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Justice for All Organization

Newsletter Update Oct. 2011
Letter from the Director
Dear friends and supporters of JFA, In the past year, JFA has experienced growth through increased funding, support and exposure. Our projects are truly beneficial in supporting women’s rights in Afghanistan. To date, we have trained almost 4000 people, through interactive workshops and radio outreach, about their rights – including political rights, women’s family status rights, financial rights, children’s rights, and the rights of the accused. Our lawyers have provided legal advice for more than 2400 people and defended more than 400 cases. We have also published 5 brochures and are currently working on a legal manual. All of our achievements are only possible with the help of our generous donors and supporters. Thanks to your support, JFA is able to stand on its feet today and work towards strengthening the rule of law, supporting women and girls, and preventing violence against women in Afghanistan. Our goal moving forward is to extend and expand legal aid, advice, and awareness programs to other provinces, districts and villages, because the most vulnerable women and girls in our country live there. We aim to always serve the needs of Afghan people, and we thank you for your support in our mission! Sincerely, ,

Thanks to our donors…
* Open Society Institute * National Endowment for Democracy * U.S. Embassy in Kabul * Mama Cash * International Bridges to Justice * Bayat Foundation * Global Rights …and two very generous anonymous donors!

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Women’s rights in Afghanistan; is there hope?
Mama Cash, one of JFA’s funders, interviewed JFA’s Director, Mahfuza Folad: “Mahfuza and her colleagues show us that women can be powerful agents of change in a situation which seems hopeless…almost 80% of the cases that JFAO has represented in court so far were ruled in favour of the women.” See the full interview at

Legal Awareness
Justice for All is currently implementing legal awareness programs for women and girls in two districts of Kabul (Guldara and Shakardara), thanks to funding from Mama Cash. JFA has trained 150 women in two districts, and the program has been so successful that there is a waiting list to enroll. The workshops focus on women’s financial rights including inheritance, property rights, alimony, and dowry. JFA has also begun legal awareness trainings in Kapisa province for 75 women.

Legal Advocacy
The first component of JFA’s newest advocacy program is a coordination board to bring together organizations providing legal services for Afghan women. The second aspect is advocacy, tackling the gaps in the Violence Against Women law and training lawyers, police, and judges to properly apply the new law. JFA has realized that it is not enough to provide legal services; the problem must be addressed at the systemic level too. JFA’s advocacy will improve implementation of the law and also advocate for reform of the law.

Legal Aid & Advice
JFA’s legal advice and representation programs are ongoing in Kabul and Kundoz provinces. In Kundoz, JFA has dealt with more than 80 family and criminal law cases on behalf of women and children. In Kabul, JFA continues to represent indigent women and children in family, criminal and civil cases including divorce, child custody, alimony, forced marriage, and imprisonment. The Kabul Legal Advice Bureau project has also been extended until June 30, 2013. accused and women’s financial rights (e.g. inheritance, alimony, dowry, and property rights) have been distributed in Kabul and other provinces. JFA is also currently conducting

As part of JFA’s efforts to better educate Afghans about their legal and human rights, JFA has published and widely distributed three brochures. In Kundoz, JFA distributed a brochure about the rights of accused children. Two other brochures, focusing on the rights of the

research and compiling a manual called “Factors Leading to an Increase in Divorce Cases in Afghanistan.”

To learn more about JFA’s work, visit our website at:!