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Effects of obesity – What are the dangers in being obese?

If you are overweight, it is important to understand the health effects of obesity. Obesity is associated with more than thirty medical conditions and scientific evidence has established a strong relationship with at least fifteen of those conditions.1 • • • • • • • Obesity is associated with the development of osteoarthritis of the hand, hip, back, and knees. Obesity increases the risk of breast cancer in men and women. It is strongly associated with cancer of the esophagus. Obese women have three to four times the risk of endometrial cancer than women with lower BMI. Obesity increases cardiovascular disease risk because of its effect on blood lipid levels. Obesity is a major risk factor for heart attack. Gallstones are common in overweight and obese persons. Obesity decreases the body’s resistance to harmful organisms. Obesity is the most common factor of nonalcoholic steatophepatitis, a major cause of liver disease.

These are just some examples of how obesity negatively affects the health of a person.

American Obesity Association ( shares possible treatments for obesity that they emphasize should not take the place of medical advice from a health professional.

Causes and Effects of Obesity

Obesity refers to the condition of having an excessive amount of body fat. The worst enemy of health today is surplus fat. Obesity aggravates cardiovascular degeneration, diabetes, biliary and renal ailments, arthritis and many other disorders, and increases surgical risks and accident proneness.

Causes of Obesity :

savoury shocks such as peanuts and crisps. This includes habits of eating as well. Go easy on fats and fatty foods. Among the above. such as butter. Under such conditions. etc. Eating habits such as overeating or improper diet. Heredity or genetics 2. Be sparing with salt and sugar. But as we grow older our energy expenditures are lessened. we cannot burn up all the energy value of the food we eat. Hormonal imbalances 3. Inadequate physical activity. Obesity creeps up when our activity slows down but the appetite of our vigorous year still continues. fish and dairy products with a lower fat contents such as cottage and skimmed or semi skimmed milk. fatty meal and meat products. it is easy to form incorrect habit of eating. and with food that contains large quantities of added salt and sugar. Eating habits: The once great cause of overweight is overeating – taking in more than your energy output demands. processed meat . Choose instead lean meat. 5.There are numerous causes that are related to the onset of obesity like: 1. Environmental factors such as cultural habits. Most of us have our habits fairly stabilized by the time we are twenty-five years old. 2. Our appetite is no longer a reliable guide for eating the right amount of food. Thus. crisps and fried food. and excess energy is stored in our bodies. like: 1. hard margarine. A person should learn to make permanent changes in dietary habits in order to remain away from weight problems. the major cause of obesity is improper eating habits. 4. particularly those high in saturates. Highly salty food includes smoked products. Mostly now-a-days people are exposed to large amount of rich goods. improper eating habits are responsible for causing obesity.

c) Congestive heart disease d) Diabetes. Conditions that are generally benefit from weight reduction includes a) Heart attack. 5. b) A person become lethargic. 2. breakfast cereals. and weight reduction is usually prescribed as an integral part of treatment. f) Lower exercise tolerance. obesity carries a social stigma that contributes to psychological reactions for the obese people. c) Abnormal blood clotting. . 4. e) Congestive heart failure. Effect of Obesity : Obesity can be directly related to 1. cakes and biscuits. b) Hypertension. In our society. yoghurt and processed foods. Increased risk for certain diseases: Obesity is also associated with certain chronic degenerative diseases such as a) Coronary Disease b) Hypertension c) Diabetes d) Arthritis due to extra load on joints because of overweight. 4. Reduce total caloric intake by 250 to 500 Kcal per day to accomplish the desired weight-loss goals. Go out for regular work out to burn extra fat from the body. Detrimental effects on established disease: Obesity can contribute to further development of certain diseases and medical conditions. a) Respiratory problem are quite common among people with obesity.Our media typically glamorize only people with extremely slim and lean bodies. 3.products and some breakfast cereals. d) Enlargement of heart. Watch out for sugar in drink. Emotional Effect : Emotional or psychological problems might be caused by obesity. Go easy on alcohol. 3. e) Orthopedic Problems. Changes in normal body function: Changes in body vary from individual and with degree of obesity. as well as sweets.

write down this target point in your bathroom wall paper( if you have) or diary or PDA. Then plan a systematic weight loss by fixing a proximate number. Avoid the habit of drinking soft drinks often.meals during a day • Eat more fruits and vegetables . • Rather than having a big meal eat several mini.This is even a consolation to extreme obese cases where BMI is greater than 40! Treatments of Obesity: Treatments are solely depends on individual parameters. • Choose snacks if you are really hungry • avoid eating snacks at night. As old adage says prevention is better than cure so control the BMI with in the range before proceed further increase. The psychological factors will work favour for you as any successfull activity will promtas to expand further.Management of obesity Medical fraternity generally agree that people who have a BMI of 30 or greater can improve through weight loss. How to focus towards a promising weight loss Establish a reasonable target weight: Consultyour BMI score with your doctor and alow him to assess the related rsk factors attached to the current score. • leave apart junk food • Enjoy your favorite food. Best health diet tips • Drink plenty of water or other calorie free beverages. Always keep a high positive frame of mind before proceed for weightloss plans. The property of weight loss is such a way that outsiders will notice the change immediatly than us so this will instill confidence and improves the quality of life and self esteem. • Think about what you can position with your regular diet . Small amount of weight loss trigeers confidence Even a small reduction in wieight will makes you looks more healthy and positive.Be choosy • avoid eating food while watching TV that will trigger you to have more. Never think what you can take away from your diet. Never try to fix unreasonable atrget as its diffcult for reaching extreme BMI immediatly so you can avoid deperession.

dancing ( as it become the fashion in everywhere) 4. Every morning she avoids apartment lifts as well office lift! Good one ! Always prefer a reasonable excercise plans consult with your dietician or family before proceed further extremes. aerobic classes 3. It is to be useful.. Excercise doesnt means punishing your body. Your positive frame of mind is like a perfume that instills fragrance around. Always remember excercise doesnt means we need to tire the body. follow a regular sleeping schedule. You can select a game as the part of your daily weight lloss plan. Never be discouraged with weight or obesity as life is more .. brisk walking or jogging Fine tune yourself and be a GOOD to yourself Get plenty of sleep. trust and integrity. you will see the change POSITIVE ATTITUDE This life is so precious we need to enjoy the seconds. apply it. Life is more than just being a rich or a successfull professional. Stop sleeping at late night. tennis football etc will not only reduce weight but improve blood flow as well fitness. we are not only living but we have to live well..practice it. Choose enjoyable aerobic activity 1. to be honourable. You will be a most wanted person in your peer group as you demontrate the vitalities like honesty.. Our minds repulse towards hard things. Swimming 2. Those who work in software institutes or in office job will not be able to do more excercise. cycling. avoid phone calls during night and put mobile on silent mode as they inturrupt the sound sleep. A simple trick selected by mt friend really encouraged me she use to avoid lips while going to office. your firendhsip circles can give you enough kick so that you will eat more and more laughter is the most relaxing excercise .Be a vibrant person everywhere Any kind of physical activities are good for the health as they not only help to improve weight but increases the health as well reduce risk factors. Sound sleep is priceless!! Do more relaxing activities like YOGA prefer to be with a gropu of inner circle where you are honoured and inspired. games like badminton.

If you decide you can challenge everything including yuor own obesity. God Bless you .passionate than this.