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Kezia Dugdale, MSP The Scottish Parliament EDINBURGH EH991SP

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3 October 2011

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POSITIVE DESTINATIONS PROGRAMME I refer to our previous correspondence regarding your interest in the Positive Destinations programme to assist young people leaving school without education, employment and training. I have now received an update from colleagues on the particular projects in which you expressed interest. Lifetrack System - Vodaphone Youth Engagement Project This programme ran successfully in James Gillespie's High School with a group of 4th, 5th and 6th year pupils during part of the 2010-11 school year until funding provided by Vodaphone came to an end. To ensure that this kind of support can continue and be sustainable in all secondary schools, the Children and Families service has created a 16+ Learning Choices budget and made an allocation of £10,000 per secondary school to enable schools to purchase the employability input and support that meets the needs of their particular young people. Additionally, over the last two school years, Scottish Business in the Community has been contracted to harness support from the business world to add an employability dimension to the Primary Secondary Transition Programme for all schools and also put in place a Business Advisory Group for each secondary school. Support from the Business Advisory Groups and from employers signing up to the Edinburgh Guarantee will enrich the implementation of the senior phase Curriculum for Excellence.

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Additional Resource - Implementation Of Activity Agreements The City of Edinburgh Council has received £370,000 to manage the implementation of activity agreements and to set up the structures to support their delivery. A team has been formed within Children and Families to ensure that there is coherence in how we roll out activity agreements in close alignment to our 16+ Learning Choices groups in schools, the development of the senior phase Curriculum for Excellence and the Council's employability programmes and strategy skills pipeline.







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We also seek to capitalise on employment, training and support opportunities generated through the Edinburgh Guarantee. The first cohort targeted for support are this year's summer leavers for whom we already have in place Skills Development Scotland key worker support. In consultation with Skills Development Scotland and from analysis of schoolleaver data, we have set a target of 80-100 activity agreements in the first year. I hope that this information is helpful. Yours sincerely

SUE BRUCE Chief Executive


Gillian Tee, Director of Children & Families