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Dramatic Arts Lesson Plan By Alison Peloso, Bryan Currie, and Kimberly Hughes for

The Recess Queen
A Picture Book by Alexis O’Neill Illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith

Story Summary
Mean Jean was Recess Queen and nobody said any different. Nobody could do ANYTHING on the playground until Mean Jean did it first and if kids ever crossed her, well, she was mean! UNTIL a new kid came to school…

Curriculum Connections
Language Expectations 8e48 • listen to and communicate connected ideas and relate carefully-constructed narratives about real and fictional events; 8e57 – identify subtle effects in the dialogue in films or dramas; 8e50 • contribute and work constructively in groups; 8e59 – use tone of voice and body language to clarify meaning during conversations and presentations; 8a42 • interpret and communicate ideas and feelings drawn from fictional accounts Dramatic Arts Expectations 8a43 • create drama pieces, selecting and using a variety of techniques; 8a47 – demonstrate understanding of the appropriate use of the voice, gestures, and the level of language in different dramatic situations; 8a49 – write in role in various forms 8a52 – identify and evaluate the variety of choices made in drama and dance that influence groups to make different interpretations or representations of the same materials; 8a59 – organize and carry out a group improvisation;

Lesson Plans

grab. kick. breathe. charge.Verbs/actions (see write up from when this activity was presented in class) • Actions Charades. hop. smoosh. stare. run. shout. On one write “bully” and on the other write “victim”. • Introductory Activity • Post 2 pieces of chart paper on the wall with the outline of a figure drawn onto each. Main Lesson . sing. hammer. They are an excellent tool for Intermediate Dramatic Arts and Language programs. play. giggle) See attached for flashcard blackline master. skip.Picture books can be used equally by Intermediate students as they can be by Primary students. when they are ready. jump. push. The following lessons can be adapted to Junior. pull. lift. Materials • • • • • “Mean Jean the Recess Queen” by Alexis O’Neill Post it notes/pens 2 pieces of chart paper with figures drawn onto them Flashcards Overhead. Generate discussion about the responses as a class. Intermediate and Senior Grades. swing. snarl.individuals do actions provided on flashcards and winner performs next word (bounce. slam. markers and transparencies or chart paper Warm Up Activities What are you doing? . In fact some picture books are written solely for an older audience. can put their post it notes on the chart paper figures. scare. growl. Students are each given a post it note and can write a word to describe each and.

varied font and colour) to emphasize important words and convey particular sounds and emotions. Finish reading the book.• • • • • Read the book up to “too new to know about Mean Jean…” Write a journal entry as Mean Jean (how does she feel at this point in the story) Divide the group into pairs and invite them to role play what they think happens next. Write a journal entry as Mean Jean after hearing the rest of the story. Bully Confused Anger Lonely My Turf! Friends smiley Flying zooming fun! . Reflective Activities/Follow Up • In partners or small groups. Groups present after some time. capitals. Groups plan how they will recite their presentation and are given time to present. students take their journal writings and create a poem on chart paper or an overhead using the same type of print as is used in the book (larger letters.