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Mrs.Jamuna Loganath M.Sc., B.Ed., M.

No.339/21, Cuddalore road, Panruti-607 106. E-mail: Mobile: 90039 10473, 90039 10472 Objective

Pursuit of Excellence



Institution / Study Center Anandha Academy

Year of Study


M.Phil [computer Science] M.Sc [Computer Science],B.Ed., [Computer Science] Higher secondary

Vinayaka Missions University


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Pondicherry University

KMCPGS, Puducherry.


82% [Gold Medalist]

Pondicherry University

Pope John Paul II College of Education, Puducherry Immaculate Heart of Mary Girl’s Hr.Sec. School, Puducherry Immaculate Heart of Mary High School, Puducherry


84.47% [University First Rank]

Tamilnadu state board



X Std

Tamilnadu state board



Skill Set Operating System: Windows, LINUX, MS-DOS. Programming Languages: Pascal, COBOL, C, C++, Java, c#

Java Networking Modeling Tool: Enterprise Architect My Projects Course: M. This work is developed using VB6 as the front end and MS Access as the back end.. (A Simulated Study) Description: The performance of Mobile ad hoc Network is analyzed by comparing. VC++ Database: MS-Access. B. Course: B. VB Script Server Side Programming: ASP.Sc. [Computer Science] Topic: Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad hoc Network by Implementing Security as a Service. Oracle. [Computer Science] Topic: Income Tax Calculation Description: This project is developed to manipulate a particular type of Income tax (form 16) which is used to calculate IT for employees working in both Govt. and Private organizations. SQL. Case Study Topic: Study on Current Voting System .Sc. JSP. The experimental results show that the proposed mechanism (providing security as a service) successfully and efficiently secures the data and increases the performance without affecting any node in the network..Application Development Software: VB. Servlets Network programming: VB Networking. PL/SQL Scripting Languages: Java Script.Ed. providing security in general and providing security as a service..

Description: This case Study is taken up with the aim of getting the Impact from the public about the existing voting system. Personal Data: Date of Birth Sex Languages Father’s Name Nationality Marital Status : 07-09-1984. Declaration Contents furnished in this resume are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Work Experience Worked as a Teacher in “Aditya Vidhyashram Residential higher Secondary school” which is based on CBSE syllabus from July 2008 to September 2010. Teaching Practice Undergone Teaching practice for 40 days in “Immaculate Heart of Mary’s High School.Sc. : Married. B.Jamuna] .. puducherry” as a part of curriculum in B. Information Gathering Technique Used: Interview. Finally it proves that the Internet Voting System as the best one. Nellithope. Date: Place: [B. : Female.K : Indian. : English and Tamil.Ed.. : Balasundaram.