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Recruiting Personnel
Singapore International Airlines is one of the largest employer in Singapore. They hired more than 14,000 people in 2003. Their recruitment process was set up in a way that helped them to keep the image as the home of efficient employees.

Training & Development
Company is concern of making their employee as best. They make their employee to fit organization so their service can be the best one. So Singapore International Airlines provide different training and development program. They have a training institute in Singapore where from a entry level employee get training. The people who do well in the training stage he offered to take a higher training program in USA.

Ensuring the Safety for the employee
Singapore International Airlines ensure the safety for their employee. They make the working environment more risk free and minimum number of accident. It’s a very positive side for the both company and employee. Employee will be more motivated to work willingly and company can take benefit of it.

Dynamic Working Environment
SIA provide dynamic working environment for their employee. It’s effective motivational tools and makes the job more fruitful.

Competitive Advantages of Employee
SIA believes employee is the heart of the organization. Best employee can make the organization best. When a company have a human resource that it can proud of it is obvious that the company is running very smoothly and efficiently. SIA wants to take the opportunity of competitive advantages from their employee.

Company hired employee from more than fifty countries. The pool of talent with respect to pilots was indeed global. Many of these pilots were expatriates drawn by the allure of flying the latest equipment under professional working conditions at very generous levels of compensation. SIA also provides different others compensation tools like housing, car facility, children schooling.


They have no bonus. Downsizing can give the immediate benefit of reducing cost but for long time it will increase the cost. An additional 156 cabin crew staffs were laid off in late July. Disfavoring of Union Singapore International Airways failed to manage their labor union during the adverse situation of the company. They may scared to their job and unprovoked to work willingly. Though employee benefits are an important part of any company’s offering to their prospective or existing staff. Lacking of Motivational Tools Employees of Singapore airlines don’t get any extra for their performance in the job. But it’s a red signal for the employee those sustaining in the company. So it is impossible for employees to work properly or to fulfill company’s goal. overtime pay and other types of financial and no financial benefit. And if union is not favor of the company then company simply lose the number of profit. Cutting Salary SIA also cutting down the salary for senior management by 22% and negotiations were on with cabin crew and ground staffs for further wage cuts. if they don’t get extra benefit for their work. Downsizing the company may decrease the operating cost. Company fails to make their union more loyal for the company. Downsizing the company and cutting down the salary union made more unfriendly with the company.Weakness Downsizing the Organization SIA had laid of over 400 employees in June 2003 to bring down its operating cost. As a result employees will be dissatisfied and company’s profit will go down. 2 .

SIA is one of the leading airlines so most of the company in the same industry may want to know the strategy of SIA.Opportunity Global Working Environment Singapore International Airlines Hire employees from more than 50 countries. Its transforming of culture and employee can learn across the culture which creates a extra value in their career. Training Program All employees get at least a local training and those do excellent in the training period they allow to take a higher training from the USA. SIA created a mega alliance around the world. alliance between air careers in different parts of the world had become the norm rather than the exception. 3 . Compensation by Others It’s to very easy way to find the company strategy by contacting with union. It’s a extra earning of the employee. So there creates a global working environment. Alliance Network By the late 1990s. But they get the job in any other airlines more easily. Job Switching Benefit Singapore International Airlines employees are highly trained. But for reasons of company downsizing a large number of employees lost their job. Because they are properly trained from SIA. Employee getting this benefit without any cost which a extra advantages for the employee. So they typical make a contact with union member of SIA and offer many gift and benefit.

Iraq war and general economic malaise created fear among union members and crews to become insecure about their job. Discrimination For the position of air hostess or cabin crew woman contract sign for one year which can be renewed in five times. Using of Technology Company becoming more technology oriented.Threat Relationship Gap between Union & Management SIA don’t maintain a good relation with their union. Company making discrimination by executing certain policy. Job Insecurity Employee can lose job any time. If the union or group of union dissatisfies about the company and if they don’t work willingly for the company than company can lose the productivity. That’s mean a air hostess able to work maximum five years. Its not only a threat for the employee its also a treat for the company also. Union may also unable to say their demand and they may have big trouble. So there is no other way of realizing the management limitation and union demand. It’s cannot a fair policy of job. For example lunching online ticketing system many employees those who are assign to control the ticketing they lose their job. 4 . Company downsizing strategy can fire any permanent worker. SARs. Every where they installing new technology rather than human. Employee can be more motiveless to work and so that company can lose the productivity. So many employees can be threaded to lose their job for technology involvement.

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