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Recruiter’s Comment : Year of exp : 5.6 years CTC : 9 Lacs Exp : 14 Lacs Notice period : 2month Telephonic Interview : 3:00 PM Candidate Name Contact # Passport # Abhishek Aggarwal +91-9810124560 F9353261 Total Exp Mail Id Location 5.6 years abhishek1981in@gmai Delhi

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Total Experience (Months) Summary
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Having overall 5.7 years of working experience. Expertise in UML, OOPS, Design Patterns, Core java/J2EE (Servlets, JSP), Multi-Threading, Web Services (SOAP, WSDL), ebXML, EJB 3, XML, JavaScript, JDBC, Log4j, JPA, Hibernate, Oracle, Linux (Suse11.0), Windows XP. Ability to manage project modules and can handle the team also (Handling a team of 5 people in my current project), ability to work within tight deadlines, a Self motivator, Team Player. I have been a part of recruitment process in GlobalLogic and CSC where I handled 1st and 2nd level of technical discussion during interview rounds. Possess very good communication skills as I was awarded by the customer for being good facilitator in status calls/email communication. I got out of turn promotion for SSE in less than a year time in GlobalLogic.

SQL Server 2008) Insurance Products which used UML. Tomcat. Servlets. Harvest. ebXML. JIRA. Oracle. Hibernate. JSP.0. Core Java.NAME Visa Information Country Malaysia and Singapore Visa Type Tourist Valid Till June.2011 Domain Expertise: (State NA. WebLogic. Tomcat5. SQL Server Healthcare 5 Insurance (Property and Casualty) 3 Technical Expertise Technology / Classification Java/J2ee Page 2 . ANT. Hibernate. EJB3. CVS. if Not Applicable) Experience (Months) 35 35 Domain Telecom Finance Specific Area in Domain VOIP technology and IVR Services (Core java and Web Services.5. JBoss) Inventory and Invoice processing (Java/J2ee. QuickBuild) ScandiHealth Denmark (Java/J2ee. Web Services. Multi-threading. Confluence. Maven. Hibernate. JPA.

Log4j Hibernate. XML . JDBC. SOAP. Multithreading Servlets and JSP ebXML. Delhi KV Janak Puri. Certifications & Training attended Course / Certification Name Institution Year Duration Page 3 . Tomcat . Delhi KV Janak Puri. Web Logic UML and OOPS(Product Design) Agile and Scrum Framework Additional Skills Secondary Skills C/C++ Project mentorship Leading Team Good communication and presentation skills Education Year of Passin g 2007 2004 2000 1998 Degree Post Graduate Graduate Senior Secondary Matriculation Qualification MCA (80%) BIS(H) (79%) 10+2 (65%) 10 (64%) College / University / Institution GGSIP University. Eclipse.JBoss. Oracle . Delhi GGSIP University. Delhi Professional Activities.NAME Experienc e (Months) 60 50 30 35 36 36 Experien ce (Months) 6 12 24 Primary Skills Core Java . Web Services. JAXP.

EJB 3 . • • • • Environment: Java 1.NAME CCNA Velocity(Agile Framework) CISCO GlobalLogic 2004 2008 Engagement Overview Start Date End Date Team Size handled (If applicable) 24th Jan. CVS Operating System: Windows XP Project Name IVR Implementation . Requirement documents validation with the client.201 Page 4 . (BEA)Web Logic. So we are also developing the web services which will be consumed by HIP. Development of the project modules Unit testing and deployment of the project build.0 RegRep first and then we will be developing the e-DICO which will act as interfacing point to CSC’s HIP product. Web Services.0 specification. e-DICO will persist the ebxml messages coming from HIP through Web Service request.2011 Till present 5 Project Name Client Project Location ScandiHealth Denmark Noida Project Description: e-DICO is a product development based on ebXML4. We are developing ebXML4. Maven. High Level and Low Level Design Formulation Working on Estimates of the project tasks.Telecom [GlobalLogic] Start May. Also working on project estimates and development including unit testing of the modules.5. JPA (Hibernate) . Role / Responsibilities Contribution: • • Research and Analysis. Involved in High level and Low level designs.

2011 5 Team Size handled (If applicable) Project Description: Nortel (now Avaya) is a global leader in delivering communications capabilities that enhance the human experience. Compiled design documents for the web services created. JBOSS Operating System: Windows XP . and secure and protect the world's most critical information.Gugaon End Date 0 Jan.2007 April. Consuming Web services using Apache Axis. Contribution: • • • • • • • Coding Server side interface using Core Java and database interaction using Hibernate. Provide Support and Maintenance of already created modules. XML . JAXP. • Environment: Core Java. Linux Project Name Client Project Location Rivermine(Telecom Expense Management System) . Solaris based environment). Deployment of services on AP(Application Processor. Developed IVR based Services along with the mentorship of team members.Telecom and Finance [GlobalLogic] Emptoris( Rivermine) Sector-59. power global commerce. Design discussion and Work status reporting to client).Noida Start Date End Date Jan. Integration for ICICI payment gateway with latest API for MOTO product Code Refactoring.201 0 6 Team Size handled (If applicable) Project Description: RMS is one of the Rivermine leading projects based on Telecom Page 5 .NAME Date Client Project Location Avaya (earlier Nortel Networks) Sector-53. Web Services (SOAP / WSDL). Interaction with client (Requirement gathering from BRD. Role / Responsibilities Involved in Low level designs.

Delhi Start Date End Date Aug. Linux Project Name Client Project Location Network Management . Interaction with client (Requirement gathering. JAXP . Confluence Operating System: Windows XP . Contribution: • • • • Coding web based application using Servlet. Design discussion and Work status reporting to client). Role / Responsibilities Involved in DSL/DSLAM project implementation and troubleshooting of the system. Deployment of jars and classes (patch file) on Production and sandbox servers of further customers. Issues / Tasks assignment and delivering the project plan to the client • • • Environment: Core Java. JDBC. JSP and database interaction using Hibernate. Tomcat. Hibernate .NAME Expense Management (TEM) software that helps you gain visibility into and control over your telecom expenditure. JIRA. XML. Role / Responsibilities Involved in enhancements and bug fixing. Servlets . Code Refactoring. I completed the task alone in 1 month’s time. Provide Support and Maintenance of already created modules.200 4 Aug. Worked with Google client directly for making the application cross browser compliant.200 5 Team Size handled (If applicable) Project Description: DSL is a technology which provides end users Voice and Data support on a single line digitally. Log4J. QuickBuild. JavaScripting.Telecom [VSNL] VSNL Connaught Place. It is a high speed 3rd generation technology which replaced earlier analog systems. SVN. JSP. Oracle. ANT . Page 6 .

2011 30th June. Operating System: Windows XP Employment History Company Name CSC GlobalLogic GlobalLogic VSNL Designation Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer Trainee Engineer Network Engineer Start date 24th Jan. Switches.2007 13th Aug.Hyper terminal.E1 modems .2004 End Date Present 19th Jan.2011 1st July. F1 converters. DSL/DSLAM configuration Channel and port mapping Worked on leased lines and point to point configuration. Lucent/Ericsson Switches. Environment: BERT Tester.2005 Foreign Languages Known Page 7 .NAME Contribution: • • • • Troubleshooting of network devices like Routers.2007 23rd Aug.2007 29th Jan.