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UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND program description The Operations Academy™ Senior Management Program has been modeled after successful

leadership training programs offered in other fields. It includes two parts: an initial pre-study program followed by a two-week (ten-day) total immersion program. Two Week Total Immersion Program The total immersion program includes the following mix of activities:

Formal Classroom Training Formal classroom training organized around the six fundamental principles of management and operations - (1 system, (2) Leveraging Improved Mobility and Safety through Operations, (3) Performance Measurement, (4) C Organization, (6) Management.

Workshops Workshops will include small group exercises, with specific roles assigned to each participant. Participants will transportation management and operations challenges, and propose solutions based on the principles provided training. Solutions will be presented at a final session attended by leaders from the transportation agencies that participants. Participants will also be required to complete an evaluation of their agency's operations program.

Field Studies Field studies will be conducted by workshop participants. Visits will be made to at least three transportation op Participants will be required to analyze these facilities and recommend improvements.

Pre-Study Program

Following acceptance into the program, participants will be required to complete a series of on-line self-assessm demonstrate their familiarity with terminology and principles in a wide range of key technical and management expected that most participants will need to review pre-study materials in some, but not all of the subject areas of time required to complete pre-study requirements will vary, however, all participants should be prepared to to pre-study prior to arrival for the on-site session. Pre-study material will be provided to participants three mo beginning of the two week program. Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

For successful completion of the entire Operations Academy™ Senior Management Program, participants will re Education Units (CEU's) from the University of Maryland. This equals 100 Professional Development Hours (PD Arrangements

Participants will be housed at the Maritime Institute. They will attend class and participate in field studies durin evenings working on workshop assignments.

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / objectives

Effectively advocate the creation of an operational focus within their agencies. participants will be able to:     Describe the impact of transportation management and operations on the mobility and safety of the high Manage an organization whose primary mission is transportation management and operations. Curriculum(Structure) Below is an outline of the subjects that will be presented and discussed during the formal classroom training portion of the program. etc. Overview o What is operations? o The Customer vs. 1.Upon completion of this two-week total immersion Senior Management Program. relationships. In addition. Operations as a system . the Institutions  What do traveler’s need for mobility?  What is adequate customer service?  Who are the providers of infrastructure operations (roles.)  What is missing o o o The institutional agenda  Build. preserve. participants will have the opportunity to develop relationships with peers from other jurisdictions. Demonstrate knowledge of the technical tools of management and operations and the conditions under w effectively applied and managed. organizations will also benefit from an evaluation of their agency's operations program. enforce. advise related to the supply network  What is the current state-of-play in operations  What are the roles of the players and are they doing their jobs?  The role of the State DOT in operations  Are agencies organized and managed for operations? How does it operations relate to ITS? Ingredients of operations (overview – setting the stage for the rest of the course)  Operations as a system  Relevance and leverage     Performance measures Customer service Organization Management 2. operate. or an org includes operations as one of its key activities.

Telephone numbers on VMS o o Customer satisfaction surveys (implementation and interpretation) Annual reports . Performance measures o Importance of performance measurement  Incentivize staff  Internal communications  External communications (what do the public and elected officials want to hear?) o What measures are unique to operations?  Mobility  Safety  Maintenance o o o What is good enough? (Is perfect the enemy of good?) Data sources and analysis techniques Technology 5. travel-shed. scale of system. etc. travelers. maintenance) 3. not jurisdictions) Corridor management Concept of operations Engineering tools and dimensions (control. analysis. Personalized intersection monitoring 2. Innovative approaches 1.o o o o o o Review of pre-study material Supply-demand concepts Thinking regionally (What is a region. etc. trucks. commuters. Relevance and leverage o Definition of mobility o Relation to systems engineering o Scale of impacts compared with new construction o Benefits and costs 4. communications. businesses.) o Just-in-time delivery (commercial impacts of operations) o What are customers’ expectations? o How do we communicate with customers?  Status/performance reporting   Response to inquiries/complaints. Customer service o Definition of customers (households.

complimentary parking. . Any cancellation must be received 60 days prior to the start of the program to receive a refund of all fees. game room). Organization o Legacy structure (mission. lunch each program day.896 (required) Food and Lodging includes: Dinner and breakfast for each night of lodging. etc. fitness center. tree) o Headquarters vs. Management o Staff incentives and management o Differences between public and private sector management o Planning for operations o o o o o Project management (is it still relevant – accountability related to mission) Contracting Outsourcing Funding and budgeting “Selling” operations internally program fees Program Fee: $3. and up to 30 minutes of complimentary local and toll-free phone calls.) o Case studies with representative organizational structures o Stovepiping – the enemy of operations o Organizational alternatives (matrix vs. No refund of any fees will be granted if cancellation occurs with less than 60 days prior to the start of the program. Please note: Travel costs are the responsibility of the participants or their employers. complimentary use of recreational facilities (indoor pool. shuttle service to/from BWI airport and BWI Amtrak station. Cancellation: All fees will be due four weeks after notification of acceptance into the program. district 7.6.875 (required) Lodging: Food and lodging for 11 days: $1. less a non-refundable amount of $500.

merchandising and supervisory positions in the exciting world of retail. IIRT in collaboration with the University of Florida. practical experience & internships with leading retailers.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF RETAIL ACADEMY IIRT offers certificate programs that prepare students for entry-level sales. David F Miller Center of Retailing Education and Research (UF/CRER) is proud to offer these programs. The mission of IIRT is to provide students with relevant global retail knowledge along with the necessary personal skills needed to secure a position in this rapidly growing industry. technologically enhanced delivery modes. Warrington College of Business Administration. The certificates will be jointly conferred. IIRT has partnered with Upscale Retailers to ensure a valuable practical experience and internship during the . The retail training and education provided to students is differentiated by a state of the art curriculum.

there-by allowing them to serve their customers to the best of their abilities and competencies. Ltd. in a nurturing environment. Indian Institute of Retail Training Pvt. B-13. Vision Help students achieve their greatest potential by nurturing and educating them. Mission Strive to become the number 1 Retail Training Institute in India by collaborating with a global leader in retail education for the best retail knowledge and practices. that are relevant to Indian retail.011-47565595 Mob: Email: info@iirt.|      Founding Principles Be a key human resource center to help Indian retailers overcome the hurdles faced with growth & expansion related to capable manpower requirements. anticipate and best serve their needs by ensuring that the quality of students meet their highest expectations. IInd Floor. Collaborate with a leading global retail institute to bring the best retail knowledge to students. Partner with the India retail industry to understand. Expand in India to ensure that IIRT provides greater access to retail education. Be the best at anticipating and serving the needs of the retail industry. distance learning and franchising without sacrificing core values and beliefs. Students graduating from the programs are assured of positions with the best employers in the retail industry. Opp – Model Town -II. Expand by providing more Certificate for Leadership in Retail Operations . Derawal Nagar. Form alliances with Indian retailers to ensure that the curriculum is relevant to the Indian retail industry and anticipate the changing retail environment. Impart knowledge & skills to students. New Delhi – 110009 India Ph: +91.

followed by 4 weeks of internship. 3. and communication skills Introduce & improve selling skills 4. 4 days per week (Tue to Fri). preventing inventory shrinkage. Monday off. Course Length: Course work of 9 weeks. Total 144 hours of course work. short written test. Eligibility & Admission Criteria: Eligibility: Class XII graduate from accredited Board. Course Name: “Certificate for Leadership in Retail Operations” 2. Sat & Sunday integrated store experience during course work. individual and group interview. Build self-confidence. 4 hours per day. Minimum age 18 yrs. o o o o Develop general knowledge about what a retailer does and decisions made and customer shopping behaviors Develop skills and attitudes needed to work effectively as a store employee providing customer service. personal presentation. Admission Criteria: Minimum marks. sales associates. effective merchandise presentation. merchandizing associates) in the Indian retail industry. and making sales. Course Objective: Prepare young students for entry-level jobs (shop floor.1. A strong aptitude for hard work & service will be evaluated. .

this is a strong endorsement of our retail management courses. ARI offers entry-level courses. The hallmark of an Asian Retail Institute graduate is keen enthusiasm for the job at hand. ARI has a proven track record in placement with leading retail companies. 3-6 month diplomas. Which is why most major retail chains in the country continue to send managers for training in retail management to the Asian Retail Institute. Our faculty of retail professionals from different parts of the industry. Its advanced retail management courses are designed to impart specific training in these ‘gap’ areas. Our retail courses provide an in-depth understanding of these issues. Café Coffee Day. likely to provide employment to 2 million people in the next two years.4 is India’s fastest-growing sector. a strong endorsement of our credentials in imparting retail management education Vision . To achieve this. Barista. with giants like Reliance Retail. With most major retail chains in the country continuing to send managers for training in retail management to the Asian Retail Institute. software professionals and economists seeks to combine theoretical knowledge with practical guidance to help shape attitudes required to grow the industry. 98. Asian Retail Institute graduates have consistently outperformed their peers in achieving sales targets. the Institute regularly commissions research including mystery shopping to identify skill and attitude gaps for individual retail businesses. the ability to multi-task and to grow by aligning her personal objectives with those of the employer. The retail industry.ASIAN RETAIL INSTITUTE Asian Retail Institute is India’s first full-service education service-provider for the retail industry. Pantaloon Retail. and Sikkim Manipal University’s Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Business Administration in retail operations. Asian Retail Institute seeks to bridge the gap between the existing skill sets of employees and what retail firms require so as to consistently achieve targets and build loyal customers. Bharti Retail. No retail professional can rise to the top without detailed understanding of what determines consumer behaviour and its relationship with the overall economy. Separate modules enhance public speaking and presentation skills vital to the career growth of retail industry professionals. An IGNOU-certified Community College.

heads of operations for multi-store chains across the country. . investor relations’ managers. Our guest faculty include entrepreneurs who’ve set up and established leading premium skin care firms. we shall empower participants personally and professionally. Diploma in Management (IGNOU): One-year programme comprising all functional aspects of management including Human Relations. those who’ve developed and implemented Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning systems in a host of industries other than just retail. Accounting. from project management for a premium range of stores to conceptualizing and implementing standard operating procedures for India’s first foreign luxury brand. Material Management. Programme duration varies. and not just in the retail industry. Corporate can have a need to understand modern retail formats.“To establish international best practices for Excellence in Retail Training to enable the retail industry to unlock the value of their teams.” Some retail companies have specific training needs for which we conduct customized corporate training programs for example. or a program to enhance leadership skills for operations heads or then project management for a team of store managers who are expected to lead the new stores initiative in their territories. from visual merchandising for a leading skin-care brand to setting up India’s first home and interiors company. we’ve done it all.” Mission To achieve our vision. We have retail management experience so diverse it ranges from merchandising store brands to shop floor management for 400 square feet stores to 45.000 square feet ones. is our core strength. as we believe we can change attitudes through training. and even exporters of niche merchandise. Merchandisers and visual merchandisers for some of India’s top retail brands. a merchandising program to highlight certain systems and process-based skills. Typically meant for middle. economists and journalists. from building vendor relationships for north India’s first organized sector grocery chain to customer relationship management for a leading fast food chain.” OUR FACULTY Our faculty’s management experience and diversity. they’re all part of our list of guest senior-managers. These are compressed training sessions on specific skill sets to enable the organization to achieve its goals and help participants grow professionally.

reading. Sales Associate Programme (ARI): 6-month certificate course for entry-level associates in retail. In this exercise. WALLMART Stores Training & Development Apply For Walmart Stores Career When you arrive at a Walmart store. and the impact we have on customers. The program is designed to increase the quality of leadership and operational training managers receive to become productive and proficient in their leadership roles. This begins with a “business simulation” that places new associates in the role of the customer. new associates listen to the voices of customers and associates through a headset and audio-playing device. writing and communication skills in English. associates and communities.Marketing and Information Systems. Orientation All Walmart associates go through an in-depth orientation that let’s them know what it means to be part of the Walmart family. Offered in Delhi and Bangalore. visual merchandising. We aim to provide associates with the tools and resources to help them climb as high as they want to go. Read more about training and development at Walmart. The next phase of orientation discusses how Walmart is unique in the retail industry. AMT provides a variety of development opportunities throughout various stages of a manager’s career. Designed on the principle of continuous improvement through learning. merchandising. Certificate in Functional English (IGNOU): 3-month course teaches listening. . Associates explore Walmart’s culture and history. The program consists of three distinct stages. MIS. you are welcomed by a friendly associate and asked if you need help. Orientation ends with the Audio Store Discovery Tour. We are here to help you begin this new chapter in your career and help you feel at home. It is an ongoing part of an associate’s life. IGNOU. is India’s largest open-university. for each level of management. Offered in Delhi and Bangalore. Teaches operating skills and basics of customer service and personality development. When you arrive to work at a Walmart store. Training and development is not a one-time occurrence at Walmart. customer service and strategic planning including through the use of customer demographics and buying behaviour. speaking. Diploma in Retail Management (ARI): 3-month professional programme focussing on store operations. you get the same sort of welcome. Assistant management training (AMT) is a management training program open to all salaried Walmart Stores USA field associates. retail marketing and promotions. The Indira Gandhi National Open University. the store work environment and expectations. The simulation exercise helps associates understand customer expectations and what they can do to meet and exceed those expectations.

AMT is a multi-phased learning platform that not only prepares new managers to make an immediate impact on store performance. Merchant Development is committed to providing fundamentals. . to reference their job descriptions. Stores of Learning is a leadership training program started in 2007. It was created through collaborative efforts between eCornell and Walmart University to help Market and Regional level associates in Walmart Stores USA prepare for continued professional development and sustained company growth. Korea. job opportunities and information about critical career planning skills. collect competency information.. such as resume writing and interviewing. as well as the competencies for next-level advancement. The Walton Institute provides an educational environment for Walmart leaders from around the world to learn more about themselves and about Walmart’s unique company culture and how to sustain that culture. Leading Management Teams. All four sections of the toolkit are designed to promote development: Phase I: “On-boarding” is considered the “learning” phase and helps familiarize associates with the skills. Change Leadership. Germany.000 Walmart managers have attended more than 600 Walton Institute classes in Bentonville. Regional Leadership Champions (RLCs) will be the stewards of learning in the Markets they support and will be responsible for facilitating management training workshops and supporting the delivery of transformation/change initiative training. review annual skills inventories. offered online through a subsidiary of Cornell University. from new hires to seasoned buyers. key experiences. Merchant Development provides professional development through competency-based learning solutions. which helps associates build a good foundation and a solid understanding of their current positions to ensure proficiency. China. Since opening in 1985. Merchant Development recently launched the Associate Investment Model—or AIM—toolkit. The goal is to help managers stretch their own capabilities and to foster the talents of others. knowledge and abilities required to perform the basic functions of their current positions. such as Executive Leadership. and gather feedback from their supervisors to build Individual Development Plans. tools and resources necessary for associates to remain competitive in today’s market. Canada. Puerto Rico. Phase II: “Fundamental Track” is the “performance management” phase. nearly 25. Ark. as well as in Brazil. eCornell is a Continuing Education program. but also provides them with the tools and resources needed to remain competitive and successful at Walmart. Mexico. Phase III: “Advanced Track” is considered the “career planning” phase and provides associates with advanced-level courses and the “how-to’s” for natural progression. The platform also offers eCornell and Walmart University co-branded Certificate Programs such as Cross-Functional Leadership Skills for the HR Professional and Human Resources Studies and Applications. United Kingdom and Japan. The toolkit allows associates. and Studies in Proactive Leadership. Leading High Performance Teams. The Career Development section of the AIM Toolkit provides Associates with information about the career planning process. Offering over 50 courses within its curriculum. These “learning and development” hubs are field-based classrooms in specific stores with virtual classroom capabilities. The platform features several certificate programs from Cornell University Certificate Programs.


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