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in For More Ideas : contactproj ect i deas@ ecol o gi c.N Ne et t/ /A AS SP p u n eetaro ra2000/ 1 Business Performance Reporting 2 Case Management for Government Agencies 3 Classroom Management 4 Clinical Trial Initiation and Management 5 Competitive Analysis Web Site 6 Discussion Forum website 7 Disputed Invoice Management 8 Employee Training Scheduling and Materials 9 Equity Research Management .i nfo For Learning Java/ PHP/ .N Ne et t/ /C C# # 150 Project Ideas for Industrial Training from Ecologic Corporation.NET / Java : Visit Lht t p: / / l ogi cat work. . http://www.i n Watch Power Presentation from Ecologic Corporation:h ttp :/ / sl id esh are.NET / ASP.i n For Learning more on : VB.VB B.c o.ecologic.NET / Embedded Systems contact :t rai ni n g@ ecol o gi c. Chandigarh .

10 Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking 11 Manufacturing Process Managements 12 Product and Marketing Requirements Planning 13 Request for Proposal Software 14 Sports League Management 15 Absence Request and Vacation Schedule Management .

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57em. Inventory Management Database 45. Time & Billing 41. Yellow Pages & Business Directory 40. Class Room Management 42. Service Call Management Database 48. Sales Corporation Management 4b/000. Asset Tracking Database 50. 33 Knowledge Base 34 Lending Library 35 Physical Asset Tracking and Management 36 Project Tracking Workspace 37 Room and Equipment Reservations 38 Sales Lead Pipeline 39. clip: rect(0. Sales Contact Management Database 44.jpg' style='left: 11. Issue Database 46. Shopping Cart .07em 27. Expense Report Database 43.scribd. Business Directory 53. Dental Clinic Management .class='absimg' src='http://html. Education Directory 54. Event Management Database 47.75 16 Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects 17 Bug Database Management 18 Call Center Management Software 19 Change Request Management 20 Compliance Process Support Site 21 Contacts Management Software 22 Document Library and Review 23 Event Planning and Management 24 Expense Reimbursement and Approval 25 Help Desk and Ticket Management 26 Inventory Tracking 27 I T Team Workspace 29 Job Requisition and Interview Management 28 Knowledge Base 29 Lending Library 30 Physical Asset Tracking and Management 31 Project Tracking Workspace 32. Accounting Ledger Database 49. Cycle Factory Works Management 51.

Survey Creation and Analytics 59. Museum Management System 60.55. Cable Management System 58. Multi-Level Marketing System . Fund Raising Management 56. Clinic/ Health Management 57.

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07em). Disaster Management Site 65. 85. Image Gallery . Advertisement /Banner Management and Analytics 71. Project Management System.75em 58.07em 27. clip: rect(0.75em. Placement Management System. Articles / Blog / Wiki Web site 75. Export Management System' style='left: 11. Market Research Management 68.69em 0. Order Management System 69. Learning Management System 62. Mock Tests and Examination Management 77. Hotel Management System 97.57em. Yoga Health Care Management 87. Network Marketing System 86. Job Management Site 66.'/> 61. height: 58. Personal Finance Management System 88. Travel Agency System. Recruitment Management System 74. Music Albums Management System 92. width: 27. Missing Person Site 64. Polls Management 83. 81. top: 6. Online News Paper Site 99. 82. Asset Management System 80.57em. Practice Test Management. Sales & Retail Management 95. Point of Sale 70. Stock Mutual Funds Management 90. Real Estate Management System 89.scribd. Dating Site 96. Knowledge Management System 63. 79. Examination System 78. Classified Ads Managements 93. Careers and Employment Management System 91. Financial Portfolio Management 67. Property Management System 94. Customer Management 84. Online Planner 76.82em. Search Engine 98. Invoice Management 73.class='absimg' src='http://html.

Inventory Management System 103. 106 Wildlife Safari Trip Management 150.100. Lyrics Website . Staffing and Human Capital Management 101. Address Book 102. Ontology based Web Crawler . Newspaper Classifieds 104 Hostel Management 105 Music .