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FlyAsh and Dry Product Handling for Flue Gas Cleaning

Fly Ash Handling

Systems and components for power plants
IBAU HAMBURG not only supplies

systems and components for power plants but also complete customised solutions for handling fly ash, pulverised limestone, quicklime and gypsum.


Two-Way Valve

Fly ash handling
• Conventional coal-fired power plants • Circulating fluidized bed power plants (CFB)

Pulverised limestone, quicklime, hydrated lime and gypsum handling
• Wet flue gas cleaning (Wet FGD ) • Dry flue gas cleaning (Dry FGD ) We supply turnkey ash removal systems from filter discharge to loading of the fly ash, designed according to customer specifications and of course assist with the planning.

Main I BAU components:
Pneumatic conveying installations: • Fluidslides • Pressure vessels • Screw pumps • Rotary air locks • Jet conveyors Silo, storage and loading technology: • IBAU large-storage silos • Steel silos with aerated bottom • Loading systems for pressure vessel trucks • Pressure vessel truck discharge Fly ash processing/ homogenisation: • Mechanical mixers • Pneumatic homogenisation technology • Classification technology
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Flow Control Gate

ESP ash removal


Information I BAU Rotary Air Lock I BAU Screw Pump I BAU Fluidslide and ash storage silos 3 .

The fluidslide slopes 5-7° from the horizontal.Fly Ash Handling Conveying systems IBAU HAMBURG has the right conveying solution in its programme whatever the purpose: Fluidslides: These systems are very economical thanks to the low energy consumption and also 100% reliable in service. Ash removal can be performed for all hoppers of one filter row via only one fluidslide. Given the high throughputs possible the systems are also suitable for large quantities of lignite fly ash. Screw pumps are used to I BAU fluidslides at Power Plant Florina 4 .

For different conveying quantities diffe- rent pressure vessel sizes can be combined. Several vessels are connected to one conveying line. and the energy consumption correspondingly high. I BAU pressure vessels at Power Plant Litvinov 5 . This means no other conveyors are required even with long distances to the silo. The energy consumption is relatively low.Information transport the ash further up to conveying distances of 500 m. Pressure vessel conveyors: Pressure vessels function according to the densephase flow principle. Jet conveyors: Jet conveyors are suitable for fly ash quantities of up to 5 t/h and conveying distances up to 100 m max. The specific material/ air ratio is relatively low. Conveying distances > 1000 m are possible.

Fly Ash Handling I BAU screw pump at Power Plant Mehrum I BAU pumps during mounting 6 .

Information I BAU jet conveyor for air preheater ash removal 7 .

and the material discharged towards the middle of the silo. They are equipped with a pneumatic discharge bottom and provide for metered and maintenance-free discharge of material.000 m3 at Power Plant Mehrum 8 . The machine equipment and loading systems are situated underneath the central cone. Multichamber design is possible. With this solution the loading point is installed at the side of the silo. I BAU central cone silos: These silos have proved their worth time and time again and are the industrial standard for storage volumes up to 30.000 m3. I BAU central cone silo 25. Dome silos / Conversion of existing oil tanks: Pneumatic discharge solutions are possible in applications where dome silos can be used to advantage. Old oil tanks can also be used for fly ash storage according to this principle.Fly Ash Handling Storage I BAU HAMBURG sup- plies pneumatic systems for the storage of fly ash at power plants. Intermediate silos used to store fly ash for further transport or loading are generally made of steel. They function according to the “firstin/first-out” principle. The bottom is also covered with fluidslides as with the central cone silo. They have either a flat or conical aerated bottom and are designed in sizes up to 2000 m3.

Information Fly ash discharge from a central cone silo 9 .

Fly Ash Handling Typical discharge section of a central cone silo Discharge section of central cone silo after emptying residues Intermediate silos in fly ash processing plant Maasvlakte 10 .

000 m 3 at Power Plant Mehrum 11 .Information I BAU ash storage silos 15.000 m 3 and 25.

using screen devices or air separators) is processed into high-quality ash with a continuous mechanical mixer.Fly Ash Handling Fly ash processing From being waste material. To satisfy the high quality requirements stipulated by the cement and concrete standards additional fly ash homogenisation may be necessary with quality fluctuations occurring due to firing. circulate and mix the contents of the silo section by section. IBAU HAMBURG is supporting this with innovative and economical technology. which are used to fluidise. Fly ash from an upstream classification system (e. Classification for example allows the carbon levels to be kept below permissible limits or specific finenesses to be separated. One silo is used to take up the fly ash during operation while homogenisation is carried out in the second silo. fly ash has now become a commodity. Mixers with capacities ranging between 100 to 250 t/h are used here. At least two silos are required for such a concept.g. I BAU fly ash homogenisation silos at Power Plant Mehrum 12 . The silos are equipped with so-called “quadrant homogenisation” systems.

The number and arrangement of the mixing tools and their geometric shapes are tuned to each other. enabling a threedimensional mixing movement of the components in the cylindrical. horizontal mixer.Information IBAU flow-through mixer type IB-DM I BAU Single- shaft flowthrough mixer IB-DM The mixer type IB-DM operates according to the principle of centrifugal mixing. Throughput performances of up to 450 t/h can be achieved. All mixing tools are designed to ensure that the supplied electrical energy is converted with the highest possible efficiency. The mixing tools are interchangeable and mounted on a rotating shaft. The dwell time of the material in the mixer can be influenced via an overflow weir. View inside an IBAU flow-through mixer 13 .

Fly Ash Handling Control room at I BAU fly ash processing installation Maasvlakte Screen technology at I BAU fly ash processing installation Maasvlakte 14 .

Information I BAU boiler ash processing at Power Plant Flensburg 15 .

Lime. Material can be transported to the absorber with fluidslides. screw pumps or pressure vessel conveyors. to the dosing silo for lime milk production. Absorbents are delivered by truck or rail pressure vessel truck. 2000 t and are equipped with pneumatic discharge devices. Truck discharge is carried out with compressed air and pneumatic transport to the storage silos. Storage silos have capacities of up to approx.Fly Ash Handling Flue gas cleaning I BAU HAMBURG sup- plies systems from truck/rail discharging of absorbents to the loading of dry residual material from flue gas desulphurisation (FGD ). Here conveying distances of up to 100 m are possible with discharge capacities of up to 60 t/h per pressure vessel truck. The residual material from the process is discharged either using fluidslides. pulverised limestone and hydrated lime are used for dry or quasi-dry flue gas cleaning. The wet flue gas gypsum is dehydrated and dried and after the dryer conveyed pneumatically to the gypsum storage silo using screw pumps. rotary valves. I BAU lump crusher under absorber 16 . using a screw pump for example. Lime is transported from the storage silo.

Information I BAU low-pressure conveying system for FGD product 17 .

Fly Ash Handling Pressure vessel rail car discharge for pulverised limestone Conveying air control unit for pressure vessel rail car discharge 18 .

Information I BAU lime dosing upstream of absorber lime milk tank 19 .

Fpipe and small pressure vessels have proved to be effective for the removal of fly ash downstream of the filter.Fly Ash Handling Combustion Low-grade coal and bio fuels are being increasingly burnt in CFB pressure vessel installations and converted into energy: here IBAU HAMBURG offers appropriate concepts and solutions for the handling of ash and lime. The material is conveyed to an intermediate silo and is transported further to the ash silo using a screw pump. Combustion bed ash with a grain size of up to 2-3 mm is discharged pneumatically from the combustion chamber or the ash cooler to the bed material silo or storage silo using a pressure vessel according to the dense-phase flow conveying principle. Besides sulphur most of the chlorine and fluorine bond to the dry ash. I BAU pressure vessel for conveying bed ash 20 . Pulverised limestone for example is metered and blown in directly into the circulating fluidized bed by a screw pump. The fine-grained pulverised limestone ensures that flue gas desulphurisation already takes place in the combustion chamber. Fluidslides.

Information I BAU pulverised limestone dosing at VW Power Plant 21 .

Fly Ash Handling ESP ash removal with IBAU fluidslides 22 .

Information I BAU Fpipe conveying system for ESP ash removal 23 .

Fly Ash Handling We supply customer-oriented solutions for loading and · Internet: www. Fly ash processing plant Maasvlakte / Netherlands Power Plant Florina / Greece Combined dry ash and wet ash loading at Power Plant Mehrum / Germany FGD plant for Power Plant Oroslany / Hungary I BAU HAMBURG · Rödingsmarkt 35 · D-20459 Hamburg · PHONE +49 (0) 40 36 13 090 FAX +49 (0) 40 36 39 83 · Email: info@ibauhamburg.ibauhamburg. storage and the pneumatic conveying of dry product from flue gas desulphurisation plants as well as for fly 07/07 .