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NURSING CARE PLAN – Peptic Ulcer ASSESSMENT SUBJECTIVE: “Sumasakit ang sikmura ko pgkatapos kumain” (I’ve been
experiencing abdominal pain immediately after eating) as

DIAGNOSIS Acute pain r/t Chemical burn of gastric mucosa

INFERENCE Chemical burn of gastric mucosa Damage to the G.I lining Acute pain

PLANNING After 8 hours of nursing intervention the patient will verbalize relief of pain. >Demonstrate relaxed body posture and be able to sleep/rest appropriately.

INTERVENTION Independent • Note reports of pain, including location, duration, intensity (0–10 scale)

RATIONALE • Pain is not always present, but if present should be compared with patient’s previous pain symptoms. This comparison may assist in diagnosis of etiology of bleeding and development of complications. • Helpful in establishing diagnosis and treatment needs. • Food has an acid neutralizing effect and dilutes the gastric contents.

EVALUATION Goal met, patient has verbalized relief of pain. >Demonstrated relaxed body posture and be able to sleep/rest appropriately.

verbalized by the patient


Abdomin al guarding Restlessn ess facial grimacing pain scale of 6 out of 10 V/S taken as follows

• Review factors that aggravate or alleviate pain.

• Identify and limit

• • •

foods that create discomfort such as spicy or carbonated drink.

• Encourage small, frequent meals

• Small meals prevent distension and the release of gastrin • Reduces abdominal tension and promotes sense of control.

• Encourage patient to assume position of comfort.

T: 37.5˚C P: 65 R: 14

. food choices depend on the diagnosis Administer medications as indicated • Analgesics. sodium restriction • May be given at bedtime to decrease gastric • Antacids • Anticholinergics. Note: Meperidine (Demerol) has been associated with increased incidence of nausea/vomiting • Decreases gastric acidity by absorption or by chemical neutralization. e.g.g.Student Nurses’ Community BP: 110/ 80 COLLABORATIVE • Provide and implement prescribed dietary modifications. morphine sulfate • May be narcotic of choice to relieve acute/severe pain and reduce peristaltic activity. • Patient may receive nothing by mouth (NPO) initially.. . Evaluate choice of antacid in regard to total health picture. e. When oral intake is allowed.

and alleviate nocturnal pain associated with gastric ulcer. suppress acid production.. . belladonna.g. delay gastric emptying. atropine motility.Student Nurses’ Community e.

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