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ASM Technologies Limited

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Highlights of Technology Solutions
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Highlights of Enterprise Applications
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Business Snapshot
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52% of customers are FORTUNE 500 78% of the customers are Global 2000 92% of business is “Repeat Business”

3500+ Person years of Experience ERP Package Services (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics) - Implementation, Rollout, Upgrade, Training Documentation - Support & Maintenance - 100+ ERP Projects - ERP Product Development Services (SME Market)

Service Offerings
Enterprise Applications, SCM, CRM Oracle Apps | SAP | PeopleSoft | Microsoft Business Solutions | Siebel Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing SAP BW | Cognos | Hyperion | DataStage | Oracle Express Business Process Modeling (BPM) tools ARIS | Savvion Internet/SOA .Net | J2EE | Websphere | Weblogic | Webmethods Embedded Technologies RTOS (VxWorks, MQX, WinCE, Embedded Linux) | BSP PSP , & Device Drivers (ARM, Freescale, PowerPC & Samsung) | Board Design Proven Global Delivery l ASM Offices in USA, UK, Singapore & India l Offshore / Offsite Delivery & Support Centers in India, US, Singapore l Proven Delivery through Flexible & Cost Effective Engagement Models l Combination of Onsite / Offsite / Onshore / Offshore Services Engineering Services CAD/CAM/CAE | CATIA | Teamcenter | PRO*E | UG System Software Storage Management | Backup & Restore | PC Disaster Recovery | Network Identity Appliance | Application Deployment

Service Offerings Enterprise Solutions
SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Business Consulting Solution Implementation & EUTD 150+ projects executed Supported over 50,000 seats of Enterprise Applications IT Outsourcing Strategy Deployment Supply Chain Optimization Cost Reduction - Hybrid Model Enterprise Applications Implementation, Support & Maintenance Web based Solutions - SCM, CRM, SRM Change Management Training Process Documentation Application Management and Remote Support

Technology Solutions
Embedded System, Systems Software Product EngineeringDevelopment &Support 45+ Software Products Engineered 120+ Product Releases RFID Applications Embedded Hardware and Software Testing Verticals - Automotive Electronics, Aviation, Telecom & Networking, Energy, Consumer, Industrial Electronics, Storage.

ASM Technologies Limited

Publicly Listed Company in India 600+ employees worldwide Offices in India, Singapore, USA (Chicago, Toledo and Detroit) & UK (London) Focus on Enterprise Applications and Technology Solutions ISO-9001:2000 & CMMI Maturity Level 3 Company Successful Offshore Development & Support Centers in India and Overseas

1000+ Person years of Product Engineering Involved in Engineering 45+ Products and 120+ Product Releases


#08-03A ODC DistriCenter. RF and Wireless Automotive Electronics P C Disaster Recovery Network Identity Appliance PC/Storage Management ISVs Startup Product Companies Mobile Applications Knowledge Management Web based end user Performance Support and Knowledge Management Tool (E-PRISM) For more information contact: India ASM Technologies Limited 80/2. Singapore . Audio validation in Automobiles 2. 4. Audio codec validation P C Disaster Recovery DNS Appliance 1. ERP product for SME Market 2.608840 Phone: +65 62705737 Fax: +65 63245345 email: govindraj@asmltd. UK Phone: 0207-569-3285 Fax: 0207-569-3001 email: sundar@asmltd. Product Life Cycle Management. Marble Arch London W1H 5YN.asmltd. Lusanne Court. RF systems for Telecom 3.560 025 Phone: +91 80 2227 4121 Fax: +91 80 2227 3606 email: krishnan@asmltd. Sustenance Engineering and Maintenance Support 1. Richmond Road. ERP data collectors for Security and Records Compliance Product 1. SMS Application Mobile Backup Gaming Applications J2ME based Mobile Applications integrated with backend ERPs (SAP Oracle) .com London ASM Technologies (UK) Limited 24-25 Nutford Place. Recovery CD Professional Services Implementation and www. HDSL and Loop carrier systems 3. Suite 200 Naperville. Volume Manager 3. Encryption & Decryption l RF Systems for Telecom l Extensive work on Embedded File Systems l Extensive Processor Knowledge l Network Products and Communication Stacks l Expertise in Embedded File Systems RTOS Porting and Testing services l SYNERGIC Outsourced Product Development Telecom and Networking 1. Wireless Energy Meter ASM Technologies Limited System Software Product Engineering l Testing & QA l Test Automation l Product Support Core Areas l Storage Management l PC Disaster Recovery l Network Identity Appliance l Application Deployment Technical Expertise l File Systems l Network Protocols l Pre-Boot Technologies lMiddleware l Test Tools .Technology Solutions Embedded Systems Integrated Real time Solutions and Turnkey development l Developed Stacks. . BSP Device Drivers. Deploy Center 2. Telemetry 1. Chicago ASM Technologies Limited 2020 Calamos Court. 2. RFID based customer ID and resource allocation 2. 3. Shared Radio 2. Bangalore . IL 60563-2793 Phone: +1 630 799 1563 Fax: +1 630 799 1562 email: sundar@asmltd. Core Software Product Singapore Advanced Synergic Pte Limited 30 Toh Guan Road.