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NEC Hong Kong Limited 25/F.

, The Metropolis Tower, 10 Metropolis Drive, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2369 0335 Fax: (852) 2724 5733

NEC Core Business
NEC Hong Kong Limited is a leading provider of information and communications technologies, committed to serving various industries in both commercial and public sectors with a turnkey solutions and services. We combined knowledge and skills, provides Managed Services to manage operation of many critical IT systems and Networks for customers in Hong Kong and Greater China Region. By relying on NEC’s Management Services, customers can concentrate on their core businesses in a cost effective way.

IT Platform Infrastructure (Server & Storage)
NEC provides leading technology in taking the IT infrastructure to the next level with NEC’s proven server & storage platform. They also maximize business performance while reducing the total cost of ownership and minimizing the impact to the environment with Green IT technology. NEC Express5800 series including Fault Tolerant Server; Blade Server; Data Center Server; Expandable Enterprise Server; to general purposes standard server, offers a comprehensive family of servers that improves compute performance, no matter it is in a consolidated environments or a distributed remote environment. Virtual PC Centre (VPCC), a thin client solution, equips with full PC functionality. End-user can access the information and applications under the Windows environment while the VPCC provides easy management & operations; secures corporate data and runs on an eco-friendly IT platform. NEC Storage series operates under an optimum disk array systems and suitable to use in SAN environments. It enables high speed processing of database with minimal influence on LAN traffic of enterprise business systems.

Network Communications
NEC’s Communications system, including the PBX and IP-PBX, has the ability to bundle with other business solution to improve communications efficiency for SME to MNC. NEC’s Unified Communications (UC) defines products to enhance individual, workgroup and organizational productivity by enabling and facilitating the control, management, integration and use of multiple enterprise communications methods. UC bridges the gap between telephony and computing to deliver real time messaging, voice and conferencing to the desktop environment. NEC Contact Centre Solution links the applications from the front-end to back-end with CTI technology. These features including interactive voice response (IVR), fax-on-demand (FOD), automatic call distribution (ACD), and help desk pop-up screen integration to enterprises. It also facilitates operators or agents to learn the request from customer proactively in a real-time basis as well as to manage all outbound calls intelligently for business exploration. These data captured and recorded are able to expand to CRM.

Display Solution and IT Product
NEC develops IT products including projector, LCD monitor and public display that are professional, but yet simple to use and affordable with advanced technologies for all size of businesses and commercial environment. With its stylish and quality performance, NEC’s LCD display incorporate revolutionary display technologies and ultraslim design combined with a multitude of productivity enhancing features, making it an ideal display for digital signage and multimedia solutions. With an Ultra short throw, high brightness, high resolution (Full HD) and multi-function projectors provide effective, impressive presentations for conferences and educational seminars. NEC Display solution is the world’s first manufacturer to receiving a TCO certificate for projectors. NEC’s digital signage solution offers a one-stop-shop display solution. It offers well-managed features of scheduling, central control, task assignment and content distribution. The digital signage solution can be incorporate with the professional displays or video wall.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
As a pioneer in advanced technology, NEC provides RFID solutions for different segments including enterprises and public sectors. NEC believes that with RFID technology, greater efficiency, visibility to the customer’s operations and manufacturing processes can be improved. NEC has developed various total solutions using best of the breed equipment and system that suit the needs and challenges in business operations including Vehicle Control, Warehouse Management, Laundry System, Logistics Applications, Library System, or Document Tracking, etc.

Enterprise Solution Enterprise faces different challenges in solving business complexity while reducing cost. membership verification or identity proof. secure. Retail Solution – NEC has extensive experience in retail solution from hardware supply to software development. Telecom Carrier – Being one of the key players in the Mobile Solution industry. we develop biometrics security to commercial and government sector. commissioned by the U. Security solution adopts in commercial sector is also widely used as access URL: forming infotainment services. to reduce cost. Once vehicle’s location. security & surveillance. and quick access need to be considered. direction and speed are determined from the GPS components. NEC is awarded first place ranks in speed and accuracy for various fingerprint. Department of Homeland Security. and Automated Vehicle Clearance (AVC) helps tighten up security while speeds up automated clearance processes. Tel: (852) 2369 0335 Fax: (852) 2724 5733 Email: solutions@nechk. NEC provides one-stop service to the Facility Management With a team of professionals. With our experience of over 40 years in biometrics. this information will be transmitted to a Fleet Management software application. This Equipment enables IPTV and xDSL broadband services to all respective households. A balance of safe. The aim is to smooth out the business process and automate the procedures. enabling the retailer to gain insight about the relationship on consumer. business consulting & outsourcing service. The basic function in fleet management systems is the vehicle tracking component with GPS based. The job including workspace planning & fit-out. The Platform realizes smooth transfer of multimedia content and Internet information to Mobile for police solutions. NEC supplies and deployed AM Series Multi-Service Access Node to fixed-line operators. Industrial Solution Law Enforcement Solution – Border crossing through With the close partnership with SAP. immigration systems and amusement parks. Fleet Management Solution – NEC’s fleet management solution allows organization that rely on transportation be able to visualize its business to improve its efficiency. which allows a wide range of systems to be integrated with the Mobile Operator’s Portal easily. Hospitality Solution – Majority of the service in hotel relies heavily on the Hotel Communication System. and partial print matching technologies in 2004 and Still-face Dataset of the NIST Multiple biometrics Grand Challenge in 2009. palm print. NEC also supplies various kinds of long haul and short haul optical & radio point-to-point transmission equipments. audio. This System records all contents from different means and saves them directly onto a centralized voice recording server owned by the banks and financial institutes. sea and air are the major control points where Government protects the safety of their homeland. enterprise solution & . Ever since the popularity of IP deployment in hotels.S. such as the Mobile Internet Platform. Customer and transaction data can be captured and analysis. Banking & Finance – NEC’s Real Time Audio Recording System not only records the conversations conducted during the risk assessment and sales process of investment products. communications & information as well as entertainment are important to excite user experience. IT infrastructure & data network solution. IT platform & unified communications. video & display solution. NEC supplies mobile related applications.Security Solution NEC’s security solution runs on the biometrics platform further enhance the experience of users on traditional physical security. NEC’s face recognition technology has been adopted in Japan and around the globe including countries like Hong Kong and Chile. productivity and at the same time. and maintenance & technical support. NEC’s Automatic Border Control (ABC) consists of Automated Passenger Clearance (APC). it also aims at protecting both banks and customers assets and benefits. NEC is able to provide a series of professional consulting services to enterprises at a cost effective and efficient way. NEC offers IPTV solutions to hotels with the integration of information and entertainment. In terms of a world-wide evaluation project carried out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Leveraging the biometrics technology. product and their shopping behaviours.