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SCHOOL S.Y. 2007-2008

A Baby Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela

In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements in the course Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, major in Mathematics


Anore, Joseph Bagadiong, Jomer De Castro, Jonthan Delina, Christian Esconde, John Erickson Santiago, Kris Conrad Tobias, Mike Chester

Application. As a teacher we must construct a question that is easy to understand but same time it will develop the HOTS of the student. Why? This research will find the answer. “Difficulties of the Student in taking major exam” we refer to the type of question in the major exam. Especially in the subject Mathematics. which inscribe in the TOS “Table of Specification” of the questioner. Individual differences always occur in the class room so the teacher should know the weakness of their student. Comprehension. Comprehension so we choose an specific subject matter which is the geometry. Synthesis. some of them fail the exam. Analysis. teacher are responsible for this unfair situation we must . knowledge. and the student must know their own weakness to improve it. Application. in this subject we can use the 6 type of question in the questioner. By mean of the research we can identify the weak point and strength point of the student in major exam.CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Taking Major exam is one of the most prioritize of the student to pass. Develop the High Order Thinking Skill “HOTS” of the Student which we cannot do due to poor comprehension of the student. Evaluation are the type of question found in a major exam which of the 6 type of question is the most frequent in mathematics exam and which of the 6 is difficult to answer for the student? In mathematics subject mostly the question improve the Analysis. They review more than 5 hours and sometimes they add extra effort to review whole day to pass the major exam. But we cannot blame the student. In major exam there are so many question that develop different aspect of the student. But even though they give all of that.

For this reason we student of Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Valenzuela 3rd year Mathematics major are curios about this issue so we decided to study this problem and search for the answer for the sake of the teacher and student improvement. And for the teacher in making a questioner what is the most frequent type of question should inscribe to the exam for the student development Having major exam is a good way of collecting data and a good way of knowing the mental ability if the student but do you think that data is valid if the type of question used in the exam is just one. Application. if we balance the distribution of the different type of question in major exam. Synthesis. We must find the fault of two sides the side of the student and the side of the teacher what the student needs to improve and what the teacher need to adjust for their class. may our research will enlighten the future Teacher and to the student which want to go in the field of education. knowledge type of question is hard to answer for them. That is the reason why we are motivated for this research study. Analysis. nice and improving question. By this research we can avoid that and improve the skill of the teacher in making a good. We want to find the most difficulties of the student in taking major exam in term of the different type of question. .avoid that. For the teacher please consider your student level of thinking and comprehension major exam should not be that difficult for them. Or the type of question used in exam is the weak point or strength point of the student? Validity of data should exist in a exam we can assures that validity. Evaluation. For you what do you think is the most hard to answer Comprehension.

The demographic profile of the selected fourth year student-respondents in terms of: 1. What will the teacher do to overcome this problem? . 1.3 Family income 1. 2.4 Educational attainment of father 1.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study will attempt to know the difficulties of the students taking major exams that lead to them on some failure.5 Educational attainment of mother 1.1 Age 1. What are the differences between these types of questions? 4.6 General average in Mathematics during the previous school year. How the types of questions affect the students in taking the exam? 5. What specific types of questions did the students overcome difficulties? 6.2 Gender 1. What strategies needed in making such types of questions? 7. What are the types of questions? 3.

brief and effective that can be easily comprehend by the students. They will also go to find out the right construction of a question that is clear. They will go to find out what type of question is appropriate for the better learning of the students. For the future teachers. The Cooperating School Polo National High School. This research is not only for students but also for our teachers. this will help us in making test questions using different strategies and to know if the test questions are effective or not.Significance of the Study In our topic. Purpose: A group of students will conduct a study about the difficulties of the students in taking major exams. It is because they do believe that that section has the average type of student that is suitable for their conducting survey. we will point out reason on why the students failed in their major exam in Mathematics. One of the reasons is the type of questions used in major exam. They have chosen a 3 rd year classroom whose section is 2 or 3. It will help students to understand why they failed in the exam and to know their weakness in comprehending test questions. . because on the different type of test question requires thinking skills to understand and to answer test questions. sections which average is below 85% in subject Mathematics. In order to help students to enhance their strength and remove weakness on answering major exam in Mathematics and to point out or to eliminate failure in answering test questions.

Many things about our surroundings are to be understood on what is it. You can easily say learning occur. It is done by giving exams. On exams there is always a possibility of passing or failure in exams. It is good if they pass. How about the failure? This is the essence of this study to know how these students failed even though the lesson is already discussed by the teacher. Learning s happen on people that have been access on this. Paradigm Input Throughput Output Students profile Conduct a test on a student Detect strength and weakness of Students got low Know what particular type of students on exams scores on exam question the reason why To enhance the students due to the got low scores ability to answer different types of test type of questions .CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Quality Education is freely given to all people because on this we learn a lot. But how did we know if there is really learning done.

pp. Wikipedia.mathref. 201-207. . Assumption/s of the Study The student’s performance in mathematics can be improved once the causal factors pf their weakness and strengh are identified Endnotes 1. it can be seen the weakness and strengh of the student. www. Bloom (Ed. 1956 3.) Susan Fauer Company. www.Hypothesis There is an effect to the student related in answering the different type of question in major examination. B. 2. The Classification of Educational Goals.

mathematics is usualy used daily even in such simple ways of buying a candy. This article describes some of the history. (Wikipedia 2008) it strongly say that there so many method of teaching but for those teacher they must know the best method for there student Individual differences psychology focuses on this second level of study. conferences and literature. methods and approaches that facilitate practice and/or the study of practice. methods. the mathematics education have different method of instructional teaching Mathematics education is a term that refers both to the practice of teaching and learning mathematics. Researchers in math education are in the first instance concerned with the tools.counting a change in a store or just simply telling the time from the clock spite of the importance of mathematics there several student are failed to pass the exam because of some instances and factor one of the factor is the questioner of the exam and a poor comprehention of student in mathematics question. national and international organizations. as well as to a field of scholarly research on this practice. It is also sometimes called Differential Psychology because researchers in this area study the ways in which individual people differ in their behavior. teacher are the one who blame and not the student. influences and recent controversies concerning math education as a practice. This is distinguished from other aspects of psychology in . However mathematics education research. theories.CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Related study mathematics is one of the important ingridient to understand and manage his envirolmen. with its own characteristic concepts. known on the continent of Europe as the didactics of mathematics has developed into a fully fledged field of study.

Peter W. in evaluating the effectiveness of a new therapy.. differentation of human different in strengh and weakness some student are more good in knoledge type of question and some are not. terms. basic concepts and answers. Krathwohl. D. translating. Solve problems to new situations by applying acquired knowledge. but only 3 or 4 of that 6 is well develop. differences between individuals in their reaction to the experimental and control manipulations are actually treated as errors rather than as interesting phenomena to study. Base on the book ("Teaching. interpreting. & Greiling. and stating main ideas. Analysis is examine and break information into parts by identifying motives or causes. . facts. And each individual have that 6 kind of thinking skil. In this context. Synthesis is compile information together in a different way by combining elements in a new pattern or proposing alternative solutions. This is because psychological research depends upon statistical controls that are only defined upon groups of people. validity of ideas or quality of work based on a set of criteria. modern psychologists often study groups or biological underpinnings of cognition. control group.Buss. comparing. Anderson. Individual difference psychologists usually express their interest in individuals while studying groups by seeking dimensions shared by all individuals but upon which individuals differ. giving descriptions. For example.that although psychology is ostensibly a study of individuals. the mean performance of the therapy in one group might be compared to the mean effectiveness of a placebo (or a well-known therapy) in a second. David R. techniques and rules in a different way. Comprehension is demonstrative understanding of facts and ideas by organizing. Application is using new knowledge. Evaluation is present and defend opinions by making judgments about information.M. Airasian) Knowledge is Exhibit memory of previously-learned materials by recalling facts. H.(1999). Make inferences and find evidence to support generalizations. and Assessing-Taxonomy of Educational Objectives" by: Lorin W.

Analysis. Synthesis or Evaluation and what the teacher do for improving it? . but we are more focus on defining the most difficult one for the student? Is that one is knowledge. Comprehension.This article are related to this research it prove that type of question in exam is effect the grade of the student. Application.

Donato Race comprising its teachings staff.Polo Annex has blossomed into an extensive community. Valenzuela Municipal High School. Valenzuela Municipal High School started as barrio in Maysan in 1968 with Mrs. data gathering procedure. the research design.“ You are cordially invited \to the First Graduation Exercise of two sections Batch 1972-1973 at Valenzuela Municipal High School – Polo Annex. Adelaida Flor and Mr. Valenzuela Bulacan “. In the succeeding years. the respondent of the study. .CHAPTER III METHODOLOGY This chapter’s present the Locale of the study. and the statistical treatment of the data. After over three decades of development. research instrument. Palasan. Locale of the Study From the seed to the flower (History of Polo National High School) March 1973.

It was in this year when Mr. Efren Tamfelix.additional annex were established: Marulas. Mrs. Adelaida Flor took charge of the school as a result of the transfer of Mrs. Efren Tamfelix acted as head teacher as a result of the resignation of Mrs. T de leon and Polo starting with just a handful students at the Zyrsa building. Estrelita Roberto. . Gen. The year 1971 so the inclusion of Simon R. continued to operate with Carmen Anselmo. Romualdo Roberto and Rodolfo Dulatre in the list of this school teaching staff. Adelaida Flor who left for abroad. Erlinda Pacheco-Tamfelix. Polo annex supervised by its teacherchairman. dela Cruz. Mendiola. Malinta. palasan teachers and students vocated the Zyrsa building to its condemnable condition and transferred to Pio Valenzuela Elementary School where the high –school buildings are housed. Pelilia dela crus . Sergio Indiongco. Rosalina C. Julieta Mercado. Polo had its first batch of graduates composed of two sections. Mrs. Elizabeth Chongcoto the municipal government where she acted as administrative officer. 29 In 1985. Miguel Hilario as its regular teacher. In 1973. with the emergency hospital and the parish church convert as its extension buildings. Elizabeth Chongco. Leonardo Bognot. Its part time teachers included Bernie Bartolo and Var de leon.

started to a renovated canteen. Mr. Mr. Tafalia. constraction of flagpoles. The year 2000 saw the appointment of Mrs. Rosalina C. Julieta Mercado. Ilan and Mr. her office together with department head Mrs. former Mayor Gerry Angeles. she spearheaded the physical improvement of the school. The past eleven-year stay Mrs. the new principal led the school’s Foundation Day Celebration inviting its founder. Rosarie Carlos. Mrs. Efren Tamfelix. Added this honor and awards won by students in local. During her term. Brian E. former school head Mrs.In 1989. installation of walls and ceiling fans in the classrooms. comfort room. the school was converted into a national high school through the efforts of Antonio Serapio. Mrs Remedios J. This school year. Tamfelix were transferred to in Karuhatan Annex and replace Mrs. Mrs Victoria C. pioneer teacher Mr. Amelita S. de la Cruz. regional and national competitions. Elizabeth Chongco. Avendan . the painting of classrooms. Salvacion V. Sergio Indiongco and Ms. P. bar for flower pots. David as principal of the school. Madarang a seconadary head of Polo Annex was full of school physical improvement and students splendid academic performances. Guillermo G. Mr. In her first months in office. Enrico Pilongo and acting department heads Mrs. Madarang. gate and arches and guard house. makeshift building and cemented pathways. 30 To reminisce how Valenzuela Municipal High school now Polo National High School started operation. Manahan.

The instrument was administered to third year high school students of Polo National High school. and evaluation (items 36 – 42). comprehension (items 8 – 14). synthesis (items 29 – 35). Questions for each of the following type of question. Research Design The descriptive survey method was used in conducting the study. 2008 – 2009. Y. has worked hard to help both teachers and students attain academic proficiency. application (items 22 – 28). . Instrument and Validation The instrument used in this study is a test exam for students whose has average of 85 or below that experiencing difficulties on different type of question use in an exam. This is Polo National High School yesterday and today. who were enrolled during the school year 2008 – 2009. analysis (items 15 – 21). knowledge (items 1 – 7).and Mrs. S. Respondents of the Study The respondents of the study were the 60 third year high school students of Polo National High School. The data were gathered through a sample exam. Teresita del Rosario.

Statistical Treatment After gathering all the data. The following were the statistical tools used in this study: Measure of central Tendency  mean =  median =  mode = ∑fx/n Ll + [(n/2 . computation and interpretation followed.f<) i ]/fmd 3median – 2 mean .

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