming undergraduate
Lisp Programming for AI undergraduate and graduate
Microprocessor Design undergraduate
Multimedia Design undergraduate
Numerical Analysis undergraduate
Neural Networks undergraduate
Operating Systems undergraduate
Physiology of Exercise undergraduate
Programming Projects undergraduate and graduate
Simulation undergraduate and graduate
Topics in CS Theory undergraduate
Vistas of Natural Science undergraduate


1995 Diffusive Reinforcement in Neural Networks, Green Foundation Grant

1991-92 Application of Tetrahedral Neural Network System to Human/Computer Interaction,
Mack Foundation Grant
1990 Neural Net Expert System in Geology, Green Foundation Grant
1986-88 CSNet Communication Network Grant, NSF
1986 Intelligent User Interfaces Grant, Mack Foundation Grant
1983 Portable Robotics Software Environment, Mack Foundation Grant
1976-78 Cardiovascular Modelling Grant, NIH Grant
1975 National Kidney Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
1973 Outstanding Graduate Bioengineer Award, University of Michigan
1970-74 Predoctoral Fellowship, National Institute of General Medical Science
1970 Undergraduate degree conferred magna cum laude, Univ. of Cincinnati

Kappa Mu Epsilon
Phi Eta Sigma
Phi Lamba Upsilon
Tau Beta Pi


Association for Computing Machinery

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Mathematics Association of America
Sigma Xi


Microencapsulation, U.S. #3,843,557


Ohio Nanotechnology Summit 2006 – Columbus, Ohio – April, 2006

ACM Meeting on the Integration of Technology into Computer Science Education (ITiCSE 2002)-
Aarhus, Denmark - June, 2002

Symposium on Nanotechnology and Microtechnology - Ann Arbor - May, 2002

ACM SIGCSE '2002 - Cincinnati - February, 2002

Midwest Conference on Artificial Intelligence - Oxford, Ohio - April, 2001

ACM SIGCSE '99 Conference – New Orleans - March, 1999

7th International Conference on Genetic Algorithms – East Lansing, MI - July, 1997

Neural and Information Processing Symposium (NIPS) – Denver, CO, December, 1996

DOE Seminar on Applications of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, and Genetic Algorithms -
Pittsburgh, October, 1994

NSF Workshop on Computer Literacy - Brooklyn College, NY - May,1993 (invited participant)

IEEE International Conference on Neural Network and Fuzzy Systems - San Francisco, CA -

NSF Workshop on Software Development using Cleanroom Engineering- Rochester Institute, NY

- June, 1992 (invited participant)

NSF Workshop on Analysis and Development of Inverse Problems -University of Cincinnati -

May, 1992 (invited participant)

SIGGRAPH '91 - Las Vegas - August, 1991

Computer Applications in Artificial Intelligence '91 - Miami Beach - February, 1991

NSF Workshop on Software Engineering- Rochester Institute, NY - June, 1990 (invited


ACM-CSC '90 Computer Science Conference - Washington, DC - February, 1990

Neural and Information Processing Symposium - Denver, CO - November, 1988

Net '88 - Washington, DC - May, 1988 (invited participant)

SIGCHI - Toronto, Ontario - March, 1987

Ohio Collegiate Computer Science Conference - March, 1987

SIGCHI - Boston, MA - March, 1986

ACM-CSC '86 Computer Science Conference - Cincinnati, Ohio - February, 1986

International Workshop on the Software Process and Software Environments – Rochester, NY -

August, 1985

International Conference on Computers in Education - Norfolk, Virginia - July, 1985

National Computer Conference - Chicago, Illinois - July, 1985

ACM-CSC '84 Computer Science Conference - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - February, 1984

DECUS Symposium - St. Louis, Missouri - May, 1983

MAA Ohio Section Meeting - Marietta College - Marietta, Ohio - May, 1983

ACM-CSC '83 Computer Science Conference - Orlando, Florida - February, 1983

National Sigma Xi Convention - Dallas, Texas - October, 1982

ACM '82 Conference - Dallas, Texas - October, 1982

Workshop on Program Correctness - Wang Computer Institute - Tyngsboro, Mass.- June, 1982

MAA Summer Computer Science Workshop - Denison University - Granville, Ohio - June, 1982

13th ACM SIGCSE Technical Symposium - Indianapolis, Indiana - February, 1982


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