Win 7 + iTunes = Error during install = HRESULT:0x800736FD

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In reply to Marilyn O post on November 4, 2009

Marilyn, I have tried using Windows Update and with the manual installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL Security Update. I am still getting an error in the installation of iTunes and also other sw that require VC80. I think there is a problem with updating my installation of Windows 7 (32-bit) with the following updates (they try to install, but unsuccessfully, also after rebooting or shuting down the system): Security Update for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack2 (KB954430) Update for Microsoft XML Core Service 4.0 Srvice Pack 2 (KB973688) Any ideas how I should make them get properly installed? Thanks!

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Was this helpful? Yes In reply to Dean2010 post on January 30, 2010

Marilyn, I've the same issue with W7 + iTunes with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 installed. I've also tried unsuccesfully to update KB973688 manually (because Windows Update fails with this upgrade). I've got the same HRESULT (0x800736FD) with both iTunes (AppleApplicationSupport.msi specifically) and KB973688. Any ideas? Thanks!!
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An error occurred during the installation of assembly ' Trying to run the install after this gives the message that another program is being installed and I must wait until that installation is completed. 2010 Reply Reply w ith quote Report abuse wholawho Was this helpful? Yes 3 Votes In reply to w holaw ho post on March 5. Please refer to Help and Support for more information. It is to small a value for RegistrySizeLimnt.0.Was this helpful? Yes In reply to fdematias post on February 5. I tried installing “vcredist_x86. 2010 .com/watch?v=7BQwnmK88Oo March 5. A restart is needed before trying again.50727.type="win32". I changed mine from 103986512 to 4294967295 http://www.processor/Architecture="x86"'.4053".vc80.CRT. 2010 This will fix the problem While researching the problem I also notice my widows update had been failing.version="8.publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b". After fighting it all week I found the issue. It’s so frustrating spending hours and hours of my life on something that should take only a few minutes… MS PLEASE HELP! February 28.exe” multiple times and keep on getting the same error message: Error 1935. the windows update runs ok but when you look in the install history things had failed. 2010 Reply Reply w ith quote Report abuse Just4u2k1 Was this helpful? Yes 3 Votes In reply to Just4u2k1 post on February 28. 2010 I’m running windows Vista and having the exact same problem.

2010 Pjd747 This worked this is clearly a major issue and something Apple would expect to be fixed before shipping its Core i5 / i7 iMacs..Same problem here and solved changing the registry key. right? Tell that to Intel's quality control team who seem to have somehow missed an issue between Apple's app carrier deluxe and the P55 Express chipset's USB controller. 2010 Reply Reply w ith quote Report abuse rzrbks76 Was this helpful? Yes In reply to puntxo post on April 23. May 13. 2009 KolbTwinstar yes April 26. while Windows 7 is well on its way to becoming the globe's most ubiquitous OS.. 2010 Reply Reply w ith quote Report abuse puntxo Was this helpful? Yes In reply to Jetta48 post on November 1.. While some have found limited success with using PCI-based USB cards (and bypassing the chipset). If not. So compatibility between the two would be kinda sorta important.. To solve it: 1) Open regedit and replace the following value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control Key: RegistrySizeLimit Type: REG_DWORD Value: 0xFFFFFF (4294967295) 2) Reboot 3) Open a command prompt as administrator and run SFC /SCANNOW to check the integrity of system modules. 2010 Reply w ith quote . which are likely to sport the chipset. This is what I found.. and you receive an error "1450 Insufficient System resources" error. when trying to start it. Thanks a ton. then it is the origin of the problem.anyone?? May 10. 4) Install pending windows updates (surelly there are many of them) April 23.unable to sync due to this chipset. wherein iTunes on Windows 7 machines recognizes the iPhone. Ckeck if the "Windows Modules Installer" service is started. but spits out an "error 0xE8000065" message whenever the user attempts to sync. 2010 Report abuse Reply Reply w ith quote Was this helpful? Yes The iPhone is one of the most wildly popular phones the world has ever seen. Consistent (and persistent) syncing issues have been reported on Apple's support forums.

June 14. Although I have a degree in computer Science and work with all systems. this has drastically saved my relationship with WIN7!! I was in a state where I was about to hurl some serious curses Microsoft's way. iTunes install problems are a windows flaw and problem. That would be "my windows 7 ideal". 2010 Reply Reply w ith quote Report abuse Clement Chebani << Previous Page 2 of 4 Next >> . If I was to do a "Wimdows 7" was my ideal commercial. Thx! July 23. the installation freezes the entire system up. does not hang. 2010 Puntxo. 2010 Reply Reply w ith quote Report abuse thezerovoidshow Was this helpful? Yes In reply to puntxo post on April 23. allows for individual program force quiting without system restart. Not a fault on Apples. and that Microsoft provide all the drivers for the hardware where OEM's are not updating drivers and software for system 7. I would have to say I would request that the system installs all former Xp and Vista programs.Report abuse Reply Was this helpful? Yes When I try installing iTunes on a windows 7 system. I am normally a Mac guy.

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