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webMethods at Work with Dell Computers
Dell Computer Corporation is the world’s leading direct computer systems company and is a premier provider of products and services required for customers to build their Internet infrastructures. The company ranks 56 on 500 the Fortune 500, 154 on the FortuneGlobal 500 fortune Global 500 and 3 on the Fortune “most admired” lists of companies. Fortune Dell designs, manufactures and customizes products and services to customer requirements, and offers an extensive selection of software and peripherals. The Challenge A pioneer in direct sales and in moving its sales channel onto the Internet, Dell sees extensive B2B integration as a natural extension of its existing business practices and philosophy. The company already generates approximately $16 billion per year in Internet sales, about 50 percent of its revenues. Many of those transactions, however, still require customers to manually re-key each order into their own ERP (enterprise resource planning), procurement or other Web-based purchasing system. To streamline e-procurement for its customers, Dell wanted to integrate its procurement systems with those of its customers. The key challenge in integrating the initial target customer group — Dell’s approximately 2,000 mediumto large-sized corporate customers with 1,500 or more employees — is customer readiness. According to Tom Fountain, director of B2B e-commerce for Dell, e-procurement requires a change in systems, process and culture on the customer side. Some customers are ready in all aspects, others in none, and most fall somewhere in between. In addition, mid-sized customers tend to have decentralized operations, and many have not standardized on a single e-procurement application. Fountain has already encountered 18 different customer e-procurement applications to be integrated with Dell’s systems. Adding to the challenge is Dell’s ambitious schedule — the company wants to integrate as many as a hundred medium- to large-sized customers over the next six months. That number of customers could represent some 50,000 transactions per quarter. The Solution To meet its integration challenge, Dell is relying on the webMethods B2Bi Solution Suite — a set of software applications and an implementation methodology that meets the requirements for comprehensive B2B integration.

“Integrating trading partners is a continuation of Dell’s e-strategy. We’re building an integration deployment platform to help customers take the next step in B2B commerce by linking their systems with ours.”
- Tom Fountain, Director of B2B E-commerce, Dell Computer Corporation

To facilitate rapid integration of trading partners, Dell is building on its webMethods integration platform with webMethods — a powerful, hosted webbased solution that enables Global 2000 companies and major B2B trading exchanges to deploy trading networks of any size rapidly. webMethods accelerates the process of adding partners to the Dell network by making it a repeatable, reliable and scalable process. Key features that drove Dell to select the webMethods solution include its online integration methodology, the ability to collaborate in real time with buyers and suppliers, and the range of project management tools available in Dell is also using webMethods for Partners, a restricteduse B2B server that facilitates establishing point-topoint, two-way communication with a hub. webMethods provides this cost-effective software to trading partners so they can share information with organizations such as Dell that are using webMethods B2B software. webMethods for Partners enables Dell’s partners to extend their integration capabilities by connecting to Ariba and other trading hubs.

com site is the next step in the evolution of Dell’s e-commerce capabilities.B2B. then log into their own procurement system and key in the data manually before placing an order. “Deploying webMethods B2B. As a result. . “Customers can log on. it required a customer to log into the system. Dell automates communications between itself and customers/trading partners — while webMethods B2B. and order products • Qualifications • Registration • Requirements Solutions Identified webMethods Rapid Integration Team Deploys Solution ERP System FIREWALL Internet FIREWALL Dell • Dell Order Processing Server • Dell Premier Pages Catalog B2B Server Dell Customer/ Trading Partner Data Flow Procurement Application for Partners Using webMethods for Partners.” Fountain says. That duplication of effort wasted valuable time. efficiently get information on Dell products that has been customized for them. and builds on our existing integration platform. Director of B2B E-commerce. To better serve customers and eliminate that inefficiency. We predict B2B. facilitates rapid integration of those trading partners.” Other benefits integrated customers receive include acquiring knowledge from Dell on best practices for is a logical extension of our association with webMethods.” says Fountain. webMethods B2B. and building a B2B infrastructure of their own. effort and energy as we scale our implementation to hundreds and eventually thousands of trading partners. but the ordering function was separate from a customer's procurement processes. and is our mechanism for coordinating between lets us implement a web-based support portal that can largely be self-service for our customers.B2B. the Dell. Dell is working with consulting firms to form rapid integration teams. The company plans to establish relationships with several firms to give customers choices. Dell Computer Corporation By integrating with each customer’s existing procurement systems. set up an order. thereby ensuring a good fit between customer and integration team. which makes much tighter integration possible between the customer and Dell. “Integrating with us gives customers a B2B infrastructure they can re-deploy to integrate with their own trading partners and suppliers. Dell developed its new B2B site. Dell leverages each customer’s established business rules and internal applications. To facilitate the integration process. and a solutions will save us considerable time.Transferring E-Business Knowledge to Customers Powered by webMethods software. A previous extranet-based system enabled online ordering. our customer. if one is involved.” — Tom Fountain. which will assist customers in building the B2B infrastructure they need to integrate with Dell. slowed order processing and introduced opportunity for error when re-keying the order information. “The integration improves the customer experience because they spend less time executing procurement procedures and thus save money — which we hope they'll use to buy more Dell Trading Partner Input into Dell.

i2 Technologies. Deloitte Consulting. access to an extended set of products and services. e-STEEL and Ventro.” Fountain says.. webMethods is based in Fairfax. high-tech manufacturing and telecommunications. EDS. The webMethods product family allows companies to create new revenue “B2B integration makes it possible to use fewer people to handle more revenue. while also increasing internal operational efficiencies.” Fountain says. Microsoft. webMethods’ strategic partners include Ariba.webMethods. plays a key role in delivering those benefits to valued Dell customers. because that translates into better margins. Europe and Asia. With an emphasis on key vertical markets such as chemicals. “The name of the game for Dell is handling large volumes of transactions very efficiently. Eastman Chemical Company. end-to-end solution for integrating customers. Oracle Corp. Founded in 1996. substantially reduce supply chain inefficiencies and streamline internal business processes. Commerce One. webMethods has more than 425 customers worldwide — from Global 2000 leaders such as Citibank.D. “As our integration deployment platform. and the transfer from Dell of e-business knowledge. strengthen relationships with customers. Teligent and Starbucks to major B2B marketplaces like ChemConnect. suppliers and partners into realtime B2B trading networks. Fidelity Investments..” Solution Snapshot s s s webMethods. Motorola. financial services. Inc.” “The key value proposition for customers is increased productivity through automation of routine processes. webMethods B2B. Inc. KPMG. SAP AG and Siebel. (Nasdaq: WEBM) is the leading provider of software solutions for business-to-business integration (B2Bi).S. webMethods.. As the only company providing seamless B2Bi across the Internet and throughout the extended enterprise. J. Dell.B2B Integration Increases Efficiency and Margins According to Fountain. Edwards. webMethods provides Global 2000 companies and B2B marketplaces with a complete. More information about the company can be found at www. with offices across the U. webMethods B2B. webMethods for Partners webMethods Rapid Integration Team ® .

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