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I. Name the things you see in the pictures using words in italics. Credit card, wallet, bank check, 100-dollar bill, coin, automated teller machine, cash register, bank

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com Money 2 II. Mike received $100 in return for his work. Mike invested $100. a. Mike’s grandfather died and left Mike $100. a. . c. Someone gave Mike $100. Someone gave Mike $100. and took some goods. Mike gave someone $100. Mike received $100 in return for his work. b. c. b. b. c. Mike gave someone $100. c. Mike earned $100. Mike inherited $100. Mike gave someone $100. Mike’s grandfather died and left Mike $100 dollars. a. Mike paid $100. b. Mike received $100 as compensation for his work. Mike’s grandfather died and left Mike $100.English-lesson-plan. Mike gave someone $100 in return for their work. a. b. 3. 1. c. Someone gave Mike $100. 4. Select a. b. Read some statements about Mike. Mike’s grandfather died and left Mike $100 dollars. 2. 5. Mike lent $100. Someone gave Mike $100. and took some goods. Mike borrowed $100 dollars. Mike gave someone $100 hoping to receive more in the future. or c. a. a. b. 6. c. Mike received $100 in return for his work. Mike gave someone $100.

$100 . We have so many debts! C: . 6. Low in price.How much for this T-shirt? . Unreasonably expensive. D: .One hundred bucks for a lousy T-shirt?!! That’s what they call a rip-off! . .3 match with the following definitions? 1. Have means to buy something. so I took them back to the shop and they gave me a refund.$100 in total. 2.Take it or leave it. you know we can’t afford a new car right now. A: .English-lesson-plan. The money you should return. 5.We bought this house for $ 50 000 and I call it a bargain. yeah. Read the conversations below and guess the meanings of the phrases in bold. and $95 with a discount.Honey. 3. but they didn’t fit.You did this job perfectly! How much do I owe you? .Poor you. IV.I bought a pair of shoes last week. B: .com Money 3 III. An amount of money taken off a price. Which of the words in bold in ex. Be obliged to pay. .Oh. 8. when are we going to buy a new car? Our old Volvo is on its last legs! . it’s quite cheap! E: .Darling. Money returned to a payer. . 7. 4. An advantageous purchase.

3. in other words. Sometimes banks allow you to withdraw more money than what is available in your account.English-lesson-plan. you can borrow money in the form of a bank 3) _______. you will have to show the bank your good financial 12) __________. 6. 4. Once you have opened an account. 5. You can use the 6) _________ account to pay your everyday bills. or you can put your money in a bank. you can take a mortgage loan from a bank. the bank may confiscate your real estate in compensation for damages. In a bank. You can also use your debit card to withdraw cash from 10) ___________ (ATMs) as well as make online purchases and money transfers. The percentage that the bank pays you for using your money is called 8) _________. In both cases. If you decide to buy 17) _______ estate. There are two main types of bank accounts. you need to open a 5) _________ account. If you decide to take a loan from a bank. 1. the bank can issue a 9) __________ card – a personal plastic card with an individual number and your signature on it – with which you can pay for goods and services. If the bank considers you a 15) __________ borrower. Do you have a debit/credit card? Have you ever borrowed money from a bank? What for? Do you have any debts currently? How much do you owe in total? Have you ever lent money to your friends or relatives? What is your favorite bank? How long does it take to open a checking account in your bank? . Money 4 loan deposit bank checking standing savings interest trustworthy debit income job mortgage bank automated teller machines overdraft credit real installments transactions How banks work A 1) _______ is a financial institution which deals with money 2) _________. it will issue a 16) ___________ card which you can use to buy things such as a car. 2. 4) ________ money. This is called 11) V. They are a checking account and a savings account. Fill in the gaps in the text with the following words. 18) ________ means that you pledge your property to the bank as a security for the loan. such as a house. That is you need to prove that you have a regular 13) __________ or some other reliable source of 14) _________. Answer the questions. VI. The 7) _________ account is used for depositing your extra money to a bank. If you fail to pay the 19) __________.

Decide which one and act out a conversation with the shop assistant. a. Discuss details with the bank teller. c. b. . You want to take a mortgage loan. The bank officials want to check your financial standing.English-lesson-plan. You want to buy an item of clothes. You want to open a bank Money 5 VII. With a partner act out a dialogue based on one of the following situations.

9. Record in a bank which entitles you to a certain sum of money 18. An unreasonably high price 11. The amount of money you should pay over equal intervals of time 5. A pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money 19. A bank official who works with clients 16. To receive money after your relative dies 6. A special machine which allows you to withdraw cash from your account . Security of a bank loan in the form of pledged property 4. Payment for using somebody’s money 13. A good deal 12. Percentage taken off the price of a good or service 10. The money you use to make profit 17. The money you earn or receive regularly 15. Money 6 18 17 11 20 2 3 4 10 5 6 8 9 14 7 12 19 13 15 16 1 1.English-lesson-plan. Solve the crossword puzzle. plans etc. Bank notes and coins 14. To be able to buy or do something 3. The act of conducting or carrying out VIII. negotiations. The act of buying something 2. The money which is given back to you after your return faulty goods 20. To put money in a bank 7. Exceeding the limit of your account 8.

Wallet 19. 1)debt. Interest 13. 3a. Bargain 12. Purchase 2. 5)bank. 3)bargain. 16)credit. 19)installments VIII. Refund 20. 6a IV. Teller 16. c)wallet. e)cash register. 6)checking. Cash 14. 1a. Account 18. 4)afford. 8)interest. Income 15. Investment 17. 2)discount. a)Credit card. 17)real. 2)transactions. 5c.English-lesson-plan. Crossword puzzle 1. 9)debit 10)automated teller machines 11)overdraft 12)standing 13)job 14)income 15)trustworthy. Inherit 6. f)coin. ATM . Installment 5. h)bank II. b)automated teller machine. 6)cheap. Deposit 7. Mortgage 4. 5)owe. Overdraft 8. 18)mortgage. 2c. Discount 10. 8)refund V. 4)deposit . 1)Bank. g)bank check. 4b. 3)loan. 7)savings. d)100-dollar bill. Rip-off Money 7 Answer sheet I. 7)rip-off. Afford 3. Transaction 9.