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BLACK SCREEN SUPER: “Africa is the second largest continent on Earth.

” SUPER: “It is over eleven million square miles in size.” SUPER: “Even today, parts of it remain unexplored.” FADE IN: EXT. AFRICAN PLAINS - NIGHT LIGHTNING STROBES the ink black sky. Distant THUNDER echoes with a DEAFENING BOOM. SUPER: “Inspired by a true story.” IN THE TALL GRASS. Six wraiths cut trails like dorsal fins in dead water. LIONESSES. Scarred. Taunt muscles. Eyes reflecting an evil hunger. Floating toward a small village. LIGHTNING. THUNDER.

EXT. AFRICAN VILLAGE-NIGHT Thatched huts. Two small wooden buildings. IN FRONT OF ONE. A SMALL GIRL plays with a doll in the faint glow of a torch. THUNDER.