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0 Host Controller
Driver Installation Guide
Revision 2.1 October 14, 2011

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......4 Revision 2...P....0 System Requirement……………………………………….. October 14..0 Driver Limitations………………………………………….P.0 Driver Installation for Windows ME/98SE/98…….Contents 1. 2011 i Table of Contents ..3 3...P.3 2.

56 (Lite) 4.7 Directory Layout: \Filter_nt: Filter drivers for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. VIA USB 2. USB filter drivers for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. \QFE: This folder contains Microsoft Windows 2000 QFEs for USB 2.0 Host Controller under Windows 2000 SP3.3000. 2011 1 Driver Package Descriptions . Revision 2.90. 2.. \Win98&ME: VIA USB 2.Driver Package Descriptions The VIA USB 2.0 Host Controller is supported by the following VIA products: VIA Products VT6202 VT6212 VT8235       Specification Four Port USB 2.0 Host Controller driver package included two different drivers: 1.0 Host Controller Discrete PCI Adapter Four Port USB 2. Operating Systems VIA USB 2.0 Host Controller Supports PCI / Cardbus Adapter Six Port USB 2.0 Setup Program VIA Driver for Windows ME and Windows 98/SE Revision Number 2.0 Host Controller Integrated South Bridge VIA USB 2. October 14.0 Host Controller Driver for Windows ME and Windows 98/SE.0 Host Controller Driver and Filter Drivers for Note: Windows ME and Windows 98/SE are put inside.

Before the setup program starts running. VIA USB 2.0System Requirement This setup program will install the driver for VIA USB 2.0 Host Controller driver package can be operated under following operating systems: Operating System Windows98 Windows98 Second Edition Windows Millennium Windows 2000 Windows XP SP1 Revision 2..2. please make sure the using computer has an IBM PC-compatible system.0 Host Controller. 2011 2 System Requirements . October 14.

. Revision 2. system BIOS should first be ensured that it supports/enables this function. Please visit VIA web site (http://www. October 14.0 Host Controller is that only USB wakeup from S3 (by mouse or keyboard) is being supported.0Driver Limitations The driver limitation that came across in VIA USB 2. 2011 3 Driver Limitations .tw) to download the latest Therefore.via.

Please make sure VIA USB 2. Revision 2.4. 2011 4 Windows ME / 98SE / 98 Driver Installation .. Open the Device Manager and check if there is a yellow exclamation mark on any one of the “VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller” items.0 PCI adapter card has been correctly installed onto the system.0 Driver Installation for Windows ME/98SE/98 1. October 14.

. Insert the supplied “Windows 98/ME/Win2K/WinXP USB 2. 2011 5 Windows ME / 98SE / 98 Driver Installation .0 Driver Installation CD” and execute the setup program by double click on the “SETUP.exe” file. Revision 2.2. October 14.

Press “Next”.3.. October 14. 2011 6 Windows ME / 98SE / 98 Driver Installation . Revision 2.

2011 7 Windows ME / 98SE / 98 Driver Installation .4.. October 14. Revision 2. Select “Install USB Driver” and press “Next”.

This will completely remove the driver from the system. October 14. Revision 2. Please remember to SAVE all files before clicking the “Finish” button. Press “Finish” and this will RESTART the computer system..0 Host Controller Driver” by selecting the “Uninstall” button. Note: For Driver Uninstallation. 2011 8 Windows ME / 98SE / 98 Driver Installation .5. the user can remove the “Microsoft USB 2.