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Blue sky, fluffy clouds. The TOY STORY logo. A branding iron sears a “3” into it.

IMAGE bursts into FLAMES... EXT. OLD WEST - DAY A train races across the desert. MOVE IN on an ARMORED CAR. Suddenly, the roof blows open. EXT. TRAIN - DAY Money bags fly out. ONE-EYED BART (Mr. Potato Head) follows. Ha!

ONE-EYED BART Money, money, money! Ha! Ha! Bart stashes the loot. Hey!

Suddenly, a lasso yanks his arm off. ONE-EYED BART

The lasso lifts him off his feet. He falls, dazed. A figure approaches -- WOODY. He pins Bart with his boot. WOODY You got a date with justice, One-Eyed Bart! ONE-EYED BART Too bad, Sheriff -- I’m a married man. A WAR CRY. Woody looks up. Ai! VOICE (O.S.) Ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-yah!

A Ninja warrior, ONE-EYED BETTY (Mrs. Potato Head), flips down the train roof, wielding a sword and nun-chucks. WOODY One-Eyed Betty! Woody handsprings away. He gets to the end of the Caboose. Betty hits him with her purse. He teeters, then falls. WOODY Whoa, whoa... Ahhh...! Bart and Betty laugh, peek over the edge...