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Study Material for Quran Study Junior Class

Source: In the class we follow a color coded copy of Quran during recitation for easy reference to rules of recitation (Tajweed). Each student is provided a few pages (also available as PDF on this site) containing the Surahs that will be covered in the class. Parents are encouraged to obtain a copy of this Quran for their young learners. A copy can be purchased from the internet ( In the class we try to practice recitation in the correct way. Outside of the class the students may practice by listening to a proper recitation which can be purchased from various sources. There are also online sources for recitation. One source on the internet has the entire Quran with translation and recitation in a PDF file which can be downloaded free of charge from

Class Handouts:

Surah Al-Asr 1. Wal Asr 2. Innal Insana Lafi Khusr 3. Illalladhina Amanu wa Aamilus Swalihati Watawa Sawbil Haqqi, Wtawa Sawbis Sabr Word meanings: 1. Asr Passing time 2. Insan People 3. Khusr Loser 4. Amanu People with Iman (Faith) 5. Aamal Perform 6. Swalihat Good work 7. Sabr Endurance (Patience)

Surah Al-Qadr 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Inna Anjalnau fi Lailatil Qadr Wama Adraka Malailatul Qadr Lailatul Qadri Khairummin Alfi Shahr Tanajjalul Malaaikatu Warruhu Fiha Bidhni Rabbihim Min Kulli Amr Salamun Hia Hatta Matlail Fajr 7. Tanajjalul Come down 8. Malaaika Angel 9. Ruhu Angel Jibril (A) 10. Rab Lord 11. Amr Affair 12. Salam Peace 13. Fajr - Dawn

Word meanings: 1. Anjalnahu We sent it down (Najala Send) 2. Lail night 3. Qadr Power 4. Khair Better 5. Alfi thousand 6. Shahr month

Surah At-Tin 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Wattini Wajjaitun Waturi Sineen Wahadhal Baladil Ameen Laqad Khalaqnal Insana Fi Ahsani Taqweem Thumma Radadanahu Asfala Safileen Illalladhina Amanu wa Amilus Swalihati Falahum Azrun Ghairu Mamnun Fama Yukadhdhibu bi Kabadu Biddeen Alaisallahu bi Ahkamil Hakimeen 8. Asfala Safilin Lowest of the low 9. Azr Reward 10. Ghairu Mamnun Never ending 11. Kadhdhab To Lie 12. Din Day of Judgment 13. Ahkam Most knowing, wise 14. Hakimin Judgets

Word meanings: 1. Tin Fig 2. Jaitun - Olive 3. Turi Sinin Mount Sinai 4. Baladil Ameen City of Safety or Security 5. Khalaq Create 6. Ahsan Best 7. Taqweem form, shape, symmetry

Surah At-Takathur 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Alhakumu Ttakathur Hatta Jurtumul Maqabir Kalla Sawfa Taalamun Thumma Kalla Sawfa Taalamun Kalla Lawtaalamuna Ilmal Yaqin Latara Unnal Jaheem Thumma Latara Unna Ha Ainal Yaqin Thumma Latus Alunna Yauma Idhin Anin Nayeem

Verse Meanings 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Competing to increase wealth distracts you Until you come to the graves No, but you will soon find out No, surely you will come to know No, if you only knew now with sure knowledge that you will see the hell-fire Yes, you will surely see it with clear vision Then, on that day you will be asked about lifes pleasure

Word meanings: 1. Alhakumu Distracts you 2. Takathur Competing to increase wealth 3. Jurtumu You visited 4. Qabr Grave 5. Ilm Knowledge 6. Taalamun You come to know 7. Thumma Again

8. Ilmal Yaqin Surety of Knowledge 9. Jaheem Hell-fire 10. As-al Question 11. Tusalunna You will be questioned 12. Yaum Day 13. Yauma-Idhin That day (judgment) 14. Nayeem Pleasure