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Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living.

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Journey to another World

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The Artistic Landscape of Paranormal Apparitions

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how to behaved. Logically. there is…meeting a poltergeist. Many of these myths.). that could define the identity of a country and its people. which are meant to survive through time should be the informative ones (important historical facts and discoveries. we would like to introduce you to this small investigation. these “creatures” should be feared. The immediate consequence is the lack of certified information or expertly conformed proves. there is nothing better then traditions and mythology. since ancient times. while ghosts are said to be one of the greatest interest for American and for English people. is much easier to debate. People. there are those who are very keen on seeing lost spirits. We are trying to discover the reasons behind this answer. whose origins are in Romania. we would like to take into consideration an unconventional provider. to clarify the confusion between the practice of challenging ghosts. named poltergeists experience and the creature called poltergeist (strigoi). not very numerous. their passion refers to filming or catching them in action. The path followed by each myth. tightly related to proving their existence and to receiving credits and recognition for doing so. In order to support or to contradict the above-mentioned answer. the question is who can tell us how to react. confessing they do. why not fantasy. the famous ghost hunters. who have had this sort of encounters. Even in the case of relatives this instinctual feeling is impossible to repress. which have no obvious explanation should have disappeared centuries ago. through the means of the previously mentioned domain. we will present to you our modest research on this matter. the only details. kind of spirits are allegedly seen in Romanian rural areas. who have invented. The expansion of knowledge leaves its mark on popular believes. reveals itself to be a very troubling study for contemporary scientists. the evolution of technology. Thus. Journey to another World Introduction: Is there an experience more frightening or more exciting than seeing the unseen? Is there a bigger question than that of where we go after our lives end? Is there some other feeling. reactions should vary. even an unfair comparison. As art’s most lucrative factor is imagination or. when asked they will agree that. this uncommon and perhaps forbidden theme. The aspect related to their preservation is quite interesting to “investigate”. the purpose of this work being to make a clear distinction between ghosts and poltergeists. which might compare to the enormous thrill one experiences when meeting a ghost? Of course. yet they still . and also. These. so to say.The Art of Haunting I. we would like to make a parallel between the different beliefs related to this matter. hoping to arouse your curiosity. so we are reluctant to interact with the main object of our scare. may be a difficult and to a certain point. Although. In the present paper. because of its association with the occult. Motivation For the Choice Of the Theme. how to understand and how to protect ourselves from lost souls? The most common issue is related to the fact that “no one can provide us with a perfect answer”. uncontrollable fear of the unknown. Although a parallel between the different beliefs related to the matter. mention the fact that they have firstly experienced a tremendous fear. We have a genuine. as the theme has been a sort of taboo. Main Objectives When it comes to a nation’s cultural life. we have to mention that the general beliefs within a certain area date from ancient times. Trying to discover the main sources of knowledge about the unseen world. expressed through artistic means. enabling people to develop as fast as possible. It is manly based on various information fountains. art. grief and lamentations come last. art etc. Therefore. Firstly.

we have decided to follow the artistic vision of the unseen world. Despite the general increase of planetary knowledge and cultural expansion. has become of major interest for the modern man. nor to criticize the paranormal enthusiast. as they encourage meditation on life and death. The main target is not to convert readers into believers. Question is how such a process can be possible. continuing with remorse and ending with grief. the paranormal world has a grievance against humans. Most certainly. The matter is a subjective one and so are the reactions… Starting with scare. Lastly. even in the form of hypothesis. despite the continuous evolution of human society? The explanation seems to refer once again to our old and “hereditary” fright of ghostly spirits. As we intend to expose the theme from a special angle. . numerous scientists include themselves into the numbers of supporters of this issue. the world we would like to present induces various feelings to the readers. discussing this matter implies assuming the existence of ghosts in order for the discussion to evolve. because of its lack of consideration for ghostly creatures. although great controversy has been aroused by this matter. Secondly. Thirdly. these sensations inspired by spirituality. but to show the contribution of this myth to Romanian and English national culture. questions regarding it are various and widely spread. This work does not intend to take sides. empathy or sympathy. We believe they are worth taking into consideration. surrounding all of us. The paranormal theory has many admires. focusing on its artistic side. can be analyzed from many perspectives. mythology regarding earthbound spirits.remain. Most of the time they are willing to take the risk of being rejected or becoming the joke of their colleagues as they sustain their belief in paranormal activity and assume the “fatal” and possibly unfair consequences. but it might be actually flattered by the gradual increase of artistic interest in mystical happenings and objects. supposedly.

to 19th-century Scottish literature. the seat of feeling." and the later Odin. Tolkien's use of the word in the naming of the creatures known as the Ring wraiths has influenced later usage in fantasy literature. might be of great help. photography and cinematography especially a flare. R. The synonym stafie comes from the Dutch loanword spook. the word could denote the spirit of God. It is common to West Germanic. it entered the English language via the United States in the 19th century.The pre-Germanic form was ghoisdo-s. and acquired the more general or figurative sense of "portent. In Germanic paganism. An association with the verb writhe was the etymology favoured by J." vital principle. thought and moral judgement. extending on one hand to soul. we will start this presentation by “defining” these creatures and by guessing how far backwards in time. an animal or object." In 18th. meaning “to appear”. omen. The modern noun does. or apparition. from a hypothetical common Germanic gaistaz. so in order to know exactly what we are talking about. Tolkien. The word fantasmă. in reference to the notion of spirits in the Greek underworld. spectre. spirit. R. The word has no commonly accepted etymology. in the following pages we will try to construct. Wraith is a Scottish dialectal word for "ghost. their existence was notices. apparently from a root denoting "fury. These are said to be unreal or imaginary beings. . it was also applied to aquatic spirits." The original meaning of the Germanic word would thus have been an animating principle of the mind. "Germanic Mercury. on the other hand used figuratively of any shadowy outline. while in popular belief it refers only to the spirit of a deceased person. but lacking in North and East Germanic (the equivalent word in Gothic is ahma). related to a sudden appearance of a person. which some think or claim to be able to see. and the "haint tale" is a common feature of southern oral and literary tradition. fuzzy or unsubstantial image. What Are We Dealing With? In order to star a fair comparison between these mythical apparitions. Terminology The English word ghost continues Old English gást. coming from the French fantôme. Therefore. or to reconstruct a definition. Alternative words in modern usage include spectre (from Latin spectrum). mind or psyche. OED notes "of obscure origin" only. derives from the Greek phàinesthai. "Haint" is a synonym for ghost used in regional English of the southern United States. secondary image or spurious signal. Also from the Old English period. or Latin umbra. how they appeared and how they got their names." The now prevailing sense of "the soul of a deceased person. who is still attached to earth. compare fantasy) and apparition." It came to be used in Scottish Romanticist literature. The term shade in classical mythology translates Greek σκιά. which vanishes as fast as it showed itself. The synonym spook is a Dutch loanword. akin to Low German spôk (of uncertain etymology). usually representing the soul of a dead person. retain a wider field of application.II. anger" reflected in Old Norse geisa "to rage. and appears in Scottish poet John Mayne's Hallowe'en in 1780. it is compulsory to explain what they are. The Romanian word fantomă. however. the Scottish wraith (of obscure origin). the "Holy Ghost. may refer to any spirit or demon (evil presence) which manifests itself in a certain way. Bogie is an Ulster Scots term for a ghost. spoken of as appearing in a visible form" only emerges in Middle English (14th century). phantom (via French ultimately from Greek phantasma. Following the steps of the paranormal terminology. was at the same time the conductor of the dead and the "lord of fury" leading the Wild Hunt. in optics. in particular capable of excitation and fury (compare óðr).

ghost. where people name the dead children from their own folklore mora (the suffix mor-moramore does not have the meaning of death). as a result of the thirst for vengeance or because the lost soul has not had a proper burial ceremony. Another interesting theory about why spook “exist” is that some of them are atheists. the English equivalent. to the living. One of the most popular theories about ghosts is that the traumatic events can emotionally influence persons and stimulate them to believe that they can see paranormal entities. All of these theories might finally make real sense to everybody. however in our tradition they are seen as evil creatures. You should not think of the “classic” spooks wearing sheets or headless knights anr horse riders. A similar point of view consists of the belief that related mental factors and personal knowledge about relatives who have passed away lead to dreams and telepathy. pricolici is an evil spirit. silent. As this is not . "to make a noise". because of unknown causes. ending with the apparition of ghosts. who did not believe in the after life and got confused when confronted with it. In Romanian mythology. a spiritual substance. The word. classification of poltergeist varies. In Romanian and English mythology. The continuation of the word can also be found in Serbia. The Birth of the Unseen – Definitions of the Terms Ghost: In traditional belief. whereas in the English culture they can also be nothing else than peaceful. Ghosts do not have a body. or Strix. meaning "ghost" or "spirit". having the ability to change into different animals. By repeating the same actions. they often appear in the form of steam. vindictive and badly intended.Poltergeists: The word strigoi derives from the Romanian verb a striga. poltergeist. cold winds. or transparent faces. Therefore. which psychics claim to radiate during sessions. ghostly spirits are a very old presence. not being able to “cross over” or “trespass”. in visible form or other manifestation. lost souls are “memories” of those who have lived a long time ago. are often dead relatives of those present at the session. meaning “to yell”. which represents the trespassing between our world and numerous other dimensions. a ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person or animal that can appear. although its “components” do not have an English equivalent. they have remained “instilled” on a sort of magnetic ribbon. If the existence of spooks were to be proved. a form which the soul of certain people transforms itself after they die. violent deaths. and Geist. meaning "to sing". The concept of moroi is typical to Romanians.a supernatural owl. docile souls that can sometimes be seen. as we rather use spells and witches to communicate with beloved dead persons. Allegedly. we have some other terms such as moroi or pricolici that cannot be completely associated to vampires and werewolves. comes from German poltern. Psychics are more popular in English countries than in Romania. the Romanian. They are said to be made of ectoplasm. with the help of a medium. many ghosts show themselves as entities dressed in old-fashioned clothes or in the form of vapours. we might also have the answer to what comes after death. spheres of light etc. Another possible origin might be the Latin Strigosuswithout flash. which sometimes may also have arms and legs. as it was used for the first time by the Daco-Romans (as demonstrated by the folklorist Tudor Pamfilie) before the migration of the Slavs in the Southern part of the Balkans. having the same vertical line-shape. which during night eats the baby’s blood) As well as the previously discussed term. also related to the Italian strega. Ghosts born in séances. so it has not been offered the eternal rest. They are earthbound spirits due to brutal. meaning witch.

evil forces enter the mother’s womb and put the red beanie on the child’s head to resemble them. Because they were not liberated from their ancestral sin. who want to steal these gifts from them. stained by devilish creatures. who are killed or much worse. including loud bangs on walls or roofs and as opposed to the Romanian version. such as cats. they are not able to bring their life to a close. Customs say that from that moment. Moroi: In Romanian mythology. we add certain relations with evil resulting to be one of the causes of the appearance of poltergeists. hairy hands and a bigger mouth than a normal man does. restless hunt. (or were murdered) without being baptized. English people believe that poltergeists are ghostly spirits that can move domestic items and generally terrorize people (and sometimes pets. those meant to be poltergeists are normal children carrying certain signs. In the first category are included the living persons who possess infernal. At first sight. Romanian tells speak about two types of poltergeists: those who are alive and those who are dead. there are people who have a predisposition to becoming poltergeists. They can be men as well as women. but this is far to be true. . beetles. The children (girls and boys) of an unmarried girl. The corpses. change into these entities after seven years from their death. Poltergeists belonging to the second category are “classic” poltergeists. as well) inside their own houses. They are sad spirits carrying a purse. They are also reputed to generate unexplained noises. they are lost between worlds and they seek vengeance for being brutally taken out of the living world. dogs. they take the shape of so-called “impure” animals. and they use the stick to protect themselves from other moroi. owls. but they can reach this condition when they are still alive. they seem to be similar to the shadowy vampires in the occidental legends. calling for baptism. they can once again become poltergeists. legs with horseshoes. Poltergeist: Poltergeists are traditionally described as troublesome spirits. moroi are the souls of the children who died at birth. they are associated in the popular imagination with demonic possession. having a “shirt” on their body. they are buried alive to hide the shame from the villagers and family. In the purse they put aliments received as alms from living children. rams. Due to an occult ritual. rats. This is why the midwife should take the beanie and throw it in the oven before the baby can put it into his mouth. they fill the cauldron with water also from alms. To the above-mentioned reasons why a soul becomes a ghost. flies. which are not guarded before their funeral. While haunting the living. Their bodies move into the tombs. When they are born. because their mothers have forgotten them and they haven not given them any alms. nor certainly impossible. Such a child is the son of a woman who allegedly drank impure water. in order to avoid his incurable transformation into a poltergeist. the ghostly spirits remain a myth and their existence a hypothesis. goats. demonic or hex’s powers. they closely resemble spooks and not vampires. The soul of the deceased child comes out of the grave in the shape of a column of light and begins its eternal. If an animal jumps over them or a cock passes over their tomb. those whose shadow is stolen with a cane to be inbuilt into a wall are also destined to the same cruel transformation. Allegedly. Poltergeists have long hairy tails. wolves. as old people call it. Occasionally. are restless souls with an unstoppable hunting activity. a cauldron and a stick received as alms from their mothers. known only by the initiated.yet possible. While English people still associate the two terms. might also become poltergeists. They are born with a beanie on their heads.

These babies are born with one or two bumps on their heads. They have the ability to communicate to animals. they are the evil souls of dead people whose sole purpose is to harm the living. They might also be the sons of couples where the man and woman are close relatives. They are bad people (of an uncertain gender) who continue to torment and harm the other person even after they die. They can turn into wolves (more often.Pricolici: Pricolici are entities with the appearance of certain animals. large white wolves) and dogs (huge black dogs with red eyes) by turning a somersault three times. which they use to cause trouble. walking fast and mostly at night and being the servants of demons. symbolizing devilish horns. naughty and mean to people. a fragile body and a small height. They grow into children with a never-ending energy. While poltergeists resemble to the face they had in real life. . these spirits become wolves or large dogs. Pricolici are also claimed to have a tail.

fruit. teeth-marks or scratches. sticks. caused to simulate a rocking or "dancing" motion. In some rare cases. they fall into madness. we believe our interest is going to focus on how they influence human life. Even though the poltergeist has been named after its auditory effects. The men who fall in love with them become obsessive and hallucinate. Small objects may disappear from their appointed places. we will next present some general knowledge about how these two apparently unrelated worlds “communicate” and leave their personal print on each other. are likely to be confined to one particular person. which they practice at night. overturned or otherwise agitated. small items are likely to be thrown. Manipulations suggesting internal malfunction may affect electrical equipment later found to be working normal. Showers of stones. The English believes surrounding poltergeists’ activity are quite different from Romanian tradition. detailing reactions to these manifestations is a much too subjective matter. Interactions Now that we have a much clearer picture of these supernatural beings. like a white smoke. etc. Michael Goss describes the following common phenomena associated with the poltergeist. slowly dieing. slashed or otherwise damaged. In Romanian customs. mud. "Spontaneous" fires may break out. they are devoted to malefic acts such us scaring the living. If she puts it in a place with high levels of humidity. may torment one or all of the members of a haunted family by attacking them out of the bloom. plugs are removed and light bulbs smashed or wrenched from their sockets. levitated. Poltergeists women are also said be good and respected women during the day. torn. while the poltergeist steals their souls. linen. she brings drought. by moving objects from their original place. seeds of hemp and egg to produce a muffin. as walls or ceilings. earth. for example. but during the night they put their husbands to sleep with herbs.III. they mix grains. shoves. However. They can be seen as an immaterial presence. etc. may be inflicted on householders and their guests. slaps. These women are a sort of courtesan and the reaches they are interested in are the souls of living men. phenomena that are more typical may include numerous other discomforts fore those haunted by these beings. dance together or fight other poltergeists. Poltergeists women do not drown. They have a great power of seduction. Manifestation Generally. the rains will start immediately. who have become poltergeists. such as furniture. may be rolled. they absorb the life and vital energy of their relatives and former friends. As the most common perceptions on paranormal activity are scepticism or unexplainable fear. possibly making subsequent reappearances in highly unexpected situations… others fail to reappear at all. Then they chase each other. stealing the cows’ milk and the fruits of the soil. namely the supposed "agent" or "focus" of the disturbances. Pools or jets of water (and/or liquids) may be emitted from normally dry surfaces.. In his extensive bibliography on poltergeists. The previous definitions would certainly have no utility if there had not been a prolonged interaction between the world of phantoms and the world of living people. The women. shells and occasionally more bizarre material such as bank-notes. linen has been found to have been deliberately arranged in the form of a "tableau" reminiscent of human figures at worship. Bedclothes. Personal assaults such as blows. . they leave young boys and girls unmarried by changing faith. sometimes scaring the present owners of the homes. spooks manifest by haunting the places where they used to live. stop the celestial weir of the rain they steal the dew from the grass. Poltergeists are known for not eating garlic or onions and for being afraid of frankincense. Telephones may ring or register calls when none has been made. small animals. If the poltergeist leaves the muffin on the oven. garments and curtains may be crumpled. stigmata in the form of wheels. or may be swept across the room in flights of complicated and sustained trajectory from which they descend either gradually and gently in hovering motion or very abruptly. Consequently. in particular. Other times they make their presence felt by sounds or signs. moved. Objects.

while slipping. they will stop cows from giving milk. Only the persons born on Saturdays can identify poltergeists. they can see the real form of the poltergeists. who have passed away. diabolic abilities is their huge dimensions and perhaps. so they will rarely agree to leave their houses in order to get rid of the ghost. They can overcome any obstacle. As they most often appear in dreams. It is in the early morning when they finish their affairs for the night and return to their eternal beds. holly water . yet illegal way to identify them. In a few instances. giving them terrible nightmares. Pricolici are said to be capable to eat cows and kids and to spread illness and diseases. May I Check Your ID. Please? There are those who claim to have the ability not only to see ghostly spirits but also to communicate with them. However. Exhumation might be a certain.Witnesses sometimes describe apparitions (human. moroi children are very hard to chase. who are moroi. causing them various problems and inducing them strong and unpleasant feelings of remorse and deep shame. special Masses as well as using the magic properties of garlic. But in Romania. Against poltergeists . get out of their tombs every night to torment their mothers. they eat the vegetable. Psychics gather along with persons who want to speak to their beloved friends and family. animal or indeterminate). the force they have during their transformation. they are mortal. The gatherings represent spiritualistic sessions. Despite their unlimited power since life. They haunt their mother in their sleep and they sit on their chest to steal their breath. who very often are nothing but frauds. they put . Romanian mythology recommends special incantations. faces and silhouettes that come out of their braves and go back only after the last singing of the cocks. the only factor that might indicate their magic. When chasing them away. villagers (men who are very attached to their homes) believe that offering alms and prays for the deceit’s eternal peace is also a way of calming an angry spirit. they are over energetic creatures with tremendous power that leave their tombs at night to scare and harm people. people more often move to another houses. at the same time. as being unusual lights or clouds of phosphorescence. as their corpses allegedly stay untouched under ground. in which those who have the don to sense spirits lend their voice or their entire body to the lost souls who speak their mind through them. invocations in order to “cross over” the spirit with the help of a psychic. a form of psychic invasion characterized as "possession" or entrancement with associated psych abilities and the poltergeist agent has been reported. Protection against the Unseen Protection against ghosts includes blessings. holly bread. locals believe that the spirits haunting their homes are related to their family or village. and they will try to communicate with them by going to the local witches. In addition. enter the houses of villagers and sit on their chests. My Name is Paranormal. as they act under the effect of demonic forces. As these grotesque human forms manifest under the form of ferocious animals. In folkloric tells people grease the gates and doors of their homes with garlic. Because they are able to communicate with animals. They say that if these persons stay in guard at night. Pricolici are creatures ever harder to find. The children. hens from laying eggs and dogs from barking. the evil spirits become very dangerous.

as they are considered tomb profanations. on 23rd. during the solstice in winter and the equinox in spring. According to the folklore. the heart is burnt until it turns into ashes. Law however forbids these rituals. With the same purpose. when they are much more furious. or hot iron. the day of Saint Gheorghe. harmful and malefic ghosts. as well as on the night of Santoader. which are suppose to bring peace to the spirit and stop it from moving items in an angry manner. interfering with their dreams or attacking by surprise humans and animals lost at night. The Ghostly Hour Ghosts allegedly haunt after midnight and go to rest in the morning. their powers augment on November 30th at the same time with their poltergeists brother and sisters. protection from pricolici. the remedy against poltergeists consists of house blessings and prays. but also during the day. Poltergeists are particularly dangerous during two days of the year. Getting read of a poltergeist is a dangerous process consisting of stabbing the living-dead men’s hart with a sharp piece of wild-rose-wood.holly pictures above their children’s heads and they make them wear a necklace made from cloves. on 12 July. the powers of the poltergeists increase considerably on the night of 30th November when Saint Andrew is celebrated. while people sleep. which people put under their pillow in the night on Saint Andew. requiem masses are held for Romanian families who have lost their children. . poltergeists show themselves mostly at night. The body must be exhumed at night and in some extreme cases. at the fest called “Moşii Duminicii Mari”. the children who turned into moroi should be blessed with holly water. They might also sleep with a clove on their tongs. again includes garlic. As they are a sort of poltergeists taking the shape of animals. thus there have been cases on people who have experienced spirits in full day. before they are buried. The other types of Romanian poltergeists only appear at night. According to old stories. April. as they are very much alike ghosts. As for English tradition. For their eternal peace. In English countries.

some other stories collected from Romanian villages are laid out for you to “witness” the manifestation of folkloric demons. It had two bars: one on the street and the other off the Row above . Then the Tower of London which is inhabited by several headless apparitions. we have gathered some stories of alleged haunting. Previously known as 'Ye Olde Vaults'. and dating from 1789. First the Ghost of Annie Frazer at the Aultsigh Inn. including Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey and the Scottish mountain Ben Doran haunted by a half-man. such as strigoi.IV. consequently this assumption implies the inclusion of some type of demonstration. Explaining the science of séance is the means to offer this answer. Suspected Of Being Haunted Assuming the existence of a ghostly community. During the recent renovations. 1. from English speaking countries. half-goat creature called a Urisk. . the devoted landlord in 1898. For many decades. Prepare for launching into our own paranormal investigation. who was murdered by her lover in a jealous rage. we find it necessarily to point out a few examples. Here are some of the most popular stories told by the villagers. and few of the changes were for the better. this status was not so hard for it to gain. we close this chapter with the answer to an over asked question: is it possible for humans to call out spirits and initiate their haunting activities. Concrete Examples Far from us the idea of making the reader of this work a believer. however bringing into your attention a few places where mysterious. pricolici or phantasms. Ghostly Presences England is considered to be one on the top of the list with haunted countries in Europe. well hidden to the naked human eye is the premises of our work. This didn’t go down well with old Mr Barlow. Therefore. the site supervisor corroborated these claims. regulars claimed to hear loud bangs. which might help us to better comprehend these uncommon happenings. Martin Jeffrey a fan on this hardly understood happenings has made a list of 101 British ghosts and haunting on his blog. all over the word. With its numerous old castles. built up on tells of envy. Moreover. But the pub was refurbished in 1900 and other landlords came and went.but with no interconnecting doors or stairs between the two! Now converted into a soulless. His sole purpose in life seemed to be maintaining the excellence of his pub and its beer. proving the existence of devilish or heavenly spirits is not (yet) possible. Speaking for all of his employees. moroi. strange phenomena happen regularly. fed with the blood on may solders during extremely violent confrontations. he said that they felt they were constantly watched and that the bar is one of the creepiest places they have ever worked in. its numerous battlefields. Chester's unusual Barlow's pub occupied two-storeys at 30 Bridge Street.a place nearby the famous Loch Ness. groans and wails emanate by his disgusted spirit. the building is still haunted by a disapproving former landlord. death and ruthless betrayals. the pub was later named after William Barlow. is. From this impressively long list I have chosen three cases that caught my eye. In addition. upmarket shop. Unfortunately. From all of Britain’s haunted towns Chester is definitely a very prolific one. Until 2002.

the owners decided to open the petrol station 24-hours-a-day. however. here. just off Bridge Street Row in the heart of Chester. When the medium finally made contact with the woman's upset spirit at a séance. it is said that the village of Luncani is inhabited by ghosts. Strangely.000 years ago it was a Roman cemetery whose burials are still unearthed by archaeologists today. a well-known Chester medium uncovered the sad secret of her ‘ghostly tenant'. The great resemblance with the lastly presented Chester haunting is due to the origin of the ghosts. At that time a long-established garage occupied the site next to what is now a modern Habitat shop. Today.2. it seemed her ghost was doomed to haunt the house forever. wearing black-cowls. for many years. in central Chester. She was often woken in the early hours by a disembodied wailing and the sound of feet hurrying up and down the stairs. The ones guilty for their fear turned out to be two phantom monks. In the years following World War Two. however. the spectral figures achieved notoriety only in the 1960s. looking for kind people to stop and offer them some help to reach heavenly peace. that it was too late for earthly justice. Her anguished spirit could not rest until the truth of her husband's guilt was widely known. 4. she had fallen down two flights of stairs and died. they have not been seen for a while. the medium said. When out-of-town competition increased. . none of the staff seemed keen to do the night shift. Now. who prowled up from the river each night to vanish in front of the petrol pumps. the ghosts are former solders. As a result. many of the staff claimed to have seen the ghost of ‘Soldier MacKenzie’. According to locals. When he died of his wounds. Charlie! Hello. Today the hospital has been demolished and replaced with luxurious houses and apartments. while for others it's merely part of 'life's rich tapestry'! 3. Many witnesses believed he marched through the wards on an eternal mission to find his missing uniform. she learned the ghostly woman had apparently died as a result of a fall on the steep stairs. always on the right side of the road. the ghost claimed that she had actually been murdered by her husband. the supernatural is a cause of fear. When the Infirmary was still standing. Within the north-west corner of the city walls once stood the old Chester Royal Infirmary. It's an area long associated with death: almost 2. down a narrow alleyway. and from the Middle Ages onwards it hosted plague cabins where infected Chester people were forced to live in quarantine until they either recovered or died. Yet few. he was buried with full honours – but in a hospital shroud instead of his uniform. Mrs. of the residents can realise the dark history of the area or what lies beneath their feet. if any. without a proper blessing. right after the night falls. Staff turnover was swift until a young woman took over the job. Affectionately known to local people as 'Charlie' and 'Herbert'. Transparent silhouette walk along with the passersby. An equally interesting case took place in Romania. Dudley lived in an old house. 5. Allegedly. or should we say so many ghosts. The focus of this ghost story is somewhere at the end of a drained small lake. She apparently viewed the ghostly visitors with blithe acceptance and would call out to them each night: 'Hello. Herbert!' For some people. He was a Scottish soldier brought there from the trenches with serious wounds during the First World War. they can see spirits who follow them for a 3 kilometers distance into the next village called Goeşti. during the First World War. buried here. However. in 1917. floating around. who had pushed her violently from behind. Although it has not such a rich history of haunting. Two ghostly monks have haunted part of Pepper Street. They wander aimlessly the paths.

To everybody’s surprise. show themselves to good. presented above. priests and journalists. surpassingly. The whole story started in August. through the entire room and hit one of the family’s members. at that precise time. The disturbances centred on Dr. then crushed him against the floor. From that day on footsteps and bizarre voices were heard in rooms of the house when. associated with poltergeists activity. that same year. The similarities may support to a certain point the existence of such tormented souls. the family decided that it was better for them to leave the house. in Thorton Hearth. but the phenomena. closely following the English “definition” of these unfriendly spirits is the unique paranormal phenomena happening in the village Costeşti. Harry. the householders’ drama increased. but it seemed to watch in a frightening way those in front of the television.The poltergeist connection was clearly established in the celebrated Phelps case in Stratford. Objects moving through the entire house hit all the persons in it. Phelp’s twelve-year-old son. bonded to this world for spiritual reasons. Doors began opening in a raging manner. since the night of 20th March 1997. without any obvious explanation. which suddenly started emitting and changing the frequency to a foreign radio channel by its own. Poltergeist Cases 1. the case is a fine exhibit of their force. A decoration flew out of thin air. Connecticut. The chair on which one a policeman was sitting levitated him up in the air. The ghostly face did not threaten them verbally. no one was even there. Father Thurston’s summaries of some events described like attacks on the boy—stones would be pitched at him and a violent force would lift him off the ground to strike his head on the ceiling. slamming against the walls. somewhere after midnight. England. As follows. The householders taught it to be only an odd coincidence. Apparently. the reasons and definitely the larger number of spirits involved in the haunting. from the Argeş district. police officers. confirming the presence of three spirits: a farmer named Chatterton. The case has been one of the most severe haunting in European history and by association to the manifestation of poltergeists. After Chatterton’s face appeared on the screen of their television set. and before the eyes of shocked visitors. in 1850. these spirits became violent because they felt their home had been invaded by strangers. a man with the same name had inhabited the same house in the eighteen century. None of the four exorcisms. friendly visitors and innocent children. started repeating on a regular basis for a period of four years. he was caught up and suspended in the branches of a tree while his clothes were methodically torn to ribbons by something invisible.A sensibly similar case. 2. had any result. his wife and an old woman wearing a white apron. when at their suggestion. when the family’s Christmas tree was violently shaking. after checking the city hall’s achieves. The numerous witnesses and tapes add substance and credibility to the story. The family members were woken up by the overwhelming buzzing sound of the radio. to a family of small factory owners. 3. waiting and hoping that a Mass to their memory and a blessing of the place will soon be held on the Luncani Hill. the situation got worse on Christmas. Once he was thrown into a water tank. While the lampshade began flying over longer distances through the room. Family friends felt unhelpful. The householders and . In Ghosts and Poltergeists. although the house was sold once again. the differences are: the lasting of each haunting. That night over the house of the Drăghici Family it started raining stones of different shapes and sizes. the terrifying happenings continued. trapped between worlds. In the presence of numerous witnesses. under the influence of a mysterious invisible power. after a blessing of the house was made. wile electric bulbs turned on and of without a person actually touching the switches.A concrete case of poltergeist haunting supported by a considerable amount of evidence and witnesses was claimed to have happened in 1972. The peculiar happening was fallowed by the fall of one of the lampshades. A psychic was brought into the house. No other incidents have been reported after their departure.Elderly people believe that the ghost-solders.

as demonstrated by the next examples taken from the English culture. On one hand. they were extremely . these creatures. but also heard yowling. the owners solicited the help of a local priest. It is believed that these scary phantoms since early times have entered churches. proving that such beings exist in other traditions as well. On the other side. twice before. he learnt he was a very pleasant companion in his journey on the mountains. the destructions scared the Drăghici Family each and every night. the furniture moved from one room to the other. The elderly woman used to fight with her neighbours quite often. In England. Achilina Marciuc. It is said that they are guardians of the tombs. a woman who hated the family her entire life is held responsible for the damages and the haunting. as animals have no conscience. the phenomena seemed to stop. but usually he would rather appear as a huge black dog. The legendary ghost of Barguest in North England can take the shape of a pig or a goat. the paths and gates of the cities. The second time he saw the little dog.C. who had also seen the little dog. she would throw rocks at their house. Afterwards. During the exorcism. on numerous occasions. It seems her restless spirit hated the Drăghici Family so much that it continued throwing stones at her neighbours beyond the barriers of this world. However. with big eyes. leaving no feet-impressions. there are numerous stories about ghosts of black dogs. throughout the house. there are those who blame it on a poltergeist. The villagers described it as being pushed or carried by an invisible force. Some of these dogs’ presence in cemeteries have been certified in New England. there are those who believe in their existence and those who think they are only a lie. On 4th October1577. announce tragedy and dead. immediately after the preacher’s departure. Many of them resemble the creatures from Romanian mythology. Paranormal enthusiasts say the phenomenon is due to some sort of magnetic storm. much more violent than it was in spring. a significantly large black dog entered a church and killed two people and badly injured other persons. In September. Achilina Marciuc. died in cruel poverty in August 1987. In her rage. in Bongay. therefore they cannot become lost spirits by any circumstances. during Mass (mostly on stormy weather) searching for something or someone. It suddenly stopped after the “Bunavestire” Fest. the same year. when all of their windows and roofs were broken and destroyed. Police officers filed a report on damages and destruction with unknown perpetrator. Norfolk and Isle of Man. people actually believe that packs of ghostly dogs rein in the streets on stormy nights. They were not only seen.their neighbours experienced a terrifying situation. the geologist W. Another moment of peace followed shortly after. it began once again. The first time he saw the doggy. From that date onwards. In Suffolk. In the early 1900. while other say it is the result of demonic pleasances. As they were climbing to the top of a mountain. to bless the house right in the middle of the ghostly actions. Haunted By Pricolici When it comes to ghostly animals. haunting the streets. Pynchon met a tiny black dog on one of his expeditions. as many legends indicate that apparitions of decapitated dogs or animals missing a foot watch the cemeteries in the Southern part as well.H. but under different names. the bridges. vanishing right after the incident. Pynchon was accompanied by a friend. only to reappear in August. the crossroads.

wolves have disappeared over one hundred years ago. as follows in the example below. It does not leave any footmarks on the snow. after going back home. panthers or other large cats. It is said that she was brutally attacked by a beast resembling a wolf. at the foot of the Poiana Ruscă Mountain. others are very keen on making contact with the underworld of ghostly beings. for the third and last time. Elderly inhibitors believe that the animal attacking their neighbours. uncertain and definitely an unseen power. or in dust. which can become dangerous. Suspiciously. living in the village of Poeni. Those who have allegedly escaped from this beast describe it as a supernatural being. in Connecticut. No one saw when the dog came.surprised to find the puppy waiting for them there. from . poltergeist. starts saying a pray or makes the sign of the cross in its presence. he had met once again the little black dog. but not to wolves. standing very close to their grandfather. it was constantly groaning and nobody seemed to be able to calm him down. as wild. the poltergeist is characteristically interpreted as the whole information about general beliefs about the dead and human psycho kinesis. the dog vanished without reappearing ever again… On the other hand. some cases indicate ghostly wolves and dogs. just as if it floated above the ground and it vanishes instantaneously when who ever meets it. few years later. Surprisingly. when it runs. The dead man was an only son of a widow living in Poeni. The Banshees are Celtic mythological spirits that are considered harbingers of death. Shortly after. Some describe them as apparitions on common dogs. They say it is an evil spirit. ferocious and violent spirits. at that time. in occult circles. It seemed happy around them and it would not leave. The case includes a series of wolves’ attacks against few of the villagers. their grandchildren began playing with him. but all zoologists affirm that only a rabid wolf would have killed a human. a “strigon”. given the wellknown ability of the spirits to assume virtually any shape and to take virtually any disguise. They can often be heard wailing loudly after a person dies. large Germaine Shepard breed dog appeared one day in the backyard garden of an elderly couple in Massachusetts. when a villager killed another one in order to steal from him a very valuable fire weapon. as they believe them to be mostly aggressive. Meanwhile the dog was becoming more and more agitated. Of course. lions. which is slightly possible in this case. he recovered his health completely. the geologist heard the legend of the black dog and told his story about the black puppy to a local newspaper. the grandfather had another heart attack that killed him. It barked. Pynchon came back to Hanging Hills. symbolizing demonic creatures. Therefore the following lines will not refer to one specific type of haunting. While the family was at the funeral. The geologist was found dead in the exact same place where his friend had previously fallen. Story says that the haunting of the devilish animal dated a long time ago. out of the bloom. but to the phenomena itself. Short time after that. who seemingly can’t find their peace. in Poeni cannot be a regular wolf. The mystery grows. Talking To the Spirits While some have a native fear of ghosts. as this behavior is specific to tigers. but without making any sound and. That was the third encounter he had had with the mysterious dog. But. Over her son’s grave she cursed the killer’s entire family and future generation. with shaggy fur. A friendly. They both reconsider the dog. One of this violent acts resulted in the death of Maria Srâbu. In addition wolves rarely harm people. Such beings are best presented in Romanian mythology. resembling a huge black dog. It is said that. or become man-eaters. the old man suffered a hart attack. if we also consider the information about the fact that in this particular area. but after a few days at the hospital. The actions of spirits in general are called in most traditions. Pynchon’s friend lost his balance and collapsed.

then what can we say about people? Fake psychics have existed from early ages and their number continues increasing. If spirits are tricky. they wander aimlessly attempting to get their “bearings”. while the real “gifted” persons lose credibility. waiting instead for Jesus to come and take them to heaven. Upon death. The spirits of the dead who were once atheists.” While speaking through human mediums. some spirits of the dead actually refuse to believe they are really “dead” and are no longer able to live upon the earth. Like a lost traveler in a strange city. possession sometimes gives incredibly precise details about the dead and their families. materialists or rationalists while on earth never expected to encounter an afterlife. mediums or channelers who permit themselves to become possessed by these spirits to allow the spirits to speak through them. The spirits of the dead who were evil people involved in violent acts such as murder or rape at a particular location while on earth. Their deceased victims are frightened to go forward and progress spiritually. many of the hauntings and psychics’ claims have been proved to be at least true. and even despite logics. Bizarre poltergeist events are one result as they attempt to interact with living people or materialize back into this world. These are the claims of the poltergeist. However. despite the warnings.angels to aliens to the human dead. There fore it is said that some refuse to accept this. these spirits have offered several reasons allegedly explaining their activities. Initially. “Rather than finding themselves in heaven with their Lord. mediums or psychics may allow themselves to be possessed in order to discover the alleged reason for the “haunting” by establishing direct contact with the “troubled ghost. Another important issue arose by the séances practice is the one regarding fraud. but they also desperately seek to manifest themselves materially in order to regain “contact” with the physical world. or they may wish to seek revenge on the living relatives of those who harmed them. ten to become earthbound creatures. After death. those spirits of the dead who erroneously accepted the idea of a biblical heaven (referring to us. due to their confusion. the shock was so great they became confused and disoriented. grief is an overwhelming and intensively exploited feeling nowadays. they say. regardless of the spirits’ claims. how can any occultist be certain that poltergeists are what they think they are? Can mediums be certain the appearances of their “dead loved ones” in séances are not simply the clever tricks of demons to induce emotional trust and dependence? If not. . but as mentioned in the previous examples. including most English cults. yet people can never be sure when consulting a so-called “gifted” individual. The communication with spirits of the other world has not been concretely proven. At poltergeist hauntings. They now vainly attempt to convince themselves otherwise: that they are still in their body and can somehow return to their previous existence. they chose to remain close to the earth to continue their evil. Although it is the most controversial method of interaction with ghostly spirits. Christians) are shocked to discover that the Bible was wrong. they instead simply found themselves in the spirit world—with no Jesus or heaven anywhere in sight”. they make Christian souls responsible for poltergeist manifestations. However. In the meantime. strong indications about manifestations and results lend credibility to the view that these spirits are really the deceiving spirits identified in the Bible as demons. what of the poltergeists who also claim to be the spirits of the dead? The spirits of the occult in general are often contacted directly by psychics. According to other religious believes. Thus they do not only seek to regain contact with the living through “haunting” houses where people live.

1865. hoping to sense a slight movement of the table. as they were called in French and now in English too. The five books Kardec wrote (The Spirits' Book. that he could only explain by excepting the existence of immaterial entities. He became interested in this particular subject. The Gospel According to Spiritism. 1868) constructed the fundaments. established and popularized by Kardec. which can facilitate the presence of the “invoked” spirits and the transmission of messages: moving tables. in this way the psychic could compose the deceit’s message to the persons who had initiated the communication. what about the practice. panel with an indicator (moved once again by “the spirits’ energy”) that would show different letters. which are allegedly inhabited by other beings. This is theory. Psychics make use of special object. this proving the old age of the believe of the existence on extraterrestrials. represented the evolution and the perfection of the séance method of contacting spirits. Spiritism promotes the existence of a single God. The invention of the Ouija. consisted of the gathering of the deceit’s family and a medium.All Eyes on the Ghost The basis of the séances’ theory have been established by Allan Kardec (his real name is Hypolite Léon Denizard Rivail). the Spiritism. during verbal or written communication. The panel would move on the table indicating certain written letters. This generally resumes to the above mentioned channeling. after witnessing a series of phenomena. or holding their hands to cumulate the energy. Heaven and Hell. as parts of a message. the spirit is confronted to numerous situations. First of all. born in Lyon who studied spirits’ manifestation and wrote the first works on this theme. learning how to overcome any obstacle. It is said that we can achieve a sort of “overflow” of knowledge by spiritual evolution or reincarnation. how do we actually communicate or see the unseen? Well Spiritism is put into practice in those séances. so they can normally communicate with the living and they can also interfere in their lives. They usually sat around a table carrying a panel in their hands. during each lifetime. “the supreme intelligence and primary cause of all things”. but we also have the capacity of evolution and development. the classification and the structure of a new philosophical current. published in 1857. Another claiming is that in its numerous incarnations. talking slabs and other specific instruments. Due to this process. with a different form of intelligence. Then is supports the idea that we are imperfect spirits (immaterial entities) and we suffer of a lack of knowledge. because of their condition. in which the spirit’s energy wrote allegedly messages on paper. Spirits are part of nature. in order to confirm the presence of the wanted spirit at their meeting. . The channeling also included the so-called “automatic writing”. were only tools for the spirit to use. The hands and the body of the medium. sprits may travel to many planes and universes. The Genesis According to Spiritism. say the Spiritists. The movement has only five main fundaments. 1864. 1861. as it no longer possessed a body of its own. The first methods to contact a spirit in séance. The Book on Mediums. but. He was a French teacher.

The popularity of this process decreased significantly after this experiment. certain rumours. have encouraged the paranormal enthusiasts. . séances are quite fashionable nowadays. In addition. concerning investments that the USA make annually into perfecting these dons that elected persons have. this process is responsible for most frauds in the “spirits’ industry”. as they were in close contact with this objects. A very ingenious and convincing experiments of Faraday. too difficult to resolve by the police (mostly the disappearance of persons). which were meant to prove their “special” abilities. The factor that contributed to the release of this new craze is the fact that USA uses psychic in official investigations. Despite the numerous demonstrations. when involuntary moves of the participators were made. Claims are that the aggressive attitude scientist have towards them hold back the real psychics from participating to experiments. according to specialists.However. demonstrated that the panels psychics used could only change from one place or position to another.

on a small boat. a short time before his death. With the help of 25 different packs of cards. Whether it is for financial reasons. as a doctor. creator of Sherlock Holmes. After his graduation. Scientists “Converted” To Believers Nostradamus Michael de Nostradamus studied medicine. yet not (completely) surely we are going back to the Indian believe. he was so disappointed with common medicine. The latest inventions have shore contributed to fuelling their hopes and their imaginations. men. Ghost Haunting – The Latest Most Fashionable Hobby In nowadays society. Tabloids. Canon Doyle describes how he started believing in paranormal phenomena.the average number . He founded the Duke University. he would test all of his students to see how many of them are able to give a correct answers in significant proportions . Latest trends are capturing ghosts on film or camera. according to which. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1858-1930) The famous novel writer. between consultations he used to write small stories. A great enthusiast. but when a mysterious disease killed his wife and children. Rhine would become aware of the limitations of science. as they would not agree with believes. fame is like glue. with an astonishing precision – as shown by James Laver. studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh. was run by skeptics and did not wish to form part of the association. spice up all entertaining means. forbidden issues. after reading Frederic Meyer’s work. dark matters stepped right into the spotlight. travelling to West Africa. that he decided to travel to alleviate his loss. He was attracted to studying the paranormal. in the biography he wrote him. Occult is becoming more and more fashionable and the secret world of ghosts. over night. taking a photo of a person. He “resigned” the SPR. he became a doctor. manifesting their concern. Joseph Banks Rhine (1895-1980) A well-known botanist with a skeptical temperament. Following a reverse path. people who wanted to profit from this matter started the ghost haunting “movement”. this was inspiration for his work. in the 20s. or from fear of being called “a lunatic” is now a discussion theme. My immediate answer is because it was “promoted” by famous people. or just for the fame. to find some proof of the paranormal existence.V. In his state of trance. in The New Revelation. realityshows and controversial talk shows are the most popular. upon their heads. This gave him the occasion to discover he was a psychic. may steal their soul. Thus. on famous national TV-channels all over the planet. The fact that some scientist also supported the expansion and the development of this topic increased the people’s interest. from fear of instigating paranormal activity. while reading Henri Bergson. During the First World War. have tried from very early ages. Doyle taught the SPR. which in some lines predicted future events. The following examination refers to why this matter became so popular. According to the known American saying. Ever since 1918. In 1882 he opened his own cabinet and three years later he got his final degrees. of which everyone was once afraid to speak about. he considered such phenomena an extraordinary breakthrough. he developed a series of bizarre and complicated quatrains. As he had very few patients. Slowly.

Famous Ghosts Bonnie and Clyde This pair of notorious outlaws of the 1930’s were finally tracked down and killed on May 23. . The enthusiasm of his fellow scientists suddenly disappeared. Also. Today. He reputed as America’s number one parapsychologist. that later changed forever the chemical and physical world. for discovering the chemical element thallium and he was proposing a investigation into paranormal phenomena with scientific technology and gear. Montgomery Clift A popular film star of the 1950’s and 60’s. His research with psychics. Home he reported him as being able to move object and play musical instruments without touching them. Montgomery Clift was a fourtime Oscar nominated actor who is best known for his roles in A Place in the Sun. Photographs taken of the marker often come out with ghostly forms. where Capone was one of the first inmates.D. Illinois. Today. Others sense the actor’s presence and reportedly. William Crookes. one guest felt an invisible hand patting her shoulder. accepted by universities. he managed to introduce his parapsychology in the academic disciplines. After investigating D. His spirit has been seen at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. were the first ever made tests with technological equipment on paranormal. phone is continually found to be off the hook. 1934 outside of Arcadia. Allegedly. when people are disrespectful while visiting his family plot at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside. He was considered a fool and unappreciated. he is said to appear. memorizing his lines for From Here to Eternity. unexplained loud noises are often heard coming from the otherwise empty suite. Al Capone The notorious Chicago gangster who led the city's illegal activities during the Prohibition era has been rumored to haunt a couple of locations. and it made him one of the precursors of television. spectral banjo music has often been heard coming from inside his old cell. at Alcatraz. a young chemist and physician had recently entered the Royal Society. because in the following 45 years. Ironically. There bullet-ridden car was then towed into town with their bodies still in the vehicle. It was here that he spent a three months in 1953 where he was known to pace back and forth. it was his study on the paranormal world which led him to invent the radiometer. He gained international notoriety after publishing the monograph ExtraSensory Perception in 1934. From Here to Eternity and Judgment at Nuremberg. His scientific findings were astonishing. most often in Room 928. a marker stands at the site where they died and is said to be haunted by the pair. Louisiana. and unexplainable cold spots are felt in the room. Sir William Crookes (1832-1919) In 1870.of guesses being five.

Clark Gable One of the biggest box office stars during the 1930’s and ‘40’s. Dean purchased the car with the intent to race it. Afterwards. is much more them thrill and passion. he died in the vehicle. was known to live in the "fast-lane. 1955. In addition. For American people. This is why many of the photographic evidence prove to be made on Photoshop. related to his daughter. most paranormal enthusiasts reside in the USA. some pictures have no scientific explanation and they are considered “verities”. telling him that she was happy and she loved him and consoling him with the affirmation that they will soon be reunited. they spent their honeymoon at the Oatman Hotel. Pennsylvania. the popular fresh faced Hollywood star of the early 1950’s. anyone who came in contact with the car or its parts began to suffer injuries and death until the vehicle finally mysteriously disappeared. according to the spirit’s indications. in Kingman. Thus. it is a craze. Here are some of the most expressive ghostly pictures taken in English speaking countries. Franklin was also known for his work as a writer. after her dieing. Some people have even reported that the Philosophical Society's statue of Franklin has been seen dancing along the streets. were built by her father. ghosts are quite “shy” in front of the camera. After they married. and scientist. he had a channeling experience. is not an easy task. Franklin is said to haunt the Philosophical Society’s library in Philadelphia.James Dean While no actual reports have been made of Dean’s spirit. Carole Lombard are said to haunt the Oatman Hotel in Oatman. However. Dean. as just weeks after its purchase. Benjamin Franklin Instrumental in laying the government’s foundation when the United States was first established. inventor. philosopher. In his work “Sic cogito”. Iulia’s tomb in the Bellu Cemetery and the house from Câmpina. Today. an extremely interesting legend persists of a curse on his beloved Porsche Spyder. . Haşdeu assures the readers that he recognized the calligraphy of his daughter and her signature. as admitted by many on the poet’s friends. Photographs of phantoms are most certainly the fastest way to celebrity. hunting ghosts. Haşdeu says that after six years since his daughter’s death. who participated to the constructions. Iulia Haşdeu Her father never found any comfort. however. English Speaking Ghosts Talk in Photographs Perhaps. he never got the chance. so catching a real supernatural creature on film. a simple photographic error or a strange reflection of the light. He “received” a written message from his daughter. both Clark Gable and his wife.” He paid for it with his life when he was killed in a head on collision on September 30. Arizona.

Experts. a retired clergyman from White Rock. before her marriage to Charles. England in the early 1700s. After being ran over by a horse-drawn carriage Lord Combermere h died in 1891. Freddy Jackson's Comeback Freddy Jackson was a mechanic in the Royal Air Force in World War I. It was rumored that Dorothy. including some from Kodak. until her death many years later. His face was widely recognized in this photo by members of the squadron. and it happened to be sitting in Combermere's favorite chair in the library. Greenwich. When the plate was developed. His Favorite Chair . British Columbia. the unussul image of what looks to be a man's head and arm sitting in the chair was immediately noticed. grinning behind the ear of a comrade. England. Freddy Jackson showed up. England. and strange footsteps have also been heard. After it was developed. Freddy Jackson was killed in 1919 when an airplane propeller hit him. Two days later when the squadron gathered for a group photo. who examined the original negative concluded that it had not been modified by any means. however the photo revealed a shrouded figure climbing the stairs."The Brown Lady" of Raynham Hall This photo was taken in 1936 at Raynham Hall in Norfolk. This portrait of "The Brown Lady" is perhaps the most famous and well-regarded ghost photograph ever taken. took this now famous photograph in 1966. had been the mistress of Lord Wharton. Freddy Jackson's squadron served onboard the H. Daedalus. people said that the funeral was a sham and that Charles had locked his wife away somewhere in their house. residents of Raynham Hall in Norfolk. Stair Case Ghost of National Museum.S. seeming to hold the railing with both hands.M. A photographer set up a camera with its shutter open for one hour in the manor's library while the entire staff was off at Lord Combermere's funeral. Charles suspected Dorothy of infidelity. wife of Charles Townshend. some four miles away. Although according to legal records she was buried in 1726. He intended merely to photograph the beautiful staircase in the Queen's House section of the National Museum in Greenwich. England Reverand Ralph Hardy. . Many of the staff said that the image looked very much like the late lord. The ghost is thought to be that of Lady Dorothy Townshend. It has been said that unexplained figures have been seen on some occasions in the vicinity of the staircase. 2nd Viscount of Raynham.

When developed. Illinois. Mrs. near the suburb of Midlothian. If the picture were taken today we might say it was modified in Photoshop. Ghost of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.Darn Backseat Drivers! In 1959 Mable Chinnery went to the cemetery to visit the grave of her mother. The Transparent Woman in the Auatralian Forest Reverend R. Furthermore. in 1959. in the middle of Tombstone's Boothill Graveyard. Blance took this picture.. A transparent woman can be observed in the forest. Parts of her body her are partially transparent and the style of the dress seems to be out of date. Reputed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the U. They swear that nobody else was there when they made this picture. due to the high visibility of the areas in front and behind the woman. clear as day. including apparitions. Chicago This photo was taken during an investigation of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery near Chicago by the Ghost Research Society(GRS). . Photoshop was not yet invented in 1959. some time later they tried to restage this picture with someone standing on the spot where the "mysterious man" appears in the background.S. Ike Clanton says that it was impossible to take such a picture and not show the person's legs. unexplained sights and sounds. Chinnery swore that the "backseat driver" was none other than her own mother. sitting on a tombstone. She took some photos of the gravesite and then turned and took this picture of her husband sitting alone in the car's passenger seat. On August 10. as any devoted daughter would do. the double exposure can also be dinied. however. Bachelor's Grove has been the subject of more than100 different reports of strange phenomena.. 1991 several memeber of the GRS were at the cemetery. a small abandoned graveyard on the edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve. this image emerged what looks like a lonely young woman dressed in white. The film was developed and this came out: somebody sitting in the backseat (wearing glasses). There's so much ghostly activity going on in the famous town that Clanton's set up a special section of his website dedicated to Tombstone's population that has already gone away. but this photo made a believer out of him. Clanton said he wasn't so sure about Tombstone being haunted.S. whose gravesite she was standing next to when she took the picture! What Do You Want On Your Tombstone? Back in 1996 Ike Clanton took this photo of a friend wearing western clothes. and even glowing balls of light. at the Corroboree Rock (Australia)..

The Newby Church Monk Reverend K. a strange. so the story is that a tragic accidents in which several school-aged children were killed took place out here. . Andrews was visiting the grave of her daughter Joyce.but their ghosts linger at the spot and will push cars across the tracks. High in the Church's loft. Andrews saw nothing unusual when she took this photo of Joyce's grave marker. Inexplicably. Ghost Child at Cemetery A woman named Mrs. Because the figure is all in black. Texas A Strange legend surrounds a railroad crossing of San Antonio. Mrs. According to Brackley. there was only one other photographer in the church beside the person who took this picture. Mrs. even though the path is uphill. where this photo was found. to his knowledge there were only three people in the church when this photograph was taken.F. The "thing" is calculated to be nine feet tall. Neither of them recalled seeing a ghost or any flesh-and-blood person standing there who could appear in this image. She remarked that she did not believe it was the ghost of her daughter as a child. and she took some photographs. and no one has found any record of an enormous monk ever being at Newby Church. Andy and Debi Chesney's daughter and some of her friends had recently been to the crossing to test the legend. Andrews since he or she is looking directly into the camera. who died at 17 years of age. Botolph's Chruch Ghost In 1982. The ghost child seemed to be aware of Mrs. It was no one she would have taken a photograph of. is a transparent form of what looks like a woman. Botolph's Chruch. it has been theorized that the apparition could be that of the church’s minister. Andrews said there were no such children nearby when she took the photograph and moreover she did not recognize the child at all. London's St. photographer Chris Brackley took a photograph of the interior of London's St. transparent figure turned up in one of the photos. seen in the upper right hand corner of his photograph. Andrews was astonished to see the image of a small child sitting happily at her daughter's grave. Lord took a picture of the altar at his church in North Yorkshire. England and this is what came out. When the film was developed. and none of them were in that loft. but never expected what would appear on the film. The intersection of the roadway and railroad track. or artificially altered. Church Minister Ghost According to Brad Steiger's Real Ghosts. Railroad Crossing Ghost in San Antonio. Texas. The picture and the negative are said to have been carefully examined by photographic experts and they cannot find any evidence that this was either a double exposure.

Literary pieces about folkloric paranormal beings are quite difficult to find. and old sites in general are famous haunted place. where current haunting allegations are made. is that of arts. tradition was established by a now famous visual art. Romanian writers are not very fond of this theme. Statues that roll their eyes and always keep their viewers in their sight are as haunted as the paintings that were created using the same technique. The classic visual art. so hopes of enriching this type of writing still exist. Actors tend to be quite superstitious and carrier-oriented people. especially English and American literature is one of the main suppliers of ghost stories. spirits. But. painting. Thus. on one of its cheeks. houses. This being the case. The most popular is the crying Virgin Mary Pieta a statue from Castle Designs (Orlando. with paranormal photographs. They made it appealing to the large public and they encourage people to participate to this worldwide activity of proving the existence of paranormal. photography. however show an increasing interest on the matter. Since we have ended the previous chapter. or perhaps more superstitious. as many modern artists appeal to ghosts and supernatural creatures as a form of aesthetic expression.VI. The Artistic Landscape of Paranormal Apparitions The point of view. it seems only fair to me to start this next inquiry regarding the perception that arts have of the topic with photography Photography – Art or Evidence The biggest controversy regarding the existence of paranormal creatures came with the first photographic evidence. which we chose to follow. from our personal findings. As opposed to other folkloric myths. we have exploited those. there has not been found any haunted sculpture anywhere in the world. on the other side are the most spread locations. photographs and filmed evidence (as the latest technology permits it) have become important proof of hauntings. Art has many fields of activity. Perhaps their devotion to acting makes them become ghosts or it makes them believe in spooks more than ordinary peoples do. poltergeists. Moreover. not hauntings. Many writers felt the temptation of exposing ghosts and other sorts of spooks to the naked eye of their readers. which have shown some type of interest or connection to the paranormal world. Literature. old buildings. . Cinematography and multimedia arts have surely the highest involvement into this fashionable “ghost busting”. from the eight known arts. Modern writers. many of them quite unconventional (the fist example that crosses my mind is handicrafts or ceramic). Architectural trends were not influenced by alleged hauntings. as poltergeists can be identified by exhumation. Florida). Theatres. in the shape of a tear. but not all of them are related to strange phenomena. but haunted dancing schools allegedly exist. moroi and pricolici are much rarely mentioned in prose and poetry. More conservative. Dance and music. are mainly used as a provocation for ghost manifestations. Although it refers mostly to ghosts. discussing this issue from an architectural perspective does not seem lucrative. has also become a support for strange phenomena. which is in fact the main hunting-rifle for ghosts and other unseen forms of “life”. Although. There is no reported preoccupation of any architect for building a haunting-proof construction. which shows an unexplainable stain. Bizarre phenomena such as crying statues are assumed divine miracles. we have not reserved any special place for this matter into the present work. as mentioned in my introduction.

taken by her boyfriend inside the same hotel. Fores confesses that this episode made him unsure about the existence of spooks and spirits. on the stairs. a year ago. Gordon Bradshw . is thilled to have such a clearly distinctive figure. she is a Dac priest. has appeared in numerous photos. and. hoes and even metal detectors. born in the village. as the boy in the photo. when he took the photographs. confessed to have made a shaking discovery through some photos of her. The picture shows him looking straight to the camera. he was overwhelmed by fear. He discovered the ghostly face of the little boy. The mayor. seemingly a nun. He thinks. but he thinks the case is worth investigating. dark hair. The gold’s guardian seems to be greatly devoted to its mission. 54. Alexandru Bunduc. (Based on an article from Gândul) Ghosts and Drama . but while loading them to his computer. according to the villagers the phantom is the treasure’s guard. says the school was built and used since 1936. (Based on an article from The Sun) Photographic Evidence in Romania In the Herculane Bays. as witnessed by him as well. A ghostly figure. They used spellings. discovered the ghostly portrait of a young boy in a photograph taken with his cellphone at his working site. Fores had taken a few photographs of the Anlaby Primary School. Legend says.English Ghostly Portrait John Fores. The ghostly figure shoed up in many photographic evidence. He did not see anything out of place. Victoria Iovan. Another young woman. It has the reputation of being haunted for some years now. locals say a ghost is haunting Decebal Hotel. he saw the shadow of a woman in that precise picture. The Herculane Bays. Ever since he started working in the school. in Caraş Severin hold many stories about persons who caught the famous “gold fever” and began searching for the treasure. 47. the foundation of the centre hides gold buried deep under the soil. Nicuşor Vasilescu. pointing down the stairs of the hotel with her eyes. a young man. Cellphone cameras have certain shades of colour. and he had short. a team member of the group in charged with the demolition of an old school in Great Britain. states that the silhouette of a woman. Rob Taylor . Treasure haunters invaded the centre of the city. with white cloths was standing right next to her. Bradshw heard children complaining about seeing the ghost of a child about the same age as theirs. took a photograph of his girlfriend. all dressed in white. in Hull. The school’s caretaker. East Yorkshire in order to document the progress. He was dressed in a old-fashioned cloths. from The Paranormal Society in Hull. incantations. after developing the film. The youngster seemed to be approximately eight years old.

while one of his accomplices. I would like to present the play “The Ghost of Marvin Grange”. The drama consists of a mass murder in the last acts. as shown by the previous example. it does have practical value: the backstage area of a theatre tends to be untidy. At their final confrontation. He is so willing to take possession of the wealth of his young ward.the ghosts are actually people in disguise. Jack is exposed. therefore it basically consists of a bunch of people talking about a haunted place and a few fake ghosts thrown in. beating Marshwood Vale’s Guess Who’s Coming to Tea?” referring to the multiple disciplines competition held on 10 March 2010. One specific ghost. holds a place of privilege in theatre lore. There are various ways to reproduce a spectral apparition on stage. As nobody else sees these “apparitions”. the play is mostly played in high schools. Martin Grange. but none like those. of the cast and of the viewers. haunts her. The failure to provide this light might not only anger the spirits an d lead to all sorts of pranks from their behalf. he commits mistakes. so that the actors can relax after their weekend performances. so someone who enters such a dark space is likely to be injured while hunting for a light switch. His cousin. only to save Veronica and Eleonora from the cruel destiny. One ghost-related superstition is that every theater should be closed at least one night a week in order for the ghosts to perform their own plays. Any unexplainable mischief that befalls a production is likely to be blamed on Thespis. There are many plays. a housekeeper at “The Grange”. There are some flaws inherent to the play . Written by English writer Richard Coleman. Historians used to believe that Thespis of ancient Athens was the first person to speak lines as an individual actor on stage (hence the term "thespian" to refer to an individual actor). which lead to the failure of his plan. but it can also lead to fatal accidents for the personnel. that in his urge. and presenting the winnings of Devon YFC’s. in order to save Veronica’s life. Veronica. taking advantage of her illness and of him being the administrator of Eleonara’s fortune. the wicked gamekeeper of “The Star” (a public house on the edge of Marvin Moor) is killed with a knife by Christopher Sinclair. Many of these peculiar manifestations. He tries to repeat the same trick once more. especially if it happens on November 23 (the date he supposedly uttered the first lines). Compared to other public old-age buildings they have much more mysterious apparitions. plus lots of imagination. which require the vivid imagination of the director. Christopher Sinclair.Bennell. The Captain results wounded by a bullet. Actors invent all sorts of rituals to help them perform the best way they can. Egor Grim. projected by the Captain. she is seen as a mad woman. which have the supernatural worl as their main theme. This night was conveniently chosen to be on Mondays. Meanwhile her husband.Theaters. the ghosts in the scenario are fakes. Firstly. which are allegedly haunted. but it is a very interesting challenge for a good director. Captain Jack Sinclair who drives his wife. Coming back to the theme of the play. a well liked melodrama in the UK. Plays sometimes are also haunted. The play is set in 1907 so the main issue is how to “fool” people up close. wastes all of her money on gambling. The immediate consequences of the fraud are faced by Mrs. from white robes to bed sheets. become superstitions. Most certain it is much more difficult than doing it on film. who had helped Jack with his plan. returns home after an absence of five years. or just for them to feel they are still on the spotlight. . The Farmers Guardian starts its “Top performers” column with the following announce: “Wimple and Broadclyst – from Devon – triumphed with their performance of Ghosts of Marvin Grange. can be found in many English-speaking countries. Another popular superstition related to theaters and ghosts is to leave a burning candle or a light upstage centre in an empty theater to scare off ghosts. Eleonora into believing that the former owner of their house. Actors use all sorts of costumes. Thespis. The plot tells the story of an opportunist. Though it is a superstition.

Telegenic Spooks The continuation of photos is of course. Stavrache thinks this is another one of his ordinary delusions. romantic ghost story. remains a classic film for both the interpretation and the music. despite the different species of theatre they present. From mute. Muir (1947) This is a black and white. He takes possession of the deceit’s fortune. the illusion behind the ghosts is equally interesting to watch. his character falls in love with her. . analyzing the two plays. the main character is excellently played. According to film experts. a very dear actor to film director Joseph L. the fall of the chandelier at the precise moment when the Phantom confesses to his devious plans regarding the diva and surely. The tragedy of this character reaches its peak. Iancu. The movie. Caragiale . Harrison. However. this permits the actors to change into different outfits. disguised as a soldier. the entrance of the Phantom dressed as Edgar Allan Poe’s character. Surprisingly it is not a scary movie. black and white movie. which has inspired numerous other adaptations of the novel. Finally. The Phantom of the Opera (1925) This is an American. although he hardly admits it. In his dreams. mute.Here. I am going to present a Romanian play. called “În vreme de război”. played by Lon Chaney. Mankiewicz. the best example being the scraggy hero. to black and white and then to colour movies. she establishes an amazing and impossible romantic relationship with the spirit of the “crusty” former owner Captain Gregg (Rex Harrison). spirits have “haunted” the imagination of many English directors and producers. Some of these movies have become true legends and icons for following productions and many of them are actually based on famous books. ever since its beginnings. the dead priest appears to be first a convict and then a captain. made after a short story by I. the film. the terrifying exposure of the negative character. but the suspense has some low points. Greed seems to be the common item of both of the plays and both of the ghosts prove to be fakes.Secondly. played by the melancholic-beauty. Years after his departure he receives a letter. the main character has a couple of nightmares about his “dead” brother. the Gull Cottage by the British seaside . the incredible sightings. while his brother realizes Stavrache has gone crazy. a violent vampire genius. resembling a melodrama. the priest. but also in the way they are played. which are shown to the public as a quite impressive combination of multicolored lights and oddly dressed “spooks”. according to the story. The movie consists of a bizarre combination between Rupert Julian’s theatrical directions.L. The Ghost and Mrs. who rents a haunted house. Confused. as it proves the director’s mastery. announcing him the death of his brother. which include a Technicolor-sequence. He starts doubting his death and having many nightmares about his brother being alive and coming home. can be encountered not only in the theme. The actors are usually wearing white and as the ghost of his brother takes many forms. In the story. It presents the story of a young widow. Red Death. Gene Tierney. the similarities. and realizes that the only person who could take away this easy money is his own brother. In order to save his brother from jail. alive. Stavrache sends him to wore. built in the Universal Pictures Studios and the characters. Hauntings are an intensively exploited subject in the cinema industry. with the same title. when confronted with another aspirant to Lucy Muir’s love. the decorations are quite terrifying. Some of the film’s most appreciated episodes are: the masked ball. asking back for his fortune. It is still one of the most loyal exhibitions of Gaston Leroux’s famous book. interpreted by Norman Kerry. plays the mentor of this young lady. when Iancu actually returns home.

The action takes place in the Hill house. The other inhabitants of the Hill reject Eleonor. he produced one of the scariest. Together with Denis Johnson. but that doesn’t seem to scare Eleonor who accepts to take place to a psychiatric experiment. He uses many positions for his cameras. The main character. the barriers between fantastic and bizarre. uncovered despite the high price. Theodora (Claire Bloom). The Haunting (1963) The theme of this black and white movie. because she is believed to have gone mad. Though. when traveling by car. She becomes the subject of the hauntings and she ends by having a nervous brake down. Robert Wise chose this novel as the theme of his film to honor the memory of his mentor. also had a major contribution. Eleonor hits a tree and dies in the exact spot. It presents the paranormal world of ghosts in an innovative way. the filmmaker Val Lewton. organized by Professor John Markway (Richard Johnson) and held in the Hill house. managing to respect. The translucent image created by Charles Lang and the fine music brought by Bernard Hermann kept a vivid public memory of the film. she meets a couple of strange persons. . augmented by Markway’s wife’s arrival. The durative theme. renewed by a TV-series in 1960. was very dear to the public. lenses with a 180 degrees visual field. built by Hugh Crain. Markway. The house was reputed to have witnessed the deaths of four women. Wise is a master of illusion. mirrors. Ghost (1990) Patrick Swayze plays the ghost of Sam Wheat. organized by his own friend and colleague Carl Bruner (Tony Goldwyn)and he finally manages to confront him at the end of the movie. a prolific businessman. so it might occur that the viewers find some slightly vulgar expressions. He constantly follows his killer on the streets of Manhattan. involving paranormal. Here. elegantly saves the movie from becoming a drama. Director. (Eleonor’s life) it requires. the skeptical nephew of the house owner. Dick (novel) adapt the scenario to the common vocabulary of such a character. strictly. the 35 years old woman. an artist and also a psychic. years ago. writers Philip Dunne (screenplay) and R. as a result of his accidental death. The paranormal story. if not the scariest horror film ever. sonorous and visual montages.Despite the censorship. learning how to protect his girlfriend Molly Jensen (Demi Moore) from being killed as well. who falls in love with her new room mate and tries to get romantically involved with Eleonor. The origins of the haunting remains a mystery.A. who after death teams up with a psychic Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) to find out the secrets behind his murder. as Carl becomes a ghost. who are also involved in the experiment: Luke Sanderson (Russ Tamblyn). filmed in England in 1963 is inspired by Shirley Jackon’s book. Sam reveals a conspiracy. invisible forces behind the steering wheel dive hel to a fatal crush. he makes the chores come alive. The above-mentioned manner of expression used by Captain Gregg. where Hugh Crain’s wife had died. reflections. Dick’s novel. only feels attracted to Dr. Eleonor Lance (Julie Harris) arrives at the Hill to participate to an experiment. The Haunting of Hill House. due to the odd noise and happenings in the house.A. One day. inspired by R. 80 years before.

memories from the exact age the spirit used to live on solid ground. Associated to involuntary memory which evoke previous happenings in a person’s mind. for Romanian viewers. by accident. different types of spirits might make their presence known to the human world when one music gender on another is played in a specific moment and place. Faye was immediately intrigued and continued asking questions on this matter. while researching on our popular legend of Dracula. Lee Prosser. Music triggers certain memories to a phantom. Vlad Cozma (Cătălin Paraschiv) thinks it was murder and he decides to seack revenge. produced in 2009 the movie “Strigoi”. according to the good tradition of English directors. unleashing a beast and an endless trail of victims. music. mostly because it is such a bloody film. sees ghosts as translucent apparitions. An odd perspective. might be the fact that the actors speak a poor quality English language. Though. rock music. causing their appearance or manifestation. He says that based on their previous life experience and tastes. Music might give the spirit a proper peaceful or chaotic ambiance for manifestation and also for ghostly encounters. can bring to a lost soul. adapted to the latest cinematic illusions. To this character pickles go nice with blood. Strigoi (2009) English film-director and writer Faye Jackson. she said she became interested in our folklore. etc. after marring a Romanian and also after she paid our country a few visits. Carl is able to see his former friend. to lure spooks out of their invisible canners. his betrayal leads to a supernatural confrontation which is won by Sam. classic. The director Jerry Zucker. Her new passion resulted into a folklore detective Mystery. argues the power of music to attract ghostly spirits. inspired by the Romanian mythology. with comedy and drama. Camelia Maxim and Cătălin Paraschiv (with the special participation of Rudy Rosenfeld). It is a film for horror fans only as the script is very violent. Other light-effects are also used in order to reproduce the transgression to heavenly places. She discovered these stories. Old music. played by Constantin Bărbulescu. This horror cocktail received quite interesting critics. this method is used by paranormal investigators. therefore at the end of the movie the small village remains with very few habitants due to his thirst of blood and fury. making use of dark shadowy figures to create demonic apparitions. starring Romanian actors such as Constantin Bărbulescu. With the help of computer programs. or even certain events and persons from its previous life. Ghosts Make Music While They Haunt In his book “Clairvoyance. . he succeeds into making the whole story very plausible. The story is simple and well structured. although the sighting are typical to the Romanian countryside. attracting a huge number of viewers and remaining quite well appreciated over time. The scenes are brutal and the effects are mostly produces with professional make up.Afterwards . it is entirely produced in Piatra Nemţ. they taught it was justice. it lucks the self-deprecation part of all Romanian movies. When the villagers killed Constantin Tirescu. In a recent interview. Ghosts and Music”.

According to the couple the pictures were taken by a motion triggered camera and they show the doll character threatened the boy character with a gun that she was holding. California artist Bill Stoneham in 1972. After Marley's death. some paranormal investigators have allegedly heard songs sang by ghosts or some other types of noises. sang by Ray Parker. The seller. assuring a friendly encounter. songs that have music themes are quite popular. the oldest Romanian ghost-provoking music are incantations and hexes which are sang in rural areas. known for his role as Jack Woltz in “The Godfather”. It shows a young boy and a doll standing in front of a glass paneled door against which many hands are pressed. depending on the type of spook he or she would like to attract. The hands themselves represent alternate lives or possibilities. In addition. It became the subject of an urban legend in February 2000. the figure of the boy is based on a photograph of himself aged 5. A series of photographs that were said to be evidence of an unusual incident was attached to their auction page on eBay. It was then purchased by actor John Marley. also known as eBay Haunted Painting. The painting was first displayed in a Los Angeles gallery during the early 1970s. thet resemble to songs. because of a superstition. According to the artist. while the song “Haunted” by Evanescence invokes the fear of ghosts from the spirit’s perspective. Katrina Burgoyne’s song "Ghost" tells the story of a haunted house from the perspective of a girl living in it. the painting came into the possession of a Californian couple.In Prosser’s opinion. if the song is written down it loses all its mystical powers. The Perception Gallery in Grand Rapids. claimed the painting carried some form of curse. when it was posted for sale on eBay along with an elaborate back-story implying that it was haunted. He . because of its great success. during EVP(Electronic voice phenomena) sessions. As opposed to foreign music (English music in particular). showing human fascination for the unknown. the time of music that attracts a ghost might also reveal some details about its temperament. and passed on only orally. displayed the painting and contacted Bill Stoneham telling him the unusual story of its auction on eBay and their acquisition of it. the door represents the dividing line between the waking world and the world of dreams and possibilities. related to ghost and which is also the theme a popular animation-film (“Nightmare before Christmas”) is the Boogeyman’s song. Prosser considers classic music to be the most proper to invoke peaceful spirits. Haunted Canvases “The Hands Resist Him”. as the unseen world has become a very commercial music theme. Michigan. Jr. entering the room in which it was being displayed. In our days. The characters in the painting had allegedly moved during the night. Some other famous song. The doll is a guide who will escort the boy through it. Therefore a person who wants to invoke a spirit should make a careful choice of music. is a painting created by Oakland. The music theme of the popular movie “Ghost Busters” filmed in 1984. after “a picker had found it abandoned behind an old brewery”. causing him to attempt to leave the painting. According to oldsters. For example. grew very popular and is still heard on radio stations. which accompanied all great movies in the 20th century . at which point it was reviewed by the art critic at the Los Angeles Times. The atmosphere created by this music is very important for the ghost and for the people as well. And the examples may continue.

The faces including the figure of a bearded man who resembled Jesus Christ. In the city of York. who works with fading colors-backgrounds). Valdez. told to the popular investigation team cold “Ghost Hunters” the strange happenings which date back to 1964. died within one year of coming into contact with the painting. motivating Valdez to pour some turpentine over the canvas. is allegedly haunting this place due to a deep attachment she had to this dancing studio. A young woman. mostly known as Mary Mac. (an American artist. All sorts of noises started being heard immediately after: sounds of heavy coinage banging on the desk. all sorts of figures started appearing out of nowhere on the canvas. and the art critic who reviewed it. is quite well known. Dance instructor Rita Cole and her husband Denis Cole. in a photo (taken at the  ∗ Photo taken from the actual documentary . but the figures in the painting are colourful. well-dressed old woman outside the dancing saloon. from outside of York. who says to have encountered in 1979 a haunted canvas. the brownish background washed away. He said that the object presumed by the eBay sellers to be a gun is actually nothing more than a dry cell battery and a tangle of wires.was surprised by these claims. fitted together like a puzzle and they also had a yellow light glowing under them. The first owner of the school. Stoneham recalls that both the owner of the gallery in which the painting was first displayed. the sound of high-hells and footsteps over the corridors. The activity intensified over the years. Whether it was only a selling strategy or a real happening that remains for you to decide. was the subject of a documentary made by Discovery in order to find out if it is possible for conscience and personality to continue after a person dies. The Holly figure it is said to cry when asked or prayed with sincere faith. the story of the Crying Icon of The Holly Virgin from Boian. a reaction he had never before had towards an object of art. Miss Mac. What is intriguing is that according to Valdez. The Ghostly Dance The story of Miss Macpherson . who was taking dace lessons told Rita she had seen a small-stature. The canvas got a horrible colour of brown. Without any other help. he experienced a paranormal event which has never been claimed by another artist. more than 60 years old. at the first floor of the church. To express these tormenting feelings he was “forced” by some invisible power to paint the canvas in a violent manner. However there are some who claim to have experienced blackouts or mind control just by seeing a photo of the picture! Watch carefully! Another interesting claim is that of artist Salvador G. The artist admits not wanting to recognize this paranormal experience “I laid false claim to this miraculous piece of art and signed my name in green paint”. Though in our country there are no claims of haunted paintings. which lies in the heart of the city there is a dance school. He says that he found this old canvas and by first touching it he was overwhelmed with anger. While trying to pain a portrait a la Norman Rockwell. Locals say that many people have been converted to orthodoxy after visiting this holly picture and others claim the fact that they touched the icon healed their illnesses. She was also able to recognize the woman as Mary Mac. right after Mary Mac died and this British couple became the new owners of the studio. he says he hadn’t claimed this experience before for fear of being judged as mentally ill and not being able to be appreciated as a painter and not selling his work any longer.

that the house was empty. the Streins. The Romanian equivalent of ghost dancing may be the dance of the mythical creatures. They are said to be immaterial spectre that give the illusion of young vivid women. Some children complained about their money and hairbrush flying through the air and then falling on the floor. her family. The old woman apparently greeted the medic. Although in Romania. Prose: The book “The Crazy Ghost House” (Strigoaica şi casa nebună) by Ben Corlaciu is a collection of ghost stories. that is worth discussing. he also thinks it is not a threatening spook. in a frantic. peaceful apparition who is only trying to supervise her old dancing school. Thus. in order to make sure everything goes on the same way it use to. so who knows maybe 20 years from now on we’ll have some dancing ghost on the spot light of the entire Europe. The old lady had been the victim of a heart attack. is the one. she had not killed the family. because of its paranormal contents. who on specific occasions. has not yet been exploited at its full potential. the presence of this unseen community in poetry makes one think of the aesthetic value that such a creature may have. fell ill. with their chest completely nude. often associated to frisky creatures. chaotic way. visualizes a battlefield. The women’s intention to blame this disappearance on Horthy will then be spoiled by the finding of the allege crime toll. which in Romanian tradition are called “iele”. She is portrayed as having a frightened expression on her face. and sometimes they never recover their health again. gather in the heart of forests and begin dancing a traditional Romanian dance. Maria Stamatopol. a sort of territory invaded by the ghosts of all the lost solders describing her . The apparition was sensed through Mary’s carnation perfume and it allegedly uses the same clothes that she had in real life. so much that it couldn’t leave. his patient was already dead at his arrival. as well as the manner in which they manifest. beautiful and attractive women. more than 60 years ago. The main female character. because they were already moved by the landlord’s men. the writers’ preoccupation for these dark creatures dates two or even three centuries ago. gathered from different corners of Europe. youngsters nowadays are getting very implicated into bark dance and other types of street dancing. had called the doctor. stating that they even blessed the hairbrush afterwards. Here are some examples followed by our impressions on some books and poems. Nevertheless. which gives the title of the book. Paranormal investigator and writer John Mitchell believed the couple’s story and he actually thinks that the spirit was very truly in love with this place. who see them. therefore literature on this theme tends to be enthusiastically quested.London Grosvenor House) provided by her former student Rita Cole. They are said to be young. named “horă”. which closely follow this matter. Writers Inspired by the Unseen Creatures of Humanity The fact that ghosts and poltergeists are an infinite source of inspiration for Since Fiction book comes as no surprise. causing delirium because of their great spin. nowadays. Whether it’s because of the reader’s curiosity or because of his wish to be scared. However. The Romanian writer offers vivid descriptions of poltergeists and ghosts. a missing pocketknife. People. just like the British do. The story “Mutual Gifts” (Daruri reciproce) reveals the portrait of an old hobgoblin tormenting an unsuspecting medical assistant (Aurel Budinoiu) who came in her house with the only purpose to save her life. dancing schools are not so popular as in Great Britain. Unfortunately. vampire and ghost novels are very fashionable. Another short story. as well as the Strein family. as if she wished to tell Budinoiu. He says Miss Mac is a friendly. The newly discovered passion that the world shares for dark and occult.

Like all respectable ghosts of the 19 th century. named “Sir Edmund Orme”. their mother makes Gregory swear on his brother’s body to revenge this death. Dumas gives an impressively detailed description of all the details of Rumanian rituals related to fighting off poltergeists. The technique. When the corps is found. Hedwiga has her first horrendous experience. because of his appearance and way of acting. the Symphony of Fear” (Nosferatu. and a strange behavior. This amplifies not only the mystery surrounding the murder. A final confrontation between Gregory and the lifeless body of his brother takes place in the ending resulting in the death of the poltergeist according to popular believes: with his heart stabbed by Gregory’s sword. whom he seems to have killed at the end. with white skin. conserves his simple and descriptive type of writing. he does not listen to the combination. but he gives her.W. Sir Edmund Orme has that same mysterious air. Inspired by Romanian folklore. As times goes by. the mysterious atmosphere. the scenery resembles the ghostly battles of Cornwell. which divides the world of shadows and the real world. he gives her little branch of myrtle. not only the strange appearance of poltergeists. elegant man. the lady tells Gregory the great torment that his brother is putting her through. he only prays shortly right in the of the church. she feels the urge to run from all the ghosts. impeccable manners.experience as a ferocious attack of unseen forces. composes a fine story. though he look very young. that Corlaciu uses to describe and emphasize the characteristics of the restless spirits are quite impressive. a real gentleman. whom she was suppose to marry. she sees the dead man’s eyes opening and piercing her sight. Kostaki’s death begin right after his death. The first observation is the fact that the American writer is keen on sketching postures that are more humane for his ghosts. The strange phenomena surrounding. which takes place in the Romanian Carpathian area. relating the characters of this unusual story to the famous ghosts of England. One of his short stories from the series “Ghost Stories of Henry James” (Povestiri cu fantome). but also the ways in which villagers used to protect themselves from . but also the mysticism of the nonhuman characters. Kostaki (Costache). Alexandre Duma Père. seemingly at The Dukes’ Palace(Palatul Cnejilor) in Cheahlău. Sir Edmund Orme is a quiet character. Kostaki develops all the characteristics of a poltergeist: he shows himself to Hedwiga as the man he used to be. The whole picture is extremely frightening: grotesque figures. Henry James. she witnesses a rain of stones and the shadows of long-gone solders adjuring their mates not to leave them to die alone. as he places his reader on the line. as he was still alive. he dresses in an old-fashioned way and he carries a walking stick. Meanwhile. The character shows a bizarre attitude he sits next to miss Malard in the church. and his scar across the chest was visible under the shirt. telling her to pray to the Holly Virgin. wet from holly water. Hedwiga (Hedviga). his flash was rotted and the only thing that was still alive were his eyes. Although she fears she will be mistaken for a lunatic. characterized by Ben Corlaciu is for sure a difficult task. to escape her demon. which in this case is of great help into portraying the main character. the grey. Comparing Henry James’s ghosts with the previous mentioned spirits. but mysterious forces paralyze her. who gives people cold shivers. Due to this characteristics. angry sky. One may never be sure on which of these two realms he is truly situated. making him a young. receives the strange visits of the dead brother. She feels trapped in a cemetery. portrays this character as being a ghost. The novel “Nosferatu: the Ghost of the Carpathians” along with Barm Stoker’s novel “Dracula” were a true sores of inspiration with german director F. enie Symphonie des Grauens). He is spiritually connected to Miss Malard. but in order to calm her down. Murnau who made in 1922 one of the greatest horror movie of all times: “Nosferatu. The novel tell the story of a young duke Gregory (Grigoriţă). who accidentally kills his brother while hunting. which increases the tension. His lady. however his clothes were old. He brings into the readers’ attention. He does not believe her.

perhaps because it wears no sandals. was the result of a curse that his family had. It is uncommonly silent. ever been thought to be a poltergeist. but yet he is understood by everyone. The description is brief. A challenging issue would be that of considering the motion lyrics and expressions as being personifications. “His laughter like the breeze”. The old-fashioned manner to dress. The ghost responds to the character’s attempt to take him an interview in an unexpected way. Surprisingly. four generations of Brancovens. commenting on such a piece of literature is even harder. Dumas says the transformation of Kostaki. Romanian poetry about poltergeists has its main origins in folkloric legends. the visual and auditory images are dominant: “His fashions quaint. She pictures an odd person whom she meets in an “appalling day”. An example that best suits this topic is Vasile Alecsandri’s poem. Therefore. What is even more intriguing is the analogy with the name of Brâncovenu(a well known Romanian writer and politician) that the character has. this unfortunately. myths and ballads. and the divine powers in a peculiar way. besides portraying a ghost. confesses that every person who is kissed by a poltergeist keeps a pale color until their final moments. Structured into three separate . rapid pace recommend the creature as forming part of a another age. his eyes of fire. or not. but at the same time. with the help of God himself. According to this curse. this is the question. as shown in the previous extracts. Starting with the way it is dressed. the light. so to say. his black roar covers the sky. Gregory uses prays . Poetry: Though finding old poems about ghosts is hard. will have the same faith. or maybe we are simply entitled to call them “things”. replace the moon. Hedwiga. one single word seems to describe this ghost better than any other word. Its whole presence is quiet. shortening the whole conversation making is transient. in view of the fact that one of their ancestors had killed a priest. “quaint”. Emily Dickinson’s poem “The only Ghost I ever saw”* attracts one’s eye fist of all because it is so beautifully written. ending with the way it walks and acts around human beings. he had with evil forces (he is able to speak another language. but conclusive for the aspect of the ghost and for its behavior. Another legendary characteristic is present in this novel. and for the unconventional theme: the description of a ghost. “laughter like the breeze”) and the comparison. In the last pages of the book. being her case as well. He makes the sign of the cross with his left hand. The mostly present figures of speech are the trope (“stepped like flakes of snow”. and it is so shy. he cuts the best’s hand with his blessed sword. “Strigoiul”** (Vampire). however there no legends about the politician . While Kostaki reveals a pact. which is in fact written as a folkloric Romanian ballad. We should see ghosts as persons.these demonic ghosts. I can say that Emily Dickenson raises another important matter. and his supernatural scream flies into the air). and he manages to defeat the unstoppable. “His gait was soundless”. mosaic”. going back to its mute appearance.

Ignorance has a much too high price. To this incredible story. therefore another sign of the devilish darkness held by this place. While Dickenson humanizes her ghost. is the fact that no bird or animal would go near it. Comparing the two pieces. or the lad’s tormented soul. The poltergeist’s origins are according to old believes. However it is the night.-“ The place in which lays the grave of the poltergeist lacks live as much as him. the logical chronological sequence would be for the story to be known before the warning “Tardy traveller. Dickenson summarizes her paranormal experience in the adjective “appalling” and Alecsandri refers to a tragic. which is said to be the sun of the wind.who also had a predilection for related themes such as death and immortality. let alone any other plant. The mystery continues. The cross is in ruins. the poet find the matter so importantly dangerous that it starts with it: ” Close your eyes. described as the native predator and the representative of all occult forces. beware / Of that spectre gibbering there” is made. This is in fact the ultimate proof of the true force of those “black” vibes deeply hidden behind the “ruined cross”. As a man. When it comes to the actual description of these creatures. who comes to take its pray. major difference is related to this topic. Tragedy strikes. The translation was provided by www. the poltergeist phenomena is an unlikely theme for Romanian writers. the continuation of life. Alecsandri portrays a perfectly devilish character. along with his horse. cruel death. The poltergeist is first described as a ghost. the poet also 29 appends (exactly from the firs lines) the perception that men have of these fictional beings. strictly from the perspective of their theme. may which represent the poltergeist. Ghosts are a quite old and popular phenomena in America. her worry and tears. concentrated around a vampire. as very few of them refer to creatures or mention the actual term in their work. being of course the central pivot of the poems. The figures of speech intensify the feeling of scare.lesvampires. The translation of the ballad resemblance the classic English writings. Both descriptions are scary. incapable of feelings. Then as the story is flows. and urge your steed To the utmost of his speed. The lyrics show the fact that the creatures are death-related and have peculiar frightening appearances. making it “shy”. E. as he leaves his maid in pursuit of an unmentioned illusions. in order to chase away on his white horse. attached to this place by his own guilt. he seems rather irresponsible. cursing his own sad faith. ignoring her love. but firmly attached to the ground as no wind can move it. we can state that both of them are inspired by traditional literature. Although.chose this theme for her poem does not come as a surprise. is an anonymous creature. The final description is that of the haunting spirit which leaves his grave to harm the travellers. he is describes in its human form. surrounded by mysterious lights. regarding unpleasant memories. suggesting the same horrible state. By contrast. that leaves his beloved girl. To amplify this puzzlement. consequently amplifying the importance of the . the ghost that rises from the grave in the final verse. therefore the fact that Emily Dickenson . It is common knowledge that animals have a more developed sense of danger. but appropriate for this type of composition. telling a slightly different story. he falls over the doomed cliff. growing on this gravestone. as the only apparent killers are the blue sparkles. as there is no grass. The ghost she presents is in fact a “secret formula” for immortality. as a youngster. 29 The text of the poem is in Annex 1 ** The text of the poem is in Annexes 2and 3. human. under some other form of life. the one who reveal its darkest secret. the poem presents the genesis of a poltergeist. The soil is also ruined. Many works include references to ghosts. than humans do. The writhing style is quite simple. but mostly in a figurate

we think. experts say that the distinction between apparitions and devilish forces is still a puzzling matter for most persons and even for them. but there are stories of devilish dogs in England and in America also. from my perspective. Notions like poltergeist women and the succubi (a succubus is a female demon appearing in dreams who takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men. however there are no claims of the poltergeist to be able to do the same. but they are not troublesome characters. Poltergeists and ghosts can allegedly move objects. in Jewish mythology) are frequently mixed up. but are still associated to vampires. Romanian mythology is vast and if not beautiful. as the English or American spirits. we will start by saying that this theme inspires people numerous and diverse reactions. Pricolici are . In addition. It is true that vampires are allegedly born when a dog or a cat crosses their tombs and that they allegedly attack animals to poor the blood out of their bodies in order to feed. they are said to torment their relatives and those whom they met while sill alive. ghosts and strigoi is not clearly made by regular people. some unrelated matter would be that both writers lived approximately in the same period and had a major contribution to their national poetry.sometimes. and they do not turn into devilish creatures only after death. The characteristic which defines poltergeists and differences them from vampires is the fact that they are born this way. are said to cause lots of trouble. most popular character of this kind is Lilith. but in different parts of the world. Some think that vampires can influence their victim’s taught. the American notion of “shadow persons” (apparitions of rapid shadows. the difference between poltergeists. They are afraid of garlic and their hearts must be pierced with a wooden spire in order for them to vanish. poltergeists have attracted the attention of some film producers and writers overboard. the lack of knowledge and the poor information on this matter. therefore they resemble more closely vampires. VII. even after death. They are growing popular. is because they (sometimes) represent versions of the same type of paranormal creature. Conclusions Conclusions: Assuming the risk of this cliché. Some other connections regarding vampires and strigoi are also wrongly made. Moreover. therefore the fact some Hollywood productions were inspired by it supports this idea and makes us proud of our traditions.In addition. This. Though they are not the subject of an intense research. becoming famous and continuing being well appreciated. they might appear in the people’s dreams and they haunt their relatives more than they haunt anyone else. Both types of entities are trouble spirits attached to persons and tombs in the case of poltergeists and . at least intriguing. interested in mythology. Strigoi on the other hand. can enter people’s dreams. which are associated to spirits that lack heavenly tranquillity) are often taken as common ghosts by people in Romania. For example as previously mentioned in the introduction. The reasons why poltergeist and ghosts are believed to belong on the same class of spirits are related to their manifestation. One of the reasons why people get confused by these entities is the fact that the allegedly protection against such beings is the same. the moroi entities which are sometimes included in the same category as poltergeists. The main causes are. mixed up with ware wolves.

Ghost figures and salutes. here on solid ground. Legends and stories about phantasms. While garlic is an inhibitor for poltergeist activity. However. Perhaps it is related to the fact that this type of works is thought provoking and they require our imagination. Another difference consists of the previously mentioned methods of getting rid of unwanted ghostly presences. they died of similar causes or because they have unfinished business. locally. that confusions are very easily made. Without referring to the style. which resemble one another from one ore more perspectives. these are separate entities. we believe. poltergeists. the thirst for thrilling ghost-stories is so big. A comparison between English and Romanian works on paranormal Phenomena is not an easy persons. so many talents are lost. plus the newly discovered interest on the population in the occult creatures. Romanian studies of the paranormal are quite poor in number. which torment and harm people. which are inevitably different. the existing work is of great value. are very many in our culture. however poltergeists are unable to do so. while haunted houses are in general. it happens because of the poor information. while poltergeists are malefic spirits or bad persons. Ghosts are said to be presences or vapours or steam in the shape of human heads or bodies. very popular and rumoured. This is why people can only suspect of being haunted by a poltergeist. for artistic and informative reasons as well. However the difference between these creatures are numerous. Phantoms can allegedly trigger certain memories and they can also communicate through sings of faith. Most resemblances are in literature. their supposed aspect or their forms of banishment. these reasons are not enough to completely identify one myth to another. as their only purpose is to cause discomfort. like the African ones do not have any mentions at all about demons and ghosts. for the lack of artistic “evidence” of the paranormal in Romanian arts. many plastic artists from Romania and from the English speaking countries have “flirted” with this theme. As said in the notes ending this chapter. From another point of view. Whether it is their manifestation. related to the increasing preoccupation of newly artists for this matter. Nevertheless. It is said that ghosts refuse to leave earth because they participated to tragic events. locations. Art works are too. The artistic life is not very prosperous nor very profitable. there are some similarities. moroi. This. When it comes to painting for example. while ghosts pierce dreams in order to send messages. and. Young Romanian artists are very few. the common explanation is that they were atheists or bad human beings in their previous lives. The additional cause is the fact that our artistic life tend to lose its human values. Songs. and devilish wolves. pricolici and the popular European vampires and ghosts. Taking into consideration the fact that some civilisations. spooks can allegedly talk in a loud voice and make different sound while. music. poetry and prose about ghosts are present in both English and Romanian cultures and the difference lays in the . Moroi and strigoi are said to invade people’s dreams in order to make them ill. titles related to them and to poltergeists are a common toll of artistic expression. though confusions are quite often made between Romanian mythological spooks such as strigoi. plastic artists and writers do not as seem to be as interested as foreign artists are of them. the intensity of a haunting can only be diminished through prayers and blessings. and theatre. What is more. the lack of knowledge is the main contributor. Young Romanian artists say they feel inspired by ghost stories or by novels and movies showing paranormal activities. Summarizing. houses or former possessions in the case of ghosts. poltergeist can only communicate in dreams.

Film productions that include ghost stories. scientific researches on the world of spirits and all sorts of gadgets that can allegedly. However. These are connected to the previously mentioned differences in folkloric belief. unfortunately it is just taking its first steps towards European viewers. England. Notes: The first observation we would like to note is regarding the low quantity of information about mythic beings unrelated to ghosts. as well as they have specials who can resolve paranormal trouble. they might turn against them. there are many English scientific works about paranormal beings. the main differences in art’s perception and opinions of paranormal phenomena in Romania and the English speaking countries are generated by the differences that this supernatural creatures hold in traditional believes. the conservatism of elderly people. but not by all paranormal enthusiasts. Sensational. though our country is famous because of the legend of Dracula. for fear that. but sceptically perceived in our country. ghost enthusiasts are quite fond of England. Luncani or Poeni. will be known by foreign scientists. The theme has been intensively exploited. consequently some other subjects seem more exciting for our film producers. Plays with ghost theme are still part of the abstract theatre. and now it has become a commercial act to produce a movie about vampires. would not even mention paranormal creatures. but no longer heckled by the media. in our country. For instance. our main paranormal tourist attraction will continue to The Bran Castle. vampire tells. but overwhelming. The don of seeing or tacking to spooks has become a certified job in the states and professionals of this kind are still famous. Moreover. inexplicable activity. and specialists in haunting quite numerous. In addition. detect ghostly presence and even enable then to speck with humans. it is has been heard of artists who are paranormal enthusiasts. To our mind. by launching it in the media. It is now common knowledge that the American police uses the abilities of psychics in their investigations. in the absence of an accredited authority on this domain.way they are described. the false haunting claims. news and television shows about haunted areas all over the continent. Due to this new problem they must confront. it is part of their notorious eccentricity and charm. from the areas where poltergeist phenomena has been reported. Meanwhile European and American specialists insist they are the same. the villages of Sinca Veche. Stories about haunted theatres and salons are popular in English countries. Nowadays there is a whole industry developing around paranormal. that these countries hold is not only rich. As previously mentioned. America was one of the fist countries to use the issues of haunting and demonic possessions as a public interest theme. Romanian experts in paranormal are not that numerous and technologies for the identification of spirits are mostly imported. The information on restless spirits. By comparison. poltergeist activity or some other references to occult practices are a major hit nowadays. as this type of writing is inspired mostly by folklore. the vague information. villagers. English old Castles and rural areas promote their paranormal secrets worldwide. It works with creativity and imagination and it is well contempt because this field stimulates exactly these two capacities of the human mind. There are paranormal investigation teams. growing popular very rapidly. and even documentaries. There fore. say these evil souls have nothing to do with vampires. Australia. Summing up. this subject is used in our press as well. They inspired blockbuster movies. who sometimes. while in America and in England they are much better received. spirits and strange. but it does not generate the same amount of controversy. . the lack of implication of mythology specialists lead to the poor interest of the Romanian public eye. while other locations with great potential such as the HoiaBaciu forest. The biggest beneficiary of the paranormal muse is. As opposed to this. unbelievable stories captured people’s attention dividing them into believers and non-believers. poltergeists and not to mention ghosts. To what modern Romanian cinematography is concerned. America and Canada are now facing different danger. undoubtedly the Since Fiction literature. these countries have people who know how to identify a staged haunting. Art is much more interested in the fantasy of these happenings than in the story in itself. However. as well as the fact that this method has had to very satisfying results.

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mosaic.-Of me. His fashions quaint. And God forbid I look behind Since that appalling day! .The only Ghost I ever saw Emily Dickinson The only ghost I ever saw Was dressed in mistletoe. Our interview was transient. He wore no sandal on his foot. like the bird. haply. Or. But rapid. -. And stepped like flakes of snow. His laughter like the breeze That dies away in dimples Among the pensive trees. His gait was soundless. like the roe. himself was shy. His conversation seldom.

a shape I see Hov'ring nigh. As he turns Haughtily the sward he spurns. All around. E'en the sombre bird of night Shuns it in her darksome flight. on starless nights. forsaken. Cursing God and all the saints. Tardy traveller. and urge your steed To the utmost of his speed. Myriad hosts of livid lights Flicker fretfully. Lies a Vampyre's corpse obscene! Though the night is black and cold Love's found story. often told. on high Standing out against the sky. Stalwart youth and maiden fair Seal sweet vows of ardent passion With their lips. Pacing slowly to and fro Like a sentry. what may it be? 'Tis a charger. beware Of that spectre gibbering there.Vampire (Strigoiul) Vasile Alecsandri Near the cliff's sharp edge. revealing At its foot a phantom. Floats in whispers through the air. pale. Startled by the piteous groan That arises from the stone. Dost thou see a ruined cross Weatherstained. Close your eyes. in lovers' fashion. "Restless. o'ergrown by moss. Gloomy. . I ween. By unnumbered tempests shaken? Not a blade of grass grows nigh it.-For beneath that cross. Not a peasant lingers by it. white as snow. desolate. kneeling Whilst it jabbers dismal plaints.

Kissed her lips and cheeks and eyes Heedless of her tears and sighs. Mounted--smiled--and rode away. See! below The causeway. my soul is sore afraid! Brave not the dread Vampyre's power. 'Love. Then from those dismal depths arise Blaspheming yells and strident cries Re-echoing through the murky air And. thus besought the maid. but prest The sobbing maiden to his breast. A piteous cry. in his flight Nursed on the ebony breast of Night? 'Tis he. on his milk-white steed! The blast in all its savage force Strives to o'erthrow the gallant horse That snorts defiance to his foe And struggles onward. Mightiest at this mystic hour!' Not a word he spake."Leave me not. tonight! Stay with me till morning's light!' Weeping. We rides across the dusky plain Tearing along with might and main Like some wild storm-fiend. Waved his hand. a heavy splash. beloved. And in the rocky river-bed Rider and horse lie crushed and dead. Brandishing high a blood-stained glaive The Vampyre rises from his grave! . and now recede. like a serpent from its lair. 'long the river-side A thousand flutt'ring flamelets glide! Now they approach. with gesture gay. Still followed by the panting steed. He nears the ruined cross! A crash. who left her in her need-Her lover.

Coamele-i erau zburlite. Vezi o cruce dărâmată Ce de vânt e clătinată. . Unde vântul cu turbare Suflă trist. Mii de flăcări albăstrele Se văd tainic fluturând. Geme-un glas îngrozitor. înfricoşat. Că sub dânsa-n orice vreme Cu durere jalnic geme. copil de vânt. Fugi de-acele căi pocite De ţi-e calul de bun soi. Clătinată ne-ncetat? Împrejur iarba nu creşte Şi pe dânsa nu-şi opreşte Nici o pasăre-al ei zbor. Călător nenorocite. Iar pe-o culme-n depărtare Se vedea mişcând la zare Un cal alb. Două umbre sta în vale. Amor vecinic îşi jura. Că-n mormântul fără pace Şi sub cruce-acolo zace. Ce. Când e noapte fără stele. Zace singur un strigoi! Într-o noapte-ntunecată Dulce şoaptă-namorată Prin văzduh încet zbura. Se arată blestemând.Strigoiul Vasile Alecsandri În prăpastia cea mare. Şi prin ele crunt deodată O fantasmă se arată. cuprinse-n dulce jale. Ş-a lui sprintene copite Săpau urme pe pământ.

iată Că lucesc pe câmp deodată Mii de focurele mici. De se-ntrec ca doi voinici. În văzduh s-a afundat. bădiţă! (Zicea blânda copiliţă Cu ochi plânşi. sărind cu veselie Pe-al său cal de voinicie.. opreşte!. le urmează. blăstemuri crude Care trec pe-al nopţii vânt.Nu te duce. vâjâieşte. se depărtează.. nu. Un cal alb. Ele zbor. După-o dulce sărutare. Dar prin neguri iată... Mânjina) . Dar voinicul n-a răspuns. de pe stâncă... cu glas pătruns) Ah! te jur pe sfânta cruce! Stai cu mine. În prăpastia adâncă Au picat stăpân şi cal! Şi-de-atunci în fund s-aude Gemete. Zboară calul. nu te duce. Şi de-atunci ades s-arată O fantasmă-nfricoşată Care iese din mormânt! (1845. Cine-aleargă pe câmpie Ca un duh de vijelie Într-al nopţii negru sân? Cine fuge. cu-al său stăpân! Vântul bate. Repede s-a depărtat Şi. strângând-o cu-nfocare. Ci. Stai. Falnic calul se izbeşte. Păşind iute către mal. cine trece Pe la ceasul doisprezece?.