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Nanotechnology and Nanoscience applications: revolution in India and beyond

What, When & How of Nanotechnology
Nano science refers to the science & discipline and nano technology refers the applied part of it including the engineering to control, manipulate and structure the matter at an unimaginably small scale: nano scale. This scale is also referred to as ‘atomic’ or ‘molecular’ scale which is 100 nanometers or smaller. This capability also simultaneously gives us the ability to build materials and devices or shapes and products on that scale. Because of the brevity in operation, smarter and lighter products can be made from the molecules of the same matter with every atom in its specified place through ‘positioned assembly’ or ‘self assembly’. The matter displays unimaginably different qualities when manipulated and structured at nano scale. It produces different products when assembled at that scale. This is what is the future unleashed by the nano technology revolution. The mankind has seen several technology revolutions in the past: industrial, agricultural, medical, and infotech in a course of two centuries. But through each of these, we have been able to exploit only a small fraction of the total possibilities. We have been still dealing with the matter at a bigger scale. The building blocks, our engineering skills and products were bigger than the nano size and hence had limitations in manipulation. It is this arrangement of atoms which defines the properties of matter. With its capacity to manipulate the smallest possible component of the matter, the nano technology has the potential to bring that cycle of technological revolution to completion: dealing with the matter atom by atom, molecule by molecule. It is this capacity of mankind to deal with matter at molecular level that will give the mankind a historical new ability to shape, process and create things which have never been thought of.

Nanotechnology in India: A Case Study of the Potential India, with its more than one billion people, a wide landscape and a diverse socio-economic base, has tremendous possibilities for any technological intervention including nanotechnology. India has been slow to adopt the technologies and even slower to experiment them. This has happened primarily because the risk taking ability of individuals, organizations and the Governments has been low. Moreover, because of lack of communication to the rest of the world, the level of confidence in the innovations has been low.

However, in the last decade, India has gained not only confidence to try out new technologies but also to experiment and innovate. This is primarily because the entrepreneurial base has increased. A number of new companies come to the market everyday. The number of millionaires in India, its richest people and its companies are quite at the top in the global list of the rich. This is also happening because the people’s purchasing power has increased. India is the fourth largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity. Another reason for this is that the Indian consumer has started asking for the best that is available on the earth. This makes India a huge market for quality goods. The spirit of innovation is also getting strengthened because of the fact that India is a young country; with almost half of its population in the younger age group. This age group is inclined to make forays in the unknown but exciting fields. The new companies being formed look for exciting emerging technologies. India is ready for Nanotechnology Thus, for the first time in its history, India is ready not only to adopt what is working elsewhere, but also to innovate, experiment, adopt and adapt what is entirely new. This includes what has not been tried at all but makes an economic, social or environmental sense. Nanotechnology is a phenomenon in that range. It is new, it is evolving, it is challenging. This is what India is now ready for. Thus, nanotechnology and its applications have a bright future in India. Nanotechnology in India is expected to unleash the full force of India’s creativity and its craving to satisfy all its basic needs, to catch up with the world, rather to surpass the world.

Nanotechnology in India: a Huge Potential • India’s 60% population depends on agriculture, but income levels are low because productivity is low and is marred by low inputs, pests, diseases and losses • India is has massive food requirement and has variety of crops, fruits, flowers and vegetables but food sector is handicapped due to inefficiencies in production, processing, storage and packaging • India gets excellent solar radiation, every roof top can become a power house, but solar energy is not generated because right and affordable technology is not in place • India gets excellent rains but still drinking and irrigation water is not available in many parts because water storage and purification techniques are not perfect • Average Indians do not lead a long and healthy life partly because the drugs and medicines used in treatment cause even greater damage than the disease itself.

• India’s Industrial and infrastructure sectors are growing very fast, but the materials used in both are not as durable and precise as they could be • India is urbanizing fast but still faster is the level of pollution because of urban waste, untreated water etc. • Most of the processing and packaging in industry and agriculture leaves behind a trail of environmental hazards, which if not tackled at this juncture, will lead and add to long term ecological problems including global warming Nanotechnology in India can bring in a revolution Nanotechnology applications will benefit India in all the above and many more such areas. It will bring revolution in the socio-economic life and make India take a qualitative leap at least in three following major ways. Nanotechnology in India: to satisfy its basic needs • With better productivity in various sectors • By reducing the losses due to pests & diseases • By reducing wastages & by enhancing capacity Nanotechnology in India: to enable it to catch up with the world • By reducing the inefficiency in processing, storage and packaging • By ensuring better life to people, materials and the amenities • By reducing environmental damages Nanotechnology in India: to enable it to surpass the world • By enabling all its hands to work, all its fields to produce • By enabling all its roofs to produce electricity • By enabling all its products to benchmark with the best in the world This is why the entrepreneurs, the policy makers, the companies and the people are keen to learn and leverage nanotechnology in India. Nanotechnology and nanotechnology applications , thus, have a great future in India.

durable solar cells. That too in a form of hand held device. in . This technology is going to drastically change production processes. www. going to substantially change human life itself.A nano glimpse of India in 2030 with nanotechnology applications in full sway • • • • • • • • • • Agriculture productivity is increased through better investigation of pests & diseases. packaging etc. SAiNSCE’s Commitment for Nanotechnology Development We are driven by the above belief that the nano-technology has immense potential across various sectors in bringing welfare to the society. yet sturdier. to cite a few initiatives. on a higher scale at a much lower cost. The nano super sand stops water below the roots level of the plants and maintains a water table. seeing this expand is our mission. giving greenery a constant water supply: Potable water for all: water purification with high precision nano tech membranes. And the bonus of fuel efficiency! A computer nano chip as powerful as all the computers of the today’s world put together. It is. And seeing this happen is our passion. Water proof nano sand reducing wastage of water in irrigation by 75%! just lay down beneath typical desert topsoil. targeted treatment trough precision farming.sainsce. better forecasting of weather.enabled packaging and processing-impermeable coating. communication systems and a host of other patterns of generation and consumption. A nano submarine floats through the blood of human body treating the right cells instead of contaminating the whole body with antibiotic toxics and generating a host of side effects. Imagine the savings on transmission lines and power stations and substations! Lighter wind and hydro energy turbines ensuring much higher revolution per minute thus producing more energy even with lesser water and wind availability. This obviously gives lot of commercial potential to the technology. . The processed foods stay fresh for months together: thanks to nanotech. A much lighter aircraft or a car made of nano materials which are lighter and cheaper. And you know how powerful the computer chips already are. minimizing the waste and maximizing the life cycle of agro products through nano technology. for each building just like you produce your vegetables in kitchen garden: common man’s dream realized through cheaper. Rooftop solar generation enabled by nano solar cells.

Recent decades have seen even bigger challenges on this front. All this is going to happen. The challenge is how to feed the growing population by producing more on a stagnant or shrinking landscape. it’s a prime agenda for the developing world including India. And it should happen. with lesser input costs and with lesser hazards to the eco-system. Strategic applications of Nano science can do wonders in the agriculture scenario. all across the world. packaging. Particularly. we have carefully selected the following areas of work which. have become our core strength. processing. better life for our children. over a period of time. an urgent need is being felt for more scientific and targeted management of the agriculture and food sector. This is why SAiNSCE feels that nano-science is not just a new science or an emerging technology. Seeing the nano technology commercialize fast is our strategy and business. Nations. communities and Governments have been struggling with the issue since . it’s a way of life in the 21st century. and even waste treatment. This also leads to the question as to how to add value to what is being produced. These have been briefly given below: Nanotechnology in Agriculture & Food Producing & Preserving Food through Nano technology How SAiNSCE looks at it Food security has always been the biggest concern of the mankind. Thus.sainsce. The future looks even bleaker with food shortage issue looming large.with or without many of us participating in the process of making it happen. Nano science concepts and Nano technology www. safe and reliable. transportation. The founders of SAiNSCE are committed to work in the areas which deliver value for: • The common man’s wellbeing • Pervasive creation of wealth • Conservation of environment In order to be more focused and conclusive. Value for the producer as well as the consumer! And how to make the transaction in agro products smooth. Another adjunct to this problem is how to add to the income of agricultural producers so as to sustain their motivation to grow crops.The result: better life for us. We also believe that there is immense business potential in what is going to happen. Nano technology has answers to many of these challenges. Applications of Nanotechnology have the potential to change the entire agriculture sector and food industry chain from production to conservation.

global satellite positioning systems. The Indian agricultural scenario is also characterized by diversity of soils & agro-climatic conditions and thus diversity in crops and fluctuation in productivity. Nanotechnology applications in basic agriculture. targeted treatment. Low productivity in Precision farming.sainsce. This offers as much potential as challenges in the sector. preservation of crops and food can therefore bring a sea change in the agriculture scenario of India. nanotechnology applications in agriculture and food sector make all the more relevance and importance since the Indian economy is predominantly agriculture and given the large population to feed. the food security concern is all the more serious. value addition. Precision farming makes use of computers. Accurate information through applications of nano technology for real time monitoring of soil conditions.Nano tech application here makes cultivable areas farming more targeted and scientific. storage and packaging. fight diseases and withstand environmental pressures and effective systems for processing. Thus. Shrinkage of cultivable lands The remedy is to enhance productivity through nano tech driven precision farming and to maximize the output and minimize inputs through better monitoring and targeted www.applications have the potential to redesign the production . Nanotechnology in Agriculture: A Case Study of India For India. and remote sensing devices to measure various parameters. Use of nanotechnology in agriculture can thus change the land use pattern substantially. applications of nano technology in agriculture can prove to be a big boon. environmental changes and diseases and plant health issues. restructure the processing and conservation processes and redefine the food habits of the people. What Nano technology offers for Agriculture Major Challenges What do the applications of nano technology offer Food security for growing Use of Nano technology in agriculture and food industry can numbers revolutionize the sector with new tools for disease detection. enhancing the ability of plants to absorb nutrients. Large uncultivable areas Bringing more areas under cultivation by nano tech enabled environmental monitoring and management including cost effective water management through applications of nano science.

Other strategic applications of nanotechnology for use in agriculture and food processing industry include the addition of nano particles to existing foods to enable increased absorption of nutrients.sainsce. thus reducing the human risk. Precision farming through use of nanotech applications can also help to reduce agricultural waste and thus keep environmental pollution to a minimum. Nano technology will change the existing system of food processing and will enhance the nutritional quality of food and will ensure the safety of food products. insecticide. and alert the customer if the food is contaminated. Smart packaging developed by applying nano science concepts & technology would be able to repair small holes/tears. temperature and moisture changes). Use of nano technology in sensing applications will ensure food safety and security. Various devices designed through application of nanotechnology which include biosensor for the detection of . This is possible through selected additives and www. Nano tech enabled sensors and smart delivery systems will help the agricultural industry combat viruses and other crop pathogens. Nanotechnology applications have the potential to produce easy-to-handle devices which reduce the dependence on human skills on many fronts. Nanotech based new antimicrobial coatings and dirt repellent plastic bags are a remarkable improvement in ensuring the safety and security of packaged food. microbe will bridge this gap to a great extent. Food companies will have to be very vigilant in logistics. nano structured catalysts will be available which will increase the efficiency of pesticides and herbicides.g. viruses.Wastage of inputs Wastage of products Perishability/ low shelf life Technology limitations Skill limitations Processing limitations action. respond to environmental conditions (e. In the near future. herbicides. Fresh and processed food companies will have a new dimension to quality and production. allowing lower doses to be used. as well as technology applications which alert the customers and shopkeepers when a food is nearing the end of its shelf-life.

viruses and fungus and are used as a good and safe packaging pot. and microbial).sainsce. This is possible by applications of nano science. They massively reduce the entrance of oxygen and other gases. Such nanotech based packaging materials are 100 times more secure than the normal one for the storage of juices. chemical. The food companies are keen to adapt new technology in a big way Packaging limitations Silver nano-particles can be embedded in polymeric materials such as PVC. milk and other agri-products. Silver Nan particles kill . improving mechanical and heat-resistance properties. Nanotechnology can provide solutions for modifying the permeation behavior of foils. allowing an earlier response to environmental changes and diseases. and the exit of moisture. thus preventing food from spoiling or drying. www. PET while polymerization occurs. Nanotechnology is already making an impact on the development of functional or interactive foods.improvements to the way the body digests and absorbs food. Other nano tech devices may include developing active antimicrobial and antifungal surfaces and sensing as well as signaling microbiological and biochemical changes. increasing barrier properties (mechanical. Research is on to develop new nano tech driven “on demand” foods. Diseases & calamities The union of biotechnology and nanotechnology in sensors will create equipment of increased sensitivity. Food packaging films in the name of “hybrid system” films have enormous number of silicate nano particles. Nanotech products in packaging food products thus offer immense potential. thermal. PE. bacteria. which will remain dormant in the body and deliver nutrients to cells when needed. which respond to the body’s requirements and can deliver nutrients more efficiently.

Supply of clean water. www. that too on much less costs. filtration. The increasing ecological imbalance on one hand and increased use by the urban elite further aggravate the problem. Nano tech Research also aims to make plants use water. Poor people in the developing world spend up to 25 per cent of their real income to have access to clean water. the convergence of nano technology. Even in the 21st century. This is the extent of possibility through introduction of Nano science & nano technology in Agriculture. Solutions are being found out by use of science and technology for water harnessing.sainsce. management and conservation. not even sure of what they are drinking. Water borne diseases take lives of millions. are the main issues faced by the people. The plight of dumb animals devoid of water is still worse. the use of nanotechnology in agriculture will lead to a real breakthrough in this sector More than the smart devices for . processing and packaging. and filters or catalysts to reduce pollution and clean-up existing pollutants. thousands of people walk for miles to quench their thirst. The potential for producing better at reduced cost by use of technology makes it very important for a country like India. Through cell engineering. Thus. recycling. This will mean that crops which take months to get ready can be available in week’s time.Impact on Environment Nanotechnology will also help protect the environment indirectly through the use of alternative (renewable) energy supplies. This Nano tech application will help to reduce pollution and to make agriculture more environmentally friendly. desalination. pesticides and fertilizers more efficiently. Purification. information technology and bio technology has really given us a new whole world of agriculture. And the worst part is that the situation is predicted to get further grim with the resources depleting and the population pressure increasing. safe water. Nanotechnology in Water Management Safe and sufficient water through Nano science Applications How SAiNSCE perceives the potential It is a paradoxical situation that one-third of the globe constitutes of water and still the world struggles with this basic necessity of life –water. potable water and that too adequately and on a regular basis. cells can be made to form and multiply faster.

conventional methods Nano technology enabled filters also ensure filtration of can’t tackle those viruses and bacteria which are too small to be filtered by conventional filters. bacteria and other Filtration through nano electropositive media can ensure improved filtration of pathogenic microbes. high pressure pumps. But the crux lies in finding faster and efficient solutions. pretreatment systems. back flushing and other maintenance costs would be minimized substantially. Rain water harvesting.sainsce. precision and purity.recharging of wells and tube wells are some of the means. different regions face a range of water problems varying in terms of magnitude. energy recovery systems. Major Challenges Solutions offered by the Nano technology Filtration via nano membranes would ensure much more Providing clean and safe water devoid of virus. Problems of safe and potable water prevail alike other developing regions of the world. particularly elements which the those which are resistant to conventional depth filters. This would make desalination www. thanks to Nanotechnology. is what a common Indian would expect the most from the researchers and experts engaged in exploring strategic applications of nano . Improving the quantum of supply of water as well as its quality. This one area can change the socio economic scenario substantially. The prevalence of waterborne diseases is also quite high. Nano technology not only assures better quality but also with lesser energy consumption and hence at a much lower cost Water management through Nano tech Applications: Potential in India Nanoscience applications in water management assume a special importance for a vast developing region like India. at an affordable cost. Application of Nanotechnology to these conventional solutions in the first stage and for finding new solutions subsequently is a ray of hope in this area. some even eliminated. water at a lower cost The high cost of conventional desalination is mainly owing to the energy cost. Providing clean and safe Affordable desalination is the panacea to the water problem. runoff conservation and economic use through micro irrigation and many other measures are presently employed to find solutions for this basic need. more so in the arid and semi arid regions. Given the diverse geographical conditions. By strategic use of ultra thin membranes.

Nano filtration membrane technology is widely used to remove dissolved salts from salty water. Nanotech based filters can precisely select the substances and hence retention of essential ones will be possible Nano filters can analytically and effectively measure and monitor contaminants like arsenic. Conserving water is as important as increasing the supply of usable water. Remediation of both waste water and polluted ground water. ranging from high purity semiconductor and medical uses through home drinking water. This allows the water to be recycled while the ammonia removed can be re-used as fertilizer.Increasing the usability of unusable water through . Nano filters can remove up to 99 per cent of ammonia from contaminated waterways and sewage outflows. unlike the conventional ones which can measure only the concentrated high level contaminants. recycling Conserving water affordable even for the developing nations. better drip and sprinkler systems. soften water and treating waste water.sainsce. Nanotech has immense potential in this area since this precision technology has strategic solutions to control waste of water flowing through canals through better linings and coatings. including both sea water and brackish water Preserving the essential nutrients in water like calcium etc Measuring and monitoring contaminants at the trace level New possibilities www. more efficient coatings to stop seepage in household and industrial water systems and less requirement of back flush in filtration systems. Nano science enables various strategic applications as under: Purification applications. Desalination applications. mercury and others even at the trace level. remove micro pollutants.

The world has realized that it is the high time that we resort to discriminate the use of natural resources and try for lower contamination. are expected to settle. Nanotechnology applications can reduce the environmental problems substantially with their targeted and indirect interventions. both these . At this position.’ We have already started facing the consequences of reckless use of natural resources leading to ecological imbalance. Thus. Regarding the things needed badly in the Indian economy to achieve that level of development. energy finds a prime place. www. Quite a few emerging renewable energy developments are coming with the integration of the science and technology of energy generation and that of the nano science and nanotechnology. to hand over to our future generations the same level of environmental quality which we are presently enjoying is becoming difficult day be day.Nano technology & Environment Make the Environment Sustainable through Nano technology SAiNSCE’s concerns for Environment The subject of ‘Global Warming’ itself is generating a lot of heat now a days. particularly the environmental. Clean energy is becoming a mainstream business. Kuznet's curve underlines that the more developed an economy is. both the income inequalities and the environmental problems are acute. the cleaner it becomes. The brighter spot is that quite a lot of awareness is being created on environmental issues the world over. we borrow it from our future generations. the world is now facing the challenge of global warming and resultant climate change.sainsce. etc. transmission. Nano technology has the potential to facilitate energy production in a much cleaner and renewable way. This makes the issue of environmental sustainability more important than it ever was. It is said ‘environment is not what we inherit from our ancestors. By the time India becomes a developed economy. nano technology has the potential to change the way the things are produced and processed and to further reduce their hazardous side and after effects. Having struggled with the issue of ozone layer depletion in the last decades. People and organizations are addressing pressing energy and environmental needs by deploying renewable energy sources. switching to energy efficient and less polluting ways of production. finding alternatives ensuring lesser need of raw materials for the same quantum of production. From solar cell and fuel cell fabrication to energy management. Nanotechnology in India: Case Study of Environmental Issues India is still on the first middle side of the Kuznet's curve. conservation and savings the applications of nanoscience offer a range of opportunities.

Cells with nano-crystalline coatings of metal oxides enable production of hydrogen gas directly from sunlight.sainsce.Challenges Cleaner conventional energy • • Dependable supply of renewable energy at affordable cost. Conventional technology stores hydrogen in high pressure tanks which is highly unsafe. Use of nanotechnology in chemical reactions could provide hydrogen for tomorrow's fuel-cell powered vehicles. Nano structured turbines ensure efficient production of wind energy at lower cost Nano based solar cell and panels contribute a lot for efficient generation and transmission of solar power. Fuel cell usage has been limited due to material performance and high cost since it needs platinum • . The batteries currently available are not suitable for large scale storage. Strategic applications of nanoscience will help in creating large banks of batteries to make storage on large scale possible Nanotech would also enable creating new kind of nano tubes based capacitors which make batteries usable for indefinite period Nanotechnology offers safe and practicable solutions like absorption onto high surface area solids and use of carbon nano tubes and nano structured graphite fibers for combining with metal hydride compounds Nanoscale material can replace platinum completely or partially with increased efficiency for specific applications. In nuclear energy. The two big complaints against solar and wind power are high cost and intermittent supply as large scale storage not possible • • • • • • Safe and large scale storage of hydrogen energy. • How nanotechnology helps Production of electricity from coal or natural gas can be made more efficient by strategic use nanotechnology in turbine plants. nanotechnology can help improve the radiation resistance of the materials.

• Nano-enabled products like nanowire based paper can cleanup oil and other organic pollutants • Nano-sized particles of iron are useful for cleaning up contaminants in groundwater.sainsce. Strategic use of nanostructures would make any device energy efficient Developing energy efficient Nano-enabled capacitors will create entirely new networks for local electricity storage distribution networks which could ensure much lower rates of energy wastage and improved performance. energy efficient LEDs and wireless controls and also highly efficient conductors and superconductors that could eventually replace current transmission facilities. • pollution monitoring using nano sensors water and air pollution through • lower energy needs due to lightweight strategic applications of strong materials nanoscience • Products with molecular-level precision through the use of productive nano systems. soil and sediments New possibilities through nano • Personal power-jackets that could use technology heat from the human body to recharge cell-phones and other electronic devices. could result in virtually no chemical waste. • Microbial fuel cells where an organism performs electron transfer mechanism are being developed through use of nanotechnology • High powered batteries that can be used in electric vehicles are being developed by strategic applications of nanoscience www. together with a heavy cost reduction of catalyst . Addressing the issues of soil.which is scarcely available • Carbon nanotubes could enable a substantial improvement in the performance of fuel cells. Developing efficient transmission Nano engineering could lead to smart devices devices like smart windows.

not only energy but clean energy is becoming a huge business in itself. Because of that possibility. distributed and managed. But one thing is sure: it offers immense potential to harness solar energy. Its intersection with energy is going to change the way energy was hitherto being generated. It also has to improve its technological and managerial skills to reduce the T & D losses. On both accounts. stored. We consume only a fraction of the energy delivered by the Sun. The reason is that majority of the present sources of energy are neither clean nor renewable and are depleting progressively. its energy requirements are high and increasing day by day. perhaps a more prudent course of action. The beauty of solar energy is that it can be produced by every house hold on his rooftop or farm. Moreover this energy will be cleaner and sustainable than any of the other energy streams. Thus. preferably the cleaner and renewable ones. If we add into that the potential of energy generated by Sun’s invisible rays (infrared). but they too have locational and mechanical limitations. Many of the developments in clean energy revolve around strategic applications of nano science. transmitted. they have to be met with qualitatively different sources and processes. the potential is really immense. it is possible to convert the rest into usable and transportable energy. Nanotechnology in the energy sector: A case study of India India is an emerging economy. Many of those processes cause heavy damage to the environment. Nanotechnology offers more possibilities in solar energy sector than they have been experimented today. Theoretically. nanotechnology is particularly going to revolutionize the solar energy sector.sainsce. energy saved is equal to energy produced. The energy needs of the 21st century are going to be definitely higher than ever. India is a www. Practically speaking. It has to meet its massive energy requirements by all possible sources. There have been efforts to get energy through cleaner and renewable sources (hydro and wind). in today’s time. Nano technology has shown the possibility of fulfilling everyone’s dream of getting cheap and clean energy through its strategic applications. With its faster growth process. the entire process is not sustainable. Moreover the entire demand-supply chain in the energy sector is quite capital .Nano technology in Solar Energy Energy on one’s roof top through Nanotechnology SAiNSCE is keen to make it happen Energy needs have been growing exorbitantly across the globe and across the sectors. But at the same time. The entire technology is in the process of evolution. monopolistic and hence cumbersome.

Solar energy again is tooNano technology has added to the possibility of costly producing solar energy which is cheaper than that from the conventional sources How will it be stored Nano technology enabled super capacitators will help in local storage of energy How to reduce wastage of Nano superconductors will replace current energy: transmission transmission facilities and they will have better losses performance on this front The photovoltaic cells With nanotechnology. Thus. Conventional Energy is Nano solar cells embedded in flexible plastics will too centralized be able to adjust to the shape and terrain of the rooftops and/or could be put into the building materials like tiles and siding. cleaner as well as decentralized. At the same time. This too they want without either polluting the environment or without making them entirely dependent on the power producing companies. Solar energy is the answer…. an energy collector and spread with the plastic • Silicon is in short sheets will cover large surface areas than supply and photovoltaic where there is huge potential for energy producing and saving technologies and equipments. very thin light-retaining materials. India needs more and more of the sophistication in its economy. Major issues What Nano technology can offer Conventional Energy is Nano tech devices have given us the possibility of too expensive producing cheap power and enough for every one. particularly the solar energy. it will be possible to produce energy at every roof top Conventional Energy is Nano energy is clean. People are desperately in search of such technologies that give the required guarantee of energy availability.across rooftops or built into building materials which requires clean Nano cells made up of . With its faster growth process. Each nano solar cell will be microbes. expensive www.Nano technology is the answer for getting solar energy made cheaper. will have more light of dust and airbornecapturing capabilities. several thousand manufacturing free times smaller than hair. The applications of nanoscience can make India the hub of non renewable energy. environmental awareness is increasing day by day. day solar panels are: bypassing the cost of silicon production. cleaner than anything else polluting possible. particularly in the energy sector. tiny solar cells can be printed that make up most present onto flexible. thin rolls • made up of of highly efficient light-collecting plastics spread crystalline silicon.sainsce.

This will strategically capture more solar energy. more efficient source of energy By integrating applications of nanoscience "solar farms" may be created which consist of the plastic material with solar cells which can be rolled across deserts to generate energy further Nanotubes: because of their structure. Dye-sensitized Nano solar cells using photo sensitive dye which do not require costly and largescale production equipment. Nanoscience also enables production of solar cell glass that will not only generate energy.• high manufacturing Nano enabled plastic solar cells can turn the sun's costs lead to high power into electrical energy. What are possibilities www. which help in the absorption of solar energy and its conversion to electrical energy Nano particles like quantum dots with a polymer to make the plastic can detect energy in the infrared solar rays.sainsce. exhibit electrical and optical properties. and they are many wattage . but also act as windows in future houses and commercial buildings. While it captures solar energy to power the building it also reduces overheating of the house thereby reducing the need for cooling. times more efficient than present solar cells Flexible sheets of tiny solar cells made by using nano science applications may be used to harness the sun's energy and will ultimately provide a cheaper.

Either way. inexpensive. However. They are in the form of diseases. Precision and efficacy in treatments have improved.sainsce. The instruments and equipments being produced with the help of nano technology are remarkably precise and work in an unpredictably targeted manner. Most important is to make the medical treatment accessible to all and inexpensive. nano science and nano technology have brought fresh hopes on this account. even before we really rely on the capacity of nano technology about its promises regarding longevity and anti-aging. One of those examples is nano tech enabled ‘cell repair machines’. Another challenge is better and early diagnosis and treatment with minimal side effects. these nano tech repair machines will restore younger health. Deteriorating mental health is yet another pressure on the modern world. In the recent decades. Convergences of nanotechnology with biotechnology will not only produce high tech products at low cost but will also prolong life via preventing illness and improved health. There are more efficient diagnostic devices like the nano size TEMs that are very useful for high-specification filtration in many laboratory applications including those for blood testing and analysis. At the same time. but new challenges to human health have emerged. They are useful in www. and on the other. They are. in the form of nutritional problems. These molecular machines make the potential for life extension visible. at the same time. they will be able to replace cells which have been destroyed. These problems are putting stress on the society in both ways: on the one hand to see that people live . they will restore health. By restoring all the ‘un-welcome’ cells and tissues of the body to a younger form. efficiency and cost effectiveness of health care measures has been a prime concern in all countries.Nano technology in Medicine & Health Care Effective & Precise Medical Services with Nanotechnology SAiNSCE a part of the drive for long and healthy life Health is an integral part of one’s wellbeing. the average life span has gone up. Some have environmental roots and yet others are the causes of modern lifestyle. rapid diagnostics and targeted drug delivery are remarkable. there is still a huge potential for improvement on this front. These nano devices will be able to repair cells so long as the basic structure of the cells is intact. medical science has made tremendous progress in the recent decades. the innovations brought by it in faster development of drugs. However. Current applications of nano technology in medicine include nano-particles to deliver drugs and other stuff to explicit cells in the human organ. to ensure the wellbeing of those who are living long. Also. Availability.

Also. Particularly. method of drugs have Strategic nano techniques can help the humanity: can side effects. Avoiding unnecessary nano medicine holds good promise in this regard. and let it spread all through the body. may result into Nano medicines and nano tech machines have crippling the entire created the possibility of diagnosing. preventing disease with the use of smart drugs and • Many health equipments that target specific organs or cells. problems cannot be cured at all Reducing the side effects or nano technology has the potential of engineering damages to non target cells particles to be used for detecting and treating the diseases or injuries within the targeted cells. treating and immune system. www. damage to other cells while This involves the use of manufactured nano-robots to treating a particular cell make repairs at the level of specific cells. testing and treatment abilities have come up. put drug delivery devices right where they are • Organ transplantation needed. They also make the validation and regulatory control processes much easier. Nano technology in Health care: A case study of India India. offers a huge market and an even bigger challenge for health care experts. with one sixth population of the world. But damaging to many for others. the place of SAiNSCE’s headquarters is the Indian hub of pharmaceutical industry. this place has emerged as the centre for medical treatment not only in India but also for patients from the European and other foreign countries.sainsce.several applications in which normal materials generally fail. over the years. long time to heal • Cancer therapy is For some chemicals like insulin. Almost 40% of the pharma products produced in India are produced from this single State of India-Gujarat. such as chemotherapy drugs and some other important parts antibiotics. it is best to keep them as local as • The trial and error possible. Avoiding infection during nano crystalline silver is already being used as a surgery or in wounds antimicrobial agent in the treatment of wounds. State of the art hospitals with world class infrastructure facilities including diagnostic. thereby minimizing the damage to healthy cells in the . Major challenges Solutions offered by nano technology • A Surgery causes The present practice to deliver a chemical in the body wounds which take is to dump it into either the bloodstream or the stomach. it is acceptable.

the physicians presently cause the tissues to repair themselves. • Nanoparticles: that deliver drugs directly to cells to minimize damage to healthy cells. • Nanoshells: for focusing the heat from infrared light to destroy cancer cells with minimal damage to surrounding healthy cells. no need to go to a lab or wait for hours for the report Future applications in nano • In eliminating bacterial infections in a patient: medicine it can be done within minutes through nanotechnology enabled medicines. • With drugs and surgery. Whereas nano enabled molecular machines will affect more direct repairs. • Nanotubes: They are used to repair broken bones.g. • Cell repair machines: They will almost be of the size of bacteria and . Easy and cheap diagnostics • Portable diagnostic nanokits are being developed like the ones available for sugar and pregnancy test. They will be able to travel through and enter the tissues like white blood cells and viruses. to provide a structure for new bone material to grow.Targeted diagnostics. • To perform surgery at the cellular level: this will help removing individual diseased cells and even repairing defective portions of individual cells. instead of treating with antibiotics over a period of few weeks. • Similarly. selective destruction of diseased cell will also be possible by applications of nano science: identify them and destroy. They will also be able to open and close the cell membranes with the care and precision of a surgeon. • Substantial increase in the human lifespan: by strategically repairing cellular level conditions www. thus bringing a total revolution in medical science. cancer) in a body. Very useful devices using nano technology and other treatment and drug delivery nano products are under development which include: • Qdots: which can identify the exact location of cells (e.sainsce.

The programmed nanomachines will treat even unknown diseases. They identify any foreign element and destroy it to ensure good state of health.a. They will do so sooner than anticipated. the principles of nano technology and the potentials and consequences of molecular machines is clear by now. SAiNSCE is committed to take this process of advancement in medical science ahead. We are constantly exploring and co-ordinating with various nano tech research organizations. pharmaceutical and medical equipments companies for commercialization of some of the nano tech investigation and drugs delivery devices. Researchers and scientists are keen to bridge that gap. We are already marketing some of the niche nano tech products in the medical . the progression of technology is a phased process. As in case of other technological revolutions. We are the sole distributor for India in the following products.sainsce. www.• that cause the body to age by use of nanotechnology. However. What is left is to prepare and fill the details. TEMs From the company: it4ip s. particularly through the nanotechnology. The principles of biology indicate that it is possible to build molecular machines: which will be construction of atoms designed to perform intricate functions at the atomic scale.

act. A lot of imaginations are now turning into doable activities bordering the reality with the help of nanotech. The preference for natural fibers over the artificial ones is increasing. smarter to wear SAiNSCE looks forward to functional fashion It was a change of time and mindset which brought covers on the human body. newer dimensions and value addition rather than addressing the basic needs. Nanotechnology in Textiles: A Case Study of India India is a major exporter of cotton textiles and also man made fibers. the challenges of textile sector are more related to the increase of comfort. Nanotechnology has answers for each of these problematic issues. having a cutting edge in this area makes a great business sense for each player involved.Nanotechnology in Textiles Easy to make. Clothing made of natural fibers are more prone to problems like color fading. store. clothing that do not require washing.cloth that would repair the holes . The amount of money spent by an average household on textiles and apparels being substantial. that would protect the wearer from bacteria and ultraviolet rays and many more. and move! And all this as permanent accessories to our body and personality. The present research in nano science and the endeavors through applications of nano technology and the emerging trends give a strong hope that in future Nano tech applications are leading us to clothes that become part of our life like a TV set or a refrigerator. emit. Smart to trade. Textiles today affect so many parts of human lives. wrinkling challenge. For example we will have clothes that would use the body heat for electronic operations. these issues are no longer non – issues. life becoming faster than ever. Unlike other areas. Nano technology applications for smart textiles are therefore very pertinent for the Indian market.right from direct uses like clothing to house furnishings. that won’t catch fire. bandages and dressings to several other areas where they have an indirect use. More interesting is the fact that advent of nanotech has opened up a whole new vista of value-addition possibilities in the textile sector. difficulty in removal of stains. the region where SAiNSCE is based. Moreover.sainsce. But it was an innovation of technology which brought textiles in the human life. Gujarat. textiles that will have the revolutionary ability to sense. is also a major exporter of denim as well as manufacturer www. The functional as well as aesthetic values of textiles are both equally important for the consumer and hence offer tremendous potential for improvement and innovations. The growing global fashion trends pose real challenges for the players in the sector for finding something new continuously. vehicle and office set up.

Nanofibres render strength and durability which delays the wear and tear substantially "Smart" Nano materials that could do some of the things living things do. Right now you can buy jackets with disc players and controls sewn in but they are quite bulky and messy. These layers can be customized for different chemicals such that hazardous gases and chemicals can be blocked while still allowing air and moisture to pass through. the liquid falling on cloth just rolls off leaving the cloth stain free. Nanotech applications enable making such material that develop chemical bond with the fibers and the cloth remains smooth as other cloth. SAiNSCE has identified niche markets and specialty products for which it is doing the complete value chain networking. www. a hospital. or change color or shape for protection in response to what's going on around them. Textiles made by attaching nano layers to natural fibers can control what passes through the layer. Nanotech application would lead to textiles with bio monitoring commands that will heat or cool its wearer and change color as per the surroundings Nanotech based smart clothes would remotely monitor home-bound patients capturing vital data and then beaming it wirelessly to a doctor.sainsce. Nanotechnology making wonderful wear • • • • • • • • • • • • Materials that take away sweat and make the clothing free of body odour has been developed using nanotech Adding metal nano particles enables anti odour functioning in the cloth The conventional stain free coatings make the cloth stiff and fuzzy and are washed away over a period of time. The traditional handloom cloth also have a niche market among the Indian diaspora as well as foreigners.of synthetic clothing. flexible computers. Not only will these nano tech devices be embedded in textile substrates but a nano electronics device or system could ultimately become the fabric itself. This core strength blended with various nanotechnology enabled features offers immense market potential. And the best part is that the above e-textiles and smart nano textile would allow leveraging an existing low-cost textile manufacturing . They will go far beyond just very small electronic devices or wearable. a family member or wherever it needs to go. Nanotech would give a new dimension to this segment of wearable electronics with production of a new generation of garments with distributed sensors and electronic function. Adding metal and semiconductor nano particles give the cloth glittering long lasting colors and wrinkle resistance besides high end features like protection against UV rays and anti microbial function. such as heal breaks and wounds.

the industry of construction materials. Yet other nano materials are in the process of development. www. some economists have already changed the definition of the primary sector of the economy. many things looked like fiction but became a reality sooner than anticipated. chemical and other properties.• • • Novel nanoscale fibers can be placed inside a garment or paper document to serve as a “fingerprint” that proves the product is genuine. the whole electronics industry is set to see a new shape because the electronic and non-electronic components both are going to be different in the nano technology . The matter is losing its traditional definition of a substance in the solid. thinner yet stronger. Their interface with other substances through strategic technological interventions can create amazingly new products: lighter yet sturdier. Things and processes which were hitherto in the fiction stage are becoming a reality. It also led to new patterns of transaction and consumption. and carbon nanotubes for a number of applications. The fibers can essentially serve as molecular bar codes Garments treated with metallic nanoparticles prevent colds and flu Electro-statically charged nanoparticles and nano silver protects the wearer from smog and air pollution. the automobile and aerospace. At that time. the materials are in a new dimension of the matter. liquid or gaseous stage. coatings as well as structural composites.sainsce. Nano science and Nano technology are the key drivers of this change. strength or weight but will also be cleaner and will be useful in mitigating the hazards of wastes. Materials developed through applications of Nanoscience in general will be more efficient and effective not only in terms of conductivity. the ceramic industry in turn influencing various industries including the defense. electrical. Some call it ‘surface’ state and in this state they display surprisingly different mechanical. and metal nano-particles for catalysts and sensors. In the same way. In addition. At the size of nano meter: one billionth of a meter. nano-porous materials for optics. insulation and electronics. Many of these nano materials are already in market. That is why. What is commonly known as Nano-material includes ceramic nano-particles for catalysts. They have the capacity to strategically influence. perhaps. the difference between the present day science fiction and a future reality is getting thinner day by day. Nanotechnology and Nano Materials Nano materials bringing the next industrial revolution SAiNSCE is a part of the changing world The first industrial revolution revolved around discovery of new means of production & transportation. among others.

but for want of right technologies and products. requirement of the product There is a lot of waste and Waste management will be easier not only because the hence waste management is a materials will be . their extraction and management is a polluting could be a non polluting exercise. There is lot of transmission loss One reason for this is that the materials used for in transmission of electricity transmission. Now. is characterized by high consumption. therefore. aerospace Stain and corrosion in most Nano materials offer the best in that regard. The requirements of development do necessitate consumption in the domestic and industrial sectors. high waste and resultant problems. for example. Earlier the definition said that an economy has to pass from the agriculture to a secondary economy. Thus extraction and development of the nano particles from the natural wealth of a country is going to be strategically crucial in its development process. it is said that for transition to a developed economy firstly the economy has to exploit its strategic competitive advantages in the primary sector (exploitation of the natural advantages & products) which will in turn propel its transition to a manufacturing (secondary) and services (tertiary) sector led economy. Major Challenges Solutions offered by the nano technology Normally material extraction Nano materials being smaller in size.sainsce. the weight of these devices consumption in several will be much lesser and hence fuel consumption will be applications like auto and reduced. materials www. and low technology. like many others in the developing world. there is all pervasive inefficiency in the production and treatment cycle. Applications of nanosciene leading to a gamut of nano materials. assume all the more importance Nanotechnology & Materials Market: The case study of India Indian market. There is loss of fuel With carbon nano materials. they say it is ‘extraction of raw materials’. Nano tech Carbon fibers will have very good conductivity/semi-conductivity. exercise They are heavier and bulky We can make nano materials as precise and compact as even if the weight is not a required through strategic applications of Nano science. Applications of Nano technology can find answers to many of these problems. but also because the technology big issue itself will bring out materials that solve the problem.Instead of agriculture and allied activities. copper are not good conductors.

The twentieth century saw further refinement in the same with even more sophisticated techniques and devices. At the same time weight is far less. knees.Car catalysts.Ceramics filter. electrical & aerospace: Carbon materials like fullerenes. Important Nano tech materials and their applications: Metal oxides such as Alumina. It has undergone tremendous change in the past two centuries. and humidity controlling building materials. antibacterial functions. metal oxides and nano tubes and fibers display very high mechanical. It has to move towards more sophistication with the help of emerging technologies like the nano technology www. and the machine parts with wearresistant. they are smooth and sturdier. . Nano technology in Automobile. structural ceramics. Calcium phosphates (hydroxyapatite)-Implants such as eyes. What affected it most was the industrial revolution and its resultant outcome in terms of steel. they are cost effective.Thermal and Electrical conductors. erosion. Sunscreens. transparent UV absorbers. and hips. cement and other building materials. Nano tech applications in production of carbon fiber. Alumino silicate (imogolite). Catalyst support. Ceria. cleaner and sustainable. Zinc oxide.resistant. strength is far greater. Nano Materials in Construction Beyond Bricks and Mortar through nanotechnology applications SAiNSCE uses nanotech to build the future Construction industry is as old as the civilized living of the mankind.sainsce. it has to move in the next phase where inputs are less and lighter. fuel cells.Major possibilities through nanotechnology applications Nano technology in Electronics: Lap top computer screen: thickness and weight of a piece of paper. and corrosion-resistant. Zirconia. Computer chips which can store the information equivalent to all present computers of the world. Carbon. and electro-thermal conduction abilities.

at lower maintenance cost and efforts. treatments applied during fabrication. This leads to the fact that nano construction materials have a great potential in the markets of India. may enhance the performance with regard to blocking of the ultra violet rays. Nano enabled coating of construction materials is going to constitute the largest application of nano technology in construction. and an infrastructure constructed is everyone’s desire. Many of these are already being embedded into window glasses and plumbing fixtures. among other benefits. infrastructure and real estate sectors in India in general have been developing fast in the recent times. transparency of the . Moreover. Use of nano materials can improve fluidity. In fact. A house constructed is a common man’s dream. they also spur urbanization and infrastructure development leading to further growth in construction activity. with nano materials in use. It has inhabitations with various levels of development. The Indian construction industry today is in search of solutions which a nano technology enabled techniques can offer. While the new investments in industrial sector in India give a boost to construction activities. Nanotech products and applications. strength and durability of the concrete. Nano products like architectural paints. maintenance will be a non.Nano science & Nano technology is going to drastically change the construction industry in the years to come. A closer partnership among the nano tech industry & construction engineering on the one hand and among the builders and consumers on the other. Nanotechnology offers longer life to the building materials and at the same time. Nanotechnology in Construction Industry: A Case Study of India India is a vast landscape. water sealers and deck treatments. and resistance to stain and odor. www. nanotechnology based coatings can enable creating self-cleaning surfaces. a factory constructed is an entrepreneur’s dream. photo reactivity. the use of nanotech enabled materials will make it possible for the users to maintain the buildings. In most cases. Nanotechnology has a range of possibilities in making the construction industry come up to the expectations of the current times. Nanomaterials and nanotech based applications will thus take the construction industry much beyond bricks and mortar. such as scratchresistant coatings on vinyl or wood flooring. insulation coatings etc offer immense market opportunities for nano-materials. Nano materials also have the potential to be used to improve the reinforcement qualities like anticorrosion. The industrial. What is needed is the commitment of the research and scientific community for developing appropriate nanotech applications and nanomaterials for construction industry.issue for a very long time.sainsce.

Nano technology affects all these processes not only in terms of its potential in bringing out newer products or substituting certain products but actually in much more fundamental ways. as also the material scientists. safety and environmental areas. presently. It is becoming clear that nano technology has the prospects of showing new effects based on the physical properties of the matter rather than their chemical properties. environmental and economic benefits of chemical nanotechnology. This means that the same substance/material can be used nano technologically for developing totally new products and processes which serve the same or different purpose. engineers and industrialists. It is imperative therefore and important to comprehend the .fogging and self-cleaning glasses. there is lot of focus world wide on chemical nanotechnology and it is bringing the chemists closer to the experts in other disciplines including physics and biochemistry. www. At the same time. Therefore.sainsce. This will have wide effects on chemical engineering and material management in the years to come.Prominent issues How nano materials can resolve Maintenance of glass anti. low maintenance structures windows Rusting & scratch long lasting scratch resistant floors using nanotechnology Corrosion/ rusting in super strong structural components made with nano structures technology Low life of paints: fading longer lasting house paint using nanotechnology etc Numerous problems solved healthy and safe indoor climates using nano technology at one stroke by integrating self cleaning skyscrapers using nanotechnology nano science! antimicrobial steel surfaces using nano technology better industrial building maintenance Less energy consuming buildings using nano technology long lasting roads and bridges using nanotechnology self-sterilizing kitchen counters using nanotechnology humidity controlling materials using nano technology Nano technology in Chemicals Nanotechnology: Changing the Chemistry for Ever SAiNSCE a catalyst in this mega change Modern life and particularly the industry depend upon various man made processes and products. Chemical processes in particular and their interfaces with other disciplines like bio technology and physics result into numerous products which have become essential for present society and economy. it is also necessary to know its implications in the health. educational.

Nano structured coatings and surfaces open up a whole new area of surface treatments like coatings. Chemical nano technology in India: a case study Indian scenario is characterized by low level of chemical exploitation and efficiency. plastics and pharmaceutical industry. Major & critical issues in What nano technology can do Chemical sector Chemical vapors Chemical vapor sensors: nanotechnology enabled sensors can detect even small amounts of chemical vapors.of course. These nano tech enabled sensors can be installed www. oxides and other inorganic structures. be useful for the greater Indian framework and even out of India. The manufacture of carbon and inorganic nano tubes and fullerenes and their use in technological processes is another important aspect of nano chemical engineering. Of late. zinc oxide nano wires or palladium nano particles can be strategically used in nanotechnologybased sensors. This allows strategic detection of even very low concentration of chemical vapors. This will help us monitoring the quality of air very easily. even a few gas molecules are ations of nano science sufficient to change the electrical properties of the sensing elements.sainsce. How to detect low Since the size of the above nano devices is ntrations through strategic small. SAiNSCE is in a position to immediately leverage its understanding and strength in the Nano chemicals for the market which is huge and expanding. however. Thus. petrochemical. This is mainly because of the lack of technology and the forward linkages. The headquarters of SAiNSCE. there will be reduction in adhesion in paintings leading to lesser requirement of not only the anti-fouling agents but considerable reduction in consumption of paint itself. the Gujarat State of India . activities in the Industrial sector has picked up generating fresh demands for various chemicals. The making and using of novel quantum dots and new biologically relevant nanostructures is a big revolution through use of nanoscience. represents a different and more robust scene in terms of chemical . It is felt that with these strategic innovations. Detecting elements like carbon nanotubes. and texturing surface and self cleaning surfaces.Application of nano technology is particularly important for the production and use of new nano-structured materials as well as production and use of nano particles including metals. paints. This experience and network will . It is the Indian hub of chemical.

com .at any establishment to check the level of chemical vapors. Major applications of nano Sensors which use: ce under development • ‘zinc oxide nano-wire detection elements’ capable of detecting a variety of chemical vapors. used in the ship industry. • ‘carbon nanotube detection elements’ capable of detecting a variety of chemical vapors. Management of hazardous nano technology driven innovations will cals through nanotech definitely have the potential of reducing ations risks relating to several hazardous substances and chemical processes.sainsce. An important example is the substitution of anti-fouling nano coatings. Chemical substitution is a vast area opened by the applications of nano science. ‘pallidium nanoparticle detection elements’ to mainly detect hydrogen gas • www.

we are doing the following: • Collaborating with researchers and companies producing useful nano technology driven tools. the Gujarat State of India. nanotechnology applications for clean and affordable water. • Taking these nano technology products in the market and to demonstrate their real time ability. products and devices • Doing more applied research in Nano technology and study as to how to customize these processes and products to primarily suit the Indian requirements. SAiNSCE has started: SAiNSCE has started marketing and distribution of nanotech products in on and so . While its vision is to cater to the global markets. smarter clothes..sainsce. the pace of growth in industrial investments is very high making it an ideal market for a number of products in the industrial sector. It contributes almost 40% of industrial production.What SAiNSCE is doing and what does it envision The passion of Team SAiNSCE is to see to it that nano ideas are converted into commercially and socially viable solutions which make the earth a better place to livebe it through bringing efficiency in the agri and food sector. Among our initial nano tech steps. www. it offers enormous opportunities and challenges. It aims at pioneering the R & D in India to develop nanotech products that would enhance the wellbeing of people. is the industrial face of India. In nut shell. effective cleaner energy solutions. its focus is on the Indian market as it is a huge market. The aim is to gradually expand to the Asian markets. better chemical processes and coatings. at present.……………. Not only this. better buildings. • Getting back to the companies with user feedback about the nano technology. its cost and other operational issues. 20% of exports and 30% of market capitalization of the country. • Marketing of nanotechnology products The region of our headquarters.

SAiNSCE is operating from a place. through our initiatives in water and other sectors. This also fosters the growth of urbanization in this area giving rise to a demand for various products. insulation. various nanomaterials. The region from where SAiNSCE operates i. Also. transmission and conservation of clean energy. which will further expand due to the Nano Car project. India offers a very good potential for renewable energy. In . It is also aggressively working for creating awareness among the stakeholders towards this issue through various forums. again creating a huge demand for a range of products. we are committed to offer a qualitative service in the environmental field. it plans to take up manufacture of nano enabled energy devices particularly in the solar field.e. lending confidence in nano technology. Gujarat is also poised to be the hub of health infrastructure. the State of Gujarat. SAiNSCE will eventually narrow down on a www.Further. Thus SAiNSCE strategically placed to venture into the sector of renewable energy. Nano textiles is a field where sky is the limit. nano ceramics. futuristic fashion trends and functional requirements. water desalination for industrial use and so on. keeping abreast of the latest in the field of nano science applications and nanotechnology. Indian market itself has diverse fashion trends and functional requirements owing to various weather conditions and a conjunction of traditional and modern choices. These factors in toto make Gujarat and India an ideal target market for products like anti corrosion coatings. SAiNSCE is networking with the stakeholders for commercialization of nanotech applications for production.sainsce. We believe that cleaner energy through applications of nanoscience will benefit the society both of today and the future and will of course create business opportunities for the ventures involved in this sector. There are a number of projects coming up in the infrastructure and real estate sectors. is geographically favorable for solar and wind installations because of a long coastline and high solar radiation. Better life and cleaner environment being our motto. The region also has plans to develop itself as a hub of this non-conventional energy. SAiNSCE is also tying up with a number of companies to market nano tech devices and products which can be used in the textiles sector to achieve what the modern textiles should look like. this region has a long coast line where most of the Industrial development is now taking place. It is also an important centre for auto parts and engineering products. which is the hub of chemical & petrochemical industries in India and has a thriving pharma industry. has identified niche markets and specialty products for which it is doing the complete value chain networking. SAiNSCE. SAiNSCE has already started tying up marketing of solar nano tech devices in the Indian market. the State of Gujarat in particular. SAiNSCE is also tying up for developing nano enabled garments to suit the market and fashion industry. Very shortly. many are already on board. It is also a field where commercial applications of nanotechnology are easier. All these give a tremendous potential for various nanotechnology enabled devices and materials.

We started developing our own R & D base which. It also plans to produce and market super specialty products like nano enabled organic cotton garments designed for the Indian Diaspora. India which is a cotton growing region. India. www. We are also working on a few proposals to act as the R & D platform for nano products of other companies so as the get the economies of scale. low cost attractive fashion clothing and many more.sainsce. SAINSCE will zero down on certain nano technology devices in various fields and in due course of . mainly with a focus on giving better products to the society like increasing durability in terms of all parameters. It will focus on nano enabled cotton garments. We plan to develop our own manufacturing/assembly lines using nanotechnology applications in due course of time. SAiNSCE is based in Gujarat. anti infection clothing. In the near future. in addition to our own use. SAiNSCE will strive to use nanotechnology for producing low cost value added good quality clothing for the people SAiNSCE is in the process of developing certain nano tech products in collaboration of a huge industrial base in various industries here in Gujarat. we will offer for use by others and on the basis of outsourcing as well. We will start manufacturing and marketing some of these products for which we are currently in the process of strategic tie up with appropriate nanotechnology companies.range of niche nano enabled textiles products.