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 Apollo Hospital founded in 1983 by Dr. Prathap C Reddy, in Chennai with 150 beds. Presently it has 8717 beds, 54 hospitals which operate within & outside India (Asia & Africa). It is largest healthcare group in Asia with its exceptional clinical success rates offering Centuries old tradition of Eastern care and warmth. It has served till date 19 million patients from 55 countries with its multispecialty tertiary care facilities. The legacy of touching lives stems from the four pillars of its philosophy - experience, excellence, expertise and research. It have Centres of excellence in Cardiology, Cardio-thoracic surgery,

gastroenterology, Orthopaedics & joint replacement surgery, neurology, critical care medicine, nephrology, oncology, hand & micro surgery & reproductive medicine  Values: “The confluence of seven values results in a ray that represents Apollo’s leadership in Indian
Healthcare. A ray that is the beacon for millions looking for a cure… looking for hope.”

 Innovation  Ownership  Patient centric  Quality  Teamwork  Compassion  Respect for all Apollo’s Milestones:  1986 – Medical insurance scheme was introduced along with united India Insurance co. Ltd.  1993 – 24 hour ambulance service  1994 – state of the art cancer hospital in Chennai was inaugurated  1996 – Apollo nursing college  Late 90’s – Apollo heart and kidney hospital in Vishakapatnam  2000 - Apollo Arogonda – first telemedicine facility in the country.  2002- Firstmed initiative in Chennai  Nationwide single emergency number – 1066  SACH – The save a child’s heart initiative, which provides quality paediatric cardiac care to
children from underprivileged sections of society.

 2007 – first functional health city in Asia  2008 - Apollo Reach hospitals for smaller urban centres and rural India.  2010 – 53rd hospital of the group launched

 Nurse Station: Unique innovative service offered wherein old patients. diagnostic clinics. pranic healing. is an integrated healthcare organization with owned and managed hospitals. clinical & diagnostic services. Bed ridden are given minor treatments and health emergencies are looked after by the nurse available at Apollo Pharmacies. dispensing pharmacies and consultancy services.  Apollo pharmacy: with over 1000 outlets which work round the clock. telemedicine services. the company also makes available the services to support business.  Infection control programme  Apollo Reach hospitals: for smaller urban centres and rural India. To enhance performance and service to customers. third party administration services and health insurance. pregnant patients.  Apollo health & lifestyle limited: Launching Apollo clinics all over the country with 100 over clinics to address day-to-day healthcare needs of the family. Also Diabetes. Offers facilities like Specialist consultations.000 laboratory tests  Apollo & its services offered: Apollo Hospitals Group. A day at Apollo hospitals:  Over 700 Admissions  Over 6.000 Outpatient Volumes  200 Critical Care Cases  120 Key Cardiac Procedures  50 Neuro Surgeries  400 Dialysis  Over 40. blood pressure can be checked. training programs & research services and a host of other non-profit projects. education. Back up service is also available in case of emergency. . preventive health checks & 24 hour pharmacy.  Apollo wellness plus: launched in Feb ’05.  The Cradle: A boutique birthing centre which offers world class obstetrics and neonatology services in a warm and personalized environment. In addition. medical business process outsourcing. yoga and meditation that fits the modern life style. today. the group’s service offerings include healthcare at the patient’s doorstep. all under one roof. Perfect blend of modern and complementary medicine like aromatherapy.

patient education material.  They also train paramedical personnel including emergency medical technicians and laboratory technicians. a medical college. lifestyle training programs. a hospital.  Apollo Munich health Insurance: This is the insurance company which provides health insurance at pan India level. residential facilities and will be looking to train almost 25000 skilled healthcare worker per year.  Apollo Hospital education and research foundation: The Apollo group believes in providing training and education and at the same time in research to enhance its services. Drugs pack. Apollo global projects consultancy: This Company provides consultancy to companies who are looking for world – class health care facilities and existing health care institutions which are looking to scale up and for that matter it also includes government institutions too.  Sugar clinics: Designed for sugar patients  Healthy heart program: This program is specifically designed for patients who have high stress leading to cardiac ailments. 2 institutions of Hospital administration and a college of physiotherapy.  It runs 10 schools and colleges of nursing.  Family health plan limited: This is a insurance plan wherein Apollo is a TPA (Third party Administrators) licensed to implement health insurance and social welfare related schemes for the people of India. regular doctor home visit.  Apollo Telemedicine: With aim to provide telemedicine facility to less accessible areas this was incepted which now have grown to 100 centres across the nation.  DNB courses are conducted at various Apollo hospitals in over 20 specialities. classrooms.  Healthhiway: This is a Electronic collection which aims at having patients data into the system and will link 200000 doctors across the globe with each other.  Dialysis cliniques: Special designed clinics for dialysis patient.  Apollo Health Street limited: It is a subsidiary of the company which helps Apollo keep up to date with the latest happenings with the IT sector and act as revenue cycle management.  Offers diploma in family medicine and emergency medicine.  Breath Eazy: Specially designed program for Asthma patients wherein they are given facilities like Essential Asthma Management devices. round the clock call center access.  Health Knowledge city: This integrated facility will have simulations labs. .

Also. word of mouth works and also these services offered by them categorizes them under corporate governance which makes the magic. newspaper ads are always used to promote the hospitals. They believed in word of mouth and focussed on the services providing top class services to the patients. They have come up with services which are for the people in real need.  Product elements: With the number of beds. However. infrastructure.Service Marketing Strategy of Apollo: Having seen about the company. with big infrastructure. technology. They have almost reached to the customers for servicing and thus. its history. world class services and highly qualified doctors and support staff fascinates people to recommend others. . doctors and staff and unique services they offer they have the best product elements in the healthcare industry to differentiate themselves from their competitors. However. with the government plans for the industry and insurance schemes offered by the company which reimburses the charges again make the group differentiate with its counter parts. colleges.  Place & time: This is again a differentiating factor with 54 hospitals spread across the globe and providing 24*7 facilities to the patients in any possible manner they have a upper hand in the industry leaving no stone unturned. Education is also the best medium for them to promote themselves developing many institutes. Nevertheless media like television. As it is the largest healthcare group in Asia it have always taken care of standing at its position by paving path for the up comings by being a trainer. consultant and help them in any possible manner with its upmost objective of providing world class health care to the maximum number of patients it can within the horizon of country and in abroad. hospitals.  Prices and other user outlays: Prices offered are although high because of the technology used but still very reasonable for a customer to pay for using its services. milestones achieved & its services offered we can comment on its servicing strategies and analyse it properly. In India they have tried to reach the rural part and provide services to the people in real need. services are offered of every range from rural to urban centres facilitating poorer to richer class of the nation. Let us analyze their strategy by seeing 8 p’s of service marketing:  Promotion & Education: Promotion of Apollo hospitals and their servicing is done mostly by public relation. research centres as mentioned above.

clinic or any other facility offered are personalized and give perfect environment for the patient to get well soon and also the infrastructure of the hospitals are very huge and master pieces. As productivity indicates likeability of the product offered and thus.  Physical Environment: Physical environment of the hospital. treating patients or billing. Having seen these 8 P’s of service marketing we can say that Apollo hospital have very well strategically planned their marketing goals to reach the masses and sustain their leading position within the industry. They train the skilled healthcare experts. People are ready round the clock and have reached to the people for treating them in the manner of 24*7 ambulance and pharmacy facility with nurses at pharmacy. here quality and productivity both complements each other.  Productivity & quality: Quality of the service offered makes them the leader in the industry within Asia and data shown regarding a day in Apollo hospital shows the productivity of the company and since facilities are used to that extent that ensures quality of the company. Process: Process used by the group in terms of maintaining patient’s information.  People: This is the most important part of the servicing industry. a separate facility is provided for training. Technology used by the group to treat patients is of state of the art technology & is unmatchable in the industry. People must be friendly and helpful for success in the industry and this is what is taken care by the group. . Separate subsidiary companies are formed to look into the technology aspects related to the processing of both patients database and billing.

here quality and productivity both complements each other. Having seen these 8 P’s of service marketing we can say that Apollo hospital have very well strategically planned their marketing goals to reach the masses and sustain their leading position within the industry. .productivity of the company and since facilities are used to that extent that ensures quality of the company. As productivity indicates likeability of the product offered and thus.