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The ratio indicates what portion of sale revenue is left to the proprietors after all operating expenses are

met. The Net Profit Ratio is increased continuously from 74.48% to 58.28%. It is increased by more than 110%. It indicates that administrative expenses are highly decreased as compare to Net Profit.

18,612,474 31,934,828 58.28 %




PROJECT PROFILE:============================================================  Name of the organization :“Vimal Dairy limited ’’  Business Philosophy :There are different business philosophies to different companies. In like this Vimal also different philosophy from others. There are main two business philosophies in the business.  To serve to interest to milk products.  To provide quality product to the customer.

 Name of the students:PATEL NIRALI L. (S.Y. B.B.A.)

 Objective of the project work:To determine three main subjectso Marketing Management o Finance Management o Personnel Management

 Institution in charge:SMT. S.B. PATEL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT.

 Duration:21/10/09 to 6/11/09



 Academic year:2008 – 2009

Vimal Dairy Ltd. Establish on 30th June 1995. Under the name of Vimal Dairy there are many other companies besides Vimal Dairy Ltd. And jointly they are well known as vimal group. Vimal group of company consist of several other company they are:


It has long history in the establishment. Vimal is a group of companies first of all Mr. Chandubhai I. Patel has started Vimal electric company as a partnership firm in 1978. This was first to manufactured capacitor, booster, and transformers.

The ancillary item of submersible pumps i.e. PVC winding wives and there core flat cable, were introduces in the market by forming a private limited company, under the name of Vimal cables limited.


There was a short of water for irrigation. They introduced submersible pumps in the market under the brand name of “ vimal group ’’by forming a private limited company, under the name of “Vimal pumps pvt. Ltd”.

In 1989, they started vimal paint to manufacture different part of industry and decorative paints, by forming a partnership concern under the name of the vimal paints. Resin being the raw material for paints. They started manufacturing resin under vimal card. Alkyls resin is exported to various countries. In north Gujarat rapeseeds are available in bulk and consumption of addible oil is more in Gujarat looking to the heavy demand of refined oils, they introduce cotton seeds and reposed oil under the name of “vimal oil & food ltd” for the same. The company has come out with public issue in March’ 1994. One of the objects of the issues was to part finance the project for extraction and so TPD edible refined oil plant.

As we know that north Gujarat, especially mehsana is well known as major milk producer district in north Gujarat. There were great opportunities for forming a dairy in north Gujarat.

They manufacture process milk powder. The present capacity of the plant is to process two laces liters of milk per day. The company was also a plant for making powder from milk the capacity of the same being 10 MT per day. But the developing process does not and here. They had also entered in to micro mineral business. The company viz“Vimal microns limited” started manufacturing of micro minerals in is very clear that this group is still in progress.


Yet. On one hand. Regional variations within the country can be mind boggling. the country has plains with long tradition of milk production and consumption. traditions and religions. All this makes India a very complex dairy country. 5 . On the other hand. India has a population of more than 1 billion with diverse food habits. her per capita milk consumption is around 250 g per day. There are no restrictions on buffalo culling. • • Cow is holy for Hindus who make up more than 80 per cent of the population of India. Buffalo enjoys no such holy status. there are forest and hilly regions with no tradition of dairying. cultures.HISTORY OF THE PRODUCT Introduction:• India is the largest producer of milk producing more than 100 million tons of milk per annum. Cow slaughter is banned in many states of India. Most of coastal belts also do not have much of dairy tradition.

5% per annum Ghee (clarified butter) consumption growing at 8% per annum Table Butter & cheese consumption growing at 10% per annum Demand for dairy products will soon exceed supply India will find it difficult to sustain dairy exports India will turn net importer of dairy products 6 .1 – Projected growth rate of milk production and dairy products consumption Product Projected Growth Rate Projected Growth Rate Product Per cent per annum Milk production 3 Ghee 8 consumption Table Butter 10 consumption Paneer (cottage 10 cheese) Processed cheese 12 Dairy whiteners and condensed8 milk Highlights • • • • • • • Milk production is growing at 3% per annum Per capita milk availability growing at only 1.Table 1.

550 cores Dairy plants throughput: 20 mlpd Throughput as percentage of total milk output: 10 Value of output of milk group (1994-95)*: Rs.5 million lpd) Average annual growth rate (1995-2000): 5. 50.000 crores 7 .HISTORY OF THE PRODUCT • • • • • • • • • • • • Human population: 953 million (70 million dairy farmers) Milk production: 74.5 million tones Turnover of veterinary pharmaceuticals: Rs.250 kg Cattle feed production (organized sector): 1. 39 million buffaloes Milk yield per breed able bovine in-milk: 1.3 million tones (203.6% Per capita milk availability: 214 g/day or 78 kg/year Milch animals: 57 million cows.051 crores Value of output of dairy industry**: Rs. 105.

The contribution of Vimal Dairy Ltd. These are the fruit of the integrated approach adopted for development of the dairy industry better known as the white revolution. Sagar dairy enjoy huge market share then Sardar dairy and Vimal dairy. to the industry especially edible milk industry is just excellent. An average man who could get only 110 gm milk per day in the early 70’s is now getting 210 gm milk per day. the Sagar dairy and Sardar dairy have the more the product in market. In compare with Vimal dairy. Sardar dairy. 8 . Vimal Dairy Ltd. Sardar dairy and Sagar dairy is also situated in Mehsana. In mehsana sagar dairy. enjoy a very huge market share then vimal dairy. Sardar dairy are the major competitor of the vimal dairy ltd. It is one of the very few edible milk companies. The existence of the competition in the market it will enable the customer to get dairy the product at the minimum price with good quality.CONTRIBUTION OF THE UNIT TO THE INDUSTRY India is the number one country in milk production with an annual milk production of 74 Million Metric Tons. It is also provide good milk and milk products to the customers at cheap price and required quality. This is really a commendable achievement given the huge size of our country and population. Sagar dairy. Amul dairy. has a big market share in the industry.


The word “dairying” was derived from the Middle English word “deiris” meaning is day or maid servants worked. The industry means different things to different things to the different participants. milk products that satisfied the consumer needs and fulfills his nutritional requirements. and. crop husbandry and dairy engineering management science is applicable in each of these disciplines and integrates them to achieve the objective of providing milk to the consumer by making an optimum use of the earth’s renewable resources for production of milk. The industries is linked together by a diverse field of disciplines such as dairy science. the dairy handler and the consumer.darying now commotes a wide range of activities starting is the production of milk in the farm to the point it reaches the consumer in the form of liquid milk or as its products. milk. the producer. 10 . The dairy industry exists for one purpose to provide at a reasonable cost .INTRODUCTION The dairy industry is recognized as one of the largest and most important of food industries. animal husbandry.

Kurien of AMUL is Living Legend of Dairy leading India to self sufficient in Milk & Milk products. sign joint ventures or use India as a sourcing center for regional exports. It offers opportunities galore to entrepreneurs worldwide.  Central Dairy of Aarey Milk Colony . Delhi (1959). Their main aim was to produce more. Calcutta (Haringhata. The Indian dairy industry is rapidly growing. 11 . A bagful of 'pearls' awaits the international dairy processor in India.   Long distance refrigerated rail-transport of milk from Anand to Bombay since 1945 Pasteurization and bottling of milk on a large scale for organized distribution was started at Aarey (1950). trying to keep pace with the galloping progress around the world. better and cheaper milk.HISTORY OF PRODUCT Today. Dr. He may transfer technology. Madras (1963) etc. who wish to capitalize on one of the world's largest and fastest growing markets for milk and milk products.  AMUL Dairy ushered 'White Revolution' in 1956 from Anand.Goregaon commenced in 1950 beginning Dairy Industry in India. The liberalization of the Indian economy beckons to MNC's and foreign investors alike. 1959). Worli (1961). These were taken up with the dual object of increasing the national level of milk consumption and ensuing better returns to the primary milk producer.  Establishment of Milk Plants under the Five-Year Plans for Dairy Development all over India. India is 'The Oyster' of the global dairy industry. As he expands his overseas operations to India many profitable options await him.

Haryana. are also being used extensively for disease control and as feed supplements/additives and as yield boosters. in 1984. the organized sector is presently handling some 20 million lpd in over 400 dairy plants. • • • 12 . • Embryo Transfer (ET) technology allows the multiplication of elite livestock breeds at a much faster rate than any other option available • In the past 30 years. From an insignificant 200. to improve the nutritive value of the traditional cattle diet. based on herbal and ayurvedic formulations. Indigenous remedies.000 liters per day (lpd) milk processing in 1951. realizing the importance of animal genetic resources. the annual production of compounded feed has gone up to 3 million tones from 40.000 tones New types of feeds have been developed.• The Government of India. has established the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) at Karnal.

India is finding it difficult to sustain exports. 80’s and 90’s India used to take some milk powder and butter oil as aid. For an economy growing at about 8 per cent per annum. But the next decade will be different. particularly milk powder. Due to increasing population. whey products and ghee started making their presence felt in global markets. Signs of change are already visible. Indian dairy products. India’s milk production will grow at about 3 per cent per annum in spite of difficulties due to stagnant livestock herd size and shortage of fodder. casein.particularly of dairy fats. Through the 70’s. Exports from India were insignificantly small. India was not on the radar screen of most international dairy companies. From 2000 onwards.PRESENT TENDS IN INDIA Till about year 2000. since India was neither a major importer nor an exporter of dairy products. The day is not far when India will become a net importer of dairy products. per capita availability of milk will increase by only about 1.5 per cent per annum. this increase in availability will be grossly inadequate 13 . The decade of 2000-10 will be recorded in dairy history as the decade of exports.


Ahmedabad-300 009  Classification of industry:“Medium scale industry” 15 . Mehsana-384 002  Address of Registered office :o o o o “Vimal house” 31. GIDC estate High way. National chamber 1st floor Opp. Ashram road. Rail way crossing Highway. Mehsana-384 002  Address of Corporate office :o o o o 1. Mangal murti complex.=============================================================== INTRODUCTION:===============================================================  Name of the company:“Vimal Dairy limited ’’  Located at:o o o o Near Palavasna.

If the company is need of money that it can not ask for money from the shareholders which is greater than the face value of share. private company. 16 . co-operative firm. limited company etc. has been established as “Limited company”. small scale according to the capital employed and employees working in the company. There are many forms of business like sole trader’s firm. uses power in production process and working in the company are approximately 40 to 50 and staff about 90. medium scale. VIMAL DAIRY LTD. So from this point of view it can be said as medium scale unit. That is the liability of shareholders is limited to the capital contribution by them. joint stock company. VIMAL DAIRY LTD. The form of organization may be use of them. partner firm.FORM OF ORGANIZATION & SIZE OF UNIT The unit can be divided in to large scale.

Charge Chief Accountant Sales Supervisor Assistant Accountant Assistant Secretary Salesman Quality Manager Production Manager Laboratory In charge Maintenance in charge/ Purchase in charge 17 .ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Managing Director Director Mkg & Prod Director Administration Production Department Marketing Department Finance Department Personnel Department Company Secretary Marketing – In .

EXISTING MANAGING BODY DESIGNATION  Chairman  Whole time Director  Technical Director  Marketing Manager  General Manager  Manager (Procurement)  Production Manager  Manager (R & D. Co-operative bank 3.)  Company Secretary  Chief Accountant  Bankers NAME :-Shri Chandubhai I.V. Patel :-Shri Jigneshbhai Maniyar :-Shri Mahendrabhai Patel 1. Soni :-Shri Vasudevbhai Patel :-Shri Dineshbhai Pandya :-Shri D.K. Patel :-Shri Jayeshbhai C. Dena bank 2.C. Mehsana district.B. Patel :-Shri Dasharathbhai Patel :-Shri K. D. Patel :-Shri C. Mehsana urban Co-operative bank 18 .


INTRODUCTION Production is sometimes defines as creation of utility or creation of want satisfying goods and services. He can give them utility in precise. It also required out forecast production plans and performance reporting. man can not create matter nor can be restore matter. Only using automatic machine for production. so that is an affection of the available resources. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE 20 . Before starting production planning and forecasting is essential. Production system means a combination of production design process assign and material flows. Milk (raw material) is obtained from villages mainly from North Gujarat in villages there is milk collection center called mandali that collects the milk from villages there is a total 350 mandali in Gujarat. In Vimal Dairy has a separate department for production.


00 05. Ghee 3.00 11.00 11. Butter milk 5. Milk: Brand name New vimal super pasteurized full cream milk Vimal gold pasteurized full cream milk Vimal pasteurized full cream milk Vimal shakti pasteurized standardized milk Vimal pasteurized standardized milk Must gold pasteurized standardized milk Must shakti pasteurized skimmed milk Vimal tazza pasteurized tined milk Vimal sathi pasteurized double toned milk Must sathi pasteurized skimmed milk Akik tazza pasteurized skimmed milk Akik gold pasteurized skimmed milk Akik shakti pasteurized full cream milk Miral pasteurized standardized milk Fresh “n” fit pasteurized standardized milk Vimal milk Vimal sathi pasteurized double toned milk Must shakti pasteurized skimmed milk Akik tazza pasteurized milk Quantity 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 200 ml 200 ml 200 ml 200 ml Mrp.50 11.50 11. These products are as under with their brand name.50 11. Quantity. quantity. and price.50 11.00 10.00 22 .50 06.00 5.00 11.00 11.50 10. 12. The products mix of Vimal dairy ltd. They are as under: 1.50 06.50 10. Butter 4. and Packing. 1.00 12.50 12. sells their products with different brand name. Milk 2. Milk powder 6.OF EACH PRODUCT A product mix is a set of al products and items that a particular seller offers for sale to buyers.50 10. Price. contains main six products. Cheese Vimal dairy ltd.

30 5. 500 gm. Mrp. Mrp. Milk powder: Brand name Vimalya instant milk mix Vimalya instant milk mix Quantity 10 kg.00 3. 3300 3000 44. 500 ml. Butter milk Brand name Vimal pasteurized butter milk Akik butter milk Dadhu dharas pasteurized butter milk Quantity 500 ml. 275 MANUFACTURING PROCESS 23 . 500 ml. 360 38 6. Mrp.00 4. Cheese: Brand name Vimal processed cheese Quantity 1 kg. Mrp. Ghee: Brand name Vimal pure ghee Must pure ghee Vimal pure ghee Quantity 15 kg. 5. 2000 105 4. Mrp. 1 kg.00 4. Butter: Brand name Vimal pasteurized white butter Must pasteurized butter Quantity 20 kg.2. 200 gm. 15 kg.

OF EACH PRODUC 1. Production process milk powder :- Collect the milk in milk tank ↓ Pasteurize the milk in milk tank ↓ Give heat to the milk and sort Fat into the milk ↓ milk take into the powder plant ↓ Give 5 times heat to the milk ↓ With the help of e-operating milk Convert into condens ↓ After that milk convert in powder form ↓ Spray the powder with hit in powder tank ↓ Packing in 25 kg’s bag ↓ Store & dispatch 24 .

2. Production process of ghee

Collect the white butter ↓ Melting the white butter in Chan machine ↓ Charning the milk and make butter milk and lumps ↓ Sort out the butter milk and lumps into the cream ↓ Give heat to the lumps in ghee kettle ↓ Give 112 c’ heat to the lumps ↓ Ghee is ready in cooking kettle ↓ Give coldness to the ghee & Filter the ghee ↓ Clarification & testing ↓ Packing & dispatch


3. Production process of white butter

Collect the cream ↓ Churning the cream in Chan machine

Remove the way into the cream ↓ Working on cream ↓ Tasting ↓ Packing ↓ Dispatch

same process is hear for making table butter but in table butter add two more ingredients salt and anoto vegetable colour because this table butter is use for directly for eating purpose that’s why its call table butter. We can not use white butter for eating purpose it is use for making ghee .


4. Production process of chess

Collect the pasteurized 3% fat milk ↓ Give 35 c’ heat to the milk ↓ Add culture in milk ↓ After that add enjaim raned (With the help of enjaim raned chess made in 1 hour) ↓ Sort out the butter milk and lumps ↓ Remove the butter milk ↓ Collect the lumps ↓ Than press it ↓ Store the chess in cold storage for 3 months ↓ Cut the chess in different size ↓ Packing ↓ dispatch


Pasteurization is a well know process named after a legendary French scientist Louis Pasteur who had developed a process to preserve perishable foods like milk in the 18th century.

The modern process of pasteurized refers to heating milk and milk products to at least 72 Celsius for 15 seconds in order to destroy harmful organisms present in ‘raw’ (nonpasteurized) milk. Thus, pasteurization makes milk and milk products safe for consumption and improves its keeping quality. You must have observed a layer of cream from an the surface of milk when it is stored undisturbed for 2-3 hours. This is because the fat present in the milk is lighter than the other constituents of milk. Moreover, fat in milk is present in the form of small fat globules. When they come together, they form a layer of fat, thus making them float.. Many times this is not desirable; because once the fat has formed a layer it is very difficult to mix it again with the rest of the milk. To solve this, a process has been developed which is know as Homogenization. Homogenization is a process of making different sized fat globules form in to a uniform homogeneous small size. Homogenized milk has increased whiteness so less milk is required to make tea and coffee. Homogenization gives a thicker consistency of milk. However, it is easy to digest.


PASTEURIZED MILK All types of milk process is same but in different milk different combination of Fat & SNF (solid not fat) which is denoted below.5 3.0 4.0 32 29 . It will be set in laboratory.5 0.5 9.0 1.0 8.0 9. The SNF is set by the lactometer reading.07 SNF 9. Particular Whole milk Standardized milk Toned milk Double toned milk Skimmed milk FAT 6. The table of fat & SNF is below.

DESCRIBE THE PRODUCT W made it:ho Manufactured by: Vimal Dairy Ltd. Carbohydrates 50 gm. No. Annatto Color. W it contains:hat Vimal butter ingredients Milk fat salt. minerals 5 gm. milk fat : minimum 80-1 Vimal cheese ingredients Cheese. milk protein 20 gm. Nr. Palavasana Rly. 5/1997 W hen it was made:Date of Mfg. Vimal milk ingredients Milk fat Minimum SNF 30 . sodium citric Common salt and citric acid Vimal milk powder ingredients Milk and sugar Milk fat 20 kg. Mehsana MMPO Reg. Crossing Highway.

Testing chemical are Alcohol & Acid.019 Rs.04. add 3 Important:Pour contain of this pack in to a dry tin or container and replace the lid tightly.Direction for use of vimal milk powder:For a glass (200 ml) of milk mix. They also get ISO – 9002 certificate that shows their accuracy in quality.66. Laboratory and testing expenses:- 31/03/2008 1. Store in a cool dry place. Testing: Vimal Dairy has a separate laboratory to test the nutrition value and level in the milk by 4-lab attendant. 31/03/2007 2. 31 .661 Rs. heaped table spoon of lukewarm water and stir.

There is three cold storage in three cities Patan.000 liters 45. from that the company directly collects milk in the company. Tharad. These chilling centers collect the milk per day as under: Chilling center Tarad Paten Deesa Total Milk collection per day 40.000 liters 1. Ultimately.000 liters 32 . Other villages near to the Mehsana. Vimal dairy ltd. Collects the milk from villages mainly from North Gujarat in villages there is milk collection center called mandali that collects the milk from villages there is a total 350 mandali in Gujarat.15.000 liters 30. from the cold storage center.COLLECTION OF MILK Vimal dairy ltd. From that collection centers the milk is taken to the cold storage center or chilling center. Collects milk from cold storage center through insolated tankers. the chilling center keeps the milk under 4 c. These cold storage centers collect the milk from mandali which comes under the coverage of 25 km. and Deesa. temperature in cold storage.


” “Marketing management is an art and a science of choosing target market and getting. delivering and communication superior customer value. winning companies are those which delight the customers.INTRODUCTION Marketing is very important for any organization. In today competitive market. 34 . Vimal Dairy is exception in this function also. If company has not marketing department so it is not sales it’s product.” According to American Marketing association that. It is always true that good companies satisfy needs of existing market. but great companies will create market.” It is accepted that ability to produce does not always guaranteed success ability to sell at a profit is a real test. planning. keeping and growing customer through creating. According to Philip Kotler. promotion and distribution of ideas goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objective. “Marketing Management is the process of planning and executing the conception pricing. In Vimal dairy marketing is good and like company structure. “Marketing Management is the analysis. This type of organization structure is very important because when company has marketing department so it can easy to sale it’s product. implementation and control of programs designing to create build and maintain beneficial exchange with target buyers for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives.

Vimal Dairy deals with marketing activities of edible milks are directly supplied to brokers as per order received from them. marketing department consists of sales activities.ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE OF MARKETING DEPARTMENT Board of Directors Managing Directors Marketing Manager Brokers In Vimal Dairy Ltd. 35 .

So company considers the Guajarati people's wants so the company introduces their new products in Gujarat festivals. First of all they analyze the market demand for which kind of products consumer’s want. This process can be achieved only through the process of product planning. The company may achieve its organization goal by providing maximum satisfaction to the customers. considers some points to how to make product planning very effectively. Market Department’s studies consumers test and preferences.PRODUCT PLANNING Basic aim of producing a goods or services is to satisfy the needs and wants of the consumers and buyers in an effective manner. Company's main market is in Gujarat. In Vimal Dairy Ltd. The last decision about product planning is taken by the top level management. The product is the most tangible and important key to success of marketing. 36 .

Pricing fixation procedure is as under: Selecting the pricing objectives  Determining demand  Estimating cost  Analyzing competitions cost price and offers  Selecting pricing method  Selecting the final price 37 . It is one of the most flexible elements also. A Vimal Dairy has adopted competition cost based method of pricing. Price is the marketing mix element that produces revenue. In small company’s prices are obtain set by the company’s boss. But in the large companies.PRICING POLICY Price is the main factor of the product. pricing is handling by the division and product line manager. They select price of their product as nearest of its competitor’s product price. Companies handle pricing in a variety of the way. No one choose price by any way.

38 .PRIMIUM STRATEGY (milk powder & ghee) 4.GOOD VALUE STRATEGY (no product) Quality medium Quality low 9.HIGH VALUE STRATEGY (butter & milk powder) 5.PRICING STRATEGY PRODUCT Quality high PRICE HIGH 1.SUPER VALUE STRATEGY (butter milk) 6.FALSE ECONOMY STRATEGY (no product) PRICE LOW 3.OVER CHARGING STRATEGY (no product) 7.  HIGH VALUE STRATEGY: Vimal dairy offers their butter & milk products are some high quality product as products of their competitor company but they charge less.MEDIUM VALUE STRATEGY (no product) 8.RIP-OFF STRATEGY (no product) PRICE MEDIUM 2. This help to attract quality.ECONOMY STRATEGY (no product)    PREMIUM STRATEGY: Vimal dairy offers to their customer milk powder & ghee in high quality at a high price.

Implementing ISO 9001 quality management system and update it as per future requirements. Promoting hygienic environment. Confiscations. Developing long lasting relationship with supplier for mutual benefits. Complying statutory requirement with all applicable standards and specifications. is striving for customer satisfaction. 5. QUALITY POLICY Vimal dairy ltd.S This will be achieved by: 1. 2. 39 . SUPPER VALUE STRATEGY: Vimal dairy offers their butter milk is same high quality but charge extremely less price. by processing of milk & manufacturing milk products and supplying with quality service at reasonable price by adopting appropriate technology and complying the requirements & continually improving the Q. 6.M. 4. 3. Processing of milk & manufacturing of milk products as per national quality levels.

sub-dealer. Vimal dairy ltd. dealer. Between them stands a set of intermediaries performing a variety of functions. From dealers to retailers. They sent the products to authorized distributors. Most producer do not sells their products directly to the final users. ghee. From that it goes to dealer comes under them. And at last it goes to end users or consumers.MARKETING CHANNNEL After producing finished products the company is required to sell it to the consumers. the physical flow of distribution starts from the company itself. Marketing channel or distribution channel is a set of inter dependent organization in the process of making a products or services available for use or consumption. The distribution channel comprises four intermediaries’ distributors. cheese. and retailers. These intermediaries constitute a marketing channel. producer of milk. The same marketing channel can be represented diagrammatically as under: Vimal Dairy Authorized Distribution Sub – Dealer 40 . and milk powder sells through distribution channel of the company is spread on all over the Gujarat.

from distributors or dealer. Therefore the company uses this type of broad distribution channel for milk & butter milk in other products like ghee. 41 . where stock is available. which are not daily purchased products. cheese. milk powder. butter.Retailer Consumer The distribution channel is mostly used for milk and butter milk because of a consumer wants to get these types of daily purchased products. So for this type of items the distribution channel is limited up to distributors or dealers. one available at near to their house. consumer purchased it .

The authorized distributors are the main seller of the company. of years in business. 2.INTERMEDIARIES  AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR: The company has appointed city – wise distributors company has appointed total 85 authorized distributors in all over the Gujarat. the selling of the product is ultimately depends on term. the responsibility has to take care of many things while they are selecting the distributors. 4. 42 . No. 3. Financial position of the distributors. Reputation. Cold storage facility. The criteria for selecting the distributors are: 1. Because after receiving the products from the company.

distributors. There are 50 distributors working as a distribution network. retailers. Vimal dairy ltd. Some of the name of the cities is given below: Ahmedabad Bharuch Siddhapur Kadi Baroda Surat Sikka Morbi Bhavnagar Mehsana Limadi Ankleshwer Unava Halva Rajkot Gondal Jothpur Mahuva 43 . dealers. This networks in over the Gujarat this networks consists of company.SALES TERITORY Distribution is a set of marketing institution participating in the marketing activities in the movement on the flow of goods or services from the primary producer to ultimate consumers. & consumers in Gujarat. Collects the milk from North Gujarat and makes distribution of finished goods in all over the Gujarat.

They spend very small amount in advertising. That’s why vimal dairy brand must advertise more heavily to be heard. 44 . enhance moral of sales forces and dealer and capture company so the expenditure on advertising is very low or nil. Desirability: Customer main desire is test & health. In Dairy market. Advertising is build up a brand loyalty. ADVERTISING MESSAGE: “TEST THAT CARES FOR YOUR HEALTHY” This message refers desirability. or services by an identified sponsor.Surendranagar Shihi Chansama Harij Ghandhinagar Jotana Unja Patan ADVERTISING Advertising is the most important tools by which company can inform a large number of customers about the product advertisement are the good decision for the high level for selling. Vimal Dairy competes with number of competitions (having more brand quality). Advertising is any paid from of non personnel presentation and promotion of ideas. Vimal Dairy has no any separate department for advertising. goods. They advertise their products only by banners. believability and exclusiveness.

Exclusiveness: Vimal theme “test that cares for your healthy” SALES PROMOTION Sales promotion is a key ingredient is marketing campaigns.  OBJECTIVE ON PROMOTION:For consumers. to rewards loyal customer and to increase the repurchase the rate of occasional users. to attract new trials . off setting competitor promotions.  PURPOSE OF SALES PROMOTION:Prize and free sample to stimulate consumer trial. building brand loyalty. For retailers. And gaining entry in to new retailer outlets. (A) Consumer Sales Promotion Tools :- 45 . designed to stimulate quicker or greater purchase of particular product or by consumers or the trade.Believability: Vimal dairy provides good test & with full of healthy products. objectives include persuading retailers to carry new items and higher levels of inventory. encouraging stocking of related items. objectives include encouraging purchase of large size units. Sales promotion consists of diverse collection of incentive tools. mostly short term. building trial among non-users and attracting switchers away from competitor brand.

advertising specialty. Price Pack: Reduced price that is marked by the producers directly on the label or packaging. 3. cash refund. price pack. sweepstakes and games. Coupons: Certificate that gives buyers a saving when they purchase a specified product. Cash Refund Offer: Offer of refund part of the purchase price of a product to consumers who send a “Proof of purchase” to the manufacturer. Advertising Specialty: Useful article imprinted with an advertiser’s name. Here. 4. 6. Point of purchase displays and demonstration. 1. gives as a gift to consumer. Premium: Good offered either free or at low cost as an Incentive to buy product. Sample: A small amount of a product offered to the consumer for trail. 2. we discuss some of them.The main consumer promotion tools include sample. a 46 . contests. coupons. premium. 5.

where it was used for just studying behavior or for conventional role 47 .VIMAL DAIRY ADOPTED CONSUMER PROMOTION TOOLS AS FOLLOWS:Sample …. It is also an important tools to study buyers behavior change in consumer life style or consumption pattern. But it is applicable to all phase of aspect. brand loyalty and also forecast market changes. MARKETING RESEARCH Various authors have defined it in different way. Vimal Dairy introduced a scheme for customers that if they purchase some amount of product they got a silver coin as a prize. Marketing research is a key to the education of successful marketing strategy of programmed research is used to study competition and analyses the competitors product positioning and how to gain competitive advance stage. The new role of marketing research is directly difference from the conventional one. Applied research Market research is systematic and objective study of problems relating to the market of goods and services. Basic research 2. Research always starts with the question or problem. It may be emphasized that is not restricted to many particular area of marketing. Research can be classified in to two different broad categories. Its purpose is to find out answer to question through the application or scientific method. Vimal Dairy offers some free amount of vimal spray dried skimmed milk powder pick up their stores. 1. This is systematic and intensive study directed to word a more complete knowledge of the subject study. Prize ….

 To know which brand of vimal dairy milk most preferable by its customer.  To find out the loyalty of customers towards the vimal dairy milk.  To know how many customer are facing problems to get vimal milk as per their requirement. research unit the mid 1980 was considered luxury which only multinational afford.  To deter mind the customer satisfaction for the vimal dairy milk.  To know about average daily consumption of vimal dairy milk. thickness.  To know the satisfaction level towards vimal dairy milk in the customer mind for the different factor like quality.  To know the satisfaction level for packing of vimal dairy’s milk.  To know point of purchase of customer. availability & price. Objective of marketing research: To know competitive position of Vimal dairy’s milk among the customer.  To know the complains of customer for the vimal dairy milk. Marketing research is the systematic design collection and reporting of data and finding relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company. however it is not so now realizing the contribution that marketing research makes more and more campaign are now turning towards it. 48 .

view. and complains for vimal dairy milk in the customer mind. 5. To know the suggestion. FINANCE DEPARTMENT 49 .

Financial management involves the implementation of this three major decision. It is an applied branch of general management. 50 . financial and dividend decision. which is concerned with planning and controlling of firm’ financial resources. Financial management is called upon to take there major decision.INTRODUCTION Financial management is that part of managerial activity. Business can not achieve its objectives and may occur heavy losses. chief accountant duties of financial management are planning and controlling management of corporate finance. It is an integrate part of over all management rather than a staff activity concerned with fund raising operations with sound management of financial resources.

The finance department will take care of all financial activities. as. the nature of business operations. it is essential to setup a sound and efficient organization for the finance function. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF FINANCE AND ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT Board of Directors Managing Directors 51 .Because of vital importance of finance decision to the firm. Mr. This account department in consultation with top management performs asset management working capital management. Generally large companies give equal weight age to finance department with other departments in the company. who provided me various information about finance. The nature of finance department will differ from the firm to firm. The small companies don’t have separate finance department. This department report directly to managing director. But the accounts department performs all the activities of financing. The various functions concerning accounting as well as financed such as raising organization capital investing it in the profitable projects. It will depend on factors such as the size of the firm. capabilities of firm’s financial offers. Chief account or manager of accounts heads the account department In VIMAL DAIRY LTD.Mahendrabhai Patel is the chief accountant of Vimal Dairy. but the account department itself carries out the activities of finance departments. it is small company there is no separate finance department.

selection of the enterprise objectives. Financial plan provides a dividend picture of inflow and outflow of money. for the year ended on 31st March 2009. It is deciding in advance what is to be done that is plan means a projected course of action. procedures and programs. policies. sources of funds and uses of the funds. It includes the determination of the firm’s goals. 52 . policies and procedures in the financial aspects.Finance Manager Chief Accountant Account Assistant Significant accounting policies are noted on account of "Vimal Dairy Ltd. FINANCIAL PLANNING The planning is a managerial function involving from among alternative. It deals naturally with the function of finance or the financial system of the firm.

Planes are based on accurate forecasts of future trends. It had kept other sources of finance open for future time MANAGEMENT OF WORKING CAPITAL Management of working capital usually involve management or administration of current assets namely cash and marketable securities. cash flow statements are prepared for weeks. Intelligent forecasting and planning preparing the enterprise to face the future and many unprofitable ventures can be eliminated so that firm can establish integrated approach to financial policies to realize prescribed common goals. 53 . account receivable and inventories and also administration of current liabilities. The company uses various statistical techniques for sale forecasting. Such as type of business. quartile month and year to find out cash inflow and cash outflow of the organization. turnover of inventories. Bank loan and Equity Share Capital which is subscribed by the promoters of the company. term of purchase and sale. the present company is engaged in manufacturing of capital goods. Therefore naturally there is a high amount of working capital required.e. Vimal Dairy Ltd. process of manufacturing. size of the business unit. The manager of accounts is given responsibility for the financial planning. And sales forecasting finance plans are prepared. seasonal variations etc. Vimal Dairy Ltd. The quantum of working capital in business is dependent on various factors.Financial planning eliminates waste of resources. had collected necessary funds only two sources of finance i. Financial planning should be based on financial forecast.

It is a technique to plan & control the use of the cash. The management of cash requires cash planning.CASH: The cash is needed for various purposes in business. acting as a bridge for movement of goods through production and distribution stage to customer stage to customers’ trade credit creates receivables involves credit policy. The inventories are in form of raw material. INIVENTORIES: Inventories constitute the most significant part of current assets of a large majority of companies. Manager the cash flows decide optimum balance of cash and invest the surplus cash in marketable securities. transitive and precautionary motives. Cash is the most liquid current asset. monitoring accounting receivables. ACCOUNT RECEIVABLE: Trade credit is considered as an essential marketing tool. 54 . They may be speculative. Before following establishing any credit policy finance manager has to evaluate the effect of policy in terms of cost and benefits. Finance manager has to do cash planning. work in process and finish goods. The management of inventories is necessary to maintain a large size of inventory for efficient and smooth production and sales operations and to maintain the minimum investment in inventories is not desirable. A firm may follow a latent or a straight credit policy. The latest and modern techniques like economic order quantity are used in the company for management of the inventories.

It means the procured funds must be utilized efficiently.MANAGAMENT OF FIXED ASSEETS In any company it is necessary to calculate depreciation on its fixed assets. Vimal Dairy Ltd. 1956. It is not compulsory to calculate depreciation according to company act. calculates depreciation with state line method. There are two methods for calculating depreciation one is state line method and second is down value method. But most of calculate depreciation. Finance Management deals with not only the Procurement of fund but also with the utilization of money. 1956. 55 . In vimal dairy ltd. depreciation rate is 10% as per the company act.

goodwill.  Tangible Assets: . Vimal Dairy Ltd has only tangible assets. It has no intangible assets.plant & machinery.  Intangible Assets: . Management of fixed assets is divided into two parts. BALANCE SHEET ON 31ST MARCH 2009 (Rs. patent etc. The allocation of fund involves the commitment of funds to assets and activities. land etc.The allocation of funds is therefore an important function of finance management. In lacks) Liability Amount Assets Amount 56 . building. The systematic utilization of assets in the business is management of fixed assets.

18 525.23 15.08 802.76 87.48 390.24 Fixed assets Inventory Current Assets :Closing stock Loan & Advance Cash & Balance Debtors 1225.68 414.20 3133.50 203.32 120.44 1236.76 44.57 3133.24 RATIO ANALYSIS The relationship of one item to another expressed in a simple mathematical form is known as the ratio.Capital Reserve & surplus Depreciation Fund Secured loan Unsecured loan Current liabilities Differ tax liabilities 275. A company keeps fit by ensuring that among other 57 .28 925.

it various financial proportions are kept healthy. It engages qualitative measurement and shows precisely how adequate is one key item in relation to another. To evaluate the financial condition and the purpose of a firm the financial analyst need certain yardsticks. There is growing body of evidence that ratios can be directly helpful as a basis for making predictions. There are as follows. In assessing the financial stability of a firm. a part from a probability be interested in relative figures rather than absolute figure. In fact an analysis of financial statements is possible only when figures are expressed as percentage or ratios. It is of major importance for financial analysis. Its business performance can be measured by the use of ratio. Acid – test Ratio (B) Leverage Ratio:1. Not only are those who manage a company but also its shareholders and credit interested in knowing about the financial position and / or earning capacity of that concern. usually one year. A ratio is a quotient to two numbers. The yardstick frequently is a ratio or an index relating two pieces of financial data to each other. Liquid Ratio 3.things. Proprietary Ratio (A) LIQUIDITYRATIO:“Liquidity refers to the ability of a firm to met its obligation in the short run.” Liquidity Ratios are generally based on the relationship between current assets & current liabilities. The important Liquidity Ratios are as under: 58 . (A) Liquidity Ratio:1. a management should. A ratio is a mathematical relationship between two quantities. It must be interpreted against some standard. Current Ratio 2. There are many ways to analyze a ratio.

LIQUID RATIO:A variant of current ratio is the liquid ratio or quick ratio. which is designed show the amount of cash available to meet immediate payments. It is obtained by dividing the liquid assets by liquid liabilities. it is measure of sort term financial strength of the business and shows whether the business will be able to meet its current liabilities as and when they mature.1. This most widely used ratio shows the proportion of current assets to current liabilities. It indicates the availability of current asset in rupees for every one rupee of current liability.73 ------------414.56:1 2. A ratio of greater than one means that the firms have more current assets than current claims against them. The current ratio is calculated by dividing current assets by current liabilities. In lacks) Current Assets Current Ratio = -------------------Current liabilities 1892. Liquid assets are obtained by deducting bank 59 .76 = = 4. is as follows. (Rs. The current ratio of vimal dairy ltd. CURRENT RATIO:The current ratio is a measure out of the firm’s short-term solvency. It is also know as “working capital ratio” as it is a measurement of working capital available at a particular time.

The liquid ratio of vimal dairy ltd.A. 967. ACID – TEST RATIO:- 60 .L. is as follows.95 = --------------------414.Stock = -------------------C.33:1 3. (Rs. – B.D.O.76 = 2.overdraft from current liabilities. . In lacks) Liquid Ratio = Liquid assets --------------------Liquid liabilities C.

thus the acid – test ratio of Vimal dairy ltd.11:1 (B) LEVERAGE RATIO:- 61 .= --------------------Liquid liabilities 44.The measure of absolute liquidity may be obtained by comparing only cash and bank balance as readily marketable securities with liquid liabilities. In lacks) Quick assets Acid – test ratio: . Thus the quick assets comprise only cash balance.32 = -----------414.76 = 0. bank balance and readily marketable securities only. (Rs. is as under.

3419 * 100 * 100 34.18 = -------------. The composition of capital of business and proportion of owner’s capital and capital provided by outsiders are reflected by Leverage Ratio.* 100 3117. is as under.* 100 Total Assets Share capital + reserve & surplus = -------------------------------------------Total Assets 862. The important Leverage ratios are as under: 1.19 2.48 = ------------------------.* 100 3117.70. PROPRIETARY RATIO:- The ratio shows the proportion of proprietors’’ funds to the total assets employed in the business. DEBT – EQUITY RATIO:62 . The proprietary ratio of Vimal dairy ltd.Leverage Ratio helps in assessing the risk arising from the use of debt capital. In lacks) Proprietors’’ funds Proprietary Ratio = -------------------------.5+ 203.96 = 0. The proprietors’ funds shareholders equity consists of share capital and reserves and surplus. (Rs.96 1066.

Is as under (Rs.90 (C) PROFITABILITY RATIO:63 .04 = ---------------------2225.It established relationship between the outside long term liabilities & owners funds. Debt – equity ratio of vimal dairy ltd.86 = -------------------.23 = 1.* 100 1456. In lacks) Long term liabilities Debt – Equity ratio = ------------------------.62 = 0. DEBT – ASSETS RATIO:- Long term liabilities Debt equity ratio = --------------------------Fixed assets 2328.87 % 2.* 100 Shareholders fund 1261.

73 % (D) TURNOVER RATION:- 64 . NET PROFIT RATIO :This ratio shows the earnings left to shareholders as a percentage of net sales. It provided a valuable understanding of the cost & profit structure of the firm.Profitability reflects the financial result of business operation.* 100 Net sales 194. The important profitability ratios are as under: 1.76 = 4.* 100 4097. Net profit (PAT) Net profit ratio = ----------------------.01 = -----------------.

HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT 65 .76 = ----------------3133.24 = 1.31 6. TOTAL ASSETS TURNOVER RATIO:- Net sales Total assets turnover ratio = -----------------Total Assets 4097.1.

material. without manpower the organization can not run or work. 66 . has a personnel department which deals with various matters relating to the personnel. Main is active factored of production and there is doubt that it is the main controls & manages machine. We can utilize it properly or at maximum possible extent to achieve organizational as well as individual goals.INTRODUCTION Personnel department is one of the vital departments in any organization today. We can define if as a lifeblood of any organization functioning. money & market. It is like the heart of any enterprise. Vimal Dairy Ltd. Human resource or manpower is most valuable things of any organization.

ORGANIZATION OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT The structure of department may be defined. but surely all the personnel matters are perfect. Manpower management or personnel management is related with the function of recruitment. selection. organizing. wages and salary administration. organizational and societal objectives are accomplished”.Human resource or manpower is assets of any organization. in this unit there is no separate Personnel Department. compensation. demotion. collective bargaining. development. 67 . If the recruitment and training of Personnel Department is scientific business units can surely groups. and controlling of the procurement. union benefits and other activities. Although having so much benefits of Personnel Department. “Personnel management is the planning. Thus. integration. as the organization of Human Resource Department is the origin of efficiency of the company as well as the profitability of the company. maintenance and separation of the human resources to the end that individual. efficient organization of Personnel Department is an essential part of business organization. transfer policy. promotion. According to Edward Flippo.

Vimal dairy vacancies newspaper and magazines. Vimal dairy contacts govt. SELECTION AND INDUCTION Recruitment makes possible to acquire the needed employees.RECRUITMENT. B. We can say “Recruiting is the discovering of potential applicants for actual or anticipated organization vacancies.” It means to attract the people to apply themselves for organization. Employment agency:Some time filling up the vacancies. For filling up these vacancies. 68 . A. it gives proper importance to the following source. Distict exchange offices offer some names that qualification are fitted and matched that of vacancies. operated distict employment exchange office in which the job seeker got himself or herself registered.Vimal Dairy perfects internal source. As employee for filling for the vacancies of supervisors or some time for managerial level. Advertising :Advertising is the most effective and widely used to fill up its vacancies.

1. Before any worker is placed on the job. new workers. i. to give practice about the work etc. for requirement of works. In Vimal Dairy.The selection procedure is concerned with securing relevant information regarding each applicant who affects himself as an employer to the organization and comparing qualities of each applicant with the qualification and requirement of job and after selecting a fixed number of personnel from large number of application. On the job training:Every person engaged in with business enters in it. direct selection procedure is adopted. II. I. III. it is advisable to inform him about the work pattern. increase the morale of employee etc. Training is increase the production and productivity. Vimal Dairy provides on the job training to its new – blood injected. This type of training steps the guidelines about the work should be give the employee is actually engaged with the work.e. In other words. 69 .This training involves on the job training and off the job training for employees. For technical and managerial level post the following steps are used as a selection procedure. the selection procedure differs for job to job. improving the quality. Interview Physical Examination Placement TRAINING & MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT The efficiency of an organization depends on the ability to the personnel to work and type of training he receives.

of the job training & development are synonymously. Vimal dairy also gives this type of training to its employees. this training is given to the senior who is actually at the work place.2. For this training. In short. Off the job training:Many times. we can say. JOB DESCRIPTION 70 . Many times conference. This training is given at another unit. seminars etc… are held for providing the outside training and developing the ability and knowledge or managerial level personnel. train has to live his place and diverse his working days in training. debates. institution or some time any outside.

& A./ B.V.SC. clearing requirement according to HACCP Communication skill Leadership Working in team Reporting skill Knowledge of raw material & hazards can be occurred due to the same Decision power Self confidence Excellent V.SC. (AGRI) 10 to 15 years in the field of Procurement/ making of same products.T)/ B. good V. good Excellent Excellent MANAGER (MARKETING AND PROCUREMENT):- 71 . good Excellent V. good V. Among 5 years of Managerial level Knowledge of marketing activity Communication skill Leadership Working in team Reporting skill Decision power Self confidence Knowledge of marketing activity. good Excellent V.(D.SC.H. Among 5 years of Managerial level V.Name of post Required Educational Qualification MBA with the subject of marketing Required Experience Criteria of skill Required skill Marketing Manager 10 to 15 years in the field of marketing/making of same products. good V. good Excellent Excellent Excellent Procurement Manager MBA/B.

Top level – who takes policy decision & authority to control resources within the organization. 1.  Administers all the activities of marketing and procurement. REQUIRED COPETENCE CRITERIA: MANAGEMENT LEVEL :In following matrixes. Low level – who are directly performs their work or may be responsible to get the work from other like clerk & worker.  Authorize to procure raw material from any source.  Solve any complement of broker.  Give dispatch instruction. Middle level – who plans & works according to the guidelines & policies provided by top management and controls to ensure proper implement action ( process owners & MR comes in this category) 3.  To give sale to reach the target to sales plan.  Provide finished product within agreed period and destination to dealer.  Authorize to sanction the bills and brokerage sand for the clearance. Authorize to decide monthly and annual sales plan.  Evaluates suppliers according to their performance every year. 72 . three levels of management is considered. so as to decide day to day production to dealer. supplier and broker. dealer or consumer himself give information at factory to solve the same.  Authorize to appoint new dealer and new broker. 2.  Authorize to decide terms and condition with the dealer.

5 x total skill criteria against Total 65 % marks as well as each designation for each individual criteria minimum 2 marks. Low Level 73 . Very good – Very much expert in respective ability. Excellent . Good – Good enough to maintain any particular ability & related performance (Give mark 3) 4. COPETENCE MEASUREMENT SCALE :1. Average – So in respective ability. can handle any conditions (give mark 5) 2. Middle Level 5 x total skill criteria against Total 75 % marks as well as each designation for each individual criteria minimum 3 marks. (Give mark 2) 5. can handle most of the situation (Give mark 4) 3.Poor – Not been able to handle his/her abilities to get the effectiveness or performance requirement(give mark 1) Management Level Top Level Maximum Mark 60 Acceptable Limit Total 45 marks as well as for each individual further capacity required. can not handle all types of situations.

but all these elements are stagnant in the former. if not irregular. The main purpose of the 74 . position. and responsibilities of an employee within his/her organization. as in banks and other govt. A transfer differs from a promotion in that the letter involves a change in which a significant increase in responsibility. A mere shifting of an employee to a different job which has better working hours. The new job is a promotion for the employee only when it carries increased responsibilities and enhanced pay. better location and more pleasant working conditions does not amount to promotion. status and income occurs. establishments but promotions are infrequent. In Vimal Dairy the promotion and transfer policy is generally depend on the performance of the employee. It is depend upon their work progress.PROMOTION & TRANSFER POLICY Promotion means improvement in prestige. A transfer involves a change in the job of an employee without a change in responsibility or remuneration. Another difference is that transfer are regular and frequent.

an impartial rating of an employee’s excellence in matters pertaining to his present job & to this potentialities for company. Rating sales forced choice etc. 75 .promotion and transfer policy is to motivate an employee to higher productivity and to attract and retain the services of qualified and competent people. They are used as a base for coaching & counseling the individual by the superior there are so many method used for performance appraisal like ranking system. Vimal Dairy is not using any specific method for performance appraisal. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM Performance appraisal is systematic. The main purpose of the performance appraisal is to provide systemization judgment to back up salary increases. of a man’s services on his job. transfer. periodic & so far as humanly possible. And if the worker is efficient and possesses the necessary skills and working capacity then the HR manager of the unit gives promotion to him by increasing post or salary. It takes into account performance appraisal of person only when promotion is to be given. demotion or termination.

76 . Final masking is done at 25th of the every month. overtime . Time office is also loading the leave foams and over time foams for attendance of that employee. Attendance is capturing through on line data capturing terminals. Time-In machine is use at the entering in the VIMAL DAIRY. Then it is given to accounts department and according to it the pay-slip is prepared & that amount is deposited directly to there employees accounts. regularly etc.TIME KEEPING SYSTEM The time keeping system enable the organization to the relevant information regarding the employee. present . absence . There are two machines one is Time-In machine & other is Time-Out machine. Time-Out machine is use at the time of going from VIMAL DAIRY by there employees. The vimal dairy is being operated under 3 shifts. casual level . And if there is any absentee is found than the salary is cut from its pay-slip directly.

3. 2. 1. As management is concerned with attraction and keeping employee in organization . BONUS :Vimal dairy give the advantages of its bonus to its employee. leaves are provided to its employee. which is give to employee services . It also helps in appraising the performance of personnel for promotion. it reduces the labour turnover. TO 4:00 P. However provide the bonus in the form of cash and non cash. In year the dairy has paid 10 % bonus of annual salary and 1 k. BENEFITS AND EMPLOYEE SERVICES Benefits. denotes the equal meaning.M. LEVEL :Vimal dairy is providing & right leaves in a month and 12 leaves casual in its employee. HOLIDAY :- 77 .M.M. For family planning. 4:00 P. sweet to all the employee on the Diwali. The time keeping helps the vimal dairy in deciding the wages and based on level and overtime.SHIFT 1st shift 2nd shift 3rd shift TIME 12:00 A.M 8:00 A.M. TO 12:00 A.g.M. TO 8:00 A.

As govt. The scale of wages gives offer from job to job and department to department in vimal dairy. They desired not to publish it. It refers to the financial aspects needs and motivation as well as rewards and according the manager interest analyses the need of workers to determine the reward and compensation to the employee. They are paying minimum wages of 70 Rs. as it doesn’t place burden of company. rules while paying the salary to the employee. The wages means compensation give to labour and worker of production level. but the salary the scale and other allowances is completely regulated by govt. so that holiday of production is based on weeded and festival is given on the basis of routine.As the milk and its good are non – durable products.  The tea .  It provides double wages on festival day. WAGES AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION The administration of wages and salary performed for establishing and maintaining the equitable wages and salary structures and labour cost structure.  Quarter facility to needy workers. The graduation of salary adapted by vimal dairy is quite sound and economical. rule and maximum wages 78 .  Vimal dairy provides uniform at reasonable prices.canteen facility. The vimal dairy provides the service and facilities related to work that is.  Insurance facility to sick or injured workers under the factory premised.

The payment of wages and salary is made at the end of the each month. Trade unions emerged as a reaction to the factory system and capitalistic society. aspirations and attitudes of the working class. 79 .of 90 Rs. In the early stage of industrialization. Workers joined hands to protect their interests through collective action. A trade union is. The trade union helps to remove the disputes of any organization. working class in the absence of legal protection felt exploited at the hands of employers. thus an organized expression of the needs. TRADE UNION Trade unions are an essential feature of industry in every country. Settlement of industrial disputes is very important for improving relation in the organization. Vimal Dairy has no any trade union manager. To its employee. This company is always trying to solve the problems of its employees because they want to maintain sound industrial relation and so far it is able to make its employees satisfied. but it is handled by the top management.

Its helps the management to get the information before taking any decision like promotion . has no separate employees’ personnel records. Vimal Dairy Ltd. transfer .PERSONNEL RECORDS Personnel recorder means to maintain the records of the various persons who are working in the organization. salaries. his designation etc. phone number. these records are also useful at the selection of new employees in the future. All employees’ information is included in a single document. A record is a place of writing or a chart which provides ready information and which preserves for future reference. It is includes employees address. 80 . retirement etc. compensation .


 Low brand awareness nationally.  Good quality machinery and equipments.s SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH: Company has wide variety of the product mix.  Customer oriented approach.  Company has good brand awareness in rural areas.  Company provides qualitative product at competitive prices.  Company has good distribution network in Gujarat. WEAKNESSES: Low advertising budget in compare to its competitors. 82 .

83 . 4. Vimal Dairy packaging is satisfactory but their services & advertising are not so good. The company is doing its best or performing well by providing best packing services that is demanded in to different measures and reasonable price that is lesser than its competitors. The major competitor of vimal dairy is sardar and sagar & their more contribution is with compare to vimal products sales in Mehsana area.  No professional HR division. Company always follows in the leader in pricing policy. 3. Vimal Dairy pricing starting is effective because they set their price by showing target market. FINDINGS 1. 2.

1. Vimal Dairy need to give advertisement on television of their products. Vimal Dairy had to promote their sale by introduce more consumer promotion tools. They credit period for male sales. 5. 2. SUGGESTION 1.5. They should develop their own distribution network. 3. 84 . Vimal Dairy introduced more than 2 brand names this makes target customer confuse. retailer and distributor schemes. 6. Company should not be dependent on distributors & dealers for sales. The company should offer consumers. Vimal Dairy need to give more concentrates on milk advertising by television. Advertising is most important thing because the buyer will buy only that product that provides best quality. This makes intermediaries unsecured. The vimal dairy made advertisement in such a way that the ad can conclude the entire milk product same as Amul. large quantity with reasonable price and advertising will make them know about the company and its product. The credit term of vimal dairy for their intermediaries is 1 week. banner and pamphlet to make aware regarding vimal milk. 4.

7. 85 . Company should have to more concentrate to improve their brand image by their ISO 9002 certificate.  K.6.Hill Publishing company Limited. Aswathappa “Human Resource Management”.  I. Twelve Editions.M. Twelve Editions. BIBLIOGRAPHY Books: Phillips Kotler “Marketing Management”. By Tata McGraw. Company should have introduce some scheme for customer which can play an important role in increasing awareness and interest in buying which increase the sales volume. Company should request to retailers to recommended vimal milk to the customer. Pandey “Finance Management”. By Tata McGraw. Twelve Editions.Hill Publishing company Limited. 8. By Tata McGrawHill Publishing company Limited.

86 .