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What is the latest and greatest and greatest in project and programme management? | Link...

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Martin von Wolfersdorff
Sales & Marketing Director EMEA @ Americhem Europe Ltd
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What is the latest and greatest and greatest in project and programme management?
I recently was discussing project management with one of my connections and then wondered what you think about project / programme management. What is the key for succesful project management? Do you use software tools like MS Project for Gantt charts? Do you follow a certain methodology? In my view, it is quite important to throughly plan, schedule and implement metrics to track progress. The key however is to chose the right project team and to empower the team members to own their share of the project. Software tools are helping, I just find that MS Project is not easy to use and usually prints Gantt charts either to small or over several pages. I rather use MS Excel and Powerpoint for basic Gantt charts. As an experiment, I have used Mindjet's Mindmanager, a mind-mapping tool to plan small projects and it came closer to what I look for in a software tool. What do you think? What is your experience? Would you have some good resources to share? Thanks & best wishes, Martin (who just started the project "Twins" in late March ; )
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PMI representation is shared across many countries and culture but too often view as too theorical. 10/11/2011 . therefore. EPM posted April 21.wikipedia.._programme_and_project_offices_p3o.) I'm studying at the moment Management of Risk because of the completeness of its vision and also because there are very few Professional Risk Managers for programmes or projects today on the market.. programme or portfolio management for a solution to better control these cots and keep innovating for after the crisis. therefore. PSNext. developing and maintaining appropriate business support structures. And free software (Ace. OGC and APM. Why? Most of the transformations underway in organization today are too often simplistic transitions of an old organizational model into a new one. P3O…) they provide a more standard approach with the latest addition P3O: 2009 | Report answer as. This should be a great time for all professional project managers but instead.. Programme and Project Offices for short provides a universally applicable guidance for a tool is often implemented as the solution because it is a concrete representation of their work model and fits in well in their values and ambitions. and project control is usually either Expedition or Prolog. (Congrats on the Twins' project!) Jerome Links: http://en.. Expert and Organization see all my answers Best Answers in: Project Management (3). CMMi is currently the referential used by all the major offshore system integrators. They can't really afford spending money on the wrong endeavours so they are turning to project. Each individual manager’s decision will tend to protect their current zone of power. Framework: On the framework.. Ronald Asche Experienced Construction and Planning Professional see all my answers Best Answers in: Ethics (1) While it may be a pain to learn and use. So when organizations are on the edge..) I have added a link below to a wiki listing most of the known PM software out there. The period obliges managers to take decisions regarding their values. see more Hello fellow citizen of the world! Tools: (in terms on licences) Number one project management tool is Excel second comes MS Project. MoR.. Number one project reporting tool is PowerPoint However there are a lot of tools on the market today from Minjet's (I have used as well nice also for brainstorming sessions) Primavera is still the more achieving functional tool on the market But there is competition like: EPK a very intuitive project management tool suite for low maturity organisation. So i think its better to focuse on what your eyes see on actual situation.linkedin. Project Managers’ decisions are one means to express the organization’s vision of the new system to define and promote the “to-be” innovative and money making organization.asp http://www. MSP. Page 2 of 5 Good Answers (9) This was selected as Best Answer Jerome Chemit. So what's new? Organization are today on the edge when it comes to manage projects. each software was developped using a specifique methodology. I have a soft spot for the Agile techniques but it can really work if the organization as a whole is ready to embrass Agile techniques and if the organization is not outsourcing to offshore integrators. Therefore. posted April 20.. for managing all the projects in an organisation (projects and/or business as usual).org/wiki/List_of_project_management_software http://www.. Indeed. you still have the usual three sisters: PMI. the Industry Standard for Scheduling is Primavera P6. (for more please follow the link below. however we are not using same methodology of twentieth century. MS Project is a great tool for small uncomplicated work schedules. it is not.. managers should transform into project managers who in turns are willing to take decisions that match the vision or the image of where they wish to head the organizational project. managers’ goals. portfolios or programmes. by this way i http://www. Software Project. their notions of right and wrong and their beliefs. these today changes prevent companies to provide a guide and to use existing values and the previous mission statement..ogc. In the process of decision-making.. it usually involves the absence of reference points as well as the demand for newness.pcubed. Then OGC (which produces Prince2. PMP IT and Project Management Coach.. fouad djebbar IT Manager see all my answers hi the project managers tools are useful but not complete. Clarity. 2009 | Report answer as.What is the latest and greatest and greatest in project and programme management? | Link. standard approach side. symbols and aspirations are involved ( Bourgeois 97). PMI is the more gobal framework for project management out there.

... You could also see this methodology as too strict for your corporate culture. For larger projects it is necessary to have a drum roll printer/plotter...What is the latest and greatest and greatest in project and programme management? | Link. 10/11/2011 . corporate culture has an important role to play in how you structure projects and the tools you use. The days of babysitting a plotter are over. I hope this helps.. JAC Design see all my answers There are many Project Management Systems available on the as mindsmanager etc. Repeating this across many projects will give you a good view into your corporate culture in regard to projects and improve your chances for success. It is the project needs that warrant more costly systems. Not knowing the specifics for your company. always make sure to get agreement from you sponsors and stakeholders on how you will communicate with them and engage them in the project management process. Page 3 of 5 think you can be (with experience) better than any project manager tools i think also you can create your own Browse Categories Management Business Analytics Change Management Corporate Governance Labor Relations Organizational Development exemple: View All let's say EXCEL is Basic tools witch can be used as porgraming platforme for non technical guys. If you don't have a requirement to use MS Project. Pinion Project Management Limited Hi Martin.Sponsors and Stakeholders: finally. Some are heavily geared toward a certain industry and some are only able to do various Gantt Charts and depict the flow of the project. government or private may dictate the required level of schedule needed. A PMO would provide you with methodologies and tools suitable for your project. All systems meet the basic principles of project management.. There is definitely a lot of good processes in the PMI methodology that will improve your chance for a successful project. You could argue that the best way to manage projects is to follow the guidelines given by the Project Management Institute (PMI). 2009 | Report answer as. . Your contract requirements.Project Culture: understand how projects are viewed in the company and how supported they are by senior leaders ... http://www. 2009 | Report answer as. I would recommend you go through the following steps to get you started in the right direction: . This allows you to have a schedule that is legable. But it is still necessary to have the appropriate tools available to be effective.. Help Center About Blog Careers Advertising Recruiting Solutions Copyright Policy Tools Mobile Developers Publishers Language Upgrade Your Account LinkedIn Corporation © 2011 User Agreement Privacy Policy Send Feedback Eric Deraspe posted April 20... The steps above are of course in the case you do not have a PMO in place.PM Methodology: review project management methodologies like PMI and pull the processes that are more in line with your culture . etc.. there are a lot of online PM tools that do a good job for distributed teams.History of Projects: gather best practices from projects in the past and understand why some failed and why some were successful . A good source to find reviews of the various project management systems and all that is available is in PMI's PM Network. Joyce Janda-Cole Owner.pmi.. 2009 | Report answer as.PM Tools: consider how team members will work and if they are distributed over different offices. Primavera Systems. Gerry Scullion Interim Project Manager..linkedin. Premium Support and Value Analysis at CA Technologies see all my answers In my mind. PlanView. posted April 20. I would also recommend that you capture what went well and what you could improve at each phase of the project and share this knowledge with future project managers. Eric Deraspe Links: http://www.. What really needs to be consider is the depth of which you need to track your resources and costs associated with the project. Try looking at Deltek's Open order way the project manager tools that you really need i hope that this was helpful for you and excuse me for my english its our 3rd language here Fouad Djebbar IT Manager posted April 20.. making your own rules and data you will see that you are creating your own "MS project tools :)" after this you can ask some one to developpe this for Planning the final result would be what you really need and not what you find in the market you.

.. Page 4 of 5 Project Management Limited see all my answers Best Answers in: Project Management (2)..What is the latest and greatest and greatest in project and programme management? | Link. For me the most versatile PM tool is a risk assessment that's dynamic and covers all business risks through a combination of team brain storming sessions and early reviews of previous projects. on budget financial performance and customer satisfaction. especially when it comes to business risk assessments. While these tools add significant value. posted April 23. quantity. 2009 | Report answer as. Whenever I can get an organization to implement these steps. see more Before worrying about how to deliver a successful project it's always wise to identify and rank key stakeholders and their needs. Matt Gardner Strategic Management & Business Continuity Professional see all my answers The key for successful project management. "What Is the Project Trying to Accomplish and Why?" .. the budget. congratulations on the 'Twins' project! Specifically with tools in mind (which I admit is just one part of the equation). 2009 | Report answer as. 1) the Outcomes or specific results expected from the project. MS Excel is by far the most versatile.firstly. "How Will the Project Team Measure Success?" .. communicate well. Gerry posted April 21. costs/benefits analysis and other decision-making tools. the best PM processes will fail if you don't have empathy. Matthew Bruggen Managing Director at Cloudpoint Asia Martin . Some organisations will want you to focus on processes.. I agree. As regards tools.e. project risks).. check if existing lines of project communications are being hindered by functional reporting structures. This is where you get the group committed. What I see lacking is.Business Writer --. As Eric points out. -An estimating and tendering process where the people who will execute the project have input to specification exceptions. labor and material costs..this question addresses a number of key project Objectives. They must be accountable for on-time completion. 2) the Purpose or change expected from producing the Outcomes. time. Anyone can get a copy of MS Project. they should only be employed in their proper place. Richard Randall President/Principal and Consultant at New Level Advisors.this question is significant because it clarifies what the Objectives (previous question) really mean.. etc. Linking your project planning activities to overall organization/business strategy is the key for successful project management. I'd recommend a look at some of the http://www. "What Other Conditions Must Exist?" .. -Defining the accountabilty of PM's. milestone dates. -Regular project review meetings with higher management asking tough questions about the schedule. People often disagree about whether a project was successful or not simply because they did not gather. -A good project kick-off process that gets the key players up to speed and recommitted to successful completion of the project.linkedin. risks...this question captures assumptions and outside factors which may disrupt your plans (i. and 3) the big picture Goal in which Purpose contributes to. project results make a quantum improvement. If you're struggling for ideas. Hope this helps. The How question is the space in which most traditional project management tools operate. 2009 | Report answer as. That said. Primavera.. in terms of quality. This can be done manually or better still with the aid of FMEA software. MS Project has a place in some but not all organisations and as with CAD. after the following 3 questions are understood by all stakeholders. this us due to differences in culture but it's also due to differences in organisational structure and configuration. not after the fact.. finance. Martin .--. I also find MS Word ideal for most other business reports and combining MS Powerpoint with flip charts helps to deliver more interesting and authentic presentations. define and agree the success criteria with stakeholders at the start. and get trained. Too many times the accountability is muddled with group accountability which is the same thing as no accountability. countermeasures and forecasted margins. last.all the best with your Twins project! posted April 23.. not everyone has it on on their PC. Ensure your project team can answer 3 critical strategic questions before answering the question "How do we get there?". 10/11/2011 .Interim Operating Executive see all my answers I believe that organizations spend too much time on tools while ignoring fundamentals. and get most of the people on your side for most of the time. others on people and all on money. I'd also strongly recommend project reviews as these will help you to understand and address the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals and groups that form the organisation.

Courtney Engle Social Media Strategist at Social Mobile Local Marketing Pros see all my answers Best Answers in: Pricing (1). process improvement. 2009 | Report answer as.. Martin Madsen Senior developer at TimeLog A/S see all my answers Hi Martin As a natural tail on the previous comment. but can be considered as a complete Project Control solution. immediately viewing changes each person makes to the plan and their impact.. project economics such as billing plans and invoicing.aspx that will handle milestones (with Gantt mapping). Have a stopwatch kinda application that would help you be deadlinefriendly(or NOT!) posted April 24. Inviting others to co-plan concurrently by delegating work . 2009 | Report answer as.aspx Martin Madsen also suggests this expert on this topic: Peder Wuth posted April 27. http://www. and resource management (Time-off.linkedin. Regards.. that advocates version changes-basically staying in the loop-. It looks powerful posted April 22.... Best wishes. PMP Seeking Senior Management role see all my answers Martin great question with lots of excellent answers. Jaishree Viswanathan Marketing/QA Analyst see all my answers It would probably be a) A bug tracker tool like Lighthouse b) For startups.What is the latest and greatest and greatest in project and programme management? | Link. I'd be pleased to run through some of the alternatives. TimeLog Project is not just a time tracking application.. speeding decision-making and delivery times and encouraging team SaaS offer from the company I work for. Page 5 of 5 Managing Director at Cloudpoint Asia see all my answers Best Answers in: Project Management (3). MPA.timelog.PBWiki. project communication needs a lot of posted April 23. They want visibility of the IT spend. Regards Martin For more information se: Links: http://www. Please let me know how I can help you. MBA. As far as Next Generation Program/Project Management goes I have 2 imputs: Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted software tools for program/project management. sharing discussions and documents are all benefits of these online tools.clarizen..check out their system. Rick posted April 23.whats happening and everything. with more and more offshoring/outshoring. Rick Price. viewing up-to-date resource loads. 2009 | Report answer 10/11/2011 . 2009 | Report answer as... More and more the answer for that is Earned Value Analysis/Management. to reduce bottlenecks and re-work. Also..timelog.. would I like to introduce you to TimeLog Project . see more SaaS alternatives to MS Project which focuses entirely on planning (and forces you to plan to the 'T' before you can even begin your project) rather than on execution. I now advise executive management teams/CIOs more and more about Portfolio Management in their suite of projects. 2009 | Report answer as. c) Communication and resolving bugs/file sharing or online conferences for the team d) Time tracking.. a proj management tool-.. see more Courtney Engle suggests this expert on this topic: Mark Carbone Mark represents http://xecorporation. assigning notes to tasks. workload etc).com http://www. Matthew Links: http://www..