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1 Operators. Build Pascal Triangle http://en.goolge. If I pass time stamp as 100000000 to your function. Flames 3. Expressions. You need to use mysql. triangle. 2 . Suppose if I pass "Please ch" as argument it should return "Please <a href='' target='_new'>http://www. Afte model has been created. Convert urls in the string to links. inheritance and 3 Exception Handling 4 Regular expressions 5 Database API 6 UTF-8 encoding and decoding Convert the time duration into readable way like 2hours. objects. Implement a functionaly to calculate the area of some region. 16 seconds. Your code shou the Exceptions related to proper dimention values.wikipedia. it years. circle. Implement this using classes and objects. Control Structures and Functions Go through Date. 22's_algorithm Go through basic php syntax. Time. The re's_triang 2. If I pass dimentions and region type then it s area value. 2 months.wikipedia.php training plan . http://en.PHP .5. write a php script that will parses thr and load them into the database. 19 hours.go The function has to work with all type of urls. Arrays and String 2 functions Go through Classes.2 Concepts Problem Sets 1. 3minute etc For Your php script must log info we can check the status of the database operations that are d Write a program which is find out the length of a string which i characters. Create a CSV file which is having information about Employee datamodel for Employee system.

Build a use mysql. SANTY SUNNY Strike out the chars which are common in both the names which means S. It means first.php. it should return 3</a>" ours. So next time.php training plan . M should be striked. a string which is having utf8 3 . your function. The region may be ion type then it should return the http://www.PHP .php. L should be removed.. Based on the above acronym for each character. print the relationship between the 2 persons.w3schools. Parse through the word “FLAMES” and strike count the char which comes at 4.php. about Employee details. ki/Pascal's_triangle http://in2. Your code should also handle http://in2. The remaining chars are ATUN Now count the total numbers which is 4. This should be continued until you have 1 last character.2 References How FLAMES works F = Friends L = Lovers A = Ancestors M = Married E = Enemy S = Sister Take the name of 2 me pass "Please check this url return "Please check this url >http://www. NOTE: The names should be taken as input by user. N and Y will be removed from both the After the data t will parses through the csv ipt must log information so that tions that are done. Then the next count should start from E and again strike out when you read end. 3minute etc.

2 s 4 .com/PHP/DEfaULT.php w.php training plan .php php.asP .w3schools.

PHP . 3.5.2 Convert an array into object. y. Read data and store in the tables Download code from http://download. Fina have 'n'ounces on any of the x. Take Date. 4) as input the output should be an object lets say obj1 then obj1->0 shou value'.com/news?pz=1&ned=us&hl=en&topic=t&o 8 XML parser and reader 9 Reflections Read this rss feed information and store that information in da steps a. Build the database according data(Follow normalization) c. z ounces of liquid respec ounces container is empty but y and z ounces containers are we measure out 'n' ounces by using only the three above men contaienrs? Suppose if we substiture values for x=19. function Output the class names followed by that class functions. 5 .net/package/D and extract the content. z container. if I pass array('first value'.. 'you' => 'Anonymous'. y=13.pear. y. As input it should return object lets say obj2 then obj2->me sh 'Sebastian' obj2->you should have value 'Anonymous' like tha http://news. z=7 and n=10 should be like this. 'second value'. 'he' => 'Bill' ).google.php file from the extracted this file as input file and find out what are the classes. 7 OOPS If I pass array( 'me' => 'Sebastian'.php. 19Ounces 13Ounces 0 13 7 step1 7 13 step2 19 1 step3 12 1 step4 12 8 step5 5 8 step6 5 13 step7 18 0 step8 18 2 step9 11 2 step10 11 9 step11 4 9 step12 4 13 step13 17 0 step14 17 3 step15 10 3 7Ounces 0 0 7 0 7 2 2 0 7 0 7 3 3 0 7 10 Logical thinking At the final step we got 10ounces on 19ounces container. If can not make exception saying not possible to make it.php training plan . If the classes output the function names We have 3 container which hold x. Understand what data it is giving b. obj1->1 should print 'second value' etc.

0a1.PHP . functions in that file. Finally we should If can not make then raise 6 .tgz. z=7 and n=10 Then output s Take lasses. Follow ormalization) . functions.2 as input en obj1->0 should print 'first en obj2->me should have value ymous' like that. m the extracted directory. hl=en&topic=t&output=rss nformation in database.5. If there are no of liquid respectively.php training plan . How can hree above mentioned 3. The x containers are full.

2 7 .php training plan .PHP .5.

e. iii. When you send an invitation an email your friend email address. Provide logout link when the user click logout. Show my speed from last x weeks. y fields are the c. Create a simple application which is similar to facebook status 12 13 a.5. i. Login page where users will login to store the contacts. Through this application user should able to send invitation through email address. forgot password for the appli b. email. logout. d. c. edit friend deta d. Once the user register he should se on the home page same as first case. register.2 Write a small application which will allow the users to store the should have following pages. Try to use single database connection in all pages. These x. Once he accept the req and your friend will become friends in the application.6 meters pe a. After successfull registration or login the users should goto where it lists all his friends information. Simple application which shows the statistics of running. forgot password. the user sess should be destroyed and it should redirect to login form. Show rank of the user in the entire site by taking latest spee e.. Provide login. e. rate to his friends status d. Use can add only one speed per day. Sup run 100 meters in 1 min. If your friend already register in the application then he shou request on his home page. Show last 10days spead in a chart. he should see a page similar to faceb At the center of the page. Registration page where new users will register c. ii. Once user logs in he can add his speed by specifying I can for y seconds or minutes on that day. website number etc. 8 . Once user logged in. Store the maximum friend details like name. Provide login. This maintain the database of players with the running speeds. If your friend is not already register in the application then in should have register link. b. Once he click accept then you and become friends. Note: Create normalized database for the above applications. ii. register. Use proper normalization for the database. User should able to add comment.PHP . logout. then your speed will be 1.php training plan . b. Provide following filter for the above chart i. so that user can analys f. 11 Web Concepts a. but he can edit the sp d. Show my spped from last x months. Show my spped from last x days. There might be 2 cases. Provides list to add ne It should provide forms to delete friend details. it should display my friends status m should allow me to add my status message.

email. king latest speeds of all users. This application ng speeds. send invitation to his friend itation an email should go to ses. the user session details ogin form. can edit the speed of that day. edit friend details etc.php training plan . contact ut.5. 9 . user can analyse progress. on then he should see friend pt then you and your friend will plication then invitation email er he should see your request e accept the request then you cation.. specifying I can run x meeters y fields are the input feeds. pages. ord.6 meters per second. ster rs should goto welcome page es list to add new friend details.2 sers to store the friends list. facebook status messages. friends status messages and it s friends status messages.PHP . ve applications. similar to facebook home page. f running. It e contacts. website url. ord for the application. Suppose you can be 1.

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